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Palestinian Authority

The Palestinian Authority (PA; Al-Sulṭa Al-Waṭaniyyah Al-Filasṭīniyyah) is the administrative organization established to govern parts of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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I am very glad that the people of Palestine made the right choice by reelecting me as the head of the Palestinian Authorit…
.West Bank demonstrations vs embassy move orchestrated by the Palestinian Authority, no doubt. That's how it works
Shortly:Without a Palestinian Authority permit..all nee building in East Jerusalem are illegal!
Palestinian Authority: 'Annexation of Ma'aleh Adumim will end the peace process. It's dangerous and unacceptable.'
3. We had a confirmed meeting with Palestinian Authority President Mr Mahmoud Abbas, & had informed SA's Embassy in Ramallah of…
1. The statement released today by the Embassy of the Palestinian Authority & hurriedly echoed by the ANC is simply inaccurate…
Authority TV says responsible for blood spilled if Embassy moved to .
"It is time for Palestinians to abandon the failed experiment of the Palestinian Authority": via
The Palestinian mission claimed never scheduled meetings with PA officials. proves they lied:
All the donations from PA, which turned out to be the Palestinian Authority, not Pennsylvania!
I also happen to believe that Mahmoud Abbas must resign as President of the Palestinian Authority for peace in the region
Fair or foul? US has never recognized single inch of as part of but has diplo rep in city to
It gets worse. The defends its false claim that the Palestinian Authority accepts 2 states for 2 peoples:
"We don't recognize the Palestinian Authority as a state," says.
'Nobody in Palestinian Authority was scheduled to meet with Maimane'. Read Blog: they don't. The Palestinian Authority does and they glorify terrorism.
.asks Palestinian Authority if they condemn tonight's terror attack. They said she should be grateful they a…
You can't make peace with this. . Palestinian Authority TV: Protocols of the Elders of Zion is authentic Jewish plan. ht…
Eye opening graph via of Authority pay regular salaries to convicted
Palestinian Authority grants life stipend for the family of the terrorist who did the Jerusalem truck-ramming attack http…
A Palestinian activist told me: "We do have Freedom of Speech in the Palestinian Authority - we just do not have Freedom AFTER…
Terrorist died so his wife could get money from the Palestinian Authority. Muslims kill for money.
Using US taxes, the Palestinian Authority will pay the wife of the terrorist truck driver for the rest of her life. Even…
Last Oct., Palestinian Authority “dedicated a new school to the mastermind of the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre …”)
In 2005, Mahmoud Abbas was elected president of the Palestinian Authority. In 2006, Hamas won the election.We are in 2017.
Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas yesterday received an Israeli convoy from the opposition...
Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas says he doesn't believe Trump will move US embassy to Jerusalem.
Here's what Palestinians think about Palestinian Authority that John Kerry wants to make the basis of future state
❌ Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas thanks the countries who voted for UNSC anti-Israel resolution...
Future of Palestinian Authority tested in West Bank’s lawless alleys
Report: Jordan to revoke Jordanian citizenship of 22 top Palestinian Authority officials, including President Abbas.
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renews attacks on Palestinian Authority and
Dahlan renews attacks on Palestinian Authority and Mahmoud Abbas via
"The security assistance Israel quietly provides the Palestinian Authority (and Jordan as well) is essential."
Palestinian Authority security officer Osama Mansour sentenced to 1 year in prison for criticizing Abu Mazen over Pere…
66% of Palestinians believe they cannot openly criticise the Palestinian Authority
Palestinian Authority's Abbas was Russian KGB agent in Syria: report.
Expert: West Bank unrest result of Palestinian Authority's failure to prepare for statehood htt…
The president of the Palestinian Authority is demanding reparations for the Balfour Declaration, which supported the 'establishment in
Ahmad Majdalani, a member of the PLO Executive Committee, revealed on Thursday that Palestinian Authority...
Why does the world pretend that the Palestinians want peace??
Humanitarianism is a crime under Palestinian Authority rule only when it aids Jews
Palestinian Authority President Abbas rejected US Secretary of State Kerry's call for him to meet Israeli PM Netanyahu: Al-Quds newspaper.
Egyptian-Palestinian ties are tense after the rapprochement between and
Report: Palestinian Authority PM, Rami Hamdallah, will visit Gaza Strip before the end of this month.
Read on the ugly truth about where aid to the Palestinian Authority is directed.
For the TR ruling party AKP Hamas is the true representatives of Palestine.Its only 'Lip service' to Palestinian Authority
Palestinian Authority rejects Israeli claims: "International aid organizations do not provide funds to Hamas."
Abbas Rejected US Call to Meet with Netanyahu: In Paris last month, Palestinian Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas...
Why have the Palestinian Authority erected a 20-foot statue of Nelson Mandela? - https:/…
Palestinian Authority probing zero stabbings and various other murders of Israelis.
Money martyrs: how the Palestinian Authority provides financial incentives for terrorism https:/…
So which international aid charities built all this? "Luxury Alongside Poverty in the
Palestinian Authority Hails Terrorist Who Butchered 13-Year-Old Israeli Girl lex talionis of God for my brain tissue ruined no sympathies
ICYMI:argues that the Palestinian Authority was established to fulfil Oslo. Read why it’s failed in
The Palestinian Authority is invalidating degrees from Gaza's top university because it doesn't like its politics.
Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority recently refused an offer by Secretary of State John Kerry to meet PM B…
Palestinian Authority fires man who aided Israelis hurt in terror attack; family threatened
This is how the Palestinian Authority is rewarding their murdering terrorists that kill or injure Israelis.
While the Palestinian Authority sacked the man who gave medical assistance to the Mack family after a deadly...
Will Egypt's warming ties with Israel leave Palestinians out in the cold? - Al-Monitor
Palestinian Authority: We're facing international and Arab pressure not to go to Security Council concerning settlemen…
Palestinian Authority invalidates any new degrees from Gaza's largest university, which has around 25,000 students.
The P.L.O., and later the Palestinian Authority, never truly accepted that Israel, as the national stat
Journalism under fire from Palestinian Authority after police brutality exposed
Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Danny Danon reacted to the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority...
More out of the Palestinian Authority: kindergarten-graduation = role plays war games, murder
Is the the 10th or 11th year of the four year term office for Mahmoud as President of the Palestinian Authority?
Abbas is a clown and the Palestinian Authority has no authority. The Oslo Accords are a joke.
Palestinian President admits to Norway that Palestinian Authority still pays Palestinian terrorists’ salaries
Palestinian Christians slam the Palestinian Authority for refusal to recognize Easter
Time for Palestinian Authority to act positively. the Gazans are Palestinians too Mr. President Abbas.
I was president of the Palestinian Authority!!
Meeting today with President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas.
Panama Papers: Leaks reveal ' son's $1m holding in company with ties to Palestinian Authority
US lawmaker says the donor community is helping Palestinian Authority “pay people to slay other people.”
Israel's pleads for the US to stand up and reject a two-state solution w/ Palestinian Authority.
Palestinian Authority on verge of collapse: Abbas: President Mahmoud A...
PA President Mahmoud Abbas tells Israeli interviewer Palestinian Authority is on the brink of collapse.
Israeli officials stated that the Palestinian Authority, namely Abbas along with Palestinian Muslims in Jordan...
recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday reiterated his opposition to
"there is not a single mention of the Holocaust in more than 70 official Palestinian Authority textbooks":
Official ownership of the Dead Sea Scrolls. is disputed among. Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan the State of Israel . & the Palestinian Authority.
“Your sons are martyrs,” the Palestinian Authority president told the families.
Saab Erekat; Major Gen. Yoav “Poli” Mordechai is the “acting president of the Palestinian Authority.”
Abbas meets families of terrorists just after deadly Jerusalem attack - Palestinian Authority president promises...
MP Mikael Oscarsson: The revelations of Palestinian Authority incitement are "shocking" and "more people need…
Under the Palestinian Authority, land sales to Jews is punishable by death:
Sign the petition to Stop Funding the Palestinian Authority = Funding Terror
Palestinian journalist freed on bail. He was held over claim that PA shared information with Israel.
Today: the 14th anniversary of the abduction of Ahmad Sa'adat by Palestinian Authority security services - and...
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Palestinian Authority demeans itself allowing The Protocols of the Elders of Zion to be quoted on its TV channel.
Fatah officials slam Palestinian Authority for preventing Palestinians from clashing with IDF.
"The Palestinian Authority has called for an international inquiry into the Israeli army’s extrajudicial killing...
Beyond belief that this vileness is ignored by supporters: Palestinian Authority Antisemitism: Overview of 2015:
Does Margot Wallstrom excuse this behaviours as justifiable? Palestinian Authority Antisemitism: Overview of 2015
Netanyahu warns cabinet: Israel must prepare for collapse of Palestinian Authority
Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Responsible for Torture - follow >>
EUROPEAN UNION sending $13.4M to Palestinian Authority to benefit poor Palestinian families in the West Bank & Gaza.
Why is PA arresting Palestinian journalist for reporting on role of Pal security services?
Interesting piece. But undermined by basic factual error: the PLO does not "run" the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.
Dehumanizing Jews, 1 thunderbolt of propaganda at a time: the corrupt Palestinian Authority
Acc. to "the West Bank is currently controlled by the Palestinian Authority". Oh dear.
EU aid to PA must be linked to rejection of hate and violence, Swedish MEP tells peace process conference
Post editorial:The Palestinian Authority's arrest of a journalist is a sign of unraveling
A comment of the democracy of the Palestinian Authority.
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PA calls for probe into Israel’s extrajudicial killings: The Palestinian Authority has called for an...
Love of the Land: Is There a Question? We Must Impose Sanctions on the Palestinian Authority - by Judith Bergman
MEP Lars Adaktusson :" I believe the should stop sneaking around this issue by continuing to make large wire...
"the and Palestinian Authority approved the continuation of Israel’s blockade on Gaza, which Nigel White describes as illegal."
.welcomes release of Palestinian journalist Salim Sweidan but detention "unacceptable in 1st place"
PA hails Swedish calls to probe Israeli crimes: The Palestinian Authority (PA) on Wednesday hailed the Swedish...
power plant to shut down due to lack of fuel after Palestinian authority in Ramallah reduce the station share
Since Authority was established, it has systematically used to indoctrinate young & old to hate…
Member of the Palestinian Authority Legislative Council Libels: Israel commits new Holocaust. Do you like Israel?...
Palestinians arrest journalist. Danger signs in the West Bank
The Palestinian Authority disregards the rule of law in arresting a journalist - Surprised? The Washington Post
Palestinian Authority at risk of collapse
Ezra Nawi - Former lover of Senator David Norris - gave the Palestinian Authority the names of Arabs who wanted... https:…
Mastermind crid:1reev8 ... of the Palestine Liberation Organisation from 1969, and president of the Palestinian Authority ...
Abu Mazen will soon begin the eleventh year of his four-year term as President of the Palestinian Authority.
I thought Obama wanted to be the next president of the Palestinian Authority
Abbas sends message of peace to Meretz members: Palestinian Authority president calls on members... TimesofIsrael
Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas dismissed on Wednesday weeks of rumors that the Palestinian Authority could...
president Mahmud Abbas dismisses rumours that the Palestinian Authority could collapse, saying he would “never give up” on it.
ISRAELI opposition MK Tzipi Livni calls for urgent meeting on rumours Palestinian Authority is on verge of collapse.
Officials from the Palestinian Authority are still seething from a nighttime clash last week between Israeli and...
EoZ news: Foreign aid to Palestinian Authority dropped 43% since 2011: Rami Hamdallah, the PA's prime ...
Currently reading Another reminder from Elliott Abrams about the mindset of the Palestinian Authority.
Arab who opened fire on Israeli solders today was Palestinian Authority intelligence officer.
Conveniently ignoring that Mahmoud Abbas, leader of the Palestinian Authority, detests BDS and their entire mission.
Netanyahu: no territories will be transferred to the Palestinian Authority. . “There won’t be any transfer of...
Israel should out source the costs & cleaning to palestinian terrorists authority Allahuakbar
will not transfer 'even one meter of land' to Authority @
8 steps to peaceful two-state solution: With the current total diploma...
Will Palestine shun the shekel?: ... “The Israeli shekel will be one of the circulating currencies in the area...
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8 steps to peaceful two-state solution: In Israel, there is, to a great ...
Palestinian Authority unveils memorial in honor of a 19 year old terrorist who killed two Israelis in October.
This January, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is going to begin the 11th year of his four year term of office.
Palestinian Authority condemns Israel for closing Hebron radio station. Hamas condemns Palestinian Authority for crackdown on Aqsa TV.
The lies of Palestinian Authority'S general secretary...
Palestinian scholar Bassem Tawil writes, "The Palestinian Authority (PA) sees no need for international...
Shame on you Advertising Standards Authority Stop assisting Settler colonialism of internationally recognised Palestinian land!
by Bassam Tawil Abbas seems intentionally to ignore that he and his Palestinian Authority are responsible for the...
PEACE PARTNERS? Palestinian Authority inaugurated a monument in honor of Palestinian who killed 2 Israeli civilians
PM denies plan to transfer 2,500 acres to Palestinians: Palestinian Authority to get ‘not a single meter,’ Net...
My latest blog on why should NOT bolster the Authority Police Please share.
Netanyahu: Israel will not unilaterally hand the Palestinian Authority 'even one meter' of territory . from Jpost
1/2 Baraa al-Qadi, a 23-year-old student at Birzeit University in Ramallah, has been arrested twice by Palestinian Authority (PA) security
Palestinian Authority to move institutions to Jerusalem: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announc...
Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian Authority president, condemned the attacks in expressed support for France
Honor to hear perspectives from Dr. Salam Fayyad,former Prime Minister of Palestinian Authority here in Jerusalem
Jordan&Israel want cameras on Authority doesn't. Bring on the accountability at
Palestinians accuse Israel of harvesting organs of dead attackers: After the Palestinian Authority’s observer ...
The struggle to be king of the Mount
Why didn't I learn from about state funerals with honours for terrorists? via
The struggle to be king of the Mount -
defiance destabilises and undermines Authority by
Authority news audiences will not get from Yolande Knell
Why is the Palestinian Authority (PA) opposed to Jordan's proposal to install surveillance cameras at Jerusalem's Haram al-Sharif
Palestinian defiance destabilises Israel and undermines Abbas' Authority
Palestinian Authority news BBC audiences will not get from Yolande Knell
“You Israeli military are not my source of authority. I am a member of the Palestinian parliament, and I have a government.”
Palestinian Authority submits formal complaint to UN that Israel has harvested the organs of returned bodies
Fun fact: according to Palestinian authority, jews harvest the organs of the people they kill then return the bodies. Points 4 creativity
The Palestinian Authority Murder Incentive Fund | Frontpage Why Israel's "peace partners" are so eager to kill Jews
Calls on Congress to Defund the Palestinian Authority after Posts of Children’s Book...
Sign a petition to Condemn Palestinian Incitement to Violence and Enforce US Law
Palestinian Authority alleges Israel has been harvesting organs of dead terrorists
Sign this petition if you want to see the terrorist Palestinian Authority defunded. Sign now if you support Israel
If you're not coming to hang out at the World Bank for a lecture with the head of the Palestinian Water Authority, then you're not cool.
"The Myth of Christian Persecution by the Palestinian Authority. PART 2: We are at your command. Once we were...
The struggle to be king of the Mount via
Israeli intelligence agencies: Relations with Palestinian Authority damaged, any quiet will be short-term
The Prisoners’ Affairs Authority affiliated to the Palestinian Authority (has stated that it documented 800...
occupied Palestinian territory: The EU contributes €19 million to the Palestinian Authority's payment of October s…
Errr no. Even slammed PA for rejecting security cameras at
Palestinian Authority to spend $7m to support Palestinians in Hebron -Conflict - Jerusalem Post. - from Jpost
House resolution would accuse Palestinian Authority of incitement - | TY Congress! Like Obama said: …
Preview of my interview with Saeb Erekat: claims Palestinian Authority is on the verge of shutting down:. https:…
Saeb Erekat tells Netanyahu is "destroying the Palestinian Authority". Watch the full intv at 1930GMT.
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Resolution of US House Foreign Affairs Cmte on. Palestinian Authority incitement to violence against Jews.
Palestinian Authority: it is a National Commitment to murder Jews . Praise murder of Parents in front of kids.
Mark Regev, Israeli Government Spokesman, on CNN: "If the Palestinian Authority wants to be considered a...
pays 17 million NIS to those convicted of 1st degree murder or attempted murder & jailed, & fund families!
Why is her murderer smiling? Al-Hashlamon Hamdi is rewarded by the > Severity = more $
CNN just ran a story about a ex-Muslim homosexual "Christian" fighting extradition from Canada to the Palestinian Autho…
Israel beseeches world to stop Palestinian leader's incitement.
Israel to world leaders: Impress upon Palestinian Authority the need to stop incitement
There are no Christians left in Bethlehem, they left under Palestinian authority rule, driven out by Muslims w/…
The latest violence is putting the Palestinian Authority's leadership in an impossible position
Israel to world leaders: Urge Palestinian Authority to stop incitement
Former Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said, that Palestinian Authority incitement is the cause for...
"I am prepared to immediately resume direct negotiations with the Palestinian Authority" 🇮🇱.
Leader of Iceland party tells they consulted Palestinian Authority before dropping Israeli-goods boycott
Abbas to ‘Drop a Bombshell’ at End of UN Speech: Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas has promised to ...
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Will Mahmoud Abbas be the last chairman of the Palestinian Authority? by Danny Rubinstein ►►
Israel has a moral duty to take Palestinian refugees: Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas has recent...
Palestinian Authority has stolen US$31B over 20 years
Palestinian Authority officials deny reports that $13M presidential palace was being constructed as personal residence for President Abbas
Obama interferes in favor of Palestinian Authority after NY court find PA guilty on terrorism charges.
Israel News - Palestinian Authority: “Jerusalem never had a Jewish Temple” - via
Amira Hass :Jewish terror attacks tighten the noose around the Palestinian Authority
Report: Abbas planning to resign as Palestinian Authority president within two months
Unconfirmed reports Mahmoud Abbas is planning to resign as president of the Palestinian Authority.
100 political prisoners detained by the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank
Families say Palestinian Authority interrogators broke the arms of their sons in West Bank detention centers.
The intimidation of Christian communities within the Palestinian Authority continues on a daily basis. Only in are…
Areas A were in civilian and security control of the Palestinian Authority (under arch-murderer Yasir Arafat)
Netanyahu slams Palestinian Authority for failing to denounce terror attacks: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyah...
3/4..representative and lobbyist for the Palestinian Authority from the time it was still run by Yasser Arafat, her friend"
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Arabs divided on visiting Jerusalem: While the Palestinian Authority encourages such ...
Senator forces a vote in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to cut all US aid to the Palestinian Authority; vot…
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sets the record straight on peace—will the Palestinian Authority join him?
After the Israeli withdrawal in 2005 the Oslo Accords give the Palestinian Authority administrative authority in the Gaza Strip.
Informed sources have confirmed that the Palestinian Authority's security forces in Ramallah arrested the...
Shame on the Palestinian Authority for doing the dirty work for "Israel" and the US!!
Hot take from Palestinian Authority's Saeb Erekat: Netanyahu wants Jewish state just like ISIS wants Islamic State.
Thoughtful piece by Alan Dershowitz on how Palestinian Authority actions influenced the Israeli election.
Do you agree with Prof. Alan Dershowitz that the actions of the Palestinian Authority are the cause of the...
Opinion: The Role of the Palestinian Authority in Israel’s Election Results, by Alan Dershowitz
When Salam Fayyad secretly urged the US to block salaries for Palestinian Authority employees vía
Palestinian Authority to fight Israel in International Criminal Court -
"A US jury has ordered the Palestine Liberation Organization and Palestinian Authority to pay more ...": A US ...
Palestinian Authority/PLO found liable in terrorism jury trial via
Now reading // US jury finds PLO, Palestinian Authority liable over terror attacks in Israel
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Historic US terror verdict charges Palestinian Authority with $654m. in damages
Donors have to pay to rebuild Gaza after every Israeli massacre. Now they will have to pay to settle terror cases.
A US federal court just ordered the Palestinian Authority to pay $218 million in damages to terrorism victims
Please absorb the implications. A US court just found the Palestinian Authority responsible for terror on US ci…
Speaker smart for also visiting Palestinian Authority (Ramallah) during trip to Israel
US court: Palestinian Authority liable for terrorism in Israel
BREAKING: Historic US terror verdict charges Authority with $654m. in damages . http…
Jury finds Palestinian Authority, liable for terrorist attacks in a decade ago
Jury in Civil Trial Finds Palestinian Authority Liable for Attacks: [wsj... via
Will and the Justice Dept. allow this??. US Court Finds Palestinian Authority Guilty of Terrorism
Jury Finds Palestinian Authority, PLO Liable for Terrorist Attacks: A federal jury found the Pale...
NEW YORK - A U.S. jury on Monday found the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority lia..
Gallup: Republican support for Israel has risen from 53% in 2000 to over 80% since 2014 -- with just 7% choosing the Palest…
Spy Cables: Abbas and Israel ally against 2009 UN Probe:. Here's what it got him & the PA/PLO:.
Verdict against Palestinian Authority could spell trouble for Abbas at ICC: Until now, the PA ...
If US verdict against PA stands, it means US and Israel are funding and working with groups supporting "terrorism"
U.S. jury orders Palestinian Authority, PLO to pay $218.5M in civil trial over terror attacks
WOW: U.S. jury finds Palestinian Authority, PLO liable for terror attacks in Israel, orders $218M paid to families -
The verdict ended a long legal fight to hold the Palestinian Authority and the Palestine Liberation Organization r…
Palestine Liberation Organization and Palestinian Authority 'fined' $218 million in US federal court.
BBC News - Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority face $218m Israel terror fine in US
Palestinian Authority is arresting union leaders - why? via
John Kerry warns on viability of Palestinian Authority if Israel blocks funds
These folks: ready for a sovereign state | Hamas accuses Palestinian Authority of planning to instigate Gaza unrest
Let me remind you that Israel defeated the terror from the Palestinian Authority's "Second Intifada".
1st person obama called when he got to office was Mahmoud Abbass ~ head of Palestinian authority who financed massacre of Israel athletes
Today I worked on an analysis with my analysts that showed the Palestinian authority could collapse at any given time.
Palestinian Authority thought the images were too confrontational & Pope would be embarrassed, censored them
security assessment: The Authority can collapse at any moment - from Jpost
If the Palestinian Authority kidnapped an Israeli schoolgirl and held her in a dungeon for six weeks, it would be all over the news.
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IDF: Israel's decision not to transfer tax revenues to Palestinian Authority may lead to collapse at any moment
army gives dire view of PA security situation & one reason is the funds being withheld.
will keep Palestinian authority alive as long as they need the PA security services. Alive doesn't mean comfortable.
Another thing, BDS movement is bad for Palestinians even the PA don't like BDS
Palestine opens embassy in Sweden: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas inaugurated the embassy of Pa...
The Palestinian Authority can collapse at any moment -
According to an IDF security assessment PA can collapse at "any moment.".
The palestinian Authority could collapse at any moment.
The Israeli military says the Palestinian Authority could collapse at any moment:
IDF: Palestinian Authority could collapse at any moment (Foundation for Middlle East Peace),
IDF security assessment: The Palestinian Authority can collapse at any moment
The Palestinian Authority raises punishment 4 Palestinians who sell property to Israelis to life in prison. But the call Israel…
Self-fulfilling prophecy? Bibi always warned of PA collapse, Hamas takeover; has he taken steps 2 make it happen?
As Netanyahu continues to withhold tax revenue, Shin Bet beginning to prepare for serious possibility of PA collapse:
LG analysts interview in on growing resentment toward the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.
Cartoonist Mohammad Saba’aneh, once jailed by Israel, now targeted by Palestinian Authority via
Palestinian Authority newspaper suspends staff for publishing cartoon by artist Mohammad Saba'aneh
Most Palestinians restrain themselves, despite Israel’s plunder - Unlike a few individuals, they channel their wrath and loathing into nonviolent action like the BDS and ICC movements. By Amira Hass | Jan. 22, 2015 | 12:00 PM | 2     Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman are deceiving the Israeli public, as usual. There is no need for “incitement” by Palestinian Authority officials or Israeli-Arab public figures to make a young Palestinian man stab a dozen or so people in a frenzy. There is no need for outside elements to encourage a young Palestinian man to carry out a revenge campaign at the risk of being killed or deprived of his freedom for many years. Whatever the life circumstances of Hamza Mohammed Hasan Matrouk, the anger, loathing and desire for revenge seething within him are all his. Nor is there a need for a particular “atmosphere.” The “atmosphere” was there all the time, from the moment Matrouk was bor ...
Statement by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on This Morning's Terrorist Attack in Tel Aviv: "The terrorist attack in Tel Aviv is the direct result of the poisonous incitement being disseminated by the Palestinian Authority against the Jews and their state. This same terrorism is trying to attack us in Paris, Brussels and everywhere. It is Hamas – Abu Mazen's partners in a unity government – that hastened to commend this attack. This is the same Hamas that announced it will sue Israel at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. Abu Mazen is responsible for both the incitement and the dangerous move at the ICC in the Hague. I just spoke with the head of the Israel Prison Service Nahshon unit, Menashe Ganish, and I praised the determined action by the unit's fighters, who saved many lives and prevented a worse attack. We will continue to take strong action against the terrorism that has been trying to attack us since the founding of the state, and we will see to it that it does not achieve its g ...
Terrorists and war criminals are afraid of the criminal court So we will never forget your crimes (USA, Israel, Great britain, .) USA has threatened the Palestinian Authority if adherence to the Criminal Court, Washington precludes the ICC has opened an investigation into the tragic farce war crimes. That criminal trials are not required that small states as a weapon in the hands of major powers such as the case of Israel, America and graet britain ., it became clear that threatened the sword of African countries or countries that preclude Western hegemony. USA in Iraq and Afghanistan: Occupation crimes are war crimes will be punished by the criminal court sooner or later, does anything, the use of weapons of destruction or bombs containers munitions or weapons of self-control mass and containing depleted uranium against civilians to prolong the occupation because of resistance capable of ending the occupation and the defeat of the occupier. The horrible scene of ugly images of torture and humiliation of ...
Israel halts the transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority after it moved to join the International Criminal Court.
وظيفة Reproductive Health Officer - منظمة الصحة العالمية - غزة Reproductive Health Officer in Gaza Strip| The Palestinian Authority is establishing the Palestinian National Institute of Public Health (PNIPH). The World Health Organization (WHO) has been given the task of setting up the PNIPH, in close cooperation with the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Palestinian universities, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, and other stakeholders. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is funding the project. The aim is to establish the PNIPH as a legal entity under the umbrella of the Palestinian Authority, fully accountable for its professional and technical responsibilities and budget. The Institute will have a governing board with representatives from key stakeholders and will be able to speak out and publish reports and commentaries on health issues. The PNIPH project with the support of the Norwegian government will implement the harmonized Reproductive Health Registry (hRHR ...
Woody Allen said that “80% of success is showing up.” Even by Woody Allen’s standard, President Obama is failing at fighting Islamic jihadists… The White House now realizes it was a mistake to send nobody higher than our French ambassador to Paris last Sunday. That’s “smart diplomacy.” The millions who stood in solidarity against the savage murderers of the staff of Charlie Hebdo magazine included the top leaders of France, Germany, Britain, Israel, even the Palestinian Authority, incredibly. Practically every world leader except Kim Jong-Un and Obama. He didn’t even bother to send Joe Biden, and since it wasn’t a speaking role, that would’ve been relatively safe. We’ve already seen these attacks on our own soil, like a radicalized ex-soldier mowing down unarmed soldiers and a pregnant woman at Fort Hood while screaming, “Allah Akbar.” He told us it was jihad. Yet the Administration still calls it “workplace violence.” How many different ways can our President find to ...
donates $28 million to the Arab League in its attempt to support the Palestinian Authority
This is what international Terror leaders look like. Right: Muslim Brotherhood. left: Palestinian Authority
The Palestinian people have lived under a military occupation that resulted from an Israeli unilateral attack for nearly 50 years. Palestinians have grievances over war crimes, ethnic cleansing, murder and violations of international law. The position of the US and Israel is that Palestinians should negotiate with Israel for several more decades while they create "facts on the ground". The Palestinians have a right to a fair arbiter and to address their grievances in a peaceful way via the ICC in a court of law. The Israelis - knowing they are guilty of war crimes - have only one response ... steal money from the Palestinian Authority so they can't manage their economy thusly creating economic instability and making it impossible to maintain security. The Israeli hope is that a more violent government is put in place so that they can claim they have no choice to but expand settlements with the aims of maintaining peace and security for its citizens. My response to Israel is to go fyourselves you cyni ...
RAMALLAH, January 5, 2015 (WAFA) - Chair of the European Union's delegation to the Palestinian Legislative Council Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson Monday criticized Israel's decision to withhold taxes from the Palestinian Authority which Israel collects on its behalf, after the PA applied to join the…
Palestinian Authority seeks to re-submit statehood bid to UN Security Council
At the United Nations Security Council,Nigeria abstained from a vote that would have likely given the Mammod Abass led Palestinian Authority a place in the International Criminal Court,and support an Israeli withdrawal from so called Palestinian territories by 2017. Now,would the same have happened under General Buhari?,a man that had two top traditional rulers flogged and dethroned in 1984 for their private visits to Israel. These are pertinent issues. A Buhari presidency for Nigeria is not the way to go. Nigeria,due to current global focus on Islam as a religion that favours lying in bed with terrorists groups like Boko Haram,Al Shabab,Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant,Tamil Tiger and Al Queda in the Magreb will be worse under a Buhari,a man that saliently support these groups. The monkey and the baboon are still soaked in blood just as the general said.
U.S. to Palestinian Authority: 'Actions like this are not the answer':
Israeli leaders slam the Palestinian Authority's status as a new member of the Intl Criminal Court at The Hague.
RadioPakistan: Authority announces to join Int’l Criminal Cou...
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