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Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius (born 22 November 1986) is a South African sprint runner. Known as the Blade Runner and the fastest man on no legs , Pistorius, who has a double amputation, is the world record holder in the 100, 200 and 400 metres (sport class T44) events and runs with the aid of Cheetah Flex-Foot carbon fibre transtibial artificial limbs by Ossur.

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supporting agenda is up there w/Lance Armstrong, OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby, Oscar Pistorius, & MLB steroids
It's like Prosecutors with Oscar Pistorius initially went for murder, but that didn't mean they couldn…
Here's a bit of creative writing for tonight's "Oscar Pistorius was caught with marijuana in Fran…
Olivia deserves a boyfriend like oj Simpson or oscar pistorius
Did Oscar Pistorius lie to save his life ? | News24
Lmao .. This *** is crazy !! He deserves an SA Oscar Pistorius shame
Oscar Pistorius is still in jail vele, inoba he's broke now
Even the trained misinterpret the law. Remember Oscar Pistorius case?
If he is? Let it be directly into a CAGE with Oscar Pistorius ~ TWO murderring SPORT heroes who slaughtered…
Oscar Pistorius involved in shooting incident - does he have a leg to stand on?
Did I do it? Thats q secret I'll never tell, XOXO Oscar Pistorius.
Fake news says Oscar Pistorius committed suicide via
All the Aussies in the TL complaining about US policing. What we have here is an Oscar Pistorius issue. Period.
when Oscar Pistorius was shouting at the intruder/s to get out, why didn't Reeva respond that it was her in the…
Oscar Pistorius murder trial: Live coverage as judge Thokozile Masipa delivers her verdict via
Oscar Pistorius granted bail in South African court.
I've had a better one than that for years. What's got six arms, three legs and two hearts? . Oscar P…
Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend on Valentine's Day!
Sept 2017, another effort to expose willfully blind protection of
Did Oscar Pistorius lie to save his life ?
Did Oscar Pistorius lie to save his life ? (via )
Pistorius expecting house arrest in 10 months? I guess it's time to install this
Can't wait till they make a film on oscar pistorius in 10 years time
BREAKING NEWS: Oscar Pistorius has been granted bail by a South African court.
Maybe next week you can invite OJ Simpson and Oscar Pistorius too
It's tricky, b/c Mike Tyson, Oscar Pistorius or OJ Simpson should've been allowed to continue with their sport upon…
They coulda at least thrown in a couple of *** & maybe a guy sprinting up the beach with Oscar Pistorius legs on
Yet Oscar Pistorius got 6yrs for killing a person but what do I know 😕
Director of public prosecutions South Africa to appeal 6-year-sentence (seeking 15) in Sept. 2017. ht…
why burning the media? We deserve to know why ladies are being killed in SA!sicela le case ifane ne Oscar Pistorius.
Why are dey denying us dis case dey wer quick to show us Oscar Pistorius's case
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I hope Oscar Pistorius pays him a midnight visit.
I used to think so too. However, Oscar Pistorius' case proved once and for all that the justice sys…
Dear . Remember how you dedicated an entire channel to the Oscar Pistorius Trial? . Pls do the same on . Tha…
is only case that allowed such gross abuse of procedural power at all levels inc SCA n ConCourt
Jailed Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius has trademarked his name
Chris Brown is one more girlfriend away from being Oscar Pistorius
Nope they mad cause Oscar Pistorius got 5 years cause he's white. They'll…
Oscar Pistorius serves only 6 years for murder as another man serves 77 for rhino theft
Remy giving English lessons is tantamount to Oscar Pistorius giving pedicure tips.
We went from a signature away to signing Van Dijk to being linked to oscar pistorius . I'm not even surprised
Feature Films - Edge of the Blade: The Oscar Pistorius Story' 3 roles
Reminds me of the Oscar Pistorius case in South Africa
Can the makers of the state vs OJ...make the state vs MJ and the state vs Oscar pistorius .thanks 😁
"I’ve seen create entitlement and arrogance..."
Oscar Pistorius must slaughter a goat in high court and apologize to the ancestors for getting away with murder and…
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Y'all want black murderers to be prosecuted, but as soon as the law does that you start comparing them to Oscar Pistorius.
. Does anybody know how is Oscar Pistorius going on in his situation ?I'm praying hope and love for Oscar and…
Oscar Pistorius is having a better three weeks then Diane Abbott
Hmm, wonder how honest they'll be... Casting for movie based on life of shooting in Atlanta
After having not been found in Pretoria East,Oscar Pistorius' intruder/s moved to the Western Cape and went to the Van Breda'…
If Prosecutor Gerrie Nel was good, Oscar Pistorius wouldn't have been coming out & going in prison like it's a public toile…
Learn more about the 'bulldog' who prosecuted Oscar Pistorius... chats to Adv. Gerrie Nel -
Nel was the chief prosecutor in the State’s murder case against former Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius.
Brits dressed as Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Oscar Pistorius appals holidayers A group of men in Benidorm, be
Stag party shocks onlookers by dressing up as Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Oscar Pistorius https:…
Im having some champagne with Oscar Pistorius lawyer. Im JC le Roux. You don't have to get it
I absolutely find Amanda Knox to be the same level of guilty as OJ Simpson & Oscar Pistorius.
OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony and Oscar Pistorius were also acquitted of murder.
'Ere we go again, Gary Player, Miriam Makeba, Oscar Pistorius, Nelson Mandela, Sid James, Charlize Theron, your boys etc.
Just remembered that Oscar Pistorius got time off to bury his grandmother while King Dalindyebo was denied time off to bury…
I wonder if any couple has gone to a party as Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp
Gerrie Nel has lost two similar BIG cases Nico Henning & Oscar Pistorius! Who would agree be represented by him
Oscar Pistorius conviction in death of Reeva Steenkamp upgraded to murder
Oscar Pistorius' appeal for murdering Reeva Steenkamp is REJECTED
The gospel according to Oscar Pistorius in Reeva Steenkamp’s death - Follow us for more news.
Oscar Pistorius' six-year sentence for Reeva Steenkamp murder could be increased. :)xxx
South Africa to appeal Oscar Pistorius murder sentence again - India Today -
via Oscar Pistorius has meltdown on Reeva Steenkamp's birthday
South African state prosecutors fail in bid to appeal Oscar Pistorius' murder sentence
Oscar Pistorius sentence extension appeal is dismissed by South African judge 🔓
Oscar Pistorius ‘rushed to hospital after suffering injuries in South African jail’
"Oscar Pistorius treated for wrist injuries suffered in prison"
"Oscar Pistorius treated in hospital after 'slipping in cell'"
Former Olympian Oscar Pistorius hospitalized after fall in prison
Oscar Pistorius must appear in court as soon as possible for murder sentence
Oscar Pistorius treated in hospital 'after fall in prison'
Oscar Pistorius granted bail ahead of sentencing for murder of...
Oscar Pistorius treated at South African hospital; back to jail via
Update - Oscar Pistorius' brother says the runner "slipped in his cell" and reports he tried to injure himself are "untru…
⚡️ "Oscar Pistorius taken to hospital with 'wrist injuries'".
Lots of trolls at hash tag Oscar Pistorius today. I've blocked of them enough to build a whole new prison lol
Oscar Pistorius treated for wrist injuries in jail -- denies rumors of a suicide attempt:
Oscar Pistorius 'rushed to hospital after suffering injuries in South African jail'
Oscar Pistorius reportedly rushed to hospital with cuts to his wrists
Oscar Pistorius treated in hospital after "slipping in cell".
'He slipped, that's all': Oscar's family reacts: Oscar Pistorius' family confirmed he is in hospital, but ins...
Oscar Pistorius rushed to hospital with wrist injuries (Bang Showbiz) :Auto pickup by wikyou
Oscar Pistorius denies suicide attempt after cuts to wrists
Oscar Pistorius granted bail pending sentencing for his murder...
Oscar Pistorius: Paralympic gold medallist studying for law degree
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Reminder: Oscar Pistorius is not the victim.
His team says he fell out of bed, his brother (obviously realising how ridiculous that sounds) says he slipped,...
16 year old shot in east London-insignificant as far as news channels concerned. Oscar Pistorius hurts his wrist-sensation.
ANCWL have no idea what to do with themselves when Oscar Pistorius is not in court.
Oscar Pistorius case: Supreme Court finds trial judge made 'errors in law
Oscar Pistorius found guilty of murder
Oscar Pistorius denies suicide attempt after wrist injury
Top story: Oscar Pistorius treated in hospital for wrist injuries - BBC News see more
Were Oscar Pistorius injuries due to a suicide attempt?
Oscar Pistorius was treated for minor wrist injuries he got while in prison, an official says.
Jailed South African athlete Oscar Pistorius treated in hospital, with one report saying he had injuries to wrists https:/…
What the Oscar Pistorius trials tell us about racism in SA's judiciary
Oscar Pistorius was treated for minor wrist injuries at a hospital and denied that he attempted suicide
England winning the Test Match, Pogba taking a medical at Old Trafford, Oscar Pistorius attempts suicide. Good day all round!
Honestly hope Universal Studios goes full on Alton Towers and Pogba is left like Oscar Pistorius later today. The ***
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