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Origami Owl

Origami Owl Jewelry Bar Pampered Chef Tastefully Simple Mary Kay Lia Sophia Pink Zebra Perfectly Posh Jamberry Nails Independent Designer Gold Canyon Candles Thirty One Usborne Books Living Locket Pure Romance Discovery Toys

Teacher's appreciation week is right around the corner! Origami Owl would be the perfect…
I'm hosting an Origami owl party this weekend April 19th at my house.! If you want to come let me know.! I'll give you my address I will have some finger foods.💍🎀💎💁
If anyone else needs anything from Origami Owl let me know! Closing my party Monday!! :)
This is the Charity that Origami Owl work with to help prevent child abuse and bullying. Since it's National...
Dont kniw what the heck im gonna order from my origami owl party!! Too many ideas!
To have an 88 year old woman attend your jewelry party and tell you that your journey so far in life is inspiring and off to a great start can make a girl feel pretty good!! Love the things Origami Owl stands for!
it can definitely be taken as one since we're selling Origami Owl ;)
Idk whether to get a short or long origami owl necklace!!! 😶
no, it is Origami Owl Living Lockets. You can put little charms in them. Here's an example:
Locals, we are looking to do some events for Origami Owl. Any ideas where we could look to get plugged into?
Who knows an origami owl provider so that I can create and order?
Does anyone around here still do the origami owl jewelry or something similar?
Jewelry, wine, cupcakes, cheese, mini pizza...what a tough job! Lol!! I love being an Origami Owl designer :)
Sheila thank you so much for hosting the Origami Owl Jewelry Bar. It was very nice to see you again!!
Less than 30 min till online origami owl party!! There will b a drawing at the end for anyone that attends! Let me know If u need an invite!!! Can't wait!!! Hope to chat with y'all soon!!
Don't forget!! Tomorrow is our open house Spring party! 2-5pm! I will be there with Origami Owl, as well as 31, Letteriginal, Initial Outfitters, & Scentsy!! We've been working so hard and really hope people are able to attend so come show your support!! Happy Spring! 💐
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There's a good chance you know someone with a home business. Thirty-One, Origami Owl, TupperWare, there's a lot. Maybe dealing with parties, inventory, etc, isn't for you. The good news is you can have have your own home business too and make some much needed extra money with wakeupnow. I wouldn't promote it if it wasn't true and if I didn't believe we had a great business. And even better, we're a team. You're not alone. Our team is producing business owners and money makers every single month. You've been thinking about it, it's time to take action.
Origami owl with Shannon Degraffenreid, Margarett Downie, Lori Bartlett and Chelsea Wright, fun with jewelry !
Thanks Madona McElyea-Riley for your Origami Owl-Karen Wright Independent Designer order!!! I appreciate it. Love ya!!!
Ok this origami Owl jewelry stuff is so so cute. I have a few books for those of you who want them. Dannielle Molesworth I can bring you one to the hope house meeting monday night if you are coming.
Thanks to my big seester for getting me my first Origami Owl necklace! She knows how badly I wanted…
Post - There are many charms to choose from! Even more exciting, Origami Owl just released over 150 brand new charms! From surf boards to Deer Antlers for the hunter in your life, to Military Boots, to gardening tools and iced coffee, and many more! There is something for everyone! Check them out here! What is your favorite?
Just got our origami owl kit in and i am so excited. I just love this stuff and cant wait to start partying. Lol
Find a rep from Owl in Philadelphia, PA at
Origami owl has realsed some very exclusive items for mother's day! This cute little bottle is just…
Origami Owl book party! Stop by the salon to check out how cute this stuff is! Orders are being taken until Wednesday. It would make a great graduation gift!
Is anyone selling origami owl charms/lockers/chains? Not looking to order new off the website..
I love my origami owl necklace. It represents Haley and Hunter 💕
If you've never heard of Origami Owl you're in for a treat! Kelly will bring a variety of lockets, charms, chains, and other fun items for you to play with to create your perfect customized necklace! This is an open house style party so drop in when you can and enjoy playing with jewelry, some brunch- complete with mimosa's, and of course the pleasure of my company.ha! Hope to see you all there! Oh, and for those of you who have heard of Origami Owl, you know how awesome and addicting it is, so I know I'll see you here ;) If you are not able to come to the party, you can always order online on Kelly's site for my party!
A huge thank you to Lana Prather Peach and Toni Leach for inviting me to set up with Origami Owl at the Ladies Day Out event today. I enjoyed being able to personally meet a lot of ladies that I had heard their names but didn't know their beautiful faces. My events are always successful with you ladies and I thank you so much for including me.
My Origami Owl necklace! Can't wait to get the guitar and headphones charms to add to it!
Love the Origami Owl CZ studs with crystal halos!
I have the best hubby ever...while I worked my tail off all day at our garage sale he stayed home with both babies and cleaned and did laundry so our house will be ready for my origami owl party tomorrow. His momma raised a good man!!! Love you babe!
So excited about selling Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. Personalized your story with a keepsake at
My day in a nutshell. Went to run at 6:30 with running club. Followed wrong person and turned my 14mi. Into 17. Had to call a cab because I was lost in downtown Okc. Got home in time for My Origami Owl training with my mom which AMAZING!!! On the way home got a flat tire. The good news: I have free roadside assistance, I had the money for the cab, and I got a better run in. Clarity: I'm blessed, never once wasn't I provided for. God is good! :D
Thanks to all the girls who came to the origami owl party and for celebrating my birthday (even though I forgot about it) we had a lot of fun and Avery was happy to see everyone!!!
If anyone would be interested in Origami Owl the First Christian Church Monongahela 10th and chess streets will be selling for the youth Peru trip in June! Melissa will have a set up tomorrow at 10:30 if you would like to see it first hand and possibly order ! close date is before the end of the month so the orders will be in for MOTHERS DAY! ALL HELP APPRECIATED!
Hey Friends just a reminder Im having my Origami Owl Party Tomorrow Origami Owl Party Sunday April 13, 2014 5pm Brings Friends and Family with you. Please RSVP. Location: My House (message me for directions) Food and Beverages Provided Heres the Link if you can't come and want to order online : ) to order
Just got this from one of the ladies from the Retreat. She is all set with her Origami Owl charms for the Girls...
Make everyday a special occasion with an Origami Owl Living Locket! Visit…
I have Origami Owl - wondering if someone would be willing to trade for (2) 7 day trial packs of Plexus? My husband and I each need to lose weight, he is Type I diabetic, I have chronic health issues. We'd like to see what we're getting into before we commit.
Thank you to for my beautiful Origami Owl necklace!! 😍👪👑
Find a rep from Owl in Moberly, MO at
My sisters from and I had a blast at my Origami Owl jewelry party! Join online ...
Woho... yeah. I just won the raffle at Michelle Blizzards origami owl party.$113.00 in free stuff. .. im so addicted I love this jewlery. ... im having a party n hope all my friends n family come out n check this stuff out... the fact of designing your own style is awesome... love it...
Origami Owl kick off party at 5 pm!!! Hit me up if you are going to attend.
All of the wonderful stuff you can get when you host an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar, and all for
I just entered to win an Origami Owl Link Locket Bracelet + 2 Charms from I hope I win!
Lauren Bloodworth Tommie DeLoach Kathy Ray Sabrina Pitzer I NEED HELP have to turn in an order for origami owl:O:O:O
Our Friends of the Library Origami Owl Fundraiser is still happening!!! Be sure to get your Living Lockets in time for mother's day!!!
How long does it take for this origami owl nonsense to get here. I'm waiting 😩
Support your cause with an Origami Owl Living Locket! Today I support the Homerun Hitters who will be...
If anyone wants to join origami owl let us know!! Me or Ellen Lawrence! Thanks!
Find a rep from Owl in Saline, MI at
FRIENDS: I'm having an Origami Owl catalog party!!! Mother's Day is fast approaching and these make great gifts. They have a new charm for BASEBALL that is so others.. We need to order this week for delivery prior to Mother's Day. Let me know!! Karen
About Time = sweet movie — at Origami Owl - Lisa McNally, Independent Designer
House full of ladies checking out the Origami Owl jewelry, ribs on the grill, friends over for dinner and a bonfire tonight! It's a great day at the Karns home! ;)
Do you like FREE Origami Owl jewelry? Comment below if you are interested in hosting a party. :)
Come on over to my Origami Owl Party today!!! Starts at 2 and lasts till house style!!! :) message me if you need our address!
Find a rep from Owl in Cape Coral, FL at
Those origami owl lockers are so much prettier in person than pictures 👌 I want one!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Origami Owl party today & 4 😊 If you would like to come dm or text me ☺️💎❤️
I wanna start selling origami owl but idk if anyone will buy it...😕
Team leader special!!!First four people to book origami owl shows with me get a free locket of your choice the night of your show!!! I only have 48 hours to get these four shows on my calendar so message me now for your free locket :)!
What story will you tell in your Origami Owl Living Locket…? . Online Shopping Link:...
Origami owl locket party @ 6p tonight in Hollywood, FL. If you're interested in attending, dm me :)
Origami Owl is here and Mom's buying a necklace. ^^;
Headed to Tampa for an Origami Owl party. Hoping for a good turnout and the possibility of signing up my 3rd designer!
I have received excellent customer service from two companies this week. Thank you Origami Owl and Brighton!
Stop by my house today from 2 to 4 for my open house Origami Owl Jewelry Bar. see all of nicole Fredericks awesome pieces of jewelry. There will be some yummy snacks too. if you can't make it but would like to order please let me know. I can get you a catalog or you can order online. hope to see you today!
Cleaning house and getting ready for the origami owl party with Erin Kale... Hope to see u at my house at 5...
So, a few days ago I posted how I'm interested in getting into being a direct home sales consultant. (Scentsy, Origami Owl, etc) I've noticed how our area is really saturated with people who sell those brands above, but I did find a type that is on the rise. It's candles with surprise jewelry in them, they run between $15-$40, but inside could be a piece of jewelry worth $10-$7,500. I haven't noticed anyone selling anything like that yet because its so new, so if I got into it now before it gets really big, just out of curiosity would anybody on here be interested in buying something like that? I personally think its a great idea. I once again need some input.
Origami Owl hosts Caring for Carrissa Lattanzi Fundraiser tonight! Time changed to 6pm! 100% of profits will be donated towards getting Carrissa a service dog! If you need my address message me!
Beverly and Hailey were two happy girls last night!! They both got an origami owl necklace!! And both did a wonderful job creating their necklaces!! Two happy girls make for an even happier mommy (step mommy) I want to thank everyone that came lastnight !! And those who couldn't and placed an order I'm glad to have such great friend and family!!
Had an awesome time last night at Katie Bolden's Origami owl party! She will be earning lots of free jewelry for hosting! Contact me to set up a jewelry bar so you can get free jewelry too!
Busy day today - my Origami Owl party then on to Olive Garden for Tay's birthday dinner with the fam! Gonna be fun though!! 😄😄😄
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Off to Hayesville for Origami Owl training. Woo hoo! Love my job!
Hey FB friends, I'm thinking about having an Origami Owl party, or taking orders. Have you heard about it? Or would like to know more about it? BEAUTIFUL items that make great gifts.mothers day is coming soon :)
Off to the races!! Wanna see Origami Owl in person?? Or me for that matter?? I'll be at the Augusta Civic Center at the home and garden show all day today and tomorrow ;)
Im having a little Origami Owl SALE, pieces are from my stock!! Charms- $3.50 Large plates- $6.00 Medium plate- $3.50 Extender- $6.00 Chains- $6.00 Sale is pieces shown only. Message me or text me!! Please share on your pages for me =)
Origami Owl® has just made it that much easier to join this company and start “Soaring to Success” immediately! The company has just created a three month incentive program for new Designers which can provide them with over $450 worth of free product when they start with the company and have a...
Having an event in Springfield ohio to support the clark county jail chaplaincy program. June 21,2014. The fee is $10 and a donation of a basket to be raffled off. Please message me for more information. Thanks I have the following: 31 Scentsy Origami Owl Pampered Chef It works Usborne Mary Kay Jamberry Pink Zebra Pure Romance Younique Perfectly Posh Lia Sophia Park lane jewelry Jewel scent Glitz Steeped tea Tupperware doTERRA essential oils Something old something new
Just a reminder that The Salvation Army 119 S. Jared St. DuBois, Pa from 10-3 there will be a Chinese Auction. Some vendors we have is 31, Origami Owl, Miche, Scentsy just to name a few. Please come join us and see all the other vendors that we have.
Dining out tonight compliments of Origami Owl!
Yellow Rose of Texas Dangles Charm for Living Locket like Origami Owl & South Hill Floating
Please come out and join us at Murray Elementary School this Saturday, April 12th for our annual Spring Carnival and Street Fair from 11am to 3 pm rain or shine. We have great events planned including demonstrations from local Karate, Irish Dancing, and Zumba clubs. We have Dickey's BBQ and Jamba Juice coming. We have many fun booths including water balloon toss, photo booth, slime machine, 3 legged race, petting zoo, cake walk, tic tac toe and more. We have a fantastic street fair of local vendors including Sweet Me Off My Feet Cookies, 18 inch doll clothing, Premier Design jewelry, Dublin Fighting Irish football, Stella & Dot, Thirty-One, Pampered Chef, scrapbooking, Origami Owl, The Fit Potato, Scentsy, Mary Kay, and Warm Touch Massage. We have the Police and Fire Department coming. We also welcome any Dublin Students looking to volunteer and help at our Spring Carnival to come for any amount of time between 9am and 4pm and ask for Jennifer Brans. Look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, Go Dublin ...
Check out the darling lockets over Sarah Mobley-Origami Owl Independent Designer! :)
This is just a partial listing of our FABULOUS GOODY BAG SPONSORS! Goody Bags go out to the first 300 shoppers. Please be sure to check out their businesses. Body Bliss Massage Connie Bonn Jewelry Electronics Unlimited Computer Service Repair Fat Fancy It’s Fudge Time Jamberry Origami Owl Photography by Rayleigh Poppy & Bloom Pure Romance 31 Gifts
Origami Owl has a new partnership with Childhelp to prevent child abuse, neglect and all forms of bullying. 100% of Origami Owl's profits from the sales of the Bully Proof Shield charm and Silver Heart Hand charm go towards the "Childhelp Speak Up Be Safe" curriculum for grades Pre K-12.
I will be taking up Origami Owl orders if anyone would like to order or look at a book. Lots of new items...
Join us this Saturday from 12-5 with great vendors and raffles!! 117 C Orange Avenue Colonial Heights 23834!! I still need Pampered Chef, Origami Owl, Premiere Jewelry, Mary Kay and some crafters!!
domain names
Feeling my Dad's presence everywhere today. In my dreams last night, and then arrived home to a package from my Uncle Peter and Aunt Lori - an Origami Owl locket filled with memories of him and one of my Dads shirts. Then this whole coaching business... The people we love never really leave us.
Shop my Tastefully Simple booth during the... ~Big Blue Ticket Frenzy~ This Saturday- April 12th at the Hamilton Freshman Building. Doors open at 6:15pm. Frenzy at 7:00pm! Bid, buy & support the HHS Marching Band. Also shop,with Thirty One, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Origami Owl, Pampered Chef and more! Great concessions with food, snacks & drinks!
We have some local vendors coming out to support the show. So far we have Tire King, Pepsi, Chickfila, Verizon Wireless, a representative from Origami Owl, a representative from Celebrating Homes, and Auntie Annes. And we have Music being provided by Campus Community Middle School (its DJ style). There is a little bit for everyone. So come out and show the love for CMN.
This will be a very long post. BUT SO WORTH IT.. if you have any inkling of becoming an Origami Owl designer or want to know why many of us chose to have this as our business. It's written by one of our Men Of Origami Owl but is very relevant to all. Men of Origami Owl (Moo's) By Director Marty Miller Why Men Can and Should be Selling Origami Owl® Custom Jewelry July 27, 2013 by Heather I am a man … Good afternoon ladies (and hopefully gentlemen). My name is Marty Miller and I am Heather’s fiancé and today’s guest blogger. I am an Independent Designer and Senior Team Leader for Origami Owl Custom Jewelry. And I am a man. That’s right, although it’s not my full time job, I make pretty good money selling jewelry on a part-time basis. And I love it! If you are a woman reading this right now, go find your 14 year old or older son and/or your husband, boyfriend, fiancé, etc. and have them read this with you. It’s my hope that after reading this post, they will be convinced to at least ...
Happy to announce that I am now an independent consultant for Origami Owl! Who says you can't have two jobs ;) Excited for this new adventure and starting to plan my launch party on April 18th! Thanks Tiffany Caffey for introducing me to this beautiful company! So happy to join your team!
Please join us at the 3rd Annual Middlebranch Quarter Auction which will be held on Sunday, April 6th from 2:00 - 4:00 (doors open at 1:00). Tickets are $5.00 (pre-sale) and $7.00 at the doors. You could win one of the following gift cards for 50 cents! Menchies, Outback, Chuck E Cheese, SKYMAX, Grinders, Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Glazed and Amused, Rice's Nursery, Build a Bear, Ermanno's Pizza, Kraus' Pizza, Plaza Barbershop, Market Day and Starbucks! You could win dance classes from Fred Astaire, a Vera Bradley purse and matching wallet, Tennis Racket and balls from Junior Elite Tennis and Golf School, a painting of hole at the Augusta National Country Club from Golf and Sports by Michael Lane, a massage from Amy Whitman, LMT, a 3 foot sub from Subway or a lottery ticket basket. We will have vendors from the following companies: Avon, Tastefully Simple, Usbourne Books, Anita Cookie, Miche, Thirty One Gifts, Pampered Chef, Origami Owl, Allow Me & Company, The Traveling Vineyard, Grace Adele, Scentsy, ...
Updated 3/29/14~ Utica-American Legion Post 351~ July 12th 10AM-4PM Carnival of Love Craft and Vendor Fundraiser for Tote Bags of Love 501 (c) 3 Pending. Looking for vendors, crafters, and volunteers. Tables are $25 for 8 FT or $20 for Round + Raffle Prize.(Only Round Tables are left at this point) These companies are already confirmed: Wildtree, BeautiControl, Paparazzi Accessories, Homemade Crafts, SwissJust, , Scentsy, 31, Avon, Tastefully Simple, The Fuzzy Pencil, Clever Containers, Greeting Cards/Jewelry, Peace, Love & Beads, Jamberry Nails, Do Terra, The Honey Guy, Judies Jewels, Wines for Humanity, It Works, Scentsations, Tupperware, Velata, Lilla Rose, South Hill, Liquor Bottles, Origami Owl, Peace, Love and Beads, Pure Romance, Concept 3 Creations, It works. If your company is not listed above, please respond with your company and email address. I am combining this event with an indoor carnival and an outdoor flea market... With games, Popcorn, cotton candy, snow cones, walking tacos, and more.
Don't forget the Origami Owl showing tomorrow from 1 to 3 at Down Home Do-Dads located at 208 South Main Street Anna IL. Something for everyone. Came and design your one of a kind necklace.
You have to check out today's Fab Find, Origami Owl and their Living Lockets. I am definitely doing to be...
POSTwant to tell you a little bit about Origami Owl and how our company got our founder, Bella! At the age of 14, Isabella Weems told her mom & dad that she wanted a car . Her parents told her that they would help her get a car by her 16th birthday but only if she earned it. So with $350 of babysitting money that she earned, she decided to purchase wholesale components to make her lockets hoping to sell them to friends to earn more cash. She quickly leveraged her network of friends to find buyers. She then started selling the product at house parties and boutiques and selling at any jewelry show they could. Then something cool happened, the product starting selling itself. Everyone in her town, at her school and the local hang outs wanted their very own Living Locket. In 2010 Weems opened a kiosk at the Chandler, Arizona mall in time for Black Friday shoppers. It grew bigger and bigger, until in 2011 it became a direct sales company and generated about $280,000. The following year revenue t ...
Thank you! Lisa Faulkner Dudek for her first Origami Owl order!!! Everyone's going to want one too, we Designed a St. Louis Cardinals medium twist locket Bracelet in Silver,
Come out this Thursday to the Faith Lutheran Church. I will be there with Kim's Origami Owl, Independent Designer...
STUARTS DRAFT, WAYNESBORO, STAUNTON VA AREA VENDORS!!! I am looking for direct sales reps, vendors, crafters, and bakers for a cash-and-carry event in Stuarts Draft on Saturday, April 12. Set-up fee is only $20! The following companies are confirmed: JLA Photography, Discovery Toys, Lia Sophia, Advocare The following companies are pending: Scentsy, Origami Owl, Grace Adele, Pampered Chef, Paparazzi, Pink Zebra, Fleur DeLuna, Thirty-One, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Our Hearts Desire ALL other spots are OPEN! Let me know if you are interested! Leave your email and what you sell in the comments, or message me for details!
Bingo Fundraiser fro Veteran Chuck Johnson.Saturday April 5th @ 6:00 PM at VFW in Mt. Airy on West Lebanon Street. Variety of Prizes.Origami Owl, Thirty-One, Mary Kay, Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Pottery, TV, Gun, Homemade Quilts.This is one you dont want to Miss.
Hey Preston county friends, I will be in Morgantown April 13 and Aurora possibly after that. If any of you are interested in hosting an Origami Owl party let me know. I'll be asking again as the 13th gets closer.
Finding creative ways to help Sarah earn $ to support her work with South African children this summer. We are a mother-daughter team with Origami Owl - a create your own personal statement with reasonably priced too-cute jewelry. Be watching for info on our debut party the end of April. She is also making "nesting balls" filled with Alpaca fleece for all my bird loving friends. Let me know if you would like to help support her mission.
Hi everyone let me introduce myself my name is Lee Smith and I sell Origami Owl custom jewelry. Lets see who is here before we start.
2 Charms (Pink baby feet and Angel wings) I won from Origami Owl for a friend :) (Lauren I will bring them by today when I head to town)
Since we've enrolled with Origami Owl we've paid off 3 credit cards, have had 2 cash only Holiday Seasons, went...
I actually cried reading this story featured in this month's O2 Connection Newsletter. What a wonderful way to be apart of these women's lives. More Than Jewelry This story comes from Origami Owl employee James Saunders. Ever since I joined the Origami Owl team last September, I’ve heard stories… beautiful stories about people I’ve never met, whose lives have been changed through the power of a Locket. Yet I didn’t grasp the reality of that until I experienced it for myself a few weeks ago. My mother-in-law, Christie, was diagnosed with an extremely rare and incurable cancer in May 2013. After the first round of chemo, the doctors seemed hopeful since the cancer was shrinking, and as a family we held onto our faith that everything would be OK. A few months later, though, in December 2013, our fears were realized when my sweet, loving mother-in-law was placed in Hospice care. Christie quietly passed away at home this past January, at the age of 46. A couple of weeks before Christmas, Christie calle ...
Origami Owl Points of Difference CUSTOMIZABLEEach piece of Origami Owl® jewelry is as unique as the person wearing it. Build a meaningful keepsake with our Living Locket® and TaggedTM necklaces to represent you and everything you hold close to your heart. Tell your own story by choosing the Charms, Plates and Tags that inspire you! Complete your unique look with your favorite Dangles and a Chain. EXCLUSIVE DESIGNSOur innovative Product Development team designs each and every piece of O2 jewelry. Every item is createdusing trend forecasting and Designer requests. Look for the O2 or Origami Owl markings, which signify that it is a genuine Origami Owl original. All of our meaningful (and fashionable!) jewelry meets and exceeds industry standards.EXCEPTIONAL PRICE POINTAnyone can create a meaningful piece of jewelry to fit their budget. We want everyone to enjoy a high quality keepsake without being limited by cost. That’s why we offer a variety of Chains and Lockets to fit a range of styles and budgets. ...
Great new items.come to Ladies Night Out at the DAE, 170 Hamilton Avenue, White Plains, N.Y. March 20th, 2014 at 5:30 to 9:00. Free wine and beer -see Origami Owl and 20 more vendors! Come have fun!
I will be at the Spring Craft/Vendor Fair this Sunday, March 23, 2014 from 10:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. to benefit the (Wyoming Area) Sarah J. Dymond Elementary School! The fair will be held at the Wyoming Area Secondary Center, 20 Memorial Street, Exeter, PA 18643. Just some of the other crafters and vendors include: Avon, MaryKay, Thirty-One, Silpada, Norwex, PartyLite, Pampered Chef, Pink Zebra, Jewell Handbags, Scentsy, Advocare, Jerky Direct, Origami Owl, Paparazzi, Tastefully Simple, Celebrating Home, Barefoot Books, Nerium, Park Lane, Face Painting by Jessica, Unique Sweets and Treats, Sofia's Soiree, Marietta's Treasures, Custom Bead Creations, Windspinners, Tye-Dye Products, Rock Art...and MANY more. So, needless to say, there is going to be something for everyone! Come on out and check us out! I'll have catalogs, samples, and inventory available! :)
Do you or someone you know love Duck Dynasty? Well show off that love in your Origami Owl locket! This locket isn't just for women either!
The Union High School Football team is sponsoring a Breast Cancer Awareness Quarter Auction, Vendor Fair and Raffle on April 26 starting at 6pm in the High School Cafeteria. Something for everyone! The Vendor Fair is Free and you do not have to participate in the auction in order to buy from the Vendor Fair. We have the following vendors already signed up: Wildtree, Jamberry, Origami Owl, Thirty-One, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Jewel, Tastefully Simple, Swiss, Avon, Tealightful, Paparazzi, It Works, and Juice Plus. In addition to auctioning off baskets from each of the vendors, we will auction of donations from local restaurants, Silver Dollar City, the Presley's, Cardinal baseball, local stores and businesses, etc. You won't want to miss this one.
Origami Owl is ready for SPRING!! Our new Spring Collection debuts on March 17th! Book your Origami Owl Jewelry Bar with me for either an in-home or online Jewelry Bar and you will earn FREE* jewelry AND get a FREE gift from me. {thank you!!}
Hello ladies and gents! Welcome to Andrea Besares King Origami Owl Jewelry Bar. Andrea's Origami Owl book/online jewelry bar (OO's cool twist on the boring party name) will be closing on Monday, March 25th. when ordering, please make sure you see Andrea's name in the upper corner...
Hey everyone! I am hosting a jewelry bar for Origami Owl! I'll be posting the link to my ONLINE PARTY…
Good day today: achieved a personal best time running in a 5k, Cub Scout meeting, rocked a Origami Owl Jewelry Bar, visited my grandparents and hung out with some fun kiddos so their parents could have a night out! :) but whew I'm tired...
Thank you Martha Vucsko for hosting an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar! Can't wait to see you this weekend!!! Hope your training went FAN-TO-THE-TASTIC ;)
Is there a cause or organization that is close to your heart? I do fundraisers-contact me for more information on how we can turn an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar into an Origami Owl fundraiser! Mother's Day is coming so it's a great time of year for people to buy a gift and support your organization of choice!
Can't wait to be at Miranda 's Origami Owl Jewelry Bar to share the gorgeous new jewelry with her and her friends!!
A reminder to those in the Mankato area that the Origami Owl Jewelry Bar is tomorrow at 2 pm!! Let me know if you need more information.
Making breakfast and maybe everyone will wake up now. Time to get ready for a party later! Come on over ladies ☀️ having a Origami Owl Jewelry Bar party!! You will love it!! 4pm my house!!
Anyone interested in an online interactive Origami Owl Jewelry Bar? I have one going on right now on FB :)
Too Crafty Chics will be hosting an Origami Owl OPEN HOUSE on Saturday April 12th from 4pm-6pm! Everyone is welcome to come by and check out the Jewerly Bar! There is so much to choose from! These make great graduation, birthday, or Mother's Day gifts! Or maybe you would like to add a piece to your current Origami Owl piece!!! We will continue to post reminders! This is the Saturday following JCPS and other local school districts Spring Break!
Step out in style this spring with Origami Owl. Message me to book your in home jewelry bar or catalog party today!
Spots just opened up!!! I have ONLY 5 spots available now due to non-payments. Event is April 26th from 9-2pm @ New Rivers Assembly in Maryville, IL. Cost is $30/1 table or $50/2 tables. Payments must be in by March 21st. Please ask FIRST if I have your company before just mailing in payments!! These are the vendors I have paid already: Vault Denim, Lilla Rose, Avon, Velata, Tastefully Simple, Perfectly Posh, Pampered Chef, Touchtone Crystal, Jamberry, The Orange Tulip, Kitcheneez, Dirt Broke Gourmet, Tupperware, Plexus Slim, Usborne Books, Miche, Scentsy, PartyLite, Origami Owl, Calley's LLC, Paparazzi, Discovery Toys, Thirty-one, In a Pickle and Jerky Direct. I also have a few All natural cosmetics and oils. And one homemade jewelry gal and crocheted items.
Good morning ladies! . Go join in on the fun in Susanna's Origami Owl group for her online jewelry bar!! A few...
{Calling ALL Queen Bees} Something truly Royal is coming to Origami Owl on March 17th!!! Has everyone heard the Bee Story? Mathematically bees shouldn't be able to fly because their size and weight seem to be too large for their wings. Nobody told the bee that so IT FLYS! You can be a bee too! Put a bee Charm in your locket to remind yourself that you can make anything possible regardless of what people say is impossible. Be a Queen Bee!!!
Don't miss out on Origami Owl new Spring items (available March 17th). Contact me for your jewelry bar today!
ok guys ... I am having an Origami Owl party on Tuesday, March 18th at Cherry Berry in Locust Grove (next to Ingles) ... starts at 6:00pm ... Hope to see you guys there ... If you can't make it, you can still call me and place an order!!! :)
love Origami Owl? Have your own Jewelry Bar! Check out the great hostess rewards.
Origami Owl online jewelry bar to help me start my business. Check my link
Yes-Origami Owl now has EARRINGS!!! :) super excited for the spring catalog-should be at my house this week! :D
Pretty new Origami Owl jewelry for SPRING!!! Contact me to book your Jewelry Bar or place an order!!!
Origami Owl now has earrings! If you would like to have a catalog, book a jewelry bar, take up an order or sign...
Ok ladies I just seen even more of the new line from Origami Owl. I am sorry at this moment I can not share any pictures. Can I just say for all those Military families! We can a charm that will help!!! I know I have had a lot of request for the branches, no sadly we didn't get out branches back but we did get one general charm to take the place! Can't wait until the menu comes in so I can show everyone this new line.
I'm having an Origami Owl party! Visit to help support her jewelry bar!! :)
15 Locket Owl Display. This is a great way to diplay your lockets on your Origami Owl Jewelry Bar.
This white wood tray would be perfect lined with linen or burlap for your Origami Owl Jewelry Bar di
Book your Origami Owl Jewelry Bar and start earning your wish list for FREE! The spring catalog launch…
Post - Do you have a fundraising need? Origami Owl's mission is to be a force for good in our communities! I can do an Origami Owl Fundraiser Jewelry Bar for you! Have a fun night with your friends and get CASH in return! Child going on a missions trip? Breast Cancer Walk? Boy/Girl Scouts? Helping someone with medical bills? Let me know and we will customize your Jewelry Bar to meet your fundraising needs!
Looking for some local crafters/artists to join in our event on April 4th! $25.00 a table! At New Egypt FireHouse . Please send to lokieyes1982am SUPER SUPER excited for this event.. we have over 15 venders, including Our Hearts Desire, Lef Tea Company, Scentsy, Desiderata, Lave Handcrafted Soaps, Thirty-One, Premier Designs, Primerica, Avon, It Works!, Tastefully Simple, Tupperware, Pure Romance & Origami Owl also including Baked Goods and AMAZINGLY FREE PICTURES with NJ's BEST EASTER BUNNY!! This is going to be soo much fun SO MARK YOUR CALENDARS and Bring a bunch of QUARTERS to STUFF THOSE EASTER EGGS!!! ALL QUARTERS filled with EGGS will be DONATED to the American Cancer Society!
We have multiple farm toy and craft vendors as well as NASCAR. And consultants representing the following brands: Stanley Home Products, Fuller Brush, Watkins, Scentsy, Jamberry Nails, Mary Kay, Simply Said, Dove Chocolate Discoveries, Thirty One, Pink Zebra, In A Pikle, It Works!, Tupperware, Advocare, Vault Denim Designer Jeans, Pampered Chef, Lia Sophia, Origami Owl, and Girl Scout Cookies. This all results in over 230 tables for attendees to chose from. Hope to see you there!!!
Aloha Everyone! Here is a list of all the paid vendors/rummage sale spots thus far: south hill design, Devin Gaspar Photography, Velata, Heather Nelson Designs, Key Boogie, Jamberry Nails, Origami Owl, So Delicious Bows, Created by Laurie, Emmanuel Soto, Oahu Spine & Rehab, Blissful Bites, Munchkins & Pumpkins, Ryan Works & Scentsy. I have promises from IT Works, Archery, Tiny Hiney and Paradise Beads. We're off to a great start! Keep spreading the news and let's get more amazing vendors to participate!
Getting ready for the Spring release of new products from Origami Owl. To see some of the current products visit my website at To book a fabulous Jewelry Bar or learn more about the new products send me a personal message or comment to this post. I will be happy to assist in any questions you have. I LOVE this company!
Here is an updated (and I think final) of the vendors that will participate in the auction: Usborne Books, Scentsy, Pink Zebra, Thirty-One, The Sugar Shack, Beauti Control, Blessed with Bows, Tupperware, Origami Owl, Pampered Chef, Simply Stated Gift Baskets, and a few crafters. Less than two weeks before the show!
The Stedman Volunteer Fire Department has a last minute vendor opportunity for tomorrow, Sat. March 1st, 11-4 pm. This is one of their annual fundraisers. They will be selling plates of Chicken & BBQ, bake sale and bouncy house for the kids. There are 2 spots with 8ft tables available for a $35 donation to the Fire Dept. They already have: Origami Owl, Tupperware, Scentsy & Organic Gold Coffee. If interested please reply on this post. Fire Dept has made room for more vendors. I know it is last minute but if you don't have any other plans we would love to have you!
Jim Moore and Tom Moore, can you tell Aunt Bev and Aunt Kris the Bunco party for Origami Owl is Monday, March 10, 6 pm, Brandenburg Gattis, if they would like to come?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Are you looking for extra cash or a change in your career alltogether? Talk to me about joining Origami Owl now! Set your own hours, constantly meet new people, work with strong independent women, and get a great commission for working hard! Be your own boss for once and see what Origami Owl has to offer you :)
Hey there Origami Owl update...more retiring jewelry, get yours before they're GONE!!! Large Chocolate locket w/crystals, large gold locket, chocolate ball station chain,gold Rolo chain.mama,sisters,true plates (all sizes) All Greek letters, All Gold numbers & letters, crystal dangles owl dangle, tree of life dangles. Over 120 items all a jewelry bar for you last chance to get the ones you want!! MSG me for details &more info OR to book your home, online or catalog party today!!!
I may have found a new jewelry addiction, just discovered Origami Owl! I'll be having a catalog show soon, if you're interested in placing an order let me know and I'll send you the info :)
Origami Owl: Need extra cash, join my team!! You will not be sorry you did. Best decision I have ever made message me for details!!!
I am asking all my friends to do this one easy favor for me, Please share my Origami Owl Custom Jewelry- Independent Designer Tammy Trammell on your page to get my name out there. They can look around on my page or on my websight Thanks so Much!
Become a qualifying Origami Owl Independent Designer on my team this month and you will receive a prize from me to help your business. New local designers that sign up this month I will help you with your 1st launch party to get you started as well. Sign up via my website www.nicolemsmith.origami or you can message me or email me at nms99kfor questions or more details
Origami Owl is discontinuing a lot of their good stuff soon! Hurry up and get your favorites while supplies last!
Anyone who signs up as an Origami Owl Independent Designer under me for the month of March receives a free mini outdoor photo session by me! The mini session will be 25 minutes and you will receive 3 edited photos with a print release. Here is what you get for only $149.99 when you sign up as a designer: JEWELRY 4 ASSORTED Living LocketS® 36 ASSORTED CHARMS 7 ASSORTED TAGS 6 ASSORTED CHAINS 2 ASSORTED DANGLES 2 ASSORTED STAMPED PLATES 1 EARTH ELEMENT STONE MARKETING MATERIAL 25 TAKE OUT MENUS 25 ORDER FORMS 25 POSTCARD INVITATIONS 6 JEWELRY BAR PLANNERS 12 THANK YOU CARDS + ENVELOPES A START LIVING YOUR DREAMS GUIDE BUSINESS SUPPLIES 2 CHARM TRAYS 3 PAIRS OF CHARM TWEEZERS (FOR SELECTING CHARMS) 5 CHARM VOTIVE (FOR HOLDING CUSTOMER'S CHARMS) 6 MUSLIN BAGS 4 FORTUNE COOKIES (FOR PACKAGING LOCKETS) E-COMMERCE WEBSITE I can sign you up, or you can do it yourself and using my Origami Owl rep number: 10931551
So excited that Michelle Noble will be at the fundraiser selling Origami Owl. Hoping for a great turnout.
. And celebrating their kid pooping in the potty! And inviting people to 31/Pampered Chef/Origami Owl sales parties!
Special ALERT: There's so much growth with Origami Owl.the potential is endless. I'd like to help add to my amazing team and get you started. Message me if you are interested in learning more.I have a special deal for you too (FREE jewelry!!!)
My grandson Blake created an Origami Owl Locket to donate to Rother Elementary School in Redding, Ca to help raise money to send 5th graders to W.E.S. Camp i...
I really don't say much about joining the team because I never want anyone to feel pressured. But honestly, I have never felt pressured by anyone with Origami Owl. It's just a blast to share and create. And this is a great time to join with a new catalog coming out next week. It's so easy and affordable, but look at could actually join for free!
Who's ready to start a new journey with origami owl? Dm me for details :) I'd love to have you join my team!
Hello everyone i just started to sell origami owl with is a charm necklace that tells your story. If you are interested in these items or if you want to be one of our sales rep please email, call me www.katieouten.origamiowl. com
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
I will have the new spring 2014 Origami Owl take out menu's in about 2 weeks
I want to thank all of the ladies who made my Origami Owl party such a great success. We had lots of fun and drank a ton of wine. Also thanks to all those who booked parties. A special thank you to my niece Jordan Smith for helping me get the house ready today and helping with the party.
Vendors for the April Show. As I get your money I will add your name and product to the list. Damsel in defense with Heather Beverly Origami Owl with Patty Overbaugh Beverly Jamberry Nails with Ann Westfall Doterra Oils with Miranda Guzman Hotdogs and drinks with IHS Amanda Wrenn
Find a rep from Owl in Victorville, CA at
Don't forget to go to Origami Owl: Mary Robitz Independent Designer and "Like" my page and then go ahead and feel free to invite others to "Like" my page. I'm trying to hit 100 Likes. If you "Like" my page and choose to order, I will offer you 2 free charms. Thank you for all of your support.
Hoot hoot!! Guess who just pre-ordered the new Origami Owl Spring catalog??! This girl! 👍 And I am so so SO excited! I'm attending a "Spring Collection Reveal" on the 8th and can't WAIT to share all of the brand new amazing products with all of you!!! I know that my calendar will fill up quick once the new collection launches, so contact me early to be one of the first to have the new products available at your Jewelry Bar!! 💕
Find a rep from Owl in Port Saint Lucie, FL at
So I take the girls to IHOP for some breakfast for dinner after my launch party and in our way out an older lady and her daughter see my shirt and necklace and say "Origami Owl!" I stopped and turned around and let her see my locket. She tells me she had a bracelet and lost it and was sick about it, asked me if I sold O2, I said yes, and I gave her my card. I told her that I could help her anytime. 😊 I love O2!
Looking for Origami Owl Consultants. 25% off on the starter kit if you sign up during March. Please message me for details.
Help me earn an O2 Ipad Mini!! I need to sponsor 3 new designers by the end of March! Origami Owl is an phenomenal company to work for - whether you're in it to make it a full-time business or to save up for a vacation - I'm telling you it's an amazing opportunity!! Message me for more info!
Welcome to my Angie Wood Origami Owl Independant Designer page. I am super excited to share with you the great jewelry and inspirations Origami Owl has to offer. In celebration of my 6 month anniversary with this wonderful company, the 100th Like will win one of our new Spring charms. Just Like and Share and good luck!
Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend but would like to donate an origami owl necklace/gift certificate for the silent auction. I will give my donated item to Rebecca Pracht.
Had a wonderful time hosting my Origami Owl Party with Yvette Dominguez! You were so great! Everyone had a wonderful time playing with jewelry and enjoying one another ;)
Bootcamp, cleaning/party prep, FABULOUS origami owl party with some pretty fantastic lady friends, and family dinner to celebrate not just one but two birthdays...I am one tired cookie! But I still have one last plank to do before the end of Plank Warz...
Origami Owl Fun Fact: *How many teens work in the Warehouse: 12
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Good night FBFamily and Friends! Had a good day and really appreciate Teresa Tipton Davis for hosting an Origami Owl party for me today! You dud great!
Now's the time to take your tax return and invest it into a profitable business. You are your own boss and make your own schedule while having fun and earning extra money. Contact me or come see me at the boutique if you would like some more info on becoming an Origami Owl designer like me! JOIN MY TEAM in March for some great incentives!
I am actively recruiting ladies to join my Origami Owl team! Could you and your family benefit from and extra $$ each month? Did you know that Origami Owl has the highest paid employees in the direct sales business industry, paying their Designers an average of 40% of their sale? The average $600 party would bring you home $240!! That is for just 1 party!! If you could use some extra cash, contact me and I will get you on the path to financial success! What do you have to loose?
I want an origami owl necklace. Who's selling them?
I am so excited!!! Just placed an order for the NEW spring/summer catalogues!!! Brand new items!! Can't wait to see what beautiful designs Origami Owl has come up with now!! Great time to host a party...Contact me today!!
Have you got your Origami Owl locket yet? If not go to my website and share your story through your own locket! Book a party In March and receive this beautiful turquoise bracelet centered in the middle of the picture at a discount price or even for FREE! Message me for details or visit
If anyone is interested in purchasing anything from origami owl, here's the link: please feel free, we appreciate it!
Exciting Updates and special announcements regarding Origami Owl.
I just ordered the new Origami Owl catalogs!!! Book a party with me to see new items!
Welcome everyone!! My name is Christy and I'm the lucky O2 (Origami Owl) Designer that your wonderful friend Nicole Nardi is hosting a Jewelry Bar Party for. I can't tell you how excited I am to hopefully get to meet you all and to hear YOUR story, to help you create the perfect locket/bracelet for yourself or someone special. I'm so excited to get to share the NEW SPRING TOMS (catalogs) and product with you all! Starting March 7th. Please enjoy the O2 images I post and please feel free at any time to contact me with any questions. I'm honored to help, it's why I'm here.
Wow! We have some awesome vendors for this event: Perfectly Posh with Brianna Shaver, Mary Kay with Teresa Archer, About Face with William Dudley, Pink Zebra & Thirty-one gifts with, Aimee Franklin Mabery, Trades of Hope with Mary Kugler Fox, Lia Sophia with Tammy Martin Solari, Origami Owl with Michelle Muldrew, Paparazzi with Brianna Shaver
Want to have a fun jewelry bar? Its nothing like all the other parties you've been to! This is different, tell your story with little charms in your personal locket. Id be honored to come to your home and share gorgeous Origami Owl jewelry with you! I have some openings for this month! :) message me!
OK everyone! I have some exciting news! Anyone who has ever even considered becoming a designer, if you sign up under me in the month of March you will have a chance to win an origami owl branded ipad mini! PLEASE message me ASAP for details this is an amazing opportunity!
Alright update on Vendors and Crafters, I now have the following: Haley It Works and Thirty-One Kris Origami Owl Amanda Crafty Manna and Girl Scout Cookies Ann Classy Cowgirl Creations Cameo Miche Naomi Scentsy Jo Mary Kay Andrea Celebrating Home LaKeidra Nerium Ashley Scarlet's Scarves These are all the people I have received the agreement and payment from! Spaces are limited!! We have about 8 or 9 spaces left!!
Hi Colleen Dougherty's friends! Let's give away a free charm! Tell me our very favorite Origami Owl charm, and you might just win it! If you place an order, you will win two charms! Drawing will be Sunday, 3/2 at 8pm! Good luck!
Website Builder 728x90
Origami Owl has been featured in FORBES magazine as a $25,000,000 company! Get on board today!!…
Are you or someone you know looking to make some extra cash and meet some fabulous new people? Look no further! Origami Owl is the latest in Affordable, customizable jewelry! Contact me today to learn more!
Join this amazing company Origami Owl ... I know I did!
I have converted this page to new origami owl page!!! I am so excited to get started!!! Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to order!! :)
Ok Ladies!!! Let's play a your name here if YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TO AN ORIGAMI OWL PARTY!! Get's you ONE entry for a drawing AT THE JEWELRY BAR. Post your name and TAG A FRIEND who comes to the party for TWO ENTRIES in the drawing.
Had another super Origami Owl party last night with Amanda Gelms. She's only $28 away for her goal. Anyone willing to help her make it?
Thanks so much to everyone who came and helped Jane earn ALL her Origami Owl jewelry order for FREE!! So nice to enjoy good friends and family! Can't wait to get our jewelry!! Thanks to Susan Lightcap for booking a party to support Jane as well. Also thanks to those who placed on line orders but could not attend!!
Just wanted to share some of the things that have happened since joining the Origami Owl family. . 1. Extra...
March is finally here, and as some of you know I am having an origami owl party March 23, so please check your invites to let me know your coming! Thank hope to see you all soon
Want some hints about our new product? Check out Origami Owl on instagram!
Looking for a flexible job? Something you will love and have fun doing? Then you should join my Origami Owl team! We offer great commissions, flexible schedules, and a lot of support! There's always someone willing to help you succeed! I began my journey with Origami Owl back in October and I couldn't be happier with where I am today! So if you would like to make extra money and have fun with what you are doing then check out the join my team link on my website!
So excited to have my origami owl party! :) it's an online party so don't feel left out. I will be…
TOP 10 REASONS YOU want to be with Origami Owl in 2014 and beyond.
Is there a special athlete or dancer in your life? Order them their own Origami Owl Living Locket today at a special Price!! The lockets shown retail for $47 (plus tax & ship)NOW THROUGH MONDAY MARCH 3RD!! Pay only $47! I'll pay the shipping and tax for you!! Birthstone, Initial and Sport can be changed! pm or email me at locketsncharmsto order!!
Dear future boyfriend, if you want to make me happy, buy me a pandora bracelet & origami owl 😍😍😍
Omg my origami owl order was supposably out for delivery today, according to tracking they left a notice and tried to Delivery it! I don't think so no notice no delivery Todd was here all day.
I sell Beauticontrol and avon! I have 2 cousins who sell Pink Zebra! I have a Thirty One lady! I have an origami owl lady! I have a premiere jewlery lady So If anyone ever wants to host a direct sales party please let me kno I have names and references!
Just a reminder tomorrow my house 3pm origami owl party come have fun, eat and drink some wine :-)
Anyone know a local Origami Owl sales consultant?
Having an interesting night. Had a moment on the way home where I panicked thinking I missed my dad's birthday. Then remembered that I had actually talked to him when Kim called me (duh!) and then got home and realized the $80 I saved at kohls was worthless since I left my origami owl necklace in the dressing room. So sick to my stomach over this.
Can't wait for my Origami Owl order to come in!
My Origami Owl is here!! June Girl and American Flag for Maddie. January Boy and a bicycle for Tyler.…
If I had an origami owl party who would come
CONTEST TIME - The first person to call my number and say, "Hoot Hoot! I love Origami Owl!" Will get $5 off their order tonight! Find my number in the comments part of this post!
For my fellow Shocker fans ... Check out the awesome necklace my girlfriend Amy Doane designed for us! Take a peek at her page to customize yours! Origami Owl- Amy Doane, Independent Designer
I need 3 people to join me in my venture with Origami Owl this month. I'm coming up on my 1 year anniversary and I can truly say I am so happy I took that chance and joined Origami Owl. I've had tons of fun. Met lots of people. Made new friends. Have some awesome ladies on my team. And the extra income has been wonderful. origami Owl is adding lots of new products, offering cool incentives and trips. It is so worth it.
Great day doing what I love, sharing the Origami Owl love. Vendor show at the PA Garden expo and then a Jewelry Bar with Debbie. We have been talking for months now and it was nice to spend an evening with her. She is so excited for her new, free jewelry! :)
Did you know with Origami Owl with a mother/daughter, mother/son, or a sibling team that a teen as young as 12...
I entered to win 2 Jamberry Nail sheets + free shipping at
If you were thinking of joining Origami Owl this is the month to do it!!! You could earn a free iPad…
Anybody know of anyone that I could buy some origami owl from?
Ok I really needs some orders for my origami owl party these are so adorable. Mother's Day is just around the corner.. Perfect gift.
Thank you to everyone that came out to my Origami Owl party tonight!!! We had a blast and to everyone that ordered and made my party over $1000! You guys are awesome! Special thanks to Kristy McConnell, she is wonderful!!! If your interested in booking a party let me or her know!!!
I'm getting ready for an Origami Owl Garage Sale. Yep the new Spring stuff is ready to come out and I need to make room. What's that mean for you??? Every charm I have in stock is being sold for 40% off Stay tuned for photos and specials!
Are you ready? Have you been on the fence about wanting to start your own business? Now is the time! Origami Owl...
Host an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar... and earn free and discounted jewelry! There are 3 ways, yes 3, to host a...
Anyone want to host an origami owl party? Schedule with me today. All you have to do invite your guest we can host the party at my house, your house a restaurant or even online!! Earn free jewelry!! 1 st 3 people to schedule and hold a pArty this month will receive a free locket at your party
You were born to shine; so was Origami Owl (@ Origami Owl - Faith Gaubault, Independent Designer) [pic]:
March is here! Spring is coming! (@ Origami Owl - Faith Gaubault, Independent Designer) [pic]:
Do you want more information about the Origami Owl Career opportunity? If yes, then join me as a host a fun...
Won a cute charm necklace at the pet expo, by Origami Owl. You can put the charms in the heart.…
Thank u just ordered my origami owl !!!
Who else is a March baby? If you are, please comment and I'll send you a free Origami Owl birthstone for March!
Just ordered an origami owl necklace and I can't wait for it to come in the mail! Early bday present from my grandma 😊
These two go hand-in-hand. Every girls needs awesome nails and an awesome designed Origami Owl…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Looking for new recruits for Origami Owl. Great company with great commission. Jbaxter0519
I'm gonna beg here lol. If you have thought about selling with Origami Owl PLEASE let me sign you up so I can get an iPad mini 😁👌😘
No reason to wait any longer- take your tax return and earn it back and MUCH more when you join my Origami Owl...
hey girl! Did you ever decide to start selling origami owl? I'd love to help you get started.
Who just gave away $250+ in merchandise and a FREE Hostess Exclusive items from Origami Owl to their hostess…?...
Updated Origami Owl rep listing in Lincoln, NE @ &
Hoot Hoot! Join my team and you will get to play with Origami Owl jewelry too.
Been considering joining Origami Owl? MARCH is the month to do it! I'm giving a special something to anyone that...
It's been just over a year that I joined Origami Owl and I love it more today than the day I got my start up kit.
Love my Origami Owl jewelry, each locket tells it's own story 💎💕
March Madness isn't just for basketball anymore ladies!! Origami Owl is offering a HUGE incentive to all of their...
What started as a hobby is now a full on obsession & great business!Selling Origami Owl is actually helping pay bills! Best investment ever!
Find a rep from Owl in Dallas, TX at
Ordered the new ORIGAMI OWL Take out Menu catalogs today! Can not wait to get them...they ship out on March...
Find a rep from Owl in New York, NY at
If you've been enjoying my growing collection on Origami Owl lockets and charms, let me know and I'll…
My first 2 origami owl lockets i made :)
Find a rep from Owl in Tampa, FL at
If the cost of the start up kit is keeping you from starting your own Origami Owl business then today is your...
***From ME to YOU--- $50 in free Origami Owl jewelry!!***. I am offering $50 in free jewelry for anyone who signs...
Find a rep from Owl in Miami, FL at
{Amazing} things are on the way... If you have EVER thought about selling Origami Owl now is the time. Do not...
love Origami Owl. The adorable bubble and smart phone charm make telling your Tween (or teen)'s...
You should come see these pretty faces at Diana's origami owl party!!! 😘
I have watched Origami Owl start out as this tiny little company started by a 14 year old girl explode into a 250...
How does FREE sound? Now through March 7th, Buy 4 Origami Owl Charms and get 1 FREE! 🎉 Email me
Oh my goodness! If you have EVER thought about joining Origami Owl March is the month! Not only is there and...
100th like of my page will receive a free Origami Owl charm!
Anyone interested in a sign up swap for Origami Owl. Looking for Perfectly Posh or Younique :)
Gonna have to put the Origami Owl plans on hold. Not sure when I will be able to afford it or dedicate my time to it. 😞
Why not invest in YOURSELF by starting your own Origami Owl business? Want a FUN job? Want to set your own HOURS?...
Hey for those of you that weren't able to attend our Origami Owl party in person there is an online link to...
Do you want to earn a super cute Origami Owl branded iPad mini? Ask me how.
Going out this Origami Owl is the perfect for any
Created my own necklace. Origami owl!
WOW!!! Look at the great gifts that Origami Owl provides it's designers. All I have to do to earn one is get a...
I can't wait to get my Origami Owl necklace ☺️
Just a few of our openings include (but are not limited to): 31, Lia Sophia, Athenas, Origami Owl, Tupperware, Silpada, Wine Shop at home, celebrating home and many more as well as crafter and yard sale spaces.
Only 3 days until the swap.don't miss out there is still time to register and only a couple of bags left to claim. We will have plenty of Vendors to visit while we are setting up the swap floor: **In A Pikle - Pamela Wright **It Works! - Jeri Card **Lia Sophia - Brittany Jackson **Mary Kay - Hillary Santos **Mommys Club - Cara Busscher **Origami Owl - Misty Hamrick **Pampered Chef - Teresa Newton **PartyLite Candles - Brandi Cotton **Scentsy - Kathy Bandy **Steps for Hope, Inc - Louise Johnson **The Traveling Vineyard - Brandy Hunter **Thirty-One - Tracy Grady **Traci Lynn Jewelry - Carmen Saunders **Tupperware - Tina Witham Register today to get a good spot in line!!
Wow, are we going to have fun! In addition to Zumba, we have nine vendors signed up so far. Advocare, Arbonne, Avon, DeWald Chiropractic, Nikken, Origami Owl, Silpada Jewelry, Tastefully Simple, and Thirty One. Plus, Susquehanna Health will be there with information about their Spirit of Women program.
Confirmed vendors: Paparazzi, Pink Zebra, Thirty-One, Origami Owl, Avon, Lia Sophia, Younique, Tastefully Simple. If you do not see your name, then we have not received contract & payment.
Friends, make sure you check out my Origami Owl sale to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. If you can't get to it, let me know.
Hey team, I have done some research on other direct sales companies, some are new, some not. Hope you find it helpful and in many cases reassuring that Avon is still the best earning opportunity! Especially when you see what is costs to start up with other companies and what they need to do and the earning levels Origami Owl - few year old - Jewelery 50% on Charms, plates and dangles, 30% on all other jewelery. A qualified show is $125 in sales and is party plan. $150 start up/not a consumable product so reorders aren't there and high price point- 10-14 day turn around for delivery of product Perfectly Posh- organic makeup and skin care, again a NEW company- It is a consumable product, limited to just products. Looks like all products are under $25. $99 start up, they have a sister line called Pretty (aka similar to how we had MARK reps), they NEED a checking account to join, party plan. First three months are free for website and then $10 a month for website, Earn 20-31% based on sales volume (20% ...
Local friends with their own businesses, 31, Scentsy, Lia Sophia, Origami Owl, etc, would you be willing to donate a basket for my fundraiser on March 8th for Swim Safe Forever? The funds will be used to provide water safety education and survival swim scholarships right here in Brevard County. PM me if you would prefer. Thanks in advance!
If you like to shop for a good cause and are looking for something to do this Saturday, come and see us!! What?? 2nd Annual Spring Bling March, 1, 2014 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Big Sandy Arena - Conference Room One Civic Center Plaza Huntington, West Virginia 25701 The event will showcase local and regional vendors/crafters and businesses in support of a wonderful cause all while spring shopping. $1 admissions will be donated to Golden Kidz Shoppers will be able to purchase assorted items for sale that day. (Vendors include Origami Owl, Avon, Pampered Chef, Paparazzi, Scentsy, Jamberry Nails, Premier Design Jewelry, Tomboy Tools - that's me!!, and lots more!) Check out Golden Kidz at:
Little Giant Ladders
Outdoor Arts n Crafts/Vendor Fair March 22, 2014 9 am- 5 pm in Monteagle TN at the Rocky Top Flea Market Site (NOT the I-24 flea market) Address is 310 Dixie Lee Ave Monteagle, TN If interested in setting up a booth, contact me ASAP. We will have no duplicate companies/ crafts registered for the fair (for example, we will not have 2 spots selling crochet hats. However, if one is selling hats, and the other some other crochet item, it will be acceptable). So, it will be important to contact me to see if there are others already registered for your company or item. Fees will be due on March 8th, to hold your spot, otherwise, it will be open to the next person in line. Spots will be 12x12 area and will be $20 (non-refundable, with the exception of weather cancelation. You will bring your own table and/or canopy, and anything else you may need. As of right now, there are no electricity spots available. If this changes, I will let you know. So far, I have booth interests for Natural soaps, Origami Owl, M ...
FORWARD: My name is Dana Linze and I am trying to organize a "Merchant Market" (or Vendor Fair) at Washington Elementary School on Saturday March 8th. I am currently looking for another 15-20 vendors and I was told your FB page could help! The Merchant Market will be from 10-2, set up after 8:30AM. The Washington PTA will provide pizza and bottled water for lunch. We are asking $25 per table purchase price and each vendor to donate one item for a raffle table. ALL proceeds go straight to Washington Elementary PTA which it all goes back to the kids at the school I have a list of current vendors signed up which might be helpful? Currently I have Velata, Mary Kay, Lia Sophia, NORWEX, Tastefully Simple, Origami Owl, 31 bags, Scentsy, Jamberry Nails, Miche Purses, Pink Zebra, Paparazzi, Gold Canyon, plus 9 tables of Hand Made items (sewing, cards, crochet, dolls clothing, jewelry, etc). I am looking for Crafters and also other vendors not listed aboue (Avon, Pampered Chef, Advocare, Beauticontrol, Perfectly Po ...
Decatur Township Relay for Life Annual Pancake Breakfast and Craft Fair. April 12th We still have plenty of room if you know of anyone who would like to join us If you know anyone who sells product OTHER than what is listed below please encourage them to contact me. I have Rep for Scentsy, 31 Gifts, Pampered Chef, Damsel in Defense, South Hill Designs, Premier Designs, Jamberry Nails, Wildtree, Longaberger, Boyds Bears, Mary Kay, Tastefully Simple, Paparazzi Jewelry, Tupperware, It Works, Color by Amber, Origami Owl, Initials, Inc, Avon, Jewelry in a Candle and Trades of Hope. We NEED a rep for Pink Zebra, All'Asta, Diamond Candles, PartyLite, Uppercase Living, or any not lisited above or handmade products. You can email me at judipaschfor the application. The booth space fee is $15 for a 10X10 space. Fee needs to be paid prior to set up. Also, if you or anyone you know would be interested in creating a Relay Team or join an existing team please let me know and we can help you with either option. W ...
Origami Owl was spotted at the Olympics. Kristi Yamaguchi was wearing a locket!
Coach/Vera Bradley/Tastefully Simple/Sparkle & Glitz Bingo Opportunity to benefit the American Diabetes Association Sunday June 22, 2014 Palmer Twsp. Fire Co. 950 S. 27th Street Easton 18045 Doors open at Noon for shopping (Shopping hours are Noon to 2) Bingo Games start at 2 PM SETUP at 11 AM TABLES PROVIDED Total Cost is $60.00 You will receive 4 tickets to sell for the Bingo at $15.00 each (once you sell the tickets you keep the 60.00 from the sales) and donate a Tricky Tray prize valued at $35.00 or higher (gift certificates DO NOT COUNT) You will receive a free Bingo ticket for you to play the 20 games, the day of the event, if you have sold your four tickets to guests (not including yourself) (Tickets are $15 in advance, $25 at the door). If interested, please email me directly at nclaterVendors already confirmed: Tastefully Simple, Sparkle & Glitz, 31, Plexus, Miche, Pampered Chef, Plexus, Origami Owl, Premier, Noah's Ark, Scentsy and Avon No more jewelry vendors being accepted.
Ok everyone my Origami Owl party is this Sunday Feb 23rd!! Judy Smith are you coming!? Melissa Sugden are you coming for some good laughs?? :)
Origami Owl is doing some spring cleaning. . The retirement list is out and some of your favorites may be on...
WOW we have about 18-19 vendors to shop from: Mia Bella Candles, Gold Canyon Candles, Wood Work, Tastefully Simple, V3, Madison Handbags, Origami Owl, 31, Lia Sophia, Paparazzi Jewelry, Perfectly Posh, Desting Rescue, It Works Wraps, Scentsy, Advocare, Tupperware, Touchstone Jewelry, Younique, Pampered Chef. Just about everything you can think of.
These are the vendors with currently have Origami Owl, Pampered Chef, Perfectly Posh, Thirty-One Gifts, Gold Canyon Candles, Damsel in Defense Scentsy and Formula B. Hair Salon. Please do not PM me if you have a similar company to these. Thank you.
I sell Origami Owl & Gold Canyon Candles ~ I absolutely LOVE networking with others and meeting new people.
Wondering how much money you can make with Origami Owl? You have come to the right place!! Welcome to our team training video, "The Career Plan!" I am Beth B...
Happy President's Day! There's an Origami Owl locket for every occasion and special moments.
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