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Owen Daniels

Owen Daniels (born November 9, 1982) is an American football tight end and for the Houston Texans of the National Football League.

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yea i feel you..but i was really thinking we were about to get a over our TE's suck *** n since Owen Daniels
we've been hurting for TE since Owen Daniels left. Not a strong class for them this year. ***
Dawg we used to draft beacoup TEs during Kubiak's era and we still haven't found one that's even half as good as Owen Daniels
you guys have 2 scent TES. If he's there and we don't trade up, I think we take him. Haven't had a decent TE since Owen Daniels
yea we really need him. *** any TE would be nice. We haven't had one since Owen Daniels
you sure? Chip still has his 2018 first rd pick and a couple more for this yr. We could trade him Owen Daniels 😉😉
exactly what the Texans need when Osweiler wants to check down. Haven't had a good one since Owen Daniels
he hasnt been better than either gronk, gonzalez, hernandez, jimmy graham, gates or Owen daniels.
Saw a homeless woman with an authentic Owen Daniels Ravens jersey on. Make better life decisions.
I know but based on the numbers Owen got more and against Daniels votes Owen was the obvious winner, just saying
love Owen too but so relieved! Daniels voice picks me up when I'm needing a boost and that's a huge gift! ❤️💛
Daniels isn't a good singer. Owen is!
I think I would buy Owen's album over Daniels though.
Save Owen because even his cracked song sounded better than Daniels boring pop tune.
Owen is so humble. I have never heard a voice as pure and authentic as his. What a tone, so pure.
Wonder if free agent Owen Daniels will be making a visit to Houston. Hmm
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Because Owen Daniels worked out as such a game changer
thanks for the reminder, have to put Montee Ball and Owen Daniels on there too
I'm assuming owen Daniels isn't coming back and someone else might pick up that talent :(
Broncos also considered re-signing Owen Daniels, but this seems to close that door
Garrett Graham and Owen Daniels on same team. Denver adding some Badger muscle.
why 📝 that TE. Last year had Owen Daniels,Vernon Davis.Seems like ELWAY is really screwing up the team.📝ing players,etc😵😵😵
It should be. He and Owen Daniels both came from Wisc. Offensive line coach Bob Bostad taught him blocking.
Owen Daniels could still outplay Garrett Graham at TE I bet. might've just downgraded. Bye Felicia.
I still don't rule out bringing back Owen Daniels in the summer if they see a need. But have 3 options in Green, Heuerman, Graham
Owen Daniels and now Garrett Graham? I guess Elway really like the Wisconsin TEs
Owen Daniels is a wonderful guy, last I checked the NFL isn't the "Wonderful Fella Football Club."
adding Garrett Graham seems to close the door on an Owen Daniels return - something teammates & former teammates wanted to see
Broncos add experience at tight end, sign Garrett Graham: Looking to add experience after cutting Owen Daniels...
But yet we had to get rid of Owen Daniels?
Another former Texans guy in Denver. Probably eliminates the need for another TE on draft day. He's this year's Owen Daniels.
One-year deal for Graham with Adds experience after team cut Owen Daniels last month
They'd considered bringing back Owen Daniels. Unlikely now.
any chance of getting Owen Daniels back for 2016?
Dominique Davis or Owen Daniels. JJ should still get consideration even if 1st rounder.
you know Fitz also had Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels in Houston, right?
Honestly I'd rather listen to the likes of Michael Owen and Carragher than to ever hear those clappers again!!
Check out Hunter Henry that dude will be a monster. Definitely the next Owen Daniels for this team
fans if you want the next Owen Daniels look at of I explain why HERE:
Coulda been us but Miami and Owen Daniels
Owen Daniels was our best WR in playoffs by your logic then. Enough
of course my team lost they had Brian hoyer your team had Peyton Thomas sanders Owen Daniels and cj Anderson
*** sitting next to me are having a conversation about how Danny Trevathan and Owen Daniels were "useless" last season.
Just saw Owen Daniels is unsigned FA. He'd be a good fit in Chan Gailey offense plus have BIG need at TE.
you guys were what Kubiak was supposed to do here. Wade Phillips and even old players like Owen Daniels. I'm glad you won
still have Virgil Green but Owen Daniels was the best. 😪
and with Owen Daniels gone is it Virgil Green time?
Matt Forte, Owen Daniels, and Jerrell Freeman are on my wish list
Von Miller just said he wants to see Johnny Manziel in Denver. We release Owen Daniels and more. AND Malik Jackson went to Jacksonville.
Broncos have released TE Owen Daniels, who has played his entire career on 3 different teams with Gary Kubiak.
As first reported by Owen Daniels has been cut by the Big plans in store for Jeff Heuerman and Virgil Green.
here are your Danny Trevathan, Vernon Davis/Owen Daniels replacements...
TE's have been taking out of this game. Owen Daniels and Greg Olsen have been mostly non factors because of the LB play.
Broncos 24-21. Touchdowns by Greg Olsen, Cam Newton and Mike Tolbert. Touchdowns by Owen Daniels, CJ Anderson and Emmanuel Sanders
Greg Olsen and Owen Daniels to score first
I got Von Miller and Owen Daniels as the C Factors for the Broncos . Thomas Davis and Greg Olsen for the Panthers
I respect the *** out of Bob McGinn, but he’s gotta give up the Owen Daniels thing. He’s had like 4 good games in 2 years.
Bob McGinn talks to Owen Daniels about his fruitless visit to Green Bay in 2014...
Owen Daniels as a young Barry Melrose., Mullet in the making
Why tight ends Greg Olsen and Owen Daniels could be decisive in
Tight ends Greg Olsen and Owen Daniels could be crucial to Super Bowl 50 outcome
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Owen Daniels aims for career in weather after football -
Owen Daniels was looking & pointing at field before half in case Pats were pulling any trick plays -
Von Miller gets the highest overall card and Cam or Luke has to get the 2nd highest and Owen Daniels gets that 89-90
why it's not like Antonio Smith or Owen Daniels didn't ball out when they were hear
How in the *** can Coach Gary Kubiak, Players Antonio Smith, and Owen Daniels when they were here the Texans...
Owen Daniels ain't doing a gahdamn thing with Luke patrolling the middle
Kubiak, Wade, Owen Daniels, Antonio Smith! y'all are trash in the front office!
Owen Daniels, Antonio Smith, Gary Kubiak and Wade Phillips are going to the Super Bowl.
Dayum Kubiak, Phillips, Owen Daniels, Antonio Smith, and I think 2 more Former Texans are going to the Super Bowl!
Gary Kubiak, Wade Phillips, Owen Daniels, Shiloh Keo, Antonio Smith... All Texans back in 2012, now going to the Superbowl.
Congratulations to all former headed to Super Bowl with Denver including Gary Kubiak, Wade Phillips, Owen Daniels & Antonio Smith
We are actually going to watch Gary Kubiak, Wade Phillips, Owen Daniels, and Antonio Smith in the Super Bowl with another team..😓
Owen Daniels was the most confused person in the world right there. Also had the worst haircut.
Jamie Collins got toasted by Owen Daniels and couldn’t bring Peyton down. Film session will be brutal
I'm okay with the Broncos winning they have Owen Daniels, Antonio Smith, Kubiak, and Wade LMFAOO
Owen Daniels shakes off the defender . Peyton Manning lofts a beautiful touch pass. This one ends with SIX.
Owen Daniels giving it some Antonio Gates wiggle on his routes today
Jamie Collins versus Owen Daniels is a different mismatch than I expected
Owen Daniels again!. Broncos capitalize on the Tom Brady INT to extend lead, 14-6.
Owen Daniels is making Jamie Collins look like he's still on that synthetic Marijuana lol
Luke: I see you, Owen Daniels. Former tight end having a huge first half in Denver.
Owen Daniels outchea burning Jamie Collins. What a day
Beautiful throw. Something about Owen Daniels vs New England in the playoffs.
Luke: Nice opening drive for Manning and the finished off with a touchdown pass to former tight end Owen Daniels.
Peyton Manning finds Owen Daniels for the first touchdown of the day!. Broncos take early 7-0 lead over Patriots.
Owen Daniels for the TD down the seam! Keith Butler is cringing somewhere.
Owen Daniels just made Collins look stupid
Brett farve, Reggie white, Owen Daniels, Justin forsett, all good examples
crazy question in 16 team league I have Jordan Reed do I play him even if he plays a quarter or Owen Daniels,Vance McDonald thanks
In the 2015 season Owen Daniels ranks 34th in TE yds with 17 avg Yds per game.
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Championship week for me (I know...). Thoughts on ASJ vs Tamme or Owen Daniels? Thank you!!
I much prefer the Reggie Nelson/Owen Daniels style of football over Mike Mitchell.
Owen Daniels' compliment of Reggie Nelson is awesome. Mike Mitchell would have led with his helmet and aimed for the head
During Week 3 Owen Daniels went for 28 yds on 5 Rec, resulting in 5.6 Yds/Rec and 1 TDs vs the
Ummm.That was Owen Daniels. Olsen plays for Carolina. Not all white TE look the same.
Reggie Nelson laid the boom on Owen Daniels
so more than 1/4 of *** Rodgers yards came in 1 fluke game?? Owen Daniels easily
Demaryius Thomas' one handed catch and Reggie Nelson's hit on Owen Daniels on that drive were two of the best plays I've se…
Owen Daniels was pretty clutch against the Cincinnati Bengals.
Owen Daniels been low key cooking as of late
FULL AUTOMATIC Blog for with article rewriter Owen Daniels Los Angele...
ICYMI: thanks Reggie Nelson for his vicious hit
If the and or fans were excited about Owen Daniels based on what he did last year in Baltimore, no reason to be upset. Nearly =
"We never think we're out of it -- even when we get down 14 real quick," said tight end Owen Daniels.
Owen Daniels trying to be the poster boy for Will Smith's new movie.
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Wow that was a total Sean Taylor hit by Reggie Nelson. Pure football beauty. Probably not good for Owen Daniels' health though
Owen Daniels, Lance Kendricks, Garrett Graham, among others, great TE'S for the You will be the next great one.
Who has a better Christmas tree - Jason Witten, Jake Ballard, or Owen Daniels?
Along with Ware, Emmanuel Sanders, Peyton Manning, Owen Daniels, Antonio Smith and Vance Walker not practicing.
DeMarcus Ware, Antonio Smith, Vance Walker, Emmanuel Sanders, and Owen Daniels not practicing for per
Joel, Owen Daniels had his best game of the year vs Colts. Do you think much of that was due to the presence of Vernon Davis?
Cliff Lee is Owen Daniels doppelgänger... Minus the pumpkin pie haircut and dad running
Owen Daniels, Ryan Harris, Tyler Polumbus not offended by Broncos moves or near moves via
I'm really excited to see how HC Gary Kubiak uses Vernon Davis in the offense. 2 TE sets with Owen Daniels could be great
Brian Billick: "Owen Daniels is fine, but he doesn't have the sheer speed of a Vernon Davis." True. Davis can run deep routes that we need
Owen Daniels will make a fine ball boy
Owen Daniels doesn't get open either. Funny how that works
Who should I Start? Owen Daniels or Vernon Davis! via Does Davis find life in Denver
We're talking about this year. He doesn't throw to Owen Daniels
obviously he's not throwing to the tight end much this year because Owen Daniels is old as dirt .
He was good in Houston and Baltimore so I will say, Owen Daniels
That's why Owen Daniels has 17 receptions this year? Smh
because he doesn't have any good tight ends to throw to? Also, don't even try to say Owen Daniels.
Well, it's an upgrade from Owen Daniels. Good luck
Vernon Davis better than Julius Thomas? No ok. He's not even better than Owen Daniels at this point
The funny thing is Owen Daniels and Virgil Green are accually really solid tight ends for the Broncos. They got Davis for literally nothing.
*** so the Broncos got Vernon Davis and Owen Daniels, they tryna get a ring
Why not include Owen Daniels? Now that we have Davis, I think he's trade bait for us. U agree??
This is a stupid question. Would Owen Daniels start in Charlotte? CJ Anderson? DEN DTs wouldn't see the field!
The just got lit up by Owen Daniels & Virgil Green. What's Olsen gonna do to them?
I like how gets on for mixing up 2009 and 2013, yet he didn't even know Owen Daniels was a TE.
welcome to the bench Owen daniels, Vernon Davis about to take your spot!
Hey why not make an offer for Owen Daniels? Can't cost much, we need an improvement at TE badly, what say you?
Veron Davis is gonna make Peyton that much better Owen Daniels is ok still
Patriots have traded Rob Gronkowski to the Broncos for Owen Daniels and a conditional pick source says.
there’s also Owen Daniels (who’s basically gonna lose his starting spot to Davis). and on top of that he’s a hometown boy.
you are screaming at stugotz even though he corrected himself but you didn't even know Owen Daniels was a tight end? Wow.
Dude you must not have been watching Owen Daniels. Doesn't take much to be an upgrade there for us.
overrated and over the hill. Owen Daniels ever but as good. If this was the year, Elway should have resigned J. Thomas.
Excited to see Vernon Davis in a Broncos uniform, he's a shell of his former self but a much more versatile weapon then Owen Daniels
Lol Vernon Davis is not an upgrade from Virgil Green & Owen Daniels??? Don't be an ***
Wow Vernon Davis has been traded to the Broncos. Good pick up if he can give us productivity over the middle more so than Owen Daniels
huge, since Owen Daniels and Virgil Green can't get it done at TE for y'all. Peyton tends to make TEs look great, too.
Owen Daniels *** Broncos made the mistake not signing Julius back
Vernon Davis to broncos !?? Ehh better upgrade Den Owen Daniels that's for sure . . We have a elite squad now on the passing game
Smart move by Broncos getting Veron Davis. Rather start him than Owen Daniels
Vernon Davis to . He was pretty bad this year, but definitely an upgrade over Owen Daniels
I wonder how Owen Daniels feels now that Elway went out and got Vernon Davis; would love to watch practice and see how those guys interact.
Packers couldn't cover old *** Owen Daniels, Greg Olsen bout to feast on us 😞😞😞
At 32, I’ll bet Owen Daniels can still run a 4.7
In Week 2 Owen Daniels went for 19 yds on 3 Rec, resulting in 6.3 Yds/Rec and 0 TDs vs the
they got Owen Daniels, he ain't bad
During the 2015 season Owen Daniels ranks 11th in TE TDs with 0.3 avg TDs per game.
he is better than Owen Daniels and that is another weapon for Peyton
Not sure what to make of Vernon Davis trade. Peyton had not been throwing to Owen Daniels all that much & how much does Davis have left
Okay, pretty excited for Vernon Davis to run the seam for Peyton instead of Owen Daniels, but I don't have super high expectations for Davis
Pretty pumped to have Veteran TE Owen Daniels, Virgil Green and now we welcome Vernon Davis.
I'm happy about The trade. Will this make Owen Daniels odd man out?
Virgil is our starting TE since we let Julius Thomas go. Him and I think Owen Daniels are interchangeable
idk man especially with owen daniels and vigil green playing real well... U could be right tho
Looks like Owen Daniels just lost his starting job.
acquire veteran tide end Vernon Davis to give them upgrade over Owen Daniels. Davis leaves SF after 10 great seasons
Denver really got Vernon Davis wow Owen Daniels is a top notch back up.. Sub-par starter
I thought the Broncos did s good job getting Owen Daniels the ball last night it will be interesting to see how Davis does
If anything I hope this means Owen Daniels takes a back seat to Virgil and Davis.
I'm happy for Vernon Davis. Not sure if he'll get more touches than Owen Daniels, but Broncos got a good deal
they were just saying the only thing the team needed was tight end play. And Owen Daniels as a solid *** backup.. Them or pats
Remember when Owen Daniels was suppose to be so good in Denver. I hear the same nonsense with Davis
I honestly don't think we need Vernon Davis. Virgil Green and Owen Daniels had their best game this weekend against the packers!
Eh. Better than it was, probably not much or even any better than Owen Daniels
Peyton Manning, Owen Daniels and Vernon Davis on the same team? Someone stole my Madden 2008 roster.
"(Davis') definitely going to help Virgil [Green] and Owen [Daniels] and give us some strength at that position," Kubiak sai…
help me make sense of the Vernon trade? Owen Daniels and Virgil Green seem to be effective, don't see a point in this trade
Just when Kubiak discovers that Owen Daniels and Virgil Green do indeed exist... Vernon Davis happens. Gary, you tease you.
Now that Broncos have Davis can Owen Daniels come home to play?
I'm ok with Virgil Green and Owen Daniels, why not trade for something we need? Like a tackle. Weird.
Gary Kubiak has used three TEs before -- did it in Houston with Owen Daniels, and Garrett Graham.
Gary Kubiak likes running three-TE sets. I expect to see Vernon Davis, Owen Daniels and Virgil Green on the field together.
Or do none of those things and leave Owen Daniels wide open in the middle of the field. Brilliant plan
Owen Daniels flat out leaves it all on the field!   10% Off
When you can't tackle Owen Daniels in the open field you should probably just give up on football
I loved Owen Daniels but I love Crockett Gillmore, Maxx Williams, & Nick Boyle so much more.
Manning missing that third weapon that can stretch the field in the middle i miss Julius Thomas I'll be honest Owen Daniels can't separate
Poll time: What's the deal with Owen Daniels and what should we do about him? Pick up a new TE? Let Green start? Tell me what you think.
The Broncos tried really hard to establish Owen Daniels at Oakland. He couldn't run away from a pylon. There's absolutely nothing there.
Owen Daniels, Evan Mathis, Louis Vasquez, Juwan Thompson all not practicing. A lot guys out today.
News Alarm: Demaryius Thomas (WR - Den) Owen Daniels, Louis Vasquez, Demaryius Thomas, and Juwan Thompson are not practicing Wednesday.
Owen Daniels, Louis Vasquez, and Mathis and Demaryius Thomas, Juwan Thompson not practicing. ware not on field
it is Ronnie Hillman's fault he did not catch that - just like TE Owen Daniels weirdly cut off his route on the INT
Charcandrick West as a replacement for Jamaal Charles what do you think and should I drop Owen Daniels and get Gary Barnidge??
Well, Owen Daniels might be toast and Peyton Manning might be mediocre, too.
Re: TE's. Why do you think that Manning doesn't throw good passes to Owen Daniels? Does Daniels just suck?
Remember how we said start all TEs against the Raiders?. Owen Daniels: 0 rec, 0 yards. Oops.
Owen Daniels or Julius Thomas for week 5 and rest of way?
with Julius active do I play him or Owen Daniels at TE.
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Owen Daniels or Julius Thomas in a PPR? I feel like Daniels is the safer play
Start/Sit ?'s Andy Dalton or Payton Manning? Travis Benjamin or Marvin Jones and Kelce or Owen Daniels?
OK I need help. ppr, eifert or old man Owen Daniels. I'm am at a lost on what I should do.
none of the wins have been impressive, but who's going to guard the wideouts? Sanders and Thomas? Who's covering Owen Daniels?
we have nobody to cover D Thomas or Sanders or Owen Daniels. Lol. Only chance we have is turnovers.
was about to give up on Julius Thomas & grab Owen Daniels. Now I hear he's back. Thoughts?
I already got Owen Daniels in both my lineups. I'm thinking of getting Demaryius Thomas but not sure if he's worth $8100
I'm glad it's Owen Daniels and not Julius Thomas We'd have no chance lol
would you pick up Owen Daniels or Richard Rodgers ? My other TE's are Ebron and Julius Thomas. I need one for this week.
Since Oakland can't stop TEs, is Owen Daniels a good play? Or will Peyton focus too much on Sanders & Thomas?
For those of you counting Owen Daniels now has 2 more TD's than Julius "ow I'm hurt I'm hurt" Thomas
Owen Daniels just showed what he can do that Julius Thomas can't
How do the Broncos give up the likes of Julius Thomas and end up with Owen Daniels? My thoughts as I watched him drop another good pass.
Owen Daniels really wants to challenge Demaryius Thomas for the Stonehands moniker.
got Gronk on bye week just picked up Owen Daniels or can pick up Coby fleener
got gronk on bye,who would be the better pick up for week Maxx Williams or coby fleener Owen Daniels ?
DET has given up TDs to Ladarius Green, Kyle Rudolph and now Owen Daniels. Next up is Jimmy Graham on MNF.
Who is a better pickup at TE to replace Vernon Davis? Charles Clay or Owen Daniels. I wanna say Owen Daniels
with Dwayne Allen out, would you start fleener or Owen Daniels?
Peyton was about to hook off on Owen Daniels low key when Owen pushed him in the back out of excitement.anybody else peep that?
Who in they right mind would accept a trade Owen Daniels and Seahawks D for Jeremy Hill?
DT, Owen Daniels... Say, Who would u run with? Johnathan Stewart or cj anderson?
Who do I start at TE: Owen Daniels, Gaven Escobar, or Josh Hill?
Yes. We shouldn’t expect a backup to step up and fill role of departing starter. See: Owen Daniels, Josh Hill, Toilolo, etc.
Owen Daniels: Broncos offense is Gary Kubiak's playbook, but at Peyton Manning ... - Mile High Report (blog)
That moment when freaking Danny Woodhead gets you more points than Owen Daniels
I got 3400 its him Owen Daniels,Delanie Walker or Josh Hill
Owen Daniels or Eddie Royal in a standard league?
Owen Daniels or Josh Hill, which has the biggest upside?
Owen Daniels or Josh Hill for a 1 week league?
Owen Daniels or Josh Hill. Which has the higher potential? Thx
Who should I start at TE? Josh Hill or ASJ. I could also pick up Jordan Reed or Owen Daniels. Thanks.
at TE hill from NO or Owen Daniels from Denver
I want thoughts on this trade. Julio Jones, Doug Martin, Crowell and M. Floyd for L. Bell, M. Bryant and Owen Daniels.
it was the football picks. Bradford, Adams, d Murray, Owen Daniels, Eddie lacy
Owen Daniels or Josh Hill for week one?
should I start Eifert or Owen Daniels...I also have Hill & AJ Green on Cincinnati...Manning @ QB
1/2 pt ppr league, should I pick up Stevie Johnson, Eddie Royal or Owen Daniels for week 1 flex and overall depth. TY
so someone just offered me Owen Daniels and I would give them Brandon Marshall, I have Kyle Rudolph currently
I got Owen Daniels in the 12th. Eddie Royal in the 14th!
I got Eddie Royal, Joe flacco, Owen Daniels, John Brown, and Brian Quick all for trades.
hi Mike who do you prefer for TE sub Owen Daniels or Rodgers (gb), thanks
Blockbuster trade alert: Freas sends Cobb, L Murray and Owen Daniels to Haas for Maclin, Devante Adams and Tyler Eifert
Owen Daniels. Kyle Rudolph. Antonio Gates (just get 4-week stand-in). Walker. Donnell. Anyone. And Lockett
Eddie Royal, Owen Daniels and Doug Martin, bro. If I'm right, you can hook me up with FPPs, if I'm wrong, I delete this.
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. I got the top 2 WRs. Dez Bryant. Antonio Brown. Big Ben as my QB . & Owen Daniels & Josh Hill are my TEs
Guys who has the better upside Jenkins or Owen Daniels.
do i trade Odell Beckham, Melvin Gordon and Owen Daniels and receive Antonio brown??
I got Matt Ryan, Adrian Peterson, J.Hill, Mike Evans, Keenan Allen, Owen Daniels, Amari Cooper, my bench is alright too
julio, ty hilton, Mike wallace, steve smith, and Owen Daniels at TE. I like my chances
LB Danny Trevathan, TE Owen Daniels, and LB Corey Nelson are captains today for the Broncos
Owen Daniels worth the risk he'll start or Delanie Walker/Larry Donnell/Charles Clay/Gresham?
which TE do I drop? .5PPR Jordan Cameron, Owen Daniels, or Tyler Eifert?
that's easy...OWEN DANIELS hands down
.drafted Owen Daniels in the Fantasy Draft. Might be the savviest pick in our entire draft.
stndrd league. I have Owen Daniels and Donnell. Kyle Rudolph is a FA. Is Donnell worth dropping for Rudolph?
that's tough. Owen Daniels does awesome with Kubiak though, and now they'll both have a fresh start.
shouldn't the Hankerson being a Shanahan guy viewpoint also apply to Owen Daniels? Both are new team same coach/offense?
A Prayer for Owen Daniels? Waiting for Dwayne Bowe? Tender is the Kendall Wright? Or maybe just A Midsummer Night's Team.
i took your and drafted cooks and julio jones but ended with owen daniels at TE, should i pick NO or GB TEs as backup?
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I feel like Owen Daniels will be productive with Peyton throwing to him. And good name receivers just hope they pan out
should I trade Owen Daniels and pick up Josh Hill??
Getting owen daniels last is nice. Would have went a different QB than Rivers
drafted Ertz and Owen Daniels. Should I drop Owen and if so pick who? Gates, celek, Allen, or Josh Hill?
do you see Owen Daniels having value if he's an 11th round keeper?
and WILL not gamble in FA to upgrade or add depth, and should have signed a starting caliber tight end ala Owen Daniels wanted GB
Gotta love all the WRs. Thoughts on Owen Daniels? I seem to be ending up with a lot of his shares.
i dropped owen daniels and packers D and picked up funchess and janis with jordy out. Devante gone already
any reason to not believe in Owen Daniels? Manning, Kubiak, all the dots connect for me, what am I missing?
Owen Daniels was wide open on Denver's first 3rd down when Manning tried to force it to Demariyus Thomas.
yeah I know. I got Owen Daniels. Peyton Manning always show his TE's love.
tj Yates didn't play the whole year, you had Andre in his prime, Owen Daniels was solid, and the
yea it was all owen daniels. thank God we had him. get real wey. this is not the best skill guys
dude when Owen Daniels was doing his thing with us our offense was at jts best. Ur so fkn negative
certain team, like Gramham on GB or even someone decent like Owen Daniels (who Manning might love)
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Nelson owner, ppr trade Olsen for Devante and pick up Owen Daniels? I have ODB VJax Latimer and Crabtree.
He's due for a fall, but he's crazy value for Owen Daniels.
I don't doubt that Owen Daniels will have a productive year, but I've got Gronk.
While I did lose Jordy, someone is about to trade me Shady McCoy for Owen Daniels.
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why is no one talking Owen Daniels this year? Manning TEs always have value, plus kubiak connection and what's not to like?
DBA / Analyst needed in at Owen Daniels Consultancy  . Apply now!
Two words for fantasy football owners: Owen Daniels.
I love Owen Daniels as much as the next guy but he's a huge downgrade from Thomas
Drafted the second pride of Naperville, Illinois in Owen Daniels. The first pride is Vanessa, of course.
I feel like Owen Daniels is the best TE that people aren't picking until 10th round or later. Great preseason and he has Peyton
owen daniels pick is smart af. Manning gonna make him look like the best te
also Owen Daniels or whoever wins the job in Baltimore between Crockett Gilmore and Maxx Williams
chris ivory should be a beast this year. Solid like round 6 guy. Travis kelce for mid round tight end. Owen daniels is worth a
brandin cooks, Jeremy hill, gurley Gordon all good mid round picks. Peyton at QB and hook him up with I believe Owen Daniels
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Owen Daniels has been everywhere Kubiak has gone.
Owen Daniels will have a big year. 1. PEYTON IS HIS QB 2. Peyton lacks that deep ball throw will look for TE more 3. Played for Kubiak
and Julian jones. Would this be a good trade? My new TE will be owen Daniels?
Broncos preseason: Owen Daniels should have huge impact
Owen Daniels on being in huddle w Manning: "I try not to think about it, but I had his jersey in junior high,so it goes back…
.takes Owen Daniels, which is an okay pick. I take Isaih Crowell. Great value in the 9th round.
why does Owen Daniels have such a low fantasy value? Is he a great sleeper at almost 200th overall?
Is Heath Miller going to be the no. 1 TE for Pitt again this year? Wondering if I should go with him or Owen Daniels as my no. 1...
I have Eric Ebron, Owen Daniels, and Kyle Rudolph. I need drop one but just scared I might pick the breakout. Help.
For TE Owen Daniels and WR Emmanuel Sanders also being held out of practice today.
Owen Daniels has been rock solid at - reliable/consistent as top TE in Denver. A favorite of Peyton
Great interview Jay !. Owen Daniels' voice doesn't match his body - regards. Gomer Pyle.
Can I get some help here Owen Daniels vs. Zues...
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