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Race and ethnicity in the United States Census, as defined by the Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the United States Census Bureau, are self-identification data items in which residents choose the race or races with which they most closely identify, and indicate whether or not they are of Hispanic or Latino origin (ethnicity).

Asian American Native American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Native Hawaiians Alaska Native Native Hawaiian American Indian San Gabriel Heritage Month Hillary Clinton Hafa Adai Boba Fett

my new spoken word poetry album available for download. 11 tracks, 45 min, Pacific islander themed poetry.
She's not black but if you consider Pacific Islander as POC, I'd add Kaolla Su
Climate change and its effects enter every aspect of life for women in Fiji, says one activist.
does it count when ur an Asian Pacific Islander and Hispanic? am I justified for my options? 👀
As far as I know I'm not Pacific Islander, but this is the first time I've seen a character that has my hair
White ppl don't have the right to say it but what about brown ppl (Native, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, NOT black, etc.)??
Why don't we make a bigger deal about Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage/history month???
📷 emilys-list: Sen. Mazie Hirono is still fighting to increase Asian American and Pacific Islander...
We need AsAm & Pacific Islander creators. We need our own & We need to tell stories & put us at the center.
highlights 26 emerging voices of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities…
Lt George 'Alipate Tupou or Baron Vaea was the 1st Tongan or Pacific Islander enlisting with the New Zealand Air Force…
Pacific Islander students at the Burke decode Oceanic objects and traditions in Disney's Moana! Our new video -…
I wish that "Asian" statistic was broken out further (East, South, Southeast, and Pacific Islander)
I guess we can forget about Native American and Pacific Islander school children.
Indians don't have a box to check, we check "Asian/Pacific Islander"always seems inaccurate to me
Race: Black or African-American, Asian, American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiin or other Pacific Islander, White
Grace Galloway is the chair of the Asian American and Pacific Islander caucus.
I've never heard anyone complain about Pacific Islander, Asian Heritage, or Hispanic Heritage Month. In fact they're all "u…
Asian and Pacific Islander artists! Deadline to submit artwork for consideration for APIA Heritage Month is Feb 12!…
This is for seminarians who have African, Latina, Asian, Native American or Pacific Islander heritage.…
When I go to Europe next month, I will emphasize my Pacific Islander heritage and not my nationality. Idk if I wanna say I'm Pinoy either..
Pacific Islander heritage. Young girl goes on journey to find the Demi-god who stole from Mother Earth and restore her home
lol My Kiwi staffer wont accept that I'm a pacific islander too
Pacific Islander with hair that's not exactly wavy, not exactly curly, always getting in the way, I needed that representation.
Saw an interesting conversation on tennisforum about and how she is black and not Pacific Islander.
My teacher said some . "Why haven't you came to my club" I asked what's her club she gone say "the Asian Pacific Islander club" LMAO
Popular here too, there's a sizable Pacific Islander community here
((Kinda tempted to change Lilo's fc to someone who's actually Hawaiian. Or Pacific Islander. XX
“Den of Thieves” is looking for Female Stripper types, Biker with a Harley and a Male Samoan or Pacific Islander!
Asian and Pacific Islander are two separate groups, and Native Hawaiians are an over-incarc…
The American Pacific Islander women who could be president.
i never understood the umbrella of Black / white/ hispanic/pacific islander/asian thing. because hispanics can be white, black or native.
Four Asian American Pacific Islander women who could be president.
100% - I am married to a Pacific Islander with two beautiful children. My beliefs are to fight for all Americans!
Pineapple does not belong on pizza it is not an Italian fruit it is Pacific Islander you can't argue with science and geograp…
17. Poseidon always shows himself as a Pacific Islander.
I'm not a Pacific Islander but my friend is Samoan and has said many many many many things to me about
Since seeing there is now definitely a version of Magnus in my head (one of at least 7) that is a burly burly Pa…
Just got my results back ...93% Irish and 1% Pacific Islander... no wonder I love rugby so much !
Wishing my confused Pacific Islander rowing brother a great birthday today! Hope it is great one❤
Ladies if you tryna win getchu a Asian and pacific islander we winning
I've also been told I looked Native American, Pacific Islander and many more.
Boba Fett is a male Pacific Islander and so is Jango and every clone I want everyone to remember this.
Pacific Islander sworn into Auckland Council alleges racist treatment
Hafa Adai! MIC First General Meeting will be this Wed. Oct. 12th in the Pacific Islander room at the ECC. Hope to see you there! 💖🎃
"Bill Clinton, Gary Johnson to speak at Asian-American and Pacific Islander forum" via
Seeing as it's Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month, I'll make a thread about it so you can all understand its importance…
I like the idea of Brian Tee. I also like the idea of Cliff Curtis. But a Asian/Pacific Islander actor would be A+
The next Disney Princess in 2016, and the first ever Pacific Islander princess. I just can't wait to see this.
Pt. 2 Look! They have this Pacific Islander princess coming out! Or look at this minor *** character in a playhouse Disney show!
When you get a pic with a Pacific Islander princess and she makes you look bad 🌸🌸🌸
Fact 22: From 2007 to 2012, the # of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander-owned firms in US grew by 45.3%
Happy Asian Pacific American Heritage Month! Remember: we're all Pacific Islander just like we're all apparently 1/16 Native American.
All I did today was go to a Pacific Islander festival, watch beach volleyball, and power rangers. My typical Saturday
Here's a good question for you all. What is Erik spoelstra. Like is he Spanish, white, Pacific Islander???
This Heritage Month, we honor diversity & all Americans of East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian & Pacific Islander
400+ Asian Am & Pacific Islander students at Saturday for Journey to Success!
East-West Players has been the premiere Asian American and Pacific Islander theater company for half a century!
Happy national siblings day from the Pacific Islander "Brady brunch"
every now and then I get some ignorant people telling me I'm Pacific Islander and not Asian. 😒
The Southern Utah Pacific Islander Coalition will honor 10 individuals at the 2nd annual “Mana” Recognition Awards.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Leadership and Service Awards Nominations!. The annual Asian and Pacific Islander Leadership and Service Awards...
The Leadership Conference Sister-to-Sister: Celebrating Asian & Pacific Islander Women of Tomorrow is on 4/28!.
why is it whenever stops me on my way to class they think I'm a Pacific Islander ?🤔
Asian American Pacific Islander History Month happening now until April 6th! for events
Areas of highest unmet need for LEP adults are Wheaton and Gaithersburg. reaches just 2% of Asian/Pacific Islander LEP adults
your outfits go together, very cohesive. ISLANDER takes PACIFIC GIRL to SUPERMAN v BATMAN, no hickeys?
begins Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a kick-off event tonight at 5p in the
Today begins a month of celebration in honor of Asian & Pacific Islander Heritage Month with a ceremony/luncheon at 12:30pm in Friends Hall.
(1/2) Join for the kickoff of Asian American/Pacific Islander Heritage Month! Kickoff is tonight in the Foy Auditorium from 6-8:30 &
Man one day, I'ma find me a nice Asian or Pacific Islander girl & we gon make some beautiful babies
Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month kicks off today with special activities and presentations.
Join ODS as we celebrate Asian and Pacific Islander Month. THURSDAY at 630pm for Phil Yu's Keynote address, "Angry Asian America". D403
Celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month this April!! Check out the events below!
Honoring the Asian/Asian Pacific Islander American History Month, which is in May, please join the Office of...
Pacific Islander: Tonga's leader says his door is always open to the media - Radio New Zealand …
Update your maps at Navteq
I never had intercouse w a Pacific Islander
Triple H racist bc he purposely threw a Pacific Islander at a Hispanic. Disgraceful!
YO tomorrow is the kick off for Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month!! Come out to the south terrace to see speak at 12! 😎
April is designated as Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Celebration by The George Washington University. On behalf...
The George Washington University celebrates Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage in the month of April. Come support...
what if Other isn't an option like on this app I'm doing, it says the basics like Pacific Islander/African American/white
The age-adjusted percentages of persons 18 and over diagnosed with CHD in 2009 was 19.7 in Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.
As a Pacific Islander, your dancing babyface act is tired. Please change it. Thank you.
DO NOT SAY ANYTHING around me that is borderline prejudice. Idc whether you are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander...whatever
and present the inaugural Asian Pacific Islander Fellowship!
Contenders for Reid Senate seat woo Asian voters - Asian-American and Pacific Islander voters are growing as a ...
:-( Our History: The legacies of racism on the Pacific: Focusing on the war o...
I learned how to do the haka btw lol it's for Pacific Islander month so we're gonna do it in front of the whole ship
Signe: It would be great if you are into some sports like bicycling, horseback riding, and weight lifting. Denny…
congratulations on your kiwi citizenship my brother very proud to be a kiwi and Pacific islander (part Fijian and samoan)
Expand not cut Ethnic Studies Programs. Would love to see a Pacific Islander Studies program at San Francisco State! h…
Lol I just tripped off this but I'm the only pacific islander in my family.
April is Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Celebrate all month!
In honor of Asian-Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we had 💣 day under the sun! Thanks ladies of ! 🐕🌺
they get a Pacific Islander actress too. Smh.
and terrible actress too? also not to mention since Arthur is already Momoa, a Pacific Islander, why couldnt
Gabbard hosts Council on Foreign Relations briefing in Honolulu
A story on those who identify as Asian Pacific Islander & - conferences bringing them together.
Watching finally... And man. These stories of Polynesian and Pacific Islander youth and families are just... Sigh.
Asian Amer & Pacific Islander Heritage Mth is in May but its April. Y? B/C our students deserve a full Mth! .
East Coast is closer to pacific islands mainly and there's huge islander populations in nsw and qld, haven't
Indigenous, Asian, Indonesian, Pacific Islander, Dutch and French peoples all beat Captain Cook to Australia.
Iv messed with majority of ethnicities but I think it's time for a Asian/Pacific Islander cuz I come home from work and my feet be donzo
Tomorrow Lathrop High kicks off multicultural week with Asian-Pacific Islander day...check out what's going on at the stage during lunch!
.Yes, understandably; and the non-white vote here is less Black and Latino than Asian, Pacific Islander, etc. Still...
Hawaii is NOT majority white. It is majority Asian/Pacific Islander
In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, hosting a series of events
Do you study nutrition practices/policies focused on in American Indian, Asian/Pacific Islander pops?
Wonderful meeting with many prominent leaders of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in Illinois.
The director of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's Asian American and Pacific Islander outreach efforts is leaving the
Kind of a bummer that DC's been promoting Aquaman's Pacific Islander heritage for the movie and then casts a blond woman as his wife.
Since the SC's establishment in 1789, there has never been a Justice w/ Asian, Native American or Pacific Islander heritage
Are the stats misleading? Many Qlders have German or Pacific Islander heritage. Big folks..
is the common cancer in Asian-American, Native Hawaiians & Pacific Islander. 1 in 10 will be diagnosed
Hey Sean, how big is the Asian Pacific Islander community in Santa Clarita? Are they Dems?
Pacific Islander woman floating on surfboard in ocean
Know an Asian American and/or Pacific Islander furthering discourse in the arts? Chekkit!
Know a standout Asian American and/or Pacific Islander artist furthering the discourse of arts in her/her...
Please check out great new report from about Asian-American and Pacific Islander student achievement in MN
V. int. that there is no Afr. Am. sexual minorities in only:. Alaska Native. Arab Am. Asian Am. Hispanic Am. Pacific Islander Am
For ur information I am 75% white and 25% Asian, specifically Pacific Islander. I am not the white George lopez👌🏼
Where does stand on . Asian American & Pacific Islander Rights?
Walk into a Pacific Islander house & after you take off your shoes you are treated like royalty.
thank u to the people that put Asian/Pacific Islander as one option so I don't have to question my existence every time I fill something out
im still confused the dna said ur were Asian n pacific islander. ok but imdb say u chinise so does Wikipedia. no shade no ofence
Pacific Islander people do the same thing except we can't say n***a
[Please RT] To any Asian/Pacific Islander females 14+ living in CA, please fill out this anonymous survey.
"Kumu Hina" is a documentary about Pacific Islander culture and specifically of transgender identities and experiences
so since Spain is in Africa and I'm legally blind does that make me a Pacific Islander?
I'd love to learn about Pacific Islander history. I'm tired of learning about the same old white guys who built a system to oppress me
As soon as someone finds out you're Pacific Islander they always assume you're Hawaiian.
the most talented Pacific Islander on the roster.
actually your Pacific Islander but nice try 👍🏽
.making the case for why we need an Asian American or Pacific Islander Supreme Court Justice
Alana checks the Pacific Islander box when specifying her race because she was born in Hawaii
Gov. Grant Applications for AsianAmerican, NativeAmerican, PacificIslander-Serving Institutions Program is now open:
The 2016 competition for the Part F AANAPISI Grant is now open! Apply here:
I just got approached by someone asking if I was Pacific Islander to invite me to the club
Jeannie was hype when they told her she was 10 percent Pacific Islander
You'd think I'd enjoy my Pacific Island Studies class because I'm a Pacific Islander but no. No. No. No. No bro, no.
Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) leaders celebrated the Lunar New Year at the White House on February...
that's because you are a Pacific Islander
Organizations, leaders, and elected officials condemn attacks against
Nominate 4 art & storytelling who have made a difference in the AAPI community by 3/9 via
Firstly, Native Pacific Islander scholars do write about early navigators like Tupaia
Wonderful turnout for inaugural Pacific Islander Caucus of Greater Long Beach. Diversity = Strength. https…
Would a bucket collection at every game where a pacific islander is playing work?
that Pacific Islander princess movie better be on point. like Disney don't disappoint me. that's my roots & story line dawg
also I redyed my hair the other day and I look pacific islander af
Proud to be on this list of 50+ Asian/Pacific Islander filmmakers of 38 films at Sundance and Slamdance. Represent!
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
😂😂 hop along. Filipinos don't actually classify themselves as Asians but not Pacific islander.
If dated is a classy term for slept with:. White. Asian. Non Blk Latina. Pacific Islander. Arab
Last month, Pacific Islander poets urged climate action at in Paris
Do you consider yourself a trailblazer in activism and advocacy in the Asian American and Pacific Islander community
How do we mobilize the Asian-American Pacific Islander community to vote? Via
I need me a Pacific Islander women 😍
Saw her years ago at the Pacific-Islander Fest down at Crown Point. Prettier in-person, if that is possible
Support from Pacific Islander brothers and sisters living in California, USA! . 'Bay Area, California stand in...
I mean he is a moc (pacific islander) but still non Romani & that should in no way give him a pass for it but hmmm okay 😒😒😒
are you sick my little Pacific Islander?
or pacific islander fancasts get like 2 RTs or someone going "but why are they asian"
And no, I don't count Shane from Technically Samoa is classified as Pacific Islander.
You know you're a Pacific Islander when the first thing you order at a restaurant is either seafood or BBQ 🗿🗿🗿
I imagined an Asian or Pacific Islander honestly with the last name Park.
Do you wish there was more Pacific Islander content? READ THIS ---> Pasifika Voice: Taking Culture To The Streets
Will be at Pacific Islander brewery from 5-8 come out and crab a plate and a beer .. Hope to see…
Spotted: Dr. Alma Trinidad leads a conversation on designing an Asian Pacific Islander Center at PSU http…
If you have ever been concerned with the state of the future for our Pacific Islander kids, I…
Happy Multicultural Graduation Celebration! Happy to represent the few Pacific Islander/Asian…
There are only three races negroid, caucasoid, and mongoloid. Aka Black, White, and Asian/Pacific Islander.
your move. Hillary Clinton’s Vision for a Thriving Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Community.
and then one had this Tongan singer listed on the Asian and Latino pages :) maybe they didn't want to make her her own Pacific Islander page
Me: Let's go look at FC directories!. FC directory: /lists Filipinos on the Pacific Islander page. Me: That's enough FC directories tonight.
Celebration of Health Advancement for Pacific Islanders program & our commitment to Pacific Islander family health. https:/…
"Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander" (NHPI) people with origins in Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, or other Pacific...
.Campaign announces formation of Asian-American and Pacific Islander leadership council:
Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) leadership council stands with Hillary
Asian American and Pacific Islander attendees: please join us for an gathering at 3pm. We will meet by the whiteboards!
seeks Asian and Pacific Islander support, launches in San Gabriel, CA w/
"I was looking at your face from the side and I was wondering, are you Asian by chance?" Pacific Islander boi.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Diving into traditions, Pacific Islander youth see a bright future with nonprofit’s help
Asian & Pacific Islander girls really winning tho
: or Asian, or Native American, or Pacific Islander (except for Jason Momoa who can do... two of these)
Any interest in speaking at Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month kickoff event? How do I get in touch?
UH Hilo undergraduate students of Asian American and/or Pacific Islander ethnicity who are US citizens, nationals...
Young people from White Center featured in this article about Pacific Islander students connecting to their...
Readers are helping a nonprofit connect teens with their Pacific Islander heritage:
Diving into traditions with nonprofit, Pacific Islander youth see a bright future - The Seattle Times
Great news for our students! Scholarships fuel dreams for Asian-Pacific Islander students
Hillary Clinton reaches out to SoCal Asian, Pacific Islander communities
Clinton stompin' for the Asian American & Pacific Islander vote in San Gabriel.
.traveling to Southern California to rally Asian American and Pacific Islander supporters...mcleod
100+ Asian-American & Pacific Islander leaders met in DC to discuss opps in the AAPI community |
Who are some cool up and coming Hapa artists? (hä’pä Slang. of mixed racial heritage with partial roots in Asia/ Pacific Islander ancestry.)
Ok Filipinos can be described as Asian because the islands are in South East Asia, but Pacific Islander is not wrong.
From SEAMAAC: "From our partners at Asian Pacific Islander Health Forum Minority populations are growing...
There’s still time to apply to the FY16 AAPI Community Grant! More info here:
"As a Islander the Ocean is Video on the ambitious Pacific Oceanscape project:
So will I claim to be Asian or a Pacific Islander? Thoughts...
Literally the only Pacific Islander friend in her circle of friends 😅 Honestly had such a good time with Yamna and her fams and that...💆
Pacific Islander culture seems so beautiful and perfect to me.
Rates for Asian and Pacific Islander women increased 1.5 percent per year, the studies found, while rates...
You bet your *** I'll be trying to marry a Pacific Islander 😍😏
Central Coast Community Legal Centre Open day at Wyong for Pacific Islander and Maori
"Portland State University is hiring a Coordinator of Asian Pacific Islander Student Services. See the link below...
"Philippine society is not really Westernized. It's Americanized." -view from a Pacific Islander friend
For the past hour I have been trying to explain to my mom why I am not eligible to apply for the Asian & Pacific Islander scholarship
64% of Asian and Pacific Islander treatment admissions, name as their problem
Pacific Islander woman carrying surfboard on beach by gabledenims Get together, share expe…
Pacific Islander woman walking in waves on beach by gabledenims Get together, share experi…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
In honor of , the best part of being Pacific Islander is the big family. Cousins are life-long bffs.
first time I've seen someone go from being a Central American to a Pacific Islander
all they've done. Making me so proud to be Asian Pacific Islander. Strong, beautiful and talented.
5:13am Love From Room 109 at the Islander (On Pacific Coast Highway) by Tim Buckley from Happy Sad
Me or the Pacific islander I was addressing?
Claims 2 b Pacific islander. 1 of those micronesian isles that live on US welfare. In other words BOUGHT
1st Pacific Islander to win 1ST RUNNER UP in Little Miss @ Miss United States.
I secretly can't wait for the day that a Pacific Islander Woman Fighter makes it to that level and be the main event!!!
lol I've been told I look Black, White, Latino and Arab .. going for Pacific islander now...
Boba Fett was basically Rico from Starship Troopers novel by Heinlein; Pacific Islander.
Asian. Filipino. But really? Pacific Islander, or just Filipino. 😂😂😂 idk what im saying
Pacific islander fullbacks should be mandatory
In 2010 alone, the age-adjusted cause of death of heart disease for Asian/Pacific Islander is 1 in 1,000.
I'm never getting with another pacific islander.
Please Pray for my Black, White, Arab, Asian, African, Hispanic, European, & Pacific Islander brothers & sisters all over the world
or just call a pacific islander Jr, they'll all look
I think Aquaman by way of Pacific Islander is really neat. Nice take on him that I've never seen before
So by your definition he'd be... Pacific Islander? Lol you don't have a card defining you nativeness you don't count
Health info, fun offered in 1 location for So Utah Pacific Islanders.
Thank you for donating meal coupons for our Pacific Islander event!
Empowering Pacific Islander Communities (EPIC) is training for the LA…
Interesting study on impacts of grant aid for Asian American and Pacific Islander students.
So I was born on Kodiak.. It's an island in Alaska in the pacific. So yes colleges I am Pacific Islander and Alaskan Native I promise
*Scholarship Alert* for Asian American and Pacific Islander students here:
77 total - 43 white, 29 black, 2 American Indian/Alaskan Native, and 1 was Asian/Pacific Islander. 2 no race
Erasing Asian American and Pacific Islander faces from movies and television is in essence erasing them from...
Please come out to show SOLIDARITY with the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities & SUPPORT THE FIGHT...
Investing in the well-being of the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. via
At Asian & Pacific Islander forum tonight, mostly the same talking points as always, but interesting to watch everyone tailor their case.
HI has a lot of "local" cuisine - Mixed Asian/Pacific Islander influences and comfort food
All purpose parts banner
National Council of Asian Pacific Americans condemned association of term “anchor babies” with Asian American and Pacific Islander
Mad props to for the Pacific Islander heritage reference of the day!
Just in case, for the record, I am not black. Nor am I Indigenous American, Asian, nor Pacific Islander. My ancestors were Welsh and German.
College readiness rates deviate significantly for Asian American and Pacific Islander students:
Pacific Islander students have room to grow on their path towards College and Career Readiness
Less than 1% in the national registry for bone marrow is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander!
my scantron had white Hispanic and Pacific Islander marked on it in elementary school.
Taking tests at school and having to choose between Pacific Islander or Asain 😑
Watching my honey delve into his Pacific Islander roots and trying to figure out his heritage is extremely endearing, and very interesting!
Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage this weekend at Sloan's Lake, Denver.
Check out the latest Census numbers on American Indians, Alaska Natives, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islander
Members of Kunsan Air Base gathered for one last event to bring Asian and Pacific Islander month to a close.
Captain Steve Virtue from the Pacific Islander (aka PI) checked in tonight with...
Island Block Radio is the first Pacific Islander radio station on mainstream radio. Download the…
While we unify for let's unify for violence prevention! Pacific Islander conf 6/10 Open 2 all!
Hafa Adai! Please read when you have time. Hear the voices of our emerging Pacific Islander writers Mahalo
thanks so beau Ryan is pretending to be Pacific Islander?
I have never encountered any Black, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, or Latina bots on
well the Philippines is apart of South East Asian so yes they are but originally they were considered Pacific Islander
+Asian, Indian, European, Pacific Islander, Mexican, African, South American, Australian and many other races in the work and they're not+
I thought he was a Pacific Islander.
If you ain't black, don't say *** . Idc if you're Asian, Hispanic, Native American, or a Pacific Islander. Don't use it.
Come on now, Chip. We want the OTHER out-spoken Christian, Heisman Trophy winning Pacific Islander!
Join Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum (APIAHF) and Center for the Study of Asian American Health...
Follow us on at apaics_org for behind the scenes look as we prepare for Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month!
Join us for the annual Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month celebration. The reception will feature keynote...
Week 2 of the UC Davis Cross Cultural Center's Asian Pacific Islander Week includes an interactive workshop from...
i always put Pacific Islander Kuya Ate every time they ask me at the Doc. Office o anything
Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month Event is TODAY from 3-5 pm in the GARDEN ROOM! Stop by for a Henna Tattoo...
I went to the doctors and I'm classified as "Native Pacific Islander". I'm like 10% Hawaiian lol @ my life.
Had a Chinese/Pacific Islander friends talk to me about that years ago, was interesting seeing how emotions culturally manifest.
Owen Wilson. Woody Harrison. Oprah has a house here. And of course Jason momoa is Pacific Islander.
My coworker just asked me what I My answer, Asian Pacific Islander...I'm proud to be Korean & Samoan!
From the Pacific Islander today! . Next trip scheduled departs Tuesday night fishing Wednesday. This trip just...
I ask james what do you consider us filipinos *** I said asian or pacific islander? This *** goes none of those *** we filipino lol
Kukahiko: Black/white binary CRT doesn't adequately explain specific historical and cultural nuances of Pacific Islander communities
frames Black Bruins video as example of mo'olelo, Pacific Islander tradition of storytelling
Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Mass & Potluck. All are welcome to join us for a multi-lingual Asian/Pacific...
Half asain/pacific islander girls are so flipping beautiful jeez
you get mad when I say you're Asian and say you're Pacific Islander 😂 gtfo
Happy 21st first to my future roomie and favorite Pacific Islander
Coolness! Pasadena Playhouse is going to use some recent grant money to better serving the Asian American and Pacific Islander community✊
happy birthday my Pacific Islander friend
Asian-American and Pacific-Islander Heritage Month is fast approaching! Look out for all the events/programs we're serving up!
I'm literally right next to the beach every summer that my pacific islander skin got used to roasting
Her name is Adriana and I think she's Chinese. Or Japanese. Or Hawaiian. Or any other Pacific Islander
Shout out to that hot Pacific Islander on my flight.
Wow is the Pacific Islander going to pass time like light speed
**annoying white gov.t person voice** but aren't you like actually Pacific Islander?
I come to the conclusion that Eben Etzebeth was a pacific islander in a past life!
Was just taken for a Pacific Islander.
is this for the Asian Pacific Islander event???
You know your Pacific Islander when your family argues about the different types of slippers instead of shoes 😂
Do you identify as Latino/Hispanic, African-American, Asian-American and Pacific Islander, Arab American, or...
if you use "tribal" to represent African, Pacific Islander, and Aboriginal ethnicity, you don't need to be the appropriation educator
I can't wait to see who will be the first Pacific Islander Victoria's Secret model.
Kahlua is embracing his Pacific Islander ethnicity
Happy birthday to my pacific islander friend. Sorry i tried to suffocate you with a plastic bag
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