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Ozzie Newsome

Ozzie Newsome Jr. (born March 16, 1956 in Muscle Shoals, Alabama) is a former American football tight end for the Cleveland Browns, an inductee into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the current General Manager of the Baltimore Ravens.

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Interesting. Must've been the Ozzie Newsome pic in my banner. But I'll take it.
Today's Inside the starting lineup:. Mark Murphy from Inside the AU Tigers at 7:30. Baltimore Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome at 8:15
Ozzie Newsome will join us in at 8:15 am this morning on Let us know any questions you would like us to ask.
Ozzie Newsome very consistent in taking D-linemen in middle rounds. Brings them in as developmental pieces.
first four picks all on D. Function of what this draft offered and Ozzie Newsome’s commitment to replenishing there.
Ozzie Newsome, in a key role as a rare minority GM at the time, helpe…
Ozzie Newsome in football has done alright
HOF TE Ozzie Newsome. Guy always seemed to make it look so easy.
Goodness. I wonder what Baltimore's is since they're second. Ozzie Newsome tho.
Why are Big Ben and Ozzie Newsome kicking it at a basketball game
Talking w/now My take: Ozzie Newsome & John Harbaugh have bet their jobs on Breshad Perri…
LTD Ozzie Newsome is a glitch, I can't imagine how good GT Jimmy Graham is lol
Y'all will be on the the field entirely too much this year. Who's our receiver, Ozzie Ne…
Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome on whether the team administered a polygraph test to Ohio State cornerback...
CB Marlon Humphrey joins C.J. Mosley, Courtney Upshaw, and Terrence Cody as Alabama defenders Ozzie Newsome has drafted in first two rounds.
Who are the HOF level players who became great GM's. Ozzie Newsome, Elway?, Jerry West, Who am I missing?
Statement from Ozzie Newsome on the passing of Dan Rooney.
can we get a UL Ozzie Newsome this weekend please? we haven't had ANY UL TE's yet!
Cap casualties in themor places where we can make money here are two Ozzie Newsome is…
Anthony Lynn reminds me of someone I just can't put my finger on it. like a cross between Ozzie Newsome & Guy from Brooklyn 911
I think the elite 4/13 egg I have that says brown and gold is Ozzie Newsome. Just guessing. makes sense t
They'll probably drop an Ozzie newsome but nothing crazy
What's frustrating is how Ozzie Newsome n…
Ozzie Newsome: High probability Ravens sign a free agent before the draft
Ozzie Newsome's draft maneuvering could loom large for the Ravens
Perfect, he's the only guy I want Ozzie newsome to target and this is coming for a grade A Florida gator hater.
OJ Howard is going in the top 10. Also, he's an inline TE which is precisely what I'm advocating. He is NOT Ozzie N…
What's the biggest lesson Eric DeCosta has learned from Ozzie Newsome? . Patience. .
Kenneth Dixon has been suspended for the first 4 games. Ozzie Newsome has already said that Dixon ha…
I know Joe Douglas is from the Ozzie Newsome tree, but this is beyond crazy. I love every single solitary pick.
DeCosta has spent more than two decades working under Newsome, and he’s learned some valuable lessons:…
.This is NOT a make-or-break year for Ozzie Newsome or John Harbaugh .
The all-time Alabama NFL team -- Bart Starr, John Hannah, Ozzie Newsome & more:
Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, president *** Cass, GM Ozzie Newsome and head coach John Harbaugh will address media in about 10 mins.
Seriously. Ozzie Newsome,Tony Nathan,& the best 2 qb's Kenny Stabler & David Palmer The duece was a better qb than Jay Barker
Bill Belichick, David Shaw, Bob Stoops, Ozzie Newsome, Dave Gettleman are all great minds in my book.
Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome (via shows the value of social media education for student-athletes. h…
Like this hire. Learned under Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore which led to working for Bears.
you sound ridiculous . He drafted Ozzie newsome players? . Stop it
I don't know anything about Douglas. But learning under Ozzie Newsome for 15 years is certainly positive.
Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens totally owned the draft as always.
Young athletes need to be aware of their social media footprint. GM Ozzie Newsome details it here..
Of course Ozzie Newsome scoops up Kenneth Dixon in the fourth. I like him over Buck Allen in that backfield once Justin For…
[Carroll County Times] Preston: Ravens' risk-averse draft shows how Ozzie Newsome has lost his nerve
John Harbaugh compares draft room to Star Trek. "Ozzie Newsome is like Jean-Luc Picard". The "nice" Harbaugh is the "nerd" Harbaugh.
John Harbaugh just compared Ozzie Newsome to Jean-Luc Picard and Eric DeCosta to Spock. Cool and logical, respectively, in the war room.
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QBs gonna come off the board with first 2 picks... Ozzie Newsome probably looks like this right now.
I see Buckner going to Ozzie Newsome usually selects BPA & he would fill the vacancy left by Chris Canty.
Ozzie Newsome sent first and second round picks to NE to trade up for Kyle Boller. The draft is a crapshoot more often than not.
Justin Forsett on Ozzie Newsome's offseason moves: "The Wizard is doing a great job."
Comments on Ravens CB Tray Walker's passing from Steve Bisciotti, Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh and Chris Hewitt
Ozzie Newsome on new safety Eric Weddle: "The Ravens got better today.”
officially announce signing of TE Benjamin Watson, here with GM Ozzie Newsome and Coach John Harbaugh
Ozzie Newsome criticized the Redskins to try to justify overpaying Joe Flacco via
Elway and Manning speak the same language. You didn't see Ozzie Newsome sign Manning.
LFW: Ozzie is making moves to clear cap space. What's up his sleeve? . 📄:
Ozzie Newsome: Baltimore Ravens not exactly finishe... via
Ozzie Newsome: Baltimore Ravens not exactly finished with Daryl Smith .
[SB Nation: Baltimore Beatdown] CB Leodis McKelvin would be an Ozzie Newsome type of signing
Ozzie Newsome begins Joe Flacco press conference by thanking agent Joe Linta and Pat Moriarty.
Ozzie Newsome: "I want to take the time to thank the people who did the majority of the work -- Pat [Moriarty] and Joe Linta."
Luke: On the scene in Owings Mills waiting to hear from Joe Flacco, Ozzie Newsome, and John Harbaugh.
Justin Tuck / Reading between the lines of Ozzie Newsome's news conference
GM Ozzie Newsome said he will not draft players with a sexual assault in background.
Ozzie Newsome said the Ravens will not draft a player with sexual assault in their backround. That's a mandate from Owner Steve Bisciotti.
Ozzie Newsome top 5 best and worst draft picks almost done. It had to take a backseat to the bad boy Pistons 30 for 30 tonight.Until the am.
GM Ozzie Newsome as great as he is, has yet to prove that he can draft a top-tier receiver like his AFC North counterparts
Belichick didn't have his 1st winning season until yr 4, after he got hooked up with young talent evaluator named Ozzie Newsome.
Belichick was a HC for 4 years and had only 1 winning season. He didn't have his first winning season until he met Ozzie newsome in 1994
there's a few that are Ravens fans also because of Ozzie Newsome also
and yes I named my girl kitten after Ozzie Newsome...get at me lol
My new kitty Ozzie Newsome Maria Dobson could not believe that game!
Cleveland Browns HOF TE Ozzie Newsome was so dominant he led the AFC in reception in '84.
at the time we hired Farmer I thought it would be good for get a guy who had played the game.A young Ozzie Newsome I prayed.
Rest In Power Coach Marchibroda, the man who GM Ozzie Newsome credits for the mindset
Ozzie Newsome said Ted Marchibroda is "a founding father of the Ravens." .
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Coming up is a quote from Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome on the passing of former and first head coach of the Baltimore Ravens Ted Marchibroda
Ozzie Newsome on Ted Marchibroda's passing: "Ted is a founding father of the Ravens."
John Elway and Ozzie Newsome are pretty good at this. No reason Jaws can't be.
John Harbaugh, Ozzie Newsome, Eric DeCosta, *** Cass & Pat Moriarty are the ones who make the annual trip.
Should be pointed out that the Ravens had Ozzie Newsome, and we've got Howie "Short Bus" Roseman.
But then you also have your GM John Elway's and Ozzie Newsome's who turned out to be great.
Michael McCrary won this award in 2001 and Ozzie Newsome did so as well in 1990 when he was with the Browns
Retirement? No, Ozzie Newsome even more motivated to turn around Ravens .
Chip, I'm not gonna try to tell you how to run the 49ers but might want to shed a few veteran WRs from payroll. . CC Ozzie Newsome
Monk. deserves all the. accolades afforded. him. Such clutch. performer. Hes the. Ozzie Newsome of. WRs. Such great. hands & durability!
In the wake of Lawrence Phillips death, it reminds us Ravens fans of how Ozzie Newsome decided to draft Jonathan...
Harbaugh is the minority in the AFC North and Ozzie Newsome is his the GM go figure.
Older and wiser? Top personnel decision-makers for 6 of the 7 most successful NFL teams since 2010 are older than 54
Lawrence Phillips' death offers reminder of Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome's big decision…
Ozzie Newsome finds some gems in the draft that become regulars with consistent performances but god dammit we need a play maker
At least I can take some sort of happiness is my love Ozzie Newsome being happy tonight? Hmmmppphh. Motown kinda night
Ozzie Newsome has had a top 6 pick 3 times. He selected Jonathan Ogden (4th), Peter Boulware (4th) Jamal Lewis (5th). All home runs.
Ozzie Newsome told Art Modell 'no' on Lawrence Phillips. Took Jonathan Ogden. Did it his way.
Harbaugh said he wasn't sure why Ozzie Newsome didn't place Marlon Brown on IR. Knew a couple weeks ago his back wasn't respondin…
you don't stop trying. In Baltimore GM Ozzie Newsome failed on Chris Redmond & Kyle Boller but hit on Joe Flacco.
how about trading Thomas for Ozzie Newsome?
they need to find their Ozzie Newsome. Like yesterday. Pick a style of football and draft the system. They could be good next year
You are comparing Rick Smith to Ted Thompson, Mickey Loomis and Ozzie Newsome. I mean... that's just staggering.
Hey cut the Browns a little slack on draft track record. 1978 was gold when we drafted Clay Matthews & Ozzie Newsome.
if you're Ozzie Newsome would you trade for Barkevious Mingo to help at pass rush and maybe develop the young player
Y’all are acting like a GM needs to be perfect in order to be good. Even Ozzie Newsome drafts Sergio Kindle.
Do you see GM Ozzie Newsome making a trade for a WR before tomorrow's deadline?
Harbaugh said that he's talked to Terrell Suggs, not a lot but where he is as far as rehab is more between Suggs and Ozzie Newsome.
can we trade our number 2 pick this year for Baltimore's Ozzie Newsome? ;-)
I don't know how you can say that! SOMEBODY saw he'd be a SB winning coach! And THAT guy (Ozzie Newsome) hired him.
If Baltimore cleans house which they won't I'd drive to Baltimore and pick up Ozzie Newsome
Jimmy Haslam call Ozzie Newsome in and ask what he wants 2 come to and make us a winner!
I blame Ozzie Newsome for this failed season his cheap *** didn't want to pay nobody
maybe he can help Ozzie Newsome in unloading salaries before NFL trade deadline ?
. will always bfine. Cuz of Ozzie Newsome grabbing guys like Crockett Gilmore in 3rd round. Texans-Jaelen Strong in 3rd- HE STINKS!!
Heath Miller now joins Ozzie Newsome (92) & Todd Heap (71) as the 3rd tight end in history with 60 catches in a career vs. Cincinnati.
that's the game Ozzie Newsome dove into muddy end zone to look like the Browns would win, only to lose at the very end
Im sure Ozzie Newsome has some more garbage to unload. No. 82 has gotta be licking his chops just thinking about it!
Ozzie Newsome the first name that comes to my mind.
Eugene Monroe was one of Ozzie Newsome's worst and most desperate additions.
Terrell Suggs is nowhere to be found, but Ozzie Newsome says he'll return
The LEGEND himself, Ozzie Newsome, enjoyed dinner at The Famous last night!
safety Matt Elam's suspension is the latest setback for one of Ozzie Newsome's big draft misses.
Any chance Suzi Newsome White is related to Ozzie Newsome?
Ozzie newsome was the best I ever saw. Sorry gronk
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Ravens have barely heard from Terrell Suggs since his injury
Slow your roll on best TE ever w/Gronk. Ozzie Newsome, Tony Gonzalez & Mike Barber may have a thing to say about that.
someone forward this message to Chip, call up Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore and offer them a 6th round pick for Steve Smith, thank you.
Ozzie Newsome has given Flacco a bunch of scrubs to throw to. Outside of a 752 year old Steve Smith no one scares you.
Ozzie Newsome need to get on the phone with teams this week we trading Ladarius Webb
You also need context for these things. Ozzie Newsome has spent early picks on Michael Oher, Terrence Cody, Sergio Kindle, and Matt Elam
Thank God...Ozzie Newsome talked Art Modell into drafting Jonathan Ogden instead of this guy!
Will fans be calling out Ozzie Newsome if Tyrod Taylor succeeds in Buffalo? Similar to and Jake Arrieta? Thoughts?
Truly an Ozzie Newsome success story. Groomed properly, started one game for Baltimore. Now a starter, easy sell for UDFA's
Tyrod Taylor is another Ozzie Newsome success story.
Promotional card issued by the Cleveland Browns after Ozzie Newsome's retirement in 1990.
At the I-X center, summer 1999. No one was waiting in the Ozzie Newsome line.
Ozzie Newsome rolls out pretty good defenses every year. Lost S Matt Elam for the year. Not down on them, just like ARI more.
Talking to you Ozzie Newsome! Case Keenum should be available soon enough.
Steve Bisciotti meets with Ozzie Newsome several times a week.
Why didn't you warn Ozzie Newsome about Matt Schaub?
Na man. Take it from a redskins fan. GM LIVES MATTER! Ozzie Newsome is pretty good. Vinny cerrato was terrible
Ozzie Newsome out there throwing jabs?
Poorly ran organization. Ozzie Newsome is the best thing to ever happen to y'all
Ravens players and Ozzie newsome are congratulating my cousins on getting married!! So crazy
You can thank Belichick that Ozzie Newsome and Ray Lewis are a part of your team
Currently sitting 4 people away from Ozzie newsome in the bar right now...
I find it rather comical that Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens get praised for giving second chances...but, Rex Ryan and the Bills get knocked?
Ozzie Newsome has been very active in working with Hill. Will said they speak every day.
Terrell Suggs doesn't mind being a villain, and he thinks Ozzie Newsome is to blame for NFL's QB protections.
and interested by Carl Davis in the third round. Could b an Ozzie Newsome special. Will be great interior rotation guy
I was a Browns fan from the Ozzie Newsome days until they moved. Not really a fan of the anymore.
Ozzie Newsome on replacing Pernell McPhee: We will work Za'Darius [Smith] and Courtney [Upshaw] into the rotation also.
Ozzie Newsome: Pernell did a very good job for us. We still have the guys on the edges and Timmy Jernigan can provide some pass rush inside.
“Ozzie Newsome on Maxx Williams: "This offense that we'll be running again is very tight end friendly." NEW TODD HEAP 🙏
Ozzie Newsome on Torrey Smith: 'I thought Torrey had an impact in Baltimore.'
On the same flight to Baltimore as John Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome. Genuine affinity for their fans that's obvious from…
It is now definitely gone, Ozzie Newsome on Ray Rice?
Lost Torrey Smith and jacoby jones. Ozzie Newsome better get his wallet ready
fans understand they let Smith go in order to try and land Fitzgerald...don't loose faith in Ozzie Newsome now!
Since Torrey Smith won't be back next year watch Ozzie Newsome get Andre Johnson to come to the !!
With Torrey Smith & Jacoby Jones out, I'm hoping this leads to Ozzie Newsome firing up the Jaelen Strong car.
Torrey Smith was right to flee the evil of Ozzie Newsome and Baltimore. He knows what's right and what's wrong.
Ozzie Newsome: 'Will be tough' for Ravens to sign players with abuse background
GM Ozzie Newsome says team will now "exhaust every character aspect of player" following Ray Rice scandal  -via ESPN
Does Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome believe Ray Rice will get another ...
Retirement not in Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome's plans at this time
Ozzie Newsome says he'd be happy to see Ray Rice get another shot in NFL
Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome not considering retiring: Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome is one...
Prediction: Ozzie Newsome trades back in the second round to select TE Maxx Williams or they select Melvin Gordon or Todd Gurley w/ the 26th
This is going to become a problem for Ozzie Newsome. 1st Ray Lewis. 2nd Ray Rice . 3rd Director of Security.
there are "Ravens fans" that think Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco should be fired. They deserve no acknowledgement
If you noticed, all players are HoFers. Otto Graham. Jim Brown. Ozzie Newsome. Gene Hickerson. Leroy Kelly. Paul Warfield
COLLEGE FOOTBALL FANTASY/NIGHTMARE: "It's probably not a surprise to most that I'm a lifelong Ohio State Buckeyes fan. And, that my second-favorite college football team is the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Woody Hayes and Bear Bryant, Paul Warfield and Joe Namath, Jack Tatum and Ozzie Newsome, Randy Gradishar and A.J. McCarron . . . I could go on and on and on . . . Maybe it's the scarlet and grey, or the crimson and white (with houndstooth)? One thing's for certain -- it's NOT the maize and blue, nor the burnt orange and navy blue. BLECK and PUKE!!! LOL My emotional conundrum this morning comes after both the Buckeyes and the Tide won so convincingly yesterday (59-0 and 42-13.) Like all of Buckeye Nation, I was ecstatic with the Big 10 Championship blowout of Bucky Badger (59-0), and elated with the Tide's SEC Championship throttling of Missouri (42-13). Alabama is now IN as the No. 1 seed in the Championship Playoff, and Ohio State has a very good chance to be the fourth team selected. Which would pit them ...
Report: Ravens GM Newsome testifies Ray Rice told Roger Goodell about assault Nov 6 2014, 6:18 PMArun Srinivasan Baltimore Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome testified Thursday that Ray Rice told commissioner Roger Goodell during a June 16 disciplinary hearing that he struck his then-fiancee Janay Palmer in a February incident, according to ESPN's Don Von Natta Jr. Rice was initially suspended for two games, but was suspended indefinitely by the league after a video became public that documented Rice's assault on Palmer in an Atlantic City casino. The Ravens also terminated Rice's contract. The former Ravens running back married Palmer on March 28. Newsome's testimony directly contradicts Goodell's stance all along, saying that Rice's account of the event was ambiguous during the June 16 meeting. Goodell testified Wednesday for two hours and the hearing concluded Thursday. Rice and his wife also testified Thursday. Van Natta reports that Rice is seeking to return to the league: Rice and the NFL Players ...
we're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Ozzie...Newsome.
This was not a catch only called a catch to punish ravens for Ozzie newsome testimony which made goodel look like a fool
The Ravens have come a long way since the Ray Rice saga. That's a testament to the leadership of Jim Harbaugh & Ozzie Newsome.
Thank you Ozzie Newsome for bringing in Justin Forsett
Ozzie Newsome yells louldy and claps as the officials signal first down.
The Will Hill signing is another example of why Ozzie Newsome is a total stud GM. Definitely a good argument for him as the best in NFL.
Woody Johnson should ask Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti how much money it would take to buy Ozzie Newsome out of his contract in Baltimore
The should've tried to get something for Arthur Brown at the trade deadline. Rare time that Ozzie Newsome has dropped the ball imo.
Cam gotta be sick watching him every week... But Ozzie Newsome a genius tho.
Ozzie Newsome MAY want to address the secondary in next year's draft.jesus.
Love Ravens organization from top 2 bottom, love Ozzie Newsome, Flacco, the hard core blue collar I wrong to hate their pants?
Ozzie Newsome's one weakness will forever be Wide Receivers.
Biggest mistake Ozzie Newsome has made in his career was getting rid of Anquan Boldin
ozzie newsome i'm still mad at you. love Anquon
I will never forgive Ozzie Newsome for letting Boldin go.
How about those Cardiac Cleveland ?! No, not Brian Sipe to Ozzie Newsome. It's Brian Hoyer to...well, some guy...and a FG! Nice job!
Mercilus was merciless in his pursuit of Dalton there. Ozzie Newsome wanted to draft him but couldn't trade up. Took Courtney Upshaw instead
Shannon Sharpe, Tony Gonzalez, Ozzie Newsome or Kellen Winslow wants a word with you.
Alabama North... Ozzie Newsome was born and raised about 10 mins from my home. Heck of a ball player in high school
Kinda looked like Ozzie Newsome with that catch
Who is the best reciever in Bama history ? Amari cooper is to me. Ozzie newsome I never saw. Julio jones wasnt used to his potential.
TBT:. . The pass from to was one of the greatest tandems in Alabama football history. JEFF RUTLEDGE AND OZZIE NEWSOME
Can we just get in the Redskins front office now? Next Ozzie Newsome in the making
Fun thing about the Saban-Belichick connection is Ozzie Newsome. Those were the guys to turn around Cleveland in 1991.
Candor of Ravens' GM Ozzie Newsome could play pivotal role in Rice's appeal:
Ozzie Newsome to be instrumental in Ray Rice appeal .
Ozzie Newsome has a reputation of being a straight shooter. Could that help Ray Rice gain reinstatement?
Ozzie Newsome's candor could play a big role in the result of Ray Rice's appeal.
Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome testified under oath that he heard Ray Rice tell Roger Goodell he hit Janay in the elevator »
Conversation with Ozzie Newsome yesterday inspired this meal!
Consoling Ozzie Newsome The coonhound after terrible officiating and TO's cost the Ravens.
Rob Gronkowski just passed all time great TE Ozzie Newsome with career TD number 48. Congrats
I hate the Ravens because they have GM Ozzie Newsome and we've had Cerrato, Shanahan, and Bruce Allen at GM 😴😴😴
: I'm not sure which one to pick buy I do know Ozzie Newsome wins best FA signings by a GM hands down.
Yeah. That's for sure. Ozzie Newsome is pure genius.
I say Ravens because Ozzie Newsome loves Alabama players. Steve Smith Sr has one yr left and Torrey a FA.
I once watched ozzie Newsome tear apart a d with stu voit in is han.
ozzie Newsome also player and elite executive
I do believe also that Ozzie Newsome is one of the, if not the best GM in the NFL. Surprised by their quick turnaround.
Rumor has it Ozzie Newsome is going to suit up on Sunday.
does the Ray Rice scandal hurt Ozzie Newsome and keep him from being considered for the sec commissioners job?
Ohio State loses tight end recruit to Kansas?
Kevin Lovin' life as a member of the
Ohio State loses a tight end recruit, but another may be on the radar in the class of 2015
not sure about that. I'll take John MacKey. Ozzie Newsome and Kellen Winslow too.
After spending the night in Chicago, Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome is "feeling fine" & returning to Baltimore. -
Commissioner Roger Goodell, GM Ozzie Newsome, & team president *** Cass will all testify in appeal.
Ozzie Newsome like I said lmao, nobody better, ranks on practically every list LOL
Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore, and its not close
Ozzie Newsome is probably the best GM in pro football hands down, its not even close man
More fallout from Wednesday ruling: Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome and Ravens president *** Cass also are required to tes…
Sent emails directly to PR VP Kevin Byrne + General Manager Ozzie Newsome and still...nothing!
Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome and President *** Cass also will have to testify if called in the Ray Rice appeal hearing...
NFL Rumors: Ozzie Newsome, *** Cass To Testify At Ray Rice Hearing: Just days after news leaked that NFL...
Roger Goodell, Ozzie Newsome, *** Cass, Adolpho Birch, Jeff Miller and Ray Rice will testify at the appeal hearing. Janay Rice also could.
Arbitrator requires testimony from Ozzie Newsome and *** Cass, but not from Bisciotti,...
Ozzie Newsome, *** Cass to testify at Ray Rice's appeal hearing, sources say
Got to meet TE legend Ozzie Newsome compliments of !!!
total load of BS from Ozzie Newsome at beginning of his combine press conference
Baltimore will take him, and the Talking Heads will say how smart of how much of a visionary Ozzie Newsome is.
Ummm yes I just met Ozzie newsome and Hanford Dixon in down town cleveland!
If thought the worst of its Ray Rice ordeal was over, Friday might have opened a whole new chapter.
WADR to Don Hutson, Ozzie Newsome, DJ, Prothro, Deuce and Julio, this is the best WR to ever suit up in Crimson. And it's not close.
Ozzie Newsome is a cop now? ;). BTW if you have a break I'm at Finn Mccools on Adelaide. Or I might be open for lunch tomo
Disappointed in Ozzie Newsome. I thought he was of high character.
Amari Cooper is rising up to John Hannah, Ozzie Newsome territory in greatest Alabama football players
*BREAKING NEWS* A report on ESPN's OTL says that John Harbaugh wanted to cut Ray Rice immediately after seeing the video of him dragging his fiance out of the elevator in February, but was overruled by Steve Bisciotti (Owner), *** Cass (Team President), and Ozzie Newsome (GM). Thoughts? -NPR
Good column by SN's on the stench coming out of Balt. Ravens' owner, top execs should be removed.
everyone in the Ravens organization must go *** Cass, Ozzie Newsome, and whoever helped cover this fiasco up.
full of it. leave to answer ??s over Ozzie Newsome and owner. pathetic move, hes towing line.
How the Ray Rice scandal unfolded | I asked here a few days back if the Rice story would stick to Ozzie Newsome. Yes.
So if this true a big cover up by rat bird owners and ozzie Newsome well then they both should be suspended for year loss of draft picks
Ozzie Newsome, Please tell us it isn't so. YOU knew all along. John Harbaugh should be praised for his foresight into this matter!!
With all information thus far: have more respect for Harbaugh and much less for the otherwise untouchable Ozzie Newsome.
where does Ozzie Newsome fit into this situation?
.I feel that Roger Goodell, Ozzie Newsome, and Steve Bisciotti should receive the same punishment as Rice: indefinite suspension.
If the ESPN story on Rice is true, should Steve Bisciotti, *** Cass and Ozzie Newsome be suspended as well? And what of Goodell?
All Browns' fans with a soft spot for Ozzie Newsome...where the heck is he through all this? Not his finest hour.
The slimest looking person in all of this if report is true is the genius himself -- Ozzie Newsome.
Ozzie Newsome deserves to be fired. He actively covered up the incident to protect Rice & denied Harbaugh’s request he should be cut.
...that appears to extend way beyond football. Are we indicting Ozzie Newsome now?
The league has announced that Ozzie Newsome will head up a committee to investigate the .
Serious question:Why do you think Ozzie Newsome has evaded blame so much? Past success? Race? Howie Roseman gets killed if he's in same spot
Ozzie newsome will be fired...and a lot more Ravens officials. That ESPN report is crazy.someone wants the truth by any means
I knew firing was just a publicity stunt because the details of the event were known when it occurred.
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God forbid, I ever find myself in a legal jam, I hope I've got Ozzie Newsome at my side. Because he'll really ride with you…
what does Ozzie Newsome do for fun when he isn't covering up horrible assaults on women?
Prediction: Roger Goodell, Steve Biscotti, *** Cass, & Ozzie Newsome will be out of their current NFL roles by the end of the year.
Worst is far from over for as report of cover-up surfaces
Ozzie newsome said ray didn't lie to him. So why are people acting like the ravens didn't know til last week. We did know
Worst is far from over for Ravens as damning report of cover-up surfaces via
Steve Biscotti, *** Cass and Ozzie Newsome taking the fall for Goodell... Owners continue to circle the wagons around G…
I hate to say it but so does our old friend Ozzie Newsome.
I remember ppl saying Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome is a good person or class act, well seems like those people don't even know him if he did that
Does Ian Rapoport stand by his prior claim Ozzie Newsome is brilliant?
Gates is still behind Winslow, Ditka, John MacKey, Ozzie Newsome, Sharpe and obviously the god Tony
What Ray Rice did to his then fiancé and future wife, in that elevator is wrong, in every conceivable way. There’s no place in society for Domestic or any other kind of Violence against women. We need to teach our young men to exercise more self control than to regress to acts of violence. If the situation gets too chaotic & volatile, just walk away! With that being said, I don’t think the punishment fit the crime, in this case…. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s original punishment of a two game suspension was widely ridiculed by most in & out of Football. Especially in light of the year long suspension recently handed down to Cleveland Brown’s Receiver, Josh Gordan for violating the league’s substance policy. The Ravens had used words like "respect" and "proud" in referring to Rice following his arrest. When the NFL announced Rice's two-game suspension for domestic violence on July 24, Raven’s GM Ozzie Newsome said: "We respect the efforts Ray has made to become the best partner and father ...
Love how everyone's acting so outraged now that this Ray Rice video has been released (especially Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome). The Atlantic City police summons stated that Rice caused "bodily injury to Janay Palmer, specifically by striking her with his hand, rendering her unconscious." What exactly did they think that meant before seeing the video? Sounds pretty clear to me. I would not have needed to see a visual prior to issuing a real punishment. Ridiculous.
I'm patiently waiting on Roger Goodell, Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh to call press conferences to announce their resignations for the cover up of the Ray Rice debacle!
The first African-American general manager, Ozzie Newsome, on - 7:00 on Classical Stations
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Got ya I thought Jeff Fisher, Ozzie Newsome, Marvin Lewis carried some clout So u saying they rubber stamp what owners want?
Who is the better all-time football player? Alabama's Ozzie Newsome or Bo Jackson?
Fair Prediction? And GO. ALEX MARVEZ'S 2014 PREDICTION The 2014 Ravens are far better heeled to make a Super Bowl run than last year's defending champions. The offense added key pieces at wide receiver (Steve Smith) and center (Jeremy Zuttah) along with a well-respected coordinator in former Houston Texans head coach Gary Kubiak. Baltimore's version of the Big Three -- Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata and Elvis Dumervil -- return to spearhead what should once again be a dominant defensive front seven. And the overall roster has improved from the facelift general manager Ozzie Newsome began in 2013. Prediction: 10-6.
Who's the state's best ever football player -- Bo Jackson or Ozzie Newsome?
that's easy. Ozzie Newsome. Better athlete and more successful after football. A complete football player
Who's the state's best ever football player -- Auburn's Bo Jackson or Alabama's Ozzie Newsome?
won again. Proving once again Ozzie Newsome knows what he's doing with all those draft picks and what not. Gonna be a great season.
Between now and the end of August, a lot of cornerbacks will be cut. Ozzie Newsome will be watching closely.
I can't believe Ozzie Newsome's kid plays for the
Give Ozzie Newsome a few more years and his whole defense will be Bama alums, his trust of his old running mate Nick Saban is clearly huge
Ozzie Newsome better go find some more CB's. Sell some *** or something
Jimmy Smith looked pretty banged up leaving the field. If I'm an agent that has a free agent CB, I'm on the phone w/Ozzie Newsome ASAP
Folks.EVERY NFL team has 1st, 2nd, 3rd round busts. EVERY SINGLE team. No team is exempt. Look it up. Even the great Ozzie Newsome.
Ozzie Newsome auto jersey pulled from
just did a coaching staff Ice Bucket Challenge. Marvin Lewis was challenged by Ozzie Newsome.
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The whole "Ozzie Newsome drafted 19 first round guys that went to 55 Pro Bowls" is pretty skewed by the 24 by his first 2: Ogden + Lewis.
see: Ozzie Newsome draft strategy p.327
Is Ozzie Newsome the only GM in the NFL that actually played pro football
Yeah - John, Ozzie Newsome and a few other Ravens front office members did it yesterday; John nominated Jim and Allison.
Vote for the state's best all-time football player. Bo Jackson, John Stallworth, Ozzie Newsome or Cadillac Williams.
Whats between Ozzies legs? “Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh took the
Ozzie Newsome and John Harbaugh took the as a salute to Stay tuned for ...
John Harbaugh, Ozzie Newsome, and the Ravens front office take the ice bucket challenge, nominating…
Mike Lupica called out John Harbaugh & Ozzie Newsome regarding Ray Rice. He did not call out his own colleague. The gam…
The game has been played with tight ends for the entirety of the modern era. JG is a tight end just like Kellen Wenslow, Shannon Sharp, Dallas Clark, Tony Gonzales, Gronk, Antonio Gates, Jason Whitten, Mike Ditka, Ozzie Newsome...and let's not forget the Tight End that actually helped us win a Super Bowl...Jeremy Shockey...if JG was as tough and as good a blocker as any of these guys, well. Shut up and make your 7-10 mil per year. Give me Ben Watson any day.
Ozzie Newsome: Ravens want to extend contracts for Torrey Smith, Jimmy Smith and Justin Tucker: The Ravens are...
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