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Pablo Escobar

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria (December 1, 1949December 2, 1993) was a Colombian drug lord. He was an elusive cocaine trafficker and a rich and successful criminal.

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*sighhh* all the men who would make good husbands are dead. ex. Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley, Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar and his son in front of the White House, 1980
Wish I was friends with Pablo Escobar and George Jung back in the 60's 70's and 80's
Watch the trailer for "Paradise Lost" starring Benicio Del Toro as Pablo Escobar
Photo: james-bonds5-7: mrpabloescobar: Pablo Escobar dressed up as his idol Al Capone at his own Halloween...
Benicio Del Toro plays Pablo Escobar.amazing. Also headlining, the star of Bridge to Terabithia.what.
Benicio Del Toro is Pablo Escobar in new trailer for scandalous crime thriller Paradise Lost:
Feeling like Pablo Escobar I'm trapping in Louie V loafers 👀
Check Out Benicio Del Toro as Pablo Escobar in this Teaser for Paradise Lost! (via
Pablo Escobar: Angel or devil, the history of the biggest narco. Pablo Escobar: Angel or...
If you going to be a dummy make sure you tough
No one escapes from Benicio Del Toro, especially when he transforms into Pablo Escobar. A first look at the Puerto Rican actor in his ruthless role surfaced on Wednesday. The star plays the infamous drug lord in the romance thriller “Paradi...
Upcoming film about Pablo Escobar 'Paradise Lost'. I need to watch this.
Benicio Del Toro will portray notorious Columbian drug lord, Pablo Escobar, in the upcoming film "Paradise Lost".
Appointing a cable/wireless lobbyist to be FCC chairman is the same if we made Pablo Escobar head of the DEA.
Pablo Escobar was some dude, worth $30 billion at one stage just from selling drugs
Feeling like Pablo Escobar trapping in Louis V loafers
See Benicio Del Toro as Pablo Escobar in Paradise Lost Teaser... New on
Benicio Del Toro is playing Pablo Escobar? Did he not see what that role did to Vincent Chase's career?!
Watch the teaser trailer for Andrea de Stefano's drug trafficking thriller
“Feeling like Pablo Escobar. trappin in loui v loafers
First look at Benicio Del Toro as Pablo Escobar in 'Paradise Lost'
Check out this amazing documentary about Andres Escobar and Pablo Escobar via /r/
Good book about Pablo Escobar required please.
Pablo Escobar once burnt 2 million dollars just to stay warm while running from police
I'm gonna name my son Pablo after Picasso, Sanchez and Escobar.
My fam got history let my gramps tell ya sum bout Pablo Escobar 😂
Famous drug lord Pablo Escobar had so much cash, that rats ate almost $1 billion of his money each year.
Why does Spo look like a young Pablo Escobar?
Felling like Pablo Escobar, trappin in Louie V loafers
Pablo Escobar link in the bio ybsmoove noseedgangvic
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Hit my plug up drop the sack off Pablo Escobar
Lebron James is the new Pablo Escobar of Miami 😂😂😂
dis crack pot done made some me racks uncle pablo would be proud I can see him now lookin up at me from ***
Feeling pablo escobar im trapping in louie v loafers
Feel like I'm pablo no escobar. Trappin in louis vi loafers.
Pablo Escobar was worth an estimated 30 billion by the early 1990s
A wealthy businessman said he was framed for two Miami murders allegedly ordered by Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.
Why does he look like Pablo Escobar lol
let me get a ounce of that mira mira Pablo Escobar
THIS JUST IN: Luis Suarez transfers to Barcelona. Suarez is out until end of October due to 4-month FIFA suspension. http…
They need to make a movie about Pablo Escobar
Metrelle watching videos about the cartel & Pablo Escobar
Feeling like Pablo escobar trapping in Loius V Loafers
Feeling like Pablo Escobar trapping in Louie v loafer
Arun is having this weird man crush on Pablo Escobar.
come on everybody nose why they roll up a $20 bill in a bathroom. you don't have to be Pablo Escobar to figure that out
Wow the 30 for 30 documentary on andres and pablo escobar is amazing
Feeling like Pablo Escobar Trapping in Louis V Loafers So much got *** cash I feel like a Bank of America broker
Today I watched a documentary about Pablo Escobar and Andres Escobar and it made me want to watch soccer
Feelin like Pablo Escobar , trappin in Loui V loafers ,
Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar made so much money, he spent over $2,500 every month just on rubber bands to bundle up his stac…
Pablo Escobar, The Druglord An epic tale of how a boy became the most feared man in Colombia
Where is Pablo Escobar when you need him?
Pablo Escobar - The guy who blew up the entire Justice Ministry and slaughtered half of his country's supreme court judges ..hehe it makes PO's attempts to circumvent justice looks like child's play. LOL
I can't believe Pablo Escobar had bread like that 💵😳
trust me man after this experience me too. We have to chill soon and I can tell you all about it
Just realized I've been watching a Pablo Escobar documentary for an hour...
BBC News - Pablo Escobar’s hippos: A growing problem "I think they should barbecue them and eat them."
Smoking that lean blunt an every night thing 😗💨💫💥
I was just shocked you gave out your first name instead of saying you were pablo escobar
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Once when hiding in a farm, Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar burned about $2 million cash in a bonfire to save his d hter from the cold.
I was Pablo Escobar when I was little. Had the yayo on deck!
I wanna be like Pablo Escobar , but without getting shot up and killed 😐
The growing problem of Pablo Escobar’s hippos
by far the better team at the wish and Escobar were alive to witness the rebirth of futbol
I think it's funny when people get scared when they see cocaine lol they act like Pablo Escobar or chapo is gonna pop out lol
If Pablo Escobar was still alive holla @ me with yo 30 billion self
When the pablo Escobar movie come out ima watch it 25 times,
Feeling like Pablo Escobar trapping in Louie v loafers
reading this book and Pablo Escobar
I'm talking in Spanish That Mota', coca' Baking soda Feeling like Pablo Escobar
if you want a good one watch the one about pablo Escobar. Very entertaining
If I was Pablo Escobar I would let it snow
My dad keeps introducing himself as Pablo Escobar lol staaaphh
If anyone asks... Pablo Escobar my uncle ☺️
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Here you go, comedians. A gift from the gods. //
he is just an angry crackhead, he wanted ElChapo Guzman or Pablo Escobar to be his khalifa
Apparently thanks to Pablo Escobar, Colombia now faces a hippo invasion.
he is scum bro, he hates himself, he is a known coke head, his khalifa was Pablo Escobar
Video: ruinedchildhood: If you ever feel down just remember this is Taylor Swift dancing and not you.
If Neymar doesn't play this is what Pablo Escobar Planned out 🍚💬
Photo: sintire: click here to enter into a teenage boys mind
Photo: To all the ladies in the place with style and grace
"Pablo Escobar's Hippos Are Running Wild In Colombia Yet another reason to just say no, kids.
Feelin like Pablo Escobar tappin in Loui V lofers
Wasn't my name Pablo Escobar for like two months
feelin like Pablo Escobar trapping in louis V loafers
Pablo Escobar was worth $30 billion in the early 90's? 😳 he would be a trillionaire if he was still living. That's a lot of money lol.
Playing Hungry Hungry hippos with Pablo Escobar must have been epic
Extraordinary: Pablo Escobar's hippos are a growing ecological problem in Colombia
The 30 for 30 about how Pablo Escobar sponsored the Colombian national team with all his drug money was crazy literally paid for everything
Why did she kill this Pablo Escobar song tho
You're just like a drug can I be your Pablo Escobar
Pablo Escobar (drug lord) had so much money that rats ate $1 billion dollars worth of cash each year.
There's a herd of 40 hippos living freely in Colombia after the zoo of Pablo Escobar was abandoned and its 4 original hi…
Me and watched a documentary about Pablo Escobar and columbium soccer yesterday that was entirely in Spanish
I gotta read Pablo Escobar story again
smh Pablo Escobar doesn't believe me
I dnt subliminals I just get at u... Ffire
"if u only knew wat I knew I'm a get ur *** Nqqa"
Talking in Spanish speaking bilingual. That coca. Motha , baking soda. Feeling like Pablo Escobar
"All my father left me was his watch". - Juan Pablo Escobar
I had a dream...Pablo Escobar gave me ten bricks. 🔌🍙
*** stop frontin you were like Pablo Escobar *** 😂😂
My *** Pablo Escobar in front of the White House.
Take care of my people like Pablo Escobar
Builds his own prison and locks himself up. . -Simply, Pablo Escobar
My dad seriously made me watch a 3hour long dvd of pablo escobar. Thanks dad
Pablo Escobar is too real. One of the biggest drug lords ever, but he did put Columbia on the map with soccer. Said to be worth $25 bil.
Pablo Escobar on Netflix, my night is set !👌
Pablo Escobar put Columbian Soccer on the map
Favorite part of The Two Escobars is the guy saying that Andres Escobar would not have been murdered had Pablo Escobar st…
What if Colombia loses in the knockout round and the riot like they did when they killed Pablo Escobar
Last night I had a dream...Pablo Escobar gave me 10 bricks.
I can't believe my cousin going out with Pablo Escobar jk lol
if you watch the documentary of Pablo Escobar it shows how he ran the drug cartel and how Andres Escobar died.
“Aye Pablo Escobar is my role model on life”
They interviewed everyone. The 90s players, family members, the relatives and ex accomplices of Pablo Escobar...
Colombians haven't done this much damage since the days of Pablo Escobar.
Pablo Escobar was a good man along with Ghadafi and Huey p. Newton
You ain't Nicky Barnes you ain't Frank Lucas you ain't Pablo Escobar you ain't nino brown you ain't Sosa or even tony
Anybody else watching CNBC and the story behind drug queen pin Griselda Blanco? She's the one that introduced Pablo Escobar to be a drug king pin. Interesting
Don't sweat it, if you are not on Pablo Escobar's VIP list. We still have tickets at the door. The OFFICIAL...
I might be, all I'm saying is Wingstop is the Pablo Escobar of wings
Lmao if you know about Pablo Escobar you'll get it
Wish pablo escobar was alive he would be proud 💛💙❤️
Heard Colombia won that's what's up I hope they make it far I'm a root for them just cause of Pablo Escobar RIP migo 👨
are you Colombian? Or of that descent? If so, I get why you could be bothered. Pablo Escobar reference wasn't a negative one.
that is where they killed the player for the own goal in 1994. Is the other Escobar the drug lord Pablo?
Today we fondly remember Colombian ace defender, late Pablo Escobar. Rest In Peace brother. Cus of his mistake own goal, upon returning home in Colombia after the World Cup at US '94, he was brutally shot dead by a fellow country man.
That win was for you Pablo and Andreas Escobar.
I know that Pablo Escobar ruled your country and the US came in and killed him even though he served american purpose
People do one laughing gas canister and think they're Pablo Escobar
is that the ghost of Pablo Escobar ?
Like the player Escobar not Pablo, before anyone gets stupid lmao
RVPs header yesterday looke like something from Pablo Escobar's Columbian Soccer team.
You can thank Pablo Escobar, and El Chapo Guzman for that one
it was called "the two escobars". It was about Andres and his murder, and Pablo Escobar and his relationship w futbol
yup because of the narcos and Pablo escobar !
Colombia still got it like them Escobar days; and I'm not talking about Pablo.
Imma get a Colombian jersey and put Pablo Escobar on the back
Kolumbia 3-0 Greqia. Pablo Escobar is proud of you guys. :v
Dang Pablo Escobar must've visited the Colombian team last night in their dreams. They were on one!!!
I think pablo escobar just woke up from the dead to handout every colombian free cocaine
SHAKEY “Falcao in the stands looking Pablo Escobar's brother”
Pablo Escobar would be so proud right now of he was alive
Colombia is gonna win thanks to Pablo Escobar.
“what in the world” Pablo Escobar days man. Most powerful man at the time
Lmao, where's this going? "YES. Pablo Escobar's home "Colombia is that country with the cocaine rig…
“Falcao in the stands looking Pablo Escobar's brother”
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Falcao in the stands looking Pablo Escobar's brother
The day Colombia wins it all, Pablo Escobar is coming back. Watch.
Pablo Escobar came in spirit and gave Columbia I bit of juice if u know what I mean😇
Colombia straight skunked Greece.Pablo Escobar must still be alive.
and now they don't have Pablo Escobar threatening their families.
If pablo Escobar was still alive today he would be very proud of the boys
Shout out to Colombia Shoutout to Falcao Shoutout to El Pibe Shoutout to Shoutout Pablo Escobar Shoutout To Colombian coffee
Pablo escobar is thrilled..drugs won
Colombia is not only the prettiest girls of the world, salsa, Pablo Escobar, but now seems to be a football also. Good game, well done.⚽️👍👏
Colombia was just too talented for Greece. Well, I guess there is not gonna be a sequel to the Pablo Escobar on
I would like to thank Pablo Escobar for this win 🙏💯😂
The legend of Pablo Escobar lives on. I'm in Columbia I love Colombians.
Great Job Colombia!! Pablo Escobar is smiling down from Heaven!
Pablo Escobar would buy the World Cup if he wanted to
This Colombia team would make Pablo Escobar proud.
Watchin Columbia play soccer reminds me of Pablo & Andres Escobar
I would have to say Pablo Escobar would be proud of Colombia right
Pablo Escobar is smiling from the grave Columbia 3-0
Pablo Escobar wouldve been proud of this one.
If Pablo Escobar was still around, maybe, just maybe, he'd offer shisha as a consolation gift to the Greek...harde Greece!
Columbia if Pablo Escobar were alive he'd buy you all a ranch right now 👍
Any Colombian who is foolhardy enough to pull off a Marcelo must remember the fate of one Pablo Escobar!
Always happy when Colombian players do well after watçhing the 30 for 30 on Pablo Escobar. I love the World Cup
Pablo Escobar would be so proud today
Hungarian commentator just said that some maybe remember 1994 when Columbia failed to qualify from group stage and after that their defender Pablo Escobar got killed by a fan in front some disco club...well I remember and it wasnt Pablo Escobar (columbian kartel leader) it was Andres Escobar...well,Pablo is more famous obviously.He got killed later...
As usual, my choice of team comes with association. And tonight Pablo Escobar comes to mind. And a first fast goal in under five minutes proves he might have left a culture of something. I once upon a time watched the team score an own goal and upon arrival home someone's body was riddled with countless bullets.
This is colombian football bravo Pablo escobar
Columbia draws early blood. Playing like the days of Pablo Escobar
COLOMBIA for the win... team had a big rack session outta respect for PABLO ESCOBAR before game lol
Useless fact of the day!.In the 1980s, Pablo Escobar's Medellin Cartel was spending $2,500 a month on rubber bands just to hold all their cash!
Next up, Jason Momoa is cast as Pablo Escobar in Billy Walsh's new film 'Medellin'
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Oh god.. I just mixed up Cesar Chavez and Pablo Escobar.. I had no idea I was so culturally sheltered..
I needed counciling in school growing up because when we were once asked who our idols were, many kids said various presidents or leaders in the wolrd/ community. I simply said: "Pablo Escobar".
Football all weekend i aint gettin off this couch 1st up is Pablo Escobar's Columbia against the Spartans(Greece). If theres a tornado warning fuk u im watching football a hurricane warning fuk u im watching football the trumpets are blowing fuk u im watching football
Feelin like Pablo Escobar Trapin in Louie's V loafers GOT so much got *** cash
Smh lol FB is fantasy land I guess where u can be whatever u want and not worry about actual reality.let these lil *** tell it.on FB they bigger dealers than Pablo a million guns.making tons of cash on daily lol but reality is a one room flat in the slums that u can't even pay the rent on smh ya pockets dead dry and Pablo Escobar? Shiiid u ain't never even sold an aspirin lol
Pakistani Drug Lord Iqbal Baig has set-up shop in Lahore, specifically in the vicinity of Hall and Mall Road, in an area formerly called Lakshmi Mansion. He acquired these properties to build a Shopping Mall under blessing of Shahbaz Sharif, Nawaz Sharif, and Asif Zardari. Iqbal Baig is money laundering, by converting drug money into legitimate cash by buying properties in Lahore. He bought almost whole of Lakshmi Mansion and Hall Road properties. He is a known accomplice of Taliban and is clear and present danger to the global community including the US and Europe. He is the financier of Taliban and funnels money to every terrorist organization through money laundering in legitimate business enterprises. During the PPP government, he stayed under the radar and kept building assets to finance his patrons the Taliban. Pakistan’s ISI and US CIA should look into the activities of this dangerous criminal on par with Pablo Escobar. In 1995, Iqbal Baig, Pakistan’s most notorious drug lords was extradited to ...
You know beliefs are strong when people don’t acknowledge the causes of the reasons they say the US invades a given country. They think Saddam’s gassing of Shias and Kurds in Iraq would have happened even if the US had not given him weapons and looked the other way. They talk as if 9/11 was an act of crazy, hateful people who could not possibly have been angry at the saintly US of A. They talk as if a given bad guy in Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan would have existed regardless of whether the US had invaded or not. They presumably think of drug kingpins like Pablo Escobar as evil and the people prosecuting the War on Drugs as the good guys, even though drug barons would simply not exist without drug warriors. If you don’t understand the causes you don’t understand the issue. Most troop supporters don’t have a clue why these wars happen.
Bearing in mind the Pablo Escobar tragedy I am now wondering whether the snipers bullet that hit Fred last night was actually intended for Marcello
6-05-14 Steven Jackson This week's special guest is Steven Jackson, the author of Gangster ;The Wise Sorrowful Hearts. Jackson's compelling book deals largely the life and times of his father Lawrence Slippery Jackson Washington DC's first Black Mafia crime boss, but Steven Jackson also has to lot to say about drugs, the black community and the War on Drugs. 5-29-14 Alex Hortis This week's guest is Alex Hortis, the author of The Mob and the City: The Hidden History of How the Mafia captured New York. Alex Hortis's first full-length book is devoted exclusively to uncovering the hidden history of how the Mafia came to dominate organized crime in New York City during the 1930s through 1950s. Based on exhaustive research of archives and secret files obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, author and attorney C. Alexander Hortis draws on the deepest collection of primary sources, many newly discovered, of any history of the modern mob. Hortis shatter myths and reveals how Cosa Nostra actually obtained ...
Spurs doing more damage to Miami than Pablo Escobar smh
The spurs did more damage to Miami than Pablo Escobar lmao
The Spurs did more damage to Miami than Pablo Escobar
Fake SportsCenter 50m The Spurs are doing more damage to Miami than Pablo Escobar
Game of Thrones’ Red Viper to play one of the leads in Netflix’s new true-life drama about Pablo Escobar
null null null null null null 'Game of Thrones' favorite Pedro Pascal joining new Netflix drama about Pablo Escobar ... /
Game of Thrones’ Actor Lands Role In Netflix Drama Series - This should mend the broken hearts of all you Pedro Pascal fans: less than a week after his Red Viper rather ceremoniously exited "Game of Thrones," Deadline has revealed that the actor will appear in the upcoming Netflix drama series "Narcos." The show focuses on infamous Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar (played by Wagner Moura)... Read more
Pedro Pascal, who plays Oberyn Martell on this season of HBO's "Game of Thrones," has been tapped to star opposite Wagner Moura in Netflix's Pablo Escobar drama "Narcos," sources confirm. The serie...
After spending the past season on Game of Thrones trying to exact revenge for the death of his sister, Pedro Pascal is skipping over to Netflix to try and bring a different bad guy to justice. Pascal is set to star in Netflix’s Pablo Escobar drama Narcos, opposite Wagner Moura (Elysium). Jose...
Netflix has cast Pedro Pascal, who played Oberyn Martell in "Game of Thrones," to star in Pablo Escobar-drama "Narcos."
Could we please have a movie portraying Pablo Escobar's life in which Javier Bardem plays Pablo? Thanks.
Legends of all time,Muammar Gaddafi,Pablo Escobar and Osama Bin Laden.In loving memory of this folks.
Gucci Mane - Pablo ft. E-40 (Diary Of A Trap God) [Intro] Just about anybody who used cocaine in the 90s and 80s was using Pablo Escobar's product. Escobar w...
If dark magic is a metaphor for drugs in MLP, does that mean King Sombra was Pablo Escobar?
RIP dear Gabriel García Márquez. It's a shame, I've never read anything apart from your "No One Writes to the Colonel", "One Hundred Years of Solitude", and a few short-stories. Next week I shall read "News of a Kidnapping". You should read it as well, my FB friends. That's a book about the kidnapping and eventual release of ten prominent figures by Pablo Escobar of Cartel de Medellín.
this is one of the learning objectives in my geography chapter on Latin America and the Caribbean. (understand the geography and impacts of the drug trade andinternational tourism in the region). the kicker, two years ago in my Latin American History course study group I demonstrated how to map South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Tom Clancy(Clear * Present danger, Miami Vice, Scarface an biography channel documentaries on gangsters--Pablo Escobar and other Latin American cartel kingpins finally coming full circle and paying dividends- can cruise through this chapter allowing me to buckle down on the Middle East, Sonny Crockett & Rico Tubbs helping me with my learning and of course letus not forget Sandra Santiago, Edward James Olmos and the greatest name of a television character ever-- 'Big Booty Trudy' just LMFAO looking at the learning objectives and outlining the chapter. you see the cocaiano is grown and manufactured in Colombia, moved to the northern border, where it can be transpor .. ...
Toronto bans EDM shows. Meanwhile back at the ranch their mayor smoked enough crack/cocaine to send Pablo Escobar's grandchildren to Harvard
Pablo Escobar died being remembered what he done for Colombia and being the King of Cocaine and the world will never forget about him
ogh I'm watching a documentary about Pablo Escobar and I'm kinda tryn
Pablo Escobar what you know about that or are you a fake
not bigger than the Medellin g, that *** aint know Pablo Escobar
the Mexican cartel found the dude who snitched on Pablo Escobar
idc ur Pablo Escobar from now on u heard bra?
Had to put in the bio bc I got in my bio and Pablo Escobar>El Chapo
So a journalist who once interviewed Pablo Escobar asked him what he did for a living? And he simply…
I look like Pablo Escobar the way I'm holding the dro...
When people say "all those years, he must be doing something right" I wonder if they mean Stalin or Pablo Escobar.
Bye bye surfers. You did us all proud. Pablo Escobar would have been proud of how much went on in there.
My father's YouTube journey today: Pablo Escobar, Pablo,Pablo, kids that cry on roller-coasters,alien sightings in Nevada, Fidel Castro,and UFC fighters getting their *** whooped to sum generic mix played on BPM
I hate small time weed dealers talkin about "I don't open till 12" get the fuk over ur Pablo Escobar wannabe *** and sell me a
Earlier today, Dane Nelson correctly identified Don Pablo Escobar as today's gangster. Good job and one point to the Great Dane.
Everyone has a price. The important thing is to find out What it is. -PABLO ESCOBAR
Just got a limo ride from the nephew of Pablo Escobar. Dude had some stories!
Pablo Escobar started his empire with $30 worth of cocaine paste and ended up being worth $25 billion, I don't care what your views on drugs are, that is a SERIOUS businessman!
Pablo Escobar session hehe the patron to the skin
I'm finally done with school now to wait for this diploma to come thru the mail! I'd like to thank every one who believed I could do this, I wanna thank my momma and God, waka flocka and the whole BrickSquad Monopoly, Mac Dre, tony montana, El komander, Chino Antrax, my neighbors, my dog, the J I'm rolling, snoop dogg, B Real from cypress hills, juicy J, Muhhamed ali, my weed man, Bill Clinton, Malcolm X, The Dodgers,Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, psycho Realm, George Lopez, my brother, Batman, George Jung, Pablo Escobar, HIM, panic at the disco, Eiffel 65, Daft Punk, Hitler ,my squad & of course my HATERS with out you it couldn't be done!
Has Hollywood even given us a Pablo Escobar movie??
I only look up to people I can never be Gabriel Marquez, Pablo Escobar, Francisco Santander, Griselda Blanco,ingrid Betancourt Nicolas Gomez
Pablo Escobar and son pose for a photo op at the White House, early 1980s.
everyone's not a Naomi Campbell, Pablo Piccaso, Pablo Escobar, Michael Jackson or Michael Jordan, just no.
Wagner Moura to play Pablo Escobar in Netflix series
Chapo Guzman and Pablo Escobar are not much different than Al Capone a century ago.
they do. Pablo escobar built homes for poor people, soccer fields, books and supplies for schools.
Let's put this into perspective, he had more money than Pablo Escobar and he was able to pay off DEA and CIA.
Your a drug I'll be ya Pablo Escobar 😜
he was like a *** Pablo Escobar. I liked it, he robbed from the rich. Survival of the fittest. If you're smarter than
Their are 200 million *** manipulated by a million intelligent men! Pablo Escobar
same here hope it will be interesting as the ones they did for Pablo Escobar.
"promises mean everything, but when you don't accomplish it forgiveness means nothing" Pablo Escobar.
El Chapo had more money then Pablo Escobar, Net worth is more than 1 billion
you wish that was the case , you look like a fake Pablo escobar
it's between him & Pablo Escobar rn lol I'll most likely do El Chapo Bc of his current events 😂
Tryna get this money like Pablo Escobar
Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's been arrested so what??let me go into my Cuban Spanglish jajaja some things are better said in Spanish A REY MUERTO REY PUESTO!which actually means only faces will Pablo Escobar they killed him but that didn't change the drug trafficking cartels?that will never happen. first of all if America gets this man from Mexico this means he will lounge in an American Federal Institution as they no longer are considered prisons anymore for decades at taxpayers death penalty allowed...holder will guarantee this to the Mexican gov...after all he is a minority jijijijiji..Its def good that he was caught, at least the illusion of justice is present. Its already been reported that until Ismael "Mayo" Zambada is captured, its still business as usual for the cartel. And there is an intricate system of replacements waiting in the wings behind him, preped and ready to take over should he be caught. There really is no stopping these guys and sadly, i don't think the power ...
This bound to be a Hollywood blockbuster! Modern days Pablo Escobar arrested.
If you didnt know today's version of Pablo Escobar was caught by the Mexican marines and DEA. His name is Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman
so did Pablo Escobar this *** had his own personal soccer field in the prison. And he owned it
that is crazy! Finally they arrested him though. Supposedly they think he made more money than Pablo Escobar, and he made ALOT
Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman is popular, because he's the anti-system hero. Mexico is a troubled nation with a fake democracy, an illegitimate president, a divided society facing a civil war, increasing inequality and unemployment, shameless racism, classicism, discrimination against indigenous / mestizo people and a potential invasion of the U.S. whose corporations have already taken over its economy and soon will take over the Mexican oil industry. I don't support him but I'm just saying. El Chapo who is of indigenous mestizo roots, creates lots of well paid jobs, gives money to the poor, protects entire regions, fights the corrupted Mexican government, he's got to be popular, he's become a popular legend, like Pablo Escobar, loved by so many in Colombia.
The whole time I should've been working on my essay I just researched stuff on Pablo Escobar lol
El Chapo has been getting a lot of positive criticism since his arrest. Lol They were saying they same thing about Pablo Escobar.
Colombian police pose with drug lord Pablo Escobar's body; one of the richest and most powerful criminals ever. 1993 http:…
Pablo Escobar is the world first criminal billionaire. As a an international drug trafficker his business model, management skills and personal techniques are truly something to marvel although his choice of business was illegal and and many lives were lost as a direct result of his actions. Many people admire him because he is the "FIRST" man to ever be "DOCUMENTED" as a "BILLIONAIRE." But his life was cut short as he was hunted down by legal authorities and killed before being taken to prison to do time. Horrible ending. However there are many men in the world today that have generated billions of dollars legally and have made great contributions to the world provided wealth for others and currently nice healthy lives free and happy. Great success stories such people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim Helu, David Koch, Benard Arnault, Michael Bloomberg, The Waltons, Aliko Dangote, Michael Dell, Paul Allen the list goes on and on. But for some reason more music, movies and TV shows have been ma ...
Strange how after one of his old accountants, came fwd recently how he worked with this cartel, n once laundered delivered 20 million to Bush around the time of the Kennedy assassination when Bush Sr. wrked CIA, which led to an uncovering that this same cartel worked closely with Bush jr. the entire 2 presidential terms, taking over after the first rumored Bush dealer ( Pablo Escobar ); was hunted down and killed by American Marines after allegedly threatening to come forward with details of his business endeavors ( Contras, Oliver North, Ricky Ross ) with Bush. Now they all os a sudden get this man in few days after claiming for years "it's just impossible to catch this guy". What made it possible after the accountant whistle blower came forward?
R.I.P. Pablo Escobar and free Capo the power strips to the plug.
The avhority arrested Chavez not the real druglord who was once under the tutelage of Pablo Escobar,the meanest & deeadliest druglord the world has ever produced
*** son they got El Chapo in the Chanel bracelets... Now how the fck our government goin to capture him known they over seas having most Americans thinking they fighting war when they are bringing bundles of heroin and lord knows what else back to America. They MADD cause Mexico dnt wanna fck with our officials they already seen what happened with Pablo Escobar.. Y'all not fooling me... Idgaf about the officials no more than they gaf about me👊
Even Pablo Escobar would be jealous.. sav
Mexico's Most-Wanted Drug Lord Captured Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman Arrested in Northern Mexico By JOSÉ DE CÓRDOBA And DAVID LUHNOW MEXICO CITY—Mexican Navy marines captured Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán, the world's most powerful drug lord, in a pre-dawn raid Saturday on a modest condominium in the western resort of Mazatlan, officials said. The Drug Lord Who Got Away A 2009 WSJ story profiled Joaquín Guzmán, who was the informal CEO of one of the world's biggest drug-trafficking organizations, the so-called Sinaloa cartel. Culiacan, Sinaloa is the unofficial capital of Mexico's drug-trafficking business. Given the shortened lifespan for drug traffickers, shrines and mausoleums honoring fallen narcos have become an integral part of the city's landscape. David Luhnow and José de Córdoba report from Mexico. The capture likely ends the legendary career of the farmer who rose from poverty in the mountains of the state of Sinaloa and built an empire of cocaine and marijuana that made him a billionaire and ...
Someone seeing a picture of me for the first time: "I thought Pablo Escobar was killed?"
With all the "Chapo" news/headlines, no better documentary than the one on Pablo Escobar. Dozing off...
This is good shes like the male version of pablo escobar
Makabagbag damdaming life story of PABLO ESCOBAR, COLOMBIA, and SOCCER...whew!!
So the government caught El Chapo Guzman they most likely will try to execute him like Pablo Escobar Our Government is just jealous of seeing people in their position When your making 30+million a year who wouldn't I guess but they say he killed a lot of people Well of coarse, it comes with the territory he only killed when needed to but they don't tell you about the good he did for poor people! ! He built schools, daycare,and hospitals but nope that doesn't matter 👊
I wanna dedicate this sunday to all the people that try to change Colombia and stop the corruption but end killed by the Mafia cartels, Pablo escobar and the colombian Goverment Jorge Eliecer Gaitan - 1949- Killed on Bogota Eusebio Muñoz - 1992- Killed on Cali Rodrigo Lara Bonilla - 1989 - Killed On Bogota Luis Carlos Galan - 1989 - Killed on Bogota Jaime Garzon - 1999- Killed on Bogota El Nogal 200 ppl killed Farc Rebels terrorist attack (2003) - 200 people killed on Bogota Carlos Pizarro - Killed on Bogota 1990 RIP to all these people..
I wish Pablo Escobar was here...we need a translator at los amigos!
ABCNews: says El Chapo is equivalent to Osama Bin Ladin???!Really? I would say equivalent to Pablo Escobar.
*** !! They caught El Chapo! if yall didn't know he was the modern day Pablo Escobar. He made the FORBES LIST
Dylan Borrow is the Pablo Escobar of top of the hill.
You fought as Capo 17 times for: {{ROT}} Scouthunter Ħ☣Ħ ⋞✞⋟. Together you received and defeated: Čѝ Pablo Escobar. $17,595
THE BIGGEST DRUG LORD, ELCHOPPO, GOSMUN , GOT BUSTED TODAY/ they said he made Al Capone. and Pablo Escobar look like boy skouts
By now I suspect you heard about the arrest of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, the head of the Sinaloa cartel - the drug cartel responsible for the greatest amount of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, and other illegal drugs ever smuggled into the U.S. This is a battle victory, but not yet a verified sign that anything of great significance will change in the long run in the war on drugs. Pablo Escobar was gunned down in 1993 as a result of an alliance between multi-national law enforcement, military, intelligence community players, and vigilantes. Today, the Colombian cartels export more cocaine than ever and command a fleet of more than 60 semi-submersible submarines, as well as 747 cargo planes and other resources that flood other cartels with the many tens of tons of cocaine that enters the U.S. each year. Future events related to Guzman's arrest will tell us if this is truly a landmark event: 1) Will the Mexican authorities hand him over to U.S. authorities for prosecution? Remember, it was ...
Karla just brought the body count to 229,368 by icing TWP Pablo Escobar.
As far as great drug lords go, Pablo Escobar would be rather disappointed in El Chapo.
mexican billionaire 'El Chapo" guzman caught, responsible for 25% of u.s. illegal drug import. and 80%of Chicago's drug market.a catch similar to pablo escobar getting caught. lol guess grams going up soon..
Why do the news people have to say Mexico's Osama bin Laden El Chapo was a Drug Kingpin after Pablo Escobar
Wow they finally have caught and arrested El Chapo...if you don't know who this guy is. Educate yourself!! He is by far the Biggest and most deadliest drug dealer since Pablo Escobar.
So they caught El Chapo.Worth $70+ billion (who only has a third grade education) Did you notice that the man's hair is not grey at all? That means he's not worried about where he is going or what happens. It's just a family reunion to him. If you noticed when they started chasing Osama bin Laden. His hair was black. By the time they caught up with him his hair was stoned white. So the next step they're (u.s. goverment) going to kill El Chapo in prison like they killed Pablo Escobar because they (u.s.government) wanted more control over the drug trade. The reality is. Nothing get into America unless the government wants it to.
Gonna make pablo escobar look like he was slinging goldfish
MEXICO CITY -- From his naming on the Forbes magazine list of the world’s richest billionaires, to his frequent supposed sightings and magical escapes, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been a larger-than-life drug lord who reached mythical proportions in Mexican “narco” folklore. He rose from a simple low-level trafficker from Sinaloa, the cradle of Mexico’s opium and marijuana trade, to become the nation’s most powerful and elusive fugitive. For Mexicans, the capture of Guzman, reported Saturday to have occurred in a joint operation by Mexican marines and U.S. federal agents in the Sinaloan coastal city of Mazatlan, is somewhat akin to Colombia’s killing of Pablo Escobar -- or even the U.S. elimination of Osama bin Laden. His luxurious life on the run was the stuff of legend. More than once, he was reported to have entered a fancy restaurant, ordered cellphones confiscated, dined lavishly, then picked up everyone’s check. So apparently untouchable was he, that his young beauty queen wife t ...
For anyone who doesn't know there is a war going on South of the border which has claimed at least 20-30 thousand lives in the past decade or so, Chapa Guzman "El Chapo" was arrested. Everyone knows who Pablo Escobar was, but few may know that this guy runs the Sinaloa Cartel which is the largest distributor of Meth., Heroin, and Cocaine in 50 countries around the world. Even in my little world, I'm afraid to say in print what this man has done. Having separated himself from most of the day to day operations, his arrest will likely mean only more bloodshed to fill the power vacuum. Mass murder is amongst the charges against him. That's about the most I'm willing to say. For someone afraid of little any more. I think I'm afraid to say much more. This guy could wack the President if he wanted to.
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