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Oscar Meyer

The Oscar Mayer Company is an American meat and cold cut production company, owned by Kraft Foods, known for its hot dogs, bologna, bacon and Lunchables products.

Oscar Meyer Weiner Oscar Meyer Weinermobile Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile Oscar Meyer Wienermobile Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile Billie Holiday David Sedaris

We were talking about bell bottoms squishing the male anatomy and the oscar Meyer wiener truck drove by
I see the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile
He's hilarious - we did the Oscar Meyer song at a THATCamp several yrs ago and I sometimes use it in class
I teach it with the Oscar Meyer balogna song.
And Finley takes home the gold, absolutely destroying Ranger, Lexi, and Oscar Meyer.
Wise words of b-rad dad "Don't fool around with no Oscar Meyer Weiner"
False start in the Butch category, but Finley, in his well-suited Superman Cape, beat out Oscar Meyer.
Never before seen, the inside of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.
When I grow up I want to drive the Oscar Meyer wiener bus.
I feel in love with his Oscar Meyer 🙊
Have any ladies made a song about their v's to the tune of the Oscar Meyer wiener song?
It's 11pm, I have softball practice at 10am and I'm making 7, 140 calories oscar Meyer hotdogs all for myself
it smells like Oscar Meyer hotdogs on the grill
Just saw the oscar meyer wiener car and I must say it made my night
So the Oscar Meyer truck (van?) was on our ferry. This is a terrible picture but I don't care.
Two peas plus Oscar, the trouble Meyer. (Oscar Meyer)
Oscar Meyer Weinermobile in front of our bus
Have been loving the P3 packs from Oscar Meyer so I made my own with Thai Spiced almonds from Trader…
Just witnessed the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile
I just saw the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile! Its lke the size of a bus!!
Just saw the Oscar Meyer wiener made
My first DUI was in a red bull car. My second was in an Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile.
I just drove upwards of 6 miles alongside the Oscar Meyer mobile on the 405
I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner. That is what I truly wish to be.
we're old :(. I remember when Oscar Meyer became our coach. Those were the days
It's always a good day when you see the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile!
Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile spotted in Tomah, love that thing! 🎶Oh, I was I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner 🎶
I got that fire girl holla at BP if you want that oscar meyer
cause if I were and Oscar Meyer wiener
Yep, my life search for the official Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile is finally complete
So, I threw him out. I don't mess with no Oscar Meyer Weiner. ✌️😎
Oh yea, you have big hands? Not my fault you have sausage fingers. . GET SOME REAL FINGERS OSCAR MEYER!!!
If you are in the Stillwater area on Saturday, stop by Cub Foods and you will see the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile...
the only wiener I know is Oscar Meyer
Don't you just hate it when mom buys you the wrong kind of hot dogs... Oscar Meyer or none at all
~if you wish you were an Oscar Meyer Wiener. And that is what youd really like to beee-e-e?~ Then your obviously in dire need of therapy-y-y
Juvenile really said holla if you want that Oscar Meyer lmao bye
Love it MT no idea what you're saying; here's a pic of Oscar Meyer Weinermobile loading on a C-17
Baby I was in a room full of women I wasn't alone and Oscar & Meyer were with me. I love you Baby I've never had anyone >>
I got that fire, I got that fire something about a mouth and Oscar Meyer. •WRONG• 🙉
the other day, in place of mortadella, I just fried up some Oscar Meyer baloney.
my mother randomly starts singing the Oscar Meyer song while driving... alrighty then
This is one time you wish you were not, driving, a Oscar Meyer
I have no idea what you're saying, so here is a picture of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile getting loaded on a C-17 http:…
Hy-Vee shoppers, here is your Deal of the Day for Friday, September 19th. Oscar Meyer cracked black pepper...
-Home from yoga class, feeling really relaxed. I walk into the house with Oscar & Meyer dropping my bag by the door>>
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Either very clever or very coincidental...all Oscar Meyer hot dogs were buy one get one free at the grocery today.
And, because it's perfection, David Sedaris as Billie Holiday singing Oscar Meyer: .
If for any reason someone makes an Oscar Meyer reference, it's instantly David Sedaris as Billie Holiday.
just want Chris Parnell to know that yes, I hear ur voice in the car insurance *and* the Oscar Meyer commercial & feel very empty afterwards
jesus singing the Oscar Meyer wiener jingle just popped into my head... . weiners > jesus
You'll come off as weird as a man ripping a package of Oscar Meyer wiener dogs open with his teeth.
Oh I wish I had an Oscar Meyer wiener...
you love it Oscar Meyer wiener head ***
Get in on this Oscar Meyer discussion
Or... I have that fire, I have that fire, you should holler at a *** if you want that Oscar Meyer 👱
Oscar Meyer has the best hotdogs and bacon.
A lady on the tour bus just pulled a raw Oscar Meyer Weiner out of her purse and ate it in the middle of the restaurant...
seeing the same Oscar Meyer wiener car in 5 separate locations
I don't fool around with no Oscar Meyer wiener. also
Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile is in town in case you didn't know already.
Ryan was beyond his depth when driving the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile.
As a kid, I misheard “vacant lot” as "bacon lot" so assumed bacon grew in the one nearby and Oscar Meyer harvested it every year.
DAN I MADE YOU A JINGLE dan,dan,Danisnotonfire,he is even better than oscar Meyer
can't wait! I'll be wearing my Oscar meyer wiener suit and qotsa shirt on Halloween day!
The Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile just passed me on the highway. 😳
SPOTTED! - The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile heading down Wildwood Boulevard into the Wildwoods! Keep your eyes peeled.
The google car is a harbinger of good luck. Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile. bad luck.
has given out more wiener whistles than Oscar Meyer.
Oscar Meyer Weiner song 1 of the hottest joints of all time
I kid you not I pick my mom up from getting mouth surgery and she's singing the oscar Meyer wiener song but added a few f words 😂
"And if I were an Oscar Meyer wiener, everyone would be in love with me."🎶
Anyone else have the Oscar Meyer Bologna song in their head this morning, or am I just special?
I was driving home after a rough day.,then a big Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile pulled up next to me.
Oh NO; the weiner coming up in your rear (Oscar Meyer has a way.) LOL
To the tune of the Oscar Meyer song; My abortion has a first name, it's A B O R T, my abortion has a second name it's F R E
they the Oscar Meyer p3 packs all protein great snack
Oscar Meyer is a sweetheart that loves dogs & kids. Won't you give him a new chance at love?
someone ate all my Oscar Meyer turkey and i am nOT HAPPY
Cuz ima big dawg, I move lean like Oscar Meyer move hot dogs . Lmaooo
Oddly I did see the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile today on Highway 98.
dude I nearly forgot! Remember Oscar Meyer from swim lessons last year? I have his little brother, named Fin!
Why would anyone want to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner?
A grown *** man brought oscar meyer p3 protein packs into a meeting. I sent him to timeout.
Who is Oscar Meyer? And why does every body want to be his weiner?
*comes to pick up your daughter for her first date in the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile*
Its too bad your favorite rappers ain't inspired that's why a *** came to light the fire now the game is on my oscar meyer
Roll with the punches like a stoner boxer. Cold cuts with my lunches like Meyer, Oscar
Padre begins singing, "Oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener..." Mother joins in. I am surrounded by songs of hot dogs. What is lyfe?
Yo Willian and Oscar are really trash 😂😂😂.. Chelsea over pays the most... 100 mil combined for 2 average players at best
Yet, it's still ok to embellish *** Brian Leiter's intelligence with the title Oscar Meyer Weiner of
Oscar's playing like his full name is Oscar Meyer Wiener, and Germans love those
true but c'mon.. The whole tournament I ain't see no type of creativity from this team.. Willian, Oscar, smh..
A morning spent with Oscar Meyer, my little boy and Jesus. %u2026
Go with the Oscar Meyer, they have more selection.
well my thought for ADW was instead of Anti Pers. Mines it would be strips of Oscar Meyer !
As an Inf. Officer you know importance of that. Instead of anti pers mines they'd be strips of Oscar Meyer in AO!
Oscar Meyer thick cut bacon is the best thing that ever happened to me
"Christian looks like an oscar Meyer hot dog"
Have you joined our group yet? We have serious discussions about things like the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile...
I MADE YOU A JINGLE! Dan,Dan,Danisnotonfire, he is better than the turkey made by Oscar Meyer. You like it?
Having three dogs when I'm older and naming them oscar, Meyer, and weiner. Ha. Ha
Really want a wiener dog named Oscar Meyer, or an English bulldog named Queen Elizabeth. 🐶
I know I'm an adult & all, but every time I have to spell "bologna" I still refer to the Oscar Meyer Commercial & spell it out through song
at my sisters means I get to see my nephew, Oscar Meyer Weiner!
“How many times Lytticia eat that oscar meyer hot dog? — LMFAO GTF
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"Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner/ Undulating underneath the sea"
Song currently stuck in my head: a medley of the Oscar Meyer Weiner jingle and John Lithgow singing about being a manatee.
Drinking a $35 bottle of wine and eating an Oscar Meyer bologna sandwich.
"All boys schools should be renamed "Oscar Meyer" for the inevitable sausage party"
a2: so cool but alone so no photos of the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile on I-95
my mom has a Polaroid with the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile
We just passed the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile on the freeway omg I've never seen it in real life
Just saw the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile on route 113 outside of Phoenixville - a perfect July 4th weekend!
My dream is to drive through Amish country in the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile and create awkward questions for all the families.
In this Q&A with I talk about the Oscar Meyer wiener song and coin the term "lovers' astral plane."
I always figured you were more like the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile whistle. Cause everyone wants to blow your wiener. 😝
I actually own an original Oscar Meyer wiener whistle. (google it)
If you had three wishes, what would they be? — I wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener - That's what I'd really like ...
Who's been singing the Oscar Meyer wiener song? I hate you right now. Stupid earworm...
Thank you Oscar Meyer wieners for wiener whistles
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
That time I told Foghorn Leghorn what's what on an Oscar Meyer commercial.
Jesse James Dupree just led a sing along to the Oscar Meyer bologna song. Whee!
if you use Oscar Meyer bologna and velveeta slices w/ Miracle Whip, Wonder Bread is the choice of sandwich champions
Oscar Meyer rappers everything they spits bologna 😂
My bologna has a 1st name it's O S C A R my bologna has a 2nd name it's M E Y E R [more lyrics] cuz Oscar Meyer has a name it B O L O G N A.
yeah, you got the deli counter bologna, then the Oscar Meyer, then that stuff at the bottom of the cold cut case.
. . And Sara Lee and Chester Cheetah and Green Giant and Oscar Meyer and Red Baron and Haagen Daaz . . And I'm forgetting a few (hundred) but I love em ALL!! Feed me dammit!
bologna (I only know bc Oscar Meyer wiener commercial)
I have the Oscar Meyer bologna jingle stuck in my head 😕
“Would you ask Oscar Meyer that question?” - Earl Campbell
Are you sponsored by Oscar Meyer with that bologna patch you've got?
Every time I read the word bologna, I don't read it as bologna. I have to spell it out like the Oscar Meyer Weiner song
What is up with middlebrook pike? Everyday I drive home from work and there are men ranging from Bill Nye to the Gangnam Style guy, going for their daily jog. That's cool, get your workout on booboo, But listen, I'm about to apply to finger length rule because the booty shorts are NOT okay. On top of that, none of them wear underwear. Listen here, Oscar Meyer,!
Man Chris Parnell does a ton of commercial voice overs now. Cyril Figgis is selling us Oscar Meyer products.
Oscar Meyer is recalling some hotdogs. Some of the cheese dogs ended up in the regular hot dog wrapping
Dang! Lights are flickering. Thunder is clapping and lightning is popping. The boys (Mardi Gras and Oscar Meyer) are whining and obviously ready for bed. I think I'll join them. Great sleeping weather! (hopefully!)
Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile spotted in downtown Indy!
Had to put our Oscar Meyer wiener dog to sleep this morning, it was one if the hardest things I've ever had to do. He was our buddy, companion and part of the family for 12 years. We will miss him.
I have finally seen it...the elusive Oscar Meyer wiener truck!!
Throwback to when the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile visited work.
Just passed the Oscar Meyer wiener truck
Passed the Oscar Meyer wiener on the way to Norman.
I just spotted the Oscar Meyer wiener car
So bummed I could not get a pic of the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile that was passing me on the street
Just saw the 'Oscar Meyer' wiener mobile :)
Just passes the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile in Tennessee.
One time when I was 4 I auditioned to be in an Oscar Meyer wiener commercial outside of a grocery store in their hotdog shaped truck
Omg I just saw the Oscar Meyer wiener Mobil!!!
I wonder what kind of mileage the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile gets. I might trade in.
saw the Oscar Meyer wiener truck on my way to Cali, I win
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I want to be Oscar Meyer's wiener, I have my reasons.
That dudes belly button looked like the end of an Oscar Meyer wiener 😷😂
Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile headed up i15 towards Barstow.
Anybody else as a childhood dream of driving the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile.or that just me? I still kinda do doe
Just passed an Oscar Meyer wiener truck... 😂
Between crazy Jesus people, numerous fights, crazy frat boys, the Oscar Meyer wiener van, and Switchfoot it's been a GREAT shift
bruh she wants an Oscar Meyer's wiener
Just passed the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile. Not sure how to feel.
When you're singing the Oscar Meyer wiener song with your bud
I've actually never wished I was an Oscar Meyer wiener... and now that I think about that, I kinda feel a bit left out!
That I was an Oscar Meyer wiener of course.
OMG now they're in my head tap dancing and singing the Oscar Meyer wiener song
I just saw the actual Oscar Meyer wiener bus in San Antonio!!!
I really wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener.
I'd get three of them and name them Oscar Meyer and Wiener
Second time I've seen the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile 🙌
Just got downtown to see the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile!
Not again! If I were an Oscar Meyer wiener, I'd bend over for more snow ...
you got burned like an Oscar Meyer wiener.
Just got attacked by a wiener dog named Oscar Meyer.
Check out what I saw today! I wish I were an Oscar Meyer wiener!
Anytime I spell bologna, I have to sing the Oscar Meyer wiener song in my head 😳
Jan just sang and danced to the Oscar Meyer wiener song and reenacted the Law and Order: SVU music.
Do you ever wish you were an Oscar Meyer wiener?
Just passed the Oscar Meyer Wiener truck in LR!
Does anyone know if the oscar meyer lunch meat and lunchables count toward the "Dairy, Deli and Cheese" mperk reward or would those be "meat"?
There really is an Oscar Meyer weenie mobile!
Just heard! Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile at Port Orchard Fred Meyer! Is it true???
The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile stopped by our store in Benton, AR today!
Oscar Meyer bacon is on sale for $3.99 at stop n shop in case anyone was wondering, you can thank my grandma, she just let me know.
I don't care what the kids say, I'm glad I'm not an Oscar Meyer wiener.
it's a real thing...gourmet bologna not that Oscar Meyer
The Oscars were named after Oscar Meyer, and they were originally called The Wieners.
In case you missed our post a half hour ago... The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile will be at the Port Orchard Fred...
Oscar Meyer-mobile is at the Hales Corners Walmart and it looks so magestic
If anyone's interested jeff says the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile is at the Woodruff Road Walmart not sure how long but if you hurry you may sneak a peek
Pay day means going to the deli area for fresh slices of turkey and not Oscar Meyer
I believe there are people out there who still "wish they were an Oscar Meyer wiener"
Just saw the Oscar Meyer mobile on 94
I just saw the big *** Oscar Meyer Weiner on the freeway.
Days like this I really do wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener
You know what rules? That Oscar Meyer ham with the little processed cheese bits in it. I am complete not ashamed of this love.
ONE word about Oscar Meyer... ...or Schindler... ...and I will find you...
The Oscar Meyer *ahem* Weiner Mobile has been in this spot for the past few days. Without a shadow…
I got dat fire I got dat fire. Holla at a *** if you want dat Oscar Meyer.
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Excited by Oscar Meyer's new line of "90s Nostalgia" meats. Pearlham is gonna be huge.
Hey Phoenix people! The Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile is getting on the 51 south bound from bell
'Cause Oscar Meyer has a way with Bologna.
I love to eat it everyday and if you ask me why i'll say, cause oscar meyer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A
Trucchi's is selling Oscar Meyer Bacon for $6.99/ pound. I used to get offended when it cost $4.99. Did not buy that brand, cause that price makes me sick. Got more local bacon for 5 bucks. When did bacon become more costly than gasoline and milk?
Just heard that the Oscar Meyer wiener car is in Arkansas today.reminds me that Chuck Whitford drove that thing right after graduation. I imagine other SAEs will recall that as we'll. What if that is him driving it now? Get off the road, that's what!
Oscar Meyer has bacon dogs. When did this happen? And why wasn't I informed?
2) The world-famous Oscar Meyer Wienermobile will be in Central Arkansas today.
Oscar season is fully upon us! Which has everyone begging the question: When will it finally be Meyer season?.
"and the Oscar Meyer Wiener goes to..."
I wish he was an Oscar Meyer wiener so my dog could eat it.
Next person that pokes me better buy me dinner first.laides only though.hehe.don't mess with no Oscar Meyer Weiner.lmao
As they talked about it in 1978 with Meyer Oscar winner "this is a corrupted GB's mother soul"- yeah& God made your corruption disappear
You've had more wiener in your mouth than the taste testers at Oscar Meyer
The be-all end-all chili recipe: 2 lbs ground beef (80-20) 8 strips Oscar Meyer thick cut bacon (cut into about 1/2" pieces) 3 small yellow onions (or 1-2 large), diced 2 green peppers, diced 1-2 cloves of garlic, minced 1/4 cup brown sugar 4 tbsp chili powder 1 tbsp paprika 1 tbsp cumin 1 tsp cayenne pepper 1 can Busch's chili beans 2 cans dark red kidney beans 1 large can of v8 vegetable juice 1 small can of tomato paste 1 can tomato sauce Fry the bacon in a big pot on medium heat for about 10 minutes. Add the onions, peppers, and garlic, cook for another 8 minutes or so. Add the hamburger and raise heat to medium-high and cook for about 8 minutes. Add the spices and stir it well. Add the brown sugar and stir. Now add the beans, juice, sauce, and paste. Lower heat to low and cover for about an hour. Uncover and stir about every 30 minutes. After the first hour, uncover and let simmer for as long as you want, stirring occasionally. Boom.
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Being sick just makes me feel sad and vulnerable and I just want to be babied because I'm an Oscar Meyer Weiner
but does he know ALL the words to the Oscar Meyer Weiner song? Josh Banyasz
You are too cute Oscar Meyer Wienerschnitzel. I love you
Chelsy just asked me what OsCAR Mayor was... Oscar Meyer 😂😂😂
The Oscar Meyer is back in at the Roxbury Safeway...
-Walking into the condo Oscar and Meyer come running over I put them on the patio then text you -T- Baby I'm craving >>>
Any plans to rent the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile for campaign? ;)
I found out my friend once made it to the finals for being one of the Oscar Meyer kids. I cried laughing in class. That's perfect.
ok people tell the truth.who else has to sing the oscar meyer song to spell B-O-L-O-G-N-A ))
This is the Oscar Meyer car before it wrecked in Houston Texas With Delores Rodriguez
..just passed the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile while getting off the highway... I think I'm being followed.
I played ball with my Oscar Meyer today...he loved it! :D
A construction worker was just singing the oscar Meyer theme song while throwing away wallpaper.
Shippity bop, well hot diggity, where`s the iggity? The bum siggity *** wanna know but check the flow my little trickity I`m comin with the Books so kid, it looks like it`s a winner Ya better get`cha plate because I`m servin raps for dinner See I freak it from the sewer plus I`m quick to do ya posse I`m swoopin on the note just like I was a kamikaze See they thought I lost my spot so they went and got real comfy So now I gotta hit me hard and bogart like Humphrey Ya hypocrite, I`m rippin it because I`m flyer Ya phony, full of bologne like Oscar Meyer See I attack a pack of rappers just for practice I bust my tactics, I`m sharper than a f- axe-iss (Y). (Y). YizziR..
Yesterday I saw the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile outside of my office window. That can't be an everyday occurrence.
I just seen the Oscar Meyer weenie van lol
Ugh, Oscar Meyer is full of bologna.
I totally need the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile for prom.
I'm going to buy a log of bologna tomorrow! (I almost started singing that Oscar Meyer song about bologna)
How about the Old Sunshine Market at the Jt of 115 & 315 It use to have lot of food products 3 for a $1.00 Had the best cheese we would always get a piece of cheese from the man behind the meat counter.or bologna Oscar Meyer.
So Im in a class at a college and we had some homework. Well this was it… to do the Oscar Meyer Weiner song in a bunch of different genres. This is...
Never fails. Sing a baby the Oscar Meyer Weiner song and they are puddy in your arms lol it was my Mom's go to lullaby... I can still hear her singing it as I sing it to my girls 💜
Anyone have pics of the old Oscar Meyer factory (which the L brown line ran through)?
Clips from an Oscar Meyer commercial in the 1960's
My babies are fed Oscar Meyer hotdogs.. Their spoiled...don't judge them! Snow and Lava!
The Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile and the Planters Peanut mobile are in Gainesville!
Long live the old traditions around the world!!! Now, I think this is the original Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile bus.
There is now Oscar Meyer and Planters Peanuts cars outside of Library West.
Oscar Meyer Wienerschnitzel says "The Humane Society of York County is where my daddy found me so I have to support them every chance I get and my friend Joann Simmons does so much for them too. If you live anywhere around York county please come and help support them... Thanks" Check out & LIKE his FB page at:
Jill Overbey I want you to know that we now only eat Oscar Meyer turkey bacon :)
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Serving up SAUSAGE Jonathan Joseph on those Viennas, Zach Joseph on that Oscar Meyer & of course David Sterling Frank on DEM FRANKS 😉
  Object of the game: put your music player on shuffle, type out lyrics to the first 25 songs that play, see how many of your friends know the song!!     1. It makes my stomach turnAnd it tears my flesh from the bone, How we turn a dream to stone   2. Cant wait another day I think im giving in how I love to hold you tight be with you tonight that still dont make it right cause i belong to him.   3. you put the boom boom into my heart you send my soul sky high when your loving starts   4. lord its the devil would you look at him. Ive heard about him but i never dreamed he'd have blue eyes and blue jeans   5. Gather around and i'll tell you a story that I hope will teach a lesson to you all    6. Through the hourglass I saw youIn time you slipped awayWhen the mirror crashed I called you And turned to hear you say If only for today I am unafraid   7.  And now I hear you found somebody new and that I never meant that much to you To hear that tears me up inside and to see you cuts me like a knife ...
Chessa Seddon you could sing the Oscar Meyer Wiener song and win the voice hands down. Unk Todd Baby said that "someone" can sign "someone else" up...or send a youtube video to Carson Daly. Pack your hats and your eye shadow're doing this next year.
Just drove by the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile. Day made.
What happened to Oscar Meyer bacon? (Yes, I sometimes eat bacon, don't judge) It used to be delicious, but now smells and tastes disgusting! Any one else notice this? I stopped using it for this reason a few months back, but forgot and purchased more. Just fried it up and the smell is sickening:-(
Lol Letha and Tisha I forgot to tell yall that Elijah Jonez made me some lunch one day it was great too. He made Oscar Meyer beef hotdogs with Baked Beans. Except I don't eat hotdog or sausage tips and he forgot so I had to go through and cut them all off before I could eat. Sad, I know, lol.
Just seen the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile!
I think tomorrow is the day when I pick up my kids from school in the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile and go cruising around La Mesa. Hope to confirm soon.
I used to wish I was an Oscar Meyer wiener
WCHS Drumline CD: including the Oscar Meyer theme song.
Hi, my name is Oscar meyer. I am an approximately 14 year old black and brown male. I am friendly and I have not...
Just saw the Oscar Meyer weenie mobile!
A man comes into the ER and yells . . .'My wife's going to have her baby in the cab.' I grabbed my stuff, rushed out to the cab, lifted the lady's dress and began to take off her underwear. Suddenly I noticed that there were several cabs—and I was in the wrong one. Submitted by Dr. Mark MacDonald, San Francisco _ At the beginning of my shift I placed a stethoscope on an elderly and slightly deaf female patient's anterior chest wall. 'Big breaths,'. . . I instructed. 'Yes, they used to be,'. . . Replied the patient. Submitted by Dr. Richard Byrnes, Seattle, WA _ One day I had to be the bearer of bad news when I told a wife that her husband had died of a massive myocardial infarct. Not more than five minutes later, I heard her reporting to the rest of the family that he had died of a 'massive internal fart.' Submitted by Dr. Susan Steinberg _ During a patient's two week follow-up appointment with his cardiologist, he informed me, his doctor, that he was having trouble with one of his medications. 'Which o ...
How many people still use the Oscar Meyer song to make sure you're spelling bologna right? LOL
Are you THEE Oscar Meyer, cuz wanna ride your weiner!
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Forget college I just want to be the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile driver
Please reinstate your selling of braunschweiger in Florida -- poor sales does not make a good excuse -- and of course you CAN special order 8 tubes for $85.00 - seriously ?
Went shopping last night, to the grocery store for produce and thought I would get some breakfast sausage, looked at the bacon and about dropped my jaw, $7.50 for 1lb of Oscar Meyer bacon, went to walmart and bought it for 4.48, same bacon, this time it paid to drive across the road to walmart
oh I'm glad I'm not an Oscar Meyer Weiner, cause road rash is no way to heat up me.
There is a guy using a fake page under the name oscar meyer. If you can message me who it really is I will pay you.
U don't want no D u want sausage. Lhh...whts Oscar Meyer to a farm. Lhh
ain't nothing better than an Oscar Meyer wiener
Where's my hot dog? Even though the Chinese made beer 9,000 yrs. ago, the Germans taught them about "real" beer at their colonial base (as in beer). Why oh why didn't they teach them how to make a Frankfurter? YUCK to Chinese sausage and hot dogs. PLEASE, Oscar Meyer, get your Weiner here asap!
Dr. Pepper vankman operates ecto 1's photon turret known as the Oscar Meyer Weiner whistle vs the seven head and ten horned puff the magic dragon...
Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile goes off road during Folks this just got SERIOUS ;)
If you could buy any car right now, what would you buy? — The Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile
It's not normal how many times the oscar meyer wiener song gets stuck in my head
You know you're doing alright when your gynecologist starts whistling the Oscar Meyer Weiner tune.
this is almost as bad as a furry...can you be an Oscar Meyer instead? And I can can ask where my wiener is all night?
Winterwarming week was awesome; no school tomorrow and THE Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile IS GOING TO BE IN TOWN AT MOSER'S ON SATURDAY. This is the week I have prayed for my whole entire life!
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Oh boy, the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile stuck in snow photo is circulating again...
Watching the Minn v Wis game. Background add... . Oscar Meyer, the only with a fight song. Is that true?
one time I bought oscar meyer "pastrami" and it was literally baloney with peppercorns in it :(
I like that guy in the Oscar Meyer Thanksgiving commercials. He's like Tom Hanks + Ben Schwartz + Boy Meets World era Ben Savage.
I just hit the floor watching the new Oscar Meyer commercial...did she just real drop the turkey and did he just pick up the turkey hollering about the 5 second rule?!?!
Would be more interested in Late Night With Oscar Meyer
Just spent the last two hours laughing so hard my sides hurt and my eyes are swollen from tears! "Bill Engvall, Jeff Foxworthy, and Larry the Cable Guy: Them *** " If you haven't seen it, you're missing out! Jeff Foxworthy describing his first colonoscopy! And Larry the Cable Guy singing the Oscar Meyer Hot Dog song Andew Lloyd Weber style! Bill Engvall...enough's your sign! So glad I found it on Netflix!
To the first and BEST Valentine I ever had...My Daddy. Miss him every *** minute, every day...he was smarter than your average bear, and worked 2 full time jobs to give us everything. ...seriously, Pillsbury and Oscar Meyer...all my life!!! That's love folks.
Who wishes they were an Oscar Meyer Weiner now.
That family is keeping Oscar Meyer wieners alive and well!
Oh I'm glad I'm not an Oscar Meyer wiener.
until they're giving out free hot dogs, I have no reason to care about the oscar meyer wiener truck.
Just seen the Oscar Meyer weenie mobile at gateway lol
My great grandpa's name was Oscar Meyer. He had a wiener.
Well my lights was flickering so I figured I better use the chicken I thawed in case they go out again! I used boiled eggs, chicken, mozzarella and mexican mix cheese, red onion, real bacon bits by oscar meyer, craisins. I layered it all using Dole field greens salad bag. Mind you this is tomorrow's dinner. Today's menu is Fried chicken wings, mac and cheese, and mustard greens with some corn muffins! Lol well there's not a lot to do being iced in..
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