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Paddy Barclay is loser Wenger's cheer leader in his crusade of jealousy and hatred against
I like the Paddy Barclay rule that quick players make bad managers.
Has that bald *** Paddy Barclay apologised to us yet?
Paddy Barclay on speaking the most sense I've heard from a footie journalist on the 'Mourinho' Mendes-Sourced fiction being written
in March we’ll be doing our regular tournament squad with Martin Lipton, Paddy Barclay , Saggers and I. Always well debated!
What was the name of that book Paddy Barclay was talking about? I was driving and have forgotten!! (Not snoring though!!)
as Paddy Barclay just said 'you don't have to be a top criminal to be a judge'!! What a plum JT is
Paddy Barclay "Arsenal a team in the image of Ozil!" 😍
Paddy Barclay is such an eloquent man could listen to him all day 😊
Paddy Barclay and Danny Murphy think Rodgers could have made top 4. Laughable.
paddy Barclay!!! That's the name I couldn't remember in the *** of the press conversation
thou shalt not question Paddy Barclay.
Mesut Ozil is effete according to paddy Barclay!
Paddy Barclay describes Jonjo Shelvey's passing as "as good as anyone in the league". Not watched Swansea often but that's some improvement.
Incredible how PL-centric even seasoned writers who have been at it decades are. Paddy Barclay:" The window should close earlier. Chelsea ..
Paddy Barclay dissing Pedro as a cast off. Mmmm. Name players that clearly beat Messi Suarez and Neymar for a place in that front 3.
Paddy Barclay talks a lot of sense but his habit of interrupting the other guests is infuriating
Chief Lizard Paddy Barclay is the best. Moralising to & patronising people who pay to get into games when he last paid in 1875.
Paddy Barclay is having Jonjo Shelvey at the base of a diamond for England. . Don't even know where to start.
Paddy Barclay sticking up for Newcastle. What's the world coming to?
Paddy Barclay talking total sense as always
Paddy Barclay is an absolute gibbering mess!
Paddy Barclay has mental issues when it comes to Utd, why is he comparing Memphis to Van Persie? Weird comparison
Paddy Barclay continues to be a Mourinho bum bandit, *** licking cretin
Paddy Barclay just called Pedro a "cast off", and thought Memphis the "worst player on the pitch yesterday". A hanging judge then.
Paddy Barclay saying ridiculous things for effect again; who'd have thought it?
Paddy Barclay doesn't rate Memphis, what a surprise the bald bitter tosser
yeah but he is Mourinho's mouthpiece. Have no interest in him.has an agenda. Like paddy barclay did with saf for yrs
Pretty sure I saw David Starkey in the tube today. Also, Paddy Barclay is very good at making a lot of strong points with very few words.
I've said this many times. Tony Evans is just Paddy Barclay with a better job.
Reading the excellent Paddy Barclay 'Life and times of Herbert Chapman' Thanks
Paddy Barclay:"I don't pay to watch football to see people make tackles." You don't pay to watch football full stop Patrick.
“PODCAST! // Love the banter with shirt pulling Paddy Barclay & John Richardson
I love the programme Sunday Supplement but you need decent journalists on it! Paddy Barclay is great but when John Cross (mirror,says it all) starts to suggest Ian Rush was a better player than Suarez it's time to turn off!!
Right up there with Paddy Barclay as far as "trading as a Dee" goes. 😄
Paddy Barclay has just referred to Leighton Baines as 'Leighton James'.
Paddy Barclay would soon change his tune if he had to watch us every week...
Paddy Barclay's on MOTD2 about to talk about NUFC - OH GET IN
"Spurs think they're a top 4 club...should have kept Bale" Paddy Barclay on Extra
Paddy barclay in London-based journo does no research on NUFC shocker.
Paddy Barclay-"Tottenham is like a permanent Torture" tell me about it Patrick,lol..
Be awesome if Ebola Ethel from Nigeria ran Into the MOTD2 extra studio and French kissed Paddy Barclay.
Remember when Paddy Barclay said Rodgers is Liverpool's best manager since Shankly?
Paddy Barclay believes we should apologise to Pardew. We've taken 25 points from 27 league games this year...
Paddy Barclay is one of those psyedo intellectual writers who think he knows everything but on he knows nothing
Boyd and Josh were joined by the journalist Paddy Barclay and former Gunner Adrian Clarke to *** the state of...
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Does Paddy Barclay remember AP nearly relegated us. Ostracised creative players to appease his own arrogance. It gets worse
Paddy Barclay another clueless journo to add to the list. Will AP for two years of lies, excuses and abdominal football
Paddy Barclay is a straight up Jock bro
Paddy Barclay looks like he has aids, and quite frankly I hope he does
Check me out discussing Ched Evans with Alan Curbishley, Jason Cundy and Paddy Barclay. We recorded more too so...
Ok , Paddy Barclay has just said Liverpool's biggest issue this summer will be keeping Brendan Rodgers
Tops off when Operation Yewtree raids Paddy Barclay's home.
Tom Watt introducing the Men who Made Arsenal with Jon Spurling & Paddy Barclay.
.let me know when the Paddy Barclay night is.
Evening Standard journalist, Paddy Barclay, talks Hawksbee and Jacobs through the latest Premier League action at the weekend. Among other topics Barclay discusses David Luiz's wink, which saw Rafael sent off for Manchester United, during the Red Devils' 1-0 defeat to Chelsea at Old Trafford.
Don't mind him get peed off with paddy Barclay
Sunday Times p1: Finance minister Michael Noonan dragged into corporate battle between developer Paddy McKillen and the Barclay brothers
Sindo and Sunday Times both have p1 stories on claims by Paddy McKillen that Dept of Finance officials were too nice to the Barclay brothers
Paddy Barclay is unbelievable talks about racism of England fans and then thinks fascist di canio a good apt at sunderland
Henry Winter casting his eye over Sunday Supplement like a demon headmaster! Although any SS without that div Paddy Barclay is a good one!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Catching up on Sunday Supplement - they still let Paddy Barclay outside?
How about this for an MOTD line up? Host: Danny Baker. Pundits: an ex-pro, Dermot Gallagher, Paddy Barclay. Thoughts?
Paddy Barclay saying Zaha is Valencias replacement. What had Paddy been puffing on? Crack that's what!
Paddy Barclay referring to England as 'we' again. Shouting over eveyone.
Paddy Barclay is such a knob. Tedious obsession with SAF to use his words.
and Paddy Barclay. Really enjoyed the show, a very good panel.
Paddy Barclay saying very positive things about BR and Liverpool on Sunday Supplement !!!
Paddy Barclay talking unjustified nonsense about Brendan Rodgers. Just what has he done to justify his eulogy? Joe Allen? Sahin?
Paddy Barclay's anti-Ferguson bias has not only become boring, but has now become an embarrassment to your program.
Agreed. Shaun Custis an Paddy Barclay are also prize weapons. Even though he's a kopite I like Tony Evans.
Excellent insight from Paddy Barclay about our situation. "Newcastle need to avoid relegation".
Watchin Sunday Supplement, paddy barclay is wearin make up on his bald head, olly holt looks like a nonce and paul hayward is a raging queen
wears an alice band Paddy Barclay is just a cantankerous old buffoon and can't even be bothered about the others!!
Paddy Barclay: "The FA have turned the word 'respect' into a swear word."
Paddy Barclay losing his rag on Sunday Supplement. Probably because he has to look at Ollie Holt's face for a prolonged period of time.
If Paddy Barclay really thinks that much of Wilfried Zaha, I'm suprised he's not enrolled him into his School for the Gifted.
Amused by the vitriolic hatred Paddy Barclay has towards United. He has even said Arsenal are the team who have knocked pool of their perch.
Paddy Barclay , 100% right. .. Arsenal wage structure is all wrong, how can you give 90k to arshavin, for nothing, but squabble with theo
Paddy Barclay says he will have Suarez over RVP. I really want RVP to net a hat trick today to totally shut these wankers.
Sunday Supplement - essential start to Super Sunday. Showing my age but can remember when Paddy Barclay was lucid and incisive
What a *** paddy barclay is on Sunday Supplement. He doesnt half hate fergie and united proves he knows nothing about football
If Paddy Barclay took a couple of steps back & fell off that balcony it would be a good morning
If I was to meet Paddy Barclay I would wear a metal hat. He's just a poor Charles Xavier
Totally agree with Paddy Barclay on The Sunday Supplement. Still serious doubts over Pep, Regardless of his record, Only 'a dope' could fail
Even more so considering Ollie Holt & Paddy Barclay on the show today I nearly fainted
Paddy Barclay is an complete an utter *** - Suarez over RVP
Good to see Paddy Barclay acknowledge it was us who 'knocked Liverpool off their perch' - not utd as the myth goes.
paddy Barclay sucking up to pool fans now! Pool are in a hole with saurez so y u want him over rvp
Paddy Barclay and Ollie Holt on Sunday Supplement. Avoid at all costs.
No suprises Paddy Barclay would take Suarez over RVP - he hates United
Patrick Barclay " [Sneijder] is one of the sexiest players in the world" - Okay paddy, calm down - It's sunday morning TV.
Paddy Barclay having a go at Sir Alex?
Whenever I watch 'Sunday Supplement'', I find it hard not to want to hit Paddy Barclay over the head, utter ***
You'd think someone would tell him. Paddy Barclay maybe!!
Paddy Barclay is awesome. A journalist that doesn't bury his head in the sand when it comes to Fergie's influence on referees.
Paddy Barclay hates Fergie yet he wrote a book on him and made money off it. Cretin.
Paddy Barclay getting on about Fergie and refs again. His hatred and obsession for saf is pathetic. Sad sad man.
Paddy Barclay great on Sunday Supplement again. Far better in person than in print
tomorrow on Sunday Supplement: Ollie Holt, Paul Hayward, Paddy Barclay. Sky know 2 wrongs don't make a right, so they've gone for 3 instead
I'll get up early tomorrow to watch Sunday Supplement but only because I want to put Paddy Barclay in his place!
I remember Paddy Barclay saying that Bale was the best player in the world. Hilarious.
Not good enough: Martin Lipton, Paddy Barclay, Rob Beasley, Ian McGarry...I'm sure there are more.
Paddy Barclay the other day, now Savage, it's got to be a ploy, stay on your guard!
must be mate. Buxton (no suprise), Ollie Holt, Paddy Barclay.the list goes on.
Nice paddy Barclay piece on racism in football today
Paddy Barclay? Bit owl, but needs must I suppose.
Paddy Barclay, childcare guru and former Times columnist, but this can't be the one we're used to.
Coming up on – sports journalist Paddy Barclay joins us to take a look at the stories making Sunday’s back pages
Paddy Barclay today proclaims Lee Mason a "hero" for his "ridiculous" decisions not to send off Michael Keane and Scott Wootton.
Paddy Barclay says Barcelona would have Bale at left-back. Jordi Alba is pretty good.
"There are 2 types of dive, 1 is acceptable 1 is not" Paddy Barclay.
Great stuff on Big Jock from Andy Gray and Paddy Barclay on talkSPORT right now
Paddy Barclay gets far too much airtime on Talksport.
great listen this morning! Paddy barclay, fascinating insights!! Good Dundee boy! DFC!
guys stop talking over each other it's very annoying let paddy Barclay talk
Or if I'm writing about what a brilliant journalist Paddy Barclay is (he's great), I won't mention the insipidly dull Henry Winter. ***
Listened to the Paddy Barclay piece. Very good work.
Ashley Cole really doesn't do himself any favours. Paddy Barclay I'm sure, like he did with Terry, is fretting about his future media career
Paddy McKillen faces possible £20m legal bill from failed high court battle with the Barclay brothers over 3 assets..
Apparently Paddy Barclay is on this edition. Downloaded TAW, Followtonians, Blue Room & Football Weekly just to be safe
Depressing seeing Paddy Barclay say how much he misses doing The Times podcast when we're stuck with the fatuous slurry Cascarino spouts.
Paddy "If I was chocolate I'd eat myself" Barclay! Quite how he manages to still get a gig baffles me
Is such total *** Ive got to ask did Paddy Barclay have a serious drink problem in those decades it certainly seems so, its left him
Paddy Barclay on Sunday Supplement. Michael Owen is only being paid £1 million basic at Stoke. Poor sod, how will he cope :(
Paddy Barclay describes Rooney as "overweight player with technical faults." Sad when bitterness and jealousy replaces impartial comment.
Paddy Barclay " Roy Hodgeson should have been appointed 15 years ago " Sure Paddy keep on taking the tablets
Paddy Barclay saying hodgson should of been hired ages ago and signing managers like capello set the FA back years. Ha ha
With each page I turn, This is the One seems really interesting and different from Paddy Barclay's Football! Bloody ***
Alright Matt I think you and Paddy Barclay are the best two on Sunday Supplement on Sky Sports
Paddy Barclay in not a crazy statement shocker - Airplane is possibly the funniest film of all time
Paddy Barclay seems to be in wind up mode again - football discussion superior amongst fans of smaller clubs? Pointless discussion.
Paddy Barclay says ‘The football side of Liverpool is pretty healthy’. Presumably, the football side of Liverpool is Everton.
Paddy Barclay seems to think people who support smaller teams are more intelligent, ridiculous.
Is Paddy Barclay the journo who ALLEGEDLY pays prostitutes to hoy fruit up his jacksie and beat him up?
Paddy Barclay is just laughable at times
Paddy Barclay advocating a life time ban and the death penalty for Pardew's push on the lino. Two games seems lenient but some OTT reactions
that's mint, you defend de gea to the deaht man! I got a reply off paddy Barclay and Richard keys once, buzzed my *** off
Paddy Barclay & Martin Samuel are two very good british journos that report in the back pages that spring to mind
Paddy Barclay will surely write a book about that too, one day...
If that was De Gea, Paddy Barclay would have just made a sex yoghurt.
Listening to 'Paddy Roberts at the Blue Angel' LP. Where was the Blue Angel? Barclay St W1 is mentioned but I can't find it on any A~Z
I am sure he would like to write like Paddy Barclay.But you do what you can.No? I can separate his humanity from
I wonder why paddy Barclay keeps on about giggs, oh that's why, he hates man united and is a snob.I am English and hate GSTQ.
POLL: Who should be Barclay's next CEO?: It took bookies Paddy Power just a matter of hours after the Bob Diamon...
Are you working tonight Paddy Barclay is the best football journalist I have ever read. Drink in the knowledge
Paddy Barclay sneered in his Standard column today that the Bayern players are having an extended season, while JT and Ashley are now home.
lol that is bad. The journo is Paddy Barclay reincarnated at the inde!
Paddy McKillen's last stand? Barclay brothers' Maybourne position now looks pretty impregnable, even if they lose the Quinlan stake judgment
Paddy McKillen loses battle with Barclay brothers for control of London hotels: THE Barclay brothers have scored...
Was it the Geordie? He's basically a hate figure but sure. I'll be charming but mad Paddy Barclay.
My favourite sports journalist paddy barclay said today the highlight of the tournament so far was when the poles sang the national anthem
Paddy Barclay mentioned again about how poorly Roy was treated at lfc,
Paddy Barclay would definitely be on my top 10 list of 'people id like to drop in acid'
(contd) Paddy Barclay on Talksport "The news that they'd been forbidden entry was one of the best pieces of news yesterday."
Paddy Barclay on Talksport. "I find the England band one of the worst things about watching England football matches" (more)
Paddy Barclay on talksport still having snipes at lfc and Liverpool in general
Paddy Barclay on the challenge facing France and England
Also on a personal note was gutted you weren't on The press pass last weekend with Paddy Barclay would have been great radio
Mart is it u that was talkin about Paddy Barclay in the last podcast ?
I was hoping Paddy Barclay had banished I was wrong
I imagine the nightmare to be like the wicker man and I'm put in the basket by paddy barclay and other roy apologist nut jobs.
Paddy Barclay gives his view on the Rio row
Morning All - On Sky News Sunrise with - at 0720 we have Paddy Barclay looking ahead to Euro 2012
The exact same way Paddy Barclay blames Hodgey's failings on Rafa and tha fans... make it all up!
That Paddy Barclay is 1 of the biggest tossers going. 1 of the reasons I won't watch Sunday Supplement.
So far, the choices are Jack Wilshere, Piers Morgan and Paddy Barclay. Thoughts??
When he's supposed to be Elvis, he sounds strangely like Michael Barclay.
Paddy Barclay wrong. The cup final pen sht-out only on red button, not or
Watched a Sunday Supplement from a few months back last night, Paddy Barclay couldn't have been more wrong about everything!
I think Paddy Barclay's idea of giving it to the team who has committed the fewest fouls. Or the one that has Rooney in it
paddy Barclay has never been worth listening to. Appalling judgement.
worst journalist is Paddy Barclay. Hates United so much it's laughable.
Brace yourself. Paddy Barclay in an Elvis wig on Press Pass. double
Have to have Kyle Walker ahead of Glen Johnson. What has Paddy Barclay been watching???
I said it yesterday, & Paddy Barclay has not let me down (sadly). Pro-Hodgson drivel against Kenny in the London Evening Standard today
Paddy Barclay tomorrow morning: "how Brad Jones heroics prove Hodgson deserved more time"
Paddy Barclay is a proper journalist unlike some
think your being confused for that old comedian Paddy Barclay, that's a double insult
I'm thinking Paddy Barclay, John Cross and Rob Beasley just for starters.
On sacking Mancini Paddy Barclay said if they are after quick success only one manager can deliver it in such a short space of time!
For instance, I'd look to a supporters view over Paddy Barclay any day of the week.
Currently researching book number 2, best moment so far? Finding this picture of Paddy Barclay with hair
K&G Paddy Barclay 'Mourinho has decided Fergurson has defeated the aging process') on City 'Mancini next all 7 wins may no be enough!'
Paddy Barclay(non-bias) schooling the dynamic duo on KeysandGray this morning, didn't see that coming! Sanchez at San Siro???
Disagreeing w friend Paddy Barclay when saying 1st Barca pen should be given just for honoring greatness of Messi (Dive included?)
Great show lined up - Paddy Barclay - Phil Neal and Sam Torrance on the Masters. Can't wait!!
The Supplement Debate is underway now conducted by BBC Dan Walker with Paddy Barclay, Phil Thomson, Peter Reid and Bryan Robson
Off to host a session at Soccerex today. Good fun all round. Peter Reid, Bryan Robson, Phil Thompson, John Barnes & Paddy Barclay on panel.
that poor excuse for a journo Barclay is bashing again in the standard.
Barclay in Standard column tonight 'there will also be an anti-Liverpool element on April 14th', yes there will Paddy, you.
You have to question them when they hire sacked Times Journo Paddy Barclay when al he writes about is Liverpool in a London paper.
Paddy Barclay seemed keen on idea in Independent. BBC are now leading with Shearer backing Hoddle. Bizarre.
This is paddy barclay's attack on kenny and liverpool. Doesn't even try to conceal his obvious agenda.
Just read Paddy Barclay's evening standard article. We're struggling to qualify for the europa league, that we've already qualified for??
Paddy Barclay is spot on, whats the dispute?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Has Paddy Barclay deliberately committed career suicide or is doing a Joaquin Phoenix and making a film about a man having a breakdown?
Paddy Barclay at the London Evening Standard reminds me of Alan Partridge hosting Norfolk Nights, only with far more bitterness.
It amazes me that paddy Barclay can write news articles and simultaneously fellate Roy Hodson
I see paddy Barclay is still a wanker
I'm amazed that anyone cares what Paddy Barclay thinks. He wouldn't know a fact if it hit him over the head.
Laugh and the whole world laughs with you, unless you're Paddy Barclay that is, then they just laugh at you.
Just read Paddy Barclay's column in the Evening Standard on the way home. The man's a bit odd.
Man Utds slow march to another title is making me miserable too! What's wrong with me!? Gonna read Paddy Barclay's ES column to cheer me up!
Had the tone of a Paddy Barclay to it, which is definitely not a good thing. CB strikes me as a 'backstabber' type of journo..
Is anything Paddy Barclay has to say about us wirth listening to?He is obsessed with hating us!
Hoddle is delusional. Don't know why Paddy Barclay is wasting time interviewing him. But then he's round the bend too.
Paddy Barclay has been slating Liverpool and in particular Dalglish in the Evening Stardard tonight
There are many excellent Scottish writers in England. Paddy Barclay, Jonathan Northcroft and Kevin McCarra plus McIlvanney ...
Weird 'cos it was by Paddy Barclay.
have you read that transfer updates timeline mate? Has about as much inside knowledge of Lfc as Paddy Barclay.
doesn't often get it right but Paddy Barclay is spot on re Dalglish in the Standard. Visceral.
Paddy Barclay is a troll! Cannot help but mention hodgson when discussing LFC.
Genuinely think Paddy Barclay slips in praise for Hodgson in his articles to annoy people.
Jesus, Paddy Barclay loves a bit of the Hodgy love, doesn't he?
Paddy Barclay is so far up Roy Hodgson's backside, poor old Roy walks about with a pair of brogues sticking out of his ***
you know when you're mean to someone cos you secretly love them? Perhaps this is Paddy Barclay with lfc?.
Paddy Barclay in the Evening Standard,talking about Liverpool, again. You wouldn't imagine it's a London paper, nor is he LFC correspondent.
I see paddy barclay is at it again. What is it with him and Roy Hodgson? The guy just won't let go of him
Some fascinating details in Paddy Barclay's interview w/ Glenn Hoddle in today's Indy.
he's just been for a bevvie with Paddy Barclay
Great piece with Glenn Hoddle by Paddy Barclay today in The Telegraph today. Glenn's my man for England.
Night all. Off you watch Hawaii 5-Nil and Titanic with me sparkly one. Be nice to each other. But not to Paddy Barclay. ;)
That's OK Paddy Barclay could do with reading this before spouting out his usual bile on YNWA
Don't you know he's a gentleman? He must be if Henry Winter and Paddy Barclay think so.
Do you agree with Paddy Barclay that you've got the credentials for the England job?!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Tips 4 the weekend from Paddy Barclay, Bob Mills, Will Buckley & Ian Stone with a little humour chucked in
I'm worried about Paddy Barclay's mental health. His articles are so detached from reality it's becoming embarrassing
A bloody battle for control of three of London’s most famous hotels, involving the Barclay brothers, Paddy McKillen and NAMA came to the
PW's goes deep inside the bitter High Court battle between Paddy McKillen and the Barclay brothers -
McKillen feared loans would be called in: BUSINESSMAN Paddy McKillen feared that the Barclay brothers would crea...
Paddy Barclay strikes again. There's a sly dig in every column...
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