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The University of Oxford (informally Oxford University or Oxford) is a university located in Oxford, United Kingdom.

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Not South & East and North & West, following Oxford University studies into the genetic groups in U…
Oxford University's college system is in need of reform, vice-Chancellor says
Great News. Nobel winner ji joined 'Oxford University' to inspire poor girls from Pak & Somalia to pursue educat…
Good to hear student 'leaders' have been stripped of powers after banning Christian Union from freshers' fair.
Join the fun at Oxford University Club for Lafayette Movie Night.
Apple's Tim Cook to open Oxford University startup hub, participate in Q&A session on Wednesday by via AppleInsid…
5 years ago she was shot for campaigning for girls education. Today she joined Oxford University! Bravo dear Malala! ❤️ Th…
Congratulations for attending your first lecture today in Oxford University. . You are an inspiration to women,…
Tim Cook to announce new Oxford University start-up hub tomorrow
Today Yousafzai, awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize, attended her first lectures at Oxford University.
Twist-off versus the traditional cork: did Oxford University researchers finally solve the mystery of which is...
Just saw at the airport here in NYC. Made my whole day! Best wishes for her as she begins her studies at Oxford University!
Er... I do have a MA in economics from Oxford University. You?
Hundreds of potential cyber attacks a year on Oxford University 'repulsed' - Oxford Mail
Oxford University scientists gave hundreds of babies a trial TB vaccine that 'did not work on monkey...
Oxford head attacks 'tawdry politicians' on university pay
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Oxford University says that 1 in 10 deaths are caused by red meat. Which is scary. It means that 9 out of 10 people are kille…
Oh well, it's not all bad news today, after all.
Oxford university press books for schools
Why on earth would the former President of the Oxford University Conservative Association Nick Robinso…
Oxbridge schemes to 'help' working class students adapt to university life are patronising and regressive
So in today's news the Oxford University's vice-chancellor Louise Richardson defends her salary of £350k... What...
Student with place wins battle to remain in UK
We asked, Which of these actor-singers spent time studying at Oxford University? A. Frank Sinatra, B.Gene Kelly or C.Kris Kristofferson ?
So, Dr Aristo introduces himself and the Dean of Oxford University's Blavatnik School of Governance says "Your reputation pr…
A ‘Genius’ Raised in a Zimbabwe Orphanage May Be Deported and Lose His Place at Oxford University
A "brilliant student" who faced deportation & losing his place at Oxford University can stay in the UK indefinitely https:/…
A student who was offered an Oxford University place has won the right to stay in the UK
Brian White: Zimbabwe-born 'genius' wins battle to remain in UK and take up Oxford University place - Evening Stan… htt…
BREAKING: Brian White given permission to remain in the UK - He can now take his place at Oxford University
Casts of the Iguanodon teeth discovered by Mantell in 1822. Oxford University Museum.
She's got a point. MPs turned Unis into businesses, then get outraged when Vice Chancellors start acting like CEOs
Oxford-bound student wins fight to stay in UK after deportation fears
Student with Oxford University place wins battle to remain in UK
home office: Help Brian White remain in the UK to take his place at Oxford University! via
Vlatko Vedral is a Serbian-born (and naturalised British citizen) physicist and Professor of Physics at the Unive…
Engineering internship set up for the winter and summer and an offer to study at Oxford University
Malala Yousafzai secures place at Oxford University with good grades
Oxford University official accused in hair stylist's stabbing death arrives in Chicago to -
How can a brave Oxford university graduate like Ojukwu, a great Biafra warlord belittled himself to negotiate with illiterate Buhari
Activist Malala Yousafzai has gained admission into University of Oxford
Oxford University official and US professor 'killed Chicago hairstylist as part of sexual fantasy'
Thanks to for publishing this thoughtful piece on our canvassing program & volunteer experience!
Brilliant news! Malala is going to Oxford University.
The two university workers accused in a Chicago killing appeared in an Illinois courtroom on Sunday
Oxford University employee and US professor charged with murder
NWU Professor & Oxford University Finance staffer killed Chicago man as part of sexual fantasy.
Malala Yousafzai has been accepted into Oxford University!
Our thoughts on Confederate symbols and violence in Oxford and
Who is Andrew Warren? Oxford University’s Somerville College worker charged with murder +Wyndham Lathem in the US
hey queen, my friend was accepted by Oxford University but needs financial help, please share/support! https:…
Oxford University student accused of raping woman at party
Malala Yousafzai has been accepted into Oxford University! ❤
Channel updates, platform news, and why we're loving an Oxford University student's ‘definitive’ crisp ranking -
Fun fact: while Harron was an undergrad at Oxford University, she briefly dated future Prime Minister Tony Blair (!).
From almost certain death to Nobel Price winner to Oxford University undergraduate. That's some jour…
Peter Wilby on the story of Peers School. When I was a gov, I cdnt believe that Oxford University was a mile away
Top Stories Malala 'so excited' to go to Oxford Uni
Congratulations Malala on your place at Oxford University!
This proves that dreams go a long way. Congratulations
Five years after being shot for speaking out about girls' education, Malala has won a place at Oxford University
Breast Cancer Awareness
Who is Malala Yousafzai? Pakistani activist and Nobel Prize winner who’s going to…
Congratulations! You are an inspiration for so many Malala. You are absolutely amazing. Cong…
JUST IN: is officially going to Oxford:
Malala Yousafzai 'so excited' to go to Oxford
Peace Prize winner wins spot at Oxford University
Malala Yousafzai steal place oxford university from hard work Chinese student. She CAN NOT do calculus like Chinese just…
Oxford university is officially seasoned ❤️✨
A few years ago, Malala was shot for fighting for women's right to education. Today she got accepted into Oxford Universit…
Malala Yousafzai is officially going to Oxford University
Malala Yousafzai gets a place at Oxford University -
Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai has gained a place at Oxford University after getting her A-level results https:/…
Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai has just been accepted to Oxford University. 🎉🎈
Activist Malala Yousafzai, 20, to attend Oxford University. Survived shooting by Taliban gunman at age 15.
.Yousafzai has been accepted into Oxford University. . She was shot by the Taliban in 2012 for promoting women's…
Malala Yousafzai has been accepted to study at Oxford University
Education campaigner Yousafzai to study philosophy, politics and Oxford University
B&M Fun Fact of the Day:. Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire.
Departmental Lecturer in Public Policy … job at University of Oxford - Oxford
Oxford university policy for fully OA journals and green Open access.
My birthday wish: I want to study with my siblings at The new school of design, Parson, Harvard and Oxford University.
A YouTube video made by Oxford University left out the Oxford comma in one of the graphics. It's like civilization has fallen already.
New Zealanders in training for commissions at the Oxford University, England.
(GV) - A University of Oxford study has caused uproar in the Philippines for examining the administration of...
Aryn Frazier will head to law school after 2 yrs of study as a Rhodes Scholar at University of Oxford.
Oxford College of Emory University at sunset and it's 83.3 F
Major new research from LSE and Oxford University reveals what the British public *really* want from Brexit:
She has issued a claim against Jesus College and the University of Oxford
Aug 14, 1894- The first wireless transmission using Morse code signalling via radio waves was shown by Oliver Lodge at Oxford University.
The media twisted his image, watch this & it may change your mind 👍. Tommy Robinson - Oxfo…
The White Women University Students of The University of London of London, England, Oxford University of Oxford,
"We are an absurd bunch. An absurd race – the British" Martin Parr on his new Oxford photo series
Four amazing CAS students off to Oxford University this morning for a week-long summer school!
Similarly to the removal of C.Rhodes' statue from Cape Town Though it didn't wor…
ASAP Rocky giving a speech at Oxford University.
To all my Corbynista friends. This could be you. xx.
Oxford University is so old that no one really even knows when it was founded.
Do you mean Oxford/Cambridge vs University of say Manchester?
Cecil Rhodes statue to be kept by Oxford University college - BBC News
US Left wants Lee statue down. Oxford University (UK) students want to air-brush Cecil Rhodes. Dangerous attempts to stop access to he past.
Excited to see getting into & honored that will be included in the inaugural course https:…
This is when a robot is going to take your job, according to Oxford University
Oxford University is getting into fintech which. includes currency exchange platform Ripple
Oxford University murder suspect turns himself in
MIT would like to thank guest speaker from Oxford University Press Sandie Jackson. Sandie came out and shared her...
So, what are the outcomes from that visit? And are u tell me u r begging there hopes more Malaysian can…
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
The College of St Mary Magdalen in the University of Oxford [1142149]
Kumar, who holds a DPhil in economics from Oxford and a PhD from Lucknow University, is a senior fellow at the...
US police 'closing in' on Oxford University murder suspect
Now on stage: Dr. Atif Ansar Program Director for Megaprogramme from the University of Oxford.
U.S.-WIDE MANHUNT: A Northwestern professor and an Oxford University staffer are wanted for first-degree murder
Northwestern U. professor and a University of Oxford finance officer were jailed after the death of a hairdresser.…
_. Christ Church is one of the colleges of Oxford University and sits in…
The Pitt Rivers Museum - the archaeological and anthropological collections of the University of Oxford - mindgrowi…
An Oxford University employee who went on the run in America after a man was stabbed to death is due in court this…
Lathem is wanted for the July 27 murder along with Oxford University employee Andy Warren - Daily Mail
After a cross-country manhunt, a Northwestern University professor and University of Oxford employee are in custody.
How did two men go from respected university professors to wanted for murder? A closer look at the unusual case ---> htt…
University professor, Oxford employee arrested in Chicago murder via
Novo Nordisk enters collaboration with University of Oxford on type 2 diabetes.
Oxford University employee in US police custody over alleged stabbing. +1 WorldBot
I'd bet $ these are more of your up standing liberals! Northwestern Prof. & University of Oxford employee soug…
Oxford University is getting into fintech -
'Oxford University employee being hunted over US murder '
US police hunt Oxford University employee over murder.
Fixed-term Lecturership in German job at University of Oxford - Oxford
Police hunt Oxford University worker and US professor over Chicago murder
It would also help fund scholarships for Saudi students at Oxford University.
Northwestern professor, 42, and Oxford University employee, 56, are wanted for murder
Northwestern professor and Oxford University employee wanted for murder
According to Paul Collier, Professor of Economics at Oxford University -
Confirmed speaker! On July 29 will feature Dr. Sami De Giosa of Oxford University, leading expert in
Access the Online Archive of St Edmund Hall, Oxford University thanks to Soutron:
Richard Swinburne, from Oxford University, used Bayes' Theorem to calculate…
Congratulations to students! They beat out Yale Law School, Oxford University and 34 others!
Is this Greek propaganda too? You think Greece owns Oxford University where Robin…
Ishaq Dar has urged Oxford University to add "Notry" as word in their dictionary
Getzler to Lecture on Leading Cases: Joshua Getzler, Oxford University, will speak on Leading Cases, Hermeneutics,… https…
Brexit getting you down? You may be able to get an Oxford degree in Paris soon!
Depressed? These podcasts from Oxford University might help you...
Oxford University spinout working with on new initiative to combat
FROM OUR FRIENDS. The Crisis, Extremes and Apocalypse Research Network at the University of Oxford, which hosted...
Oxford University have won more FA Cups than you. Massive. Club.
Oxford Brookes only 'young university' from UK in world top 50
What is the biggest challenge in university-press publishing?
Prof. Martin Bridson of Oxford University explains the contribution of to mathematics.
Today I received the "Person Of The Year" Award from Oxford University ACS. Standing proud in a room full of young black King…
I received the scholarship from Oxford University :') . Allah is great. When someone closes one door, Allah opens up multipl…
‘My country: One thing I would change’ - see how students tackled this in our Public Speaking workshop yesterday:…
I'm glad to see Oxford University Press updated their subtitle
University building to be demolished because of risks
Oxford University students answers IIT-JEE questions 100% right, gets abuses and threats from Indians
I'll base my opinions on Professor Coleman of Oxford University & Dame Louise…
them …”143 229. Researchers at Oxford University (Mr Sean Gourley and Professor Neil Johnson) and Royal Holloway, University of London
Chelsea Clinton has a PhD from Oxford University in International Relations. She is far more qualified than Ivanka. Or y…
After TED Talks, Shah Rukh Khan all set to speak at Oxford University
The fact Oxford University and Royal Engineers have as many major…
Shakespeare invented the name Jessica and Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire
Bill Clinton was expelled from Oxford University for raping a British classmate named…
And now Gwen Stacey has an interview for Oxford University. Shown by a giant Union Jack with "Oxford" at the bottom left. Uh-huh.
Visit the hallowed halls of world-famous Oxford University, where scenes from the acclaimed Harry Potter movies wer…
we can't complain about Steve Walsh robbin 1 of our scouts. We just robbed Appleton from Oxford University
“How do you design the library of the future?” by Oxford University
Right of Reply. Abayomi Sutton, a Phd holder from Oxford University whose doctoral thesis is on PPP comments;...
Historic violin lent by Oxford University to Syrian refugee. A violin is taken out of an Oxford University museum collection and lent to a
TV news report about our program at Oxford University, where IMC students will be studying this summer:…
Hamilton Collection
Weʼre raising £50,000 to help at-risk students to study at the University of Oxford! Please support!
According to a study by and Mastercard, 93% of customers prefer biometrics to passwords:
New to the Market: Home Listings in and around Oxford-Miami University
Oxford to display more portraits of women [and minorities]
Watch the Bario Bad Boy school students at Oxford University
Our cofunder irina giving a speech at @ University…
News: Mher Sahakyan Speaks on Strategy of Russia’s Return to Global Big Policy at the University of Oxford.
Brushing your teeth in the dark can help you sleep better, says Oxford neuroscientist
The pioneering work of members of the University has been recognised in The Queen's Birthday Honours List:
What do we expect from radio 4 when news presenter Nick Robinson led the Tory group at Oxford University
Bullingdon Club at Oxford University faces extinction because 'no one wants to join club elitista no reconocido
Delighted with this review in Lady Margaret Hall's 'The Brown Book' (Oxford University): "... This is a...
Hugh Grant enjoys boozy night with Oxford University rugby players, downing alcohol from a shoe as - The Telegraph
Immigrants out now...just those born in North America, had a free Oxford University education and have ruined the U…
All good thanks. Jacob middle of GCSE's - he was Runner Up in Orwell Prize 2016 Oxford University f…
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
was recently honoured by Oxford University-making him the 1st SouthAsian artist to receive such an honour.👏🏼🇵🇰. ht…
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan feels honoured as Oxford University names hall after him
Oxford University accused of failing to deal with admissions racism - Schools Improvement Net…
New position in the modern language centre at Oxford University.
- for the record, an Saudi funded institute recently opened by Prince Charles in Oxford, part of Oxford University.
+ a law graduate from Oxford University & a Barrister at Law from Inner Temple in UK, daughter of Red…
Beautiful keynote address from Professor Paul Collier of Oxford University.
Day 1, 25th May - Keynote Speaker, Prof Paul Collier from Oxford University; will be speaking on "Tow…
Leonardo da Vinci's mother was a vulnerable orphan: According to Dr Martin Kemp from Oxford University, Caterina di…
Gift of Institute of History named after Mardzhani to the oldest library in Europe. Oxford University -''The Golden…
Finally delivered books to my school courtesy of Oxford University press through RC Karen and RC Eldoret. RC...
Against all odds, we will make space for black students at Oxford University. .
Did you know Oxford University is around 350 years older than Machu Pichu?
Moazzam Begg. Apologist for AQ. Gifted speaker at Oxford University. My new
Come catch our laid back set tomorrow afternoon In Oxford. 3PM at University Parks. 🌳
Update your maps at Navteq
Ratio Christi is now partnering with Oxford University!
A student at Oxford University who doesn't believe in free speech. . We need our own first amendment.
As the father of a child with aspergers I am so glad to hear he is NOT a racist!! Thank you Oxford Uni…
A motion has been passed in favour of making vacant buildings in Oxford available for the homeless
British Banking Continuity and Change from 1694 to the Present -RANALD C. MICHIE
Oxford University names rehearsal room after
A few words on Thucydides... and more specifically. The Plague of War. via
They're eating their own. Eat faster!.
Some snowflake on snowflake action at Oxford University.
Oxford Uni apologises after it was accused of calling people with autism 'racist'
Graduate Research Assistant in Developmental Psychology and Preschool Education - University of Oxford, with…
Oxford University sorry for eye contact racism claim. Liberalism tying itself in knots, so depressing.
Peking University’s HSBC BSchool has acquired a property in Oxford, England that will launch an overseas campus.…
Laughing so hard right now. --> Oxford University sorry for eye contact racism claim
Inspirational teacher is honoured by Oxford University
Rehearsing for our concert in the university church, oxford
This 'Equality and Diversity' officer has had a lot to answer for recently. Is he/she actually needed?
This is what's happening at the University of Oxford - Somerville College.
Eating fresh fruit can lower risk of diabetes according to a major new long-term study from Oxford University.…
How to live a happy life | University of Oxford - Readings from philosophy, practical ethics, psychology,...
Panel discussion on Kurdistan's independence amid regional turbulences. 2 May, at University of Oxford. W/…
Wd suggest closing down Equality and Diversity Unit but mght be deemed discrimination agnst the dozy.
American University's Daniel Dreisbach - latest book from Oxford University is out. Short article here:
Did you know now has a course on dance
Oxford University apologises for 'everyday racism' advice which offended autistic people .
University sorry for eye contact racism claim
Oxford University backs off its claim that not making eye contact with people is a “racist” microaggression -.
Oxford University researchers have estimated that 47 percent of American jobs could be automated within the next...
Students who avoid making eye contact could be guilty of racism, Oxford University says.
Exploring the many lives (and stories) of Shakespeare's First Folio with Oxford University's Professor Emma Smith.…
Oxford University's business school to run new FE leadership programme
she's a very bright women attended Oxford University with a Rhodes Scholarship. She studies her information. Were lucky 2 have her!
Honors Scholar Aurora Griffin is now studying philosophy and theology at Oxford University on her Rhodes Scholarship.
Oxford University to spend millions researching cannabis
Oxford University to launch study on medical benefits of marijuana  via
Oxford University is launching a big medical marijuana research project — and Sir Patrick Stewart is backing it
Students involved in an Oxbridge presentation from Gill Shepherd who went to Oxford University. The event was fasci…
Imagine going to Oxford university and having to call people "ze" hope u kept the receipt ffs
Prominent academics at the University of Oxford have warned of a staff exodus.
IDS was like "silly Uni discontents at won't be any problems for students, scientists..". Who needs experts?.
Love libraries, Oxford and history? Then come to my talk on Bodleianalia 27/3/2017:
express: 'Our university would suffer' EU workers must stay in UK, insist heads of Oxford colleges'
Top EU academics planning to leave the UK over post-Brexit uncertainty
Oxford University's Professors had done a research on their students and this is what they found.
Oxford University Museums collaborative doctoral studentships now open for applications. Deadline very soon!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
The Taliban shot her to stop her being educated. Now.. She is going to Oxford .
Why does Charles Ryder love failing Oxford University so much!! Should have gone to TRUMP UNIVERSITY and learned valua…
Oxford University to throw 21 homeless people on to the streets via
Brexit: Heads of 35 Oxford colleges tell Theresa May to guarantee rights of EU workers | The Independent
Delighted to welcome reps from this afternoon to talk to selected students in Years 11 and 12 about the Un…
Malala is going to Oxford and some people are outraged what a horrid lot of people the British are
Hello, you can find out more about life at Oxford by visiting the University website:
Good luck to Malala who wants to study PPE at Oxford. Shame on the Daily Mail readers mentioned in this article. https…
Almost 3 million people from EU lives in the U.K. as Oxford warns over if they lose their rights there.
Malala Yousafzai hopes to study at Oxford University if she achieves AAA offer.
Malala is going to Oxford and Daily Mail readers are outraged
Oxford warns of 'enormous damage' if Brexit forces EU staffers out
Russell Slade says Oxford will be tough Wembley opponents. Under his management we'd lose to the Oxford University boa…
was recognized with a honorary Doctorate of Music from Durham University in 1910 and Oxford University in 1926…
Graduated today as Master of Theology from Oxford University. Thanks to everyone who supported me particularly my l…
Oxford has a housing crisis. The university and colleges are not transparent about land ownership - we want to change that
Had pleasure to speak about NK conflict resolution process at Oxford University conference organized by EU&LINKS https:/…
Oxford Stories reporter Catherin Kaufman shares a features profile about a University of student...
Oxford University college accused of 'lending credibility to quackery' by hosting… via
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Tran… job at University of Oxford - Oxford
Two University of Oxford biomedical researchers are calling for robots to be built with real human tissue, and...
Oxford University DTC annual lecture with Ben Goldacre from this afternoon.
Squatters move to another Oxford University building - BBC News
Events - of - of oxford thu, 02 mar 2017 policy und
REMINDER: The deadline to submit research abstracts for the CPD-Oxford Doctoral Conference is March 15. More:
This includes blue collar and white collar jobs. Time for some skills training?
IS ANXIETY CONNECTED TO GUT? Research out of Oxford University says yes. Read this.
White working class males not just discriminated against in education. Also job market. Courts. Housing too.
Watch my deep-dive analysis of one Oxford application
Whether at KAUST or the University of Oxford, students can always count on librarians to provide effective resources https…
With "Measurement," Oxford University Press' Very Short Introductions series has reached 500 volumes, but who's...
To its many critics, the PPE has produced an out-of-touch elite that's damaging Britain
Said Business School: Ask Oxford University and Said Business School to help the homeless this wint... via
An Oxford University study concluded that men need at least two "guys nights" a week to stay healthy.
PPE: the Oxford degree that runs Britain
Oxford University college condemned for 'lending credibility' to
How can the work of Oxford University CTT on statins be credible when so much of its finances are from Big Pharma?.
Oxford University launches summer school aimed at white working class British boys
Oxford University's law students too ‘fragile’ to hear about violent crime
Join Merton College choir in their chapel, with a 360 view: Season's greetings from Oxford University
This woman candidate left an Oxford University offer to join politics
At Irwin's Study, students get tuition and mentorship from an Oxford University graduate - TODAYonline …
. Looks like Oxford Uni will open a campus in Europe!. ONLY the start of what's to come. Brain-drain begins!. https…
French officials met with senior staff at Oxford University to discuss proposals. The 'satellite' campus could h...
Stall with information, advice and pictures – Oxford Brookes University via
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Oxford University 'set to open PARIS CAMPUS after post-Brexit funding pledge'
english for computing. student's book New ad Euro 21.50 in university pres…
News Oxford University considering Paris campus for EU cash
. Oxford University considering Paris campus for EU cash. .
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