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Oscar Lopez Rivera

Oscar López Rivera is a Puerto Rican nationalist and one of the leaders of the FALN. In 1981, López Rivera was convicted and sentenced to 55 years in federal prison for seditious conspiracy, use of force to commit robbery, interstate transportation of firearms, and conspiracy to transport explosives with intent to destroy government property.

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Terrorist haven! Let them live in poverty with Oscar Lopez Rivera and Luis Gutierrez
Coverage of Oscar Lopez Rivera & Bill Ayers proves the media loves lefty bombers; coverage of Gelertner proves they also…
John Adams and Benjamin Franklin have nothing in common with Oscar Lopez Rivera: на
.Oscar Lopez Rivera is Timothy McVey with a better PR team, you sad, deluded, murderer-worshipping ***
Oscar Lopez Rivera, renowned Puerto Rican independence leader, will be a free man in May, after serving 35 years in the…
More amazing news: President Obama to commute sentence of Puerto Rican independence advocate Oscar Lopez Rivera.
Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera got a 70-year sentence on weapons charges. Obama cut that in half today. https:…
I disagree more w/ Obama commuting Oscar López Rivera. Only good reason would be if you think he'll die soon, don't want a martyr in prison.
Oscar Lopez Rivera to be freed after 36 yrs in prison! Shoutout to all the activists who have been working on this!
Pres. Obama commutes sentence for Oscar López-Rivera, who was convicted of "seditious conspiracy" in 1981.
Domestic terrorist Oscar López Rivera does not deserve President Obama’s pardon - but got a commutation anyway
Not to be overlooked, another terrorist sentence commuted by Obama
Puerto Rico independence leader . To be freed after 36 Years in US Prison.
President Obama commutes sentence of Oscar Lopez Rivera, last imprisoned FALN member
Lin-Manuel Miranda says he'll play "Hamilton" in Chicago for Oscar Lopez Rivera, who had sentence commuted by Obama htt…
Obama commutes sentence of Oscar Lopez Rivera, member of Puerto Rican militant group
Obama commutes sentence for convicted conspirator Oscar Lopez-Rivera
That time in 2015 when Maduro said he'd release Leopoldo Lopez if Obama freed Oscar Lopez Rivera. Which he just did
Marxist, Bernie Sanders, appreciates the release in May of FALN bomber Oscar Lopez Rivera
Oscar Lopez Rivera was the mad bomber of the FALN. He recruited and trained a small army of terrorists to murder his fellow…
Barack Obama's 209 commuted sentences. Chelsea Manning is listed. Oscar Lopez Rivera, too. Leonard Peltier is not. http…
Y'all have no idea how over-the-moon elated I am to hear about Chelsea Manning and Oscar Lopez Rivera. Like, just seriousl…
| Oscar Lopez Rivera, Puerto Rican freedom fighter to be freed after spending 36 years in the U.S. prison. ht…
Thanks to the amazing support from so many, including our speaker PR freedom fighter Oscar Lopez Rivera will be re…
So glad that Oscar López Rivera and Chelsea Manning will be freed this year, but deeply saddened that Leonard Peltier ha…
Clinton WANTED to pardon Oscar López Rivera, but he refused to express remorse and renounce…
At 74 years of age Obama has commuted the sentence of Oscar López Rivera, who has been incarcerated for 35 years f…
UPDATE: Obama pardons Oscar López Rivera, whose FALN placed more than 130 bombs in U.S. cities in the 1970s and 80s https:…
Oscar Lopez Rivera will finally go home to have heard the cries of my people THANK YOU
Bill Clinton commuted the sentences of 16 members of the FALN. And now Obama has commuted the sentence of the repulsive Osc…
Obama commutes sentence for convicted FALN terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera. Shouldn't have happened.
Obama grants clemency to Puerto Rican terrorist
Oscar Lopez-Rivera declared himself an enemy of US govt, a but Pardoned him.
It will be a blessed day when I can walk and talk with my friend Oscar Lopez in fresh air, far from prison walls: https:/…
I appreciate listening to Puerto Ricans and people worldwide who believe Oscar Lopez Rivera deserves a chance to enj…
Banner day for America's enemies. just granted clemency to FALN terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera.
Oscar Lopez Rivera trained terrorists to kill his fellow Americans and Puerto Ricans. Barack Obama let him go to breathe fre…
Pres. Jimmy Carter Send letter to Pres. Obama urging release of Oscar Lopez Rivera.
Support For President Obama to free Oscar Lopez Rivera before he ends his term as President.
Who is Oscar Lopez Rivera? Why artists like Residente, Ricky Martin & more are campaigning for his release
Oscar Lopez Rivera has served 34 years in prison for his commitment to Puerto Rico's independence. President Obama, it's…
Don't forget to add Oscar Lopez Rivera to your list of pardons/commutations.
You need to pardon Oscar Lopez Rivera. You owe it to 🇵🇷, Stand by your speech at the Mandela funeral. Do right.
Let us unite to free Oscar Lopez Rivera
Let's demand release of Oscar Lopez Rivera; who has been in US prisons longer than Mandela was in prison.
The dem platform MUST include release of Oscar Lopez Rivera or Puerto Ricans should think twice about the…
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Time for Obama to pardon and release independence leader Oscar Lopez Rivera. via
October 9 Day of Solidarity to Call for Release of Oscar Lopez Rivera
... Sad 2 say, I must agree. On this topic, on PR🇵🇷, on TPP, on Oscar Lopez Rivera! 😳💔😟
.Calls Clinton Plans for Puerto Rico ‘Too Little, Too Late’ | "..Oscar Lopez Rivera should be freed.”
Letter from Oscar López Rivera to his daughter Clarisa. On beginning his 35th year in US prisons, May 29, 2016...
These are my honest thoughts on the Oscar Lopez Rivera problem. I only wish everyone knew the whole story.
Amanpour tell me something about Oscar Lopez Rivera in USA .
Rico: Thousands march to demand release of Oscar Lopez Rivera
The crowd at join in on the cry to Free Oscar Lopez Rivera!
The letter sent to President by theUS Congress requesting release of Oscar Lopez Rivera
Remember when Bill Clinton pardoned FALN terrorists before leaving office so as to help his wife regarding Ne... https…
Great turnout by Independence Party in Puerto Rico in a march for the release of Oscar Lopez Rivera.
An excerpt of a letter from Oscar Lopez Rivera to his daughter Clarisa on the 35th anniversary of his arrest and...
.WESPAC joins the call to demand: Free Oscar Lopez Rivera now!
Today's 35th anniversary of the arrest of Puerto Rican POW Oscar Lopez Rivera! we add our voice to demand now!
Order Miche Bag Online!
"I say to Obama: Let him out! Free Oscar Lopez Rivera. He has done his time.". 🇵🇷 h…
I add my voice to the thousands demanding NOW! .
adds her voice to the thousands demanding: Free Oscar Lopez Rivera NOW! https…
Dear it’s time to free Oscar Lopez Rivera. Freeing him won’t change the fact that you’re a hypocrite, but it’s a start.
Unanimous support for the release of Oscar Lopez Rivera : 🇵🇷
Photos from the 35 Poets for Oscar Lopez Rivera marathon reading in La Marqueta -
Here with 35+ poets in the name of Oscar Lopez Rivera. Y'all with me?
Spkr. Mark-Viverito said the Dems should include positions on PR debt relief & the release of Oscar Lopez Rivera
..Mrs. Clinton and how are you going to have elections without solta Oscar Lopez Rivera?
you & the entire City Council of New York need to lose your seats for submitting a clemency resolution for Oscar Lopez Rivera!
Dos Santos supports the movement to free Oscar Lopez Rivera!
Oscar Lopez Rivera, Puerto Rico's Freedom Fighter in jail for more than 30 years, broke Nelson Mandela's record.
To Stop the injustice, freedom for Oscar Lopez Rivera a US political prisoner for 33 years!!
Video: US rejects exchange of Leopoldo Lopez for Oscar Lopez Rivera
Venezuelan president says he will release opposition prisoner Leopoldo Lopez if releases Oscar Lopez Rivera.
Today's a good day to ask...demand for the release of Oscar Lopez Rivera.
San Juan, Aug 31 (Prensa Latina) The government Minister, Ingrid Vila Biaggi will lead a group made up of 33 officials of the Puerto Rican government who will demand the release of political prisoner, Oscar Lopez Rivera, 71 years old.
At 4pm we protest in Borinquen near the old Normandie hotel at the entrance to El Viejo San Juan for the release of Oscar Lopez Rivera.
President Honor Nelson Mandela by granting unconditional pardon to Oscar Lopez Rivera. htt…
Good afternoon, Thank you to Release All The Cuban 5, Oscar Lopez Rivera and Norberto Gonzalez, All the Holy Land 5
This afternoon: unveiling of new Hispanic Housing project to be named after Oscar Lopez Rivera!
Oscar Lopez Rivera's brother, Jose, saying "free him, now" at Trinity Church in Brooklyn.
President Obama has nominated Debo P. Adegbile, to head the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division as an assistant attorney general. Adegbile defended Mumia Abu-Jamal tirelessly at his trial. Mumia was convicted of assassinating a Philadelphia Police Officer by standing over his wounded body and firing into his face. De Blasio's City Council just voted in Melissa Mark-Viverito as speaker. This is a very powerful position. In 2010, she lobbied for the parole of imprisoned terrorist ringleader, Oscar Lopez Rivera. He was convicted in the FALN terrorist bombing of Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan in 1975 that killed 4 people. How do these things happen? Because they know you're a low information voter. Sheeple. And liberalism is a mental disorder.
I find it deplorable to read and hear folks requesting the freedom of Oscar Lopez Rivera from Federal custody. A person who uses terrorism and vandalism against innocent people does not deserve the right to live in a free society among decent and honorable people. To see people like Pedro Pierluisi advocating for his release makes me sick. I recall the bombings at Fraunces Tavern vividly in lower Manhattan when I was 12 years old and I was embarrassed when these schmucks committed these acts against innocent people. He's nothing but a common terrorist and like all terrorist, as was bin Laden, they are nothing but cowards. This man is no political prisoner he's a common thug and an embarrassment to his community.
1/4: Celebrate Cuban Revolution and Oscar Lopez Rivera's birthday! Join us at Casa 182 E. 111th St…
Three Kings Day is on January 6th, the Epiphany, is also the birthday of our heroic revolutionary patriot Oscar Lopez Rivera, unjustly imprisoned for defending and fighting for our right to be a free nation and people! Epiphany means to have insight into the reality or essential meaning of something caused by a common experience such as the birth of Jesus Christ which means "savior" or his Holy name "Emmanuel" which means "God with us". We need to have insight into the historical significance Oscar Lopez Rivera' incredible transformation within our nation struggle for freedom and self-determination. He was born in Puerto Rico and formed in the ghettos of Chicago, fought and won medals in Vietnam, joined the social justice movement and then became engaged in the Puerto Rican Independence movement as an educator, activist, organizer and visionary. Today he is the longest held Puerto Rican Political Prisoner,the Free Oscar Lopez Rivera is serving as a unifying and galvanizing force of the Puerto Rican peopl ...
Oscar Lopez Rivera has been a US political prisoner for the past 32 years.
Oscar Lopez Rivera was born in San Sebastian Puerto Rico on January 6 1943 at the age of 18 he was drafted and served in the Vietnam war in which he recieved the Bronze Star for his services. When he returned to Chicago Illinois he found that drugs and unemployment, housing , healthcare and education in the Puerto Rican community had reached dire levels , so he set to work in community organizations to improve the quality of life for every Puerto Rican in Chicago. Oscar worked in the creation of both the Puerto Rican High School and the Puerto Rican Cultural Center , he fought for bilingual education in public schools and to end discrimination againts our comunity in public utilities like Illinois Bell and Peoples Gas. At his trial in 1981 Oscar and his comrades were never linked to any bombings or act of violence instead the Federal Goverment charged him with seditious conspiracy to overthrow the US goverment in Puerto Rico by force . He was given 70 years in prision . Its time to bring this hero back h ...
East Timor former president José wants you to FREE Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera! Do it NOW!
For the Freedom of Puerto Rican Patriot Oscar Lopez Rivera Tropical Storm Delays Caribbean Kayaking Quest July 31st, 2012 - For a second day, Alberto De Jesus (Tito Kayak) remains on the small Caribbean island of St Martin, awaiting for a change in the weather and the arrival of an escort ship in order to continue rowing to Puerto Rico. The international quest in support of the effort to bring about the release of U.S.-Held Political Prisoner, Puerto Rican patriot Oscar Lopez-Rivera, began on June 21st from the Paria peninsula in Venezuela where Tito began rowing, following the path of the ancestral Arawak people who first populated the Caribbean archipelago centuries ago. Lopez-Rivera has served 31 years in th U.S. prison system, convicted of "seditious conspiracy", for fighting for the liberation of his homeland. A native of the mountain town of San Sebastian, Puerto Rico, Oscar Lopez Rivera, a Vietnam veteran who was decorated by the U.S. military for his wartime service, became an activist on behalf o ...
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