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Oscar Robertson

Oscar Palmer Robertson (born November 24, 1938 in Charlotte, Tennessee), nicknamed The Big O , is a former American National Basketball Association player with the Cincinnati Royals and Milwaukee Bucks.

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In case you were wondering on who the other 5 are:. Oscar Robertson: 384 games. Larry Bird: 436…
This has to be the first Milwaukee Bucks game I have watched since Oscar Robertson played with Kareem. And lost to…
JUST ANNOUNCED: Gary Clark has been named to the 2018 Watch List!. 📝:
8 pm/et; Celebrating greats: Oscar Robertson is the only Buck to wear No…
Out of those players listed? Absolutely not. Oscar Robertson would handle each and every one of those…
Streak came to end today but players to start career with most games with 10+ pts, 5+ rebounds & 5+ assists. 1 game:…
"Mr. Triple Double". Only two men have averaged a triple-double for a full season, and this shirt, now in the NBA M…
Ben Simmons & Oscar Robertson are only players with 100 Reb & 80 Ast in 1st 10 games. More from
i dedicate this pic to Oscar Robertson 🤤
Halftime. scoring record for one game is 127, set in the Oscar Robertson era
Ben Simmons is averaging 17.8 PTS, 9.4 REB & 7.8 AST, while shooting 50% from the field. Only players to do 19+ PTS…
😎 . Oscar Robertson Trophy Watch List for national player of the year . 🐯🏀
All the Milwaukee Bucks need now is for Oscar Robertson and Kareem Abdul Jabber to come out of retirement
Did Mr Oscar Robertson play for Cincinnati backup then?
I like your all-time NBA player ratings. I have Oscar Robertson a little higher than you do. And the Kobe…
Amongst hybrid bigs..SFs...or point forwards...Lebron can be compared to Magic and Oscar Robertson. Boring but ita…
Ben Simmons is the second player in with 2 triple-double in the first 9 games of his career (Oscar Robertson). ht…
Ben Simmons joined elite company: Hall of Famers Maurice Stokes and Oscar Robertson. Never saw them play? Here you go (cour…
Ben Simmons Ben Simmons joined elite company with Oscar Robertson and Hambone Williams as ...
ICYMI: Ben Simmons is the first player to post a 10-10-5 line in his first four games since Oscar Robertson
Russell Westbrook and Oscar Robertson lead the pack.
Because Bill Russell, Wilt, Kareem and Oscar Robertson laid the foundation if we going by your logic. W…
People who think sports are separate from politics should read autobiographies of Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, Kareem, Wilt, etc.
The best NBA starting 5 of all-time would be: Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson as guards. 'Magic' Johnson, as a point forward. Larry Bi...
Russell Westbrook broke Oscar Robertson's record for most triple doubles in one season with 42 triple doubles.
Larry Bird, Slick Leonard, and Oscar Robertson are among sports legends on…
Thread on why Oscar Robertson's triple double season is better than Russell Westbrook's
Russell Westbrook is our era's Oscar Robertson. Wouldn't be surprised if he averages a triple double this season.
What about Bill Russell or Wilt Chamberlain or Oscar Robertson. Start with Michael then go. Jmo...
I know this isn't right. Russell Westbrook has 41 triple doubles tying the big O " Oscar Robertson".
When 19 year olds talk about Oscar Robertson and Bill Russell 😒
. Oscar Robertson: 41 triple doubles in a season and the record. Russell Westbrook: Hold my beer
Russell Westbrook was the first player since Oscar Robertson to average a triple double for an entire season.
Two players in NBA history have averaged a triple double for a season, but only one won MVP. . Oscar Robertson. Russell Westbr…
Oscar Robertson and Kareem Abdul Jabaar not on the Bucks all time starting five? Get real guys
Other was 1960-61 Cincy Royals with 1960 No. 1 Oscar Robertson & '59 top pick Bob Boozer, who waited 2 play in '60 Olympics (2 of 2)
Bob Cousy was a phenom back then. Bruh was a wizard with the ball…and then Oscar Robertson, Julius Erving, Magic Johnson happened lol
On behalf of Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson, Elgin Baylor, Chet Walker and the rest of the NBA civil rights activist…
Nupe, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, and Bill Russell. This is NBA basketball royalty right here.
Ok so Bill Russell,Jerry West,Oscar Robertson,Elgin Baylor,Willis reed,etc are not legends cause they we…
Can't argue w/ that lineup. Second team might go something like: Oscar Robertson, Pete Maravich, K…
Btw, this talk of the greatest that most people have should now consist of LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson & Russell Westbrook
Magic Johnson. Jason Kidd. Isaiah Thomas. Chris Paul . Oscar Robertson. Steve Nash . players people would take over the all time assist leader
April 30, 1971 - Milwaukee Bucks, led by Oscar Robertson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, win the NBA championship.
Columbus Zoo signs supply deal with chemical company owned by Oscar Robertson
.(41p/13r/12a) joins Oscar Robertson as the only players in w/ multiple 40+ point triple-doub…
Update your maps at Navteq
King James passes Oscar Robertson for 3rd-most playoff games with 30 Pts and 10 Ast in NBA history. (via ht…
Russell Westbrook, his brother, father & Oscar Robertson!
The Big O, Oscar Robertson honors for his single-season triple-double achievement!
Oscar Robertson ends a short speech with, "I only have one more thing to say... MVP!"
Oscar Robertson is in Oklahoma City and will be at the Thunder's game tomorrow night to recognize Russell Westbrook's histo…
Today in 1960 Oscar Robertson and Jerry West were drafted into the
Oscar Robertson told he is not hating that Russ broke his triple-double record.
Oscar Robertson wrote a congratulatory letter to Russell Westbrook on
BREAKING: Russell Westbrook records his NBA RECORD 42nd triple double of the season - passes Oscar Robertson.
BREAKING: Russell Westbrook passes Oscar Robertson with his 42nd of the season.
History has been made!. Russell Westbrook's 42nd triple-double moves him past Oscar Robertson for most all-time in a sing…
Made!. secures his 42nd triple-double to pass Oscar Robertson for the most in a single season!
Oscar Robertson is celebrated largely for averaging a triple dub. Russ did it against superior athletes, competition, s…
It's official - Russell Westbrook has clinched averaging a triple double this season. Him and Oscar Robertson are the only…
Oscar Robertson averaged a triple-double in the 1961-62 season. No one has done it since. Until now.
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Oscar Robertson spoke with USA Today yesterday. He thinks Harden is great, but Russ is MVP. Details:
Just. One. More. Russ Westbrook tied Oscar Robertson last night for most triple-doubles in a single season
Russell Westbrook just tied Oscar Robertson's record with 41 triple-doubles. 🔥
Russell Westbrook ties Oscar Robertson's single-season record with his 41st triple-double.
HE DID IT! 🙌🔥 Russell Westbrook tied Oscar Robertson by grabbing his 4⃣1⃣st triple-double of the season with 12p/13r/13a!
Russell Westbrook just tied Oscar Robertson for most single-season triple-doubles in NBA history.
41 triple doubles to tie Oscar Robertson...wait...Is that Norris Cole on OKC?
In his wildest dreams The Big O could never have imagined this... ties Oscar Robertson's single-season triple-doubl…
With his next triple-double, will tie... Oscar Robertson (1961-62) with 41 in single season. Wilt Chamberlain with 78…
Forty triple-doubles. One more to tie Oscar Robertson's single-season record.
Westbrook got 1 triple double left on tying Oscar Robertson at
Russ dishes to Vic for 10th assist & 40th . He's 1 away from tying Oscar Robertson for most ever in a season…
Russ is inching closer & closer to history 👀. Westbrook is now two triple-doubles away from tying Oscar Robertson's single-seaso…
Current record-holder Oscar Robertson says he's rooting for Russell Westbrook to break his mark of 41 in a season. .
Damian Lillard joins LeBron James/Oscar Robertson as only players in NBA history with 1500+ points, 400+ assists in eac…
Russell Westbrook and Oscar Robertson have a lot in common these days. Here's another one for the record books. http…
Triple-double No. 36 in the books. Russell Westbrook is just 5 triple-doubles away from tying Oscar Robertson's single-s…
When you meet Oscar Robertson in the bathroom
Attucks alum Oscar Robertson and his former team mates are shown on the jumbo tron. Tigers fans go ballistic, and rightly so.
The other three are Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James. Tyreke Evans is not any of those guys. Rookie years can be anomalies!
Former players I'd love to watch in this era: Michael Jordan, Pistol Pete, Larry Bird, and Oscar Robertson.
Five best NBA point guard of all time:. 1. Magic. 2. Stockton. 3. Oscar Robertson. 4. Isiah Thomas. 5. Jason Kidd
Worth noting: Oscar Robertson didn't win the MVP his triple-double season either...
Oscar Robertson did not win league MVP in 61-62, the season he averaged a triple double. (30/12/11)
It's been done, people! Oscar Robertson averaged a triple-double in a season. OKC would be better if he wasn't trying to do that
150. Is Russell Westbrook going to break Oscar Robertson's record of 41 triple doubles from the 1961-1962 season in the 20…
The high school Oscar Robertson attended in Indianapolis was named for Crispus Attucks.
Just like how Oscar Robertson didn't get the MVP for the season he averaged a triple double neither will Westbrook..
I hear that Oscar Robertson guy was pretty decent.
Must be weird for the other 349 Division 1 colleges who don't have a 🐐 alum like Michael Jordan or Oscar Robertson. Feel so bad for them.
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Just met a guy who hasn't been to an NBA game since Oscar Robertson played
Definitely flashes of Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson, and LeBron in his game. Truly blasphemous.
Oscar Robertson was a better basketball player than Westbrook, maybe Jordan too. Rgds, Mark
Oscar Robertson posted a triple-double that night then escaped and ate a guy's liver with some fava beans and a nice ch…
. Oscar Robertson- 184 triple doubles. Michael Jordan-28 triple doubles. So does that make Oscar better than MJ??🤔🤔
Russell Westbrook joins James Harden (2016-17) & Oscar Robertson (1963-64) as the only players with 5 40-pt triple-doubl…
Russell Westbrook trails only James Harden & Oscar Robertson to tie for the most 40-point triple-doubles in a single seas…
How would Oscar Robertson feel if Russell Westbrook broke his record?
Shaq, David Robinson, Oscar Robertson, and Bill Russel. Uh, NBA royalty in the first row here tonight
.point here about Oscar Robertson's finish in the MVP race when he avg'd a triple-double is so good
Russell Westbrook now only trails Wilt Chamberlain's 31 (1967-68) and Oscar Robertson's 41 (1961-62).
Westbrook records 19th triple-double of season, joining Oscar Robertson as only players to average a triple-double halfwa…
yea I saw that gif. let me guess, you think Oscar Robertson and Elgin Baylor are bums too lmao
James Harden has 28.5 PPG, 8.1 RPG & 12 APG. The only player to match that line in a full season is Oscar Robertson.
If we were power ranking NBA curmudgeons, it'd look like this right?. 1. George Karl. 2. Phil Jackson . 3. Chuck. 4. Oscar Robertson
Russell Westbrook is the 3rd-fastest player to 50 career triple-doubles (614 games) behind Oscar Robertson and Magic John…
LeBron James: tied with Michael Jordan for 5th all-time in 40 point/10-assist games (9) Oscar Robertson leads with 46…
List of everyone who has averaged 28 - 7 - 7 in an NBA season:. Oscar Robertson. Larry Bird. John Havlicek. Jordan. LeBron. Russell Westbrook
The only player in NBA history to average a triple-double entering December is Oscar Robertson in 1961-62... Russ, you're a v…
true. But someone sometimes has to be Curt Flood or Oscar Robertson
36 points. 18 assists. 12 rebounds. . We haven't seen numbers like that in one game since Oscar Robertson in 1962. (via
Happy BDay Oscar Robertson. He avg a cumulative triple double over his 1st 5yrs in the NBA! https:/…
Russell Westbrook joins Oscar Robertson as now the 2nd player ever to record 13,000p-3,400r-4,500a through first 600 games. Vi…
You know, the Oscar I was awarded for The Untouchables is a wonderful t...
Today at I'll be sporting the Oscar Robertson Milwaukee Jersey. Say hey
I had an amazing time last night at for panel with J.A. Adande & NBA legend Oscar Robertso…
Happy birthday Julia Roberts. Julia Robertson rose to fame as the star of Pretty Woman and won an Oscar for her...
John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, Jason Kidd. And then u got Nash. Payton. And isiah to pass up
We're at getting ready to speak w/ basketball legend Oscar Robertson about athletes + activism. Watch live: http…
I am ready to hear from NBA and Indiana Legend Oscar Robertson
"I feel like Oscar Robertson watching Golden State" 😩 wasn't playing on this album. Salute to happy joe !! ✊🏻😬
I gotta go with Oscar Robertson avg a triple double, who u think is
"The Legend and the Prospect," a conversation between Oscar Robertson and James Daniel III
Watch Oscar Robertson's Best Plays of his NBA Career! 🔥🏀🔥 Check them all out here --->
also this from the man himself >> Oscar Robertson's impact on and the NBA
yup. only I'll be able to post up guards and crash the offensive glass. just like Oscar Robertson
Oscar Robertson: I was criticized a lot by newspapers in the past. They never showed my photo & labeled me "big *** bo…
Oscar Robertson: It's not easy for Melo, LeBron to do what they're doing, because they're tied to corporate America.
Oscar Robertson: I got a telegraph from the KKK that they would kill me if I played in the Dixie Classic in 1959. https:…
Oscar Robertson: I think the greatest thing that happened for black student-athletes in the 60s is going to all-white sc…
Oscar Robertson: I don't think any college coach should be making $6-7 million coaching these young kids
Oscar Robertson: I've seen guys lose their scholarship because of a bad relationship with their coach, and that's wrong.…
Oscar Robertson: The only player to average a triple-double in NBA history.
Oscar Robertson joking about prioritizing academics + athletics: I think academics are great, unless your son's name is…
You can watch tonight's panel with Oscar Robertson, James Daniel III and J.A. Adande here
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On this day in history (60) Oscar Robertson (21pts) & Jerry West (20pts) made their NBA debuts in the same game.
Chris Paul is the 3rd greatest point guard of all time, he will surpass Oscar Robertson and become
Isiah Thomas??? Oscar Robertson?? Chris Paul is easily better than Parker and Price.
I really enjoyed watching him at Cincinnati Gardens in the 60s and 70s against Oscar Robertson and the Royals!
After signing, end talks with Oscar Robertson.
I regard Robert Horry and Steve Kerr as infinitely better than Bob Pettit and Oscar Robertson cuz of the rings disparity.
Somebody tell Oscar Robertson that after this season he ain't the only one who averaged a triple double for a whole season
Kevin Durant's power to choose stems from Oscar Robertson and others suing for free agency 45 ago. From
From one great to another: Oscar Robertson pens some words for
the man won 9 titles, playing against the likes of Chamberlain, Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, Walt Bellamy, Elgin Baylor
Also not as good as Chamberlain, Russell. Jabbar, Bird, Magic, West, Oscar Robertson, Cousy
who is Oscar Robertson and Lew Alcindor? If you can answer those then Lebron is the best of all time
Well... you included Oscar Robertson and Bill Russell, so I won't give you major arguments on Erving or Stockton. :-)
that is why I had him at 2. I wish I got to see Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell and Wilt play.
If it wasn't for MJ, Kobe, Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell & Wilt'd have to call Lebron the G.O.A.T.
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Heck no. MJ and Magic and Bird and Wilt and Dr. J and Kobe and Oscar Robertson and Russell are ALL better than him.
All decisions the NBA makes should go through Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Bill Russell, Magic, Jordan, etc. Not some yuppie *** bags.
replace 6-10 with Russell Chamberlain Duncan West and Oscar Robertson. 👍🏾
def would say he's top ten, but you guys don't even consider players like bull Russell and Oscar Robertson
Bill Russell with 10 rings (I think) and Oscar Robertson the man who averaged triple double for a season?
At times like this, I really wish I saw guys like Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, etc. play.
Based on what? Rings? Russell has more. Stats. Oscar Robertson has better career numbers. Gatorade and Nike? He wins.
go look him up lol lebron isn't the first player to do this. Look at Magic, Oscar Robertson, Russell Westbrook
Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, and Steve Nash. Easily. Could think of a few more better than him too
. Mine would have to be. MJ. Wilt. Magic. Kareem. Russell. Bird. Lebron. Oscar Robertson . Hakeem. Tim Duncan
Oscar Robertson is way too low at 24 and Chris Paul is way too high at 18.
Now I hope all those *** naysayers like Oscar Robertson can shut the *** up and put some RESPEK on the name.. Wor…
LeBron James is one of the true Sporting greats of our generation. Up there with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson & Oscar Robertson.
Good for you Oscar Robertson! Put some light on these over rated
James Harden not making one of the 3 All NBA teams is asinine. 29/7/6.LeBron, Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan. Only other players to do that
The only players to ever put up 29 ppg, 7.5 apg, and 6 rpg in a season: Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson (7x), LBJ, James Harden.
The only other players to put up those numbers are Oscar Robertson, LeBron James, and Michael Jordan. And he couldn't an All-NBA team? Joke.
Still put up numbers only Oscar Robertson, LeBron James and Michael Jordan have.
top 5 point guards of all-time: . 1. Magic . 2. Oscar Robertson . 3. Chris Paul . 4. Isiah Thomas . 5. Steph Curry
Russ. 3rd career Playoff game with 30/10/10. *Only LeBron James and Oscar Robertson have more - 8 each).
get diamond MVP Oscar Robertson, MVP KD, and Diamond historic Bill Russell or Amethyst DPOY David Robinson
I wonder if Malcolm Brogdon and Perry Ellis reminisce about going to see Oscar Robertson play when they were growing up.
Also Mitch played with David Bing who played against Wilt,Oscar Robertson, and Bill Russell in their primes
My all time starting lineup would be:. PG: Oscar Robertson. SG: Michael Jordan. SF: Larry Bird. PF: Kevin Garnett. C: Bill Russell
James Harden 29 ppg 7 assist 6 rebounds this season . Only players in history to do so Oscar Robertson. Michael Jordan and…
you must've never heard of Jason Kidd or Magic Johnson or Oscar Robertson lol
Fun Fact:. Oscar Robertson remains the only player to average a triple-double over the course of an entire season. …
How can the Cincy area suck SO BAD at professional sports w/these great fans??? Where is Oscar Robertson when u need him? Or Ken Anderson?
As LeBron passed "The Big O' in scoring: & Oscar Robertson, the only two in TOP 20 in points & assists!.
Moving up! LeBron James passes Oscar Robertson (26,710) for 11th on the NBA All-time scoring list.
LeBron keeps climbing as he passes Oscar Robertson for 11th on the all-time scoring list https:…
Why Russell Westbrook's season is better than Oscar Robertson's triple-double season. [in] https…
Russell Westbrook has been more efficient this season than Oscar Robertson was in his triple-double season:
Russell Westbrook may have 15 triple-doubles this season, but it doesn't come close to a man named Oscar Robertson. https…
Yeah or Nah? Mark Cuban's proposal to move the 3-pt line? Oscar Robertson on Steph Curry? Adam Silver weighs in: Nah.
Among those who played last college game in consolation game: Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, Bill Bradley, Elvin Hayes.
The only other players as rookies to have exceeded 25 are Wilt Chamberlain, Walt Bellamy, David Robinson, Oscar Robertson & Michael Jordan.
Oscar Robertson. LeBron James. Damian Lillard. 👆 only players with 1500 points & 400 assists in first four seasons https…
A big salute to Oscar Robertson today //
Oh boy, never thought Oscar Robertson would end up on a meme
Interesting, fires smart people (Jim Rome, Keith Olbermann), yet keep you. Oscar Robertson is right and you know it.
The Big O - Oscar Robertson - has scored the most points on Leap Day with 43 (vs. 1964)
Steve Kerr drops a bomb on Oscar Robertson! .
Steph Curry shoots better from 28+ feet this year than Oscar Robertson ever did on 2 pointers.
Steve Kerr fired back at Oscar Robertson for his criticism of Stephen Curry:
I want to hear Oscar Robertson's theory on how to stop Steph Curry from hitting 30 ft+ game-
I totally disagree with comments by Oscar Robertson about playing D on /Coaches in know D but he is
Steph Curry just sent a message to Oscar Robertson
I'd like to see Oscar Robertson pick up someone like Westbrook, Derrick Rose, Isaiah Thomas, etc and play full court defense on them...😂
I think played that game for Oscar Robertson.
Just caught up with Oscar Robertson, who says Steph wouldve never made that shot if the Kangaroo Kid Billy Cunningham had been checking him.
Oscar Robertson would have blocked that
Oscar Robertson would have blocked that shot. Because "back when I played." Yawn.
Oscar Robertson gotta come on Mike & Mike Monday with an apology
Oscar Robertson really gotta go on Mike&Mike on monday and apologize.
people really need to listen to Oscar Robertson
I hope Oscar Robertson is watching this game
Oscar Robertson and Isiah Thomas just went to sleep.
see Oscar Robertson's recent interview on ESPN Mike & Mike show.
Reminder, Oscar Robertson is a gigantic *** He's the PG to Rick Barry's SG on the All-Time NBA *** Team.
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Oscar Robertson told the truth on Mike and Mike today. These coaches don't know basketball.
Oscar Robertson on Mike and Mike yesterday is exactly why I don't listen to old people when they talk sports
Mike and Mike interviewed the Big O, Oscar Robertson and asked him if he had ever seen anyone shoot better than...
If you have a chance to listen to Oscar Robertson's interview from "Mike and Mike" on ESPN Radio yesterday, please do. He is bitter.
Oscar Robertson sounded so bitter on Mike & Mike this morning.
Oscar Robertson old *** was on Mike and Mike earlier sounding salty he could never shoot like this. You *** are terrible.
I think heard what Oscar Robertson said about him on Mike & Mike
If any of you feel like bashing your head against a wall, we highly recommend Oscar Robertson's interview today on Mike and Mike.
Seriously today's Mike and Mike interview with Oscar Robertson was physically hurting me to listen to.
Hate it when old NBA guys like Oscar Robertson&Gary Payton berate today's players&game. Old black&white film betrays what they're saying
"I just don't think coaches today understand the game of basketball." - NBA legend Oscar Robertson
"My all-time starting 5 was, is & always will be Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain & Bill Russell"- J. Erving
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the ratty Oscar Robertson meets the industrial Andrew Lang 🍀
Before it's too late, i feel like we need Jim Brown, Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson and Willie Mays roundtable interview.
Kobe Bryant shaking hands with Bill Russell and Oscar Robertson.
Oscar Robertson accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award during today's Legends Brunch. WATCH:
Did I just see Jason Collins sitting next to Bill Russell and Oscar Robertson? El oh el
Both of these men are Legends and Heroes to so many, Oscar Robertson and Alex English htt…
LBJ at 3 is a joke. And leaving off Oscar Robertson is an insult of the highest order.
No Oscar Robertson??? But also no Kobe. I guess on balance I'm fine with it.
LeBron is now the 7th player ever with 40+ triple-doubles. Oscar Robertson is No. 1 on the list with an insane 181. h…
People who'd rather have Steph and klay over Kareem and Oscar Robertson know nothing about basketball
Larry Holmes is the Oscar Robertson of boxing.
magic, bird,Jordan, Kareem, Duncan, Russel, lebron,wilt, Oscar Robertson, Shaq. I mean you can make a case pretty easy
and why is Lebron only 18th and where is Oscar Robertson smh
Glad you put Oscar Robertson on the team. He averaged a triple-double for an entire season. .
um bo, where is Oscar Robertson on that ESPN list?!?!?
fun fact: Oscar Robertson had 41 triple-doubles in the 1961-62 season alone.
how bruh are they both top25 for points and assists? ... His only real comparison is like Oscar Robertson
Oscar Robertson has the most triple doubles.
Oscar Robertson's adjusted stats give him a Dwayne Wade statline in this era. Way more competition now.
ya we have... Oscar Robertson. I mean almost a clone! He was so good!
Oscar Robertson has the most triple doubles!
You gotta think about it tho just imagine when Oscar Robertson was really playing . *** never seen what he was doing.
Oscar Robertson one of my favorite players of all time by the way
Lebron is like a Oscar Robertson to me.. One of the greats but never contended for the greatest
I wouldn't put wilt in the top ten though they are missing Oscar Robertson and Jerry West also
People so quick to forget the greatness that proceeded him, Oscar Robertson, Magic, Larry Bird, Kobe, Bill Russel, Wilt the Stilt...😴
King James too high on list, what happened to Oscar Robertson?
what about Adam Morrison has more than Oscar Robertson
Oscar Robertson and Jerry West are really getting slighted by these Gen Xers. Our only hope is you, millennials.
Congrats to on being named the Oscar Robertson National Player of the Week!
Indiana's Yogi Ferrell named to Wooden, Oscar Robertson, Cousy Award watch lists. Story:
take out Oscar Robertson. Idc if he averaged a triple double he didn't play against anyone and he didn't win much
Nba list is insane...Queen James ahead of Larry Bird Oscar Robertson and Kobe? Who wrote this list
AND kareem needed the legendary oscar robertson to win in MIL. Thanks for the history lesson. I needed it.
no way he's ranked higher than Wilt. Oscar Robertson gets no respect either.
Oscar Robertson lowkey the best player ever
Same people wanna put Oscar Robertson above Kobe too lmaooo...
They left Oscar Robertson and Kobe out of the Top 10. Do you agree?
Lebron would be top 10-20 greatest to play but not top 5. Don't discredit players like Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell.
Jordan, Magic, Kareem, stuck between Tim Duncan & Kobe and hm Oscar Robertson or Wilt Chamberlain, I would put Kobe top 10.
Jordan lebron Kareem Magic and toss up between Kobe and Oscar Robertson
top-10 NBA all-time best list without Oscar Robertson?.
nah he top 10 though. Kobe,Jordan,Magic,Kareem & Oscar Robertson all better than him
Oscar Robertson tge goat. Jordan is the media goat
ESPN should be shut down.. No mention of Tim Duncan?! Shaq?! Kobe Bryant?! Iverson?! Oscar Robertson?! Julius Irving?! Come on
Why would you draft Oscar Robertson before LeBron? Why not take a more athletic Robertson that did it against better competition?
Westbrook putting up Oscar Robertson numbers, gonna be a real shame when he gets passed over for MVP again this year
↕Draymond has more total stats than 💎Kobe, & is the only card other than Oscar Robertson with 80+ in all categories. https…
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Put Oscar Robertson where Michael Jordan is and we good
Wilt, Kobe, Shaq, Jordan, Dirk, possibly Curry if he keeps it up, Oscar Robertson... even Duncan after what he did in 03 finals
saw your interview with OSCAR ROBERTSON. Major respect to you on that and BIG UPS to your kind words to THE LEGEND.
Kobe should be top 5, top 10 at the least. Oscar Robertson should have been higher too
Magic or Oscar Robertson were definitely the best all-around players
There's 3 or 4 point guards I would put higher than CP3--John Stockton, Oscar Robertson, Nash, and maybe Tony Parker
Do you see any player in the league that you think can average a triple double a whole season like Oscar Robertson or no?
Oscar Robertson's "Did You Know?" fact is why I wrote all this stuff here:
Really good piece by on Oscar Robertson:
If you love the - and its history - don't miss this excellent piece on Oscar Robertson
Oscar Robertson was so much more than the guy who averaged a triple-double
Really excited to welcome to the team. He opens with a look at Oscar Robertson's greatness:
RECORD ALERT: & Oscar Robertson are the only players in the top 20 in all-time PTS & ASTS! https:…
. has 2nd 20-assist game of the season. Ties Sac-era record. 22 is franchise record shared by Phil Ford & Oscar Robertson.
I'm gonna name my kid after the hall of fame athletes Oscar Robertson, Oscar de la Hoya, and Oscar Pistorius. "wait what was that last one"
Dwyane Wade now has the 3rd-most points on Christmas Day, trailing only Kobe & Oscar Robertson (via https:…
NBA’s ‘Player of the Century’ Oscar Robertson on learning to shoot on the Dust Bowl court via WSJ
I didnt even think of duncan ... Oscar Robertson could replace Thomas
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