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Painted Ladies

Painted ladies is a term used for Victorian and Edwardian houses and buildings painted in three or more colors that embellish or enhance their architectural details.

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Pls ladies if you live in Abj stop entering taxi or cab that is nt painted Abj color thy are scams,419 better save than sorry
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Our Painted Ladies are suffering in February! Awesome! 📷:idiotbaker
Tonight I went and painted some pretty things with some sweet, sweet ladies! (And bonus: It was…
Blue and white hand painted Chinese ancient ladies pattern ceramic dish
That question to me is so dumb. Ladies pls don't do it " what are we ? " after he's destroyed ur walls and painted it wh…
small fire at The Painted Ladies on Lincoln.
Read all about it! The best in beauty for Feb. 2017 https:…
Just listed our new: Angel Ranch 1 1/2... Run out the door with
A few of our beautiful Painted Ladies. p/c
Howdy. A remix of one of my 'Girls Under Glass' images for 'Painted Ladies...' from January…
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beauty and the beast painted candle holder light ladies gift k by LoveartsGifts via
So, I've just seen a "ladies parking" section in a mall, they even painted it pink and made the spaces wider.
Showing my ladybug the Painted Ladies for the 1st time yesterday in Alamo Square. 😍 What a…
Painted and put together by chicken coop :) and got three lovely ladies. Two silkies called…
San Francisco's famous Painted Ladies, as seen from Alamo Square. (Home of the Part-Time Traveler
Oh, so much colorful fun! Check out the fun eyeshadow looks from the Liquid Eyeliners. htt…
The "Painted Ladies" of St. Louis may not be as famous as those of San Francisco, but they're no less lovely!…
Don't miss the final session of our Painted Ladies series this THURSDAY, with an in-depth visual appreciation of...
Marie in the sand dunes back in June 2014 for 'Painted Ladies...'.…
Ottawa's own Painted Ladies. Also, when did it get so bright at 6:30am?
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Walked Van Ness and Sacramento -> Painted Ladies -> Haight and Ashbury -> Sunset. Does this mean I've lost at least five pounds today?!
Taking a break with the Painted Ladies @ Alamo Square Park, S.F.
and then there's your regular touristy stuff as well of course: Alcatraz, Pier 39, Union Square, Embarcadero, Painted Ladies, ...
Working on a new card design of the painted ladies in SF. Today is full of packaging and…
The ladies at my job were telling me the excuses they use to not have sex my favorite so far is 'I can't I just painted my nails'
The Painted Ladies in California are beautiful Victorian homes.
LEGO Victorian houses inspired by the Painted Ladies district in San Francisco http…
The Painted Ladies are in their Pupa or Chrysalis Stage!!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
My jet is being painted. Would definitely attend. I hear you are a regular ladies boy, I mean ladies man ;-)
This is pretty ballsy... Tell the truth ladies... Would you be willing to do something like this? I don't think...
chloe Reminds us of the lovely Painted Ladies at Haight-Ashbury ❤️👛💖 LOVE,…
Red v-Neck Mermaid Tops are Hand Painted just for you!
Let one of our talented ladies wash your hands, and treat you to painted
While filming ALGORITHM, I found out those 5 houses are collectively known as "The Painted Ladies."
My brother dropped me in front of the painted ladies while giving me a piggyback ride. I think I'm broken
New blog post of my trip to San Francisco. Link in profile. @ Painted ladies
Up on Painted Ladies today - swatched and review of the Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette!
I need to be one of those painted ladies in the next one
was painted in as the of took over the Congrats…
Presidio Park, Painted Ladies, and the house from Mrs. Doubtfire all…
Great group of ladies I painted at their office before party! Thanks Ya'll, it was fun!
Another angle of my "Painted Lace" look I did one year for a last minute party 🕸😈🕸 Ladies,…
Gorgeous ladies with their own hand painted wine glass creations today at Seranya Studios.…
Ladies handmade and slightly hand painted eye patch with by JuLLuJ via
Dj Steve of Ghostar and Painted Stave provides the entertainment at MDCC Ladies Night!
Maple Dale Ladies and guest enjoying music by DJ Steve of Gmand shots from Painted Stave Distilling of Smyrna.
I always love seeing your amazing photos of the Painted Ladies in your designs. How awesome is this necklace...
These are the Picassos of face painting. MHSS Volleyball Club ladies painted hundreds of faces.
Beautiful hand painted durable journal/folio covers created by Waltja ladies to raise funds
Already done with the cats and half of the face painted as a skull Halloween make up.. change it up a bit ladies..
Christina woke me from a nap to pull down her pants so she could pee because she painted her nails... My best friend, ladies and gentlemen.
These Ladies did an amazing job last night on their own custom plaque. Some painted for themselves and others...
Ladies... you giving him head & come up for air then he nuts with out telling you. Where you rather get painted?
Check out what I found. Hand painted Floral Hair Clip Fair Trade Thailand Black Orange Ladies Girls via
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Worked, danced, did some yoga, painted, now time for the two most important ladies in my life. http…
thats outrageous, why would you go to Times Square for anything but the painted ladies
They broke up when DeBlasio prohibited the body painted ladies.
Nice walk up to Painted Ladies and now chilling in Hayes Valley
Winter is almost over ladies and gentleman and this means just one thing. Painted Curves - 'SPRING BREAK'!...
These great homes, called Painted Ladies, are a type of Victorians that can be found a var…
Do& have to prove compliance w labor laws?
Hercules really doesn't want to miss those painted ladies.
aside, I see worse people, fully dressed in than the ladies.
Next time I visit Cali I seriously need to go see the Painted Ladies.
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pale shadow. lolling. on painted ladies. cloaking . the Golden Gate. the city's constant. companion.
Stopped by to say hi too DJ and Stephanie fullhousescenes @ Painted Ladies
These pieces were painted by some very talented ladies on their hen do with us... We love them!
"Complaining about it is like being exasperated that there is too much sand at the beach.".
"Every time another old bar, restaurant or purveyor of oddities gives way to a Rite Aid or a Bank of America,...
No Painted Ladies on mine 😢. But I did manage to see some last week 👍
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These ladies were actually hot. And painted in flags. 15 yr old son was very impressed with their patriotism, lol
So the mega lingerie ads in Times Sq are cool but not the "painted ladies?" Mmkay
The butterflies are coming: Millions of Painted Ladies set to migrate to the UK
Having lunch with the painted ladies 😎 @ Painted Ladies at Alamo Square Park
New York is a creepy place😂😂 I saw two ladies spray painted with the American flag on their bodies with no top and a bikini bottom...
Plays kick ball with mother in law but uses a boulder painted red. *No go ahead, ladies first!
Dear Abhijit babu: The Society of Painted and Dented Ladies responds
I can't keep up with all this jargon Andy. Are you saying No voters are werewolves or painted ladies?
Ladies y'all can buy my handcrafted, hand-painted SS15 'JAWN' collection exclusively for…
“The name of these famous homes in San Francisco is _. The Painted Ladies
Enjoying a ZFruit at the Painted Ladies in San Francisco!
Be confident in your natural beauty, ladies, I would take a hippie over a painted doll any day of the week
This is an handmade ladies soap dish and tooth brush holder. It is painted blue and white with a p
zach painted my toes last night and let me tell you he does a MUCH better job than the asian ladies in the mall
Lovely Vintage Format Ladies Powder 1940s, has painted postage stamp, Spanish Sentiment on...
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If u want ur heels painted red ladies just hml I got y'all
Luke's first time at the Painted Ladies!
Here’s the SF weather forecast for tomorrow: And here’s a cool way to spend part of that day:
"Trophy" apartment building next to Painted Ladies on the market for $15M
Enjoying the painted ladies in San Francisco ❗️💯 @ Painted…
Ladies wasup! Get down to tha Geisha House in Old City and cop a limited handcrafted, hand-painted…
Black painted toenails! I see that most of the LoL ladies are very skilled with their feet :3
Handmade & slightly hand painted ladies' eyeglass case by JuLLuJ via
We love Rachel's seaside themed cup and saucer she painted on ladies night last week. We're certainly looking...
My picks for the top 5 beauty inventions! My faves include h…
And just cause ya toes are painted ladies, does not mean ya feet cute.
Painted on the Ladies Room floor. Not cool guys! via
I entered to win a prize pack of exclusive face & body wipes from
Ladies make sure your legs are shaved and lotioned and your toes are painted. Don't be crusty
Morning stroll to church. @ Painted Ladies at Alamo Square Park
Alcatraz, Exploratorium, Ferry Building, Twin Peaks, Painted Ladies and i could go on and on and on
Im about to ride to Dolores Park, Painted Ladies, Downtown, then back to the Mission. In the rain.
"Painted Ladies" The Victorian homes in Cape May, New Jersey RP by Splashtablet iPad Cases - the kit
The Salvage Room is auctioning off the Painted Ladies from Patrick Sullivan's. Click below to view photos of the...
It's location, location, location -- and unknown over famous, apparently, as one of the legendary "Painted Ladies" on San Francisco's Alamo Square has sold for $900,000 under the asking price.
We have been at Pier 39, Fishermans Wharf, Union Square, Painted Ladies, Golden Gate Bridge, went by car car!! Later we are going to
Join The Red Hat Society for the event of a lifetime! From a "Painted Ladies" Victorian experience to a Ghiradelli Square inspired Chocolate Fantasy Ball, this will be a HATventure like no other!
4 of 5 stars to Painted Ladies by Robert B. Parker
Aren't we blessed to live here in SF! Beautiful sunset in Alamo Square Park / Painted Ladies w/Peddy the dog.
Adam and I at Alamo Square enjoying the Painted Ladies.
A view of the Painted Ladies from Alamo Square in San Francisco, Calif.
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Loved my brief trip to San Francisco with Alcatraz, Painted Ladies, Lombard St, Golden Gate etc were all so interesting to see!
Kate from The Small Things blog shares some great weekend beauty tips in this quick and easy video sponsored by...
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Pre-show wanderings with Jon Stamos and the Olsens. @ Painted Ladies
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Brilliant spot Lol , Yeah painted ladies are migrants , arrive the back-end of july on the coast then move inland , so plenty about.
No, it is NOT OK to blast the entire 'full house' opening credits while passing the painted ladies on
All the Painted Ladies...all the Painted Ladies!!! One of the many picturesque scenes in San Francisco. Wish you...
Cheers Ryan , lots of Peacocks and Red Admirals about here the past few weeks , Painted ladies scarce though
Ok will do.Haven't seen any Painted Ladies yet.A Clouded Yellow was seen in the castle grounds at the weekend.
Worth adding the Brownsea ones to the recording scheme at along with any Painted ladies!
Cute cousins & painted ladies on a gorgeous day in San Francisco. @ Alamo Square
Warham also held several Painted Ladies (nice to see them away from Buddleia).
Two young red squirrels are very active on the peanuts.Loads of butterflies on the buddliea at last, including at least two painted ladies.
My first small blue in Sussex today! Still a few painted ladies around the Brighton area, as well as commas, com blue, red ad, peacock etc
Painted Ladies paperback has just been delivered.
only the odd one so far, no Painted Ladies again :/
Admiring the row of pastel Painted Ladies in Alamo Square (
the painted ladies are pretty cool. Golden gate is a given, and the haight ashbury area has cool shops
We love this Smoky Denim Blue and Mint Green look by Painted Ladies. She used Electric and Mint from BFTE. Read...
First Painted Ladies of the year, for me. (2013/08/12), on Buddleia at Skegness bus station, 2 .
So many great shops around Portobello including tattoo parlour for any painted ladies!.
Seen any Hummingbird Hawk moths or Painted Ladies? If so please report findings
Enter to win MAC makeup at the Painted Ladies Beauty Blog!
The Painted Ladies look so dramatic after dark. We'd love to see your photos of these local landmarks!
Well the sightseeing today definitely capped off a great week! Muir Woods, Golden Gate Bridge and the Painted Ladies! Check!
San Francisco was more then I've expected. I thought is just an American city with skyscrapers and ocean side. I was surprised it was more than that. I loved it mostly its architecture and the feeling of being in some European city. The ocean shore with the Fisherman Wharf and Pier 39 is a must to see. Our trip to Monterrey and Carmel was just a plus. I love San Francisco. San Francisco meglepetes volt szamomra, gondoltam csak amolyan amerikai varos felhokarcolokkal ocean part es ennyi. Meglepetesemre tobb volt ennel. Nagyon szerettem a regi varos epitkezesi stilusat (A kepeken a " Painted Ladies" hazsor egy pelda erre), az ocean partot, a kikotot a 39-es dokkot mesebe illo setanyaval kis emlektargy uzleteivel. Egy nap del fele kirandultunk a tengerparton Monterrey es Carmel varosok fele. Itt az ocean nagyon szep nezd a kepeket. (A maganyos ciprus fa peldaul). Hawaii is the paradise no wander people go there to visit then stay forever (like one of the guides did and she told us). Ocean, long and beautiful ...
Sure they were good times but John Stamos doesn't live in the Painted Ladies anymore folks.
New Butterfly & Bee Science Materials Giant Butterfly Garden: See the Miracle of Metamorphosis TEN times with the Giant Butterfly Garden! Your child will never forget the experience of witnessing the metamorphosis of ten caterpillars into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. Bunch O Butterflies: This collection includes 18 colorful and realistic Painted Ladies, Monarchs, Swallowtails, Blue Morphos, and more! Each butterfly is unique and accurately detailed. Can you tell the difference between a Painted Lady and a Monarch? Organize, share or play with your Big Bunch O' Butterflies. They're a Big Bunch O' Fun! A Net: This is the go-to net when kids have serious butterfly catching in mind. It features a special telescoping handle that extends from 13 inches to a super-reach of 41 inches. Life Cycle Stages: Children can see how Honey Bees change as they grow with Insect Lore's Honey Bee Life Cycle Stages. These oversized, anatomically correct figures have been accurately painted and sculpted to show the fou .. ...
Awesome few days in Wellington. Shout outs to the GrimCeaper, big Kerb, SpexOne for the paint hook ups, accommodation, spots, stories n general hospitality. Glad u found those keys homie! Also mad love to EdBats for the pick up, rides n jam session. Props to Geek n Simr love to see the new generation. Rykon too, I saw u out there broski.. Scribe n the whanau for the hospitality, sorry we mossed dinner tho. Tenare for having me at the premier, everybody go see 'Shopping' when it comes out. And last but of course not least, Mad love to Ladi, just for being herself n allowing me to be a part of it. Bring on the tour!
Why can't I turn off the radio lol sick, so sick of love songs,so tired. Well put neyo
Have you ever noticed the Painted Ladies like using color?! We would like to here you own color "workhorses"!...
One of the great series in the history of the American detective story "Painted Ladies" by Robert B. Parker! One awesome book got me going!
So this is page 6 of “Painted Ladies of San Quentin”- and it’s on. A full splash page that I give credit to Aaron Kuder of Marvel fame for telling me at NYCC 2012- “get the hands in the foreground, up close” and he showed me a cover he did from Avengers for me to think on- see attached photo. Keep...
New audiobooks on CD (perfect for those holiday drives!) Painted Ladies by Robert Parker, Foreign Influence by Brad Thor, Seal Team Six by Howard Wasdin, *** s Corner by David Baldacci, and The Rope by Nevada Barr.
I want to see this -- possibly in November. There's so much to see in San Francisco. I want to see some stuff on Market Street, and also some of the houses, the "Painted Ladies" and there's some cool bookstores. San Francisco confuses me because in Los Angeles, it's one car per person. In San Fran, it's good luck finding parking, we have public transit.
Eleven years, almost to the very day, have passed since the last exhibition devoted to Peter Lely, Dutch successor to Van Dyck as Painter to the King of England. At the National Portrait Gallery it was suitably devoted to his portraiture — a genre in which he is too familiar — to his Painted Ladies ...
So I just got called off from work blessing and a curse after I do laundry I'm going to San Francisco and be touristy; Painted Ladies, Mrs. Doubtfire house, and photography and video hear I come!!
Took in a small Intimate concert by Ian Thomas (local back up band the Poly Jesters) last night at the River park church! What an awesome talent and a great show! He's as much a accomplished comedian as an amazing writer/performer of his well known songs. (Painted Ladies, The Runner, Liar, Right before your Eye's, Time is the Keeper, etc. and several Hits from his Boomer Band days) definitely got more Value than the 25.00 admission! He kept everyone in stitches while preforming his body of work ! What an awesome treat!
I want this!!! Maybe two of them... Painted Ladies 10x23, 28% off now featured on Fab. via
Keith Southam is not impressed by the Painted Ladies at Alamo Square. (channelling McKayla Maroney)
Lady on GlobalCalgary just called the Painted Ladies houses an Urban legend. I'm thinking she has no idea what that term means.
Heading to Cape May in two weeks, bird migration in full swing and the Monarchs will be migrating as well. But there will also be hundreds of Buckeyes and Painted Ladies. If you live in NJ, you have to visit Cape May in the first week of Oct and watch hundreds and hundreds of Monarchs cross the beaches every hour.
Today, we picked up Rachel in SF. We went to Golden Gate Park and visited the Japanese Tea Garden and the Botanical gardens - saw giant redwoods. Have driven Lombard street and went to Alamo Park to see the well recognized "Painted Ladies" row houses. Finished the evening with dinner in China Town and stroll in several of the junk stores along Grant Street. Tomorrow is our last day and over to Sausolito and back to Fisherman's Wharf for some souvenirs. Will be glad to be home.
so last nights party, Vanilla Ice, Caprice, Dynamo, Simon Cowell Look Alike, Painted Ladies.
Alright, so: By chance, I'm headed to San Francisco next Friday. Wondering what things there are to do for cheap that are fun, crazy, and will definitely give me my first taste of the city. I've looked around and found a few things, and obviously I'm walking, walking, walking and hitting up City Lights, Vesuvio, Telegraph Hill Stairs, Alamo Square and the Painted Ladies, Haight-Ashbury, the Castro, Golden Gate Park, the Presidio, walking the Golden Gate Bridge... What am I missing, people?! This is my first ever time, and I don't think I'm going to like the super-touristy things like the Embarcadero or Fisherman's Wharf or Coit Tower or even (though I probably will) the cable cars. This is a broke *** spur-of-the-moment, tagalong adventure for a weekend, and I want to take in as much as I can. I want to explode. I know a lot of you SFers are going to be at the Men's Gathering, but if anyone's staying in town, I could use a guide or two. Thank you! I can't wait...
Beautiful day in SF☀ The top of Coit Tower, Chinatown, Pier 39, North Beach, and the Painted Ladies 😍😍
New on Painted Ladies in San Francisco (Tilt & Shift) Card Decks: Painted Ladies in San Fran...
Painted Ladies houses. Same square full house was supposed to be in :) mov @ Historic Alamo Square District
Wow what a day,,,we went to the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Warfe, Saw Alcatraz, The Painted Ladies and rode around just taking in all the sights.I am exhausted. Redwood forest tomorrow..With Norm Albone and Jan Albone.Can't wait to see them!
It was only last month that we told you one of San Francisco's most famous Painted Ladies had hit the market. 701 Steiner, across from Alamo Square Park, is one...
Photographs of East Texas and Tyler Butterflies, Swallowtails, Monarchs, Mourning Cloaks, Buckeyes, Fritillaries, Painted Ladies, and more
Balusters & Columns (Painted Ladies): 605 color images show the wide variety and creative ways balusters and col...
Painted Ladies by Robert B. Parker read by Joe Mantegna = the coolest
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