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Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius (born 22 November 1986) is a South African sprint runner. Known as the Blade Runner and the fastest man on no legs , Pistorius, who has a double amputation, is the world record holder in the 100, 200 and 400 metres (sport class T44) events and runs with the aid of Cheetah Flex-Foot carbon fibre transtibial artificial limbs by Ossur.

North Gauteng High Court South African Adam Johnson Reeva Steenkamp Barry Steenkamp South Africa

MyZA: Let us show the world what Oscar Pistorius did – Nel Prosecutor Gerrie Nel says he
Barry Steenkamp breaks down in tears as he takes to the stand at Oscar Pistorius hearing
South Africa is divided over graphic photos of Oscar Pistorius's dead girlfriend
Barry Steenkamp says his daughter "must've been in so much fear and pain" when she was murdered by Oscar Pistorius.
Oscar Pistorius' brother tells Barry Steenkamp's testimony was devastating - but my brother is no murderer https…
Oscar Pistorius has taken off his prosthetic legs to show the judge he was too vulnerable to murder his girlfriend.
The Oscar Pistorius trial was strange and heartbreaking for survivors of domestic abuse
Oscar Pistorius Knows a farty ride that rolls bucks
Can we talk about how Oscar Pistorius's legs look like they are uncircumcised?
Pistorius removes prosthetic legs in court
Oscar didn't pay with his life, Mr Defense Lawyer. did. Justice needs to be seen to be done.
Oscar Pistorius will be sentenced on July 6: judge
BREAKING: Judge says she will announce Oscar Pistorius' sentence for girlfriend's murder on July 6.
Invest your money in low cost index funds visit: Oscar Pistorius removes pr...
Latest google trend. Alexander Hamilton, Oscar Pistorius, Oakland, Alligator, ...: Alexander H... ...more to come
Oscar Pistorius walks on stumps in court in plea for leniency
Oscar Pistorius walks on stumps in court to avoid jail -
Oscar Pistorius removed his prosthetics as his lawyers pleaded for a lighter sentence
Oscar Pistorius hobbles without prosthetics in plea for a lesser sentence
Oscar Pistorius 'a broken man' who should not be jailed: psychologist
14th February 2013: Paralympic gold medalist Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his wife Reeva Steenkamp at their home. ht…
LOVE comments. NOone buys BS. Good-world sees his horror (prev slammed before Reeva's fam in court). .
Oscar Pistorius walks without prostheses, cries in court
BRAVE courageous of Reeva's family!. to face damage in court. Why must ONLY they be tortured?.
Oscar Pistorius: "I want equality on the track, I want to run with the able-bodied!". "You're going to jail!". Oscar: "I…
Oscar Pistorius 'Stumps' Around in Court, Looking for Leniency--Judge Replies by Releasing Photos of Dead
Oscar Pistorius sits down for first TV interview since Reeva’s death. via
6-time Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius faces a 15-year jail term, as a judge decided he will be sentenced for...
Oscar Pistorius has spent his life proving his brain isn't impaired. Even if he had no legs, shows his intent to shoot to kill. Gaol him100%
Oscar Pistorius Does a farty gangsta that rolls farts
Can someone please nominate Oscar Pistorius for an Oscar.
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'Vulnerable' Pistorius walks on stumps in court Via
Oscar Pistorius asked to walk without prosthetic legs in court
Every time one of those pictures of Oscar Pistorius comes on my TL this is all I can see
Oscar Pistorius walks on stumps in court - Irish Examiner: Irish ExaminerOscar Pistorius walks o...
Oscar Pistorius removes prosthetic legs to walk at sentencing hearing – 
Watching news about Oscar Pistorius & listening to music. [Queue gentle guitar riff and Nancy Sinatra]. "I was 5 and he was 6...". *Facepalm*
Oscar Pistorius sentencing will take place on 6 July. Same day as Iraq Inquiry published. BOOK LEAVE NOW
Barry Roux asked Oscar Pistorius to take off his blades in the North Gauteng High Court to prove his vulnerability:
The state is expected to call a final witness in Oscar Pistorius's sentencing hearing at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria today.
Oscar Pistorius: Sentencing hearing due in murder case: A sentencing hearing for South African athlete Oscar…
A glance at Oscar Pistorius's re-sentencing, now for murder: SOMERSET WEST, South Africa (AP) " Oscar Pistori...
It's going to be a bitter sweet turn of justice for Oscar Pistorius, when he'll be sentence by judge Masipa. Wonder what will she say!
A South African court confirmed Monday to former Olympic star Oscar Pistorius that he would…
Sentencing for disgraced Olympian, Oscar Pistorius, delayed until June. Faces minimum 15yrs for murder of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
Oscar Pistorius to be sentenced in June: The former Paralympian made a brief appearance in the North Gauteng High…
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Oscar Pistorius is expected to appear before the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria for the postponement of...
Oscar Pistorius' sentencing proceeding will start from June 13-17 at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria
Oscar Pistorius will appear in the North Gauteng High Court today for the postponement of sentencing hearing
Oscar Pistorius will appear at North Gauteng High Court tomorrow & the case will be adjourned for sentencing proceedin…
Was Lonmin's bank account closed after Marikana massacre or Oscar Pistorius's?
I'm sure Oscar Pistorius also acted in good faith…
His story is about as real as his legs pistorius
doesn't really surprise me. Oscar Pistorius was only found guilty of manslaughter when in my opinion and most others it was murder
Did Oscar Pistorius have a right to shoot his gf if he thought she was an intruder as his defense claimed?
look mate. Oscar Pistorius popped his gyal. Tiger Woods popped half of America. No heroes are perfect.
I think Oscar Pistorius has that problem
Oscar Pistorius's legs are Longer then that fight. .
Newcastle have a worse defence than Oscar Pistorius' legal team.
and I can't take you seriously at all Ms "I believe & support Oscar Pistorius" just keep quiet
Oscar Pistorius has said he was a pup was a waste of time due to lack of power
where is oscar pistorius I miss him man
Me: "I watched Blade Runner last night". Mom: "Oh is that a movie about Oscar Pistorius?"
Why was Oscar Pistorius trial longer than his sentence?
The Oscar Pistorius of football except they'd shoot their own blades off and not their woman
apologize, the same as Zuma. Maybe januz waluz, Oscar Pistorius should also apologize
how much did Oscar Pistorius paid you?
"The televising of the Oscar Pistorius trial turned coverage of the case into something very like a major...
Expert witness tells Oscar Pistorius trial: ‘We will never know what happened behind that door’ | via
Oscar Pistorius crosses a ball better than Everton.
Pistorius: Defence expert accused of adapting evidence …
Pistorius: Defence expert accused of adapting evidence
"you can judge a man by the quality of his enemies" - Oscar Pistorius
South African prisoners, unemployed political party, is heading to PTA high Court to support, Oscar pistorius on the 18th of April.
“You are not by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have.” – Oscar Pistorius
rumour has it Oscar Pistorius is in the house!!
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can we have your Oscar Pistorius skit
Live broacast of trial of Oscar Pistorius akin to coverage of football match with pundits and partisan viewers - John Carlin
Really fascinating talk by about Oscar Pistorius at conference.
John Carlin speaking about the trial of Oscar Pistorius
: we cherry pick evidence to suit our prejudices and this is what happened in Oscar Pistorius
Incredible Oscar Pistorius story - you could never write a book of fiction like that
Very much looking forward to talk about Trials of Oscar Pistorius and media coverage of trials.
Oscar Pistorius was arguing in good faith in shooting an intruder, but illegality of his actions got him in hot water.
Asking Ally McCoist back to celebrate a title party would be like asking Oscar Pistorius to sleep in your bed for a night!
Oscar pistorius should replace Shakes Mashaba so that he can teach the Bafana Bafana strikers how to shoot 🔫 on target 🎯
ANC wants us to accept zuma's apology. Will they accept Janus Waluz or Oscar Pistorius apology? Aren't we using the same LAW?…
oh I see they moved from covering Oscar Pistorius
They struggled to figure out Oscar Pistorius' password. Btw
Oscar Pistorius. The reality of home invasions. via
When your Vice-Chancellor is related to Oscar Pistorius and your Deputy Vice-Chancellor looks like President Snow
Northern carpenter joins an American car and a baby goose in Oscar Pistorius the Movie 2. Yup. That's right.
Wayne Mardle telling you how to throw darts is like Oscar Pistorius telling you how to treat your missus!
Oscar Pistorius gets 5 years for murdering his girlfriend and Adam Johnson gets 6 years for fingering a 15 year old,aye mak…
I don't knw wats so funny abt the Oscar Pistorius Story...its a serious up world we live in
South Africa's Supreme Court convicts of murder for the killing of his girlfriend.
Oscar Pistorius In Court Day 4:Judge will decide today Olympic hero go in Jail or release / South Africa News
hire UK spin doctors who represent clients like Oscar Pistorius; the Pinochet Foundation; arms conglomerate BAE Systems. Lovely
Bad jokes I've seen on Reddit:. "Oscar Pistorius wanted a new bathroom door, but his girlfriend was dead against it."
VIDEO: Judge grants Oscar Pistorius bail "Paris is in Germany"
Oscar Pistorius found guilty of murder by SA Supreme court
Oscar Pistorius: Relief and tears after murder conviction "Paris is in Germany"
Assuming that horse racing is a civilized world., the following statement is true. Oscar Pistorius will agree.
Why do we start Fellaini he's useless, might as well put Oscar Pistorius there! At least Pistorius would take a shot
Paul Whelan: The Oscar Pistorius appeal: justice, the law and mercy via
"Trump is the Oscar Pistorius of elections. He's still running despite obvious handicaps.".
Reeva Steenkamp Murder Trial in South Africa:Oscar Pistorius should be investigated in Psychiatry / Breaking News
South Africa's Constitutional Court has refused Oscar Pistorius' application to appeal his conviction for the 2013 murder o…
.Oscar Pistorius, that was the magic word...
turnout to be Oscar Pistorius of politics Cut his legs off but he ll keep running fasta than he did wit his legs😂
may we all vomit less than Oscar Pistorius at his trial and may all our bosses believe when we call in sick tomorrow
So Oscar Pistorius blows chunks and it's headline news but when I do everyone's all like "FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T YOU THINK YO…
a few years ago people suggested that bars should come up with a Shooter called Oscar Pistorius, I'm sure it's there now.
Legal Update:. Oscar Pistorius to be sentenced in April 2016.
Dear Eddie. You are interested in justice. PLZ read this! & sign this petition
Olympian Oscar Pistorius charged with conspiracy, fraud for breach via
Would go as far as to say he is the Oscar Pistorius of the Chessmaster theory.
Oscar Pistorius would be better than Walcott, he's faster, stronger, and has a better shot than Walcott
When people hear im from RSA they think 3 things: Jungle, Apartheid and Oscar Pistorius. This makes sad
I kind of lost track of Oscar Pistorius. Is he like running for the Aryan Brotherhood in the annual South African prison games now or what?
The next step now is to present the arguments about the length of Oscar Pistorius' sentence. Which should just be 5yrs
Oscar Pistorius has been denied the right to appeal his murder conviction
Adam Johnson likely to get 5-10 years for fingering a 15 year old but Oscar Pistorius served under a year for murdering …
Oscar Pistorius murdered his wife and got 9 months... Adam Johnson's looking at 5-10 years for fingering a bird 😂
If you're a South African batsman, running out AB de Villiers should be punishable by house-sharing with Oscar Pistorius.
Pistorius released on house arrest: South African Olympic and Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius is released o..
The same John Cleese who apologised 2 years ago for a joke about Oscar Pistorius. Another 'Stephen Fry' hypocrite.
i hate Valentines so much... call me Oscar Pistorius
"You're not disabled by the disabilities u have, u are able by the abilities u have." Oscar Pistorius
So NPA are you applying the same acidic vigour with Det.Botha as you have on & how's that going? https:…
Read this comment, and sign the petition. I'm signing this petition because Oscar Pistorius is not ...
Kaizer Chiefs should just sign Oscar Pistorius, They need someone who is not afraid to shoot.
If Oscar Pistorius was a black athlete released into his uncles care, he wud go to Alex not Sandton.Riches are limited to 1 per black family
Out of the tens of thousands of prosthetic legs they've made, there's never...
Not recognizing race is like putting Oscar Pistorius and Usain Bolt in a race and saying they are both runners.
Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 5 years in prison for murderering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp
They're taking more shots than Oscar Pistorius.
And Oscar Pistorius, he did that one Terrifically Fantastic thing and he could run real fast w/o legs too.
Beating Oscar Pistorius in a 400 is no feet.
I always think of Oscar Pistorius when I see him
40 years has not taught you much if your Oscar Pistorius obsession is anything to go by.
Oscar Pistorius jailed for 5 years for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp
Jacqueline Rose's piece on the trial of Oscar Pistorius in the LRB is absolutely great, everyone should read it
Oscar Pistorius to appeal murder conviction
Van Gaal is about as popular as a sleepover at Oscar Pistorius' house
When Oscar Pistorius said he wanted to be just like able bodied athletes, who knew he meant OJ?
Oscar Pistorius found guilty of murder now. No more putting his feet up at home... Actually...😳😂
Read this comment, and sign the petition. Oscar Pistorius was treated unfairly since the first mome... via
Oscar Pistorius: Are the actions of the SCA effectively legalising Disability Discrimination. via
Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has been found guilty of murder. (video)
Relationship Status: is Oscar Pistorius out of jail yet?
Have you signed our petition for Here is the LINK >>>
I would to see a tell-all book from Heyneke Meyer.. But a honest one.. Second choice - Oscar Pistorius..
Apparently Oscar Pistorius was considered for the role of Gazelle. There's actually a scene where Gazelle shoots someone through a door...
Guys sympathizing with Waiguru are the same that believed Oscar Pistorius was shooting a burglar in his bathroom
The house of Oscar Pistorius' uncle where he will live -
Ironic viewpoint given your glad handing with many who are calling for necklacing and rape of Oscar Pistorius.
Court decision that could send Oscar Pistorius back to jail will be announced on Thursday.
I'm glad you like my article. There is so much injustice in this case. This is other one keep well
"fell prey to fantasies of omnipotence in which we all collude": Remarkable writing by Jacqueline Rose htt…
Two men apologize after posting party video of Oscar Pistorius home
Oscar Pistorius: justice, the law and mercy
I'm gonna name my kid after the hall of fame athletes Oscar Robertson, Oscar de la Hoya, and Oscar Pistorius. "wait what was that last one"
Yes sir! I believe the last time I discusses international law on LABO was the Oscar Pistorius case.
Correction: South African court still delivering judgement in appeal on Oscar Pistorius manslaughter conviction
On house arrest me swear down, feel like Oscar Pistorius
If Oscar Pistorius had killed an intruder would he still be convicted of murder?
From boundary disputes to the case of Oscar Pistorius, lawyers love quoting Shakespeare
is it just me or does this guy not look like Oscar Pistorius?
June Steenkamp forgives Oscar Pistorius now that she has
The great Theodore Dalrymple on the Oscar Pistorius case:
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