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Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius (born 22 November 1986) is a South African sprint runner. Known as the Blade Runner and the fastest man on no legs , Pistorius, who has a double amputation, is the world record holder in the 100, 200 and 400 metres (sport class T44) events and runs with the aid of Cheetah Flex-Foot carbon fibre transtibial artificial limbs by Ossur.

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Sis, Oscar Pistorius is really the hill you're choosing to die on?
A South African court has increased Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius's jail sentence for killing his girlfriend to 1…
BREAKING: South African appeals court increases Oscar Pistorius sentence to a period of 13 and five years. https:/…
A real Black Friday for Oscar and Panayotou... Oscar Pistorius sentence increased to 13 years CHRISTOPHER PANAYIOTOU GIVE…
Oscar Ugh this 6 year sentence for murdering my girlfriend is so not a good look. The Court: You’re right. Le…
Sentence doubled, for the blade runner. South African court doubles Oscar Pistorius's prison sentence
Court extends Oscar Pistorius jail term to 13 years
How Oscar Pistorius went from sporting icon to world's most famous murderer
Paralympic athlete and convicted killer Oscar Pistorius will spend the next 13 years and five months behind bars after court lengt…
Good. Sentence doubled to 13 years & 5 months
Oscar Pistorius was appealing his sentence and got an even longer one, the legal system really cut the legs out from under him.
Oscar pistorius , on getting his jail sentence increased , bet he felt like somebodies just swiped his legs from underneath h…
Oscar Pistorius' brother says he is 'shattered, heartbroken and gutted'.
BBC News - Oscar Pistorius jail term for killing Reeva Steenkamp more than doubled At last. Some common sense.
Oscar Pistorius sentence increased from 6 years to over 13 years...
Oscar Pistorius's sentence almost doubled to 13years.
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South Africa court increases Oscar Pistorius's jail sentence for killing girlfriend to 13 years and five months
BREAKING: The only person to not get a 'discount' on Black Friday is Oscar Pistorius. The Supreme Court of Appeal has rul…
Oscar Pistorius prison sentence increased to 13 years and 5 months
Good. You don't fire a gun 4 times into a locked room without intending to kill whoever's in it.
BREAKING: South Africa Supreme Court overturns Oscar Pistorius sentence - increases it from 6yrs to 13yrs
Court doubles murder sentence for Olympian Oscar Pistorius
Oscar Pistorius to serve 13 years after supreme court resentence
Oscar Pistorius has had his jail term for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp more than doubled. Full story:…
Oscar Pistorius murder sentence increased to 13 years - CNN
Oscar Pistorius's 6-year prison sentence was more than doubled by a South African court. He was convicted of killing his girlf…
Oscar Pistorius is having a great Black Friday. He just bought himself another 15 years. Minus time served, so extra discount.
Some people here really hated Gerrie Nel for how he interrogated Oscar Pistorius. They actually sympathized with Os…
Reeva Steenkamp's family say they finally have "justice for Reeva", after Oscar Pistorius' jail term is more than doub…
Oscar Pistorius' prison sentence for killing Reeva Steenkamp has been more than doubled by the Supreme Court in Sou…
South African court doubles Oscar Pistorius's prison sentence.
I wrote about Oscar Pistorius having his sentence doubled and why this matters for eliminating male violence
Christopher Panayiotou sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife, Jayde. Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 13 yr…
UPDATE: Oscar Pistorius' prison sentence in killing of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp doubled after South African court r…
'Oscar Pistorius has had his sentence doubled, and that should give hope to us all'
Oscar Pistorius prison sentence doubled by South African court
Oscar Pistorius' prison sentence has been increased to 13 years & five months by South Africa's Supreme Court of Appeal I…
Oscar Pistorius' murder sentence has been extended to 13 years and 5 months
South African court doubles Oscar Pistorius's prison sentence
Just in: Oscar Pistorius jail sentence for murder of Reeva Steenkamp has been increased to 13yrs. prosecution had appeal…
Reeva Steenkamp family slam 'upsetting' Oscar Pistorius film as legal action is considered
Oscar Pistorius killed his GF on the grounds of her being a
Watching the Oscar Pistorius: Blade Runner Killer - never heard of the guy before the murder
Oscar Pistorius has a whole movie dedicated to how he killed his gf, Reeva Steenkamp called Oscar Pistorius: Blade…
So what y'all trying to say is that Oscar Pistorius was a *** A big huge angry cheating *** Ok. 😬
So...what I'm gathering is, Oscar Pistorius wasn't just a murderer. He was a voiltile, cheating, a*hole too.
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This is Oscar Pistorius movie on Lifetime boi. He was a monster!
Oscar Pistorius is a handsome, legless Robert Durst apparently.
This Oscar Pistorius movie is horrible. Why don’t they ever get South Africans to act in movies? Busy slaughtering…
That *** Oscar Pistorius is some type controlling ish
This Oscar Pistorius movie on Lifetime got my eyelids feeling heavy af! I'm tryna stay up for Tiffany Haddish on SNL tonight
The Oscar Pistorius lifetime movie is on next week Saturday 8pm
. I'm watching the Oscar Pistorius premier in 1/2 hour in and it's already amazing. You g…
Oscar Pistorius : Blade Runner shld be a really good movie .. Lifetime been showing really good movies
“Thought-provoking, honest, well written and researched” REVELATIONS
Lifetime networks has a movie on about poor Oscar Pistorius. This is bad already after just 10 minutes. I can't even. Smh
I really disappointed in this Oscar Pistorius movie it was poorly done and just seem downright fake😔
the actor playin Oscar Pistorius looks just like him. whoa!
Do you know the hashtag for the Oscar Pistorius movie?
So Oscar Pistorius was really a jealous lunatic who killed his girlfriend! Got it!
The Oscar Pistorius movie about to come on 🙂
domain names
Watch the premiere of Oscar Pistorius: Blade Runner Killer on tonight at 8/9c .
You still stepping out on me with the local girl? We got a good date night tonight. Oscar Pistoriu…
This debuts on this weekend 👇. Oscar Pistorius’ family is suing a US cable TV channel over its “Blade R…
How did I miss the Oscar Pistorius movie last night?
wanted to watch the Oscar Pistorius movie tonight but Spectrum Cable is out. So disappointed.
The story behind the headline that shook the world. Oscar Pistorius: Blade Runner Killer premieres tonight.
Oscar Pistorius was the first amputee to compete in the Olympics, but his moment in history has been overshadowed by his mur…
Looking forward to this Oscar Pistorius Doccie/ story' on Life T👌
Tonight! . The world premiere of the movie OSCAR PISTORIUS: BLADE RUNNER…
So Lifetime made a whole movie about Oscar Pistorius killing Reeva and the aftermath🙃
When I first read this I thought it was an Oscar Pistorius story of some sort... had to google it, ndingaz'hlazi phakathi kwabantu
Roses are red. Violets are glorious. Never surprise. Oscar Pistorius
Are y'all watching Oscar Pistorius tonight on lifetime?
The Oscar Pistorius story is coming on Starz 8pm ET, which is around 1am my time. Might just watch it.
Oscar Pistorius judicial saga has become a SHAME to the State’s performance:
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From love story to scandal. Get the story behind the headlines tomorrow in Oscar Pistorius:
Watching Unsolved Mysteries & aft commercial 4 Oscar Pistorius movie & Elizabeth Smart movie, I get even more why I don't watch Lifetime.
Oscar Pistorius: Blade Runner Killer will air on Lifetime (DStv channel 131) on Saturday 18 November at 20:00.
Wessel Johannes "Hansie" Cronje and Oscar Pistorius were SA's great talents - FACT
White privilege is when Oscar Pistorius gets 6 years for MURDER. & gets 15 years just for rape.
What have Oscar Pistorius and James Hird got in common?. Neither have a leg to stand on.
Pistorius is serving a six-year prison sentence for killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, in 2013.
Oscar Pistorius taken from prison to hospital after complaining about chest pains
BREAKING Oscar Pistorius rushed to hospital suffering from chest pains
Oscar Pistorius was taken away from prison in hospital because of breast pains
Oscar Pistorius taken from jail to hospital with chest pains.
4 Aug 2012 Oscar Pistorius became the 1st amputee runner to compete at the Summer Olympics.…
Oscar Pistorius rushed from prison to hospital after suffering from chest pains | SPIN.PH via
Former Paralympian Oscar Pistorius taken to medical facility - News
Oscar Pistorius trying to pull a medical parole like:
Oscar Pistorius was rushed to hospital after he collapsed and could not even speak in his cell in Atteridgeville...
Former Paralympian Oscar Pistorius taken to medical facility in South Africa - ABC News - via
Oscar Pistorius hospitalised for medical examination ^BBCWorld
I thought Oscar Pistorius was supposed receive medical treatment from his prison cell! 🤔 🤔 🤔
ICYMI: Oscar Pistorius will spend the night in hospital, SAA gets a new CEO and…
Oscar Pistorius was rushed to the hospital Thursday to be treated for a reported heart condition.…
Oscar Pistorius sent to hospital complaining about chest pains
Blade-runner Oscar Pistorius is rushed to hospital with 'chest pains'
Oscar Pistorius taken to hospital with chest pains, reports say
BBC News - Oscar Pistorius hospitalised for medical examination
Shame on you for your viewer poll regarding Oscar Pistorius. It's not a game show. Someone was killed, deli…
Oscar Pistorius hospitalised for medical examination - BBC News:
Former Paralympian taken to medical facility
Former Paralympian Oscar Pistorius taken to medical facility
"Murderer Oscar Pistorius taken to hospital" if he was Black.
Oscar Pistorius taken to hospital with chest pains, media says
According to the Correctional Services department, jailed South African athlete, Oscar Pistorius has been taken...
Johannesburg, South Africa | AFP | Jailed Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius was taken to hospital Thursday for...
theguardian: 'Oscar Pistorius taken to hospital with chest pains, media says'
to spend the night in hospital Did they run out of Disprins in Atteridgeville Prison?
South African Paralympian and convicted killer Oscar Pistorius, who is serving 6-year prison sentence, hospitalized… …
supporting agenda is up there w/Lance Armstrong, OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby, Oscar Pistorius, & MLB steroids
It's like Prosecutors with Oscar Pistorius initially went for murder, but that didn't mean they couldn…
Here's a bit of creative writing for tonight's "Oscar Pistorius was caught with marijuana in Fran…
Olivia deserves a boyfriend like oj Simpson or oscar pistorius
Did Oscar Pistorius lie to save his life ? | News24
Lmao .. This *** is crazy !! He deserves an SA Oscar Pistorius shame
Oscar Pistorius is still in jail vele, inoba he's broke now
Even the trained misinterpret the law. Remember Oscar Pistorius case?
If he is? Let it be directly into a CAGE with Oscar Pistorius ~ TWO murderring SPORT heroes who slaughtered…
Oscar Pistorius involved in shooting incident - does he have a leg to stand on?
Did I do it? Thats q secret I'll never tell, XOXO Oscar Pistorius.
Fake news says Oscar Pistorius committed suicide via
All the Aussies in the TL complaining about US policing. What we have here is an Oscar Pistorius issue. Period.
when Oscar Pistorius was shouting at the intruder/s to get out, why didn't Reeva respond that it was her in the…
Oscar Pistorius murder trial: Live coverage as judge Thokozile Masipa delivers her verdict via
Oscar Pistorius granted bail in South African court.
I've had a better one than that for years. What's got six arms, three legs and two hearts? . Oscar P…
Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend on Valentine's Day!
Sept 2017, another effort to expose willfully blind protection of
Did Oscar Pistorius lie to save his life ?
Did Oscar Pistorius lie to save his life ? (via )
Pistorius expecting house arrest in 10 months? I guess it's time to install this
Can't wait till they make a film on oscar pistorius in 10 years time
BREAKING NEWS: Oscar Pistorius has been granted bail by a South African court.
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Maybe next week you can invite OJ Simpson and Oscar Pistorius too
It's tricky, b/c Mike Tyson, Oscar Pistorius or OJ Simpson should've been allowed to continue with their sport upon…
They coulda at least thrown in a couple of *** & maybe a guy sprinting up the beach with Oscar Pistorius legs on
Yet Oscar Pistorius got 6yrs for killing a person but what do I know 😕
Director of public prosecutions South Africa to appeal 6-year-sentence (seeking 15) in Sept. 2017. ht…
why burning the media? We deserve to know why ladies are being killed in SA!sicela le case ifane ne Oscar Pistorius.
Why are dey denying us dis case dey wer quick to show us Oscar Pistorius's case
I hope Oscar Pistorius pays him a midnight visit.
I used to think so too. However, Oscar Pistorius' case proved once and for all that the justice sys…
Dear . Remember how you dedicated an entire channel to the Oscar Pistorius Trial? . Pls do the same on . Tha…
is only case that allowed such gross abuse of procedural power at all levels inc SCA n ConCourt
Jailed Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has trademarked his name
Chris Brown is one more girlfriend away from being Oscar Pistorius
Nope they mad cause Oscar Pistorius got 5 years cause he's white. They'll…
Oscar Pistorius serves only 6 years for murder as another man serves 77 for rhino theft
Remy giving English lessons is tantamount to Oscar Pistorius giving pedicure tips.
We went from a signature away to signing Van Dijk to being linked to oscar pistorius . I'm not even surprised
Feature Films - Edge of the Blade: The Oscar Pistorius Story' 3 roles
Reminds me of the Oscar Pistorius case in South Africa
Can the makers of the state vs OJ...make the state vs MJ and the state vs Oscar pistorius .thanks 😁
"I’ve seen create entitlement and arrogance..."
Oscar Pistorius must slaughter a goat in high court and apologize to the ancestors for getting away with murder and…
Y'all want black murderers to be prosecuted, but as soon as the law does that you start comparing them to Oscar Pistorius.
. Does anybody know how is Oscar Pistorius going on in his situation ?I'm praying hope and love for Oscar and…
Oscar Pistorius is having a better three weeks then Diane Abbott
Hmm, wonder how honest they'll be... Casting for movie based on life of shooting in Atlanta
After having not been found in Pretoria East,Oscar Pistorius' intruder/s moved to the Western Cape and went to the Van Breda'…
If Prosecutor Gerrie Nel was good, Oscar Pistorius wouldn't have been coming out & going in prison like it's a public toile…
Learn more about the 'bulldog' who prosecuted Oscar Pistorius... chats to Adv. Gerrie Nel -
Nel was the chief prosecutor in the State’s murder case against former Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius.
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Brits dressed as Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Oscar Pistorius appals holidayers A group of men in Benidorm, be
Stag party shocks onlookers by dressing up as Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Oscar Pistorius https:…
Im having some champagne with Oscar Pistorius lawyer. Im JC le Roux. You don't have to get it
I absolutely find Amanda Knox to be the same level of guilty as OJ Simpson & Oscar Pistorius.
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