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Paisley Park

Paisley Park Records was Prince's record label, distributed by and funded in part by Warner Bros. Records.

Trey Anastasio City Council Mavis Staples Purple Rain

I will! Look out for me when I come to the Twin Cities to see Paisley Park!
Sure. Buy Pocco a black butterfly, but not to Paisley Park
A Prince4Ever Tribute Fence has been erected at Paisley Park for adoring fans to leave tokens of...
I can help Dan. I'll be at PP next Monday hanging this People of Paisley Park banner, after I fini…
I really wanna try to go to mineralsoda for Prince's anniversary this month...I wanna see paisley park
I guess I'm the only one who thought, "Dang, Devos is a DNA match with His Royal Badness!Paisley Park goes Republi…
The Tribute Fence is now open for fans @ Paisley Park, Monday April 3rd and Mon. Apr, 10th. h…
Will trade art for someone to do a favor for me at paisley park
New tribute fence at Paisley Park for fans to display momentos as the 1st anniversary of his death nears.
Minneapolis is a 'hot spot' for visitors from around the world as Paisley Park welcomes thousands!
A new memorial fence is up at — and it’s free to visit, today and April 10.
As anniversary of Prince's death nears, fans today can place items on Paisley Park fence
Fans are starting to drizzle into Paisley Park for the Tribute Fence, don't worry you've got until 9p
& so it begins-paying homage to our homeboy tonite at Paisley Park. Bringing our state fair tribute back ***
Fans invited to leave tributes to Prince on fence outside Paisley Park
Prince fans are trickling into the Paisley Park grounds to post their memories to the new fence.
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Paisley Park opens new Prince memorial fence and Lovesexy Room
In newly donated photographs, Paisley Park appears frozen in time:
My honors teacher for this quarter started off our first class playing Paisley Park by prince, I think we are gonna get along gr8 😎
Correspondence with MN Historical Society RE listing Paisley Park on National Register of Historic Places.
All these stories happening behind the scenes around Paisley Park seem to be more about money and less about his music, a…
Paisley Park is turning the month of April purple, in Prince’s honor
Prince’s legacy lives on at Paisley Park, his former studio and residence.
Paisley Park vs. Graceland: They're run by the same people, but how do these royal museums compare?…
Joseph trips Paisley Park and they admit it.
I miss livestreams from Paisley Park with 3rdEyeGirl. How many of y’all faves streamed jam sessions? (for FREE nonetheless!)
Paisley Park to Host "Celebration 2017" on the Anniversary of Prince's Death
Paisley Park to host celebration of Prince on anniversary of his death - Entertainment Weekly
Paisley Park announces Celebration 2017: Four-day gathering to mark anniversary of Prince’s death. ...…
Join us at Paisley Park for Tickets available now!
Paisley Park to Host Celebration of Prince's Life in 2017 via
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Four day celebration of Prince to be held at Paisley Park in April
Tickets to Paisley Park's four-day 'Celebration' of Prince are crazy expensive
Paisley Park to host a celebration of Prince on the anniversary of his death:
Paisley Park to honor Prince's legacy with four-day Celebration 2017
reuters Entertainment Prince to be celebrated at Paisley Park one year after death
Paisley Park to Host Celebration of Prince on Anniversary of His Death
Paisley Park to host 2017 celebration of Prince's life
Prince's life to be celebrated with special four-day event at Paisley Park marking the 1st anniversary of his death:
Prince's sister accepts AMA on his behalf: "We'll keep this for you at Paisley Park until we see you again"
Charlie Wilson talks about if they should open Paisley Park outside Avalon Nightclub in Hollywood: via
Prince’s Paisley Park opens for tours: LATE pop icon Prince’s Paisley Park studio compound in Minnesota will ...
Prince's famous former Paisley Park home is to become a permanent museum after a Minnesota City Council approves plans.
love shack: Paisley Park . hate hut: Rubber Soul . the nutshack: Midler
I had the most Prince trip ever! The Kid's House, Lake Minnetonka, Paisley Park and First Avenue. Prince fans from all over the world!
Prince's 65,000 square-foot Paisley Park compound will open for its first public tours on Thursday.
Paisley Park memorial fence painting and this link will show the full painting -
The VP debate, Bernie in MN, and the latest on the Paisley Park tours. That and more at 10pm.
what about people that had tix for the 13th? How will Paisley Park honor those tickets?
Can you please have the 13th be a day that Paisley Park can be since the tribute show will be that night??
Here's some good news for Prince fans
Wish I could be at Paisley Park open Oct 6,8,14 & -am in Denmark - hope to see images from them
Prince died in April of an at Paisley Park, the 65,000-square-foot studio complex where he lived
Of all the days to not open Paisley Park, the 13th is not granted a permit!? The 13th is THE day!
Paisley Park tours are back on, but only for 3 days, after City Council balks on museum plans. htt…
Debate over traffic, safety puts Paisley Park museum plans on hold -
Thank You for carefully considering ideas presented to the City Council concerning Paisley Park. We have a base of love here,Peace
Paisley Park museum ... not so fast:
fan from Dublin spent $3,000+ on trip to MN for Paisley Park tour, which is now postponed.
Public opening of Paisley Park likely delayed
All this misinformation, delays, unanswered questions surrounding Paisley Park and our friends legacy just makes me feel…
City grants Paisley Park temporary permit to open museum:.
Prince's Paisley Park to open, but only for some
In the wake of last night’s City Council vote, Paisley Park has now stopped selling tickets. http…
Prince’s Paisley Park museum now has a “temporary permit” to open on certain days, beginning this week
Sending all of our thoughts to those affected by the Paisley Park situation. Hopefully it can be remedied one way or another…
Such a LOVELY event! Care Begins with Me knocked it out of the park! Kimberly Williams-Paisley…
Slow down there!. Prince's Paisley Park public opening could be getting delayed.
Prince's Paisley Park back on track to open Thursday -
I've been informed the Paisley Park Museum management team is working on the fans' concerns.
Paisley Park says it has been granted a temporary permit to open for tours on three dates: Oct. 6, 8, and 14
Paisley Park back on track to open Thursday via
Temporary permit allows Paisley Park tours for some via
Public opening of Prince's Paisley Park home may be delayed: The public opening of Prince's suburban Minneapo...
Purple pride at Chan City Hall for Paisley Park museum discussion.
Paisley Park tours temporarily approved despite rebuke from City Council
Little Giant Ladders
Paisley Park: How did museum plans take such an unexpected nosedive during one City Council meeting?
Public opening of Prince's Paisley Park likely delayed
"Let's hope there's plenty of security to thwart any thieves in the temple." Bob Costas re: visiting Paisley Park
Details of what lies inside Prince's Paisley Park compound revealed ->
Prince's Paisley Park needs the now more than ever! 💜
Allure Searles : Ask The State of Minnesota to pass a prince law to protect Prince's Paisley Park home via
S/o to supreme for taking us inside Paisley Park through your memories. Appreciate it. ☔️
Prince's babysitter Miss Jackson stopped by Paisley Park today. Thanks 2 Lisa on Instagram 4 the photo. h…
Prince estate administrator denies plan to sell Paisley Park
Please sign this petition to designate Paisley Park a National Historic Landmark!
Paisley Park should be turned into a museum/landmark
Thank-you for defending Paisley is not only a landmark and a great treasure,it was a home and sanctuary for Prince.
If they sell Paisley Park I'm kicking somebody in the eye
Paisley Park is always in the 💜 The memories are still sweet when you can access those experiences made in that place! What a luxury it was!
Brad paisley bringing South Park in was the best ever
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Visiting the Paisley Park Studios where the legend Prince created majority of his music was epic…
The home and studio is valued at over $7 million. Prince’s Paisley Park mansion is reporte... via factmag
Prince -- Paisley Park to be Sold! Family Ready to Fight It (PHOTO GALLERY): Prince's famous Paisley Park man...
Prince's Paisley Park, other properties could go on sale
🖊 this petition to establish Prince’s Paisley Park as a National Landmark. https:/…
Me n Lecrae got invited to a Prince party at paisley park last minute. We were both tied up. Blew it 🙄😩
Prince's 'family try to block sale of Paisley Park' -
Did Prince recently perform a private show for Maxwell and his entourage at Paisley Park? No? Oh, that was That'…
Paisley Park eyed for museum like Graceland -
Paisley Park eyed for museum like Graceland - Indiana Gazette: Indiana GazettePaisley Park eyed for ...
Prince's family says his Paisley Park estate will be turned into tributary museum
Workers at Prince's Paisley Park mansion have broken into a vault (right) believed to contain thousands of ...
On the bike path near Paisley Park.
Check out this virtual tour of Paisley Park from
to and I at Paisley Park with Silent Bob because that's not random at all.
Dean Ween tells the story of the night Ween was kicked out of Paisley Park studio + pays tribute to Prince
I just made the mistake of turning on the 1989 NYE show that Prince did w/ Miles Davis at Paisley Park. Stupid girl.
WATCH: secret home vault at Paisley Park drilled open:
45nrth.david / Stopped by Paisley Park on the way back home to give a nod to Prince today. It took awhile to get th…
How Prince's purple piano made it from Buena Park to Paisley Park
Cool Prince memories from re: visiting Paisley Park and eating Capt'n Crunch
Check out what was left outside Paisley Park earlier today Context: (via Joe R.)
Prince's music vault in Paisley Park drilled open
Prince's Final Days: From Atlanta to Paisley Park: For his final performance, it was just...
Behind-the-scenes of Paisley Park: The final meal Prince's personal chefs prepared for him
NEW: A vault inside Prince’s Paisley Park home was reportedly drilled open…
Prince’s Paisley Park music vault has been drilled open:
Bank trustees to drill the vault at Paisley Park & the time Prince shaded Michael Jackson in Las Vegas
Prince's Paisley Park estate will become the next Graceland
Paisley Park is a haven of unique Check it out:
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio shares memories of the night Prince welcomed the band to Paisley Park
Budweiser, yellow mustard and Prince. All great. Also, does this mean that Scott was at a show at Paisley Park?
Mixed Blood 40th anniversary gala to go on at Paisley Park
Paisley Park knows how to party. I appreciated the no phone policy. I lived in the fabulous moment.
The $10 million Paisley Park home of is set to be turned into a museum for fans.
Prince’s Paisley Park home to become a Graceland-style museum.
Gospel singer Mavis Staples joined Paisley Park in '89
Paisley Park has a genuine bank vault full of hundreds of hours unreleased music dating back to 1983 http…
Carver Co Sheriff: dropped off at Paisley Park 8PM CDT.reported him shortly before
Prince's home, Paisley Park was located in Chanhassen, MN. Prince is considered the pioneer of the Minneapolis sound.
I'll touch up my Prince painting a bit today at Paisley Park, but I think I'll put my bike in the car because the parking will be Ren Fest
Singer Prince has died at his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota at the age of 57, his... via
A rainbow appeared over Paisley Park, Prince's studio home
And now a rainbow over Paisley Park.
Gorgeous rainbow over Paisley Park right now. Purple Rain indeed.
I heard the sad radio news while pitching straw onto my garden this morning just three miles north of Paisley Park. “Electric word life” [1]
Ana Marie Cox's report on the scene at Paisley Park today
Am hunting round frantically for a documentary about Paisley Park you made Any chance you could provide a link :) ?
Prince dies at his Paisley Park recording studio in Minnesota:
Prince has also been named Jamie Starr and The Starr Company, Joey Coco, Paisley Park, Alexander Nevermind and Christopher.
Prince was photographed riding his bike at Paisley Park just 4-days ago:
David Jones, another Prince fan at Paisley Park: "funk, soul, rock and roll... He could do it all," he said of the man he called a "legend."
this sports writer talking about going to a crazy NBA All-Star Game party at Paisley Park is a fav clip
“Love is the colour this place imparts” – November interview with Prince at Paisley Park
Prince, singer and superstar, dies at 57 at Paisley Park. Jesus H Christ!!!
Prince, American music superstar and pioneer, dies aged 57: Purple Rain singer dies at his Paisley Park record...
The musician Prince has died at his Paisley Park estate aged 57, his publicist tells
Police investigate death at Paisley Park home of Prince
Ha! Yep, I'm currently camped outside the lav in Paisley Park.
I'm at Saint Mirren Park for St Mirren vs Raith Rovers in Paisley
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Amiah know *** well that it was filmed inside Paisley Park on the soundstage...except 4 the scene where he's walking down the street w/Aura
Come back to Minnesota when there is a Paisley Park concert and we can go!
I had a friend that worked for him for years. Saw him at Paisley Park, his stomping grounds.
Lainie, were you at the piano shows in Paisley Park in January?
Remember, you have until the end of January to pick up your ticket for 2016, saving up to 45%!
You should attend a Paisley Park party!
More paisley park shows? I'll hang up now and listen to your answer. Thanks
Watch Paisley playing the park today! 😄😍
Paisley had loads of fun in the park today!
No surprise to see the Paisley neds are out in force taps aff spanking two bombs up feegie park
Paisley park is in my heart . But not that much .
My home is a short bike ride away from Paisley Park. In such close proximity to another fan? Amazing. (Also AH!)
Is Paisley Park as big as they display it in pictures?
I wonder if he has a park all done up in paisley grasses and flowers.
"Come to the park and play with us...there aren't any rules in paisley park"
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"They've taken a lifetime lease on paisley park."
I'd drive up to paisley park and look at him like "really fam?"
Oh, yeah! He periodically opens up Paisley Park for anyone willing to stand in line for it.
Glorious afternoon for football here at Paisley Park. . Half-time:. Melbourne City 0. Dandenong City 1.
By "publish," I'm sure he means "there will be one copy chained to a desk at Paisley Park."
what a great list. Many props for the Paisley Park content. Sheila E and the Time
So what side are we picking for the first leg at Dortmund? Park the bus with a team of grafters in Can, Hendo, Allen & Milner?
Tomorrow it's v Postal United at Thornly Park Campus Paisley PA2 7TR with 1.45 kick off
Park the bus at the Westenfallen Stadion
I love the almost Paisley Park feel of One Woman Man and the string-laden chorus and harmonies are just 👌🏻 ❤️
and do it! You can look up the address for Paisley Park. Tell him I said hi!
This Saturday the lads face a tough test at HOME to 3pm ko at Pen Park in match
I am now saving my money to go see him at PAISLEY PARK that's my next PRINCE adventure...
Check out this route Strava: — paisley via *** country park new route may give me the motivation to get back out
Thanks cant wait! Can i request the love we make or paisley park!!!
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Thanks! The author is right - there really ARE rules in Paisley Park! ;-) Always ahead, and in some ways behind, his time.
Saving 4 my Paisley Park parties fund like: . Student loans...shame that devil. Bills...get thee behind me
Brad Paisley has done voice performances in 2 episodes of South Park, including once playing himself.
loved the Paisley Park gala such an awesome weekend 🙆💜 I didn't get no cookies tho 😢
Before playing Paisley Park as a new entry, Richard Skinner described as the singer as "the Crown Prince of Psychedelia"
Here in uptown Mpls with friends talking about last night and got emotional. A great experience at Paisley Park. Thanks Prince!!
I was wondering if you do internships at Paisley Park Studios for UK applicants?
yes ! I'm excited to see him again and especially paisley park!
Join us for an exclusive celebration of wishes at Paisley Park! Get your tickets for The today:
Listening to Aaliyah and smoking at Park in the Sky in Paisley is literally all I needed from life today
Im convinced Paisley Park has the cure to cancer somewhere in a file named "misc".
Someone please go to Paisley Park and hold a mirror up to Prince's nose for me.
As a Prince Fan is your Heart in Paisley Park
For at least 2 residency shows at Paisley Park, definitely.
I think I just got a babysitting job... Paisley Park, here I come. :-)
Just bought cute outfits to wear for Paisley Park :) So excited.
when I would play at Paisley Park with you it was like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory you have an unbelievable Dream World
In deep thought if I should just drop everything and go to Paisley Park or not!!?? Decisions decisions!! 😫
It's either really hot or really cold there. Prince would have to guarantee entry into Paisley Park + bball for me to go.
Tech rehearsals underway at Paisley Park.the 21st promises to B something special!
Only 3-weeks left to pick up your 2016 Earlybird ticket and save up to 45%!
paisley on January 21 st? although to meet up already by now!. would B Just Fine!
Have a good day! Here's a collage of Jay Park's cute eating faces in his mustard paisley shirt.😁
Then I'd prolly try and buy out time share to paisley park studios for ever and a day.. Show up there fly as a feather and jus chill 😂😂😂
Need to go to Minnesota this year. Prince doing all these shows at Paisley Park
You better believe Gala Event news has been trending for 48 hours on
Congratulations to who has been trending for 24 hours on
Stay warm & show you love for at the same time while in line at Paisley Park! 😂
Trying to mitigate the sadness of not going to Paisley Park on Jan.21 so watching Fargo for the midwest feel. Basically Edmonton
any teams in Paisley/Glasgow area got a park midweek and looking for a friendly against Rosneath AFC from West of Scotland Afl
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this is me standing outside Paisley Park on the 21st!
I am also SUPER partial to Paisley Park
There's some MAJOR snow going down at Paisley Park!!! . Photos by
I was thinking the same way ... I've got my tickets ... if my powerball numbers hit PAISLEY PARK here I come ;-)
Prince, q 4 u. When we come 2 Paisley Park on the 21st please may we have permission granted to take a group photo of us outside?
Prince will be performing a solo piano/vocals show at Paisley Park on the 21st January. It's a charity gala event.
Further confirmation that Prince is dead to me - $40 for a Paisley Park gig, and he professes love for Al Di Meola
Prince's Rocktober continues with another lengthy jam at Paisley Park -Star Tribune. He cut loose and went long...
Bruce Wayne battled Prince,first at Stately Wayne Manor,then up in Paisley Park,but it was all in vain,as down poured a Purple Rain at Arkum
FACT is that Paisley Park's Sound System is THE ULTIMATE way to HEAR the FABULOUSNESS of HITNRUN Phase One, hopefully soon - LIVE!?!
What r u doing for the weekend.. Will u b at Paisley Park!?👀👀
More buses available for Paisley Park! Head to the to the Red Wing room in the Hilton.
Alabama Shakes sticking around for a Monday gig at 's Paisley Park
Disappointingly, Paisley Park is not just outside Glasgow.
Prince has a vault in his Minneapolis Paisley Park estate that contains "a treasure trove of unreleased music":
Sorry bud, that's too much to dig through. Not even Paisley Park could withstand such horrors!
.Enjoyed some afternoon park hangs with our fur children today (Paisley & Caleigh)
In Paisley for two days to spend time with the people of St. Ninian's Church, Ferguslie Park. Resilient people surviving against the odds
Its nice to have green areas in but they really need to be better maintained. Brodie Park's looking awful right now
time is when the sunsets and dawn whispers eve.all night party at Paisley Park.purple
he plays at Paisley Park, in a far suburb from time to time. It's draconian but you can stand in line. I hear it's fun.
Everyone stop and listen to Mickey Guyton sing Whiskey Lullaby with Brad Paisley and knock it OUT of the PARK.
PRINCE around the world in a day 925 286-1 paisley park gatefold LP PS EX-/EX
Close source confirms that Brad Paisley and his kids spent a day at a local Franklin park with Carrie Underwood and new-born Isaiah!
Watching someone teach their kid how to ride a bike at the park makes me look forward to teaching paisley how to
Hurlford prone to flooding and its pit down in Paisley so I would check b4 if your heading 2 Blair Park
He went 2 Paisley Park. Will there B a future collaboration with ? That …
One other tidbit from my interview with He wants to jam w/ at Paisley Park or in Maple Grove
Yep. Paisley Park at 07.36 in the morning. Reasons to listen to 6Music.
Believe and come 2 this. Place in your heart. Paisley Park is in your heart
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Also the name of our Paisley Park cover band.
'Whoever said Elephant's were stronger than Mules? Come 2the Park &play w us, they're aren't any rules n Paisley Park'
Friends of my family live less than a mile from Prince's video and recording studio. (@ Paisley Park Studios)
I've only seen Paisley Park from the outside with 4 feet of snow around it. It looked beautiful. I wish I could see the inside one day.
I was watching Love4oneanother earlier. I love that era. The song Gold is everything. I just want to go to Paisley Park and dance!
OH OMG i forgot about paisley park... i really like it honestly but im not sure if its in my top five. this is a good list !!
!! purple haze, whitesnake, nd paisley park are all Cool!! also golden experience and uh echoes! too many stands
At Union Station checking out Pianos on Parade ...this is the Paisley Piano painted by Oak Park High School .
A year later, Prince released the video for "Mountains" and Paisley Park's public access technology seemed to improve a bit more.
Fan-TA-stic Prince concert at the Fox tonight with my sister and the old gang from Glam Slam and Paisley Park days. 4 encores! Thank you!
"Purple Rain" by Prince is the 'Tickets @ 2' hit on hump day. On his 35th birthday (June 7, 1993), he changed his name to an unpronouncable symbol, a mixture of male and female signs combined with the alchemy symbol for soapstone. The media began referring to him as "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince," or simply "The Artist." His staff at Paisley Park, on the other hand called him "the dude." In May, 2000, he changed his name back to Prince. His birth name is Prince Rogers Nelson. We call him "The Purple One." He has written hit songs for other artists including "Manic Monday" for The Bangles. When we play it between two and three caller wins tickets to see George Lopez January 8th at San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino. 1-800-232-KRTH.(5784) Good luck!
.gives Premier Guitar a glimpse of life inside Paisley Park 'Days (and Nights) of Wild'
And I guess Paisley Park isn't as extravagant as Neverland Ranch was.
AP Exclusive: Prince exalts in his 'heaven': CHANHASSEN, Minn. (AP) — Nightfall is fast approaching at Paisley Park.
Saturday night in Minnesota-KING Live Performance and Dance Party at Prince's Paisley Park. See you there. for d…
ANOTHER HIGHLIGHT from last week @ Paisley Park was getting 2 C Hit the Dance-floor 2 Unreleased JAMS! LOVE RAY!!
Really really entranced by Lewis - 'L'Amour' (largely cos it feels like some lost Mark Hollis plays Paisley Park moment.
Apollonia headed to Paisley Park for a private Prince concert following Bobby Z's benefit at First Ave
Prince is an Amerikkkan Afrikan singer, producer, musician, and global multi-media entertainer. Early Life Prince Rogers Nelson is from Minneapolis, Minnesota and was born on June 7, 1958, a graduate of Minneapolis Central High School, who taught himself to play a number of musical instruments. He also formed the soul-rock group Grand Central during high school. Prince self-produced his first LP, “For You,” in 1978. He then created his own recording label Paisley Park. Prince's musical styles have been compared to James Brown, Jackie Wilson, and other R&B greats, but as his career grew, he carved out his own renowned status by delivering funk, rock, and soul with a special pop feel. Prince's father was a pianist and songwriter and his mother was a jazz singer. Prince was named after his father, whose stage name was Prince Rogers, and who performed with a jazz group called the Prince Rogers Trio. In a 1991 interview with A Current Affair, Prince's father said, "I named my son Prince because I wanted hi ...
Yall think Im joking when i say im bout to make this Sims 3 family into Prince and the Paisley Park. lool
Mavis Staples first Paisley Park album was good. Production is dates but Mavis gave it her all for those songs
Huge week this week. Today & Tomorrow I'm tracking drums @ The Terrarium with Japanese rockers "Kagami Tonari!" Wednesday, I'm tracking Guitars with Michael David Daum , Thursday Tracking Guitars with the VIA boys, Friday Tracking vocals with Dave Reiss then I'm Mixing FOH @ Paisley Park. Gonna be slanging T's at Lost Highways CD Release Party @ Treasure Island on Saturday. Then to wrap it up, im gonna be Celebrating how Stoked Jesus was on Easter Sunday with the Fam. Happy Monday y'all. Get Stoked!
Tons of stuff to talk about on the PRINCE Spreecast 2night! Paisley Park! Cali! The 4 hour show & more! be there! http:/…
Paisley Park will be open from 1pm for Super Sunday as Man Utd take on Liverpool and Arsenal face Spurs get down to the club for a great day's football.
I saw him at Paisley Park in 2002. He walked right past me (surrounded by body guards) and I was mesmerized. LOL!
Still mad at my best friend for not driving me to Paisley Park when we were only 2hrs away. She's a hater
Not so, from the stories I've heard. One of my teachers was one of his studio engineers at Paisley Park for 12 years.
It's too bad that the Family's album is long out of print, like pretty much all the Paisley Park Records stuff
Musical talent quite nice tonight with young Roger from Paisley Park
Well, Prince still doesn't know about Operation Paisley Park, so.we still have that.
a friend of mine was in Minneapolis and got invited to his party at paisley park after a concert. He was hanging out w/ them.
can we move to Paisley Park & just camp out there until Prince says we can join his crew? Please say yes
How can I be in Prince's entourage? Can I move to Minnesota & just chill outside Paisley Park until Prince deems me worthy?
Miguel is Lloyd after a semester of art school and a paisley park box set
Birmingham City Council r selling the NEC. Birmingham branch of Paisley Park.? It is after all already Prince's house ;-)
Paisley and one of her newer best buds, Lando. @ Hound Ground Dog Park
All the way from Paisley Park.. Nice little momento i was given today!
i saw Prince perform back in October at Paisley Park.
She got us in to Paisley Park she got us back stages passes b 4 it got dark,she even got fans 2 meet him. Where r u
“who the first wrestler you managed was - was it Prince Iaukea?” Yes and I was Paisley Park
Gold sequins, paisley, embellished jackets, metallic boots and capes - it's like the designers at…
He's certainly a weapon! I met him once after it. He worked at an airport car park in Paisley!
Or r they the same person? (Paisley Park?). Ever see them in the same room together?
described Prince's Paisley Park Studios as a ''parallel universe'' where ''time stops existing''
I have wondered this. Has anyone ever actually met a Paisley Park lawyer? Also - they never quite get the ones on Daily Motion.
domain names
oh, I've been blessed. My first Prince show was at Paisley Park; he opened with Sometimes It Snows In April solo on guitar.
An air of unexpectancy hangs over St Mirren Park.
Love gonty the toon way weel just park nexty the toon he's Parked behind halfords in paisley 🌚
Prince going through a midlife crisis? Doin all this talking and guest appearing. What's goin on in Paisley Park
Living with a Minneapolis chick huge Paisley Park groupie and the biggest Prince fan EVER!! NOT Kidding tickets?
Someone should go with me to take paisley to the dog park
“So excited for the dog park! this will be us all summer with Paisley! 😁
Kinda dig I get to drive by Paisley Park everyday on my way to work. Always hoping I see I love me some
Pupils from Park Mains High in Erskine have raised £400 for the British Heart Foundation.
WoW. Just met my social media heroines LadySnarksalot, the incomparable Neville_Park, Paisley Rae, AmIright.
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