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Pablo Sandoval

Pablo Eisler Sandoval (born August 11, 1986), nicknamed Kung Fu Panda, is a Venezuelan professional baseball infielder for the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball.

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Jose Altuve has 126 hits in 406 plate appearances this year, more than Lucas Duda, Joey Gallo & Pablo Sandoval do combined in 262 more PAs.
We bid adieu to Pablo Sandoval, worry about Steven Matz, & complain about ESPN's & coverage
In 2014, the Red Sox signed Pablo Sandoval, Hanley Ramirez, and Rusney Castillo for $255,500,000.
Pablo Sandoval is gone from the Red Sox, but his contract will not be forgotten (by
Sox giving 30% of a billion dollars to Carl Crawford, Pablo Sandoval, and Rusney Castillo in a 4-year span, in retrospect,…
The highlight of Pablo Sandoval's time in Boston:
Fans want them to do like the Red Sox and spend 90 million dollars on Pablo Sandoval.
Pablo Sandoval's not walking through that door. (Cuz he can't fit!).
In case you missed it, Pablo Sandoval was DFA'd. Boston is going to pay him a boatload of money to go away.
Pablo Sandoval was a $95M disaster with the Red Sox, but was Boston the problem?
telegram​.com >> Pablo Sandoval now part of an ignominious group
Pablo Sandoval, Allen Craig and Rusney Castillo will make about $40M in actual cash this year. Nice work if you can get…
On the matter of what went wrong with Pablo Sandoval, chatting with the crew and
It sounds like the Pablo Sandoval DFA is about to make even more sense. The timing of it, anyway👀👀
FINALLY, our long national nightmare is over —The Red Sox have designated Pablo Sandoval for assignment:
Where does Pablo Sandoval signing rank among the biggest blunders in Boston sports history?.
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Pablo Panda Sandoval cut from Red Sox $95 million for a total of 161 games, 575 at-bats, 136 hits & 14 HR you dodged a bullet
Panda-mania over in Boston as Red Sox designate Pablo Sandoval for assignment | SPIN.PH via
Pablo Sandoval made 2 million dollars more than Paul McCartney last year.
To recap: Pablo Sandoval is due ~ $49.5M, which represents 2nd most dead money on a contract in history, after Josh Ham…
Easy to kick someone when they're down, but Pablo Sandoval hit .426 in the 3 WS the won. That's how we'll re…
Is Pablo Sandoval the worst MLB free agent signing of all time?
Pablo Sandoval may have been DFA'd, but this GIF will live on forever.
Finally, Pablo Sandoval can just relax and not always have to worry about staying in peak physical condition
Red Sox designate Pablo Sandoval for assignment, effectively cutting ties with him via
Aaron Judge at $507K hit DOUBLE the homeruns in three months (30), than Pablo Sandoval did his ENTIRE tenure (14) w/ the Re…
Pablo Sandoval when he heard the Red Sox cut him ..
Pablo Sandoval has been DFA'd by the Red Sox.
Red Sox have cut Pablo Sandoval and plan to eat the remainder of his contract before he does.
are still responsible for the roughly $67 million left on Pablo Sandoval's contract.
Red Sox designated Pablo Sandoval for assignment. That assignment? Go somewhere else and figure out why you were a $95 millio…
Live look at Pablo Sandoval being told he's been DFA'd by the Red Sox
Pablo Sandoval ended up playing the exact number of games for Boston as Carl Crawford (161). Very fitting. Crawford was…
Tom Verducci & chat Michael Pineda & Pablo Sandoval leading up to tonight's at 7pE.
The today designated 3B Pablo Sandoval for assignment.
Exactly. Carl Crawford, John Lackey, Pablo Sandoval, David Price. I'm not a genius but I could see that those were bad signings.
From July 31-Nov. 25, 2014, Red Sox traded for Allen Craig and signed Rusney Castillo and Pablo Sandoval. $195.4 million for m…
Krispy Kreme is selling 80 cent doughnuts on the day Pablo Sandoval and his 50+ million hungary a$$ was released. C…
Jerome James and Pablo Sandoval should have a steak dinner at Bobby Bonilla's house
Having seen Mike Rizzo's work with the I'm guessing he'll sign Pablo Sandoval to a AAA contract & hope he can replace Trea Turner.
Pablo Sandoval impact on the hot corner gave James Loney NIGHTMARES. Had to pull the ball everytime. QUANTIFY THAT!
I'm seeing a LOT of critiques of Farrell. Those of you have it twisted. John Farrell did not sign Pablo Sandoval or trade Travis Shaw.
John Farrell hates Pablo Sandoval so much he has Christian Vazquez playing third base... why is he even on the roster still?
Sonny Gray and Jed Lowrie to RedSox for Pablo Sandoval, Sam Travis, Swihart, and Kyle Kendrick.
if you vote for Pablo Sandoval for the All Star team your entire ballot shouldn't count because you're an ***
Farrell said Pablo Sandoval will return to the lineup when the Red Sox head out on their eight-game road trip
Once again, Pablo Sandoval is not in the lineup. But John Farrell says Sox will 'keep him in the mix'…
Chris Sale didn't start to suck until Pablo Sandoval showed up. Just making an observation here.
The will call up Pablo Sandoval from Triple-A Pawtucket to take Dustin Pedroia's roster spot.
Pablo Sandoval helps out Price with an RBI double, followed by a 2-run HR by Brian Bogusevic...cut it to 4-3
Holy smokes Batman. An RBI double by Pablo Sandoval & a 2-run HR by RF Brian Bogusevic gets the on the board. Now 4-3 w/ 1 out
[CBS Sports]The Red Sox are staring down the barrel of a terrible contract with Pablo Sandoval, bu…
Bear you Grady Sizemore way Pablo Sandoval after San Francisco sorry and out of shape
2) you hit the ball all the time. You’re the white Pablo Sandoval. White Kung Fu Panda.
John Lackey just hammered a standup double into the left field corner, tying Pablo Sandoval in doubles this season with…
Pablo Sandoval getting the start against a LHP. Might not get a bunch more with Rutledge coming back:
Pablo Sandoval starting for Boston Red Sox against Blue Jays left-hander Francisco Liriano
Pablo Sandoval's 2012 WS Game 1 home runs into Delmon Young diving catches
Sandy Leon and Pablo Sandoval are the David Ortiz replacements
Yoan Moncada must have gotten some diet tips from Pablo Sandoval before he got traded to the White Sox.
Pablo Sandoval handles his first chance -- a routine one at 3B -- and Brian Johnson has a 1-2-3 first.
COLUMN: Breaking down Red Sox candidates from likely (Brock Holt) to wild (Rafael Devers) if Pablo Sandoval loses……
Dave Dombrowski on report Pablo Sandoval wants Boston Red Sox trade if not
Dave Dombrowski on report Pablo Sandoval wants trade if not
Pablo Sandoval got 'complacent' with big Red Sox deal - ABC News
Baseball is around the corner when best-shape-of-his-life stories start appearing: Pablo Sandoval at spring training
Pablo Sandoval has 'eating disorder' and 3B 'can't control
"We think that Pablo Sandoval is able to comeback and contribute on a regular basis and be a solid big league player" - Dave Dombrowski
MLB: "Moreland joins Jackie Bradley Jr. and Andrew Benintendi from the left side. Pablo Sandoval and Sandy Leon are switch-hitters."
Could the Giants be looking to reunite with Pablo Sandoval?
Pablo Sandoval, Henry Owens, and an 18 pack of Old Milwaukee, who says no?
I HOPE this potential Pablo Sandoval deal to S.F. gets legs. Theres no real hurdles. All three parties (SOX/SF/PANDA)want…
Roberto Perez having a Pablo Sandoval-like Game 1 of the World Series
i always thought it would be Pablo Sandoval that got you to do it
I think the Red Sox should offer a trade in service for Pablo Sandoval jerseys 🙄
u can't be serious right? Ur biased af if u think that. Lemme guess Pablo Sandoval is better than judge right?
Pablo Sandoval weight: Boston Red Sox ‘have no intention...
Why is Pablo Sandoval officiating the mens long jump?
Pablo Sandoval / Pablo Sandoval (shoulder) has lost 15 pounds while working out
Completely forgot Pablo Sandoval is still on the RedSox
in case you were wondering, Pablo Sandoval for me is like Hanley for you.
you could broaden that category to Pablo Sandoval in general and I’d agree with the number.
There are at least 108,643 things I care more about than Pablo Sandoval's weight
Its already making me sad with Farrell talking up Pablo Sandoval, so this guy is really gonna be our 3rd baseman next year? Moncada?
Pablo Sandoval has lost 15 pounds, according to John Farrell.
That is John Farrell who said Pablo Sandoval has lost 15 pounds. I have not weighed him myself.
Farrell said Pablo Sandoval and Carson Smith will link with the team in Tampa next week.
Pablo Sandoval has lost 15 pounds, goes to Red Sox complex in Florida 5, 6 days a week. Sox will see him, Carson Smith when playing Rays
when you're reminded Pablo Sandoval is still a thing
Pablo Sandoval has dropped 15 pounds and is "working hard" in Fort Myers, according to John Farrell.
lmao I'm selling my 11's to no one. They are my favorite. 😍
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What is the status of Pablo Sandoval? Hello?
[emergence of Kensuke Tanaka and his .400/.471/.400 slash line i…
How useless do you have to be for the team you play for to pay you to NOT PLAY! Only Pablo Sandoval is playing his team out of $$$ better
All my tigers stuff is at the other house but I have a Pablo Sandoval jersey, a Corey Kluber shirsey, and a Kerry Wood shirsey ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
No one does quite like Hunter Pence and Pablo Sandoval.
so you'd Pablo Sandoval and Rusney Castillo right?
Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder and Pablo Sandoval also in the running.
Red Sox offense all the more impressive given the total busts that are Pablo Sandoval, Allen Craig & Rusney Castillo.
fans need to slow the panic. Carl Crawford, Julio Lugo Matt Clement and Pablo Sandoval started slow too.
Pablo Sandoval combusted, so I wrote about some of the worst MLB contracts in recent history, for
To heck with Trump. We should nominate Pablo Sandoval's agent. Has anyone gotten more for less?
Pablo Sandoval is being paid what he's worth.
Pablo Sandoval's belt couldn't hold all that weight no more 😂
First 4-game sweep in Stockton since a Pablo Sandoval-led team did it in 2007.
it's ok ... Miggy and Pablo Sandoval know each other.. Friends hug
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Alright bro, you can be Pablo Sandoval
Remember when Vin had a no-hitter, maybe perfecto, I'm not sure and Pablo Sandoval bunted on him for a hit? Gripes!
Almost mistook this for a photo of Pablo Sandoval.
Pablo Sandoval could eat 5 of those
Will the Loss of Pablo Sandoval Have an Impact on the Boston Red Sox?
makes even more sense given Pablo Sandoval's cameo in it
Thank god Travis Shaw is up and not Pablo Sandoval
Pablo Sandoval for White Sox first base coach Daryl Boston. Who says no?
It's times like these that I wonder what Pablo Sandoval is having for dinner.
Just let Pablo Sandoval go he's like 350 with a torn left shoulder smh
Can't wait to binge watch "The Adventures of Young Pablo Sandoval" on Netflix this summer.
Pablo Sandoval is giving him good competition but that's about it. Lol
Pablo Sandoval is out for the year. He'll spend the next 12 months rehabbing at Panda Express.
Pablo Sandoval's L shoulder surgery was indeed complicated: Included repair of labrum tear and cleanup of rotator cuff. He'…
Travis Shaw with the triple or as its known to Pablo Sandoval "im out of breath il stay at first"
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Do you think that Hanley Ramirez stole Pablo Sandoval's mojo?
If Pablo Sandoval ate his own leg would he gain weight?
Red Sox 3B Pablo Sandoval to have surgery on left shoulder
Pablo Sandoval's OPS declined his last 3 years in SF. Same w/ his weight going up. He has a good postseason and the Red Sox pay him. ***
Hanley's advice: rebab from shoulder surgery difficult, requires lots of work. Panda and work? He's screwed.
I don't know what gave up faster. Pablo Sandoval's belt or the Padres
Pablo Sandoval is the luckiest fat guy on earth
none that I can think of. Maybe one for Pablo Sandoval
Pablo Sandoval will have left shoulder surgery
No it would not be (see: the internet's response to Pablo Sandoval)
Live look at Pablo Sandoval as he recovers and rehabs from shoulder surgery
Silverman: No one will be missing Pablo Sandoval for now
One too many Dunkin Donuts and Pablo Sandoval is now done for the season!!!
The Pablo Sandoval belt offer is canceled, but we're proud to announce that is BANNED from our store for life
These out-of-shape athletes should give hope to Pablo Sandoval and the Red Sox.. Related Articles:
The Red Sox' Pablo Sandoval undergoes surgery on injured shoulder and is out for the season
Pablo Sandoval has contributed more to this team than Chris Young has. At least he's provided entertainment.
i bet Pablo Sandoval would help you out, i hear he doesnt get much playing time🙃
I week ago I would have given you Pablo Sandoval
Red Sox's Pablo Sandoval reportedly out for the season after complicated shoulder surgery.
Pablo Sandoval to undergo surgery on ailing shoulder, no timetable for return.
Exactly. We expect Eddie Lacy / Pablo Sandoval to watch their weight and what they eat for benefit of team...
Imagine how huge Pablo Sandoval is going to get after having surgery and sitting a year. He will make Vince Wilfork look skinny.
according to divorce experts Pablo Sandoval's marriage isnt goin well in Boston. Overrated at 17 million
id say maybe fb Pablo Sandoval or Gary carter
The Washington Redskins are giving Josh Norman $75M to be an elite corner. The Red Sox are giving Pablo Sandoval $95M…
Ya'll Need offense? We also have a Pablo Sandoval a huge upgrade over Chase Headley
Shoulder expert outlines what may have kept Pablo Sandoval from second opinion - Boston Herald
VIDEO: A Blue Jays fan brought the perfect gift for Pablo Sandoval to Sunday's game, something he definitely needs:. h…
What's wrong with Pablo Sandoval? A former Red Sox doctor is mystified by Sandoval's injury. .
Now on AJ & Rich, updates us on Pablo Sandoval's visit to Dr James Andrews... is there actually a shoulder injury?
A former Red Sox Dr. claims the latest report on Pablo Sandoval is a “head scratcher”
Pablo Sandoval is too sore to be evaluated by Dr. James Andrews?! We talk about it now on 93.7 FM
BREAKING: Arthur Ashe Courage Award to be awarded to Pablo Sandoval's personal chef.
Pablo Sandoval wasn't able to get a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews on Monday.
Pablo Sandoval's shoulder was too sore to be examined by Dr. James Andrews during visit.
It will be two weeks, according to a baseball source, before Pablo Sandoval returns to Pensacola to be seen again by Dr. James Andrews.
Here's what John Farrell said about Pablo Sandoval's visit with Dr. James Andrews.
Pablo Sandoval (shoulder) too sore to have full exam by Dr. James Andrews via
According to John Farrell, Pablo Sandoval was "too sore" to be fully examined by Dr. James Andrews. Lol
Pablo Sandoval (shoulder) will have another visit with Dr. James Andrews in two weeks.
Pablo Sandoval received a cortisone injection in his left shoulder and will be reexamined by Dr. James Andrews...
Pablo Sandoval is meeting with Dr. James Andrews right now. Will fly back tonight then figure out what's next.
Jared Sullinger and Pablo Sandoval are the same person
Cliff Floyd talking about Pablo Sandoval. seconds later a play involving pizza occurs? Coincidence? I think not
The fact that the Red Sox are paying Pablo Sandoval more than David Ortiz this year makes about as much sense as having…
BREAKING: Billy Butler, Deric Barton, Jonny Gomes and Jim Johnson for Pablo Sandoval trade happening! Two team, 3 Pro Organization swap a-go
Pablo Sandoval placed on the 15 day DL with "too fat"
30$ million dollars for this white Pablo Sandoval
So, Pablo Sandoval's agent says he's a Ferrari. Is he this one?
VIDEO: A Blue Jays fan brought Pablo Sandoval a present to help him out after what happened to him on Saturday:. https:/…
Pablo Sandoval booed during pregame introductions at the Red Sox home opener -
Pablo Sandoval. Not quite "game shape" the picture that everyone's going to be talking about tomorrow. htt…
This guy brought a belt for Pablo Sandoval today 💀
I'm honestly starting to feel bad for Pablo Sandoval.
Happens to the best of us... Pablo Sandoval belt breaks on swing via
With each passing game, it becomes abundantly clear that Pablo Sandoval has no role with via
*A giant spider falls from the sky and eats Pablo Sandoval*
Give Pablo Sandoval a break. I'd be fat and playing baseball too if I just watched in Beer League.
A fan brought a belt to the game for Pablo Sandoval! 😂😂😂
wat if The Life of Pablo was about Pablo Sandoval?
BOSTON -- Pablo Sandoval was met by a smattering of boos as the Boston Red Sox were introduced Monday…
Guarantee Sandoval will get less boos (if any) when the Sox come to SF this year.
VIDEO: A very rude Blue Jays fan found Pablo Sandoval a new belt
What does he have to explain? Pablo Sandoval is a bad baseball player
Boston Red Sox's John Farrell explains decision not to use Pablo Sandoval as pinch hitter vs. righty -…
Morning Sports Update: Pablo Sandoval on benching: ‘I have to be p ...
Prince Fielder and Pablo Sandoval could steal two bases on Lester. His move is trash
Pablo Sandoval's belt couldn't take it anymore
So, Pablo Sandoval, missing the cruel SF media yet?
Pablo Sandoval's first start of the year: 0-for-3 with 3 strikeouts, 1 error and 1 exploded belt.💀
Maybe Pablo Sandoval can keep his shirt untucked while at-bat? I mean, MLB Rule 1.11 doesn't say he HAS to!
Pablo Sandoval booed pregame at the Red Sox home opener - - I think Panda ate Josh Beckett
I would be willing to bet Pablo Sandoval could beat you in basketball. Underrated athlete.
Same question: David Ortiz, Prince Fielder, Pablo Sandoval. This would make money on PPV.
if that was excuse than $85 million is enough for Pablo Sandoval to step away from buffet table..
Pablo Sandoval broke his belt yesterday -- so it begins. (via
LOOK: Pablo Sandoval breaks his belt before striking out via
right? As if it was that easy. I'm basically turning into Pablo Sandoval these days, so I might not be able to throw 35 MPH
I think we've already seen the best of Price. His decline will start and he'll be as effective as Pablo Sandoval
BREAKING NEWS: Craig Kimbrel joins Carl Crawford, Eric Gagne, Pablo Sandoval as players who just can't handle Fenway
Pablo Sandoval is at Carl Crawford level of Red Sox nation hate
At least Pablo Sandoval's Belt held up this time.
watching Patrick Reed swing is like watching Pablo Sandoval bat
digitalkingpins:. Red Sox skipper John Farrell tells reporters that 3B Pablo Sandoval will be benched on Opening …
Ellis Valentine has put on a few pounds but he's still smaller than Pablo Sandoval! Bring back the
[Larry Brown Sports] Report: Padres have had internal talks about Pablo Sandoval
Baseball Contract of $95 million, sidelines Pablo Sandoval. Does he re-invest some of his fortune into our A.Dreams?
bench Pablo Sandoval: 'I'm happy with the decision' https:…
Pablo Sandoval: Starting Travis Shaw 'the right decision to help the team win' (Rob Bradford/Full Count)
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Red Sox skipper John Farrell tells reporters that Pablo Sandoval will not start at third base on Opening Day.
Pablo Sandoval has been benched by Boston. "I can't wait to spend my extra free time with unlimited bread sticks" respond…
Pablo Sandoval - $95 million backup third basemen. guy has got it figured out
John Farrell announces Travis Shaw is starting third baseman, Pablo Sandoval on the bench: http…
Pablo Sandoval talks to Rob Bradford about losing the 3B job to Travis Shaw:
Travis Shaw named starting third baseman for Defense was deciding factor. Pablo Sandoval will try to earn more pla…
Farrell says Travis Shaw is the Red Sox starting third baseman. Pablo Sandoval to the bench.
James Sheilds for Pablo Sandoval would be a blessing. Opening up 3rd base for young Travis Shaw to dominate and get experience.
How about it SD? Pablo Sandoval for Big Game James Shields? Let's do it?
“James Shields for Pablo Sandoval: Who says no?” It’d actually make a lot of sense opening up ABs for Shaw/Holt
Casey Affleck on Pablo Sandoval: 'People have all kinds of bodies'
Don't expect Travis Shaw to take Pablo Sandoval's job just yet
Red Sox could replace Pablo Sandoval with Travis Shaw as soon as Opening Day via
David Price. Hanley Ramirez. Pablo Sandoval. If it was 2010, I'd be really excited.
I'm on instant TILT, putting the rest of my account on a Rick Porcello Cy Young/Pablo Sandoval batting champ parlay
There is absolutely no chance the Red Sox start Travis Shaw in front of Hanley Ramirez or Pablo Sandoval. Zero, none, would never happen.
Love what I'm seeing from Joe Kelly, Hanley Ramirez and even Pablo Sandoval today. It's a great day for baseball.
Hanley Ramirez doubles and Pablo Sandoval homers to center. What a day to be alive
needs to trade Pablo Sandoval & Hanley Ramirez to the for a bag a balls, couple of hot dogs and box of *** jacks.
With DH Adam LaRoche retiring the should help a fellow team out and give the Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez.
Pablo Sandoval fields a high chopper on the grass but then throws too low to first base, and Sam Travis can't dig it out.
[SB Nation: Over the Monster] Why I'm still rooting for Pablo Sandoval
As you go to bed tonight, remember that Sean McAdam thinks Pablo Sandoval is fat. Pete Abraham will have nutrition advice in the morning.
By any chance does Pablo Sandoval have a son who constantly hangs around the team?
Pablo Sandoval wanted a new challenge w/ the He's geting what he wished for:
Robbie Ross bringing the heat to Pablo Sandoval.
Vega said Juan Uribe has over 30 cars and Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval are two top clients. He also designed cars for Fast & Furious.
I hope Pablo Sandoval hits .340 with 40 home runs this year...
Giants announcer says Pablo Sandoval has an eating disorder
Wire: Mike Krukow believes Pablo Sandoval has an eating disorder
Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow says third baseman Pablo Sandoval has an ea...
Mike Krukow thinks Pablo Sandoval has an eating disorder
One of the most burning questions in Boston Sports today...Pablo Sandoval vs Glen 'Big Baby' Davis
third baseman Pablo Sandoval has an eating disorder || he needs psychiatric help.
Mike Krukow, longtime voice of says 3B Pablo Sandoval has "eating disorder"
"It's going to get ugly." - Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow predicts how Pablo Sandoval will fare in 2016:
The life of Pablo Sandoval is a very good life indeed: Pablo Sandoval is beginning the second season of a five...
Do you wish you were Pablo Sandoval fat so that you couldn't fit into the car to cruise up the coast that one time?
This guy has made you a career. Hannibal Burress is to Bill Cosby what Jared Carrabis is to Pablo Sandoval
Pablo Sandoval shows up to Red Sox camp, says he never checked weight in winter
More articles are written daily about Pablo Sandoval's gut than Wade Davis having the lowest ERA of a reliever over 2yr span..…
Pablo Sandoval reports for Red Sox spring training: Pablo Sandoval is early for the Boston Red Sox 2016 spring...
Pablo Sandoval looks like CC Sabathia and Glen Davis combined bodies and then ate a watermelon whole.
Red Sox fan begs Giants manager to take back Pablo Sandoval...
Red Sox Fan begs Bruce Bochy to take back Pablo Sandoval
[Contra Costa Times] - Pablo Sandoval will take another swing from right side -
Okay I will revisit the drew Storen vs Pablo Sandoval complete with charts and a shout out to Matt Thornton
Could sign Carl Crawford, Hanley Ramirez & Pablo Sandoval for that and still have enough left over for a small coffee.
MOVE THOSE CHAINS Pablo Sandoval really struggles in these high pressure situations.
He's too busy rolling in his grave over Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval wearing Red Sox Uni's.
SportsCenter Video: Bounce-back years from Dustin Pedroia, Pablo Sandoval \"key factor\" for 2016 Red Sox - J…
Order you own Pablo Sandoval game model SSK glove at today. Enter promo…
What grace! What style! Pablo Sandoval is really reppin' for the ladies out there.
I see your fat face Big Ben and raise you a Pablo Sandoval.
Signature model is in and ready for a big 2016! Get now @
The Dead are coming back to Fenway Park (we're not talkin' Pablo Sandoval or Hanley Ramirez)
I don't get how Eddie Lacy that size can be a running back but Pablo Sandoval can't play 3rd base
Eddie Lacy is like the better, football version of Pablo Sandoval.
what should I do with my Pablo Sandoval poster?
Things that are easier to tackle than Spencer Ware: Conor McGregor, Pablo Sandoval, an actual bear, a bus, the Leaning Tower of Pisa
For those conceding the AL East to the I have two things to say: Hanley Ramirez, Pablo Sandoval. That is all
Pablo Sandoval, working hard in the off-season
What a strange era: Pablo Sandoval Catching and Brian Wilson with no beard
Pablo Sandoval vs Verlander. 95mph up and in & 95mph low and away.
Remember the time Pablo Sandoval was too out of shape to avoid a pitch/didn't even try since it lightly grazed his jersey at best?
Hanley Ramirez and/or Pablo Sandoval may be on the market soon in Boston.
the sf giants are gonna be soo good this year with Lincecum, Matt cain, Freddy sanchez, Pablo Sandoval, Mark Derosa, Aubr…
us? Listen Pablo Sandoval there's no room for 2 3rd basemen with burrito bodies 😔
I'm down for that all y'all have is your pitching rotation and Pablo Sandoval
Statistically, things don't look promising for a Pablo Sandoval bounce back season.
any chance for Starling Marte - Pittsburgh, Neil Walker, Pablo Sandoval or Brock Holt?
Yeah, could just get Pablo Sandoval instead :) (I don't actually remember his contract numbers)
or Pablo Sandoval who just wanted to play SS like Vizquel and decided to be RH
The ONLY two Giants players that I KNOW are and have been *** to their fans are Pablo Sandoval and Sergio Romo.
I guess I should mentioned Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval for almost 200 Million, right? ;)
The decline of Pablo Sandoval: Things got pretty bad for Pablo Sandoval in 2015 and the numbers…
Go read piece on Pablo Sandoval's decline, but prepare yourself, cause it ain't pretty:
Red Sox need more out of Pablo Sandoval via BostonGlobe
. takes a closer (depressing) look at the decline of Pablo Sandoval
For statistically, things don't look good for a Pablo Sandoval bounce back.
Red Sox need more out of Pablo Sandoval
we will give them Hanley Ramirez or Pablo Sandoval or both
New post up from the team! A group of OSAT members looked at the most overvalued player in the MLB; Pablo Sandoval
What if Pablo Sandoval falls out of favor this season? Cecchini could have been right there to hop in at 3B.
A lot of people said the same thing last year about Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval...worked out ok for the 98-win Pirates.
blocked at his positions by better proven prospects/Sandoval and if you think he should start over Pablo...
Pablo Sandoval too. What a terrible system...
The Worst Sign of 2014: Pablo Sandoval (nothing close). The Worst Sign of 2015: Jason Heyward. We know this before he signs. 200 Mill NO WAY
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