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Owen Jones

Owen Jones (15 February 1809 – 19 April 1874) was an English architect. A versatile architect and designer, he was also one of the most influential design theorists of the nineteenth century.

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Owen Jones and Stephen Hawking are mixed in it too probably
. feeble types like . Owen Jones & Paul Mason. at the Guardian can't resist blanking out views that don't match theirs . !
competence issue, right? S. Milne very senior at Guardian for years. Owen Jones? Paul Mason?/etc
Owen Jones is right. Andrew Neil, John Humphrys, Rupert Murdoch & Laura Kuennsberg should choose the leader of the
Why I fundamentally disagree with Owen Jones and his Guardian video!
Owen Jones is being "brave" again while ignoring what his employer just did. . Maybe he "hone…
I can see Owen Jones as the new John Noakes
Owen Jones got no balls do u think Tony Benn & Dennis Skinner wd give up when we're only just getting started?
Owen Jones, an ex Corbynite, has a good column on this in the guardian too
Disillusioned Corbynistas like Owen Jones are getting abused by remaining diehards. 'The right seeks converts, the left seeks traitors'
The Guardian's moderators are removing any posts that criticise "Owen Jones". He is only one rung up from his mate John Rentoul, now.
Owen Jones now on the anti-Corbyn left - which must feel a bit like being Wayne Shaw's job centre advisor.
Wonder if Owen Jones has got that Corbyn bashing article ready for John Rentoul yet?
Many of my stories are about the good that can come from a bad situation. See Lek, Lily, Megan & Annwn by Owen Jones
Paul Mason thinks Labour needs new leadership. Owen Jones says things must change. If his supporters become critics, Corb…
Think how much time we could save if Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Loach, Paul Mason & Owen Jones just went to the back room of a pub…
Little Giant Ladders
Tom Watson's reputation as a fixer is justified. Huge swipe at Len McCluskey, Owen Jones and Paul Mason.
Do you like , and ? Try this modern atmospheric collection by Owen Jones
Tiger Lily of - an award-winning by Owen Jones. A woman runs amok 7 yrs after end of child
Andropov's Cuckoo, by Owen Jones, is a 70's based on stories told him
As long as Labour continue to listen to dumb *** like Owen Jones and Clown Paul Mason they will never learn and…
Paul Mason talking about "Corbyn's legacy" and "younger leadership team" by 2020... Owen Jones at tipping point too
Owen Jones the advocate of hate crime propaganda,for the Liberal left's Anarchism..
I liked a video 'Syria and Isis have no easy answers' | Owen Jones meets Jacob Rees-Mogg
Migrants are always the scapegoats. But now they’re taking on Ukip’s lies | Owen Jones
Owen Jones is the Christopher Hitchens of our time - and I don't mean that in a good way.
In addition to shoddy syntax (such-like-as-like-what?), this paragraph in Owen Jones's book Chavs conflates Pat But…
Blocked by Owen Jones&now Richard Kemp. I think that means my political leanings are somewhere in the middle-exactly where they should be...
SOAS debate on press freedom in Turkey, w. me, Steve Sweeney, Owen Jones, Stephen Wordsworth CARA, Seckin Sertdemir.
Funnily enough, he is the only person who had EVER blocked me. (Oh, apart from Owen Jones, little chap.)
Brilliant comment under Owen Jones ridiculous article in the Guardian about the power of the left wing rent a mob https:…
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To defeat Trumpism will take an extraordinary popular resistance | Owen Jones
Owen Jones is our Sarah Kendzior now I guess
Ukip leader Paul Nuttall is unpatriotic: here's why | Owen Jones talks... via
Kinnock Jnr. Emily Thornberry. Alex Salmond. and now Guardian columnist Owen Jones. Public service broadcasting at its... fine…
Anti-Inauguration on Jan 20th - free event with Naomi Klein, Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor, Anand Gopal and Owen Jones .
Owen Jones now demanding that all news he doesn't like or suits his agenda should be labeled as "fake news".
Owen Jones is like a frying pan without a handle, a useless tosser.
Guardian columnist Owen Jones has been on the box, railing against fake news. Talk about stabbing your employer in the b…
Owen Jones, dear, the BBC and ITV are fake news. They didn't report this. Sunday Politics
Tory policy for young people in Britain is victimisation by design | Owen Jones. 'Because they can' .
It might help if the New Statesman stopped employing the likes of Laurie Penny and Owen Jones.
and how much has Owen Jones made from writing utter ***
It’s not game over. Austria stopped rightwing populism in its tracks | Owen Jones
Owen Jones has just said Russia hacked US election. Evidence please?. Goes unchallenged by presenter Anna Botting. FakeNews…
Owen Jones is reviewer on tonight. I wonder if he'll cry or storm out again 😄
Update your maps at Navteq
I suggest Owen Jones, Brendan Cox and Lenny Henry meet every six weeks and interpret the 'real' wishes of The People.
Reading what Richard Hammond said about ice-cream & the death of George Michael, I'm not sure Owen Jones will survive 2016.
George Michael was a defiant *** icon. His memory must not be sanitised | Owen Jones
Owen Jones is basically Jeremy Corbyn's pet hamster😼
Extraordinary hypocrisy from Owen Jones. For 40 years his lot tried to shut down every single opinion they disagreed with…
If lorry driver a neo-Nazi, shouted "Germany first" before mowing down crowd, will Owen Jones, James O'Brien still say it's all our fault?
.James nO'Brain with another of his penetrative sixth form analysis! Regurgitating whatever Owen Jones has written that morning!💤💤
Hugo Chavez proves you can lead a progressive, popular government that says no to neo-liberalism. Owen Jones . 2012.
We already want you for next PM. Cabinet: James O'Brien, Owen Jones, Gary Lineker, Jess Phillips.
Momentum is a beacon of hope. It must be saved from the saboteurs | Owen Jones
Owen Jones had his reputation as radical colour theorist to maintain, after all. There was nothing…
Owen Jones is a toxic enemy of who wanted Lisa Nandy to become Labour's leader. She backs a coaition with Lib Dems!
Mark Carney says we face a ‘lost decade’. The left needs to get its act together | Owen Jones
People think I hate all lefties, not true I like Sargon, Dave Rubin, Brendan O'Neill etc. I just hate identity politics types ie Owen Jones
I'm not sure there is more detestable man than Owen Jones
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It's a simulated outcome of the interwessonality between Owen Jones and Dave Weigel.
. No-one can see, we're all blocked. . Laurie Penny. Hodges. Owen Jones. Melissa Munroe. Rifkind . Bryant. Zoe Williams . Etc
Don’t be divided by Trump and Brexit: minorities are part of the working class | Owen Jones | Opinion | The Guardian https…
Dead Centre II, the new thriller by Owen Jones https…
I thought this was Owen Jones and Jacob Rees-Mogg
Owen Jones is staring his failure in the face. He has blocked and ignored all who could have told him. Poetic j…
The left needs a new populism fast. It’s clear what happens if we fail | Owen Jones
Owen Jones et al: "Clinton an awful candidate, wildly unpopular, was bound to fail.". "And you're backing?". "Jeremy Corby…
Didn't realise how nuts was. Here they are accusing Owen Jones of being a Portland Comms stooge.
Owen Jones perfectly executing the "You used to work for Jim Murphy" manoeuvre. Glorious stuff.
Political lolz: Owen Jones' taste in knitwear is getting him a new nickname among wags 'The Anne Diamond of anti-capitalism' via
Owen Jones: Cabbie shouted 'I f***ing love it when you cyclists die' at me
Orgreave was part of the class war that ended with 96 dead at Hillsborough | Owen Jones
Alanis Morrisette wrote a song about Owen Jones
Black Mirror is an urgent reminder of the fatal consequences of empathy loss | Owen Jones
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Joey Barton tells Owen Jones homophobia not just problem in football – video
Louis Theroux on Monday and Owen Jones on the 27th, made up
Like Polly Toynbee, Owen Jones and Diane Abbott, who practically live there.
And if that don't work we get slagged of for racism by the likes of Diane Abbott, Doreen Lawrence & Owen Jones.
Owen Jones "To challenge antisemitism Labour must first admit that it is not immune, brilliant piece" by
Within 5 mins of with ; Baroness Chakrabarti, Diane Abbot, Khan & Owen Jones are symbols of why are scuppered. RIP
Nine things we learned about Jeremy Corbyn’s policy ideas from his interview with Owen Jones
I see Owen Jones an Tom Watson are settling their differences in a manly way. x
Owen Jones has always been one of the sensible Corbyn supporters: at least he thinks in terms of winning elections
. editor's gora complex is so strong they let Owen Jones call un-understandable Karachi party "terrorists".
Bigots feel they have a mandate to hate. We have to speak out | Owen Jones
no he did abstain during the bill. Owen in a interview with Owen Jones, stated himself he did. Was Smith lying?
Apple must now pay its taxes. This is a vindication of protest | Owen Jones
Just a shame that Owen Jones supports Jeremy "20k" Corbyn and John "IRA" McDonnell . . . .
Dont worry Owen Jones,Timmy Faron, Nic & Junker plenty of room on piggys new front bench
Owen Jones spot on with this one Britiains railways are, on the whole, a disgrace
58% want to renationalise railways. From the floor to first class, Britain’s railways are a disgrace | Owen Jones
Were the vandals triggered? Did they feel harmed? Do they need a safe space? Quick, call Owen Jones or James O'Brian!
Owen Jones: William Hague is wrong... we must own up to our brutal
converting people away from corbyn IS working- just look at Owen Jones and Alex Andreou , but taking too long
Iain the donkey! Owen Jones cliff edge not the members but clearly a GRP of labour? Mps.
Fantastic piece:. Answers to Owen Jones' Questions for Jeremy Corbyn's Supporters # via
I've not heard anyone call Owen Jones "Blairite traitor". Consensus seems to be "mediocre liberal columnist politically o…
All I could think about was Owen Jones as Corporal Frazer:
Owen Jones isnt he the male version of Carolyn Lucas on acid, Andrew Neil keeps inviting him to gas on TW
I've been quite shocked at how embittered Owen Jones & David Blanchflower have become. Used to admire them both.
Owen Jones' interview reveals Owen Smith MP is dangerous for the nation's health -
Wow, obsession with ordinary people daring to question Owen Jones continues in media
claimed to be a response to Owen Jones so I was interested but was just an attack on an imagined enemy.
The Labour left isn't hunting for traitors with Owen Jones, it is demanding the solidarity he has pompously paid lip servi…
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Owen Jones has been trading off my class and the Left for some years now. Starting to grate with me.
Owen Jones accused of 'back-stabbing' Jeremy Corbyn by furious union leader via
Owen Jones is a Fraud. A must read:
it's funny Owen Jones 'has done so much for the left' but apparently it's on the edge of a cliff err... which one is it Mehdi ?!
You might not have it about Owen Jones, but I bet you have it about someone. Perhaps it's Mehdi Hasan. Quite a lot do, I think.
Now the speaker is attacking Owen Jones at the Corbyn rally in Liverpool. Seems like everybody with a different view is a…
big difference between members and JC supporters and rest of public. Again see Owen Jones
were behind in polls in May and June. Worse since referendum but we were already behind read Owen Jones
look at Owen Jones article about our chances right now. We have to try someone else.
so you know Owen Jones raised these points many times with JCs team
have reached a different conclusion to you. I am disappointed with Owen Jones. Rome wasn't
The Corbynites are now slating Owen Jones as a Blairite and are turning to Paul Mason's latest crackpot ramblings as re…
There is no place of Owen Jones in a non-irritant society
Worth a read Danny... the cold hard truth by none other than wee Owen Jones..the Corbyn cult are gunning 4 him.
I preferred Owen Jones when he was in the wheelchair in Inbetweeners
Owen Jones meets Lisa Nandy | 'We've got to heal these divisions' via
Owen Smith. What sort of name is that anyway? He's not Owen Jones. He's not John Smith. Jeremy Corbyn is a name. .
I want to see Owen Smith and Owen Jones star in a left-wing sketch show. Just need to think of a name for it.
David Cameron’s premiership is a tragedy for which we will all pay | Owen Jones
The war in Iraq was not a blunder or a mistake. It was a crime | Owen Jones
I finally gave in and actually followed Owen Jones on here and I literally thought he was Iñigo Errejón for a second while I was scrolling
Yesterday's March For Europe was historic. Check out our report with Owen Jones and more https:…
He can call in Owen Jones and Charlotte Church to help cover the over 63 positions...
We cannot succumb to inevitable disaster. It’s time to campaign to save our future | Owen Jones
Looks like Diane Abbott and Owen Jones will have to multi-task a few portfolios between them
Grieve now if you must – but prepare for the great challenges ahead | Owen Jones
Can't wait for Owen Jones's next video where he's in his flat dumbing it down for his young fans. Blue Peter meets Antonio Gramsci.
Owen Jones may remind me of a very young Hugh Laurie doing 'worked-up about something' acting, but I do like him.
There is a model for the new politics we need. It’s in Spain | Owen Jones
If you like try 'A Night in Annwn' by Owen Jones
David Cameron’s fatal mistakes on immigration threaten our country’s future | Owen Jones
Do you like , and ? Try this modern offering by Owen Jones
Owen Jones walks out of Sky News interview after hosts downplay the homophobia in the Orlando hate crime
Owen Jones stormed off Sky News as presenters 'deflected' homophobia of Orlando shooting
More than 50 complaints filed to Ofcom over clash that prompted Owen Jones walkout
On Sky News last night, I realised how far some will go to ignore homophobia | Owen Jones
Owen Jones just stormed off Sky News as presenters refused to admit Orlando shooting was homophobic
This is honestly the first time I have seen everyone united in agreement that Owen Jones was absolutely right (and he bloo…
just seen that Owen Jones interview, the lad did well not to burn the whole set down
Kudos to Owen Jones for walking off Sky News, and for criticising that he hasn't heard many LGBT voices on the news.
Owen Jones storms off Sky News paper review...
Owen Jones storms off ludicrous Sky discussion in which the other two refuse to accept it was a homophobic attack https:/…
the ironic thing here is that Owen Jones sort of had a slight point for the first time in his life, then ruined it by being a complete nonce
John Taylor. John Taylor Massacre in Orlando was without doubt an horrific LGBT hate attack, and Owen Jones was...
Owen Jones walking out of Sky News press preview because of ignorant comments from others. Completely justified.
I'm sorry for Owen Jones. I would also feel guilty if I'd spent my life covering for the ideology that just killed 50 L…
Owen Jones just had his Sir John Nott moment, but will he be back at 1130pm!
Here's the Owen Jones meltdown on tonight.
Owen Jones shouldn't of gone on tonight. A very intelligent man who was clearly, far too highly strung prior to going on air.
Blimey. It's all kicking off on the news review. Owen Jones emulates John Knott and the BeeGees by storming off on live TV.
Michael Moore says stay in the EU during Owen Jones interview
Nope, but that's what Jez, John, Varoufakis, Owen Jones et al fantasise it can be if we remain.
Owen Jones says voting to leave the EU is voting for Donnald Trump!. How dare you compare the LEAVE campaign to...
I'm at the Labour Vote Remain event in Birmingham. Speakers to include Jeremy Corbyn, Billy Bragg and Owen Jones.
It’s a cruel deceit to blame all our problems on immigration | Owen Jones
I think almost everyone who doesn't want to be Owen Jones has been blocked by Owen Jones.I'm in that camp
Why do people hate Owen Jones so much? Is it because he's youngish, clever and talks sense? But they like Boris and Gove? Bloody nonsense.
Every young lefty wants to be Owen Jones. Makes me want to leave.
Today from the Archive, Mr Owen Jones presents at an Ordinary Meeting in 1934 in the Old Surgery Lecture Theatre
But...but...but Owen Jones on assured us that was a busted flush:
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And on the Sky paper review? Julia and Owen Jones Tried to talk over her,she was having none of it!
Heads we win, Tails you lose - If you haven't read Owen Jones' The Establishment ...and how they get away with it, you better get started!
We register the newly Ashley Owen Jones. Look at
unlike Owen Jones NF always been anti EU so was OJ til Uturned with Corbyn…
Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell and Owen Jones are longstanding Vote Leave supporters via
Thought you were great on reviewing papers last night! Appreciate your passion for Owen Jones tho was a pratt!
Owen Jones tells that 'blaming' immigrants for housing crisis lets Tories off the hook
EU referendum: six reasons to remain- Owen Jones
Call Owen Jones out on his ideas or his politics? He attacks you personally. Classic, nailed down ad hom.
If you follow Owen Jones he will block you.only wants his supporters following.
Total lying *** from Owen Jones. Everyone loves the NHS - but realistically it is totally unaffordable…
Yanis Varoufakis: 'I'd love to give Brussels a bloody nose' | Opinion | The Guardian
Owen Jones, straight out, 100% lying there. Another middle class Oxbridge kid trying to bully "the plebs". Yawn.
“You’ve got to win the first Test, the series is about the first Test." 🌹
Sky press review or twisted view of ref by an immature little boy. Why TV stations put this Owen Jones *** who does…
Hamilton Collection
FÍSICA 05.06.2016: What was the most "the universe is indeed strange" moment you have ever had? By
Anyone see the off switch on Owen Jones? If so please make it stop. Absolute nonsense. Half truths
I saw Owen Jones discussing changing demographics in the UK, multiculturalism & diversity. I think he simultaneously cumm…
How does Owen Jones treat Labour members who dare criticise either him or Corbyn? He deliberately misleads. Nasty. http…
Jones its not all about immigration, its democracy and sovereignty as well.
Kylie Jenner gives kids $100 for a cup of crystal light lemonade
Shocking news. She always seemed like such a nice girl.
so now you slag off Owen Jones with untruths and innuendo. How about celebrating his skills in positive media
sorry, wasn't referring to you. I was aiming my comment at that Owen Jones chap.
I find it bemusing that the producer corrected it and Owen Jones proceeded to…
Cameron’s shameless about-face on Sadiq Khan shows why people despise politics | Owen Jones
I need to try doing Ramadan at least once in my life
Owen Jones making a prat of himself again, he was all out for until Jezza flipped. U-turned in a flash. No substa…
Emailed my CV to dad at work so he could print it off for me n the bloody *** has gone and changed it all🙄😂
. Owen Jones is in need of some vernacular assistance in his endeavours to be a human being.
I hope one day someone loves me as much as Gordon Brown loves referendum interventions
Actor John Owen-Jones performs onstage during Stars in the Alley ...
Owen Jones nails why it's wrong to blame immigrants for the housing crisis
this sounds like the title of some smutty Owen Jones fanfiction
Owen Jones on saying that who want to to save from really want to destroy it?…
The fact that you MIGHT be an adult with an Owen Jones man-crush is beyond hilarious.
Dead Centre II the new novel by Owen Jones
Very impressed with Frank Field tonight, what a contrast to the *** Owen Jones.
- I think Owen Jones underestimates himself as working people believe in what he is says. EU protects the worker not Tories
Owen Jones is incredibly small minded. The Conservative government won't last forever, is about taking our democracy back.
Owen Jones on Here he is on the urgent need for
Owen Jones' latest précis-ed: "We need PR. This means persuading No to AV voters, such as myself, as I chose kicking the LDs over principle"
Hello! FYI - I'm now Owen Jones (not Hill) after taking my mum's maiden name. I won't be sad if you get it wrong though so don't stress!
Owen Jones is too polite to say that Cameron is a c**t.
I want the poorest to have all the privileges that Polly Toynbee and Owen Jones enjoy. The privileges that I have to en…
In parallel world, Owen Jones may have been pro-Brexit. Shows risk that immigration core focus countermobilises too
or are you contradicting Owen Jones now?
A chance to defeat bigotry: that’s how to engage young people with the EU | Owen Jones
Owen Jones explains why he's backing our campaign and says voting against bigotry key to mobilising the youth ht…
'The progressives terrified of change' Tom Slater on Owen Jones, Paul Mason, etc
Words to be heeded - The far right’s narrow defeat in Austria should be a wake-up call for Europe | Owen Jones
"Construction should be decorated. . Decoration should never be purposely constructed. Decorative Arts arise from Architecture." . Owen Jones
Owen Jones looks on the bright side of life:. Inspiring ideas of better worlds from countries near you
Owen Jones is terrified John Hay's on the Red Wine
That David Vance is to the right wing what Owen Jones is to the left. Both are just nauseating
Why cuts to the BBC’s recipe website could be the final straw | Owen Jones
Imagine being Toby Young this morning and trying to work out how he can blame the left and Owen Jones for Cameron’s po…
Read excellent book by Owen Jones about the gravy train picking up former politicians for boardroom jobs Mr Cameron.
Protest never changes anything? Look at how TTIP has been derailed | Owen Jones
How the Tories are rigging our democracy | Owen Jones talks...
Surely they're going to get Owen Jones or Janet Street-Porter to do it? I'm not pretentious enough!
Peter Oborne talks to Owen Jones: Jeremy Corbyn is a breath of fresh air – video
Saul Freeman exposes Owen Jones' rank hypocrisy when the latter whipped up a hate campaign against Ian Austin MP
Owen Jones' thirst for the is insatiable.
Told Ken's words were twisted as part of an anti Corbyn plot. Conspirators identified: Owen Jones, John McDonnell & of course Jeremy Corbyn
The London Mayoral election campaign has been really uncomfortable to watch. It's been so negative 😳
The Conservative campaign for Mayor of London just went full racist
Owen Jones describes London Mayor campaign as nothing more than an attempt to smear We...
It's official now Owen Jones is being groomed by the BBC sad state of affairs promising boy turned rent boy BBC
He blocked me and I have zero clue who he is! He must go in for Owen Jones style presumptive blocking en masse
Seems to be a common pundit tactic, seen Khalek & Owen Jones regularly display their "trolls" as imprimatur of rebel status. Pathetic.
Try The Establishment by Owen Jones, if you *are* interested in politics. Though you probably think he's a crank too.
What really happened in Gaza 14-22 November 2012 by Owen Jones. This clip makes me respect
Well said Owen Jones. Racial profiling & playing on people's fear is not the way to campaign for London Mayor.
Owen Jones taking apart fear and smear tactics. Unfortunately, the mud might be starting to stick.
is it just me or is young Corbyn actually Owen Jones transported back to times past ?
'When we dehumanise a group of people, we can accept (or indeed inflict) cruelty' | Owen Jones
Diane Abbott on the Andrew Marr Show: After a thoughtful contribution by Owen Jones and an excellent intervie...
There are some people like Owen Jones who still don't believe the BBC is run by the tories Thick or what
This Owen Jones vid taking apart the vile campaign being run by Zac Goldsmith against Sadiq Khan is good https:…
Don't miss Greg Woods & Owen Jones in conversation on Wednesday!
This essay includes: Jeremy Corbyn, articles from the Telegraph and Guardian, Gerry Adams, Owen Jones, Alan Sugar and the IRA
BBC mouthpiece of the establishment? At least Owen Jones agrees with u!
Owen Jones Exposed as a Time Travelling Zionist Terminator. Read it here:.
I think Owen Jones appropriately challenges Zac Goldsmith on this
Owen Jones. Voice of the Left. I think not.
Fantastic piece by Owen Jones on Zac Goldsmith's awful mayoral campaign:
Antisemitism is a poison – the left must take leadership against it | Owen Jones
Zac Goldsmith: your London Mayoral campaign is a disgrace | Owen Jones talks
Can't wait for the day when Owen Jones crowns himself king of all opinions... He's the Jamie Oliver of politics
Very hard to watch this and disagree with Owen Jones’ description of Zac Goldsmith as a “toxic individual”.
here's the cliff notes version from Owen Jones
It's a sad day in politics when Owen Jones and Matt Forde team up! No acknowledge of the real witch hunt taking place.
Tim Farron reminds me of little Owen Jones, is it just me?
Owen Jones is wrong, Bitter Blair supporters are killing Labour led by John Mann.
I added a video to a playlist Tim Montgomerie vs Owen Jones on Boris supporting Brexit (21Feb16)
People like Owen Jones and Jon Lansman should be commended for their fast response to Ken's comments
Owen Jones is spot on about Ken Livingstone.
I liked a video Owen Jones on Ken Livingstone suspension and antisemitism (28Apr16)
Owen Jones has jumped on the anti-Ken Livingstone bandwagon with all the fervour of a rank opportunist.
Owen Jones: The 1 per cent have an interest in demonising Ken
Owen Jones and Tim Llewellyn – republished: This post was published in August 2014. Since Owen Jones is engag... https:/…
So good. . 10/10 would see again. John-Owen Jones was absolutely amazing, and Mark Uhre was…
Owen Jones d. 1874 Exotic designs from his "Grammar of Ornament":
Where do we even start with Michael Gove’s hypocrisy on scaremongering? | Owen Jones
Owen Jones met Yanis Varoufakis, who said a British exit from the European Union would only serve to speed up the...
Mark Steel, Owen Jones, Galloway, etc etc. There are too many. Naturally, there are no right wing misogynist men 😕
Just a little reminder to everyone that the Prime Minister earns less than horrible leftie toerag Owen Jones.
Any other parliament in the world where members can openly wish for the citizens paying their salaries to be killed? h…
Owen Jones on being like Katie Hopkins, 'errors' in his book The Establi... via
- - over to you Giles Fraser, Owen Jones, Jeremy Corbyn, Marcus Brigstock
Owen Jones next column will be an endorsement of austerity Osbornomics.
oh really? The last I heard about it was last night and they said the UK was "relatively clean" and said DC's dad had been
yeah I get it thanks. And actually the UK is in suspicion, David Cameron's dad was apparently at it, and there's still
rich politicians (surprisingly not from the UK) were keeping money in tax havens so that their governments wouldn't know
heading to Union Chapel on Wednesday night for a night with and £6.50 a ticket.
He thinks it's a queue for Owen Jones's latest book signing...
Owen Jones lost credibility by supporting this dishonest crook.
I am disgusted that Owen Jones is selective about corruption.
Ah. Owen Jones was there last year on stage.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Just had a dream that Jeremy Corbyn was my English teacher who would kill me if I didn't solve his riddles and Owen Jones was the librarian
Enjoyed the interview with Owen Jones. I noted the shameless book plug!
.what a superstar! Such an important and frank conversation about theatre, sex and sexuality! .
Yeah because Owen Jones and the Dalai Lama serve in Cabinet or lead the Opposition. You're on a hiding to nothing on this one.
dedicated to left politics and trade unionism. Previous political commentators such as Owen Jones and the Dalai Lama as well as
' ancient is a feature of Owen Jones' stories. Read one free here
Do you read, maybe you'd be interested in a writer's mindset? by
Can you someone so much that death poses no barrier? I think you can and this shows you why
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