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Ozzie Guillen

Oswaldo José Ozzie Guillén Barrios (born January 20, 1964) is an American former Major League Baseball player and current manager of the Miami Marlins.

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I probably was already, but it was more of a dread, a foreboding. Like the winter before Ozzie Guillén w…
Since before 2005, when he lost the ALCS to Ozzie Guillen and the White Sox.
Ha! replacements for Ausmus that will make you salivate.Torii hunter, Ozzie guillen, Leyland, McC…
Boy, this guy really wants Ozzie Guillen to move to Indiana
"'$2m for anyone who can find Colon,' said White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen." More great OG on BC quotes here:…
It's almost July and Avi Garcia is still sustaining success. My take up at now:
Ozzie Guillen being traded to the Marlins.
"90% of my old players hug me with their families when they see me, the other 10% hate me .and I hate them back." Ozzie Guillen on 670. 😂
That's why ppl cheer for Ozzie Guillen...I would LOVE LOVE LOVEEE to see him coach the WSox again soon
Rick Renteria's 5 Ejections in 2017: most in a season by a manager since Ozzie Guillen's 6 in 2010. Plenty of season left.
He'll catch on somewhere. Lefty bat, serviceable behind the plate. Everyone hated Ozzie Guillen for speaking his mi…
He should start a podcast with Ozzie Guillen
Another Poem. Ozzie Guillen is an amazing person. So's it him or you?. Yes, a baseball manager's whom I talk of;. tho not for whom is my coo!
The "lightning in a bottle" phenomenon is a real thing in sports, as with Ozzie Guillen's World Champion White Sox.
I wish Ozzie Guillen was still around managing
Ozzie Guillen challenged Avisail Garcia before the season because he wants to see him get PAID…
Ozzie Guillen on Avisail Garcia: “It's about time. We've been waiting for this moment."
How Ozzie Guillen helped Avi Garcia realize all-star potential with story:
Ozzie Guillen was all over Avisail Garcia when he saw him hitting 7th in Venezuelan Winter League. Garcia appreciat…
I get this, and his track record deserves it more. But I'd easily have said the same about Ozzie Guillen in 2006.
Journeyman Pirates reliever Jhan Marinez went from a footnote to a consistent contributor
Guillen recalls Buehrle's leadership, work ethic: Ozzie Guillen had good relationships with..
I like Manny Acta, Robin Ventura Don Mattingly & Ozzie Guillen to be manager in…
Jhan Marinez was part of the Ozzie Guillen manager trade. (People forget Manny Sanguillen was traded for A's manage…
Ozzie Guillen had a direct message for Avisail Garcia when they went against each other in winter ball in Venezuela: He told Garcia...
RE: Avisail Garcia, Ozzie Guillen offered him some tough love in Venezuela this winter. Talked about it Sat. Will have more later.
I want Ozzie Guillen in the Mets dugout next year managing the team. We need some attitude, we're soft.
says Ozzie Guillen's No. 13 should be next on retired list. via
I have long wished for a show like The View but hosted by Charles Barkley, Bobby Knight, and Ozzie Guillen. .
csnchicago​.com >> Ozzie Guillen discusses the state of the White Sox
Ozzie Guillen as Amateur Scout. Kenny Williams as Pro Scout. Alejandro De Aza as Outfield Coach Brent Lillibridge as Infield Coach
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Now Diane is dead again thought to have been killed by Mario (again?) when Mario was David Freese aka Ozzie Guillen but
Ozzie Guillen wants to manage again.
Ozzie Guillen days until I see again 😍😍😍
Inside Ozzie Guillen&baseball limbo: Can he manage again?
in ep 901 you were complaining about Ozzie Guillén "the worst manger in the history of baseball" you didn't know what was coming
Here is piece on Ozzie Guillen he just talked about
I'd back the idea of Ozzie to Detroit.
Ozzie Guillen is caught in baseball limbo, writes Jerry Crasnick.
On Ozzie Guillen's life in baseball limbo. Will he get another chance to manage?
New on Will Ozzie Guillen ever get a chance to manage again?
cc. Inside Ozzie Guillen's baseball limbo: Can he manage again?
Jerry Reinsdorf went from Ozzie Guillen and Tom Thibodeau to Robin Ventura and Fred Hoiberg. The difference in energy levels…
Robin Ventura is Jerry Reinsdorf's whipping boy. That's something Ozzie Guillen refused to be.
Frmr mgr Ozzie Guillen sought in connection w/ last Jean Papa murder lived on this block under another name once told me this area
Clearly, this White Sox roster is full of outspoken characters who are off the cuff. Ozzie Guillen would be a perfect manager for them IMO.
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It's times like these I wish Ozzie Guillen was still the manager
Imagine if Ozzie Guillen was the manager for the Sox.
White Sox could have made the kid a batboy! Fire Ken Williams who also lost a great manager in Ozzie Guillen.
And seeing as how kids in the clubhouse led to the departure of 13 year Sox player and WS winning manager Ozzie Guillen...
What the *** was the kid doing, prank calling Ozzie Guillen and offering him the manager job again?
Ran into Ozzie Guillen at minor league complex. He's manager of assistant Jorge Velandia's VZL winter ball team & came to visit.
mines named after Ozzie Guillen manager of the 2005 World Series champion Chicago White Sox
Ozzie Guillen to manage in native Venezuela next winter
CARACAS, Venezuela - Ozzie Guillen, who led the to the 2005 World Series title, has been hired
📷 mlb: Happy birthday to World Series-winning manager and colorful character Ozzie Guillen!
1985 AL Rookie of the Year & Manager of 2005 World Series champion Ozzie Guillen turns 52 today
Ozzie Guillen, the first Latino manager to win a World Series, turns 52 today.
Programming note -- we'll have Ozzie Guillen on Inside the Clubhouse tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.
Holysmokes. Trying to understand Perez reminds of trying to follow Ozzie Guillen. lol.
The unofficial World Series red carpet will feature Ozzie Guillen tonight. He's hamming it up in the Caesar's club.
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inside the Clubhouse is starting now. We'll have Ozzie Guillen on at 9 a.m.
Ozzie Guillen is not easy to understand
Ozzie Guillen on inside the clubhouse Saturday. Why doesn't he get manager interviews ? 8-10am all interactive
He's still got a way to go to reach Ozzie Guillen. But the upside is unparalleled.
I think Jarrod Dyson would make a great player/manager. How does Ozzie Guillen not have a job?
why isn't Ozzie Guillen being mentioned as a candidate in any manager openings?
Wait?! Ozzie Guillen is interviewing for jobs again?? 😄
Manny Acta, Dusty Baker, Ozzie Guillen all have at one point interviewed for Marlins & Nats managerial openings
Guys on ESPN suggested Dusty Baker? Talk about the manager who has ruined more arms in MLB than anyone else. Bring back Ozzie Guillen.
I wanted Padres to hire Ozzie Guillen. Very knowledgeable about ball, people. Like milk carton, has expiration date but edginess a plus 4SDP
I just hope it's not another Ozzie Guillen situation with us having a high profile manager
ozzie guillen firing was Ozzie's fault and nobody elses
Donnie Baseball in Miami is a dream come true. Best hire since Ozzie Guillen.
Who the *** are the blue jays going to hire as their manager? Ozzie Guillén! So rattled right now!
Re: Mattingly. Marlins hired Ozzie Guillen with 4-year, $10 million deal. He was fired after one year, but contract ran til 2015.
Almost forgot Ozzie Guillen was a human being
Aren't the Marlins still paying Ozzie Guillen and Mike Redmond?
"Loose cannon" as he may be, Ozzie Guillen needs to be managing somewhere. He has the ability and is ALWAYS a great interview
So, Ozzie Guillén just laughed at Duda's woes at 1B & called him "Mrs. Duda". I just remembered why I hate him.
Ozzie Guillen would of benched him. He doesnt need to be on the field
To quote Ozzie Guillen, Royals are just like little piranhas
however they do it, it works. The new piranhas. Ozzie Guillen would be proud. Or annoyed.
we could get Ozzie Guillen with the Spanish feed!
.I'd rather listen to Ozzie Guillen and Sammy Sosa broadcast this game in Dutch than listen to your crew.
I just hope this doesn’t backfire à la Ozzie Guillén, but you never know when it comes to Loria’s whims.
I heard through the grape vine that the tigers are getting Ozzie Guillen in the off season.
For the network that has hired the awkward analysis of Bret Boone, Ozzie Guillen and Pete Rose, A-Rod is a breath of fresh air.
Apparently Ozzie Guillén is an analyst for ESPN Latin America's coverage.
The broadcast should use the Spanish version. Nothing like waiting for Ozzie Guillen to drop an F bomb
Move Harold to ESPN Deportes, have the FOX booth be Vasgersian, A-Rod, Ozzie Guillen.
we get Ozzie Guillen as the 3rd wheel in the LatAm broadcast
I kinda like Ozzie Guillén, baseball commentator. Never liked him when he was a player.
Hopefully the next alternative feed is and Ozzie Guillen
LOLOL. Ozzie Guillén is commentating and just said he taught Alcides Escobar how to do that.
If I was playing "Find Ozzie Guillen" I just won. Suck it whoever I just beat.
I still can see Ken Williams, Ozzie Guillen hugging like brothers in Minute Maid clubhouse 10 years ago today. Happy annive…
Span 3 aca A 1/2 3/4 para el lunes 10/5 - find out 5 facts about Carlos Zambrano and 5 facts on Ozzie Guillen. Quiz on Gustar verbs too
AOL | Marlins nearly brought back Ozzie Guillen as manager in May
Hope McPhail will talk with Wally Backman for manager job. I would not be against talking to Ozzie Guillen either.
Maybe he could go on an Ozzie Guillen pro-Castro rant?
Ozzie Guillen vas so crazy at letting him go..
Hlog: Fun Facts -- Illinois State-Iowa. Ozzie Guillen, and towns called Normal and Uncertain.
Ozzie Guillen manages to extend Belters' streak: via
Ozzie Guillen manages to extend Belters' streak
"Sadly, It's Business as Usual in Miami" / Are they still paying off Ozzie Guillen? If so, let's force him back. LOL
No theatrics from Ozzie Guillen in his one-day return to managing. He just wanted to win. And Normal did: .
Baseball: win with in dugout Wednesday
Sorry Normal Corbelters, Chiefs see your Ozzie Guillen, raise you Wayne Gretzky.
Ozzie Guillen takes time after the game to sign for fans at the Corn Crib!
The Great One in Peoria and Ozzie Guillen in Normal tonight.
It's plays like that when I miss Ozzie Guillen most.
Ex major leaguers Ozzie Guillen and Boots Day bring lineup cards to home plate.
That's like my basketball team in my adult league. Ozzie Guillen?
Ozzie Guillen on managing the CornBelters tonight: "This is not show time. I'm going to try to win the game."
RNR Softball Vegas Style.. Trying to do my best Ozzie Guillen pic by 9Love21…
Pick Up Free tickets at B104 Studios for tonight's (9/2) game managed by Ozzie Guillen! (While supplies last)
Ozzie Guillen scheduled an appt with us ♥
Don't miss Ozzie Guillen tonight at the Corn Crib! He will be managing the team tonight against the…
Ozzie Guillen (White Sox) will manage TONIGHT at the Corn Crib! FREE tickets at the B104 Studios NOW (while supplies last)
Ozzie Guillen will be the Normal CornBelters' manager for today's 6:35 p.m. game at the Corn Crib:.
Marlins will hire a real manager once they are no longer paying Ozzie Guillen's contract
One night only: Ozzie Guillen to manage ...
Guillen to manage independent team for a day -
Ozzie Guillen to serve as guest manager on son's team
Can Ozzie Guillen give the post game interview just one last time for the White Sox?
The clinched their division the day before Ozzie Guillen manages for a day. So now no pressure for Guillen
An independent league team is putting Ozzie Guillen back in the dugout (Big League Stew): --
Former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen will be joining the CornBelters’ team as a guest manager tomorrow night
OK well it isn't so I guess nice knowing you? btw Ozzie Guillen who is functionally retarded once won a World Series
Ozzie Guillen will be the guest manager Wednesday of the Normal CornBelters of the Frontier League where his son, Ozney, …
Ozzie Guillen will be back in the dugout on Wednesday, but he won't be wearing No. 13.
Wed. Sept 2nd is going to be a special night at the Corn Crib! is going to be the Belters manager! http:…
Ozzie Guillen is back! The former skipper will be a guest manager for son's ➞ http:/…
poll if Ausmus is let go who do u replace him with?. Ron Gardenhire?. Ozzie Guillen?. Ron Washington?. Other?
so will new tiger president be Chris Ilitch? Will vizquel or Ozzie Guillen be new manager?
The Gantt Report - Ozzie and Fidel Miami Marlins baseball manager Ozzie Guillen got in
Paul Konerko, Ozzie Guillen, Jerry Reinsdorf and your 2005 World Series champs on White Sox PreGame Live at 1230!
Ken Williams, Jerry Reinsdorf and Ozzie Guillen with the 2005 World Series trophy.
Ozzie Guillen right man to lead Padres: AJ Preller needs a manager who can grab this baseball town by the throat…
Ozzie Guillen right man to lead Padres. [from The San Diego Union-Tribune]
ICYMI: I wrote a little ditty about The Sun Times calling for Ozzie Guillen to be rehired as White Sox manager
This is so overrated! Marlins are paying Ozzie Guillen and Mike Redmond to manager the club
Ozzie Guillen's coming to a Frontier League baseball game near you:
fire Sandberg now and immediately hire Ozzie Guillen. Yes team will still suck but games will be amusing
My DREAM manager/bench coach team is Ron Gardenhire as manager and Ozzie Guillen as bench coach.
Ozzie Guillen, Robin Ventura, Rick Hahn, Ken Williams, Jerry Reinsdorf, Jim Thome. Then the *** game ruined the day.
Kenny Williams, Ozzie Guillen make amends before White Sox home opener
30 years ago today, both Chicago baseball teams had SS make their MLB debuts: Ozzie Guillen and Shawon Dunston.
Heath Bell is retiring. His interactions with Ozzie Guillen on the Marlins-focused Showtime series "The Franchise" was fascinating.
my stay Ozzie Guillen given by the new Maria Gaglio (JEAN) on a "On second thought" plan to remove my name from atop ANDERSON HOUSE but he
We are kicking around Cuba story ideas here in the newsroom. I am debating: Do I suggest we interview Ozzie Guillen?
Are the 2014 actually the 2012 Can Ozzie Guillen coach football?
Now that we're normalizing relations with I sure hope the aren't thinking about bringing back Ozzie Guillen.
Maria Anderson made a secret deal w Ozzie Guillen her neighbor as Maria Gaglio he is Ernie Sanguillen who I subpeoned for WORLDCOURT
is he a high energy, uncensored, Ozzie Guillen type that could wear thin after a while?
.he is, but a very vocal on Cuban policy. Remember this:
Has anyone gotten comment from Ozzie Guillen?
.Maybe Ozzie Guillen gets his job back as manager of the Marlins now.
Remember those 14 old people that protested Ozzie Guillen at Marlins Park? There’s only 11 of them left.
Remember when Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Chicago White Sox, had to publicly apologize for vaguely complimenting Fidel Castro
Now, let's end the embargo on Ozzie Guillen.
Do the new Cuba-U.S. relations mean that Ozzie Guillen will manage an MLB team again?
Ozzie Guillen get his job back or what?
Remember when Ozzie Guillen got suspended for talking about Fidel Castro? That was some messed up stuff, even if Ozzie was dumb.
I think Ozzie Guillen would be just the type of fiery, championship-winning leader fans are hoping for.
The majority of my Mike Mathenys over time were Robin Ventura brought back when his name w illegally killed off by Ozzie Guillen to tk job
Maybe he was different in Texas, but... .
have you seen the Ozzie Guillen rant on coconut water at the end of one of The Franchise (MIA) episodes? Hilarious. F bomb city.
Ozzie guillen is a great guy don't be *** him haters or else I will slap you
"Spoke with Hawk Harrelson about the White Sox.Some good stuff coming." How about hiring Ozzie Guillen to be Bench Coach.!
United States foreign policy towards Cuba and Latin America.
I really believe a player will sport They haven't buried the hatchet w/Ozzie Guillen. Not by a longshot.
hug for u Forget about the reality. Ozzie guillen can barely speak English I am sure he was miss quoted and didn't know what he was saying
Ozzie Guillen is uniquely qualified to handle international crises. Just ask Phil Cuzzi:
very glad it was a Latino as well first since Ozzie Guillen. I wish they would have invited him to share moment with Abreu
Are you Ozzie Guillen who manged the White Sox or are you his son?
Ozzie Guillen just called Kenny Williams to joke about how dysfunctional the Bears are.
Wow! I just won this for free, 1986 Ozzie Guillen - Rookie- Chicago White Sox -VINTAGE-
.I hope you see these vines. Ozzie Guillen is unemployed and I wouldn't be mad if you hired him.
Today's is the founder of NYLife and Check out our interview with htt…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jose Abreu is the 1st White Sox ROY winner since Ozzie Guillen. (Today's also the 21st anniversary of Frank Thomas winning the '93 AL MVP.)
was not in BB but returned for Ozzie Guillen to be Robin Ventura & then the Ventura/Matheny combo. Mike Mathini set up Rodriguez for biopeds
To give him an extended shelf life when dies he becomes Ozzie Guillen manager killer or original Robin Ventura
borderline great manager. I think he is done. Your tigers could use Ozzie Guillen. May only last 2 years but he will kick ***
Rangers manager Ron Washington resigns, the Astros fire Bo Porter late in Year 2 ... two chances for Ozzie Guillen to come to Texas in 2015.
Sang the National Anthem at the Schaumburg Boomers game Thursday night & met former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen.
Ozzie Guillen was Frank Thomas' teammate from 1990-97 and his manager in 2004-05. Was kinda successful in 2005.
Jake Peavy is last to win a Gold Glove (2012). Robin Ventura is last position player (1998). Ozzie Guillen is last …
ESPN's Ozzie Guillen and John Kruk help discuss Miguel Cabrera's decison to skip the 2014 Home Run Derby and get some well deserved rest.
Can't wait for my show tomorrow on 1410 ESPN radio! I will have my interview with John Kruk and Ozzie Guillen! Don't miss it!
Alexei Ramirez is the White Sox's first all-star at SS since Ozzie Guillen in 1991.
Cool postgame moment: Ozzie Guillen giving Robin Ventura a high five and a hug in the hall outside the clubhouse.
Ozzie Guillen and Robin Ventura after today's game.
Sara who pitched in Euro MLB also sings "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" called themesong of Ozzie Guillen "wiz of oz" said she'd agree to come
Former Chicago White Sox manager, Ozzie Guillen, has partnered with Miller Lite for a series of appearances around the Chicagoland area in May. His first stop brings him back to the Southside tomorrow night, May 1st, as he visits Torrence Liquors (616 Torrence Ave.) in Calumet City, IL.
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& (Dbacks) bought a house that has since been moved to another area higher & only certain ppl can see it as a beadwall then when the players forgot, Ozzie Guillen moved in & used it when Jean Papa *Aunt Jenny left for the last time here. In order to become JJ PUTZ, Linda attempted to make a deal with a resident named Candy (when I first got into bb full time Jayson Werth objected to me using the name Cabrera on the so my name was changed to Candy Zimmerman) making me the 4th Zimmerman on the team at that time but a judge had legally awarded me the name STRASBURG so I used that instead ANA STRASBURG but they called me Candy.
Bright was Ozzie Guillen & for this he took over MARLINS to make them MLB HBO & turned on by Showalter also against me
I feel the same way about Robin. I never liked Ozzie Guillen, even as a player.
This presupposes that Ozzie Guillen's spanish meltdowns did not include f bombs.
I give Rick renteria until mid June for an Ozzie Guillen type media meltdown with Spanish fbombs thrown in
A's commentator just said that Ozzie Guillen traded because he didn't like his enthusiasm. As if we needed another reason...
Is that the story of Ozzie Guillen's press gatherings?
Hanging out with Ozzie Guillen whitesox harrycarays
Ozzie Guillen at the sports museum opening event: "I don't drink any more, Rich. Well, I don't drink as much!"
The man, the myth, the legend... Ozzie Guillen, ladies & gentlemen!
Never thought I'd take a picture with Ozzie Guillen and Harry Caray.
Reminds me of Ozzie Guillen calling a four-hole hitting Pedroia a jockey.
Most people don't know that Ozzie Guillen frmr mgr is only Mario LaPuma who isn't Jean Papa but it is only a 4-1 prank if u think this
Do you know Stephen A. Smith and Ozzie Guillen pick the Detroit Tigers to win the championship iwas baffled lol!.
Ozzie Guillen helping Pacific Headwear product launch in Australia
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Alex Cora? They also have Pedro and I think Ozzie Guillen, both of whom need subtitles
Ozzie Guillen has regressed in his english
Craig Grebeck hits first MLB HR and then Ozzie Guillen follows w/ another. Nolan Ryan was the pitcher. http:…
Derek Jeter is the best player on earth, according to Ozzie Guillen
"Ozzie Guillen talking about Vladimir Guerrero and the Hall Of Fame >>>" oh man! He's a great player!!
they were just trying to make sure Ozzie Guillen stayed out of the park.
I may watch a few games this year. This raw talented youth thing is way better than Ozzie Guillén's dysfunctional crew.
Jim Tracy, Ozzie Guillen, Charlie Manuel and Dusty Baker will all be rumored to take over teams this year
he got to a point where it was like the Ozzie Guillen show me me me I couldn't take it combined with the losing anymore
I need Ozzie Guillen in my life. What channel is he gonna be on?
Spring Training 2011: Terry Francona steps in to defuse Bobby Jenks-Ozzie Guillen feud -
Lock it up for St. Boogie! Ozzie Guillen picked the cardinals to win the national league. Ozzie knows two things; 1. Crazy and 2. Baseball. Happy Season to all the baseball fans. May your team give you high hopes, good times, bragging rights, memories with the youngsters, triumph and heartbreak. Play Ball!
Alfonso Carrasquel Colon, better known as Chico Carrasquel was a native of Venezuela. He was outstanding at shortstop for the Chicago White Sox (1950-1955), Cleveland Indians (1956-1958), Kansas City Athletics (1958) and Baltimore Orioles (1959). He was the first in a long line of major league shortstops from Venezuela which includes Luis Aparicio, Dave Concepcion, Ozzie Guillen and Omar Vizquel.
Joel Quenneville calling Teuvo Teravainen "Tivo" is the equivalent of Ozzie Guillen calling Gordon Beckham "Bacon."
Former White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen's son Ozney has signed to play 3B with the independent Normal Cornbelters.
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