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Ozzie Newsome

Ozzie Newsome Jr. (born March 16, 1956 in Muscle Shoals, Alabama) is a former American football tight end for the Cleveland Browns, an inductee into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the current General Manager of the Baltimore Ravens.

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Ozzie Newsome is the man. Best GM in the NFL. Locking Suggs up for life and getting additional cap space was key to the off season.
I want Ozzie Newsome to do a trade like the Falcons did to get Julio Jones, but do it for Sammy Watkins.. This guy is a BEAST, he will Help
Ozzie Newsome says looking at other potential free agents and rookie prospects renewed his appreciation for impact Terre…
Listening to SiriusXM, the idea of your sports team Mt. Rushmore is a good idea. For me: NFL: Jim Brown, Berne Kosar, Ozzie Newsome, Paul Brown MLB: Larry Doby, Bob Feller, Rocky Colavito, Mike Hargrove NBA: Austin Carr, LeBron James, Mark Price, Lenny Wilkins What are yours?
Obviously my last post gave off the wrong impression, I've been high on the Orioles for this season just saying we still need an Ace to emerge and there weren't any in Free Agency so we just need to realize what kind of return we would get from the available crop of pitchers in the market but the more arms the better. Looks like Duquette pulled an Ozzie Newsome in waiting for the market to play out.
GM Ozzie Newsome says that Ray Rice remains in the Ravens' plans
Ozzie Newsome says Ray Rice remains in Ravens' plans.
Terrell Suggs has signed a four-year extension with Baltimore that saves the Ravens salary cap room and puts the linebacker in position to finish his career in Baltimore. The 31-year-old Suggs signed a six-year deal in 2009 that expired after the 2014 season. Now he's signed through 2018. At a news conference Monday to announce the extension, Suggs said, ''Sizzle will be a Raven for life.'' Suggs was expected to count $12.4 million against the salary cap. Now he's at $7.8 million. Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome says, ''It allows us to have the opportunity to pursue some of our own guys but also be prepared when free agency opens.'' Suggs earned his sixth Pro Bowl invite in 2013. The 11-year veteran is the franchise leader with 94 1/2 sacks.
NBC Sports - ProFootballTalk: Ozzie Newsome says Ray Rice still in their plans for future
deals like Suggs extension solidify my faith in the genius that is Ozzie Newsome.
"We were able to come to agreement on a 4-year extension with Terrell." Ozzie Newsome
GM Ozzie Newsome and Pro Bowl OLB Terrell Suggs will address the media at 12 p.m. tomorrow.
Ozzie Newsome: Ray Rice 'big part' of '14 plan ..
Terrell Suggs signs extension with Baltimore Ravens 191 By Gregg Rosenthal Around The League Editor Published: Feb. 17, 2014 at 01:19 p.m. Updated: Feb. 17, 2014 at 02:58 p.m. WE'RE SORRY, BUT THIS VIDEO IS NOT AVAILABLE. WATCH MORE VIDEOS VIDEO LOADING REPLAYSuggs: 'Sizzle's here for life' The famed Baltimore Ravens defense said goodbye to a pair of former Defensive Player of the Year winners after their Super Bowl season. They won't continue that trend in 2014. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported Sunday that the Ravens and linebacker Terrell Suggs agreed to terms on a contract extension, according to a source informed of the deal. The team announced the formal completion of the signing at a news conference Monday. 2014 free-agent roundup Latest news: » Free agents by team » Free agents by position » Restricted free agents » Around The League's top 25 free agents » Graham, Moreno lead fantasy free-agent class The new deal is a four-year extension that will free up $4 million in salary cap space ...
Find a GM that has built a good NFL team with an average to mediocre QB and you'll know what a GOOD GM looks like. Ozzie Newsome!
Elvis Dumervil signing had nothing to do with Terrell Suggs' contract: General Manager Ozzie Newsome responds ...
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Ozzie Newsome: Ray Rice is still in Ravens future plans
Ozzie Newsome speaks about signing Elvis Dumervil and if he was in insurance policy had Terrell Suggs not played beyond 2014 with the Ravens.
Ozzie Newsome: Elvis Dumervil signing had nothing to do with whether Suggs would play beyond 2014.
Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome said Ray Rice remained a big part of the Ravens' plans, but Newsome was still waiting to learn more about Rice's arrest.
Ozzie Newsome: Ray Rice 'big part' of Ravens' '14 plan -
.says signing Terrell Suggs gives the Ravens the flexibility to hold together key parts of the team.
Ozzie Newsome: 'Ray Rice still a big part of we plan to do in 2014'.
GM Ozzie Newsome said he hasn't spoken to Ray Rice yet, and that he stands by the official team statement.
Ozzie Newsome wastes no time... The Ravens have already started working on other contracts. .
GM Ozzie Newsome has already started conversations with some of the current free agents about re-signing them.
. Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome announces that Terrell Suggs has signed a 4-year contract extension, keeping him in Baltimore through 2018. Read more:
Baltimore Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome briefly discusses the arrest of running back Ray Rice and how the franchise is dealing with it at the moment.
Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome hasn’t talked to Ray Rice since last night’s arrest. But Newsome made it clear Monday that Rice was still very much a part of their plans for the future. Speaking with coach John Harbaugh at a press conference to announce Terrell Suggs‘ new deal, Newsome said he…
Find it interesting that nearly 60 hours after his arrest, Ray Rice had still not spoken to either Ozzie Newsome or John Harbaugh.
Higgy Feed | Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome, coach John Harbaugh haven’t talked to Ray Rice about arrest but will do so... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ozzie Newsome has not yet spoken with Ray Rice after his incident in Atlantic City over the weekend, but the Baltimore Ravens GM expressed his support Monday for the team's lead running back.
Ozzie Newsome said that Ray Rice is still a big part of what the Ravens plan to do in 2014.
Ozzie Newsome says Ray Rice still part of team's plans for future
Ozzie Newsome on Ray Rice: 'Neither John [Harbaugh] or I have spoken with Ray.'
Ozzie Newsome has yet to speak with Ray Rice after his Saturday arrest at an Atlantic City casino, but don't look for the Baltimore Ravens to part ways with their lead running back.
Ozzie Newsome is proly the coolest GM in the league!
Lunchtime Discussion: You are GM Ozzie Newsome and you only have the ability to resign 2 of these 3 Free Agents. OT Eugene Monroe, TE Dennis Pitta, DL Arthur Jones. What 2 would you pick and why?
Ozzie Newsome said he nor John Harbaugh have spoken with Ray Rice yet. "We stand by our [previously-released] statement."
Ozzie Newsome on Ray Rice: Neither John Harbaugh or Ozzie Newsome have spoken with Ray since the incident.
WATCH press conference with Terrell Suggs & Ozzie Newsome starting at noon. Watch on mobile app & HERE:
The fact that Ozzie Newsome turned the mic over to Suggs on the press conference just by saying "Sizz" makes me love the Ravens as an organization that much more.
LIVE CONFERENCE: Ozzie Newsome reveals that Suggs deal is 4 years. ~ElamEatsGreedy
Ravens LB Terrell Suggs will address the media Monday with GM Ozzie Newsome amid reports he has agreed to a contract extension. Read more at
Ravens announce press conference tomorrow at noon with General Manager Ozzie Newsome and Terrell Suggs. Possible long term deal announcement.
TSizzle and Ozzie Newsome are having a press conference at noon tomorrow. That can only mean one thing, Raven's Nation. Unofficial reports say that Suggs will sign a contract extension.
RAVENS Terrell Suggs will address the media Monday with Ozzie Newsome in reference to the news of him signing a new contract extension.
Baltimore Sun John Harbaugh has to make the most of this opportunity Baltimore Sun The Ravens already have a theme for the 2014 season. It's called "One Chance," produced by Steve Bisciotti, written by Ozzie Newsome and starring John Harbaugh. In a one-on-one interview after the annual "State of t...
holding a press conference tomorrow w/ Ozzie Newsome & Terrell Suggs. They have been working on a restructured contract-extension
BREAKING: The Ravens are announcing that a press conference will take place tomorrow at noon with Ozzie Newsome and Terrell Suggs. The two sides have agreed to a compromise; deal supposed to be finalized tonight according to Aaron Wilson. Aaron Wilson reporting that Suggs' $12.4M cap figure reduced significantly, but both sides are happy. The deal gives the Ravens a much better shot to retain players such as Dennis Pitta and Eugene Monroe.
We will carry a LIVE STREAM of the press conference with Terrell Suggs and Ozzie Newsome on the app & at
i would take Orlando Pace or Eddie George over Ozzie Newsome any day...BAMAs best player goes by the name of Derrick Thomas buddy
The Baltimore Ravens missed the playoffs this past season but only barely so. One area that needs improvement is at wide receiver, and General Manager Ozzie Newsome plans on making wide receiver a priority. According to Baltimore Sun reporter Jeff Zrebiec, the Ravens aren’t going to put off finding…
Browns have 40 mil in cap space and 10 draft picks. Done right they could return to what they use to be and that's good. So I hope Ozzie Newsome number 2 works his magic
When General Manager Ozzie Newsome spoke to the media at last month’s “State of the Ravens” news conference, he did everything but guarantee that the organization would add the type of pass catcher that it needs before the start of the 2014 season.
Best SS to play the game. Ozzie Newsome close 2ND, Ozzie is a No
Browns fans it may be a reach however isn't it funny how history repeats itself. In 95 when the Browns left Ozzie Newsome first Black GM selected Ogden and Ray Lewis with the 4th and 26th pick.The Browns this year have the 4th and 26th pick this year almost 20 years to the date...And So Long Jeter ...class act and a true Yankee
Who are Possibles For The Ravens: Here are my thoughts about what the Ravens might do, offered with the caveat that no one from the front office has taken me aside and whispered a prediction. For starters, I would toss out all unrestricted free agents, i.e., those whose contracts are up. They cost more, and a team has to forfeit a draft pick when it signs a UFA. Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome hates doing that. He admitted last month that he prefers salary cap casualties, who don’t cost a pick. No UFAs means eliminating Decker, Nicks and others such as Buffalo safety Jairus Byrd and Cleveland center Alex Mack. The Ravens could use them, but as UFAs, they’re top-market guys who will cost more than the Ravens want to spend, both in salary and picks. Salary cap casualties are more likely to land here. And since most cuts haven’t occurred yet, we don’t exactly know who will be available. There’s a lot of speculation about Peppers, Ware, Troy Polamalu, Vince Wilfork and Santonio Holmes. I don’t see the Ra ...
I found this on a site. Something to think about Browns fans: In 1996, the Baltimore Ravens hired one of our favorite sons, Ozzie Newsome as their GM! A 39 year old African American. They had just like the Browns do now the 4th and 26th picks in the draft. They drafted...
***Black History Month News*** My Cleveland Browns have hired an African American GM.. He will be the 3rd black GM in the NFL! One of the other men is Browns great Ozzie Newsome
I am not surprised by Mike Lombardi and Joe Banner going BYE BYE- I was never a fan of them at all and felt they were purposely holding the Browns down by not being brazen enough to make the moves needed. As a lifer Browns fan I hope they can do something... I only wish they would hire Ozzie Newsome from Baltimore and bring him back to Cleveland. That won't happen though I do respect Ozzie's loyalty to the former Modell franchise but it would be nice to see him as the GM of the Cleveland Browns as Ozzie was one of my favorite players. Here we go. another 4-12 year more than likely. SIGH. Unless we're smart in the draft... and I am still hoping they stay away from 'Johnny Football'.
Ray Farmar is the next Ozzie Newsome! I feel much better about the Browns organization
I think the Browns got rid of Radioactive & Toxic today. Hope Ray Farmer turns into our Ozzie Newsome.
So Matt Leinart says."Kurt Warner led the Arizona Cardinals, not Ken Whisenhunt. I know, I was a part of that team.Warner leaves and we go 5-11 twice" I was feeling better about Caldwell after watching the press conference, and now I'm back to being a slappy. Yeah, I know, Leinart is a sour little pansy. But still, Dungy, Ozzie Newsome, and Peyton Manning didn't call to endorse Ken Whisenhunt either. These things are all working in concert to turn me back into a slappy, and reinforcing the fact that the fans really don't know jack. Don't let your sails get filled with the prevailing winds .
Browns near Super Bowl Need one more after beating Colts Browns 38, Indianapolis Colts 21 Cleveland Municipal Stadium January 09, 1988 By Tony Grossi Plain Dealer Reporter Sixty minutes of football - and a victory - separate the Browns from their first Super Bowl appearance. Again. Yet, after turning back the stubborn Indianapolis Colts, 38-21, to reach the AFC Championship Game for the second season in a row, the Browns did little celebrating in their dressing room. "It was no big deal," said linebacker Eddie Johnson, who chewed out his defensive teammates at halftime. "There was some barking, but basically it was very relaxed. We expected to be here." Linebacker Clay Matthews described the post-game atmosphere as "reserved." Tight end Ozzie Newsome, whose 65 yards led nine Cleveland receivers, said the celebration "wasn't half as big as it was last year." The Browns will learn who stands in their way to Super Bowl XXII in San Diego this afternoon. If Denver beats the Houston Oilers, the Browns will play ...
General Manager Ozzie Newsome said the Ravens need to find an athletic safety. Does that spell the end of James Ihedigbo's run with the team?
Baltimore Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome is noncommittal on whether LB Terrell Suggs will be on the team next season >>
OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- One Baltimore Ravens official thought General Manager Ozzie Newsome went into too much detail when asked about the team's priorit
Ozzie Newsome stated that our third priority is getting a more athletic safety. You're not gonna find a better answer than James Ihedigbo...
Falcons director of player personnel Lionel Vital will interview for the Buccaneers GM position. Vital became the director of player personnel for the Falcons after Dave Caldwell was hired to be the General Manager in Jacksonville. He has 23 years of experience of which he has spent time under Falcons G.M. Thomas Dimitroff, Bill Belichick, Ozzie Newsome, and Scott Pioli.
Watching and reading about all of these hopeless, banana republic NFL franchises like Washington Redskins and Cleveland Browns firing another head coach and wondering how any sane Baltimore Ravens fan could possibly not appreciate what Steve Bisciotti, Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh, Joe Flacco and these guys have done since Dec. 31, 2007 when my partner and friend Brian Billick was fired. Seriously, name one North American franchise or even college program that's been better, more relevant and more prideful than this group. If you only you people held Peter Angelos and the Baltimore Orioles to a 1/10 of these standards since 1993...
A message to Cowboy fans: They will never ever get past 8-8 mediocrity as long as Jerry Jones continues to consider himself a GM. He is a delusional wannabe and is his own worst enemy. If he cared about the fans like he says he does he would strip away his own title of GM and go out and hire a good football guy like Bill Polian, Ozzie Newsome or a Micky Loomis to run the organization and the scouting department. This would also attract better coaching candidates. No one wants to go there.
"The Ravens will have five defensive and three offensive starters hit free agency in March. Eugene Monroe, Michael Oher, Dennis Pitta, Ed Dickson, Jacoby Jones, Corey Graham, Daryl Smith, Arthur Jones, Josh Bynes and James Ihedigbo will all be free agents in 2014. Ozzie Newsome and his staff will also have to take a hard look at players who did not play to the level they’ve played to in the past; players like Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs and Ray Rice, who have a combined 2014 cap figure of $37.15 million."
Talk is that we'll fire the head coach. Not a smart move. I don't think it's what players or fans want either. UNLESS Bill Cowher is interested and we can lure Ozzie Newsome from Baltimore.
My thought on the Baltimore Ravens . Jim Caldwell is the worst OC in the NFL. he better be fired. our OLine stink. Gino Gradkowski AQ Shipley out Micheal Oher out. Ray Rice out . defensively James Ihedigbo out Jameel McClain out. Corey Graham back on special team only. We need Ozzie Newsome to step up and bring back some proud in this organisation
Cameron joins Milt Morin, Ozzie Newsome & Kellen Winslow as only TE's selected to the Pro Bowl.
Veteran Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Brandon Stokley plans to retire after this season, his 15th in the NFL, he told the Denver Post. Stokley, 37, told the Post on Thursday that he met with Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome three weeks ago. After that meeting, Stokley, who was placed on injured reserve on Dec. 10 with a concussion, felt sure of his decision. "I'm glad I played this year because now I know I'm done," Stokley told the Post. "Had I not played this year I would have always felt I could have kept playing. I still know I can play but my body just can't go through it anymore." Stokley is one of just 18 receivers in NFL history to play at least 15 seasons. He will finish with 397 receptions for 5,339 yards and 39 touchdowns with the Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks and New York Giants. Stokley caught a 38-yard touchdown pass from Trent Dilfer in the Ravens' Super Bowl XXXV win, and also has a championship ring from the Colts' Super Bowl XLI victory. "I think Brand ...
Cleveland Browns fans This one is for you Autographed Cleveland Browns football This was won by me at one of my brothers boyscouts meetings back in 90-91 Includes autographs from Bernie Kosar and Ozzie Newsome and the whole team back than Can send more pictures PU in Elyria 200.00
Bill Belichick says Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome is a rare talent and a man for whom he holds great respect and admiration.
So what would it take for Redskins fans as a whole to form a public corporation, buy out Dan Snyder, and hire Ozzie Newsome away from the Ravens? As easy as my life might become by being a Ravens fan, I'm too loyal to switch allegiances. Too bad Snyder is fairly young and will be running (ruining?) this team for probably the next 30 years.
Dan Duquette must've caught what Ozzie Newsome had with moves like these!
Ravens coach John Harbaugh said General Manager Ozzie Newsome was back at the team’s headquarters in Owings Mills, Md. working Monday afternoon.
Reports: Ozzie Newsome taken from Soldier Field in ambulance
Reports: Ozzie Newsome leaves Soldier Field in ambulance -
source confirms reports that it was GM Ozzie Newsome that was taken from Soldier Field by ambulance.
Ozzie Newsome reportedly exits stadium in ambulance - Baltimore Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome reportedly left Soldier Field in an ambulance followi
GM Ozzie Newsome left Soldier Field in an ambulance on Sunday...
Let's all hold good thoughts and say a prayer for Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome, who was transported from Soldier Field in an ambulance tonight and, did not fly home with the team. Here's the official Ravens' statement...
Ravens’ GM Ozzie Newsome reportedly taken from Soldier Field in ambulance. Hope all is well, Prayers for him.
REPORT: Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome was taken by ambulance to a Chicago-area hospital following today's game, according to the Chicago Tribune. will post updates here as they become available.
Praying for Ozzie Newsome to make quick recovery after leaving Soldier Field in anni!
Ozzie Newsome apparently left Soldier Field in an ambulance. There's a rumor that he fainted. I rode the elevator downstairs with him and he was sweating profusely just before this. I was told he walked into the ambulance and it's precautionary.
Ozzie Newsome, Baltimore Ravens' GM, taken from Soldier Field in ambulance
Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome left Soldier Field via ambulance. No word yet on what happened. Wishing him all the best. - Joe M.
While many people are excited the Ravens lost today, please keep Ozzie Newsome in your thoughts and prayers. He apparently was taken away from Soldier Field in an ambulance. So to quote my late nephew. Andrew, "stay classy people."
I hope everything's okay with Ozzie Newsome he left Soldier Field in an ambulance earlier today
Ed Reed has proven that Ozzie Newsome is smarter than the whole Ravens fan base combined.
Hire someone like an Ozzie Newsome, Ted Thompson, John Elway to mold the team! you are a rich guy playin with a F'Ball Team!
The cut of Spears & Huff won't be highlight of GM Ozzie Newsome's career. Makes you wonder if $$ could've kept Boldin?
Look at that, Ozzie Newsome signed Michael Huff, then cut him this past week. Yeah hes totally the best GM
Ozzie Newsome was right, JG should go into politics
Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome not looking too good after the team cut safety Michael Huff and defnsive end Marcus Spears.
Ozzie Newsome does it again. Congrats to Michael Huff for joining a winning organization. A good player that will get bett…
Damm Ozzie Newsome woke up handing out Pink Slips. I never thought Michael Huff was good anyway.
So can we stop heaping praise on Ozzie Newsome now?
So basically Ozzie Newsome wasted $10 million of our cap money this offseason, sweet.
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Ozzie Newsome always knows what he's doing, greatest General Manager of all time
Gotta do I toldya so on Huff and Ozzie Newsome's signing of him, if guy can't play it doesn't matter who signs him
That Michael Huff signing may end up being one of the most disappointing of Ozzie Newsome's time in B'More. Huff was an epic bust
Even Ozzie Newsome gets a few wrong here and there.
And not just Ozzie Newsome, but how Ozzie Newsome has organized his team--and how Bisciotti as communicated w/ everyone.
Bisciotti has fired people for not being up to expectations, but Ozzie Newsome has done a lot to earn stability.
that's reserved for Ozzie Newsome, anyway.
Ozzie Newsome is waiting til 3:59:30 PM to trade for a player. He's offering to let other GMs wear his SuperBowl ring for a day.
Ole timer next to me..janitor then eqipment manager for bama 1960-1985 said Ozzie Newsome was a perfect athlete specimen. He could do it all
A live look-in at Ozzie Newsome making that 11th hour trade
2Day in Sports History: 1989 - Ozzie Newsome ended his streak of 150 consecutive game receptions.
so can u please pick up the phone and call Ozzie newsome please we could really use your services in baltimore.
Let's trade our entire draft and Dimitroff for Ozzie Newsome. :)
Actually, I do not. Have a Bernie Kosar, Ozzie Newsome and Leroy Hoard Browns jersey, though...wearing Steve Smith right now
Wheres Ozzie Newsome when we need him??
Jordan Cameron must look like the 2nd coming of Ozzie Newsome against them during practice every week
Jordan Cameron is the first TE since Ozzie Newsome in 1983 with 6 REC TD in a season.
Oh yeah I met Ozzie Newsome today... This man a legend at all levels of football.. Hall of fame player…
Me and dat_boy_jmo with the great Ozzie Newsome former tight end for the Cleveland Browns and now he…
Talking about Alabama sports alumni and those that have gone to be ADs, how long, realistically, before Ozzie Newsome ends up back there?
At Bryant Denny, just seen our boy Ozzie Newsome.
Just met Ozzie Newsome at an Alabama football game
“It's much better to draft off pro days and combine measurements” Pretty sure Ozzie Newsome has different method.
Woke up feeling like Ozzie newsome yuherd
somebody let Ozzie Newsome know that we need a WR
You are Ozzie Newsome for a day, who in next year's class do you take to fix the O-line and offensive role players?
Dolphins trade jeff ireland for ozzie newsome...get it done we need a change
We are so excited to announce that Baltimore Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome, as well as former
Reed's agent deserves a bonus for getting the Texans to agree to that contract. Ozzie Newsome looks pretty smart right now.
Wheeling and dealing. I make Ozzie Newsome look like a highschool AD. Going for that
I want to be just like Ozzie Newsome, and Kelley Winslow Sr. those men could play
Our Coonhound named Ozzie Newsome getting some rest on the bye week. Refreshed for 2nd half
he faster nd got better hands too sooo comon there's a reason why u not Ozzie newsome
Im just your everyday Ozzie Newsome lol
Bar none?? Jerry Reese, Ozzie Newsome, Trent Baalke, Mickey Loomis, Kevin Colbert may have something to say about that.
Guy on ESPN just called Ozzie Newsome, Ozzie Smith lol
the ravens GM's name is Ozzie Newsome not Ozzie Smith
Ed Werder totally called Ozzie Newsome "Ozzie Smith" just now.
very mediocre. His draft record is terrible. Ted Thompson & Ozzie Newsome he is not. 1st rd picks only. Forfeit draft after 2nd
Strange but True: Browns vs Vikings. Minnesota Vikings vs. Cleveland Browns betting odds had the Vikings a -3 ½ favorite at SBG Global heading into Friday. The Vikings were getting more action than any other NFL team as of Friday. They were also getting the most lopsided public betting action at over 95 percent on the point spread. The -3 ½ line is likely to be driven up further as it has been at other books, so lock this number in now. This line has jumped as high as -4 ½ at some locations after opening at -3. This was supposed to be a laugher. The Vikings in their home opener against the 0-2 Cleveland Browns, who, in a span of a few hours last week, promoted their No. 3 quarterback to starter and traded running back Trent Richardson! Browns TE Jordan Cameron catches three TD passes...not even the great Browns Hall of Fame TE Ozzie Newsome ever did that!. Browns defense records 6 sacks and hold All-World RB Adrian Petersen under 100 yards!... Browns WR Josh Gordon catches 10 passes and scores a TD ...
Jim Brown, Paul Warfield, Brian Sipe, Bill Nelsen, Webster Slaughter, Frank Minnifield, Hanford Dixon, Greg Pruitt, Leroy Kelly, Bo Scott, Clay Matthews, Bernie Kosar, Ozzie Newsome, Don Cockroft, Kevin Mack, Eric Metcalf, Doug Dieken, Reggie Rucker. I never saw Otto Graham but I knew all about him. These are the Cleveland Browns that I remember, the heart and soul of the Dawgpound. John Elway broke the hearts of Browns fans back in 1987, but they’ll be back, a great franchise with a great history. GO BROWNS!
- Ozzie Newsome. He has built a better team and hired better coaches than Rick Smith.
You know? The Broncos personnel department has lived behind the Moon since really John Ralston. Dan Reeves, Shannahan, Josh McDaniels had these enormous blind spots and always had to double down (triple down) to fix their mistakes. But take a look 1. Chris Harris 2. Tony Carter 3. Duke Ihenacho 4. Trindon Holiday 5. Wesley Woodyard 6. Danny Trevathan 7. (Watch out for CJ Anderson) All were obtained as street free agents or 7th round draft picks and all are contributing BIG plays for comparatively very little money. What a job not only finding but coaching and developing talent. Anyone think John Elway doesn't get it? Move over Ozzie Newsome and Ted Thompson. My man just reserved a place at the table
I'm a huge Pittsburgh Steeler fan, so I can say without bias that the Ozzie Newsome article is excellent.
McCoy signing next weekend, next up in October is my biggest show of the year. Here is the line-up ( Dwight Clark, Roger Craig, Eric Dickerson, Rollie Fingers, Russ Grimm, Bo Jackson, Jamal Lewis, Ronnie Lott, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Ozzie Newsome, Jonathan Ogden, Bill Parcells, Michael Phelps, Lawrence Taylor and Robin Yount). As always inbox me if interested, I'm only taking orders for this show and won't be doing much if anything for inventory.
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3 highest hits on now Donny Osmond, abc prime time 3 min. & Ozzie Newsome audio on athletic tab
browns made note it's most since ravens in '02. Ozzie Newsome vs Mike Lombardi. Again - what could go wrong?
That would be stupid of Ozzie Newsome since Lindsey Buckingham was available in the offseason. 'Beautiful mind,' my ***
THIS JUST IN: Ravens and GM Ozzie Newsome have an agreement in principle with TE Dallas Clark.
Nah. He's waiting until Ozzie Newsome is our AD.
Why does Duke Johnson look like Ozzie Newsome? Not young Ozzie, 2013 Ozzie.. Well that old face Duke Johnson can ball
Ozzie Newsome picked Jonathan Ogden with first ever draft pick in 1996, will now present JO at Hall of Fame induction
Jon Ogden said that Ozzie Newsome will present him at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony August 3
Ozzie Newsome will present Jonathan Ogden at Hall of Fame: Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome will be in Can...
The Mount Rushmore has been revealed: Joe Flacco, Ray Lewis, Jonathan Ogden & Ozzie Newsome. Read more:
Grading Every Baltimore Ravens Major Offseason Move to Date - No Super Bowl champion in recent memory has had more roster turnover than the Baltimore Ravens, but this has all been by design. Regardless of how last season ended, Ozzie Newsome wanted the Ravens to be younger and more athletic on both sides of the ball.To that end, the Ravens have released or traded multiple key veterans while letting several others walk in free agency.From there, the Ravens focused on add...
John Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome will have tough decisions to make when they start finalizing the 2013 Baltimore Ravens roster . Usually teams know who their starters will be, and then coaches deliberate about who will fill out the final roster...
Baltimore Ravens: 5 Players Firmly on the Roster Bubble: John Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome will have tough decis...
With John Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome making decisions, they will remain competitive
Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens front office has used the grace period of winning the Super Bowl about as well as anyone. The team needed to get younger and that is exactly what they did. They got...
What is the Mt. Rushmore of your favorite teams? (Top four players no coaches) Indians: Bob Feller, Rocky Colavito, Jim Thome, and Sandy Alomar Jr. Browns: Jim Brown, Otto Grahm, Ozzie Newsome, and Clay Matthews.
The Baltimore Ravens have signed veteran linebacker Daryl Smith to a one-year contract, General Manager Ozzie Newsome announced Wednesday. Smith, 31, is the Jacksonville Jaguars' all-time leading tackler. He was limited to two games last season because of a groin injury. The Ravens were looking to add depth at inside linebacker. Both starters from the Super Bowl, Ray Lewis and Dannell Ellerbe, are gone. The Ravens' projected starters at inside linebacker, Jameel McClain (spinal cord contusion) and rookie Arthur Brown (sports hernia), are expected to be sidelined until training camp. A nine-year veteran, Smith has started 124 of 126 career games.
THE PRESIDENT CONGRATULATING THE Super Bowl CHAMPION Baltimore Ravens THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody! Welcome to the White House. (Applause.) And welcome to the Super Bowl Champion -- world champion -- Baltimore Ravens. (Applause.) Everybody can have a seat. That’s why we set up chairs. (Laughter.) Now, I suspect that these guys are wondering, what kind of introduction is that? No smoke machine. (Laughter.) No fire cannons. Obama didn’t even tear up chunks of turf and rub them on his suit. (Laughter.) That reminds me, by the way -- please don’t do that on the South Lawn. (Laughter.) I want to congratulate Coach John Harbaugh, an outstanding coach; and General Manager, Ozzie Newsome, outstanding General Manager. (Applause.) I know there’s some very proud Ravens fans in the house today, including -- you got the entire delegation from Maryland here, and they’re a little puffed up. I notice, though, I’m the only one wearing purple. (Laughter.) Some of you guys didn’t get the ...
Baltimore Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome has expressed interest in adding a veteran receiver to the roster after evaluating the current crop this offseason. Ravens WR Torrey Smith wants to prove Newsome wrong, suggesting the current corps knows the offense and can get the job done.
TEAM NEWS: (AFC NORTH) Baltimore Ravens: *Baltimore Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome to speak at luncheon for The Firehouse Shelter at the Harbert Center. *Joe Flacco 'appreciates fire' by agent, but differs with his take about the Ravens not giving him a deal earlier; "In no way do I have those feelings towards the organization. PITTSBURGH STEELERS: *LB Sean Spence expect to play in 2013, after suffering a left knee injury. Coaches 'appear split' on whether he'll be ready or not. *WR Plaxico Burress has launched a collection of ''perfect socks''. The price range is from $24 - $29. Cleveland Browns: *Browns hire Jim Brown as a special adviser. Brown, will have a significant role in community relations and in the locker room as a mentor to players. *Two plead guilty in federal probe of Browns owner Jimmy Haslam. (Two employees of the truck stop chain owned by the family of Tennessee's governor and the owner of the Cleveland Browns pleaded guilty Wednesday to scamming the company's customers out of reba ...
Pretty excited about tonights' plans...get to be on the the phone with Ozzie Newsome (GM of the 2013 Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens) as he talks about what might be a huge secret to some of you.
Tuesday, 28 May - 10:26am Issue: The trade of veteran wideout Anquan Boldin to the San Francisco 49ers this offseason leaves the team without its top pass-catcher from not only the 2012 regular season but the club’s Super Bowl XLVII playoff run as well. Solution?: Emerging wide receiver Torrey Smith and big-play performer Jacoby Jones are now the starters. But the other nine wide receivers on this current roster, including holdovers David Reed and Tandon Doss, combined for 17 receptions last season. Reed, who played in only five games last year, has totaled five catches in three years and needs to step up in his fourth season. But it sounds like General Manager Ozzie Newsome may have some other plans.
-Former NFL QB Cullen Finnerty missing after fishing trip. -Seattle Seahawks call team meeting to discuss PED use. -Ozzie Newsome says Ravens are looking for a veteran wide out.
BALTIMORE- In a statement made by Baltimore Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome, recently signed linebacker Rolando McClain has decided to retire from football. McClain who is 23 years old was the eighth overall pick in the 2010 draft by the Oakland Raiders. McClain signed a one-year contract with…
Baltimore Ravens linebacker Rolando McClain has informed the team of his intentions to retire, GM Ozzie Newsome announced in a statement released by the team. “Rolando let me know that he plans to retire from the NFL," Newsome said. "We … Continue reading →
Baltimore Ravens fans trust in Ozzie Newsome . And they should. He's the best General Manager in the NFL ...
used to pretend to be Ozzie Newsome and Duane Kuiper in the backyard.
When the Phil Emery regime bombs out in 3-4 years, if I'm Ted Phillips, I drive a dumptruck of $$$ to Ozzie Newsome's front door.
In no order: Trent Baalke, Ozzie Newsome, Jerry Reese, Rick Smith, John Schneider. Ted Thompson is pretty good too.
Ozzie Newsome says Matt Elam impressed him at the combine with his football IQ.
From last night: Ozzie Newsome on why the Ravens chose Matt Elam over Manti Te'o: "Matt was the higher-rated player between those two guys"
Ozzie Newsome says Matt Elam was the highest-rated player on their board.
Ozzie Newsome says he's excited to see what Deonte Thompson, David Reed, Tommy Streeter, LaQuan Williams & Tori Gurley can do at WR.
GM Ozzie Newsome is excited to see the wide receiver competition unfold this summer:
Ozzie Newsome to speak at NFL career development symposium at Wharton School of Business
and Joel D called this weeks ago... Manti Te'o could be Raven.
"Ozzie Newsome challenges the media on Manti Te'o:
There was panic among Baltimore Ravens fans early in free agency. General Manager Oz... ::
Ozzie can say that when they win another Super Bowl... “Ozzie Newsome: Told you so
Ozzie Newsome: Don't say we (the Baltimore Ravens) aren't good enough to make the playoffs.
Ozzie Newsome: Don't say we aren't good enough to make playoffs
Ozzie Newsome: Don’t say we aren’t good enough to make playoffs: When the Ravens lost or chose to say goodbye ...
The Ravens say are confident in Manti Te'o, and would be comfortable with him as a leader:
"Ozzie Newsome: Told you so done a good job.Still has to replace Boldin/Lewis though,not done yet"
Newsome undaunted by roster turnover, focusing on plan in place: Ravens GM: "I'd like for someone to ... tell ...
Praise God. “Most notable takeaway? Ozzie Newsome made no mention of Michael Oher moving back to LT.
Ozzie Newsome said that back in 2001, "If we don't lose Jamal Lewis, we win back-to-back Super Bowls."
Ravens agree to terms with LB Rolando McClain. He must meet with Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh, pass physical Friday before deal official
Also in Baltimore, Rolando McClain will meet with coach John Harbaugh and GM Ozzie Newsome to discuss their expectations for him.
Doing 15 pages on influence, passion & humility of Ozzie Newsome today for 2012 Baltimore Ravens had many fascinating people.
Awesome team dinner confirms that we've recruited the best. Ozzie Newsome would be proud. Big things poppin'!
Safety, WR, LB (not named Manti), offensive line and CB depth but in the end I trust in the best GM in the NFL, Ozzie Newsome
We are 23 days away from the 2013 In 1979, the selected Hall of Fame TE Ozzie Newsome, 23rd overall. Current GM.
remember we still have a draft and beside Travis Taylor, Ozzie Newsome knows how to draft (
Have "Faith" in Ozzie Newsome, General Manager of the Baltimore Ravens. This man knows football talent and always has a plan.
Now entering Ozzie Newsome mode in Madden for the next 5 hours
Jerry Jones offered Ozzie Newsome $108 million dollars to become GM of the Cowboys.
Ozzie Newsome: Joe Flacco 'will be playing football for us next year'
I don't think Ozzie Newsome scours a spreadsheet of stats while looking at a waiver-wire on an almost daily basis
Rick Gosselin, in explaining how a good MLB front office should work, used Ozzie Newsome as his example. Stop asking NFL guys about MLB.
Ozzie Newsome, Vince Dooley, others offer reactions to news of Mal Moore's passing.
>> Ozzie Newsome, Vince Dooley and others react to the passing of former Alabama AD Mal Moore
Ozzie Newsome pulls off major steal with Elvis Dumervil deal
And you're Ozzie Newsome. The next position you address is -
Would Ozzie Newsome have given Tony Romo the deal he got from Dallas if he were there? -->
yeah our GM Ozzie Newsome is really good for choosing good free agents, he's already proved that
He, to me, is like Ozzie Newsome. Builds based on long term. I totally agree. Wouldn't trade him for the world.
When people say Ozzie Newsome is flawless (he is great) just point out that trade.
I hope it only kills people who lost faith in Ozzie Newsome the other week - Looking at you fair weather fans
Are Jerry Jones and Ozzie Newsome sharing the same crack pipe i don't know what deal is dumber flacco or romo
Ozzie Newsome vs Jerry Jones...Newsome all day. Talent and depth on both sides of the ball and great HC. Flacco's in paradise.
QB Tony Romo wasn't a bargain. These eight teams found them in free agency. My story:
Can't believe they gave Tony Romo a guaranteed 55 million. I think the cowboys need an Ozzie Newsome on their team
Either Ozzie Newsome is a genius (NOT!) or Jerry Jones is the dumbest GM in the history of sports (LIKELY). Joe...
Somewhere in Maryland Joe Flacco is kicking, screaming, and demanding Ozzie Newsome for a raise.
one has ozzie newsome as a GM and one has Jerry Jones...
Less than a month until the NFL draft, a.k.a. Ozzie Newsome's time to work his magic.
8 best bargain hunters in NFL free agency:
Baltimore replaced Paul Kruger and Ed Reed with Elvis Dumervil and Michael Huff. Both for way cheaper. Ozzie Newsome is a genius
Ozzie Newsome is a beast. So glad to have a GM that isn't a retard. combined cost less than Paul Kruger.
Love/trust Ozzie Newsome but last post Superbowl Elvis signing didnt go well 1 will be better
Ozzie Newsome is the new Bill Belichick. Even when he makes questionable personnel moves the media line up to kiss his ***
Rick Smith, R.C. Buford, Pat Riley, Jerry West, Robert Kraft, & Ozzie Newsome are few sports executives I would love to meet.
That being said Ozzie Newsome would be my first choice as a replacement. Jeremy Foley and Dave Hart are candidates too.
ima write a letter to Harbaugh,Ozzie Newsome and Steve Bisciotti
and the well-respected guys on the Competition Comm. who made the rule.. Ozzie Newsome, Jeff Fisher, Marvin Lewis, Rich McCay to name a few
Ozzie Newsome says Torrey Smith needs to "step up in 2013" um *** would u call wat he did in 2012!? He's no slouch
the article is about Ozzie Newsome, but I feel it applies I Smith and co. thoughts as well. They didn't see any of them as core...
just what we need a TE who CANNOT CATCH...Kellen Davis makes Alex Smith and Owen Mereic look like Ozzie Newsome
Someone needs to repossess the crack pipe from Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh.
Ozzie Newsome's pulling an Art Modell, he's moving the whole *** team to San Fransisco slowly
I trust Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh. They totally know what they're doing. I hope.
Why doesn't Ozzie Newsome just trade Ray Rice, and burn down the locker room next?
Ozzie Newsome I hope you know what you're doing.
out of all the players this is the one I hate to lose the most. But I do believe Ozzie Newsome is a great GM so we'll see
There's a reason that we are "fans" and Ozzie Newsome is a General Manager. Main difference is Ozzie knows what the heck he's doing.
It's as if no one has ever heard of Ozzie Newsome & this is his 1st time ever dealing w/free agency & draft. Chill everyone!!
Ozzie newsome and coach harbaugh better come to senses quick and pull their heads outta their ***
Man oh man... Spring cleaning, huh Newsome? "Oh where oh where has the Lombardi gone!?!?! Ohhh where ohhh where can it be!?!"
Not sure what they're doing but hard to question Ozzie Newsome and his track record.
There is a reason why this team stays consistent year in and year out...Ozzie Newsome.
Ray Lewis said that GM Ozzie Newsome has his work cut out for him, but he's up to the challenge.
If the ravens win their division this year, Jerry Jones needs to take some classes with Ozzie Newsome...
One thing I know about the is that Ozzie Newsome has a plan. And I'm sure it's a *** good one. He's a great GM
Yo Ozzie newsome better have something planned, cause the ravens are slippin'.
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“The *** is Ozzie Newsome thinkin' in that Baltimore front office? Smh”---Problem is he ain't. Ruining ALL credibility
funny how nobody's saying that about Ozzie Newsome
I completely trust ozzie newsome, but atm the Ravens D has been decimated. And our best WR gone.
GM Ozzie Newsome on Chris Canty: "Chris is a good player and an upgrade for our defense." Newsome says he can play both DE and DT.
Ozzie Newsome calls Chris Canty 'upgrade' to defense
It *** we lost these players but that doesn't mean were gonna suck.. I think Ozzie Newsome knows more than we do. Calm down
I trust Ozzie Newsome, but is hard to watch the get dismantled. Im crying inside, and nobody know it but me.
Seeking salary-cap relief, the Baltimore Ravens desperately wanted Anquan Boldin to accept a $2 million reduction in pay for the 2013 season. A man of principle, Boldin stuck to his guns about playing under the contract he originally signed. With both sides at a standstill, Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome came up with a solution that could strengthen a fierce competitor while leaving his team worse off in the long run.'s Albert Breer reported Monday, citing a Ravens source, that Boldin will be traded to the San Francisco 49ers for a 2013 sixth-round draft pick. A 49ers source told Breer that the deal is done. Dont forget to like and share!!
I hate the fact we gave up Anquan Boldin just as much as most people. Let's look at the facts though. This is a business and just like any business there is no loyalty. Ozzie Newsome is in my opinion the best in the league. He's building the Ravens to be a playoff team consistently year after year. The goal is not to repeat and rebuild. Last time we used that logic was in 2001. Anquan Boldin would have never gotten 6 million on the open market. Ozzie did Boldin a favor by this trade. Not only did he send him to a legitimate Superbowl contender, he ensured his 6 million 2013 salary. I hear people blaming Joe Flacco's contract as to the reason we traded Boldin. Again let's look at the facts. fact: Joe Flacco's contract gave the Ravens M-O-R-E money under the cap than not having one. Here, for 2013, try this: (1) Flacco accepts initial 2011 contract offer ... 2013 Salary Cap hit ~$16million - (2) Ravens Franchise Tag Flacco instead of contract ... 2013 Salary Cap hit $20million - (3) Ravens/Flacco sign con . ...
Football is a great game, but it's a cold-blooded business. The Baltimore Ravens were right to agree to deal Super Bowl hero Anquan Boldin to the San Francisco 49ers because sentiment should not dictate personnel decisions. I've already heard the move was a "steal" for the 49ers, but let's be real. The Ravens were ready to release Boldin and they still got something back for him. He was due $6 million in 2013. They set a price on Boldin, and they stuck to it. Was any team but the 49ers ready to pay him that much? Super Bowl champions get off track when they get overly emotional. Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome insisted he wouldn't make the mistake of trying to keep the band all together, like the Ravens did after their first world championship. Boldin's epic playoff run will go down in Ravens history. But he's a player set to turn 33 years old and unlikely to ever play at that insanely high level again. His speed has deteriorated rapidly. More to the point: The Ravens have salary cap issues, and Boldin's allotted ...
I thought Ozzie Newsome was the smartest man in football untill today. Please tell me we r signing Mike Wallace. Greg Jennings is too injury prone but neither can replace Q's blocking, attitude or leadership smfh
Sux that Anquan Boldin got traded, but at least Ozzie Newsome didn't completely * him over. AB will play in SF, a legitimate Super Bowl contender, and he will keep the $6M he deserves. Ravens fans will be happy when Newsome signs Greg Jennings and keeps the defense in tact.
Somebody go & tell Ozzie Newsome to holla at Chad Ochocinco or T.O.
Ozzie Newsome will look like a genius like always when he brings in Greg Jennings to put the Ravens on his back doe
What incentive is there to win Super Bowls for the Ravens if your reward is getting a pink slip from Ozzie Newsome the next month
Ed Werder doesnt know the very well.. Ozzie Smith and Phil Kruger??? who are they?? i know a Ozzie Newsome & Paul Kruger
Ed Weirder just called Ozzie Newsome and Paul Kruger, Ozzie Smith &Phil Kruger
Ravens just killed their cap for the next 3-5 years with that idiotic contract. 22 touchdowns and 10 picks is worth 20 mil a year? Good for him but bad deal by Ozzie Newsome.
I knew my Ravens could get this done. Ozzie Newsome and Steve Bisciotti are definitely one of the more honest, genuine, humble and smart GM-Owner combos in the NFL. I'm so happy for you Joe and for everyone who is a die-hard Ravens fan like me! Woohoo! :-)
I'll put in a good word to Steve Bisciotti and Ozzie Newsome 😎
Andy Reid just gave me some great info & stories on John Harbaugh, Ozzie Newsome and Brian Billick that will be included in Purple Reign 2...
Football coaches are my favorite people in the world. The stories I'm getting on Baltimore Ravens, Ozzie Newsome & Ray Lewis are legendary. This book is jumping off people's lips in Indy tonight...
  Baltimore Ravens:   Left Tackle: A late-season revival of Baltimore’s offensive line was due in large part to a reshuffling, however, also Bryant McKinnie’s gradual off-field training process finally coming to fruition.  It’s probable McKinnie’s impending free agency had a lot to do with his physical improvements down the stretch, but whether or not his effort lands him a contract with a new team or Baltimore remains to be seen.  If it’s the former, the Ravens need to find a future left tackle for their bound-to-be paid quarterback.   Linebacker: Owner Steve Bisciotti and GM Ozzie Newsome have already expressed they do not plan on investing a lot of money or restructuring contracts to keep together a team for the sake of another Super Bowl run, as the same mistake set the Ravens back over a decade ago.  Having said that, there’s got to be a little give somewhere or else Baltimore will be left with nothing.  One of those likely to depart is rush linebacker Paul Kruger, with the positio ...
SI's Peter King writes Georgia LB Alec Ogletree "would be a clear top-10 pick with a clean resume." King mentions that Ogletree could be a rare three-down linebacker in the NFL, "if right." He adds, "some GM is going to stake his reputation on Ogletree in the first-round, most likely. Which GM? It would have to be a secure one. Green Bay's Ted Thompson or de facto GM Bill Belichick of the Patriots or Baltimore's Ozzie Newsome, all down near the bottom of the round."
Thank you Bo! It's great to be apart of The Jersey Raven. As far as the draft goes, anything can happen over the next two plus months once the draft commences. The Scouting Combine is just three days away, which has been deemed the pinnacle event regarding player/rookie scouting. There are pro days as well, where scouts can *** further judgement upon collegiate players on their "home turf." However it is very easy to get caught up into these gaudy athletic showcases where 40 times and vertical jumps cloud the view of the tape and what the individual possesses as a football player. Ozzie Newsome has made it clear that the middle of the defense is a point of emphasis as far as upgrading goes and it was quite clear all year. NT Terrence Cody, who started in 2011, lost his job in training camp to 11 year veteran, Ma'ake Kemoeatu who had been out of football for all of the 2011 season. The play at NT was ugly at times throughout the season and both nose tackles failed to maintain a stout point of attack vs ...
Paul Kruger Needs To Stay With Baltimore Ravens: Paul Kruger loves the Baltimore Ravens. Linebacker, however, is a free agent and could not be in the plans of General Manager Ozzie Newsome.
John Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome joked with President Barack Obama on Tuesday.
The Baltimore Ravens will take their first step in trying to keep impending free agent Joe Flacco away from the teams that have reportedly been clamoring for his services. According to's Peter King, Ravens chief negotiator Pat Moriarty will meet with Flacco's agent this week to jumpstart negotiations on a longterm contract. The Ravens' goal should be to avoid the franchise tag at all costs. King espouses a theory that the team might be confident enough to eschew the salary-cap prohibitive exclusive-rights tag, which could in turn entice a quarterback-needy team to front-load an offer the Ravens can't match. It's a scenario that is hard to imagine after General Manager Ozzie Newsome recently acknowledged the importance of a franchise quarterback to a football executive's success and job security. As Atlanta Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff once said, "Until you find your quarterback, the search for him consumes you." If contract talks hit a snag, the Ravens have until March 4 to utilize the ...
Was it only me listening to Baltimore owner Steve Bisciotti and trusted GM Ozzie Newsome the other day, thinking they're going to throw the first big changeup into this offseason? Was it only me taking their words and reading resolve in them, and thinking it's actually possible that Joe Flacco could...
Per Brad Briggs: Teams needing help at inside linebacker will have to consider Dannell Ellerbe, who starred for Ravens in Super Bowl. The good news for Ellerbe is Baltimore General Manager Ozzie Newsome announced if the team uses the franchise tag, it will only be dedicated to quarterback Joe Flacco. That means Ellerbe will be able to reach the open market if he does not agree to a contract with the Ravens first. Ellerbe filled in for Ray Lewis down the stretch and he would be an ideal fit for a 3-4 or 4-3 defense on the inside. Would the Bears consider someone like Ellerbe to replace Brian Urlacher? He’d give the team an impact player in the middle of the defense immediately. The 27-year-old Ellerbe has said he would like to re-sign with Baltimore but the Ravens have a host of free-agent issues that start with Flacco. One way or another, Ellerbe will pick up a hefty contract.
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