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Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius (born 22 November 1986) is a South African sprint runner. Known as the Blade Runner and the fastest man on no legs , Pistorius, who has a double amputation, is the world record holder in the 100, 200 and 400 metres (sport class T44) events and runs with the aid of Cheetah Flex-Foot carbon fibre transtibial artificial limbs by Ossur.

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Q4. Oscar Pistorius who was sentenced to five years in prison on 21 Oct 2014 for the killing of his girlfriend last year is the paralympian star sprinter from which country? (A) South Africa (B) Russia (C) France (D) Germany
Can we get Jodi Arias and Oscar Pistorius to share a cell? Conjugular visits, anyone?
Oscar Pistorius gets five years for killing Reeva Steenkamp *
JAIL NO GOOD O.Oscar Pistorius' jaile: Rife with AIDS, gangsters, stabbings and gang rape, Oscar Pistorius’s brutal new home - Kgosi Mampuru II prison – Indeed, the jail, where the pampered athlete is today beginning a five-year sentence for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, , is one of the most feared in South Africa. The concrete fortress in Pretoria, which became notorious as the main hanging site during the Apartheid era, houses 7,000 of the country’s most violent criminals. The vast majority of inmates are black and from impoverished backgrounds – and, unlike Pistorius, who relies on two prosthetic legs, very few are disabled. So, what exactly can Pistorius, a rich white man who became one of the wealthiest sports stars on earth following a privileged childhood, expect? MONEY TALKS: However, report says he is to be held in a specially prepared part of securely-guarded prison section with only six cells. If so, his only neighbour would be Czech fugitive Radovan Krejčíř.
My letter published in today's London Evening Standard... 'Yesterday in South Africa a man was sentenced by a Judge to serve a sentence that is predicted to amount to around 10 months in prison followed by Community Service. Was his crime a minor burglary or persistent shop-lifting? Nope. He killed a woman. Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead by her boyfriend Oscar Pistorius on Valentine's Day in 2013. Statistically speaking, Steenkamp was one of three women killed by an intimate partner on Valentine's Day in the country. According to a report (by Lydia Smith , International Business Times Sept 11 2014) the day after Reeva Steenkamp was killed, she was due to wear black in a "Black Friday" protest against South Africa's high number of rapes. The event was spurred by the gang rape and murder of a 17-year-old girl, who managed to identify her attacker, her ex-boyfriend, shortly before she died. In South Africa, a woman is killed by domestic violence on average every eight hours. The rate of women killed in South ...
There have been many appalling aspects to this Reeva Steenkamp/Oscar Pistorius tragedy... ...The fact that beauty is the antithesis of death; that a violent death is incomprehensible to normal, sensate people; that no amount of justice, or sorrow, or remorse, can rever...
PRETORIA, South Africa - Oscar Pistorius was sentenced Tuesday to five years in prison for killing Reeva Steenkamp by a South African judge who cited the "gross negligence" the runner showed when he shot his girlfriend multiple times through a toilet cubicle door in his home.
The parents of Reeva Steenkamp have told how they do not believe Oscar Pistorius's account of the night he shot their daughter dead but accept the judge's decision to clear him of her murder.
BREAKING NEWS!!! Olympian and great man Oscar Pistorius is sentenced to 5 years in prison as a result of brutally murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. I can sleep well at night knowing that a murdered is walking free at night.
While I'm on the media naming and shaming bandwagon today, I hope that Masipa and her assessors take a day to review the appallingly misleading and out-and-out false reporting of the Oscar Pistorius case from start to (please!) finish. Since it's what created the societal need for retribution in lieu of ubuntu and fed the misconception that Oscar murdered Reeva and knew she was behind the door, it's worth taking time before she ever again publicly embraces public opinion as a determinant. Or praises Gerrie Nel. Or absolves the NPA and SAPS and the media.
He is an amazing Prosecutor and did a wonderful job with Oscar Pistorius, he saw right thru him from day one and gave him exactly what he deserved. Unfortunately in my opinion the Justice system failed him. He is just man and is quite prepared to put the blame where it belongs, he is strong and believes in what he is doing. Just a great pity Oscar did not get what he deserves. ( and that was not due to the lack of trying. If it was me I would appeal the sentence, but then it won't help because all the relevant people have already been paid off. Put the Justice back into this society Gerry!!! they need people like you.
Oscar Pistorius gets 5 years but life w/o parole isn't good enough for Jodi Arias. Mind boggling.
So which is more outrageous today. Jodi Arias claiming mental illness as a mitigating factor OR Oscar Pistorius getting 5 years but arguing the prison is unsavory?
Oscar Pistorius Taken to Prison - Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius escorted by police at the Pretoria High Court...
Oscar Pistorius gets 5 years in prison for killing girlfriend: PRETORIA, South Africa >> Oscar Pistorius was taken…
Oscar Pistorius's uncle Arnold Pistorius (C) and aunt Lois Pistorius (L) arrive at the North Gauteng High Court...
What will life be like for Oscar Pistorius in Pretoria’s brutal Kgosi Mampuru prison?
The Correctional Services department says no special measures will be taken to secure Oscar Pistorius's safety in prison
on bbc news, your the social media king behind the Oscar Pistorius trial, we salute you
Oscar Pistorius is sentenced to 5 years in jail. Now South Africa's justice system is on trial htt…
Oscar Pistorius is just as bad as scott peterson . waiting for chris to @ me
notes the 5-year sentence for culpable homicide given to paralympian Oscar Pistorius by the North Gauteng High Court
Will Oscar Pistorius compete in the Olympics again?: Oscar Pistorius will not compete in the ...
Oscar Pistorius is jailed Sheffield United confirm their interest
Judge Thokozile Masipa should be promoted to a world court role. She has been spot on throughout Oscar Pistorius trial, and has got the verdict just right. Not too harsh, not too lenient. Just right. But I still prefer our jury system
With today's news regarding Oscar de la Renta and Oscar Pistorius, Sesame Street authorities have issued a Code Red for Oscar the Grouch.
Bar. Corner considers the sentence of 5 years imprisonment handed down to Oscar Pistorius mild looking at the crime he committed but against the backdrop of the torture he faced from the paparazzi all through the trial coupled with his physical disability, My Lady, Judge Thokozile Masipa would have return a non custodian sentence abeit it would have also sent a wrong signal to the society and the justice to the Reeva Steenkamp's family would have been betrayed by the very law that protects the society from killers. Indeed, the celebrity status of Oscar complicated the case for the Judge and here we are theorizing the best method to serve the three ways justice system. What a World!
Six time paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius was sentenced today for five years of the culpable homicide of his girl friend Reeva Steenkamp. The South Africa Judge Thokozile Masipa has decide appropriate five years sentence.
Judge Thokozile Masipa's judgement to Oscar Pistorius; He has been sentenced to 5 years inprisonment. For killing innocent beauty model.jaa
Oscar De La Renta dies at the age of 82. I know his dresses about to be an arm and a body. Oscar Pistorius (the African runner) was sentence to 5 years for killing his girlfriend..hum
Similarly between Oscar Pistorius and David Moyes??? Both got 5 years and were out in 10 months!
Speculation is mounting that the National Prosecuting Authority may appeal against Oscar Pistorius's five year prison sentence
Celebrity news doesn't interest me one bit at all. My beloved Jeremy Vine show on BBCR2 was ruined by Oscar Pistorius. I couldn't care less.
In the news, the race for mayor in Winnipeg is now seen as too close to call, Federal Heritage Minister Shelly Glover says she was very disappointed the CMHR was not ready for its grand opening last month and that she was kept in the dark about the delay, Winnipeg's HSC is preparing for any possible cases of Ebola, the delay in shipping an Ebola vaccine from Canada to Africa was beyond the government's control says PM Harper and was due to a decision from the World Health Organization, Canada will not send any doctors or nurses to west Africa until an evacuation plan is in place, the World Trade Organization say meat labelling laws in the US are hurting Canada's beef and pork industries, Oscar Pistorius gets five years with a probable release after ten months, in sports the Oilers finally get into the win column, Jets host the Canes tonight, the NHL suspends Slava Voynov indefinitely after being charged with domestic violence, in the NFL Steelers beat Houston, and the World Series begins tonight with KC a ...
I hope the lives of both Ched Evans and Oscar Pistorius are ruined, but the former shows us it probably won't be the case.
It's a sad day when innocent men like Ched Evans and Oscar Pistorius get put in jail for crimes they didn't commit
Tab on Daily Mail piece is "Oscar Pistorius sent to *** hole South Arfican jail for killing Reeva Steenkamp". Sies.
Oscar Pistorius got 5 years jail for killing a woman. Ched Evans got 5 years jail for shagging someone in a Travel Inn. Let that sink in
HELLO! world exclusive: Reeva Steenkamp's parents on Oscar Pistorius' prison sentence via
Oscar Pistorius jailed for five years for killing Reeva Steenkamp
The family of slain model Reeva Steenkamp has welcomed the sentencing of her killer Oscar Pistorius to up to five years in jail.
But should Oscar Pistorius be allowed to play for Sheffield United when he comes out of prison?
BREAKING: Oscar Pistorius sentenced to five years for shooting and killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, on...
Oscar Pistorius gets 5 years in prison for girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp's death.
Oscar Pistorius shouldn't be aloud to play for Sheffield United again after what he did to that bird in the Hotel in Rhyl, Scum
Oscar Pistorius sentenced for a 5 year imprisonment for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp .
Oscar Pistorius and Ched Evans got exactly the same prison sentences for their crimes. Just lol. When he leaves prison will everyone go nuts to say he should never run again? I doubt it.
Intimate photographs of South African model Reeva Steenkamp show her life before she met Oscar Pistorius – who has today been found guilty of culpable homicide. School friend Kerry Smith captured these images of the beauty before her modeling days when she was a law student. *** Barcroft TV bring you a new amazing short film every weekday, plus two incredible full-length television shows every week, and more goodies to come! Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss a thing: ***
Reeva Steenkamp pictured as a fresh-faced law student before she met Oscar Pistorius
Oscar Pistorius could be considered for release after *10 months* of a five year sentence for killing Reeva Steenkamp. Chi…
Oscar Pistorius sentenced to five years but could be out in just 10 MONTHS
Oscar Pistorius given five years for Reeva Steenkamp death [
Sheffield United new strike force for 2019. Ched Evans up top with Oscar Pistorius and Rolf Harris. Jack the Ripper in goal 😂
Judge Thokozile Masipa has sentenced Oscar Pistorius after being found guilty of homicide murder after after killing Reeva Steenkamp.
Oscar Pistorius gets 5 years for culpable homicide of Reeva Steenkamp
Ched Evans out after 2 years for rape. Oscar Pistorius could be out after 2 years for murder. What on earth has society co…
Today, Ched Evans will leave prison, after serving around half of his five-year sentence for rape. At the same time, in a court in South Africa, a judge is deciding what punishment Oscar Pistorius deserves, after shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp dead. It's hard not to draw parallels between the two cases, and the way in which perfectly illustrate how our society values the lives of men over women.
[Daily Mail] . Oscar Pistorius was once an inspirational athlete who soared to worldwide fame... now he's a brok...
The state failed to get Oscar Pistorius convicted on Murder Charges Elaborate "Gerrie Nel really failed Reeva Steenkamp
Can't believe Oscar Pistorius received the same sentence as Ched Evans...
Oscar Pistorius' sister has spoken of the family's love for Reeva Steenkamp, as the athlete prepares to learn whether he will go to prison for shooting dead his girlfriend. Live coverage on Sky News from 8am.
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" Oscar Pistorius might be sentenced for only 5 years by the Supreme Court, but in real . he is already sentenced to Life, the minute he shot Reeva Steenkamp !!! ".
Ched Evans got 5 years for "rape" of drunk female. Oscar Pistorius gets 5 years for shooting his partner dead. Hm
The “ruined lives” of Oscar Pistorius and Ched Evans: why do men matter more than women?
Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 10 months jail for killing Reeva Steenkamp. I love liberalism, don't you?
Oscar Pistorius and Ched Evans get the same sentence for two very different crimes!!
South African athlete Oscar Pistorius is due back in court in Pretoria to hear his sentence for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
Judge Thokozile Masipa sentence Oscar Pistorius to 5 years for culpable homicide
South African Judge Thokozile Masipa sentences Oscar Pistorius to maximum five years in jail for killing his girlfriend.
Judge Thokozile Masipa has handed down her sentence in the Oscar Pistorius trial, sentencing the athlete to five...
Oscar Pistorius gets five years for Steenkamp killing(Orlando news)
"There is an appetite to appeal" Oscar Pistorius verdict - National Prosecuting Authority spokesman Nathi Mncube tells media
Oscar Pistorius sentenced to five years in prison live: Live coverage as Judge Thokozile Masipa rules...
FIVE YEARS in prison for Oscar Pistorius: Judge Thokozile Masipa will announce…
Judge Thokozile Masipa trending all over the world along side Oscar Pistorius.
"Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa sentenced Oscar Pistorius to five years in prison on Tuesday for killing his...
Oscar Trial: from Paralympian to prisoner Pretoria – Oscar Pistorius will on Tuesday begin serving the five-year prison sentence he has been given for shooting model Reeva Steenkamp. Before noon on Tuesday he became an inmate under the Department of Correctional Services, and was no longer a global sporting icon with prospects of immediately resuming his athletic career. Criminal law expert Ulrich Roux confirmed that this effectively means that Pistorius could be released within 10 months, after which time he would serve the remainder of his sentence under correctional supervision or house arrest. There were few shows of emotion in the North Gauteng High Court room where cameras captured the solemn faces of Steenkamp’s parents June and Barry, the Pistorius family and Pistorius himself. A short while later Pistorius was led away by officials so that he could be transferred to a correctional facility – widely reported to be the Kgosi Mampuru Prison in Pretoria, where he will be accommodated in the *** ...
1/2. Section of the Criminal Procedure Act under which Oscar Pistorius was sentenced allows him to apply for parole…
Oscar Pistorius holds the hands of family members after being sentenced at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria
Oscar Pistorius, brother Carl Pistorius during sentencing hearing at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria
5 years at Chikurubi for Oscar Pistorius wouldn't be bad. Sadly its SA Correctional Facility not a prison.
Oscar Pistorius sentenced to five years in jail | New Statesman
Oscar Pistorius arrives for sentencing this morning in Pretoria
Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 5 years in prison
Oscar Pistorius sentenced for shooting death of Reeva Steenkamp - Sydney Morning Herald
together with the nation is watching, with grave concern, the sentencing of Oscar Pistorius in the North Gauteng High Court today
LIVE coverage of the Oscar Pistorius sentence being handed down in the North Gauteng High Court. via
Run that past me again? Where does a radio journo get that Oscar Pistorius is one of "world's most recognized figures"? As a Blade Runner?
Oscar Pistorius is to FINALLY be sentenced today guys. Need to brush up on everything that's happened?. .
News updates Today marks the rulling and sentencing of the Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius in his murder trial. All eyes will be on Judge Masipa as she will be giving sentence to Oscar. Four suspects arrested in connection with the shooting of an ANC MP, Jackson Mthembu. Proteas win against the Black Caps (New Zealand) with 6 wickets after a fine all round performance by the boys.
Oscar Pistorius will be sentenced today. Here's what you need to know going in:
Oscar Pistorius sentencing: Blade Runner to finally learn his fate
New: Oscar Pistorius to be sentenced for killing girlfriend world_latest
Roses are red, Violets are glorious, never creep up on Oscar Pistorius!
Oscar Pistorius and Ched Evans don't have 'ruined' lives - they are not the real victims.
Cant see me getting man of the match today. ..tbh after last night's session im a bit Oscar pistorius Cant see two feet in front of me
Oscar Pistorius trial: Athletes sole aim was to kill, court told - Sydney Morning Herald
Xolile Mgeni was denied medical parole because the Correctional Facility he was held at had the best medical facilities than what he could have had outside prison. He died in prison today. Oscar Pistorius can't be sent to jail, for South African Correctional Services has no facilities for a prisoner with no legs. This was argued in court last week. Facilities are best for a black prisoner with a brain tumor but there are no facilities, countrywide, for a white prisoner with no legs...
Xolile Mngeni may your soul rest in peace. Thou may not speak ill of the dead as I am tempted to go into reasons why ended up in jail. The point is that is done and dusted. You received punishment harsh or not. I shall let that to rest. I hope your death shall not be in vain. I sincerely hope that your death is timed well such that it exposes the inequality that is appalling within the Justice System in our own land. I hope your death does raise conscious in the Justice System that the poor are not afforded same opportunities. It is sad that you were not afforded the opportunity to be with your family at the time when you needed them most. No matter how conditions were at home. Speak of restoration and Ubuntu in the Justice System. Mercy is only for rich people, and that defies the whole purpose of the concept of Ubuntu and mercy, if class and race is the determining factor in this case. I still maintain that Judges then were not and today are not independent. How do you put someone in prison who ...
Ubuntu or 10 years for Oscar. Pretoria - Oscar Pistorius should get either 10 years in jail or house arrest and...
Oscar has killed in Idaho Serbian official: Albanian PM's brother controlled the 3-0 lead in fair...
if you're curious, and serious, at getting answers to this, I suggest you read this
Oscar Pistorius, superstar athlete, was back in court this week for his sentencing hearing, after a culpable homicide conviction. Journalist Mandy Wiener says his case reminds her of a favorite book.
The defense lawyer for Oscar Pistorius opened his final arguments at the athlete's sentencing hearing Friday for killing his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.
Oscar Pistorius friend recounts gunshot incident at restaurant
Oscar Pistorius forced to squeeze past ex-lover on way into dock
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“Thank you . So pleased you wrote this. Hear hear! All this 'poor them' stuff is :-(
Prosecutor asks judge to send Oscar Pistorius to prison for at least 10 years in shooting death of girlfriend:
Ched Evans doesn't deserve sympathy for his 'ruined' life - he is not the real victim.
Zapiro cartoon on Three Murder Cases: Lady Justice in Trouble. The cases of Jub Jub, Oscar Pistorius and Shrien Dewani
If Oscar Pistorius gets off without a prison sentence I wonder if his legal team will be good enough to get Reeva Steenkamps family to pay for a new bathroom door?
Thank you . So pleased you wrote this.
The weeping Oscar Pistorius and a final question: Has it all been an act? You read it on bloggette fi…
New Valentine's Day card: "Roses are red, violets are glorious. Never. creep up on Oscar Pistorius."
The judge announces she will hand down the sentence for Oscar Pistorius next Tuesday, at 6:30pm AEDST
My goodness this is brilliant righteous fury. on Pistorious & Evans. Read it.
My favourite quote of the week."he just needs to get the *** out of our lives.He has insulted this nations intelligence and sense of decency enough. He killed one of us. He does not deserve to be one of us. {Ranjeni Mununusamy on Oscar Pistorius }
Inequality before the law: Oscar Pistorius vs. Ronnie Fakude
My cartoon opinion on the Oscar Pistorius Trial
If Oscar Pistorius does not get jail time it will show the level of corruption in South Africa. He commited murder an unforgivable crime and deserves to be punished
Here are some facts for you: Ched Evans was convicted of rape. Ched Evans is a rapist.
While double-amputee murder accused Oscar Pistorius sobbed uncontrollably in the North Gauteng High Court three weeks ago, hundreds of kilometres away in the Bloemfontein Regional Court tears of joy and relief rolled down the cheeks of paraplegic fraud-accused Ronnie Fakude. Sitting in a donated whe…
What's up with the verdict and possible sentence? Why does it feel so wrong? http:/…
Oscar Pistorius will be sentenced on Tuesday. Live coverage on and at
Alan Dershowitz: Oscar Pistorius will get off easy. The world's most famous criminal lawyer weighs in on the...
BBC News - Oscar Pistorius trial: Athlete 'has no money', his lawyer says
Alan Dershowitz: Oscar Pistorius will get off easy
.I don't know Oscar Pistorius personally, but he seems like a nice guy if you don't follow the news!
can always be counted on for a clear perspective. Sport is not separate to the world, after all
Defense: Pistorius could face 'gang rape' in prison
"Oscar Pistorius one of the very few men who can't kick down a door managed to kill the hottest woman on earth" 😂
“Oscar Pistorius got sentenced to ebola.” Dude, u crack me up!!!😝
Pity poor Oscar Pistorius and Ched Evans – their CVs ruined, for ever
If you missed this, quite amazing radio chat between hitman & Pistorius enemy Mikey Schultz and presenter X Gala:
Oscar Pistorius sentencing hearing ends, judge will announce punishment on ... - Washington Post (blog)
Gerrie Nel presented the state's closing arguments during sentencing proceedings for Oscar Pistorius today.
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Oscar Pistorius uses his disability on call and only when he needs to, Gerrie Nel said. This is very very unfair MY Lady!
"Oscar Pistorius must get minimum of 10 years" Gerrie Nel
Gerrie Nel tells the court that Oscar Pistorius must spend a minimum of ten years in jail for killing Reeva Steenkamp.
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel asks Judge to imprison Oscar Pistorius for ten years for killing girlfriend Reeva Steenk…
Oscar Pistorius must get atleast 10 years for killing Reeva Steenkamp, claims prosecution -
I can't believe they're saying Oscar Pistorius has "lost everything", no. No you haven't, Reeva Steenkamp has.
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has called for a lengthy prison sentence to be handed to Oscar Pistorius at his hearing
"Oscar Pistorius has nothing left. He is a broken man.". He has his life, which is more than I can say for his victim, Ree…
Oscar Pistorius must be sent to prison for 'minimum of 10 years' for killing Reeva Steenkamp,
Oscar Pistorius should spend a decade in prison for shooting Reeva Steenkamp ... -
Oscar Pistorius is likely to receive community service only for killing Reeva Steenkamp.He can help me if he likes.B&Q Joburg, bathro...
The negligence borders on intent - Gerrie Nel on Oscar Pistorius crime. Tuesday's sentence announcement looks to be a world stopper.
Fate of Oscar Pistorius now in hands of judge in killing of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp
Prosecution calls for jail for Pistorius: State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has called for Oscar Pistorius to receiv...
Prosecutor wants 10 years in prison for Pistorius The chief prosecutor in the Oscar Pistorius trial urged the judge http…
Prosecutor wants 10 years in jail for Pistorius - At the end of Oscar Pistorius' sentencing hearing, the chief...
South African Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius arrives to the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria Oct 17, 2014.
Is this what awaits South Africa's Oscar Pistorius when he's sentenced for culpable homicide in the death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp?
Oscar Pistorius was convicted of culpable homicide over the shooting of Reeva Steenkamp in Septem
"Oscar Pistorius offered $34,000 to the family of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp after he killed her."
Oscar Pistorius has to pay for killing Reeva Steenkamp, her cousin says.
Reeva Steenkamp’s parents have rejected an offer of £21,000 from the Paralympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius
Oscar Pistorius sentenced for killing of Reeva Steenkamp – day four live
Reeva Steenkamp's cousin tells court: Oscar Pistorius 'can't get away with this'
Latest Book News... Behind the Door: the Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp Story by Mandy Wiener & Barry Bateman,
Oscar Pistorius has been sending the Kings family of Reeva Steenkamp, the
Oscar Pistorius said that he wishes to apologise privately to Reeva Steenkamp's family. Don't let him do it in the court toilets.
New from Alberta: Reeva Steenkamp’s cousin says Oscar Pistorius must ‘pay for what he’s done’ (with video) (Calg...
Oscar Pistorius 'needs to pay for what he has done', says Reeva Steenkamp's family: Kim Martin, Reeva Steenkam...
Oscar Pistorius sentencing: 'he needs to pay for what he has done' live
Ok fine, Oscar Pistorius must be sent to Robben Island. I'm sure he'll be safe there.
Again with the Oscar Pistorius of it all? Throw him in a cell with Jodi Arias and move on.
South African athlete Oscar Pistorius in night club altercation - Times of India
Does anybody think the Oscar Pistorius piece on possible community service or suspended sentence is simply outrageous?
And on the 46th day, it was not about the great superstar Oscar Pistorius but the young woman who lost her life. 46 days to g…
Oscar Pistorius told to keep his 'blood money'
It's Day 3 of Oscar Pistorius' sentencing hearing - has the latest on The Morning View
At the Gauteng Division of the High Court of South Africa in Pretoria for the Oscar Pistorius sentencing.
LRT: If that is what I think it is ( a shot at Oscar Pistorius), I give up on Fikile Mbalula. He is currently on negative respect right now.
I was over here feeling sorry for Oscar Pistorius during the Olympics because of his disability & then he murders his girlfriend ***
I wasn't sure about the comparison at first, but on Zuma-and-Pistorius is actually quite persuasive here
"Oscar Pistorius would be broken by prison". Perhaps. . Reeva Steenkamp is dead. Definitely. .
asks "Should Oscar Pistorius Go To Prison"? What if he were a young black South African? *** yeah for the maximum.
Message from Oscar Pistorius suffered enough... Just give him a stern warning, pay back his bail money and let him go?
Oscar Pistorius has been making monthly payments of $530 (6,000 Rand) a month to the Steenkamp family, a month after their daughter's death.
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C&C Daily News Bit: Analysis: Andrew Harding, BBC News, Pretoria What constitutes "blood money?" That question surfaced in court when it was revealed that Oscar Pistorius has been making monthly payments to Reeva Steenkamp's parents. The couple's lawyer confirmed that he had approached the Pistoriuses some 18 months ago, asking for support because Barry and June Steenkamp were broke. It seems their daughter had been supporting them prior to her death. But earlier in court, Prosecutor Gerrie Nel scathingly described a separate lump-sum offer of 375,000 rand, made by the athlete as "blood money". So what is the different between refusing a lump sum and accepting a monthly payment - in moral terms? Clearly issues of need, timing, emotion, and the ebb and flow of the trial process itself must come into play. But in the meantime the Steenkamps have now announced that they will not be pursuing any civil case against the man who killed their daughter, and will repay "every cent" of the money Pistorius has alread ...
A probation officer warned the court that if Oscar Pistorius is sentenced to prison, he would be vulnerable to attacks by other inmates.
Oscar Pistorius has been paying Steenkamp family since the shooting:
Pistorius trial: Sentence hearing to continue - BBC News
Watch Day 3 of Oscar Pistorius sentencing on and SABC YouTube channel from 9.30am
I just don't get it “Steenkamps to return Oscar Pistorius' money
State Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is expected to continue the cross-examination of social worker Annette Vergeer in Oscar Pis…
Just because it's Oscar Pistorius the Jails are now unable to look after disabled people! They are now saying he's gonna suffer inthe inside kanti vele what's the plan? Is it not to make him suffer for what he did? At times like this I wish malema was the president of this country so he could do away with this white supremecy
Oscar Pistorius trial: Sentence hearing to continue... Original Post By Oscar Pistorius returns to court in Pretoria on Wednesday but the hearing could still last several days Continue reading the main story Pistorius trial Not black and white Fallen idol Verdict on TV trial Did…
OSCAR Pistorius has paid the parents of his slain girlfriend a monthly payment of $623 since her death and offered them an additional lump sum of...
Mum commenting on the 'danger to Oscar Pistorius if sent to jail'. "Pffft, not as dangerous as being his girlfriend!"
Reeva Steenkamp’s parents received payments from Pistorius, court told.
At rate the Oscar Pistorius trial is going, Reeva Steenkamp’s parents are going to end up having to buy him a new bathroom door. Shocking.
Oscar Pistorius made payments to Reeva Steenkamp&parents, court told - CNN
Defense determines to keep Oscar Pistorius out of prison
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My good good heart, which I carry with me all the time, tells me Oscar Pistorius should not go to a general prison.
Oscar Pistorius offered thousands to girlfriend’s family
i just hate the way judge Thoko Masipa handle ths case bcz Oscar Pistorius he's guilty and he must be jailed
WHO YOU ACCEPT SUCH MONEY?. Oscar Pistorius offered the family of Reeva Steenkamp 375,000 Rand as compensation...
VIDEO: Steenkamps to return money from Oscar Pistorius (Story:
So Ben Flower got 6 months for punching in super league final,probably a tougher sentence than what Oscar Pistorius wil…
Oscar Pistorius will return to court for a third day of a pre-sentencing hearing over whether he should face prison…
Reeva's parents reject a R375 thousand offer from Pistorius, calling it "blood money."
Chief Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has said that Oscar Pistorius offered $34,000 to Reeva Steenkamp's family but it was turned down.
States Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is out of venom. After Oscar Pistorius s muder trial, he must consider retirement.
Oscar Pistorius sentence is underway at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, with the disabled South African athlete facing a potential ruling of up to 15 years in jail. However, a possible verdict by Judge Thokozile Masipa was described by prosecution as “shockingly inappropriate.”
Gee South African Justice is harsh. Oscar Pistorius is looking at 3 years home detention, or a 3 year suspended sentence or 3 years probation. Lucky he didn't blow someone away with a gun or murder somebody!!??
Oscar Pistorius has been making financial payments to the family of Reeva Steenkamp:
Oscar Pistorius should mop floors two days a month for the next three years to pay for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, a legal team for the fallen “Blade Runner” recommended Monday.
MIRROR Oscar Pistorius sentencing: Recap of updates as athlete back in court for Day Two of sentencing The hearing in Pretoria continues as prosecutors argue he must be jailed
As his sentencing continues, we speculate if Oscar Pistorius could be going to prison or not
Legal experts in South Africa have suggested that Judge Thokozile Masipa's interpretation of the law in the judgement of Oscar Pistorius could be wrong - and that the athlete could be retried
Oscar Pistorius sentenced for killing of Reeva Steenkamp – live
OSCAR Pistorius’ manager is expected to face tough questions over his testimony of the Blade Runner’s charitable and benevolent works when the Pistorius sentence hearing resumes tonight in Pretoria.
Double amputee Oscar Pistorius would be highly vulnerable in South Africa's brutal jails, his disability elevating the risk of poor hygiene and even gang rape, a defence witness claims. Duration: 00:54
Oscar Pistorius continues his bid to avoid jail term for killing Reeva Steenkamp - Daily Mail
Oscar Pistorius continues his fight to avoid prison sentence via
WHEN she was appointed to the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, Judge Thokozile Masipa was handed the toughest job imaginable. It just got tougher.
Prisons can accommodate disabled - dept The Correctional Services department has lashed out at claims made during Oscar Pistorius court proceedings that jails are unable to accommodate disabled prisoners.
Watch live: Oscar Pistorius finds out his sentence for shooting Reeva Steenkamp *
Oscar Pistorius paid money to Reeva Steenkamp’s family after murder
Thank you South Africa for taking 18 years to sort out the Oscar Pistorius conundrum
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel puts State's case in Oscar Pistorius sentencing process. Attacks caring image put forward by the defence.
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel "flabbergasted" by witness at Oscar Pistorius sentencing. Watch live:
I'm so upset that Kim Jong Un reappeared today. Now all I'm looking forward to is Oscar Pistorius' final sentencing tomorrow
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Prosecutor Gerrie Nel is set to begin cross-examining Oscar Pistorius's agent Peet van Zyl today:
JUSTICE AND THE "BROKEN MEN" JACOB ZUMA AND OSCAR PISTORIUS It seems almost inconceivable that 26 months after 34 people were shot dead in cold blood, some of it caught on camera, not a single person has been on trial for the Marikana massacre. President Jacob Zuma apparently believes corruption is only a crime in a “Western paradigm”. He will also not pay back the money because he says he did not ask for the security upgrades at Nkandla. And now, Oscar Pistorius could be sentenced to house arrest and community service for killing Reeva Steenkamp. Is South Africa a country where you are held accountable for your actions or is the system malleable to suit the rich and powerful? By RANJENI MUNUSAMY. On the face of it, President Jacob Zuma and convicted paralympian Oscar Pistorius have little in common. Their life stories and role in society could not be more different. In an article in April this year, author Mark Gevisser wrote how they both milked the role of underdog. “From an Afrikaner Calvinist t ...
Oscar Pistorius should get house arrest: social worker: . South African track star Oscar Pistorius should serv...
Oscar Pistorius a ‘broken man,’ psychologist says as sentencing hearing starts for killing of Reeva Steenkamp
On the 2pm (EDT) CBS radio newscast today, the anchor announced that South African track star Oscar Pistorius was not guilty of murder but “a jury” found him guilty of culpable homicide. Pistorius was tried before a judge, not a jury. Facts matter. It is a shame that old-fashioned practices like copy editing and fact checking have been sacrificed on the altar of budget cutting and downsizing.
Oscar Pistorius is “broken man” after death of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, psychologist says at sentencing hearing.
- South African athlete Oscar Pistorius returns to court for sentencing
BREAKING: South African authorities baffled as Oscar Pistorius somehow slipped out of his ankle bracelet and jumped bail. More to come...
Oscar Pistorius is a ''broken man'' after killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp because he lost the woman he said he loved as well as his reputation, friends, income and sense of self-worth, a psychologist called by his lawyers testified Monday.
It all really look like Reeva Steenkamp is getting the harshest sentencing, Oscar Pistorius being the victim. Is t…
Now on first day's sentencing of Oscar Pistorius for killing Reeva Steenkamp
Oscar Pistorius "a broken man who has lost everything." Hasn't lost his life though, has he?
Oscar Pistorius a 'broken man,' psychologist says at sentencing hearing He's broken? Reeva Steenkamp is dead.
Lawyers for and against Oscar Pistorius battling over appropriate punishment, after he shot dead his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp last year.
Oscar Pistorius' agent has denied that the athlete is planning to write a tell-all book about the night he killed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, following media reports suggesting that he was in talks for "concepts and ideas" about a potential memoir.
Little Giant Ladders
Oscar Pistorius awaits sentence for killing of Reeva Steenkamp
The verdict is in for Oscar Pistorius' trial over the killing of Reeva Steenkamp.
Oscar Pistorius has been left "a broken man" following the death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and suffers "flashbacks" of the shooting, a psychologist has told his sentencing hearing.
How events unfolded at the sentencing of Oscar Pistorius over the killing of Reeva Steenkamp
Oscar Pistorius a 'broken man' after model killing. Yes, but not as 'broken' as Reeva Steenkamp, eh Oscar?
Oscar Pistorius sentencing: Athlete could get as little as three years' house arrest for Reeva Steenkamp
Oscar Pistorius: curtain set to close on murder trial that gripped South Africa - The Guardian via
Breaking: Oscar Pistorius encouraged to 'laugh off' murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.
Oscar Pistorius in court for sentencing over killing of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp - Daily Mail -
The defence team of Oscar Pisotorius has argued that the disabled track star, Oscar Pistorius should not face jail time for the murder of his then girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. A
Sprint runner Oscar Pistorius held not guilty of murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp: "Blade Runner" Osca...
Sanele Zondi wrote: Oscar Pistorius fired four shots brutally killing Reeva Steenkamp, and this social worker dude Maringa from Correctional Services says he must be sentenced to house arrest over three years and be given cleaning chores. This is just unbelievable, I'm perplexed. If Judge Masipa agrees to this astonishing submission, the court would be sending out the wrong message, that you can brutally kill a p...
Oscar Pistorius appears to have got away with murder (or whatever they now call it in South Africa). He is a 'broken man' so the radio tells me. Sadly his girlfriend is dead! Perhaps his community service could be looking after people in West Africa who have Ebola. I would let him wear full protective clothing of course. There really is one law for the rich and one for the poor.
Third defence witness in Oscar Pistorius pre-sentencing hearing, the athlete's manager will be grilled by Prosecutor Gerrie Nel tomorrow.
For the love of Ridley Scott and Harrison Ford, can we now stop calling Oscar Pistorius "Blade Runner?"
The state prosecutor "Gerrie Nel" fail to prove Oscar Pistorius is guilty,ppl must stop saying he is guilty
Oscar Pistorius should not be jailed for killing his lover, says social worker: The Paralympian, known as Blade Runner, has returned ...
Oscar Pistorius sentencing: RECAP after Blade Runner appeared in court…
Oscar Pistorius's new girlfriend apparently insists on going to Paul's for the toilet
What sentence might he get?: Oscar Pistorius has been found guilty of culpable homicide. Analys... "
Hey, I won't be watching the sentencing of Oscar Pistorius as I find it disgusting that you'd televise something so tragic
Australian comedian Jim Jefferies does the unthinkable and runs with an Oscar Pistorius segment in his latest stand-up comedy set.
two Oscar Pistorius punchlines in one song.
Look back on the key moments as Judge Thokozile Masipa delivered her verdicts in the Oscar Pistorius trial. SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for more ...
Really? That's the worst anyone has said? And he meant it? Not saying it's funny, but it is his job to try.
Oscar Pistorius, cleared of murder charges after killing his girlfriend, has been found guilty of culpable homicide, or involuntary manslaughter.
Oscar Pistorius wanted to get a new bathroom door. But his girlfriend was dead against it.
A month after being found guilty of culpable homicide for shooting his girlfriend dead, Oscar Pistorius will find out next week what his sentence will be.
Oscar Pistorius found innocent, but at least Eric Blunt was sentenced.
The judge behind the Oscar Pistorius murder trial verdict – in 60 seconds
This 'repulsive' joke about Oscar Pistorius printed on a receipt has enraged customers:
Oscar Pistorius murder trial: how the judge reached her verdicts
Will Oscar Pistorius go to jail? SA legal experts say no: (Then again, many SA legal experts wrong ab…
People I don't like: . Oscar Pistorius . Elizabeth Olsen. Joel Osteen. That anonymous 11 year old on 4chan
Oscar Pistorius called ex hours before killing girlfriend: report 
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