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Orlando Bloom

Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom (born 13 January 1977) is an English actor.

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Orlando Bloom gets candid on his split from Katy Perry.
Orlando Bloom on Katy Perry breakup: "We're friends. It's good. We're all grown up."
Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Orlando Bloom is looking a bit, erm, barnacle-y in the new trailer...…
⚡️ “Orlando Bloom returns in the new Pirates of the Caribbean trailer”.
Three LOTR actors are in the new movie but yet to see David Wenham, Orlando Bloom
it's bonkers because the cast is INSANE! Cristoph Waltz?! Mills Jovovich! Luke Evans! Orlando Bloom and like rando James Cordes even?!!!??
Leo was out with Orlando Bloom and Toby Maguire
Orlando Bloom knows how to charge the
(Africa) Orlando Bloom visits Chad and other West African Countries with UNICEF - [is good,have a look at it!
Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry spotted getting close and flirty at Golden Globes
Katy Perry just got a very post-Liam-breakup-Miley haircut but wants you all to know she is TOTALLY FINE re: breakup with Orlando Bloom
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have called it quits:
Now on West Coast: what really went down behind the scenes of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's breakup.
If this picture of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the Oscars could talk it would probably say: "It's over."
It looks like Orlando Bloom has already moved on after splitting from
New music, new relationship status, new hair cut, new Katy Perry, who dis?
.is rocking a whole new look after breakup with Orlando Bloom:
WATCH: sports a new 'do after splitting from Orlando Bloom
"I always thought Orlando bloom was black"
Hollywood Actor, Orlando Bloom, has given a deep revelation of the sufferings and plights suffered by children...
Oh WOW!!! and Orlando Bloom have officially split up!
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have confirmed they've split 💔
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are taking a break.
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom separate, it’s official
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom 'are taking respectful, loving space' via
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have apparently broken up
In case you wanted to know why Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom split. This was a blind item from about ten days ago.
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom split after a year together
*Katy Perry and Orlando bloom broke up*. Me: YES LEGOLAS IS SINGLE, now we strike. . No, you orc. Go back to your cave and calm tf down 🙄
It's a lovely Wednesday, my classes are cancelled, and I just stumbled upon pictures of Orlando Bloom paddle boardi…
Everytime Orlando Bloom is single an angel gets its wings
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
This was the inspiration for Katy Perry's single Rise. . nude on vacation with
Does anyone have Orlando Bloom's phone number
BUMMER!. After less than a year of dating, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom called it quits!. It was announced in a...
We have heartbreaking news about Katy Perry today...
Orlando Bloom with brunette ahead of Katy Perry split via
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom announce sad news about their relationship 💔
I genuinely had no idea Katy Perry was even dating Orlando Bloom, and for that I apologize.
Katy Perry & Orlando bloom are done! Got my new motivation to become famous.
Here's a visual representation of The 'loving respectful space' that and Orlando Bloom are taking.
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom broke up. John Mayer "still feels like her man." Prediction: Katy Perry becomes the Donna o…
Not reveling in someone else's heartbreak whom I do not know, but it seems Orlando Bloom has now come to his senses. That is all.
Orlando Bloom was snuggling with Katy Perry's dog one day before their split:
Hate to hear this, but it looks like & are no more :( -
Viggo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom just saved our 2017
Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen and more cast members had a mini reunion:
Orlando Bloom wasn't in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides but he will be in the upcoming Dead Men Tell No Tales (2/3)
I met Elijah Wood once, I met Peter Jackson, I met Orlando Bloom, and theyre all really cool.
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr's house that The Bling Ring robbed (and Alexis Neiers puked in the shrubs😷)
| Katy, Orlando Bloom and Sham Ibrahim attend Club Liz at Oscar's on January 14, 2017 in Palm Springs, California. ht…
Tyler Parsons looks like a combo of Jonathan Bernier & Orlando Bloom.
According to Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom looks like Jen Aniston in this pic...
I just realized Orlando Bloom´s character might return for pirates 5 cause its set ten years after the third movie (you remember the plot??)
The couple is no stranger when it comes to charity work.
Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom dress as Mrs. Claus, Santa for hospital visit
Why am I just now learning about the picture of Orlando Bloom paddle boarding naked? Why didn't anyone alert me?!
While in the bath I randomly hear Chase ask me "you think Orlando bloom is hot?" No babe 😂
Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom dressed up as Santa & Mrs. Claus while visiting the Children's Hospital in LA,…
and Orlando Bloom assume the roles of Mr & Mrs Claus at a LA children's hospital!
Katy Perry and Orlando Adorably Bloom Dress Up as Santa and Mrs. Claus t.. Related Articles:
(Race) Celebrity News:. "It's funny, sometimes people who disagree with me just say, 'Shut up and sing.' Boy,...
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Katy Perry told Orlando Bloom he looked like Jennifer Aniston in our most favorite Insta post of the week
.& Orlando Bloom give back this holiday season - see the pics .
Instant friendship between Baby Zion and Orlando Bloom during our Jam Session at CHLA. More photos:
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom visiting the kids at CHLA via instagram. Absolutely heartwarming. 😻 https:…
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom visited a children's hospital dressed as Mr. and Mrs. Claus
Katy Perry reveals "the greatest gift of all": Visiting Children's Hospital with "Santa" Orlando Bloom
Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom are celebrating the holidays a little early:
Children nestled safe in ... Orlando Bloom's arms. Visions of sugarplums (danced in their heads. Photos:… https…
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom spread holiday cheer at Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Katy and Orlando dressed up for a great cause!
Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry Visit Children's Hospital Dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus https:/…
Katy Perry dressed up as Mrs. Claus to visit the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles with Orlando Bloom!🎅
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom suited up as Santa and Mrs. Claus for charity:
.and Orlando Bloom bring holiday spirit to Children's Hospital LA dressed as Santa and Mrs. Claus:
Katy Perry couldn't help but tease Orlando Bloom on Instagram — find out why!
Website Builder 728x90
PICS: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom dress up as Santa and Mrs. Claus!
Talk about a dynamic duo! Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom sang karaoke at Shannon Woodward's b-day party:…
Do you ever feel like a plastic bag watching Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom jam out during karaoke? No, just us?
PIC: Alan Carr and David Walliams recreated that famous nude Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry pic…
David Walliams and Alan Carr strip off to recreate infamous Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry pictures…
If you were willing to kiss her freshman year you'd best be tryna (insert Orlando Bloom sound) Senior year.
Great analysis w/ some hilarious imagery, like comparing Lane Kiffin's time at to "Orlando Bloom in Elizab…
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom in NYC last night, Nov28th.
even tho orlando bloom seems to be having difficulties breaking out of playing legolas (I actually loved that lol) I liked will!
This exchange between Orlando Bloom and John Rhys-Davies is just one joyous highlight. Pick up the new issue for the ful…
"I met a man today and he seemed surprised that I didn't know who he was. His name was Orlando...Bloom?" -Claire Hamer
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom split after 10 month relationship | Talk of Naija
Or Orlando bloom he do comedy now lol
Katy Perry thought she found her prince but it looks like her and Orlando Bloom have broken up -->…
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have reportedly ended their relationship, but the reasons remain unclear via
These videos of Orlando Bloom has me in tears
Orlando Bloom spotted enjoying lunch with a woman
Iam actually happy 😊 if Orlando Bloom..split with Katy Perry. She s a bit weird for him. He needs a woman not as wacky.
Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom are officially over. But this photo is forever
Orlando Bloom spotted enjoying lunch with a woman. ...
Rumour has it Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry have split and WE DON'T BELIEVE IN LOVE ANYMORE
Katy Perry and Orlando have reportedly called it quits... but there's confusion about what happened…
For all people who saying that Kabloom is over well Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom was spotted PDA at its finest. 😂😂😂
and have reportedly split ... What happened >
The guy wanted people to be like "yes that guy is a hero he punched bieber" like they did Orlando bloom, but tables turned on him 😂😂😂
Thank you Orlando Bloom for showing your badge and sharing your support to end all violence against women…
I'm not going to be the next Colin Farrell or Orlando Bloom.
why is everyone saying I look like Orlando bloom ***
but for me you look cuter in the first one. Giving me Orlando Bloom feelings
This is the third time this week I've been told I look like Orlando Bloom
It's over! Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom call it quits!.
Kanye West and Orlando Bloom take the same drugs
Only Orlando Bloom, who was excited by meeting me! Simply because I'm in Harry Potter. He wants to bring his son. htt…
Middle school When Orlando Bloom broke his WWE debut It was 52 states that makes sense NATO does nothing.
WELCOME TO HUDSON HIGH! 🚌✏️. Check out some videos of birthday party last night ft Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingn…
High key really salty Elizabeth Swann isn't returning for no.5 because where else will I go to hear Orlando Bloom say my name
Demi was in the same room as Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom and she doesn't take even one picture.
I always mistakenly identify Ryan Reynolds as Chris Evans and Collin Farrell as Orlando Bloom.
I'm at a restaurant at the table next to Cory Booker, Orlando Bloom, M Night Shyamalan, and Katy Perry. Woah.
Katy Perry wasn't with her for Halloween, she WAS her. (And yes, that's Orlando Bloom as Donald Trump):
A Time to Kill, starring Jaden Smith and Orlando Bloom. Directed by Stephen Frears, music by Joanna Newsom. Budget: $90m
Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom attend birthday party together with his 5-year-old son
Katy Perry spends weekend with Orlando Bloom and his son Flynn...
They're still making Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Ludicrous that they thought my Orlando Bloom crush would last this long...
omg it's kinda like how in Pirates of the Caribbean-Orlando Bloom's ascot changes color & position every cut 😂
I fricking love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies but Johnny Depp *** but Orlando Bloom is back but Johnny Depp su…
Orlando Bloom isn't in the new pirates of the caribbean is that a joke or
It's hard not being excited for Pirates of the Caribbean when Javier Bardem, Kaya Scodelario & Orlando Bloom are in it
The only reason I want to see Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales is because of Orlando Bloom
Another pirates of the carribbean movie is coming out and Orlando Bloom is in it, oh god I am so happy
The new Pirates of the Caribbean film looks exactly like the others, but with an Orlando Bloom wannabe.
Watching the desolation of Smaug...Bard looked more like Orlando Bloom than Orlando Bloom looked like Orlando Bloom
hi Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry Take Their Love to Disneyland Shanghai, Enjoy Pirates of th...
EPISODE 6 Utopia starring Malin Ackerman and Orlando Bloom. They look really good together.
Orlando Bloom strips off to fight his trainer as he rocks new Justin Bieber-style hair -…
Orlando Bloom 'caves' and makes private Instagram account public
it would be probably doing better if I wasn't spending all my time going through Orlando Bloom's Instagram
I used to ride motorbikes and drive cars like everything was a racetrack; it was ridiculous.
Did Orlando Bloom just finally reveal his secret Instagram page?.
Orlando: Orlando Bloom Instagram official account: Star has had secret profile for months
Orlando Bloom makes his Instagram account public..
He’s with Her! Orlando Bloom Supports Katy Perry at a...
Orlando Bloom has made his private Instagram a public account! See some highlights:
I look like Orlando Bloom in Lord of the Rings today.
There are schoolgirls in North Parramatta with a more popular social media presence than 2015 Orlando Bloom.
Back playing in Orlando Bloom cracks himself up. More pics of ... -
Orlando Bloom goes public on Instagram and jokes about nude scandal via Oh Orlando, u made us CRAZY
Miranda Kerr shows love to her ex Orlando Bloom on Instagram -- see her message
Orlando Bloom uncensored. Follow me for more pics
Watch how you communicate with a woman. Because you're always communicating, even when you'
Orlando Bloom just made his Instagram public and you’ll want to follow him, stat:
An all-star cast fumble through love & sex in the new trailer for Joe Swanberg's "Easy"
So I didnt know Orlando Bloom had an Instagram (OOPS!) but HELO Katy Perry! =D HA! So great!
Orlando Bloom FINALLY goes public on Instagram and jokes about his full frontal nude photos wit... Da…
Orlando Bloom made his Instagram public what a time to be alive
Watch the trailer for the sexy new series "Easy" with Orlando Bloom &
Orlando Bloom finally makes secret Instagram page public – and fans just can’t handle it: ORLANDO Bloom has f...
📽 New video of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the Burning Man Festival
daily reminder: I hate Orlando Bloom and I hope she gets her heart broke just so she knows there is someone better for her
Miranda Kerr FINALLY has her say about THOSE Orlando Bloom pictures.
My sister is not attracted to vanilla men at all but she wants Orlando Bloom so bad 🤔😂
breaks her silence on THOSE nude Orlando Bloom photos
I saw Orlando Bloom as Romeo once and it was extremely appropriate in its aggressive blahness
Do we remember a time when Orlando Bloom wasn't constantly drunk or
Miranda Kerr finally comments on Orlando Bloom's nude pics: What were you thinking?
We have to agree with Miranda on this one! .
I can't believe I didn't think Orlando Bloom was attractive when I was younger...
This exchange, though! Bloom's bulge may have gone public, but the actor privately contacted his ex-wife,
Miranda Kerr reveals her response to Orlando Bloom's nude photographs...
I thought 'Orlando Bloom' was a women's basketball team for at least the first 17 years of my life.
On another note, imagine having David Wenham and Nicole Kidman as your parents. I went into LOTR for Orlando Bloom, went h…
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom keep it low key amid reports he's ready to 'settle down' with the pop ...
NEW - 84 HQ photos of Katy Perry visiting Orlando Bloom at the hair salon in LA!
Orlando Bloom in Tokyo for British Airways promotional event as Seth Rogen talks about…
Emily Ratajkowski is staring in a Netflix show that will feature Orlando Bloom and Dave Franco
when u find out why Orlando Bloom is trending
"They have been more low-key lately and seem more private about their relationships," a source told PEOPLE in July.
So and Orlando Bloom are apparently engaged in some kind of *** battle. Finally some celebrity gossip I can ge…
Fun fact: he was my first crush and I had a pillow that my mom got me from Justice that said "I ❤️ Orlando Bloom"
Since when did it become ok to call Orlando Bloom "Lando"
Did Katy Perry find Orlando Bloom on PlentyHoney dating app? How long have been they dating?
Orlando Bloom has a big *** . Oh, that's what Katy Perry sees in him. Women care about that more than any other thing.
I wish I were as thin as Orlando Bloom's weiner.
If you're hunting for Orlando Bloom's nudes but were outraged about Jennifer Lawrence's nudes... you might be a feminist we…
Katy Perry hitches up skirt to flash undies days after her steamy holiday with Orlando Bloom
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Orlando Bloom uncensored nude more at
The only time I was ever convinced that Orlando Bloom was relevant was the summer POTC1 came out and I learned about RPGs at Girl Scout camp
Orlando Bloom is cute but I was told he Smell's and Likes feet😝
This is one reason why I like summer. Thanks Orlando Bloom 😎
New on Orlando Bloom tries to find the best sausage in Tel Aviv.
Orlando Bloom is the top celebrity on Tumblr this week 🍆
This news isn't true. Orlando Bloom is not taking Johnny Depp's place in the Pirates films. It's a false rumor.
Seth Rogen gives his verdict on Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber after sizing up uncensored nude ...
Steele Johnson those speedos are so small even Orlando Bloom is blushing 😳
But today I saw an exchange student in the bus stop this morning and he looks like Orlando Bloom 😅😱😍 that good looking.
After seeing Orlando Bloom and Biebers new nudes..
When you see the uncensored Orlando Bloom pics 👀👀
damnit I almost choked to death I don't wanna see nothing either but got a kick out of Orlando Bloom lol he say
JLaw nudes -> MISOGYNY . Orlando Bloom nudes -> Coming up at 6, a panel of experts will be discussing the size, length a…
👅👀 this how I felt when I saw those nude pics of Orlando bloom Lls but u cool af man
The best late night jokes about Orlando Bloom's nude paddleboarding.. Related Articles:
when ur waiting for the Orlando Bloom paddle board pic to load n wondering if the black box is there
When you see the uncensored pics of Orlando Bloom
kudos to Orlando Bloom for getting his *** out for Harambe
Q: How's Orlando bloom's *** like a beef n cheddar?. A: both are just distractions from the pain of life & inevitabili…
Vote for this headline! Orlando Bloom flaunts PDA with girlfriend Katy Perry + bares his butt in new photos: https:
12yo son and his friends skateboarded into the house & caught me looking at Orlando Bloom's nudes. Give me the Mother of t…
I was told to google Orlando Bloom. What happened.
FIREWORKS: Orlando Bloom got a little handsy with Katy Perry at the beach
➜ Orlando Bloom and Kate Perry cuddle publicly on Sardinia…
Surely anyone who cares,now knows Orlando Bloom paddles 'commando-style & do folk care what wears on the beach?
Orlando Bloom fondles Katy Perry’s boobs as the lovebirds frolic at the beach during roma... Via
It's great to see Orlando Bloom 'blooming'. Why the pixilation? I think we can cope! :)
Wot r the chances of David Brent following in Orlando Bloom & Justin Berbers footsteps?
A lawyer explains if Orlando Bloom's nude pictures violated his right to privacy
The uncensored Orlando Bloom pics have to come out soon right?
Ok, you are Orlando Bloom. You can't get upset that you went on vacation, decided to get naked, and then pap snapped pics of it. Ur famous🙄
BRB looking at photos of Orlando Bloom's peen.
Me: it's a violation of Orlando Bloom's privacy photographing-. Also me:
First Orlando Bloom's nudes came out, now Justin Bieber's are out too. God is good.
Me searching for the uncensored version of Orlando Bloom picture
And before you ask - No, unfortunately, he wasn't doing an Orlando Bloom and was, indeed, wearing swim shorts.
I just found out why Orlando Bloom was trending.
Orlando Bloom and now Bieber! is there an olympic contest for hollywood ***
While Orlando Bloom is letting it all hang out, WHO IS TAKING CARE OF THE TAMAGOTCHI???
As a gesture of goodwill, let's refer to ALL men's genitals as their "Orlando Bloom."
I don't mean to be crude... But like, have y'all seen the uncensored Orlando bloom pics? 😏😱
Me: why is orlando bloom trending what ???. Me: *finds out why*. Me:
I actually saw Orlando Bloom's uncensored genitalia. I didn't even look for it. It popped up in my newsfeed.
Oh my god I just saw orlando bloom's p*nis 🙅🙅
can I just eat Orlando bloom for lunch?
*** Orlando bloom and Justin Bieber nudes within a 24 hour period? August is heating up y'all
Tomorrow I am going to re-create Orlando Bloom's nude paddleboarding photos out on Budd Lake. Perhaps will be my Katy Perry?
Orlando Bloom looks like he's having a swell holiday.
Orlando Bloom lands in Miami a week after being deported from India
When you have to delete your search history because you wanted to see those Orlando Bloom photos.. 😬😬
I honestly can't believe Orlando Bloom tried to steal attention away from the olympics with his *** but also I'm not saying it didn't work
Gents, I present to you in all his glory Orlando Bloom, British actor..
Sees "Orlando Bloom" trending... Me: "A new Pirates of the Caribbean movie?!?" . *clicks* . Me:
Orlando Bloom getting praised for his nudes yet female celebrities get slammed for showing a shoulder
In case you missed it Orlando Bloom in ALL his glory...
Orlando Bloom's *** looks like a circumcised half eaten sausage 😂 i literally had to zoom in to seen its full size ht…
so orlando bloom and Justin Bieber lmao WHAT THE FJCKCJ
ew I finally saw why orlando bloom was trending
Orlando Bloom overshadows Justin Bieber in nude photo showdown
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
We were outraged when it was J-Law, but for Orlando Bloom, we're... amused? I'm confused. Someone just tell me what I'm allowed to feel.
Make like Orlando Bloom this November and Free the Johnson. Paid for by for president (not really - don't sue me)
I have managed to get Wayne Rooney, Orlando Bloom and Larry the Downing Street cat all into a blog post... Enjoy!.
Just imagine if Orlando Bloom had been wearing £200 swimming shorts, and David Cameron had not.
Spotted: Orlando Bloom paddle boarding nude in Italy with girlfriend Katy Perry. Check out the pictures here!
Some guy asked if I saw Orlando Bloom's *** pic but i think the real question is why tf is Orlando Bloom dating Katy Perry? Y
Orlando Bloom is great and all, but my new celebrity crush is David Muir on ABC News. Yum.
shout out to Orlando Bloom for putting his *** out for Harambe
Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom at Stella McCartney’s Autumn 2016 presentation at Amoeba Hollywood | Jan. 12, 2015.
Looks like Orlando Bloom decided to support your movement,
Martin Brody checks why Orlando Bloom is trending and says, "You're going to need a bigger boat."
I will be making Orlando Bloom a Companion of Honour, Knight of the Garter & Order of the Golden Anaconda in my Birthday Honours List ;)
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the beach in Italy
Out here looking for the uncensored photos of Orlando Bloom
I can't believe Orlando Bloom is a jojo reference
Orlando Bloom took it ALL off while in Italy with Katy Perry!!!
Things are heating up between Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom on vacay! 🔥 The latest details & pics tonight on
Sooo I was wondering why Orlando Bloom was trending and.
Orlando Bloom . don't wanna know. . don't wanna see.
Me waiting for the uncensored nude pics of Orlando Bloom
okay but WHO got the uncensored orlando bloom pics….them…
So where can I find the uncensored Orlando Bloom photos? Asking for a friend.
out here lookin for those uncensored pics of Orlando Bloom like
currently searching for uncensored photos of Orlando Bloom
Show me the uncensored photos of Orlando Bloom.
Where's the pictures of Orlando Bloom without the black square please?
Me currently trying to find the uncensored pictures of Orlando Bloom in all his glory.
Me searching for uncensored pictures of Orlando Bloom
Orlando Bloom could make world peace happen with this machine
Katy Perry e Orlando Bloom no backstage do "Democratic National Convention".
• VF: Orlando Bloom Played Doting Boyfriend to Katy Perry at the D.N.C.: The actor supported…
Orlando Bloom was one proud boyfriend when Katy Perry performed at
Orlando Bloom played the doting boyfriend to Katy Perry at the
Orlando Bloom has a proud boyfriend moment watching Katy Perry rise at the DNC:
Orlando Bloom has a proud boyfriend moment as Katy Perry performs on stage - awh
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the John F. Kennedy airport in New York City!
Orlando Bloom supports Katy Perry for show at Democratic convention via
Orlando Bloom showed up to support Katy Perry at and it was just the cutest.
AWW! Orlando Bloom Supports Katy Perry in the Sweetest Way >>
Katy Perry joined by Orlando Bloom as she performs at Democratic National Convention
Orlando Bloom is basically all of us when our significant other is performing
Orlando Bloom 'Rises' to the occasion, supports Katy Perry at DNC
Katy was spotted at JFK airport in New York with Orlando Bloom (07/29)
.got support from Boyfriend Orlando Bloom at the 2016
Orlando Bloom -- I'm with HER ... All Access with Katy Perry at DNC (PHOTOS) via
Orlando Bloom videotapes Katy Perry as she performs at Democratic convention... while supporting her from aud...
an archery tournament: you, Orlando Bloom, Jeremy Renner and Tom Hiddleston for Doctors without Borders - a girl can dream
Had a dream that became a model and she would only talk to me and I became best friends with Orlando Bloom
You can't date if you're famous. That's how it seems to me.
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