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Orthodox Jew

Orthodox Judaism is the approach to Judaism which adheres to the traditional interpretation and application of the laws and ethics of the Torah as legislated in the Talmudic texts by the Sanhedrin (Oral Torah ) and subsequently developed and applied by the later authorities known as the Gaonim, Rishonim, and Acharonim.

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Do Hipsters always move into Orthodox Jew neighbourhoods first or is that just a Montreal and NYC thing
Did Ivanka mention to that crowd that she's an Orthodox Jew? No?
she's an Orthodox Jew and bffs with Chelsea Clinton this is where my perpetual confusion for her involvement stems from
Interesting. Apparently is an Orthodox Jew, likely because her husband was raised as an Orthodox Jew.
Fave thing about feed of is the focus during Ivanka's speech on the Orthodox Jew
Guys... there's no way Ivanka is an Orthodox Jew.
Ivanka Trump is a Zionist Orthodox Jew married to an alleged Satanist who owns MSM outlets?!
So how many of the Branch Trumpidian alt-righters know that Trump’s beautiful daughter giving this intro speech is actually an Orthodox Jew?
"Orthodox Jew at The Republican National Convention" is my favorite Paul Simon song.
They are probably going to get stabbed by some crazy orthodox jew again.
Let Ivanka Trump know that as an Orthodox Jew she never spoke up. Her own Rabbi refused to give the Opening prayer.
Wrong again u brainless wonder. I'm an Orthodox Jew. Who R also hated by you White Nationalist/supremacist dirt bag scum wads
Wasn't this young lady murdered by an orthodox Jew?
I've heard from a rw Orthodox Jew the same argument-that Palestinians are Arabs, but don't identify as Palestinian.
an orthodox jew at LAX just asked if i was jewish and then put a tefillin in my head without asking, i hate extremism
"The Universe", said the Mormon to the Orthodox Jew. . You're so coy. ;-)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
he has no actual idea what is really being said. Ask an Orthodox Jew about the Torah and a Greek about the NT. They know.
I think I'm the most Orthodox Jew I know and I'm not even Jewish
Best sight in Amsterdam so far was seeing an orthodox Jew whiteying outside a coffee shop🌿
At *** Pride march, Tearful vigil for 16 year old girl stabbed to death by Orthodox Jew last year
I'm a straight, Orthodox Jew. And I'm marching in the parade
just saw an Orthodox Jew get into a taxi on Beverly blvd. What's more dated, the yellow cab or the Hasid?
U R wrong...and, btw, Trumpsdaughter is a modern-Orthodox Jew..
Can't agree with the anti-semtic part. His favorite daughter married Orthodox Jew and keeps kosher home
It's noteworthy that on Orthodox Jew, made the comments in an interview with an ultra-Orthodox radio station, Radio Kol Chai.
Remember, one can never be as racist as an orthodox Jew. They have thousands of years of practice ahead of us.
I'm an orthodox Jew, I do not have any opinion on Christian issues, but I will do all in my power to protect/defend their lives
: . This segment is taken from a series of discussions between Prof. Leibowitz, an orthodox Jew, and the...
Two things we should never forget:. 1. 9/11. 2. Ben Shapiro is an orthodox jew.
You aren't eating kosher meat you are eating Halal. Once put in a non kosher kitchen it wouldn't be kosher. An orthodox Jew 1/2
My curly sideburns help me step into the shoes of an Orthodox Jew.
If you're in Jew York, please help save me from the stench of Orthodox ***
Orthodox Jews hate Zionist-World conflict is tribal-Jew-Muslim-black, etc.religion's the fuse the kings use to ignite the tribe
tell that to brother nathanael who was raised an Orthodox Jew. Also, there's a G-d *** source right there lol.
Ask an Orthodox Jew of Israel, one per week for a year, what he feels status of gentiles (non-Jews) is. Watch him try to wheedle out of it.
Gentiles are Jews' equals. If you don't know what a particular Jew thinks of gentiles, explicitly ask. Particularly, ask an Orthodox Jew.
You know your client's been hacked when you get an email from a church at 4:45 Sat. PM and the client is an Orthodox Jew.
And remember Jesus was a Jew, born, loved and died one. Orthodox Jews allow marriage of girls from pubity?
so you follow the 10 commandments, read the Torah? I guess you are an Orthodox Jew now? Lol you're a joke Goldberg.
I'm also a reform Jew so it's very "liberal" in this regard. If you went to an orthodox service I doubt a woman would be in pants
What really upsets me as a Jew is his refusal to address it. IVANKA IS A PRACTICING MODERN Orthodox Jewish WOMAN.
The dictates of Zionist Jew Elite Agenda -have created State of Israel as its proxy Orthodox Jews denounce Zionists
when u ask for boho chic but end up the spawn of baby spice and an Orthodox Jew
"I was born an Orthodox Jew and I converted to Catholic because I love bacon so much" -- our waitress talking about a bucket of bacon
Never knew you were an Orthodox Jew but lchaim!
At the end, she disguised herself as an orthodox jew & bought a chicken which she & her husband later named Penelope.
I'm an orthodox Jew considering to audition for Big Brother Canada. With obvious challenges for me, should I audition?
you forgot to mention that he's an Orthodox Jew , couldn't forget that
you have an Orthodox Jew beard dude le'chaim
.Show me where the word Arab even appears in the Torah, Mr Orthodox Jew.
Any chance of a Sunday show in NYC? I am Orthodox Jew and cant go Fri or Sat??
Why should Trump have to say anything when his daughter is a modern Orthodox Jew? Bethany is disgusting.
Wow. I just learned that Ivanka Trump is an Orthodox Jew. Very surprising in light of her Dad's embrace by the neo-Nazis
. I'm an Orthodox Jew. I have a question for you Milo. How do you distinguish between the trolls and the actual anti-Semites?
Pentecostal ex Catholic became Orthodox Jew in interesting story
This is what happens when an Orthodox Jew and a Muslim walk as a couple in New York.
What'd you say an Orthodox Jew and an atheist write a Hollywood live sitcom together? Feeling the creativity?
. He already has a Jewish daughter - Ivanka who is a modern Orthodox Jew.
2016 Irish Census:. What is your Religion?. Orthodox - not a religion. Orthodox what? Jew, Christian, Buddhist??
Yousef al Khattab, Ex-Jew, USA. Born and raised in a strict Orthodox Jewish environment in America, Yousef moves...
Weird . Polish Catholic man who dressed up as Orthodox Jew & fooled Poznan congregation is a Ciechanow cook .
WATCH – Orthodox jew picking his beard and eating it | The Ugly Truth
Orthodox Judaism maintains the historical understanding of Jewish identity. A Jew is someone who was born to a Jewish mother
when I say orthodox I don't mean he's a jew... but
It's funny how Trump supporters online seem anti-Semetic while his daughter, Ivanka, happens to be an Orthodox Jew lol
No doubt a secular atheist Jew; meantime the devout Orthodox ones go for Trump. (Except for our friend
BBC News - Jerusalem *** Pride: Ultra-Orthodox Jew convicted of murder over stabbing
In his book, he wrote that he first ran across 'visually evident' Jew's (presumably Orthodox) in Vienna ... /1
Salam alaikum,. My name is Eli Myers. I live in London, and I am an Orthodox Jew. Mr Rehan Allahwala, can you...
but any Jew can be an orthodox jew, makes no sense in the context of what you said
STIs, Shame, and the Sabbath: What It’s Like to Learn About Sex as an Orthodox Jew
The artoon is anti Semitic. It uses an Orthodox Jew with sidelocks not simply a person
: it doesn't get much dumber than this. Does it ?.
No. Am an Orthodox Jew, a United States Marine Corps Veteran, and a Veteran of the 22ND Marine Amphibious Unit, Beirut, 1983.
Every time I see a picture of this kid he looks greasier and more like an Orthodox Jew
Speaking as a non-practicing Jew who came up Orthodox, I'm tired of snarky holiday thinkpieces by non-practicing Jews who came up Orthodox.
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conflating criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism the irony facing an Orthodox Jew
Never forget is are all potential killers.
Who helped this Orthodox New York Jew burn her chametz before An Egyptian Muslim, of course.
well at least they have the Orthodox Jew jail time for the stabbing at the *** pride parade that's some kind of human rights
not sure what that means, but seriously, what is a "Talmudic" Jew, do u mean Orthodox?
Fredo, an Orthodox Jew and chess champ, kindly allowed me to take his photo. (Sorry, Avi: I…
"oh you're Muslim I thought you were orthodox" "ummm like Greek Orthodox???!" "No Orthodox Jew" "k"
to any Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, Hasidic or Messianic Jew who has ever enlightened me in any way. Shalom!
A Jew?. Only Jews I see are orthodox. I wouldn't know what to wear. I know a hijabi who doesn't like Lakemba btw. I prefer Auburn
Your hair looks like an Orthodox Jew's today
Social experiment: How do people react when a muslim and an orthodox jew walk the streets together? Watch this: !
'Very sweet and smiley’ fake Jew infiltrates orthodox He may have wanted to be in the Jewish religion
Frum folks with dogs or knowledge on owning a dog as an Orthodox Jew I need some help
(3) As an orthodox Jew I am able to deliver clinical care on Saturdays, the Sabbath, because it is emergency work intended to save lives.
is that snake?? Orthodox Jew?? And the infinity 8 calling Jesus? We are so high mate you are crawling!! You guys can only be
Dear friend, nurse, raised Orthodox Jew (not Hasidic). When I knew her was secular cept for High Holidays. Taught me.
I like Ivanka. She is an Orthodox NY Jew who has straddled the line between personal politics and party lines.
Tell me how Post Malone looks like an orthodox Jew
between the 30yo posing as a 17yo student & the Polish Catholic posing as an Orthodox Jew, it's a banner week for inappropriate masquerades
For me personally, as an Orthodox Jew, the first 8 of 333 Messianic prophecies I discovered Jesus fulfilled!
the baptism will be completely private w two raised Orthodox Jew now Messianic Rabbis ~ I'm only following G-d's instructions!
my mom was raised as an Orthodox Jew and my dad as a Greek Orthodox Roman Catholic
I know He said Orthodox Jew, but would Theodore have a with Christians doing the stabbing? Makes me wonder.
it's probably because I'm an Orthodox Jew but I've never really understood why anyone would *want* a tattoo.
An early shot of Mr. Zimmerman, possibly during the period when he considered becoming an orthodox Jew
Thug next to me in mob said Ben was a racist and supremacist b/c he's an Orthodox Jew. Back door shut in my face. 1 second away.
Sanders’ Judaism may not be an issue because he’s not a visibly Orthodox Jew. Otherwise, it might be.
One of the Professors evidently called students "white supremacists" for sponsoring Who is an orthodox Jew.
"Palestine is a real estate deal." - every Orthodox Jew and Israelis incl bibi
This has been an issue with me as an Orthodox male Jew wearing a yarmulke. Had to explain it to a judge once in court.
I'm no Ben Shapiro fan but calling an Orthodox Jew a white supremacist is all kinds of stupid
His daughter married into wealthy Ultra_Orthodox Jew. They have to be comfortable with Trump..
"He sure swears a lot for an orthodox Jew" . Statement heard coming out of my own mouth earlier. Proof I'm from another planet.
Bernie Sanders is Jewish in name only. Ask any Ultra Orthodox Jew and they will tell you that Bernie is not a Jew.
Is there an Orthodox Jew running for who believes in theocracy?
he's a Orthodox Jew genius. Explain?? Are you serious??? Know why you're talking about before spewing.
a conservative orthodox Jew was almost lynched because a group of students were threatening him. They forced me out of building
because at a university there is supposed to be freedom of though. He's an orthodox jew how threatening is that to your diversity
Also, Bernie is not an orthodox Jew, or even religious for that matter. His views/policies are the best in my opinion.
that's so stupid his daughter is a converted Orthodox Jew . Such a dumb statement.
I’m an Orthodox Jew and unshakably in love with Israel / her people, and these Palestinian-bashing clowns don’t speak for me. .
Orthodox daughter. Best jew candidate by far
dude I'm not trying to be a *** but when you call an Orthodox Jew "a racist" then you kinda did it to yourself right?
Suicidal Jewish Girl to Orthodox Jew to Believer of Jesus! Many Jews come to Jesus!
there's videos all over periscope. is an Orthodox Jew. He's not against diversity or for hate
The term "kapo" is apt to describe this reactionary man child. An Orthodox Jew trying to be edgy by flirting with fascism.
How ironic that the closest thing to a Nazi on campus today was an Orthodox Jew .
Do you think they know that Ivanka is an Orthodox Jew?
Attempted abduction case of a 14 y/o girl in Brooklyn falls apart after the suspect is found to be a orthodox jew...
Orthodox Jews say in Hebrew (Engl. subtitles) every Jew will get 2800 Gentile slaves
Apparently an Orthodox Jew speaking about conservatism wasn't diverse enough for CSULA.
Ultra-Orthodox Jew smashes screens on El Al flight becaus... |
Has anyone broken the news to Duke that Ivanka is an Orthodox Jew?
I am an Orthodox Jew and I can tell you hate what he stands for. That's why his is an atheist.
Would you insert a chip into the brain of an Orthodox Jew to make him open minded?
yup, you'd never guess the Orthodox Jew from Lakewood used to be a hair-to-his-waist pipe-smoking Jersey rocker.
. As Ben is an Orthodox Jew, I seriously doubt he would be interested in any tattoo.
Presumably Rubio is whining about Israel to get Adelson's attention. I wonder if he knows Ivanka is an Orthodox Jew
his daughter is hot. but she is orthodox Jew. but she is very classy. very smart women, all his kids r very well accomplished.
That would be the Scofield brainwashed Evangelicals; there a lots of other Christians, a lot of Orthodox, who are Jew-wise
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I didn't have the heart to tell the Orthodox Jew that, no, Springsteen isn't Jewish.
Going back to my Orthodox Jew girl roots for the evening 🤔💃👠
So unless she wants to go Orthodox Jew
An Orthodox Torah Jew? That doesn't sound very orthodox to me, sounds like making bad press for
"He's an Orthodox Jew, I think he knows what he's doing."
I liked a video from Orthodox Jew Plastic Bag Photo Going Viral
Other News Bernie Sanders is Jewish, but he doesn’t like to talk about It: When Joe Lieberman, an Orthodox Jew...
Just asking.would he be accused of Anti Semitism or off being a Jew Hater
WATCH: Black Rapper who Converted from Christianity to Islam now Moving to Israel as Orthodox Jew via
Meyer, Rev. Jonas Theodor, was born in Crivitz, a small town in Mecklenberg, January 30, 1819, and died in New...
I saw an Orthodox Jew playing Plants And Zombies on a tablet the other day. It was the most delightful thing.
Is a practicing orthodox or reformed Just curious. There is the issue of world leadership.
LOVING - fer real can't stop smiling. And the Orthodox Jew couple in the marriage episode? Be my friends.
Orthodox Jew utilizing Ebonics . The rapture has arrived
those are Zionist Jewish not Orthodox Jew, Altra orthodox fight for the rights of Palestinians everyday!
So are you an Orthodox Jew or another denomination?
makes sense, as a Modern Orthodox Jew, the catholic parts of James Joyce and F Scott Fitzgerald seem quite familiar to me
As a Orthodox Jew I like that he is a strong man of faith
I'm in line at the car rental kiosk behind a Rasta, and an Orthodox jew. . Only in South Florida.
You guys ever been so lonely, you thought about becoming an Orthodox Jew? If we all dress the same, they have to talk to me, right?
I notice that myself and a few other reactionaries have recently been followed by what appears to be a leftist Orthodox Jew. Amusing.
Is that a beard? Because I'm an Orthodox Jew, with a beard and I'm conservative, so...
Also one Orthodox Jew looked at my Kosher chicken (I bought a lot) but then saw the pork, I could feel the confusion. Lol I dunno
you look a bit like an Orthodox Jew
Rumor: Trump bailed bc FOX to ask Trump how he felt about Ivanka converting to Orthodox Jew. Over the line.
Here's Jeremain Lens who is today dressed as an Orthodox Jew
As an Orthodox Jew, you should know I am Jewish, too.
what do you have to say about Orthodox Jew vandalism against Christian churches in Israel?
my apprentice interview is on a Saturday, I can't do that day. I'm an Orthodox Jew. Any chance you can help me out? Thanks
oh no! And because I was married to an Orthodox Jew I know exactly what that means
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I am an orthodox Jew. You are right. The DAS FUHRER TRUMP is Hitler incarnate. This man is dangerous. DUMP TRUMP
there is alot of Jew hate in the orthodox church. They still refer to them as "christ killers"
The Rose Temple is one woman’s story of surviving the Holocaust, going from Catholic to orthodox jew.
.Jews are hardly "united against" Trump. His daughter Ivanka is an Orthodox Jew. I and a relative are backing him.
If you go orthodox Judaism, you're going to need a Jew in a city of refuge, not a court. Does that put the Supreme Court out of business?
That being said though I've never heard of an Orthodox Jew converting.
remind me to tell u bout the time I flew next to Orthodox Jew while trying to watch British The Office, giant *** and all
Just saw an orthodox Jew. In New Hampshire. Another Jew in New Hampshire. Is it weird that I got a Highlander instinct?
If you think I'm wrong go walk around Lakemba for a day dressed as an Orthodox Jew
perhaps you should consider the Orthodox Jew hairstyle
nope, but it does apply to Orthodox Jew settlers who burn churches or murder innocent Muslims.
Did I just spot an Orthodox Jew wearing a biker-type leather cap and sunglasses and lighting up a cigarette in front of a kosher butcher??
I use to live in Germany. Hubby @ the time was Orthodox Jew. The stories I could tell you...
Is Olivier still around? If he can play an Orthodox Jew in The Jazz Singer...
Me ha gustado un vídeo de (- Stunning! Orthodox Jew shouts at his wife and receives the Gospel!). featured in NBC s Science of Love
For the sake of balance, I shan't be attending the Brits, until they nominate at least one Orthodox Jew, male, say in his e…
look up Mase, Loon & Shyne. One became a pastor, one became an Orthodox Jew & one found Islam after leaving Bad Boy lol
Nash having a moment when he realized he's actually an Orthodox Jew 😂.
Orthodox Israeli Jew visits Berlin refugee center >> even you can guess what happens next http…
Why is Matt Mira dressed as an Orthodox Jew?
I'm writing a new book called "The Fault in our Festivities" It's a love story between an Orthodox Jew and a Christian with terminal cancer
BTW to all those that don't think u could make it in the music world being frum is an Orthodox Jew
I'm an Orthodox Jew and I am not against Zionism. I also do not disconnect with Judaism, as you claim...
Pic of d day: Israeli-Russian Jewish ex-Soviet Army veteran being insulted by Ultra-Orthodox Jew on Victory Day.
What/ handling pork? An Jew could make the same case. Also WAS . Still is, I hear.
"you know Hitler killed off 6 million of us, I think people of inter-marriage disintegrates the Jewish people" - hot Orthodox Jew takes
Saw this ages ago after renting the video in West LA from a young man whose store was a wedding present. He was an Orthodox Jew.
thank you Brenda. He was a Orthodox Jew preaching Christ now he walks with God
Kim Davis crying persecution is like an Orthodox Jew getting a job in a seafood dept then crying persecution when he has to touch shellfish
Going to get a waitressing job...say I'm an Orthodox Jew...can't serve meat and dairy together...and wait for the money to come in!
Update your maps at Navteq
This is the way this goes, an Orthodox Jew explained it best.
My friend and follow his quest to become the first orthodox Jew to hit it big in pro wrestling
I'm not sure the orthodox jew mean grilling the line for the EZoo ferry is a fan of the ravers.
Let's try this: An Orthodox Jew is elected School Superintendent. He decides all food served in school must be Kosher. No pork
C'mon you would be pretty upset if an Orthodox Jew city clerk refused your license to open up a cheeseburger joint.
He's an orthodox jew in that pic you can't get more jewish looking. Standing in middle of an intifada
.or Muslim or Orthodox Jew refuse to issue restaurant permit to restaurants serving pork?
I’m an orthodox Jew who works at your local restaurant who will not serve pork to customers.
Instead of an all white cast with ONE black guy, I want a mostly black cast with one middle eastern guy, an Orthodox Jew, and a Polynesian
The future American Jew: Orthodox, fruitful and Republican via
. What would Huckabee say about an Orthodox Jew who went into a Red Lobster and shot people for eating shellfish?
20ft of hose, a goat and an Orthodox Jew.
If 'ure talkin' bout tha Orthodox Jew I say she does have the right.
.Is an orthodox Jew who converted last week a hypocrite for not serving pork when they ate pork last year?
hi, I think I'm choosing you as my candidate but one thing scares me. I am an Orthodox Jew. I do not believe in abortion. But:
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O to be an Orthodox Jew & get a job slaughtering pigs. No religious discrimination; beliefs prevent me from working
There's this super cute orthodox jew with the nicest lips and he'd probably call me a *** tbh but *** is he hot
If it isn't a simile I'll refuse it like an Orthodox Jew offered bacon.
What if an orthodox jew with sincerely held religious beliefs stopped issuing marriage licenses to couple of different religions?
an Orthodox Jew shouldn't work on a hog farm,not demand the farmer respect their religious freedom,and stop raising pigs.
An Orthodox Jew refusing to grant license to marry for anyone trying to marry on Saturday?
I'm sure you be touting religious liberty if a Orthodox Jew or Muslim was refusing to issue DLs to women
People get outraged when an ultra-orthodox jew asks for women to be removed from the seat next to his.
Just read your book - great thank you! Particularly as an Orthodox Jew it struck a chord with me. Would love to talk to you.
Our partnership with YIEP has opened doors for the Orthodox Jew community to access education.
*** Pride parade attack- ultra-Orthodox Jew stabs six people in Jerusalem
Henry Morganthau was an Orthodox Jew and his plan would be more accurately described as being from Talmud.
Orthodox Jew who tied up and raped ex-wife in London sex dungeon makes legal history - follow >>
It would appear that Orthodox Jew practicing true Judaism does not want Mongol Ashkenazi / Zionist Rothschild false jew in Israel either !!
As an ultra-Orthodox Jew, Yaakov Shapiro contends that Zionism from it’s inception was designed to do one thing: destroy the Jewish religion
I'm an Orthodox Jew and I may be more Catholic than the Pope. But Obama says he's Jewish so doesn't mean anything.
The rabbi of Nepal: How an Orthodox Jew from LA found and helped rescue a remote Jewish communit... TimesofIsrael
Orthodox Jew from Belgium assaulted in Switzerland. Attack witnessed by victim's wife & four children.
Sports Illustrated: Aaron Liberman must balance life as Orthodox Jew and college player
Strong takeout piece in Sports Illustrated about C Aaron Liberman, an Orthodox Jew playing college hoops.
'Sacred Sperm a documentary made by ultra-Orthodox Jew to explain sex to his son | Daily Mail Online
Bravo Cathay Pacific, now airlines should follow this lead next time an Orthodox Jew refuses to sit next to a woman.
Orthodox Jew tells court husband sexually abused her and daughter via
I just saw an Orthodox Jew driving a minivan and texting. Our eyes met and we spiritually shared our guilt about not being better Jews.
Also felliow Jews an Orthodox Jew is no better worse than a reform or a liberal and even a non practising . "One Family"
"I'm here as an Orthodox Jew." Judy Martinez, frequent commenter at city commission meeting over Fantasy Fest nudity complaints.
It brings back memories of the absence of Jewish leaders, especially from the Reform and homosexual communities... The American liberal Jew always looks for a cause where it can show Americans how the descendants of slavery in ancient Egypt (identify with the suffering of others, so long as they aren’t Jews. The Jewish Press is an American weekly newspaper, geared toward the Orthodox Jewish community. It describes itself as "America's Largest Independent Jewish Weekly." Public Relations: Sensationalism: The Exodus: Does archaeology have a say? The short answer is “no.” The whole subject of the Exodus is embarrassing to archaeologists. The Exodus is so fundamental to us and our Jewish sources that it is embarrassing that there is no evidence outside of the Bible to support it. So we prefer not to talk about it, and hate to be asked about it.
I have an Orthodox Jewish friend, we've spoken @ length about this. Educating Christian & Jew alike about our relationship.
1st publication: Manifesto of ultra-Orthodox Jew who graffiti’d Israeli Holocaust memorial, translated into English
Just saw Orthodox Priest, Orthodox Jew, Muslim lady walk side by side through with flowers - Australia I love
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.tour guide is a practicing Orthodox Jew, who did military service in Hebron. Grew up in the political right, with fam settlers
I'm an Orthodox Jew so I can't shave my legs.
I think using 'Jewish' often comes more naturally, though. Except when talking about 'a Hasidic Jew' or 'an Orthodox Jew'
I want to share this incredible opportunity to share my heart for those of "who missed it." Happy Second night of...
Im going to live life as an orthodox jew for a week.
An Orthodox Jew just came up to me on 7th St, wished me a happy Hanukkah, and gave me an entire set of candles and a menorah. 💖
Orthodox Jewish man on street: Jewish? Me: yes. Man: do you have a menorah? Me: yes. Man: good Jew. - It is confirmed! I've been good Santa!
we can also visit Shyne in Belize and see if he still talmabout he's an Orthodox Jew
Hi. met U at Jew-in-City Gala, u may be interested in blog I wrote for site as new non orthodox ambassador
Just got called out by an orthodox Jew for lighting my menorah backwards. I'm officially the worst Jew ever.
I just drove past an Orthodox Jew with a Happy Hanukkah LED menorah strapped to the roof of his Toyota
Why do you dress like an orthodox jew?
Video An Ambassador Who's Single, Female and an Orthodox Jew: Tova Herzl is Israel's first single, female Orth...
Sister, 1) I grew up in the 70s 2) I'm an Orthodox Jew. No one is too bushy for me.
I wanna say happy Hanukah to a man on the train but I'm not sure if he's an Orthodox Jew or just a hipster.
Breast Cancer Awareness
An actress said I looked like an eviler Charlie Manson and 2 kids confused me for an Orthodox Jew.. 2 totally different ends of the spectrum
My boss might be interested in that, him being an orthodox jew and all that.
what's a foreskin to an Orthodox Jew
hes an Orthodox Jew and he dropped acid and it opened his eyes to the world of reggae 😂
This patient on greys is an Orthodox Jew and and I know what all of these things are. S/O to you lowery
but it came up in a conversation with a friend that has a niece(that has a child) dating an Orthodox Jew
remember when sam didn't know what an Orthodox Jew looked like omfg
But I'm telling you there's an orthodox rabbi out there that wouldn't care. He would marry a Jew to a gentile.
I don't think an orthodox rabbi would marry a Jew and a gentile but I know such has been done.
I don't understand how my dad went from being an almost orthodox jew to not being able to say the prayer for the menorah on Hanukkah
What vein of craziness did I just hit?. "Be my first ever kiss" from a former Orthodox Jew? This must be a scam.
I have yet to befriend an Orthodox Jew. The half-Jewish or Reform Jews do not suffice.
17 y/o Young woman, who's a Black Orthodox Jew. "I'm not going to change. I'm not going to stop fighting until this ends…"
"Being African American is hard as a young Orthodox Jew" . Youth speak out. Boston
tk u so much lm from Boro park a Orthodox Jew love ur show
All purpose parts banner
I like this. Makes me feel better when I write fanfics with a friend featuring an Orthodox Jew at Hogwarts. :)
"I thought of a new name for this hairstyle, it's called the Orthodox Jew ponytail" 😂 how have I not seen this before??
Credit those orthodox kids handing out menorahs for their Jew spotting skills
Brother Nathanael is a convert Jew belong to Orthodox Catholicism
should Orthodox Jews be jailed? Do you have to hate animals to be am orthodox Jew? Also, do you est meat?
are you stupid? Do you even know what a reform jew is? Why bring up orthodox? the point being made is modernism? ***
he is my friend, an Orthodox Jew and AN Israeli and I love him to pieces :)
you have s hat similar to an Orthodox Jew?
I have the biggest disadvantage of all. I'm an Orthodox Jew
That, in a nutshell: the whole "Who is a Jew" question. Not that we wouldn't be glad to have you. Orthodox conversion?
The way I was educated about it, as an Orthodox Jew, was as far from Zionism as you can get.
What happened in ? Imagine that the terrorist was an ultra Orthodox Jew. 1/2 world would talk abt Hitler.
I know a Zionist orthodox Jew who would agree with me.
"Black male stabs white Orthodox Jew in Brooklyn where is Sharpton now" . "What's the the jewish reaction prayer"
Owning a Canadian On her radio show, Dr. Laura Schlesinger said that, as an observant Orthodox Jew, homosexuality is an abomination according to Leviticus 18:22 and cannot be condoned under any circumstance. The following response is an open letter to Dr. Laura, written by an American and posted on the Internet. It's funny as well as informative. Dear Dr. Laura Thank you for doing so much to educate people regarding God's Law. I have learned a great deal from your show, and try to share that knowledge with as many people as I can. When someone tries to defend the homosexual lifestyle, for example, I simply remind them that Leviticus 18:22 clearly states it to be an abomination ... end of debate. I do need some advice from you, however, regarding some other elements of God's Laws and how to follow them. 1. Leviticus 25:44 states that I may possess slaves, both male and female, provided they are from neighboring nations. A friend of mine claims that this applies to Mexicans, but not Canadians. Can you clari ...
I read TWO books about Jesus and his Judaism for today's segment with an Orthodox Jew and an ex-priest:
How an Orthodox Jew came to a living faith in Christ - Israel's hope and the only hope for mankind.
Far-right MP visits Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Despite Israeli PM's call for restraint, Moshe Feiglin declares flashpoint site 'will not be taken away from us'. Last updated: 02 Nov 2014 20:43 Email Article Print Article Share article Send Feedback Clashes this week prompted Israel to shut all access to Al-Aqsa [Reuters] A far-right politician who wants Jews to be allowed to pray at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa compound has visited the site, defying Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's calls for restraint after clashes this week between Israeli police and Palestinians. Sunday was the first day the compound was open to non-Muslims since an Israeli-American activist was shot and seriously wounded after speaking out against the prayer ban. Likud lawmaker Moshe Feiglin, an Orthodox Jew, spent about an hour at the site. He bowed his head next to a Muslim man praying on his knees and posed for pictures in front of the Dome of the Rock. As he walked backwards from the Dome in supplication, ringed by armed police, Muslims chanted ...
Bus riders this week found themselves under attack by dozens of ultra-Orthodox Jews who hurled stones and slashed the tires of their buses. The reason? Some buses featured ads supporting the right ...
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli police say dozens of ultra-Orthodox Jews have attacked buses with ads promoting female worship at a Jerusalem holy site.
Hello - HOW amazing is Jew in the City 2014 Orthodox Jewish All Star Joyce Azria of BCBGMAXAZRIA?? And yes that IS a sheitel!!
Congratulations to the incoming class of All-Stars!
Yeah, and what if you're an orthodox jew? Then you're in real trouble...
untrue I am orthodox jew who would never associate with a gentile
precepts of His country. The most orthodox Jew can unhesitatingly
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