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Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear is a fictional character in children's literature. He appeared on 13 October 1958 and was subsequently featured in several books, most recently in 2008, written by Michael Bond and first illustrated by Peggy Fortnum.

Michael Bond Kate Middleton Primrose Hill Paddington Station Princes William

Let's be honest now, you can keep your Paddington Bear, Moz the Monster and the singing carrot, it will always be Posh's lobster
Fedted's arrived in a shiny gold envelope! He's settling into his new home well and is already trying to get me to take him t…
Hmmm - Bear movie tomorrow at 9.20am with Tyler & his chum in Sheffield.loved the last Paddington movie, will report back!
Bear. as a refugee yourself, how do you feel about the treatment of Palestinians at the hands of t…
I think Paddington Bear 2 is supposed to help ease us into Tr*mp's term 2.
it appeals to children perfectly: Paddington is the cutest, most polite bear you'll ever meet, with his little hat…
our lil bear Paddington was based on those kids, making him a refugee of Darkest Peru. Paddy's best friend in the b…
When I was a kid I loved Paddington bear he ate orange marmalade, wore red wellies and a blue duffle coat with nobb…
Oscar Isaac and Laura Dern are being interviewed together for the TLJ press tour ;__; . also besides the movie being…
Paddington bear at Paddington Station... hmmm now I’m in the mood for a marmalade sandwich 🍊
Adorable Paddington is sitting in the window of Lost Property Office on Baker Street with a label saying "Michael…
There is a new Paddington Bear statue in Lima. I saw it myself. Apparently London sent him back.
Farage is a POI in the FBI Trump-Russia investigation. He has talked openly about “Jewish influence”. He…
Paddington Bear: the story of the refugee and a message of kindness via
Controversial.. but.. I think Paddington Bear is a mug... Thought?
Today we run into bear by before enjoying swings at modern. Andy should not be mis…
The perfect gift of an official Movie (Bone China) Licenced Merchandise mug for . Who doe…
Paddington Bear: the most famous in Britain?.
An official photo to follow but we are delighted to share that Nell has won Christmas card competition. Sh…
A new craze is sweeping through middle-aged men and it's not for the new Star Wars film or the latest royal wedding
Paddington Bear is an original *** icon. He was one of the first publicly visible bears, had impeccable taste in o…
Kate Middleton dances with Paddington Bear & dazzles in beaded Jenny Packham gown.
Well Paddington bear films were pretty good!!
just a heads up, I'm no lawyer but I'm not sure its a good idea to use Paddington the bear in your pict…
GIVEAWAY! Win a Family Pass to the WA Premiere of PADDINGTON 2!. Everyone’s favourite bear is back on the big...
The third picture reminds me of Paddington Bear's eyes
Obsessed Paddington Bear fans are dangerous? Luckily I only have the Paddington movie on DVD and about 7 CD audio b…
How one little bear is teaching children across the UK the values of immigration and integration
Save the date - Join us December 3 for our charity screening of Paddington Bear 2, all tickets $12 with proceeds...
Similarly, people lazy enough to pronounce "th" as "f" will be first against the wall when the revolutio…
Radio4 programme always interesting and worth catching, and today had a very amusing surreal extra...o…
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Marks & Spencer admits gold Paddington Bear statues will be DESTROYED after Christmas due to ... -
The bear is back in town! Paddington’s next adventure is in cinemas November 10. Book tickets for now: http…
Watched Paddington bear at the cinema twice already 🙈😬
Paddington 2, I have to say was by far one of the best films I have watching this year, has an actual meaning, that…
Just found out that Paddington Bear has an Instagram account with pictures of him on holiday, elevenses and tea. This makes me very happy 😃
Making jack watch the first Paddington bear with me so he's prepared to go see the new one 🐻😇
At a time when many are struggling it's a real shame won't auction these for charity😖 There has t…
Paddington 2 is the best bear and the best bear film. Loved it.
M&S admits Paddington Bear will meet a sticky end after Christmas
Ben Whishaw on how to play the world's most famous bear Copies avai…
Director of Animation for Paddington 2 Pablo Grillo talks us thru the process of bringing the bear to life…
“If you're kind and polite the world will be right”. Paddington Bear 🐻
Paddington Bear shares his rules of British etiquette 🇬🇧
Yogi Bear ran off with many a picnic basket. Paddington Bear would do anything for a marmalade sandwich. Now, the…
It made us sniffle & cheer & laugh out loud! Why Paddington 2 is our new fav movie:
From saying please and thank you to raising your hat to strangers, Paddington Bear lets us in on his guide to British…
Anyone from Cheshire? Essentially staying up there for a month... Anyone willing to meet please just say because I'…
I've entered to a big bundle of Paddington Bear Movie Books with from
Primary student learning target: . I can recognize Paddington Bear's emotions. . I can celebrate my efforts.
Could Paddington be deported?. asked immigration and asylum barrister Colin Yeo about the bear's case and UK…
Harry Hill really made me laugh with : . "Paddington Bear didnt get to Paddington he took the tube to Cockfosters"
A Sunderland University professor has claimed Paddington Bear is technically an illegal immigrant! . Prof. Angela S…
So what does everyone think of the new M&S Christmas advert with Paddington Bear?
The ad with tugged at our heartstrings!
Farlington School Prep girls introduce Farlington Bear to in the Mansion House Library
Just seen the new m&s advert with paddington bear.brilliant...still shopping at lidl though...
Who doesn't love a cuddly bear?! In honour of Paddington 2, here are the 5 greatest bears of cinema! https:/…
had us revisit the first Paddington Bear pen and ink illustrations by Peggy Fortnum via…
Hugh Grant and Hugh Bonneville bicker over a toy Paddington bear via
Do you care about the bear? Paddington 2 will be showing Cinema Island from FRIDAY THIS WEEK
Some one should shoot Paddington bear and stuff the furry *** 😣
M&S just released an early contender for the best Christmas ad of the year.
Oh, I was hoping the bear would be Paddington!
Paddington is the bear of the hour at the moment so here is a bit of history on the lovable character
Going to my friends house later for some wine and a catch up. I will be dressed in Paddington Bear pyjamas cause that’s how I roll 😂
It took all my willpower to resist buying the Paddington goodies/teddy bear in M&S this evening
M&S shifts strategy to target families with Paddington Bear fronted ads via
This is so cute! Love that Paddington! Be sure to click the Marks and Spencer's short video advert to see...
Especially as Paddington Bear himself was a migrant from Peru.
The Paddington Bear and Mark Benton combo works for me 👍🏼
The £12 M&S Paddington Bear toy set to sell out this Christmas via
there is a Paddington bear DVD book
Paddington Bear stars in magical caper for Christmas campaign:
Watch: Marks and Spencer reveal their advert... and it stars a certain marmalade-loving bear!…
Paddington bear unveiled as star of new Christmas ad 🆓
The M&S Christmas ad has Paddington Bear! Unless John Lewis have got Gemma Collins I don't care.
Well done m&S love your add Paddington Bear 🐻 what a fabulous add guys
Super Science investigation today. Which material would make the best waterproof coat for Paddington Bear?
Paddington bear in window looks fab this year
In 3 days, our favourite bear returns for his greatest adventure yet! is in cinemas Friday.…
Original cartoon of paddington bear sought by the home office for being an illegal - too much ? 😜 (it’s an actual episode!!!)
M&S unveils Christmas campaign with Paddington Bear as its star
Xmas ads have started. This M&S one is probably a good example of intertextuality
Nice advert but sometimes we have to have a consistent moral viewpoin…
On Friday I'm going to see Paddington bear 2 at in Nottingham it looks a good film 👍😄
What kind of girl am I? The one who buys Paddington Bear Pyjamas 😂
Marks and Spencer's Christmas advert is here and Paddington Bear gets a starring role
Paddington Bear has been unveiled as the furry star of Marks & Spencer’s 2017 Christmas advertisement
.new ad with loved migrant bear but still advertising in Daily Mai, a paper hostile to…
Caught up with Paddington Bear at err Paddington St ahead of M&S ad launch
It's that time of year... have released their ad & it's FAB
First look: unveils their Christmas ad - with a little help from a bear from deepest darkest Peru:
M&S Christmas ad brings out the big guns by using Paddington to target family audience
Paddington is cool but you can't get cooler than this young polar bear in a barrel (19th century)
.Paddington Bear window display is now on show! Catch the advert tonight on
Meet Paddington bear this Sunday at our branch at 10.30am to 11am and our Tokai branch at 1.30pm to 2pm
Van thoughts -. Paddington Bear has marmalade. Pooh Bear has honey. What edible vice does Rupert Bear have?
Paddington Bear got to dance with Kate Middleton - almost as good as eating marmalade sandwiches right? :P.
Kate Middleton did a little dance with Paddington Bear at a train station:
What I really needed is Kate Middleton dancing with Paddington Bear for the world to make a bit more sense. I just…
Kate Middleton shows off her baby bump dancing with Paddington Bear
"I love her." . In case you're wondering, "her" is Kate Middleton dancing with Paddington Bear. 😍…
Kate Middleton dances with Paddington Bear in unexpected pregnancy outing
Watch pregnant Kate Middleton dance with Paddington Bear in the middle of a train station:
Kate Middleton powers through extreme morning sickness to dance with Paddington Bear
Love these photos of Kate dancing with Paddington Bear! This was a really great surprise engagement.
The Duchess of Cambridge puts her morning sickness behind her when Paddington Bear asks for a dance - and she shows she's flee…
DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SCREENS! The Duchess of Cambridge is indeed dancing with Paddington Bear 😂
Actor Hugh Bonneville and Paddington Bear among the cast of Paddington 2 ready to greet Princes William and Harry at Pad…
Pregnant Princess Kate dances with Paddington Bear in surprise appearance at children’s charity event…
Kate The Duchess of Cambridge dances with children's book lover Paddington Bear (via the
New post (Just Paddington Bear and the Duchess of Cambridge having a dance together. ...) has been published on -…
Kate Middleton was spotted dancing with this truly iconic fellow on a train platform
The Princess and the Bear. Kate, and William, meet the star of Paddington II at his namesake station
Britain's Prince William looks on as Kate, Duchess of Cambridge dances with Paddington Bear at Paddington Station in London. h…
Duchess of Cambridge dances with Paddington Bear as surprise guest at children's event - The Telegraph
🇬🇧 Duchess of Cambridge joined a life-size Paddington Bear for a dance at a charity event in London
Duchess of Cambridge dances with Paddington Bear at Charities Forum Event:
⚡️ “The Duchess of Cambridge twirls with Paddington Bear at charity event ”.
Once again the Paddington Bear having all the fun. He was busting a move with pregnant Kate. I have become boring, need a change.
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📷 Dancing Duchess of Cambridge with Paddington Bear as she joins The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry...
Kate has a dance with Paddington Bear
This is ridiculous. Every time I dress up as Paddington Bear, Kate never wants to dance with me
He took the Duchess of Cambridge for quite a spin.
The Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge met the one and only Paddington Bear and couldn’t help but have a dance.
Whilst searching today Scooby & Bob were both caught with a bear behind!
Here’s a lovely photo of Paddington Bear and Duchess of Cambridge dancing on the platform.
Duchess Kate is pretty in pink while dancing with Paddington Bear at a charity event.
Stupid Revolutionary War 😡. The UK gets cool Royals and Paddington Bear and we're stuck with a bigly dotard.
The is the world Paddington Bear wants for us.
Speaks Business As Usual For the Royals - It’s Monday, which means back to work for the Royal Family, ...
Kate Middleton got twirled by a giant Paddington bear in a pretty pink dress
A very important bear came to see us at Paddington Station this morning! 🐻
Pregnant Kate shows growing royal baby bump as she dances with Paddington Bear at station
Duchess Catherine dances with Paddington Bear at surprise charity… Via
Watch: Dancing queen? Kate is taken for a dance by Paddington bear before she waves off a vintage train
The Duchess of Cambridge dances with Paddington Bear and debuts new short hair
Sketched by illustrator Bob Alley on June 27th, a drawing of Paddington Bear in loving memory of Michael Bond CBE. http…
Love Michael Bond & his dear Paddington Bear. I still like marmalade sandwiches with tea. Best way t…
Me: oh look, it's The Doctor in Paddington bear!. Kid: It's him! I know because he's reeeaaallly old!. (Sorry Mr Capaldi)
🤣🤣🤣 🤣and you know Action Man is *** right ? And Humpty on Playschool had a drug problem and Paddingto…
RIP Michael Bond - Paddington was a huge part of my life, as a kid I devoured every one of his books. "Please look after…
poor bear. Actually, what sort of welcome would Paddington get from Farage & pals? Co…
Paddington, that lovable, little British bear.
Hat. Check. Marmalade sandwich under bed. Check. Time for this aspiring Paddington Bear to go to bed. Night everyon…
Paddington Bear is a good style icon to follow, tbh
Read A Bear Called Paddington: his (mis)adventures dusted off cobwebbed memories of 1st reading as a young girl. This bear is a treasure!
Paddington Bear, but found at a Greyhound Bus Station
How a bear of very little brain proves too much for Chinese censors. Next up Paddington
The adventures of Paddington Bear continues to captivate both young and old. He is the perfect collector’s item!…
Update your maps at Navteq
Thankyou for allowing me to bring 4 year old granddaughter to see how an auction is run (like Paddington Bea…
Paddington Bear in a peruvian currency:
Paddington Bear and Ted should go ahead and star in that buddy movie where they construct a Dyson Sphere and eat sandwiches
"Paddington Bear meets Flopsy Rabbit" sounds about right. ❤️Reposting this precious little man…
Tell your kids from me that Boris is bumbling prat of the first order. Paddington Bear is much brainier and much nicer.
aha... I was hoping for somebody profound! Paddington bear maybe.
Doing Paddington bear proud with this new orange Marmalade Jelly Bomb
Please look after this home: Paddington Bear's pastel-painted Primrose Hill pad is available to rent
Just watched Paddington with my son. It's about time they explained the origin of a talking bear. It was a funny movie.
Matt Prestons look tonight is inspired by Paddington Bear
a one-bedroom flat in Paddington Bear's pastel-painted Primrose Hill 'home' is available to rent
Matt's been in Paddington Bear's wardrobe again.
Daniel Hannan was born on 1 September 1971 on his parents' farm near Lima, Peru. He is distantly related to Paddington B…
How Paddington Bear found a happy home on the world’s bookshelves
Paddington Bear would have loved Melbourne and Rhodes & Beckett. Ah well another Retailer RIP
Lee reminds me of Paddington Bear if he lost his hat and coat.
So sad to hear that Michael Bond, the creator of one of our favourite characters, Paddington Bear, has passed away after…
I entered to win a Cycling Paddington with and
Londoners are leaving marmalade at the Paddington Bear statue to pay tribute to Michael Bond. ht…
Paddington Bear author was inspired by Jewish refugee children in WWII - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Michael Bond was a prolific author of children’s stories and the creator of Paddington Bear
That's sprogs' day ruined. Best get ready for tears. Paddington Bear creator Michael Bond dies
RIP Michael Bond (1926-2017). English author, creator of Paddington Bear. More of my childhood gone!
RIP Michael Bond, author of Paddington Bear. Thank you for everything, and we will look after your bear.
I met Michael a few times in '78, and the original bear! Such a lovely man. Paddington Bear author Michael Bond dies
We are so sad to read about the passing of Michael Bond, creator of our friend Paddington Bear. RIP Michael.
Sad to hear of the death of Paddington Bear creator, Michael Bond. I'll be having a marmalade sandwich tonight 🙂 RIP. https:…
Sad to hear about the passing of Paddington Bear's creator. Rest in peace, Michael Bond. h…
Michael Bond creator of Paddington Bear has died today. Thank you for all the lovely stories. We salute you.
Michael Bond, author of the Paddington Bear books, has passed, but his marmalade loving bear from Peru lives on:
.pays tribute to Paddington Bear creator Michael Bond:
Paddington Bear creator Michael Bond dies at 91 via
'In London everyone is different, and that means anyone can fit in.’ ~ Paddington Bear. Farewell to Michael Bond.
Sad to report that Paddington Bear creator Michael Bond has died aged 91.
Anything even slightly sad happening to Paddington Bear makes me howl instantly. Always did; apparently still does. RIP Michael Bond.
Michael Bond, RIP: The secret to the appeal of his Paddington Bear - Washington Post
Michael Bond, creator the beloved of Paddington Bear, has died
Beloved children's author Michael Bond -- creator of the iconic Paddington Bear -- has died at age 91:
R.I.P. Michael Bond, creator of Paddington Bear. I think we should probably raise a jar of marmalade in your honour? h…
RIP PADDINGTON BEAR! Now save the ! They are emancipated and starving due to ice melting https:…
"Please look after this bear". Oh Michael, we will. Rest in peace and thanks for my childhood dreams ❤.
Today's honors Michael Bond, creator of Paddington Bear, who has died at age 91. Have some marmalade. (📸 Kir…
A sad day for people and bear lovers (I am both). Long live Paddington bear!
RIP creator of who has died aged 91. . "The joy of a little bear who is an outsider coming out o…
Aw love Paddington, had my bedroom decorated in Paddington as a kid, my favourite bear of all time be…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Remembering the late Michael Bond: a look back at the life and legacy of the Paddington Bear creator https…
LasVegasSun "Paddington bear creator Michael Bond dies at 91.
Paddington bear creator Michael Bond dies at 91.
First book I ever read from cover to cover was a Paddington Bear book 😢
Paddington bear creator Michael Bond died at age 9... ugh had to bow to the bitcg liz tha sec loved paddington doe.
Michael Bond, creator of Paddington Bear – obituary via
We are deeply saddened to hear the news of the death of Michael Bond, the creator of much loved Paddington Bear. Thank…
Michael Bond, creator of the marmalade-loving Paddington bear, dies at 91
Once, when I went off on an adventure, my friend stuck a note on my back. "Please look after this bear." Loved Padding…
'Paddington Bear' author Michael Bond has died at age 91
Michael Bond in 2006 discussing the enduring appeal of his creation, Paddington Bear. He has died, aged 91
Very sad to hear Michael Bond has passed away. His creation, Paddington Bear, has travelled across the UK with us to…
Have a Marmalade sandwich in honour of Michael Bond, who gave us Paddington Bear.via
Poor Paddington Bear, his creator Michael Bond died today at 91 RIP. Simon Meddings is Paddington Bear a Time Lord?
Children's author Michael Bond has passed away. We thank him for bringing us the bear from Darkest Peru.
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RIP Michael Bond... paddington bear was the best
Paddington bear creator Michael Bond dies at 91
Michael Bond, creator of Paddington bear, died at home aged 91 on Tuesday following a short illness, publisher Har…
Opening Titles to the original Paddington Bear series shown on the BBC in 1975, Michael Bond R.I.P
Remembering Michael Bond, creator of Paddington Bear. How the idea for Paddington came about.
Michael Bond, creator of Paddington Bear, dies at 91
So sad to hear that Michael Bond has died. Creator not just of Paddington Bear but also the equally brilliant Olga da Polga.…
On a day the guy who wrote Paddington Bear died, will be heading to Houston to write his own story: Paddingdem Stats.
The creator of Paddington Bear, Michael Bond, has died at the age of 91.
So sorry to hear that Michael Bond has departed. He was as kindly, dignified, charming & lovable as the immortal Paddington…
Paddington will always be our favourite bear. RIP Michael Bond ❤️
Michael Bond, creator of Paddington Bear, 1926-2017 vi…
Paddington Bear was a great ambassador for people who try to be their best, even when obstacles get in their way.
RIP and much respect to the creator of Paddington Bear. This statue is the best part of Paddington Station.
Michael Bond, the British author who created Paddington Bear, has died at his home in London
Paddington Bear is a brilliant story about an immigrant trying to find a new home in a strange country. RIP Michael Bon…
And another little piece of childhood is gone. Michael Bond, creator of Paddington Bear, has died.
Paddington Bear was a refugee with a label. 'Please look after this bear. Thank you' and he had a little suitcase - Mic…
Today is a sad day for Paddington Bear
The creator of Paddington Bear, Michael Bond, has sadly died aged 91. Here he is talking to John Humphrys in 2014
I was (truly) eating a marmalade sandwich when I read this. BBC News - Paddington Bear creator Michael Bond dies
Lovely interview with Paddington Bear creator Michael Bond by in the
Here's a truly lovely competition - win the new Paddington Bear book, signed and dedicated by Michael Bond himself:
Michael Bond says he hopes Paddington Bear comes with him when he dies
The hat, the exotic travels, the hard stares, this pose... Taboo's James Delaney IS Paddington Bear.
I staggered, by the way. I dropped my Paddington Bear. Billy Crystal picked it up and gave it back to me.
Is that Fiona Bruce?. IMPRESSIVE FACE. Exchange it!. Paddington Bear. Good exchange. No win. Spin again.
I would root for the Cubs to win because Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear had a big influence on my childhood.
A new Paddington film is being made. We like to think Paddington Bear would choose our bread to eat with marmalade. https:/…
Peel back the Paddington Bear exterior and lo and behold it's Edmund Blackadder.
domain names
Waiting at Paddington and no signs of a bear. I blame the marmalade shortages.
Paddington, definitely Paddington Bear. Now I want some marmalade for breakfast :)
.. Perhaps trying his hand at becoming 'Paddington Bear' . Have u seen the movie?
I just watched Paddington Bear 1x02 "A Bear in Hot Water"
Paddington Bear Coats - Are a part of that Surry Hills Fun and CITY day / going out Lunching Look & Easy to Fit !
Look who our contact bumped into this morning in London! Paddington Bear!
cheers. Will get a pic of Paddington bear for u
Paddington Bear gets a sex change and hooks up with Ted.
TIL The first child to own a stuffed Paddington Bear, was Jeremy Clarkson.
oh wow, all I have is my imported Paddington Bear 🐻
You have to appreciate Paddington Bear's dedication...been going for 58 years and still hasn't gotten sick of marmalade
who needs lads when ur fellas Paddington bear
Gotta have a selfie with at Paddington Station "please look after this bear"
Watching 'Spectre' and discovering that Voldemort, Moriarty and Paddington Bear now run the Intelligence services.
Paddington Bear is the best film of the last ten years.
Had a gorgeous day with my gorgeous girl. Swimming, lunch with friends, a cuddly nap and now Paddington Bear in our pyjamas
Southwell races family fun day tomorrow from 11.30am, there's something for everyone and Paddington Bear!
I'm in London, staying near Paddington. I want to see that bear!!
I was the first person to own a Paddington Bear toy. In the world!
Don't attack my teddy bear collection. Rupert & Paddington are ninjas.
Paddington Bear movie is about the only good British film that's been made recently
Did you know The Clarkson family made their fortune making and selling Paddington Bear dolls
I need to get a Paddington and a Didcot bear (sorry forgot his name)
Good . I'm like Paddington Bear , I come with my own Marmalade Sandwiches . 🐻🐾😘
Paddington Bear for PM as he is the best in the line up and does not have a blue rinse. Also has a heart which the others lacking.
are Paddington and Paddington Bear different characters or an accidental repetition?
a cant stop eating jam sandwiches a feel like Paddington bear n if a could I'd hide them in my jacket pockets too
Spotted. Paddington does not have the bear.
... have just learnt that paddington bear es peruano!? kept thinking he was paddington. (London)
How many marmalade sandwiches did Paddington bear eat? None he was already stuffed.
Nat reviews the stunning remake of classic story: Paddington Bear:
Don't forget that, like the queen and Paddington Bear, you may have two birthdays.
"All in all, I feel I relate more to Paddington Bear than James Bond"
Scarlet Macaw demonstrates the sort of hard stare that even Paddington Bear would have been proud of
thanks went for my best Paddington Bear stare and that seems to have worked. Still great service on GWR
60 years after he was first found at a London railway station, Paddington Bear is back
For my I'm curling up with something funny and light: The Adventures of Paddington by Michael Bond. Love that bear 😄
Picture of Nicole Kidman on Regents Park Road, Primrose Hill today filming the Paddington Bear Movie http…
Maybe the running mate should be some sort of lovable children's favorite or a super hero. Paddington Bear, Kermit the Frog, Topo Gigio ?
Not sure what Paddington Bear is doing visiting the at Southwark Bridge
This is awful, but I didn't even realise Michael Bond didn't illustrate Paddington Bear. As an illustrator, I feel really bad about that.😕
Shop our SALE! Full of fab goodies including Jellycat, purses, Paddington Bear gifts & more!.
We're open! Visit our new pop-up shop by platform 12 for all your Paddington 'bear' essentials!
Come and read my book review about Paddington Bear because it is awesome.
Paddington Bear faces his demons at the Cork mental institution.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
In honor of the 11 a.m. Teddy Bear Parade at Emily Fowler today: The 10 best fictional bears
I am not buying shoes which will give me the sort of sad that can't even be fixed by Paddington Bear doing "Singin' in the Rain"
Paddington have made me add marmalade sandwich to my wishlist...bear influence
A talking bear at London named Paddington...why not after a long Wednesday...appreciate much HBO...
Conservationist who found real Paddington bear fights for habitats with her beautiful designs ht…
Upcycled Vintage Paddington Bear phone & tablet cases now available from Ten & Six!
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