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The University of Oxford (informally Oxford University or Oxford) is a university located in Oxford, United Kingdom.

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them …”143 229. Researchers at Oxford University (Mr Sean Gourley and Professor Neil Johnson) and Royal Holloway, University of London
Chelsea Clinton has a PhD from Oxford University in International Relations. She is far more qualified than Ivanka. Or y…
After TED Talks, Shah Rukh Khan all set to speak at Oxford University
The fact Oxford University and Royal Engineers have as many major…
Shakespeare invented the name Jessica and Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire
Bill Clinton was expelled from Oxford University for raping a British classmate named…
And now Gwen Stacey has an interview for Oxford University. Shown by a giant Union Jack with "Oxford" at the bottom left. Uh-huh.
Visit the hallowed halls of world-famous Oxford University, where scenes from the acclaimed Harry Potter movies wer…
we can't complain about Steve Walsh robbin 1 of our scouts. We just robbed Appleton from Oxford University
“How do you design the library of the future?” by Oxford University
Right of Reply. Abayomi Sutton, a Phd holder from Oxford University whose doctoral thesis is on PPP comments;...
Historic violin lent by Oxford University to Syrian refugee. A violin is taken out of an Oxford University museum collection and lent to a
TV news report about our program at Oxford University, where IMC students will be studying this summer:…
Weʼre raising £50,000 to help at-risk students to study at the University of Oxford! Please support!
According to a study by and Mastercard, 93% of customers prefer biometrics to passwords:
New to the Market: Home Listings in and around Oxford-Miami University
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Oxford to display more portraits of women [and minorities]
Watch the Bario Bad Boy school students at Oxford University
Our cofunder irina giving a speech at @ University…
News: Mher Sahakyan Speaks on Strategy of Russia’s Return to Global Big Policy at the University of Oxford.
Oxford College of Emory University at sunset and it's 78.8 F
Brushing your teeth in the dark can help you sleep better, says Oxford neuroscientist
The pioneering work of members of the University has been recognised in The Queen's Birthday Honours List:
What do we expect from radio 4 when news presenter Nick Robinson led the Tory group at Oxford University
Bullingdon Club at Oxford University faces extinction because 'no one wants to join club elitista no reconocido
Delighted with this review in Lady Margaret Hall's 'The Brown Book' (Oxford University): "... This is a...
Hugh Grant enjoys boozy night with Oxford University rugby players, downing alcohol from a shoe as - The Telegraph
Immigrants out now...just those born in North America, had a free Oxford University education and have ruined the U…
All good thanks. Jacob middle of GCSE's - he was Runner Up in Orwell Prize 2016 Oxford University f…
was recently honoured by Oxford University-making him the 1st SouthAsian artist to receive such an honour.👏🏼🇵🇰. ht…
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan feels honoured as Oxford University names hall after him
Oxford University accused of failing to deal with admissions racism - Schools Improvement Net…
New position in the modern language centre at Oxford University.
- for the record, an Saudi funded institute recently opened by Prince Charles in Oxford, part of Oxford University.
+ a law graduate from Oxford University & a Barrister at Law from Inner Temple in UK, daughter of Red…
Beautiful keynote address from Professor Paul Collier of Oxford University.
Day 1, 25th May - Keynote Speaker, Prof Paul Collier from Oxford University; will be speaking on "Tow…
Leonardo da Vinci's mother was a vulnerable orphan: According to Dr Martin Kemp from Oxford University, Caterina di…
Gift of Institute of History named after Mardzhani to the oldest library in Europe. Oxford University -''The Golden…
Finally delivered books to my school courtesy of Oxford University Press through RC Karen and RC Eldoret. RC...
Against all odds, we will make space for black students at Oxford University. .
Did you know Oxford University is around 350 years older than Machu Pichu?
Moazzam Begg. Apologist for AQ. Gifted speaker at Oxford University. My new
Come catch our laid back set tomorrow afternoon In Oxford. 3PM at University Parks. 🌳
Ratio Christi is now partnering with Oxford University!
A student at Oxford University who doesn't believe in free speech. . We need our own first amendment.
Update your maps at Navteq
As the father of a child with aspergers I am so glad to hear he is NOT a racist!! Thank you Oxford Uni…
A motion has been passed in favour of making vacant buildings in Oxford available for the homeless
British Banking Continuity and Change from 1694 to the Present -RANALD C. MICHIE
Oxford University names rehearsal room after
A few words on Thucydides... and more specifically. The Plague of War. via
They're eating their own. Eat faster!.
Some snowflake on snowflake action at Oxford University.
Oxford Uni apologises after it was accused of calling people with autism 'racist'
Graduate Research Assistant in Developmental Psychology and Preschool Education - University of Oxford, with…
Oxford University sorry for eye contact racism claim. Liberalism tying itself in knots, so depressing.
Peking University’s HSBC BSchool has acquired a property in Oxford, England that will launch an overseas campus.…
Laughing so hard right now. --> Oxford University sorry for eye contact racism claim
Inspirational teacher is honoured by Oxford University
Rehearsing for our concert in the university church, oxford
This 'Equality and Diversity' officer has had a lot to answer for recently. Is he/she actually needed?
This is what's happening at the University of Oxford - Somerville College.
Eating fresh fruit can lower risk of diabetes according to a major new long-term study from Oxford University.…
How to live a happy life | University of Oxford - Readings from philosophy, practical ethics, psychology,...
Panel discussion on Kurdistan's independence amid regional turbulences. 2 May, at University of Oxford. W/…
Wd suggest closing down Equality and Diversity Unit but mght be deemed discrimination agnst the dozy.
American University's Daniel Dreisbach - latest book from Oxford University is out. Short article here:
Did you know now has a course on dance
Oxford University apologises for 'everyday racism' advice which offended autistic people .
University sorry for eye contact racism claim
Oxford University backs off its claim that not making eye contact with people is a “racist” microaggression -.
Oxford University researchers have estimated that 47 percent of American jobs could be automated within the next...
Students who avoid making eye contact could be guilty of racism, Oxford University says.
Exploring the many lives (and stories) of Shakespeare's First Folio with Oxford University's Professor Emma Smith.…
Oxford University's business school to run new FE leadership programme
she's a very bright women attended Oxford University with a Rhodes Scholarship. She studies her information. Were lucky 2 have her!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Honors Scholar Aurora Griffin is now studying philosophy and theology at Oxford University on her Rhodes Scholarship.
Oxford University to spend millions researching cannabis
Oxford University to launch study on medical benefits of marijuana  via
Oxford University is launching a big medical marijuana research project — and Sir Patrick Stewart is backing it
Students involved in an Oxbridge presentation from Gill Shepherd who went to Oxford University. The event was fasci…
Imagine going to Oxford university and having to call people "ze" hope u kept the receipt ffs
Prominent academics at the University of Oxford have warned of a staff exodus.
IDS was like "silly Uni discontents at won't be any problems for students, scientists..". Who needs experts?.
Love libraries, Oxford and history? Then come to my talk on Bodleianalia 27/3/2017:
express: 'Our university would suffer' EU workers must stay in UK, insist heads of Oxford colleges'
Top EU academics planning to leave the UK over post-Brexit uncertainty
Oxford University's Professors had done a research on their students and this is what they found.
Oxford University Museums collaborative doctoral studentships now open for applications. Deadline very soon!
The Taliban shot her to stop her being educated. Now.. She is going to Oxford .
Why does Charles Ryder love failing Oxford University so much!! Should have gone to TRUMP UNIVERSITY and learned valua…
Oxford University to throw 21 homeless people on to the streets via
Brexit: Heads of 35 Oxford colleges tell Theresa May to guarantee rights of EU workers | The Independent
Delighted to welcome reps from this afternoon to talk to selected students in Years 11 and 12 about the Un…
Malala is going to Oxford and some people are outraged what a horrid lot of people the British are
Hello, you can find out more about life at Oxford by visiting the University website:
Good luck to Malala who wants to study PPE at Oxford. Shame on the Daily Mail readers mentioned in this article. https…
Almost 3 million people from EU lives in the U.K. as Oxford warns over if they lose their rights there.
Malala Yousafzai hopes to study at Oxford University if she achieves AAA offer.
Malala is going to Oxford and Daily Mail readers are outraged
Oxford warns of 'enormous damage' if Brexit forces EU staffers out
Russell Slade says Oxford will be tough Wembley opponents. Under his management we'd lose to the Oxford University boa…
was recognized with a honorary Doctorate of Music from Durham University in 1910 and Oxford University in 1926…
Graduated today as Master of Theology from Oxford University. Thanks to everyone who supported me particularly my l…
Oxford has a housing crisis. The university and colleges are not transparent about land ownership - we want to change that
Had pleasure to speak about NK conflict resolution process at Oxford University conference organized by EU&LINKS https:/…
Oxford Stories reporter Catherin Kaufman shares a features profile about a University of student...
Oxford University college accused of 'lending credibility to quackery' by hosting… via
Postdoctoral Research Assistant in Tran… job at University of Oxford - Oxford
Two University of Oxford biomedical researchers are calling for robots to be built with real human tissue, and...
Oxford University DTC annual lecture with Ben Goldacre from this afternoon.
Squatters move to another Oxford University building - BBC News
Events - of - of oxford thu, 02 mar 2017 policy und
REMINDER: The deadline to submit research abstracts for the CPD-Oxford Doctoral Conference is March 15. More:
This includes blue collar and white collar jobs. Time for some skills training?
IS ANXIETY CONNECTED TO GUT? Research out of Oxford University says yes. Read this.
White working class males not just discriminated against in education. Also job market. Courts. Housing too.
Watch my deep-dive analysis of one Oxford application
Whether at KAUST or the University of Oxford, students can always count on librarians to provide effective resources https…
With "Measurement," Oxford University Press' Very Short Introductions series has reached 500 volumes, but who's...
To its many critics, the PPE has produced an out-of-touch elite that's damaging Britain
Said Business School: Ask Oxford University and Said Business School to help the homeless this wint... via
An Oxford University study concluded that men need at least two "guys nights" a week to stay healthy.
PPE: the Oxford degree that runs Britain
Oxford University college condemned for 'lending credibility' to
How can the work of Oxford University CTT on statins be credible when so much of its finances are from Big Pharma?.
Oxford University launches summer school aimed at white working class British boys
Oxford University's law students too ‘fragile’ to hear about violent crime
Join Merton College choir in their chapel, with a 360 view: Season's greetings from Oxford University
This woman candidate left an Oxford University offer to join politics
At Irwin's Study, students get tuition and mentorship from an Oxford University graduate - TODAYonline …
. Looks like Oxford Uni will open a campus in Europe!. ONLY the start of what's to come. Brain-drain begins!. https…
French officials met with senior staff at Oxford University to discuss proposals. The 'satellite' campus could h...
Stall with information, advice and pictures – Oxford Brookes University via
Oxford University 'set to open PARIS CAMPUS after post-Brexit funding pledge'
english for computing. student's book New ad Euro 21.50 in university pres…
News Oxford University considering Paris campus for EU cash
. Oxford University considering Paris campus for EU cash. .
Kim Han-sol, the son of murdered North Korean exile Kim Jong-nam, turned down a place at Oxford University bc might be k…
Oxford University considering Paris campus for EU cash
The Marxists at Oxford University are *** for EU cash.
Potential Oxford University "satellite" campus in Paris would have French legal status and get EU funding
Oxford University worries in Northern California after deadly storm hits south
Merze Tate was the first African American member of Oxford University where she read International Relations
1/ EU tempts UK universities to cross the channel in exchange for rent-seeking funds.
Moving to university has devastating effect on childhood social ... Oxford University ➡️ ➡️
Members of the Oxford University Boat Club pose for a photograph early 1960s Stephen Hawking with handkerchief https:/…
Its really amazing to think that Oxford University has a 700yr history before the UK was absorbed into the EU/How did th…
Will Oxford open Paris campus to get EU cash? University plans 'satellite' in…
Oxford plans to set up new campus in France to continue EU science collaboration/funds access.
Oxford University set to break with 700 years of tradition and open a foreign campus: .
A big source of knowledge and skills "Oxford University"
Oxford University seriously considering the establishment of a foreign campus in Paris: HT
Difficult legacies & history: Cecil Rhodes statue to be kept by Oxford University college
in 1602 the refurbished Bodleian Library at Oxford University was officially opened to the public. 📷Annetgent.…
What is it really like to live, study or work at Oxford University? Watch interviews with people who do:
Taking money from Rhodes is reparations payment - UCT activist heads to Oxford University
Listen: "In the alleys of Palestinian refugee camps are big dreams that can reach Oxford University"
Renowned scholar and Professor of African economies at Oxford University, United Kingdom, Professor Paul Collier is…
Douglas Murray at Oxford University - Europeans are soon a minority in their own countries via
Terrible teaching is what makes Oxford University special' says Giles Coren
Oxford University college sorry for rejection email errors
"Drashti Dhami" Katrina Kaif to be a speaker at Oxford University
Oxford University was founded before the Aztec Empire
ooo you'll be shooting at University of Oxford? how cool but that's so far away 😂 need to somehow meet you when…
Postdoctoral Researcher in Ethics of Biomedical Big Data at University of Oxford
Donald Trump is a psychopath, claims Oxford University academic
The University of Oxford knocks the five-time leader, the California Institute of Technology, into second place...
47% of Jobs Will Disappear in the next 25 Years, Says Oxford University
Happy birthday GW! On this day in 1968 the first ever was broadcast on (filmed at Oxford Univer…
Reach Oxford Scholarship for Undergraduates at Oxford University in UK, 2017-2018.
Oxford University Press to launch new journal, Innovation in Aging
Great new bioethics research position at the University of Oxford's Ethox Centre
still live in tribal kingdoms, University finds via
Read these 4 practical tips for how to live a happier life day to day from one of our Oxford University philosophers http…
GM guys , today I'm going to "Oxford university" and my feelings... I don't know how I can explain this... I'm so... excited 💞💕🌸
Sydney University pair beat Oxford and Yale teams to win global debating contest via
❝I go to Oxford University and I live here. Not too far from the local pub, actually.❞. Even though Dove was as ➮. 『』
Oxford University tops list for experimentation on animals
Naohiko Omata Humanitarian Innovation Project, Oxford University is discussing trends of Protracted Refugee Situation values today at GEFIL.
21st Century Skills and the Path to Fluency | Oxford University Press ELT
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I have never made claims, nor have my parents, that I study at Oxford University. I go to the LSE.
Myanmar’s year of high hopes. Author: Matthew J. Walton, University of Oxford.
University of Oxford best essay writing service
This sounds like a great opportunity: Doctoral studentships in Creative Multilingualism at the University of Oxford htt…
The Ruskin School of Art at University of Oxford seeking applicants for MFA study and graduate for...
On my way for the Book Fair duty. Will be at Hall 18 A Oxford University Press stall till about 2. Come say hello 😃
I am a man of Kent: Britons still live in Anglo-Saxon tribal kingdoms, Oxford University finds via
How extraordinary. won Worlds AGAIN! I helped organise one once, they’re remarkable contests.
Forget Dry January. Drinking in pub with friends is good for you, says Oxford University  via
ETH Zürich, Trinity College Dublin, Oxford University and Royal Holloway find an area of the brain linked to autism.
This White woman really thought that I was here for Trump b/c I had on an Oxford University sweater and I was in Highland Park. How Sway...
Ms. Lin has been invited to speak at Oxford University, the National Press Club in Washington and the Oslo Freedom Forum.
Oxford University confirms Bongbong Marcos got only 'special diploma'.
Wits University has more female professors than Oxford University in the United Kingdom.
Shah rukh Khan invited to deliver a speech at Oxford University
domain names
Shah Rukh Khan might go to the Oxford University. Here is why - The Indian Express
We interview Dr. Wade Allison, Professor Emeritus at Oxford University on his books on nuclear power and...
"As cunning as a fox who has been appointed as a Professor of Cunning on Oxford University?" - Blackadder
Oxford University's lip-reading AI is more accurate than humans, but still has a way to go - Quartz
We're looking forward to welcoming Fr Klaus Mertes SJ and the Chancellor of Oxford University, Lord Patten of Barnes to our…
I want to prove that you don't have to come from Oxford University o...
Jonathan at Oxford University, makes case for youth empowerment 'I worked for next generation, not next election'
Interesting thought and comments from Oxford University's scholar Terry Eagleton's perpespective on the new atheist.
"Open forum listening & speaking 2". by blackwell, Angela and Theerese Naber . Oxford University Press 2007. See you inshaa Allah🌷
"Oxford tops world university rankings"
tested by the University of Oxford, University of Paris and University of Tokyo and University of Seoul
Blessed to have received my first offer from Oxford College of Emory University 🏀🙌😈
on at the University needs Oxford-based volunteers. DM me or use contact form:
Oxford University has completed a pilot study to *** the effectiveness of
The best American university is now only the second best in the world
Activist behind Oxford University 'Rhodes Must Fall' campaign says he 'should have whipped' white student: ...
Oxford University Press collaborates with Israeli edtech companies -
UK is home to the world's best university. Congratulations to for ranking first in http…
Oxford tops world university rankings -
Oxford tops world university rankings
As someone who held the post of Senior Co-Chair of Oxford University LibDems were you not already a member?
Alex, are you sure you don't already know this guy from his position as Senior Co-Chair of Oxford University Lib Dems?
The head of the world's new university warns the UK's success is threatened by funding & red-tape
I forgot to tell you guys I got into oxford university and I'll be starting school this october I'm really excited
‘We had a riotous time’: Hugo Spowers with Nigella Lawson at an Oxford University party
Oxford Blues Varsity Ice Hockey is back with a new and improved website design!. If you're a University of Oxford... h…
Google why was Bill Clinton expelled from Oxford University?
Now we have the proof let's ask GPs to prescribe not more pills. It will also save money for htt…
Oxford is ranked Number 1 in the latest - the first UK university to top the ranking. https…
LSE is in the top 25 world universities in via https…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Oxford is officially the top university in the world, the first UK school to top global rankings (free to r…
Kirby: Wait And See on Chubb: OXFORD - Kirby Smart said after UGA’s blowout loss to Ole Miss...
While studying as an undergraduate in Oxford University, she became the president of the Oxford Union
LSE ranked as one of top 25 world universities
V poorly disguised disbelief from as if "highly intelligent" Oxford students can't be perpetrators?
I think 'Oxford University student' would have sufficed.
At 'Fair Outcomes for All' lecture by Professor Strand of Oxford University. Focus on the underachievement of White Working Class students.
Remember that time Oxford University was closed down because of a failure to address drug-taking on the premises?
“The linguists Daniel Nettle at Oxford University and Jane Hill at the University of Arizona (cont)
Oxford University. Where the first Oxford dictionary was printed.
Professor of Science and Religion at Oxford University, Alister McGrath makes a case for…
Ian Goldin, Martin School of Economics, Oxford University and former Advisor to Nelson Mandela speaks at WOCCU
Life Time Achievement Award for Contribution to Music – by Oxford University to Rahat FAteh…
was invited by Oxford University to the Holy Hall academy where he received the award
by the # Oxford University for # contribution to music. Missing my mentor Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
You obviously didn't go to Eton or Oxford University ... very British.
- Tom Hiddleston's first love is Oxford University professor Lucie Cluver, Befor...
Excellent talk from Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, John Lennox
A friend was told to 'Go back to your f**ing country *** in Oxford city. She is a Master's student at Oxford University.
.and City Hall strongly dispute Oxford University study claim of...
Inspiring Discussion with Kofi Annan, Former Secretary General of the United Nations, at Oxford University
I'm at University Church of St. Mary the Virgin in Oxford, Oxfordshire w/
podcast of my recent talk about experiences of depression, as a doc, patient and researcher, University of Oxford.
Yes, and at Oxford he was a member of the University Conservative Association, Tory Clergy Liberal.
Oxford has apparently gone full force pervert. Today, no university is worth the money they extract. Brainwash…
Imran Khan is featured in the University of Oxford's Hall of Fame and has was also awarded an honorary fellowship of Oxford's Keble College.
As a result of the first Annual Access Conference 87% were more likely to apply to Oxford University...
Yes, let's do away with those pale men who founded and ran Oxford university for almost a 1k years now.
The Oxford evolution debate at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History takes place in 1860.
Oxford University to replace ‘stale, male’ portraits with *** black and female icons: Oxford University has ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Oxford University to replace 'male, pale and stale' image with *** female and black icons | via
was expelled from Oxford University in 1969 for raping a young woman named Eileen Wellstone.
Not everyday you get an order to supply & Install 390 Dom Trademark Cylinders into Oxford University htt…
Ambassador of Israel graduate of Wharton School of Business &Oxford University in Philosophy Politics &Economics
When in Oxford university (aka hogwarts) always go to tesco and buy a whole cake for yourself
Calling all University of Oxford Alumni! Booking for the Alumni Weekend in September is now open, via this link...
Commuters warned thousands will attend Oxford University open days
Just posted a photo @ Oxford College of Emory University
Why did the choose from Find out here
"Oxford University's Hill stressed that there are still years of testing needed before a finished vaccine will be...
must be a university that promotes solidarity. The 172 must have gone to Cambridge and Oxford.
a view of Oxford university is good enough for me
On this day 161 years ago, seven men created a Fraternity at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The Sigma Chi...
"All answers lie in alum climbing Mt Blanc & The Matterhorn for https:…
Looking forward to having this!Panorama editor Ceri Thomas to leave BBC for Oxford University | Media | The Guardian
oxford university hols you still at Jack? Xx
Oxford University is older than the Aztec civilization.
Some of you girls don't know how to lie smh studying banking and surgery at Oxford university 󾔚 like how?
Can't bring myself to check out the Oxford University Prospectus. The process is long and hard. 😓
"This is a game-changer for the future security of society's helium" -- Chris Ballentine, University of Oxford
Had a wonderful time today at. the Oxford University IT Staff Day. Thank you to the organisers.
My colleagues at work today called the Swedish language similar to being at an Oxford University.
I think this column makes a very good case for abolishing Oxford university.
Remember Cecil the lion? Oxford University is sparking a rethink on Africa’s dependence on hunting revenues.
yes! This is where it was filmed at Oxford university
Four RHIT authors have their new book featured at the Oxford University Press booth @ the ASEE annual meeting.
Ruth Scobie from highlights five portraits from breaking the stereotypes
Proud: Ruby graduates with a degree from the prestigious Oxford University. ...
Large new helium find in Tanzania discovered by Oxford, University of Durham & Norwegian firm HeliumOne partnership:
On this day in 1632 John Owen graduated BA from Oxford University. He became one of the leading non-conformist...
I presume Oxford University owns an orchard. They should make cider and call it... Oxford University Press.
You would expect better from a person who's spent some time at Oxford University, you'd think it would change him.
'Refugee' is children's word of the year, declares Oxford University Press .
Report from Oxford University's Migration Observatory - a "large majority" of recent EU migrants were not claiming benefits of any kind. - …
Oxford University Professor: With self-aware artificial intelligence or give "people" right - Bloge via
getting a tour of Oxford university and there's students playing crochet, only in Oxford.
We're looking forward to welcoming the Oxford University Museum Outreach team for fun activities in our drop-in space from…
One of the questions asked in order to get a prestigious fellowship at Oxford University.
Oxford University life in the 1900s:
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