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Pablo Escobar

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria (December 1, 1949December 2, 1993) was a Colombian drug lord. He was an elusive cocaine trafficker and a rich and successful criminal.

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.angers Colombians by visiting Pablo Escobar's grave and posting photos on Instagram.
Colombians are fuming after Wiz Khalifa paid tribute to Pablo Escobar at his grave
.visit to Pablo Escobar's grave angers Mayor of Medellin .
Colombia mad over Wiz Khalifa's visit to Pablo Escobar tomb
Wiz Khalifa angers Mayor of Medellin after leaving flowers at Pablo Escobar's grave
Delta Force and Pablo Escobar: Never before seen pictures (Warning: Graphic Images)
so after catching Pablo Escobar, DEA agent Steve Murphy goes and stars in Logan 😍
My dad looks like el chapo and Pablo Escobar combined 😂
All 12 (!) of The Strongest's goals in Libertadores qualifying. Very entertaining to watch. Chumacero & Pablo Escobar (of cour…
This Show is Freaking Awesome...😍👌. Obsessed with Pablo Escobar..😎👏. TV Series addict's do watch this one.👇 — watching Narcos
"You can't be Pablo if your work ain't selling". Nicki making a reference to Picasso b/c of his art or Escobar b/c…
Pablo Escobar is better than El chapo 🙄
no no I'm Escobar, you got the wrong Pablo
Pablo Escobar’s Son Confirms His Father Worked for the CIA to Fund Illegal Activities [Video]…Media Silent
Pablo Escobar's son slams Netflix series 'Narcos' for 'glorifying' criminals:. On the with
In 1983 my mom went to a Gala in Mexico City, Pablo Escobar told her she was beautiful, happily she thanked him. Sh…
Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar made so much money, he spent $2,5 every month just on rubber bands to bundle up his…
Pablo Escobar was a brave man sha..and very intelligent
DEA agent Steve Murphy poses with the body of Pablo Escobar after he was shot dead on a rooftop in his home city of Me…
Su, represent, I came to give a major leagues, Hoods on the speed of Pablo Escobar, Point blank as I attacked your Abbot.
Pablo Escobar is Joey Merlino and his son is Pop who was a slave as Sean Paul and Frank Miller killed his for 12 el…
When Jayalalithaa died & eulogies started pouring in I was reminded of this post by on Pablo Escobar
I just realized that I'm beginning to look like Pablo Escobar and Rosie O'Donnell as Betty Rubble!
Pablo Escobar going to his own jail to punish himself sounds more real and serious compared to Pakistan putting Hafiz Saeed on house arrest
Pablo Escobar (right) 'posing' as a gangster with his cousin Gustavo in the 1980s.
My professor just said " I am Columbian, like Sophia Vergara or shakira, or I guess a male... like Pablo Escobar"
I am in Ado much as I am not a Fayose fan the people on ground love this guy like Medellin people loved Pablo Escobar..
Lol my friend said Wendy Williams looked like Pablo Escobar when she was 12 😂😂😂i had to to do this
The drug lord Pablo Escobar was killed 23 years ago today.
On Tara Brown goes one-on-one with the son of the most notorious drug lord on the planet, Pablo Escobar:
"I'm the Pablo Escobar of the fertility world." I love 😂❤️️
Real life DEA agents Javier Pena & Steve Murphy on tomorrow to chat taking down Pablo Escobar and
Tomorrow on we'll be speaking to the real-life DEA agents Steve Murphy & Javier Pena about taking down Pablo Escobar
Having an actual argument with Alex bout Griselda Blanco vs Pablo Escobar. Pls hold me back before I slap this man.
If you want to be the next Pablo Escobar or Griselda Blanco then you might get killed or jailed.
Pablo Escobar is such a great role model for young kids
Before there was Pablo Escobar there was Griselda Blanco
Pablo Escobar was a boss but he had nothing on Griselda Blanco tbh... she put him on
The magazine's new cover. Even Pablo Escobar used to grace the cover of this magazine.
Everyone has a price, the important thing is to find out what it is.. - Pablo Escobar @ Kulala…
Have been watching Pablo Escobar for the past 3 hours
Because you picked up rocket fuel off pablo Escobar ?
Special agent Schmitt and special agent Savelli (ready to capture Pablo Escobar. . Picture taken in 1993.
The evil that men do lives after them;. The good is often interred with their bones. So let it be with Pablo Escobar.
Is it weird that I'm attracted to Pablo Escobar ? More than Javier Peña ?
All empires are created of blood and fire - Pablo Escobar
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
on the . the Pablo Escobar of American politics.fantastic statement.
From George Jung, a drug lord who worked with Pablo Escobar, to Willy Wonka, Johnny Depp has to be one of Hollywood’s most v…
Me and Christine will be Pablo Escobar and tata next year for Halloween
Just because I watched Narcos doesn't mean I want to watch documentaries of Pablo Escobar
you look like a skinny Pablo Escobar. Not the real one but the one from narcos lmfao
Mr Pablo escobar. oh and by the way escobar was Colombian not Mexican like you said in the mr bone video
good thing i live near Mexico. I'll just move down there and become a black mexican Pablo Escobar.
Just stashing and moving money in the bushes like Pablo Escobar. Pity didn't include Netflix logs. https…
Narcos...a show about Pablo Escobar has an excellent ending to season 2! Yall should watch it!!! — watching Narcos
that's awesome. It's like their arms were chopped off horrifically by Pablo Escobar! 🙄
*** I did not know they did Pablo Escobar like that
Pablo Escobar built hospitals. Just because a villain occasionally does something charitable doesn't mean they're not a villain.
One time i ordered Pizza as Pablo Escobar everyone looked at me strange when i walked in to pick up they asked them…
they raided the place like Pablo Escobar was inside
is scheming like he's Pablo Escobar over here
Why you look like you snitched on Pablo Escobar bro
Pablo Escobar's casting in narcos is truly magical, the actor flawlessly portrays his intimidation factor
Idk if I'm more disgusted at me realizing Pablo Escobar is Hitler-esque, or about my people. Maybe both equally.
I was just singing Pablo Escobar in my head
Teen dresses up as Pablo Escobar in school!!
gonna watch Pablo Escobar for the 5x 🙂🙂
If Pablo Escobar can run from the Colombian enforcements in chanclas, I can finish this 2 mile run
Yes, in his own words he is anarchist. He will go down as Pablo Escobar did.
Drug lord Pablo Escobar dressed up as his idol Al Capone at his own Halloween party.
Pablo Escobar wife in narcos is too god *** fine I need me a girl that looks just like her
Avocados are so expensive. I'm about to illegally import them and be the Pablo Escobar of a Avocados 🥑
: True, some praising Pablo Escobar. This guy was terrifying & a murderer..
Pablo Escobar destroyed two countries in one during the 80s w/ the distribution of cocaine. He controlled 90% of cocaine coming to US.
Pablo escobar was a terrible man, but the love between him and his wife is like no other
Today at school was character day so ofc I had to be Pablo Escobar from narcos
there is no one lower than a rat . Pablo Escobar. KD
Your homework ever so hard that you start wondering if you can become Pablo Escobar?
Having watched Season 1 & 2 of Narcos, critically discuss the differences, if any, between Pablo Escobar and Pres. Jacob Zuma. . [50 marks]
Dustin Hoffman as Pablo Escobar's mother on Narcos is arguably his best role since Tootsie
Drug lord Pablo Escobar offered to pay off Colombia's $20 billion foreign debt in order to avoid extradition to the Unite…
On a scale of Pablo Escobar to Daniela Westbrook, how much powder has Vicky from Geordie Shore shoved up her hooter? https:…
Tata comparing Pablo Escobar to Nelson Mandela is the true definition of gassing your man. I cant.
I swear Hassan Joho is the next Pablo Escobar lowkey
Whoever decided I look like a young Pablo Escobar is my hero.
The way Pablo Escobar thought he was Daniel Craig escaping on the rooftops in the last scene of Narcos. I believed he was going to make it 😂
Wow so the have outed Tommy Wright 5k and Eric black 2k!Meanwhile the Pablo Escobar's of the game, are laughing…
At the time of this photo Pablo Escobar wasn't allowed in the United States . But look where this man at
Made the 2 best intoxicated purchases tonight... A Pablo Escobar poster and a Beta Theta Pi flag
Jessica Alba selling her Honest Company for a cool Billy. I'll only start a Pablo Escobar drug empire so I can afford it if she's included.
The story of Pablo Escobar and Narcos goes deeper than you could ever imagine. Season 2, only on Netflix. https…
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Duterte is 'Ampatuan of Davao City,' 'Pablo Escobar of PH' – Trillanes via by
the secrets out! Pablo Escobar wasnt killed! He's in the U.S. slingin merch for that one guy wrote the Its Been Awhile tune!
Wagner Moura aka Pablo Escobar in Narcos is arguably the greatest lead in a tv series ever for me
Pablo Escobar was misunderstood and just wanted to save all the bunny rabbits. 🐰.
Notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar and his son in front of the White House. Washington, 1980's.
At the peak of his power infamous Medellin cartel boss Pablo Escobar brought in $420 million a week in revenue.
It's about time I sorted out my card. I've been moving money about more than Pablo Escobar
'She's been to town 3 times and thinks she's Pablo Escobar' - Dom Jane 07/09/16 23:10 pm
Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was a Colombian drug lord and trafficker and was also the wealthiest criminal of all time.
Found ooot Narcos aka Pablo Escobar season 2 is out already Sunday sorted .Netflix and dominos
you look a lot like Pablo Escobar.its really weird
I'm naming my son Pablo after Pablo Escobar
Wagner Moura didn't even speak Spanish when he was cast as Pablo Escobar: "I wasn't the obvious choice"
The 'king of cocaine' once torched $2 million to keep his family warm
Pablo Escobar slipped if he never took that mug shot he dead *** would have taken over everything. Still a mastermind though.
Wagner Moura will probably have to see a therapist to snap out of Pablo Escobar's character. He is ONE with him. Genius.
Was it really that hard to find Pablo Escobar?
And to think Wagner Moura did not speak Spanish before playing Pablo Escobar.
It's kind of sad to see Pablo Escobar deteriorating 😢
Drinking a vanilla latte with Pops talking about Pablo Escobar and his hippos. Yes, you read right.
Never saw Pablo Escobar use cocaine in this series, he only smokes a joint ***
"To have power does not mean that one can abuse the poor" - Pablo Escobar
When a showdown with Moslems comes in the EU..We'll have to use the same tactics as the SEARCH BLOCK IN Colombia who killed Pablo Escobar
Gah, Pablo Escobar is the definition of savage
Drug lord Pablo Escobar built his cocaine empire on bribes, bodies and trust.
$100 says Pablo Escobar Dies at some point in season 3 of Narcos.
If my wife not as loyal as Pablo Escobar wife then we won't be married long
Heisenberg doesn't do competition. takes on Pablo Escobar in The Infiltrator. https:…
bruh Pablo Escobar's wife is the definition of ride or die relationship goals
I wish someone told me Narcos was about Pablo Escobar. I woulda started watching it a long time ago...
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Pablo Escobar was playing streets of rage 2 on narcos a lot of mfs don't know about that game
When you finish season 2 of Narcos and you're devastated by how Pablo Escobar was killed :'(
" sometimes I'm god, if I say man dies he dies the same day" ... Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar sent a man his funeral program while he was still living
Pablo Escobar most wanted man in the world chillin in front of the whitehouse at the peek of his wealth
Pablo Escobar had judges wearing masks in court so he wouldn't know who they were loool if that isn't fear then I dunno
I first misread this as British financiers switching over to Pablo Escobar because he was mor likeable than Thatcher
I really hope prince oberyn is the one who gets to kill Pablo Escobar
So sad Pablo Escobar died lol I already knew this but watching the last episode of Narcos season 2 just made it even more sad
if you want to watch the best Pablo Escobar story, watch "El Patrón del mal", also in Netflix. 74 amazing episodes.
watching a doc about aristocratic, Thatcherite British financiers & debating switching over to Narcos because Pablo Escobar is more likeable
If you wanna talk about a real war on cops, look at Pablo Escobar.
That og Pablo Escobar really was getting bread off of the grease
Some initial thoughts:. 1) How many more series/movies are going to be made about Pablo Escobar?
Crazy how Pablo Escobar was in love with his people and they loved him for helping the poor but in the end he was the bad guy
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My aesthetic is when Pablo Escobar loses everything and grows a beard, gets fat, goes into hiding and is sad all the time o…
Just finished season 2 of Narcos and it's about time they got that *** Pablo Escobar...He was a straight up Terrorist lol
I need that Pablo Escobar and Tata love
Pablo Escobar, purely as a family man, is goals
They really gotta stop glorifying Pablo Escobar.
Gotta love Pablo Escobar's sweater game in Narcos
I want someone to love me the way Pablo Escobar loved Tata
One third of is Pablo Escobar's kids getting sent to bed early so the mom can talk to Pablo about serious stuff
If you havent yet Watch "sins of my father" "Pecados de mi padre" its Pablo Escobar son speaking with the kids of those his father murdered
When you want Pablo Escobar to escape and live happily then you remember he's responsible for a mass genocide
Netflix’s Pablo Escobar is so loyal to his family you almost want him to get away with it all.
Wagner Moura recalls landing the part of Pablo Escobar in "It was the craziest thing I've ever done"
Narcos is an American crime web TV series.Tells the story of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar's life.(2015-Present)
That's Pablo Escobar in Narcos. Narcos Series 2 starts 2nd Sept. Those packages are filled with cocaine ;)
I want respect like El chapo an money like Pablo Escobar
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I'm currently watching a documentary on Pablo Escobar. Great stuff.
"James you look like an emo Pablo Escobar"
Osama Bin Laden is dead. Pablo Escobar is dead. Gaddafi is dead. name somebody living who you can mention in the same breath a…
Had a talk with Thugga we were talkin 'bout Escobar, PABLO
All empires are built from blood and fire . - Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar is a real life savage
Day consists of watching Pablo Escobar documentaries
This video shows just how filthy rich Pablo Escobar was
Im not Pablo Escobar. Im Pablo Picasso . See my life thru my art. They dig me like a fossil.
I've been watching too much Pablo Escobar I'm out here in the city thinking everyone's trying to kill me.
'Gondo and I were like the Pablo Escobar and El Chapo for Oppikoppi.'😎
Don't get Pablo Escobar, man had so much money he had to bury it, but his outfit was always dead af
I've just watched episode S01E01 of Pablo Escobar: El Pa...!
Have to put Spanish subtitles while I watch Narcos because I can't understand a word "Pablo Escobar" is saying 😑
My boyfriend looks like Pablo Escobar from NARCOS. But skinny lol
Like when Colombian state was forced to kill Pablo Escobar w/ help of Americans. There is no court or negotiated solution
Drug lord Pablo Escobar had so much cash that rats ate almost $1 Billion of his money each year..
I love dating another pablo escobar
Drug lord Pablo Escobar had his own personal zoo that consisted of giraffes, ostriches, antelopes, exotic birds, and fou…
Wow Pablo Escobar gave George Jung permission to testify in court against Carlos? Fascinating
breaking bad, Pretty little liars, lie to me, dexter, Orange is the new black, Pablo Escobar, gossip jaj…
I wanna name my child Pablo Escobar or Don Juan 😂
Neymar killed his rising star by joining Barcelona while Pablo Escobar is still there. He should have gone to another team
Pablo Escobar, we disrespectful with her
Let's check in with famed drug lord Pablo Escobar's posse of feral hippos, how are the hippos doing these days
Plus, you know, a Pablo Escobar movie is always clutch.
These aggressive animals are thriving and evolving to become the largest hippo herd outside Africa.
Pablo Escobar's brother requested to review Season 2 of for accuracy:
Pablo Escobar's brother wants Netflix to let him review 'Narcos' before it comes out
Pablo Escobar’s brother wants a cut of profits from the Netflix show ‘Narcos'
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Wilber wants to be Pablo Escobar so bad😂
Robert Escobar needs to see ‘Narcos' before the new season drops (via
Pablo Escobar's brother demands to vet Netflix's season 2 of 'Narcos' before it airs via the Android app
Just read somethings i don't knw bout pablo escobar ..he was a grt philantropist even for the work of God.
Pablo Escobar is oddly inspiring. I mean ... not the killing of innocent people. He could've left that at the door.
Pablo Escobar's brother asks to 'review' season two of Narcos for accuracy
I would agree. I know Pablo Escobar was a drug criminal but he meant a lot to the poor people of Colombia.
I'm actually super obsessed with Pablo Escobar lmao idk why I find him so interesting. His life was crazy
Leila just said her role model is Pablo Escobar (yes the largest drug dealer in Mexico who escaped jail twice)
How 2 of the world's most powerful and dangerous drug lords compare
Pablo Escobar's brother has a "friendly" request to review new Narcos eps before they're out ht…
Pablo Escobar's brother wants to be the first to see the new "Narcos" season from Netflix
"Pablo Escobar is a bad guy, but you know what he did well, he killed other drug dealers"- Donald Trump Tomorrow re: Saddam…
On July 13, goes undercover to take down Pablo Escobar. Watch the new trailer for https…
We are not sure who Frank Miller put in the body because he could have founded out who owned the body and enslaved Sarah Ann & Pablo Escobar
A guy i work with went to high school with Pablo Escobar and he said that he is still alive in cuba 😱
Hanif Abbasi will be our version of Pablo Escobar
Drug lord, Pablo Escobar spent as much as $2,500 every month on rubber bands to “hold the money together.”
Bad news fans... Wagner Moura hints Pablo Escobar drama will end THIS season
Wagner Moura reveals the fate of Pablo Escobar on HINT: Wikipedia is right. For once.
Suddenly De Gea is innocent until proven guilty but Sakho was Pablo Escobar to them last month
In the wake of claims Frank Sinatra did business with Pablo Escobar:. "Two kilos of heroin for walking around money". ht…
Wagner Moura on how he turned into Pablo Escobar for
Out on the centennial trail at State Line with Pablo Escobar, my red nose gladiator Chihuahua...
if I ever get a tattoo it would be XM’s whatsapp selfie on my back. Like Billy Walsh and Pablo Escobar
"Dion Waiters gets more bricks than Pablo Escobar"
If you think about it Pablo Escobar is the John D. Rockefeller of illegal good .
Nickel bag njggas do be moving like they're Pablo Escobar.
didn't he work for/with Pablo Escobar and I think George Jung too
Pablo Escobar couldn't compare to Griselda Blanco she really was the truth
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54 hours of 74 episodes of Pablo Escobar, El Patron del Mal. A must watch.
Pablo Escobar, El patrón del mal is the only thing saving my Netflix right now
Finally finished the 74 episode series of Pablo Escobar. A long but detailed series of this "El Patron" life. Worth the watch
Pablo Escobar, El Patron DEL MAL ... I'm excited 74 episodes lets get it
Pablo Escobar El Patron de mal is like my fav show on Netflix.
remember when luke looked like Pablo Escobar
same thing happened w/Narcos. A brazilian playing Pablo Escobar? C'mon! We have great actors here in Colombia!
No way did Gillian Kathleen Janet Mcintosh think Pablo Escobar was a singer
American rapper Pusha T referenced Pablo Escobar on the song "Untouchable"
Rapper Nas often refers to himself as "Nas Escobar" where he raps about selling drugs and about enjoying a lifestyle similar to Pablo
tbh it's not good but it's not easy! So each to their own because I know these girls rate people like Pablo Escobar. Kmt
Pochettino is like a cooler, more ruthless Pablo Escobar
I forgot Lue was the Pablo Escobar of the tristate area.
also not a fan of the Pablo Escobar of Chelsea, Diego Costa. He's a dirty player.
Ospina looks like those Colombian drug smuglers that Pablo Escobar used to deal coke with.
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My uber driver looks like Pablo Escobar
how to I get to live the part of Pablo Escobar's story where he builds his own jail into a hilltop castle but without what ha…
I had a dream that I was friends with Pablo Escobar.
Theres is Paulo Sergio then Pablo Gaviria EscoBar then Galo Brilliant. the order quality be blured!!
I swear if Pablo Escobar was a nigerian, he'd have been anything he wanted, even more than a president.
"Pablo Escobar made $60 mil dollar a day and he never once took a picture holding money showing off with it" Indeed, bed…
Watching and wondering how Pablo Escobar had so much energy to do so many things... Then I remembered: Oh, he had unlim…
unless your Pablo Escobar and you own half the police in your country drug dealing is not worth sitting in a cell for an…
Fact: Juan Valdez was Colombia's most eligible bachelor for 23 consecutive years, until he was supplanted by Pablo Escoba…
Pabló Escóbar's favorite musician right now is . Mac DeNarcòs . Please laugh, this took me all night to think of
The answer : Steve MacKENZIE from West Bromwich Albion (Season 1984-85) and sure he looks like Pablo Escobar. https…
when ppl glamorize Pablo Escobar but in reality his escapades caused so much harm to innocent Colombian people
Swear this is me at night start thinking like Pablo Escobar
I now consider myself an expert on Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar was a sav . I love watching documentaries on him
Roughly 25,000 thousand people attended Pablo Escobar's funeral. Google him.
can my friends stop calling me Pablo Escobar fml
If my mom doesn't let me out of the house I'm going to pull a Pablo Escobar and escape
Pablo Escobar once burned $2 million to keep his daughter warm.
Florida mansion owned by Pablo Escobar set for demolition: Miami Beach, Fla. — A vestige of the drug wa...
When you listen to & you're. not sure if you feel like Pablo,. Picaso or Escobar . 🎨🔫😂
I should be marlo stanfield by now, big meech by 30 & Pablo Escobar by 40. That's what Gucci mane taught me in this song
They should make a series/movie about the life of Radovan Krejcir. Almost Pablo Escobar-esque
I know it's been years now, but did we ever figure out why Vincent Chase portrayed Pablo Escobar as Tony Clifton?.
He prob playing poker rn with Hitler, Pablo Escobar and Jason Vorhees
Colombian police pose with Pablo Escobar's body.
You need to know about this clothing brand that was inspired by the infamous Pablo Escobar:. https…
send Geraldo to Mexico - Pablo Escobar's safe is there he can open it there and make an *** of himself in Spanish.
What is inside Pablo Escobar's safe? Mystery after discovery at drug lord's home
Miami: Safe found at Pablo Escobar house in Miami Beach will be kept in bank vault ...
"Te juro" has been my favorite saying since I started watching Pablo Escobar El Patron del mal😂
A safe hidden under a staircase in Pablo Escobar's former Miami home has been stolen.
A hidden safe was stolen from Pablo Escobar's former Miami home -- demolition began this AM.
Halfway through "Pablo Escobar, El Patron del mal". Safe to say I've picked up a fair bit of Spanish along the way, should be fluent soon
I have man flu so couch and El Patron del mal Pablo Escobar it is 👌👌 brilliant it is
This "Pablo Escobar, El Patron del mal" jas 74 episodes in season 1 alone. Ok...make I finish Narcos first. That's work for 3 months there
we talk tomorrow,time to study now ..! — watching Pablo Escobar, El Patron del Mal
El Chapo has a reputation as a patron of the poor, but he doesn't seem like much of a Pablo Escobar. From AP in July
I shaved my beard, left the mustache. Adam Morrison meets Pablo Escobar.
Once when hiding in a farm, Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar burned about $2 million cash in a bonfire to save his da…
I want to be Pablo Escobar when I grow up
Pablo Escobar was a straight savage 🤘🏼
Video: Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar's old house in Miami Beach to be demolished: The current mansion, with…
Pablo Escobar actually had a Ride or Die 💯
VIDEO:Drug lord Pablo Escobar's former mansion in MB to be torn down
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Finished watching the 3rd season of "El Señor De Los Cielos", now I guess I'll watch "Pablo Escobar, El Patron Del Mal"... again 👀
Pablo Escobar's Medellin Cartel spent $2,500 a month on rubber bands to hold all their cash.
Gerard Way looks like Pablo Escobar in Narcos without the moustache.
I really gotta finish that Pablo Escobar
Is it bad that I'm rooting for Pablo Escobar and Narcos?
During the height of its operations, Pablo Escobar's cartel brought in more than $60 million per day in cocaine sales.
Need to find myself a wife and a mistress like Pablo Escobar
Love my parents might grow that mustache out see if I can get that Pablo escobar look
Pablo Escobar's former Miami Beach mansion set to be demolished
Don't get why people hated Pablo Escobar , he helped the economy
It bugs me that they chose Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar in Narcos cause I cringe everytime he speaks. His spanish suxxx
Pablo Escobar don't get me in the middle of your drug war lol
Pablo Escobar's rats ate more money than some us will ever make
Chicken Kitchen is the awesome > Miami Beach: Drug lord Pablo Escobar’s former mansion to be torn down
Started watching Pablo Escobar didn't realise there was 72 episodes 😴😴
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Pablo Escobar's Miami Beach mansion will be demolished on Monday
Just read-read Mickey Rourke's interview with Pablo Escobar in the February 1990 issue of Sassy.
From bottles of Cristal to rows of $1 beer and paintball: the bar in Pablo Escobar's summer home
Drinking Cheap Beer in the Ruins of Pablo Escobar's Summer House - Roads & Kingdoms
When I refer to gangsters I mean people like Pablo Escobar, Al capone, Frank Costello, John Dillinger etc. Not your local w…
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