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Owen Hargreaves

Owen Lee Hargreaves (born 20 January 1981) is a Canadian-born English professional footballer of Welsh descent who plays as a midfielder for English Premier League club Manchester City and the English national football team.

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Owen Hargreaves uses Chelsea to make point about ‘amazing’ Tottenham Owen Hargreaves has…
Owen Hargreaves would be a better example.
Owen Hargreaves: How Man United can win the title
Owen Hargreaves predicts where Man United will finish
Owen Hargreaves on BT Sports was giving him stick. I was thinking who are you to judge? He's better than you nobhead.
No Hargreaves. As bad as Phil Neville and Owen. All he says is. "On his day, he can be a world beater".
I watched Owen Hargreaves on TV do great things on the pitch back in Nigeria. Today we both share the same room as expert…
That literally makes no sense. You generally make some interesting points but don't start with this rubbish.…
Just found a few big names in this league, Shearer, Ian Wright, Phil Neville, Owen Hargreaves etc…
Maybe a great shout from Owen Hargreaves to give the captain's armband. Turn him into a leader, encourage him to make games his
"Barkley needs to be more like De Bruyne/Silva/Coutinho" says Owen Hargreaves. has more assists than all of them this season
Owen Hargreaves. Barkley needs to be having more assists than dele alli. Eh? Am I missing something?
Owen Hargreaves: Why Jose Mourinho will have sorely missed this Man United star (Source: Daily & Sunday Express)
OWEN HARGREAVES thinks Manchester United lack a ruthless edge in front of goal when Zlatan Ibrahimovic doesn’t p...
Owen Hargreaves: This is one of the biggest issues facing Jose Mourinho at Man United
Owen Hargreaves says that being a pundit is a good learning platform towards becoming a manager.
. I love Owen Hargreaves he talks so much sense everything he opens his mouth. Best pundit.
Owen Hargreaves is a quality pundit
Love listening to Owen Hargreaves, really connect with his thoughts and philosophies
when you got Owen Hargreaves about blowing his own trumpet 🎺. Top banter 👏
Owen Hargreaves could easily be a premier league manager
Same pal spot they are Mine aswell i like Owen Hargreaves to he's never real…
Yeh, him and carra are very good pundits. I also like Owen Hargreaves.
Is there anybody on the pitch that Owen Hargreaves hasn't described as a "willing runner" yet?
Pretty sure Owen Hargreaves just said Shane Long is a willy runner
Even Owen Hargreaves has shut up. OWEN HARGREAVES ffs...
Owen Hargreaves' habit of saying almost every player is terrific or exceptional in commentary! The AntiMoyes?
owen hargreaves & Darren Fletcher with ginger weatherman Owyn, Robbie Savage can be seen in background
turns on hears Owen Hargreaves, turns off 👍
I'd forgotten how much I disagree with Owen Hargreaves. He knows absolutely nothing about Saints and it's so frustrating.
No Owen Hargreaves, Tadic should not be scoring from 20 yards out
Owen Hargreaves is a bigger wasteman than this oxygen thief...
Owen Hargreaves is owning Fantasy Football this year | GiveMeSport.. Related Articles:
Owen Hargreaves is absolutely bossing fantasy football!. Reckon you could catch him by the end of the season!? 👀
Owen Hargreaves: 'will be cracking open the champagne with drawing Monaco, it's a dream draw and a path to the l…
Aki Shaw.I hope he doesn't turn to he another Owen Hargreaves,that tackle wooiyi
Thankfully had the Sky Sports feed earlier. . However always enlightening listening to Owen and Hargreaves!
So great seeing Owen Hargreaves on Sportsnet World right now
My Mum just asked if Owen Hargreaves is Irish. LMAO that's actually hilarious. He has the worst accent in the league. Fake as plastic ***
Owen Hargreaves is really brilliant in what he says
Michael Owen and Owen hargreaves in the studio, and Danny Higginbotham co commentating, nightmare
Someone should compliment for still keeping is 20s looks. Owen Hargreaves doesn't look bad either!
I think Owen Hargreaves is the English wolf. Reminds me of Robb Stark the young wolf.
Before the game Michael Owen & Owen Hargreaves: Leicester don't have a chance, Liverpool will annihilate them! 🙄
Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves might tear a hamstring messing around with that touch screen
Sky sports got GNev and Carragher and we got Owen and Hargreaves with Townsend on star sports. We deserve better bc
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I've just learned I can identify Owen Hargreaves by the top of his head alone.
Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves as pundits. Horrific. Who thought this was a good idea ?!
I dino who's the bigger doos, Owen Hargreaves or Michael Owen
Happy to have my tv on mute. Cba with a trio of Andy Townsend, Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves 😂
Owen Hargreaves to city is up there
02-27 Owen Hargreaves: Why Man United are wrong to blame Louis van Gaal for their problems…
Listening to Owen Hargreaves on channel 5 commentary and cant believe how much he sounds like a gypsy
Owen Hargreaves has a Canadian accent, a German accent and a Mancunian accent.
Owen Hargreaves is brilliantly articulate regarding European football. That and his accent is bizarre and awesome.
Owen Hargreaves has a UCL win, he's better than you
Owen Hargreaves had a better injury record.
Owen Hargreaves just got off our train. The cripple
my sister says i look like mika, friends say Owen Hargreaves
with some 'expert' co comma from Owen Hargreaves 😂
Owen Hargreaves, David Beckham and Roy Keane all found themselves in Fergie's cross hairs. And he was as abrasive as he was on the pitch.
A player like Owen Hargreaves went to Germany and came back better. Was just unlucky with injuries.
New players key in success of 2001 and 2013: Owen and Heroes as well. Worked their *** off in big matches.
My legs are blessed by the patron saint of injuries "saint Owen Hargreaves" 🖕🙏
Keep Clive allen on, rather have him on than owen hargreaves any day...Clive allen knows what he's talking about.
Please tell me have sacked Owen Hargreaves
Did Owen Hargreaves think it was a truly exceptional landing?
Can we all please take a moment to remember the 'out of contract' Owen Hargreaves promo fitness video he made
big Norman and robbo. Forget Owen Hargreaves...charlatan
Coming up shortly we'll be hearing from fly-half ahead of this weekend's clash with Ita…
Owen Hargreaves is far and away the worst commentator currently working in football.
One of great pleasures of life is piping OMD over the Sonos soundbar in place of Owen Hargreaves and Michael Owen on BT sport while watching
Thinking about which co commentator gets on my nerves the most.Savage, Owen, Keown, McManaman, Hargreaves.
Normally would complain about Robbie Savage, but Owen Hargreaves was in earlier and he's like listening to someone's piles.
Owen Hargreaves was adamant it was a booking. Mind you he's an *** so...
I give you uninsightful, incoherent,unintelligent. Owen, Savage, Hoddle, Hargreaves. I give you
According to owen hargreaves utd will start with 14 players on sunday.bonehead
Can you ask Owen Hargreaves what the atmosphere was like ? He hasn't mentioned it. Cheers
Don't ask Owen Hargreaves a question, he'll jabber on for about 5 minutes!
How many Paul Scholes posters do you think Owen Hargreaves has up in his bedroom ?
Owen Hargreaves thinks this ref is a good one, he is awful!
Owen Hargreaves there inferring that the best United team that picks itself has 12 players. Fair point tbh, we'd certainly be stronger
Owen Hargreaves co-commentary is as good as his knees.
Owen Hargreaves you really are a massive bell end!!
seriously tho what accent has Owen Hargreaves got it does my nut in, sounds like he's trying to rap his commentary
they're horrible. Plus BT Sport pundits are all shocking. Owen Hargreaves? Glenn Hoddle? Far from class
Glenn Hoddle and Owen Hargreaves the charismatic commentary dream team! 😶🔫
Owen Hargreaves: "Michael Carrick has been superb this evening". It's 2 o'clock, Owen...
Van der Sar . Ferdinand . Giggs . Scholes. Ronaldo . Owen Hargreaves' five-a-side line-up would take some beating:
"He made it look too easy". Paul Scholes is at the heart of Owen Hargreaves' dream five-a-side line-up:
Owen Hargreaves on Zlatan Ibrahimovic: "I just can't believe they got him on a free!"
Owen Hargreaves: "As long as Man City play quick and sharp they should win the game. Paul Robinson will be a busy m…
Can you Please find proper commentators! Owen Hargreaves are atrocious!Get Peter Drury or Guy Mowbray
Owen Hargreaves (England's greatest midfielder of last 15 years) = Robb Stark
Owen Hargreaves compares Michael Carrick to Andrea Pirlo - says he's Paul Pogba's best partner.
Owen Hargreaves: "Liverpool are a better team than Manchester United."
Paul Ince, Paul Gascoigne, Owen Hargreaves, David Beckham, Glenn Hoddle, David Platt, Gary Linekar... they all played on the continent.
one of my three favorite footballers...Zinedine Zidane and Owen Hargreaves being the other two.
Owen Hargreaves: Paul Pogba could be a game-changer for Man Utd
i thought Owen Hargreaves was the unluckiest of midfielders from England, but i guess that position now belongs to Jack wilshere
How long can keep going for? He tells Owen Hargreaves his hopes ahead of tomorrow's testimonial.
Jack Wilshere could be 'The Next Owen Hargreaves'. In terms of injuries.
An injured star is no good to anyone just like Owen Hargreaves at Man City and Diaby and Wilshere at Arsenal
Bastian Schweinsteiger should do what Owen Hargreaves did please...sorry to say it but is the right thing to do.
He was average on a great defense. Putting DRC in the slot is a terrible idea. Win now and take Hargreaves to compete with Wade.
It's his upside. Tall, fast, etc. Hargreaves would've fit well in the slot. If it was me, I'd trade down w/Jets & took Doctson.
still don't get why we didn't get hargreaves. Stressful, Eli apple looks so unimpressive
The brother that's not Jon Snow looks like Owen Hargreaves. Every time I see him I think about how good he was in WC2006.
I hope he makes the required adjustments. Really liked him and I wanted him at united to replace owen hargreaves.
Every time Owen Hargreaves ran at Cashley he panicked and screwed up. That's not a Left Back. That's an also ran.
Wilshere is just another owen hargreaves
think it might be Wayne Rooney's testimonial. And it's on BT Sport. Who Owen Hargreaves works for.
.speaks to Owen Hargreaves about life after ahead of his testimonial on Wednesday.
Owen Hargreaves out at least five weeks with a hamstring injury. Hargreaves is coming off of back to back knee surgeries
yall shouldn't have been either! But Fergie carried clowns like Nick Butt and the remains of Owen Hargreaves to CL Finals!
We might be getting former Bayern Munich midfielder Owen Hargreaves to do a turn on the squeezebox. Watch this space!
Messi isn't playing in Argentina. English players are brave at home but lacks confidence abroad. Owen Hargreaves was great example
Lewis Hamilton gone all Owen Hargreaves and can't decide what accent he's got 😒
Gundogan of 3 years ago, yes. But you've basically bought the German Owen Hargreaves.
2006 - 40 years on from Owen Hargreaves is the only England scorer in another penalty shootout exit.
OTD in 2011 OWEN HARGREAVES arrived at MCFC for a shock medical. 200 words from
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Oh yes. Mind you, so did Owen Hargreaves for a bit
Euro 2008 qualifiers, Owen Hargreaves and Carrick and Parker were overlooked because big names must play.
Owen Hargreaves seems to have cracked the secret of penalty shootouts: "Just don't miss, that's the most important thing…
10mins is all I could stick listening to Ronnie Whelan for. BT is no better with Owen Hargreaves. Sign up Andy Grey
From Martin Tyler & Andy Gray, to Darren Fletcher & Owen Hargreaves. It's like going from Alan Turing, to Joey Essex.
BT Sport with Darren Fletcher and Owen Hargreaves on the comms. Hargreaves is the man of many accents. All at the same time.
Owen Hargreaves and Darren Fletcher commentating in a Liverpool final.I don't get it 😂
Owen Hargreaves and Darren Fletcher, some poverty commentary duo
BT really do spoil us with their pundits and commentators. Who doesn't want to listen to Owen Hargreaves and Steve McManaman all night?!
whatever it is it doesn't sound right coming out of Owen Hargreaves mouth
no more Owen Hargreaves please! Bizarre voice and comments. Sound off commentary on
Why does Owen Hargreaves sound like a German
Owen Hargreaves sounds like he sound be commentating on the Cricket world cup with his strange Canadian/English/German accent!
Why does Owen Hargreaves sound slightly Japanese slightly American and completely monotonous
Who's worse at commentating Owen Hargreaves, Danny Murphy or Michael Owen???
Ok BT you've tried Michael Owen & Owen Hargreaves and they're both boring *** it's time to bring in Nick Owen. Ann Diamond for Fletch too
Owen Hargreaves voice is so dull he makes Michael Owen sound like Richard Burton
Owen Hargreaves,the only pundit who makes Niall Quinn sound insightful
Owen Hargreaves with his tough talking co-commentary there. A lad who would have 2 months out with a twisted sock.
Love how Gary Lineker totally blanked the fact that Owen Hargreaves won the Champions League the same day as Rio 😂
Owen Hargreaves "you don't see Thomas Muller miss many penalties" Gary Lineker "he's missed 4 this season"... how is he a pundit?!?!
Was there any real reason for Gary Lineker to ask Owen Hargreaves who he fancies for tonight? He always, unequivocally backs Bayern
The way my knee is feeling this morning I can really sympathise with the likes of Ledley King, Owen Hargreaves, Luke Edwards, Jack Wilshire
Roman Weidenfeller caught the eye of Steve McManaman and Owen Hargreaves
Paul Robinson and Owen Hargreaves in that pic no wonder you won...
And I was watching the match on Jim Beglin commentary and Owen Hargreaves in the studio :D biased *** said it wasn't
Do you think Douglas Costa is Owen Hargreaves guilty pleasure?? Not sure who's worse/ him or the most boring man on planet Michael Owen
Neil Foulds and Alan McManus a commentating pair to rival Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves. (hand me sedatives)
I swear has had more injuries than Abou Diaby and Owen Hargreaves combined 😂
That 2nd goal was not offside. They weren't blocking the keeper's view. Owen Hargreaves is bitter & Jake Humphrey should stick to F1.
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Jake Humphrey and Owen Hargreaves before the game,Robbie Savage commentating on the Saturdays get any better?! I really hope so
Jake Humphrey and Owen Hargreaves have been banished to the wall
Jake Humphrey and Owen Hargreaves look like they're about to drop the hottest new psychic cop drama on Sky Atlantic
Playerz with more UCL titles than Assanal:. Thomas Vermalen. Mikel Obi. Owen Hargreaves. Jose Bosingwa. Ryan Bertrand
Good Legend Meets Legend panel HQ this eve with Owen Hargreaves, Robert Pirez &
Horace Grant, Owen Hargreaves, Robert Pires and Muggsy Bogues at offices in London.
With Sky we dont have to worry about Michael Owen boring us or Owen Hargreaves making us go 'huh?', instead, we have Niall Quinn doing both!
3 people I wouldn't wanna get stuck in a lift with Owen Hargreaves, Michael Owen & Niall Quinn. Nothing more to add on that one !
Daniel Sturridge injured again, the new Darren Anderton, Jamie Redknapp and Owen Hargreaves all rolled into one
We get someone like Owen Hargreaves and we can't accept that because he's a German/Englishman like me he has any right to say who he is.
Owen Hargreaves was actually really, really good. Probably the only dude who didn't look injured on that 2006 squad.
Kevin De Bruyne speaks to Owen Hargreaves on what he thinks his best position is (on the pitch of course 😂)
.tells Owen Hargreaves "it goes well" regardless of whether he plays centrally or out wide for
is this the same station that has Owen Hargreaves and Michael Owen ? Or is that another one ?
Owen Hargreaves was good too. He needs at least 2 good seasons to surpass Hargreaves
Breast Cancer Awareness
I was on about just Owen Hargreaves nevermind Michael Owen as well!
mostly down to us signing Owen Hargreaves that.
don't doubt his quality but you can't rely on him. . Owen Hargreaves.
no your right no real standouts but Owen Savage Hargreaves & McManaman are shocking
glory hunter seems to me ☺️ & ok cause you definitely wanted us to sign Owen Hargreaves. Give me a break kid
Owen Hargreaves could have been something. Dude was a player. Hamstring ruined him.
Who is your favourite bad bt sport commentator. Owen, Hargreaves, Savage? & has AC Jimbo ran his hands thru James Horncastle's hair?
Throw in Owen Hargreaves and we have the pundit version of Neymar, Messi and Suarez
but they have Owen Hargreaves. He's more familiar with a physios bench than a substitutes bench! Terrible 😂
we've still got Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves
I want to re-watch the derby but I can't stand Owen Hargreaves talking 😑😑
I like Hoddle & Rio but BT still have Michael Owen & Owen Hargreaves who are possibly the worst pundits ever.
bring your Owen and your Hargreaves?
Phil Jones injury record as surpassed that of Owen Hargreaves
Lets see how the ol owen hargreaves knees are after a hour of circuits and kickboxing
Love your work Danny, the real utility man not had a good one since Owen Hargreaves!
heard Owen Hargreaves is looking to sign for a new club
Phil Neville or Owen Hargreaves all the way for analysis it's the best ;)
Me i have turn to Owen Hargreaves. constant transfer rumour zero free transfer. sigh.
And I can actually listen to some sense, Owen Hargreaves when he isn't talking Douglas Costa.
Owen Hargreaves "this title is Man City's to lose" ..I agree in toto.Arsenal just can't put up a title race.
Plywo...nope, you're no I got it, Owen Hargreaves.
Sturridge was gonna open the new suite yesterday but he was to sick , so they got Owen Hargreaves to open it.
Owen Hargreaves; a player you gotta think what might have been. . He was really great in that Bayern team captained by Effenberg
You know when Owen Hargreaves and Robbie Savage are on commentary and you remember the times you took Micheal Owen for granted
There's 2 things I hate in this world.. Sarcasm and Owen Hargreaves's tactical knowledge of the game... Wait..
whos commentating!? Id take Owen over Hargreaves any day
Only took 24 seconds for Owen Hargreaves to mention Bayern while commentating on the Ruhr Valley derby, ffs.
It's nights like these listening to Owen Hargreaves that make me miss Adrian Chiles
Why are all football commentators so unbearable? Owen Hargreaves, Michael Owen, Andy Townsend, Alan Smith.. Not a good one since Andy Gray
Owen Hargreaves needs to take his finger out of Bayern's ***
FFS, I thought Andy Walker was biased until I had to listen to Owen Hargreaves
Owen Hargreaves is the most biased commentator ever 😂
Owen Hargreaves has got to be up there with Niall Quinn, Robbie Savage and Alan Smith as the worst commentators
English players don't ever play in Germany really the only 2 I can think of was Owen Hargreaves and Kevin Keegan lol
What was the narrative around Michael Owen's struggles with injury? Or Dean Ashton? Or Owen Hargreaves?
4mins into for sky's first dig at .Charlie Nicholas digging out Owen Hargreaves commentary .
Owen Hargreaves sounds like terry tibbs. He ruins the commentary.
Owen Hargreaves has a Douglas Costa poster on his bedroom wall. . Pass it on.
I hate Owen Hargreaves. And city. And Moscow. And I'll throw John Terry and Stevie G on that bonfire for good measure.
Man of the people Owen Hargreaves saying the Bayern fans could have stayed out longer if they wanted to
The way Owen Hargreaves is calling Walcott "Theo", you'd think they were best buddies in that 2006 World Cup squad.
Starting to think that that Owen Hargreaves has a massive man crush on Douglas Costa.
Penalty clinic from Thomas Müller just now. All is forgiven Owen Hargreaves.
Anybody else think Owen Hargreaves looks a lot like Rob Stark from .?
could you please ask Owen Hargreaves to shut up and let a competent commentator do his job. He's as bad as Niall Quinn.
- no room for Owen Nolan or Owen Hargreaves on the sign?
maybe but Ferdinand & Scholes are more knowledged on football in general then Owen Hargreaves & David James etc
Europe from 1930 this eve wi Owen Hargreaves and Kevin Davies. v FC Midtjyland.
"Calling Owen to Lost property... Umm not you Michael, we meant Mr Hargreaves."
Much rather listen to Owen Hargreaves or Danny Higginbotham over Michael Owen tbh.
According to Owen Hargreaves Lazio was lucky and Leverkusen was the much better side
A bitter Owen Hargreaves "stats lie" yes but Lazio edged possession, shots and shots on target! Facts..
Wow Owen Hargreaves is really bitter about this defeat
Owen Hargreaves is a dumb, annoying bellend.
Owen Hargreaves is raging. Leverkusen have been better more to do with fitness tho IMO.
Also Owen Hargreaves has a strange obsession with Hakan Calhangolu
Owen Hargreaves' commentary in this Lazio v Leverkusen game is disgusting. So biased. Utter disgrace.
I like Owen Hargreaves but it's Offside mate. The keeper is beyond the two def. Kiesling is beyond last def but in line with other def.
Owen Hargreaves is just so bais should not be a commentator
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Jesus, listening to Owen Hargreaves on BT sport is going to end real soon...
Owen Hargreaves is so bais towards Leverkusen horrible to listen to
He remind me of Owen utility player
The amount of *** licking Owen Hargreaves is doing to Bayer Leverkusen is nauseating
come across well in the interview With Owen Hargreaves - LVG, Man Utd, Ba...
yes, though Hargreaves not as monotone as Owen and no Paul Scholes analysing so big plus
there are some very bad co-commentators out there at moment. Quinn, Owen, Townsend, Hargreaves, Savage are bloody awful
Instead of counting sheep try to visualise a night out with Michael Owen and Owen Hargreaves.
just, it's Another Owen, Hargreaves this time
Apart from Owen Hargreaves, he's been beyond dreadful in this Lazio-Leverkusen game.
I can't blame him or anything, but I feel like Owen Hargreaves has developed a slightly unhealthy obsession with Hakan Çalhanoğlu.
Think I need Owen Hargreaves to tell me just one more time how good a free-kick taker is before I believe him
Owen Hargreaves is raving over this Tah character
Owen Hargreaves is a worse co-commentator than Craig Burley and Mark Lawrenson combined. Awful.
Aaagh, watching Lazio v Leverkusen and get Owen Hargreaves ffs
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Does Owen Hargreaves want a date with Never heard a co-commentator gush so much over a player
A think Owen Hargreaves is on the verge of shooting his load talking about Calhanoglu.
Owen Hargreaves has to be the worst football commentator so boring
Why couldn't Owen Hargreaves do co commentary?
Imagine if we got Strootman? It'd be worse than Owen Hargreaves.
..I do, however, like Hargreaves. He's excellent. In fact, a lot of BT pundits are good.. With the exception of Savage & Owen
He had an interview with Owen Hargreaves, just seemed like a really nice / down to earth guy.
I think is the happiest footy player in the world if the interview he just gave Owen Hargreaves is anything to go by
All the best pundits are old players. G Neville, Ferdinand, Hargreaves, Scholes, P Neville... Not Owen tho he is poo.
Owen Hargreaves seems to have an English, German and Australian accent all in one and sounds so weird
Did anyone see the Owen Hargreaves-Bastian Schweinsteiger segment just now!? I like him so much already !
What a top player and superb bloke obviously is. Great interview with Owen Hargreaves
Owen Hargreaves' accent is more messed up than Bobby Beale
Owen Hargreaves will probs get injured on commentary
Fancy having Owen Hargreaves giving his United experiences 😒
Owen Hargreaves is still hovering around Old Trafford lool finished guy
It's really easy to forget that Owen Hargreaves was brilliant in that 07/08 double season.
Owen Hargreaves has some confused ethnicity. Canadian, German and English thing. The state of his accent
Thought Owen Hargreaves hated United and blamed the medical team for his injuries?
What Is Owen Hargreaves dong in our dressing room 😁😁
im not joking but if Owen Hargreaves is commentating on the United match im cancelling my subscription & watching illegally
On BT sport theres an interview with Basti. Owen Hargreaves is doing it. My heart hurts.
you heard this. Owen Hargreaves and his curly locks are in danger.
Because of us Owen Hargreaves is still a world class footballer
jajajaja, this is hilarious. Is there one with Hargreaves, Michael Owen, Evans, Jones y Rojo?
Owen Hargreaves: "Chelsea are the only team who have fullbacks who can defend."
Now it's the pundits turn to Step forward Owen Hargreaves, and co... http…
📺 Michael Owen, Robbie Savage, Owen Hargreaves and more take on challenge.
Be hilarious if BT Sport ruins the Champions League. It'd be karma for giving Owen Hargreaves a job.
and when you’ve got to listen to Owen and Hargreaves.
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Owen Hargreaves shld be SLAPPED wit that statement on Mikel Obi. So rude, disrespectful & unprofessional. Oh, he's got injur…
Owen Hargreaves just threw the deepest jibe . "John Terry should always start. He shouldn't be sitting on the bench, beside Ob…
John Terry should not be sitting on the bench with Mikel Obi - Owen Hargreaves
Tim is a GK in his prime with EPL experience. Who else? Don't know anyone. Owen Hargreaves?? who who who?
If we were just signing players for the quota with no intention of playing them we'd go old and free like Richard Wright and Owen Hargreaves
Owen Hargreaves as insightful as ever: "Carvalho reminds me of Yaya Toure." Only similarity is they are both big and black...
Totally agree mate. One good tournament seems to make a player these days. El Hadji Diouf & Owen Hargreaves spring to mind...
Owen Hargreaves has told BT Sport that Steve McClaren ‘wouldn’t touch’ the NUFC job due to the toxic atmosphere at St James…
Owen Hargreaves, David James and Steve McManaman claimed United would`nt make top 4 this year. well. get well soon boys
More impressive: MUFC fielding a team with Tevez/Ronaldo in it OR that it won the Champions League starting Owen Hargreaves and Wes Brown?
Fabio Aurelio must be a proud man looking at Sturridge's injury record. *** even Diaby and Owen Hargreaves are having a laugh.
According to Owen Hargreaves commentary 'you're never going to beat Neuer from there' (it was the edge of the box - 18yards out) 🙈🙈
Owen Hargreaves to play for United in a legends game. short memories. No legend. If he is a legend, so is David Bellion
Owen Hargreaves is the latest player confirmed for the match between & on 14 June.
Philipp Lahm talks to Owen Hargreaves about 'incredible' Pep Guardiola and reflects on his trophy-laden Bayern Munich career: Philipp...
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Philipp Lahm chats with Owen Hargreaves about the 'incredible' Pep Guardiola
See Steve McManaman Owen Hargreaves and David James predicting Liverpool would win comfortably against United SHOCK u all got it wrong
Paul Breitner, manager of for the match, says ex-midfielder Owen Hargreaves could feature for…
Sporting second chance? Owen Hargreaves. He's now at Obscurity FC.
STORY: BT Sport pundit Owen Hargreaves feels the Hammers will have the edge in their FA Cup fifth round tie >
STORY: Former midfielder and pundit Owen Hargreaves previews our FA Cup game h…
Michael Owen, Paul Scholes and Owen Hargreaves. BT Sports are so spoilt for choice.
Hummels is 'too slow and can't defend', says Owen Hargreaves. via
Matts Hummels is NOT the answer for Manchester United, insists Owen Hargreaves
Watch Alaba get sold to Real Madrid and Ricardo Rodriguez join them. And then Real get stuck with a cripple a la Owen Hargreaves.
Players in the tunnel at the Lane. BT Sport is currently MUTV. We've had Owen Hargreaves, now we've got Michael Owen. Stick it up em Spurs!
Owen Hargreaves was a Canadian, who played for Wales and England and played youth team football in Germany. He had a lot going on.
How about Sol Campbell and f't Owen Hargreaves! LOL Craving Sol coz too many people around Jermaine Defoe
Owen Hargreaves saying David Dunn was part of the 'all star' under 21 team is like saying that Ralph is the better Schumacher.
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