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Orphan Black

Orphan Black is a science fiction television series that stars Tatiana Maslany as Sarah, a woman who discovers she is one of several clones.

Tatiana Maslany Maria Doyle Kennedy Matt Frewer Jessica Jones Sarah Manning Penny Dreadful Star Wars

I'm gonna marry you, you love the 100, orphan black and htgawm, I swear to god you're perfect
... In traditional fashion of showing up late to parties, I just started Orphan Black, and daaang, this is some exc…
yes, + adding Queen Sugar, Grace and Frankie, Orphan Black, Top of the Lake, Underground, Jane the Virgin, Being Ma…
Watched the series finale? Then it's time to read our postmortem with Cosima Herter
"Orphan Black is a feminist show." Cosima Herter, the show's science and story consultant: htt…
Do you love Orphan Black.? Then get Cassandra. Genetics at their very worse! (or not) By…
Stranger Things kept me on the edge of my seat. Loved it! Totally binge watched it. Now I’m also lookin…
The protagonist of the new series Acceptable Risk is named Sarah Manning. The protagonist of Orphan Black is named…
For her performances in Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany won the Primetime Emmy Award (2016), the TCA Award (2013), tw…
When you start Orphan Black and suddenly Patrick J Adams pops up
Now I’m crying again because I only have 3 episodes of orphan black left
Orphan Black, Atypical, ouat, stranger things, big mouth
Please, block and report a person called Natasha Zaman. She's abusive and use hate speech. Not only towards orphan black c…
Scream, orphan black, skam, how to get away with murder,
Orphan black was deadass the best tv show I've watched, was so good I put it on hold for two weeks so I didnt finish it and be sad like I am
This Saturday morning shift consists of me binge watching orphan black and shivering so hard my teeth chatter
I finally finished orphan black and I don't think I've been this sad in a long time
WOWZA at the orphan black season 4 finale
I've just watched episode S05E08 of Orphan Black!
I've just watched episode S05E02 of Orphan Black!
I liked a video Orphan Black ||Sarah attacks Rachel: You don't own us || Season 2 Episode 1
Tatiana Maslany joins the cast of She is known for her role on ‘Orphan Black’.
I really do miss Orphan Black & all of Tatiana Maslany's characters, but glad she found a new role...
Its Affirmative Action, the Vulcan Academy doubled all her scores for being: orphan, black, female, human. Thats…
• Thread on what some Orphan Black' s characters taught me/us •
Rhodes's wife just watched Orphan Black S05E05 Ease for Idle Millio...
I'm good with teen wolf and orphan black and mindhunter
I’ve finished Orphan Black and now I don’t know what to do with my life😬
Finally watching my remaining Orphan Black episodes and now I'm so upset Siobhan my love and my forever favourite 😭😭😭
Rhodes's wife just watched Orphan Black S05E04 Let the Children and...
How have I finished Orphan Black already, swear I was only halfway through the other day
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Cutting onions while watching the Orphan Black finale was a very good idea
Willa Earp was on Orphan Black 😳 (between this and Art Bell I'm now imagining a Clone Project x BBD crossover? I'm…
Me: [watching Blackpool]. Him: Are you watching Black Mirror? Wait, no, The Black List? No, Orphan Black? Wait, no..…
--to be black. Half of the boy's face was scarred egregiously, due to an accident involving the awakening of his quirk. He was an orphan--
Orphan Black because it's just too intense and my little heart can't take it all at once 😭
Orphan Black's ending is just perfect!
after teen wolf ends i have no tv shows to watch??? orphan black ended, 13rw is filming, so is shadowhunters, WHAT DO I DO
SickRage: Started Download: Orphan Black - 5x04 - Let the Children and Childbearers Toil - SD DVD from ilCorsaroNero
I've just watched episode S04E04 of Orphan Black!
How evil can a black senior African be to disadvantage a black…
Why is the wifi being *** right in the middle of an intense moment on Orphan Black
Josh Vokey, Scott in Orphan Black, will be joining us next week at Clone Club.
Dammit, for a moment I thought there was an Orphan Black spin off.
Good thing I stayed away fr spoilers Orphan Black S5 was so much better than I expected. Tatiana Maslany shld have had 5 best actress Emmys!
I just backed DEEP SIX Sci-fi Webseries with Orphan Black, Battlestar cast on
Dylan Bruce was so underrated as Paul on Orphan Black. Glad to see h…
I've just watched episode S05E05 of Orphan Black!
I just saw that you finished orphan black and omg, isn't she lovely? I love her 😭
I just added Orphan Black to my favorites! 😍❤️
Ngl this girl in orphan black is kinda hot
Does anyone watch orphan black? I've been trying to find someone so I can talk to them about it
Why is art from orphan black in wynonna earp
World ends today but it really doesn't work for me. I've got a couple jobs and I'm not done watching Orphan Black s…
I liked a video Why Is Cosima the Hot One? - ORPHAN BLACK: Ask OB
I liked a video Behind The Scenes of 4 Clone Dance Party - ORPHAN BLACK on BBC AMERICA
Orphan Black is one of the shows I miss since I dropped cable. Nice. I looked for you at the BA confer…
Hey! I can confirm that Season 5 of Orphan Black will be coming to Stan. No dates to announce at this stage but stay tuned!
Finally started on Orphan Black and I'm already obsessed 😂
I really liked Michiel Huisman in Orphan Black, but he is a blackhole of charisma in GoT
another suggestion for playing Mama Earp: Maria Doyle Kennedy from Orphan Black
Started watching Orphan Black for the first time just to make sure I'm extra starstruck when Maria Doyle Kennedy does Juvenalia next week
I need to finish the graphite one of Lana tomorrow. Then on acrylics Orphan Black's MK, and the hands. The digital one of Kristin Bauer
Finished watching Boys Over Flowers, Orphan Black, and Season 1 of Daredevil... productive Saturday lol
Cosima from Orphan Black is a young spice
How will I survive in this world without orphan black ??? I will cry 😔😭
everyone: farewell orphan black :(. me: *is still in the denial state and still believes I'm going to see another ep ne…
Goodbye to Orphan Black, the feminist utopia 2017 needs
I've just watched episode Transgressive Border... of Orphan Black!
I'm glad to know that the last five years Orphan Black has only brought joy to the cast.
I am not ready for Orphan Black's finale tomorrow... .
coworker: wishing you the best of luck for tomorrow, try to survive. me: .omG ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ORPHAN BLACK. her: yea!
me as soon as the end credits of the last episode of Orphan Black start
I just added Orphan Black to my library!
Forget Ratings. ‘Orphan Black’ Had the I can't wait for the finale but hate to see it end.
I've just watched episode S05E09 of Orphan Black!
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. Recoverd black money from politicians and Celebs should be given to thes orphan or poor child
Yay I caught up on Orphan Black so I can watch the series finale tomorrow 🤗
S5E8 of Orphan Black is exceptional, one of the best of the series.
Anyways I really just love and I'm glad it will be with me when I lose Orphan Black tomorrow
“Orphan Black” never had huge ratings. But it had the
Orphan Black is ending, but how far has human cloning come?
Preciso de spoilers de orphan black.
Goku abandoned all his friends and family including his wife and 2 sons to run away with a black orphan child he just met…
A farewell to from and the women who made it: ht…
I just want my skin to glow like Felix from orphan black
Netflix's upcoming dystopian sci-fi thriller sees Noomi Rapace going all Orphan Black as she plays seven identical…
All i can say about Sons of Anarchy; it's better than Orphan Black but I was expecting to see Jason Priestley and Shannen Doherty throughout
Louis Theroux’s doco on the Westboro Baptist Church is far to depressing to go to sleep on. Better watch Orphan Black now
Lists of series you need to watch:. Orphan Black. Lost girl. You're welcome
oh my GOD i've just finally caught up with the last two episodes of orphan black i am in shock
Well, don't know about orphan black, but the other stuff is awesome!
wynonna earp AND orphan black ending,,, no thank you
Caught up on Orphan Black... so wicked awesome...
Just watched Orphan Black 2x07 Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things via
Finally got Brandon to watch Orphan Black with me which means I get to watch it all over again
This is the most amazing interview I've read in forever and I am yas queening at everything!!
i am NOT ready for whats coming tonight on orphan black
Orphan Black is SUCH an underrated series !
I've just watched episode S04E10 of Orphan Black!
I've just watched episode S04E09 of Orphan Black!
I've just watched episode S04E08 of Orphan Black!
Meet you at Felix's art opening. Tonight on Orphan Black. 😊
Thank you! I'm so happy you picked an Orphan Black photo!
I got to chat with the lovely about all things Delphine, &
Such a fun fact about & Dead of Winter is in an episode. Gloomhaven too!.
How many people do I have to sacrifice to get to come back to Orphan Black for the final season???
I've just watched episode S05E06 of Orphan Black!
I've just watched episode S05E07 of Orphan Black!
How i met your mother, Modern Family, Orphan Black
if you will always be grateful for Orphan Black.
I too was stoked Orphan Black got repped. Vic also turns up as a Gus Fring henchman in Better Call Saul.
Also have some Orphan Black fans in the office 🙌
Finally catching up on Orphan Black, Rachel's bob is out of control this season
Nothing in this world has ever and does make me feel the way Orphan Black and this fandom does. It moti…
SENSE8, shameless, orphan black, my mat fat diary
Orphan Black indeed has helped a lot of people in the fandom, myself included. It taught me a lot o…
August 12th:. No more Orphan Black. No more clones. No more crazy science. No more sestras. No more brother sestras. No more any…
I've just watched Orphan Black S05E04 "Let the Children & t..."
📷 kikerowling: Orphan Black is one of the best tv shows ever.
I'm glad I have Wynonna Earp bc it's A+ enough to keep me going when orphan black ends. It's a high quality trade off that I'm thankful for
I've just watched episode S05E04 of Orphan Black!
I can't believe Orphan Black s5 will be half way over next episode I'm not ready
Just curious, had anyone suggested Orphan Black to you? 💁
Orphan Black AND Shadowhunters? You're officially my favorite person in the world!
Missed last week's Skip the fireworks. Catch up on BBCA App, or On-Demand. https:/…
Photos from this week's new episode of
The moments in orphan black where all of them get to be happy and relax will always make my heart soar in a painfully beautiful way.
Parks and recs, too. Or the west Wing. Or Orphan black
List of boy crushes: Lucius Malfoy, Mike Wazowski, Kermit the Frog, Tony from Orphan Black, George Washington as portrayed in Hamilton. Fin.
How to get away with murder, Orphan Black y Devious Maids 😀
Weird. I'm literally watching this guy on Orphan Black as we speak. Matt Frewer aka Max Headroom.
I've just watched episode S01E03 of Orphan Black!
The fall, how to get away with murder, Lucifer, orphan black, quantico, mr robot...
Oitnb, orphan black, x files, new girl, greys anatomy, house, Luther, the following, one tree hill
Curious what you 3 think of this. Looking 4wd 2 watching 502! https:/…
Calling all 👭👭. premiere is here. Unravel the mystery with a Season Pass.
I don't remember anything at all about Orphan Black Season Four, but still, I'll try to watch the fifth season premiere 😂
Orphan Black, oitnb and pll, I don't even know where to start😂😩
An allegory of evolution. Thank you,
I've just watched episode S01E06 of Orphan Black!
for your role/s in Orphan Black, when you're on set, can you take just the one dessert, or can you take five desserts?
Tatiana Maslany talks about the final season of 'Orphan Black.'
Thriller you say? Good because after Orphan Black is over I'll be saddened & in need of a possible replacement. Could t…
I'm finally watching s5 of orphan black but I'm so confused as to what is happening I should've rewatched the previous seasons first
'Orphan Black' has revolutionized TV visual effects, and you probably haven't noticed half of them
I've just watched episode S04E02 of Orphan Black! with draco malefoy
📷 orphanblack: 🐶🐶🐶 The fifth and final season of Orphan Black premieres Saturday, June 10th at 10/9c on...
Almost done with bates motel moving onto orphan black and oitnb next I'm scared
Yes I just realised a new season of Orphan Black has started!!
As the fifth season kicks off it proves it's worth figuring out, even just to see how it all ends
I've just watched episode S05E01 of Orphan Black!
Decided to watch Orphan Black - among the million other shows I'm currently watching 👌🏻
Why Protest? wrote a very fine thing for our final trip
He was in Orphan Black too for awhile.
So hype for the new episode of orphan black coming out on Sunday on Netflix
I agree 100%. Orphan black started up again. Will you wait and binge it? Or go episode to episode?
The reviews are in: final season premiere is great and everyone should watch it. Via
I'm having a whole lot of feelings about it. I'd expect nothing less from Orphan Black; can't wait to see what happens next!
Because you need to read one more rave re 's Final Season premiere, via
'Orphan Black' recap: Finks and Rats and Snitches and Fuzz via
when will be Orphan Black Season 5 on Netflix Spain?
📷 theresacullens: Maria Doyle Kennedy on women in Orphan Black “In a very simple way, there aren’t that...
Maria Doyle Kennedy promoting the new season of "Orphan Black" in NYC. June 2017. ……
Can we just talk about the major Orphan Black vibes Hailee Steinfeld is serving in her new music video?
DT Phumzile Van Damme: Why has no one told me about Orphan Black before? HOOKED.
I still have Orphan Black...will go back to that
PLL, orphan black, the fosters, this is us, sense8
I've just watched episode S03E03 of Orphan Black!
When you realise orphan black is coming to an end and it has some of the highest acting skills in modern date but i…
I've just watched episode S02E07 of Orphan Black!
The 5th and final season of Orphan Black will come back on June 10!!!. Who else is excited to see the clone sisters again…
Just started watching orphan black and its good fam
Marquei como visto Orphan Black - 1x7 - Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner
Almost done with season 1 of Orphan Black.
Grey's Anatomy. How I Met your Mother. Orphan Black. Orange is the new black. Stranger Things
June 4 : Fear the walking dead. June 9 : Orange is the new black. June 9 : Wynonna Earp. June 10 : Orphan Black. July 16 : Games…
Come join Yvette Steelblood (inspired by Helena in Orphan Black) on her mission to search for the Night...
I just remembered how good an actress Tatiana Maslany is, I have got to catch up on Orphan Black
orphan black comes back in THREE WEEKS WHAAAT
I've just watched episode S02E05 of Orphan Black!
I liked the turns they took with that in Orphan Black but yeah, hopefully he can break out, he could be totally smooth
— talking about and prepping to play opposite herself by watching orphan black :') WORK TOG…
Why did it take two watches to love the Pilot? Orphan Black was obviously perfection from jump street.
Orphan Black is one of my favorite shows ever! It is right at the top with Buffy the vampire slayer!
did u know that Black Mirror INVENTED science fiction? but only thanks to the ideas FOUNDED BY Orphan Black! so crazy!
"Orphan Black will come back in June". "It’s going to be the last season". "Final Trip". "A wild ride till the very end". Cl…
TWD, How to get away, Grey's Anatomy e Orphan Black
you are seriously the Orphan Black is phenomenal and following you on social media has been 👌🏽
I should start watching Skins but I'm too busy with Orphan Black. . Oh wait, correction: college and thesis.
honestly watch me not watch the orphan black finale for months IT NEVER HAPPENED IF YOU DONT SEE IT 😂
Gah! They are awesome. 100% a combo of the best bits of Westworld & Orphan Black.
I DONT KNOW MAN but orphan black or new girl or how i met your mother
Watching Orphan Black for the 1st line so far: "We're in bummer city"
I've just watched episode S04E03 of Orphan Black!
I've just watched episode S02E06 of Orphan Black!
I've just watched episode S04E06 of Orphan Black!
Cuando recuerdo que en 2017 termina pretty little liars, teen wolf, the vampire diaries, orphan black y scream:
The walking dead pll Orange is the new black teen Wolf Grey's Anatomy orphan black skins skam
Felix and Vic in the first episodes of Orphan Black, oh my god
I've just watched episode S02E04 of Orphan Black!
greys anatomy. orange is the new black. Orphan black
I've just watched episode S02E09 of Orphan Black!
Cenza just watched episode S03E04 of Orphan Black!
Just tell me you're coming back for the fifth season off orphan black
I wasn't completely sold on Supergirl at first but then Jeremy Jordan made an Orphan Black reference and now I'm invested
Brilliant comedy: Rick and Morty. Drama w/great acting: Orphan Black. Feel-good guilty pleasure: Sen and the City.
Actor who played Chris in 'Gilmore Girls' was in episode (weird), actor from 'Orphan Black' & actress from 'One Tree Hill'/'TheFlash'.
that's a tough one! Orphan Black or The Mary Tyler Moore Show!
'Orphan Black' stars take fans inside first day of shooting final season via
From Louie Anderson to Sarah Paulson. From RuPaul to Kate McKinnon. From the show Transparent to Orphan Black.
Glad to see Tatiana Maslany won an Emmy for Orphan Black. Brilliant show, and even better actor!
Tatiana Maslany FINALLY wins a Best Actress Emmy for her roles in 'Orphan Black'
Inside the VFX studio that lets 'Orphan Black' star Tatiana Maslany fight clones of herself
NEW: Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama Series goes to Tatiana Maslany for Orphan Black.
Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany scored her first win and all we can say is about time:
Even though I quit Orphan Black because I couldn't keep up with the twists anymore, super stoked about Tatiana Maslany winning the Emmy 😁😁
Pretty sure Matt Frewer in this episode of TNG is the reason I found Dr Leekie so attractive in Orphan Black.
A combination of Sarah Manning from Orphan Black and Aria Montgomery from PLL is what I wish I could be. .
Have a good mind of making tea and watching season 4 of Orphan Black.
A new favorite: Patrick J. Adams plays 'You Said It!' & talks Orphan Black, PLL, Lost & more! by
Part Lord of the Flies, part Orphan Black--it's new YA thriller, Nemesis. The cover is revealed!
Great piece, with a focus (obvs) on Orphan Black: 'a narratively dense series [...] fixated upon science and women'
there is another cloning show called Orphan Black
I've just watched episode S04E07 of Orphan Black!
We're huge fans of 'Game of Thrones' for example, 'Orphan Black.' And even though those ...
Get new friends. Orphan Black is one of the best shows on TV, along w/Penny Dreadful & Man in the High Castle
Bought S1 of Ripper Street. Disappointing, not very graphic, very tame. Orphan Black same thing for me, doesn't = Penny D
Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany acts out emojis for Vanity Fair
Maybe we can have Game of Thrones / Orphan Black viewing parties ft Captain Morgan & Jim Beam in the near future?
the extent of what i know about American Gothic: it has Paul from Orphan Black and blonde southern detective from Jane the Virgin
I hate how close Thursday is for two reasons. . 1) the last Orphan Black episode of Season 4 😭. 2) I've got a scan 😭
Community of Dreadful Fear and Hate - Orphan Black | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | ...…
How I used to wait a week for next episodes is beyond me waiting a week for Orphan Black episodes is excruciating
in the tradition of t100 and POI, who knows maybe Orphan Black has turned Delphine into an iPhone
Orphan Black is so good, this tv show needs to be more recognised
Lauren's told me that the latest Orphan Black episode is so good, swear i'm hoping i can watch it on the train😭
There's only 3 episodes left of this season of Orphan Black. How is it going by so fast. 😫
. I'm done with s1 & half of s2 of The Originals. S1 & s2 of Sleepy Hollow. Just the pilot for Orphan Black. lol
Orphan Black emphasizes the science in its sci-fi with a disturbing chapter on eugenics: Every Sunday, we pic...
Sunday afternoons binge-watching Orphan Black requires only the best snacks from
Alec Lightwood just watched episode S04E04 of Orphan Black with Magnus and Chairman Meow! ...
who plays Shay Davydov on Orphan Black and Peggy Shippen on Turn: Washington's Spies will be at http…
The Neolution club on Orphan Black gives me so many Alias vibes that I'm always sad when Sydney Bristow doesn't show up.
Thinking of Henrietta Lacks, HeLa, in the Orphan Black talk on body autonomy and issues of biological ethics.
So intrigued with Orphan Black. This season has started with a bang--although I admit, I wondered if I'd missed...
Alison Steadman (Mrs Bennett) popped up unexpectedly in Orphan Black when I was watching last week too.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with Meghan . Game of thrones with Sam . Orphan Black with Em
Ridiculous how excited I am for Orphan Black
"Quick, hide!!" "YOU CAN'T HIDE IN MINIMALIST FURNITURE SARAH". So I started watching Orphan Black and Felix is amazing and Cosima is hot.
The only downside of orphan black is the fake accents. Apart from that it is hands down the best programme I've ever watched.
I think and I are part of Orphan Black
A Supernatural and orphan black crossover, thank you and you're welcome
Any clue who will be attending the orphan black screening tommorow in terms of cast? I'm a huge fan and so stoked in coming!
I'm so ready for season 4 of orphan black
So buzzing for Orphan Black to start back🎉🎉
HEY GUYS orphan black returns tomorrow. are you all ready?
Friendly reminder that orphan black is back tomorrow
TV Review: Orphan Black fixes its messy past with a sharp course-correction
Um, *** is going on with these two dead characters?
A girl next to me on the train is watching orphan black 🙌🏻👏🏻
yes definitely! My faves are Suits, Scandal, Orphan Black (i think youll like this), How to Get Away with Murder.
Nose pero me re obsesione con orphan black😍
Tomorrow, the 4th season of orphan black starts and I am still not done with the third one [runs away in shame]
Nothing sums up S4 of better than interpretive dance for https:/…
Tomorrow, I'll be making a problematic faves thread but replace faves with clones. Orphan black trash is in
ICYMI, we interrogated about S4 thru the art of song and dance:
unfollowed Orphan Black bc ain't nobody got time for off-hand biphobic/homophobic comments about "reducing a character…
Can't get enough of the cast? Find out where else you can see them in this article
It's Thursday Orphan Black isn't even officially back yet and the universe sends me this sign whether or not to watch
I will finally watch Orphan black tomorrow
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Intriguing story with perfect cast - Yet another fan vid to is exciting https:/…
Oh my gosh I think I did it again. S01E03 of Orphan Black!
Whut. Oh come on Orphan Black. The Art twist in S3? Nope.
Be sure to subscribe, rate and review my new recap podcast for
The screeching theme for Helena whenever she comes on screen is my favourite thing about Orphan Black.
I think somewhere in the past you might've been proud of me finally getting round to watching orphan black
Ive watched orphan black so much that I actually feel like I'm in it
I don't know where I can squeeze in watching the new episode of Orphan Black into my schedule, but shame on me if I don't try.
I thought Orphan Black was on tonight. I'm a day ahead of myself and disappointed.
Yas I forgot about orphan black coming back tomorrow OMG yes wo
Kimmy Schmidt, Orphan Black, Game of Thrones all about to get started again. You spend all day waiting for a bus...
John Doyle: Orphan Black finally has its mojo back. Maybe.
Orphan Black - The Collapse of Nature - Advance Preview:    Oye, Oye, Clone Club, our favorite show is...
Drama perhaps... But The Magicians, Penny Dreadful, Orphan Black, and Broad City are up there...
Get Amazon Prime. Then watch Orphan Black. This is a freaky show.
Desperate Housewives. The 100. Orange is the new black. Pll. Orphan Black
HUGE CONGRATS to and Stephen Lynch on a huge Best Make-Up win at for their achievements on season 3 of Orphan Black
Steven Universe, Dr Who, Game of Thrones, Expanse, Orphan Black, Jessica Jones... what else for short dramatic presentation?
Uh, no Jessica Jones? (Just noticed it wasn't on list - best thing since 1st season of Orphan Black!)
Supergirl name drops this year: Orphan Black, Toni Morrison, Hamilton, and now Doctor Who. And directed an episode. Perfection.
"Orphan Black", I miss that show. the Anglophile--why didn't she put anything from BBC America on her laptop?
I want a British accent super friends triumvirate of Rey from Star Wars, Peggy Carter and Sarah Manning from Orphan Black
Must-read. This is why i loved Star Wars so much (also see, Mad Max, Jessica Jones, Divergent, Orphan Black, etc)
So it's raining and there is another hour of Orphan Black cued up - Matt Frewer is still Max Headroom -
5 of 5 stars to Orphan Black, Vol. 1 by John Fawcett
Imagine if Tatiana Maslany played Echo in Dollhouse... Imagine if Eliza Dushku played the Clones in Orphan Black...
American Horror Story, Scandal, Orphan Black, Walking Dead and Kill Bill.If you possess 2 or more of these shows/film. Please,we should meet
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