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Oscar Meyer

The Oscar Mayer Company is an American meat and cold cut production company, owned by Kraft Foods, known for its hot dogs, bologna, bacon and Lunchables products.

Oscar Meyer Weiner Oscar Meyer Weinermobile Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile Oscar Meyer Wienermobile Paul Ryan

Just saw an Oscar Meyer drive by our house. Don't see that every day.
President Oscar Meyer would be an improvement. . Not talking about the CEO- I mean an actual frankfurte…
I don't remember the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile being in Dune.
white people at the gym smell like a package of Oscar Meyer Wieners™
this is Oscar Meyer the new Sky Pig 🐷 he is my baby and I love him
One of the admins loves oscar meyer brand hootdoogs sorry
I got that fiyahh holla at me guh when you want that oscar meyer
The person who first wished to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner so that everyone would be in love with them must have been a very i…
marketing is a perfectly valid analytical lens here at Oscar Meyer. University
NEWS : Lady Gaga and Dennis Rodman were at TRUMP Jr meeting. Rodman thrown out for eating part of Gaga dress made out of Os…
We used to ride the oscar meyer wiener bus and sing the them song and everything 😂
Forget the iconic Wienermobile: Oscar Meyer markets with the new WeinerDrone
Still stunting in the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile
lol they have better ones than oscar Meyer lmao
If you've never had your picture with the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, have you really lived? 🤔🌭📷.
Let's find Mr so called Oscar Meyer hotdog man too
Wait- Is that an Oscar Meyer Weiner in her mouth?!
Washington? Is that where Oscar Meyer went while Walker was AWOL from Wisconsin spending $90k/day pr…
"You ain't want no Oscar Meyer ham on white with mayo only when you was go'n to Vetal?..?. Somebody gone kill you.". LSHICB!!
Memestew hitting you with that Oscar Meyer Weiner feels. Pick up the new vaporwave album from your local wienermobi…
This vote is clearly biased. It's a TX thread. That's like asking a NYer if they like Oscar Meyer…
I got lunch detention for singing the Oscar Meyer wiener song because they thought I was just using the song to say…
Bet you fanboys wished you were that Oscar Meyer Weiner
I basically do this with Oscar Meyer Wieners.
you should make reservations as Oscar Mayer (pronounced Meyer for some reason..) when eating somewhere out alone. 😂
. I'd like to see The Oscar Meyer hot dog car
I'd like to see the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile
The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile needs to be put in Forza Horizon 3 immediately, Microsoft. Imagine the po…
It would be awesome to have the Oscar Meyer wiener car in Forza
Is Australia under attack from the Oscar Meyer Hot Dog?
I always get the oscar meyer because that's what wal mart has, but it's all the same. Just season it go…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Still cries when he sees the Oscar Meyer puppies commercial.
The best part is the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile on treads.
Resign as Speaker, return to your roots and drive the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, P-Ry
Now I can't get that Oscar Meyer song out my head
Didn't know the Oscar Meyer hot dog car was still a thing
scrambled with Oscar Meyer cheese dogs😭🤤😂 Matter of a fact, my sons been raised a little to…
help me die I want to be driven into a volcano inside the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile with free milo stuff about
Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile will be at Brookshires today
Oscar Meyer has ALWAYS been apart of the family, on the BBQ to our camp fires. Get to the table
Oscar Meyer is removing nitrates from their hot dogs so now we can enjoy the pure taste of cow & pig buttholes.
One of the most unexpected pleasures of my life is when the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile happened to park in my street for about a week.
Paul Ryan looks like the human equivalent to the Oscar Meyer Weiner. When we lived in WI I a…
I got that fire. i got that fire .girl holla at a *** if you want that Oscar Meyer😛
Did not realize Oscar Meyer gave awards.
Bartolo Colon gonna throw 9 perfect innings tomorrow then exit the stadium in an Oscar Meyer truck
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I'm imagining you Euro Trucking around in the Oscar Meyer hotdog-mobile now, thanks Jeff.
Can I like rent an Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile
hmm... Oscar Meyer bologna must be "quality" protein for you, as well. :-|
Me too bologna. I can't be the only one who sings the Oscar Meyer song of it when I spell it out
I saw for the very first time, they Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile on the road. It was pretty amazing.
Oscar Mayer Mansion For Sale! ❤️ For those who truly want to be an Oscar Meyer wiener.;)
It's pretty clear never saw the old Oscar Meyer commercials.
Oscar Meyer bologna oughta be a meme.
Why do soiled armpits smell like Oscar Meyer bologna? Answer in 5 words.
"BOLOGNA" Oscar Meyer had a song to help you spell it. Please go back to grammar school.
UPDATE: Paul Ryan's only job outside of politics was as a sales manager for Oscar Meyer hot dogs when he was in college.
I wish they would cut to Papa Roach already on the Thomas Jefferson Memorial Stage at Coachella. (Brought to you by Oscar Meyer)
Go back to Wisconsin and get your day job back. Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile driver.more your speedwhere you came from
Me and Kat got up close and personal with the Oscar Meyer mobile!!
. Lol sodomize yourself with your own Oscar Meyer.
Or, i'm glad i'm not an Oscar Meyer Weiner. That is truly what I don't want to be-e-e
does not understand business, his only private sector job was driving the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile
shooting for the Oscar Meyer dream of "everyone would be in love with me" Hot dog boy never gets the *** vote
It's really just a fat Oscar Meyer wiener, right? And for the record, although an NLer, I wouldn't touch either.
Oscar Meyer’s advertising is getting a little... |
I have to sing that stupid Oscar Meyer jingle in my head (or sometimes out loud because YOLO)
Oscar Meyer’s advertising is getting a little...
I woke up singing the Oscar Meyer bologna jingle in my head 😐
random commercial tag lines seem to fall out of my brain-. "oh i wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner...". is it just me?
"Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener, that is what I truly wish to be, ..., ' cause everyone would be in love with me"
People do not realize how fast they can die over Oscar Meyer products. ha
His only private job as an adult was driving Oscar Meyer Weiner-mobile one summer.Wife's a millionaire. Does not ne…
who else spells out the word bologna while mentally singing the Oscar Meyer song?. asking for a friend
Oscar Meyer House - stop one on the Art Fort Lauderdale tour
Oscar Meyer’s advertising is getting a little suggestive
I hate it when there's a cop around and ppl start going the speed limit. Oscars man. Scraight Oscar Meyer wieners
In the Meyer family, we give you the son ! Go follow aspiring concept artist Oscar Meyer on instagram :…
These P3 packs from Oscar Meyer come in clutch.
No. I think she'll go with Oscar Meyer this time.
who tf wakes up and thinks, "today I'm going to attempt to curl my hair with Oscar Meyer weenies"
ohhh no not Oscar Meyer too! i lost it over Bernstein vs Berenstain
it's oscar Meyer but the packaging says Mayer we're being scammed
We cannot, and will not, elect a man who doesn't even know the Oscar Meyer Weiner song.
This man on the bus complaining that Trader Joe's "don't sell NO Oscar Meyer, no Del Monte can goods"
That room probably smells like oscar meyer lunchmeat
Couldn't afford Bacon. Put in jail for stealing 666lbs of Oscar Meyer Bacon
We running low on the store brand so we just spread the *** Oscar Meyer out. she says "i dont like how this is set up, rearrange this"
So we got the Kroger brand bacon and the Oscar Meyer bacon on this wood shelf right. one is 2/$5 the other is $2.99... cool
LOL! Easy! "Oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner . . . . . "
I'm proud to say that I have seen the oscar Meyer Weimar truck I my lifetime😂
. Someone should tell both the whiners, Urban "Oscar" Meyer & Nick "Napoleon" Saban to;. "Suck it up cookie!"
👈 Sings I wish I was a Oscar Meyer wiener to try and attract Calta 😂
When I was a kid, I learned a vulgar anti-Carter song to the Oscar Meyer tune. It was only years later I understood how horrible that was.
it's even spelled mayer in the Oscar mayer song. ppl remember it being Meyer? Weird.
Mr. Oscar Meyer on the regular made me laugh so much 😂😂
STOP. You be hanging out with Mr. Oscar Meyer on the regular huh
I want some more of that Oscar Meyer maple bacon. 😋
So please get your bandwagon *** out of here and go root for your boy Oscar Meyer.
Slim stick with a little *** in progress. (Also I am not any type of think it's the socks I have oscar Meyer legs…
Marissa Mayer to resign from Yahoo's board of directors via
When i was a kid i was almost in an oscar meyer commercial but i couldn't spell bologna. . Really everything has been downhill from there.
Dabo beat Auburn at Auburn, Heisman winner, FSU at FSU, ACC Title game, then Urban Meyer and Nick Sabah in the playoff. Pret…
I'd run miles for an Oscar Meyer Weiner
BUT. We all like his brother, Oscar Meyer.
"I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener" = the song you never want to hear your gynecologist whistling.
Update your maps at Navteq
"You can't vacate a bowl game if you don't win" - Oscar Meyer
she missed out. Thinly sliced Oscar meyer all beef dog in a 2 egg omelette seasoned with garlic pepper and Tony's
It's clear you never worked beyond flipping burgers at McDonalds and driving the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile. You career politico
I just saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner car on the highway. It's going to be a good day.
I don't wish i was an Oscar Meyer wiener
Oscar Meyer tried to sign me when i was 4...i turned them down.independent, no deal
Within my own lifetime, in TV ads a child sang that he wished he was an Oscar Meyer wiener because everyone would be in…
He need to shut his Oscar Meyer wiener head *** up.
Man I'm geeked. I just saw the Oscar Meyer wiener truck
He's the biggest snowflake of all! Thinner skin than an Oscar Meyer wiener.
Oscar Meyer is the wiener no one loves.
Almost died today trying to get a picture of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile while driving.
The new model of Oscar Meyer Weinermobile seems to have diverged a lot from the original design...
Am I the only one who remembers being spelled like Oscar Meyer
I need to keep up with Bulls or nah?... well keep scrolling you rotten Oscar Meyer Weiner lover
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
6. Oscar Mayer/Meyer: theres literally an old commerical with a kid singing the oscar mayer song where he literally SPELLS m…
like the oscar Meyer like I always though it's actually oscar Mayer etc
Oscar Meyer fully cooked bacon is just $1.79 after coupon!
And simultaneously the reason I loathe Vienna sausages and Oscar Meyer wieners
Held mock elections in local gov't class and I ran on platform that working with Oscar Meyer Weinermobile for 10 years qualified me. I won.
I have officially live I just saw the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile on the road life goal accomplished
Started the day with the Oscar Meyer Weiner song stuck in my head. It's still there...
Sung to the Oscar Meyer Weiner song - "My *** has a voi-oice, says bla-bla-bla-bla-bla..."
New work by our talented photographer Oscar Meyer for Eurowoman! 🌙🌟
Ah, yes, the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile!
Demolition Man: Schwarzenegger became President, all restaurants become Taco Bell, & everyone's an Oscar Meyer Weiner.
Nicole, does Howard know your *** was sent to Oscar Meyer and ended up in some poor slob's can of Vienna Sausages?
Ryan becomes unimportant when you get, his only other job before Intern was driver of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.
FUN FACT: Speaker of the House once worked for Oscar Meyer and drove the Wienermobile.
"Correct, Weiner connection of course highlights this further... a were an Oscar Meyer Weiner
"I was 3. It was an Oscar Meyer Weenie whistle. Christmas came, no weenie whistle. That's when I stopped believing."
"We need to stand in solidarity against the rapacious rich," Chuck Collins
Lyin' Ryan was once the driver of the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile. Perfect job for him - he should go back to it.
I just saw the Oscar Meyer wiener truck drive by the hotel
Oscar Meyer planted the bomb didn't he/she/it?
do you think Sausage Party is missing out on an Oscar Meyer wieners collaboration for promotion for the Oscars?? :)
This whole time I thought Oscar Mayer was spelled MEYER. I could've sworn!!
The only approp job for him is driving the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile and demonstrating to "adults" - which = no job.
💘 💘 GOLD PAW ANNOUNCEMENT - OSCAR MEYER 💘 💘. Great news for Koffee, the little dox found in a puppy mill. When...
There's a sentence I had hoped never to hear outside of the Oscar Meyer picking plant.
Y'all not gon keep breaking my heart . Next person that does , imma square up on they Oscar Meyer wiener head *** .
as if the former Oscar Meyer Weiner salesman knows anything about either. Give me a break.
I told my self I was going to do math but instead I decided to change my header photo to the Oscar Meyer Weiner bus.
Sedaris singing Away in a Manger as Billie Holliday never fails to kill me, but I could only find him singing the Oscar Meyer song
also wishes he were an Oscar Meyer kid
is on tonight playas! Be there or be an Oscar Meyer L 7 weenie
I'm all about self confidence, but today I felt like an L7 weenie... Oscar Meyer even...
Dang Carl just sing the Oscar Meyer wiener song.
I wish I was an oscar Meyer wiener because I wouldn't have to go to work tomorrow.
At a benefit showing of The Santa Clause, gave the audience a demonstration of the Osc…
How good has Urban Meyer been as HC? Dabo Swinney would have to win his next 78 games to equal his win %. Meyer 165-28, Swi…
"She's seen more franks than Oscar Meyer."
Mandella effect: Oscar mAyer has never been Oscar MEyer.
This woman came through my line talking about making gumbo... she had oscar meyer hot dogs in her cart
Give it a rest my butterflies it's a cop car not the Oscar Meyer car *** people pick a cau…
You would think he'd be a natural for Oscar Meyer . . .
the Oscar Meyer wiener truck ain't seen that in 30 yrs. ironic hit a Clinton bus it seem she has a Wiener problem.
[Lance voice] I may not be a lot of things but you can bet your behind that I am an Oscar Meyer Weiner
Media declaring HRC winner of 2nd debate, more anti-Trump coverage than Oscar Meyer Weiner commericials in the 70's…
oust the former Oscar Meyer Weiner salemans, Paul Ryan.
it's safe to say Vinnie does NOT want to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner
Just saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile is parked at the Courtyard Marriott by Mitchell Intl. :-D
we still have dudes thinking their little Oscar Meyer *** can make a girl loose, but we can squeeze a baby out so like?
- 🎤 "Because I wear my Oscar Meyer Weiners / Everyone will be in love with me! 🎤🏆
let's not overlook "the peter Parker" which sounds like the valet for the Oscar Meyer Weiner Car.
not his MO.. Now if you said the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile or a school bus full of strippers, maybe?
what is the connection between Thomas Mair, Liz Mair, Bill Maher, Oscar Meyer? Plz respond.
Yep that's the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. does and at the Henry Ford Museum.
I know I'm at a mainlander/townie wedding because the couple did the "sing a love song" game and NO ONE played the Oscar Meyer wiener song.
... muslim immigrants need their employment restricted to Oscar Meyer, Smithfield, or Jummy Dean ...
Sometimes I just wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner.
THIS JUST IN: the US Military has contracted with Jimmy Dean & Oscar Meyer to supply the pork fat bullet coating for all 5.56 ammunition ...
also, I don't look like the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile.
"Everybody is about to know you know the Oscar Meyer song." "It's the Bologna song..." - Vince
I just saw the Oscar Meyer hotdog car
Breast Cancer Awareness
Strange, the ex-Oscar Meyer Wiener salesman talking to the President who couldn't keep his wiener in his pants.
We live in a world where we have to hide to make l ... by Oscar Nilsson
Now your bologna has a first and last name: Andy Lambros. The story of how the classic Oscar Meyer commercial...
Imagining you pulling up in the oscar meyer mobile.
I h8 people who can't hold a decent conversation.I swear it's like Im better off talking to a pack of Oscar Meyer's than trying to talk to u
I wish I were an Oscar Meyer winner
*sighing I get out of bed pulling on my robe I walk downstairs Oscar & Meyer follow me into the kitchen I pour a glass >>
Oscar Meyer is recalling 96,000 pounds of hot dogs for containing cheese. A hot dog made with an identifiable food? Gross!
Mr. Dobbs check out Paul Ryan's wiki page, he used to drive the Oscar Meyer Weinbermobile for a living. Classic!!
Ryan is an ex-Oscar Meyer Weiner salesman, endorsed by a Boehner, in league with a Pres. who is screwing us. Irony
assisted by Oscar Meyer at the landmark Hillshire Farms house
Does anyone else sing the Oscar Meyer song when attempting to spell the word "bologna"?
*at Walmart*. man In parking lot: "I'm trying to find some Oscar Meyer bologna, can you help me out? ". "no idea man" 😂😂😂
Lmao I think he looks like a Oscar Meyer wiener
My lips look like two Oscar Meyer hot dogs
killing Santa. He must now take his place and give out free Oscar Meyer weenie whistles.
I have two major goals in life. 1.) Be in an adult softball league. 2.) Find the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile and have my photo taken when I do
My dad just came home with a package of Oscar-Meyer cold cut meat and proceeded to eat the entire thing with a fork.
Mary had a little lamb,. And now she moans its lossage;. For Oscar Meyer captured it,. And now it's frankfurt sausage.
Frankly (no pun intended) Ryan should've stuck w/driving the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile, he'd be statistic of Walker
uh. Is that an Oscar Meyer transformer?
I got that 🔥I got that 🔥little mama holla at ya woadie if you want this Oscar Meyer 💯
Jen and I have three inflatable aliens (3 different sizes) and an inflatable Oscar Meyer wiener in our kitchenette
She told me she was hungry, so I fed her this oscar meyer ***
Sick got that fiya girl holla at that *** if want this Oscar Meyer.
We spotted the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile yesterday in Grand Rapids!! This iconic vehicle has been roaming the...
I just saw an Oscar Meyer Weiner car lol🌭🌭🌭
Looks like Turbojosh22 got picked up by Oscar-Meyer.
Jordan wants to name her kids gerard, Condom the 2nd, Oscar Meyer wiener, and ***
u kno for Oscar award winner, u would figure Leo DiCaprio would have better Russian accent. "would u call him an Oscar Meyer winner?"
I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weaner. Oh that is what I'd really like to be.
"I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner."
ha ha ha... oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner. **winner**
the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile someone compare this to killed it for me
Just think if Oscar Meyer would have gave him the ball against sparty. Don't worry, Uncle Jerry will make sure Jason Garrett does. HBTC!
Is that the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile, or is just happy to see us?
Saw the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile on the way home from work
Call for immediate boycott of Oscar Meyer. Moving from Madison WI.
Dan, make sure Trump knows about Oscar Meyer (Kraft) closing in Madison, WI - over 1000 jobs lost!
Tell Trump to mention Oscar Meyer closing in Madison!
I only like commercial jingles.. I'm an Oscar Meyer wiener is my all time favorite..
We're out here!!! Look for us behind the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile!!
* rolls up to prom in an Oscar Meyer wiener bus
Why did I just bike by the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile?
Tune playing in his mind, "Feelings" by Morris Albert. That or the Oscar Meyer wiener song.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener🎶
I'm in the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile right now and it's amazing
so, the Oscar Meyer wiener-mobile was parked at the Hotel behind work all week. I've never heard grandmothers make so many dirty jokes.
If you haven't sung the Oscar Meyer wiener song as Arnold Schwarzenegger, you haven't lived.
. Was it that "Sheena was a man"? . If so, hope you threw him out, cause you don't fool around with no Oscar Meyer wiener"
Oh I'd like to be an Oscar Meyer wiener...
Ohhh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener.
only if you are a in Oscar Meyer.
It looks like an Oscar Meyer wiener!!
are you an Oscar Meyer wiener though?
Is the debate being sponsored by Oscar Meyer's?
Ted Cruz got the Oscar Meyer position on stage... it's an unfortunate background.
Is your set designer named Oscar Meyer by any chance?
Republican Debate on CNN sponsored by Oscar Meyer? That is a hotdog right?
Oscar Meyer probably sponsored the debate. God bless America.
Tonight's debate is brought to you by Oscar Meyer
I think Oscar Meyer has paid for subliminal hot dog advertising in the backdrop of this debate.
There's a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in. by Oscar Nilsson htt…
I speak for the giant Oscar Meyer wiener behind me
what's with the Oscar Meyer background?
debate... Brought to you by Oscar Meyer.
Kudos to CNN for getting Oscar Meyer to sponsor the biggest Weiners tonight!!
This answer brought to you by Oscar Meyer
Looks like he got caught driving the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile.
Tfw the debate was sponsored Oscar Meyer Wiener
I love the way the participants have an Oscar Meyer Weiner in the background!
The is brought to us by Oscar Meyer Weiners.
Yes! It's like they're debating to be the new CEO of Oscar Meyer.
like Oscar Meyer has bought the advertisement behind the candidates!
Cruz tonight is debating in front of a giant Oscar Meyer Weiner
Meet Black Singles 300x250
A5 Depends on brand. If I have a bad flight experience, reach out. But if I mention a hot dog, I don’t want Oscar Meyer pestering.
Just got hollered at. By the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile. Not just a joke. This happened
I’m protesting the Oscars this year by not serving Veal Oscar during the telecast. We’re having Oscar Meyer.
If he did, they could just as well give him an Oscar Meyer weenie.
i keep thinkin ur typing oscar meyer like... the Weiner...
Oscar Meyer need to ramp up their online presence.
"This puppy vacation stuff is hard work" Oscar Meyer
Monsignor Oscar Meyer, patron saint of the Bacon Frock.
Lol I know. But turkey bacon is really good tho. Especially the Oscar Meyer one. 😋
check out the Mets Colon, I hear he drives the Oscar Meyer hot dog mobile
Håvard you crack me up with your funny accent and your silly Oscar Meyer picture.
I think the next time will smith gets an oscar will be when it has Meyer Bologna at the end of it.
is hosting a tapeworm he got from an Oscar Meyer wiener
I just saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner truck... I want hot dogs now 󾌦
Is still rating lunches? Today mine was Oscar Meyer turkey and reduced-fat swiss on toast. No condiments. I am an adult.
Did you know that Burger King sells hot dogs now because the same company that bought Oscar Meyer bought BK? So that's coo.
Amish market turkey bacon will have u never buying Oscar Meyer again.
I would rather get hit by the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile than go into work today.
I'll buy stock in Oscar Meyer... Just say when...
Think Vega could pimp out the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile for Panda?
Let's start a campaign to give Oscar Meyer wieners instead of Oscars and donate the money saved to better pipes in Michigan
Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us. - Oscar Wilde
you like Oscar Meyer or farmer John more?
Must be a lot of weenie's in Oscar Meyer marketing!
I can't stop humming the Oscar Meyer Weiner song... I still can't decide if this is a good thing or a bad thing
If you were socks you'd be the kind with nubbins so you don't slip and if you were a hotdog you'd be an Oscar Meyer Weiner
Nothing to cheer up rush hour traffic like spotting the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile on the way…
Trump Militia leader Gudger Smallworth carjacks the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile to serve as lead Sharia Patrol vehicle.
Hey which is better, Armour hot dogs or Oscar Meyer Weiners?
There are a lot of Oscars out there including Oscar Meyer but there is only one golden Jess.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
pimped out Oscar Meyer Weiner truck!!
Minnesota Twins Alex Meyer greeted by Oscar a miniature goldendoodle @ the end of a spring training workout http…
Pretty sure Donald Trump is made of 86% Oscar Meyer Bologna and 14% Propecia
Oscar Meyer Kids Revisited: “The was a re-shooting of the famed kids photo of our childhoo...
"I want to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner" . Best thing ever said ever in my entire life
Was that a speech or an Oscar Meyer Weiner commercial?
I'm an Oscar Meyer man. Been thinkin about Hebrew National one day if I hit the lotto.
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