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Overlook Hotel

The Shining is a 1977 horror novel by American author Stephen King. The title was inspired by the John Lennon song Instant Karma! , which contained the line We all shine on… .

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Good crowd at The Overlook Hotel this year.
Flight is delayed an hour and a half. If I had been allowed to drive, I'd be home. But when the government is footi…
Very cool Overlook Hotel travel pillow by
Saw the Overlook Hotel Maze Model built by in Copenhagen and it was awesome :)
Overlook is our pick! Don't pay to get there, use Free Lyft Code PREZ
wrong best guest to ever visit the Overlook Hotel is Jack Torrance
It makes me think of the Overlook Hotel
I've been there! It's terrifying and awesome and definitely northern Canada's Overlook hotel.
A newly married man saw a. copper dressed seductively... She. was just too sexy to overlook. He picked her up and…
Ugh! Both those women need to go back to the Overlook Hotel and back into the bathtub they haunt!
The existence of the Overlook Hotel is also proven by scripture. As is Harry Potter and Tony Stark.
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: The Shining Overlook Hotel T Shirt Stephen. via…
The only good parts are where some of the interviewed folk tall about The Overlook Hotel having old Native American…
It’s the Adler Universal 39 from The Shining. I’m taking a job as winter caretaker of the Overlook…
Check into the Overlook Hotel. is now available wherever books are sold!
The NYC Bears bar that is the Overlook is all of a sudden starting to feel like “The Shining” hotel that is the Overlook.
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My home for the next 24 hours, which is actually called The Overlook and is not creepy at all. ☠️
I don't have an explanation other than it looks c.1930's and reminds me of something you'd walk in on at the Overlo…
What it would look like if Christina Lindberg visited the Overlook Hotel.
It's like you're living in the Overlook Hotel. GET OUT. RUN.
The wallpaper in the doctor's office looks like the carpet in the Overlook Hotel.
also, the background in OTOTW is the same as “the overlook hotel” in Mt. Qualo Colorado which is the hotel from the Shin…
Happy Halloween, from the staff of the Overlook Hotel.
It’s sorta like he’s always been the caretaker at the Overlook Hotel
Why is hounded put but across any 5 star hotel or airport or ma…
Capitalist realism wants us to be dejected: not so catatonically depressed that we can’t work, but not so confident…
I would have been more impressed had they gone with "carpet pattern in the Overlook Hotel"
This photo is a worse version of Overlook Hotel! Yikes!
Our guest rooms and suites overlook lush gardens or the breathtaking Caribbean Sea.
Fascinating stats, broken down by neighborhood, of DC! Strangely, Woodley Park is not even mentioned! The National…
Welcome to Overlook Hotel! Your room number is 237. I hope you enjoy your stay and will use the maxi…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Hey wow! Thanks for the shout out. Yes we have some lovely beachfront property (overlooking lakes…
Party at the overlook hotel. Happy thirsty Thursday
Enjoy Breakfast @ Castle Hotel as u overlook the traditional sights of Windsor
Is this the Grand Hotel or the Overlook?
Overlook Hotel tied Lloyd to the bedpost
My favourite fictional hotel, The Overlook, as a metaphor for our times:
Overlook Hotel gazed passionately into Grady's eyes
I rewatch hotel Rwanda every so often just to remind me how easy it is for us to overlook atrocities in the world.…
Ya need to stop going to the Overlook Hotel.
I have great memories of this hotel as well. Bonus: some balconies overlook a private…
You're not allowed to stay at the Overlook Hotel anymore!
The one with the Overlook Hotel carpet design, it's iconic!
The Overlook Hotel: David Leo Rice On a Post-Human Earth Why are we so into stories about t…
Fun Fact again. The Shining took place in a mountain, isolated Overlook Hotel that becomes snowed-in during Winter…
the overlook hotel carpet motif shirt. Great design
The Overlook Hotel carpet is awesome...doubles as a Toy Story reference too. T within a T...Tception
Dream job: off-season caretaker of the Overlook Hotel.
The hallways at The Overlook hotel seem to go on forever and ever... This was from Mondocons…
And there are those that overlook all of this and trust this crook to lead our Country. Disgusting!
About to see the Overlook Hotel and so excited!
I geeked out at how you mentioned the Overlook Hotel in Misery.
taking the Snow Cat up to the Overlook Hotel
I am the Inn keeper of the Overlook Hotel today..
Let's travel and you give me backshots on a hotel balcony while we overlook the city.
Jack Nicholson at the overlook hotel in the Shining 1980
Is the Overlook Hotel possessed by Sauron in this?
Our offices overlook the hotel where they hold the National Prayer Breakfast. So we left a note for the President and senato…
I hear that bro! It's closing time the Overlook Hotel! 💀🔪
oversight and overlook are two different concepts. Russia ties? Hotel lease ?
Superimposition over: TUESDAY. CUT TO: INT. OVERLOOK HOTEL - you and purse.
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The Overlook baby I'm not staying there either or the Hotel California stay there one time never do it again.
what a hoot. Like the Overlook Hotel, & the eagle, the People's House is playing tricks.
Ever marveled at the carpet in The Shining's Overlook Hotel? Here's one hundred pieces of it…
5. The scene of doomed revelry at Mar-a-Lago recalled for me the night Jack Torrance spent in the ballroom of the O…
INT. OVERLOOK HOTEL - M.S. LLOYD It's all this time, I killed by One-ear, the police had just as all music that interested
brilliant as ever: “…you’ll see Murdoch was sitting in at the Overlook Hotel’s July 4th Ball in 1921.”
what is the spatial reality of this house? It makes the layout of the Overlook Hotel look like a real thing.
Our podcast The Losers' Club heads to The Overlook Hotel as they revisit The Shining:…
"Bottom line is robots want our jobs." Mean while in the Overlook Hotel?.
It's like someone thought they'd be the manager of a hotel but it turns out they're just the caretaker. Also, the h…
Cut to Pac-Man frozen to death in the maze beneath the Overlook Hotel.
MOTHER calls himself and AUNT He'd better myself, from set forth between the Overlook Hotel Company's still on the stipulated
I wanted to wait until I was safely back in Ohio to say this but I stole some cutlery from the Overlook Hotel last weekend.
The Stanley Hotel served as a model for the fictional Overlook Hotel in Stephen King’s novel “The Shining”
Now under construction, Solis Hotel will overlook another HOK project: the NA Experience Center…
"I'm creeping with 59 in the overlook hotel"
Here in CT it's full on Overlook Hotel
The ranch is in the country. Niktor's home sound like it's near a busy st. but Sharon's home sounds like the Overlook Hotel?
Why does he make that sound like he's Delbert Grady in the Overlook Hotel going on about correcting his wife and ch…
'member when Jack Torrance was snowed in w/ no booze in The Overlook Hotel? Dya wanna risk that? Best stock up, really.
.NYC is giving off straight Overlook Hotel vibes. Snow, creepy music, bleeding walls.
I tried to recreate the Overlook Hotel from The Shining a while back, but the rabbit hole went too deep.
Wouldn't be funny if Trump's term in WH turns out to be his time in the Overlook Hotel.
Welcome, to the Overlook Hotel... see the new trailer of the classic,
In 1980 I worked as a Caretaker for a bit at The Overlook Hotel! Best job I ever had!
Larry King and Jack Torrance closed the ballroom bar of the Overlook Hotel every night since 1921
Sippin drinks on a patio behind the exterior of the Overlook Hotel (aka Timberline Lodge). No hedge maze, but it's still pretty cool
not fraidy at all. I want to see the Overlook hotel!
When Jack Torrence walks into the Overlook Hotel Ballroom and it's full of ghosts 😍
Grabbing a drink at the Overlook Hotel by erieshore
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Idk, looks like winter at the Overlook Hotel 😱
See the impossible layout of the Overlook hotel.
If you prefer The Overlook Hotel to the Ramada Inn, you're probably a Horror fan!
This book renders it Fryderyk Chopin and the 'y's are making me think this library is the Overlook Hotel
I really want overlook hotel leggings.
📷 the-overlook-hotel: Test print for the iconic final image of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. Jack...
🎶I'm looking over a 4 clover that Overlook Hotel before🎶
I have a nightmare where these two faces stare at me from a supposedly empty room at the Overlook Hotel.
And we close... on our way to the Overlook Hotel?
And we know what happens to people when they get snowed in at the Overlook Hotel!
there's so much good Shining merch out there. I've wanted the Overlook Hotel themed socks for years, but my feet are too big :(
Matthew: "Dude if I had to stay at the Overlook Hotel, NO PANTS EVER!!"
My dream job is to be the off season manager of the Overlook Hotel.
The corridor outside my hotel room.
This waiter was the old caretaker at the Overlook Hotel
Website Builder 728x90
It is still burning light in the Overlook Hotel
not sure if picture on the wall in the Overlook Hotel...
You might have seen this already, but in case you haven’t, this Shining-themed shirt is pretty cool:
now I feel like I opened the wrong door at The Overlook Hotel
McMenamins secures deal for new Tiki-themed hotel in Kalama that will overlook ColumbiaRiver
“Overlook Hotel” by Jason Cusack is really shining. 21 orders with plenty of time left.
Chases through a perfect replica of the Overlook Hotel's maze model
My drive west and stay at The Stanley Hotel aka The Overlook
My Shining Overlook Hotel project is nearing completion, so I thought I'd share it on here
actually the hotel is a bit 'pocket Overlook'
I feel like you're becoming Jack Torrence and the studio is the Overlook Hotel. All clones with no takes makes Jim a dull boy.
Seriously, could anything top this What would the Oompla Loompas be up to in The Overlook Hotel?
Is it like super weird that one of my bucket list items is to visit the hotel that inspired The Overlook Hotel in the S…
A quiet night in at the Overlook Hotel yesterday with a nice glass of rum, redrum:. THE SHINING. Stanley Kubrik. 1980
Is the fact that the Overlook Hotel is in Colorado a decent enough reason to want a team to win? I think it is.
Nah, Cena would become the hero of the Overlook Hotel. :)
's work has inspired me to begin my own projects, I hope to be a film prop maker one day- his Overlook Hotel maze is amazing.
Agreed. Chuck's definitely the best guy though. As long as you can overlook the whole trading his girlfriend for a hotel thing.🤔
the freelance home studio life is pretty lonely, definitely not for everyone - gets very Overlook Hotel if you're not careful!
Standing on the top of Marina Bay Sands Hotel could overlook the city of Singapore.That's very beautiful night scene
they know me and tent to overlook the crazy pranks I pull when I'm on signing. Best hotel
oh it's GOTS to be the Overlook! The motto is "For Work and Play"! although the Great Northern Hotel is pretty great too...
I feel like my room is in the Overlook Hotel. ""Come and play with us. Come and play with us,…
What I want to know is what happened to the caretakers between the winter of '70 and when the Torrance's show up at the Overlook Hotel.
Oh, Just a Gingerbread House Rendition of the Overlook Hotel from “The Shining”
Wandered into The Overlook hotel last night.
LA Fitness is turning into my Overlook Hotel; "You've always been here" says a trainer gesturing to a staff photo from 1929 with me in it
If is in NH, who is looking after the Overlook Hotel?.
The Stanley Hotel inspiration for the Overlook Hotel the fictional building in Stephen Kings novel The Shining
Well done on the book, Mark - the more who know about it the better. Great pic - hung on the wall of the Overlook hotel?
Hmm, I can't decide: Notepad from The Green Man Inn or The Overlook Hotel?
Asylum definitely my favourite. The set of the hotel is awesome though, with its Overlook Hotel style carpet!
This gingerbread house replica of The Overlook Hotel from...
you're lost in the hallways of the Overlook Hotel. come around a corner and see--
scene of Kubrick's The Shining, of Jack Torrence at The Overlook Hotel Fourth of July Ball, 1921. "It is a stunning... 2/3
. Leave them all in the Overlook Hotel from The Shining for the winter.
Epic icicles on the Timberline Lodge (the exterior of The Shining's Overlook Hotel). Made it back…
The guy who played "Cardsharp Jimmy Bond" also played the Overlook Hotel's manager in The Shining.
The will transform into The Shining’s Overlook Hotel this has more details:
Went for a hike up to Treffgarne Rocks, which overlook the hotel - what a stunning place h…
Adam Savage built an exact replica of the The Overlook Hotel Maze model from the Shining. Super fascinating.
I'm currently sitting in the hotel they used as the exterior of the Overlook in The Shining. It's snowing outside...this could be bad
Walter and Perry welcome to the Overlook Hotel. Done on 9x12 Mixed Media paper, with watercolour, pigma inks,...
New THE OVERLOOK HOTEL the shining ROOM 237 horror movie prop KEYCHAIN, key fob
wouldn't cross that threshold. Reminds me of the Overlook Hotel
Who wore it better: shirt v Overlook Hotel floor .
These two make the overlook hotel twins look positively angelic
You're welcome to it! Also, I included the Overlook Hotel from The Shining as a side trip.
Overlook the rooftops of St Germain-des Prés from your own private terrace in our apartment.
This entire state is my Overlook Hotel.
The wave-shaped Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai has rooms that overlook the Persian Gulf.
I just checked-in at The Monaco Hotel in Washington DC. HELLO! Overlook Hotel - The Shining! Asked for Room 237.
Watch a flawless mashup of The Shining and Grand Budapest Hotel
A refutation of those slanderous lies about what happened in the Overlook Hotel.
So wait...was there a furry convention at the Overlook Hotel or what?
Set de fotos: vintagegal: To construct the interiors of the Overlook Hotel, Stanley Kubrick and his...
Do they use the old set for the Overlook Hotel? Cause if so, the maze scene is obligatory.
Overlook Hotel . July 4th, Ball 1921. Forever and ever and...ever.
He looks like he belongs in the Overlook Hotel.
9/1/2015, 11:32 PM: Dark Rebellion is exploring the Overlook Hotel on node 1 (FHTE).
9/1/2015, 10:45 PM: BRADJEWELL is exploring the Overlook Hotel on node 2 (FHTE).
Timberline Lodge in Oregon was the inspiration for the fictional Overlook Hotel in the Stanley…
Why da *** is Vanessa insisting on tangling herself with Norman Bates & his mother? And dragging the twins from Overlook Hotel along?
Jack Torrance's new job at the Overlook Hotel is the perfect chance for a fresh start. As the off-season caretak...
Dozens of old photos in the Overlook Hotel lobby…freaked me out the most
Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Co. Old, beautiful and haunted.the inspiration for the Overlook Hotel i
"We can overlook the Ireland hotel incident Roy, but slotting someone in Curry's over a coffee machine is really not on"
im in a hotel w/ hallway carpet so nice it could have been in the Overlook
The real Overlook Hotel that inspired the interiors of The Shining sets.
Why hasn't anyone edited the 7/11 video to look like they're in the Overlook Hotel yet this is the internet isn't it
This has already been asked and answered, I'm sure. Will there ever be a story about the early years of The Overlook Hotel?
Apple quietly mutters to itself, "One of us, one of us…". Alternatively you've attempted to log into the Overlook Hotel's wifi.
I consider it unlikely that you don’t know about these, but just in case
If you aren't feeling the Kubrick merch available at TIFF, has a wonderful Overlook Hotel keychain tag.
so I'm in Denver and we might go to the overlook hotel.
Update your maps at Navteq
Overlook Xinghai Bay and the luminous Yellow Sea from The Castle Hotel.
Has it ever occurred to you that I have agreed to look over the overlook hotel until may the first?!?!?
Director in negotiations to helm THE SHINING prequel OVERLOOK HOTEL: by http:…
My radiologist's office is two creepy twins away from the Overlook Hotel.
Just realised (watching Room 237) that as a kid I was brought to what was used for exterior shots of the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.
This Jay Electronica show lands a day before I leave to sequester myself at the Overlook Hotel (OK, Iowa...
Is that a typewriter in The Overlook Hotel? "here's Johnny?" X
Are You Ready for ‘The Shining’ the Unauthorized Musical?. The sick and twisted characters of The Overlook Hotel...
where can i acquire the Shining one?! I must be lulled to sleep with thoughts of The Overlook Hotel
period sex is still sex, PERIOD. Open your legs like the elevator doors to the Overlook Hotel & let that blood flow all over me!
Video: the-overlook-hotel: Rare 1980 interview with actor Scatman Crothers, where he discusses his...
(1980 Film) Torrance accepts a job as the winter caretaker of 'Overlook Hotel', a secluded resort high in the...
Rare 1980 video interview with Scatman Crothers on filming The Shining
I look at this and all I see is the carpet from the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.
What I want from this is a clear explanation behind the Overlook Hotel July 4th Ball B&W photo. That's all.
Checked into the Overlook hotel exhibit
great accommodations, however I would love to see more overlook hotel nods! us fans would LOVE it! and c y'all soon!
I stayed in the haunted hotel that was the basis for The Overlook & I had a ghostly experience. 😱
My midweek home till Christmas. The Overlook (Majestic) Hotel in Harrogate!
I must go to Colorado and visit the Overlook hotel!
Ok the Timberline Lodge on mount hood, Oregon. Aka the overlook hotel for shining fans. Room237 Film4 12:35
We're booking excursions to the Overlook Hotel - 1 night only! Good price for the off season. Spend some quiet...
in fact it's the same military grey colour the the Outpost 31 & Overlook Hotel shirts are...
"From Orval we will travel to the historic town of Boullion and our accommodation, Hotel Cosy, on the bluff overlook…
YES. Thank goodness. Many are not. Just dealing with constant shoveling and the "Overlook Hotel" Syndrome. Thank you for asking
Welp this is it. I am going to turn into Jack Torrance. And fredonia campus is the Overlook Hotel.
Dis da type of storm where u get snowed in w/Jack Nicholson at the overlook hotel
.It's the carpet pattern from the Overlook Hotel in The Shining.
Here I am at the Stanley Hotel in my Overlook Hotel shirt holding my copy of The Shining. Happiest Day Ever!!!
I'm reading Stephen King's new novel "Doctor Sleep" (what happened AFTER the Overlook Hotel burned down in the Shining) oo yea it's good! James Patterson & David Ellis' INVISIBLE will be my next read.
Here's Johnny! Timberline Lodge. The exterior for the hotel in The Shining. The Overlook Hotel.
Knitted cardigans, sweaters & ski masks inspired by carpet pattern frm the Overlook Hotel in horror film The Shining!
Photo: the-overlook-hotel: Actors Danny Lloyd and Shelley Duvall on the exterior Overlook Hotel set of The...
I feel like Scatman Crothers in "The Shining" driving to the Overlook Hotel to save the Torrance family. Not because somebody is in danger of getting killed with an ax, just because of the snow.
Twins -- when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have them, it's fascinating. When they appear to Jack Nicholson in the corridors of the Overlook Hotel in the film "The Shining," it's freaky. When Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito claim to be them, it's comedy gold. And while multiple births represent one of the great wonders of life in their own right, they provide important clues in the mysterious case of nature versus nurture. This case is concerned with how much of our personhood is due to what we came into the world with -- our genes. Do our genes determine how smart we'll be? Who we'll love? What we'll prefer to eat for dinner? Or does what happens once you're in the world make a bigger difference? Will parents or peers or pop stars ultimately shape the person you become? One way for researchers to figure out where genes end and where environment begins is in the study of identical twins, who share the same genes. Scientists have been studying twins to figure out the impact of genes on everything fro ...
looks like you were headed to The Overlook Hotel...
Good movie. Made at Elstree. The Overlook Hotel site is not the Big Brother house! All done with white sand and glitter!
I just don't understand why *** Halloran would go back to The Overlook Hotel unarmed. WHY?!
Not very spooky. Except that it looks like the Overlook Hotel.
Snow comin' down at the Overlook Hotel. Beautiful start to the day
"The world wasn't a hospice with fresh air, the world was the Overlook Hotel, where the party never ended. Where the dead were alive forever." - Stephen King, Doctor Sleep
molly just asked me if I wanted to get married in the overlook hotel from the shining. I said "sure" - does that mean we're engaged now? should I change my status? Edit: False alarm guys... she took it back and said I need to propose to her or whatever.
I want to go to the Overlook Hotel and the J Edgar Hoover building and the McCallister house from Home Alone
So I just got done watching The Shining with Jack Nicholson. The last time I saw this movie was when I was a teenager on VHS. To be honest I really didn't care for it the first time I saw it. I did a lot of research on this movie and learned about symbolism and things to watch for in the film and I rewatched it today with an open mind and a fresh look at it. It was different this time around and I have read what people say they think happened at the Overlook hotel in that movie but I have a theory that hasn't been mentioned. I liked the film but I do question why Shelley Duvall was casted in this film. They really should have casted someone who could stand toe to toe with Jack Nicholson in acting range.
He's sick of watching sex and the city @ overlook hotel
I would love to stay at The Overlook Hotel
The tea room has a happy Overlook Hotel vibe to it I am enjoying this.
Doctor Sleep...Stephen King's follow up to The Shining. Best book I've read in a long time. If you'd like to know whatever happened to Danny "Doc" Torrance since the Overlook Hotel claimed his father, read this book. I hated it to end...wanted it to keep on going. Hope there's a third book in the series!
Cabin Fever is beginning. Bedoom is starting to remind me of The Overlook Hotel
Ok folks vote Brown Palace or Overlook hotel (Stanley Hotel) I have always wanted to stay at both and have never gotten the chance until now so let's see where the vote goes :-) ;-)
You know you're having a bad day as a 5-year old--when you're riding your tricycle through the creepy Overlook Hotel and run into this.
*** Hallorann should have stayed in Florida, but no, he's got to go to the Overlook Hotel to check up on things. Next thing you know, he gets an axe to the stomach. Talk about an upset stomach. Apparently, Jack didn't take a shining to him. But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Oops, gotta get back to the movie. Any guesses which one I'm watching?
So disorienting! Feel like I'm at the Overlook Hotel
Something pleasantly Overlook Hotel about this birthday party
Can I just live in my Whirlpool until I'm dead and wrinkly like the lady from the Overlook Hotel?.
I fancy staying at the overlook hotel. I hear it's kinda lively this time of year.
I'm like a cut-price Jason King in the Overlook Hotel.
Awesome. It looks like Max is on the carpet of The Shining's Overlook Hotel! :)
the only person I'd trust to look after the Overlook hotel with me!!
We only drank there a handful of times but it made The Overlook Hotel look like Funderland!
Staying in this creepy hospital-turned-hotel for the night in Kalaw. Reminds me of the Overlook…
Video: the-overlook-hotel: CNN piece about how The Shining has continued to fascinate movie-goers for well...
Leaning into the freight near the Tanana River.the Engineer & Conductor on this job have over 80 years between them, and it was a true pleasure to work with guys that know what they are doing, and willing to share their experiences. With the trees, I thought I was *** Halloran, trying to make it up to the overlook hotel to get axed by Jack Nicholson.A fine trip.
I feel like I'm stuck in the Overlook Hotel.
Wedding place looks like the Overlook Hotel inside. Riding my tricycle.
The Overlook Hotel. I always thought it was a real place.
I feel like Jack Torrance on his way to the OverLook Hotel and I happen to be ecstatic AF about that.
I think that's how Jack's family felt when they moved into the Overlook Hotel.
My theory stands that The Overlook Hotel in The Shining wasn't based on an actual hotel, but an IKEA store. It makes sense. You go in, and it's huge and majestic and seems to have everything you could need. But before too long, you want to kill people with an axe.
I have cabin fever and my dad is watching war movies all's about to be the Overlook Hotel up in this house.
Dear Managerial Staff of Overlook Hotel, It disturbs me to report that some of your ethereal dwellers have escaped. Surely I can think of no other explanation for what I have seen. As I rounded the corner into the mens room I was visually assaulted by three of your specters. One took the form of a hobble man, easily in his sixties, carrying a pair of slacks with the tags still on them. The second took the form of an even older gentleman, crippled by age and left pantless and on his back. The third took the form of a giant of a woman, easily standing six foot twelve in heels and dressed as Reba McIntyre, kneeling in front of the eldest man and wrapping him in a new diaper. Crippled by fear, I was left with no course of action other than to slowly back out of the room and retreat to a safer part of the store, all the while warning customers of the haunting taking place. Several hours later I decided to brave the restroom again and can report that I have yet to see the phantoms again, but I am still war ...
Me and my buddies at the Overlook Hotel ball in 1921.
Choosing to buy this shirt is the easy...the hard part is deciding if you preferred Jack Nicholson in the film or Steven Weber in the miniseries! For those not in the know...The Shining was a groundbreaking film featuring Jack Nicholson, and this Overlook Hotel shirt pays homage to that classic f...
Sometimes geography itself becomes the Overlook Hotel of history.
Hello friends, well I will start pleasing in New Year you with the next techno from AIMA. This time to us...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Bradford Council approves plan for new hotel in Little Germany: A new city centre hotel, destined to overlook ...
Do you happen to be staying at the Overlook Hotel?
riding my Big Wheel through the Overlook Hotel of life Hollywood, Florida
The Polar Vortex has turned America into the Overlook Hotel.
I could not figure out how to open the door at this hotel - new post:
"The world was the Overlook hotel, where the party never ended"
Got a bad feeling about Dan Torrance going back to the site of the Overlook hotel Claire Portelli-Gold ... Nearly there. It's not going to end well is it :(
Don't Overlook the other staff. TR There are so few people staying in this hotel I'm not even sure the bartender is real.
The closed minded spineless suits of the Overlook Hotel have struck again lol.
NEW COMICS! Fans of Stephen King and The Overlook Hotel, take note:
has been reminiscing about the winter he was a Caretaker at "The Overlook Hotel"...
Photo: the-overlook-hotel: Original full-size production slate from The Shining.
Okay so talking about or watching OUAT will tend to give me weird dreams any more. I was trying to help Mr gold, after he was sucked through some portal, find Belle in this creepy Stephen Kingish tupe Overlook Hotel and I think we ran into hook . It was weird because several thing happened involving elevators not working right and almost bring killed until we were on a floor were the room numbers were in the 40s. We looked in the rooms I think belle was in room number 40. But the first room I saw was door 42 which I went back to after finding belle. Door 42 would not budge not I nor anyone else could open it
Fans Go Back to The Overlook Hotel with the Master of Horror and SHINE! RT
Overlook Hotel t-shirts and sweatshirts by available here: - ht…
Stomach: upset. Mind: not really. Remote: just signed me in for a three-hour stay at the Overlook Hotel. I hear they used to throw some swinging shindigs there...
I've been reading all day about people being trapped inside their frozen houses with their families it's as if they won't be able to get out until spring..ya know kind of like the Overlook hotel an isolated resort in the Rockies.
I'm leaving my house tomorrow. ..being stuck inside the last two days I feel like im stuck at the overlook hotel... ugh
It's only fitting to be watching The Shining right now since we're snowed in like the Overlook Hotel.
Stay out of room 237. You have no business in room 237. Stay out. This movie is a classic . I want to go to the overlook hotel .
I don't think that Jack descend into madness was caused by the haunted overlook was the snow.
I swear, if our internet goes out this house will become the Overlook Hotel.
Good night Positrons! What did we learn today? Its good to be back in the groove...I do like to mix it up from time to time, but getting back to the regular routine always feels nice! A good bit of drumming and a good bit of fasting always gets me back on track. I'm a little late on my New Years Resolutions.but better late than ;-) I thought I had all of my ducks in a row with the new record. Last night I got to proofing the final details of "The Light Revolution" and realized I'd forgotten to send the audio to my Digital Partners. Oops. That's kind of the crux of the whole "Music" thing Andy! You'd think I'd have this record thing down by now! I guess the Christmas season can get us all a bit distracted. Right all about renewal in the Lindquist household. Setting goals is a big thing for us. can be a good bit of fun too. Got a lot of good thinking time up at Lutsen this weekend. But.anyone that truly knows me, knows Andy can go a bit...lets say "Overlook Hotel-ish"."All ...
OKAY...I'm starting to feel like I am at the Overlook Hotel! Here's Johnnie!!! REDRUM!
Starting to feel like The Overlook Hotel over here...
Kathryn Scott, don't you manage the overlook hotel?
Well snowed in another day looks like. My dad and Conner and John out trying to get lane open for me to go to work.without success. Dad got tractor stuck and took the three of them hours to get it just a few feet out of a.drift to the side of the lane. Overlook hotel anyone lol
This house is turning into the overlook hotel..
It's colder than a warlock's testes out there. (The winter equivalent of the summer one for witches.) Because I can. And Justice doesn't have school again tomorrow. And I run out of chocolate tomorrow. Is the house is starting to look like the Overlook Hotel or is it just me? (Just kidding, going a little stir crazy, that's all. Very grateful and lucky to have a home at all.)
I am staying at the Overlook Hotel, now where are those twins?
I can see why the caretakers at the Overlook Hotel snapped. I've only been trapped indoors for 9 hours and I'm about ready to take an axe to somebody.
Cabin fever is beginning to set in.. this house is starting to feel like the Overlook Hotel.
Great pix of Al Gore as the Jack Nicholson's character of the caretaker at the Overlook Hotel from the Shining.
I was just thinking that it's feeling like The Overlook Hotel.and I get a text from my mom saying, "Red rum. Red rum." Love my mom!
Starting to feel a little stir crazy, like I'm in the Overlook Hotel!
Just found out that its blue Monday? The day of the year when people are at their most miserable! You're telling me. just arrived at the Overlook Hotel for my first day back at work.!!! I need a holiday!
This weather is why Jack Torrance's Cheese slid off his *** at the Overlook Hotel !
after this weekend, I kinda know how Jack Torrence felt at the overlook hotel.
Sweet mother of Stanley Kubrick! I feel like Scatman Crothers driving back to the Overlook Hotel in this crap. Jesus.
OMG *** What is with the guy laying on the bed in a full tux with another guy leaning over him in a full freaky fuzzy bear suit complete with a bear half face mask? Uh what? There was some freaky deaky stuff going on at the Overlook Hotel!
Things are pretty quiet here at the Overlook hotel. Except for my wife Rebecca Schuiling's incessant typing ...
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