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The Pacific Gas and Electric Company , commonly known as PG&E, is the utility that provides natural gas and electricity to most of the northern two-thirds of California, from Bakersfield almost to the Oregon border. The California Coastal Commission is a state agency in the U.S. state of California with quasi-judicial regulatory oversight over land use and public access in the California coastal zone. 1.0/5

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"...Let it be clear: the otter mutilations were stated as being the staging part of the High-Energy Seismic Survey, and as such, were part of the seismic testing. But that seismic testing was unanimously rejected by a vote of the California Coastal Commission in Santa Monica November 14th..."
From Madge Torres: Yay! We did it. Today, in Santa Monica, after hearing from folks that arrived from San Diego up through San Francisco, the California Coastal Commission voted to deny Pacific Gas and Electric the permit that would have allowed PG&E to kill all fauna within its great range. PG&E will not Sonic/Seismic Blast the ocean near Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant. Yay! Like · · Share · 14 hours ago near San Diego · 4 people like this. Rachel Sue Left That is quite a feat -- to get southern and northern (and all between) to agree on something. Congrats Loraine. 9 hours ago · Unlike · 2 Loraine Cruz Cummings I did nothing, but Madge Torres and Carol Jahnkow and a boatload of others did. They were determined and persistent and, I would say, unyielding to anything but a great result and they are doing it. Of course, I don't trust the big energy peeps, but they have to listen and act or they will have a bigger crowd than before. I would love to see what they've done spread everywhere. If it can be d ...
As the Coastal Commission considers Pacific Gas & Electric's Fukushima-inspired plan to fire underwater cannons off Central California to study...
OH,MAN ... I SO needed this tonight! Justice and decency and morality and sanity won one tonight. YAY! "Santa Monica -- The California Coastal Commission on Wednesday rejected Pacific Gas & Electric's request for offshore seismic testing near Diablo Canyon Power Plant, the state's only operating nuclear facility."
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