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Orlando Cabrera

Orlando Luis Cabrera, nicknamed O-Cab and The OC , (born November 2, 1974) is a Colombian-American former baseball infielder.

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Orlando Cabrera was on the losing team in 16 of the final 17 postseason games of his career.
How could tax reform affect the industry? Michael of o…
Paul Hoynes blocked my old account for arguing that Asdrubal Cabrera should get more play time over Orlando Cabrera
You’re right. I confused him with Orlando Cabrera
Nunez has been right man/right time for the Sox, a good roster fit who's added an Orlando Cabrera-ish energy jolt
We're just missing Aubrey Huff in left field and Orlando Cabrera playing shortstop
🎥 Former INF Orlando Cabrera joined Jesse Sanchez to discuss his academy & the International Prospect Showcase…
2011 Red Edgar Renteria joins other past Orlando Cabrera, Mike Cameron and Arthur Rhodes on the latest…
response to Summers. Anti-Mus rhetoric because of Paris, SanBern and Orlando terror attacks. It's not Trump.
Our Orlando trip summarized in one video
Not that I follow baseball anymore but I just had to reminisce for a minute and say that Orlando Cabrera was such a well rounded player
A great pleasure to meet former prof. player Orlando Cabrera today at
Abreu struck out. Cabrera flew out Orlando. Frazier got a base hit to center field. A. Garcia took a called...
Bold decision to send Paulo Orlando on a single to left field. Melky Cabrera's throw was just a second late, and Orlando beats the tag.
Cabrera flew out to Orlando. Frazier got a base hit to left field. A. Garcia flew out to Dozier. Sanchez struck...
Orlando Cabrera made it impossible to miss Nomar. Hustled, had a .785 OPS, and taunted Yankee fans. Loved that guy.
Orlando is playing right field. Anderson flew out to Gordon. Abreu got a base hit to left field. Cabrera got a...
"Blow the team up and get fast guys!" Lol can't wait to watch Paulo Orlando every night jnatead of Miguel Cabrera
how did I forget the worst I have ever come across Albert Belle 😂I believe Orlando Cabrera remains only player who has ever called
Picture with Orlando Cabrera, Neo Ramirez and at Christmas at Fenway!!!
Were you able to get a photo with Orlando Cabrera today during Christmas at Fenway?
events. People. ADD. In line to get a picture with Robbie Ross, noe Ramirez, and Orlando Cabrera.
Next to nomar, Orlando Cabrera is my all time Red Sox shortstop
I guess Orlando Cabrera has nothing better to do.
Dude I miss Orlando Cabrera he was my favorite angel shortstop I dunno why
have they called Orlando Cabrera while they're at it?
Orlando Cabrera is added to the Hall of Fame Classic to be held May 23. .
Orlando Cabrera, who helped the Boston Red Sox reverse the curse, headed to Cooperstown to play in Hall of Fame Classic on Saturday
2000-04-19 3 for 4 4 RBIs Orlando Cabrera 2 for 5 lead to 7-3 win over
I'll never forget when Orlando Cabrera "fired me up" during Game 1 of that year's ALDS.
if orlando Cabrera or Paulie were there to yell at him as he left the clubhouse
Paulo Orlando giving us his best impression of a Melky Cabrera interview
gives him swagger like trot Nixon Orlando Cabrera and vlad guerrero
We are hyped up and ready to go! Orlando Cabrera and Vlad Guerrero in-store meet and greet 1-2pm at Bench St. cath! http:/…
Yorktown senior Orlando Cabrera presents his bill to the Model General Assembly in Richmomd
Aren't paying $10M either.You are throwing $1M at an Orlando Cabrera type.It isn't hard to imagine it is worth 1/7th win
I hope Orlando Cabrera auditions for representative valedictorian
Big Papi's so great he gets two little kids. They wouldn't go there for a more pedestrian player like Orlando Cabrera.
Orlando Cabrera would have thrown that ball
it's much more interesting to see scrubs like Uggla, Miguel Tejada, and Orlando Cabrera get at-bats.
I could not get to Fenway Park for the Red Sox Opening Game, so I had a Red Sox player come to me! Orlando Cabrera, infielder for the Red Sox, retired, signed an official baseball for me. Might I add, he was a perfect gentleman, friendly and *** CUTE. ( yes, we're dating now.)
Signed Red Sox, Boston (2004) 8x10 Photo By the 2004 Boston Red Sox Team: Bill Mueller, Pedro Martinez, Curt Schilling, Johnny Damon, Mark Bellhorn, Jason Varitek, Pokey Reese, Orlando Cabrera, Manny Ramirez, Keith Foulke, Trot Nixon, David Ortiz and Doug Mientkiewicz Photo, AR5XYPA1,DK2092YWA. Check today's price now: items! /N8P5/: The Red Sox fan handbook: everything you need to know to be a Red Sox fan or to marry one; Signed Red Sox, boston (2004) 8x10 photo by the 2004 Boston Red Sox team: bill mueller, Pedro Martinez, curt schilling, johnny damon, mark bellhorn, jason varitek, pokey reese, orlando cabrera, manny ramirez, Keith Foulke, trot nixon, david ortiz and Doug Mientkiewicz photo; The team-by-team encyclopedia of major league baseball; Francona: the Red Sox years; Day by day with the Boston Red Sox; A tale of two cities: the 2004 yankees-Red Sox rivalry and the war for the pennant; Jerry remy's Red Sox heroes: the remdawg's all-time favorite Red Sox, great moments, and top teams; Boston red s ...
Watched football at a bar whose name translates to The Sports Cage. On the wall was a big poster of Mark Kotsay taking out Orlando Cabrera.
Pre 2011 he was viewed as an Orlando Cabrera type bat by Baseball America. I could still see that potential.
Mike Trout has reached base in 38 consecutive games. record: 63, by Orlando Cabrera.
With his walk, has now reached base safely in 37 straight games, the second-longest streak in club history: Orlando Cabrera - 63 G
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
...It will tie him for second with Erick Aybar (2011) and Chili Davis (1995). Orlando Cabrera's streak of 63 games (2006) is first.
The August pickup the Indians should get? Orlando Cabrera, last time he was here Asdrubal actually became a good hitter.
"Gabe, can you finally tell us who Orlando Cabrera was having sex with that made the Sox not resign him?"
The best trade the twins have made in last decade was getting Orlando Cabrera for less than a season. The rest have all sucked, honestly
guy Orlando Cabrera doesn't even play anymore... Stop talking about him.
I don't get how Giambi can't just lead Cabrera into being better. Isn't that what Orlando Cabrera did? Some
that whole Orlando Cabrera swing hard thing was the best and worst thing to happen to Asdrubal
Orlando Cabrera reached base a franchise-record 63 straight contests in 2006.Mike Trout is currently at 40.
2nd to the Former Angel Great Orlando Cabrera right?!
He "can play" 2B in much the way that Orlando Cabrera and Miguel Tejada could, so we've established the bar is low.
Imagine writing a book about Boston Red Sox shortstops, 2005 to present. Chapter 1, ‘What Might Have Been,’ would cover Nomar Garciaparra.  You remember Nomar: 1997 AL Rookie of the Year; AL batting champion in 1999 and 2000; face of the franchise from 1999-2003. In fact as late as the fall of 2003, most Sox fans would have predicted Nomar would still be the Red Sox shortstop today. Except that following the 2003 season, the Sox tried to sign A-Rod, and everything went directly to *** Learning that many Sox fans were ready to kick him to the curb to make room for A-Rod (what did we know, back then?), Nomar actually called Boston sports radio — while on his honeymoon — to defend himself.  As it turned out, the A-Rod deal fell famously apart, but so did Nomar. He went from playing poorly to rarely playing at all, and at the trade deadline he was dealt, bravely and brilliantly, to the Chicago Cubs in a three-team deal that brought the Sox shortstop Orlando Cabrera, first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz . ...
Hah... Grant Balfour Ragin' Gnome Day is June 16. Please pick one up for Orlando Cabrera.
What a Slugfest tonight at the Ballpark between Rangers and the Tigers. A Total of 12 Pitchers used between both Teams, Over 300 Total Pitches between both teams, 31 Hits, and 19 Runs Scored. Rangers jumped to a early 1-0 Lead on a Moreland Sac Fly. But then Orlando Cabrera hit Homers in consective at Bats for a 4-1 Tigers lead after 4 1/2 Innings. Derek Holland was gone after 4 2/3 Innings. But the Rangers scored 4 Runs in the Bottom of the 5th Inning to take a 5-4 Lead. That didn't last long. Having already homered twice the Rangers walked Cabrera intentionally to load the bases. Kirkman came in to pitch to Prince Fielder. The right move to make but it backfired. Fielder cleared the bases to give Detroit a 7-5 Lead after 5 1/2 Innings. But that Tiger Lead didn't last either. In the Bottom of the 6th Inning David Murphy hit a Big 3 Run Homer off of Tigers reliever Ortega for a 8-7 Texas Lead. Moreland later singled to Deep Short drive on the 9th Rangers Run. In the Bottom of the 7th Inning the Rangers ad ...
"Austin Kearns and Orlando Cabrera will provide veteran leadership for this team. This will be a fun summer."
u watch Brandon Crawford play and thank the lord we were only subjected to Tejada and Orlando Cabrera for a year
Brandon Crawford: If the defense is as good or better as it was last year, that's a perfectly capable shortstop. For a team that was messing around with both Miguel Tejada and Orlando Cabrera about 550 days ago, I'll shut up and be happy to watch it.
I am building a house for Orlando Cabrera. And yes he is going to have a cigar room.
What a great day I met Orlando Cabrera from the 04 Red Sox and CCU beat Clemson
Orlando Cabrera here at the CCU basketball game? Pretty cool
Thought I recognized him next to me. Former World Series champ Orlando Cabrera in attendance. Loved his glove & bat.
forgot to include Orlando Cabrera, who was great in '04 & we should've resigned instead of paying tens of MMs more for Rentaria
Best I've done is 2011 -- Jolbert Cabrera played for the 2002 Indians, and Orlando joined them in 2011. Never same team at once.
If he's the next Orlando Cabrera type, why not? Not sure he is though..
And Orlando Cabrera comes through with a base knock in his debut replacing Fans who were skeptical before are now loving it.
BREAKING: MLB Trade Rumors- Grant Graves along with 2 top pitching prospects have been dealt to SD for Orlando Cabrera.
Trading Grant in the MVP Lakewood Rec Pirates dynasty for Orlando Cabrera.
Happy birthday to Rapper Nelly and to Rapper Prodigy of Mobb Deep. Also a happy birthday to baseball stars Orlando Cabrera and Willie mcGee
Had a badass, *** kickin workout today with Elmer Orlando Cabrera and Eric Espinosa, got my hair cut, went to the mall and bought some new clothes that fit my new body, the Texans are winning, and I'm about to cook a kick *** dinner. I'd have to say my day ROCKS! Life is good!!!
I will be watching the game from my computer in Orlando, Florida!! I am a HUGE Cabrera fan!!
Keith Foulke jersey huh? havent seen one of those since Orlando Cabrera pulled a Ricky Vaughn on his wife
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On this date last season, the bottom 4 Giants hitters in order: Brett Pill, Orlando Cabrera. Justin Christian, Chris Stewart
my mom brought up Orlando Cabrera yesterday...I almost threw myself out of the car.
If the had gene-spliced Miguel Tejada and Orlando Cabrera, they have ended up with Miguel Cabrera
If I'm Cueto I'm excited to start my 2nd playoff game, this time without injured/old Orlando Cabrera making E's at short
I'm sad Ryan Cabrera isn't coming to Orlando on his tour. :( He hate it here now I guess. :(
Omg omg Ryan Cabrera is actually coming to Orlando finally omg I've wanted to see him for years now!! Didn't think he'd ever get down here!!
Everyone who says the Indians do a bad job on trades: Scott Barnes is Ryan Garko; Thomas Neal is Orlando Cabrera.
In today's Chronicle, a look at old/new closer Grant Balfour, & what was it he said to Orlando Cabrera?
Remember when Orlando Cabrera was injured vs. San Diego. Was at this game.
If you really wanna *** people off resign Orlando Cabrera n have him wear 53
Orlando Sentinel: Giants' Cabrera suspended 50 games after failed drug test
isn't Orlando Cabrera out of MLB for good reason?
Lol orlando cabrera rubbing his eyes at the yanks fans
if you recall in 2010 Orlando Cabrera was a bat boy while he was hurt... Not the same? Oh, worth a shot
Orlando Cabrera : Why Boston Red Sox Have Failed at Their Attempt to Be Like the NY Yankees - Bleacher Report
Lmfao I just saw Orlando Cabrera making fun of the Yankee fans
lol I ain't talking about me. I'm saying Albee need is Orlando Cabrera and Edgar Renteria for all positions
Sox shoulda kept Orlando Cabrera. Guy was a boss
se busca novia en el area looking for girlfriend close this area...Orlando fl
Look who I saw at K mart in Orlando!
Orlando Cabrera and Miguel Tejada were the absolute worst though. Signed them 8 years too late.
The orlando cabrera: Your brother didn't get the job done 10 years ago, and you don't either.
Championship!! Although he won't be as good as the great Duo of Miguel Tejada and Orlando Cabrera
Marco Scutaro and Hunter Pence are both en route to be this year's Orlando Cabrera.
Move Joseph over Brown for sure. Last year we had Orlando Cabrera, Miguel Tejada and Aaron Rowand all bat leadoff. Its a need.
On This Day In 2004, Nomar Garciaparra & Matt Murton became Cubs as part of a 4-team trade with the Red Sox. The Twins sent Doug Mientkiewicz to the Red Sox. The Montreal Expos sent Orlando Cabrera to the Red Sox. The Cubs sent Francis Beltran, Alex Gonzalez & Brendan Harris to the Expos. The Cubs sent Justin Jones (minors) to the Twins.
I can't argue that. Even an Austin Kearns, Ryan Garko, Orlando Cabrera for prospect type move would be nice at this point.
includes the likes of Vernon Wells, Alex Gonzalez, Orlando Cabrera and Yuniesky Betancourt.
Ian Desmond has 14 HR, the most ever for a Nationals/Expos SS before the All-Star break. Orlando Cabrera had 13 in 2003.
Gem play by Brandon Crawford up the middle to end the second inning. Miguel Tejada and Orlando Cabrera make that play ... in their dreams.
Little Giant Ladders
You know I think its true, Eduardo Escobar dose have a lot of Orlando Cabrera in him... should we play him more?
In 12 months, Pedro Martinez, Jason Varitek, Tim Wakefield and Orlando Cabrera have all retired, and now Youkilis is traded. Long live 2004.
And when we had Orlando Cabrera but were hoping it was Miguel Cabrera disguised as Miguel Tejada?
*** is up with Sanchez? I thought he was making strides towards a recovery? Is he ever going to play for this team again? I don't want to see them go through the same they did last year and try to patch holes with below average players like Orlando Cabrera. Sabean better not deal away more future fo...
Bill Hall batting for while Mike Fontenot plays 3B for Where's Orlando Cabrera?
To illustrate, Orlando Cabrera had a OPS+ of 46 last year for the Giants. Hector Sanchez vs LHP is 28% worse than Orlando Cabrera.
fan favorite Orlando Cabrera who has retired. Has homered more recently than Albert Pujols. "Oh Where Art Thee"
Every time I see Grant Balfour pitch I think of Orlando Cabrera kicking the dirt at him in the playoffs.
Hector Sanchez OBP lower than his average? I dont think even Orlando Cabrera can pull that off
Orlando Cabrera 2012 player profile, game log, season stats, career stats, recent news If you play fantasy sports, get breaking news and immerse yourself in the ultimate fan experience.
Guy in fantasy draft just took Orlando Cabrera no. 1 overall instead of Miguel Cabrera
I know I'm right. This is the org that traded for Orlando Cabrera to be an offensive upgrade over Miguel Tejada.
Giants sign Orlando Cabrera to minor-league deal. (Or, a YouTube video with my face!)
Love what I've seen from Eduardo Escobar. Reminds me of Orlando Cabrera. He'll be a great pest for the White Sox.
I know I'd still take Orlando Cabrera at this point.
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Check out this great item: 2008 Topps Heritage High Numbers Then and Now Luis Aparicio/Orlando Cabrera
A bat, made in Baton Rouge, was used by Red Sox shortstop Orlando Cabrera when he broke "the Curse of the Bambino."
On with Greg Amsinger, Al Leiter and Orlando Cabrera in 10 min for latest edition of MLB 2nite...
First Alex White, now Orlando Cabrera: "I'm very happy to be here, because they cut off my legs over there." Referring to
Extra Baggs: Giants lineup for Sunday plus roster move: Orlando Cabrera got here bright and early this morning. ...
first HR by a Reds SS since Orlando Cabrera on Sept 13 last year vs Arizona
*** Bremer and Bert Blyleven explained how Orlando Cabrera wills every team he's on to win. They must think Eric Hinske is a Hall of Famer.
Orlando Cabrera on the "Those are my guys. That was a great experience for me. ... We really bonded.”
Former SS Orlando Cabrera to sign with Indians, according to Jon Heyman of SI
don't offer arbitration to either Orlando Cabrera or Arthur Rhodes.
Reds let go of Aaron Harang and Orlando Cabrera
Reds declining Cabrera option?: Cincinnati Reds shortstop Orlando Cabrera only had one hit in eight at-bats in th...
Orlando Cabrera back in the lineup for desperate Reds
Orlando Cabrera says he'll hit before a decision would be made on his status
Orlando Cabrera told he can play. Just inserted in lineup batting 8th. Remember, he was on '04 team that came back vs
Reds likely without shortstop Cabrera in Game 3: Reds shortstop Orlando Cabrera was still bothered by pulled muscl...
Dusty Baker says are concerned enough about Orlando Cabrera (oblique) to fly in IF Chris Valaika from Arizona just in case.
Reds SS Cabrera leaves NLDS (AP): Reds shortstop Orlando Cabrera left Game 2 of the NL division serie...
few people asked me @ my Reds story & what Orlando Cabrera said. I missed him in clubhouse. good thing he had nothing controversial to say.
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