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First time I've actually agreed with Trump, esp after what happened to Otto Warmbier I'm 100% with this one!
US bans travel to North Korea after Otto Warmbier death
This announcement will basically end American tourism in North Korea.
"China-based Young Pioneer Tours, which had taken Otto Warmbier to North Korea, & Koryo Tours said the ban will co…
The ban comes one month after US student Otto Warmbier died following his imprisonment 👌🏻🇺🇸.
Good. There's no reason why Americans should be going there, especially if they're going to end up like Otto Warmbi…
U.S. to Ban Tourist Visits to North Korea. U.S. college student Otto Warmbier died from a brain injury after a tou…
More deaths like Otto Warmbier's could indeed cause systemic fallout. The worst of which could be nuclear…
Honestly after what happened to Otto Warmbier I can't say I blame them for this move.
US to ban citizens from travel to North Korea, tour operators say
According to AP, US will ban Americans from traveling to North Korea. Otto Warmbier's death was likely a consideration in this decision.
Otto Warmbier dies after returning from North Korean prison in coma
How are you still operational after your culpability in Otto Warmbier's plight, suffering, and ultimate death?
The ban comes after U.S. student Otto Warmbier died following time in a North Korean prison.
Otto Warmbier's death is a tragic reminder of what happens when human rights are sidelined to protect the interests of an auto…
Following the death of Otto Warmbier, Americans will no longer be allowed to visit North Korea as tourists.
AP sources: US to ban North Korea travel after Otto Warmbier's death
North Korea detainee Otto Warmbier has died, aged 22, his parents say.
In aftermath of abuse, treatment and death of Otto Warmbier, State Dept to bar US citizens from travel to North Kor…
He should make an exception for the two or three Demotards STUPID enough to go there. Otto Warmbier forgotten so quickly Dems?
US citizens will be banned from traveling to after the death of Otto Warmbier
In the wake of Otto Warmbier's death, Trump administration will ban American citizens from traveling to North Korea
Trump administration bans US travel to North Korea following the death of Otto Warmbier.
It's about time after what they did to Otto Warmbier!
After Otto Warmbier's death, US to ban travel to North Korea: US official
In today: What story can teach us about Otto Warmbier.
We need to see early retribution against North Korea for Otto Warmbier.
[The Diplomat]The day after Otto Warmbier passed away, South Korean Cultural, Spor…
It's easy for American political elites to condemn North Korea's brutality against Otto Warmbier, but legitimize brutal…
Otto Warmbier got what he deserved says Katherine Dettwyler professor at the University of Delaware. This Woman needs to be…
By most accounts, Otto Warmbier was a fine young man. Professor Katherine Dettwyler thought he should die f…
Katherine Dettwyler out of a job for saying Otto Warmbier was "young, white, rich, clueless" and "deserved" to die
via the Android app Otto Warmbier didn't deserve what he got,but Katherine Dettwyler caused her own demise
The University of Delaware has cut ties with an adjunct professor who suggested that Otto Warmbier was a...
University of Delaware's Katherine Dettwyler, who said 'WHITE' Otto Warmbier got ‘what he deserved’ LOSES JOB
Katherine Dettwyler, Otto Warmbier: Professor who said Otto got ‘what he deserved' won't be rehired
Professor who said Otto Warmbier was 'clueless white male' who got ‘what he deserved' won't be rehired ht…
We could all be Otto Warmbier; anyone who thought he "deserved what he got" is a soulless person lacking empathy;...
Really angered hearing "Jack" Kingston say on that Dems identify more w/Johnny Depp than w/Otto Warmbier! Shame on you, Congressman!
GOP: Philando Castile got what he deserved but let's start a war over Otto Warmbier
Obama: U can keep ur Dr, Winning against ISIS, Can't do more for Otto Warmbier, Benghazi was caused by a video, etc. "P…
. i called this a few days ago. Dennis Rodman takes credit for Otto Warmbier's release from North Korea
Dennis Rodman says he helped Otto Warmbier's release from N. Korea
Dennis Rodman suggests he helped win Otto Warmbier's release from North Korea
Dennis Rodman is suggesting that he's partly responsible for Otto Warmbier's release.
North Korea says Otto Warmbier's death a 'mystery to us as well' - The Indian Express News!
BREAKING: North Korea accuses USA of 'smear campaign' over death of Otto Warmbier -
Otto Warmbier dies after release from N. Korea - Lt. Col Tony Shaffer: “I think we ought to retaliate.”
Thousands gather for funeral of Otto Warmbier, who died after being imprisoned in North Korea. . http…
BREAKING: 22-year-old Otto Warmbier, U.S. student released from North Korea last week, has passed away, his family says.
Otto Warmbier's family kept his Jewishness under wraps while North Korea held him hostage | The Times of Israel
Otto Warmbier's Jewishness kept secret during his slow brutal murder by North Korea.
Scott Adams talks about Otto Warmbier and how to handle North Korea WATCH at:
Republican senator, John McCain, has accused Kim Jong-un’s regime of murdering the 22-year-old Otto Warmbier
White House urged to act over death of Otto Warmbier
In retaliation for Kim Jong Un murdering Otto Warmbier, Trump should bomb North Korea to kingdom come!
Kim Jong-un goes into hiding 'over fears of US decapitation' after death of Otto Warmbier
Ref your article about Otto Warmbier and the opinion of Tony Schaffer. He is a retired lieutenant colonel, not a general.
As said today, the United States "condemns the brutality of the North Korean regime as we mourn" the loss of Otto Warmbier...
Otto Warmbier's death raises pressure on the White House to take a tougher line on China
Obama is absolutely responsible for the death of Otto Warmbier. He let him rot for 17 months and let Kim Jung Un kill an Am…
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Otto Warmbier's death in North Korea is the responsibility of Kim Jong-un but bad policy contributed.…
I wish President Obama worked harder to bring Otto Warmbier home. President Trump brought him home, but it was too late.…
Melania and I offer our deepest condolences to the family of Otto Warmbier. Full statement: ht…
Theta Chi Fraternity mourns the loss of our Brother, Otto Warmbier. We lift up his family, friends, and Xi Chapter…
While Barack Obama was lecturing everyone on climate change, Otto Warmbier was being tortured to death by North Korea. Sh…
Otto Warmbier, the American student who was detained in North Korea, has died
"Obama Did Not Do Enough to Rescue "Otto Warmbier" from North Korea". Why would obama do anything that wasn't going to…
Our thoughts, prayers, and love are with Otto Warmbier, his family, and the Xi Chapter of Theta Chi at the...
On this day that Otto Warmbier has died from injuries experienced in a North Korean torture chamber, let us pause and re…
Absolutely sickening that Otto Warmbier is dead. North Korea can't be allowed to get away with such disgusting and inhumane behavior.
BREAKING: Otto Warmbier, American student recently released by North Korea, has died, his family says.
Rest In Peace to our brother Otto Warmbier. Thoughts and prayers for his family and Xi chapter of Theta Chi from us at Epsilon Iota
“It is our sad duty to report that our son, Otto Warmbier, has completed his journey home,” his family said
JUST IN: Otto Warmbier, American student held in North Korea, dies after return to U.S.
Otto Warmbier has died days after release from North Korea. Time to bomb fatty Kim off the earth. 💥🌏
Days after being released from custody in North Korea, Otto Warmbier has died
N. Korean officials say that Otto Warmbier deserved his punishment, arguing that he sought regime change.
For most of U.S. history, what North Korea did to Otto Warmbier would be seriously considered as casus belli.
I truly believe that dirty bunch of SOBs in North Korea did something to Otto Warmbier. Evil unabated grows bolder and m…
Father of North Korea prisoner Otto Warmbier: The Obama admin told us to keep quiet, Trump got our son back.
Happening Now: The parents of Otto Warmbier, student who was returned from North Korea, speak publicly for the first time. htt…
To North Korea and back: Otto Warmbier's strange, sad trip
Obama did nothing for Otto Warmbier. Obama did nothing for Andrew Tahmooressi . did his Secstate get anyone freed in 8 years besides traitor?
Otto Warmbier has severe brain injury and is unresponsive, doctors say
U.S. university student Otto Warmbier, freed by North Korea, has severe brain injury.
Otto Warmbier suffered 'severe' brain injury in North Korea
Doctors say Otto Warmbier showed signs of "cardiopulmonary arrest'' and that his brain injury likely took place prior to Apr…
UPDATE: Doctors say Otto Warmbier's “pattern of brain injury ... is usually seen as a result of cardiopulmonary arrest." ht…
Doctors at University of Cincinnati say ex-North Korean detainee Otto Warmbier has severe brain injury.
Kanter: Otto Warmbier sustained injury from lack of blood flow to the brain, from a cardiac or respiratory arrest
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Otto Warmbier has extensive loss of brain tissue, no obvious signs of trauma, doctors say. How will North Korea pay? https:/…
Former State Department officials defend handling of Otto Warmbier who Was ‘Brutalized & Terrorized’ in North Korea
Release of Otto Warmbier will not improve US-North Korean relations, experts warn
University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier, said to be in a coma, released from North Korea - Washington……
BREAKING: Rex Tillerson just got North Korea to release UVA student Otto Warmbier, who had been sentenced to 15 years of har…
Dennis Rodman flies to North Korea and the next day Otto Warmbier is released. Can't be a coincidence.
Otto Warmbier finally finishes his degree in North Korean Studies
Tucker IC people you are trashing are probably the ones who worked to get Otto Warmbier home.…
Otto Warmbier, American Student Released by North Korea, is in a Coma
Obama frees killer/terrorist to lead P. parade after he pardon the FILTH and let's AMERICAN KID ROT IN North Korea.
Jailed US student flown out of North Korea 'in coma'
Timeline of Otto Warmbier's saga in North Korea before being released - ABC News - via
American college student Otto Warmbier returns from North Korean imprisoment, with ambulances waiting
BREAKING: Otto Warmbier, an American college student jailed in North Korea, has been released, his parents say
Tip for better living: Don't invite the rest of the world to move here. They're beasts.
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North Korea releases Otto Warmbier, but 3 other Americans still remain behind bars
They don't want to admit it but this young man was released due to Dennis Rodman's intervention.
Tillerson says North Korea has released an American serving a 15-year prison term
Time's profiled Otto Wambier and North Korea's tourism business in April.
Thank you 4 securing the release "Otto Warmbier" . But has a lot to answer for. While he's headed home, he's…
If Dennis Rodman was involved in the release of Otto Warmbier, he'll return to America to discover he's hated by Democra…
US student Otto Warmbier arrives home in coma after North Korea release -
American student released from North Korea prison is reportedly in a coma
President Trump gets Otto Warmbier out of a North Korean Prison. And we didn't have to send an airplane full of cash...…
If it's confirmed that Otto Warmbier coma is due to N. Korea brutality, that muppet wannabe just made the U.S. list of things…
American student medically evacuated from North Korea said to be in coma for over year
Otto Warmbier is officially back in Cincinnati. Plane just landed.
22yo US student Otto Warmbier is released from North Korea custody in a coma, after 17 months of detainment.
Detained American student medically evacuated in coma...
Comatose Otto Warmbier lands in US after release by North Korea.
BREAKING: North Korea is releasing Otto Warmbier, an imprisoned American student.
American Otto Warmbier, jailed in North Korea, returns home in coma
06-14 Attorney says UVA student is innocent...
BREAKING:. & covering up North Korea beat Otto Warmbier into a 15 month Coma in-which he remains!. Join us @ https…
Otto Warmbier was released by North Korea in a coma. What do we know about his medical state? http…
Breaking News Update: Otto Warmbier, American college student freed from North Korea, is in a coma, parents reveal
gets worth $200K to Family Its probably all spent to him to
State Dept has secured the release of Otto Warmbier from North Korea at direction of but he's in a Coma! N. Korea kno…
Otto North Korea releases jailed US student 'in coma'
What we know about North Korea’s release of American college student Otto Warmbier:
KarloMdz: CBSNews: American student Otto Warmbier, released from North Korea, lands in Cincinnati with ambulances …
Thank you for the Like! How the US secured release from North Korea
Otto Warmbier: American student freed by North Korea back on US soil
freed by North Korea in a coma, to arrive in hometown Cincinnati for urgent medical care
My thoughts and prayers are with Otto Warmbier and his family -- thankful that he is finally coming home.
North Korea Detained American student medically evacuated in coma...
Dear President I pray that you make the North Koreans pay for what they did to Otto Warmbier
Otto Warmbier: American pupil freed by North Korea again on US soil
UPDATE: Otto Warmbier reportedly contracted botulism in North Korea, was given a sleeping pill, and never woke up
North Korea just now releasing Otto Warmbier who's apparently been in a coma for 15 months? Can we talk about this?
U.Va student Otto Warmbier, detained in North Korea for 17 months, has been medically evacuated in a coma
To the family of Otto Warmbier: We'll stay with you all the way for the challenges ahead. Reach out to us anytime.
University of Virginia student Otto Warmbier said 2be in coma after being detained for 17mth release from Nth Korea.
What role did / your admin play in the release of Otto Warmbier fron N. Korea? President's reaction to release?
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirms that North Korea has released Otto Warmbier. Parents say he…
US college student Otto Warmbier has been released from North Korea: U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson..
Statement from Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on the release of American student Otto Warmbier from North Korea
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson taking credit for the release of Otto Warmbier, captive American student in North Korea, instead of Rodman!
Please remember 22-year-old Otto Warmbier imprisoned in North Korean concentration camp. Please pray for him.
Send John Huntsman to North Korea to rescue Otto Warmbier ! Humanitarian efforts failed. Time for action !
I don't feel one bit sorry for folks like Otto Warmbier, Michael Fay, or Corby Schappelle. Don't go to foreign lands and break their laws.
The Cost of Stealing a Sign: 15 Years of Hard Labor: American student Otto Warmbier is... via
guy, Otto Warmbier sentenced to 15 years hard labor for stealing by North Korea via
Reportedly Bill Richardson tried to secure the release of Otto Warmbier.
Bill Richardson, veteran diplo, meets North Korean diplos in NYC to press for release of UVA student Otto Warmbier.
US student Otto Warmbier 'stole propaganda' in N Korea. US strongly advises Americans against going to North Korea.
Officials are thought to be mulling a ban after the arrest of Otto Warmbier, 21, a University of Virginia student, just a…
U.S. student detained in North Korea 'over hotel incident': SEOUL (Reuters) - Otto Warmbier, the American univ...
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