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Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius (born 22 November 1986) is a South African sprint runner. Known as the Blade Runner and the fastest man on no legs , Pistorius, who has a double amputation, is the world record holder in the 100, 200 and 400 metres (sport class T44) events and runs with the aid of Cheetah Flex-Foot carbon fibre transtibial artificial limbs by Ossur.

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Nah this Oscar Pistorius documentary is making me very infuriated. How are her parents so calm please
could be worse, you could actually be Oscar Pistorius..
This Oscar Pistorius documentary looks so good💁
so if the LAW lets Oscar Pistorius walk free he must have never had shot anyone thru the toilet door!!
Sport, athletes and violence against light of the Ray Rice, Oscar Pistorius etc headlines, busy with a very interesting read..
When Oscar Pistorius was acquitted, after killing Reeva Steenkamp
"Why I still support Oscar Pistorius" - our lovely Mira speaks for all of us
Cannot believe has never heard of Oscar Pistorius 😂😂😂😂
After watching this evenings news, Oscar Pistorius can confirm he's glad to have been busy during the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
Oscar Pistorius had no legs and managed to kill someone, you want me to trust a spider to live in my house? Good one pal ✋
Id happily have a lil convo with oscar pistorius at the minute if it meant I actually had someone to talk to
Mark Williams-Thomas: Why I believe Oscar Pistorius is no murderer and Reeva's death was a tragic accident
Judge rules out murder in Oscar Pistorius trial - USA TODAY
Bare people saying oscar pistorius is guilty bla bla!! Reality is...YOU WAS NOT THERE
Proper winding me up watching this Oscar Pistorius documentary!! How's he got away with it?!
The Oscar Pistorius case winds me up
Oscar Pistorius was found guilty of a charge Norge equivalent to
Actually CANT believe that Oscar Pistorius got away with killing Riva. Just because he is famous, he can get away with it
There's no way in *** Oscar pistorius could even play champions league football, you need 2 legs for it
Politicsweb - Were Oscar Pistorius' rights infringed by the broadcasting of his trial?:
I think it's a little tasteless that the Hulu commercial is set in the Oscar Pistorius trial.
Oscar Pistorius has 0 legs and he's out here catching bodies and you want me to trust something that has 6 or 8 legs. Lol f…
Oscar Pistorius and Amanda Knox prove that with a good lawyer & PR, you can get away with murder.
Oscar Pistorius is unlikely to be welcome at future Diamond League events, a promoter of the series says
I hear the Baltimore Ravens are trying to sign Oscar Pistorius.
Zapiro cartoon on The VERDICT in Oscar Pistorius Trial. Some South Africans are genuinely angry about the verdict - convinced the athlete was guilty of pre-meditated murder - while others seem frustrated with negligance clain and therefore guilty of c
"Oscar Pistorius' ex-girlfriend: 'It could have been me' beg …
Guilty of Manslaughter, but will not go to jail
Oscar Pistorius could get jail for culpable homicide
Roses are Red Violets are Glorious, Just don't sneak up on Oscar Pistorius. Sorry couldn't resist it :-s
Emotions aside, here is a carefully reasoned legal viewpoint on the outcome of the Oscar Pistorius trial, drafted by my brilliant colleague and friend, Kelly Phelps, who has acted as CNN's legal analyst on the case: 'The State had a 3-pronged approach to murder. Their first argument was that Pistorious murdered Steenkamp with direct intent and premeditation. This was always their weakest case. They have never had evidence to support an inference of premeditation. Their second approach to the murder charge was that Pistorious murdered Steenkamp in the heat of the moment during a fight, with direct intention (ie it was his aim and object to kill her). Their only solid evidence towards this argument was the accounts of neighbors claiming to have heard her screaming. However, once those accounts were compared with time frames of the night in question taken from various phone records it became clear those neighbors must have been genuinely mistaken. At the time the screams were heard Steenkamp was already fata ...
“There is hope…in the sharing of stories and difficult conversations.” on Oscar Pistorius and Ray Rice:
Oscar Pistorius found guilty of culpable homicide; Steenkamp family 'not happy' via
Sibusiso has an Oscar Pistorius in him...
Oscar Pistorius free to compete for South Africa once more via
hate to say it but Oscar Pistorius has a better defence than Newcastle right now! Pardew out?
This is a joke, Reeva did NOT get justice; Pistorius free to compete after culpable homicide verdict via
Oscar Pistorius can still be an Olympian despite homicide conviction:
Comments on show, make me worry about mothers, sisters, wives and daughters related to the men commenting.
Oscar Pistorius would be allowed to return to Paralympic sport, according to The International Paralympic Committee. Should he be able to return to his athletics career following his conviction for culpable homicide?
| Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius: Not a question of fact, but perspective by
Oscar Pistorius' athletic future hangs in the wings as he loses Nike contract, meet invites. via
Of course Oscar Pistorius is still free to compete. He's only a murderer. It's not like he took drugs or anything.
Should Oscar Pistorius be allowed to compete at the Rio 2016 Paralympics?
Oscar Pistorius murder charge reduced to drunk and disorderly on grounds that he was legless.
Is going to serve any time in prison and should he?.
So Oscar Pistorius has been found not guilty of murder- I bet that's put a spring in his step.
South Africa Olympic body: Pistorius free to compete - VIDEO: Was justice served in…
SASCOC says Oscar Pistorius is free to compete, even after his conviction for culpable homicide in the shooting death of his girlfriend.
Oscar Pistorius is like Liverpool under Rodgers. Clinical when shooting but has an awful defence.
Pistorius free to compete, South Africa Olympic body says via the Android app
The conversation online about how Janey Rice was just as culpable as disgusts me. Slap versus knock out?
Oscar Pistorius verdict: judgment seemed to support charge of 'dolus eventualis' via 🙌
So it's just not in America with ?able decisions on crime and sports . Oscar pistorius guilty of negligent killing of girlfriend and could be sentenced to 16 years in prison is going to be allowed to compete for a spot on South African Olympic track team if judge oks it. The committee has no regulations people with criminal records
You've probably already seen this but 'FREE TO COMPETE'?! 'FUNDAMENTAL AMBASSADOR'?! :(
Oscar Pistorius free to run again, South African Olympic committee says
Oscar Pistorius able to compete before potential jail sentence
On the run: No South African Olympic committee regulations to stop Oscar Pistorius from competing
Advice to Oscar Pistorius new girlfriend, when u go to the bathroom jingle a cowbell constantly & keep announcing "I'm peei…
ruling a serious setback in the fight to stop abuse against women - SACP
NPA’S REACTION: OSCAR PISTORIUS JUDGEMENT The National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa respects the findings of the court today. However, it is important to mention that from the very beginning the prosecutors held the view that there was sufficient evidence to secure a successful prosecution on the charges that were preferred against the accused. We respect the court decision to convict the accused on culpable homicide, which is in fact a serious crime. We are however, disappointed that we were not successful in securing a conviction on the original charge of premeditated murder, negligent discharge of a firearm and possession of ammunition. The NPA will await until the matter is concluded and will then comment on any further legal steps that might be envisaged. Further, the NPA is satisfied with the manner in which the prosecution team prosecuted the case. They displayed the highest degree of professionalism and their ethical conduct could not be faulted throughout the trial. They have served as ...
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My local pub is giving away Oscar Pistorius T shirts. Free after four shots. Admit it, you've missed me xD
Oscar Pistorius. Showing the Scottish people you can be free, even though you're usually legless and assaulting women..
dalia dippolito as well as well as OSCAR PISTORIUS R both out on bail
cleared to compete again for South Africa:
Yoko Ono was right about wormen: South African Olympics Committee Says Oscar Pistorius Can Compete …
Oscar Pistorius free to compete, South African Olympic body says
Reeva Steenkamp's brother Adam is disappointed with Oscar Pistorius's culpable homicide conviction.
Oscar Pistorius’ case is being presided over by Judge Thokozile Masipa – an inscrutable figure who has not shown a flicker of her true feelings throughout the six-month trial
Kanti y do South Africans want Oscar Pistorius down?
Convicted sprinter Oscar Pistorius is still eligible to represent South Africa in the Olympics and the paralympics
So, it looks like Oscar Pistorius is going to get away with murder. That's very disturbing news... For my wife, who's just gone for a ***
Oscar Pistorius has been convicted of culpable homicide for the shooting death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp...
Oscar Pistorius ruled eligible to compete for South Africa's Olympic team despite his conviction for culpable homicide.
Just heard a guy in McDonald's refer to Oscar Pistorius as "that crippled fella... The sports hero with the funny legs."
Oscar Pistorius himself described his shooting of Reeva Steenkamp as a tragedy.
That Oscar Pistorius court case was as awkward as the time I was fingering my Sister and found my dad's wedding ring If I were Oscar I would've legged it. Oh wait -Sessel
Is it just me or what.I am tired of hearing, reading and listening to the Oscar Pistorius saga. Guilty or not, murder or manslaughter, it won't change our lives.
A lot has happened this year so far. The Oscar Pistorius trial and verdict, Thuli Madonsela vs Zuma show, the kiss between Helen Zille and then Agang Leader Ramphele Maphela. How can I forget the EFF disruption of parliamentary sittings? The resignation of Lindiwe Mazibuko as DA parliamentary leader. The firing of 16 Generation actors, Dalai Lama being denied visa by SA again. Who would you say deserves to be the news maker of the year???
Oscar Pistorius, like Simpson, was found not guilty of murder despite firing a gun four times
On Thursday,  Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa found Oscar Pistorius, 27, guilty of culpable homicide, "a vindication for the athlete who vehemently protested his innocence during a trial in South Af...
Oscar Pistorius not charged with murder, judge said that the charges against him had no legs to stand on.
Is there anything different to what oscar pistorius and jub jub did? I don't get this,it seems like oscar pistorius is gonna walk free like nothing happened,though jub jub got convicted of murder
POPULAR TOPICS Reeva Steenkamp Oscar Pistorius Oscar Pistorius judgment Oscar Pistorius murder trial Oscar Pistorius trial Judge Thokozile Masipa RELATED ARTICLES 1 Cosatu: SA's transport system a 'ticking time bomb' 2 ANC denies 'rent a crowd' tactics 3 Ruling expected on details of WC toll project 4 Cosatu: E-toll gantries pose a health risk 5 Cosatu threatens to strike against pension reforms Axed 'Generations' actors prepared to return to work about 1 hour ago / Thando Kubheka There have been reports that the producers of the popular soapie are poaching other actors to replace the sacked cast members. Cosatu's Zwelinzima Vavi warned potential replacements not be persuaded. “Don’t be used by the arrogant producing companies in order to maintain and continue the exploitation of your fellow actors.” Vavi said from tonight, no South African must tune into SABC 1 to watch the popular soapie. The trade union federation has said the labour dispute has now become about much more than the show. The list ...
South African Judge Thokozile Masipa begins to deliver her verdict in the six-month murder trial of Paralympic and Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius.
South African Communist Party, Central Committee, 14 September 2014 Oscar Pistorius case The SACP has noted the attention paid nationally and internationally to the Oscar Pistorius case. It would not be correct for us to discuss the details of the case, or the merits and demerits of the verdict. Nevertheless the SACP wishes to make the following observations. There is a dangerous love of firearms in South Africa, more particularly, though by no means exclusively, in the white community. This is linked to our country’s violent and apartheid past, and its class structure. It is very clear that the individual ownership of firearms, ostensibly for the protection of families against thugs and intruders, rarely leads to the shooting of an intruder but frequently leads to a shooting within the family. This may happen in the heat of an argument between partners, through a child obtaining access to a firearm, showing it to his friends or even taking it to school, and the weapon being discharged through various o ...
Oscar Pistorius may be writing a book about the killing of Reeva Steenkamp. Unsurprised, but thoroughly disgusted.
Oscar Pistorius got away with murder of my sister, says Adam Steenkamp in ... - Daily Mail
The parents of Reeva Steenkamp say "justice was not served" after Oscar Pistorius was acquitted of murdering her. Has justice been served?
Oscar Pistorius guilty: Police release photos of Reeva Steenkamp killing scene after verdict
Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp’s relationship was far from ‘normal’ | Hadley Freeman via
Would you have the link to the written judgement by Thokozile Masipa on Oscar Pistorius?
In South African law, culpable homicide is defined as "the unlawful negligent killing of a human being". That, apparently, is all Oscar Pistorius did when he killed Reeva Steenkamp. “Having regard to the totality of this evidence in this matter, the unanimous decision of this court is the following: on count one, murder … the accused is found not guilty and is discharged. Instead he is found guilty of culpable homicide,” said the judge in her verdict. Unbelievable. Worth reading reading
News 24 Johannesburg - Security has been stepped up outside Judge Thokozile Masipa's home following her judgment in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial. City Press reported on Sunday that police officers from the police's Tactical Response Team, also known as the amaBerete, have been stationed outside her home. The team escorts her wherever she goes, and checks on her every hour, according to the newspaper. Masipa has come under fire for her judgment, in which she found Pistorius not guilty of murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in February 2013, but guilty of culpable homicide. She also found him guilty of one charge of contravening the Firearms Act, but acquitted him on two other charges. Criticism Legal experts have questioned her verdict , saying she was far too lenient. The National Prosecuting Authority is likely to apply for leave to appeal against the ruling, once sentencing has taken place in October. NPA officials were said to be "gobsmacked" by the ruling, according to City Press. Steenkamp ...
'Judge Masipa asked the wrong question'. Judge Thokozile Masipa's reasoning in finding Oscar Pistorius not...
An award for "The Worst Judgment" goes to Judge Thokozile Masipa, for letting killer go free. Oscar Pistorius, is 100% Guilty as charged.
VIDEO: Pistorius: Background to verdict: South African athlete Oscar Pistorius has been found guilty of culpable...
wow I love the South African judicial system. Judge Thokozile Masipa rips apart prosecution case against Oscar Pistorius
Oscar Pistorius convicted of homicide, faces possible jail time - South African Olympian Oscar Pistorius, who was...
Postcard from the North Gauteng High Court as the aftershocks of the Oscar Pistorius trial reverberate across South African households. - Around the same same time and days that the media frenzy that force fed a fickle world blow by blow of what was transpiring during the Oscar Pistorius trial, in a few court rooms away a similar fact trial wherein an indigenous African was also facing trial for the brutal murder of his girlfriend. No journalist covered that. No flash of lights from whirring cameras and a battalion of reporters storming the courtroom. Why? A young woman, like Reeva Steenkamp, admittedly nameless and not as famous as her, was brutally murdered. Her case was no less deserving of the spotlight too. All I read was a few columns in the same paper used as a filler or a footnote. I dont know what became of the fate of that African. If you now let us now. My point is that we are vicariously venting our feelings in the case of people whom we do not know about a situation of domestic violence tha . ...
Nicole Brown's sister Denise has an excellent take on domestic violence, Oscar Pistorius & the NFL.
Oscar Pistorius trial: Mandela would be proud of Judge Thokozile Masipa | via
Thousands of armchair South Africans acquired a law degree in 41 days courtesy of Oscar Pistorius trial. And they disparage…
Oscar Pistorius knew exactly what he was doing: On Thursday,  Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa found Oscar Pisto... http…
The woman behind Pistorius verdict: In the opening days of the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, a journalist's la...
A fellow warrior, who is on a mission to expose narcissistic abuse by sharing our collective insights on the various tactics that narcissists use, posted this quote today: "Nothing you know about open and active communication and relationships applies when you become entrapped by a sociopath" ~ Paula Reeves-Carrasquillo To which I added the following comments: For's all convoluted!!! Probably cause there is no way to reach these people, cause nothing is there. It's all just a game to them, and they make up the rules. To which Phil Milmore added: they constantly adjust reality, move the goal posts, re-write history, invent, change and distort everything they can to suit their own agenda at that moment in time! And I responded: Yet they mimic normalcy so well to the outside world! So does that sound like Oscar Pistorius to you? It sure does to me, they all operate in ways that are all so eerily similar. But if you've never experienced people like that, you tend to just pity their immaturity and don' ...
Worth reading: "Judge Masipa GOT IT RIGHT: Oscar Pistorius and the intention to kill via
Judge Masipa & assessors may need to read this brilliant piece by a legal expert on Oscar Pistorius judgement. .
Pistorius found guilty of culpable homicide: South African Judge Thokozile Masipa has found Oscar Pistorius gu...
Oscar Pistorius spent around an hour and half down in the cells. Guilty not of murder, but of culpable homicide, his right to bail had expired, and he was led down the steps of the court at lunch yesterday, rather than outside into the sunshine.
Oscar Pistorius guilty: Found guilty of culpable homicide, athlete is ...
Oscar Pistorius could get jail for culpable homicide -
GREAT read on the Oscar Pistorius case via **Amazingly, he's allowed to compete in th…
Oscar Pistorius was on Friday found guilty of culpable homicide and faced a potential lengthy jail term for shooting dead his glamorous girlfriend, in a case that shattered the Paralympian hero's glittering career.
Oscar Pistorius found guilty of culpable homicide via
BREAKING: Oscar Pistorius convicted of culpable homicide, a charge similar to manslaughter
Fallen Idol Conviction of culpable homicide Not the right judgement: Reeva's Mom. Oscar Pistorius will be sentenced on October 13
Oscar Pistorius has been found GUILTY of culpable homicide
He got away with It! Oscar Pistorius culpable homicide verdict causes uproar in South Africa
Judge finds Oscar Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide
Judge finds Oscar Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide. MORE:
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Oscar Pistorius convicted of culpable homicide: A judge convicted Oscar Pistorius of culpable homicide Friday in...
South African athlete Oscar Pistorius is found guilty of culpable homicide after the judge finds he killed his girlfriend by mistake, but acted negligently.
Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa declared that Oscar Pistorius, the Olympic runner, is guilty of culpable homicide, equivalent to manslaughter, after being ...
For everyone debating and arguing about the whole Oscar Pistorius... here are some useful info pointers for YOU from ME. Now remember this. No one was proven there on the scene at the time of the incident except for Reeva and Oscar Pistorius. Who are we to judge what we do not know. We can only assume what really happened that night of the shooting. I've always liked Reeva. I was never much of an Oscar fan at all. I don't take sides. I just outweigh the pros and the cons of what is and what is not by evidence and fact. Do not judge people because they sin differently to the way you do. We are all sinners, we are all guilty of our own faults in our own lives. God knows what happened and he will be sentenced and charged accordingly for his actions. _ _ 1.) Murder is broken down into different categories Eg: Culpable homicide, Premeditated murder, Homicide, Murder, Manslaughter, Self- immolation, Murder-suicide, Aborticide, Geronticide, Mariticide, Euthanasia, bla bla bla the list goes on. _ _ 2.) You cannot ...
The judge in the trial of Oscar Pistorius has announced the South African athlete is guilty of culpable homicide.
''He should have been convicted on murder charges and not culpable homicide. I believe it has something to do with his world acclaimed record as a paragon of paralympics.'' ''No, for me I would give it to that astute lead counsel who conducted his defence in such a meticulous manner.'' That's how hot the Oscar Pistorius debate is within the elite circles in Kampala. Then you chip in to ask for their take on the perfunctory trial of a local homicide case involving the KCCA Director of Planning, George Agaba together with his accomplices who were nabbed red handed (in flagrante delicto, if you like legal speak), but apparently still on the pay roll. They respond with careless abandon that; ''you man stop politicking, don't you see development going on in Kampala?. You pause and ask yourself whether there is no development in the city where the Pistorius trial is being conducted. You conclude by placing this country in the Almighty's hands.
Oscar Pistorius went on two-hour 'naughty toddler' rampage post 2012 London Paralympics loss: Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius reportedly went on a two-hour rampage after he was beaten in the 200 metres final at the 2012 London Paralympic Games. Pistorius had to be locked in a room, where he punched tables and hurled chairs against walls after Brazilian sprinter Alan Oliveira beat him in the 200 metres final. It was Pistorius's first ever defeat over 200 metres. He was led away after an extraordinary television outburst on the track in which he accused Oliveira of having an unfair advantage because of the length of the blades attached to his legs, The Daily Express reported. Pistorius had been angry that the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) allowed his rival to use the longer blades, which he claimed lengthened his stride pattern. Following the outburst he was ushered to an underground room of the Olympic Stadium where he erupted in a temper tantrum. The double-amputee shouted and screamed at IPC ...
Oscar Pistorius: athlete faces up to 25 years in notoriously violent prison system
Oscar Pistorius: Athlete went on a two-hour rampage at London Paralympics (via
Oscar Pistorius: The man before the shots were fired - Yahoo Sports Philippines
This from is excellent: Oscar Pistorius is not guilty of murdering Reeva Steenkamp, the woman he killed htt…
Oscar Pistorius to return to court for sentencing on October 13
PLEASE MY DEAR LADIES,ITS A MOST READ OSCAR . PISTORIUS: 5 THINGS LADIES SHOULD LEARN FROM THE DEATH OF Reeva Steenkamp Oscar Pistorius has denied the premeditated murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp by shooting her through a locked lavatory door early on February 14 last year. He has said he believed she was an intruder and acted to protect himself and Steenkamp. The prosecution says he killed her deliberately after a row. Are there lessons ladies should learn from this incident? Here, I have attempted five lessons ladies should glean from that ugly incident. (1)DO NOT TOLERATE VIOLENCE IN RELATIONSHIPS No woman should condone violence in relationships. Violence they say begets violence. Reeva is no longer alive to recount her experiences in the hands of Oscar, on the same hand Oscar is fighting hard to convince the world that Reeva was murdered in error. That is precisely what happens to most women in violent relationships. When they are murdered their partners cook up all sorts of stories to twis ...
Fatal male violence against women is a worldwide problem, yet it is rarely headline news, like it is today.  As we wait to find out whether Oscar Pistorius will be convicted of culpable homicide for shooting Reeva Steenkamp dead, I’m reminded of last week when news of the beheading of 82-year-old Pa…
The heartbroken parents of Reeva Steenkamp have reacted angrily to the verdict handed down to Oscar Pistorius, saying his acquittal on a charge of murder was not justice for their daughter.
Friends, you will see never seen before 6 images of Oscar Pistorius on the night he shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp, may her soul rest in peace.PLEASE SHARE THIS STATUS SO THAT THE WORLD CAN SEE THAT THIS TOKOLOSHE DESERVES A LIFE SENTENCE!!!
Good morning all. Oscar Pistorius adorns the Sport360 front page today after the Olympian was found guilty of culpable homicide over the death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
Very angry about this. He's got away with murder. How can a judge be so gullible? It makes you lose faith in the justice system. The parents of Reeva Steenkamp expressed anger and disbelief on Friday after Oscar Pistorius was formally acquitted of their daughter's murder, insisting: "Justice was not served." Amid growing discontent in South Africa at the verdict, the Steenkamps criticised Judge Thokozile Masipa for being too lenient on the athlete, who was instead convicted of culpable homicide, the South African equivalent of manslaughter, and granted bail.Steenkamp, a 29-year-old model and law graduate, died in a small toilet cubicle when Pistorius shot her four times through the locked door just after 3am on Valentine's day last year. The court heard how his hollow tipped bullets opened and mushroomed on impact, tearing through her flesh and killing her almost instantly. He claims he mistook her for an intruder, a version that the judge accepted. The national debate quickly drew comparisons to Molemo . ...
Amid the deluge of comment that Oscar Pistorius unleashed when he fired those four "zombie stoppers" through that locked bathroom door, it is worth pausing to remember that Reeva Steenkamp died because her lover shot her.
Judge finds Oscar Pistorius guilty of the culpable homicide of Reeva Steenkamp.
SHOCKING NEWS from South Africa as Reeva Steenkamp is found guilty of suicide by running at high speed into bullets fired by Oscar Pistorius *STOLEN*
Wapi Henry Wanyundi? Did Oscar Pistorius get away with murder? Judge Thokozile Masipa's decision to acquit Pistorius of murder has left many in South Africa asking that question. Masipa's decision hinged on a little-known Latin term and a complex section of South African law: "Dolus eventualis." The term means a defendant should be convicted of murder if it's found that they foresaw a possibility that someone would die as a result of their unlawful actions, but continued with the actions anyway and the person was killed. In acquitting the world-famous athlete of murder on Friday, Judge Masipa ruled that Pistorius did not identify at the time that someone might die before he shot four times through a door into a small toilet cubicle, killing Reeva Steenkamp. Many South Africans - legal analysts and others - find fault with Masipa's conclusion. Here's why the judge ruled the way she did: PREMEDITATED MURDER Most legal analysts praised Masipa's verdict that Pistorius could not be found guilty of premeditated ...
Pretoria AFP - The parents of Reeva Steenkamp have reacted with shock and disbelief after a judge acquitted star athlete Oscar Pistorius of her murd
Oscar Pistorius case... Verdict What it means Sentence Premeditated murder - acquitted Intended and planned to unlawfully kill Reeva Steenkamp, or an intruder Mandatory life term - 25 years before parole Common-law murder - acquitted Unlawfully intended to kill in the heat of the moment but without "malice aforethought". Either: Shot door intending to kill, or knew someone might be killed and still fired gun Minimum of 15 years up to 20 years, at judge's discretion Culpable homicide (manslaughter) - guilty No intention to kill. Takes into account disability, but actions negligent and not in keeping with a reasonable person Maximum of 15 years, possibly between seven and 10 years Discharging a firearm in public - guilty of restaurant charge, acquitted over sunroof incident Two counts for allegedly firing a gun through a car sunroof and discharging a gun at a restaurant A fine or up to five years - for each charge Illegal possession of ammunition - acquitted In possession of .38 bullets for which he has no ...
A new place in history: Oscar Pistorius' sporting success made him famous around the g...
Dear Karma, Is there ANY WAY possible to offer up Oscar Pistorius and George Zimmerman in trade for Joan Rivers and Robin Williams? Thanks in advance, Me.
Oscar Pistorius trial: the charges and rulings
Oscar Pistorius and Greg Oden got off now it's time for Ray Rice to be found not guilty
On the upside, Roger Goodell has announced a two-game suspension for Oscar Pistorius:
Oscar Pistorius convicted of homicide in girlfriend's killing
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Oscar Pistorius is a convicted killer, but not a murderer - via
Oscar Pistorius' family speaks out on court verdict | via TimesLIVE
[News Update] | Oscar Pistorius' family speaks out on court verdict |Via TimesLive
Oscar Pistorius' family speaks out on court verdict
Oscar Pistorius guilty of negligent killing, one gun charge: By Richard Allen Greene and Faith Karimi, CNNA judge...
Oscar Pistorius will return to the North Gauteng High Court on 13 October 2014 for sentencing.
Not murder. Granted further bail. What is Judge Masipa going to do next for Oscar Pistorius? Sentence him to 100 hours …
Oscar Pistorius is not guilty... I just knew it. The po0r guy was emotional ko North Gauteng High Court in Tshwane yesterday... Oscar Sorry for everything bra, i knew you whr innocent
Oscar Pistorius found guilty of culpable homicide
Oscar Pistorius: Judge finds him guilty of culpable homicide and one of three weapons charges: By Richard Allen...
Oscar Pistorius: Guilty of culpable homicide, but not of murder. By Richard Allen Greene and Faith Karimi, CNN...
Oscar Pistorius does a bit though doesn't he? No legs, shoots his missus when she misbehaves and still nicks birds for fun.
Oscar Pistorius has arrived at the North Gauteng High Court to hear the rest of Judge Thokozile Masipa's judgment. safm has all the details
Zapiro cartoon on Oscar Pistorius - Right to a Fair Trial vs Public's Right to Know
Oscar Pistorius will find out today if he is guilty of the manslaughter of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp
Pretoria, South Africa (CNN) -- Oscar Pistorius cannot be found guilty of intentionally killing Reeva Steenkamp, the judge in his trial said Thursday. The judge has not issued a verdict, and the proceedings continue. Pistorius faces other possible verdicts, including culpable homicide. Under South…
Oscar Pistorius acted negligently when he shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp, judge says
South Africa is 20 years into democracy. What happened in these 20 years to the Justice system. The judge in Oscar Pistorius case has found him not guilty of intent to kill. This gun happy totting man blasted 4 bullets into Reeva Steenkamp's body. He did it in succession, with very careful precision. He had time to think about his actions after the first bullet hit his victim. He continued to blast away 2,3, 4 shots, boom... Boom... Intruder is dead. This judge should be disbarred. Hopefully the State will place in defense if they allowed to. The Steenkamp family must be devastated. I would be if this wast daughter killed by Oscar. I am deeply disgusted in this judge. No justice in SA.
Oscar Pistorius was cleared of murdering Reeva Steenkamp because of the invisible black man he thought he was killing.
Here are six inconsistencies and key pieces of evidence that, the judge found, did not establish Oscar Pistorius' murder of Reeva Steenkamp.
Oscar Pistorius awaits verdict over death of Reeva Steenkamp
What do you think of the ruling which found Oscar Pistorius not guilty of murdering Reeva Steenkamp?
Oscar Pistorius found not guilty of the premeditated murder of Reeva Steenkamp. Still awaiting culpable homicide verdict
Oscar Pistorius has been cleared of murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp,
Oscar Pistorius was cleared on thursday of murdering fiance Reeva Steenkamp, but the paralympian faced a troubled night after the judge adjourned for the day before ruling on a charge of culpable homicide.
Oscar Pistorius was sensationally cleared today of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The Paralympian sat sobbing in the dock with tears...
Reeva Steenkamp's love for Oscar Pistorius cost her everything: … seen with Pistorius at an aw...
It was a "good deal" says the man who bought Oscar Pistorius house
The first phase of Oscar Pistorius trial over murder of his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp is intriguing.he has been pronounced not guilty of premeditated murder but potentially guilty of culpable homicide .ebelebe. while premeditated murder attracts a jail term of 25 yrs culpable homicide gets 15 yrs. No escape route for the paralympian.Judge Thokozile Masipa says prosecutor failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accused planned to kill his babe regardless of text messages that showed tension bw Oscar and his babe before the shooting.Pretoria and indeed the world will wait to see what happens with the second part of the verdic today.
With almost endless comment to come on the imminent Oscar Pistorius verdict, remember there's only one victim in this - …
Oscar Pistorius is facing at least 25 years in jail if found guilty of the premeditated murder of Reeva Steenkamp.
MASIPAS LEGAL ERROR ACCORDING TO PROFFESOR OF LAW... University of Witwatersrand Professor James Grant says Judge Thokozile Masipa should have weighed whether Oscar Pistorius foresaw the possibility of killing whoever was behind the bathroom door he shot at on Valentine’s Day 2013. The judge presiding over the Oscar Pistorius murder trial may have given prosecutors another chance to convict him. A top South African legal expert said Judge Thokozile Masipa made an “error of law” Tuesday when she acquitted the disabled sprinter of premeditated murder. “This is one of those exceptional circumstances where the state is entitled to appeal,” said James Grant, who teaches law at the University of Witwatersrand. “The state is entitled to only appeal on questions of law. If my understanding is correct, this would appear to be a mistake of law.” Under South African law, to be convicted of “dollus eventualis,” a person who shoots at another person had to have known those shots would be deadly. In t ...
Oscar Pistorius found not guilty of Reeva Steenkamp murder This can't be judge's final ruling.
On - we'll hear what life with Oscar Pistorius was like from the girlfriend he left for Reeva Steenkamp
During his trial, Oscar Pistorius sometimes retched and sobbed. The double-amputee Olympian sobbed again on Thursday, this time in apparent relief as a judge said the evidence did not support a murder conviction for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. The judge could still convict Pistorius of a negligent killing - a crime that can carry a lengthy jail term or just a suspended sentence and fine - when she likely finishes reading her lengthy conclusions in court on Friday. Some legal analysts were surprised, saying the runner could at least have been convicted of a lesser murder charge, rather than the premeditated murder charge leveled by the state. The Pretoria courtroom was packed for the ruling in the case against 27-year-old Pistorius, once a globally admired celebrity who competed against able-bodied athletes at the 2012 Olympics in London. His brother, Carl, was there in a wheelchair because of injuries suffered in a recent car crash. So were Steenkamp's parents, June and Barry. Steenkamp, a 29-yea ...
Forget the OJ Simpson murder trial in 1995 – Oscar Pistorius shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day last year has become the trial of the century. Not since Madiba’s passing has the world’s attention been so absolutely captivated by the events on our own doorstep. And how fitting that Judge Thokozile Masipa should begin delivering her verdict on the anniversary of 9/11 terrorism attacks. Six months and 44 witnesses later, Oscar still does not know his fate. But he does know that he will not face a premeditated murder charge – the charge with the greatest sentencing attached to it. As expected with such a high-profile trial, celebs – from the Highveld to Hollywood – are weighing in on the verdict. Here are some of their shocking, surprising and delighted reactions: Adjourn early & make all these foreign journos need to spend another night. Masipa is doing her bit for tourism. — Rob Forbes (September 11, 2014 Mostly in denial people who were looking for a murder convictio ...
WATCH: The latest from the Oscar Pistorius trial and the views of recent Manchester United signings Radamel Falcao and Daley Blind, plus find out why Liverpool FC manager Brendan Rodgers isn’t happy with the England Football Team.
On the night of Valentine's Day 2013, Reeva Steenkamp was shot and killed in the home of her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius.
Sorry but Oscar Pistorius clearly did murder Reeva Steenkamp !!! Dunno how any judge can't see that
so watching Big Brother and the Sam and Cat buddy/partner. - please tell me I am wrong in seeing the parallel between them and Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp. Channel 9 could not go that low, surely?
Reeva Steenkamp was already dressed and ready to leave Oscar Pistorius in the middle of the night, after a fight between them. A furious and jealous OP found one weapon in his rich arsenal of guns and murdered her brutally--Reeva died after shots in the head, the arm, the hip and hand. The judge rules manslaughter--this is not fair, not fair at all
Judgement in the Oscar Pistorius case is expected in the North Gauteng High Court tomorrow. Criminal law expert William Booth talks us through the four different conclusions Judge Masipa could reach. Watch.
Following Judge Masipa's verdict on Oscar Pistorius, I was so confuses that I consulted a few friends who are in the field of law. ALL of them agree with Judge Masipa that the state failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Oscar committed premeditated murder. No emotions are needed there friends.
Six-time Paralympic gold medallist Oscar Pistorius has arrived at court. Judge Masipa begins delivering her verdict sh…
Oscar Pistorius found not guilty on murder charges: Judge Thokozile Masipa, delivering her verdict at the...
Oscar Pistorius verdict: not guilty of premeditated murder
Judge Masipa delivered part one of the verdict in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial. Read more at Crime Feed.
DEVELOPING: Oscar Pistorius cleared of murder charges
Interesting profile on the ground-breaking judge in the Oscar Pistorius trial.
Verdict due for Oscar Pistorius: South African Judge Thokosile Masipa is due to give her verdict at the murder...
Oscar Pistorius not guilty of murder, but he's not out of the woods yet.
South Africa News: Judge: Oscar Pistorius can't be found guilty of murder - Colorado Spring...
VIDEO | Thursday, Sept 11 2014, Session 1 Judge Thokozile Masipa entered court GD of the High Court in Pretoria on Thursday and addressed murder accused Oscar Pistorius. "Mr Pistorius you may remain seated until you're asked to rise," she told him as he stood in the dock. After he sat down Masipa began reading her judgment from a hefty wad of paper propped up on a stand in front of her. She began with a brief description of his house, at 286 Bushwillow Drive, in the Silver Woods Estate, Silver Lakes, Pretoria. [Subsequent sessions in the comments]
Oscar Pistorius not guilty of murder as case nears close
Oscar Pistorius not guilty of premeditate murder – Judge Thokozile Masipa
Oscar Pistorius judgement to be announced shortly. Premeditated murder & intent to kill "not established", says Judge M…
oh, word? Oscar Pistorius verdict: not guilty of premeditated murder "
Blame it on the Rain, the Government, Oscar Pistorius, Global Warming, Ray Rice, ISIS, OJ, Russia, etc.
See? Oscar Pistorius really is a scholar and a gentleman.
Oscar Pistorius found not guilty of premeditated murder. (source: Associated Press)
😂😭 tommy you are crazy!! “did u c his card? . Roses are red,. Violets are glorious,. Don't try to surprise. Oscar Pistorius”
Oscar Pistorius cleared of murder charge; verdict on 'culpable homicide' to come: Olympic and Par...
Oscar Pistorius found not guilty of murder:
the pride of South Africa found Not Guilty of Murder??? what a shocker.. like a Celebrity Trial in California. Oscar Pistorius you lucky ***
What an absolute disgrace Oscar Pistorius and his country's justice system is! 😷😷
Judgment day for Oscar Pistorius: What to know about the charges and the verdict process
Everyone knows Oscar Pistorius intentionally killed his girlfriend. This is showing how corrupt South Africa's gov is.
Yip well said Lorenzo: "Oscar Pistorius literally just got away with murder . well done" ...
I guess I was wrong. Oscar Pistorius DID have a leg to stand on in his murder trial.
This Oscar Pistorius news is just one more depressing element to add to these last few weeks. Women are getting no justi…
So basically the Oscar Pistorius trial is about to become the 2014 equivalent of the OJ Simpson trial..
Oscar Pistorius in talks to join the NFL.
It looks like South Africa has their own O.J. in Oscar Pistorius. O.P. is the new O.J.
Another sad day for the Women's Movement - Oscar Pistorius walks free- My heart goes out to the victims parents
Pistorius to know fate tomorrow: South African Olympic and Paralympic track star Oscar Pistorius has been clea...
I bow down to Oscar Pistorius's. sangoma. Just like that, getting. away with murder? # SMH
Can't believe Oscar Pistorius has been cleared for murder
Oscar Pistorius is a WHITE man so I guess we shouldn't be surprised by the verdict
Roger Goodell has cleared Oscar Pistorius to play in the NFL.
Oscar Pistorius Judge on short list to be next commissioner of the NFL.
Don't blame the Judge for his verdict on Oscar Pistorius's verdict.blame the prosecution...they didn't their job well…
How on earth has Oscar Pistorius gotten away with murder
Judge: Oscar Pistorius can’t be found guilty of murder but he was negligent in shooting of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp http…
the fact that Oscar Pistorius is not found guilty for murder says a lot about the law
The Oscar Pistorius trial has been adjourned for the day. The judge will continue to deliver her verdict tomorrow.
I'm not surprised Oscar Pistorius was crying in court today, he probably couldn't believe he got away with it, no one else can …
To black people across the world SA law looks like Oscar Pistorius's legs.
Oscar Pistorius to learn his fate: but what will that be?: It is the question on everyone's lips: will...
It's ok America, Oscar Pistorius found not guilty, can go back to praising him for being ray of light to the disabled. Nevermind the priors.
Oscar Pistorius doesn't have legs and still managed to walk away from murder...
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If you'd asked me this time last week which one of Saeed Ajmal and Oscar Pistorius would be found guilty...
Masipa: all Oscar Pistorius had to do was to call security for help. He could have run to balcony and screamed …
Congrats, Paul George. You're now trending over Ray Rice and Oscar Pistorius ... not good company at the moment.
Oscar Pistorius getting away with murder just proves that money can buy anything
Oscar Pistorius may be found guilty of manslaughter; what the judge said: The judge didn't find Oscar Pistoriu...
Oscar Pistorius is due to discover his fate tomorrow
Oscar Pistorius been told he has been told he was clearly negligent however no ruling of Culpable Homicide.
Oscar Pistorius was always gonna be found not guilty !!
PRETORIA, South Africa - A judge cleared Oscar Pistorius of murder on Thursday, but said there was "no doubt" the double-amputee acted unlawfully w...
The night he killed Reeva Steenkamp, Oscar Pistorius did not commit murder, the judge at his trial said Thursday. He did not intend to kill her,...
Paralympian Oscar Pistorius broke down in the dock as the judge delivered a "not guilty" verdict on the murder of lover Reeva Steencamp
High profile cases of Ray Rice and Oscar Pistorius must galvanise action to end violence against women
Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa said that there was not sufficient evidence to convict Oscar Pistorius of the most serious charge in the case.
Oscar Pistorius, the South African Olympian who shot and killed his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day last year, was acquitted Thursday of murder charges, but Judge Thokozile Masipa could still find him guilty on lesser charges.
Six months after Oscar Pistorius' trial started, transfixing the world with graphic details, the Olympian returned to court Thursday for a verdict.
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The judge in the Oscar Pistorius trial rules out two types of murder charge. but the possibility of a manslaughter verdict remains.
The trial of Oscar Pistorius has finally ruled out after 6 month. Judge announced that prosecutors couldn’t prove he killed his girlfriend deliberately. But what is the truth?
SA Judge Thokozile Masipa has cleared Olympic and Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius of all murder charges, saying he did not foresee he could kill anyone the night he shot his girlfriend Reeva Ste...
What are the odds that Barry Roux, Oscar Pistorius's advocate, is singing this to himself at the moment? |
Judge Thokozile Masipa rules that Oscar Pistorius didn't intentionally target Reeva Steenkamp when he shot four times through a bathroom door.
Oscar Pistorius could still be found guilty of culpable homicide.
Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius found not guilty of premeditated murder. Full story:
The judge in Oscar Pistorius’ murder trial appeared to be heading for a culpable homicide finding Thursday after ruling out both both premeditated murder and murder verdicts in the shooting death of the double-amputee Olympic athlete’s girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.
Oscar Pistorius is cleared of the most damning charge against him: premeditated murder. But he could still be found guilty of culpable homicide. Court resumes tomorrow and goes inside the verdict, Friday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.
OSCAR Pistorius is set to learn his fate when Judge Thokozile Masipa hands down her judgment in the long running murder trial.
A judge is delivering her verdict in the murder trial of track star Oscar Pistorius.
Oscar Pistorius was found not guilty of premeditated murder in the Feb. 14, 2013, death of girlfr...
Oscar Pistorius did not intentionally kill girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, judge says
BREAKING: Oscar Pistorius 'not guilty' of murder; final verdict tomorrow. South African judge hearing the case said Olympic and Paralympics star was 'negligent', raising possibility of culpable homicide conviction. Read more here:
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