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Oyster Creek

Oyster Creek nuclear power station is a single unit 636 MWe boiling water reactor power plant located on an 800 acre (3.2 km²) site adjacent to the Oyster Creek in the Forked River section of Lacey Township in Ocean County, New Jersey.

Oyster Creek Park Sugar Land New Jersey Brazos River Lake Jackson Hermann Park Pamlico Sound Discovery Green

HEB open on oyster creek dr. The trucks as of 12pm had not delivered but there is plenty of food, beer and wine!
We do too! I'm really close to Oyster Creek, but they don't expect it to breach it's b…
Want to win $100 Gift Card to Oyster Creek Inn Leed's Point, NJ? I just entered to win and you can too.
Oyster Creek still up and crankin' Wednesday morning. Sunny skies, but no crest until Friday.
Since Oyster creek is only about a block or two away from that area I was worried.
Any update on sawmill lake. Is the water srill coming out of oyster creek.
It's my hometown! Two of my favorite restaurants in the city are island creek oyster bar and Eastern stan…
There is a breach in sawmill as of monday from oyster creek thats causing water into mountains and fox b…
The ☀️ came out, so we went for a walk to explore. Oyster Creek in our neighborhood in June and today.…
We're doing pretty good so far, we're good on food and water and I think the water at oyster Creek died down a little
We are home our section on a Palmer on Oyster Creek did not flood homes, but we are watching the creek
Oyster creek is my living room, trust me it could be worse, you good
Stopped back home and Oyster Creek seems to be holding. Pics are Sat, Sun, and today. Similar levels between Sun an…
My backyard, oyster creek, it went down a little but if it comes out or they dump the brazos , I'm dead
Does anyone know the status of Oyster Creek?
My parents and sister remain in their one-story home, and they have power. Oyster creek, a block away has...
And the Brazos River and Oyster Creek are getting worse. Way too early to assume anything
Can you tell us anything about Sugarland/Richmond area near Oyster Creek as well as River Park?
Could you please tell us about Mayfield area? We are surrounded by Oyster Creek close to evacuation zones.…
I am still in the shelter, high and dry. Did any of my friend flood, especially those on the Oyster Creek side of Lake Olympia?
I looked at my address which is not colored but we are surrounded by Oyster Creek almost overflowing; Mayfi…
Oyster Creek in Clute rising rapidly daytime photo from 8/28 @ 2pm night is from 1030pm
Ok good. My dad evacuated too. Our backyard opens onto oyster creek so I wasn't sure how bad that…
Have you been by Oyster Creek on Glenn Lakes?
I need an update on Oyster Creek on the Lake Olympia Middle School side. Did it flood any homes?
What's the status of oyster creek? Is it expected to jump up a large amount overnight?
Is oyster creek the one by the sugar factory?
have you peeped Oyster Creek on Glenn Lakes?
Oh man Oyster Creek is going to need to be renamed Oyster River
Oyster creek in Missouri city is going to be high too
Is this all of Oyster Creek including into Missouri City? If you know.
Drove over the Oyster Creek bridge by the college (@ OAR) again around 1pm, the gauge is reading 11 feet.
Rising Oyster Creek in Sugar Land has elevated evacuation to mandatory! Residents fill sandbags. 4:30p. Live NBC5…
Oyster creek is really nonexistent and my chest hurts
watching news and the guy you're interviewing is right. Oyster creek is flowing into PG as my neighbor from the MUD tells me
Does anyone have any info on the Oyster Creek area? Especially Kountry Ranch RV park? Stay safe!
parents neighborhood. they're in hotel now. . Mandatory evac for some Oyster Creek residents via
That Way St at Oak Dr. Oyster Creek is high but holding for now. It's expected to crest once the Brazos and San...
Where can I get info on Oyster Creek status? It's flooding my neighborhood on FM1464 in Richmond. I can pass info to my neighborhood
Hunkering down in Sweet City! Pray for fort bend...constant rain, levees in danger, oyster creek out and the brazos rising
Take deep breaths, the cops are in Quail Valley assisting people who need to get out, th…
Do you have any info on 1464 and Oyster Creek? How can ppl exit that area? Flooding in area.
Is there any assistance for ppl stuck in communities @ 1464 and Oyster Creek?
any plans to evacuate ppl in communities at 1464 and Oyster Creek?
Water rescues going in Sugar Land by oyster creek elementary
The Brazos River levee parallels Lake Road so first flooding would come in from north along O…
Oyster Creek is biggest worry for us
Any updates on Oyster Creek and Sugar Creek neighborhood?
Pink dot is my folks place. Backs up to Oyster Creek. Fortunate that they're set back a ways from the levee. Orange…
I'm surprised they aren't sending you to Oyster Creek vs Bayou Vista, 4 man fball
I think I'll spend the whole day at Oyster Creek Park in Sugarland tomorrow.
Oyster Creek Park is the place man. I'm 65 candies away from my second Gyarados lmao
Oyster creek was stuffed . Lol got a Dragonair though .
They closed the park? Lol uhh last time I checked Oyster Creek didn't have park hours 😒
😱 Ayee!! Lol you def needa go to Discovery Green and Oyster Creek
Answer: they've been hanging out near Oyster Creek too long.
Up the Creek raw bar is also a cool spot on the water. Avoid Boss Oyster at all costs. Drive to St George to Paddys Raw Bar
were there lots of PokeStops 👀. Oyster Creek Park is super good too, near hwy 6
just went to Oyster Creek Park an caught like 30 Pokémon
10/10 would recommend Pokemon hunting w/ your friends at Oyster Creek Park at night
Clammers OC24, is located on a canal in Oyster Creek with views and easy access to Pamlico Sound. This cottage...
Thanks to Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery for hosting a fun afternoon of oyster eating -- the spoils from the...
"For years now we have been advocating for the DEP to expand the impact radius for at least 50 miles, but they...
3 if it is at Island Creek, 7 anywhere else. Get the oyster sliders and the lobster roe noodles.
Congrats to Island Creek Oyster Bar for being nominated by USA TODAY 10Best as one of the best hotel restaurants...
.nominated for the hotel restaurants in the U.S.! Vote now:
i actually caught a Golduck at Oyster Creek today 😂😂😂
So close to catching that snorlax at oyster creek
Check out new work on my portfolio: "Oyster Creek Eatery Logo Design"
Concerned about Oyster Creek nuke plant's evacuation plan? Meeting with DEP tonight.
Hearing on Oyster Creek nuclear plant evacuation plan tonight:
Do it. I went to Oyster Creek Park in Sugar Land last night and it was crawling with Psyducks.
Oyster Creek Park is a great place to hunt!
The Bridge to Oyster Creek. I have to admit that this park was pretty cool to walk through.…
Row 34 by the Island Creek Oyster folks is nearby too.
Everybody at Oyster Creek was on Pokemon Go lol.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Oyster Creek Park is where it's at 🙌🙌
The plant is expected to cease operations in 3 years.
Yet another example of NRC failure to require adequate safety, close Oyster Creek now!
there are so many people at Oyster Creek Park just on there phones looking for Pokemon...
Went from a level 11 to a 14 + found myself a Squirtle at Oyster Creek Park today
best places to catch Pokemon! Hermann Park, Discovery Green, Oyster Creek Park in Sugar Land, Sienna Plantation in Mo City
Oyster Creek Park!! It's lit there!!! Like 24/7. There was 8 lures when I went and people constantly renew them
dawg there's like a billion people at the park, came back from oyster Creek at like 11
Oyster Creek boosted my poke balls from 0 to 123 in 2 hours. Also captured a 614 Golduck and a 370 Parasect.
Good photo shoot. Too many people looking for pokemon tho. Fyi, there is a lot of them in Oyster Creek Park Sugarland, Tx
The word of the day is powldoody - A variety of Irish oyster, eaten as a delicacy - from a creek in County Clare, dates from 1808.
Why it said oyster creek idk. Im at oyster lake 👀
yeah oyster creek is the best imo. Discovery Green sucked when I went, and I haven't been to the zoo yet
I usually go to oyster creek but I'm tryna fade Discovery Green or the zoo
There's a Pokemon professor going around oyster creek helping people 💀
where's this oyster park creek park you speak of? Lmaooo
It was lit at Oyster Creek Park tonight! Everyone and dey mamas trying to catch Pokémon
LIVE on Pokemon fever at Oyster Creek Park.
Hammock View - Canalfront in Oyster Creek with Easy Access to Pamlico Sound. “We had a great time. The house had...
Thirty Deane Bozeman students helped fight erosion on Crooked Creek by building oyster reefs.
"Urban forests are more than Rock's trees on the street and in yards." with
Great night for a game. A little stop at Island Creek Oyster Bar then off to Fenway! — watching Tampa Bay Rays...
30 Bozeman students laid down six oyster reefs at RiverCamps on Crooked Creek
Parks of Oyster Creek Park are closed off due to high water, but a majority of the trail is open.
Looking forward to my run tonight, but is Oyster Creek Park flooded?
grew up in oyster creek farms, 4 ft of water from the brazos in 92 and 94. Took week to recede. All frm up north.
...yeah celebrate/lament we have reservations (island creek oyster bar) so either way we're doing it Boston Style!
Oyster Creek in Richmond, over it's banks 25-30 ft.
Oyster Creek in Sugar Land, TX is almost over the levee. Bridge between Lexington and 6.
Oyster Creek @ SH 6 in SL, TX close to top of its bank. 74.95 of 75.30 inches.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
🐚 just 27 more types to taste until my goal is achieved @ Island Creek Oyster Bar
Sunday Funday bike riding in the park @ Oyster Creek Park
Somebody's first time shucking oysters (he did great). @ Little Creek Oyster
There is a fallen tree limb on Oyster Creek Trail at park on FM1092. Rest of trail clear,
"Island Creek oysters are amazing and will make you want more!"
On SR 11 northbound at Oyster Creek Bridge there is an incident partially blocking the lane.
The world is an oyster and she is my pearl. 🐚 @ Island Creek Oyster Bar
island creek oyster bar. I miss the seafood! (If you enjoy such food)
Good morning! We are at Oyster Creek Park. What are you up to in Sugar Land today?
Dinner in Island Creek Oyster Bar Boston, thanks to our Ambassadors for showing us this amazing…
I refuse to take grad pics at Oyster Creek Park 😐
Eastern Standard or Island Creek Oyster Bar in Kenmore Square - a couple of blocks away from park
well went to oyster creek was slow nothin out there yet ,today should be good long incoming tide and Boca ill let ya know
If you're versatile in the kitchen, is seeking a rounds chef to assist in all areas of the kitchen.
KUDOS: Oyster Creek’s commitment to environment earns it Conservation Certification
Sugar Land has man-made lakes connecting to Oyster Creek the Brazos River.
New Teacher Orientation! Welcome to Fort Bend ISD and Oyster Creek! Here's to a great first year!
Listen up South Jersey ! Friday at 10 PM on the Food Network from are own backyard The Oyster Creek will be featured.GREAT LITTLE PLACE SO TUNE IN !
Roasted shallots, Indian creek farms oyster mushroom, fettuccine pasta and fresh black truffles
Counting spat (baby oysters) on the Scott's Creek oyster reef in Portsmouth, VA
Hey there is a meet up in Houston, Tx. Dec. 20 at Oyster Creek Park. Y'all should come.
We can definitely vouch for the Oyster Creek Inn and Kelsey & Kim's.
A Day in the Life of Nicki Hobson, Chef de Cuisine at Island Creek Oyster Bar
The Urbanna Oyster Festival Foundation is leading a project to bring back oysters to Urbanna Creek. Click here...
Island creek oyster, fresco chili and cucumber mignonette by chef Erik Anderson
Garrett Harker & Chef Island Creek Oyster Bar is looking to hire a BARTENDER -
What a gorgeous day for an Oyster Roast! Arrive early to get a good seat! 4pm - until...
Driving around the sand pits and the Pinelands. Drinking beers and looking at the Oyster Creek nuclear plant.
Happening now creamy risotto, Indian creek farms oyster mushroom and fresh black truffles
Oyster Creek Inn to be in Diners Drive Ins and Dives!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Just add some Indian creek oyster mushrooms too the party are you coming for supper?
My favourite wall of oysters So happy I made it back! @ Island Creek Oyster Bar
Win a 2 night stay for 2 people Bed and Breakfast in the Luxury Suite at the 4 star Oyster Creek Lodge in Knysna.
Join us Saturday, December 13th for the Oyster Roast at the James River Marina on Deep Creek…
Here's another beer label done for the Texas Beer Refinery this is for their "Oyster Creek Stout".
Oyster Creek to test sirens Tuesday at 10am. via
Oyster Creek to test sirens Tuesday - Asbury Park Press
Barnegat Bay is a virtual fluke factory as Oyster Creek & Double Creek channels are holding stop-and-drop action
Event Report: News story on Oyster Creek shutdown misses the point
The acquisition of Pepco Holdings Inc. by Exelon Corp., which owns the Oyster Creek nuclear power plant in Lacey, will create a mid-Atlantic electric and gas utility juggernaut with about 10 million customers.
Atlantic City Electric parent to merge with Oyster Creek owner Exelon
happy hour at Island Creek Oyster now and taking group to Mare at 7. Looking for non-tourist food/drink Thurs before flight.
Spotted: Large black dog on Westheimer Parkway near Oyster Creek. Appears to be a female who recently had puppies. Headed towards Fry Rd.
4. And two days later I went to Oyster Creek and ran & I was totally fine until I went to her house and did something else dumb
Hakurakusei sake jellied Frenchman's Creek rock oyster with cucumber and chervil @ Hixter
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Democratic-Republican Organization Center for PublicPolicy - short list of existing Councils - membership lists to be made available.  Individual Web Pages for publishing agendas, calendar, and policy recommendations/white papers to be created in the coming week.  Contact lists will be merged, and invitations to recommended advisors/members will be considered and forwarded. Candidates - we have quite a network, already, but need your regional voice represented.  Choose who you would recommend with care.  If there is someone who you would recommend, but you do not know personally, reach out to me, and we will arrange an introduction (and invitation, if appropriate.)   Healthand Wellness Advisory Council Councilof Health Care Professionals, including Health Care Providers, Support Staff,Administrators, Nutritionists/Dieticians, Physical Fitness Instructors, andInsurance Providers, community recreation leaders. Meetto discuss methods by which Health and Wellness may be improved within thecommunities the ...
Emergency Services has been notified that one lane over the Oyster Creek Bridge (north of Davis) will be closed 24 hours a day until possibly November.
I love being a Pure and Proud Texan !!! I was Born in Freeport, Tx. Grew up in Oyster Creek , TX . Family cattle Farm in Boling , TX . Married my husband in. 1976, Moved to Lake Jackson , TX. Took awhile to get used to city , but I call it Home now . Traveled everywhere, but Texas is Home! When I want country , I go to my sister 's in Brazoria , TX !
Anybody work for Dow Oyster Creek let me know I got a question. Thanks
My Texette ladies - - - Some useful info for those planning to attend the J J Watt Charity Classic Constellation Field Policies BAG INSPECTION Bags are subject to random checks at any time as a deterrent to weapons, alcohol, contraband, and food or beverage. All bags must be smaller than 16" x 16" x 8". Large bags and luggage, inflatables, nets, noise makers, brooms, weapons, laser pointers, light sabers, coolers, cans, bottles, food and beverages are not permitted at any time. To ensure guest safety, the Sugar Land Skeeters reserve the right to refuse admittance of any item deemed hazardous or suspicious. PARKING Constellation Field features two parking areas with accommodation of over 2,000 parking spaces. Lot A, located directly around stadium is reserved for permit parking only. Permits include VIP, preferred parking or state issued handicap permits. Lot A is best accessed using Texas State Highway 6, exiting at Imperial Boulevard then connecting at Stadium Drive. Lot B, located just over Oyster Creek ...
"Ran Away, FROM the subscriber's plantation on Oyster Creek, on Monday, 30th inst., two *** men, Friday and..."
mrsfitking and Tailar we see you getting your miles in at Oyster Creek Park this morning. Way to Go!…
mrsfitking and Tailar way to go hard and get your miles in this morning at Oyster Creek Park. Keep up…
After the boat show Niki & I had a great dinner in Sarasota at Phillipi Creek Oyster Bar. Great food & wonderful...
Perfect gift for Mother's day! Available at Oyster Creek Park, Hermann Park, Downtown Richmond, and Cullen Park.
Found this at a little river creek thing in new town.. Isn't it a clam or oyster? Is that normal?
“You could help by changing policy & help Oyster Creek operate to the end of its license.
The oldest nuclear power plant in the US, the Oyster Creek plant in New Jersey will shut down in 2019 -a decade early. …
Lobster roll, little neck clams to die for. (@ Island Creek Oyster Bar) on
Just had the most amazing meal at Island Creek Oyster Bar in Back Bay Boston! Happy getaway weekend!…
I don't think there's a single hour of the days where there's not at least one person fishing the oyster creek
Oyster connoseurs out there, we have Deer Creek Oysters (from Washington) and Katama Bay Oysters (from...
ES also has a sister restaurant next door called Island Creek Oyster Bar and it is also phenomenal.
Tonight's starting oyster lineup: Chef's Creek, Totten, and Eastern. Get your oyster on!
At Oyster Creek watching Patty Blee and Ernie Trionfo play sweet tunes. *Sitting on the Dock of the Bay*
The Oyster Recovery Partnership is entering year 3 of the largest oyster restoration project ever on the East Coast, in Harris Creek.
Enjoyed oysters on the half shell at Phillippi Creek Oyster Bar in Sarasota.
“Kickstarter proj. for friends at Island Creek: Support A New Oyster Float
PATTY BLEE has a show on 04/25/2014 at 06:00 PM @ Oyster Creek Inn in Leeds Point, NJ
Celebrating oyster night, the earth and The release of Four Pillars by Lickinghole Creek! (@ The Pig & Pearl)
Kenmore Square Package!!! Stay at Hotel Commonwealth and dine at Island Creek Oyster Bar!
I might not make it to Herman Park. So I'll hit up Oyster Creek and Kitty Hollow 👀
Good morning Ocean Township and friends !!! Looks like winters not done with us just yet. The temperature this morning at police headquarters is 21 degrees. Today's high will be 31 and low 20. Today will be windy with a mix of clouds and sun. Winds will be WNW at 25 to 35 mph. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph, but will slow diminishing towards midnight. The next high tide at Oyster Creek will be 9:55 am and low tide was 3:49 am. Sunset will at 7:04 pm. Roadway and traffic conditions this morning, are normal in Ocean Township. Stay warm, stay safe enjoy your day !!!
3/1 ALL IN ONE REPORT SURF/BOAT The Berkeley Striper Club Fisherman's Flea Market is today from 9am to 2pm at the Toms River Intermediate School North 150 Intermediate Way Toms River NJ. No one fishing the beaches yesterday. Party boats did sail and had luck with cod, *** and ling. Also a bunch of dogfish and a few ells rounded out what was being caught. Some said they were sailing today. With the weather I would call for Monday, not sure if they will be sailing. As for fishing tomorrow (Monday) I don't think anybody will be because of the coming snow. Everytime I look at the weather the amount keeps changing. I guess just as always we will have to wait and see. It is what it is. BAY I talked to a bunch of people that went out yesterday to try to catch that first striper of the season in the bays and as of right now I have not heard of any keepers being caught. I talked to a few who were out there in the early hours and they said it was just too cold. Even the people fishing Oyster Creek didn't have ...
$1 Oyster!! Enjoy Fresh Gold Creek Oysters with a glass of chilled Prosecco or Arneis.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Karaoke at Bad S Icehouse in Oyster Creek going on now
Feb 25, 2014 - Venice Area Audobon Society - Walk pine woods and along the shore of Oyster Creek to see wading birds, warblers, and woodpeckers. Involves about 2 miles of walking. Meet at Cedar P...
Phillips Creek Oyster Bar is good...with old friends!
Agenda posted for TONIGHT"s meeting in Swan Quarter about updating the 2002 Hyde County Recreation & Parks Master Plan. 7-8 PM in the Government Center Multipurpose Room, 30 Oyster Creek Rd, Swan Quarter.
NEW REVIEW!!! Suit757 follows Kate Upton to the perfect oyster bar in the perfect oyster town of Apalachicola, FL...
West Coast Oyster-Wine dinners with me and Matanzas Creek: Feb 24 (LA), Feb 26 (SF), Feb 27 (Seattle).
Having a Garage Sale this Saturday the 22nd from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Have adult and children's clothes, shoes, books, sewing machine. Sleeper sofa, baby gates, and A LOT of misc. 802 Oyster Creek Dr. in Richwood
Attempting to roll down a hill lol @ Oyster Creek Park
Restoration Efforts in Worcester County: Here's info on our own oyster work:
I remember when the oak trees in the median of Oyster Creek Drive were planted. I was attending Brazosport College at the time.
I knew it. Snow storms every other day, bitter cold, and now asteroids. Probably has Oyster Creek in its cross hairs.
Yo we kinda just got mentioned on law and order svu, talking about oyster creek, but then dismissed it and went to Toms River
I was 90 miles and nearly two hours away when i got word from Scott Gellatly he was aboard Vane Brothers' Oyster Creek expecting to sail under Walkway Over the Hudson at 1700hrs. I made it back in the just in the nick of time, but not fast enough for overhead shots and a candy toss (can't REALLY do that--I know the rangers) to grab these shots between 1659hrs and 1705hrs as she passed the Queen City on the Hudson--Poughkeepsie.
Enjoy these shots of the ship Oyster Creek passing under the Walkway Over the Hudson & Poughkeepsie, by Anzevino...
Hanging out with the Captain at Phillippi Creek Oyster bar in Sarasota! With Grandma and Aunt Lynn 👌🍻🐟
Had a nice lunch with friends at Hurricane Patty's in St Augustine on Oyster Creek
Smithville FSA is hosting Our Second Annual Beef & Beverage on Friday February 28th from 7-10 pm at Oyster Creek Inn. Here are some of the great items we have for our Chinese Auction- $50 Fridays gift certificate, $50 Jds gift certificate, $50 walmart gift Certificate, (4) $25 Hamilton mall gift certificate, Island Sun gift certificate for 4 high pressure tans, Cloud 9 1hr facial, Disney gift basket. And many many more items.
It's time for an Oyster Roast! Come join the Shops in Moss Creek Village for an afternoon of oysters, music,...
starting to come down heavy in Oyster River near Black Creek
Had to go all out this time. My AC Angel sacrificed her Valentines Day dinner at the Oyster Creek Inn to have a home cooked dinner instead which turned into a disaster when Wyatt knocked out 3 teeth at supermarket goofing off with shopping cart. Hoping the new twist fits the bill...
Anyone down to run at Oyster Creek Park with me today
Great night great dinner at oyster creek
7 minutes from oyster creek to Clute. New record
Kay Wells and I are enjoy our valentines date over looking oyster creek.. having a category 4 cocktail or 2 or 3 or more.. nice day. With my love. Good food and drink...everyday is special with this girl
Kinda wanna go to Oyster Creek Park
Great workout though, love coming to Oyster Creek Park
It's gonna be a great day at the park tomorrow!! 9am at Oyster Creek Park!
Robert Verpent of Stafford charged with DUI after driving into Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station security...
Had a nice valentines dinner at oyster you guys
Bake shop at island creek oyster bar making it happen.
OMG! 75 SPECTACULAR SUNLIT degrees. Taking the wife out for a romantic dinner. Eating outside on the banks of Oyster Creek. What a beautiful day to be with the prettiest lady in the county. The evening of romance is just beginning.
I just uploaded "Sources Sought - Harris Creek Tred Avon Oyster Bar Creation - Army Corps of Engineers" to Vimeo:
Due to early voting at the library, the February 17 and 24 chair yoga classes will be held at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church, The Blue Room, 200 Oyster Creek Drive.
she lives on Zinna street off of Oyster Creek drive in Pecan Lakes👌
Lacey Township NJ Feb 14 2014 A 52-year-old Manahawkin man was arrested Friday at the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station’s security checkpoint and charged with drunken driving, police said. The security officers reported that the driver, Robert…
Shout Out to Lacey Patch in this week's Local Beat!
The days are cold the nights are long. @ Oyster Creek Park
Congrats to Jeremy Sewall and his team Creek Oyster Bar for an amazing article in the Wall Street Journal
Police in Lacey, N.J., said a man picked the wrong part of town to drive through while under the influence Friday. At about 6 p.m., security personnel at Exelon's Oyster Creek nuclear plant called police to report that a white van had pulled into a plant checkpoint under suspicious...
Bad S Ice House has karaoke tonite...come on is in oyster creek on 523
Picking up a car in Oyster Creek, Tx.
Here is a few teaser images from Ronny and his beautiful bride to be, Jasmine Janay's engagement session last night at Oyster Creek Park in Sugar Land, Tx!
A 21-year-old Waretown man was arrested recently for DUI after getting into an accident near the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station, police said.
Tideland crews will need to drop the northeast Ocracoke circuit for a short period of time to deal with load issues on the system as they try to pick up Oyster Creek. Power should be back on to the northeast circuit shortly. If the system holds, crews will then go to the Jackson Tract area to work on a tap outage.
Good Morning!! It's Robyn letting you know that a test of the Oyster Creek Generating Station's notification Siren System was conducted at 10 am today. Pass that info along and stay tuned to 95.9 WRAT because... Hey, You never know.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
The Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station will test its emergency sirens today. It's part of a twice-yearly test that the plant in Lacey Township does annually.
The dogs went after a hog but the hog went straight for oyster creek and swam crossed. One of the dogs crossed too, but it got away.but we definitely gonna hit it again soon.
Is this cold weather giving you oyster fever? Head to Shem Creek this weekend to support Relay for Life at the...
I have a had a busy few days - Here are some photos to prove it - Senior Expo in Waller, Thank you party in Katy & NW Houston, Memory Cafe , Fall Fest at Oyster Creek Manor- Join me next time :)
Crap, I shouldn't have thrown those oyster shells into the creek. Someone may have valued them.
1. I went to school on a farm called Shady Acres private school until second grade. I remember annually we would spend the night, go fishing, grease a watermelon in the pool and have shaving cream fights etc. 2. I had a pot belly pig named Gunny Buford in junior high, but we gave him away when he ate my history book. We often had animals like bunnies, hamsters, fish,ducks, iguana, possum, turtles, snakes, etc. Oyster Creek is in the backyard. 3.I regularly run 10 miles. It's not so bad if that's what you're used to. 4. I played flute and piccolo in school. I was obsessed with practicing and went to Texas Tech band camp twice where we stayed in dorms as junior high kids. I quit in high school for soccer. 6. I was playing in Tiffany's backyard when Byron tried to climb over the chain fence. I charged it like a bull and he fell off and broke his arm. He ran off screaming. Punk. ;) 7. I was a Girl Scout and we were totally troop Beverly Hills, right Heidi and Kendall? I went to Girl Scout camp by the sea and ...
Island creek oyster bar.. Why is this the first time we've met? Love @ first bite🍴
Listen to and chat bivalvular goodness on
It's Oyster Season at the Black Marlin and we are excited to be serving Fresh Local Skull Creek Oysters this...
This soup is delicious. A little salt and pepper on top with some oyster *** for added texture and omg so good. Thanks, Bear Creek.
Beer, oysters, and a bucket of hot sauces @ Island Creek Oyster Bar
Oyster Creek Park, it's literally by laser zone. . Your welcome.
Head to our Samish Retail Store on scenic Chuckanut Drive near Bellingham! Look for the beautiful snow geese and trumpeter swans and see the salmon running up Oyster Creek. The store is open 7 days/week 9 am - 5 pm. Closed Thanksgiving Day.
Had a great time Kayaking on Oyster Creek Friday night in the full moonlight. Calm water, no mosquitoes and met some really great folks from a paddling group! Looking forward to next outing!
Keron went to the Oyster Creek Manor Senior Living Apartment for the Fall Extravaganza and had a lot of fun showing the pillows that I created and with friends and the Skeeters guy :) !!!
Oyster Creek went offline 11 am today so workers could do maintain work on 2 of 5 recirculation pumps, other planned maintenace
Burger brunch with a side of oysters and fries at Island Creek Oyster Bar (
Probably just about as pretty as fall gets here @ Oyster Creek
Treated like royalty, delicious dinner too. @ Island Creek Oyster Bar
So good to be back in Beantown again. My fav US city. Such a smart community! (@ Island Creek Oyster Bar w/ 5 others)
Meeting work friends of Cris' for dinner and drinks. (@ Phillippi Creek Village Restaurant & Oyster Bar) [pic]:
Heading to Oyster Creek Inn tonight around 8pm it's gonna be.a great time ..
Heading back to my hometown town for my wifes Birthday dinner at the Oyster Creek Inn. Watch out the Crow will be home for a few
Uh Karen Van Norman Leder gave me the number six.let's see... 1. I have loved serving God for as long as I can remember and glad He saved me! 2. I married my Jr High sweetheart and we have been married for 38 years. 3. I don't have any sisters or brothers, so not a very big family. I'm very close to my husband and our son, Kris and his family and my dad. 4. I helped my husband pastor a church in Oyster Creek, TX for several years and we helped plant churches in the States and in Mexico for many years. 5. I love to hand make quilts, play the piano, and love to sing. 6. I am in the process of moving to Saudi Arabia and look forward to traveling between there and the States for the next 2-3 yrs.
I'm thinking oyster creek for dinner ! Any one want to join !!
Shout out to every jogger over 65 at Oyster Creek Park.
Island Creek oysters at this place is for sure. @ L&E Oyster Bar
Monster trucks in the house at oyster creek manor!
Skeeters in the house at oyster creek manor!
We will be rockin Oyster Creek Park tomorrow at 9:00am!! Hope to see everyone out there!!   10% Off
a company called N2it Containers out of oyster creek
Anybody tried that new oyster creek side place on skyland drive? Thinking about going there tonight...
awww...shucky shucky now! Make sure you make plans to join us for Shem Creek Oyster Roast Saturday, November...
Island Creek Oysters continues to help Haitian fishermen
Had the opportunity to play Oyster Creek Golf Club down in Englewood yesterday. Their general manager, Denny Burnham will be joining us in studio to give our listeners the "inside scoop"
It's almost holiday time! Thanks to Oyster Creek Lodge in Knysna for sharing this! Have you checked them out on...
I know I am very blessed. I have been on vacation all week working on house with contractors in Oyster Creek and Bugs has held down the fort with the kids and my dad. God is good! 󾌰 Bugs loaded my dad, Joey and Kitty up and brought them to the playoff game in Lufkin and Jason drove Miss Daisy 3 1/2 hours so I could cheer our LIONS on! I would have never thought 3 years ago that we would be where we are with "ALL" of us. My life is crazy and so NOT perfect, but it's mine and I accept it and Roll with it. I know I am blessed and would not ask for anymore or less.
If you're missing home (New England), they my friends at Island Creek Oyster can hook you up.
Windy but otherwise perfect day here at Oyster Creek in Englewood!
Dr. Valentin Abe spoke today on the work in Haiti. Thanks to the Island Creek Oyster Foundation.
I am supposed to list 11 things about myself.Marshmallow saw this and wants to goes! 1. I am a Redhead. 2. We have three wonderful children! 3. We have 6 terrific grandchildren! 4. We are true TEXANS to the heart, but live and LOVE Noth Tonawanda New York! 5. When I was young the neighborhood kids would run amuck on the trails of Oyster Creek and swim in the creek.and of course I was always looking for Indian Arrow Heads with Wayne Springs and Lisa Wilson Browning. 6. When we were young Lisa and I would always re-enact the Olympics in the side yard! 7. I loved skating horseback riding, and camping with Lisa Buchanan and her wonderful family! 8. Little known.I was a gymnast. 9. I loved and played and coached softball till I was 30. 10. Our favorite Holidays are Halloween and Christmas! 11. We have been married for 30 years and know each other for 34 years.thanks to Ms. Eddings English Class!!
Heading to Englewood tomorrow to play Oyster Creek Golf Club to review for this week's show. Heard the greens are perfect!
.shares great photos of the healthy growth throughout Harris Creek. More photos here:
FRIDAY NOVEMBER 15TH. Midcoast Winter Farmer's Market will be at the Topsham Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall from 1.00 - 5.00 pm. We will have music going and some tables and chairs are set up so you can stay and enjoy the music and maybe some of the goodies that are available at Market including coffee from Big Barn Coffee, baked goods from one of the 4 vendors who have baked goodies. We hope you get a chance to stop in and see one or more of the vendors at this market including Two Coves Farm Fairwinds Farm The Turkey Farm Keough Family Farm/The Farmer’s Daughter Paula C's Baked Goods Piper Ranch Hootenanny Bread King & I Angus Smart Alex Jams Laughing Stock Farm Pemaquid Lobster and Seafood Whately Farm Longwoods Alpaca Farm, LLC Oyster Creek Mushrooms SSJ Crafters Big Barn Coffee Dragonfly Cove Farm Maine Saltwater Creations, LLC. The Craftin' Scot If you think there is someone who would be interested to know about this Market please feel free to share this page with them. Have a great week and hope to ...
In fact, if Oyster Creek on the NJ Shore, weren't shut down for maint. during Sandy, it might've been another Fukashima Daiichi.
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Nuclear plants, including Oyster Creek, to soon be studied for cancer rates – Asbury Park Press: N... ..
Well got all sorts of stuff in the 'prize locker' and haven't done this in a bit. UNFAIR CONTEST OF THE DAY! First to answer what disgusting *** drink I had for breakfast this morning wins! (Hint no alcohol was involved)
Top two most annoying roads in existence: Oyster Creek Drive and Wellborn during construction
I will be in downtown Boston for an entire week at a conference. Any suggestions on what to do there?
Are any of our friends in pennsyilvania?? Towards jersey?
Come join us tomorrow at 7p. Workouts you will love. We have moved back to the Oyster Creek Park: 4033 Highway 6, Sugarland, TX 77478. July last FREE month
About to go riding at oyster creek 🚴
Playing tonight at Beach Creek Oyster Bar & Grille from 6-10, with Chris GS!
I have been terrible about updating lately so here is just a briefing of what's been going on in my life lately. I had family come visit for the 4th. Randy Gentry, Gigi Gentry, and Zeb Gentry flew in last Wednesday. We enjoyed two good days at the beach in between rain storms. On Wednesday night we did a little shopping at St. Armand's Circle on Lido Beach. Then we finished the evening with some awesome seafood at Phillippi Creek Restaurant and Oyster Bar complements of the Gentry family. On Thursday, the 4th we enjoyed another day shark teeth hunting at South Brohard Beach here in Venice. It's my favorite beach here. We found quite a few sharks teeth. I even made Zeb a shark tooth necklace with a really nice one Randy found. Since we got another nice little rain storm, we treated them to the best pizza in Venice. Thankfully the rain quit so we went to Venice Beach for fireworks. I had never seen fireworks over the ocean like that. It was beautiful! We ended the night with a sweet treat of ice cream ...
still looking for 1 booster and 1four point carseat i can borrow until thurs/ friday? please please please. really wanna take the girls to Victoria for an adventure and forgot my carseats at the campsite
Well the restaurant (Mill Creek) is officially closed! We've been waiting so long for this and now it's bittersweet. Time to clean up and get ready to decompress and enjoy some stress-free down time.
7/8 BAY The fluke keeper ratio is not too good. I had reports that 70 fish are caught and 10 were keepers. Lucky there was only 3 people on that boat and they got a good meal out of them. So it seems to be a bunch of shorts with some keepers thrown in. Best bet in the bays now are snapper blues. They are all over the place now. Grassy Channel has had brown sharks caught at night. Barnegat Bay it is blowfish, a few kingfish, and some keeper fluke. It is still best to fish the middle grounds, Double Creek channel, Oyster Creek channel and the BI BB buoys but you can also try the ICW as well. If your getting towards Little Egg Inlet then take extra bait as there are lots of dogfish and skates being caught as well.
Sharon Webb, Executive Director at Nerium International is using Eventbrite to organize 113 upcoming events. Check out Sharon Webb, Executive Director at Nerium International's events, learn more, or contact this organizer.
These are so good, I make them on my station tomorrow, come down to JAX Cherry Creek after 4!!!
Jumping in the river at auntie mo's.beautiful day!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Watching Brave with my faves as we wind down. Love this movie.
I'm heading to Boston this week for work.looking for shout outs for restaurant options. Send 'em my way!
Had fun with my grandsons in Logansport this last week. Took the boys to their first concert -Blue Oyster Cult. They loved it! Saw some old friends and made some new ones. Enjoyed a great party and absolute feast at Ambers's house. Good to see everyone-I am lucky to have such good friends. Hope to see everyone I missed next time!
I did that yesterday. So happy the Oyster Creek Inn is
Is happy to have my first day off of the 4th of July week and the sun is shining! Looking forward to a great day at the beach!! Finally :)
Good night for Lazaretto Creek Bank (Chip Zulliger, James Todesca and me) at Bernie's Oyster House. Good, appreciative crowd, many who stuck with us all night. It was especially nice to see Glenn Hannigan and his lovely wife Candi Sitton Hannigan! Thanks to Bernie's and the staff for all they do to help make the night enjoyable for the band and the audience.
Raining outside, keep myself warm in my doona thinking about foraging abundant Pearl Oyster Mushroom in our laneway. tomorrow I must harvest them and dehydrate
So excited to put our SUPs in the water today, wind was a bit too much. We sat under the bridge on the oyster beds during a storm as we listened to a boater tell another there was a gator in the water. Really? This was most definitely a salt water creek.
Getting in a little more Freeport splash pad time. We've been pad hopping today. Oyster Creek, Lake Jackson, now here!
Trying out a new restaurant for date night tonight: Mill Creek Tavern in Bayville. Has anyone been before? What are your thoughts?
The water park at oyster creek is free which is very nice. For a small town oyster creek did a real nice job on their park. More cities should do things like this. Not so happy about the beaches. Galveston and Brazoria counties need a lot of improvements. So many people could not even get close to the water because of think sand in the paths leading to the beach. How many times have we seen county employees seating in their trucks doing nothing. Exactly,all the time!
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