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Oscar Meyer

The Oscar Mayer Company is an American meat and cold cut production company, owned by Kraft Foods, known for its hot dogs, bologna, bacon and Lunchables products.

Oscar Meyer Weiner Oscar Meyer Weinermobile Oscar Meyer Wienermobile

not his MO.. Now if you said the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile or a school bus full of strippers, maybe?
what is the connection between Thomas Mair, Liz Mair, Bill Maher, Oscar Meyer? Plz respond.
Yep that's the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. does and at the Henry Ford Museum.
I know I'm at a mainlander/townie wedding because the couple did the "sing a love song" game and NO ONE played the Oscar Meyer wiener song.
... muslim immigrants need their employment restricted to Oscar Meyer, Smithfield, or Jummy Dean ...
Sometimes I just wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner.
THIS JUST IN: the US Military has contracted with Jimmy Dean & Oscar Meyer to supply the pork fat bullet coating for all 5.56 ammunition ...
also, I don't look like the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile.
"Everybody is about to know you know the Oscar Meyer song." "It's the Bologna song..." - Vince
I just saw the Oscar Meyer hotdog car
Strange, the ex-Oscar Meyer Wiener salesman talking to the President who couldn't keep his wiener in his pants.
We live in a world where we have to hide to make l ... by Oscar Nilsson
Now your bologna has a first and last name: Andy Lambros. The story of how the classic Oscar Meyer commercial...
Imagining you pulling up in the oscar meyer mobile.
I h8 people who can't hold a decent conversation.I swear it's like Im better off talking to a pack of Oscar Meyer's than trying to talk to u
I wish I were an Oscar Meyer winner
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
*sighing I get out of bed pulling on my robe I walk downstairs Oscar & Meyer follow me into the kitchen I pour a glass >>
Oscar Meyer is recalling 96,000 pounds of hot dogs for containing cheese. A hot dog made with an identifiable food? Gross!
Mr. Dobbs check out Paul Ryan's wiki page, he used to drive the Oscar Meyer Weinbermobile for a living. Classic!!
Ryan is an ex-Oscar Meyer Weiner salesman, endorsed by a Boehner, in league with a Pres. who is screwing us. Irony
assisted by Oscar Meyer at the landmark Hillshire Farms house
Does anyone else sing the Oscar Meyer song when attempting to spell the word "bologna"?
*at Walmart*. man In parking lot: "I'm trying to find some Oscar Meyer bologna, can you help me out? ". "no idea man" 😂😂😂
Lmao I think he looks like a Oscar Meyer wiener
My lips look like two Oscar Meyer hot dogs
killing Santa. He must now take his place and give out free Oscar Meyer weenie whistles.
I have two major goals in life. 1.) Be in an adult softball league. 2.) Find the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile and have my photo taken when I do
My dad just came home with a package of Oscar-Meyer cold cut meat and proceeded to eat the entire thing with a fork.
Mary had a little lamb,. And now she moans its lossage;. For Oscar Meyer captured it,. And now it's frankfurt sausage.
Frankly (no pun intended) Ryan should've stuck w/driving the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile, he'd be statistic of Walker
uh. Is that an Oscar Meyer transformer?
I got that 🔥I got that 🔥little mama holla at ya woadie if you want this Oscar Meyer 💯
Jen and I have three inflatable aliens (3 different sizes) and an inflatable Oscar Meyer wiener in our kitchenette
She told me she was hungry, so I fed her this oscar meyer ***
Sick got that fiya girl holla at that *** if want this Oscar Meyer.
We spotted the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile yesterday in Grand Rapids!! This iconic vehicle has been roaming the...
I just saw an Oscar Meyer Weiner car lol🌭🌭🌭
Looks like Turbojosh22 got picked up by Oscar-Meyer.
Jordan wants to name her kids gerard, Condom the 2nd, Oscar Meyer wiener, and ***
u kno for Oscar award winner, u would figure Leo DiCaprio would have better Russian accent. "would u call him an Oscar Meyer winner?"
Cus if I were an Oscar Meyer weaner, everyone would be in love with me 😊
I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weaner. Oh that is what I'd really like to be.
I like to think the driver of the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile is secretly living out their lifelong dream. It's not work if you love it
"I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner...everyone would be in love with me." personified.
"I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner."
ha ha ha... oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner. **winner**
the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile someone compare this to killed it for me
Just think if Oscar Meyer would have gave him the ball against sparty. Don't worry, Uncle Jerry will make sure Jason Garrett does. HBTC!
Is that the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, or is just happy to see us?
Saw the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile on the way home from work
Call for immediate boycott of Oscar Meyer. Moving from Madison WI.
Dan, make sure Trump knows about Oscar Meyer (Kraft) closing in Madison, WI - over 1000 jobs lost!
Tell Trump to mention Oscar Meyer closing in Madison!
I only like commercial jingles.. I'm an Oscar Meyer wiener is my all time favorite..
We're out here!!! Look for us behind the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile!!
* rolls up to prom in an Oscar Meyer wiener bus
Why did I just bike by the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile?
Tune playing in his mind, "Feelings" by Morris Albert. That or the Oscar Meyer wiener song.
I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener🎶
I'm in the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile right now and it's amazing
so, the Oscar Meyer wiener-mobile was parked at the Hotel behind work all week. I've never heard grandmothers make so many dirty jokes.
If you haven't sung the Oscar Meyer wiener song as Arnold Schwarzenegger, you haven't lived.
. Was it that "Sheena was a man"? . If so, hope you threw him out, cause you don't fool around with no Oscar Meyer wiener"
Oh I'd like to be an Oscar Meyer wiener...
Ohhh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener.
only if you are a in Oscar Meyer.
It looks like an Oscar Meyer wiener!!
are you an Oscar Meyer wiener though?
Is the debate being sponsored by Oscar Meyer's?
Ted Cruz got the Oscar Meyer position on stage... it's an unfortunate background.
Is your set designer named Oscar Meyer by any chance?
Republican Debate on CNN sponsored by Oscar Meyer? That is a hotdog right?
Oscar Meyer probably sponsored the debate. God bless America.
Tonight's debate is brought to you by Oscar Meyer
I think Oscar Meyer has paid for subliminal hot dog advertising in the backdrop of this debate.
There's a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in. by Oscar Nilsson htt…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I speak for the giant Oscar Meyer wiener behind me
what's with the Oscar Meyer background?
debate... Brought to you by Oscar Meyer.
Kudos to CNN for getting Oscar Meyer to sponsor the biggest Weiners tonight!!
This answer brought to you by Oscar Meyer
Looks like he got caught driving the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile.
Tfw the debate was sponsored Oscar Meyer Wiener
I love the way the participants have an Oscar Meyer Weiner in the background!
The is brought to us by Oscar Meyer Weiners.
Yes! It's like they're debating to be the new CEO of Oscar Meyer.
like Oscar Meyer has bought the advertisement behind the candidates!
Cruz tonight is debating in front of a giant Oscar Meyer Weiner
A5 Depends on brand. If I have a bad flight experience, reach out. But if I mention a hot dog, I don’t want Oscar Meyer pestering.
Just got hollered at. By the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile. Not just a joke. This happened
I’m protesting the Oscars this year by not serving Veal Oscar during the telecast. We’re having Oscar Meyer.
If he did, they could just as well give him an Oscar Meyer weenie.
i keep thinkin ur typing oscar meyer like... the Weiner...
Oscar Meyer need to ramp up their online presence.
"This puppy vacation stuff is hard work" Oscar Meyer
Monsignor Oscar Meyer, patron saint of the Bacon Frock.
Lol I know. But turkey bacon is really good tho. Especially the Oscar Meyer one. 😋
check out the Mets Colon, I hear he drives the Oscar Meyer hot dog mobile
Håvard you crack me up with your funny accent and your silly Oscar Meyer picture.
I think the next time will smith gets an oscar will be when it has Meyer Bologna at the end of it.
is hosting a tapeworm he got from an Oscar Meyer wiener
I just saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner truck... I want hot dogs now 󾌦
Is still rating lunches? Today mine was Oscar Meyer turkey and reduced-fat swiss on toast. No condiments. I am an adult.
Did you know that Burger King sells hot dogs now because the same company that bought Oscar Meyer bought BK? So that's coo.
Amish market turkey bacon will have u never buying Oscar Meyer again.
I would rather get hit by the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile than go into work today.
I'll buy stock in Oscar Meyer... Just say when...
Think Vega could pimp out the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile for Panda?
Let's start a campaign to give Oscar Meyer wieners instead of Oscars and donate the money saved to better pipes in Michigan
Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us. - Oscar Wilde
you like Oscar Meyer or farmer John more?
Must be a lot of weenie's in Oscar Meyer marketing!
I can't stop humming the Oscar Meyer Weiner song... I still can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing
If you were socks you'd be the kind with nubbins so you don't slip and if you were a hotdog you'd be an Oscar Meyer Weiner
Nothing to cheer up rush hour traffic like spotting the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile on the way…
Trump Militia leader Gudger Smallworth carjacks the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile to serve as lead Sharia Patrol vehicle.
Hey which is better, Armour hot dogs or Oscar Meyer Weiners?
There are a lot of Oscars out there including Oscar Meyer but there is only one golden Jess.
pimped out Oscar Meyer Weiner truck!!
Minnesota Twins Alex Meyer greeted by Oscar a miniature goldendoodle @ the end of a spring training workout http…
Pretty sure Donald Trump is made of 86% Oscar Meyer Bologna and 14% Propecia
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Oscar Meyer Kids Revisited: “The was a re-shooting of the famed kids photo of our childhoo...
"I want to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner" . Best thing ever said ever in my entire life
Was that a speech or an Oscar Meyer Weiner commercial?
I'm an Oscar Meyer man. Been thinkin about Hebrew National one day if I hit the lotto.
I was just imagining you literally being chased by the Oscar Meyer Weiner truck like everywhere and I was like omg
*drives Oscar Meyer wiener mobile back and forth in a tunnel entrance*
You too much girl!!! I went from Oscar Meyer wiener to Ball Park frank like THAT!!!
I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener. 🌭
A personal favorite from my shop Oscar Meyer wiener whistle! Memories!
Anderson is the real Oscar Meyer wiener
Very proud to see that the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile had 0 shrinkage in this weather. Wish I could say the same
. Oh I wish I wash an Oscar Meyer wiener.
But does he know all the words to the Oscar Meyer wiener song?
our official stance is that we'd love to be an Oscar Meyer wiener and that that is what we truly like to be.
finding my wiener dog dead in the dog house was not how I planned to spend my day... soo upset ): I love you Oscar Meyer
Our Kirby Gottschalk's journey: from examining parasites from an Oscar Meyer plant to studying disease:
Oh, I want to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner!
Invoking the Oscar Meyer love spell. Jack hammer. Jazz yourself. Jerk Jamby. Jerk the gherkin. Left to your own devices
Oscar Meyer oven roasted turkey slices kinda smell like weed. That's how they get you stay woke
Oscar Meyer Bailey, always sung to the tune of Yankee Doodle.
if I go to a restaurant and they give me that paper thin Oscar Meyer bacon that tastes like paper, no tip.
this is like asking Oscar Meyer how many people they'll kill with hot dogs today. You're doing well. Very well.
The real gumbo. Not the kind with Oscar Meyer's weiners in it. Lol
just because Oscar Meyer chooses to conform to bourgeois norms doesn't mean I have to
but everyone loves an Oscar Meyer Weiner
be stunting like she don't want my Oscar Meyer 🙄
this is (so far anyway) cheap Oscar Meyer while Jackson and Goggins and Russell (and Morricone) are the finest of prosciuttos)
If you were a food you would be microwave sausage by Oscar Meyer
Instead yall coming to me with Oscar meyer and a mix tape 😑
Why your fingers look like Oscar Meyer wieners ?
Oscar Meyer bologna placed carefully in a 900 degree tandoor for six hours
. After seeing this picture,. I WISH I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner!! LoL
Only "job" Ryan had was driving the weiner mobile for Oscar Meyer. Sucked free college and social security.
Neil finally getting his Oscar Meyer weenie whistle is such a heart warming moment.
when she ate all my *** Oscar Meyer Cajun turkey breast lunch meat. That's when I knew she had 2 go.
My son got a selfie stick for Christmas. . This means my selfie with the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile will be so much better than expected.
"I was three. It was an Oscar Meyer weenie whistle." I feel you Neal.
This post right here is like 85% of why i want to quit social media. Like its a slice of Oscar Meyer's Ham on hi...😒
right?! and that stupid Oscar Meyer Weiner Whistle?! Worst psychiatrist ever.
I got that fire I got that fire holla at a *** if u want that Oscar Meyer
I was three and it was an Oscar Meyer wienie whistle. Christmas morning came, no wienie whistle.
That BACON melted in Our MOUTHS & down in the TUMMIES ! Thank you OSCAR MEYER -Still want some STEVE HARVEY BACON ? LOL
lol I'm gonna name him Oscar Meyer 😂💀
i was 3. and it was an Oscar Meyer Wienie Whistle. Christmas wienie whistle. and that's when i stopped believing.
It really does look like an oscar meyer wiener car, or something...
The homie think he Oscar Meyer or what
This not a slice of Oscar Meyer ham?
well if he had gotten is Oscar Meyer whistle maybe he wouldn't be.
will I get my Christmas wish of another two NFL SportsPicks lines? It's my red oscar meyer wiener whistle man
Couple in checkout line. Woman: I saw the same shirt at Meijer. Man: Meijer? I ain't getting no shirts from Oscar Meyer!. Man leaves ANGRY
omg it is 🙄 I was here hoping that the dog with no face was ok. His owner is just doing Oscar Meyer promo ✌🏿️
Wow, I love I just won this for free, A500 HOT WHEELS Oscar Meyer Wienermobile 1991 BLU
Only reason I learned how to spell "Bologna" as a kid was because of an Oscar Meyer commercial. Thanks standardized education.
I wish I was an Oscar Meyer executive.
Lmao y'all need to put your momma Oscar Meyer back in the fridge drawer 😂😂
*Oscar Meyer responds* "Hi, it sounds like you're having trouble with burning bacon! Make sure your heat is on medium!"
On my free time I like to stick my BIG *** in a hot dog bun and sing the Oscar Meyer wiener song !
Just passed the Oscar Meyer wiener on 81. It's casual
Despite the insistence of my current earworm, I do not wish to be an Oscar Meyer wiener.
I think I have seen more Oscar Meyer wiener mobiles than actual Oscar Meyer wieners.
"I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener..."🎶
just keeps coming back for more I see. Oscar Meyer wiener hands.
He wished he was an Oscar Meyer wiener and now he is one.
I have seen the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile in person on more than one occasion. As a five year old, it was pretty exciting.
Today I got a pink box from voodoo and saw the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile. So a pink box and a wiener. My day is complete.
That's hilarious you're quoting Oscar Meyer wiener I guess you really are a weaner!!!
😡 hope it's the Oscar Meyer wiener bowl.
pull your Oscar Meyer wiener whistle out!
I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener. dreamin'
Wishing you were an Oscar Meyer wiener is like wishing you could be ingested, right?
When the Oscar Meyer wiener truck is literally driving around your campus
When you pass the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile on the freeway 😳✌️
7 Kraft Heinz plants to be shut, 2600 people losing jobs $KHC including Oscar Meyer plant in Madison WI http…
WI Ryan has 2 go 2 Chicago 2 drive Weiner mobile. Oscar Meyer moved its headquarters 2 Chicago becuz of Republicans
One of my favorite things to do in college was drive past Oscar Meyer with the fleet of Weiner mobiles outside.
domain names
🎶 Oh I wish you were an Oscar Meyer Weiner🎵
Oscar Meyer is moving to Chicago. This provides the opportunity for the Weiner Mobile to be used in a drive-by.
Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile spotted near Falfurrias headed south to the Rio Grande Valley
I just passed the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.
Greg Zuber is driving the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile through Columbus!
that's the Millennium Falcon crossed with the Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile!
It’s the Oscar Meyer vs the Classic Which one do you suppose will win?
Oscar Meyer's new dating app measures compatibility by bacon preferences. Genius.
Wait, I thought I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner?!
I remember how to spell bologna by signing the Oscar Meyer song
Another milestone achieved today: See the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile in…
Reesekaine's stream is now live at (I think that I'm an Oscar Meyer Weiner.)
He's qualified, after all, he has paid experience behind the wheel of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile...(sigh).
Old enough to remember when the only wiener pics around were by Oscar Meyer.
Yeah I love it too. *Oscar & Meyer lay in their beds* They are all tuckered out from running around Hans & I.
*Kissing your lips* So do you Baby. JJ has his own special body wash. Did you get all the wood chopped? *Oscar & Meyer >>
I was on the phone with her at the time and she said "hang on I gotta take a photo of the Oscar Meyer Weiner" 😂
Oscar Meyer knew he was just a pretty face
Ryan would be the 1st GOP Speaker to have driven the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile.
Don't tell me it doesn't make your day to see the Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile on campus
It looks like an Oscar Meyer Weiner for real.
Old TV Commercial - I Wish I Were an Oscar Meyer Weiner – Oscar Meyer Classic Jingle Get one today! :)
Erick Erickson resigns from RedState to spend more time in the grocery store between Smithfield and Oscar Meyer.
I'm poor. Spam is a luxury food at this rate but I ain't touching no *** oscar meyer hotdog
Today the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile visited and we got to tour it and worship with/encourage the driver
OMG the Oscar Meyer Weener car is here. Time to redeem myself from my first audition when I was 5 where I just cried
Just in case you guys didn't know Oscar Meyer has a dating app strictly based on how you like your bacon cooked.
the fact that this happened on the day the Oscar Meyer mobile came to campus is not a coincidence
he stole all of them. hes just beyoncé but with oscar meyer hotdogs in the back of the head
I was wondering when Timbaland Oscar meyer neck *** was gonna make a cameo
Even when I ate meat, I found Oscar Meyer products to be revolting
guys an Oscar Meyer commercial popped up in the middle of this chat thread!!! *** !?
Hey guys tonight at 9 the Oscar Meyer car will be here! They are wanting to do a worship shesh. Message me 4 details
.Oscar Meyer has better looking weiners
Bailey, allow me to introduce my self. I am Oscar, Oscar Meyer Weiner!!
Oscar Meyer has a new dating app called Sizzl - for bacon lovers. Not even joking.
ON THE LINE: Diggity Dog Donald of the Oscar Meyer chatting with us live!!
Bad: A professor used the phrase "fails magnificently" to describe my essay. . Good: The Oscar Meyer P3 pack I ate this morning was delicious
She hit me when she want that Oscar Meyer ,,, yea she got a man but she say don't remind her
Since a juvenile bytch I had tht Oscar Meyer
Yo is it true you're made entirely out of discarded Oscar Meyer deli meats?
Each morning I listen to the radio & pick out a theme song. Usually it's Phil Collins or Whitney. . Today's theme song: Oscar Meyer. BOLOGNA
the Oscar Meyer jalapeno baloney is sooo good!!
i think this Halloween is the time to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner because that's what i'd truly like to be
It's not every day that you drive by the Oscar Meyer truck on the freeway.
my lunches: Oscar Meyer Ham and Cheese Loaf sandwich, Chili Cheese Fritos, and Peanut Butter Twix
My dream is to drive the Oscar Meyer hot dog car.
Oscar Meyer hot dogs every night. Not even with a bun every time.
wow, the internet is creepy sometimes. (I'm giving Oscar Meyer the stink eye right now)
Alissa Endres and Angela Bunstead, the official "hotdoggers," or drivers, of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.
If Oscar Meyer boats to the Miami Dolphins job, make no mistake, its because Harbaugh happened in Ann Arbor.
10 things you didn't know about Oscar Meyer:
We all have that one homie who always gotta lie. The homie who's phony and Bologna.. Thanks Oscar Meyer
Bet she's had more weiners than Oscar Meyer.
"How does it feel to be dating an Oscar Meyer Weiner"
don't forget the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile
On my way home from work today and what should drive past me?,the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile. A little happiness on the road today.
ROFL! His wish to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner came true, apparently!
LOL. idk what would be cooler... Getting to pilot that or drive the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile?
Oscar Meyer found its way to my timeline in the midst of Cameron's pig romance
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Oscar Meyer created a hilarious dating app entirely based on your love of bacon — via
almost looks like what the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile had a kid
My roommate yelled "No don't eat the bologna!" b/c she dreamt she was married to Oscar Meyer & the bologna was talking.
We'll finish w this ..EVERYONE! meet Kevin. B4 the Mirage called Jason, Oscar Meyer named John, there was U. Innovate, Lead, Be You
Sean Maloney should be the spokes person for Oscar Meyer bologna. Maloney Bologna!
Oscar Meyer makes fun of fitness fads ... And it's pretty funny. Check out out here:
get used to the nauseously beautiful playing nerds Oscar Meyer. It won't be going away any time soon
just saw the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile on the highway. i am very happy about it. 👍🏻
Some of my better Fallout Shelter baby names: Oscar Meyer, Jon Snow, Louis Anne Clark, Joseph Smith
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