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Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac (born Oscar Isaac Hernández; January 5, 1980) is an American actor and singer.

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Just realized that the guy I'm dating is oscar isaac but shorter than me
Oscar Isaac and Carrie Fisher on the set of The Last Jedi
Oscar Isaac buying A History of Violence in Hampstead. A re-make on the way?
Check out this first image from George Clooney’s SUBURBICON starring Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Noah Jupe and Osca…
Saw the trailer for and a mustached Oscar Isaac has me intrigued.
Kirsten w Viggo Mortensen and Oscar Isaac | behind the scenes of The Two Faces of January (2014)
"So it says here you left your previous job because.they wouldn't allow you to pin up multiple posters of Oscar Isaac?..."
Oscar Isaac plays Hamlet and takes off his pants.
I need to make sure everyone knows Oscar Isaac is not wearing pants behind this table. That sweater + no pants = i n c…
"Basically, Oscar [Isaac] gets to come in and steal the movie." — George Clooney. https…
Watch Matt Damon and Oscar Isaac in 'the Suburbicon.' I did. Looks like Clooney will be sending another sad email to Amy Pascal.
First look at Matt Damon, Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac in directed by George Clooney: http…
George Clooney. Coens. Matt Damon. Julianne Moore. Oscar Isaac. See the first trailer for
Can't believe there's a podcast starring David Schwimmer, Oscar Isaac and Amy Sedaris (and they're not the leads).
A really *** remake of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde with Harry as Dorian and Oscar Isaac as Basil Hallward ht…
Oscar Isaac is fired. Edgar Ramirez is my new celeb boo
📷 curiouswildi: Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron for Vanity Fair (2017) (by Annie Leibovitz)
"Hamlet," with Oscar Isaac, Charlayne Woodard and Keegan-Michael Key, is a must-see show, says
No frills. Pure Performance. Hamlet. MT Oscar Isaac and Keegan-Michael Key Star in ‘Hamlet’ at the
Kingsley, Isaac To Lead “Operation Finale” - Ben Kingsley and Oscar Isaac are set to lead the Chris Weitz-direc...
Ex MacHina is just a breathtaking piece of cinema. Props to , Alex Garland, Domhnall Gleeson & Oscar Isaac. Blows my mind!
Oscar Isaac said he based his characterization of Nathan on Bobby Fischer and Stanley Kubrick.
If Hollywood made a film based off of Brian K. Vaughan's series I can only see Oscar Isaac as Marko my $0.02
Watching Robin Hood with Russell Crowe, has both Oscar Isaac and Max von Sydow in it from .
Listen to Green, Green Rocky Roads (Dave Van Ronk + Oscar Isaac) by virtua1992 on ROCKY
We don't need a "young Drake" movie. Why not just let Oscar Isaac, Chris Pine, or Bradley Cooper be Drake?
3. Too many to name them all but... Eva Green, Chris Pratt, Alexandra Daddario, Oscar Isaac, Jennifer Lawrence...
I love that my People folder is all my friends/relatives and then just randomly Oscar Isaac and Chris Evans like they're my sexy cousins.
Say what you will about Zack Snyder but cant deny his eye for talent. He was one of the first to cast Michael Fassbender and Oscar Isaac
Oscar Isaac talks about and Carrie Fisher, including the scene where she slaps him.
Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi update – Oscar Isaac: Poe Dameron, Finn and Rey are in CRISIS
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Me/Oscar Isaac in When Harry Met Sally. I'd also like to play Bridget Jones, gotta think who'd play Darcy/Cleaver t…
Clint Barton. And Oscar Isaac (who isn't a character, but I associate him with you)
I love Sucker Punch. Especially the part where baby doll stabbed Oscar Isaac in the neck.
Hamlet will be Oscar Isaac's return to the New York stage since Star Wars:
I need some kind of family/buddy/bro comedy with David Krumholtz, Jake Johnson, and Oscar Isaac. Maybe long lost triplet hijinks?
Oscar Isaac is gonna hunt some Nazis soon!
Oscar Isaac is about to start huntin’ Nazis — well, one of them:
Oscar Isaac will hunt down Holocaust organizer and Nazi officer Adolf Eichmann in new drama
Quasi played either by Ewan McGregor or Oscar Isaac in heavy makeup. Janelle Monae as Esmeralda.
I was at the factory at Avery Island yesterday when I saw this picture. Oscar Isaac's twin brother?…
Watch the new trailer for starring Oscar Isaac and Christian Bale ! https…
Oscar Isaac is like Anthony Quinn, another Latino actor who played various different ethnicities in Hollywood.
The prefect movie would star Michael Shannon, John Goodman, Rooney Mara and Oscar Isaac and be directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
Happy birthday Oscar Isaac! Here's the article I wrote comparing the paths of Oscar's Poe and Luke:
Let's light it up for Oscar Isaac's birthday! Who's excited to see him return in Star Wars: The Last Jedi?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Anyways I loved Scott Glenn in Sucker Punch (which also had Oscar Isaac). This in Daredevil is the same role???
Oscar Isaac and Keegan-Michael Key to Star in ‘Hamlet’ at the Public Theater This Summer – Flavorwire
Oscar Isaac will star as Hamlet this summer at the Public Theater
Oscar Isaac will play Hamlet after all
Hello, sweet prince: Oscar Isaac will play Hamlet at the Public this summer.
because Oscar Isaac doesn't live across the street from me currently
also Oscar Isaac will be performing Hamlet in June so we should partake in that
I can't believe Oscar Isaac grew up literally across the street from me I'm so blessed
Omg, if you're going to this, please invite me to be your +1. ⚡️ Oscar Isaac will star in Off-Broadway Hamlet .
This "Hamlet," starring Oscar Isaac, made headlines when it was canceled last summer. Now, it's back on.
Oscar Isaac to join long list of hot guys who star in 'Hamlet' via
Oscar Isaac to Star in Off Broadway Hamlet As the Prince of Dayum!-mark
Continuing a year of Sam Gold directing hunks in Shakespeare plays Off-Broadway, Oscar Isaac to play Hamlet at
Star Wars star Oscar Isaac will be Hamlet at the Public this summer:
Oscar Isaac and Keegan Michael Key as Hamlet and Horatio is everything. And the buddy comedy movie that hopefully follows…
Hamilton Collection
Oscar Isaac ANY day, but Oscar Isaac in Broadway is like Oscar Isaac's forte, so no way am I missing him portray a…
Oscar Isaac to headline HAMLET at the co-starring Peter Friedman & more:
I get to see Keegan Michael AND Oscar Isaac at this summer?!?!?!?! come sooner please summer.
Why am I obsessed with men almost twice my age? I'm looking at you Chris Evans, Oscar Isaac, Tom Hiddleston, Raúl E…
Oscar Isaac to star in World War II spy thriller "The Garbo Network"
I had a dream there was a remake of Emma with Lily James and Oscar Isaac being released and when I woke up I was crying.
🔸🔹 That time Alicia Vikander and Oscar Isaac played 'Bang, Marry, Kill' and both decided to kill Domhnall Gleeson. htt…
Guys the first pic is Oscar Isaac with Gary Fisher. Worth it for this alone.
LMAO and I found a movie starring Oscar Isaac, Marky Mark, Walton Goggins, & Garrett Hedlund!
But if studios are going forward with remaking Scarface in some fashion, ill cast actors like Oscar Isaac & Rick Gonzalez before Leo.
Inside llewyn davis has the goat soundtrack, Oscar Isaac maacho-ed it completely.
15: inside llewyn Davis: a love letter to folk music. This movie is filled with Oscar Isaac being a gorgeous grumpy assha…
Casey Affleck auditioned to play Llewyn Davis, and now I want a modern-day ILD remake where Casey tries and Oscar Isaac shows up at the end.
You're remaking everything so where is my Addams Family remake with Oscar Isaac as Gomez??
I stand for the reboot of The Addams Family. I want Eva Green and Oscar Isaac as Morticia/Gomez too.
Riz Ahmed could get a boost from just like Oscar Isaac did last year:
If we've learnt anything from Oscar Isaac & Alden Ehrenreich it's that to be in Star Wars you must first have a breakout role with the Coens
Homecoming! New podcast drama with Oscar Isaac and Catherine Keener. I'm loving it
I haven't, but whoa Oscar Isaac is in it? Catherine Keener too! Sigh, David Schwimmer.
Oscar Isaac + Catherine Keener. Conspiracy thriller podcast will make you gasp:
Thanks for intro-ing me to BRILLIANT podcast a psych thriller w/ Catherine Keener, Oscar Isaac, David Schwimmer...
.& I spent a few weeks listening to the terrific A scripted podcast feat. Catherine Keener and Oscar Isaac.
Oscar Isaac is in the Homecoming podcast. So good. With Catherine Keener!
Covering Idris Elba's face in alien effects is up there with covering Oscar Isaac's face in X men as a crime against humanity.
"Homecoming...features Oscar Isaac as a traumatized military veteran and Catherine Keener as his therap…
Oscar Isaac reveals the very first behind the scenes photo of Carrie Fisher & Mark Hamill from Star Wars Episode 8 htt…
Is it weird that I want a beard like Oscar Isaac had in Ex MacHina just to know what I would like like?
Tbt to last year when I was in love with Oscar Isaac & now this year it's Diego
Hear Oscar Isaac waste his good looks by starring in new podcast:
I was talking about the actors in Star Wars and pulled up a pic of Oscar Isaac and goes "Who is that? Anakin? Darth Vader??" 😑
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
In the Star Wars movies we have. Jimmy Smitts as Bail Organa. Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron. and Diego Luna as Cassian Andor
A power ranking of my favorite mustaches of all time. 1) Zain (duh!). 2) Jonah Hill. 3) Oscar Isaac. 4) Donald Glover. 5) Michael Cera
lol but you're so lying if you try telling me that you wouldn't give anything for a night with Oscar Isaac so don't even bother okay
guys how do you feel about Oscar Isaac as Sam Quintana?
i had a dream last night that oscar isaac finally posted something and it was just the reaction image of melania trump saying Hello
people say oscar isaac isn't an LGBTQ activist but how do they explain THIS IMPACT
The most shook I've ever been was when my Guatemalan roommate looked me dead in my eyes last year and said "I met Oscar Isaac once"
Riz Ahmed is the bae of this film. Not quite Oscar Isaac but still bae
Imagining Riz Ahmed and Oscar Isaac in the same movie *Adele singing 'we could've had it all' in the bg*
First Harrison Ford, then Oscar Isaac, now Diego Luna... you've done it again Star Wars
Pedro Pascal, Edgar Ramirez, Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna, and Oscar Isaac need to do a movie together so all my fantasies can come true.
I love my latinx boys: Gael Garcia Bernal, Rodrigo Santoro, Pedro Pascal, Oscar Isaac and Diego Luna. 💖
Celebrities that are so beautiful that I feel like crying when I see them:. 1. Oscar Isaac. 2. Neil Patrick Harris. 3. Anderson Cooper
Forgot how good the 'Inside Llewyn Davis' soundtrack is! Fare Thee Well - Oscar Isaac & Marcus Mumford
When Elvis Costelllo sing live with Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac-- Please Mr Kennedy. ;).
my 2 favorite actors of all time ever are David Morrissey and Oscar Isaac
I think it's the director's prerogative, not the studio's, to go back an...
Watched Inside Llewyn Davis last night, Oscar Isaac playing lazy sexy guitar & singing is nice. Also there's a good cat. 8 Hollys out of 10
Carrie and Oscar Isaac still on the poster 😂
I don't know if you like Oscar Isaac but he does a cover of this on YouTube and it's lovely 😊
Actor Oscar Isaac treated us to a song from his new movie 'Inside Llewyn Davis!' htt…
Oscar Isaac performing the encore at last night's Inside LIewyn Davis show ...
Oscar Isaac on the red capet for the AFI premiere of Inside Llewyn Davis
It's quite simple, I want Oscar Isaac's look in Ex MacHina.but rip the beard dreams.😔
If they can do this to Isaac Ruto, What about Ordinary Kenyans ? . I condemn t…
Me when I see a new pic of Tye Sheridan, Nick Robinson, Tom Hardy, Oscar Isaac
There has seriously never been anyone as beautiful as Oscar Isaac in In Secret. Those curls, the mutton chops, his ink blot eyes...
It's official, and I are related via Oscar Isaac
How could they ruin Oscar Isaac like this. He should honestly sue
The biggest change in watching this now is how big of a star Oscar Isaac has become since 2011. The whole cast here is phenomenal too.
I've officially decided that Oscar Isaac is my ideal man I have a widespread taste in men but Oscar is It he's all I want
It's laughable how pathetic they are making Oscar Isaac look.
I see Oscar Isaac more than Coop tbh
Last night I dreamt Oscar Isaac framed me for murder and as I tracked him down things got sexy. Already writing the movie.
Oscar Isaac during the TIFF press conference for The Promise (Sept. 12, 2016)
Oscar Isaac showing his drawing skills.
The duality of man, or I photographed Oscar Isaac at an opening and now I can die happy. Nothing will ever b this real. http…
Oscar Isaac said that based his role as Nathan on director Stanley Kubrick. What did you find common between the two?
When feeling bad, all you need is looking at some Oscar Isaac pictures.
I've always imagined you cuter, more attractive than this Oscar Isaac. Don't sell yourself so low, Guatemala
Oscar Isaac's new movie sounds like a romance version of "Cloud Atlas"
My biggest takeaway from TFA is something I already suspected: Oscar Isaac might well be the most natural-born movie star…
also, not true crime but you like Oscar Isaac right?there's a new scripted podcast with him about to come out!
Just watched Ex-Machina and omg I'm pretty sure I sat in the same spot Oscar Isaac did and also p sure he worked out in the room we stayed
Tbh I hit subscribe when I saw Oscar Isaac
do you wanna hear something beautiful?. oscar isaac hernández estrada.
what Benedict character would not have worked better with Oscar Isaac or Pedro Pascal tho
1 Chiwetel deserves better than this 2 Benedict is wildly miscast, the character would work so much better with Oscar Isaac or Pedro Pascal
Sienna Miller, Oscar Isaac & more support Rachel Weisz at 'Plenty' Opening Night! See all the pics here:
David Krumholtz is the love child of Oscar Isaac & Jake Johnson, right?
My attraction to Henry Cavill,Tom Hardy, Oscar Isaac, Tye Sheridan, Nick Robinson, Chris Evans, Tom Holland grows stronger by the day
Kate Moss Side of the characters in this movie is hard to watch the video is *** to be in Oscar Isaac waking up every day suc
When a different film about the same subject matter has Spielberg, Tony Kushner, Oscar Isaac, AND Mark Rylance on board, (1/2)
"Justin Bartha, Oscar Isaac, Garrett Hedlund and Jon Hamm at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in NYC" gente do céu
Who would you cast in an Adams Family remake? I'd like to see Eva Green as Morticia/Oscar Isaac as Gomez, thanks!
Wish they'd made a movie about Oscar Isaac's romantic BOURNE LEGACY backstory instead of going back to JASON BOURNE.
Riz Ahmed is the new Rami Malek who was the new Oscar Isaac
In an unusual artistic rift, Sam Gold is seeking instead to stage the play at the Public Theater, with Oscar Isaac still starring.
Oscar Isaac attempting to hum the themes for Indiana Jones, Superman, and Star Wars in a row
I think I'll always have a big dumb crush on Scott Avett and Oscar Isaac
how are Ex MacHina Oscar Isaac and the Force Awakens Oscar Isaac the same dude
Oscar Isaac and Steven Spielberg are teaming up for "Kidnapping of Edgardo Montara"
Oscar Isaac to star in new Steven Spielberg film ‘The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara’:
Oscar Isaac is teaming up with Steven Spielberg
Oscar Isaac joins the cast of Steven Spielberg's
EXCLU: Oscar Isaac in talks to co-star with Mark Rylance in Steven Spielberg's THE KIDNAPPING OF EDGARDO MONTARA
Oscar Isaac and Steven Spielberg are teaming up.
Oscar Isaac dancing in Ex MacHina still gets my *** wet af
Oscar Isaac, Eva Longoria, and Trevor Noah at an event in NYC (7/14/16)
Watch American sweetheart, Oscar Isaac, dance to every song.
I can’t be the only one who would watch Oscar Isaac as Fernand, Michael Fassbender as Edmond and Kiera Knightley...
Jennifer Lawrence will be on Good Morning America this Thursday along with Sophie Turner, James McAvoy & Oscar Isaac h…
Inside Llewyn Davis is the Coen Brothers at their most poignant and emotionally devastating, never pulling their punches. Oscar Isaac...
The only film Terrence Malick made a cameo in OCFF 2016: Badlands. Martin Sheen also rivals Oscar Isaac for best...
Oscar Isaac, dancing in Ex MacHina, is all I require in this godforsaken world.
📷 Director Alex Garland and Oscar Isaac on the set of ‘Ex MacHina’ in Pinewood Studios, 2013.
Oscar Isaac was really good in Ex MacHina
I hope that Oscar Isaac and Michael Fassbender become this decades Bruce Willis/Sam Jackson matchup.
Hot take: Vincent Piazza and Oscar Isaac have very similar voices
Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac (being dorks) at Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiere
I'm in love with Oscar Isaac and Domnhall Gleeson.
This fancast video of Oscar Isaac and Eva Green as Gomez and Morticia just completes me
The fact that I'm the same height as John Boyega AND Oscar Isaac is a great confidence boost...
Ten years ago we had Oscar Isaac, John Mayer, and Scott Wiener. Now no one loves me.
Last night, dreamt I was groupmates w/ Oscar Isaac & John Boyega on writing a story + we were discussing if we shud make it 1st/3rd person 😁
My nominee for is John Boyega and Oscar Isaac in Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Bryan Singer should be jailed for what he did to Oscar Isaac in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE.
I liked a video from 'Ex MacHina': Oscar Isaac and Alex Garland Talk Collaboration,
Oscar Isaac is joining the cast of Alex Garland’s new sci-fi movie Annihilation
There's a movie in the works now with Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac, adapted by Alex Garland
in this instance, that Alex Garland is writing and directing Jeff VanderMeer's Annihilation, and Oscar Isaac is in it
not bad at all. Good introduction of Jean/Scott and a solid Oscar Isaac. Maybe a bit to much dr phil vibe around Magneto.
I'm not sure the time I spent making this was well spent, but cheers to you, Oscar Isaac's dog.
Such a huge issue this week: on Oscar Isaac, on espresso, on David Haye + on apocalypses
"Woody Harrelson joins Matt Damon, Julianne Moore, Josh Brolin, and Oscar Isaac in Clooney’s Suburbicon, a script by Joel and Ethan Coen."
"Cheers to you, Oscar Isaac's dog" sounds like the start of a fantastic Mrs. Robinson parody.
I also got Oscar Isaac (the guy that played Po in the Force Awakens) and Carlos from Big Time Rush 😂
(Another day, another love letter to Oscar Isaac.). Every inch of you is overwhelming.
The HoloNet Digest is up! This week's Star Wars links include John Boyega and Oscar Isaac's hints at Episode VIII:
Can someone PLEASE explain to me why there’s not a single video of Oscar Isaac singing “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” on internet??
Oscar Isaac kindly reminding us in each interview that Apocalypse is blue
I just realized that we get an Oscar Isaac movie and a new Thrice album on the same day.
oscar isaac's look in inside llewyn davis literally cannot be conquered its the EPITOME of struggling indie folk cat-hating musician culture
that's fair. I like the idea of rey/poe & also I want to self insert & pretend I'm making out w/oscar isaac
I'm pretty sure I watched this clip like 800 times! This song is my JAM! And Oscar Isaac has moves. Love Ex MacHina!
I want Adelaide and Oscar Isaac to date immediately
You sure that isn't Oscar Isaac from Show Me a Hero??
But do you guys remember the Poe Dameron dakimakura someone made?. I constantly wonder if Oscar Isaac knows...
So a video where Oscar Isaac is a warm body for a carpool lane exists. (Only in Los Angeles, of course.)
📷 Okay! I get it why Oscar Isaac fell in love with Elvira Lind!! She’s gorgeous!!
Oscar Isaac's hair is an achievement on it's own and I'll never stop talking about him so get over it and let me be alone and ridiculous
And I know I say this a lot but Oscar Isaac is so fine
YEET I love that movie and also Oscar Isaac
but for real I could swim in Oscar Isaac's eyes
Apocalypse. I couldn't take him seriously even though Oscar Isaac plays him
I want little things from life. Like Sebastian Stan, Oscar Isaac, Rami Malek, Ryan Reynolds. Please gimme
suddenly I don't know a oscar isaac
I'll never get over the fact that Jennifer Lawrence has met Oscar Isaac before me
Could you imagine if I had to choose between SebStan and Oscar Isaac
Yet another reason to love Oscar Isaac ❤️
4. Oscar Isaac. I'm mad at him for leaving the cat inside the car during Inside Llewyn Davis but he's still hot.
But I have favs like Benedict, Hiddles, Oscar Isaac, Seb Stan, Evan Peters, Andrew Scott etc that I can't fangirl with people about 😭
My network's lineup: . 1) Nancy Drew starring me and Oscar Isaac as my love interest Frank Hardy and a Marvel Chris as boring *** ex bf Ned;
this is a fact, also Oscar Isaac and Chris Pratt
listening to HDTGM on 'Sucker Punch' is extra funny now given Oscar Isaac's rise.
to awesome thriller starring Oscar Isaac on DVD 16th May from
󾓯 thefilmstage: Michael Shannon, Alicia Vikander, Idris Elba, Oscar Isaac, and more get new roles in.
Oscar Isaac , Jennifer Lawrence & James McAvoy at the carpet in London tonight!
Oscar Isaac at the carpet in London tonight! 😍💯
Plus, Oscar Isaac and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Hollywood did this one right. Cannot wait!
📷 captainhansolos: Oscar Isaac being interviewed by his brother, Mike Hernandez  [x]
Also include Adam Driver (Kylo Ren), he was co-starring with Oscar Isaac in Inside Llewyn Davis
Omg when X-Men comes out I can see it now, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Oscar Isaac...I'm hoping to survive.
Off to London to interview Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar Isaac and James McAvoy for X-Men!
The dance scene in Ex-Machina is my happy place. Oscar Isaac got moves.
This must have been molded before they fired Harry Dean Stanton and replaced him with Oscar Isaac.
Trapped in a storm. Pls send me all the Oscar Isaac things. Thx!
Oscar Isaac's voice doesn't match his face in Ex MacHina. I'm not insulting him. It's just weird.
These could all be lines from an Ex MacHina, before Alicia Vikander kills Oscar Isaac.
Work colleague was amazed that Oscar Isaac was in ex_machina. "he looked so different"
See also: Oscar Isaac (Oscar Isaac Hernandez), who still does his best to highlight/showcase his Latino roots.
All that aside, the outrage is unfounded because Oscar Isaac is perfect and beyond reproach.
- Al Pacino as Michael Corleone in The Godfather (1972). - Oscar Isaac as Abel Morales in A Most Violent Year (2014)
Oscar Isaac, my small latino boyfriend . Benicio del toro, my huge latino husband
I met Oscar Isaac today. In the road, very pleasant. The amazing Alex Garland took this photo too. Lovely. X
Discover the new weekly prizes with Oscar Isaac & BB-8! Watch:.
EXCLUSIVE: New trailer stars the secret lovechild of Oscar Isaac and Sam the Eagle from the Muppets.
You're blowing my mind. I'm still stuck on Oscar Isaac looking like Jake Johnson's brother.
When you realize Jake Johnson and Oscar Isaac have the SAME FREAKING FACE AND CRY
I just want to be friends with Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. And Oscar Isaac.
Oscar Isaac and Jason Momoa are my biggest crushes rn. Just yes.
Just rewatched Star Wars and can't stop thinking about how badass Rey is and how much I want Oscar Isaac & John Boyega to kiss
James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Oscar Isaac and Sophie Turner attend the global fan screening of in Lo…
I stole that trick from my boy Oscar Isaac.
I agree with this list bcs it got T.O.P, John Boyega, Godfrey Gao and Oscar Isaac:
John Turturo and Tim Blake Nelson and Nicholas Hoult and Oscar Isaac should be in every movie ever till the end of time
Oscar Isaac on why Star Wars: Episode VIII feels like an 'independent film': A Star War...
Oscar Isaac on Episode VIII: 'It feels like we're making an independent film'
Okay but imagine...just imagine...if Oscar Isaac had been Dr.Strange.
6. Oscar Isaac . • could've made Dr. strange better. • so kind. • a friend of John Boyega . • a ball of sunshine
Oscar Isaac, who plays Poe Dameron in "The Force Awakens," is the first Hispanic actor to portray a major character in a Sta…
Poe Dameron was originally going to die in the "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," but Oscar Isaac didn't like that, so it was c…
I wanted Oscar Isaac or Pedro Pascal but sure, Keanu could've worked too!
I mean I never cared abt Dr. Strange in the first place but remember when Oscar Isaac or Oded Fehr were still possibilities
I read Oscar Isaac was on the short list. My choice is obviously Oded Fehr, but Oscar would have been better than what we got.
📷 isaacoscar: Oscar Isaac and John Boyega at the Table Read for Star Wars: The Force Awakens
I liked the specualtion on Pedro Pascal and Oscar Isaac, pre-casting or Sendhil Ramamurthy. Also Ethan Hawke.
Very much enjoyed the trailer. Now that being said, I also think Oscar Isaac or Oded Fehr could've been amazing, too.
The Doctor Strange trailer was really cool looking, but I still wish it was Oded Fehr or Oscar Isaac.
stares with grave melancholy at all these excellent shops of Oscar Isaac or Oded Fehr as Strange
Oded Fehr, Oscar Isaac, and Pedro Pascal were all runner ups didn't you hear? I have a totally not lying source
Oscar Isaac looks like the second evolution stage of a pokemon species of which David Krumholtz was the first
I got Oscar Isaac without my glasses… and Jenji Kohan with 😂
I'm a straight male but I do have 3 man crushes: Oscar Isaac, Chris Pratt, and Charlie cox, that is all
The "Diego Luna looks like Oscar Isaac" crow sounds EXACTLY like the "Samuel L. Jackson looks like Laurence Fishburne"…
I agree. Oscar Isaac, Chris Pratt, Karl Urban? Someone that can handle action AND be funny.
I very much need Oscar Isaac to portray Gomez Addams. I can be Morticia, it's cool.
Only person I want to see playing the next James Bond is Idris Elba or Oscar Isaac
Daisy Ridley and John Boyega rap about 'Star Wars', Oscar Isaac dances = perfection -
Oscar Isaac adorably photobombs his 'Star Wars' costars: Luke Skywalker now has a pair of bunny ears to go with…
This song has been stuck in my head for days now. Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, JT. "Please Mr. Kennedy"
I want to see a recreation of that Oscar Isaac photo from you stat.
I'd love to see a buddy cop movie with Oscar Isaac and Chris Pratt. Or Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone. Actually, both please. I want both.
I think Oscar Isaac has a Moon Pluto thing happening in his chart, but wouldn't be surprised if he was a rising. He has Scorp brow.
At which is GRAND. We have been read to by lovely Benedict C, Louise Brealey, Oscar Isaac, Jeremy Paxman …
I had dream that Oscar Isaac was my uncle and he had the stability level of Leo Bloom from The Producers
Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain ruined my life
Wouldn't mind seeing George Lopez play El Chapo in the biopic but Oscar Isaac, Guillermo Diaz, or John Leguizamo would be my picks.
Michael Fassbender and Oscar Isaac line up on 's subs cover htt…
Oscar Isaac, Sebastian Stan, Adam Driver, Frank Grillo (well he's much older). Tom Hardy... well he's just there i can't even explain
Gonna watch Inside Llewyn Davis because Oscar Isaac playing folk music makes me feel something strange and exciting.
Ok.I think I can kinda fix this. If you squint Aaron Ekblad kinda looks like Oscar Isaac.
I still think the best thing about Inside Llewyn Davis is Oscar Isaac's hair.
Oscar Isaac reads Alec Guinness letter about original...
Oscar Isaac in inside llewyn davis honestly had such a Look going on
Oh so NOW you all appreciate how sexy Oscar Isaac is. I've been obsessed with him since Inside Llewyn Davis lol
my sexuality is Oscar Isaac in Sucker Punch
Today is a beautiful day because exactly 37 years ago Oscar Isaac was born. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Combine the sex appeal of Oscar Isaac and Gael Garcia Bernal, and the whole world just might implode on itself.
& follow for the chance to win a Poe Dameron Pop! Happy Birthday, Oscar Isaac!
Happy birthday, Oscar Isaac! Hope you get to tear up the dance floor today.
Happy Birthday to my favorite Golden Globe and soon to be Emmy winner Oscar Isaac!!
Watching an old episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent and who should pop up... the dreamy Oscar Isaac.
How about a Bridget Jones sequel starring me as Bridget Jones and then also Tom Hiddleston and Oscar Isaac are in it.
(Also: Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake, F. Murray Abraham, John Goodman and... did we mention Oscar Isaac?)
3. Emile Hirsch - Into the Wild. 4. Bruce Dern and June Squibb (nom but no win) - Nebraska. 5. Looper (0 noms!). 6. Oscar Isaac - every movie
somebody put Maya Rudolph and Greta Gerwig in the a film together and I'm supposed to keep breathing? That's my Oscar Isaac and Oscar Isaac
I'm going to re-cast Barney Miller for a modern update. Barney? Oscar Isaac.
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