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Otis Williams

Otis Williams (born October 30, 1941) is an American baritone singer. Nicknamed Big Daddy , he has also acted as a sporadic songwriter and record producer.

David Ruffin Melvin Franklin Paul Williams Eddie Kendricks Motown Records Dennis Edwards Richard Street Universal Records Smokey Robinson Russell Wilson Diana Ross Stevie Wonder Universal Music Group Four Tops Ivory Tower Grammy Award

The Temptations still stand today, not in spite of those who left ...
*** yeah with the help of the one, the only, mr Otis Williams😤
great grandson of Otis Williams. Part of me's Cherokee, the other part is a pilgrim. So me and firewater's like splittin' me up the middle
I've learned over the years that people are human and have mood sw...
A wonderful night with playing John Williams' movie scores for FNIMN. Very proud to have been part of i…
Ellis also asks about what economic development opportunities are available along the route. Otis Williams says dev will occur along line.
Otis Williams w/ SLDC to speak on the workforce dev component. Meant to help close some gaps in training. Also to
I need BET or TVOne to give Ol' Otis Williams his flowers while he's here to smell them.
Bill Mitchell said he really liked it. But when he asked the other ...
you smart. Lenny Williams - cause I love you Otis Redding - if loving you is wrong Nina Simone -don't let me be misunderstood
i love them! Recently saw the Temps in concert. Almost died when I saw Mr. Otis Williams in flesh. 😲
They came to see Otis Redding. Otis Williams not so much 😬
the only thing that would have saved that version of my girl is if Otis Williams had come on stage and punched the guy 😬
Check out my new album The Otis Williams Jr Story distributed by TuneCore and live on iTunes!
Otis Williams and The Charms - Hearts Of Stone. Recorded at Deluxe studios ...
Mo Williams with the perfect pass off Mike Muscala's head to set up Cleveland's record-tying 23rd 3-pointer.
Russell Wilson dead look like the dude who played Otis Williams in the temptations movie
Otis Tarda, a huge eyecatcher at the meeting here earlier in the season, was backed from 3-1 into 4-6 in the Members Conditions race.
Little Richard has given us Larry Williams, Otis Redding, Paul McCartney, Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jackson.
We out here losing legends. Otis Williams is the only living Temptation. We gotta make sure he cool. Somebody check on Otis!
Crazy how Otis Williams is the only still original Temptation still alive...
I'm the glue that holds everything together.
i couldnt go as Emilys not been well and needed more of a hand with Otis! would have been good!
Come to in Grant Park with free games, autographs & fun. James "Big Cat" Williams & Otis Wilson signing today.
Thinking of tonight's episode of reminded of 2015.
Chicken be so *** greasy you can put in your hair and make a Process be like Otis Williams and Malcom before he join the Nation LOL
yeah and the few we still have...Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, and the Temptations (well at least Otis Williams)
"Be so good, the only question is who comes in second.". Otis Williams, Jr., World Champion of Public Speaking.
Saw AWESOME movie about 'THE TEMPTATIONS' ...I think Otis Williams thought he was GOD...😏HA!!! Perhaps he still does...BIG UPS 2 MR RUFFIN
Join J. Otis Williams Tonight all the details at
When Otis Williams dies, they better do a huge Temptations tribute at the Grammys.
God bless Otis Williams from The Temptations for holding it down till this day man
Watching "Lushion" as Otis Williams of the Temptations on VH1. Brother can ACT! Love this movie!
on WHIRLWIND by Otis Williams and the Charms at
My music varies from otis redding to hank Williams to swishahouse
Thanks for responding that was nice of you... I am the GodDaughter of Otis Williams of The Temptations
Our Cruising playlist tonight has plenty of great ‘real’ R&B from Clyde McPhatter, Johnny Otis, Larry Williams...
Temptations' Otis Williams: I smoked a lot of grass, that was my thing.
SLDC exec dir. Otis Williams says riverfront stadium posters will be coming down soon at 1520 Market
David Ruffin disses Melvin Franklin and his pimp Otis Williams
King tailback Otis Williams is down. He's bee their best player all night, so if he can't go that could be big for Winter Haven.
I went in an epic rant again Otis Williams 1 night on here when the Temptations were on.
Idk who can't stand Otis Williams more me or
*** the Temptations on smh. I might be forced to rant about that clown Otis Williams tonight on the timeline 😠
Williams Michael cage Kurt Rambis AC green and Otis Thorpe.nuff said lol
They made Otis Williams fine in The Temptations movie 😍
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Otis Williams had G on the temptations
(14) Look at Otis Williams from The Temptations movie! I mean Charles Malik Whitfield Recap
It's me. Otis Sherod Williams. No shame in who I am.
They got Otis Williams as Andre preacher lol
Listen to Return of the Juiceman by OJ da Juiceman on
It’s time to exceed expectations and, in the process, set new ones.” ~Otis Williams
Thats the dude who played Otis Williams on the Movie!
Lol Otis Williams from the temptations is on empire
Look at the guy who played Otis Williams on The Temptations
when the *** Otis Williams from the temptations become a pastor😑
Charles Whitfield can play in anything but he'll always be Otis Williams to me
The pastor played Otis Williams in the Temptations movie
Is that a dude that played Otis Williams in the temptations
Otis Williams from the Temptations be on everything .. Lol
Empire got Otis Williams of the Temptations, but...ain't nobody here to see Otis!
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When the guy who played Otis Williams is on Empire. 😍😍😍
They got Otis Williams on empire . Hopefully he perform
Andre bout to get baptized by Otis Williams??
Aye Otis Williams done became a pastor
Good to see Charles Malik Whitfield, who played Otis Williams in The Temptations made-for-tv-mini-series, on
The pastor will always be Otis Williams to me. 🙏🏾😂
Brush man went from Otis williams, to a cop, to a paster
I forgot Otis Williams on this show
Lol no matter what dude plays in, he will always be Otis Williams! 😂
So Otis Williams from the movie Tepmtations a preacher now?
So Otis Williams of Otis Williams and the Distance is his preacher?
Ever since I saw the Temptations movie doc I'll always look at this guy as Otis Williams
when did Otis Williams become a reverend?
He will always be Otis Williams to me🤗
tell my mom Otis Williams is on lol😂😂
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I added a video to a playlist Otis Williams and His Charms - Oh Julie (1957)
Can't express how relatable this is. RIP Robin Williams
Otis said Paul Williams drank a fif of Yack for breakfast
Russell Wilson kinda look like Otis Williams lol
The WCC Wildcat family officially welcomes Otis Williams today as he signed his national LOI!
Preseason Player of the Year nominees: Vote: http:/…
Just wrote a Live Wire item about Otis Williams. Now "My Girl" is running thru my head.
If King gets the production they expect of of. Otis Williams. Demario Brisbon . Delvin Austin. They will be in the hunt!
Otis Williams in Notorious crying like he was in The Temptations 😩
Let me go on youtube to look up Otis Williams career highlights
this *** james downstairs look like Childish Gambino with an Otis Williams hairdo
It also would've been good to have Otis Williams and/or Dennis Edwards join Smokey in singing "My Girl." But, again, it's SMOKEY!!!
Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, Otis Williams, Dennis Edwards are all thats left from that golden 60s era
' I forgot it was autographed Otis Williams, Dennis Edwards Ron Tyson + late Melvin Franklin and Richard Street
Feeling like Paul Williams in this joint when otis wouldn't let him back in the group.
We are also blessed to have lead us in worship!
Join us for special guest Dr. Mark Williams TOMORROW! Dr. Williams will be speaking in both 9:30 & 11am services. http:…
Backstage after The Temptations show with founder Otis Williams tonight!!!
Hanging at w/ Otis Williams of SLDC & Don Roe of Planning Dept. Thx for the tour, Jamal cc:
News: The Claiborne County branch of the NAACP indicates the man found hanging is Otis Byrd.
Well ya'll know SOMEBODY had to die. He was like the Otis Williams of Empire. Didn't REALLY need him...
*** this is getting out of hand lol Francine FRISKY
OTIS Miscellany V, Part II has casino piranhas, a Robin Williams tribute, a possessed house, and more:
BLUES JAM TONIGHT Mary's - Host J Otis Williams runs down all the details, special guests, and such!
Had a great time with Phoenicia Williams and Otis Bullock last night on PCOL:Universally Speaking…
that guy is a monster bro !! Not human ... Was it like an ESPN thing ?
not only have you not given him a chance you've compared him to Otis redding and Robbie Williams. How.
I just peeped Ms. Berteletti's brother's on TV.. food eating champion lol.
We successful now enjoy the fruits you too uptight Otis Williams 😂
Y'all remember on the Temptations when Otis Williams breathed on the mic after the end of their performance like he did something hot lmao
lmao whatever you say Otis Williams
,I'm the only one that Aretha franklin,sung my original written songs,Those others are fake,My Daddy Otis , Sticks Williams
ctfu right. Talking about Mo Williams like tf
Otis Williams/Charms Gotta get myself together unused 60s soul on Okeh mp3
Otis Williams/Charms Baby, You Turn me On nice 60s soul on Okeh mp3
Used to think that Otis Williams and Paul Williams were related on the Temptations.
Isaac, our cousin Otis Williams and my sister Mary Denise on our visit to Columbus, MS
Mr. Williams. Where can I find video footage of the Temptations live recording back in the 60's at the Roster Tail Club in Detroit? Thank You.
No, UNC shouldn't fire Coach Roy Williams for the fake-classes scandal.
I'm boutta rock the Terrance Howard flow to the Otis Williams flow idgaf ***
"We will definitely be coming to Kalamazoo to do what we are known for," Otis Williams sai...
The Temptations founder Otis Williams on Detroit, a new Broadway production and the hard knocks of show business
I'll throw in golden Tate instead of Terrance Williams
Radio Otis Williams and The Charms - Ivory Towers - TuneIn
Otis Williams is the last Temptation alive and I will seriously cry when he dies. Lol
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Hello everyone! I'm in desperate search of this book. I've looked high snd low,bu...
Last year this time I had Silly by Deniece Williams on repeat.
Ashley Williams:"We're over the moon, there's nothing better than feeling tired, and covered in bumps and bruises but ge…
w/, Sam and Otis Williams doors at 7 NO COVER the
you got that Otis Williams hair when he was with the distance?
Has anyone heard that new Otis Williams and the Siberians '45
Oreos are the Otis of cookies “Never did this dude just put a pear over watermelon. Pears are Michelle Williams of fruit.”
Otis Williams jr I can take a joke. If it's funny.
The GodDaughter of the Original Living Legend Otis Williams of the Temptations
Temptations Founder Otis Williams, and Banneker CEO Derrick Holmes looking good in those Banneker watches
Otis Williams cutting towards the basket otishoops10
Nice one Otis Williams on lead vocals !! One of their most underrated songs !! No Eddie or David but still nice !!
LIVE FROM BOWMAN GYM - THE TEMPTATIONS ON WGRE! February 7, 1969, Greencastle, Ind. - A sellout crowd of DePauw University students didn't need much to "get ready" for a night of music from The Temptations. The Motown favorites performed an 8:15 p.m. concert in Bowman Gym this evening as part of DePauw's "Winter Weekend." The Temptations -- whose hits include The Way You Do the Things You Do, My Girl, Ain't Too Proud to Beg, I Wish It Would Rain, and their new single, Cloud Nine -- were selected as the result of a campus opinion poll which ranked the group as the top choice of DePauw students. The immediate sellout, with all $5 tickets being sold to DePauw students, proves that "if you give the students what they want they'll support it," says Union Building Senior Board President Russ Sklenicka. The Temptations are: David Ruffin, Paul Williams, Melvin Franklin, Eddie Kendricks, and Otis Williams. Join WGRE DJ Bob Crane deep in the bowels of Bowman Gym as he interviews Paul Williams of the Temptations.
Now I dedicate myself to two music genres, I also appreciate very much, represented by my favorite group THE TEMPTATIONS AND THEIR GREATEST 20 HITS (y) (y) (y) They are an American vocal group known for their success with Motown Records during the 1960s and 1970s. Famous for their choreography, distinct harmonies, and flashy wardrobe, they were highly influential to R&B and soul music. Please be so kind and do not post videos of the group until I'm done - Bitte seid so nett und postet keine Videos der Gruppe bis ich fertig bin :-) - The "Classic 5" lineup 1965: David Ruffin (bottom left), Melvin Franklin (top left), Paul Williams (top right), Otis Williams (bottom right), and Eddie Kendricks (center).
  ABOUT THE SONG "I WISH IT RAIN"   The song is one of the most melancholy in the Temptations repertoire, with lead singer David Ruffin delivering, in a pained voice, the story of a heartbroken man who wants to hide his sorrow. His woman has just left him, and he wishes that it would start raining, to hide the tears falling down his face because "a man ain't supposed to cry".   Accompanying Ruffin's mourning vocal are the vocals his bandmates Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin, Paul Williams, and Otis Williams, the subdued instrumentation of The Funk Brothers studio band, and, courtesy of Whitfield, sound effects depicting the "sunshine and blue skies", with the sound of chirping seagulls, and the sound of thunder and rain described in the song. Producer Norman Whitfield devised much of the musical structure of the song, with former Motown artist Barrett Strong composing the song's signature piano intro on a piano with only ten working keys.[1] Motown staff writer Roger Penzabene provided the song's lyri ...
Foto: only-motown: Melvin Franklin, Otis Williams, and Paul Williams of The Temptations with Stevie Wonder.
The best Temptations group was David Ruffin, Paul, Eddie Kendricks, Otis Williams and Melvin. That group was the best of…
This weeks PICK is Robert Lee "Bobby" Parker (August 31, 1937 – October 31, 2013[2]), was an American blues-rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. He is best known for his 1961 song, "Watch Your Step", a single for the V-Tone record label which reached the Billboard Hot 100; the song was performed by, and influenced, the Beatles among others. Born in Lafayette, Louisiana, but raised in Los Angeles, California, Parker first aspired to a career in entertainment at a young age. By the 1950s, Parker had started working on electric guitar with several blues and R&B bands of the time, with his first stint being with Otis Williams and the Charms. Over the next few years, he also played lead guitar with Bo Diddley (including an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show), toured with Paul Williams, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, LaVern Baker, Clyde McPhatter, and the Everly Brothers. He first recorded, as Bobby Parks, with the Paul Williams band in 1956. His first solo single, "Blues Get Off My Shoulder", was recorded in 1 ...
The Temptones & The Temptations at the Uptown Theatre, 1967 from left (back): Eddie Kendricks, Daryl Hall, David Ruffin, Paul Williams, Barry Glazer, Otis Williams, Melvin Franklin; from left (front): Brian Utain, Ken Halpern
This is my favorite version of this song. It's the most beautiful version. The "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" intro is from Floyd Cramer's medley. First released August, 1980, on the Temps. Alb. "Give Love At Christmas." The single was released in 82. The lineup for this version was: Otis Williams, Dennis Edwards, Melvin Franklin (born David Melvin English), Richard Street, Glenn Carl Leonard. Yes, Yes, Yes, there was an earlier version on the album "Christmas Card". Released in 1970. The lineup for that version was Dennis Edwards, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, Melvin Franklin, Otis Williams. Completely different rendition though. Categoría Música
Riders of the World Unite and help Bob of Baymeadows congratulate Otis Williams on his purchase of a 2002 Ultra!
in the studio ! with Tim Edwards Otis Williams back at it again.
Today's is now on Soundcloud for catch up until next week feat Maharaja Blues & Otis Williams (Temps)
Coming up next is our interview with Temptations legend Otis Williams. Listen on 98.7FM or online
Smokey , the penguins , Eddie Kendricks , David Ruffin , otis williams , Paul Williams you're all my idiol ((:
Deliver Us from Temptation: The story of the Temptations, one of Glory and Tragedy "I just finished watching The Temptations Story on TV. And I was staggered to find out every single original member of the group, except for Otis Williams has died. What makes it sadder is that none of them were that old when they died, at the very most they were in their early 50s. 1. , Paul Williams suffered from mental and emotional issues, committed suicide 2. Elbridge Bryant succumbed to cirrhosis of the liver, likely brought on by his heavy drinking, 3. David Ruffin died of a drug overdose 4. Lung cancer claimed Eddie Kendricks 5. Melvin Franklin experienced Multiple health issues And it's not just the Temptations from the Motown family that have died early; Marvin Gaye, Florence Ballad, Tammi Terrell all died prematurely and I am sure there are others. Mt.6:13 "And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.'
This week's guests on the Soulful Saturday Breakfast on Radio Cardiff 98.7FM are Otis Williams of The Temptations in conversation and the extraordinary Maharajah Blues on the Saturday Session. Plus the 55th installment of Discovering Motown and the usual mix of soul hits & rarities. Tune in at 8am - 98.7FM or online and on mobile apps at
I would like to give a special shout out to my niece Lindsey O-Williams for donationg to the making of Underpaid...
Deron Williams is the light skin dude I consider fam
Jesse Eisenberg as Luthor? In that case, I vote for Woody Harrelson as Otis!
LOL it take no credit.. Gucci & Otis Williams Jr taught me everything I know
Tomorrow morning 8-10am talks with Otis Williams of The Temptations and Maharaja Blues play live
Impressive Aboriginal people. I have a few to mention. My dad Dave Towney, community members Mandy Corcoran, Lil Gould, Otis Williams, Albert 'Blue Duck' Ryan, my little brother Malcolm, Peter 'Sump' Read and Sean Gould. Who can you add to this list that impresses you in your community?
that moment when you realize that Otis Williams never solo'd with the temptations.. but he's that one original who Survived to tell the l...
Trying to be the next Otis Williams from the Temptations and start something. Otis had a dream that turn into a huge . I have a musical dream. Just don't know where to start. and
met tons of celebs in a previous job:-) from Otis Redding Jr. to Robbie Williams, Ray Charles to Jimmy Carter. And many more
About mid April 1955, the original members of "The Charms" split from Otis Williams. This is where it starts to get confusing. Otis picked up new members for...
Looking forward to another JRDN Rehearsal with Otis Williams and Giordan Postorino. This on is going to be hilarious cause i have to bring my desktop computer lol. Life without a laptop. Its coming soon though! Have a wicked day everybody!!
I'm David Ruffin you Otis Williams ain't nobody coming to see you Otis
Would love to chop it up with OTIS WILLIAMS of THE TEMPTATIONS
*** you look like Otis Williams from the temptations
Otis Williams ; Tbh- Hayyy Otii lol (: haven't seen you in 2days or a day . . .but you cool asf . . & my Boyyy
Hm ESPN - Rams plan to hire Gregg Williams as defensive coordinator - league sources
hear Otis Williams from The Temptations now on Paul Franks talking about forthcoming tour in March
I had every album they ever recorded.true 'temptation; fan here...the classic temptations were my role models and icons.this album has left to right dennis.the late damon harris..the late Richard Street...Otis Williams...the late great bass Melvin 'blue' franklin'true harmony,rhythm,grace ,moves,and presentation onstage!
Temptations, My Uncle and Cousin are true Members, Big Otis Williams from the "D" still standing My all time favorite Group
Noone really understand how much i want THE TEMPTATION BOOK BY OTIS WILLIAMS omfg im still waiting
So proud of my boy interviewing Otis Williams of The Temptations. Forget the politics degree.
Yes, I did just speak with Otis Williams of The Temptations. Yes, I did manage to string some sentences together.
I just uploaded "NSR Meets Otis Williams of The Temptations! " to Mixcloud. Listen at
That little jam couldn't be more old school.. Otis Reading, Aretha Franklin, Andy Williams and a little bit of Louis Armstrong ♡
Nearly time to interview the last surviving original Temptation, the legend Mr Otis Williams - really are the dream-makers!
Written by Otis Williams and Henry Stone in 1954, released in 1955 and reached # 8 on The Billboard R&B charts. Covered in 1955 by Pat Boone, Frank Sinatra a...
OJ da Juiceman snapped on "Mathematics" for any fellow Otis Williams fans.
Juice-man get props for being named Otis Williams Jr. Tho
My children an my family mean the world to me.My cuzen Krissy Brown -Houston married Nick Gordon im very proud of her an Nick take good care of my cuzen i love her so much.My dad was Otis Williams of da Temptations. My Great Grandpa was James Brown my second cuzen is Bobby Brown i love my family so much
I didn't see Otis Williams, The Original Temptation, on the Grammy's R.I.P list! What's up with that?
The last of the temptations not acknowledged as a great who passed away thanks Otis Williams forever!
Heard Otis Williams of the Temptations died awhile back but it probably wasn't true seeing that they didn't show his picture in that group
Smokey been popping Molly's since the Temptations were Otis Williams and The Distants but they took Melvin away from us? S… featured in NBC s Science of Love
So... Smokey Robinson is presenting but not performing? What is wrong with you people?!?! If I had something to do with the Grammy's, I'd call Diana Ross, Hall & Oates, Smokey Robinson, Otis Williams. the list can go on! Lol.
Looking at Classic Temptations the OG Temps not those fake temps way before my time but I love some temptations the late Paul, Otis Williams, the late Eddie Kendricks, the late Melvin Franklin, the late David Ruffin The mighty Temptations these guys did real music about love.
That boy Bruno Mars look like Otis Williams from the Temptations with that Tony Curtis hairstyle.
About Beyonce! The same way, my mom & aunts felt about Diana Ross. You can leave groups but there's a way to end things without destroying relationships! I "feel some type of way" about how she left the group! No one is bigger than the group-Otis Williams , the co-founder of the mighty Temptations!
Paul Williams got the group on, David Ruffin elevated the group, Otis balanced the group, Melvin was the peacemaker & Edie was the charmer.
The Temptations Do the Temptations is a 1976 album by The Temptations for the Gordy (Motown) label. The album was the group's final release from its original Motown tenure; the Temptations terminated their Motown contract during the recording of this album. As a result, while the group enjoyed the greatest creative control of their career, producing and writing most of the tracks, the album received virtually no promotional support from Motown, who saw little point investing in a group that was on its way out of their doors. After four unsuccessful years at Atlantic Records, the group would return to Motown for twenty-four more years. Track listing "Why Can't You and Me Get Together" "Who Are You (and What Are You Doing With The Rest Of Your Life)" "I'm On Fire (Body Song)" "Put Your Trust In Me, Baby" "There Is No Stopping (Til We Set The Whole World Rockin')" "Let Me Count The Ways (I Love You)" "Is There Anybody Else" "I'll Take You In" Personnel Dennis Edwards: vocals Glenn Leonard: vocals Richard Str ...
Check out Mr. OTIS Williams and SuperDance by manishboyz on
Hi Everyone - our wonderful plant manager (custodian), Mr. Otis Williams, has been out with a broken foot for over a month now. He had been working with this injury for several months. Given Mr. William's incredible dedication to our school and our children - we (PTA) have taken up a collection to buy him a get well gift to let him know how much we appreciate and miss him. We have wanted to do something to thank him for some time for the many weekends he has worked (on his own time!) to help make Carthay the shining star it is : ) He is a remarkable person and we are very fortunate to have him at our school. If you would like to make a contribution - please leave your donation in the PTA lockbox in the school's main office. Get well cards are also welcomed! Or please contact me, Teresa (dahlkingand I will connect with you directly. Thank you!
Otis Williams & The Midnight Cowboys - Rocky Top -I do not own the copyright to this music "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act ...
A Song for You is a 1975 album by The Temptations. It features two R&B hits: "Happy People" (originally intended for recording by its authors, The Commodores), and "Shakey Ground", one of the group's final R&B songs. The album features then-lead singer Dennis Edwards on the title track written by Leon Russell. Also featured are Richard Street and Melvin Franklin on the track "Firefly". A Song for You features a familiar device of the time used to exhibit the versatility of '70s soul groups: one side features up-tempo cuts and the other side focuses on ballads. Several songs on side one such as "Glass House" and "Shakey Ground" featured P-Funk-backed dance grooves and even a writing credit for former Funkadelic guitarist Eddie Hazel, while side two had tracks such as "I'm a Bachelor" and "Memories", which showcased a more subdued style of soul. This was also the final album by Eddie Kendricks's replacement Damon Harris, who was let go after this album. He would rejoin his Young Tempts bandmates as Impact. ...
Otis Williams, who is 72, has been with the Temptations since they were founded in 1961. He's the last original member.
Enjoying the Otis Williams story of The Temptations on Fabulous songs :)
Lexington, MS is home to Holmes County blues. Lee Williams, Otis Smothers & Lonnie Pitchford all hail from Lexington. htt…
Otis Williams is at the soaring eagle casino in February! He is the only member of the temptations who is still alive! Im so excited!!
Thanks again everybody for your birthday wishes. Tonight I will be playing Polpo Restaurant & Saloon in Greenwich CT. starting @ 7:30p.m.I will be joined later by Otis Williams on guitar and vocals. Please stop by and say hello.
"Out of all the people that are alive, very few are living" Otis Williams
Just sitting here watching the last of the Temptations movie. Those were the good days Otis Williams, Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks, David Ruffin and Melvin Franklin were the best. Their voices were golden especially David Ruffin one of a kind . David Ruffin is sorely missed even though it's been like over 20 years since he died.
I loved him on Temptations as Melvin Franklin...with Otis Williams.
Temptations Live! was the first live album to be released by The Temptations. Recorded on October 3, 1966 in the Upper Deck of the Roostertail club in Detroit, Michigan, and released on album by Gordy (Motown) Records in 1967, the album features David Ruffin, Paul Williams, Eddie Kendricks, Melvin Franklin, and Otis Williams performing their regular live repertoire for a highly receptive crowd mostly consisting of young women. Included in the set are Temptations hits such as "My Girl", "My Baby", "Get Ready", "Ain't Too Proud to Beg", "Don't Look Back", and the group's then-current single, "Beauty Is Only Skin Deep". Out of the several live albums the group recorded during their career, this is the only one to feature David Ruffin. Track listing Superscripts denote lead singers for each track: (a) David Ruffin, (b) Eddie Kendricks, (c) Paul Williams, (d) Melvin Franklin. Side one Intro by Scott Regen – 1:09 Medley – 4:49 "Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue)" (Norman Whitfield, Edward Holland, Jr.) b "Th ...
January 3, 2014 Camelwalk Production’s Trivia Question of the day The Temptation mid-60’s lineup of Eddie Kendricks, Otis Williams, David Ruffin, Melvin Franklin, David Ruffin and Paul Williams have been labeled as the “Classic Temptations.” In this context, the lead singers on an overwhelmingly large portion of their songs during this time, was either David Ruffin or Eddie Kendricks, with an occasional spot lead by Paul. Can you name the only song while in this grouping where David and Eddie shared lead vocals? Which Temptation do you think did the best job as a lead singer?
"DYK? Otis Williams - member of singing group ""The Temptations"" was also a member of Phi Beta Sigma?"
By Sophia Smith Galer Eagerly anticipating their date at the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena, Sophia Smith Galer spoke to the only original founder-member still left in The Temptations, Otis Williams. The Temptations are of course the Grammy-holding, Rock and Roll Hall of Faming and ever metamorphasising vocal group that are known especially for their hits ‘My Girl’, ‘Papa Was A Rolling Stone’ and ‘Just My Imagination.’ The Temptations have played in the UK hundreds of times in a career that spans over half a century, and this isn’t even the first time they’ve toured it with the Four Tops, another big vocal group from the Motown era. Both the groups are now almost entirely made up of new me
And lead us not into David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Otis Williams, et al.
Otis Williams, one of the last remaining R&B singers from the legendary King Records of Cincinnati, will serve as today’s Honorary Captain!
Correction: Otis Williams WILL be here at 8pm, but the King Records doo *** singer, NOT the same Otis Williams from the Temptations. Sorry!
you want to talk about about singers lets not get on Rick and dion looking like Otis Williams and Eddie Kendricks
BORN TODAY JUNE 2nd: (Don't forget to check out our ON THIS DAY IN MUSIC which is also on this site and LIKE the AMERICANA MUSIC FOUNDATION to get your daily posts of daily history) 1924: Maurice Kinn (June 2,1924 – Aug 3, 2000) was a successful booking agent and concert promoter before he bought the Musical and Accordion Express magazine for with a loan from his father-in-law, in February 1952. He relaunched it as the New Musical Express two weeks later. The first front page bore the legend "NME Exclusive - Britain to get commercial radio." NME was the first British pater to include a singles chart which Kinn incorporated into its format in November of ’52. Kinn was one of the most influential figures on the international music scene from the mid-1950s, when he staged the first all-star jazz concerts at the Royal Albert Hall. Kinn died on August 3rd 2000 at the age of 77 from cancer. 1936: Otis Williams, singer. singer, The Charms, (1956 US No.11 single 'Ivory Tower'). 1936: Otis Williams singe ...
TONIGHT! Night of as we perform for Mary Wilson (Supremes) Otis Williams (Temptations) & Duke Fakir (Four Tops)
Some fun inspiration with Temptations co-founder Otis Williams. Enjoyed MC'ing the show and shooting this video.
I keep hearing John Williams Otis March when the Prince of Wales enters
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You can either be Otis Williams, or those two guys who quite Otis Williams and The Distants who no one remembers.
ESPN NBA - Williams puts game away Brooklyn's Deron Williams with the steal and reverse dunk; Nets up big
Inspiration during intermission from original Temptation, Otis Williams!
Lenny Williams,Otis redding, marvin Gaye on my Ol school flow
I feel like otis williams onda temptations wen he first met berry gordy inda bathroom !
if only , Paul Williams , David Ruffin , Otis Williams , Eddie Kendricks , & Melivin Franklin woulda all stayed in the temptations v.v
I think Otis Williams is a national treaure. I love his honesty,diligence and compassion. I read both his Temptation books (1988, 2002 update) He really loved those guys. The last thing he told Eddie Kendricks was that he loved him. That was only weeks before Edddie died. Otis , in my opinion is level headed and the one guided and directed by the creator to keep things going. He has always made such wise decisions. I appreciate all the Temps but Otis and Melvin will always be my favorites Thanks Otis for doing what you do. You are a national treasure. I love you.
RIP author Paul Williams (Crawdaddy). He once read aloud to me his essay about Otis' "Dock of the Bay." A cherished memory.
The stylist that dressed Otis Williams in the Temptations movie knows what's up.
Otis Williams is the only living Temptation remaining
Hw tf did did Otis Williams get his name on the group title ?
watch'n "The Temptations" [1958-67[ on VH1-when Otis Williams founded the group/1st hits...OH YEAH
Watching "With all do respect I'm Otis Williams, and this is my group. " he just got her big uglyahh!
DUDE I shook Otis Williams' hand once at a Temps show. I'm not sure if I'll be at the Bosstones show.
Otis Williams makes the stupidest faces on this movie
Little Giant Ladders
The guy that's plays Otis Williams is pretty cute 😯
Otis Williams was the Yamcha of the Temptation. Yea, you were one of the originals but ya *** wasn't that important.
Otis Williams is the only living member of the old Temptations...yet that *** NEVER had a lead in a song.
i was mad as *** once i found out the real Otis Williams was waaayyy finer than David Ruffin!
The last temptation died a couple of weeks ago... So no more temptations living... R.i.P Otis Williams
me and actor Otis Williams from temptations movie at trailer on set
Did anyone else ever notice the teeth on Otis Williams son in this movie??
I never understood why it was called "Otis Williams & the Temptations" when he never led a single song, ol background singing ahh
The man that plays Otis Williams on Fighting Temptations .. Knows he can GET IT any kind of play ..
hey, how come it was called Otis Williams & The Distances if Otis never sang lead?
Have you ever watched a really awesome sad movie then busted out laughing when it was over then changed to a movie about Otis Williams.
Lmao , Otis Williams from the Temptaions kinda looks like
To... If Otis Williams and the Siberians were singing/chasing me around 😱😲😲😍
My dad & great grandma, my idols Smokey Robinson & Otis Williams
Right? Ya know, Otis Williams from The Temptations says the same thing.
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Otis. - Kanye, List of Demands - Saul Williams, Pursuit of Happiness - Cudi, No Church in the Wild - Kanye
Stro might as well gone be Otis Williams from the temptation
Otis Williams: Otis Williams was one of 15 applicants out of 550 national and international nominees to receive...
90's is my fav but I love my old school Teddy P, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, O'Jays, Isleys, Lenny Williams
ok you win this round Mr Williams - you just wait though...I'm ALWAYS a step ahead!
iPod on random; Public Enemy to Hank Williams to Slayer to Otis Redding to the Clash...pretty much covers it all...
If you don't know who Otis Williams is then die!
I'm only going to see "Temptation" hoping for an Otis Williams cameo. Who, if memory serves me correctly, ain't nobody coming to see.
watching the temptations. So, can Otis Williams song? Never heard him. Hmmm...
Also, the program from the venue listed Otis Williams as one of the performers. I have no idea, however, when it written.
Well, I my wife and sisinlaw saw the Temps Fri nite in West Palm Beach. Said Otis Williams was introduced as lone original...
awww sorry to tell you Otis Williams passed away, I think last month. PS enjoy ur beautiful Sunday. -_~.
I'm told they (well, Otis Williams is only remaining member) were fantastic! gave up my ticket to my sisterinlaw. I was sick. :(
Otis Williams has been pronounced dead at 1:21 AM.
Oh em gee the actor who played Otis Williams is on notorious why have I never noticed this?!?!?!?
The Temptations was started by Otis Williams. He's the 2nd least important Temp.
"Jokera lets watch a movie !" Baby Im Otis Williams , Im On Tv . (im watching the temptations)
OK Kiddies, since I got such a positive response to my "tease" status from last night about the upcoming Temptations podcast, I figured it would be good to send out a full fledged QOTD to solicit your ideas/opinions on what songs you'll want to hear. A couple of quick facts now and maybe I'll expand on this note in the future as things progress:   1. Not working on this by myself, I've drafted EJ (Flavors) and Jolene (Kay White Bethune) to assist me with this effort.   2. The mix is currently planned to be 5 mixes released each day of the Memorial Day holiday weekend starting on Thursday on through that Monday.   3. Going to try and cover as much of the group's significant history as possible (plus some good obscure stuff that may have been overlooked). So far the breakdown looks like:   A) Mix & - The "Classic Five" Era (David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, Otis Williams & Melvin Franklin)   B) Mix - Solo Efforts by the "Lead Singers" (mostly Ruffin, Kendricks and Dennis Edwards)   C) Mix ...
David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams, Otis Williams & Melvin Franklin are the reasons Im in love with music.
Save the date, Saturday, March 30th, 2013. STREET CORNER RENAISSANCE, Live in Concert, SRO! Just off a very successful concert opening (February 16, 2013 in Cerrittos, California) for the legendary Temptations (with original member, Otis Williams) - STREET CORNER RENAISSANCE, ace A`capella doo *** soul music vocal group will be in Concert at the beautiful Akebu-lan Cultural Center in majestic Pasadena, California, 1435 N. Raymond Avenue., Pasadena, California 91103., 8PM SHOW. We will be singing songs of love, social awareness and spirituality designed to uplift the soul, and put a smile on your face! We are proud to have entered into the Billboard charts with songs from our last CD, "Life Could Be A Dream". And we are doubly proud to uphold, promote and preserve the enduring legacy of authentic, A`capella, Doo *** Soul music. Stand by for more details, ticket info, etc. Big ups to our fan club, Shairon Speed-Anderson, Curtesa Richardson, and Ed Alston. Super props to our ace booking agent, Barbara Coll . ...
So the quest begins. Time to pick a MAN name... all imput from friends and family will be seriously considered. Let the fun begin!!! I'll start it off with one of my personal favorites from a good friend in college.. "Thunder" Otis Williams has a nice ring to it don't you think?
This has been a tough week for fans of the Temptations as former lead singer Richard Street passes at age 70. Richard joined the The "Tempts" replacing the late Paul Wiliams. Richard led the classic "Hey Girl (I Like Your Style)" & "Aiming At Your Heart". In a group where everyone was a lead singer Richard joins the standouts David Ruffin, Eddie,Dennis Edwards & Ollie Woodson the most memorial voices it the group. Otis Williams remains the only original member of the group.
Richard Street, a Detroit native, formally joined the Tempts in 1971 after a long association with the group, having performed with Otis Williams and Melvin Franklin in the ‘50s vocal group the Distants.
Tonight,another angel sings among his band members in Rock and Roll Heaven.Richard Street formerly of The Temptations has joined the band of angels,Richard began singing with Otis Williams,and Melvin Franklin as Otis Williams and The Distants,But quit when he felt the group was being expected to perform,before their royalties were commissioned,However he did travel with the group later when they became The Temptations as a stage manager,but before long he would be called upon to fill in for Paul Williams who was not battling alcoholism the way he was depicted in the film,but sickle cell anemia.However after Eddie Kendrick left the group,Richard,Like Damon Harris who passed last week he would take on a near Eddie like falsetto,Richard would also sing the lead on Dvid Ruffin's signature Tempts hit,My Girl,and although he was no David Ruffin,he was a great singer,Anyone who saw Motown 25 back in the day can vouch that although,THERE WAS ONLY ONE David Ruffin.AND WITHOUT HIM THE TEMPTS WERE BUT A GROUP IN SEA ...
He's the second to die this week. Otis Williams died also. All the original Temptations have died.
ICYMI: Watch as Otis Williams & Dennis Edwards accept the GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award for
The greatest vocal group, in Motown history are all back together again. In heaven. Rest in peace brother Otis Williams. May God bless you and your entire family. And thank you for giving us 1 of the greatest vocal group of all time! Heaven has some harmony and it's Kingdom.
No the last Temptation is Otis Williams. He's still with us. Otis Harris replaced Eddie Kendricks.
Tomorrow night at the Grammy's Detroit's own Temptations will receive the lifetime achievement award congrats to Otis Williams and the present and past guys.
Who wanna be apart of the new Temptations with Me (David Ruffin) Matthew MattSpooky Allen (Paul Williams) we need and Otis Williams, Melvin Thompson, and Eddie Kendricks
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Fraternity Records was a small record label based in Cincinnati, Ohio. It was started by Harry Carlson and silent partner Dr. Ashton Welsh in 1954. The first hit was local girl Cathy Carr's rendition of a Tin Pan Alley song, "Ivory Tower" in 1956. It made besting a cover version by Otis Williams...
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the other 4 original temptations said they gon whip Otis Williams *** when he get here
Otis Williams sure did put a lot of Temp members out of the group
Every since a kid man i jus do it big OJ Da Juiceman "Otis Williams Jr. Story"
So I hear a man's voice while platform & thought omg its Otis Williams fom the temptations!? Nah but Grandpa was sanging!
loving Luther and am partial to some Otis reading... yes of corse not sure where yet though possibly source sat? you out?
I'm talmbout the same kind of 3rd-Degree Otis Williams & the Distants gave their managers. Lmao
so was i the only one who heard them say "Happy Birthday Otis Williams" on the radio o.O
I'm kanye & you the rest of good music , I'm otis Williams & you the rest of the temptations
Otis Williams tried to sign me as a new Temptation this year. I was like nah, I'll keep on truckin'
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