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Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius (born 22 November 1986) is a South African sprint runner. Known as the Blade Runner and the fastest man on no legs , Pistorius, who has a double amputation, is the world record holder in the 100, 200 and 400 metres (sport class T44) events and runs with the aid of Cheetah Flex-Foot carbon fibre transtibial artificial limbs by Ossur.

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“What would you do if this was your girl ? • oscar pistorius
Is judge being lenient on Oscar Pistorius because he is white?
How did Oscar Pistorius' name become a no use hold name in the states??
Oscar Pistorius's lawyers fail to block an appeal by prosecutors against the South African Olympian's acquittal on murder c…
Be great if Oscar Pistorius got released from prison and went on A Question Of Sport and he shot Phil Tufnell and Matt Dawson.
Honestly, Oscar Pistorius had it so good when it came to running. I mean come on, he never had to experience shin-splints or calf cramps.
After 6 and a Half Years at Boots Watford Ive finished my sentence Oscar Pistorius proved you get less time for murder Ill miss you all Bye😀
Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius is a good boy Mrs the Lord send him home this year to his Family!
it's Oscar Pistorius photo bombing he's a right scream
BREAKING NEWS: Oscar Pistorius in imitation sodomy sighting.
do these penalties apply to the Referees as well because the game is as corrupt as the judge in the Oscar Pistorius murder trial
My knees are kak sore! I wish I was Oscar Pistorius. So I wouldn't have knees.
Boy George: The Oscar Pistorius story is a reason not to own a gun
Oscar Pistorius gets 5 years which can be reduced..
Oscar pistorius don't need his no more.
Chase Your Shadow: The Trials of Oscar Pistorius, by John Carlin. The definitive account of the rise and fall of...
Yep, and I need to go and feed my pet lion. Don't believe all you heard at the Oscar Pistorius trial
I will have Oscar Pistorius killed before he takes to the stand. You hear me.
Wonder what Oscar Pistorius is up to.
If she still makes jokes about Oscar Pistorius
The story of Easter is about as believable as Oscar Pistorius but I'll still get full of chocolate!
Oscar pistorius killed his girl friend, he might look like an Angel outside but a monster lives in him
Because Milliband has impressed as much as Oscar Pistorius' gun supplier?
If you don't know Oscar Pistorius he was representing South Africa. This is not a joke, they first swallowed his Legs and after
The enemy was so Jealous of Oscar Pistorius to the point they plonted for his down fall Now that they spend his money
Nick Clegg? I thought that was something you do to Oscar Pistorius to stop him running around!
Not seen this much denial since Oscar Pistorius
Still the best response to the Oscar Pistorius trial
was a batty boy, anyway door locked shame our Oscar Pistorius wasn't on board he'd not have missed
"Day... What not to do at Oscar Pistorius' house...
Oscar Pistorius to be released on medical parole, diagnosed with white privilege.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Oscar embaboaOscar Pistorius? How i Wish my dream could win an Oscar 😐""
Oscar Pistorius notwithstanding, aren't we all on our last legs?
Best African athletes of all time in no order. Dikembe Mutombo. Nelson Mandela(for you Bernier). Steve Nash. Olaf Kolzig. AND NOT Oscar Pistorius
The National Prosecuting Authority has welcomed the North Gauteng High Court's decision to strike Oscar Pistorius' application
Oscar Pistorius fails to stop prosecutors from pursuing murder verdict
S. African court rules appeal against Pistorius can go ahead: Oscar PistoriousA South Africa court dismissed F...
Oscar Pistorius' lawyers fail to stop prosecution's appeal
NPA is happy that Judge Masipa refused to reverse her decision to allow the State to appeal the conviction of Oscar :htt…
Oscar appeal gets green light to seek murder conviction.
Now this is worth reading. A factually-based analysis. Go figure.
WATCH: Oscar has a 'Czech mate' & these comedians think it's pretty funny:
Oscar Pistorius lawyers fail to influence appeal:
South Africa court ruling paves way for prosecution appeal against Oscar murder acquittal
Oscar Pistorius back for murder accountable for
So Oscar Pistorius could be out of jail by the time the State appeals his culpable homicide conviction. The useless ANC never fails the Rich
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I'm all up In the News w/ stories about the Justice Dept., Boko Haram, Bertrand Charest, Oscar Pistorius, + more.
Oscar Pistorius lawyers fail to prevent prosecutors appealing his conviction for ... - Daily Mail
Oscar Pistorius suffers blow in latest bid to block state's murder conviction appeal
“Oscar Pistorius could now be convicted for MURDER 👌😀
Friday poll. Who do you think is the biggest *** . Oscar Pistorius. or. Lance Armstrong. Please enter my poll.
Pistorius' lawyers fail to stop prosecutors' appeal
state's Lawyers for the jailed former athlete Oscar…
Oscar Pistorius's lawyers fail to derail appeal; victim's mom asks, 'How is it going ... - Toronto Star
South Africa court rules appeal against Oscar Pistorius sentence can go ahead -
Oscar Pistorius's challenge against state appeal thrown out
Oscar Pistorius’ lawyers fail in attempt to stop prosecution appeal
Oscar Pistorius' lawyers fail in attempt to stop appeal
Oscar Pistorius could now be convicted for MURDER
JUST IN: Oscar Pistorius loses bid to prevent prosecutors from appealing against his conviction.
BREAKING: Oscar Pistorius could face MURDER charge after fresh court ruling ^DEx
Oscar Pistorius's fail to block appeal by prosecutors against acquittal on murder charges. likely to now be made.
Oscar Pistorius: judge throws out defence application - video
AP_Sports: Oscar Pistorius loses bid to stop prosecution appeal of his slaying conviction
The NPA is pleased at High Court Judge Thokozile Masipa's decision to dismiss an application by Oscar Pistorius's defence tea…
Oscar Pistorius could be out on parole in two months
Oscar Pistorius: judge throws out defence application - video Thokozile Masipa, the judge who cleared the athlete …
Judge Thokozile Masipa has dismissed application by Oscar Pistorius's lawyers seeking leave to appeal
Oscar Pistorius could still face murder charge: Oscar Pistorius's lawyers have failed to block an appeal by pr...
Pistorius Lawyers Fail in Attempt to Stop Appeal: Oscar Pistorius' lawyers failed Friday in their attempt to s...
LIVE: Oscar Pistorius appeal Live coverage of the Oscar Pistorius appeal from the South Gauteng High Court.
Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius: Not a question of fact, but perspective by via
Today's NOOK Daily Find offer is REEVA: the story of Oscar Pistorius’s murdered girlfriend from her mom's perspective
Oscar Pistorius lawyers fight to prevent new murde
AB de Villiers ,Chad Le Clos ,Oscar Pistorius are all heaven sent.
So men think is ok to make jokes using Oscar Pistorius, just don't get it, then lecture me bunch of tossers your code 👎👎
Saw an old xray from oscar pistorius
Follow our Live blog as Oscar Pistorius learns his fate as judge rules on manslaughter charge
Prosecutor, Gerrie Nel, opens his cross-examination of Oscar Pistorius by telling the Olympian to say...
Oscar Pistorius overcame a disability of having no legs and ran in the Olympics. Then he murdered his girlfriend.
Oscar Pistorius to be sentenced Tuesday: Oscar Pistorius to be sentenced Tuesday
movievideo1: Oscar Pistorius in appeal challenge: GOO :...
Oscar Pistorius sentencing to begin The South African athlete Oscar Pistorius will return to court for se,,,
on GOP candidates at "...LIke Oscar Pistorius, none of them are going to be running competitively in 18 months."
Oscar Pistorius lawyers launches another bid to save him: Lawyers for jailed South African Paralympic star Osc...
If Oscar Pistorius gets bail, will they give him an ankle tag?
South African police have installed state of the art technology outside the bail address of Oscar Pistorius to ensure he ...
Oscar Pistorius's lawyers to return to court to fight appeal ruling
Na I actually hope Oscar Pistorius murders you. It's literally purple and black. Die
Next Minister for Women:. Toss up between Oscar Pistorius and OJ Simpson
Oscar Pistorius got 5-10 for killing someone,there are black people that are spending 20years in prison for selling weed Where is justice?
Sturridge and Sterling have been about as useful as Oscar Pistorius' slippers this evening
Could make bets on Georgie being in an abusive relationship one day with the amount she obsesses over oscar Pistorius
STELLENBOSCH, South Africa (AP) — Oscar Pistorius' case will return to court next month after his lawyers said Tuesday they will challenge
"OTHER South African SAVAGES inclde Oscar Pistorius, ,., Henri vanBreda & MANY MORE!" Ooh, did I miss a court case?
Oscar Pistorius's lawyers launch legal bid to prevent prosecutors appealing against his acquittal on murder charges http:/…
Sure, Oscar Pistorius is a murderer, but he can hold his drink. He must have hollow legs.
BBC News - Oscar Pistorius case: Judge's appeal ruling challenged did you miss this??
No. What if he goes all Oscar Pistorius on her? 56. If you saw your friend's partner cheating, would you tell your friend? Why?
NO sponsor will ever touch Oscar Pistorius. He was snubbed by Intl sporting committees/face removed/doctorate stripped. GOOD!
Oscar Pistorius granted bail. We'll see just how fast he can run.
Why Oscar Pistorius is appealing Masipa's decision giving leave to appeal verdict...
Another worthy article, this time by Kate Anderson.
Oscar Pistorius has a bteer defence than arsenal, is one of the best things I've heard all day 😂😂
Oscar Pistorius 'allowed hugs and jewellery in jail'. Were prison bosses right to relax rules? http:/…
because Carl Pistorius is a thug. Period. Yes, the "Titanium Hulk" has a problem with being a wim…
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another case similar to Oscar pistorius case, only this didn't happen on valentines day
Oscar Pistorius: jail privilege upgrade sparks anger from the family of his slain lover Reeva Steenkamp
An advert by Paddy Power, which was based on Oscar Pistorius' murder trial, was last year's most complained about ad.
[CAMPAIGN] Paddy Power's Pistorius ad most-complained about in 2014: Paddy Power's Oscar Pistorius ad was the ...
Oscar Pistorius found GUILTY of Culpable Homicide of Reeva Steenkamp -
George Lebese didn't beat up his girlfriend in the same way that Oscar Pistorius didn't kill Reeva Steenkamp *_*
Oscar Pistorius found not guilty of Reeva Steenkamp murder
Two years today since Oscar Pistorius shot dead gf Reeva Steenkamp. Alan Oliveira wants him to return to the track:
Oscar pistorius knew very well who was behind that Door. He knew he was shooting at Reeva.
Here's the latest in the series of articles written by staunch Oscar supporter Aisling O'Faoilan.
BREAKING NEWS: Oscar Pistorius caught up in unnecessary toast swindle.
Oscar Pistorius got away with murder. .
Roses are red, violets are glorious, don't try to surprise me, Oscar Pistorius...
I am not prejudice at all. I saw Oscar Pistorius was innocent, I am an intelligent woman. Jodi Arias is guilty like no other!
Nope, I am just quicker than mst at seeing the truth of a case. See Oscar Pistorius & Shrien Dewani.
Best part of the first Transformers is when Oscar Pistorius and Megatron have their final battle over the All-spark
The team are dragging out the whodunnit longer than Judge Masipa did for Oscar Pistorius' sentencing.
Roses are red. Violets are glorious. Don't try to surprise. Oscar Pistorius.
76.5 years worse than Oscar Pistorius,seems right.
Then the only hands left for you to shake would be Oscar Pistorius's & Shrien Dewani's! It must be so cool hanging with killers!
So I'm going to send Oscar Pistorius a Valentine's Card to mampoer prison:. . "Hey Oz! You make my Liver Shiver". . (he does, too...)
I think Oscar Pistorius aka BladeRunner or TinkTink has a better future at RB in the than Trent Richardson !
And as for Pistorians & their deluded faith? God, Oscar Pistorius could poop on their plates & they'd get stuck in "OP SteakTartare"
So feel free to me. Fact remains-I'll never let th truth about Oscar Pistorius slide into oblivion. Nasty mind/nasty
This time ofyear? I *WILL* post Oscar Pistorius renowned history of violence/aggression. From shooting a dog to death to gunning down Reeva!
Indeed. But never give up for Reeva. She stood firm for Violence Against Women. Oscar Pistorius renowned for ASSAULTS on women!
Whole world knows that! Was blatantly OBVIOUS, esp as Oscar Pistorius *admitted* he intended to KILL who was behind that Door!
“drop a oscar pistorius bar”Fake Legs but the court room I still run it. They said life I came like Luniz cs "…
Going post Oscar Pistorius as Valentine Day gift in PRISON. Any suggestions as to what I should put in it?
Thank GOD JudgeMasipa saw the err in her judgement yet RULED Oscar Pistorius a Pray the Appeal goes thru!. It's
Oscar Pistorius tortured Reeva! She tried to escape. In his typical RAGE he chased/then gunned her down.
NO Joke-hilarious as I love it to be. Our INMATE, Oscar Pistorius flunked school Grade10!. (then took on a LAWYER?)
Anyone ever play the Oscar Pistorius drinking game? When somebody gets up to go to the bathroom, take two shots.
I added a video to a playlist Jim Jefferies e Oscar Pistorius | SUB ITA
Oscar Pistorius closes his eyes in court during his trial at North Gauteng High Court Pretoria
> Oscar Pistorius trial: Appeal against guilty verdict on
> Oscar Pistorius trial: Call for community service angers prosecutor on
Congratulations Tom. You'll be great, especially after your terrific effort covering the Oscar Pistorius trial
Just lucky I didn't upload that video about Oscar Pistorius...
Oscar Pistorius blocking me from jail bruh. Is mass be narce.
Couldn't help but wish that the person following Katie Hopkins into the house was Oscar Pistorius.
Oscar Pistorius could give them a leg up on other potential candidates but might just be a shot in the dark.
Omg, poor little tink tink is Oscar Pistorius 😦
Talk about life imitating art with that Kingsman/Oscar Pistorius story! Blimey! Great show tonight! Nick Clegg's brave 😂
Apparently Matthew Vaughn contacted Oscar Pistorius' reps to find out if he'd be keen to play a cold blooded killer in Kingsman.
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Oscar Pistorius asked to play a killer in Kingsman. Sort of like when OJ Simpson nearly played the Terminator.
oh my god, that Oscar Pistorius quote has me rocking
Nick Clegg looked more nervous than Oscar Pistorius after going for a *** in the night.
Manchester City are like Oscar Pistorius. Lost both legs, but still managed 4 shots on target.
Oscar Pistorius on trial for murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was said to be drunk. In his defense he said "I was legless"!
that poster looks like oscar pistorius. Gun, gin and two fake legs.
Seen the Oscar nominations. How was Pistorius overlooked for best actor? Disgrace.
A judge in the Oscar Pistorius trial agrees with Pistorius' lawyer that the Olympian looks exhausted and that...
Yes, very likely. Let's pray Oscar Pistorius never steps outside prison until 15 yrs minimum are up!
Oscar Pistorius trial: Murder verdicts ruled out - (via FinaBiz)
so the Ravens, Raiders, *** the Olympic committee aren't as big of organizations 4 not cuttin off Lewis, OJ & Oscar Pistorius?
If you ignore the fact Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend, then he actually is a great man and a sporting inspiration
So angry I might cry. Why DO we value the lives of men more? This, from Sian Norris, is absolutely on point:
Why do we value the lives of men over women?.
OJ Simpson, Oscar Pistorius, Vince Neil, Suge Knight, Phil Spektor... Hang on, Suge is at it again!
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Is that time of the year where you get to tie up your shoes so you can run faster this like Oscar pistorius
Going to be Oscar Pistorius'd in Cheese Room tonight
This just in... escapes from prison...
And he be like "I'll pull a Oscar Pistorius act on your *** kwaaak
During his trial, Oscar Pistorius has appeared somewhat unstable. But a couple of beer mats steadied him...
Oscar Pistorius has now been in jail for 3 months looks at his life inside
How ironic it is that Oscar Pistorius' greatest flaw was not one too few legs but one too many arms?
as much as Oscar Pistorius' next girlfriend misses being able to use the bathroom
" Oscar Pistorius will be allowed to compete at the 2016 Paralympic Games if he is not in jail, the International...
Roses are red, violets are glorious. Don't play hide and seek with Oscar Pistorius.
* Oscar Pistorius trial: Appeal against guilty verdict on
Oscar Pistorius had a better defense than Bafana has atm...
A Sniper is basically someone who kills someone in simple terms... she's just asked me is Oscar Pistorius a sniper 😂😂
Hope he has gotten raped a couple of times now "I wonder How Oscar Pistorius is doing.."
* Oscar Pistorius begins jail sentence for Reeva Steenkamp death on
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What's the difference between South African Soccer national Team and Oscar Pistorius? Oscar Pistorius has a better defence and more shots on target.
Too much passing and not enough shooting. *insert Oscar Pistorius shooting reference here*
When your feet dont work like they used to before. Just cut them off and call yourself Oscar Pistorius junior
it was at the start Max was talking to Earl about something and said Oscar Pistorius had more excuses than that.
Blade runner Oscar Pistorius found guilty of culpable homicide
Maybe Oscar Pistorius stood a better chance if he claimed he was SleepWalking/had no clue what he did & dropped all BS?
Legal experts said it's unlikely wld now b released on house arrest af serving just 10mth of sentence. http:…
down that route finds Oscar Pistorius being found not guilty of murder
"You have more Christmas cards than Oscar Pistorius had excuses" Max is my spirit animal! Love her sass!
Chase Your Shadow by John Carlin: what the trial of Oscar Pistorius meant for ...
general question: did you guys believe oscar pistorius at the VERY beginning? like, when literally the only information was 'oh i thought it
Two of these would be ideal for Oscar Pistorius when he gets out in a couple of years on good behaviour.
In which prison is Oscar Pistorius in again?. Does any one know of his living conditions? Please share!.
Oscar Pistorius to Be Sentenced in Killing of Girlfriend The disabled South African athlete faces possible pu,,,
to say that the adverts on buses for the film Kingsman kind of look like Oscar Pistorius?
Love football on Thursdays but they have me feeling like Oscar Pistorius on weekends, legs are in bits
More chance of Oscar Pistorius being able to swim than T announcing the line up
Oscar Pistorius: the trial of this ...
John Carlin on the &Insane Notion&that Oscar Pistorius Thought Reeva was an Intruder:
considering the bionic leg up front... Late Ms. Oscar Pistorius.. ; )
This will always be too soon... Australian Comedian Jim Jefferies in his live performance Bare on Olympian Oscar Pistorius The Blade Runner
"Look at Oscar Pistorius, back in court this week for sentencing and already victimised. “We are left..."
OK, so MP has nada to do with Oscar Pistorius (a/k/a Blade Runner/Murderer).and I'm being buried with a bell attached. :-)
Is Oscar Pistorius in the frame for best actor?
Is it just me or is Oscar Pistorius way hot all of a sudden?
the full version The Oscar Pistorius Case A Practice in Justice or An Exercise in Prejudice
especially when they live with Oscar Pistorius..
I see the Academy snubbed Oscar Pistorius in the Best Actor category.
Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for Oscar Pistorius... He gets allocated the top bunk.
Paddy Power, which is backing for the FIFA presidency, was offering odds on Oscar Pistorius' murder trial recently
Feel like Oscar Pistorius after that game of footy
Asking those in to demonstrate a talent is like asking Oscar Pistorius to show some restraint around firearms.
gotta assume are stale crusts of bread and ... oh wait you didn't mean what Oscar Pistorius noms on in his prison cell.
Welcome to . The correctional facility cooking show with everyones favourite host, Oscar Pistorius
Oscar Pistorius 2.0"Wisconsin man trying to outrun police surrenders after losing prosthetic leg
The Pistorius name is going viral again. Is he related to the infamous Oscar?
33 Oscar Pistorius articles for you at
oh I thought you were talking about oscar pistorius...never mind
Truth >we saw it with Oscar Pistorius always about colour in this world
A look back at one of the biggest news stories of the year: the Oscar Pistorius trial
One lucky actor or actress will instead win an Oscar Pistorius! . (Hopefully he won't be delivered while they're in the bathroom.)
I'm interested to find out what the police have Oscar Pistorius�s height listed as.
2015-busy for SA's "LITTLE rich-boy MURDERS". Oscar Pistorius Appeal (good),NicoHenning trial in Oct & PeterRoberts LOCKED up in Mauritius!
Thought of this while watching the documentary today
Seen the Oscar nominations. How was Pistorius overlooked or best actor? Disgrace.
Who cares what movies Oscar Pistorius likes anyway?
The Oscar Pistorius sentence: no justice for Reeva by . via
Oscar Pistorius things Beating up an intruder and later realizing it was ur girlfriend but she removed her make up""
No bigger Oscar "snub" than Oscar Pistorius' acquittal on those murder charges. Am I right, guys?.
I hear Celtic are changing their name to oscar pistorius; lost both legs and had 4 shots on target but still got away with murder
Oscar Pistorius trial was most publicized African story of 2014 - there are far more important things demanding attention
It is unfortunate that the greatest story on Africa last year in the US was trial of Oscar Pistorius
"Biggest story on in US in 2014 is Oscar Pistorius trial" We need better media advocates.
"Get me 6 seals. Oscar Pistorius is gonna pay for snubbing the Lego movie.". "Joe. It's Seal-No you know what? Fine."
Should Oscar Pistorius be allowed to compete at the Rio 2016
Oscar Nominations 2015: Best Actor - Oscar Pistorius & Shrien Dewani go head to head.
Carl Pistorius is facing reckless and negligent driving charges as a result of the head-on collision he went through in August 2014. The Telegraph reported that the Pistorius family maintained that the accident had been caused by the other motorist. The older Pistorius sibling had been driving home from a meeting when a Hyundai reportedly changed lanes causing him to crash into Carl's Toyota Corolla. The incident left him with serious organ damage and a stint in Intensive Care Unit. Despite his condition, he still offered his younger brother moral support by showing up at the courtroom with both legs in braces, as seen in previous Oscar Pistorius trial updates. Despite the family's claim of innocence, Carl Pistorius will be facing charges instead of the other driver. The New York Daily News reported that he "failed to co-operate" with the investigation thus resulting in the filing of charges against him. Spokesperson Colonel Ronel Otto reportedly told Reuters that the Blade Runner's older brother was char ...
Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide Oscar Pistorius is found guilty of culpable homicide over the killing of...
Oscar Pistorius sentenced to five years in prison for culpable homicide of his girlfriend,
Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 5 years for culpable homicide - but he could be out in 10 months
Oscar Pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide 300 days of Community service, and numerous variable,,,
Please put in with Mike Tyson, Chris Brown, Oscar Pistorius, and OJ Simpson. You see where I'm going with this.
Katie Price "would love to do something like Louis Theroux Meets..." Oscar Pistorius. Not sure how would feel about the switch
'The “ruined lives” of Oscar Pistorius and Ched Evans: why do men matter more than women?'
Every now and then during his blockbuster murder trial, Oscar Pistorius could be seen deep in conversation with a pony-tailed , 43-year-old courtroom sketch artist called Jaco van Vuuren. Was the disgraced athlete discussing his defence strategy, his deepest fears, his possible fate? “Me and him being bachelors, I tried to talk about women, if there’s any hot media girls, that type of thing,” Van Vuuren recalls, laughing. “Also his knowledge about athletics was still brilliant. He knew about times run yesterday in a competition in America and everything of that sort. So we spoke mainly about athletics.” Sitting at a fish restaurant in one of Pretoria’s roadside strip malls, he can now draw breath and reflect on the televised courtroom epic that dominated 2014 on his sketch pad and on screens around the world. He played a double role, as an athletics coach who has known Pistorius since he was 16 and as the only court artist charged with capturing his tearful, visceral dismantling. The Paralympi ...
A 2014 must-read: Why the Oscar Pistorius saga is the 'trial of the century'
wow another Oscar Pistorius joke lol
Valentine's Day 2013 for me, same day as Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend 😳
BBC News looks at key events in the life of Olympic and Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius - in 60 seconds.
I dunno Delph is better than Gerrard Stephen Hawkins & Oscar pistorius would be better than Henderson & Ballotelli
I feel sorry for the inmate who is going to use the toilet on Valentines especially with Oscar Pistorius still around
Oscar Pistorius: shooting to kill via
2014 South African Person of the Year: 2nd Runners-up, Oscar Pistorius and Shrien Dewani
.I had a dream last night that Oscar Pistorius was an driver and you were trolling him so you could play your
Good to see Oscar Pistorius will be out in time for the next Olympics. What an absolute joke. Must serve atleast 1/6th of a …
Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp’s relationship was far from ‘normal’ | Hadley Freeman
he's had more trial days than Oscar Pistorius
Mum just described the puppy as a 'right Oscar Pistorius'. ?
Meanwhile, Oscar Pistorius is still behind bars
Trying to write my personal statement in the library. Robert Cover, gender-neutral marriage and Oscar Pistorius have already been mentioned.
28 Oscar Pistorius articles for you at via
Millions of people tuned into the Oscar Pistorius trial, imagine how many would watch *** Cheney's trial... that's what I …
Abortion rights in Northern Ireland, gendered austerity and Oscar Pistorius- 's best articles of 2014
33 Oscar Pistorius articles for you at via
Oscar Pistorius having a tag and being under house arrest is pointless tbh, cause I swear he can just take off his leg…
What do these three people have in common?. * Mike Tyson . * O.J. Simpson . * Oscar Pistorius . I'll tell you.
Well done to Oscar Pistorius for being named The Times Boyfriend of the Year
latest 1,When being treated the same does not equate to being treated equally. The Oscar Pistorius Case.
But let's remember, as his rape victim is hounded, the most important thing is whether Evans gets his old job back. http…
It's 7:40 and yol are already on a mukuwa tip abt Oscar Pistorius
Some of the biggest news of 2014: What Happened the Night Oscar Pistorius Shot Reeva Steenkamp? - ETP Magazine
Indeed! Agree. Oscar Pistorius is a "walking temper" His rage should been dealt with at beginning. Not at The End!
No be for where Oscar Pistorius dey "The best decisions are the difficult ones"
Oscar Pistorius: Trial continues: Olympic and Paralympic track star Oscar Pistorius attends his trial at the N...
Watching this BBC documentary on Oscar Pistorius. His training partner was called "Talkmore". Black southern Africans and their names man.
Video | South Africa's icon, Oscar Pistorius story stole much of the limelight in 2014
A South African judge rules that prosecutors can appeal against the acquittal on murder charges of Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius.
Gerrie Nel and the way he hounds Oscar Pistorius, makes me think of the Inquisition. The Prosecutor is a merciless scavenger.
South African Google searches in 2014: Senzo Meyiwa, Oscar Pistorius and Ebola were were the search queries...
Senzo Meyiwa, Oscar Pistorius and Kelly Khumalo were the biggest Google trends in South Africa in 2014
What S Africans searched for in 2014: Senzo Meyiwa, Oscar Pistorius and Ebola topped the list of top trending ...
Slain Bafana. Bafana captain Senzo. Meyiwa, Ebola, Robin. Williams and Oscar Pistorius. topped the list of trending. search terms on Google.
June Steenkamp talks to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour about the loss of her daughter Reeva and the Oscar Pistorius trial.
American expat Patrick McGroarty was covering the Oscar Pistorius trial in Pretoria when his home in Johannesb...
South African prosecutors win bid to seek murder conviction against Pistorius South African prosecutors have won their bid to appeal the culpable homicide verdict handed down to athlete Oscar Pistorius for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and will now seek a murder conviction.
A judge has ruled that prosecutors can appeal the acquittal on murder charges of Oscar Pistorius, who was convicted of culpable homicide in the death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp
Oscar Pistorius case: Judge Masipa allows appeal - BBC News
[ON AIR] Liela Magnus: Judge Masipa has granted the state leave to appeal Oscar Pistorius's murder acquittal.
Prosecutors allowed to appeal Oscar Pistorius' acquittal on murder charges for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
Oscar Pistorius should never have killed Reeva Steenkamp. Now, again, justice is possible.
Prosecutors will appeal the sentencing of Oscar Pistorius for the killing of Reeva Steenkamp.
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