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Orlando Brown

Orlando Brown (born December 4, 1987) is an American actor, rapper and musician. He is perhaps best known for his role as Eddie Thomas on the sitcom That's So Raven and guest starring in several Disney Channel sitcoms in the early 2000s.

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lonzo ball is good but his dad is seeing the same drug dealer Orlando Brown is
Lonzo can't even tie Davidson Steph Curry's shoe. His dad on the same drug Orlando Brown is on
I wanna do to you what Orlando Brown did to Raven B... —
before Orlando Brown started his tomfoolery you made that the Morris Day😂
.hit my boy with dat Orlando Brown 😂
Orlando Brown is my favorite crackhead
We've had Orlando Brown, Soulja Boy, Chris Brown, Nicki/Meek & *** Navy mess 6 days in 2017. . We're not making it to Decem…
His voice actor was none other than. Orlando Brown. Wouldn't be surprised if he wrote this part himself.
Orlando Brown should be commentary of the Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown boxing match
Troy Ave sextape . Chris Brown smoking squares . Soulja Boy a piru. Orlando Brown best rapper in the game . 3 days into 2017
I got one more. Orlando Brown, Soulja Boy and Chris Brown show we need to take mental health seriously as Black men. ht…
Richard Pryor who. Eddie Murphy who. Dave Chappell who. Kevin Hart who . Orlando Brown is the G.O.A.T 😂😂😂
Orlando Brown just gave us a Soulja Boy diss featuring his crackhead homie. . 2017 gonna be legendary lol
Orlando Brown is the GOAT purely for his opening line in this video. Hold this L Soulja Boy
Obviously good news for fans ... Lincoln Riley, Baker Mayfield, Orlando Brown & now Jordan Thomas all committed to…
*** Orlando Brown went from 3J the adopted Winslow's kid, to Eddie Thomas ,to an unpopular rapper, to crackhead, n…
Me: there's no possible way 2017 can get off to a crazy start. 2017: *Orlando Brown aka Eddie from That's So Raven leaks his o…
Me after seeing why Orlando Brown was trending at 4.a.m 😭😭
Orlando Brown's sextape is so very musty.
Someone get they mans Orlando Brown lmao
Orlando Brown needs to be on this list 😂😂
I wanna know what parents would let their kids out with Orlando Brown 😂😂
Orlando Brown gotta be one of 2016's highlights 😂😭
It's official.. Chris Brown is possessed by Orlando Brown.🎄😭.
i think it's safe to say Chris Brown is possessed by Orlando Brown.🎄😭😂
Orlando Brown is killing me it's too early
Orlando Brown girlfriend went Solange on his *** after he dissed her on periscope
Orlando Brown is all of our most inner thoughts and desires in human form
Orlando brown and his wife fighting on live lmfaooo
Orlando Brown the father I wish I had
Orlando Brown is going to be Father of the year for 2017
Everything this man Orlando Brown does makes me laugh
don't forget Orlando Brown, the greatest creative genius of this generation.
This man Orlando Brown gives us comedy gold on a daily basis 😂 (via
Congrats to Orlando Brown ... Baby is on thee way
Orlando Brown fr acts how Mel Gibson does in South Park. His recent increase in fame makes complete sense
You out here acting like you're gonna evolve into Orlando Brown v2
Orlando Brown is a pastor. Yall dont really hear the words hes saying and dismiss his money and time he invested in the community.
Orlando Brown always gotta be doing something to entertain us 😂
Orlando Brown is a walking comedy show
Orlando Brown should've got the social media award at the Soul Train Awards not that Jay Versace ***
Kanye West, DMX, Orlando Brown, and Lamar Odom all need a reality show where they live in the same house with one cigare…
I can't wait when Orlando Brown & Soulja Boy start beefin with each other! Dracos being pulled out all over the place!! 😂😂😂
Someone get Orlando Brown bro he is trippin
Orlando Brown must be protected at all costs
Orlando Brown and JR Smith are my spirit animals
Orlando Brown really the funniest boul of the year lol
Orlando Brown answers the question about Raven. This man has me shook 💀
Orlando Brown is on the purest of cocaine.
Orlando Brown answers the infamous question about Raven.
Orlando Brown is the male, black version of Lindsay Lohan
We of the Black Delegates would like to trade Orlando Brown with lil Billy Johnson and family
I ain't never believed Orlando Brown was a crackhead till I saw the way he hold his phone
Tara is on whatever drug Orlando Brown is taking 😭
Tonight on Unsolved Mysteries: What the *** is Orlando Brown on?
I liked a video from Orlando Brown on Raven-Symone "Abortion" Rumors & Stolen Phone
I wanna be just like Orlando Brown when I grow up
We live in a world where Shia Lebouf and Orlando Brown is better than the Half the rappers out rn
On the real this dude Orlando Brown need help
"What is Orlando Brown on?". Crack, cocaine, meth, heroin, PCP, YOU NAME IT
Orlando Brown said he gave Raven that.
Orlando Brown is on that OG 1980s CIA crack
Kyle Massey and Orlando Brown needa collab one time for the culcha 😂
Orlando Brown and Kyle Massey gon link up for a retired Disney star extravaganza mixtape
Kyle Massey giving Orlando Brown a run for his money 🔥😂
But why does Orlando Brown sound just like Kendrick Lamar and Chris Brown 😂😂
Tell me why Orlando Brown sounds like Kendrick Lamar and Chris Brown hopped on a track together 😂💀
Good god...Orlando Brown says he's in love with Raven-Symoné and that she's "running from that D"
Orlando Brown was literally Kendrick, Trey Songz, & Chris Brown in this song.
The day Orlando Brown reached his breaking point 🌚😭
Like look at this mad genius, Orlando Brown going on my Apple Music
Orlando Brown weed straight from the jungles of Africa
Orlando Brown explaining the origins of Mickey Mouse's name is freaking GOLD!
I pray they don't let Orlando Brown crack head *** back on Disney 😭
She keep listening to Orlando Brown songs and it's so creepy and annoying 😂
Orlando Brown is on the best of drugs
Are women actually having sex with Orlando Brown?
Next year Ima be Orlando Brown for Halloween. It's official
If Corbin blue and Orlando brown has a child
I dont like to see Orlando Brown doing bad but we need a documentary before he gets clean
Orlando Brown up next man...all jokes aside
Orlando Brown Slams Raven Spin-Off: The actor is not feeling the idea of the spin-off.
Maybe Orlando Brown was trying to give us hints about his future while on That's So Raven
Katt Williams and Orlando Brown lowkey been smokin crack together
Orlando Brown: "so I could be in the new Raven right ?" . Disney:
Orlando Brown has been the funniest *** of 2016 😂
Ain't no way in *** they getting Orlando Brown crack fiend *** on a tv set again
Mitchel Musso got dropped from live action Disney after his DUI, I believe Orlando Brown's situation's worse
Orlando Brown talking bout suckin Raven Symone's titties smoking *** near his fingernail on the blunt💀
Orlando Brown needs to drop the tape already lmao
Man if somebody don't go get Orlando Brown bruh 💀💀💀💀
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Get you a girl that talks about ya stroke game the way Orlando Brown talks about Kyle Massey's
If y'all are having a bad day listen to F*** My Fame by Orlando Brown (Eddie from that's so raven). 💀💀
Just realized how much Orlando Brown was apart of my childhood. He was Eddie, Sticky, and the nerd on Kim Possible
Orlando Brown is the poster child for how Disney channel actors go crazy
Y'all be trying to knock Orlando Brown like he doesn't have talent fr
This the same Orlando Brown yall was calling a crackhead yesterday?
I liked a video from Jhonni Blaze on Feuds w/ Azealia Banks, Erica Mena & Orlando Brown
Brenda song and Orlando Brown stayed with acting jobs. Disney had them in every show and movie.
I can't even watch That So Raven no more now that Orlando Brown is a nut & Raven is a fool.
That's So Raven's Orlando Brown just dropped a video to destroy your childhood:.
Why are we entertaining Orlando Brown's allegations against People use the most famous person they know to gain attention 😒
Orlando Brown got some heat but somebody please get that man some help.
I understand Orlando Brown's pain. That man tired of y'all. His delivery just wasn't what we're used to. It makes sense th…
Katt Williams and Orlando Brown need Iyanla to fix their lives
Orlando Brown doing his best Amanda Bynes impression.
Orlando Brown is Amanda Bynes all over again
Pray for Orlando Brown & Delonte West they both had great potential man one in acting the other in the NBA .. Mental health ain't a joke
Orlando Brown plays guitar. Baptist Church, Puerto Viejo. February 2014. Photo by Joao Cabrita Silva for the Rich...
Whoever is close to Orlando Brown needs to make him get help
Former Disney actor Orlando Brown arrested: Actor Orlando Brown, known for his role as Eddie Thomas on Disney'...
First Bobby Brown, then Chris Brown, now Orlando Brown. Stay away from any guy w the last name Brown, he gon beat u https:/…
Safe Standing in Orlando Not quite the 25000 at BVB- but it's a start.. Maybe one day at
Like that time ref Jeff Triplette accidentally hit Orlando Brown in the eye.
::please sir play lazier chiefs an Orlando pirates dat song of "I'm sorry"by rick ross an Chris Brown on ur show tomorrow ..
It may be a bit early but, I'm going to predict Orlando's first pick in the 2017 SuperDraft: (
if one cant win tactically, brown envelopes is the only solution.Tinkler shud make friends with PSL referees.
Rest in peace to my brother, Orlando Brown of Chester, PA. 7/12/1947 to 1/23/2016.
I want Orlando Brown's rap verse from the That's So Raven theme song written on my grave
and work together on new action film - Dielli | The Sun v…
I remember when Tennessee lost to Oklahoma 2nd year in a roll, all the insults thrown towards Orlando Brown.
Where is the rant about brown envelopes with that Cosmos disallowed goal?
Bob Mabena can u pls play us Chris Brown liquor and I wish all the best to Orlando Pirates team playing today at 18:00 pm
I kicked it in Orlando one summer as a kid. Me and my homie would just go to Steak 'n Shake errday wit girls from c…
40 points, 9 assists & 7 boards for in OT victory in Orlando!.
When the Cavs lost to Orlando in 09, LBJ supposedly wanted Mike Brown out. Gilbert kept Brown. LBJ left in 10. Don't want…
Found brown&black medium dog in Windermere, at OC Animal Services now:…
happy birthday to Orlando Brown! You were nearly blinded by a flag thrown by Jeff…
FLORIDA: Rumor is CD-5 Cong Corrine Brown (D) of Jacksonville doesn't like her new dist so may move 140 miles to Orlando to run in CD-10.
Report: Brown will run in Orlando if changes to her district go through
Dem Rep. Corrine Brown's advisor says she's planning run in Orlando instead of Jax
I've bought 3 tickets for shows in Orlando so far and they've all been under $30. The average I pay here in Sydney is $80+
$25 for a ticket to see the 1975 in Orlando? I paid $90 to see them in Sydney.
j smokey brown had a 65 yrd Td and Floyd also had a long td
Serious accident in on Poinciana Blvd at Oren Brown Rd
will activate Iman Shumpert for tonight's game against Orlando. Kyrie Irving still inactive.
domain names
Kissimmee crash on Orange Blossom Trl at Ham Brown Rd. Take Old Tampa Hwy as alt
OBT at Ham Brown, accident reported in the roadway.
The switch no one saw coming - Corrine Brown talks of moving to Orlando for Webster's seat that Val Demings wants
I wish Orlando Brown was alive. I'd start him at left tackle Sunday and let him throw a few refs around. RIP
Orlando Brown (had a message for fans after the game.
FootballRuzzo: A story Tony and I have to share on air one day. Relates to Corey Fuller, Orlando Brown & us
No, one is Kyle Massey and the other is Orlando Brown.
The. Crazy thing is that raven the only one from her show who going good lol Kyle Massey got beat up buy lol twist goons and Orlando Brown
Remember child star Orlando Brown from "Family Matters". You'll be surprised how he looks now:
Might as well call Paulo Orlando "Prom Night," because you know he's getting to third base.
hold on I have the gif. COMING TO A CON NEAR YOU (WELL ORLANDO)
I'm not either. J&T adventures in Orlando look out ppl😂
Chris Brown posts first photo with his daughter Royalty
when you come to Orlando and I give you brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts, can I get a high five?
I'm definitely buying sunscreen. I don't want my sexy brown skin getting roasted from Orlando's hot sun ✋.
(I have had great success in the Orlando Sentinel test kitchen using Splenda brown sugar in…
I want all of my teams to get their uniforms overhauled. Don't like Orlando's unis. Padres need to go back to brown. Cowboys are OLD. UNLV 2
Crash on Pleasant Hill at Rosemarie Dr south of OBT with road blockage reported. Ham Brown Rd = Alt
3 weeks today until mine and American holiday to Orlando with !
25. i have a thing with tall guys with brown eyes and that lives in Orlando, Florida and is the son of Mark and Joan
NEXT WEDNESDAY >> the launch of EXCELLENT UNIVERSE feat. Miles Brown, Orlando Furious, Miles Cosmo and Pselodux...
Esmoker online now has Brown Boxer Elixers is stock. At all four Orlando locations. Stop by & give it a Vape
LVM track of the day (is the Nigerian high life classic 'James Brown Ride on' by Orlando Julius
Orlando Brown the worse rapper of all time along with Hitman Sammy Sam
more obscure finger from a Browns player. Gardocki. Happened vs pit in the Orlando Brown flag game
In '09 when the Cavs won 66 games no one complained about Mike Brown. They just ran into a match up nightmare with the Orlando Magic.
Famous African Americans born on December 4 Jay-Z (Rap mogul whose first hit "Dead Presidents," became an international success, and he has since won 19 Grammy Awards and sold over 75 million albums worldwide. His albums Reasonable Doubt, The Blueprint, and The Black Album were all featured on Rolling Stone Magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. His success in music led him to launch a record label and a clothing line, become a partial owner of the Brooklyn Nets, and found the 40/40 Club) (45) Tyra Banks (a former actress and model who is one of the world's most influential people, she created the television series America's Next Top Model and True Beauty. She also hosted The Tyra Banks Show from 2005 to 2010) (41) Orlando Brown (actor who is most notable for portraying Raven's friend Eddie on the hit Disney series That's So Raven. He also made appearances on such shows as Family Matters, Lizzie McGuire and Sister, Sister) (27) Tony Todd (actor with a gravely voice and at 6'5" frame, he w ...
If you're having a bad day, just remember Orlando Brown's album cost less than a $5 footlong
If Dylan& Cole Sprouse, Tahj Mowry, Orlando Brown, and Kyla Pratt could get put on a track, then I knew my singing career would be FIRE!
Yooo I just figured out that Tiger from Major Payne is Orlando Brown. The same dude who is Eddie from That So Raven. wow.
Sooo. What ever happened to Kyle Massey, and Orlando Brown?
Curb Alert Free Brown Armoire (1060 Crumpet Court Longwood): Moving so need to get rid of , has ...
1. Kevin Johnson starts 2. Orlando Brown & the flag. 3. Chad Johnson gets knocked out of the game
Morris brown was jamming and orlando said hit em with the slight of the.bumble bee lol
what happens when u go to Miami instead of Orlando
Just how serious diabetes can be for this pro ball player...
John Harbaugh remembers growing up around Gates Brown: Orlando — There is a lot of Detroit in Baltimore Ravens...
Clouds early. Then some PM clearing. Tuesday day planner for Orlando:
Orlando Jones said on Tumblr that 1) he (trolando) is the black guy you shld vote for & 2) Dulé is more of a mocha brown brother.
Brown replays why he doesn't like it: ORLANDO, Fla. _ Mike Brown detests instant replay. He'd r...
Five-star DE Byron Cowart talks recent contact with DC Brian VanGorder from in Orlando ($):
After all these years, I just now noticed Orlando Brown is who played Tiger in Major Payne. 😳😂
We lost one of the great ones. Mel Casher played w/Jim Brown & has been an Orlando Lax staple for decades.
Sat down w/ Mike Brown today in Orlando. Here's 5 revealing answers from president:
VINE: Eat your heart out Wayne Rooney! Orlando Engelaar scores from half-way in Australia!!!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Adjunct Instructor - Fashion Design - IADT at Sanford Brown (Orlando, FL): To provide and sustain an ef... pls RT
Orlando Engelaar's goal is such a *** It is almost similar to Tim brown's goal in season 7 of a league.
Unanswered question out of Orlando: Where did coach Jamie Dixon's brown warm-up suit come from? And can it go back?
Engineer I at Brown and Caldwell (Orlando, FL): Our Orlando office has an exciting opportunity f...
It's spring break, I leave for Orlando in the morning!! HOLLA!
We are getting ready for our upcoming Spring events! Jon McKnight preps the Orlando Brown House windows for paint...
I need someone in Orlando that knows how to build a website. I need one with a store attached. In box me for more...
It was fun being at in Orlando watching great coaching by Manhattan Steve Masiello + Will Brown.
Well done! Nice and malty! - Drinking a Duke's Cold Nose Brown Ale by @ Downtown Orlando —
Last evening we attended the opening of a small, but powerful, exhibition at Liberty Hall, in Frankfort. “Kentucky Made: Decorative Arts from the Liberty Hall Collection” features furniture, paintings and silver, all connected to the Brown family, who lived in Liberty Hall and the neighboring Orlando Brown house for many decades. Some of the highlights: a sugar chest with floral inlay; rare Blanchard coin silver; one of the prettiest Robert Burns Wilson watercolors we’ve seen; the subtle and gorgeous Paul Sawyier oil of the Liberty Hall gardens, recently conserved; an impressive Elijah Warner clock with Hoadley works; and a serpentine chest of drawers. Several of the pieces were new to us, never seen before. Frequent visitors to LH will recognize some of the material but will be surprised at the new. Hat’s off to Patrick Kennedy for the physical presentation; Sharon and Mack Cox; director Julienne Foster and curator Kate Hesseldenz for selecting the material they did, and for the very informative ...
I always get Orlando Brown and Orlando Bloom mixed up but man they are 2 v different people
Orlando Brown of Peachtree Ridge in Duluth, GA ( near my house) has just flipped from Tennessee to Oklahoma. I didn't think you can be this big in high school (6'8", 348 lbs). Great recruiting day for OU. Boomer!
THIS DAY IN HISTORY - DECEMBER 12, 2013 *BLACK HISTORY" !* DECEMBER 12, 1970 - Orlando Brown -- NFL tackle (Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens) was born in Washington, D.C. Attended H.D. Woodson High School. During a December 19, 1999 game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Brown was involved in a on-field “freak accident” He was accidentally hit in the right eye by a penalty flag weighted with ball bearings thrown by referee Jeff Triplette. Brown sat out the entire 2000 season waiting for his right eye to heal. The Browns released him after the season. In 2001, he sued the NFL for $200 million in damages. According to reports, he settled for a sum between $15 million and $25 million in 2002.
Jeff Triplette just screwed the Colts! Remember when the Cleveland Browns player, Orlando Brown pushed Triplett down for hitting him in the eye with the penalty flag? He deserves to be pushed down by Pagano!!! BS
Disney channel - Helping people go insane since 1983 lol I mean come on. Look at Amanda Bynes, got plastic surgery to try to look like Miley. Kirsten Storm, arrested for DUI. Lalaine from Lizzy Mcguire, arrested for Meth. Orlando Brown from Thats so Raven, Got arrested in 08 for DUI got caught again in 2011 AND 2012, currently he has 3 drug warrent's out for his arrest as well. Brittney Spear's was on the Mickey Mouse Club, she shaved her head and went crazy. Vanessa Hudgens, She was on High School Musical, one year later was caught in a nude photo scandel. Demi Lovato from Camp Rock Hit one of her Back up dancer's while during a concert in South Africa and also struggled with anger and eating disorders. Adrienne Bailon from Cheetah girl's, Wore a slutty outfit at a children's concert in NYC and also hada bunch of nude photo's stolen from her and posted all over the internet. And last Miley Went from Hannah Montanah To smoking "salvia" then taking "molly" "doing line's in the bathroom" and las ...
Electronic Device Insurance
Sometimes I forget the difference between Orlando Brown and Orlando bloom bc none of them have been relevant since 2005
Question for you recruiting fans out there; With Bates commitment we have 18 total, and seven of them are 4 stars (per rivals). Out of the other 11, which recruits do you see earning a 4th star, or maybe even 5th star? Here's my list of guys who should (or could) earn a 4th star: Coleman Thomas Treyvon Paulk Joe Henderson Neiko Creamer Kameel Jackson and one of either Ethan Wolf or Orlando Brown. Wolf is top 5 at his position. Brown has the motivation and potential. I also think that Jerome Dews earns at LEAST his 3rd star before it's all said and done with. I also think that 1 of the 3 (Bates, Hurd, Kelly) will earn a 5th. Discuss.
Luke Joeckel and Orlando Brown are Proud To Call Arlington Home! Luke has been training with Orlando since his...
Orlando Brown's son committed to The Hill? I like what's going on up on Rocky Top right now. Coach Jones is gonna bring us back.
move to third overall in rival recruiting with addition of OL Orlando Brown. Kudos to Coach Butch Jones on job well done!
If you think Orlando Brown, Jr is an excellent pickup for Butch Jones and Tennessee, please RT.
Orlando Brown (has committed to Tennessee. Huge pick-up for Butch Jones. Unlimited potential with a huge offer list.
Orlando Brown shud be taken off just cuz, and Torrey Smith over Mason
Art Modell, Tevin Jones (Torrey Smith's brother), Bill Warble, O.J. Brigance, Ray Lewis' retirement ... there's so much motivation in the Baltimore Ravens locker room. As a fan, I never wanted a win more than this. R.I.P to the soldiers, fanatics and former players (Orlando Brown & Steve McNair) who aren't here to witness this big day. Win or lose, I'm proud to call myself a fan.
but my Disney people would be and the best of the best are kyla Pratt,Raven Symone,Tahj Mowry, Tia & Tamera Mowry ,Christy Carlson Romano , Shia LaBeouf Orlando Brown, Marcus T Paulk, Hillary Duff, they are the only people in Disney who really made it big
My Saturday will consist of cartoons!! That's right!! Hey Arnold, Rugrats, Doug, Proud Family, and a classic.BOBBY'S WORLD! Oh yeah, Major Payne too...shout out to Orlando Brown!! Love u homie:)
For those who don’t follow recruiting, the Big O is one of the nicknames given to high school offensive lineman Orlando Brown, who is big in every sense of the word. In addition to being listed at 6-foot-9 and 340 pounds, Brown also is on virtually everybody’s recruiting wish list despite only being a junior at Peachtree Ridge High School in Duluth, Ga. Brown just recently trimmed his wish list to eight schools, including Kirk Ferentz’s Iowa Hawkeyes. Say what you want about Ferentz, who has lost 17 of his last 29 games as the Iowa coach, but without him, Iowa wouldn’t even be on Brown’s radar. Iowa is the only team in Brown’s final eight that failed to win at least eight games this past season, and five of them won at least 10 games. Somebody not familiar with Brown’s background probably would read his list of eight schools and wonder how Iowa made the cut, along with Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, Michigan, South Carolina, Oregon and Florida. It’s because of Ferentz.
Orlando Brown stands up to show the true heroes. 9/11 heroes, heroes at home. sending message of positivity like so many others, kanye, 50 cent, eminem, dr. ...
My story on Texas' latest 2014 OOS offer. Orlando Brown has picked up an offer from Horns via
Full report from on the offer to 2014 OT Orlando Brown -- a prospect ($)
After the Orlando Brown incident (I was in attendance), I can't believe Jeff Triplett is still firing flags right at players.
Jeff Triplett is the worst. False Starts on the QB? Really bro, why don't you throw a flag at Orlando Brown again.
The clip telling a story from Major Payne (1995) with Orlando Brown, Damon Wayans What's the matter with you, boy? They won't let me go on no black op. Th-They say I'm too little. No one ever lets you do anything when you're too little. Aw, phooey! What about all those stories about the little peop...
that would be Orlando Brown of Cleveland I believe.
The only thing worse I have seen an ref do is throw the flag into the eye of Orlando Brown and blind the late Cleveland Brown. Come to think of it, blind refs would have done a better job tonight...
Someone is going to go Orlando Brown on one of these refs soon.
I hope my friends Scott Welch and Orlando Brown will be safe and use protection this saturday when they go to Atlanta's new *** club
Jo Marie Payton (born Aug 3, 1950) American television actress, and singer, who starred most notably as Harriette Winslow on the ABC sitcom, Family Matters, and its parent series Perfect Strangers. From 2001 to 2005 Jo Marie Payton provided the voice for Suga Mama Proud on Bruce W. Smith's The Proud Family, which reunited her with her former co-star Orlando Brown. The role earned her an NAACP Image Award nomination in 2005. Payton also had a recurring role as the personal assistant to Gregory Hines' character, Ben Doucette (Will Truman's boss), during season two of Will & Grace (1999–2000).
28 July – 1820 – Lexington, KY. Orlando Brown writes to John Brown that George Croghan looks “a good deal ‘hen Pecked.’” He continues: He intends returning to Ky. in a short time leaving his aimable sweet tempered wife at her father’s. [Potts, p. 97] As nearly as I can tell, this is the source of the calumny heaped upon Serena Livingston Croghan, who strove valiantly for many years to salvage the shreds of a marital bargain made with an alcoholic.
So whoever Orlando Brown's agent was or is should have no job for the rest of his life. Aint no way dude shouldn't be the next Will Smith
View photos of Orlando Brown from "That's So Raven" (2003) with Raven-Symoné and Anneliese van der Pol, pictured as Raven Baxter,Chelsea Daniels,Eddie Thomas and Scott Joplin, on IMDb!
And as a kid, you was Orlando Brown in Major Payne!!! Leading the group, witcha Forward March lookin *** ! LOL!!
Orlando Brown's NFL relationship with Ferentz means Brown's son hasn't written Iowa off just yet.
*I do NOT own anything, all rights reserved. No copyright infringement intended, for entertainment purposes only* Performed by: Orlando Brown, Christy Carlso...
Memorial service for my nephew Orlando Brown will be : Saturday, April 28 @ 1:30 5th Avenue Temple Church of God 211 NW 5th Ave Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33311
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