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Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius (born 22 November 1986) is a South African sprint runner. Known as the Blade Runner and the fastest man on no legs , Pistorius, who has a double amputation, is the world record holder in the 100, 200 and 400 metres (sport class T44) events and runs with the aid of Cheetah Flex-Foot carbon fibre transtibial artificial limbs by Ossur.

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Oscar Pistorius grins at his birthday party as he awaits murder appeal…
Just In>> ". Smile of a killer: Surrounded by children, Oscar Pistorius grins at his 29th birthday party and waits…
Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius: Not a question of fact, but perspective by
regular emulates Oscar Pistorius house arrest with a surprise guest (SPOILER it's
Pictured: Oscar Pistorius first 'selfie' since early release for killing Reeva Steenkamp
Oscar Pistorius appeal: judge says Reeva Steenkamp 'had nowhere to hide' – live
gets 8 yrs for sexual assault yet Oscar Pistorius got 5 yrs & out after 2 for shooting & killing Reeva Steenkamp
Reeva Steenkamp, my friend, shot by Oscar Pistorius
Judge Thokozile Masipa that sentenced Oscar Pistorius will retire in 2016.
State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel: Judge Masipa asked the wrong questions in Oscar Pistorius trial
ask South Africa’s Supreme Court to convict Oscar Pistorius of murder SOUTH...
to decide if Oscar Pistorius should be convicted of murder South Africa's Suprem...
Fun fact of the day (from wikipedia): Oscar Pistorius's prosecutor Gerrie Nel teaches wrestling in his spare time.
Lead prosecutor, Gerrie Nel, accused the court of ignoring evidence in the trial of Oscar Pistorius which led to...
In the states case to retry Oscar Pistorius with murder. Chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel told the panel of five judges that judge Masipa...
Oscar Pistorius's lawyer Barry Roux tells State prosecutor Gerrie Nel: 'that I am going to lose is a fact.'
Oscar Pistorius's lawyer Barry Roux was overheard telling State prosecutor Gerrie Nel he, Roux, was going to "lose…
I thought Oscar Pistorius was under house arrest in South Africa?
To watch tomorrow's proceedings in the SCA live visit EWN's blog from 9am
South African prosecutors will push for Oscar PIstorius to be charged with the murder of Reeva Steenkamp tonight
Prosecutors' bid for Pistorius murder conviction to begin >>
that bacuna is absolutely 💩 I'd rather have Oscar pistorius in my team
Judge Greenland on :The State has a compelling argument in Oscar Pistorius Supreme Court appeal
Oscar why state might have a strong case for murder
ANCWL President said critics should be reminded of their role in the Oscar Pistorius case via
Oscar Pistorius : unprecedented apology from Judicial Inspectorate of Correction Services
Shock news from South Africa as Reeva Steenkamp is found guilty of suicide by running at high speed onto bullets fired by Oscar Pistorius.
Nyaya ya Oscar Pistorius ichatifemba. Yes we all know he foresaw that his actions would lead to the death of a person. There was intention!!
Tomorrow the prosecution team in the Oscar Pistorius case will begin appeal to have his culpable homicide conviction changed to murder.
South African prosecutors will today appeal conviction of Oscar Pistorius, which could see the athlete sent back to jail
Panel unpacks what could happen in court case (P3) | Watch
All set up in Bloemfontein. Will Oscar Pistorius's freedom be temporary?
Panel unpacks what could happen in court case (P2) | Watch
Panel unpacks what could happen in case (P1) | Watch
Considering Nel never appealed a case in his life and all similar cases viewed as CH
Can I make a joke about Oscar Pistorius in my uni blog? Probably not, but I think it's got legs
Thank you, Jane!. The headlines about Oscar Pistorius the media don’t want you to read. via
It's about time media reported unbiased news
Judge Masipa was right to acquit Oscar of murder
South African prosecutors to appeal Oscar Pistorius' conviction of culpable homicide.
State prepares to argue whether Oscar Pistorius should be found guilty of murder at the Supreme Court of Appeal
South Africa state prosecutors to appeal for a murder conviction to send Oscar Pistorius back to jail for years.
Top story: LIVE: Oscar Pistorius appeal - The State’s bid for murder see more
South African prosecutors appeal to have Oscar Pistorius charged with murder 2/4
Pistorius goes home, South African state pushes for murder conviction :: Oscar Pistorius has hunker
JOHANNESBURG (AP) &Oscar Pistorius, the double-amputee Olympic runner who fatally shot his girlfriend in 2013, was r…
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I'd never let Oscar Pistorius serve his house arrest at my place due to the amount of times I get up for a *** in the ni…
Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius was freed from a South African prison Monday after serving less than a year behind bars for the 2013
South African Olympic and Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius is released under house arrest nearly one year after he was jailed for
Legal challenges loom for Oscar Pistorius: Prosecutors will ask an appeals court to send the Para...
That time Oscar Pistorius lost his Olympic title & decided to prosthesis-shame the athlete who beat him: Classy.
Pistorius freed on parole after year behind bars for killing girlfriend: PRETORIA: Oscar Pistorius, South Afri...
Oscar Pistorius released from jail: Oscar Pistorius was released from jail late Monday, South African official... https:…
Oscar Pistorius freed from prison early: today's Irish Daily Star front page
It beggars belief that Oscar Pistorius is now a 'free' man. . If only it were possible, I wonder what Reeva would have to say about that?
Oscar Pistorius. Shrien Dewani. We have no time or money to invest in the justice system, but we do for Sad indeed.
Oscar Pistorius leaves prison early after he was jailed for killing Reeva Steenkamp: The Paralympian star's la...
But was Oscar Pistorius ever really in prison? Will we ever see justice in South Africa or did Archbishop Desmond Tutu forgive to?
Oscar Pistorius released from prison under house arrest. is in Sth Africa
The killer blade runner is out! Dangerous animal that Oscar Pistorius. Women r not safe with him out & children & everyone else! Scary!
Footballer Paul Gascoigne has arrived at scene saying he is a friend of Oscar Pistorius.
Jailed athlete Oscar Pistorius released from South African prison, a day earlier than anticipated, officials say
Oscar Pistorius is getting out of jail after one year. I haven't seen a sentence that short since Marcel Marceau gave a…
South Africa needs the death sentence to be implemented. We must give people like Oscar Pistorius and Shrien Dewani what they deserve.
Oscar Pistorius let out in less than a year!! Shrien Dewani found not guilty. Definitely something wrong with the SA justice system.
Nelson Mandela saved 27 years for fighting for this free South Africa, but Oscar Pistorius saved less than a year for murder.
Oscar Pistorius getting house arrest is absolutely disgusting. I hope Gerrie Nel gets him locked back up next month,
Rival paralympian wants to see Oscar Pistorius return to competitive action when he's released ht…
Two years today since Oscar Pistorius shot dead gf Reeva Steenkamp. Alan Oliveira wants him to return to the track: http:…
JOHANNESBURG (AP) -- Oscar Pistorius to be released from jail and moved to house arrest on Oct. 20.
Gerrie Nel should quietly walk up behind Oscar Pistorius. If he turns round, he's guilty.
What point? That was right about Oscar Pistorius being accurate in shooting Reeva Steenkamp. Big wow.
Renters show off Oscar Pistorius crime house in Pretoria
New tenant in Oscar Pistorius home apologises for 'party house' video
The new tenants of the house where Oscar Pistorius shot dead his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp have been filmed giving a t…
via Friends renting Oscar Pistorius' house apologise for YouTube video tour
Wow. The men renting the house where Oscar Pistorius killed Reeva Steenkamp are turning it into a party venue:
Oscar Pistorius: Parole board meets again to consider house arrest -
Oscar Pistorius to spend MORE time in JAIL after parole board postpones hearing >>>
DTN Libya Uprising: Pistorius ordered to undergo psychotherapy: Paralympian star Oscar Pistorius will have to ...
Oscar Pistorius stays in jail as parole review hearing postponed for 2 weeks
Rob Ford had Mike Tyson, now Harper has Wayne Gretzky. Anxiously awaiting Patrick Brown to be endorsed by Oscar Pistorius.
Reeva Steenkamp was ready to leave Oscar Pistorius the day he shot her
Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend deliberately, her parents, Barry and June Steenkamp, ...
Oscar Pistorius could stay in prison for YEARS - His diva demands in jail revealed
Oscar Pistorius's lives as a King in jail -'He is allowed to cook his own… via
Manchester United have approached the South Africa courts in the hope of signing prolific hitman Oscar Pistorius.
Decision on house arrest for Oscar Pistorius could take up to 4 months - CTV News
A prison review board has up to four months to decide whether Oscar Pistorius will be released into house arrest,
Decision to move Oscar Pistorius from prison to house arrest may take up to 4 ... - Fox News
After the announcement that the South African Justice Minister halted Oscar Pistorius' release, my mate Dave said to me "I really tho...
Oscar Pistorius' early release on hold: South Africa's justice minister on Wednesday ordered a review of Oscar…
Oscar Pistorius' early release on hold
South Africa suspends decision to free Pistorius: South African Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius will not be...
Oscar Pistorius to leave prison for house arrest: Oscar Pistorius, the South African paralympic track star who... http…
Prosecutors file an appeal pushing for Oscar Pistorius to be convicted of murder before his prison release:
Oscar Pistorius is due to be released on Friday. . That is all.
Pistorius serves just 10 mnths for the brutal killing of Reeva Steenkamp "after 'behaving himself very well' in jail"
how is Oscar Pistorius getting out this soon?!?
Oscar Pistorius is released next week... That is mad 🔫
Ridiculous that Pistorius will serve less than a year for killing Eva Steenkamp. Women's lives don't matter it seems http:/…
To be a rich,white man: Oscar Pistorius to be released from jail next wk after serving 10 months of 5 year sentence: htt…
Oscar Pistorius will walk free from a South African jail next week
that Oscar Pistorius is getting out after only 10 months?
to be fitted with tag on release from prison. Has been recommended as an ideal candidate for a...
Oscar Pistorius by Paty Orozco 08 2015 via 7 days and counting!
that Oscar Pistorius is being released from prison after only serving 10 months as if he only stole a car not a life?
that Oscar Pistorius is being released on tag soon when he can just leave that leg at home and sneak out?
that Oscar Pistorius is soon to be released.
Oscar Pistorius is expected to be fitted with an electronic tag upon his release from prison next week. It was...
Oscar Pistorius would have had a better first touch than Rooney tonight. Woeful
Oscar Pistorius will have basically served a prolonged pregnancy in jail for murdering Reeva Steenkamp:
See you tmrw morning 830 a.m.ish on Today show talking oscar Pistorious release from prison
Oscar Pistorius expected to be fitted with electronic tag on release from prison
Oscar Pistorius being released for the "accidental" and reckless murder of his girlfriend blows my mind. What a World.
Just commented on Oscar Pistorius is getting out of prison next week – 10 months into his sentenc -
. The lock on oscar pistorius' bathroom door.
So Oscar Pistorius is getting released after serving 10 months. 10 months for ending someone's life is a *** take tbh 😣
So if they let Oscar Pistorius out on a tag can he just take his leg off and go walkabouts ?
Oscar Pistorius to be released on August 21 after 10 months in prison | Metro News. Shocking! Wheres the justice? http:/…
Oscar Pistorius took a human life, yet he's only serving a sixth of his sentence just because he's famous. IMHO
that Oscar Pistorius will b released having only served 10 months of a five yr sentence, just because he's a celebrity?!
Oscar Pistorius has a better touch than Rooney and he doesn't even have feet.
Oscar Pistorius to be freed from prison next week after just 10 months - Yahoo News Canada via
Oscar to be released from prison next week. this article via
Oscar Pistorius is to be released from prison next week
Oscar Pistorius will be a free man.
to ask if The Last Leg will be interviewing Oscar Pistorius once free next week?
Oscar Sebolai Pistorius is a hero.After just 10 months behind bars he'll soon be freed. Killed an innocent ...
Oscar Pistorius being released after only 10 months in jail...Justice for who?
Pardon me but, where is the NPA with the Oscar Pistorius appeal, anyone?
Oscar Pistorius is about to be released from prison 10 months into his five-year sentence
Oscar Pistorius the murderer to be released NEXT WEEK after just 10 months jail for murdering girlfriend
Here's what we had to say when was sentenced last year:
Police photographer reveals how the gruesome scene still haunts him 2yrs after shot . http…
Oscar Pistorius 'to be fitted with tag' on release from prison via
Because he's got money? "Why parole for Oscar Pistorius is perfectly legitimate
Oscar Pistorius will be released to house arrest 10 months after being convicted of killin…
Why parole for Oscar Pistorius is perfectly legitimate
Man who stole Robert Allenby's credit card got five years jail today...meantime Oscar Pistorius gets out of jail next wee…
Oscar Pistorius and Natalie du Toit should kick it
Oscar Pistorius: a historic night in pictures
This is sad man. It's like Usian Bolt racing Oscar Pistorius (with his legs off).
Bill Cosby, Oscar Pistorius & Ian Watkins walk into a bar & actually it’s not a bar it’s a live volcano & we all laugh as we watch them burn
Oscar Pistorius murder trial: July 3 as it happened | via
I'm now weighing up who is worse: George Osborne or Oscar Pistorius.
When did saints sign oscar pistorius
Court has adjourned without a decision on bail for Oscar
Prosecution argues against bail in Oscar case.
Lead investigator booted in Oscar case.
Olympian Oscar granted bail in girlfriend’s killing.
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People referring to my ex as Oscar Pistorius. This why I love Cape Town.
the 2nd google result said Oscar Pistorius.
I propose that be admitted where Oscar Pistorius was being examined. I trust their services at Wiskoppies
Can't wait to get Oscar Pistorius tomorrow 🍻
John stones and jagielka 😂😂 have a laugh. Oscar pistorius had a better defence than Everton
Jordan Henderson on the front of the fifa cover is like having Oscar Pistorius as the poster boy for gun safety
Oscar Pistorius: what will he do when he gets out of jail?
Oscar Pistorius: what will he do via
INTERROGATING OSCAR a visual narrative based on our bestselling series of ebooks
And the chemo kid takes the catch. Thank god. Haddin as useful as Oscar pistorius in a toe wrestling competition.
Even now, I still await the answers, even the moron I debated about Oscar Pistorius case had better answers
Wow. We can do anything, as long as we believe "Oscar Pistorius
this PRASA matter reminds me of tjat expert in the Oscar Pistorius case. Moffet is missing action.cluck cluck chicken!!
Suggest balconybrah hires Oscar Pistorius defense team no
Oscar Pistorius could be released from prison soon
What has got more holes in it than Oscar Pistorius's story?. Reeva Steenkamp.
I think my first one was to Oscar pistorius (before the incident...) 😂😂
Oscar Pistorius to be released from prison in August after serving 10 ...
Just nearly did an Oscar Pistorius, nearly clobbered my sister with a walking stick because I thought someone had broken in
I'd rather play hide&seek with Oscar Pistorius than see that Mac Cafe ad again.
At least Jason Pierre-Paul can take solace in the fact that, thanks to Oscar Pistorius, he's not the world's most reckless amputee.
When your phone says it's connected to 4G but runs slower than Oscar Pistorius with out his blades
For a brief moment I thought the National Theatre was doing a play about Oscar Pistorius:
"I thought she was a burglar' . Popular excuses for murder. Pistorius
Just like inmate Oscar Pistorius, it's always someone else's fault. . . Krejcir implicates an ex-president
Oscar Pistorius goes home next month. Hope Homecoming Revolution will lay out a nice carpet - any colour but red!
It finally felt like summer last night when Dan, Allie and I watched jim jefferies talk about cumming and Oscar Pistorius
Jeremy Clarkson and James May filmed joking about Oscar Pistorius during South Africa show
SMH.. Oscar Pistorius may soon be out of prison. | Joan Smith
Oscar Pistorius may soon be out of prison. Should we really be surprised? | Joan Smith
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