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Pacey Witter

Pacey J. Witter is a fictional character from the WB television drama Dawson's Creek, portrayed by Joshua Jackson.

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God bless & Not since Pacey Witter have I been this in love with a fictional character
It's so unfair that Pacy Witter isn't real my life was so much simpler before
I've only seen the 1st one, actually. This should be fun! Baby Pacey Witter playing hockey.
bahahha I can't help it! Cole is still Pacey Witter in my heart!
The beginning of D2 where Gordon Bombay get hurt is super sad... A legend loses his chance to play again just to be annoyed by Pacey Witter
me n juliana will rly Die bc of pacey witter
017. Joey Potter x pacey witter πŸ’— dawson's creek. "When I was afraid of everything else, I was never afraid to love…
OMG i love andie so much! im sad she left honestly the pacey witter stan
I was meant to be besties w/ we share our love for the same fictional guys. Pacey Witter, Jess Mariano, Nathan Scott πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
Day 25 characters you miss the most: Pacey Witter 😜😎😚
pacey witter u ANGEL he is so sweet . the ur off the hook speech makes me cry every time
Pacey Witter has really gone off the deep end since the breakup with Joey Potter. Poor guy.
Where can I find myself a Pacey Witter* for cuffing season?. *would be equally content with a Jen Lindley
Pacey Witter is my spiritual animalπŸ˜‚
I'm having a crisis because pacey witter is not real and I need him in my life
:: I think it's safe to say we're all just waiting for our own Pacey Witter.
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Dawson's Creek. - should be called 'everybody hats dawson'. - the vocab is justπŸ‘ŒπŸ». - PACEY WITTER
Can't help but 😍 anything that mentions Pacey Witter! And the Notebook.
Rewatching Fringe. I πŸ’œ It doesn't matter what role he plays. But I will always be a Pacey Witter girl. X
If I could marry any fictional character, it would definitely be a toss up between Pacey Witter and Seth Cohen 😍
Joshua Jackson is the definition of my type. Has been my whole life. Especially as Pacey Witter and Im thinking maybe as Peter Bishop
When you realize your future hubby is a grown up Pacey Witter. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Unpopular opinion: Both Pacey Witter and Tim Riggins do nothing for me. Don't understand why people love them so much.
Desperately need a guy like pacey witter in my life 😍
Pacey Witter should have been everyone's first boyfriend.
Can I have my own Pacey Witter please? 😍😍
Love for Pacey Witter is never sad. We only have mad respect
You should. Peter Bishop is basically a grown-up Pacey Witter
You should watch immediately. You deserve to discover all that is Pacey Witter
Agreed! Pacey Witter is an inspiration to all of us
to quote Pacey Witter, "You've wrecked have absolutely wrecked me." –  10% Off
2. Pacey and Joey. I basically want someone to love me the way Pacey Witter loves Josephine Potter
PACEY WITTER and joey and jack and jen
DC got me through some tough times. Pacey Witter is a top five TV character of all time. Oh, and TeamPacey all the way.
People say Disney or Nicholas Sparks gave them unrealistic expectations of men. But honestly, that's as Pacey Witter for me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
So it would seem that 18 years after falling for Pacey Witter, The Affair has once again reignited my love for Joshua Jackson. Who knew?
Holy pajamas, Joshua Jackson's cameo on I really needed you today, Pacey Witter. ❀️
omg i should totally do that, if only for BABY PACEY WITTER
You know who Molly would renew vows with? Pacey Witter. Still committed after all these years.
Jason Bourne quotes Pacey Witter 26secs into new trailer.
"Jake's fake Pacey Witter hair. You're no Pacey, NOEL, you're not even Ben! At best, you're season 4 or 5 Xander." AV Club comment. Dying.
I haven't watched the affair yet, and probably for this very reason. Pacey Witter 😍
The official post on the site on how Commissioner & Champion is PACEY WITTER?
Pacey Witter and Joey Potter are so iconic.
Is it weird that I still have an undying crush on Pacey Witter?
No matter what Cole does, I can't hate him. He was Pacey Witter and Peter Bishop.
My because I can't get enough of Pacey Witter from Dawson's Creek ❀❀
Scream 2: where Buffy Summers, Pacey Witter and Raylan Givens can be in the same film study class
I think I'm going to rewatch Dawson's Creek from the beginning. I need some Pacey Witter in my life again.
Pacey Witter, Damon Salvatore and Neal Caffrey. I can't choose one.
I still fan girl over Pacey Witter.
I need a Chuck Bass or a pacey witter in my life
But for real though.. Where is my pacey Witter?
Clay Honneycutt is a real life Pacey Witter ❀️
'You know, maybe you're just Pacey Witter the guy who's still trying to figure it' ANDIE SAID THIS NOT JOEY... im so bitter about this still
Ok.. pacey witter is a dreamboat and I have no shame saying that. Where do I find one of those?!
I choose to live in a fantasy world in which I am Joey Potter and there is a Pacey Witter out there somewhere. Also I live in Cape Town
Pacey Witter telling Joey Potter he remembers everything completes me. Gentlemen, a good memory can make the ladies swoon.
FACT: if you tried to make me choose between Pacey Witter and Jim Halpert, it would be the ultimate "Leonor's Choice"
Watching Dawson's Creek. Pacey Witter is the perfect man.
In high school I pulled a Pacey Witter and got on a bus to Montreal when I should've been writing my last exam.
I wrote about the premiere of and maybe called it the Joey Potter to my Pacey Witter? Just go with it.
Pacey Witter is perfection there is no way around that
I have a No Public Humiliation rule. It is the lowest of the low to me. I almost broke up with Pacey Witter because of it!
tagged by . 5 favorite characters. Brooke Davis, Olivia Pope, Lorelai Gilmore, Richard Castle and Pacey Witter (no order!)
I spent ten minutes looking for synonyms for "pace" to no avail. Just call me Pacey Witter.
How many Babybell cheeses is too many Babybell cheeses? And does someone want this red wax sculpture I've crafted to look like Pacey Witter?
"I have absolutely no intention of letting her go." Pacey Witter is one of the best 😍
I've always had a thing for Pacey Witter. Always.
um, jason biggs auditioned for the role of pacey witter?? PRINCE PACEY?? WHAT KIND OF NIGHTMARE
ha I watched it when it was on in 1998!! My first celebrity crush was Pacey Witter 😍
It's why not check out our Pacey Witter Board
Joey Potter wasn't meant to end up with Pacey Witter/Joshua Jackson in the original DC finale … …
My one wish in this life is for Pacey Witter to be real and love me
Ok I admit it. I was only watching The Affair for Pacey Witter. πŸ˜”
Pacey Witter is the greatest character in television history. Ever. Period.
Come on Pacey Witter, you can get through this tonight.
Pacey Witter is the tv love of my life
I've got the feeling that Pacey Witter belongs to Gryffindor, what do you think about that ?
In defense of Pacey J. Witter... . (Sometimes I get a little heated. Sorry not sorry.)
I need to binge watch this entire series!!
Pacey Witter & Chuck Bass are so very much alike. When it comes to the women they love ,they'll pretty much do everyrhing.❀️
A Pacey Witter article just made me cry.
Not to mention, my obsession w/Dawson's Creek! What teenage girl didn't have a crush on Pacey Witter?!
Pacey Witter, you'll always have my heart ❀️❀️
This list... I can't even tell you how in love with Pacey J. Witter I was/am.
Oh god, but wouldn't it just!? Forever in love with Pacey Witter.
Wow. My real life is the girl version of fictional guy Pacey Witter.
Happy Birthday, Pacey Witter (aka Joshua Jackson). Hope today you're feeling like this:
This goes out to those still in love with Pacey Witter
I share a birthday with Pacey Witter! 😍
Today is Charlie Conway, Pacey Witter and my birthday. Happy day !!! Can I have a shou out?? :D
Who's more perfect...Chandler Bing or Pacey Witter?? (This is a trick question)
I've decided my perfect boyfriend is a nice mix of Pacey Witter and Chandler Bing.
There's nothing odd about Pacey Witter being your number one,
I miss Pacey Witter and Joey Potter so much😭😍
Happy Birthday From Charlie Conway to Pacey Witter to Peter Bishop - I feel like we've grown up together!
shut up... But they're both on Netflix so mehhh. But I love me some Pacey Witter.
Fall for Pacey Witter all over again: is headed to ABC Family this summer
I liked a video Pacey Witter and Joey Potter
single because Pacey Witter is fictional
There was Lloyd Dobler and there was Jordan Catalano, but Pacey Witter changed everything. Man, he made me feel like a woman. (At age 14)
her love of extra credit work endears (almost as much as her modeling Pacey Witter after Lloyd Dobler).
Why Katie Holmes Doesn't Want a 'Dawson's Creek' Reunion: We may never get to see the love of Joey Potter and Pacey Witter on-screen ...
Hello ladies. Hope you're enjoying your# Witter Wednesday. I love Pacey.
Facial hair or no facial hair he is still the adorable cheeky Pacey Witter.
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I know Pacey Witter. So let me tell you, respectfully, that you sir are no Pacey Witter.
Pacey: What are you doing here?. Mr. Witter: Well, for starters, you punched me. Pacey: If you came looking for an...
.is that the show with Pacey Witter?
If you don't love Pacey Witter I don't wanna know you
Castaways is one of my absolute favorite episodes. Who wouldn't want to be locked inside Kmart with Pacey Witter?! 😏
Thank you for giving us both Pacey Witter and Ben Covington in this Coachella post
Jess Mariano and Pacey Witter = high expectations for teen boys everywhere
Joshua Jackson rediscovered his teenage alter ego at Coachella and dressed like Pacey Witter.
Today is a Dawson's Creek day and I'm suffering greatly at the hands of Pacey Witter and Joey Potter.
Did I just see a picture of Elena Gilbert holding Pacey Witter's hand? My heart. It's going to be a good day.
Pacey Witter was my number one male character til Damon Salvatore came along
Landon Carter is still tied with Pacey Witter for the best fictional boyfriend ever. (And yes, I am watching A Walk to Remember)
Give me a mix of Tim Riggins, Pacey Witter and Nathan Scott and I've got the perfect boyfriend
We had 16 RTs for Peter Bishop and 15 Faves for Pacey Witter. That was a tight one! Let's move to the second battle!
Pacey Witter is the reason why I have such high expectations of men. 😍😏
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D'you know sometimes how you just think... I will never love any real-life human as much as Pacey Witter?. (not just me right?)
"What do you look for in a boyfriend?". "Chuck Bass, Finn Hudson, Pacey Witter and Stefan Salvatore."
Oh and 'Pacey Witter' just followed me. Be jealous 😁
I want to find my Pacey Witter. (There's gotta be men like him right ohfreckles_ ?)
My first crush was pacey witter and I am not ashamed of this
Pacey Witter and Joey Potter were my loves on Dawson's Creek will always be mad they wasted so much time on her and Dawson
Holy Jordan Catalano and Pacey Witter in one picture!
Omg Jordan Catalano and Pacey Witter. Be still my beating heart 😍😍😍 πŸ˜‚
πŸ’• Pacey Witter πŸ’•. Joshua Jackson was my first huge celebrity crush. (I still love him now too.)
What are your thoughts on Pacey Witter getting with Joey Potter in the end
He'll always be this hybrid of Pacey Witter & Peter Bishop from Fringe to hot and so smart.
and I share an undying love for Pacey Witter which is funny because he used to be the Alex Karev of my teenage years.
It will blow your mind. β€œAllow to cure your Pacey Witter withdrawal:
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Pacey Witter will always be the one for me, but my god Joey Potter should have ended up with Eddie.
Dang Pacey Witter you always make swoon😍
Can I someone please give me my own Pacey Witter for Christmas?
I want a Pacey Witter and you're a Dawson Leery.
I have never wanted more for a fictional character to be real than Pacey Witter.
I want a Pacey Witter in my life please. πŸ™
He was so good to her but then he really was so good to most of his GFs..."Pacey Witter, Friend to Women" when Joey--
Dana Scully, Cristina Yang, Pacey Witter, Eric Taylor (Coach), Poussey Washington / I have so many more tho 😫
I can't decide between Tami Taylor, Pacey Witter, and Sam Anders.
I fall in love with Pacey Witter on the daily.
Pacey Witter, Jordan Catalano, Dan Rydell, Tim Riggins, Ben Covington (in no particular order), in case you were wondering.
Apparently there's a new TV show starring Pacey Witter AND Detective Jimmy McNulty (?!?)
now being old enough to stay up to see Pacey Witter, I mean on is NOT a
Pacey Witter is the best!! I'm always for the underdog! he stands up for what he believes & is always a good friend!!
The fact that Joshua Jackson was the one who played Pacey Witter makes it even harder for me to get over the character
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Why is pacey witter only a fictional character? It makes me so upset
Sometimes when I rewatch Fringe I like to pretend character is what Pacey Witter made of himself once he got out of Capeside.
Pacey Witter is so wonderful it makes me want to cry
the only child sweeter than pacey witter is MAYBE marissa cooper
Meanwhile in an alternate universe, Pacey Witter grew up to be a hot cowboy but rapes his wife
So expects me to believe that a grown woman would actually cheat on Pacey Witter?
This show, has Pacey Witter in it & has Mitch Leery in it. It's a good time for Dawson's alum
I know they are trying to make us hate But he'll always be Charlie Conway first & Pacey Witter second.
Well, hello there Pacey Witter's bare *** 😍 I'm guessing you turn out to be an ***
I'm thankful for rum and cokes, Freddie Prinze Jr's eyelashes, Netflix, wine, Pacey Witter and being able to eat myself into a food coma.
So "The Affair" is next on Showtime. Just one question: who would cheat on Pacey Witter?!
no need to hide! At this point I figure Pacey Witter is just part of popular culture. I've always been a Josh Jackson fan..
(There's a lot more to it than Pacey Witter, but he must not go unmentioned). (Yes I know that's not his actual name).
Just watched the first episode of and loved it. Disturbing and intriguing + bonus Pacey Witter.
Whoa. is going to be a new obsession. Really well done + is no longer Pacey Witter.
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I love you so much Pacey Witter! I was 9 yrs old when I first saw you and I still get nostalgic over "I don't want to wait..."
Joshua Jackson plays his characters so well... I mean, almost everyone can see him as either Charlie Conway, Pacey Witter or Peter Bishop 😚
Diaporama : Β  Favorite Fictional People: Pacey Witter (Dawson’s Creek) β€œPacey Witter is nothing if not the...
My gawwwd Pacey Witter. I seriously don't blame that TILF 😍😍😍
So far in life everyone pales in comparison to Pacey Witter. Still.
I took Zimbio's 90s TV boyfriend quiz and I got Pacey Witter! Yay!!! Who's your 90s love?
Me: "It's the year I graduated high school. I'm the Pacey Witter of '94." Mom: "I don't know what that means." Me: "I REMEMBER EVERYTHING."
Respect is not demanded by fear but earned by compassion -Pacey Witter
That moment when you realize celeb crushes you had when you were 13 are FINALLY starting to look old 😭😭😭 (I'm lookin at you, Pacey Witter)
is the most beautiful man on earth. Joshua Jackson is the best pacey witter/BF of all time.
please tell me pacey witter is a choice otherwise I'm going to boycott this quiz. Don't need that kinda negativity in my life
Speaking on the perfection that is Pacey J. Witter is my favorite/most painful pastime.
Favorite show when I was 14 and still my favorite show today! 😍❀️ Pacey Witter is hands down, one of…
I'm adding Brandon Walsh to that list Pacey Witter is on btw lol xx
My sister met on the red carpet tonight & failed to mention I am the biggest Pacey Witter fan ever. Thanks 😫
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Met Pacey Witter tonight aka Joshua Jackson. He thought he had seen me earlier, but when I sadly said…
Right now is in the presence of my dream man: Pacey Witter (aka Joshua Jackson) and I have yet to get a pic...
So, is the Affair on Showtime just a show about Jimmy McNulty cuckolding Pacey Witter?
Monday morning, drinking coffee..watching interview love me some Pacey Witter.
Oh how I wish Showtime's "The Affair" was a continuation of the lusty but untold story of Pacey Witter & Dawson Leery.
I need some laughter today. I'm gonna leave that up to Pacey Witter the master of comic relief &witty banter.
Pacey Witter is in the new show That's all I need. I'm sold.
The Affair on ShowTime looks good! Dominic West, Maura Tierney, Pacey Witter! I'm in.
One of these days I'm gonna write a dissertation how if pacey witter had been a girl, everyone would hate him cause EXES ARE OFF LIMITS.
If only all boys were like Pacey Witter..
Photoset: "You know? It used to be only comforting part about Pacey Witter is that I always knew what to...
I added a video to a playlist Pacey Witter and Joey Potter
you would appreciate this Pacey Witter article!
Every girl wants a boyfriend like Pacey Witter
"Their family is loaded, they have a satellite dish!" - Pacey Witter. Wow, 90's for ya! πŸ˜‚
I cannot get over the fact that Pacey Witter is a quick Witt! πŸ˜‚
An episode of Dawson's Creek without Pacey Witter is a stain on the medium of television.
pacey witter is a real man . The realest
"I remember everything." . Oh, Pacey Witter, you get me every time.
remember how Pacey Witter was such a gem?
I either need my own Chuck Bass or my own pacey witter. Like now
So if I could just have my own Pacey Witter my life would be πŸ‘Œ
That's it. I want to marry Pacey Witter.
Pacey Witter just pulled a total Peyton Sawyer and stood up for Jack the way Peyton did for Anna πŸ™Œ
All I need in life is my own personal Pacey Witter and a lifetime supply of books I've never read before.
Just walked past Diane Kruger but I didn’t they to high five her for snagging Pacey Witter
I will not settle til I have found my own Pacey WitterπŸ’ž
Some of My fav male characters of all time :))) Killian Jones, Stiles Stilinski, Logan Echolls, Pacey Witter, Spike, Damon Salvatore :)
Photoset: isobelstevenz: all the things i shipΒ β˜… pacey witter and Joey Potter this is about how you carried...
And the fact that Joshua Jackson's in it is a cherry on top. Pacey Witter has my heart forever.
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As the series goes on, Pacey Witter becomes more and more attractive. And more and more like my dream guy😍
Once again Mr. Pacey Witter makes me ball my eyes out. 😭❀️
ain't no tv boyfriend better than Pacey Witter people
Ryan atwood, pacey witter, Chuck Bass porque no existen?
day 29: Pacey Witter I adore you very much πŸ’ž
Fine! I just drafted Ari Gold, Jesse pinkman, Pacey Witter and Seth Cohen.
Guy who looks like Pacey Witter just stepped off a sailboat ... coincidence? I think not.
And one could totally write a how to be a hero in everyday life guide based on Pacey Witter. Seriously.
"High maintenance is just another way to say high quality."-Pacey Witter. I think I'm in love with another fictional char…
Pacey Witter, you are the reason I still believe in true love
"The simple act of being in love with you is enough for me" - Pacey Witter to Joey Potter OTP Top
Love that quote, Love the DE/P&J parallels, Love Pacey J. Witter :)
I'm convinced Pacey Witter will always be my dream guy. If you don't know who that is, we can't be friends.
WHY can't every/ any 16 year old boy/ male be like pacey witter WHY GOD WHY
Watching too much Dawnson's Creek...and starting to love Pacey Witter
I want a Pacey Witter, a Nathan Scott, a Damon Salvatore, and a stiles in my life. I'm crying because those guys don't exist😭😭
I want pacey I need pacey I love pacey where do you find a pacey witter
Nice joke on but I would contend that Joshua Jackson is better known as "Pacey Witter"
I want a lot of things like a million dollars and pacey witter
I wish I had a Nathan Scott or Chuck Bass or Troy Bolton or Pacey Witter😩
My love for Pacey Witter will last forever.
Think I fancy Pacey Witter more than Seth Cohen πŸ˜•πŸ˜• this is a difficult thing to come to terms with
I'm still in love with Pacey Witter.
Seriously can there please be a Pacey Witter in this generation?
Someone find me a Pacey Witter and I will be permanently happy 😍😘
Last book that made you cry? Like really cry? As in Joey Potter left me for Pacey Witter cry. For me.I Want...
I'd take Pacey Witter over any fictional character any day.
Pacey Witter...setting unrealistic expectations for boyfriends since the late 90's
All you Pacey Witter fans will enjoy this -
One day, I'm gonna meet a Pacey Witter, because sometimes I'm an Andie McPhee, and I don't care how it ends, they were perfect...
I love this episode! There will never be another character like Pacey Witter...
Pacey Witter is EXACTLY what I want in life. (With a bit of Harry Styles)
Happy Birthday handsome Joshua Jackson ! We love you & still looking for a Pacey Witter in our life :) xoxo
Joshua Jackson's birthday. An excuse to post a hot photo of him and day dream about marrying Pacey Witter. ❀️
Happy Birthday to the man who played my favorite character, Pacey Witter
Important topics of discussion with today. Pacey Witter and 90's fashions.
Ahah thanks! I love Dawson too but Pacey J. Witter is pretty much my hero.
Happy Birthday Pacey Witter/Charlie Conway/Peter Bishop/Joshua Jackson! May this be the year we meet again, the world requests it xo
Happy Birthday, Joshua Jackson! See him transform from Pacey Witter to perfect man:
Dawson's Creek Marathon is making me cry of happiness.So many good memories come to my mind when I see Joey Potter and Pacey Witter together
Like, spending my birthday with Charlie Conway/Pacey Witter would be a dream come true.
Dawson Leary may have forgotten Pacey Witter's 16th birthday but we'd never forget Joshua Jackson aka 36th bday! Have a blast!
Happy Birthday Can't wait for you to come back to TV. (Pacey Witter has ruined me!)
Me writing: "The character is Pacey Witter meets Robin Hood. Play it like that."
Oh, how desperately I wish I had my own Pacey Witter.
is the real life version of Pacey Witter
I blogged and it includes Chuck Bass AND Pacey Witter so don't pretend you're not interested. via
That Pacey Witter character is so like the teenboys I counsel...short of love, not much hope for the future, no one who believes in them.
My heart will always belong to Pacey Witter 😍
I see your Dawson Leery and raise you Pacey Witter. Be still my preteen heart.
which i was more Pacey Witter than Dawson Leery.
You know you're getting old when you reference Dawson Leery and Pacey Witter and younger coworkers don't know who you're talking about
"You bought me a wall?". "You said that already. Look, it's a limited time offer so you should get cracking.". I WANT MY OWN PACEY WITTER
Pacey Witter was the boy next door on Dawson's Creek, I thought it suited me
I've been binge watching Dawson's Creek and I regret nothing. Pacey Witter 😍
Y'all I really want a relationship like Pacey Witter and Joey Potter on Dawson's Creek.. Just a thought.
Dawsons Creek rewatch ep615 Castaways (my favourite ep). Pacey Witter can still manage to reduce me to tears.
Been watching Dawson's Creek videos and crying. Pacey Witter you have ruined me!
What's a girl gotta do to find her own Pacey Witter
I just want you to know that a 10 yr old with a cellphone is just plain wrong-Pacey WitterπŸ˜‚
Not book related and I don't care. I miss Dawson's Creek. I do. Recently, Soapnet went off the air and that meant no more BH90210 reruns. Or One Tree Hill. But I really, really miss Pacey Witter. (At least Gilmore Girls is still on ABCFamily) --Favorite guilty pleasure TV that you wish was still on?
I want someone exactly like Pacey Witter. Is that too much to ask? Except when he went through that dbag stock exchange phase. That was bad.
Yes. Peter functions well in the Pacey Witter-ish capacity. Like, adorable hot mess!
Watching old episodes of still need to find my very own Pacey Witter.Oh and someone to buy me a wall.
When you hear "This Year's Love" by David Gray and you just want to be on a sailboat somewhere with Pacey Witter
Pacey Witter, however, is the love of my life.
so when read James does Pace exibition who thought omg pacey witter>sup>
& yes I'm still in love with Pacey Witter πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ˜
Is that Pacey Witter's dad playing Tate's dad in ?
Ok it was pretty good neanmoins Pitt. Diane Kruger's so underrated. Probably because she's pretty and married to Pacey Witter.
I saw a pacey witter (Joshua Jackson) look alike on the bus and it was the best day of my life
"High-maintenance is really just another way of saying "high-quality." I love you, Pacey Witter.
I wish more guys were like Pacey Witter,
Current mood: still waiting for Pacey Witter to buy me a wall.
Watching The Mighty Ducks movies on They should reboot the series with Pacey Witter as the coach.
I'm having a major Pacey Witter moment over here, guys. All from a song that just came on my Songza station. Swoon.
OMFG im just super in love with Pacey Witter πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ’• why can't he be real and be in love with me too
Pacey Witter is literally my dream man.
plus... u know... Pacey Witter is the greatest character. ever. period. lol
I know I'm about 15 years too late but, I love Pacey Witter 😍
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You always had a thing for the boy next door and Pacey Witter is just the ticket. You just want to marry your best friend, and Joshua Jackson is clearly meant to be that best friend.
"You know, for a bright girl, you can be really daft sometimes."- Pacey Witter [about Joey Potter]
And the award for my favourite ever tv couple goes to...Pacey Witter and Joey Potter! β™₯ # Dawson'sCreek
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