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Orwa Ojode

Joshua Orwa Ojode (29 December 1958 – 10 June 2012) was a Kenyan politician.He was first appointed into parliament on June 28, 1994 to represent Ndhiwa Constituency..He belonged to the Orange Democratic Movement representing the Ndhiwa Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya since the Kenyan parliamentary election, 2007. He was the assistant minister for provincial administration and Internal Security.

George Saitoti Internal Security Prof George Saitoti Tom Mboya Raila Odinga Wangari Maathai John Michuki Mutahi Ngunyi Njenga Karume Mutula Kilonzo Uhuru Kenyatta Otieno Kajwang Capital Talk Jeff Koinange Jicho Pevu Mohammed Ali

Maybe you were not born.If the late Orwa Ojode was alive i would have sent you to him.
Tell Saitoti and Orwa Ojode finally Uhuru is the raisi and Official Jicho Pevu with Mohammed Ali told us that the 2 of them were murdered
On your way back, say hi to Sirikal Orwa Ojode, he must be resting just few kilometres from there.
The late Orwa Ojode once said, "we could be fighting a terror monster whose tail is in Somalia but its head is in True to his words
"This is like a big animal with the tail in Somalia. We are still fighting the tail and the head is sitting here," - Orwa Ojode
The Late Orwa Ojode was an *** Minister bt he did verywell than the current CS on handling insecurity issues
I am saddened by the death of Otieno Kajwang', Nyakwar Nyakwamba , whom I have known for over fourty years. I met him in the early seventies when he was a student at Mbita High School and I was at Ringa Boys. After 'O' level he joined Homa Bay High School and I joined Agoro Sare. During that time the two schools never used to see eye-to-eye but this did not affect our friendship. We both were to become officials of FORD Party where Kajwang' was elected Organising Secretary and I was elected as his assistant. In 1994 the then Director of Elections, Raila Odinga, assigned both of us to lead the campaign for the Ndhiwa seat when Obondo defected to KANU, and we delivered the seat with Orwa Ojode as Mp Kajwang' was indeed a great man.
The local political scene will be very dull in deed.Orwa Ojode, Mutula Kilonzo and now Otieno Kajwang now all gone!
Mombasa County Governor, Mr. Ali Hassan Joho, is an angry man who is on a warpath and the war he is engaged in, he will most certainly lose. The governor was one of the most generous contributors for last year's CORD's presidential campaign kitty and he is rumoured to have contributed to more-than Kshs 500 million. CORD chief, Mzee Raila Odinga who was running on the agenda of reforms and fighting corruption is believed to have promised and assured the contributors that he will give them a grace period to recoup back their monies if he wins presidency but he lost miserably after being humbled by the dynamic digital team of UhuRuto in round one. The governor is a suspected drug baron who was once adversely mentioned in a parliamentary parliamentary report by former interior minister Professor George Saitoti before the minister and his deputy ( Hon. Orwa Ojode) died mysteriously in a plane crash. He was later given a clean bill of health together with others mentioned in the report by the Kenya Police.The g ...
Three pple i wil alwayz miss,may their soul rest in peace.The late John Michuki,Orwa Ojode n George Saitoti.Were men of action n meant it all to their job and to thz country.I miss you People.
COURTESY OF Mwalimu Dida Sunday night, KTN aired Mohammed Ali's latest investigative series Jicho Pevu. This time with the title 'Ghururi Ya Saitoti'. The English version, 'Death in 10 minutes' was done by investigative reporter John Allan Namu. The two journalists looked into the circumstances that led to the death of Prof. Saitoti, his assistant Orwa Ojode, their bodyguards and two pilots. The pair tried to prove that Saitoti's 'accident' was an indeed an assassination. Mohammed Ali started by revealing his trials and tribulations after his last exposé. He narrated how a special police force code name 'EAGLE 1' was formed to neutralize specific journalists. Leading this exercise were three officers; Maina, Muthee and Kariuki. Mohammed Ali was to be killed along Waiyaki Way, near the Museum Hill Interchange. Dennis Onsarigo, his colleague was to be terminated as he headed home. To support his claims, Moha played a clip of the then Makadara MP Mike Sonko addressing residents of Likoni in May last year. S ...
The modern writers prize commerce at the expense of the truth. I have spent most part of my long holiday reading about the Luo Nation but most contemporary writers deliberately avoid the truth in order to increase sales. This intellectual dishonesty is contemptous of academic obedience. The truth is that Luo Nyanza has had these leaders: 1. Tom Mboya - the Man Kenya wants to forget; 2. Ezekiah Oyugi Ogango - the Man no one cares to write about; 3. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga - the Father of many orphans; 4. Orwa Ojode (Sirkal) - the Struggle for Luo Nyanza economic emancipation; 5. Owino Likowa (Wuod Akoth) - Helping the people to rise economically through bank facilities; 6. Cyprian Awiti (Jamawego) - Generosity personified. And the few others who are making a change in the smallest way they can. The rest are politicians!!
Moses Wetangula escaped unhurt when his car was yesterday shot at as he was driving home. These are just attempts by the government to silence the opposition after Wetangula revealed a ksh. 500Bn scandal in the railway tender. We are not going to let you continue taking our lives. You killed George Saitoti, Orwa Ojode, Mutula Kilonzo and now it seems you are after one of us. Enough is enough.
If you had an opportunity to bring back one of these politician to life, whom would you!? Jomo Kenyatta. Jaramogi Odinga. Tom Mboya. JM Kariuki Gama Pinto. Robert Ouko. Michael Wamalwa. George Saitoti. Orwa Ojode. Argwings Kodhek. Ezekiel Barng'etuny. Mulu Mutisya. Uhuru Kenyatta. Martin Shikuku. Mutula Kilonzo. Ronald Ngala.
Not that I want to imply anything, Professor George Saitoti, Orwa Ojode and others died while on their way to a harambee in Nyanza.
George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode used to be busiest minister and assistant minister respectively.May be Joseph Ole Lenku is still enjoying the delicacy of the security matter in the country.
Get Lost Kenyathe Worst 50 yrs 4 Kenya.any developments since Colonial Masters have left us.No Nid for celebrations.4 me i'll b remembering the deaths of Robert Ouko,Kenneth Matiba,Orwa Ojode n the worst of all.Westgate attack
HOW GOOD WILL HEAVEN BE!!! Wangari Mathai with her green trees,Angela Chibalonza with her uplifting worship songs,George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode with the tight security,John Muchuki wid de proper traffic rules,Mutula Kilonzo wid proper educxn policies.Meet u there!
It's True that Mbinguni kuna Makao Mema, just imgn how the environment is well managed by Wangari Maathai, praising and Worshiping everywhere as we check on Angela Chibalonza, No insecurity Nothing like Alishabaab cause Saitoto and Orwa Ojode are already there, Road accidents Zero once u reach there check on Bro John Njoroge Michuki for Rules, Tuition will be something of the past cause Mutula won't allow such Nonsence 2 happen, Mzee Mangulieche will be preaching in an ironical language that most of u won't understand. But if we could h'v people like Ole Lenku going a head of us we could nt admire to go where he is cause we could predict what could be going on.
Professor George Saitoti memorial service to be held on Sartuday and President Uhuru Kenyatta attends Saitoti memorial fete, calls for unity. From Tom Mboya to Orwa Ojode and Professor George Saitoti.
Hon. Chelagat Mutai: A Story Of Integrity And Dignity That Shames MP William Ruto - Kenya Today * By Dikembe Disembe I refused to mourn Mutula Kilonzo. I was saddened when George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode died in a plane crash; because no death can be so brutal like one where you stare haplessly and helplessly. Because I have an opportunity to be on a plane, the heavens can be scary, but I digress. Chelagat Mutai is dead. She is dead without much social fun-fare, the usual media hullabaloo; or, our famed bipartisan respects for the political dead. Here is a woman whose death is so distant to my generation and our apathy to history. In Marjorie Oludhe Macgoye’s Coming to Birth, the name Chelagat props up in a conversation at the M’s family where a ‘general factotum’ called Paulina feels its important for women to collect themselves and ‘riot’ over the incarceration of this ‘little kalenjin girl’, accused of inciting his constituents to forcefully invade some land grabbed at Ziwa. This is 1976; ...
One year since the demise of Orwa Ojode and four police officers in the Kibiku plane crash. .
R. I. P. Prof George Saitoti & Hon. Orwa Ojode and the companions whose names am ashamed I don't remember. God's peace for the families.
Its exactly 365 and a quarter days since ur departures hons. prof. George kinuthi and Orwa Ojode together with...
Today, I will be drowning a bottle of Jameson irish Whiskey in memory of Hon. Joshua Orwa Ojode "Sirkal"... Time...
Saitoti n Orwa ojode died on such a date,last year,there is sorrow in ma hrt at the remembrance of the demise of these real warriors.
On this day last year George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode plus four others lost their lives following a helicopter crash around Kibiku...RIP
Last year,at exactly this time,my immediate former MP Orwa Ojode,his boss Prof.George Saitoti and four other...
The late Orwa Ojode. One year later. A man who was most diligent in his service. The passion he oozed on matters security! Greatly missed.
Memories of Hon. Orwa Ojode live on...ndhiwa hasn't been the same since. R.I.P Sirkal.
on monday it will be one year since we lost Hon George Saitoti,Orwa ojode, and four other kenyan. may they rest in peace.   10% Off
It is with paining memories that we celebrate your funeral.With tears and condolences we recall who were,a loving husband,a responsible father,a reformat to the great nation of Kenya. How you came about your death is beyond our understanding.You left us too soon we need you to help change the rotten roots on which the country stands,with dying hope,Kenyans worried on where we are heading. As you join our departed ones,to our memory backs the matyres who cruelly disappeared.Prof George Saitoti,Dr.Orwa Ojode,Joseph Tom Mboya,J M Kariuki,Pio Pinto Gama,Robert Ouko,(Kenneth Matiba),Dedan Kimathi and more worth mentioning. We got the new Constitution,you fought for free and elections but we got disappointed.You died with a secret in your heart you were just to deliver.Kenya is a nation monopolised by evil possesed minds.What we go through will be a history,as you are now.we remain to continue the fight. Your family will never be the same again.We are happy you have a grandson to put on your shoe,a strong MAN.
I still cant get over Mutahi Ngunyi's 'Orwa Ojode was just collateral damage.'
June 10 2012: George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode died of another plane crash.
Reason why I really followed activities of Hon Joshua Orwa Ojode - he was the Chairman of Bunge SACCO
Orwa Ojode,a father,a son and a husband to someone was just collateral damage...SAD
All has revealed is that Orwa ojode loved Jameson and he used to rave with a taxi
Hon. Orwa Ojode was a cool dude though. He never argued sheepishly in Parliament.
Ojode was collateral damage "But jus think about it.Orwa n Saitoti were not at the same side politically"
All I heard was that orwa ojode was a jameson guy.
RIP proffesor George Saitoti and Orwa ojode!neva shall we forget u our heroes!justice shall surely be done amen!
George Kinuthia Saitoti, Orwa Ojode, Nancy Gitwanja and the other 3, RIP... God will make things right on your behalf
So we can say orwa ojode was an innocent of being in the wrong place at the wrong time# Jicho Pevu
sad sad sad no one is safe God for us all but evryone for him/herself RI.P Hon. George Saitoti n Orwa Ojode
The more I watch Ghuguri Ya Saitoti on KTN's Jicho Pevu, the more I break in tears.RIP Orwa Ojode!
When this matter came up, Orwa Ojode claimed "Hon Waititu was handled with the dignity and respect befitting his status" LMFAOOO.
I remember I could watch parliament proceedings whenever Orwa Ojode was being put on the spot to answer questions cuz he was always FUNNY
One day, Some day all tis is gonna end RI.P Hon. George Saitoti n Orwa Ojode
Orwa Ojode was my *** Saitoti was my childhood role model when I thought I'd make it to be a professor of Mathematics. I respected him.
Orwa Ojode wasn't to die early but nature of "Culprits" made him leave too soon
So Orwa Ojode was a whisky favorite just like me..Jameson was his favorite..
Orwa ojode should av paid attention,when asked in parliament how safe kenya is! pevu!
George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode. May you rest in peace.
RIP Orwa Ojode, you never knew it could one day fall on you
The Late Orwa Ojode promised the Parliament to name the drug barons on the floor of the House. . Ghururi La Saitoti
watch jichopevu if u wanna know how Orwa Ojode passed...and under what circumstance...
Orwa Ojode we wanna know how and why?
so people act like they dint know Saitoti was assassinated??? and Orwa Ojode was at the right place but wrong time.
Mohammed Ali to unfold the misery behind the death of the late Prof. George Saitoti, Orwa Ojode and the entire...
French firm Eurocopter blamed for the crash that killed Minister George Saitoti, his deputy Orwa Ojode and 4 police officers last year.
President Mwai Kibaki has received the report on the helicopter crash that killed. George Saitoti and his assistant Orwa Ojode
The widow of former Internal Security Assistant Minister Orwa Ojode is to Receive Sh20 million death benefits.
Sawa, but know that under govt you'll be 'deleted' very fast. Ask Tom Mboya and Orwa Ojode who dined with the wolf?
Security Minister Prof. Saitoti and his deputy Minister Orwa Ojode perish in a ghastly plane crash in Kenya
Just imagine how beautiful heaven is.! All the beautiful trees Wangari Maathai have planted... All sweet music that are there E-sir, Bob Marey,Witney Houstone, Mighty Kingkong Lucky Dube u name it... There is no al shabaab coz Orwa Ojode n Saitoti have all the strtgies to clear them n Ojode have beafed upsecurity in all the estates in heaven Hakuna usoto huko coz Njenga Karume is there with all his wealth added to money tht Ojode n Saitoti went with.U rsafe coz fredom fighters lyk Kimathi n Jomo Kenyatta will alwyz fight 4 ua fredom. So wht r U waiting 4?? chukua kamba ujinyonge :-)
Bring Zack Home. A less informed view would say the Saitotis by all means were a loving family and have raised him as well as his biological parents would have; and that the Subukia’s should celebrate their birth son’s good fortune. But God has a way of supervising our deeds, good and bad. The alleged kidnap of Mr Zachary Musengi, raised for 25 years as former Vice President George Saitoti’s son. If you travel regularly in Kenya the rumor on the street is that the death of Mr Saitoti and his colleague Joshua Orwa Ojode in a chopper crash was not a ‘blameless’ accident. So far, the Judicial Commission of Inquiry headed by a court of appeal justice has not landed on the smoking gun but has poked holes in the ‘blameless’ accident theory. Mr. Saitoti and Mr. Orwa Ojode shared a familial detail. Both of them had an adopted son. Both highly successful and over-achieving individuals adopted a child to raise in their homes. Childbearing is almost treated as God-given in african culture. Some subject ...
Something tels me dat this Andy Ojode could be my younger brother, look at the nose, height n the way he smiles: help me check on him, am nt afta Orwa Ojode's wealth but to meet ma brother en give him a hi 5.
What am i sein orwa ojode whants to be ur friend mimi kwisha!
This i why am missing policeman no.1 the late hon Orwa Ojode,May God rest his soul in peace.
Its now very clear that the only kenyan politician who had the interest of police officers at heart is only the late joshua orwa ojode! We all pray for his soul!
I really miss the late hon. Michuki, Orwa Ojode and Saitoti. Eneo hilo lifagiliwe! Maafisa 41 dead and their weapons missing!
...The helicopter crash that led to the deaths of Internal Security Minister Prof. George Saitoti, his assistant Orwa Ojode, and "Four other people." Aren't the names of the four known? When will the common mwananchi be recognized, especially the Police?
A pathologist who examined the bodies of former Internal Security Minister George Saitoti and his deputy Orwa Ojode a day after the crash has said the deaths may have occurred before the aircraft came down. Dr Dorothy Njeru on Tuesday told the Justice Kalpana Rawal commission investigating the accident that the ministers may have died from inhaling a poisonous gas before the helicopter crashed. Autopsies on the six victims of the June 10 mishap, the commission was told, revealed “cherry pink” patches on their bodies, indicating that high levels of carbon monoxide were inhaled and the crash may not have been “a normal aviation accident.” Dr Njeru said she made the observations of the tell-tale signs of poisoning while a colleague documented her dictation. “However, omissions were made in the final report on the cherry pink discolouration I noticed during the post-mortem.” She said the post-mortem examination was done at the Lee Funeral Home in Nairobi at the request of the CID. “I pointed out ...
& can you confirm that may have executed Prof George Saitoti & Orwa Ojode.
Happy mashujaa day,my dear kenyan as we celebrate the kapenguria six ' let us remember and pray for the Kibiko six starting with ,Nancy Gituanja,George Saitoti,Orwa Ojode ,Tonkei and the rest.May God be with their souls and grant their families peace of mind.
Death is bad, pro. Saitoti and Orwa ojode should be alive 2 celebrate the cupture of kisimayu.
The mother of the late Internal Security assistant minister Orwa Ojode has refuted claims that her grandson is stranded in the country due to lack of school fees.
Details are now emerging that the aircraft technician who was in-charge of pre-flight procedures at the Wilson airport before the fatal helicopter crash that killed Professor George Saitoti and his assistant Orwa Ojode, was not well trained, and was not licensed by the Kenya Civil Authority.
Am wishing all those Kenyans who will be voting2morrow a peaceful n brotherly exercise that will b worth respect2 our fallen heroes-John Michuki, George Saitoti & Orwa Ojode, may their souls rest in peace. Lets vote ready2 celebrate whether having lost or won,after all,we remain being Kenyans n this is whr we belong. GOD BE WITH U.
When we hear n see what is hapening in mombasa. The vivid memories ov late great internal ministers George Saitoti n Orwa Ojode(my officers ar on ground n we want 2 assure the hse everything is under control n civilians should report an case ov susp" kenyans real mis this2guys critical time wen the nation is more important than an individual( Hon. G. Saitoti)
uncivilized luos! Orwa Ojode must be turning in his grave!
Am nt a politik prsn bt man i wanda on the step tht tha wyf of the late orwa ojode i thk itz a gd muv...
May Orwa Ojode rest in peace,its nt long since he's gone Mary is out for his position,its nt fair!NKT!!
I'm missing the towering physique,boldness,astuteness & freestyle nature of the late Hon.Joshua Orwa Ojode.That's life!
Is there something to learn from this; one, body viewing for the late John Atta Mill - President, Ghana. the other Orwa Ojode burial in...
I appeal 2 the Hon. pple of ndhiwa costituency dat if u realy liked da way da late Hon. Orwa Ojode wrkd, then kindly cast ua votes 2 his wife Mary 2 complete da wrk of her late husband guys, its only 3 months left.
Wife to the late Internal Security Assistant Minister Orwa Ojode presents her ODM nomination papers ahead of the Ndhiwa By-Election.
refused to recognize and cooperate with Orwa Ojode's own mum after the death of the latter. Akwende huko!!
Go go go go.Mary Ojode..for Dhiwa...Sirkaal...Orwa Ojode!!
The widow to the late Dhiwa mp Orwa Ojode joins the race to parliament
Parliamentary aspirants in Ndhiwa are back to the drawing board following the entry of former MP Orwa Ojode’s widow into the race.
Orwa Ojode illegally acquired a Ksh 20 million Range Rover from CMC Motors. The company got it back after his death. *** !
Mary Ojode, wife 2 the late Joshua Orwa Ojode, i would vote 4u if only i was frm Ndhiwa! Go go go!
Id rather watch the Orwa Ojode and Saitoti hearings. Discussing Prezzo et al? Really?
My condolences to the families of the late George Saitoti & Orwa Ojode as well as the two pilots & the security agents who were with them.
That Ndhiwa seat better be filled by ninja with a work ethic like my blood Orwa Ojode.
National Assembly Speaker Kenneth Marende will finally in the next 24 hours issue writs for the three constituencies left vacant following the deaths of former Environment Minister John Michuki, Internal Security Minister Professor George Saitoti and his assistant Orwa Ojode. Speaking while meeting an European Union delegation at his office, [...]
The assigned to investigate the that killed George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode, helds its first today.
Orwa Ojode the Internal Security Minister warns politicians of making utterances that may lead to violence ahead of the general elections. He said this while...
Do u agree with the news media that the gvment was behind the death of the late Internal Security Minister George Saitoti n his assis Orwa Ojode?.
The aftermath!!! The two perished on the same day, from the same cause of death and under similar circurmstances. I will not blame it on the tribe for I ceased being a tribalist. Maybe the cognitive development! The family of the Late George Saitoti is busy hiring foreign experts all in the aim of seeking to unravel the mystery behind the demise of their loved one. They are busy engaging the goverment from all fronts and are well presented in the probe commission. On the other hand, the family of cousing Orwa Ojode 'seems' not to know the ongoing probe involves their loved one, said differently, they are not even aware where the commission is holding its hearings from. I can hear echos from that side of the lake saying "BADO MAPAMBANO!!! MAPAMBANO! MAPAMBANOOO!!! I conclude by admiting that - It helps to style up!!!
According to LUO's tradition,wives are property of the family,when the husband dies then she has to be Inherited,So the late Hon Orwa Ojode brother to an extend may be RIGHT...!! Thats according to my Luo friend
Tuesday July 3, 2012-The family of the late former Internal Security Assistant Minister Joshua Orwa Ojode is currently entangled in an inheritance row over custody of the late Orwa Ojode’s wife a...
What are your thoughts on the late Orwa Ojode's brother asking the house speaker Kenneth Marende not to pay out life insurance to his widow?
Since the death of former Internal Security Minister George Saitoti & Orwa Ojode,kenya security has gone down to a maximum of 12% due 2 increament of kenyan killing by terrorist.Plz kenyan lets unite & be one nation.
Lets not forget endless effort shown by our late Prof George Saitoti and his assistant Orwa Ojode although gone let their memories remai ...
Preliminary probe that killed Ministers George Saitoti,Orwa Ojode and four police officers have ruled out engine failure.
People, was it ryt 4 the families of George Saitoti n Orwa Ojode to get 10million each while the gorvt didn't mention anything concerning the 4 people who were with them in the plane crash?
the speaker of the national assembly says he indefinitely cannot declare vacant seats for the late Hon. John Michuki, Hon. George Saitoti and Hon. Orwa Ojode as the law is unclear on the matter. What are your feelings Kangema people?
RIP: Orwa Ojode, our member of Parliament, and George Saitoti, Minister of Internal Affairs, both killed in a helicoptter crash. Joylet, a 14 year old orphan in our Kisumu program, who bravely fought the HIV virus but died suddenly. A bright girl, she was much loved by all. My dog, Jupie, who died as the result of unintentional malpractice on the part of a vet-if I say anymore I'll cry. He is greatly missed. GOOD NEWS- Next week our nursery school should begin to be constructed! -Last week we had a leadership meeting of all four churches of Hope- the latest one was "adopted" since they already existed but wanted to be a sister church. There were 22 people, which was wonderful! Lunch was rice, chicken, ugali, and collared greens, plus sodas! When I last met Chief Makoteng, head of the Kadhola Hope Church, he told me that Luo tradition called for a chief to have 5 wives and 20 children. He had 2 wives but one ran away. I don't blame her! I wouldn't want to be expected to have 8 children, !I'd run ...
Kenyans Ministers of Internal Security Prof George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode are victims of Americans and British intelligence services ,sources are revealing that these two Kenyan leaders were killed due to their refusal to allow our airports ,ports and country to be used for criminal activities by these Countries ,Kenya government should come clean and Tell kenyans the truth ,Aircraft flying Saitoti and Ojode was planted with explosives the night before at the Wilson airport police Hangar by Foreign intelligence services from the US and UK.
Investigating the cause of the death of late George Saitoti,Orwa Ojode and others on 10th june 2012 is just but a license to eat the taxpayer's money,I mean many deaths of the same nature hv bn subjectd to severe investigations but no concrete outcome has bn seen,u cn even predict dat at the end of it,the undersigned team wil blame bad weather as the cause of the tragedy!
The the hypocrisy at the George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode funeral orations is well captured by Macharia Gaitho. He honest to all
One on the sensitivity [or not] of the coverage of George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode's demise -
It was a busy weekend of farewell to the prominent heroes,Orwa Ojode and Saitoti George-fare thee well heroes!
A lot of were made by our leaders during the laying to rest of our two departed heroes Proff. George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode. This is not the first time we have been treated to this kind of rhetoric. we hope this time round they mean business. And in Gods name i beg to ask. If Saitoti was such a good leader as exemplified by his colleagues, why the *** had 13 of his colleagues opposed his presidential bid?
It's true there comes a time that an individual is not important. RIP Prof. George Saitoti, Joshua Orwa Ojode (in your graves), & the four Police officers yet to be burried.
I didn't see DPM Uhuru Kenyatta at Orwa Ojode's Funeral in Ndhiwa.just wondering.all said and done, May the Almighty rest Saitoti and Ojode's souls in Eternal Peace, Amen.
But May God's will be done.i hope the afterlife is kind to them..Rest In Peace George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode.peace be with your families
Orwa Ojode and George Saitoti had soo many friends who loved them soo much..
Coming up on Sunday Live. We look at Orwa Ojode's emotional sendoff also cancellation of NHIF contracts threaten the lives of patients on specialized treatment and in our weekly segment of "Kibaki Succession" we pay tribute to Prof. George Saitoti as we ask...would he have been President?.. For this and much more,be sure to join us at the top of the hour!
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RIP PRof. George Saitoti d HON. Orwa Ojode. i now know ur death was no ordinary accident. But God's plans wil alwyz reign supreme. they shal not succeed.
Mzee Kibaki advised politicians not to just speak mere words without actions during the burial of prof. George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode. 'All these words u ave spoken here am used up to them and if implement they can yield the Kenya we have thought of'
May God give strenth to the families of George Saitoti amd Orwa Ojode during ths time of Morning God be wth u
how many of you think of where they will be after they die? how many of you are planning for tomorrow when they even dont know whether they will be alive? why are you so boastful and contended with the kind of life you live when all you do does not involve Jesus? Think my dear brother and sister and pray always for the time is nigh. Prof George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode woke up early morning going to church but they were called while on the way. how ready are you?
Orwa Ojode & George Saitoti worked seemlessly. Diff tribes & parties yet we never saw any backstabbing. That's the Kenya we want.
The two Deputy Premiers,Uhuru Kenyatta and Musalia Mudavadi, conspicuously absent at the burial of Hon. Orwa Ojode.
SAD BUT TRUE: If George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode (and those oh so insignificant "four others") had died in a road crash, the accident would have probably resulted in some positive reforms beneficial to the country. As things stand however, its another stark reminder of the giant gaps between the privileged class and the rest of us poor "others" whose deaths go unmarked every day on public highways. Well, death has never been a great respecter of privilege...
The year was 1999 and one Orwa Ojode was in a serious dilemma. His long time friend Prof. George Saitoti was facing a vote of no confidence motion in parliament moved by his fellow National Development Party MP Otieno Kajwang. Alongside my colleague Peter Leftie, Ojode summoned us to a meeting to help him out of the quagmire. After one hour of chatting we reached a simple solution- Ojode took the next available Kenya Airways flight to Kisumu and called everybody to inform them of the urgent matter he had to attend to. That way Saitoti took no offence. Ditto the hawkish NDP MPs. RIP Sirkal
I watched on my screen the proceedings at the Nairobi central SDA church during the requem mass in honor of marehemu Orwa Ojode and most of the speakers, including the church leader, started their speeches with " His excellence the president, right honourable prime minister, ministers, members of parliament, ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here in honour of Prof George Saitoti, Honourable Orwa Ojode and the 'OTHER FOUR' who died on sunday. Why the 'other 4' and not mentioning their names like they did to prof. and Orwa? biasness. what do you think?
President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga Thursday led hundreds of Kenyans in a memorial service for the late Internal Security assistant minister Orwa Ojode.
i hv bn speechless 4 sometime now. u can say the Sunday's shock. may their soul rest in peace. yaani someone who made me sit in the parliament sessions Orwa Ojode he was straight and was not anybody's puppet. how he answered que . he made me watch the sesions faithfuly. now no more parliament 4 me. and the prof himself a very big man n gentleman when he campaigned he showed maturity.
Your effort and dedication to this nation it`s not easy to accept your death Internal Security mainister and your asst minister!! proffesor George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode! last sunday in a plane crush it is a day when my world came down. R.I.P.BROTERS!!
NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 13 – Memorial services for the late ministers Orwa Ojode and George Saitoti who perished in a helicopter crash will be held on Thursday and Friday respectively, the government has announced. A committee arranging their funerals headed by Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka said a serv...
Above cherishing life that much,we shud also think about death bcoz it is said'kifo ni lazima'Imagine 1 day i'll leave dis world to go to a far place,further than the sky & neva cme bck.. Ul cry wen U c ma name... Ul mis me wen browse thru my account,, U wont b able 2 c ma wad,poke,commentand inbox eva again...u wnt rcv thz funny comments i write u. i wil b no more,, to tease,,mek U laugh & say sory wen I go wrng... Tearz wil flw out 0f Ur eyes bt al b gone,,long n wondering how mama wil react coz as 4 my sistas they wil b puting that blame on the wicked world.this day as we celebrate the lives of our beloved ones including our ministers.,Orwa Ojode and George Saitoti,may peace en ope b urs coz the Bible says that u shud b calm and wen troubles *** u shud endure them patiently and stadefastly.luv u pals
Hon. George Saitoti to be burried on Sato while Hon. Orwa Ojode on sun this weekend. May their soul RIP
I can smell mischief in the death of George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode where respectively minister and assitant minister of Internal Security. Jicho Pevu please do something for the truth to be known.
The late Internal Security Minister George Saitoti will be buried on Saturday and his deputy Orwa Ojode on Sunday.
George Muthengi Kinuthia Saitoti! Lessons from the Past – When will Kenyans learn. Hard and painful thoughts cross our minds today. In one sense We mourn all the Kenyans who perished today in the Chopper crash. 1. Captain Nancy Gituanja 2. Captain Luke Oyugi 3. Inspector Joshua Tonkei 4. Sergeant Thomas Murimi 5. Orwa Ojode 6. George Saitoti Today. It is with great difficulty that we mourn George Saitoti as a hero (according to Kenyan mass media); because a hero, he was not. The truth in Kenya is that we forget, and we forget quickly. It was Prof. George Saitoti of the University of Nairobi Mathematics Department, who drove his VW Beetle (a well documented fact) into the Treasury Building parking lot when Daniel Arap Moi first appointed him Minister for Finance. Prof. Saitoti never looked backed, abandoning his VW Beetle motorcar for a Mercedes Benz and when he became Vice-President took on his motorcade as his chosen mode of travel. The VW Beetle motorcar was to rust in the car park— abandoned and d ...
KENYAN Mr Saitoti and his deputy, Orwa Ojode, died when the aircraft went down west of Nairobi. President Mwai Kibaki has declared three days of mourning. we like to extend our condolences to their loved one..n let you knw u r in our prayers... (BAA-PERAZIM)
Let's join together in consoling the grieved families of The Internal Security Minister, Hon. George Saitoti and his assistant, Hon. Orwa Ojode among the two pilots and security details. Though I don't always prefer talking about the dead, I hereby have to admit that Hon. Ojode was a role mode patriot to me because he never based his development activities on ethnic scope or political parties' loyalty's. He captured the high rank in terms of development, public relations with the common wanainchi and basically employment opportunities to those in need. The same to his counter part though I may not say much. Ojode rest in peace... sirikal.
On 8th – 9th June 2012, I was in Mombasa for the National Forum for Peaceful Election. Hon. Prof. George Saitoti addressed us on the need for peaceful co-existence and urgent police reform. He spoke passionately & at great length, his desire to see a free, fair & transparent election in which the people of Kenya could elect persons of their choice. After this forum, I proceeded to Nyamira on the morning of 10th June 2012, to attend a Peace and Reconciliation meeting convened by the late Minister in Chepilat / Borabu, the border of Bomet and Nyamira Counties scheduled for Monday 11th June, 2012 On the way I received news that there had been a helicopter crash, only to learn the occupants were Hon. Prof. George Saitoti, Minister for Internal Security and Provincial Administration and his Assistant Minister Hon. Joshua Orwa Ojode who were to address the peace and reconciliation meeting, that I was travelling to attend. I am in shock and coming into terms with this tragic loss. Life is precious & vulnerabl ...
Orwa Ojode was the only notable link of ODM and rebelious elements of William Ruto and Uhuru Kenyatta. He was the only independent thinker in luoland unbeholden wit RAO's intimidating influence. He was actualy an alternative centre of power in luo nyanza politics, which has been dominated by the oginga family since independence.. His death leaves a very huge gap.
Sincere condolences to the family,friends of hon. George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode..May their souls rest in peace.
Foreign Secretary William Hague expresses condolences at the deaths of ministers George Saitoti & Orwa Ojode in
May Almighty rest thea soul in peace Orwa Ojode n Saitoti,my heartful condolence to the family.God be with u ths sorrowful time.
The NCBDA chairman and Governing council condole with the family of the late.Minister Hon.Prof.George Saitoti & *** Minister Hon.Orwa Ojode.
A Kenyan government minister and his deputy are among six people who died when a police helicopter crashed near Nairobi, according to officials. A spokesman said Raila Odinga, the Kenyan prime minister, had been informed of the deaths of George Saitoti, his Internal Security Minister, and Orwa Ojode, his deputy. The accident occurred on Sunday in the Ngong hills on the outskirts of the Kenyan capital.
Peter Kenneth: I'm shocked and saddened by the deaths of my colleagues Prof Saitoti & Orwa Ojode. I offer my condolences to the families of the departed
I am grief stricken by the sad news of a chopper crash claiming lives of our prominent leaders Professor George Saitoti,Orwa Ojode and other dear kenyans.I join the bereaved in prayers and mourning.May God ALMIGHTY give them strength to overcome the tragedy.
Moment of silence in prayer 4our departed Minister of State in the Office of the President, George Saitoti n his assistant Orwa Ojode. RIP"
sad day George Saitoti,Orwa Ojode and their colleagues God has answers.
Is June 10th cursed? 2010, Kipkalya Kones and Lorna Labos. 2012, George Saitoti and Orwa Ojode die in a helicopter crash in the Rift Valley!
confirms he has received news of Internal Security Minister George Saitoti and *** Min. Orwa Ojode's deaths in plane crash"
Explosion rattles Nairobi’s downtown business district; roof rips open, 16 wounded NAIROBI, Kenya — An explosion ripped through a building full of small shops in downtown Nairobi on Monday, wounding at least 16 people, the police commissioner said. He could not immediately say what caused the blast. The force of the explosion ripped apart the one-story building’s aluminum roof, but a high-rise building with a glass exterior right next to the blast did not appear to sustain major damage. Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere said at least 16 people were wounded. Another high-ranking police official said there were no obvious signs that the blast was caused by a terrorist’s bomb. No ball bearings or nails — lethal shrapnel packed into bombs — were found, and officials were investigating the possibility that a faulty electrical line caused the explosion. The official said he could not be quoted by name. “Let me not speculate this is a terrorist attack. It could be a wire fault,” said Orwa Ojode, ...
Y r these luo politicians hav funny funny names and not kawaida names like Otieno, Onyango n so on, they hv funny names like-Raila Odinga, Anyang' Nyongo, Ayiecho Olweny, Gor sungu, Mbadi, Tuju, Anyanga, Oburu Odinga, Orwa Ojode, Pesa and list is endless.?
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