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Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire or Sublime Ottoman State or sometimes also referred to as Turkey in the mid-19th century (Ottoman Turkish: دَوْلَتِ عَلِيّهٔ عُثمَانِیّه Devlet-i ʿAliyye-yi ʿOsmâniyye (also عثمانلى دولتى Osmanlı Devleti), Modern Turkish: Osmanlı Devleti or Osmanlı İmparatorluğu) was a Turkish empire which lasted from 27 July 1299 to 29 October 1923.

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Ottomans were the Sultanas, had they been true chalips, never would have dusk and darkness visited them, as the darkness purported by the muhammad wahabi and spy Hempher. Every one has his hey day even Satan is enjoying his hey days, but at last he has to undergo through the eternal Hellfire and cold inferno. Same shall be the case with the so called wahabi salafi saudis and their helplines British and US. The cancers of present day civilisations.
Kurds suspect Turkey of backing Islamic State the former ottoman empire has been showing two faces
Frank Dobson dismisses Allied interventions in Middle East in WWI & WWII - Ottoman Empire collapsed because of Allied intervention
Islamic polities - Ottoman Empire TOLERATE but only on condition of discriminatory taxes establishing subjection.
Gets taken hostage by the Ottoman empire and later got 20,000 of their troops on a impaled outside the capital of his country
how about in 1914 when British intelligence created Saudi Arabia by breaking the Ottoman Empire
All I know is that every night is bingo night at The Ottoman Empire.
*** SHORT STORY -- The True Believer***. Sultan Murad IV, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1623-1640, would...
Can we blame the Ottoman Empire for losing WWI, or should we only blame western nations?
and water, the slaughter was indiscriminate. The Ottoman Empire in a deliberate and systematic ... 33/63
the Armenians lived in the capital of the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul, where they have excelled in ... 28/63
and the Ottoman Empire began in 1514, when the Ottomans took over the leadership of Sultan Selim I in ... 20/63
sources and systematic murder of Armenians by the Ottoman Empire during and after World War I through ... 10/63
C) Bare in mind the Allied Done all the settings in the region after taking over from the Ottoman Empire -WWI-
After Ottoman Empire too, there was oil money, war money in the Muslim world: Spent on sex slave/wives but not for global relief
Conference on Armenian Art and Culture in the Ottoman Empire before 1915
Readers sound off on the Ottoman Empire, school clubs and political correctness #
Sept. 26: Ottoman Empire, school clubs and political correctness: Hope, R.I.: Since Iraq and Syria have…
ok. Lets stick to end of Ottoman Empire: muslim 'Asian Tigers' didnt ever get attacked
soldiers of the Empire in in 1912, carrying Avcہ "victory from God and opening soon"
lol I'm sorry .but the Ottoman empire was a Islamic never said Kurdistan lol
Battle of Lepanto by Paolo Veronese c1572 | Divine intervention in the decisive 1571 battle against Ottoman Empire htt…
I'm not a fan of Hamas or of the Ottoman Empire. They aren't monsters like ISIS and the people in
the Brithsh carved the Ottoman empire remnants into pieces and what is now Jordan, Israel & Palestine was
longer than some people might think. Against French, Ottoman Empire etc.
I'm bet the Ottoman Empire was great and all but I'm pretty sure life got better for everyone when they invented recline…
I would argue it hadn’t existed since the fall of the Ottoman Empire though
2 distinct research projects going on + directed reading seminar on late Ottoman Empire + French + TA duties = Europe jumbled in my head!
this hate was also propagated by army of Ottoman Empire, when it's caliphate, it's extreme hate against Infidels
tbh if I was to live anywhere at that time it'd be deep within the Ottoman Empire
At the very least, not one to put family above country, since that whole clump of the world was fighting the Ottoman Empire.
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Thirty Years' War (1991-2021?) Or War of the End of the Ottoman Empire (1914-2040?)MT WildCardWar n…
“Turkey to help Muslim Brotherhood overthrow Egypt-USA seems determined to re-establish the Ottoman Empire as it's proxy
You definitely have documents about Ottoman Empire owning all that land. It’s yours. Right of return baby! Syria 1st.
Pretty much anywhere the Ottoman empire had influence over has the word. Μεζές in Cyprus :)
I just spent a large portion of my evening reading the entire "Ottoman Empire" Wikipedia page because I'm cool and hip and what not.
*holds aloft remote control*. All hail the ruler of the living room!!. *puts feet up*. - ottoman empire
part 5 Ask your self Who created Isis? The same people who created Al Qaeda. US. What was the Result of the Iraq war, Libya, Kuwait? Destabilization.leaving what behind? A vacuum. who filled it?... either Muslim Brotherhood or Al Qaeda. Syria, Al Qaeda wanted Obama to bomb Assad, Obama wanted to help, Congress said you do and you have overstepped your grounds and said No.No that we are arming the REBELS to fight ISIS what will happen to those weapons When ISIS has been Cleared, from Syria?.and after the coalition has cleared all "foreign" fighters from Syria and Iraq, including Iranian fighters Hezbollah, Leaving a vacuum, who do you suppose will fill that vacuum? It would need to be a country not weakened by war to stabilize it. Let me give you a hint.Last Remanent of the Ottoman Empire. Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. has enough clout in the Muslim world to declare a true we eat on Thanksgiving.But wait there's more! not only do you get a true caliphate,.Syria falls.Iran is in the cross ...
Topkapi Palace was one of the most valuable structure of the Ottoman Empire, the central administration of the State.
This is the title that the Obama administration has determined to call them, the L in Levant is the description of this map better known as the Ottoman Empire!
How do you get Ottoman Empire instead of third reich for the third German Empire? Come on jeopardy bro!.
wish for independence is not separatism. It's more akin to the resistance to the Ottoman Empire.
by JEFFREY D. SACHS * NEW YORK – It is time for the United States and other powers to let the Middle East govern itself in line with national sovereignty and the United Nations Charter. As the US contemplates yet another round of military action in Iraq and intervention in Syria, it should recognize two basic truths. First, US interventions, which have cost the country trillions of dollars and thousands of lives over the past decade, have consistently destabilized the Middle East, while causing massive suffering in the affected countries. Second, the region’s governments – in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, and elsewhere – have both the incentive and the means to reach mutual accommodations. What is stopping them is the belief that the US or some other outside power (such as Russia) will deliver a decisive victory on their behalf. When the Ottoman Empire collapsed at the end of World War I, the great powers of the day, Britain and France, carved out successor states in order to en ...
Indian Muslim soldiers executed by the British for refusing to fight Ottoman Empire during WW1 http…
As we prepare to commemorate centenary WW1 wh ended Ottoman Empire: Indonesia arrests 4 Turks over Islamic State link
The Committee Of 300 The Committee of 300 governs the world via a three city state empire, in which the cities pay no taxes and obey their own laws. City of London Corporation – Financial power centre, established in 1067 District of Columbia – Military power centre, established in 1871 Vatican City – Religious power centre, sovereign in 1929 The Committee of 300 uses a network of roundtable groups, think tanks and secret societies which control the world’s largest financial institutions and governments. The most prominent of these groups include Chatham House, Bilderburg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Ditchley Foundation, Club of Rome, RAND Corporation, PNAC and of course Freemasonry. Western Europe, excluding the German Empire, was united by the House of Guelph in 1815. The German Empire was conquered in 1918 along with the Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire following World War I. The thousand year war between the Guelph’s and Ghibelline’s finally concluded wi ...
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1389 / the Serbs and their allies were defeated by the Ottoman Turks&shortly Kosovo became part of the Ottoman Empire.
But here's a solution--remake the Ottoman Empire. Allow the Turks to retake the Middle East like they had for 100s of years.
minu kuj pulya pulya lag rya , !! aj ki hoya si? oye ,,, aj 9 sep nu hoya ki si , lets search google ,,, !! :p :p :p :p :p , must Read till end ,,, !! September 9 is the 252nd day of the year (253rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 113 days remaining until the end of the year. 701 - St Sergius I ends his reign as Catholic Pope 1000 - Battle of Svolder, Baltic Sea. King Olaf on board the Long Serpent defeated in one of the greatest naval battles of the Viking Age. 1379 - Treaty of Neuberg, splitting the Austrian Habsburg lands between the Habsburg Dukes Albert III and Leopold III. 1493 - Battle of Krbava field, a decisive defeat of Croats in Croatian struggle against the Ottoman Empire invasion. 1513 - Battle of Flodden Fields; English defeat James IV of Scotland 1543 - Mary Stuart, at nine months old, is crowned "Queen of Scots" in the central Scottish town of Stirling. 1556 - Pope Paul IV refuses to crown Ferdinand of Austria emperor 1561 - Sermon of Poissy 1567 - Lomaraal van Egmond & ...
Christians were especially Armenians and Greeks Imad educated elite and wealthy in the reign of the Ottoman state, and religious groups were more educated and played roles in the development of science, education, language, cultural and economic life And appeared in the eighteenth century, the influence of Greece Fanar in the Ottoman Empire. Greece and Fanar are the sons of a Greek aristocratic families lived in the neighborhood of Fanar in Istanbul, inspired Fanar is the center of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, the center of any Eastern Orthodox. These families had political influence within the Ottoman Empire and the influence of religion in the appointment of the Patriarch, Christian leader in the Ottoman Empire. The families of the neighborhood Fanar families Greek Vartbtt civilization Hellenistic and Western civilization formed the educated class and intelligentsia in the Ottoman Empire, which opened its Nicoma politically, culturally and dabble members of these families in the trade, ...
Turks R running d entire Islamic terrorist show aimed at reviving the Ottoman Empire with partners like Pakistan & KSA.
Barack Obama ca. 1915: "We will continue to shrink the Ottoman Empire to where it is a manageable problem."
"Ottoman Empire vs Pangea in the World Cup" -
"A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East" Whatta MESS!
anti Russian rhetoric predates the Ottoman Empire
In 1898 Herzl traveled to Palestine and Istanbul to meet with Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire...
Satan has been unleashed in the world. Or, if you are an atheist or secular and uncomfortable with theological imagery: Dr. Frankenstein’s monster has escaped the laboratory and is rampaging across the landscape. The most recent atrocities committed by the Islamic State — notably, the beheading of an American journalist by an ISIS mujahid on video, as a warning to President Obama (see Fox News, CNN, and the Mail Online) — demonstrate that something unprecedented is at work in the Middle East. Not since the defeat of the Ottoman army in 1683 has barbarity of this magnitude gone unchecked in the region. Actually, you’d have to go back farther than 1683, or even 1453, to find comparable events. During its entire suzerainty over Mesopotamia, the Ottoman Empire did not engage in the systematic demolition of Shiite mosques. But that is exactly what ISIS is doing, even as it massacres and enslaves Christians and Yezidis. This is a moment of enormous historical import. The proclamation of a Caliphate by t ...
The typical military sign of the Ottoman Empire, known as "Arma" in Turkish, is formed by various (about 30) different elements all symbolizing something. This sign was used by the Ottoman infantry on the battalion banners. The sign was first used after Nizami-Jedid reforms, meaning "New Order" in Turkish, carried out by the sultan Selim III in the late eighteenth century.
under ottoman empire and the. British mandate 2/
should I come up with. Jews fought against Ottoman Empire. after centuries of living together
AWESOME frame with the seal of the Ottoman Empire a student got me from Turkey. Thanks,
Protestantism and Islam entered into contact during the 16th century, at a time when Protestant movements in northern Europe coincided with the expansion of the Ottoman Empire in southern Europe. As both were in conflict with the AustrianHoly Roman Emperor and his Catholic allies, numerous exchanges…
It only means that Ottoman Empire was a
After World War I, England & France carved up the Ottoman Empire, with England retaining Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and Iraq.
Ottoman Empire (jews in finance) did not build one city in 600 years.
I added a video to a playlist Europa Universalis IV Ottoman Empire Part 7
The Ottoman Empire claimed to be the last caliphate, and it lasted right up until 1914
When came to Palestine, ownership was established thru Ottoman Empire. Deeds.
and 1946 (the one on the far left) should say "British Colony" as they took it from the Ottoman Empire in war.
it's a corker. Gary actually talks a lot of sense. Apart from the anecdote where he dismantles the Ottoman Empire.
Ottoman Empire was one of largest and longest in history. 1299 until 19c. Inspired by Islam with Islamic institutions. ht…
muslim Turks and Kurds beheaded 1000s of Assyrian Christians between 1914-1918 in Ottoman empire.
Talk about the state of Palestine under the ottoman empire and how it went under Zionist occupation throughout the years 1/2
that led to me going down a Wikipedia rabbit hole related to the Ottoman Empire. THANKS
exactly! That is when all this got going. WW1 dissolution of Ottoman empire;LOOT
Sounds like new Ottoman Empire, right ? Yeah yeah, i think so.
Soo Gary removed the Ottoman Empire from Istanbul *** AM i listening to 😐
Gary Busey just claimed to have brought down the Ottoman Empire. I believe him.
that's awesome! My branch just went to the Balkans and settled in the Ottoman Empire :D
0wned by DodePersie ~ The Ottoman Empire legalized homosexuality in 1858, decades before the first European nations would do so.
It's origins go back to the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire imo
0wned by DodePersie ~ The last time The Chicago Cubs won The World Series the Ottoman Empire Still Existed.
Is the EU determined to allow turkey to create the Ottoman Empire v2.0.. time to WTFU
"Last century, Islamic Turks, the successors to the Ottoman Empire, unleashed unbridled genocide against the...
Going to open up a furniture store and call it the Ottoman Empire.
Turkey? Really? That's kind of surprising. Well, creeping up into Europe. Ottoman Empire 2.0
The British took over after Ottoman Empire after WW1.Palestine was used by ancient Greeks.
- His dream is to revive Islamic civilization under the leadership of a powerful Turkey as heir to the Ottoman Empire
Thanks for following, great to see you're on the same mission in the Ottoman Empire!
+Ottoman Empire and now Republic of Turkey.You can find most useful intel info at+
Most imporant: What lead to the decline of the Ottoman empire?
Ottoman Empire is in building. Best greetings to family Rothschild & Rockefeller
Britain destroyed the Ottoman empire (Palestine). Britain is almost destroyed from infiltration right now. REVENGE. She will never (1/2)
Guess what state also didn't exist in 1946. Palestine. It was a British territory after the dissolution of Ottoman Empire
ironically it was the Brits & their new technology (navigation of the seas) that destroyed the Ottoman Empire & then gave…
0wned by DodePersie ~ The last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series, the Ottoman Empire still existed
On this day (24 August 1516), the Ottoman Empire defeated the Mamluk Sultanate and conquered Syria. It would remain Ot…
Well, we've been there through King David, to the Romans, to the Ottoman Empire to the British so, it's ours.
well, b4 oil, Ottoman Empire est. 1299,abolished 1924 controlled major trade routes on land; they just luck sacked in to oil
the history of events from the Ottoman Empire to 1948
498 years ago today, the Ottoman Empire defeated the Mamluk Sultanate near Aleppo & annexed
I bet the Middle East wouldn't be half as bad modern day if the Ottoman empire still existed with all its territories.
The founder of the Ottoman Empire's advice for his son. .
is a creation, as they dream of bringing back Caliphate and resurrection Ottoman Empire.
the Turk has more balls than all the arab dictators combined! Shame! Time to revive Ottoman empire! …
Much of the complexity and the conflict in the "Middle East" today stems from the breakup of the Ottoman Empire by the British and French after WWI...the Ottomans had the area divided into regional Provinces--see the NY Times maps here, from which the modern "States" of Jordan, Iraq, and Syria were "carved out" with their rather arbitrary borders, crossing Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish population regions.
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Pre-Israel? It was a British mandate and before that the Ottoman Empire “back when?”
maybe you've not heard of Transjordan, Ottoman Empire the British mandate.dude
has violated many Islamic laws & will fall soon They must learn from the mistakes of the Ottoman Empire.(3/3)
WHY PALESTINE? Palestine was absorbed into the Ottoman Empire in 1517 and remained under the rule of the Turks until World War One.In the peace talks that followed the end of the war, parts of the Ottoman Empire were handed over to the French to control and parts were handed over to the British – including Palestine. Britain governed this area under a League of Nations mandate from 1920 to 1948. To the Arab population who lived there, it was their homeland and had been promised to them by the Allies for help in defeating the Turks by the McMahon Agreement - though the British claimed the agreement gave no such promise. The same area of land had also been promised to the Jews (as they had interpreted it) in the Balfour Declaration. THEN AFTER THE HOLOCAUST AMERICA REFUSED TO ACCEPT ANY EUROPEAN JEWS WHO WERE POOR, SO THEY WERE SENT TO THE PALESTINE BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE WANTED THEN. lets not bugger around with american propaganda. that clip above is nothing more than an excuse for the Zionists who control ...
Archaeological Buildings - Idrisi Emirate of Asir The Emirate was established by Muhammad ibn Ali al-Idrisi in rebellion against the Ottoman Empire. It gained the support of Great Britain during the First World War,[2] and flourished until the death of Sayyid Muhammad in 1920. It was gradually absorbed into the new state of Saudi Arabia and formally annexed by that kingdom under the Treaty of Taif in 1934
I realized today that I have been missing something. World War III has been going on since before 9/11/01. The U.S. was attacked for it's freedom and alliance with Israel numerous times by a small band of extremists. Over the past two decades (since the first 1993 world trade center bombing) these extremist have grown in number, and mysteriously, resources. Now they are re-establishing the cradle of the Ottoman Empire which waged war on "Christendom" for a millennia. They have momentum and are not meeting any opposition despite our considerable efforts to eliminate them. They have become like a hydra, each head that is cut off (Islamist leaders), two grow back. They are larger and more powerful now than ever. The entire time our side has denied this is a religious war.the U.S. is not waging war against Muslims. But it is a religious war. That is what is driving the ideals of our enemy, the enemy of freedom. They want Israel eliminated from the face of the Earth and for all Western thought and la ...
So the Ottoman Empire was on the German side in the First World War
German cruisers Goeben and Breslau are sold to the Ottoman Empire for 80 million Marks. They will be crewed by Germans.
the Hashemite Sharif Hussein Ben Ali led the Arab Great Revolt against the oppressing Ottoman Empire and liberated the Levant
Kurdish cavalry who fought for the Ottoman Empire against the Russian Empire in .
If ever there were a people today in need of a homeland for their continued security as a people, it is probably the Palestinians. The Kurds, however, finish a close second. Life in Gaza is unquestionably intolerable in its current iteration, but life for the Kurds in Assad’s Syria and Shi’a Iran has been equally impossible. Between Saddam Hussein’s pursuit of a pure Arab ethnic identity through mass killing and the Halabja gas attacks, Iraqi Kurdistan has fared little better. The Kurds have their own language, culture and history. As a minority, they have faced sectarian oppression and have suffered in whatever country they reside. They were promised the possibility of independence in the 1920 Treaty of Sevres (which created the modern states of Iraq, Syria and Kuwait) and again in 1946, but, like most colonial promises, it was rescinded three years later. It would seem that, nearly a century after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the imposition of the colonial mandate system, the internation ...
Palestine just like Israel is a product of WWI and dissolution of 400 year Ottoman Empire. Turks are not Arabs.
Shahid Sb. It is all hatred by Arabs of Turks n Iranian.Arab made all sort of concessions to damage Ottoman Empire
When the Ottoman Empire ruled Palestine,was Hamas launching missiles against the Turks ?
Thanks, we Turks are not anti-semite. Neither was the Ottoman Empire (which you know well). We are anti-zionists!
THE NAKBA: THE PALESTINIAN CATASTROPHE OF 1948 One of the most jarring and important events of recent Islamic history has been the Arab-Israeli Conflict. This conflict is multifaceted, complex, and is still one of the world’s most problematic issues in international relations. One aspect of this conflict is the refugee problem that began in 1948, with the creation of the State of Israel. Over 700,000 Palestinians became refugees that year, in what is known as the “Nakba”, which is Arabic for catastrophe. BACKGROUND In the 1800s, a new nationalistic movement was born in Europe. Zionism was a political movement advocating the creation of a Jewish state. Many Jews believed having their own state was necessary in the face of discrimination and oppression by Europeans. After debating where to create this new state should exist at the First Zionist Congress in 1897, the Zionist movement decided to aim at creating their state in Palestine, which was then part of the Ottoman Empire. The sultan/caliph of the ...
It rankles especially when I hear it from Turks who would go nuts if you said the Ottoman Empire had committed a genocide.
the Turks and the Ottoman Empire ruled the Middle East back in the old days, maybe they should take the leadership role again.
palestine was part of Ottoman Empire before the British mandate and ppl did already live there. Stop spreading false propaganda.
Young Turks of the Ottoman Empire to join the First World War on the side of the Central Powers.So NO One In the
A Question of Genocide: Armenians and Turks at the End of the Ottoman Empire. A Question...
100 years today, exactly 1 calendar month to the day gavrilo princip assassinated archduke franz ferdinand. Austro-hungarian forces fired the first shots at serbian forces, culminating in over 4 years of total madness, mayhem and carnage resulting in the loss of 9 million lives, the break up of the austro-hungarian, german and ottoman empires and also the rise of both communism and nazism/fascism. Lets hope that this madness will never happen again
There was no Palestine as a state. It was part of the Ottoman Empire. Don't believe the propaganda. http…
a map of the Ottoman empire just before the eatablishment of modern Palestine
I would have probably died defending southern Poland from the Ottoman Empire.
What Is Islam? By Louis Rushmore, Editor Herein, we propose to briefly define Islam and contrast it with true Christianity. In the short, contrasting Jesus Matthew 5:43-47 and Mohammad from Koran 9:5 substantially achieves our thesis. “Ye have heard that it hath been said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust. For if ye love them which love you, what reward have ye? do not even the publicans the same? And if ye salute your brethren only, what do ye more than others? do not even the publicans so? Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matt 5:43-48) Contrast what Jesus taught with, “Fight and slay the Pagans wherever you f ...
Amongst muslims we rejoiced at the events at Kerbala, the downfall of Muavia and Abbasi dynasties, the Mughal empire and the Ottoman empire.
Two. Who is responsible for Armenian Genocide? The decision to carry out genocide against the Armenian population was taken by the political party that held power in the Ottoman Empire. This was the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP) or Ittihad ve Terakki Jemiyettí, popularly known as the "Young Turks" known. Three figures of the CUP controlled the government; Mehmet Talaat, Minister of the Interior in 1915 and Grand Prime Minister in 1917 (Grand Vizier); Ismael Enver, Minister of War and Ahmed Jemal, Minister of Marine and Military Governor of Syria. The Young Turks on assembly determined the government officials and military commanders assigned to the effective implementation of the Genocide. In addition to the Minister of the Interior and the Minister of War, the Young Turks had a newly formed organization, formed by convicts and irregular troops called the Special Organization (Teshkilati Mahsusa). Its main objective was to carry out the mass slaughter of Armenians deported. In charge of the Speci ...
before Israel, all 3 religions lived in peace, during the Ottoman Empire. It's beautiful if u read abt it.
Back In The Day - July 28 1540 King Henry VIII of England's chief minister, Thomas Cromwell, was executed and Henry married his fifth wife, Catherine Howard. 1615 French explorer Samuel de Champlain discovers Lake Huron on his seventh voyage to the New World. 1750 The great baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach died. 1794 Robespierre, one of the leading figures of the French Revolution, was sent to the guillotine. 1808 Sultan Mustapha of the Ottoman Empire is deposed and his cousin Mahmud II gains the throne. 1821 Peru declared its independence from Spain. 1835 King Louis-Philippe of France survives an assassination attempt. 1863 Confederate John Mosby begins a series of attacks against General Meade's Army of the Potomac. 1868 The 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which established the citizenship of African Americans and guaranteed due process of law, was ratified. 1898 Spain, through the offices of the French embassy in Washington, D.C., requests peace terms in its war with the United States. 1914 A ...
hurrem sultan Life with the Sultan She quickly came to the attention of her master, and attracted the jealousy of her rivals. She soon proved to be Suleiman’s favorite consort or Haseki Sultan. Hürrem’s influence over the Sultan soon became legendary. She was to bear the majority of Suleiman's children and in an astonishing break with tradition, she was eventually freed. Breaking with two centuries of Ottoman tradition,[10] a former concubine had thus become the legal wife of the Sultan, much to the astonishment of observers in the palace and the city.[11] It made Suleiman the first Ottoman emperor to have a wed wife since Orhan Gazi and strengthened Hürrem's position in the palace and eventually led to one of her sons, Selim, inheriting the empire. Letter of Hürrem Sultan to Sigismund II Augustus, congratulating him for his accession to the throne in 1549. In the Istanbul harem, Hürrem Sultan was a very influential rival for Mahidevran Sultan. Hürrem gave birth to her first son Mehmed in 1521 (w ...
If rappers knew about the Ottoman Empire they would lose their mind
“World War 1 was decided in the first twenty days of fighting, & all that happened afterwards consisted in battles which, however formidable & devastating, were but desperate & vain appeals against the decision of FATE.” - Blood Runs Red” – A phrase painted on the side of the plane flown by Eugene Bullard in - the first Black Comba speaks of the intensity, devastating lose of lives across the world, & global effect that WW1 would bring upon nations... Remembering 74,187 brave soldiers from the Indian Army today, on the 100th Anniversary of World War 1, July 28, 1914 – November 11, 1918. World War I Rewind: WW1 was a global war centered in Europe that began on July 28th of 1914. More than 9 million combatants were killed. It was one of the deadliest conflicts in history, paving way for major political changes, including revolutions in many of the nations involved. The war drew in all the world's economic great powers, which were assembled in two opposing alliances: the Allies & Central Powers of ...
It took several international treaties and five years to dismantle the Ottoman Empire and redraw the borders in one of the most tumultuous regions of the world.
This is what I imagine imperial courts in the Ottoman Empire served to visitors and guests. Read more: Pastry, Sarah Dajani, Food Blogs, Cairo, Middle East, Egypt, Devour Blog, Food, Travel, Travel Blogs, Syria, Taste News
Although Ottoman Empire never give up, We left Palestine. However, We'll always be Brother&Sister to Gaza.
No it does not, because that was the Ottoman Empire, not a independent Fakestine
World War I started 100 yrs ago today as Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Ottoman Empire joined 109 days later on the side of Germany
People must learn history before they talk.
I think U R conveniently forgetting the British ran things from ca 1920, Ottoman Empire B4 that. No P…
World War I began one hundred years ago today, if you run into The Ottoman Empire make sure you're extra sensitive.
Buhay pa ang Ottoman Empire that time.
Thanks Adam! Have either of you tried Jason Goodwin? Ottoman empire and excellent. Or Boris Akunin - Russia.
Kösem Sultan needed to put her emotions aside and think about the stability of the Ottoman Empire and her own future.
Bursa and Cumalikizik: the Birth of the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) since 2014
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By the end of World War I, the Ottoman Empire had collapsed and was partitioned between the French and the British
The Fall of Constantinople: The Rise of the Ottoman Empire and the End of the Byzantine ...
In 1914, World War I started, and the Ottoman Empire allied with Germany against Britain and France. This proved important
Zionist leaders, mostly East-European, wanted to create the desired state in Palestine, then controlled by the Ottoman Empire
Britain gave Palestine to Zionists to form Israel. Palatine was part of the Ottoman Empire.1/2
Zionists claimed off a corrupt Empire-Ottoman; 'Pal nationalism' a reactionary result ofZionism not independent of it
Solution for all conflicts, incl bring back the Ottoman Empire. Sure Mr. Erdogan would help.
When the British stole the Palestinian land from the Ottoman Empire, they gave 55% of the Land to the Jews and 45% to the Arabs.
Ottoman Empire controlled it, Palestinians owned it. British stole it, handed majority to the Jews. simple.
True. Ottoman Empire controlled the land. During their downfall the British forces took the Land.
No problem. They hate acknowledging that "Palestine" was owned by the Ottoman empire even before the Brits.
it is the same with Muslim clerics in many Muslim countries, not just Pakistanis. Clerics of the Ottoman Empire originally +
Israel - the great advert for democracy in the Middle East - makes the Ottoman Empire look positively halcyon.
During the era of the Ottoman Empire, palestinians lived there. In 1948, IT was 75% jewish. Where did they all go?
Dividing up the empire didn't quite go as expected, did it luv?
The Young Turks' Crime against Humanity: The Armenian Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in the Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman Empire knew how to put their feet up
nice, no doubt turkey is secular, modern, once ruled thro ottoman empire, istabul historical city, had in Europe, had in asia
Many times in Islamic history, Muslims have provided refuge to Jews escaping persecution. . htt…
These pictures two times older than 1913 Under Empire protection
The Ottoman Empire still existed the last time The Cubs won a World Series. Uhh 
the Ottoman Empire controlled over the entire Middle East. You don't see all them having a war against Israel.
New York Tribune in 1917: the Jewish nation can find a home in a new state carved out of the Ottoman Empire.
That's not what reality says,and history.Recent or aged. Ottoman Empire... Erdogan is funding terror now.
Find it disgusting that when the Ottoman Empire separated and it resorted to nationalism, the Kurdish people were never given a state.
On this day (27 July 1299), Osman I invaded the Byzantine city of Nicomedia, usually considered the founding of...
So far the topics we've covered are his trip to Istanbul, the Ottoman Empire and vitamin supplements.
Jews suffered most under German holocaust & expelled or killed by Spanish. Morocco & Ottoman Empire treated them with dignity. So why Gaza?
The Ottoman Empire was a thing the last time the Cubs won the World Series lol
1896, a bit different when it was under the Ottoman Empire
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They couldn't wait to carve up the Ottoman Empire. ***
Seems Putin has everything to do with the rise of Hamas and Hezbollah. And is propping up Iran. May wanna annex the Ottoman Empire
the Ottoman Empire was no more. There was no Palestininian state when it collapsed.
Mabey the jews could have moved on when they lost the ottoman empire 800 years ago, nope they demanded Israel
History is repeating itself in Iraq of today a part of the Ottoman Empire at the time...
Why do some pro-caliphate brothers insult Sufis then big up the Ottoman Empire. Don't you know the Ottomans were Sufis too lol?
My cab driver is Jerusalem born, his parents came to from Syria, when when it was part of Ottoman Empire. We're…
They left after they took on the might of Rome. Big mistake. Next thing you know, the Ottoman Empire was there.
...and Christian bigotry fused with power lust and financial greed. There's little mention of the Ottoman Empire, which us odd? (2/?)
Beat ottoman empire in war. Within three days they request access through my country for their troops. Everytime. Hello just won war?
Anyone who is such a fetishist for VladTheImpaler should realize that he relished in slaughtering the invasive Muslims from Ottoman Empire.
Yes, I know the Palestine issue well (from & during Ottoman Empire.) pre-set up of Israel, and ofcourse Religious knowledge, &
Why are Israel and Palestine fighting? The fight between Jews and Arabs over Israel and Palestine goes back to 1922. The Romans had given Palestine its name when they conquered it from the Jews nearly 2,000 years earlier. After the Romans were thrown out Palestine was part of one Arab or other Moslem empire after another since the 7th century. Finally, in the 400 years before it became available in 1922, Palestine had been a small part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire. But in World War I the British and French defeated Germany and the Ottoman Empire and stripped them of their colonies. Thus the League of Nations had to decide what nations should become sovereign in Palestine and the rest of the vast lands lost by the Turks. The League awarded more than 90% of these lands to Arab states, with Britain and France as temporary trustees. But there were two claimants to sparsely populated Palestine. The Arab countries insisted that since it had been ruled by Moslems for more than a millennium, and since its small ...
The Palestinian Question is a centuries old problem which at different stages of history has involved different nations and civilizations. The strategic position of the territory of Palestine, and the location of Holy Shrines belonging to three principal religions of the world, namely Islam, Christianity and Judaism, have been the main factors responsible for the contention among the Christians, Muslims and Jews over the land of Palestine. The Palestinian Problem in the modern sense starts with the capture of the territory by the British during the First World War and issuance of Balfour Declaration on November 2, 1917 pledging to establish a Jewish National Horne in Palestine. Before that Palestine was under the suzerainty of Ottoman Empire but after the defeat of Turkey, the British were entrusted the control over Palestine under the Mandate system of the League of Nations. During the Mandate period (1922-1948) the British endeavoured to convert Palestine into a National Home for Jews as promised by the ...
ur talking abt history of Ottoman Empire, I am talking about roman times 2000 yrs back!! So if u r weak
Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels were huge fans of the Ottoman Empire aka caliph
The only group who made GENOCIDES during the last two centuries is the JEWS. The back ground of the rise of Jews began in 1646 with the first Jews being introduced to Free Masons. After that they get the control of the Free Masons and changed the initial "Operative Masons" into "Speculative Masons". With that take over the control of Free Masons, they get used to become "secret", do everything and remain unknown same as Free Masons. After that takeover made in about 1710-1750 they take over the Power in whole Europe. They settled up USA and are controlling USA since its creation. They were very probably the masterminds and commanders of the genocide of Native Americans. They were inspired by the Torah explaining the conquest of the Canaan region: Kiling the citizen and taking their place. When they got power in Europe and USA, they wanted to get their own state. And they decided to steal the lands of Palestinians to create a "Purified Jewish Country" "whatever is the price for". Ottoman Empire refused to ...
Bounded on the north by Sudan, east by Ethiopia, south by Kenya, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and on the west by the Central African Republic, SOUTH SUDAN (its capital Juba) set in northeastern Africa is home to a rich biodiversity of lush savannas, swamplands, and rainforests that are home to many species of wildlife. Its history of settled ethnic groups extends the 15th–19th centuries. Egypt’s viceroy under the Ottoman Empire invaded the Sudan region in 1820 and southern Sudan was plundered for slaves. By the end of the 19th century the Sudan was under BRITISH-EGYPTIAN RULE. The north accepted British rule relatively quickly; the south resisted. Before 2011, South Sudan was part of its northern neighbor, Sudan [Britannica note].
In 1994 Israel granted to Gaza the right of self-governance by the Palestinian Authority. Gaza before this had been subject to military occupation, most recently by Israel (1967-1994) and by Egypt (1958-1967) and earlier by Syria when part of the Ottoman Empire. Since 2007, the Gaza Strip has been de-facto governed by Hamas, a Palestinian group claiming to be the representatives of the Palestinian National Authority and the Palestinian people. In 2012, the United Nations General Assembly "accorded Palestine non-Member Observer State status in the United Nations".[2] A unity government was sworn in on 2 June 2014.[3] Gaza forms an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territory, as stipulated in the Oslo Agreements and UNSC Resolution 1860.[4] Sunni Muslims make up the predominant part of the Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip. Gaza has an annual population growth rate of 2.91% (2014 est.), the 13th highest in the world.[5] There is a limited capability to construct new homes and facilities for t ...
The famed poet and notorious philhellene Lord Byron spent some time in Kefalonia before continuing on to Messolonghi to aid the Greek camp in their fight for independence from the Ottoman Empire. After refusing a generous offer to reside in Argostoli by then-British Administrator Napier, Lord Byron…
THE GREAT BRITISH BLUNDERS OF 1916 AND 1917 In 1916, Britain and its allies were locked in a horrific epic war with Germany and its allies. Every possible means to vanquish the enemy was deployed — the first air war, the first widespread use of chemical weapons, and the largest attempts ever to manipulate deep-seated ethnic rivalries. Here's how that last aspect ties back to the Middle East: Germany formed an alliance with the great Turkish Ottoman Empire, the colonial power in what is today Israel, Gaza, West Bank, Jordon, Lebanon, Syria and beyond. So in an attempt to undermine the German-Ottoman alliance, the British persuaded Arab leaders to rebel against their Turkish rulers, promising to help the Arabs establish an independent state, including Palestine. Then, in the following year, the British made essentially the same promise again — but this time to the Jews in the region. To make things worse, Britain also cut a deal with France to carve up the Arab provinces of the Ottoman Empire and divide ...
Sorry to say, however righteous the Palestinian cause, most Maldivians are standing up for it for the very wrong reasons. Many people blindly jump on the bandwagon without any knowledge of how this conflict even began or why it is still perpetuating, simply under the false impression that there is a religious obligation towards the cause because all Palestinians are Muslims and all Israelis are Jews. As a result, these people end up promoting anti-Semitism, disparaging the innocent victims of the Holocaust, and glorifying Hitler. I wonder how many of these people are aware that there are people who belong to all religions on both sides. I wonder how many of these people realise the fact that Muslims and Jews lived in co-existence during the Ottoman Empire, on a land that some now claim is 'Palestine'. There was no country by the name Palestine back then; there were no clearly defined borders. More than America, in my opinion, it is the United Kingdom who has the most historical and moral obligation to in ...
We have a *TON* of new books! There is definitely something for everybody! Non-Fiction: *** before Breakfast: America's First War Correspondents Making History and Deadlines, from the Battlefields of the Civil War of the Far Reaches of the Ottoman Empire - Call No. 070.4 P322h In Search of the Christian Buddha: How the Asian Sage Became a Medieval Saint - Call No. 261.2 L864i Overwhelmed Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time - Call No. 331.4 S386o The Boom: How Fracking Ignited the American Energy Revolution and Changed the World - Call No. 333.8 G618b The Skeleton Crew: How Amateur Sleuths Are Solving America's Coldest Cases - Call No. 363.2509 H157s Lucky Planet: Why Earth is Exceptional-and What That Means for Life in the Universe - Call No. 577.2 W236L Touching the Wild: Living with the Mule Deer of Deadman Gulch - Call No. 599.735 H984t Freezing People is (Not) Easy: My Adventures in Cryonics - Call No. 614.6 N429f The Small Scale Dairy: The Complete Guide to Milk Production for the Home and ...
Ankara ignores ISIL's declaration of ‘Islamic caliphate’ Sevil Erkuş ANKARA The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) is a terrorist organization and Ankara does not pay attention to how “a terrorist organization describes itself,” a Turkish Foreign Ministry official has said, following the group’s announcement that it has established an “Islamic caliphate.” The ISIL jihadists, whose sweeping Sunni militant offensive has captured swathes of Iraq and Syria, declared on June 29 that it had established an “Islamic caliphate” in the territory it controls, as Iraqi forces battle to retake Saddam Hussein’s hometown Tikrit. ISIL announced that it had reestablished a “caliphate,” an Islamic form of government last seen under the Ottoman Empire, and also said it had changed its name to the Islamic State. Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu had a phone conversation with Iraqi Parliament Speaker Nuceyfi on June 30, a day before the Iraqi Parliament gathers for the establishment o ...
Gallipoli. Turkey lost and the Ottoman Empire was lost including its territories in Palestine. British Balfour Declaration, etc. All that
Today is the day. One Hundred Years Ago today the world was changed forever. Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip, killed Austria’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand and effectively began The Great War which spanned 30 years and was interrupted by a Global world wide depression. Casualty estimates of both wars are at 160,000,000 and include the World Wide Spanish Flu Pandemic, Holocaust and the Russian Civil War and Famine. The Soviet Union is created from Communism which spreads to Civil War in China and leads to conflict which can still be seen on the Korean Peninsula. The Ottoman Empire collapsed and a patchwork of nations that we know as the Middle East was created including the nation of Israel which still effects us today. The technological rush to find better and more efficient ways of killing people lead to advances in nuclear power, and rocketry which would eventually lead to man leaving the confines of the Earth and eventually the confines of the solar system, twice. No one single event has ever in huma ...
But it's also likely that there would be no State of Israel, no Balfour Declaration, no collapse of the Ottoman Empire, etc.
"And from among His Signs are the night and the day, and the sun and the moon. Do not bow down to the sun nor to the moon, but only bow down (prostrate) to "Allah" Who created them, if you worship Him." [Holy Quran 41:37] What is the significance of the crescent moon in Islam? Answer: The crescent moon and star often seen on mosques and Islamic archecture is actually a symbol of the last rulers of the Muslims called the Ottoman Empire. The Qur'ân answers this question before you asked it. Read this verse: "They ask you about the new moons. Say: These are signs to mark fixed periods of time for mankind and for the pilgrimage." [Holy Quran 2:189] The real question here should be: "Why do they keep lying?" EXPERT(? Robert Morey) ON ISLAM - SAYS - "Muslims Worship A 'moon-god' called "Allah" Is it True? Is there proof?" Now read for yourself the real truth:
A little history on how Iraq sprang from the Ottoman Empire via
Iraq is a mess. Eleven years after the U.S.-led coalition invaded to remove Saddam Hussein, and three years after the war was declared over and American troops withdrawn, it appears that what once was a promising future for the nation is crumbling. But it seems that modern Iraq's prospects have been ill starred from the beginning. After the Ottoman Empire fell at the conclusion of World War I, Iraq and several of the other nations in the Middle East were created by the stroke of a pen. Literally. Britain's Colonial Secretary, Winston Churchill, essentially drew the map of the modern Middle East. He once noted that he created the nation of Jordan "with the stroke of a pen one Sunday afternoon in Cairo." Such arbitrary lines defined the nations of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. Prime Minister David Lloyd George admiringly commented that in Iraq, Churchill had turned "a mere collection of tribes into a nation." In truth, what Churchill created was a time bomb. His new nation included heavy n ...
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Numerous historians have asserted that Nicholas I of Russia considered it worthwhile to keep the Ottoman Empire intact in the first half of his reign, and this was laid out in a memorandum by Karl von Nesselrode, the Tsar's German foreign minister. But why? The policy of Catherine, of Paul, and of Alexander had been the destruction of Turkey. Arguably it had been enshrined in the precepts of Peter the Great. Nicholas had the chance and didn't take it. At the Treaty of Adrianople (1829) Russia merely confirmed the Treaties of Akkerman (1826) and Bucharest (1812), while pushing the Russian border in the Caucasus to Akhaltsikhe, with the Circassian littoral including the ports of Anapa and the future Novorossisk. In addition, the Russian border in the Balkans was pushed to the Saint George branch of the Danube, placing the Danube Delta entirely under Russian control, and subordinated the Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia to joint Ottoman-Russian patronage. As considerable as these gains were, they wer ...
Me because I said that John Calvin, Henry VIII and Martin Luther were involved in the fall of the Ottoman Empire
"Iraq is not a real country - simply a line drawn after the Ottoman Empire after WWII." (Howard Dean, MSNBC) President Malaki was living in Iran in exile for 20 years, as a Shiite." The current Sunni rebellion is based on Shiite Malaki's successful attempt to marginalize them. Now, Shiite Iran, Shiite Syria and America will (paradoxically) join forces to thwart the vicious slaughter by the marauding Sunni insurgents, ISIS, bearing down on Baghdad. Though Republican NeoCons - who got us into this sectarian quagmire in 2003 - want full military involvement - Obama will have none of it. Expect Drone/Air strikes, but no Republican-advised boots on the ground. An all-out Civil War in Iraq is in no one's interests. The Sunni current slaughter of northern Kurds will force intervention, if it continues. ISIS - The Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (that's Syria) is an offshoot of an earlier group, al-Qaida. As the prescient Vice President Joe Biden told us years ago, (and I suggested in 2003), the Kurds, the Shiites ...
Armenian G. Noradunkyan Pasha performed a duty as Minister of Foreign Affairs in Ottoman Empire from 1912 to 1913.
"Massive amounts of the wealth of the old Ottoman Empire were now claimed by the victors. But one must remember that the Islamic empire (1)
.Turkey formed out of the Ottoman Empire after WW I. Good country until going Islamic recently.
- Timeline of Muslim Rulers (Caliphs or Khulafaa) from the Khilafah Rashidah to the Ottoman Empire
itself, to further their imperialistic objectives. That a British spy by the name of Hempher was responsible for shaping of the extreme tenets of Wahhabism was mentioned in a Turkish work, Mir'at al-Haramain , by Ayyub Sabri Pasha between 1933-1938. British policy in its colonies often involved the creation of deviant sects, in order to Divide and Conquer, as was the case with the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam in India in the nineteenth century. The details of this conspiracy are outlined in a little known document by the name of The Memoirs of Mr. Hempher published in series (episodes) in the German paper Spiegel, and later on in a prominent French paper. A Lebanese doctor translated the document to the Arabic language and from there on it was translated to English and other languages. The document is a first-hand account by Hempher of his mission for his government, who sent him to the Middle East to discover ways to undermine the Ottoman Empire. Among the vices the British were to promote were racism and nat ...
why don't you send me sources.. Ottoman Empire was decentralizing and weakening and Russian moves in
Turkey of the Ottoman Empire after abolishing the Calif rule has become the most westernised among islamic nations. FYI Dad
Truth About the Fall of the Ottoman Empire [Islamic Khilafah]: via
but were the Russian pogroms worse than treatment in Ottoman Empire?
Ottoman Empire eunuchs were headed by the Kizlar Agha. Eunuchs & Ghilman inIslamicEmpire:
On this day (29 May 1453), the Ottoman Empire, led by Mehmed II, conquered the Byzantine city of htt…
In The Netherlands, Armenians have created a monument to commemorate the Armenian genocide. So what does the Turkish government do? It subsides Turkish people to demonstrate against this monument. But it is quite clear, there is so much historical proof. Successive Turkish governments between the 1890s and the 1920s wanted to rid themselves of as many Armenians as possible. In 1890 there were some 2.5 million Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. Between 1894 and 1896, the Sultân had mass killings organized, leading to approximately 200,000 victims. During World War I the Ottoman Empire sided with Germany and Austria against England, France and Russia. Russia tried to enlist the Armenians to take up arms against the Ottomans but, overall, it was not very successful. However, the Young Turks regime that in 1915 succeeded the sultân, used the war as a pretext for mass killings of the Armenians on a nation-wide scale in 1915-1916. Mustapha Kemal Atatürk (Father of the Turks), who built Turkey as a secular sta ...
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Does anyone know why was it that Charles II of Spain left the Spanish throne to a Bourbon (Philip V of Spain) and not to a Habsburg (Charles VI Holy Roman Emperor)? After all France had a history of "animosity " against Spain and not only that but they also had united with non-Christians (Ottoman Empire) and Protestants in the thirty year war to battle Catholic kingdoms, even though they were Catholics.
THE TURKISH FLAG is a hang over from the now defunct Ottoman Empire, to do with mythology, moons, sun, stars and blood!
Let's not under estimate our enemy! Luke 10:19-20 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. Notwithstanding in this rejoice not, that the spirits are subject unto you; but rather rejoice, because your names are written in heaven. In 1917, the Ottoman Empire controlled the city of Aqaba which seemed impregnable to any attack. Behind the city in every direction was a vast desert, and overlooking the city's harbor were huge naval guns protecting it against any enemy attack from the sea. But on July 6, 1917, Lawrence of Arabia bravely led a force of irregular Arab cavalry across this vast desert wasteland and swept into Aqaba from the north. In the surprise attack, Aqaba fell because its gigantic naval guns faced the wrong way and could not protect the city from the invading forces. Suddenly the Turkish hold over Palestine was broken, to be replaced by the British mandate, which eventually led to the creati . ...
Judaism:- - Judaism is the religion of the Jews. Judaism was the first religion based on monotheism, the belief in one God. Jews traditionally do not encourage converts The Jews are the only people in the world who have found hostility in every country in which they settled in any numbers A Brief history of the Jewish people:- - The history of the Jews, as described in the Bible, begins with the patriarch Abraham. Abraham was the first to forsake the polytheism and idol worshipping of his people for a belief in one God. Abraham's son, Isaac, and Isaac's son, Jacob, are also considered to be patriarchs by the Jews. The story of Joseph, one of Jacob's twelve sons, is also found in the Bible. He was sold as a slave to the Egyptians by his own brothers. As a result of a famine, the remainder of Joseph's family resettled in Egypt where they and their descendants lived in peace for several generations. In the Book of Exodus, the story of Moses and his liberation of the Jews from Egyptian bondage is told. Moses ...
Hey whatever happened to the Ottoman Empire? I miss those guys
it took years of Cheetos and Baja Blast Mt. Dew. Those rolls could repel the Ottoman Empire.
Weird to think that in 1914 the Ottoman Empire had a population a third of the size of modern Britain's. It was empty.
I suppose you believe during the Ottoman Empire Jews were 'white' too? Do you know how many Arab Jews there are?
Finishing up lecture on Jews in Turkey; placed within context of Ottoman Empire-to-Turkish nation state;+what lead to …
I pay bribes on the Albanian border not coz they extort it out of me but for the pleasure of hearing a person in authority speak Albanian to me. That's a rare occurrence nowadays! History is cruel, how far have the descendants of Alexander's armies, the Danube legions and the resistors of the Ottoman Empire have fallen! Only a century ago they gave Egypt it's kings and the Turks their father!
if u want an example of how Jews & Christians r supposed 2b treated in Islam learn abt their status at the Ottoman Empire time
Before the tears get louder... Shortly before His crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus Christ delivered a major prophecy of end-time events, recorded in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21. He was asked by His disciples: "When will these things be? And what will be the sign of your coming, and of the end of the age?" (Matthew:24:3). Jesus responded with a description of conditions and events that would lead up to His second coming. Moreover, He said that when these signs became evident, His return would occur within one generation (Matthew:24:34). Could this be that generation? Throughout the nearly 2,000 years since Christ gave His prophecy, many have thought that theirs was the time of His return—and turned out to be wrong, of course. But interestingly, there are a number of prophecies in the Bible that could not be fulfilled until our modern era, the post–World War II period. 1. The human race would have the ability to exterminate itself In Matthew:24:22, describing world conditions prior to His second ...
Slavery in Islam and how does shariah want muslims to treat slaves: Slavery is a disgrace on the history of mankind. Like a weed, it grew on most lands, whereas as a fruit of Islam, tens of verses in the Koran and hundreds of Hadiths (sayings) have sown its seeds from Medina along to Iran, Middle East, central Asia, Africa, and Europe. Under the Prophet Muhammad, his direct successors ( Rashidun Caliphs: Abu bakr, Umar, Uthman, and Ali), and all along the way to Islamic Caliphs of the Ottoman Empire, millions of defeated nations or kidnapped non-Muslims have been enslaved. Islamic approach to slavery argues that there are three manners to enslave people: 1-” Dhimmis” (non-Muslim communities under Islamic State) are only allowed to live under an Islamic rule if they pay a tax “jizieh”. Those dhimmis who cannot pay the tax, cab be enslaved. 2- After an occupation of non-Muslim, the non-Muslim men, if not killed, can be along with their women and children captured as booty of war and thus can be ensl ...
Revelation 17:1 And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, "Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great *** that sitteth upon many waters: 2 With whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication, and the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication." Revelation 17:3 So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns. It can be seen here that the *** rides upon the seven headed beast, which represent the seven empires that have existed throughout world history (see Daniel 7 and Rev. 13) Revelation 17:4 And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: 5 And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE ...
Today on HD 49674 b: The Bulgarian Exarchate is established by decree of Sultan Abd-ul-Aziz of the Ottoman Empire (1870/2/28)
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"the Orthodox-Islamic Governments" 1. the Sultanate of Cordoba (the) (European-Andalusian) (Sultanate) (756 - 1031) 2. the Ayyubid Sultanate (the) (European-Kurdish) (Sultanate) (1171–1341) 3. the Sultanate of Volga Bulgaria (the) (European-Bulgar) (Sultanate) (675 –1430) 4. the Mamluk Sultanate (the) (European-Egyptian) (Sultanate) (1250 - 1517) 5. the Avar Sultanate (the) (European-Avar) (Sultanate) (1200 - 1864) 6. the Ottoman Empire (the) (European-Anatolian) (Empire) (1300 - 1922) 7. the Kingdom of Europe (the) (European) (Kingdom) (2013 - Afterlife) (Al Fatawa Al Faqih) - Al Faqih (Faqih Mahdi) -
1915, New Years Day, Broken Hill. A train carrying 1200 Australian civilians was on it's way to Silverton on New Years Day, 1915. 40 open carriages carried men, women and children to the annual picnic held by the Manchester Unity Order of Oddfellows. 3 kilometers outside of Broken Hill, the train came under fire from two men, positioned 30 meters from the tracks on an embankment, who discharged 20 to 30 rounds before fleeing the area. They were flying an Ottoman flag. 17 year old Alma Cowie died instantly; William Shaw was also killed. Shaw's daughter, Lucy, was injured, as were six others. These were Mary Kavanagh, George Stokes, Thomas Campbell, Alma Crocker, Rose Crabb and Constable Robert Mills. "Tiger" Nyholm, the train guard on duty and a renown marksman, returned fire from the train, protecting the civilians from further harm. The two men then fled back towards their residence west of Broken Hill, a camel camp established by the local Afghan camel drivers. On the way, the two men also murdered. Alf ...
The so called Holy Roman Empire and the Islamic Ottoman Empire brought absolute carnage and injustice. That's why in Europe we...
Could she be carrying the next Sultan of the enormous Ottoman Empire in her womb? THE SECRET POWER OF THE HAREM. FREE
Our SPA center is a perfect place to try EXOTIC massages inspired by traditions of the Ottoman Empire and oriental culture. It's an absolutely fascinating experience to trigger your imagination. We provide exclusive privet, one-to-one service in our Turkish bath and massage rooms, wide range of beauty treatments, products and trained therapists (both ladies and gentlemen) to your individual choice. For your treatment you'll get individual clean bathrobes, towels, massage linens. We use INDIVIDUAL NEW grove for the body scrub for EACH person. For you : TURKISH BATH TREATMENTS (traditional Turkish exfoliation) FACIAL CARE BODY CARE HAND & FOOD CARE We have different kind of program during your holiday: CLEOPATRA CARE FUN & TAN EXPRESS - ANTISTRESS IN 4 DAYS AROUND THE WORLD (with 3 EXOTIC massages) BUDDHA DELUXE BUDDHA JOURNEY Our FACILITIES are at your disposal to make your holiday more PLEASURABLE
Who is the AC, the *** of Babylon, and the 3500 yr connection between Israel/Arabs/Muslims, and prophecy to be fulfilled soon. How to understand what the Islam/Jewish connection is, who the Mahdi/AC is, where he will come from according to scripture, and links, and videos for proof. Also who the *** of Babylon is. Bibilical proof of Jewish/Arab resentment 3500 yrs ago: If the Arab nations surrounding Israel can be traced back to Abraham through his son Ishmael, then the roots of Jewish/Arab resentment can be traced back 3,500 years. This shows how obvious to whom the Lord’s wrath is against, how Islam will come against Israel, and with whom the Peace treaty will be signed. Esau's descendants want their inheritance that Esau forsook returned to them. Even though Esau was Isaac's first son, he forfeited his inheritance to Jacob and turned against his people, Israel. Even though Isaac had told Esau not to marry into that pagan people (Canaanites), Esau married his half cousin, Ishmael’s daughter, w ...
Hindu-Muslim Unity, a dream of Gandhi, was ideally the solution to British hegemony over India. The political fortunes of Muslims with the carving up of the Ottoman Empire in 1920, and the foundation of the secular state in Turkey by Kemal Ataturk and his "Young Turks" put an end to that dream. The Muslim League, headed by Indian politician Jenna, voted for Pakistan. The violence of Civil War was continual until Muslims were forced out of India by British, Sepoy and Sikh mercenaries. Pakistan has been a violent menace to itself and the world since 1949, as the forces against secular freedoms there often mandate Muslim doctrines of dictatorship over all others.
Mani - "The Wild West" of Greece. The houses were build to be "defensive castles". Turks could not conquer it during the Ottoman Empire age. Contracts and signatures were considered a "blasphemy". It was someone's "word" that counted - (gentlemen's agreement). This was true and holiding until and through our grandfathers. Any differences were resolved by the 7 wise old men in the local village. No lawyers, no judges were required.
I would like to see in the Aoe world domination ottoman empire
ISLAM & THE WEST’S ELITE: This post is a brief overview of the Illuminati & Freemasonry within the Moslem world. It is a follow up on previous articles. (There are false stereotypes of Muslims & Freemasons, and this post is not trying to encourage stereotypes. Each person should be evaluated as his or her own person.) POWER, MONEY, SEX & MIND CONTROL. Britain & France were major colonial powers within the Islamic world, and Spain & Italy were also on a lesser scale. Many of the Islamic countries only shook off colonial rule after WW 2. During colonial rule, the mother country had enormous power and as Britain & France were ruled by the Illuminati, one can see who had direct control over much of the Moslem world. If a Moslem wanted a position of power he had to line with The Power. After colonialism, many Moslems were buyable with bribes. For example, Lockhead & Northrup, whose agent was Adnan N. Khashoggi, paid enormous bribes to Saudi officials via Khashoggi to insure their products were bought by the ...
Did you know Palace was one of the administrative centers of the late Empire?
Sometimes I feel that Arabs love and idolize Erdoğan more than Turkish people themselves -- they're very nostalgic to the Ottoman Empire.
*goes back to notes on the Ottoman Empire* -_-
Trailer of the "A 24th April in Turkey movie to be relesead soon. The Armenian genocide, perpetrated in the Ottoman Empire from April 1...
November 5, 1914 the United Crook Kingdom declares war on Turkey(Ottoman Empire) after formally declaring Kuwait as an independent state
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The question of who of them would first bear a male heir was of vital importance for the future of the Ottoman Empire.
“Because,” Tulay looked at her, “this young woman will give birth to the next Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.”. FREE at
Ibrahim was probably the first Sultan in the Ottoman Empire’s history to openly introduce group orgies . FREE DOWNLOAD
The Sultan and his entourage were having a grand old time while the great Ottoman Empire was slowly declining. . FREE
Evidence of an early settlement in Lebanon was found in Byblos, which is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world,.[8] The evidence dates back to earlier than 5000 BC. Archaeologists discovered remnants of prehistoric huts with crushed limestone floors, primitive weapons, and burial jars left by the Neolithic and Chalcolithic fishing communities who lived on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea over 7,000 years ago.[18] Lebanon was a part of northern Canaan, and consequently became the homeland of Canaanite descendants – the Phoenicians, a seafaring people that spread across the Mediterranean before the rise of Cyrus the Great.[19] Their most famous colonies were Carthage in today’s Tunisia and Cádiz in today’s Spain. The Phoenicians are best known as the inventors of the alphabet, among many other things. After two centuries of Persian rule, Macedonian ruler Alexander the Great attacked and burned Tyre, the most prominent Phoenician city. Throughout the subsequen ...
The total for all the 22 Arab League countries is 6,145,389 square miles (SM). By comparison, all 50 states of the United States have a total of 3,787,318 SM. Israel has 8,463 SM, about one-sixth of that of the State of Michigan. Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan are Muslim but not Arab and are not included. World Arab population: 300 million; World Jewish population: 13.6 million; Israel's Jewish population: 5.4 million. (Dr. Wilbert Simkovitz, during the late 1940s, more than 40 million refuges around the world were resettled, except for one people. They [Palestinian arabs] remain defined as refugees, wallowing 60 years later in 59 UNRWA refugee camps, financed by $400 million contributed annually by nations of the world to nurture the promise of the "right of return" to Arab neighborhoods and Arab villages from 1948 that no longer exist." (Noam Bedein, Jerusalem Post, January 6, 2009.) Some 900,000 Jews left behind $300 billion in assets when they were forced to flee for their lives from the Ara . ...
"It should be remembered that in 1918, with the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Britain and France were handed more than 5,000,000 square miles to divvy up and 99% was given to the Arabs to create countries that did not exist previously. Less than 1% was given as a Mandate for the re-establishment of a state for the Jews on both banks of the Jordan River. In 1921, to appease the Arabs once again, another three quarters of that less than 1% was given to a fictitious state called Trans-Jordan." (Jack Berger, May 31, 2004.)
Godwin George Clement Makeri wrote: Sanusi's Emergence And GGCM's Outlook The emergence of Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is to right the political blunders committed more than five decades ago by the Sokoto caliphate through the late Sardauna against the Kano emirate. Yes, the late Ado Bayero was a good man and I am more comfortable with him than Sanusi; but the circumstances surrounding his emergence more than five decades ago was enshrouded in darkness. The preceding emir before the late emir was unjustly deposed by Sir Ahmadu Bello based on a power tussle over Kano people. The late Sardauna couldn't bear the god-like followership the deposed emir was enjoying from the people of Kano. Today, I here people crying foul; saying Sanusi's enthronement carries political undertone. Are they serious at all? The removal of emir Sanusi by Sardauna was also a political move. I hear em say too; that the customary thing to do was to enthrone the crown prince, Sanusi Ado Bayero. My question is: did Sardauna enthrone the crown ...
Folks there is real good news for us from Daniel 2 which tells us that there will be no more World Empire anymore,the only Kingdom coming is the Kingdom of Yeshua Hamasiach!, we live in the times of the 10 Toes, so it will only be about world coalition and alliance before the entire Babylonian Statue of Daniel's dream comes tumbling down. People of Islam are badly fooled into thinking that they will RULE THE EARTH AS AN EMPIRE, AGAIN! THE AGE OF EMPIRES IS OVER! Daniel 2:39-44 38 in your hands he has placed all mankind and the beasts of the field and the birds in the sky. Wherever they live, he has made you ruler over them all. You are that head of gold.(Babylonian) 39 “After you, another kingdom will arise, inferior to yours.(Media Persia) Next, a third kingdom, one of bronze, will rule over the whole earth.(Greece) Rome: 40 Finally, there will be a fourth kingdom, strong as iron—for iron breaks and smashes everything—and as iron breaks things to pieces, so it will crush and break all the others. ( ...
Explaining Genocide: The Fate of the Armenians and Assyrians at the End of the Ottoman Empire: Istanbul Events -...
For the last 50 years, the Jews have their sovereign Israel, and control its governance. After more than 1900 years, this majority status is new for them, as new is the power they wield over themselves and the goyim minorities within its borders, and over the two million neighboring Palestinians under Israeli military occupation. Yet the Jewish majority is all too conscious of being a national, ethnic and religious minority in the Middle East. The Jews desire to be at least tolerated, if not equally respected, yet not at the expense of their own identity and "particularity" as a Jewish people in its own State, and even more so, never, never at the cost of its own national security. In 50 years the new State never enjoyed the luxury of floating on the world’s margins until it could enjoy a child’s quiet innocence, then endure the minor growing pains of trial-and-error adolescence, then become politically mature with a seasoned democratic tradition. Israel never had an innocence to lose. Military and po ...
MG Forum: Indie Games • Join the Ottoman Empire today MINECRAFT MODDED GAME MODE Join the Ottoman Empire today a...
WHAT HAPPENED IN X YUGOSLAVIA: Ladies and gentlemen and you Americans who way too many times cite your own constitution even though you never pay attention to constitutions of other nations. What happened in X Yugoslavia was simply a genocide carried out against Serbians in every X Republic of Yugoslavia and the first acts of genocide were carried out when Croatia and Bosnia wanted to separate. In both X republics, Serbians were constituent people. That means that neither was able to go its own way without the agreement of Serbs in those republic. Being "constituent people" of some body always means that those people (in this case Serbs) gave up and brought into their previous joint union something of value and for which being "constituent people" guaranteed that they will not be outvoted out of their vital interests down the road. Otherwise they would not have joined. Croatia, you dumb *** was on the losing side of both World Wars and yet by breaking their own constitution they were able to wipe out S .. ...
Cubs fans know the Cubs suck. The Ottoman Empire was still around the last time they won the World Series. We're loyal anyway.
What if uncle Iroh from The Legend of Aang comes from Ottoman Empire? This is Syaikh Aaq Syamsuddin,…
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It's 1840 and you are the new Ottoman sultan. You're empire is on the decline, how do you turn the course and
Totes. It can be sister companies with the Ottoman Empire & Stool Sample, my furniture empires.
Tulip It comes from the genus of Tulipa which belongs to the family of Liliaceae. There are 109 known species and the nativity seems to extend over half the world’s land mass, from Temperate to mountainous regions of Southern Europe, Anatolia in Turkey to Israel and Palestine, North Africa and Iran even the Northwest of China especially in the depth of Pamir, Hindu Kush and Tien Shan mountain range. They are observed to gain a height of mere 4 inches till 28 inches. Tulips are originally assumed to have come from Netherlands but it was the Ottoman Empire that first commercialized it. Lale from Iran and Turkey also Macedonia as well as Bulgaria then traveled to Asia, Africa and Europe. The flower owes its name to Turkish descendant delband (“Turban” for the flowers resemble one) which was formulated as tulipan in Latin and finally Tulipa or Tulip. What rose is to the world, Tulip is to Persia, the gift of a Red or Yellow Tulip is taken as a declaration of Love and the black center is meant to represe ...
A Planned Destruction of Muslim Ummah. A Planned, Systematic and Persistent Destruction of Muslim Ummah A wake-up call / when the ship of Pakistan sinks, the upper deck will go down with it. Dear Well wishers of Pakistan and the Ummah Assalamualaikum Talking of War on Terror, Violence, Religious Extremism. the truth is that: It is the Agenda of Greater Israel. But Nuclear Pakistan is a deterrent, an obstacle on the way to Madinah Almonawara and the Holy Land of Makkah Almokarrama. They first divided the Arabs into tiny defenseless States by an engineered dismantling of Ottoman Empire. Reduced Turkey to nothing. Thanks to Lawrence of Arabia. Following the same sinister plan they have already dismembered Pakistan, murdered the OIC architect Z. A. Bhutto, devastated Iran of shah Reza Pahlavi, Egypt of Sadat, Libya of Gadafi, Afghan of Taliban, Iraq of strong Saddam, already eyeing for uranium rich Sudan, Yemen and Syria with bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and else where, they have virtually made all po ...
The last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series the ottoman empire still existed
Wildlings Army as big as the Ottoman Empire…RT They attacking from both sides nh nh nh
Next Harper will be taking a strong stance against the Ottoman Empire.
The current heir to the Ottoman Empire is a U.S. citizen and Army veteran!
In the 1500s, Christian peasants immigrated from Christian nations to the Ottoman Empire for its religious freedom. h…
The Foundation of the Ottoman Empire (Illustrated). The Foundation of the Ottoman Em...
How multicultural was the Ottoman empire? Calendar says everything.
During the 16th and early 17th centuries, the Zaporozhian Cossacks often conducted amphibious raids on ports along the Black Sea, in the Crimean Khanate and the Ottoman Empire. With that in mind, I have begun researching ways to navigate at sea. Apparently in 1594, an Englishman named Captain John Davis invented the "backstaff", which allows one to measure the height of the Sun (and thus latitude) without actually having to look at it. This is a huge improvement over previous instruments such as the astrolabe. I wonder if I could purchase or build one and learn to use it? I seem to have infinite ideas to waste time.
EVEN AS MUCH AS WE MOCK THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE, they fought tooth and nail against the entire West to the finish in Jihad.
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