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Orthodox Judaism is the approach to Judaism which adheres to the traditional interpretation and application of the laws and ethics of the Torah as legislated in the Talmudic texts by the Sanhedrin (Oral Torah ) and subsequently developed and applied by the later authorities known as the Gaonim, Rishonim, and Acharonim.

Ultra Orthodox Jewish Western Wall New York City Orthodox Jewish Bible Pride Parade Crown Heights Malcolm Smith Spring Valley Orthodox Jews

Court bans children from seeing transgender parent because it is 'incompatible' with Ultra-Orthodox Jewish faith
Trans woman denied contact w/ her ultra-Orthodox Jewish children because they would be ostracised by their community.
Heartbreaking. A reminder of how hard the work of the judiciary can be.
This is heartbreaking. Apparently within *every* religion there are those who cannot see love, cannot see humanity . https:…
Transgender woman denied direct access to her ultra-orthodox Jewish children
Intolerant Jews, coming over here with their Beth Din, changing our British culture . .
"All Trump voters are Nazi". Yes tell that to the 24% of Jewish voters that voted for Trump. 50% of that being Orthodox Jews
Transgender woman denied contact with her ultra-Orthodox Jewish children
It's happening! Orthodox Jewish people coming to faith that Yeshua was and is the Messiah!. I have that many are.
If you value innovative Orthodox Jewish education, please give during the giving campaign being run by :
Did you know that Vice-President Mike Pence has Orthodox Jewish cousins living in Israel’s…
can you talk bout this today? Notice, an orthodox Jewish group signed it.
Please, no anti-Semitism. Many Jewish voters are Leftist, true. But conservative/Orthodox Jews are good folks.
Cremation = PROHIBITED for some religions: Jewish, Orthodox Christians, Muslims, some Catholics. Religion informs
Ps. Tehillim 22. Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB). 22 (For the one directing. To the Deer of the Dawn. Mizmor Dovid.)...
A Jewish cousin once met me for sushi on Must be an Orthodox thing.
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Orthodox Jewish communities impose same laws, can't be a nun of certain denomination without habit
Whether JewISH (as I am) or of a more orthodox sort, today Jews all over the world pause, reflect, & seek atonement.
Yes, but "normal" Orthodox Jewish women also wear headscarves. :-) Best wishes to you, too!
it's not such a Rogers Park stretch. My block is mostly Indian, Arab and Orthodox Jewish.
Why Donald Trump Is Likely To Get the Orthodox Jewish Vote-Tablet Magazine-Clinton/Kaine not favorable to Israel
Activists decry Jewish Orthodox tradition of swinging, slaying chickens to be free of sin.
Utah in the Mormon community. New York City in the Orthodox Jewish community. I've talked to people all over. Its the same.
And Prager is the Squeakiest Clean Orthodox Jewish Boy Scout in America. but still too Hitler for youtube
Greater Manchester could have its first Orthodox Jewish mayor next year – if the city votes UKIP via
But then I'm no rabbinical scholar. I had twelve years Jewish school and 24 years being orthodox and absolutely zero tolerance for hate.
Amazing to watch a guy with an Orthodox Jewish daughter & son-in-law who also plays footsies with the bigot brigade.
wait you're jewish? I thought you were greek orthodox or something
It's an old airport. I was hungry and I saw an orthodox Jewish man selling kosher food. I was so happy I decided to drop $10
Psalm 82:6. Orthodox Jewish Bible. 6. I have said, elohim ye are; and all of you are Bnei HaElyon.
Pre-Teen Weightlifter Faces Heavy Challenge in 'Supergirl' Doc (Exclusive Video) — produced by my cousin
Meet the women taking orthodox Jewish modest-wear into high fashion:
How does Trump Jr. deal with his Orthodox Jewish sister as a white nationalist???
The Nazi occup of Poland was among the most brutal of the war. The 6 mill Jewish, Roman Catholic & Orthodox Poles n…
yeah the guy with an orthodox Jewish son in law who's been campaigning for him is anti Semitic!
Married Orthodox Jewish women cover their hair - but many wear scarves, not wigs.
That's great - but uses it as an opportunity to bash the orthodox Jewish community! On Erev Yom Kippur!!
Anti-Semitic attacks in London on the rise as Orthodox Jews suffer abuse | London Evening Standard
By my count, Trump has violated seven of the Ten Commandments. Which makes me wonder about his Orthodox Jewish and Eva…
An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man holds a chicken - Kaparot ritual, where white chickens are slaughtered ,Israel in Bnei…
JERUSALEM - An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man swings a chicken over his family as they perform the Kapparot ceremony. By
Donald Trump participates in the ancient Orthodox Jewish ritual of swinging a chichen over his head, in honor of Yo…
Limited education, early in Orthodox Jewish community can create problems.
The oppression of female Jews by Orthodox Jewish leaders and their community.
Orthodox Jewish man accused of being 'ringleader' of group that beat black man in Brooklyn: A Hasidic man on ...
Orthodox Jewish man accused of being ‘ringleader’ in bias beating: A Hasidic man on trial for allegedly parti...
From Pentecostal to Messianic to Orthodox Jewish. "Israelite King" gains new Israeli allies: https:/…
My sister made an Orthodox Jewish family in Sims 4
A woman shades herself with an umbrella next to Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men in
Pupils at illegal ultra-Orthodox Jewish faith school almost drowned after being taken on hiking trip in Dover
All children deserves an education--including ultra-Orthodox Jewish children. A petition to NY to enforce its laws.
I spoke to ultra-Orthodox Jewish school about why it refuses to teach pupils about being ***
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools could close for refusing to teach pupils about being ***
The secret discovery was kept by the archaeologist because they did not want to attract ultra-Orthodox Jewish protesters, Mr Master said.
I used to live in an Orthodox Jewish community. Crown Heights in Brooklyn, New York.
Orthodox Jewish rabbi takes congregants to a *** bar as an act of solidarity:
What happened when an Orthodox Jewish congregation went to a *** bar to mourn Orlando via
The rabbi who led his Orthodox Jewish congregation to a *** bar as an act of mourning for "I had not...
Robert u might be his Orthodox Jewish daughter an grandkids only hope Tell them Rob What about Farrakhan? Obama sup
U might want to let his Orthodox Jewish daughter an grandkids know. Did Obama denounce Farrakhan?? Might wanna take a look
Save his Orthodox Jewish daughter an grandkids. Get the word out. Did Obama denounce Farrakhan? Look into that
Someone needs 2let his Orthodox Jewish daughter an grandkids no. Did Obama denounce Farrakhan?
Man shouts 'Allahu Akbar' and 'kill the Jews' at Orthodox Jewish boys in Londonistan
Long denim skirt says Evangelical Christian or Orthodox Jewish girl. I am so neither.
Zionism is .. Ultra-Orthodox Jewish children's worksheet says 'non-Jews' are evil
Yeah, Trump's Nazi followers are attracted to his Orthodox Jewish daughter.
Video of Kiryas Joel Ultra-Orthodox Jewish school principal and young boy under investigation
Orthodox Jewish men praying devoutly at the Western Wall of the Old City... via
Excellent on how Mayor de Blasio wooed, and now could lose, Orthodox Jewish support.
This report has a genuinely nuanced and deep understanding of contemporary Orthodox Jewish culture. Well done.
Orthodox Jewish women use wigs to cover their hair in public in US. Mohammed spoke against wigs/hair pieces as fraud. :(
in the Orthodox Jewish community a significant majority of the people from 18-mid 40s are Conservative!
Literal and authentic are different. I was a bit surprised to learn of the Orthodox Jewish method of scholarship.
Nerd girls, Orthodox Jewish boys, and *** men are more likely to distinctly articulate the T at the end of a word.
I loved how in Trumps speech he said we would see Merry Christmas again while his Orthodox Jewish daughter just stood there smiling
The two most-read Orthodox Jewish weekly magazines have (separate) interviews with this week.
Brazilian 'Fiddler' director: Spitting on enemies is Orthodox Jewish ... - Jewish Telegraphic Agency
Yousef al Khattab, Ex-Jew, USA. Born and raised in a strict Orthodox Jewish environment in America, Yousef moves...
explains why Kasich and Cruz are lobbying for New York's Orthodox Jewish vote:
A member of a volunteer Orthodox Jewish security force in Brooklyn that works closely with New York City police...
KIRYAS JOEL: Orthodox Jewish man returns thousands of dollars given to him by Sterling National Bank in error when he cashed a small check.
People prepare for upcoming Jewish Pesach holiday: An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man bakes the Matzo (unleavened bre...
An ultra-Orthodox Jewish bride enters to the men's section of the wedding, to fulfill the Mitzvah ta
in the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn. Brooklyn has 100K GOP voter Orthodox Hasidic & Russian Jews are Probably (2)
Exploring the Orthodox Jewish faith on film.
Exploring the Orthodox Jewish faith on film -
Listen to Orthodox Jewish radio program used in FBI sting in Malcolm Smith scandal via
Orthodox Jewish radio show used in FBI sting to nab Malcolm Smith; Schneiderman went on show
See the everyday lives of Orthodox Jewish women around the world |
Woman sues after being asked to move seats to accommodate ultra-Orthodox Jewish passenger
While honor killing and stoning of adulterers is on the rise in Islam focus is Orthodox Jewish schools
Orthodox Jewish schools ‘erased women and Christmas from books’, Ofsted finds
Orthodox Jewish man, 25, stabbed in Brooklyn in attack: Also in late Decem...
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is advancing plan to allow non-Orthodox Jewish prayer at the Western Wall in J…
‘Why talk about it?' Journalist marries rabbi, but critiques her religion.
Israel weighs separation of Orthodox Jewish children from other gifted students.
Seeing your Orthodox Jewish therapist when you're super hungover 💯💯
The Satmar community is the leading advocate for Jewish anti-Zionism.
Rabbi Channa Atlas challenging talk on LGBT in Orthodox Jewish community
criminal underbelly & Haredi community collide in https:/…
. Rape of little boys & girl is major issue in orthodox Jewish community & the community cover it up
WOW! This is the 150 yr old Rabbinical 'Eida Hachreides' of Jerusalem with tens of thousands orthodox Jewish members h…
Advert from North eastern England around 1890's. Ironically from the largest Ultra Orthodox Jewish community in Eu
or Sikh or Orthodox Jewish. I'm least likely to be atheist
In June, - on the Assembly floor! - questioned the legitimacy of Orthodox Jewish voters in Rockland
Well when I was a kid I went to the orthodox jewish pre-school despite being reform because it was next to my mums work.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
.leaves anti Orthodox-Jewish comments on his page because FA rights, but Ed is outraged when exercises his FA rights.
Orthodox Rabbis teach that "the non-Jewish soul comes from three Satanic spheres” *
Global and gospel church are the minority against Global Christianity so best bet is to fight it as White Supremacy
Crosswalk with a traffic light in front of an Orthodox Jewish Temple. Push the button to walk. Not on Shabbas you don't!
Why and gospel church against Christianity Churches
The decision by Israel's government to allow non-Orthodox Jewish prayer at Jerusalem's Western Wall is being seen as a major breakthrough
Challenge -cst portray to rep uk jews, in fact have minimal rep in orthodox Jewish circle, just token representation
"What's a good religious girl like you doing as a journalist?"
I've been to orthodox Jewish homes where table setting included a special finger dipping bowl for cleansing only.
The orthodox Jewish faith practically excludes woman from religious life.
UN's Ban Ki-moon to speak at Manhattan Orthodox synagogue’s Shabbat service
Modern Orthodox Jew killed in Manhattan crane collapse
ISRAEL: Up against the wall: An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man sits Monday at the Western Wall, the holiest site wh...
It's better for to ally with fellow Christian Orthodox Russia, than stay with racist, fascist, neoliberal, Jewish, atheist, EU.
Orthodox Jewish man killed by Manhattan crane collapse Friday
At modern school, two fight for to carry the
those people are generally Sunnis, Shiites, Orthodox Jewish extremists, Buddhist monks & Christian fruit loops from the USMidwest
Sources say, both students killed in the accident are Orthodox Jewish from New York City.
Ivanka Trump converted to Orthodox Judaism in 2009: Ivanka Trump and Jewish Family Values
The term cheat sheet means something entirely different for the Orthodox Jewish community
Today in Jewish History (1924) Founding of Bnai Brak, now one of Israel's most densely-populated cities, by Polish Orthodox J…
Interesting news from my old high school. “At Modern Orthodox School, Two Girls Fight for Right to Carry the Torah”
I'd rather go on a fortnight's holiday in Raqqa dressed as an orthodox Jewish gentleman than watch 5 minutes of
just how orthodox is this site? if our mothers aren't Jewish, can we still join??
Igor Plotnitsky called Maidan "a Cabal of Jews". Note: although he pretends to be Orthodox, he is Jewish. His father was Benjamin
At modern Orthodox school, two girls fight for right to carry the Torah
Orthodox Jewish sect tells London mothers to stop driving
LISTEN: Orthodox Jewish caller says wives shouldn't be allowed to drive, and he doesn't want to be tempted.
.joins in pointing at Orthodox Jewish-populated Ramapo regarding a Rockland county-wide problem.
Orthodox Jewish law and mixed dancing?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
So a crazy muslim is called a Radical but a Crazy *** Jewish person is an Ultra Orthodox. Ok double standards
Ooooh, scary, a picture of a woman. Well, at least it's scary if you're a Jewish orthodox.
Interesting. Is the Jewish orthodox rabbi the only one who dresses identically to his flock? No big get-up.
Orthodox Jews tackle enraged man outside Melbourne synagogue We just don't need these violent psychopaths here
Pictured: Orthodox Jewish man covers himself in PLASTIC BAG during flight via
Rosay and in my ear while I grind out an all-nighter in this Orthodox Jewish cafe in Brooklyn.
. Rabbi attacked by Aboriginal male on drugs outside synagogue. --> screams 'swear to Allah'.
Watch: Orthodox Jews tackle enraged man yelling “go back to Israel” & “swear to Allah” @ Melbourne synagogue
Now this is a massacre waiting to happen.Orthodox Jews tackle enraged man outside Melbourne synagogue
So many Pedophilia in Orthodox Jewish areas in New York in not even funny.
Orthodox Jews tackle enraged man after scuffle outside Melbourne synagogue:
Orthodox Jews tackle enraged man outside Melbourne synagogue
Muslim tries to strangle Jewish Rabbi in Australia & they're saying he wasn't anti-Semitic? Are you being serious?😡😤.
they need to make a long sleeve one for their female Orthodox Jewish readers. :)
Rockland County, NY – A 57 year old Orthodox Jewish woman from Spring Valley died last night after ...
Breast Cancer Awareness
: Orthodox Jews tackle enraged man outside Melbourne synagogue: …
Orthodox Jews tackle enraged man outside Melbourne synagogue:
Confronting video of Orthodox Jews tackling hostile man outside Melbourne synagogue.
What a heartwarming story! Masbia, NYC’s only kosher soup kitchen, puts a spin on Thanksgiving for Orthodox diners.
I mean, they wouldn't be proposing one set of rules for Islamic institutions and another for Orthodox Jewish ones, would they?
My dad talking about Orthodox Jewish Weddings: "They get lit, man"
I liked a video Guy Cohen, an orthodox Jew, asked his rabbi questions about the Messiah…
So do it. Where else can you find info on Ultra Orthodox Jewish sects?
really? Isn't there a large Greek & orthodox Jewish population in those areas?…I didn't realize it changed so much.
Will useless step in stop this clown? So much for orthodox Jewish community outreach.
The Administrator of that page is a "Social Worker" for a county with a large Orthodox Jewish population.
Pic of d day: Israeli-Russian Jewish ex-Soviet Army veteran being insulted by Ultra-Orthodox Jew on Victory Day.
Spring Valley mayor: & picking on Orthodox Jewish community
Orthodox Jewish man in Jerusalem with unshaved beard & peyos (sidelocks)
For Modern Orthodox Jews this week, an irresistible force — their passionate love of the Jewish sta...
oh I sold a car today to a Jewish person with bad credit, I was very confused. Like straight orthodox
other is dismissed by gamers. But let's not start on the internet: that's the Orthodox Jewish Batman and Robin, right?
CANADIAN RAFAEL woos today aligned self with extreme right
There's another Jewish preschool in town, run by Chabad but open to anyone. A Chabad shul, another Orthodox shul, a smaller Reform>
Why Orthodox Judaism needs female rabbis: I was en route to Ottawa when I received the first alert about the R...
“if you will not stand with Israel & the Jews, then I will not stand with you.” Read more: 
orthodox Jewish ventriloquist and his orthodox Jewish dummy scatting in Yiddish in israel I think we…
"Orthodox Jewish children told 'the non-Jews' are 'evil'" | https:/…
Palestinian man indicted for attacking female Orthodox Jewish tour guide in Old City
Orthodox Jewish man punched in nose in possible Crown Heights, Brooklyn, bias
Muslim men have always kept beards. As have orthodox Jewish men. So my beard isn't pretty enough to visits Israel?? Sound legit
Ultra-Orthodox Jews are using WhatsApp to defy their rabbis’ internet ban via
there r Orthodox Jews who disagree wth UN concept of Jewish homeland.So what
Just keeping our heads down!Waiting to see if any kids turn up tomorrow.It's an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood, so...
Just been dragged into a super friendly Orthodox Jewish home to turn off some their lights as it’s Sabbath . . Bizarre but enjoyed it .
Orthodox Jews are correct There is nothing 'Jewish' about Israel.
Meet the Orthodox Jewish physicist rethinking the origins of life via
… community, that's especially bad. Yet another reason I'm not and could never be Orthodox Jewish.
Remember when that Orthodox Jewish newspaper took the women (including HRC) out of the bin Laden photo?
The only safe zones in NYC are now in heavily immigrant neighborhoods, public housing and orthodox Jewish enclaves. Only places I'd lived
Maybe we should deny the right to these orthodox Jewish women?
My colleague and I decided to be an couple today for the office party.…
Nasser, a Palestinian from resorted to wearing ultra-Orthodox Jewish outfit to protect himself. https…
Let the world see the reality in Arab females kicking an Orthodox Jewish boy on his way to the Western Wall. http:/…
Orthodox Jewish day school in Melbourne Australia Must Pay $1M for Sexual Abuse of Girl. Principal fled to Israel.
Australia Hasidic School Must Pay $1M for Same-Sex Abuse of Girl: An ultra-Orthodox Jewish school in Australia...
Orthodox Jewish leaders 'ban' women from driving
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish men who disrupt a flight because they refuse to sit next to women are just as wrong as your wife.
In the boudoir with Orthodox Jewish women
Timotiyos II 1:13-14 Orthodox Jewish Bible . 13 Follow the pattern of sound orthodox Jewish devarim which you...
New on our bookshelf: The Wed-Locked Orthodox Jewish Women Chained to Dead Marriages
If he'd said a Jewish actor was a little too "orthodox", would you think that was thinly-veiled anti-semitism?
Oh dear save us from Orthodox school teaches 3yo children non-Jews are evil
Orthodox Jewish building dept supervisor refuses to issue permits to contractors that work on Saturday
"I'm evil...maybe.probably...I guess so... - IshmaelKhaldi
I'm evil...maybe.probably...I guess so...
So I was talking to a friend this evening about an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish couple in Israel who wanted a girl and ended up with…
Orthodox Jewish Denny's waitress serves no bacon.
"'It's not uncommon to be taught non-Jewish people are evil in ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools,' former teacher claims"
In interview w/ says "praying w/ the Orthodox Jewish community" will bounce him back to frontrunner status.
is like a Muslim Meat inspector who wont touch pork, or a orthodox Jewish gynecologist who cant touch women.
This offensive ad mocking should raise some concern over debate
Police in NYC search for suspect who attacked an Orthodox Jewish man in Brooklyn in August
The AIPAC position betrays the security of the Jewish people. It's now the voice of far right orthodox and Evangelical Christians.
I'm an Orthodox Jewish postal worker. I don't want to deliver canned hams or xmas presents. Will you represent me?
For bothHow do you think fast-growing % of Jews who are orthodox will significantly alter Jewish politics and Israel advocacy?
Orthodox Jewish girl from NJ is strong as *** squats more than twice her bodyweight. SHE'S EIGHT.
"What do you call it when Jews aren't orthodox?" - my Jewish grandma, who is not orthodox
Mobiles:News > Controversy over Worksheet at Orthodox School in London> An Orthodox Jewish school in Lond -
Eagerly anticipate the Orthodox Jewish clerk who refuses to issue a marriage license to a mixed-religion couple because "G-d" told him so.
How many defending Kim Davis would defend an ultra-Orthodox Jewish clerk who refused to issue drivers licenses to women?
In the boudoir with Orthodox Jewish women |
Should an orthodox Jewish county clerk be allowed to deny business licenses to butchers who don't keep kosher?
Super-cool: Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman, married and mother of three, accepted to pilots' course. (Arutz 7)
Based on argument, I'd not serve an Orthodox Jewish customer because he's rejecting Christianity by wearing a kippah. Absurd!
Fascinating after the War, Gateshead became home to the largest Orthodox Jewish education complex in postwar Europe
Why are Orthodox Jewish religious schools unregulated? Good question!
People disarmed an Orthodox Jewish assailant shortly after stabbed participants at the annual *** Pride Parade in Jerusalem.
Man accused of attacking Jerusalem *** Pride Parade to remain in custody: An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man a...
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stabs marchers in Jerusalem's *** Pride Parade, police say, as he did in 2005.
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Orthodox Jewish man stabs 6 at Jerusalem *** Pride Parade, police say
debate in Canada after female passenger asked to move seats to accomodate ultra-Orthodox Jewish male passenger
An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man went on a stabbing spree at a *** Pride Parade in Israel — weeks after completing a 10…
Feeling so bad been This days of crimes Orthodox Jewish man stabbed people at 2day
Where is the rule of law in Israel? "Yishai Schlissel, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man, stabbed six marchers in the...
Jerusalem pride stabbings: Six people stabbed by ultra-Orthodox Jewish assailant at Israeli *** pride
Saw this: An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man who had recently been released from prison after serving 10 years for stabbing participants in the…
Up to six stabbed at *** Pride in Jerusalem, at least 2 seriously injured, by. "suspected ultra-Orthodox Jewish man".
Two seriously hurt as ultra-Orthodox Jewish man goes on stabbing spree at Jerusalem *** parade
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stabs six people at Jerusalem *** Pride Parade, police and witnesses say
Yishai Schlissel, an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man, has stabbed six marchers at Jerusalem's annual *** Pride Parade.
An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man allegedly stabbed 6 people at a *** Pride Parade in Jerusalem:.
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man stabs six people at *** Pride march in Jerusalem
Orthodox Jewish leadership visit / support stabbing victims at *** Pride Parade instead of supporting the attacker. Fox New: Do this instead
Six people are stabbed at a *** Pride march in Jerusalem and police arrest an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man they say attacke…
The ultra-Orthodox Jewish terrorist who attacked Jerusalem *** pride is from Modiin Ilit — a West Bank settlement.
Convinced a bunch of Orthodox Jews from Lakewood that I'm Jewish so like, my life is basically complete.
A YouTube ode to Orthodox Jewish feminists Talia Lakritz isn’t tired of hearing “the F-word;” she loves bei...
I liked a video Why I left the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community - London Live TV
Op-Ed: For black Orthodox Jews, constant racism is exhausting
Orthodox Jews taking Jiu Jitsu lessons for self defense: The Orthodox Jewish community in New York City is goi...
Thank you for the lovely article And with that, off to I go!
A YouTube ode to Orthodox Jewish feminists via
Does not apply to Orthodox Jewish weddings, where it is traditional for guests to do tricks to entertain the couple.
A YouTube ode to Orthodox Jewish feminists: In it, Lakritz — playing thre...
A YouTube ode to Orthodox Jewish feminists | The Times of Israel: When a group of s...
At least we've got the orthodox ones solidly in our camp. IDK if I even consider Jewish atheists real Jews.
...that the people targeting us do. Seen a lot of Orthodox Jewish street criminals lately? No. There's a reason for that.
Young woman leaps 20 stories to her death from rooftop bar
A YouTube ode to Orthodox Jewish feminists: A Barnard student listed 18 things these women are tired of hearin...
Orthodox funeral held for Faigy Mayer, a former Hasid who jumped to death from trendy rooftop bar
After leaving Hasidic community, young tech entrepreneur Faigy Mayer leaps to her death from ...
So I've been meaning to ask, if you don't mind answering, how would you describe yourself? Orthodox Jewish?
'Failed Messiah' the number of child abuse/murder/fraud cases that go on in the orthodox Jewish community and MSM never mention
David Aronson, Expressionist Artist, Dies at 91: Mr. Aronson, who had an Orthodox Jewish upbringing...
as an Orthodox Rabbi, I find the idea of making Jewish law the law of the land in Israel offensive, repulsive, and heretical
“We need more attention to the mental health problems of our youth."
This disturbed me. People never know what someone is truly dealing with. via
After leaving Hasidic life, young tech entrepreneur Faigy Mayer leaps from rooftop.
could not the RCA have said something about the urgent need for communities to work on anti- racism and...
Young woman who left Hasidic community leaps to her death from rooftop bar via
Amazing article about challenges faced by Jewish of Color in Orthodox & other Jewish settings
"Orthodox control of the state rabbinate renders Reform Judaism politically marginal, as Reform marriages and...
Jewish means all Jewish voices are represented. Finally an Orthodox rabbi joins the dialogue---
Finally, an Orthodox rabbi willing to sit on same panel with Conservative, Reform counterparts
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
The National Security Agency's chief risk officer grew up in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish co…
Two more infants have contracted the herpes virus after undergoing an ultra-Orthodox Jewish type of circumcision,
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools drop ban on mothers driving
Quebec: Human rights commission to release report on ultra-Orthodox Jewish sect Lev Tahor
10 revealing facts about Orthodox Jewish converts
Confronting child sexual abuse in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community via
Whatever the problems in their own communities,Muslim/Orthodox Jewish/conservative Christian critiques of this tendency are dead on the mark
Jen: "orthodox Jewish people can't have sex before marriage, right?" Me: "why, you thinking about converting?"
As an ultra-Orthodox Jew, Yaakov Shapiro contends that Zionism from it’s inception was designed to do one thing: destroy the Jewish religion
Interesting view from the Orthodox Union on today's Supreme Court ruling
Shoutout to the orthodox Jewish kids stunting in crocs while buying challah
Statement of Jewish Orthodox Rabbi Shmuley Boteach about *** marriage… see more
...but the Bible that people mean when they say the Bible - be it Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Jewish...
Today, the leadership of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America issued the following statement:...
He is not representative of the Orthodox Jewish world. Despite emotional rationalizations, G-d forbids homosexual activity.
Tehillim 48:14 Orthodox Jewish Bible . 14 (15) For this Elohim is Eloheinu olam vaed; He will be our guide even...
Statement of Jewish Orthodox Rabbi Shmuley Biotech about *** marriage and the Supreme Court
I'm a bit rusty on my Jewish traditions, but I believe the orthodox do it often and it's a good deed to get others to do it.
I'm in a Jewish deli in NJ in a Jewish orthodox neighborhood and I've never felt so unjewish in my life.
On July 1, the Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish and Buddhist representatives in France will all...
you mean like the crazy orthodox Jewish women who shave their heads? All nonsense in the end and why can men show hair?
Attn Orthodox Jewish groups, just don't release any statements..
Too much is being made of Jewish extremism impacting Christians in Israel.
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