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Pale Rider

Pale Rider is a 1985 American western film produced and directed by Clint Eastwood, who also stars in the lead role.

Clint Eastwood High Plains Drifter Katherine Anne Porter Pale Horse Richard Kiel Dirty Harry Outlaw Josey Wales Young Guns Sergio Leone John Wayne Heartbreak Ridge Play Misty For Me Butch Cassidy Play Misty

. On a horse,. the grim rider. crosses the Pale,. bringing Doom. at his side,. for He. is the Pale Rider.
The holy grail is mans betrayal god does not hail but fail man's mighty frail to crucify the son with nail he summons the rider pale
Here's a very short story I thought of, after waking up this morning from dreaming about a loved one who passed away.
Pale Rider and his skill - acrobatics. It was really funny. .
Nothing like a good highwayman romance! Currently enjoying Marsha Canham's Pale Moon Rider.
makes watching Pale Rider more rewarding. I'm earning great rewards and playing along with Viggle games.
She's going all Pale Rider on us now...
I was on Pale Rider & Belgian Blue in the Porter Cottage.
The bird sanctuary relative to the past in reference to nerja adds la pale rider discovered clout nerja caves: ...
"I looked, and there before me was a Pale Horse! Its rider was named Woman, and Hades was following close behind her.". Eh.close enough
I like Pale Rider too, and the Dollars trilogy...
anytime Pale Rider is on Tv I must watch it of my fav Eastwood films
where did he go? Why did he leave? It reminds me of the ending in Pale Rider...preacher i love you.echoing thru the canyon
I'm watching Pale Rider and earning great rewards from
And I looked, and behold, a Pale Horse! And its rider’s name was Death, and Hades followed him. And they were given…
After a full day of testing, the test rider is a little pale. He will be back...
Kelham Island Pale Rider has now arrived at the bar 5.2%
Driving to Austin with new album Pale Rider blasting thru the speakers. Buy this album when it's available!
I dismounted that horse. On foot now. TEAM JESUS Pale Rider
I hear the blood in their righteous language; fruitless promises entwined to reap more followers. They cannot see the Pale Rider within
Tribute to the unparalleled 1985 western "Pale Rider", directed by, and starring Clint Eastwood. The song is 'Razor's Edge' by ACDC (1990) .
"Jaws" from James Bond movie and that big dude in "Pale Rider" and Happy Gilmore's former boss, Richard Keil has died at 74
Dear Kelham Island. If that is Sheffield's Best then not sure I want to try anymore...lucky I love Pale Rider.
Clinton "Clint" Eastwood, Jr. (born May 31, 1930) is an American actor, film director, producer and composer. He rose to international fame with his role as the Man with No Name in Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy of spaghetti Westerns during the 1960s, and as Harry Callahan in the five Dirty Harry films throughout the 1970s and 1980s. These roles, among others, have made him an enduring cultural icon of masculinity.[1][2] For his work in the films Unforgiven (1992) and Million Dollar Baby (2004), Eastwood won Academy Awards for Best Director and Producer of the Best Picture, as well as receiving nominations for Best Actor. His greatest commercial successes have been Every Which Way But Loose (1978) and its sequel, Any Which Way You Can (1980), after adjustment for inflation.[3] Other popular films include Hang 'Em High (1968), Play Misty For Me (1971), Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974), The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976), Escape from Alcatraz (1979), Firefox (1982), Tightrope (1984), Pale Rider (1985), Heartbrea ...
One of the hardest things about being an adult is differing between the real and the fantasy. John Wayne was a draft dodger who worried more about losing his career than fighting for his country. Yet he’s remembered as the archetypal American tough guy, as is another Hollywood hero who ducked service, Ronald Reagan. These tin icons came to mind after watching “Pale Rider,” Clint Eastwood’s masterful remake of “Shane.” At one point in the movie, before Clint goes off to kill eleven bad guys and save a group of blue collar miners from extinction, he tells them how they have to stand together against the oligarchs of the world (well, he didn’t use those exact words but you get my drift). I had to separate real from fantasy and just enjoy the movie, because all too vivid in my mind was an addled, fat-cat Eastwood debating a chair on behalf of the teabaggers at the most recent Republican convention. We worship the wrong heroes when we listen to the empty cowboy suits while ignoring the real men a ...
Pale Rider now Heartbreak Ridge! Man, I am in heaven! It's just me and Clint Eastwood tonight;)
One day, I aspire to be as badass as Clint Eastwood in Pale Rider. Or at least get to a Richard Kiel status.
EDIT! Okay! Here's a sweat-induced spur of the moment list of "Post Heavens Gate" American-made westerns... no made-for-TV, direct-to-video, etc. I purposely excluded "Estrada" because it's a modern setting. What are we missing? (Titles from below are now added a/o 12:48 EST, one day later. Thanks, all!) :-D Windwalker (1981) The Legend of the Lone Ranger (1981) Cattle Annie and Little Britches (1981) - shot in the 70s Harry Tracy (1982) (Canadian, but I don't care) Barbarosa (1982) The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez (1982) originally produced for PBS, but did get a theatrical release. The Avenging (1983) Triumphs of a Man Called Horse (1983) Sacred Ground (1983) The Grey Fox (1983) (Canadian, but I don't care) Lust in the Dust (1985) (i know, i know...) Pale Rider (1985) Rustlers Rhapsody (1985) (a western comedy, but still...) Silverado (1985) Three Amigos (1986) (i know, i know...) Young Guns (1988) Glory (1989) Civil War setting Dances With Wolves (1990) Young Guns II (1990) Back To the Future III (1990) h ...
My favorite movie of Clint Eastwood is Pale Rider, and I just love his horse 😭
Funniest line I heard today "He went from Outlaw Josey Wales to Pale Rider in seconds." Hilarious!
Perfect way to end the night, cuddlin with my pups and watching Pale Rider 😊
Little Giant Ladders
ON THIS DAY IN TEXAS HISTORY – MAY 15th 1890 Author Katherine Anne Porter (Callie Russell Porter) was born in Indian Creek, Texas. She grew up in Kyle, just south of Austin. In addition to such major novels as Ship of Fools and Pale Horse-Pale Rider, she also published Noon Wine, a collection of short stories set in Central Texas. The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter (1965) won her the Gold Medal for Fiction from the National Institute of Arts and Letters, the Pulitzer Prize, and the National Book Award. Two Texas historical markers were erected in Porter's honor: one at Indian Creek Cemetery in Brown County (1990) and another in Kyle (1991).
Strong pale ale, served in spoons leeds station - Drinking a Pale Rider by -
wrap your mind around this trivia what movie did Clint Eastwood play the part as a zombie answer in the movie Pale Rider as a mysterious preacher he helps out some prospectors from a greedy mining company but at one point you see where he's been shot and has the scares from 6 bullet holes at the end the leader of a gang of hired gunmen recognized him as someone he'd killed so essentially he's a walking dead body or in other words a Freakin' zombie how cool is that i guess being Clint Eastwood they couldn't call him a zombie so instead hes a avenging ghost
thank you my love, tune into ITV4 tonight, Pale Rider and my sisters in the adverts widows it's on ITV too
sitting here with a hot rum toddy watching Clint Eastwood in Pale Rider for the 59th time...then islanders and rangers/blackhawks and canucks 2 nite...spaghetti sauce and meatballs in the crock pot loaded with garlic...and garlic bread ready for toasting...not going far 2 nite
Forgot a very young Chris Penn was in Pale Rider. Also Richard Kiel.
Oh snap my best Cowboy movie is on True Grit then Pale Rider *** yeah its gonna be a Good Day
Can you give me an advice about a very good Western movie? But only from 1970s until the contemporary time. Except: "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and "Pale Rider". Thanks! :)
The best nut shot in movie history is Clint using a sledgehammer on Richard Kiel in "Pale Rider." MTV and Tosh are bush league in comparison.
If anyone were to remake Clint Eastwood westerns I think Hugh Jackman would be a suitable replacement. I determined this while flipping through the channels and stopping on Pale Rider. Steve Clark, what do you think?
This day turned out a little better than ok. To unwind, I am enjoying a cocktail; thanks, Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and watching Pale Rider, thanks, Clint Eastwood. All in all, I'd give this Wednesday a proud "WOW"!!
Back by popular demand! People love these 1858 Remington Revolvers!!!.. and they are CBJ's all time favorites! Ever since the Clint Eastwood Movie, "Pale Rider" CBJ has engineered these for modern-day performance. NO FFL is required even to purchase our Cartridge Conversions. These are wicked and fun to shoot! We even now outfit with very, very cool Cowboy Gear - Rigs, Holsters, etc. check them out! Rissa W. Some call them the New Army Remington Long Colts -- CBJ said, "there is no such thing, in the day they were called Remington Army .45 Colt, NOT LONG COLT" :) -- that is experience! These are fun to shoot and highly modified -- they shoot as well as any modern day revolver.
Watching another Clint Eastwood classic, Pale Rider on AMC. It is reminiscent thematically to the Alan Ladd classic, Shane. He always took up the good fight. I admire how he can open, load, and close his 45 without looking away from his adversaries. Not just Hollywood magic.
'Pale Rider' (Clint Eastwood,1985), now there's a film! Just don't make 'em like they used to... -Toby
Just watched 'Pale Rider' on TCM. Interesting contrast with Clint's earlier western 'High Plains Drifter'. HPD is much more powerful for me
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I think it's because I don't like Clint Eastwood as a director: I hated Pale Rider, Gran Torino, and Mystic River too.
good list! I totally forgot about TWBB. Think if put that in over pale rider.
What about Pale Rider or Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid?
I'm watching Pale Rider. Thanks for the help, ***
i didnt see Pale Rider on that list either
I, too, liked "Pale Rider". Eastwood as one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? C'mon, how «cool» is that?
added Unforeseen Circumstances fall 2013 to my website...
Just watched Pale Rider for the first time - pretty good Western
don't watch Pale Rider because OH MY GOD a Jack Russell gets shot :'(
Watched. 'Pale rider' earlier this afternoon.
Clint Eastwood’s Pale Rider is a sort of homage to Shane, with a similar storyline and some similar camera work.
Stick or Twist now serving Pale Rider. See full list on
its a tuff choice & I love Dirty Harry but Eastwood's best film is either Pale Rider or Grand Torino. but then, Play Misty For Me is great!
The Birth of the Pale Rider. My first attempt at urban fantasy. Go here2see and check my other titles too .
Just spoken to who's en route to Barnsley via the Fat Cat in Sheff'd. He's enjoying a pint of Pale Rider. The ***
A boy's foray into a dark forest turns deadly when an apocalypse looms. The Birth of d Pale Rider thrills
The Devonshire now serving Pale Rider. See full list on
maybe have Malphis play at being the Pale Rider ;3
This is a much better beer choice. Now in The Seven Stars, Rugby. About 12 real ales on. Had Kelham Island Pale Rider and Salopian Oracle.
Pale Rider is just one long a-team episode - with Eastwood playing Hannibal, Face & BA. No Murdoch, no helicopters in prospecting times.
not quite sure if Jaipur is a crap choice to be honest.. saying that I don't mind Pale Rider either
many shamefully Ive not even seen, invictus, true crime, bird, Firefox, bronco billy, the gauntlet, pale rider, white hunter all never seen
Behold a Pale Rider. Carrie makes a decision that will change everything while things in Banshee go bad. Surprise...
New perspective on Pale Rider. Was Clint Eastwood the brother of the deadly (?) whipping of a sheriff who was...
Current guest ales.pale rider. Ipa. golden best. Diablo
The Birth of the Pale Rider. An urban fantasy romp with an apocalyptic vibe to it .
My Ice cream Van plays the tune from "Pale Rider" just apt for Nottingham
Hard to choose between Unforgiven, and Pale Rider
Watching Pale Rider on TCM, almost as satisfying as a pint of the Kelham Island brew. But not quite
I'm heading too. Pale Rider just shot all the deputies. Bed time for me
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Pale Rider is on TV but they've cut so much out it doesn't make sense. Why you butcher my favourite movies?!
Unforgiven last night & Pale Rider tonight. TCM I love your Western season.
Pale Rider is on TCM and i don't want to watch it. What have I become?
I feel as sick as a dog tonite. Maybe watching Pale Rider will help. Can't beat old Clint.
Just caught some of Pale Rider on TCM. I love Clint Eastwood and his two facial expressions:. With hat. Without hat.
Watching Pale Rider job to beat a good western
Can say the same for 13 assassins and Pale Rider... lol
screw that! 13 Assassins on Film 4 and Pale Rider on TCM
sitting in my grans getting right into law n order n my papa decides to put "pale rider" on, if it's John Wayne I'll kill end myself
Jeepers Creepers 2 or Pale Rider at 9pm decisions decisions
These dodgy debtors need Clint Eastwood from Pale Rider
I would rather eat my own feet,im drinking Pale Rider tonight its very moorish
See how money changes people?? Just a few years ago he was all thankful .fake *** pale rider
the stage is being set for Mrs Clinton aka rider
Thanatos is pretty good. I can't remember much else, Pale Rider was pretty decent
Clint Eastwood can be a creepy old man sometimes... Never watch Pale Rider, if you can help it, people.
Pale Rider is probably my favorite Eastwood movie. I'm not a John Wayne fan tho
Just finished Shards & Ashes. Loved Branded and Pale Rider. Wish there was more.
Found out the other day that Vanilla Ice has a home improvement show on DIY. In other news, I also saw a pale rider in the sky.
I know right, my fav tho is pale rider
Kelham Pale Rider. Think it was near the end.
The pale rider upon the driven sand, knowledge of an ancient truth his only gift to us.
Three reasons for u to come in 2nite; the Waikiki *** , the Pale Rider, the Backwoods.
Imma walk around like I'm Clint Eastwood in Pale Rider lol. Call me preacher
sounds good. Our current range is Pale Rider, Proper Job and Sunchaser. Miss us yet?
For a few dollars more. Pale Rider. Brokeback Mountain.
Pale rider, Fistful of dollars, For a few dollars more
After watching Pale Rider with the Pa last wkend, I'm ready for that Saloon Bar! Have my whiskey ready :-P
top film up there with the Spaghettis High Plains Drifter & Pale Rider
Watching old cowboy movies, like Young Guns and Pale Rider. It's just awesome.
Hamilton Collection
I love Clint westerns, too. from his it's a toss-up btwn Josey Wales & Pale Rider.
Only western movie I've seen in Pale Rider. Pretty dang good
So Raid Mode online for RE:Revelations is fun, though it kinda *** when the other player one shots with the Pale Rider + Charge Shot.
Cowboy quote: "If you're waitin' for a woman to make up her mind, you may have a long wait." Preacher, Pale Rider
Now if I can ignore the bites, maybe I can enjoy the movie; Pale Rider...
Just got done cuddling on the couch with my man watching Pale Rider. Could life get any better?
He was a pale rider on a dark horse in a coal black dream
if its the one with the pale rider Awesome! I got the out of print hoodie with that pic on the front, pentagram on back.
Thank you, Xan, I'll get right on it. Maybe I'll make her stop at Pale Rider for a drink to take her mind off her woes
'Pale Rider' should have been named 'High Plains Drifter 2'.
We all seek anagnorisis but esp in Clint Eastwood films (pale rider, gran turino, Dirty Harry)!
Next up in my mini western blu-ray season: Pale Rider. Never seen before. Any good?
The Admiral of the Humber now serving Pale Rider. See full list on
Just been watching you in Pale Rider.Great Film !
Thinking about calling my band Pale Rider.
One of my faves. — Drinking a Pale Rider by Kelham Island Brewery @ The Old Club House —
Sheaf View always a must - used to be my local. First drop of Pale Rider in Psalter Tavern made it a firm favourite :0)
The Outlaw Josey Wales or Pale Rider ? Which is Clints best one?
pale rider 4 lyf G ... I feel like a one toothed platypus me
pale rider of the "Use Spikes as Failure Cripples Corn Belt"
Smokin that pineapple kush and that pale rider...
Look how happy Pale Rider makes me.
Keith Knudsen gave me Cliint Eastwood, Movie That I Loved: Gran Torino, Unforgiven, Outlaw Josey Wales, Play Misty For Me Movie that I liked: Pale Rider, Dirty Hairy, Any Which Way but Loose Movie that I Hated: Bronco Billy Movie that I Hated that I Liked: Any Which Way You Can Movie I haven't a seen but mean to: A Fistfull of Dollars Like this if you want to play and I will give you an actor or actress.
Unfortunately my pale rider DVD decided not to play so I'm gonna find my cleaning cloth tomorrow, good thing I got Jeremiah Johnson to watch :)
Ok, I just mentioned my "top ten" movies. I suppose I haven't done a list lately, so here is a quick one. Definitely subject to an oversight or two: 1)Princess bride 2)The American president 3)Boondock Saints 4)Moulan rouge 5)American History X 6)Tri-State Trilogy (have to take them all together) 7)Willow 8)Pale Rider 9)Groundhog Day 10)Shawshank Redemption
Dear folks, as much as I loved these movies and Clint, my heart has changed when I discovered the hidden theme in all of Clint's movies. There is a conspiracy and it specifically attacks the Two Witnesses in the Bible concerning the death and resurrection of them. Clint, and all movie producers, writers and likely all actors are in on this plundering of your conscience mind. Pale Rider is a mockery of God and Jesus. Clint mixes the Holy with Profane in subtle ways. The plot is to substitute traits of God, Jesus and the Law and Order. All of the spiritual talents are degraded to natural talents into natural talents with the use of Guns and corrupted Law and Order. Every movie and television show tramples the Two Witnesses to prevent them from resurrecting your mind's to God's intellect. God's people are destroyed for lack of this knowledge. I can write a book and I'm sorry that I can't write in length to provide more evidence. I will post more in Josey Wales.
alright this vampire ripper/ghost rider is going to sleep now. Bestie, good luck with your husband. love ya bestie. my wife Katherine DarkDevil Salvatore i love you so much baby. u are everything to me. I hope to talk to u soon. as to all of u here, good night and talk to u all tomorrow
Watching the second best cowboy movie on AMC. " The Shootist" with John Wayne, his last movie before he died of cancer. By the way, Lonesome Dove is the best. Just saying...
High Plains Drifter and Pale Rider (a few years later) are solid.
I added a video to a playlist Drapht - Pale Rider (Intro)
Hey Fb...its going to be a chill night, workout hard and Cowboy movies. Clint Eastwood baby!!!
Sometimes I feel like drifting and solving problems using kung fu like Kwai chan Caine
Bought myself 5 Sergio Leone Western movies and 1 other western. Just 2 more and I have all the western movies I've always wanted.
Goood Afternoon Fam!!! I was just having a conversation with my niece about a tan. Because I wear a suit all the time my head and hands are dark and my body is pale, I look like a freak in shorts and and a tank top!!
View HERE for more comments and lyrics : ) HD capable! The Four Horsemen by Glen Campbell - Album "Show Me Your Way" [New Haven] (1991) A song based on Revel...
The GB can now regularly offer a pint of Draught Bass at only £3.10! Also joining it on the bar for today is Kelham Island Pale Rider at 5.2
(All just for you Miss Relihan!! :P ) England: Year 1030 AD "Come on Calypso," Kym urged, "we have to go..." But no amount of tugging could get her horse to shift, the paint mare simply continued to pull back on her reigns releasing an indignant neigh. "Fine," Kym snapped eventually. She truly was beautiful with lush dark hair, brilliantly bright eyes and skin soft and white, but the usual dazzling smile that covered her lips wasn't there, instead she wore an irritated scowl upon her angelic face as she dropped down on a large granite boulder, emerald green gown pooling about her feet. After several minutes of an unnecessary mope the sound of clashing swords met her listening ears. Logic and bloody common sense would have had her running in the other direction, but Kym's curiosity had gotten the better of her and taking a hold of Calypso's reigns she made her way down the other track, toward all the commotion. Mere yards away stood two men sparring, at first she thought they could actually be fighting pro ...
If you in fact think there is one, what's a better western than Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? Same era or earlier, Christian Bale 3:10 to Yuma doesn't count.
My southern family will be here in just a couple days!! Break out the SOCO!!
Describe your SEX LIFE with movie titles. And. GO! I'll even play nice and start us off... From Dusk til Dawn
Rio Bravo was just on tv, now I'm in the mood to watch western movies all night. wish all my movies weren't in storage...
I'm gonna need for this rain to stay away!!! I am missing valuable pool time. My Liz wont get her time in before she goes. One day is not enough :-( she needs more tanning time, looking like Pale
Baseheads locally approach all spark plugs Total disregard for a dying man's shark jump Post-meridian pretty tungsten attracts any once-Pale Horse painted gunmetal black Face masking, hard-shelled ebony propeller hat Clubmans, gloved rakes grappling the clutch span Tuck go the steel toe, metal gate spreading For the dead-alive that rented parking space 37 2000 out the weekly under "Cycles to Gehenna" gets him floating over 20 buses Fireproof and festive Corners like a two-tired tiger so a too-tired rider can accumulate a few excited fibers to assign Knows no zen in the art of maintenance Only as the orchestrated patron saint of changing lanes baby Here is how a great escape goes when you can't take your dead friends names out your phone
I used to sleep early in night to get up early in morning so that I can go for morning walk. But 9 days of continuous failure led me to give up this thought so I didn’t sleep for whole night which magically helped me to go for morning walk on 10th day. It was 6:00 A.M. I was wearing the navy blue tracksuit which I bought last year for morning walk. After running for 15 minutes, my throat went dry so I entered into a colony which has a famous water cooler. A girl in pale yellow top with grey lower was walking ahead of me at a distance of around 30 metres with a can in her left hand. She must be going to purchase milk. Suddenly 2 guys came on a black colored bike, went close to her and slowed the bike. The guy who was sitting beside the rider pulled down her lower and then rider speeded-up the bike. They turned back, laughed and jeered at her. The girl was brave. She vituperated and threw a stone at their bike which hit the rider on his left hand then she turned and ran back to her home. I was so scandali ...
Accidents and Killings must always apear in the News ... Bible Rev; the Rider of the Pale Horse Kills by the sword and *** takes .. We are leaving in the Borowed time
Update your maps at Navteq
Pale Rider please seeing as your asking Dave cheers!
I got white friends blue friends purple friends and some pink friends... lol ... at this point in my life I don't get too excited over white ppl saying the word *** !! SOME OF THEM MFS IS *** TOO!!! not to offend my white friends either cause I've called one of yall HONKY OR *** FROM TIME TO TIME !!! now beige ppl I'm not giving u the green light to call one of us a *** cause u might get ur wig split but I'm just sayin we need to focus on the actual racism that takes place when a mf won't hire u or keeps u at a certain level or position at ur job because of ur skin color ..That's just my opinion . and my thoughts!IN THE WORDS OF MICHAEL JACKSON !!! THE THING ABOUT MY BABY IT DONT MATTER IF UR BLACK OR WHITE!!! RIP MJ ! WE ARE THE WORLD !!! WE ARE THE CHILDREN !!! SING ALONG WIT ME !!! LOL!
pale rider, slingblade, empire strikes back. Judge that.
The wicked shall be turned into *** and all the nations that forget God. " Psalm 9:17 *** exists! It is a clear truth in the Bible. For us Christians, *** is a place of punishment and the state where the lost (died inveterate practice of sin) are eternally separated from God. The Bible describes it as a terrible place of torment, and where they will be for eternity those who did not observe the precepts (described in the Bible) the Lord into their lives. Clearly define how the *** it is very difficult. The many texts dealing with the subject, often use figurative language that leads us to see him physically and place: fire, punishment, fire etc.. Therefore, the possibility of *** is not a place in the spiritual dimension is very large, even a state of eternal suffering. The Bible also says that the return of the Master Jesus all will be resurrected. Glory to the righteous and the unrighteous to eternal punishment *** . See: "Jesus finished by saying,-When the Son of Man comes as King and all the a ...
Here are some great cowboy quotes and western quotes from Western movies. My favorite are the John Wayne quotes! "There's always a man faster on the draw than you are, and the more you use a gun, the sooner you're gonna run into that man." -- Gunfight at the O.K. Corral "You're a good-looking boy: you've big, broad shoulders. But he's a man. And it takes more than big, broad shoulders to make a man." -- High Noon "Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you're not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. 'Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That's just the way it is." -- The Outlaw Josey Wales "There are only two things that are better than a gun: a Swiss watch and a woman from anywhere. Ever had a good... Swiss watch?" -- Red River "I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them." -- The Shootist "We're gonna give you a fair tria ...
Looking for the artist who sings Pale Rider. You guys played it this morning!! Love the song!
Oh my word that was a hill and a half 600 ft in a mile, and boy is it hot today, half way there and . Yesterday's competition winner will be announced later when Chris gets a signal on his phablet. Today's competition involves providing a new name for Deryck's bike, the Pale Peril ain't cutting the mustard ;)
Am just waiting to find that horse and pale rider in my garden.
P-Morgoti: A horse alive but dead a rider riding slumped over, over a plain of skulls and dead strewn around, or semblance of life is all you see.. Rider comes closer and you see the horse is not living but not dead, but someplace in between or parody of life it stands there with rider, sitting rider with eyes dead and lost, lost to the now, and the past, or even future for each is just living. Living a life that is not living, he knows the pain of loss, not only life but of faith, alone he stands, but not alone, for he is crawliny with life but not life, small and nimble they are, they keep him alive even when he no longer wishes to live. Dead many times, some he remembers some he forgets for the remembering is pain, to forget, the only cure, or solution, as much as he feels anything any more for his humanity was gone long ago, how long no one knows for he has lost the wish to keep time, just that this is the now and he wishes to be dead to it, but can not die, for they keep him alive if you can call ...
Please excuse my husband Deon Flynn. He has gone off the deep end before the dropping of the new Jay Z album! Join me for a hip hop intervention! Lol.
Coming up with great ideas that a certain person won't admit it but she loves them. This is totally about you Pale Rider. U no who u iz boo.
Nice and refreshing. And there is a decent hop bitterness in here too! — Drinking a Pale Rider at —
Heading to Malpaso on the Warner lot to audition for the next Clint Eastwood film. I speak it into the universe, this role is MINE! Fingers, toes and all other things crossed.
Because you have made the Lord your dwelling place — the Most High, who is my refuge — no evil shall be allowed to befall you, no plague come near your tent – Ps. 91:9-10
One of Clint Eastwood's best westerns. PALE RIDER Polish poster. Art by Jakub Erol. Another one of our beautiful rarities available here
Just taken delivery of Pale Rider, Blonde and BG Sips and Sanctuary. :)
The rules: Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen films you've seen that will always stick with you. List the first fifteen you can recall in no more than fifteen minutes. Tag fifteen friends, including me, because I'm interested in seeing what films my friends choose.(To do this, go to your Notes tab on your profile page, paste rules in a new note, cast your fifteen picks, and tag people) (Again, in no particular order cause it's hard to choose in order of my favorites--I'd be here all day trying to decide) 1 Never Ending story. 2 Goonies 3 The Labyrinth. 4 Ghostbusters 5 Terminator 6 Blade 7 Pale Rider 8 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 9 Sin City 10 Watchmen 11 Lord of the Rings 12 Young Guns 13 High Plains Drifter. 14 Batman 15 Xmen
I feel inspired at the moment so i'll give a little story : It was a cool night and a slight breeze kicked up sending her curtain of ash blond hair afly around her delicate pale face, calculating blue eyes to aged for her young face spoke volumes of her experiences and as she walked under full moons illuminating glow she found that she had entered the only grave yard in town and she felt tears flicker into her eyes at the plot in front of her worn out converse. "I tell my self I will never come here yet it seems as if my mind is against many years will you plague my dreams? how many months now have you visited me in waking hours...days go by and yet I still can not escape my sorrow.." she sank back against a tall tree feeling the reassurance it gave her, comforted by the leaves rustling and resigned to the fact that her questions would go unanswered...again. she was lost in thought when she felt another presence nearby. and her suspicions were confirmed when a tall figure rounded the iron gate and ...
There’s nothing they are leaving untouched: the mustard, the okra, the bringe oil, the rice, the cauliflower. Once they have established the norm: that seed can be owned as their property, royalties can be collected. We will depend on them for every seed we grow of every crop we grow. If they contro...
Some dude I never saw before just rode up to my front porch on a horse looking for someone when he realized he had the wrong house talk bout freaky he looked like he was on something
Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay (Jesus) is also God. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, for the absolute can only exist as two Gods.-Albert Pike
Well after seeing my girls an them crying cause they cant come back with their dad and tears in my eyes i cant help but feel a burning anger in my hart over injustice and lies so now off to study n.c. g.s. regs 4 days to go and as god as my witness justice will be served there's a pale rider coming an *** following after!!
Big Brother is like a messed Up version of The Sims Game
The Five Lamps love finding new breweries and sharing their beers with you and telling you a bit about them. First of all we are delighted to welcome Kelham Brewery Island to the pumps. Kelham Island Brewery was built in 1990 in the Beer Garden of the Fat Cat in Alma Street. The first brew was in September, making Kelham Island Brewery the first new independent brewery in Sheffield in almost 100 years. Using equipment purchased from the recently closed Oxford Brewery this allowed for full mash brewing of around 10 brewers barrels every week. As demand increased the decision was taken to move to new premises and a purpose built brewery was constructed a short distance from the original brewhouse. In March 1999 the new brewery opened with a five fold increase in capacity to 50 brewers barrels. By 2008 and with the demand for real ale still on the increase Kelham Island Brewery was again updated and the size of the brewery was doubled to its current capacity of 100 brewers barrels. Over the next few weeks we ...
I love the word ombré! I like to say it, I like to see it. Yep, that's right ombré!
OSLO (Reuters) - Few religious communities have gone as far in fighting climate change as a church in Queensland, Australia, which has 24 solar panels bolted to the roof in the shape of a Christian cross.
Beware the man apon the Pale Horse for he is death and *** shall follow him
In the *** of the prison camp, where violence and resentment reign, John often wonders about his mission: why has the Lord trapped him on this island, instead of sending him out into the world to spread the glad tidings ? . . Then, surrounded by his companions, he falls into a trance ... and again he sees himself in Heaven, with the Lamb on the throne. It is being threatened by a heavily armed knight on a red horse who is bringing hatred and war to humanity . . . Then a black horse appears whose rider is holding a pair of scales: he is the bringer of injustice and selfishness . . . Johns' visions become increasingly frequent and exhaust his strength. In his prison cell John has a new vision: the Lamb breaks the fourth seal and again a horse appears # the Pale Horse that brings death into the world, plagues and famines, accidents and earthquakes . . . :) Only the love of God can defeat it !!! That night numerous prisoners want to use the tunnel to escape, but it is discovered by the guards and the fugitiv ...
Budwiser the offical sponsar of drunk driving lol "Im the rider of the Pale Horse"
Behold a Pale Horse and the man that sat on him was death and *** followed with him
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Clarity -- sometimes painful. ALWAYS good. Rock n Roll yo.
nothing better than a cool Pale Rider
After the last CFL pre-season game last night I watch Clint Eastwood's "Pale Rider" (1985) again. I don't know...
My husband has me watching these darn Clint Eastwood westerns...
one of the Wetherspoons in Derby has now got Kelham Island Pale Rider on permanently. Fancy an awayday in January?
Talia is really giving Frank her full attention...
"Nothing like a good piece of hickory." Pale Rider
Reelz best Eastwood flicks: what do you think? 11. Escape from Alcatraz 10. Play Misty For Me 9. Every Which Way but Loose/Any Which Way You Can 8. A Fistful of Dollars 7. In the Line of Fire 6. Gran Torino 5. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 4. Unforgiven 3. Outlaw Josey Wales 2. Million Dollar Baby 1. Dirty Harry Josey is my favorite. Might include Sudden Impact and Heartbreak Ridge
I fell into the Pale Rider trap last night
Breakfast in bed on my birthday, just love sugar puffs, thank you people for birthday wishes cards and pressies, xx
DVR'd "Death Race 2000" with David Carradine. Man, can't wait to watch it again!! Some of 1975's greatest moments there. LOL! Set it to pick up some old Eastwoods as well. AH.
Tonight at the white hart, pale rider live in the bar from 9pm.
The Paramount now serving Pale Rider. See full list on
Watching 'The Outlaw Josey Wales' Clints best film? Or is 'Pale Rider' his best?
Got this from my Big Dog Motorcycle site. It's a good read. Found this on FB. Thought I would share. An open letter to every person I meet who finds out I ride a motorcycle June 6, 2012 By Carter Edman Let me stop you right there, m-kay? I can tell by that little intake of breath what’s coming next. Thank you in advance, but I already know that motorcycles are “dangerous.” After nearly twenty years of riding on the streets, I am aware; telling me now will not be a revelation. It is not an insight into my lifestyle that has remained hidden from me until this, the moment of epiphany when you shine the light of outsider wisdom on my foolhardy choices. Photo: Grant Ray There are ways I can minimize the risk — by riding defensively, riding sober, knowing my own and my machine’s capabilities, etc. — but I also know there are some risks that are simply beyond my control. But you know what? There a lots of risks that are within my control. We’ve become so pathologically risk-averse that for most pe ...
ARE YOU PREPARED FOR MARTYRDOM? In my discussion of the whole "Pre-Mid-Post" debate about the rapture I have overlooked a fourth view which is by far the most insidious and anti-scripture view of the Rapture...that there isn't one at all. There are numerous scriptures in both Old and New Testaments that foretell the gathering of God's saints before the time of the end. But adherence to preconceived notions about when this happens instead of letting the scripture speak for itself has caused what is called the "Pre-Mid-Post" debate which argues when, relative to the undefined "tribulation" the rapture occurs. Tragically, it's the use of the ambiguous term "tribulation" or "trib" which blocks precise understanding and fuels the debate. The term "The Tribulation" can be correctly identified as the 7-year 70th Week of Daniel. Also fueling the debate is something no one wants to consider, for fear of living through them, are the Revelation Chapter Six Seals of the Scroll. No one correctly recognizes these ev .. ...
good day, there seems to be some who want to oppose my math! heres where my math come from, ist im gonna deal with the colors! revelations chapter speaks about 4 horses, the first horse is actually the last horse cause the first shall b last according to The Word of God which ive tested to b tru! now this rider and his horse is white, but he the conquer, and remember he aint the one because we r more than conqerers! the second horse is a red horse and his rider is confusion, firyary red, remember crimson is the color of Jesus blood, pure blood is dark! third horse is black, and its riders name is death, but u can tell that he not the savior even though he is allowed to work miracles, why? because God seperated the dark from the lite! now here is the fourth horse and his rider, he is called hades, now this horses color is pale green, he rides on 1s, 2s, 5s, 10, 20s, 50s, 100;s, now you can check my math by checking The Word of God! knowledge rule supreme mathematics, 5 stars, 6 flags defeated, the vineyar ...
Kelham Island Pale Rider, what a beer that is! Coiffed a couple at lunchtime...v nice (apart from the surroundings, in Wetherspoons again!)
New in stock , THORNBRIDGE JAIPUR & HALCYON also KELHAM BRIDGE PALE RIDER also on the local front new from old dairy DARK SIDE IF THE MOO
Get down to the WhiteHart Longwood tomorrow night for pale rider live in the bar from 9pm.
I'm sure I've seen an Aliens one. Mmmm, Pale Rider... Such a great film! . "Do you imbibe?". "Only after 9 in the morning". xx
yeah i cant wait , i want to find an Aliens one next to go with it , then a Pale Rider one :)
RiderZ,we r going 2 chng our grp name,cz we r facing sm prblmz in our name,our earlier name was DEVILZ But der r many grps who use dz name,so i got sm names,u all suggst which 1 is better.1)Evil Riderz# 2)Evilz# 3)Evilz Squad 4)Evilz Crew
Health experts have started an emergency international meeting to devise ways of combating a mysterious virus that has been described as the single biggest worldwide public health threat after claiming 38 lives, mostly in Saudi Arabia. • World • One News Page[UK]: Thursday, 20 June 2013
Shout out to white lightning get em pale rider
A brilliant beer in a brilliant pub ... — Drinking a Pale Rider by Kelham Island Brewery at —
Odin and I just finished watching Pale Rider, love those Eastwood westerns.
Please stop referring to karma as if its a ghost that travels around taking vengeance on people who wronged you. You're probably just confusing it with Clint Eastwood in Pale Rider. Don't sweat it though, happens all the time.
anybody care to chime in, what's your favorite Clint Eastwood western? I like Pale Rider and The Unforgiven. Great movies. If nobody answers im answering myself! Again!LoL!
Happy Birthday --- Clint Eastwood --- 1930 --- shares today with Tom Beringer, Eric Christian Olson, Lea Thompson, Brooke Shields, Don Ameche, Colin Farrell, and Jim Hutton, but stands head and shoulders above them, literally. Known principally for westerns and crime dramas, he's worked in a musical and several comedies, and worked behind the camera as an Oscar-winning director. Considered one of the great actors in westerns, he's known for Sergio Leone's Man-With-No-Name spaghetti western trilogy, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Pale Rider, and the Oscar-winning Unforgiven. He's done a string of crime stories including Tightrope, True Crime, Absolute Power, Play Misty For Me, The Gauntlet, with his portrayal of Dirty Harry in five films at the forefront. In the director's chair he's made Flags of Our Fathers and Letters From Iwo Jima that show both sides of the WWII battle for Iwo Jima, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and Invictus. Where Eagles Dare, Kelly's Heroes, Heartbreak Ridge, Every Which Way ...
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Just watched the movie "Pale Rider". It is an old Clint Eastwood movie. I can't help but think that it has a lot to teach us in these modern times. So many lessons that were not intended by the producers in their time. Watch it.
Pale Rider with Clint Eastwood is one of the few westerns I like to watch. Something about the character he played in the movie. =/\=
Work was awesome was just perfect nice and back and watched a movie with my lady...did my work out then watched another movie while my lady made dinner...beef tacos with rice, and homemade refried beans and a salad...and a cool jar of home made just enjoying and old Clint Eastwood western...Pale Rider...then later taking a country cruise and relaxing at the house and just watch movies...Hope everyone having an awesome evening...take time to enjoy the weather...the evening...the moment...God Bless...:)
Watchin' Clint Eastwood in "Pale Rider" (1985). He made "Outlaw Josey Wales" in 1976 and then "Unforgiven" in 1992...all three are Classics. :-)
Time out to watch Pale Rider. My favorite Clint Eastwood movie!! Havent seen it in years.
Katherine Anne Porter, "Pale Horse, Pale Rider" A story based on an experience while she lived in
(cont)- streets, the dead cold light of tomorrow. Now there would be time for everything. -Katherine Anne Porter, "Pale Horse, Pale Rider"
YOUR BEST Pale Rider (Widescreen Edition) [VHS]: After a nine-year break from the genre that made him an inter...
For my musical friends ! Last night and today I listen to a whole lot of music . . . Started with a band called " Moth Vellum " very YES sounding band , With female and male singer . The guitarist definitely studied Steve Howe . Very good album , every time I listen to it , I listen from beginning to end . . . . Then I got into a " KARMAKANIC " mood ! I listened to all four of their albums , from the first one to the latest one ! One of my favorite bands in the world ! I forgot how much " Pale Rider " was involved in the second album ! And then for a big change of pace I listen to Mindy McCready's album ( Great country album ) In honor of her sad passing !
Behold, a Pale Horse, and it's rider, his name is Death.
To all the name a movie with an S in the title posts going on, here's a list off the top of my head: Gandhi, The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper, Enemy Mine, The Natural, Victor Victoria, Winning, Grand Prix, One, Breaking Away, Out of Africa, Zulu, Pretty in Pink, The Great Race, Pale Rider, Bullitt, A Bridge Too Far, Bridge Over the River Kwai, Hamburger Hill, Full Metal Jacket, Dirty Harry, The Dead Pool, The Fugitive, Ben Hur, Giant, The Way We Were, Goldeneye, Dr No, Goldfinger, The Black Hole, get the picture? Not too hard.
I honestly don't understand this, or who wrote this, because the first movies that came to my mind were Rocky, Citzen Kane, Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz.I dunno some pretty good movies there..
Tempted to watch the STRAW DOGS remake. Anyone wanna state a reason that I shouldn't?
Ok, help me with my ignorance of this situation with the Pope. Again I am IGNORANT concerning this subject and that why I am asking these following questions. As a teen, I attended the catholic church for about 4 years but was never briefed on info of such. 1. The pope quit? 2. Why? 3. Who appointed him to his position anyway? 4. What does the position of the pope consist of, according to the scriptures?
Who came up with this it's easy I got 10 in like 10 seconds!!
Actually got it dl'ing right now alongside Bridges of Madison County and Pale Rider. Don't get me wrong, like Clint a lot.
does anyone know of any home school programs in martin area? Please let me know so i can take my kids out of martin schools asap
Here are a few snapshots of the chaotic costume cornucopia.
Give this a go. It will surely stretch your memory a little.
It's harder than you think, but I'll give you a hint--George Lucas. And Spielberg, now that I come to think of it. And Pixar. OK, it shouldn't be that hard, if you just think of five or six movies.
Whats up with all this name a movie without an "s" in it ... Thiers fukin heaps!! Rock n rolla , harry brown, ice age, pathfinder... I dont get it...
I'm bored so I'm going to another one of these... Describe the last person you had sex with, with a movie title...
not really a fan of anything Eastwood has made since PALE RIDER. I liked END OF WATCH okay but wasn't as taken with it as most.
One of my email accounts has been hacked. I'm not in the phillapines, *** I can't even get away for an overnight ride. As soon as I can I will handle the problem. Please ignore any emails.
Been enjoying the new remixed version of Numbers from via
Anyone who is fan of Stanley Kubrick is aware of the fact that he was a very private man. He rarely did interviews, and his process is as discussed as it remained elusive. He was painstakingly meticulous, a perfectionist, and many would assume that Mr. Kubrick was a serious man both on and off the s...
A heavy dose of Eastwood westerns.The Good & the Bad & the Ugly, A Fist Full of Dollars, and A Few Dollars to see if I can work in Pale Rider, Hang 'Em High, The Outlaw Josey Wales, and High Plains Drifter.that should do me for a while!
Just watched Shenandoah on C4, great western, but what's the best one, gotta be Josey Wales for me.
The Destruction of Sennacherib; by George Byron, based on 2 Kings 18-19: The Assyrian came down like the wolf on the fold, And his cohorts were gleaming in purple and gold; And the sheen of their spears was like stars on the sea, When the blue wave rolls nightly on deep Galilee. Like the leaves of the forest when Summer is green, That host with their banners at sunset were seen: Like the leaves of the forest when Autumn hath blown, That host on the morrow lay withered and strown. For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast, And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed; And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill, And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still! And there lay the steed with his nostril all wide, But through it there rolled not the breath of his pride; And the foam of his gasping lay white on the turf, And cold as the spray of the rock-beating surf. And there lay the rider distorted and pale, With the dew on his brow, and the rust on his mail: And the tents we ...
For all you ale lovers out there we have a very new and very special ale on our taps at the moment by the name of Brotherly Love, a 5.0% from the William Brothers. A very pale/golden oloured ale that has been described as a cross between Schiehallion and Pale Rider! So make sure you pop in and have a try before it disappears!
I'm gonna kick it off by mentioning the movie RADIO, starring Cuba Gooding Jr. & Ed Harris.
Billy Sheehan Hasse Fröberg Tomas Bodin Pale Rider Jonas Reingold Andi Deris Alex Skolnick Alex Skolnick and The Jimi Hendrix Experience Official Page are featured in our latest issue coming out on Friday in paper edition and early next week on! This issue highlights include massive coverage of Billy Sheehan masterclass and The Flower Kings' second Moscow visit! Also the great Alex Skolnik was caught playing thrash with Testament this time :) Enjoy!
Pale Rider Driving School LLC: Concord, NH driver education for teens. Website has schedule, map, contact and...
Won't you redeem your poor wicked soul You can't pay your way with silver and gold If you're not saved you'll be lost in the night When the Pale Horse and his rider goes by
What movie does not have the letter "s" in it? They all do! Except maybe silent dialogue-less films. FATAL FLAW FOUND IN THE QUESTION. (Okay, serious answer: BRAZIL. Also DIE HARD (actually *any* of the five films), HEAT, MANHUNTER, TRIUMPH OF THE WILL, CITIZEN KANE, BOTTLE ROCKET, MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL (*not* "Quest for the Holy Grail," that's not part of the name, stop it), PALE RIDER, UNFORGIVEN, CAPE FEAR, and MOULIN ROUGE. And that's just off the top of my head.)
Western kind of day. 310 to Yuma, pale rider, now one of my favorites, The Assination of Jesse James. Tomorrow, I buried my heart at wounded knee.
How Come Noone ever wants to talk to me unless they need or want something from me, or unless i start the conversation i think i should delete everyone on my friends list just to see who adds me back!
Several times I have seen a link challenging me to "name a movie that doesn't have an S in it". Ok: the Godfather, Gone With the Wind, Land Before Time, Avatar, Return of the Jedi, Three Men and a Baby, Arthur, the French Connection, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, Ronin, Akira, Immortal Beloved, Memento, the Matrix, Terminator. WHY IS THIS HARD? ...Die Hard, the Color of Money, the Highlander, Life of Brian, Iron Man, the Hulk, the Limey, Amelie, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Lawrence of Arabia, Wild Wild West, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Big Trouble in Little China, Cannonball Run, Dirty Harry...
I am riding a 9 yr old pinto gelding that is rodeo bred, He spent his life on a sheep farm until he was 7 years old when I brought him and trained him from s...
Catching up with Anyone know when season 3 resumes in the UK? Digging Daryl's poncho... Easy Rider meets Pale Rider
Somebody should just buy me copy of Pale Rider cuz im awesome
*Crista reruns to the house 2 weeks afte r she left, and she is warmly welcomed by Death, but he also told her that I haven't came out of my room for the whole 2 weeks, and that he hasent herd anything from me. Crista sliwly opens the door to see me just laying on the bed, looking up at the roof, blankly* -Strife
I think it wonderful news to hear that alot of job seekers have now been vindicated by the court of appeal, regarding their refusal to be a slave to the state under the government work programme administered by DWP. Ian Duncan Smith can fudge the employment figures to make this government sound competent, but we all know that this is not the case. Todays ruling Will be a huge embarrassment to the government as they now have to re'think the back to work programme and start over again. This news is a great example of what can be achieved if we don't take things lying down and stand up against those that seek to undermine us on every level.
I'd probably watch a TV show named 'Judge Clint' where Clint Eastwood sat on a bench and yelled at teenagers to pull their pants up.
When I see a picture of shining white predator drone I think: "Ah, the rider on the Pale Horse."
UNITED NATIONS, Feb 11 (Reuters) - A United Nations Security Council diplomat said on Monday that there has been a nuclear test in North Korea. "We've been informed by the South Koreans that there's been a (North Korean) nuclear test," a U.N. Security Council diplomat told Reuters on condition of an...
Just watched The movie TROUBLE WITH THE CURVE..very good movie,but aint they all if Clint is in them???
Watchin 300...Easily in my top 5 movies...what are yours?
The pale rider respecting the ply creative writer?: .jHn
White lips pale face, all you people have NO taste
High Plains Drifter fantastic film but no way can i stay up till the end so i guess i'd best hit Rec :-(
I've never dated a black man before, mostly because I am not sure how my family would take it, or his. I'm definitely curious though. Any advice for a white girl thinking about dating a black man for the first time?
The Outlaw Josey Wales just cant stop watchn some of it every time its on. They just dont make em like this anymore or it was made a lot closer to my age and i had no worrys :/ lol
..we can't really differenciate between these bikers group of Assam. 1- Assam Bikers (okei that's honoured) 2- Assam Riders.??? (Clone of Assam Bikers) 3- Bikers of Assam..?? (words interchanged) What's goin on..? Atleast name your group to something unique. The given names mean the same. Just words interchanged.
I cant beleive it has takin me 26 years to watch The Outlaw Josey Wales. I've been f-in up.
Order placed for Pale Rider and the Feb special Tin Can Avenger!
A panel from "A Book of Nightmares." One of the many that travel the terrain of insomnia and the loose soul logic one encounters when one is lost there... sitting here in this pale green chair I hear him outside I hear petals and leaves falling against the window but of course there is no window there is no door and he is not there I know it is the wind or it is a false perception on my part I can hear the wind is winding through the chimney it remains inside the chimney thank god because I’m often cold now that I’ve wasted away I hear him or it is the comforting patter of the dog creeping around there is so much he doesn’t know he is at home in bed not dreaming not sleeping not Firefly but me shadows extend over the room growing thicker near the fireplace and completing themselves back behind the sofa and the bookshelves I pretend they are whole which is to say complete I am in my bed repeatedly clenching fistfuls of sheet there are a number of injuries that may happen a looming possibility I am tr ...
Thanks for another good response to our top 20,Tuesday morning lets see how many you can get,we are looking for the top 20 Westerns of all time.
Pale Rider is hands down the best western movie
Public announcement 2012 BGCSE results Botswana Examinations Council wishes to inform the 2012 BGCSE Candidates, their parentsand the general public that the BGCSE Results willbe ready for publication by 1200 HRS today
All purpose parts banner
No matter how many times I hear the song "The Weight" I get all teary-eyed. It's right up there with "Amazing Grace"! What's up with that?
Carl has that stare like Clint Eastwood did in Pale Rider, kinda badass...
"The road to death is a long march beset with all evils, and the heart fails little by little at each new terror, the bones rebel at each step, the mind sets up its own bitter resistance and to what end? The barriers sink one by one, and no covering of the eyes shuts out the landscape of disaster, nor the sight of crimes committed there."-- Katherine Anne Porter "Pale Horse, Pale Rider"
Apocalypse quiz time! What are the names of the Four Horsemen? Thier weapons? And the colors of thier horses?
You know your a great basketball player when, as you go back into the game, the out-of-town crowd cheers a little before remembering they aren't supposed to.
Here i go again.thinking of a change, good cut that keeps my length, but gives me something different than my bland hair. And what color?? Time for an upgrade. Lol
I feel like I'm in the movie silverado or pale rider...some ole western flick.
Oh yeah the never ending story labyrinth the dark crystal the goonies and rocketteer best childhood movies ever and it feels like a western night tombstone unforgiven pale rider outlaw josey whales and more all good movies representin the trhowback eighties classics and some newer ones
Just bought two great DVDs, one being Pale Rider. Never thought I'd want to see Pale Rider so bad I would buy it. Thanks for making me watch it so much as a child, Dad...
Clint Eastwood is back and he has some things to say about the debt ceiling debate. In an interview with CNBC, the man who debated Invisible Obama at last summer's GOP convention took out his frustrations on both sides of the aisle.
Sorry but all this gushing, sycophantic praise for Skyfall is starting to get OTT for me. It was a good enough movie but the best Bond ever? Hardly. It's amazing how short and selective memories can be. They do remember Connery played Bond, right?
Thanks to all of you voting for me and TFK in the 2012 polls. Classic Rock Prog 5th place (Best Bassplayer) DPRP 2012 poll, Album nr 2, best artwork nr 1, best concerts general nr 2, biggest happening (reunion of the Kings) nr 1. For Hasse Fröberg and the Musical Companion 2nd live-gig (individual). Individual performances: Roine Pale Rider nr 3, Tomas Bodin nr 3, Jonas Reingold nr 2. Life is great, medals from the sports and the music, :-)
Perfect! Pale Rider and Mr. Clean are easily substitutable!
i happen to go by the name 'Pale Rider' if you don't mind
In total a massive 606 different albums were voted for this year, 26 up on last year, showing the breadth of listening amongst our readers and the huge array of genre related albums produced in what has turned out to be a headline year. Below you will find the Top 10.
State Bar. Pale Rider alledgedly back to its best. Apparently not.
Stick Fighting Basics - Hanbo Kihon. This is a demonstration of some basic strikes and blocks with a 3 ft staff, also known as a hanbo. Most of these strikes...
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Spending this evening with some of my favourite cowboys and gals! The Quick and the Dead (totes underrated btw), Tombstone and finishing up with Silverado!
Excellent evening last. Good to see joe Joe Evans for his left do. That and the manor having kellern island pale rider on made it just perfect. :-) cheers joe - wish you all the best and will let you know when the others are coming round to lose their pocket money.
Ghost Rider isn't that minus Nicolas Cage, the horrible effects, weird plot line, and awkward soundtrack. Oh and the chanting pale people.
Whence in contemplation of settle red ocher thistle in reference to pale rider - the extraordinary contrivance i: .dRc
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