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Pablo Neruda

Pablo Neruda (July 12, 1904 – September 23, 1973) was the pen name and, later, legal name of the Chilean poet, diplomat and politician Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto.

Isla Negra Federico Garcia Lorca

So i sat on my couch sipping on some fanta *** tyms are hard no AMARULA? Am meditating on some PABLO NERUDA, Then i hear sark diss
“As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.” . ~ Pablo Neruda .
sorry that love you so much. I love you so why not know with otherwise ... "- Pablo Neruda
Seeing one of Pablo Neruda's houses today was amazing. What an incredible guy and a beautiful poet.
"In one kiss, you'll know all I haven't said. " - Pablo Neruda . Photo by Bruce Davidson, 1959
"And one by one the nights of our separated cities are joined by the night that unites us."~ Pablo Neruda.
"In you the rivers sing and my soul flees in them,". Ah Vastness of Pines//Pablo Neruda
"And the waves tell the firm coast:. 'Everything will be fulfilled.'". - Pablo Neruda
I am everybody and everytime -. I always call myself by your name ... Pablo Neruda. Indian Beach
Pablo Neruda, henry wadsworth longfellow, Emerson, William Ernest Henley,edna st vincent millay, sylvia plath and so many more
We're stargazing on my trampoline buried in a pile of pillows and blankets and reading Pablo Neruda's poetry. I am so satisfied.
Lovely Sergio Larraín B&W picture of Pablo Neruda writing poetry in his Isla Negra house
Pablo Neruda reburied at his coastal home in Isla Negra:
"I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadows and the soul". Pablo Neruda
are you excited about coming to South America? Chile Te ama. I'm going to give you a Pablo Neruda's book. 🇨🇱❤️
The L💙ve nest of Pablo Neruda & Matilde (La Chascona) I loved the tour around this house, that's been built at the …
just watched a movie about Pablo Neruda in English and I don't think I've ever disliked a poet more...
"This brief visit w ends all too soon, yet reminds one why his work still matters."
*** Pablo Neruda just ruined my peaceful night.
want to create a project titled "20 songs of despair and 1 love poem" as an inverse homage to Pablo Neruda's classic coll…
. “Perhaps I didn’t live just in my self, perhaps I lived the lives of others. . .. ". - Pablo Neruda
Remains of Nobel-prize winning poet Pablo Neruda were finally reburied in Isla Negra
"I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this.". —Pablo Neruda
004. "Tonight I can write the saddest lines:. I loved her and sometimes she loved me, too.” -- PABLO NERUDA
A Place to Stand: The Making of a Poet Jimmy Santiago Baca Has Been Called an Heir to Pablo Neruda and One of the
Express your soul with laughter. "Laughter is the language of the soul." Pablo Neruda
Newly discovered works by Pablo Neruda and other best poetry this month
Three years after exhumation, Pablo Neruda is reburied in Isla Negra, Chile. Full test results coming next month
APTOPIX Chile Neruda: A collection of glass bottles that belonged to Chile's Nobel Prize-winning poet Pablo N...
Someday. somewhere. unfailingly. you’ll find yourself, & that, & only that, can be the happiest or bitterest hour of your…
Pablo Neruda celebrated poet and politician reburied
Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda re-buried after investigation reveals little
“I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.” .
Poet Pablo Neruda reburied after his body was exhumed to determine the cause of his mysterious death in 1973:
"We need to sit on the rim. of the well of darkness. and fish for fallen light. with patience.". ~ Pablo Neruda https:/…
"Pablo Neruda said laughter is the language of the soul.". "I am familiar with the works of Pablo Neruda."
I just used Shazam to discover Pablo Neruda by Patty Larkin.
Pablo Neruda, and why I don't care for the feelings of Miami Cubans (Gusanos)
“And the verse falls to the soul like dew to the pasture.” - Pablo Neruda, “Tonight I Can Write” (via...
"Let's forget with generosity those who cannot love us"- Pablo Neruda.
I am no longer in love with her, that's certain, but maybe I love her. Love is so short, forgetting is so long. 🍁 Pablo Neruda
(Translation) Be natural again! Seen outside Pablo Neruda's house premises in Santiago. This area is a street art...
"You can cut all the but you cannot keep from coming.". -Pablo Neruda…
To celebrate here's a quote from the poem by Pablo Neruda that inspired our name!
"I want to do to you what does with the cherry trees " ~ Pablo Neruda
Read this beautiful Poem by Pablo Neruda this morning, reminds me of the importance of investing time and money...
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'Although this may be the last pain she causes me,. and this may be the last poem I write for her.'. Pablo Neruda.
'Someone else's. She will be someone else's. As she once. belonged to my kisses. Her voice, her light body. Her infinite eyes.'. Pablo Neruda.
Tonight I Can Write by Pablo Neruda. Am I so shallow if I cried because of this? ***
I'm also interested in "Pablo Neruda". And try looking for it is in JP. TY 4 intelligence conversation.
The memory of you,. emerges from the night . around me... Pablo Neruda. Photography by Donald Verry.
"Bless me, Ultima" by Rudolfo Anaya; "Captain's Verses" by Pablo Neruda; "Managed Heart" by Arlie Hochschild. All great books
A hidden gem! Gabriel Garcia Marquez chats with his good friend Pablo Neruda …
The most I know about Pablo Neruda is that he's in La Vie Bohème
In one kiss. You'll know all. I never said ... Pablo Neruda
"In your life. my infinite dreams live". ~Pablo Neruda~
I keep seeing you posting Lang Leav and Rupi Kaur's works! Im starting to lo… — Pablo Neruda can never do you wrong
Tonight I can write the saddest lines by Pablo Neruda is still my all-time favorite poem.
“If nothing saves us from death, at least love should save us from life”. Pablo Neruda.
Listen to what people don't say ... Pablo Neruda. Foto
You swallowed everything, like distance. Like the sea, like time. In you everything sank! - Pablo Neruda
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I don?t love her, that?s certain, but perhaps I love her. Love is brief: forgetting lasts so long. Pablo Neruda
Falling asleep to the words of Pablo Neruda.
I need the sea because it teaches me - Pablo Neruda
On nights like this, I held her in my arms I kissed her so many times under the infinite sky. ― Pablo Neruda
Unpacked from the boxes from our recent book rescue in Mexico: Pablo in Yiddish, published in 1949 htt…
.wrote about her search for Pablo Neruda for
“Ghosts of Chile," a new essay by on her search for Pablo Neruda
In a kiss you will know everything I didn't say. how beautiful. PABLO NERUDA
Pablo Neruda Hummingbird Poem. A poem...Ode to the Hummingbird. via
“If nothing saves us from death, at least” Pablo Neruda by Linarain via
Body of a woman white hills white thighs. You look like a world lying in surrender. - Pablo Neruda
I will need one more life, few more heart breaks and some old monk to really understand, why I never liked Pablo Neruda.
'Let us forget with generosity. those who cannot love us'. Pablo Neruda
selected poem of Pablo Neruda on grensi valentine's card. 🌾 (with Victor) [pic] —
Love is the mystery of water and a star. Pablo Neruda
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Stop what you're doing and read some Pablo Neruda
You are like my soul, . a butterfly of dream, . and you are like the word Melancholy. — Pablo Neruda, I Like for You to Be Still
"I want to fill my mouth with your name" A beautiful poem by Neruda that i very highly recommend.
And when you appear all the rivers sound. In my body, bells shake the sky, And a hymn fills the world.~Pablo Neruda
I love you as one loves certain dark things, secretly, between the shadow and the soul. . -Pablo Neruda
culture vocab mandatos there's 1 nosotros mandate and know about the 3 literature things on the review and about Pablo Neruda
Was it where they lost me. that I was able to find myself?. ~ Pablo Neruda, the Book of Questions
Neruda's childhood anecdote of the hand through the fence remains the most beautiful articulation of why we make art https…
Vladimir Nabokov, Pablo Neruda and Jorge Luis Borges were all in the running for the 1965 Nobel prize for literature
"You and I together have gone down a single river with linked mouths filled with salt and blood." — Pablo Neruda.
“But my words become stained with your love. You occupy everything, you occupy everything.” - Pablo Neruda,...
"Green was the silence, wet was the light, the month of June trembled like a butterfly."Pablo Neruda. Michael Eastman http…
Colorful flowers in the shore of Isla Negra (Black Island), one of the places where Pablo Neruda used to live.
Pablo Neruda's personal library, transferred from Chile to private collector in Madrid
EverydayILoveYou Because . So intimate that when i fall asleep your eyes close. . - Pablo Neruda.
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/ remembering poet Pablo Neruda - Pausing to look up at the moon, in all its reliable wonder
Pablo Neruda is a rapist. In his memoirs, he describes of raping a Tamil woman while in Ceylon as a diplomat.
Nik Lentz writes B.J. Penn a poem you have to read Whos pablo neruda compared to
"I don't know how others love or how people loved in the past. I live, watching you, loving you. Being in love is my nature.". Pablo Neruda
While living in Chile I visited both of Pablo Neruda's houses. His poetry is a treasure to that country. And they all know it.
“I want to see thirst. In the syllables,. Tough fire. In the sound;. Feel through the dark. For the scream.” . ― Pablo Neruda.
Family of believe poet may have been poisoned. By:
Gave this book to my son. A wonderful way to introduce Pablo Neruda's work to young ones.
A lyrical gem from Pablo Neruda for
"Time lives close to the sea, counting and touching what exists." --Pablo Neruda
Terry can write about riding a as poetically as Pablo Neruda writes about love
It's so look up some Pablo Neruda and remember why words are beautiful.
Every day you play with the light of the universe. – Pablo Neruda
That's the homie Pablo Neruda. I'll send you some of my stuff if you'd like. It's old, though
Happy National Poetry Day, Pablo Neruda will forever be my favorite poet out there!
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Today I went to my FAVORITE poet's home in Santiago, Chile. Pablo Neruda was revolutionary. Sonnet XVII will always be my fav…
I hunger for your sleek laugh & your hands the colour of a furious harvest. I want to eat the sunbeams flaring in your bea…
Also love this sonnet by Pablo Neruda 😍
And in the end.. I found a bed on the monument dor Pablo Neruda in S.Angelo Ischia.. E alla fine.. Io…
I love you as certain dark things love (From Pablo Neruda)
I love poetry, do you like Pablo Neruda? Please reply? xoxo
Language is the laughter of the soul - Pablo Neruda
My favorite poems on 'Tonight I Can Write The Saddest Lines' by Pablo Neruda
"I like on the table, when we're speaking, the light of a bottle of intelligent wine." - Pablo Neruda
"I like you calm because you are absent.". Pablo Neruda
It's poetry day? I had no idea. Happy coincidence that I spent part of the afternoon reading Pablo Neruda then.
To feel the love of people whom we love is a fire that feeds our life ― Pablo Neruda
It's National Poetry Day - here's one of my favourites by Pablo Neruda 'Tonight I can write'.
“Peace goes into the making of a poet as flour goes into the making of bread.” -Pablo Neruda
Today's Remember to laugh and enjoy today, as Pablo Neruda reminds us: "Laughter is the language of the soul."
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If suddenly you forget me,. do not look for me,. for I shall have already forgotten you. - Pablo Neruda
on my favorite, always...One Hundred Love Sonnets: XVII by Pablo Neruda : The Poetry Foundation
I need the Sea because it teaches me. I don’t know if I learn music or awareness... Pablo Neruda
"Rise up with me against the organisation of misery" quoting Pablo Neruda in great thought-provoking talk tonight
For a gem from my favorite, the master of love, Señor Pablo Neruda:
" The little girl made of timber " by Pablo NERUDA. The little girl made of timber didn't arrive by walking;
In my heart there is Pablo Neruda, in my mind all classic italian poetry !
Leaning into the afternoons I cast my sad nets towards your oceanic eyes - Pablo Neruda
What can Pablo Neruda and Walt Disney teach us about ourselves? has the answers this week:
You´re doing it wrong! Confidence is not boosted by chewing gum. Here is a poem by the master of love Pablo Neruda.
Thanks for periscoping the Pablo Neruda & Mark Strand quotes. I can't put the guitar down now. I get it now.
And I have to admit something.⁰I would pay to hear read poetry. Pablo Neruda, Poe, any of them really.
Poem of the Day -- "Ode to Federico Garcia Lorca" by Pablo Neruda . "..and for your poetry that comes out screaming"
So since yesterday 2 Pablo Neruda accounts have followed me and all I can think of is La Vie Boheme lyrics.
*suggestively pushes Pablo Neruda and Shel Silverstein poems at her* (Them is my favorites)
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Love is a brilliant force of communal unity. ~ Pablo Neruda
If anything saves us from death, at least that love will save us from the life.-Pablo Neruda
I'm a romantic. I'm going to like any storyline/movie/song as deep as stories of:. Pablo Neruda & Matilde, Antony & Cleopatra, Romeo & Juliet
"Keeping Quiet" by If we were not so single-minded. about keeping our lives moving
“Absence is a house so vast that inside you will pass through its walls and hang pictures on the air.” . ― Pablo Neruda
...might interrupt this sadness. of never understanding ourselves". -Pablo Neruda
“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming” -Pablo Neruda
"I decided to fall in love with life, it is the only one that is not going to leave me without me leaving her before" Pablo Neruda
One of my favourite films was about Pablo Neruda and the postman. via
When Pablo Neruda stops by to take a couple prom pics!!!
“When love is not madness it is not love”- Pablo Neruda
"Keeping Quiet" by Pablo Neruda. "Now we will count to twelve. and we will all keep still."
But I love your feet . only because they walked . upon the earth and upon . the wind and upon the waters, . until they foun…
I need. the sea. because. It teaches me. ~ Pablo Neruda
This is exactly how I want to spend my 3?th b*rthd*y.
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but what good will it do us. the closeness of the grave?. Let life not separate us. and who cares about death?
Perhaps the earth can teach us as when everything seems dead. and later proves to be alive. - Pablo Neruda
POEM OF THE DAY "A Dog has Died" By Pablo Neruda . "I buried him in the garden. next to a rusted old machine."
Pablo Neruda's beautiful ode to silence, read by the venerable Sylvia Boorstein
For all who have lost their best friend. Pablo Neruda, A DOG HAS DIED
[Pablo Neruda Voice] "And it was at that age...Singko arrived"
All paths lead to the same goal: to convey to others what we are. PABLO NERUDA.
Pablo Neruda Thanks for following us!! Check out our new updates:
And Pablo Neruda is why I want to learn Spanish. Sigh.
To the people, to love humanity, there is no higher love than this. ~ Pablo Neruda
“Does the father who lives in your dreams, return to die when you awaken?” Pablo Neruda.
Pablo Neruda is my favorite poet nowNOW
Sleeping to Pablo Neruda's versos💗This man is definitely one of the greatest spanish poets in Spanish Literature.
Pablo Neruda's One level at a time 😍👌
Pablo Neruda until I fall asleep. Many blessings to all.
Oh! Scales of feeling... — reading The Poetry of Pablo Neruda
Pablo Neruda’s Extraordinary Life, in an Illustrated Love Letter to Language | Brain Pickings
🌾. In me all that fire is repeated. In me nothing is extinguished or. forgotten. - Pablo Neruda
Pablo Neruda's body is the subject of a big debate in Chile
Come to my class on love poetry at 7 on Wed, 6.3.15 @ Clunie Cmty Cntr, 601 Alhambra. I'm covering Pablo Neruda. Free.
" YOU WILL RECALL..." by Pablo NERUDA. You will recall the gorge of capricious waters. from which throbbing perfumes climbed,
When my steps go. When my steps return. deny me bread, air. light, spring. but never your laughter. for I would die. -Pablo Neruda
"All of us are dust or sand,. all of us are rain under rain.". - Pablo Neruda, from “Too Many Names.”
The fight to bring back Pablo Neruda's body
I am a sap. I like his romantic poems better. But, this is a good one. On a similar topic
"..a precious idea: that all of humanity is somehow together..". Neruda on Writing and Why We Make Art
Tie your heart at night to mine, love,. and both will defeat the darkness... ~ Pablo Neruda.
"Joy in bread and stone,. joy in fire and rain." ~ Pablo Neruda (1904 – 1973), Chilean poet won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.
a good PoC poet is compared to shakespeare or byron before they're compared to pablo neruda or jalaluddin rumi.
The biggest stars look at me w/ yr eyes. & as I luv U, the pines in the wind wants 2 sing yr name ~ Pablo Neruda
I bought a small book of Pablo Neruda poetry. That easily fits in my pocket. But I've seemed to have lost it. How does…
A post. Read my A Review of Twenty Love Poems and a Song of...
All these ppl be @ parties, I'm at home reading Pablo Neruda, Maya Angelou, and Dada and Surrealism. Help LOL
I want to be, my love, alone with a syllable. of mangled silver, alone with a tip . of your breast of snow . ― Pablo Ne…
oh you know i think Gael might be playing Pablo Neruda in a biopic
Hour by hour,the day does not pass,it passes sadness by sadness. Time does not wrinkle it doesn't run out/Pablo Neruda
The truth of it,how huge the night is, how lonely the earth. -Pablo Neruda / Widower's Tango
"My soul is born on the shore of your eyes of mourning. In your eyes of mourning the land of dreams begin." - Pablo Neruda
The night is starry and the stars are blue and shiver in the distance. - Pablo Neruda
Thanks Pablo Neruda for the follow! I appreciate you and your interest!
Nothing like the quietness of the night and reading my favorite Pablo Neruda poem. 🌿
I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair. ~Pablo Neruda, translated from Spanish by Stephen Tapscott.
"I am because you are. You are, i am we are. And through love. I will be, you will be. We will be". really love this poem by pablo neruda 😍
Pablo Larrain's busy. Also has 'NERUDA' coming up starring Gael Garcia Bernal
Diego Luna lead role in Star Wars: Rouge One & Gael Garcia Bernal costar in biopic of Pablo Neruda
"Love is so short. Forgetting is so long." ~ Pablo Neruda
When I raised my eyes and saw your heart, suddenly he ordered my way. Pablo Neruda
I'm dying to your mouth, your voice, your hair ... (Pablo Neruda) !!Happy day to all !!
Love inspires consumers to become citizens and citizens to become revolutionaries. . -Pablo Neruda. .
I have forgotten your face, . I no longer remember your hands;. how did your lips feel on mine?
Whatever may Pablo Neruda wrote about love is hidden in this man's voice ❤.
My only obligation is this: to be transparent - Pablo Neruda
"You are like nobody since I love you." - Pablo Nerudavia
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You can cut all the flowers. But you cannot keep. the spring from coming. ~ Pablo Neruda
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"Tonight I can write the saddest lines.". -Pablo Neruda
"Of all fires, Love is the only inexhaustible one." - Pablo Neruda
"Pinned by the sun between solstice / And equinox, drowsy and tangled together" -Pablo Neruda
On the Blue Shore of Silence: Poems of the Sea, Pablo Neruda, Good Condition, Bo
"Prof. Can you recommend a love poem?" "You trying to talk to a girl?" Nervous giggles and big smile, "yeah." "Pablo Neruda." Love teaching. more for the end of poetry month and insomnia. Pablo Neruda was the man. ⁰・・・…
that reminds me about our French PowerPoint should we ask to not do it? Also are you prepared for the Pablo Neruda quiz??? 🇨🇱📖📖
Picked up another Pablo Neruda poem book today. Chilling.
Great translations of Pablo Neruda's poems for all the non-Spanish speaking poetry fans out there.
Just visited Pablo Neruda's house in Valparaiso last week. His decorating style was quite a trip!! Need to read more of his work
"My feet will want to walk to where you are sleeping but I shall go on living". —Pablo Neruda
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Pablo Neruda can put basically any emotion into words, lyrically
Get on with your bad self, Pablo Neruda!
Marked as to-read: Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair by Pablo Neruda
If only you could touch my heart By Pablo Neruda
My beloved, your eyes go out toward the water, and the waves rise;. your hands go out to the earth and the seeds swell. - Pablo Neruda
Pablo Neruda: Poet of the People: Pablo Neruda: Poet of the People Monica Brown (Author), Julie Paschkis (...
My favorite poets: Pablo Neruda, Billy Collins, Mary Oliver -- the list is too long for 140 characters :)
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Unless I go out, I'm spending my listening to some classic blues and rock songs, reading Pablo Neruda and light up a few.
anything by Pablo Neruda. That's love people.
Welcome to Kenya. Your travel companion is Pablo Neruda. You see a meowing dollhouse.
I remembered you with my soul clenched in that sadness of mine that you know. - Pablo Neruda
In the new life, I will wear batwinged diaphanous gowns & turbans over sweats & flyknits; there will be avocado, frankincense, Pablo Neruda.
I love you as the plant that never blooms but carries in itself the light of hidden flowers. ― Pablo Neruda
Listening to the new Father John Misty and reading Pablo Neruda. It's a perfect storm of emotion, and I can't escape.
I love you witout knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply,witout problems or pride-. Pablo Neruda...
politicsprose: STAFF PICK: 100 Love Sonnets by Pablo Neruda Based in La Isla Negra, one of Neruda’s three...
"Love is a war of lightning, and two bodies ruined by a single sweetness." - Pablo Neruda, from “Carnal...
to Valentine 2014 featuring gown from with a verse by Pablo Neruda
Listen to Pablo Neruda - Tonight i can write the saddest lines by erikajoycetupas on
You gamble with Marie Osmond. You yodel with a crayon. You stay at the Pablo Neruda Resort. Good night.
“The life of a poet must be reflected in his poetry. That is the law of the art and a law of life.” —Pablo Neruda
"I want to do with you, What spring does with the Cherry tree". - Pablo Neruda
"I just want to never stop loving like there is nothing else to do, because what else is there to do?” - Pablo Neruda
Interesting in did!. “The Poet's life must be reflected in his poetry. That's the law of Art and a law for life" Pablo Neruda
I suspect no one would say the lovely Martin Amis. The lovely Pablo Neruda, however...
I can't believe we're gonna study a Pablo Neruda poem. The same one that was quoted by Taylor huhu I love English class
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