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Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius (born 22 November 1986) is a South African sprint runner. Known as the Blade Runner and the fastest man on no legs , Pistorius, who has a double amputation, is the world record holder in the 100, 200 and 400 metres (sport class T44) events and runs with the aid of Cheetah Flex-Foot carbon fibre transtibial artificial limbs by Ossur.

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So Oscar Pistorius isnt gonna be part of the commonwealth games! Life neh! It can change in a sec.
Oscar Pistorius trial: How will the defense fight back? - CNN
How the media fooled you on Pistorius via
Oscar Pistorius is running out of money to pay his legal team. If I were him I would give Oprah exclusive rights to interview me$ :"D
Oscar Pistorius gets into nightclub altercation
One believes there is more chance of Oscar Pistorius starting a game for West Ham before Andy Carroll this season...
Is Oscar Pistorius doing the running or the shooting at ? Pretty handy at both!
Oscar Pistorius defense attorney quizzes neighbor over screams - CNN
Oh and another thing I'm late to comment on but why was Oscar Pistorius clubbing while on trial for KILLING HIS GIRLFRIEND?
Previouly on Oscar Pistorius fights at a nightclub after a man confronts him over murder trial
Oscar Pistorius in nightclub fight after a man confronts him over murder trial
South African Olympic and Paralympic track star Oscar Pistorius' decision to go to a night club while still on trial for murder was "unwise" but it was done because the 27-year-old is "lonely and alienated", his family said on Wednesday. Pistorius was involved in an argument with businessman Jared M…
PRETORIA, South Africa — Oscar Pistorius is severely traumatized after killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp last year. Ohhh poor murderer.
The other chapter that induces automatic tears is last chapter on Reeva Steenkamp.It turns out Gayton Mckenzie was friends w Oscar Pistorius
KJV Psalm 34:6 "This poor man (Oscar Pistorius) cried, and the LORD heard him, and saved him out of all his troubles."
Oscar Pistorius trial: Friend of Reeva hoping for truth - BBC News
Psalm 20:1 "The LORD hear thee (Oscar Pistorius) in the day of trouble; the name of the God of Jacob defend thee;"
I've just posted on my Blog about: Oscar Pistorius Back On Social Media. A Year After Reeva Steenkamp Shooting.
KJV Psalm 9:9 "The LORD also will be a refuge for the oppressed (Oscar Pistorius), a refuge in times of trouble."
Roses are red,violets are glorious,don't try to sneak up on Oscar Pistorius.
Oscar Pistorius accused of tailoring evidence - BBC News
A South African judge is due to rule whether the trial of athlete Oscar Pistorius - which begins next Monday - can be televised.
John McCain to the Tea Party, Oscar Pistorius. Edward Snowden is your counter example!
Oscar Pistorius thanks supporters ahead of todays start of murder trial - Irish Times
Oscar Pistorius has a better defence than Brazil !!
1. Katie Price's chastity belt. 2. "I tripped and fell on it, Doctor". 3. Oscar Pistorius.
Not been keeping up with the news at home much whilst we have been away, but just logged onto sickipedia and pretty much caught up with all the headlines. Its been revealed that Vanessa Feltz was told by the authorities to keep quite until after the trial of Rolf Harris. Officials later admitted genuine concerns that the news would have made the entire jury feel sorry for for Mr Harris. Australian TV have aired Oscar Pistorius's re-enactment of the shooting of Reeva Steenkamp. This will be followed by a re-enactment of Rolf Harris touching up Vanessa Feltz, starring Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby. According to a recent survey , Mohammed is now the most popular name in Britain. And according to a different survey , it is the least popular as well. My wife came back from a fortnight in Magalluf last night, I thought that at least I'd get a *** off her after two weeks away but she said no as she has a bad throat. Weather must've been bad I reckon. BBC News: Lord Brittan 'quizzed on rape claim' Seems like an ...
Reeva Steenkamp's mother, June, has told a magazine that she has forgiven Oscar Pistorius, and does not hate him.
SA journalist Brenden Nel says the leaked video of Oscar Pistorius re-creating the scene of Reeva Steenkamp's death wasn't shown in court.
June Steenkamp has said that she has “forgiven” Oscar Pistorius for shooting her daughter, Reeva Steenkamp, dead on Valentine’s Day in 2013.
Oscar Pistorius: innocent or guilty? Reeva Steenkamp's parents tell in a world exclusive why they must know th…
Foreign News: Oscar Pistorius Girlfriend’s Mum finally Forgives Him! Reeva Steenkamp’s mother has forgiven Oscar Pistorius for her death but believes her model daughter will only rest following the outcome of the trial. June Steenkamp says she doesn’t hate the paralympian – who fatally shot her daughter, 29, through a closed toilet cubicle in his home in Pretoria, South Africa in the early hours of February 14 last year – but believes she won’t rest until a verdict has been reached. She told Britain’s Hello! magazine: “I don’t hate Oscar. I’ve forgiven him. I have to, that’s my religion. But I am determined to face him and reclaim my daughter. “It’s important for him to know that I’m there, that Reeva’s mother who gave birth to her and loved her, is there for her.”I feel her presence and talk to her all the time.” June added that her faith has helped her through the traumatic trial and just wants to discover the truth about what happened to her daughter. She said: “I tr ...
Oscar Pistorius defense expected to rest its case on Tuesday The defense for Oscar Pistorius is expected to rest Tuesday. Then the prosecutor who wants to send the South African sprinter to jail for killing Reeva Steenkamp — and the defense team trying to save Pistorius' hide — will use the next six weeks or so to prepare their final arguments.
Video shows Oscar Pistorius reenacting the shooting of Reeva Steenkamp.
A video has been leaked and played in Australia showing Oscar Pistorius re-enacting the night he shot Reeva Steenkamp. The prosecution team for the case has not seen the video. It’s become a major talking point all over the world as t has some serious ramifications. If the footage, which is meant to be strictly confidential is leaked, it’s a breach of trust and that can lead to a mistrial. What are your thoughts on it? Would you watch it?
As the trial of Oscar Pistorius, who is accused in the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, resumed Monday, the victim's mother says she has forgiven the South African Paralympic athlete.
Australia's Channel 7 obtained a leaked video that appears to show Oscar Pistorius reenacting the night he fatally shot Reeva Steenkamp. The video has been described as “chilling” and “strange”. And it raises a few questions: Why was Pistorius re-enacting that night? And where has this video been during the trial?
BUZZOAF: Oscar Pistorius - Leaked video of the enactment of Reeva Steenkamp shooting
Pistorius re-enacts shooting: Video of Oscar Pistorius re-enacting how he says he killed his girlfriend Reeva ...
Oscar Pistorius arrived in court Monday after an Australian TV network defended the broadcast of footage showing him in a shock reenactment of the night he shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, insisting it was not obtained illegally. Duration: 00:39
Pistorius Lawyers Outraged as 'Unlawful' Footage Leaked Lawyers for Oscar Pistorius, the Paralympic athlete accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, have sharply criticised the "unlawful" leaking of a video which shows the athlete re-enacting the events of February 14 last year. The footage, aired yesterday by Australia's Channel Seven, shows the athlete running without his prosthetic legs, with his arm outstretched and fist clenched as if holding a gun. In another scene, he acts out how he broke down the lavatory door and pulled Steenkamp out of the cubicle after shooting at her four times through the door. The brunette in the clip is understood to be his sister, Aimee, and the footage was filmed at his uncle Arnold's house. During the clips, the athlete is heard screaming "get the f*** out of my house" at what he says he believed was an intruder hiding in his lavatory, and "Reeva, call the police". He also later shouted: "Please help, please help me". The prosecution say Pistorius's intruder ...
The marathon murder trial of Oscar Pistorius is drawing to a close in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.
The defence in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial says it's ready to close its case in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria
Did anyone watch the Channel 7 show "Sunday night" yesterday? Apparently they showed Oscar Pistorius re-enacting what he claims happened on the night that he killed Reeva Steenkamp. How they got the video remains a mystery; but however they got it, it looks like it is a golden ticket, as, even in the unlikely event that Pistorius gets found guilty of something, they can ask for a mistrial on the basis of that footage being shown. So did the defense leak it because they want this golden ticket, or did the prosecution because Gerrie Nel has messed this up so badly that they want another try?
Firstly, Oscar Pistorius is not mentally ill, so they now decide to place him in some kind of "victim category" so he can get off. How sick. Gerrie Nel is now deconstructing this designer defence.
Gerrie Nel questions Derman's qualifications and experience that led him to reach psychiatric conclusions about Oscar Pistorius
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Oscar Pistorius has arrived at North Gauteng High Court#
Lawyer: Oscar Pistorius re-enactment video 'unlawfully' obtained by TV show - CNN
Video has been leaked showing Oscar Pistorius reenacting Reeva Steenkamp's killing
Inside the luxury home Oscar Pistorius planned to live with Reeva via Like an airport ter…
In a world exclusive, an American broadcasting company is set to release a secret video that reveals murder-accused Oscar Pistorius re-enacting how he killed his gorgeous girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. A promotional “trailer” (see below) was released Saturday showing him pumping four bullets into a door killing her, and carrying a supposedly dead woman similar in […]
Oscar Pistorius reenacts night he shot and killed his girlfriend in video:
Oscar Pistorius re-enacts Reeva Steenkamp shooting in extraordinary leaked video.
Oscar Pistorius reenacts scene of Reeva Steenkamp's killing in strange video
The luxury home Oscar Pistorius planned to buy to be closer to Reeva Steenkamp -...
Bombshell video shows Oscar Pistorius ‘reenacting the moment he shot Reeva Steenkamp
Previously unseen footage of Oscar Pistorius apparently re-enacting the events leading up to the fatal shooting of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in his Pretoria home last year has emerged.
Oscar Pistorius re-enacts night Reeva was shot - video - Channel 4 News: New York Daily NewsOscar Pistorius re...
..the prosecution failed to prove intended to kill Reeva, and evidence that indicates a tragic accident. http:…
see if this works. It has parts of what I saw.
Oscar Pistorius narcissist diagnosis: How the experts got it wrong via
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. The Canada link works. Can even pick out embedded vid and link.
Our in-depth investigation into the Oscar Pistorius case and the re-renactment that shows him walking through the crime again for a top american forensic investigator, plus the prosecutor determined to put him behind bars.
. Same for ALL. 1st vid gone everywhere. 2nd vid just available Yahoo ca.
Video allegedly shows Oscar Pistorius re-enacting fatal shooting of his girlfriend:
Resurrection (Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp - who was she, who is he? Book 3)...
VIDEO: Attorney says at murder trial taht Oscar Pistorius is 'severely traumatized' Story:
... Sensational video contradicts findings by a defense psychiatrist alleging "Oscar could not move easily on stumps ::
The judge in the Oscar Pistorius trial orders that the South African Paralympic athlete should undergo a mental evaluation.
Read the psychiatric report which said Oscar Pistorius was NOT mentally ill when he shot Reeva
Oscar Pistorius re-enacts Steenkamp shooting leaked video I vote he treads water in a shark infested ocean.
Oscar Pistorius trial: Athlete repeatedly vomits as court hears graphic details of ... - The Independent
I am in shock!! The Australian Media have no right to broadcast Oscar Pistorius re-enactment video. 😠
Pistorius ‘re-enacts shooting’: A SENSATIONAL video has surfaced allegedly showing Oscar Pistorius re-enacting...
everything Oscar Pistorius related is at all hours of the night lol
HIGHLIGHT Day 5: Security guard Baba said when he called Pistorius after the shots, Oscar said: "everything is fine" htt…
Hi there! Is this the video you are talking about?
JUST IN: Leaked footage shows re-enacting the night he killed Reeva Steenkamp
Lawyers for murder accused Paralympian Oscar Pistorius are taking legal action over footage that emerged of him...
Texts from Oscar Pistorius girlfriend reveal depths of her fear before slaying - CNN
The top ten moments of the Oscar Pistorius trial so far
The manager of Oscar Pistorius is cross-examined as the murder trial of the South African athlete continues in...
Oscar Pistorius ‘was of sound mind when he shot dead his girlfriend' Reeva Steenkamp. via
Oscar Pistorius was making plans to take girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on international trips shortly before he fatally shot her, his agent testified Tuesday.
A panel of mental health experts has concluded that Oscar Pistorius was not suffering from a mental illness when he killed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp
Oscar Pistorius was not unable to control himself or understand the consequences of actions the night he killed Reeva Steenkamp, a court has heard.
Oscar Pistorius smirked when State prosecutor Gerrie Nel said the Paralympian had “calculated reasons” for wanting to take Reeva Steenkamp to an athletics competition.
I have started following the Oscar Pistorius case. Very interesting indeed. All avenues are being scrutinised so that he gets a fair trial. But then again all things said. He is guilty of killing Reeva Steenkamp. The million dollar question is what was the motive?
Oscar Pistorius loved Reeva Steenkamp, his agent says.
Court told Oscar Pistorius was not mentally ill on the night Reeva Steenkamp died
Oscar Pistorius murder trial set to resume after month-long break for health experts to evaluate...
Oscar Pistorius feared for safety, says agent: Oscar Pistorius's agent says Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp had ...
Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp were in a 'loving relationship' and 'used pet names'.
Oscar Pistorius had heightened concern for his safety, planned to travel with Reeva Steenkamp, agent testifies
Travel agent testifies Oscar Pistorius was planning to travel with his late girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.
Oscar Pistorius' neighbors could have heard the terrified screams of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp t...
Oscar Pistorius trial: 'Reeva Steenkamp screamed as loud as a plane' on night she died
The North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria has been told that Oscar Pistorius did not suffer from any mental defects at the time he killed Reeva Steenkamp by shooting her through his toilet door in t...
Testimony in the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius focused Tuesday on a pillar of the prosecution's case -- the screams that neighbors heard on the night that the athlete killed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
On Monday, Oscar Pistorius' mental health report was released, confirming that he did not have general anxiety disorder when he killed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
Oscar Pistorius ‘wanted Reeva Steenkamp to know what his life was like’ â live trial coverage - Rolling coverage as the court hears from defence witnesses in the trial of Paralympian Oscar Pistorius for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp -
Oscar Pistorius's murder trial resumed on Monday after the end of a 30-day psychiatric evaluation to determine if he can be held criminally responsible for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
Oscar Pistorius planned to take his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp to two of his athletics meetings in the UK and Brazil, as well as an Andrea Bocelli concert in Italy, his agent has testified.
Oscar Pistorius was in a "loving and caring relationship" with Reeva Steenkamp, the girlfriend he is accused of murdering, the sprinter's agent testified Tuesday. Pistorius involved his girlfriend in conversations about business and wanted her to trav...
Oscar Pistorius trial, day 35, part 2 12:04 And with that court adjourns until 09:30 tomorrow (Wednesday). 12:02 Nel asks for adjournment. He had no idea he'd get Van Zyl as a witness. 12:01 He never asked me to take Ms Taylor to the Olympics, says VZ. 12:01 Nel says OP and RS must have argued about his strict training. This is why he wanted to take her to Manchester. 12:00 VZ: OP was always kind, courteous (around Taylor). He was always good to women. 11:59 Nel suggests OP's behaviour re sitting opposite venue entrances, was normal. 11:58 Nel: don’t you think Pistorius was paranoid? VZ can’t say. 11:55 Nel: Mr Van Zyl,did you ever read an article where a British journalist said OP told him he used to go to the (gun) practice range at night? 11:54 Nel moves onto OP's "love for guns". VZ says first he saw OP carrying a gun was in November 2012. VZ didn't know about OP taking part in shootings. When asked, OP told VZ he carried a gun as he feared for his own safety. 11:52 Nel moves onto "incid ...
Question of the Day - Violence against Women Violence against women – particularly intimate partner and sexual violence – are major public health problems and violations of women’s human rights. Recent global prevalence figures indicate that 35% of women worldwide have experienced either intimate partner violence or non – partner sexual violence in their lifetime. Also, 30% of women who have been in a relationship report that they have experienced some form of physical or sexual violence by their partner, Examples are abound. Justice has been elusive for Sodomy against the Nigerian women who alleged stole pepper, Chibok School Girls who have been abducted close to two months and South African Reeva Steenkamp who was murdered by her boyfriend Oscar Pistorius. Despite the enormous social and economic costs of violence against women and persistent protests by activists all over the world to correct the anomaly the society has continued to sweep the in human treatment against women under the carpet. O ...
Chief prosecutor in Oscar Pistorius murder trial questions acoustics expert about screams: Testimony in the mu...
Oscar Pistorius was perfectly sane when he fired four bullets through the locked toilet door of his bathroom, killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. These were the main findings of two reports on his mental fitness presented in the Pretoria High Court yesterday. Taps Autodesk Veteran As New CFO, Says Market's Still Healthy ... Autodesk Autodesk CFO Mark Hawkins Hawkins will now run the books for CEO Marc Benioff, taking over as chief financial officer on August 1. What Smith and Hawkins both have in common: neither says unevenness in the public markets for cloud stocks will... Read more on Forbes Oscar Pistorius ruled sane, as South Africa again transfixed by murder trial Pretoria, South Africa — Oscar Pistorius today embarked on the final stretch of his quest for absolution in the fatal shooting of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine's Day a year ago – and South Africans have returned to constant speculation as to ... Read more on Christian Science Monitor Bryce Harper returns from injury as Nationals thump Rockies, 7-3 The red helmet cratered into the dirt behind third base and skittered toward the outfield, discarded in a burst of energy and glee, like wrapping paper on Christmas morning. Bryce Harper sprinted for home, his slicked-back ...
Mental health experts conclude that runner capable of understanding wrongfulness of killing Reeva Steenkamp• Live coverage of Oscar Pistorius trial
Oscar Pistorius was sane and in control of his actions when he fired the shots through a locked lavatory door that killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, a team of psychiatrists has fou
South African athlete Oscar Pistorius pleads not guilty at the start of his trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
Mental illness has been denied in the Oscar Pistorius case. Pistorius, who is accused of killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, may very well end up in jail.
Tuesday's news in less time than it takes to drink your cup of coffee: found guilty on 12 charges of indecent assault: suspected of murdering a woman near Melbourne’s Botanic Gardens has been arrested by police: Alternative under fire for image of Tony Abbott used on front page of newspaper ‘Red Flag': sending 300 more US troops to Iraq: to conduct in-store health checks: may force Tamil asylum seeker boat to return to south Asia: question suspects regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann: details about Oscar Pistorius' mental health at time of shooting girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp have emerged: babies born with HIV have been ‘cured’:
LIVE: Oscar Pistorius 'not mentally ill' when he killed Reeva Steenkamp
Oscar Pistorius murder trial: Live updates as athlete returns to dock after psychiatric tests
Psychiatric evaluation reveals Oscar Pistorius knew right from wrong when he shot Reeva Steenkamp
Dr Vorsveld is on the witness stand in the South Gauteng High Court,in the case of agaist Oscar Pistorius in the alleged killing of Reeva
Pistorius murder trial to resume after tests
Oscar Pistorius returning to court after psychiatric evaluation: What doctors report could have major impact o...
For those staying awake in the wee hours 4 2 resume at 3:30 am est, u can watch live w/
So that Vandal Oscar Pistorius is back in Court today. Wanna here this medical report to be addressed to Judge Masipa.
Huh ?"Oscar Pistorius' psychiatrist gets a heart attack
Oscar Pistorius murder trial set to resume - BBC News
After a month of psychiatric evaluation, Oscar Pistorius returns to court this morning. Entering the final stages of the murder trial.
Oscar Pistorius trial to resume today
The results from the Psychiatric will give "Oscar pistorius" legal team advantage to support their arguments
Oscar Pistorius trial starting back up.
Oscar Pistorius is back in court this morning after psychiatric assessment - we'll have the latest throughout the day on
Pistorius evaluator has heart attack - A psychiatrist who evaluated Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius...
Pistorius to head back to trial - The trial of Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius resumes in South Africa Monday aft...
Oscar Pistorius' psychiatrist gets a heart attack
The Oscar Pistorius murder trial is due to resume in the Pretoria High court this morning.
Oscar Pistorius trial to resume on Monday after psychiatric evaluation -
[InterAKTV] Oscar Pistorius returns to court for girlfriend’s murder trial after mental evaluation
Good morning my lady...waiting patiently for the Oscar Pistorius murder trial since I am unemployed.
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Oscar Pistorius trial resumes in South Africa today after being halted for his ...
The murder trial of Oscar Pistorius resumes today after he was assessed by mental health experts. 5pm
BBC News - Oscar Pistorius murder trial set to resume
S A will let us know soon if Oscar Pistorius suffers from anxiety disorder. Don't most murderers suffer this?
Oscar Pistorius murder trial resumes today after month-long psychiatric test
About bloody time "Oscar Pistorius back in court today
Oscar Pistorius back in court today
Oscar Pistorius trial to resume - The trial resumes today after a six week break, during which Pistorius underwent...
[COMING UP]Paralympian Oscar Pistorius returns to the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria this morning
Oscar Pistorius murder trial to resume after psychiatric evaluation - CNN
When Oscar Pistorius beats the rap, his boots are truly going to be made for walking. Out the courtroom. The trial is a worse joke than this
Court to hear whether Oscar Pistorius' anxiety disorder had an influence on him when he allegedly shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp
Oscar Pistorius trial: Mental health results due in ... -
Oscar Pistorius trial: Mental health results due in case of Reeva Steenkamp killing - The…
Zane Kirchner back in action for the Boks. Odd decision to swap the dreads for the Oscar Pistorius do...
FLASH BACK.Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp, shown in this November file photo, had bene planning a future...
Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius my picture in LA TIMES in USA WOW..Thank You Google IT this is real
Soon we will get over the fact that Oscar Pistorius murdered Reeva Steenkamp
Oscar Pistorius fate will be determined soon.five more days to go :)
World cup made me completely forget about the Oscar Pistorius trial.
Nigeria's defence is worse than Oscar Pistorius's
What's going on with the oscar Pistorius trail ain't heard anything for a while
Tryna find his feet Wat happened to Oscar Pistorius vele?"
You guys! Kindly inform Oscar Pistorius if you bump into him at the mental institution that we haven't forgotten about his…
Tomorrow marks the end of Oscar Pistorius' 30 day psychiatric observation period.
so the Oscar Pistorius trial resumes on the 30th of June...hmm
just saw on Sky that Suarez defence is that he didn't bite thereby stealing the unlikely story prize for 2014 from Oscar Pistorius.
Pistorius photographed in bloodied prosthetics
The murder trial for will begin on Monday after 6 week psych assessment.
Oscar pistorious back in court on Monday.
If we're going to trot out *** Cheney to talk about Iraq, then we should also trot out OJ Simpson to talk about Oscar Pistorius.
Roses are red. Violets are glorious. Don't ever sneak up. On Oscar Pistorius
Since the Oscar Pistorius trial, nothing has been trending on social media like Suarez, the bite-master. Lol
We might be distracted by the world cup but we haven't forgot about u# Oscar Pistorius
I start to *** in the shower, the soap feels glorius, then I shoot in the toilet like oscar pistorius
wow. Liverpool fan on F365 referring to Oscar Pistorius as part of his Suarez defence. I think that says it all.
Just seen an Oscar Pistorius look alike (from knees up) in leatherhead
*** Cheney is talking about what to do in Iraq. Up next, OJ talks about Oscar Trail
The Oscar Pistorius trial starts again next Monday?
Roses are red, violets are glorious, dont try an surprise, Oscar pistorius
LOL don't tell me you believe that? Oscar Pistorius also helped a few fans before executing his gf.
Oscar Pistorius still has fans and he shot his girlfriend dead. OJ killed twice and has fans. The list is long.
Oscar pistorius could use some Liverpool fans for his defense.
Where the heck is Oscar Pistorius? "I don't remember" the last time I heard from this dude
Oscar Pistorius trial set to begin again on Monday after six-week psychiatric assessment
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Anyone know what happened in the oscar pistorius trial then ?
Suarez denying he bit him!! The geezer is just as deluded as Oscar Pistorius!! Absolute Joke!!
Suarez holding his tooth pretending to be a victim is like Oscar Pistorius complaining about how the gun recoil hurt his…
Three days to Oscar Pistorius trial ayeye!
The top 3 lies told during the Jodi Arias trial and the Oscar Pistorius trial
*Reeva Steenkamp standing in toilet as Oscar Pistorius opened fire, court hears
Dubula: seems journos report only when someone has died - refers to Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp.
Poll results for Oscar Pistorius sentencing in the Reeva Steenkamp murder trial: Vote here: 
Oscar Pistorius certainly made a statement shooting Reeva Steenkamp 4x on Valentine's Day, pre-meditation does not matter
With no cameras or reporters allowed in to the psychiatric assessment of Oscar Pistorius, we can only guess what is going on.  He has been going in now for 3 weeks of the 4 weeks that he is required to submit himself to evaluation, by psychiatrists and psychologists, with undoubtedly a number of tests being conducted as well. The first week most likely would have begun with Oscar simply being observed while his whole family and friends were asked about family history of mental illness, as well as Oscar's own personal history - about anything that could suggest any form of mental instability.  This would give an indication as to where to lead their questioning.   The second week most likely would have begun with some tests, starting with some general tests about his perception on various things, and also asking him about his own personal history - in order to compare it with what others said.  If it is too similar, then it was rehearsed, but if it is too different then he is lying - or they are.  But ...
Thought for the day . Oscar Pistorius hasn't got a leg to stand on. Rolf Harris has three !!
A headmaster at Oscar Pistorius' former high school weighs in on the fallen hero he knew as a teenager. Hear from those closest to the "Blade Runner," accused of murdering his girlfriend, on a special Monday at 10 p.m. ET/PT
Barry Roux; "Go hide, your doctors are here because you skipped hospital" Oscar Pistorius; "No you go hide I told them you died with spain.
calling himself "the easiest target in sports" is so disrespectful to Oscar Pistorius' girlfriend.
Oscar Pistorius takes to stand for third day - Irish Times
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Thought for the day: when they cast the role of Oscar Pistorius, they should look no further than Ian Ziering from the original 90210.
I used to admire Oscar pistorius till he killed his wife. Now I aspire to be him
how bout a wooden leg? Don't let Oscar Pistorius hear that!
look left/right, roll over and come back to ma possition, switch on the radio . at least I'm no Oscar Pistorius,even if I am on a lonely bed
Oscar Pistorius had ordered six guns when girlfriend was shot - Irish Examiner
. Some atheltes are pulling out of the CWG2014.. People like Usian Bolt, Jessica Ennis & Oscar Pistorius!.. :')
The Oscar Pistorius trial is currently on a break after a psychiatrist diagnosed the so-called Blade Runner with generalized anxiety disorder Judge Thokoz
After emotional testimony, Oscar Pistorius back on the stand - CNN
Oscar Pistorius trial set to resume after Easter break - Irish Times
Forensic expert Laurie James says the state has to stick to its initial case against murder accused Paralympian Oscar Pistorius if it wants a successful conv...
Oscar Pistorius was abducted by aliens & all memories of his existence have been erased :(
If KNEW it was Reeva, he WAS shooting to kill. See
Roses are red. Violets are glorious. don’t try to surprise. Oscar Pistorius
Oscar Pistorius friend takes stand about gun incidents in murder trial - CNN
The last thing I need is to hear gunshots at this time of the night/morning. Whoever it is needs to go Oscar Pistorius elsewhere!
Friend: Oscar Pistorius had a big love for guns - USA TODAY
What an intense exam that was. My whole arm feels like Oscar Pistorius' Legs.
What has four eyes, 2 legs and is full of holes?. Oscar Pistorius and his girlfriend..
Gonna get more legless than Oscar Pistorius the morns night 🏃🍻
ama invite one of my ex to my house n aw buy lotsa soft drinks for her such that she gets pressed n let her use our toilet then boom, Oscar Pistorius on her
wonder which number Oscar Pistorius will join if he's convicted!!!..28?,,26?,,
I'm a bit confused.we have been consumed for 6 weeks with a missing plane across the world, we are on the verge of War supporting the Ukraine, and everyday I hear about the continuing court case of Oscar Pistorius in South Africa.but over 600 people have been SHOT IN CHICAGO since Jan 1st and over110 Murdered and MORE THAN 270 school girls have been ABDUCTED in Nigeria to be sold into Slavery and the WORLD AND NATION IS SILENT! Now to all those who keep saying I'm always creating Race issues... No...I'M JUST EXPOSING THE *** TRUTH.White Life lost is still considered MORE valuable than Black Life lost in America!!!
Oscar pistorius wanted a new bathroom door but his wife was dead against it. :p
Anyone around klerksdorp who reads books (all kinds) apart from Oscar pistorius's book, we can arrange an exchange everytime we done reading... Please inbox me Thank YOU
Ladies please stop taking your own time when you in the toilet, cause we also have human emergancies.ask my dear friend.Oscar Pistorius.
Almost home to see my wee bird ! Oscar pistorius hopefully I dont die in this process
England vs Ecuador and England's defence is about as solid as Oscar Pistorius's
Oscar Pistorius shot his wife dead because he was suffering from Capgras delusion. Problem solved
I heard a funny last night while in bed so I jumped up and did all the usual stuff-checked the front doors,checked the windows,shot my girlfriend five times,checked the back door. Turns out there was no one there! Sickipedia,1 month and 25 days ago,on Oscar Pistorius.
My grl frnd lockd her self in d barthrum n she dont want 2 *** out cz she z 2 slow.anyone hve Oscar Pistorius's contact maybe he can take care of dc?
to me Valencia and Oscar pistorius are both overreactors,people. in this group are treating young Sterling as if he were the notorious leg breaker roy the devil hearing the word reckless, malicious being bandied bout in reference to young Sterling's mistimed tackle.for goodness sake he's an offensive player not a defender.he's tackling is not his strongest he a violent player?no.would he intentionally end a fellow player's world cup dreams? would we reasonably justify Valencia's actions?no.anyone who contends to the contrary needs to visit a shrink.smfh.
A writer and Oscar Pistorius trial observer writes a detailed account of how Pistorius’ version of events would have played out on the night of Reeva Steenkamp’s murder. Here’s what ‘Donmack’...
Jokes about Oscar Pistorius and others that are involved in the trial.
DD 05/06/14 Vetyeka is set to get a rematch against Filipino star Nonito Donaire in November following the anti-climax end of their WBA featherweight title clash in Macau last weekend. The fight ended in bizarre circumstances when a clash of heads in the first round opened a gash on Donaire’s head which worsened as the rounds progressed. Simpiwe Vetyeka and Nonito Donaire Donaire dropped Vetyeka in the fourth round and at the end of the same round he indicated that he could not continue as the blood was blurring his vision. The fight went to the scorecards where the Filipino was found to be ahead by inexplicably 49-46 margins. Following the announcement of the outcome, Donaire went to Vetyeka’s corner and expressed his dissatisfaction with the result and offered him a rematch. “He even handed over our belt to us saying as far as he was concerned he did not feel he deserved the title,” Vetyeka’s manager Andile Sidinile said. Sidinile filed an official protest with the WBA regarding the outcome an ...
There are 2 questions Google cannot answer: 1) What do women want? 2) What's the solution to Oscar Pistorius' problems?
"I still find it strange, when I say to someone, 'Can you just pass me my leg?' But I don't ever think about my disability."-Oscar Pistorius
Oscar Pistorius:"I'm so cold I can't even feel my legs".
If only Oscar Pistorius had team Harvey Specter and Mike Ross.
On a scale of Chris Brown to Oscar Pistorius, hw sexy (dengerous) are ladies..?
Is it just me, or is anyone else desperately missing constant Oscar Pistorius rolling trial updates?
I'm feelin like Oscar Pistorius rite now.lmao for my very own Thots eish!
England's defence last night was about as solid as Oscar Pistorius's!!!
You are STILL Oscar Pistorius. You have achieved amazing things and have done so much good work. Your supporters will never forget this. Stay strong. Support you always. Karen. xx England
The South African legal system is under the spotlight with high levels of global media interest in both the Oscar Pistorius trial and the arrival this week of honeymoon murder-accused, Shrien Dewani. We find out if our court system is being done justice - 13 April at 7pm.
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So being accused of Murder automatically disqualifies Oscar Pistorius from taking part in sporting competitions? Ohkay, I don't understand the reasoning behind this, can someone break it down for me...
England vs Ecuador last night - England's defence was about as solid as Oscar Pistorius's.
My role model is Oscar Pistorius because he taught me how to kill a cheater
A judge adjourned the Oscar Pistorius case to April 7, 2014 because one of the judge's assistants is sick. WSJ's Devon Maylie reports from the Pretoria court...
Oscar pistorius is an amazing runner ..but who knew he was good at other sports too .like cricket and shooting!! too far ??lol
If a gal evr takes advantage of my feelings.hmm i swear m gonna get to the evidenc room nd fynd tht gun Oscar Pistorius used...nd then shoot her 4 tyms...
Peruse and Ponder. My lady Judge Masipa has sent the embattled Oscar pistorius for a 30 day evaluation at a psychiatric hospital to *** if he is criminally liable for the shooting of his then girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. This begs the question are we morally responsible for our actions. Moreover, to what extent do environmental factors act as ostensible triggers or serve as the impetus to a particular action. It does appear that Oscar is trying to argue that his past traumatic experiences as a child (disability) caused his current anxiety disorder which consequently compromised his rational and moral agency at the time of the shooting, therefore he can't be held liable for his actions. Is that not within itself an abdication of responsibility? Why has the concept of free will become a lexicon in our modern day discourse. Could he not as a fully developed rational and moral agent not distinguish between right and wrong? Put it to me...
Advocate Tau is about to represent Thabang Alpheus "JUJU" "OSCAR PISTORIUS" Molefe in court. The GRACE is sufficient even today.
DAILY DOSE DAILY DOSE MY COLUMN FROM THE TIMES OF INDIA A LITTLE FUNNY HA HA MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS I was pulling out of a parking space when this twit in a hurry bumped my car from behind. So, after grimacing at the clanging sound, I moved my car back into the space and this guy he just drove off. Zip. Hey, I shouted, hey being the stupidest thing to say, well second stupidest because ‘stop’ is by far the stupidest thing to say and we all say it. As if he is going to say, oh okay, if you say so, here I’ll stop, happy, did what you wanted. So, naturally, I yell ‘stop.’ And it is no marvel that he revs up and roars off or whatever it is that hit and run types do. I come back home and tell everyone and discovered much to my chagrin that I am a lousy eyewitness. Everyone is on my case and advice is being flung at me in super-sized clods and there is a general consensus that the culprit should be brought to book and people like that deserve to be punished so let’s call the cops. You see these m ...
So uthi uOscar Pistorius,he thought Reeva could have been a thief.Im thinking which hardcore thief would start in the Toilet,lock up,and wouldnt laugh when Oscar is screaming like a girl
Aibo kant u Oscar Pistorius uhlanya ngempela yin guyz?...yaz manje ngiqeda ukuthola i "friend request" udidekile lo mfana bakwethu...ungisuka ngani vele...nd he inbox me...he said "My lady, do u believe that i've killed Reeva Steenkamp(my girlfriend) purposely?.yoooh!m still shocked...i never reply back... If you were me,what would you say to him...?
FIFA investigating Qatar over allegations of bribery to host a World Cup is like Oscar Pistorius investigating the murder of Reeva Steenkamp
Am okay, being followed like the Oscar Pistorius Trial
>Oscar Pistorius trial enters third week; gun dealer says he knew the law
They'd rather show you the Oscar Pistorius channel smh-“Any channel on showing ???”
domain names
So what's happened with Oscar Pistorius trial, gone a bit dead
Oscar Pistorius: what is going on behind closed doors at Weskoppies Psychiatric...
saw the Oscar Pistorius murder case documentary on Crime and Investigation Channel earlier.
Thomas Enqvist is rocking the long hair look. Cx
‘GuiltAnx.D.he’s guilty he knows it we know it he knows we know it and now he’s a bit worried bout it
What is this thing now people in their conversations address others as 'My Lady', and start sentences with phrases like 'I put it to you...' and Asking questions like 'What makes so sure you really saw me at the mall? Eish! Oscar Pistorius
Ugh! So Oscar Pistorius' religious/spiritual council is national news now...
Oscar Pistorius smirking in court. Arrogance & narcissism!: via
Ladies from a scale of Chris Brown to Oscar Pistorius how dangerous is your guy?
Oscar Pistorius is cross examined by prosecutor Gerrie Nel on his fifth day in the witness stand. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more great videos: ...
Oscar Pistorius needs a chance meeting with Solange Knowles...
well i managed to mention Oscar Pistorius and Oswald Mosley in that General Studies exam.
PRETORIA - As Oscar Pistorius faces the most testing moments of his life, eNCA can reveal the identity of the American Pastor who is counseling him and his family. Pistorius is beginning his second week of a mental evaluation at the...
Psychologists reveal what goes on behind closed doors at psychiatric institution where Oscar Pistorius is being assessed
US televangelist looks up for Oscar Pistorius
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If an Oscar Pistorius biopic gets made, it should star Tom Cruise. He'll get to run and wear stilts.
youre aware that oscar Pistorius, Aaron hernandez , Javon.Belcher are mars pluto ppl right
>Hero and villain ... a week in the trial of Oscar Pistorius
Pistorius begins psychiatric tests - Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has arrived at a psychiatric hospital in...
I liked a video from Oscar Pistorius' cousin testifies
- – Discusses her radio talk on the Oscar Pistorius case from a Crime writers pov
Flip. Late for my meeting. Meant to be at Tasha's Morningside. Instead I went to Tasha's Oscar Pistorius.
Modimolle Monster is white, Oscar Pistorius is white tsek with your racism"Man arrested for slashing
EXCLUSIVE: Oscar Pistorius sells his home -
Amy Purdy, Oscar Pistorius, Robert Henson, and Sarah Jakes. Derrick Rose might be but he might not be.
What ever happened at the Oscar pistorius trial I was thinking if he gets guilty they should take the murdering gits legs away and make him have the top bunk Oh how my brain works...
I have just edited my book Oscar Pistorius Reeva Steenkamp A Double Tragedy, to include a numerological analysis of Judge Masipa and Barry Roux as they relate to Oscar Pistorius. I have been unable to obtain birth details for Gerrie Nel so far. Working with what I have, it would appear that there is a correlative "full house" you might say, numerologically speaking, operating for the defence team, and the prosecution would have to come up with a "royal flush" to beat it. Pistorius ebook, paperback and hardcover, available from Lulu, iBookstore, Nook and Amazon.
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