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Orthodox Jews

Orthodox Judaism is the approach to Judaism which adheres to the traditional interpretation and application of the laws and ethics of the Torah as legislated in the Talmudic texts by the Sanhedrin (Oral Torah ) and subsequently developed and applied by the later authorities known as the Gaonim, Rishonim, and Acharonim.

Orthodox Jewish New York Western Wall

The Bible has parts from the Torah . Orthodox Jews follow the Torah . Talmud has nothing to do with t…
1 in 10 Jews are orthodox and even most Orthodox Jews don't truly take Tal…
The TALMUD is stunningly racist. I KNOW this from Orthodox Jews, 1 is a very close friend. My son's fath…
Orthodox Jews are in many ways the only TRUE Jews in the world today. They hold high principles and attempt to actually LIVE them.
most Orthodox Jews are prolife though
Flynn does have a point. The Orthodox Jews say that it is the White Zionists & some of them do pass 4 White People.
He also converted back to the orthodox church in 1941, that's when he started to deport jews to gulags.
I agree but the name for a non-Jew is Gentile. There's a minority of ultra-orthodox Jews who have extremist views on gentiles
Hezbollah, Hamas and Iranian gov. have relations with groups of Orthodox Jews (anti-zionists) like Neturei Karta.
it makes it fairly complicated. Torah Jews and many orthodox have many issues inc the treatment of h,caust survivors in Israel
Jewish group most open to hearing Gospel are the Russian speaking Jewish population Israel Director https:…
Orthodox Jews with Palestinian flags and placards supporting the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in London on Friday.
More than 80% of American Jews are non-Orthodox, according to 2013 Pew Survey
Has it occurred to you Ultra-Orthodox Jews are forbidden to touch in public and that men dance with men at weddings?
Charedi Orthodox Jews buy 1st house on Joel Friedman: "size of houses are ideal for large Jewish families"
his corruption was that he approved housing and shuls for Orthodox Jews
openly defame and lie about Orthodox Jews we had say in the NY Assembly that it is (cont)
school districts and localities are changing rules to keep Orthodox Jews out
realtors that sell to Orthodox Jews are harassed that they are blockbusting
The crowd will also protest the arrests of Orthodox Jews for not willing to serve the Idolatry IDF of a state they believe shouldn't exist!!
with Jews. But Israel isn't meant for Jews, they prosecute and kill Orthodox Jews as well as Muslim Palestinians.
well since they killed 50 million jews in the orthodox Christian holocaust, i say other wise.
&tis orthodox Jews that suck the foreskin of male babies with t…
Yeshua is a compromised name NOT the true Hebrew name of our Messiah, they didnt wanna offend the Orthodox Jews so they removed YAH from it!
All Eric Trump is;A spoiled dirty little Israeli orthodox sister screwiness Jew no incest no Trump Jews.
“Only about 3% of Israeli Jews identify with the Reform movement, and most of those are English-speaking…
as it should be to all. Jews, Catholics, Orthodox, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Baptists, Atheists, Agnostics,
Metzitzah B'peh. A circumcision ritual practiced by some Orthodox Jews has alarmed city health officials, who say... https:…
A rare sight. ORTHODOX JEWS in Redondo Beach. Today is truly a chosen Saturday.
“Bosnia-Herzegovina, with its Muslims, Catholics, Orthodox and Jews, is one body, one heart.” Turkish Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.
A Jewish first whether it's Trump or Clinton: Column via
No incest no Zionism no Gov Christie no orthodox Jew Donald Trump incest of Jews legal in New Jersey and Israel they shouldn't be parents.
.shares the morality of most orthodox Christians, Jews and Muslims. To mock her for her beliefs is illiberal…
When modern political Zionism emerged around the turn of the twentieth century, most Orthodox Jews opposed it. - David Novak
In WW2 most Japanese had to be put into a separate area in humane private conditions just like Muslim orthodox Jews will be because of info.
Both Arabic Muslim and Orthodox Jews after Mr.Snowden info on Isis will be kept in humane conditions they had too do this to Japanese WW2.
Both Arab Muslim and Orthodox Jews will be kept in humane conditions food,water, privacy until what they started Isis is defeated all dead.
War causes displacement I oppose all forms of violence in war accept in dealing with both Arab Muslim and Orthodox Jews kill or be killed.
maybe. is it in a quiet neighborhood w a lot of Orthodox Jews?
Too sleep up with Jews is against religious beliefs any women who would do this convert to orthodox Jew is a worthless *** Rabbis agree.
Not all Modern Orthodox Jews, at the present juncture, identify with w...
In my life, I have dealt with Jews, Catholics, Orthodox, and Muslims more than Protestants. And atheists of course.
Daily Fail dishes out some (in time for the referendum?) how's that different from Orthodox Jews?
Child-sex abuse victim rallies Orthodox Jews to pressure politicians for Child Victims Act
Orthodox Jews hate Zionist-World conflict is tribal-Jew-Muslim-black, etc.religion's the fuse the kings use to ignite the tribe
And remember Jesus was a Jew, born, loved and died one. Orthodox Jews allow marriage of girls from pubity?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
The dictates of Zionist Jew Elite Agenda -have created State of Israel as its proxy Orthodox Jews denounce Zionists
Diversity in Police in news again do these *** want Orthodox Jews policing Stamford Hill Ordinary Jews policing Golders Green Chinese...
For black Orthodox Jews, constant racism is exhausting
I was looking forward to hearing explain Rosh Hashanah to Orthodox Jews.
Brazilian 'Fiddler on the Roof' director: Orthodox Jews spit on ... - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
he didn't use money to pass Anti *** measures like the Mormon Church or Orthodox Jews who used Mexicans to protest NY Pride.
they always mock ultra Orthodox Jews who mostly aren't even Zionist. It's not political but religious hate
he lost conservative/Orthodox Jews that were already voting for Clinton, but reform/cultural Jews are pretty liberal on Israel
Most Jews aren't religious. Vast majority of Orthodox Jews have conservative politics.
You have never heard of Orthodox Jews? Kashrut/kosher? Reform? Conservative?
Which doesn't invalidate the example. Do you think those Orthodox Jews who do oppose Zionism do so out of anti-semitic sentiment?
Orthodox Jews burn the Israeli flag in London on the Jewish holiday Purim.
Israel’s ‘chained women’ fight for right to divorce: Ultra-Orthodox Jews of the Belz Hasidic Dynasty attend a ...
Orthodox Jews don't actively use Technology on the Shabbat, ie: we don't turn lights on and off etc...
forget about the world. Let's start with the Hasidic/Orthodox Jews of Lakewood.
As a white Christian employer, I got HR-investigated for mistaking beliefs of 7th Day Adventists for Orthodox Jews
Me? Yes, of course. Not all Orthodox Jews agree with modern Zionism, but the one's who want anything that results in dead Jews
Fifty thousand Orthodox Jews take over TEN BLOCKS of New York in protest over Israeli army plan...
Orthodox Jews say in Hebrew (Engl. subtitles) every Jew will get 2800 Gentile slaves
The Israeli government approves the creation of a new mixed-sex prayer space for non-Orthodox Jews at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.
Israel Approves Prayer Space at Western Wall for Non-Orthodox Jews: The decision by Prime Minister Benjamin Ne...
Not to mention, it is similar to Orthodox Jews and Christians, Coptic Christians, etc. They're wrong too?
I respect Orthodox Jews more than regular Jews and 99% of Christians. At least they listen to their religion and pray and don't eat pork.
Cruise highlight: hovering towards security as a fundamentalist drunkenly informs some Orthodox Jews that they're "not true Christians"
Fundamental Christians, the Amish, Orthodox Jews, Buddhist monks, nuns...where do you stop?
If Donald Trump can get endorsements from evangelical Christians, I can't wait for Ultra-Orthodox Jews to endorse Bernie Sanders.
The Muslim Wahhabis and the Orthodox Jews don't believe in Jesus Christ and believe that Christians are infidels.
The Chief Rabbi doesn't speak for other than Orthodox Jews much of the time any more than Ian Paisley spoke for Christians
Before Yom Kippur, ultra-Orthodox Jews swing, slaughter and trash over 50,000 live animals in Brooklyn. Watch...
No wait seriously, answer me. Why are Orthodox Jews against Zionism and disconnect Judaism with it?
Orthodox Jews tackle enraged man outside Melbourne synagogue We just don't need these violent psychopaths here
Watch: Orthodox Jews tackle enraged man yelling “go back to Israel” & “swear to Allah” @ Melbourne synagogue
Now this is a massacre waiting to happen.Orthodox Jews tackle enraged man outside Melbourne synagogue
Orthodox Jews tackle enraged man after scuffle outside Melbourne synagogue:
Orthodox Jews tackle enraged man outside Melbourne synagogue
: Orthodox Jews tackle enraged man outside Melbourne synagogue: …
Orthodox Jews tackle enraged man outside Melbourne synagogue:
Confronting video of Orthodox Jews tackling hostile man outside Melbourne synagogue.
"No one would fight over Christmas graffiti," he said, unaware of the crew of Orthodox Jews around the corner waiting to get him...
As the vast majority of non-orthodox Jews whose lives are not organized around faith.
Dear Christians, Muslims, Hindus, black Hebrew Israelites, and orthodox Jews, atheist know God exist, in your imagination
Today in writer & photographer Bar Mayer tell about ex-ultra
Did the old Poles make all orthodox Jews dress like they do?
In the main time orthodox and religious Jews and others suffer from their attack on Humanity. But I am sure God will burn the all in *** ..
.Even Orthodox Jews are like "Okay, you're taking this a little too far, man."
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The hate that fuelled multiculturalism
This hatred is what caused the push to multiculturalism
Jewish children taught to hate in UK schools
Your recent hate manifesto failed to mention Jewish hatred of the Goyim
Jennifer Lawrence removed from Israeli Hunger Games posters to avoid offending some Orthodox Jews | The Guardian
Polish Nationalists Burn Orthodox Jew in Effigy by way of Reaction to the Continuous Support of Jews for the Non-White Migrant Invasion of …
how many Orthodox Jews were communists? Oh right none.
Polish far-right didn't get the message that they're not supposed to hate Jews now, Burn Orthodox Jew in effigy
I still don't understand what connection the Poles thought Orthodox Jews have to Syrian refugees.
You must not know any Muslim American women. Are you going to imposed ur will or Orthodox Jews and Amish next.
Ultra-Orthodox Jews: making the rest of us look bad for at least 5776 years.
this week the Sabbath alarm in Williamsburg is going off exactly at 4:20, all the orthodox jews who be blazin' be waiting all year for this
Here you can see where from the niqab is coming! Ultra-orthodox Jews are the orgin of the wearing this kind of...
... however orthodox Jews didn't fly a plane into the twin towers so it's true in that you can't compare them
Should I be that *** who points out how UNKOSHER gelitain is to orthodox Jews who keep a kosher house? Or?
Isidore Hochberg son of Yiddish-speaking Orthodox Jews & Hyman Arluck a cantor's son wrote this. Hear it in Yiddish!
The hot new coders in Israel are Ultra-Orthodox Jews
jihadists spoil Islam for all Muslims as Orthodox Jews for all Jews, hate filled Christians 4 all Christians .
visit mea shaarim, a place of orthodox Jews in Jerusalem. You will see plenty of women dressed like that
Why do Orthodox Jews refuse to serve in the Israeli Army? Here, Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro explains one reason.
Bibi does not represent the Jewish people. Orthodox Jews oppose Zionism.
And what makes you think they're all Muslims? They could include Christians, Jews, Yezidis, Orthodox etc.
This is deeply disturbing: Polish Anti-Refugee Demonstrators Burn Effigies of Orthodox Jews at Wroclaw Protest -
Jennifer Lawrence has been removed from Mockingjay posters in Israel to appease Orthodox Jews. Replaced by brisket.
so many orthodox Jews out there with the same deal + a book deal. Drives me nuts
Imagine the consequences had a Christian school taught goy children that Jews are evil.
Three-year-old jewish children taught that non-jews (Goyim) are evil. A religion of hate.
"Orthodox Jewish children told 'the non-Jews' are 'evil'" | https:/…
Unlike Donald Trump, they at least seem consistent.
I added a video to a playlist Thousands of Orthodox Jews in NYC Foley Square protest Israeli draft
If you are a womn, papal lawis brutal. When in Israel an American Jewishwoman stoned -Orthodox Jews
“Well, Orthodox Jews, Southern Christians, and the nuts in Colorado City dig this stuff as well. 🙅
Fifty thousand Orthodox Jews take over ten blocks of New York in protest...
Orthodox Jews are correct There is nothing 'Jewish' about Israel.
The Zionists aided hitler kill the Orthodox Jews
1/2 Orthodox Jews, fundamentalist Christian, Radical Islamist, it's not just about followers of one religion.
Understandable. Islam separates men & women when they pray. Orthodox Jews would require the same. Chose another faith.
How are Orthodox Jews like evangelical Christians?. It turns out that faith really does matter.
Orthodox Jews and Christian evangelicals share an affinity with the Republican Party (57% and 66%, respectively, support or lean toward GOP
To protect younger members of the church, Orthodox Jews in New York paid Mexicans to protest for them.
Ultra-Orthodox Jews can play the Terrorism game just as much as Jihadist Muslims and KKK Christians can. Not Anti-Semitic…
Orthodox Jews & some Conservative Jews vote conservative. They understand & relive the Holocaust of WWII!!!
Op-Ed: For black Orthodox Jews, constant racism is exhausting
Orthodox Jews taking Jiu Jitsu lessons for self defense: The Orthodox Jewish community in New York City is goi...
Iran: Orthodox Jews are the only ones that get it. Nothing from reform and conservative. featured in NBC s Science of Love
When Ricky Birdsong was killed & a number of Orthodox Jews were shot at by Ben Smith.
Got it. 1831, defence of Warsaw, Jewish city guard. Orthodox Jews, bearded even in uniforms. & cavalry unit...
Democrats just took away the rights of ONE single town to vote just because the majority are ORTHODOX Jews. I stressed Orthodox.
As a secular Pakistani would u support restoring back to Orthodox Christianity & the Temple Mount to the Jews?
*** is up with the new place called bedford on Main Street? My hood of orthodox jews is turning trendy
The News Blog: Ultra-Orthodox Jews should play better with others...
I don't think Orthodox Jews are the problem. It's the atheistic ones causing the trouble.
orthodox jews gave been doing that all along. Jealous?
J-Street Poll: 78% of Orthodox US Jews have been to Israel, 39% of non-Orthodox.
"I'm the opposite of them curly haired Jews. What's it called?". "Orthodox". "that's right. I am unorthodox."
Coming up at 6pm on in depth on the
Right, so you can't say they are partial to Orthodox Jews, and they still found that video to be highly offensive
only Orthodox Jews, a good 80 or 90% aren't this extreme
Why is your campaign based on the 'bloc' vote when there is no Orthodox Jews in the district you want to represent?
Jahi McMath moved to NJ b/c laws on brain-death had been changed there due to advocacy among Orthodox Jews. Fascinating.
Neonatologist in crowd: bioethics need to be addressing diversity of death more and more. Cites case of Orthodox Jews.
If you not in NYC? When I see Orthodox Jews with sideburns I wonder "What if they were Muslim?" .Answer:
Yes, that's exactly why Jews like hate orthodox/Hasidic Jews.
Yet so many Orthodox Jews, particularly Chabad, do so much work in the [non-Jewish] community for equality - odd!
Fact: there R only a few million orthodox jews remaining and millions more Israelis R atheist in Faith & moses is 2nd class/tier...
Jews are instructed in Torah and Talmud to love only other Jews. Orthodox Jews don't even regard gentiles as being human.
I'm giving you mainline theology of Orthodox, Coptic and Reformed Churches. Go read Luther's writings on Jews.
liberal jews. Not the orthodox jews. Big difference.
I think there are similare rules for Orthodox Jews too.
That's why some 'ultra'-orthodox Jews don't acknowledge Israel. Only the Messiah can create the nation/state.
Nicky Morgan has no right to tell Orthodox Jews how to behave Discuss?
I wonder if theres an orthodox jews living in Asia .
Ultra Orthodox Jews practice Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music http…
Catholic’s Jews Orthodox Want it all their way. AND for that end will make enemies where before there was none. Creates drama for OZ
REAL threat to OZ is OLD WORLD CROWD Catholic’s Jews Orthodox the problem NOT Protestants or MUSLIMS
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Britain&moderate Jews must stand up to the Orthodox women driving ban drive
Chairman of Leg. Alden Wolf condemning the GOP & CE Day for "trend of using fear & hatred against Orthodox Jews." http…
Why are haters of Orthodox Jews so afraid of what Assemblyman has to say, because they know he is right! & the truth hurts!
Ultra-Orthodox Jews should play better with others via
I don’t think it’s fair to generalize like that about what ‘most’ Orthodox Jews are or aren’t doing, now.
You are aware that historically, Ashkenazi Jews were forced to live in ghettos? And ultra-Orthodox Jews do so voluntarily now?
there are many Jews who have returned to Christ! Orthodox ones know Jewish is a race not religion! change to religion for safety!
Update 1: he's telling me how my great great grandparents were Orthodox Jews & how we became conservative, then reform.
Orthodox Jews are real people with complex and interesting stories. Forsaking one's Judaism isn't the only worthwhile thing a Jew can do.
Can we make ONE movie about Orthodox Jews where the plot isn't "When Yosef questions his repressive culture, his communtiy rejects him"
no wonder the Orthodox Jews despise is actually a purposeful mockery of Judaism.
These are the only rabbis who speak for orthodox Jews in Not the anti-religious reform rabbis like
Most of Jewish community is Orthodox. Agudath, the largest OJ Org, says feeds into the libel that Jews dont care >
Wow: leaders of Orthodox Jewry in NY, who represent %100 of the Jews in East Ramapo came out with a strong letter against undemocratic bill.
"Jews" and "Israel" are not, however, synonymous. Some Orthodox Jews object to the very existence of Israel.
Also, in Israel, there is a virtual civil war between Orthodox Jews and non-Orthodox Jews.
. calls campaign video for Rockland County Sheriff candidate offensive to Orthodox Jews > VIDEO CLIP:
All the Ultra-Orthodox Anti-Zionist Jews believe the 3rd Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem.Its in the Torah/Talmud
2/2 Why is your campaign based on fear mongering & lies hate, that Orthodox Jews want to take over Clarkstown?
How the media gets it wrong, blaming Orthodox Jews for school-district strife in Monsey: …
"Newspapers catering to ultra-Orthodox Jews have been embarrassed before by their handling of news photographs…"
One argument against Jewish ethnocentrism is the revealed preference of non-Orthodox Jews: an intermarriage rate > 70%.
Chicago Police Department unhappy Orthodox Jews paying off-duty cops for protection on Sabbath
- Like the Ultra Orthodox Jews u beat up.. actual Jews. Utterly disgraceful
Prosecutors seek17 years for peeping Orthodox rabbi Freundel. They are clearly not Jewish. Jews would have used the Chai standard-- 18!
A Tribute To Orthodox Single Moms: On this Mother's Day, however, it is important ...
Feel sorry for girls that can't get prom dates?! What about feeling sorry for us Orthodox Jews who don't have a prom!
My favorite thing about LA are the Orthodox Jews 🙇
Pope Francis rejects Orthodox Christians. Zionist & Jews are not the same. ZioChristians Bible deviators
with that said though, orthodox jews are so buff. Im ready to settle down, wear a wig and have 10 kids with one.
Israel's new extremist govt will have no use for US Jews, except Orthodox. Theodor Herzl: . "I guess Zionism wasn't such …
Young American Jews, except the 10% that is Orthodox, have nothing in common with the new Israel. Not even religion.
There are things Orthodox Jews *actually* do worth shining light on. Like performing circumcision w/the mouth
You know God has a twisted sense of humor when you realize Orthodox Jews can’t wear their Fitbits on a Saturday.
Avoiding pork tapeworm parasites (cysticercosis) is not as easy as just avoiding pork (even Orthodox Jews get it)
- Just delusional... but it's ok to beat Ultra Orthodox male Jews who clearly have the bloodline around the head. Disgusting
- The House split... Judah was exiled from Israel... and that is where it stands today.. even Orthodox Jews know that...
Fascinating insight into the rituals performed by orthodox Jews .
I've had Orthodox Jews treat me terribly. I didn't run out and join the bloody KKK because of it.
.hire Jewish soldiers for his army,kill Orthodox Jews for Zionist political gain,lie about being Christian,
probably due to others migrated to Europe who have more kids. Orthodox Jews have a lot of kids, but secular don't;
Orthodox Jews don't like to be associated with the zionist-controlled Israel. This is something media of course...
Muslims, Jews and some orthodox stands of Christianity all did I thought lol
Huh. Did not know about the light switch rule. So like the most orthodox of jews never get out of bed on the sabbath?
ORTHODOX JEWS are hereby declared leaders in genetic research!
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Remember that drake and josh episode they dressed up as Orthodox Jews and tried to stop Megan from getting her first kiss.
There are good reasons to worry about the impact of liberalism. But most pro-Israel US Jews are still not Orthodox.
he won't be involved in the process at all. Only certain Christians, ultra orthodox jews & Muslims are allowed in.
Bibi coalition: Orthodox and Messiah-is-coming Jews GOP: Evangelicals, born-again Christians & End-Times enthusiasts.
Evangelicals, Orthodox Jews, Muslims, and all those who value life from conception to natural death not just Christians
Tough to see Orthodox living in that country burning the flag. We Jews are our worst enemy sometimes. Disgusted.
These women stand up for their right to pray their way at the Western Wall- and sometimes, they have help.
Millions of Orthodox Jews are already on to this.
Don't forget that orthodox Jews have special political privileges in Israel.
Makes me sick to see Orthodox Jews in London celebrate bonfire by burning Magen David - Israeli symbol
.I criticized Orthodox Jews who refuse to sit next to women on planes. Was I Jew-phobic? Anti-semitic?
but there R now fewer orthodox jews now than ever b4...and they don't even act like moses...they hate the murders he did
Netanyahu deals with Ultra Orthodox Jews to retain power.No military service. They don't have to teach English,math or computers Fox News
These women (and their allies) defy gender norms at Judaism's holiest site:
Is it weird that I love North London cos it's the only time I see Orthodox Jews?
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So sad, a new version of an old story about Orthodox Jews and modern life (hey nice to see serializing)
It was Finchley & Golders Green where Labour activists were trumpeting the Tory candidate's homosexuality not Hendon.
.some of my family are Orthodox Jews, the women always sit separately from men .. I respect their choice…
The Labour party went round Golder's Green telling Orthodox Jews to vote Labour because the Tory candidate is *** serves them right
A Fascinating Glimpse at the Rituals of Strictly Orthodox Living in Israel
US Jews concerned about religious coercion in new gov’t: After advances for non-Orthodox streams in previous c...
Netanyahu thinks it is proper for Orthodox Jews to beat Jewish women who want to pray at the wall
A coalition has begun! Orthodox Jews and Secular Parents Unite to Demand Half-Day Pre-K Slots
Kosher Switch, Shabbos cell phones and now Shabbas microphones catching on among orthodox Jews. Judaism for sale?.
have a look on how real jews&orthodox christian pray. EXACTLY LIKE MUSLIMs DO.
Goes along with the "the Orthodox are doing my work for me, I can just sit back and be a white person" state of mind of many secular Jews
Do you recommend the same to the Orthodox Jews who also segregate, or just Muslims?
and Orthodox Jews. Bacon is like kryptonite to us remember?
girl Orthodox Jews sit in different rooms , you don't do colour do you love
Are Orthodox Jews fundamentalists? Are the Amish fundamentalists? U need to clarify defn of fundamentalist
huh...who said Muslims? I thought they were bashing Jesus, Noha...and all the Orthodox Jews, sorry, my bad 😔
have you ever complained about the disgusting acts orthodox commit against women & children? Or
it's hardly outing! But if Orthodox Jews don't know, then it's is. I don't live in a closed society
so I am on a fb group for lefty jews and I just got seriously condescended to by a right-wing orthodox rabbi ***
. Orthodox Jews don't. It's complicated, but I saw…
. Orthodox Jews don't. It's complicated, but I saw the light!
Should Lab have walked out when/if presented with that audience? Would the same be expected if audience were Orthodox Jews?
Dear Orthodox Leaders: Jews don't need your sympathies
if someone finds cartoons of Muhammad offensive, they shouldn't look or draw them.Orthodox Jews don't demand others eat Kosher
Netanyahu cannot control racism in Israel and also allows Orthodox Jews to beat up women who want to pray at the Wall
Row escalates between Hackney’s Orthodox Jews and coroner over burial of dead
NOT talking about Orthodox Jews,but ZIONISTs (laknatullah).
are you going to freeze out orthodox Jews because you don't like their practices? Or anti-abortion Catholics?
Freaky I qualify as a legal immigrant to israel just as I am - but the Orthodox Jews say I must go through conversion - Jewery is a trifle
The chareidim (ultra orthodox) feel the pain of the Ethiopian Jews as we also are discriminated upon and hated on a daily basis.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Netanyahu inks coalition with ultra-Orthodox Shas party
let's look at the Jews for a moment. Are there not several traditional means of following? From ultra orthodox to reformist?
Ultra-Orthodox Jews stuck in traffic due to Ethiopian Israeli protest on freeway pray afternoon service w/ protesters h…
Yo Orthodox Jews do not have any regard for their own lives
The won’t be drafting haredi Israelis after all
So many questions would be answered if it turned out the Olsen twins were orthodox Jews.
why not say the background of ethnic group? If orthodox/Christian/Jews it would be pointed out. Call me racist, I do not care!
o and not so long ago Catholics sat apart, Orthodox Jews do ..x
Phhht, only for Orthodox Jews, and even they are always looking for clever loopholes xD
Same issue in other traditions too, e.g. recognition of liberal Jews by orthodox Jews for purposes of curriculum
A few Orthodox Jews could sway the next election. My tribe is now a swing demographic. via
Dear Orthodox Leaders: don't need your sympathies
What's the big deal? Orthodox Jews do the same. I don't agree, but still... it's certainly not unusual.
funny how they never talk about the way Israel requires orthodox conversions on former Soviet Jews... but well...
Thank you for pointing out Israeli police have also doused Orthodox (non-Zionist "bad") Jews w/chemicals: http…
GOP candidates targeting new breed of Orthodox Jews: affluent,conservative,and passionate about Israel
Awesome article on Jews moving to the political right. via
Orthodox Jews, Christians and Muslims have modesty requirements for women. Educate yourself.
Orthodox Jews drive the ecumenical movement because "we don't judge people's theology, we judge their behavior". - Dennis Prager
Muslims 'cover up' for the same reason Orthodox Jews & Christians do - it's not about equality.
QUOTE Rand Paul had this to say to a group of Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn: "All the way back to the Iraq War, I...
Orthodox Jews who attended Rand Paul event didn't know why they were there, says
you wouldn't have to it's a red herring. Ultra-orthodox rabbi's don't have to marry Jews and non-Jews
i'm just commenting that as orthodox Jews there are forms of marriage for non jews that are valid outside of kiddushin.
Orthodox Jews at SCOTUS favor discrimination against LGBTs
Haredi Orthodox Israelis dodge draft law - Hundreds of thousands of haredi Orthodox Jews protestin...
Not unusual in today's Israel, tacitly supported by Orthodox Jews.
Also as Orthodox Jews the only marriage we recognize as real and legit is kedushin. That's got zero to do with two guys in front of a judge
This whole "millenia of marriage" thing strikes me as irreleavnt. Marriage has changed in hundreds of ways over time also as Orthodox Jews..
Orthodox Jews for goodness sake. What norms?
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Is it safe to assume we shouldn't trust any Jew? . Zionists + Rabbis, Orthodox Jews
ok wait. So you are saying even orthodox jews are also against us? Not Just Zionists?
That's such a small minority of orthodox Jews you don't know *** you are talking about.
Another lie. Orthodox Jews are also anti-zionist, so don't try to play that card.
you don't have to perform the marriage if you don't want to. Ultra-orthodox rabbi's won't marry Jews to non-Jews
Orthodox Jews have a lot of catching up to do if they want to be as backwards as Christians..but this is close!
by Orthodox Jews protesting at Netanyahu's arrival in U.S.
And even Orthodox Jews say Israel is not suppose to have State. VIDS...
nope as noted in the arguments ultra-orthodox Rabbis aren't required to marry Jews and non-Jews
Ever wonder where the Orthodox Jewish community stands on conversion therapy? Interesting article from the Guardian:
5 students maintain UMD's eruv so Orthodox Jews can perform activities forbidden on the Sabbath via
I always thought it a thing Orthodox Jews did to keep their stuff kosher, because I saw it everywhere in Israel.
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