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Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo, formerly the Washington Park Zoo, is a zoo in Portland, the largest city in the U.S. state of Oregon.

Weird Al Ziggy Marley Washington Park John Prine Rose Garden Kennedy School National Cat Day

Elijah Brown with back to back three pointers gives Oregon a 54-35 lead with 16:03 left.
Haltime at Matthew Knight. Oregon 42, Ball State 33. Both teams showing they can shoot the ball in the first half.…
Ball State and an 11-0 run over the last minute and a half force an Oregon timeout. 29-24 Ball State.
Thought about claiming a pun from Google as my own, but then I'd be lion. @ Oregon Zoo
Ball State shooting 56 percent to Oregon at 38 percent, lead 16-14. McIntosh with 7 for the Ducks. 11:48 left in first half.
Oregon aggressive on the boards early with 4 rebounds. Ducks lead 7-2 with 16 minutes left in the first half.
go to Zoo Lights when you come to Oregon
should go to Zoo Lights when they come to Oregon On the 6th
Cross Country season over. Track season begins. Matt Young & Amber Posner after completing 75 minute run in extrem…
Someone tell me zoos are bad please. Oregon zoo knows how to do things right.
The Oregon Zoo has Free Admission today! What are you up to today?
We're going to the zoo, zoo, about you, you, you.
Free day at the Oregon zoo tomorrow! You should run into me in the morning around 10 am. Mom and I are taking Italee and Jazzy
Oregon Zoo offering free admission on Sunday via
Literally cried backstage because the Oregon Zoo moved their bears and all I want to see right now is bears.
Free the Oregon Zoo Elephants supports recognition of the of elephants Beulah, Karen, & Minnie.…
Nora the polar bear cub enjoys her first snow at Oregon Zoo.
"The Oregon Zoo staff took the elephant around the zoo, she liked sea lions the best!"
Are you going to the tomorrow for free admission day?
Oregon Touchdown! Freeman takes it in after a Herbert 50-yard pass to Johnson. 45-28 Ducks
Oregon with a 3 and out. Schneider on to attempt a 40-yard field goal.
Arizona with a gift touchdown off a PI call that shouldn't have been. 35-28 Oregon.
Oregon Touchdown! Royce Freeman with his third of the game off the right side. 35-21 Ducks
who's tryna go to the Oregon zoo tomorrow with me?? It's fre
Halftime at Autzen. Oregon leads Arizona 28-21. 2nd half kickoff: 6:16pm PT. Wildcats start with the ball.
Oregon Touchdown! Royce Freeman runs 28 yards for the score putting the Ducks ahead 28-21.
Oregon Defense forces a 4th down and Arizona punts. 3:15 left in the second quarter. Springs with a huge pass breakup.
Herbert picked off to start the second quarter for Oregon. Arizona ball at the Oregon 19.
Leave it to a zoo director to conflate the issues of trophy hunting and poaching elephants for the illegal ivory tr…
Oregon Touchdown! Royce Freeman takes it in from 4 yards out. 14-7 Ducks.
Oregon Defense with the stop on Defense forcing two incomplete passes, Aizona punts
After having good field position, Oregon has two false start penalties and punts on 4th and 6 on first drive.
Coin Toss: Oregon wins the toss and will receive opening kickoff.
Free Admission to the zoo this Sunday!
unpopular opinon: zoo lights isn’t that great. The Oregon Gardens is much better.
Vacation, Day 8: Visiting the Oregon Zoo, saying farewell to family, and turning in our rental…
An orphaned Cougar cub is at the Oregon Zoo, and will soon move to new home at the Minnesota Zoo. More on ZooBorns:
The face he made when he saw his first Lion @ Oregon Zoo
The animal handlers at the Oregon Zoo took Chendra to meet some of the other animals before the zoo opened. The sea li…
I still can't tell most of the elephants apart. @ Oregon Zoo
So you can hear Nora sniffing at the glass seams. @ Oregon Zoo
I've been wanting to be a zoologist and work for oregon zoo bc of their otter sanctuary for years, but now it's esc…
Nora the polar bear plays in the snow at the Oregon Zoo
Release the Suffering Elephant Chendra and Send Her to a Sanctuary
An Oregon sea lion stars in most recent episode of "The Zoo." He was a nuisance salmon eater at Bonneville Dam.
Snapped this excellent pic of a at the Oregon Zoo yesterday!
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The Oregon Zoo didn't do right by him. . Emails reveal divisiveness, Oregon Zoo's PR strategy around Packy's death https…
Porcupines are awesome!!! Had a great time today at the oregonzoo
Listen to this newborn Otter pup! More video & pics of twin Otters on ZooBorns: https:/…
Odd since poacher just tried to take a rhino horn from a zoo in Oregon and killed the rhino without even getting the horn.
Ready for a pupdate on Oregon Zoo's otter pups?
Meet newborn Otter pups and see video on today's ZoBorns:
Oregonian: How do you bury a 12,000-pound elephant in secret? Oregon Zoo had a plan
I'm going to at Oregon Zoo in Portland, OR - Sep 9
A landslide has brought down mud and trees on the eastbound Highway 26 ramp from the Oregon Zoo.
You know that cute clip of the animals in the snow at Oregon Zoo? Well, we put some voices to it for fun 😂…
Raw: Oregon zoo animals engage in snow frolick
Snow day at the Oregon Zoo. Great video of animals loving the
I liked a video Snow day at the Oregon Zoo
Elephants, polar bears and seals frolic in the snow at Oregon Zoo
Animals enjoying the snow at Zoo. Turn up your sound for the seals near the end!
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The animals at the Oregon Zoo in Portland enjoy their first snow of 2017
WATCH: Sea otter, polar bear and more cute animals enjoy snow day at Oregon Zoo!
Elephants in the snow at Oregon Zoo!!!
Frosty weather delights Oregon Zoo animals in popular video - Read:
Delighted elephants squash pumpkins to kick off Oregon Zoo's Halloween bash
Halloween scavenger hunt with my son... (@ Oregon Zoo) on
Beautiful days are the perfect excuse to head to the Oregon Zoo!
Pond turtle hatchlings arrive at the Oregon Zoo
I might go to at Oregon Zoo in Portland, OR - Aug 5
Love Legos! Check out the Oregon Episcopal School Lego show at the Oregon Zoo!
I want this job: Oregon Zoo dangles long strands of paper in the lion enclosure to keep them stimulated.
tinder prof says works as zoo teen at Oregon zoo: swipe right
On that note, if anyone has recommendations on things to do in Portland besides Oregon Zoo and Powell's, do let me know.
Lions, Tigers, and Bears? Oh yes! A behind-the-scenes tour of our own beloved Oregon Zoo is one of many fun...
Researchers using polar bears to track eating habits and climate change
. & More! Use our code for Oregon TIX on sale NOW->
Someone, let's go to the tulip fields, Oregon garden or the zoo!! 🌞😭
Did you get that link I sent to you last night from the Oregon Zoo?
I liked a video Tusko the Asian elephant dies at the Oregon Zoo
I might go to at Oregon Zoo Amp in Portland, OR - Jul 31
To pick or not to pick, that is the question. @ Oregon Zoo
A tribute video Oregon Zoo, send Packy to
Packy the celebrates his 54th birthday at the
Oregon Zoo lion Neka's three five week old cubs play in their den.
Still need to go to Disneyland, the zoo, San deigo, and Oregon.
I might go to at Oregon Zoo Amphitheater in Portland, OR - Aug 4
That's why they say in Portland Oregon "Stay Weird Portland". I'm glad I don't have to fly out from that Zoo.
Kudos to the great folks of Oregon for protesting on Packy's birthday at the Oregon Zoo!
If you're ever in Southern Oregon again check out the Wildlife Safari in Winston and Bandon zoo on the Oregon coast.
The announces summer concert lineup: From to Ziggy Marley
🎤 concert tixs for Aug 4 at Oregon Zoo Amphitheatre in Portland
Sea puppy playing in the first snowfall of winter at Oregon Zoo.:
Had a great time around Oregon, especially at the zoo with some of my favorite people!
Don't you wish you could hang by your toes? New orangutan Oregon Zoo.
Perfect day for the zoo with my favorite 💕🐒🐯🐘 @ Portland Oregon Zoo
the zoo is my new favorite place to eat @ Oregon Zoo
Is there anyone here that can compare the Oregon zoo to the San Diego zoo
Grebeck gets it started for Oregon and the Ducks put 2 runs on 3 hits in the first
The Oregon Forestry Visitor's Center is located very close to the Oregon Zoo and is worth reviewing . take note!
A little highlight from the oregonzoo! @ Oregon Zoo
Just got cheap tix to the Oregon Zoo
Peter Frampton and Cheap Trick in Concert at Oregon Zoo - Aug 27. ► Tickets:
Our pick for Portland's concert this week? @ Oregon Zoo Aug 8. Don't miss it:
WIN TIX to see in a few weeks at Oregon ! -->
I liked a video Little Pudding The River Otter Pup at Oregon Zoo
It’s Owl Awareness Day today at the Oregon Zoo, and as part of the celebration, the zoo is featuring a live bird...
Sweet Harmony Soul featuring and at the Oregon Zoo on July 25, 2015
At the Oregon Zoo before Kiki goes back home! 🐐
Have to share my Calvin / turtle picture. (This little guy was at the Oregon zoo) 🐢
Can’t wait to see rock the Oregon Zoo stage on Saturday, Aug. 22nd! Tickets:
Love this pic. My son Finn and I at the Oregon Zoo.
Oregon Zoo on Entrance price for adults was under $15 - so I'd consider this a good value. The layout of this…
The Oregon Zoo's Senior visited us! The residents had a great time learning and making some new friends. http…
Dr. Valli had a great visit to the Oregon Zoo last week in preparation for her rotation there in the fall. Did...
Gentle orangutan dies due to human error at Oregon zoo
Oregon Zoo under fire for euthanizing known for his paintings via
Sunshine at Washington Park, Oregon Zoo. Looking at animals in Portland! @ Oregon Zoo
Oregon Zoo, Portland, Oregon. Zoo Lights. An annual tradition in many families is to go on a train r
Admissions Lead - Oregon Zoo is looking for a Admissions Lead - Oregon Zoo in Portland
'Weird Al' set to perform two shows at the Oregon Zoo this summer
Meet Black Singles 300x250
After playing to a sold out show in 2013, 'Weird Al' Yankovic is returning to the Oregon Zoo this summer.
Brother-sister polar bear pair, Conrad and Tasul, celebrated 30th birthday at Oregon Zoo.
National Cat Day? Sure, we love cats. Check out the baby ocelot at the Oregon Zoo.
【Oregon Zoo】 It’s what-is-it Wednesday, and National Cat Day! Which Oregon Zoo feline does th...
We love the sustainability measures the Oregon Zoo is taking to keep its polar bears comfy! via
Kya, a 7-year-old African lion at the Oregon Zoo, gave birth to four healthy lion cubs on Monday.
Too cute! The Oregon Zoo welcomed four new lion cubs on Monday. ‘RT’ to share:
Check out this tiger’s during at the Oregon Zoo today. Take the whole family to enjoy the...
Who wants to go to the Oregon Zoo soon!?
Kya the Lioness Has Four Cubs, Oregon Zoo - On 8th Sept 2014, 4 little lion cubs were born to first time mum,...
Errrmegerrrd baby lions at the Oregon zoo 😍🐱 !!!
for The Oregon Zoo. Sorry you didn't fall in like with it, but it did have these motherfu**ers! :)
A lion at the Oregon zoo just had 4 baby cubs and they better name them Simba, Nala, Mufasa and Kiara
"New little lions: Oregon Zoo so whose coming with me..
when I was a little kid one of the Oregon zoo workers got mad at me for throwing french fries to the penguins, jokes on him they loved em.
Riley the giraffe is ending his stay at the Oregon Zoo and heading home to Salt Lake City
Portland Metro council chambers were packed with passionate and articulate supporters to free Packy and the elephants at the Oregon Zoo!
I'm at Oregon Zoo for Charles Bradley and Pickwick (Portland, OR) w/ 5 others
my trip to the Oregon zoo! this pictures do NOT even come close to showing how beautiful it was 😁😍…
【Oregon Zoo】 Video: Humboldt penguin chicks are getting into the swim of things:
the zoo is sso lush and beautiful I LOCE OREGON
【Oregon Zoo】 Explore the wildlife of Smith and Bybee Wetlands on a naturalist-guided walk. Su...
That's where we camp tonight... Yes, these are elephants. @ The Oregon Zoo
Here are the cubs after they arrived at Oregon Zoo. They were the size of puppies and required bottle feeding...
After and becomes third at to contract
Beast mode at the Oregon Zoo yesterday!
Six fluffly ducklings hatch at Oregon Zoo
【Oregon Zoo】 Check out our daily keeper talks to learn about the zoo's most popular residents...
Good Morning Had a great time at the Zoo! was great and was great, too - so much fun!
Summer music fun with and Oregon Zoo! Music time with Matt is always a magical time.…
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Had a blast at the Oregon Zoo with and Thanks for having me on tour for a minute! Portland loved you!
I so wish I had a picture with after I got a shirt at the Oregon Zoo but left without one. Thanks for the great show though!😊
Just saw at the Oregon Zoo and it was awesome. 😊😊 I so wish I had the VIP tickets.
At a concert and the oregon zoo straight chillin next to the elephants
This elephant is swaying to the beat in Portland while Nathanson jams the zoo. No joke. @ Oregon Zoo…
Matt Nathanson and Gavin Degraw — feeling excited at Oregon Zoo Summer Concerts
Baby penguins at Oregon Zoo emerge from nests, start to swim (video)
This summer, let FM NEWS 101 KXL pay your family’s admissions to the Oregon Zoo, Portland Children's Museum and Columbia Gorge Discovery Center & Museum… admissions to 9 attractions in and around Portland! Just listen to FM NEWS 101 KXL at 7:10a, 11:10a, 1:10p & 4:10p and you could have a Family Fun Pass in your hands AND be registered to win A FAMILY VACATION FOR FOUR! Click PLAY now to let Jeremy Scott (Portland’s Afternoon News) tell you how to get your summer plans started!
What's Being Done to Save the Condor? As a result of the continued downward spiral of the condor population, one of the longest wildlife recovery efforts ever attempted began. The California condor was placed on the federal endangered species list in 1967. Critical habitat was identified and mortality factors were studied. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service began a captive breeding program in 1983, teaming with the Los Angeles Zoo and the San Diego Wild Animal Park. (Additional breeding facilities were added later at The Peregrine Fund's World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise, Idaho and at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, Oregon.) But in the wild, condor numbers continued to decline until by 1985 only nine wild birds remained A controversial decision was made to bring all remaining condors into captivity, and the last wild bird was captured on April 19, 1987. All hope for recovery was now placed on the captive breeding program and the task was formidable. Condors aren't capable of reproducing until they are a ...
【Oregon Zoo】 Of the roughly 230 species at the Oregon Zoo, more than 50 are threatened or end...
Portland Day - A perfect "G-ma & Noel" day hanging out at b'tful Oregon Zoo up in hills, riding the MAX train, munching on Elephant Ears, watching molting penguins, enjoying sunshine & 88+ deg weather, napping, strolling, sharing hot fudge sundae, bath time & a sleep-over. So much to squeeze into a week, so little time remaining.sigh...but so blessed. C
HomeWord Bound, the annual benefit for Community Partners for Affordable Housing, spotlights local authors as guests and speakers. This year's event, held April 11 at the Oregon Zoo, featured Chery...
Oregon Zoo just give an example how we use a Mother Nature in Hair Color ideas :)
State wildlife officials recently delivered these three orphaned black bear cubs to the Oregon Zoo, where they will be nursed back to health.
Three black bear orphans receive care at the Oregon Zoo veterinary center.
Trending: Aaron Carter: Hilary Duff is the love of my life. "I'll spend the rest of my life trying to get her back." Translation: "My *** is broke, filed for chapter 7, and she was the only piece of *** that would put up with me and has money. Trending: Oregon Zoo: Lion cubs meet their father for the first time at oregon zoo. Not mentioned: After Maury worthy DNA test, he ate them That is all
Lion cubs at Oregon Zoo meet dad for first time
Three young mountain lions — orphaned in Eastern Oregon last month when their mother was shot by a hunter — have been growing up out of the limelight at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, under the watchful care of zoo veterinary staff and keepers.
Earlier this week, a giraffe was killed at a zoo in Copenhagen, sparking comments to fly around the internet screaming, "I hate zoos!" "Boycott all zoos!" "Whatever you do, don't support zoos!!" And I just want to have my say on the matter. Another wildfire on the internet last year was the extinction of the western black rhino, which I'm sure many of the same people were posting viral memes of on their wall and screaming for justice. Unfortunately, no western black rhinos were held in captivity, and the population is extinct. A story that is not told though is of Przewalski's Horse, a native wild horse of Mongolia, which was declared extinct in 1966. However, due to London zoo efforts and captivity breeding programs, the Horse was reintroduced and now has a wild population of over 350 horses. A majority of zoos also have conservation and research centers within them. In our own country, the Oregon Zoo has been a key component in the reintroduction of the Oregon Spotted Frog, as well as rehabilitation and ...
More Cougars! This time, it's a trio of two-week-old cubs that were orphaned in the wild. They were rescued last week by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife brought to Oregon Zoo's Veterinary Medical Center for care. At just two weeks old, Cougar cubs are completely dependent on their mother, who raises them without the help of a mate. Their eyes have been open for just a few days. They wouldn't have made it on their own without a mother to nurse them, protect them, and teach them the survival skills they will need. These guys are now in experienced, caring hands. They'll receive care at Oregon Zoo until they move to their permanent home at the North Carolina Zoo. Visit ZooBorns for video of a bottle feeding and checkup:
Oregon Zoo in Portland's Washington Park: Take the MAX for a family outing via
Just some more Oregon Zoo photos...reminds me of when one of my Maryland roommates, Shawn M. (a marketing major), would come home from work and say "place was a zoo today!". You see, he worked at the Washington D.C. National Zoo.
Its late but today was our daughters first birthday i had to work so most of the day i wasn't here but all the same this is a life changing year for me i love this little girl more than anything in tha world an i look forward to living the rest of my life with her an amber. I love our new life in Oregon cant wait for Alices birthday party Saturday goin to the portland zoo. I love you Alice an Amber. Happy birthday my little princess!
Can't wait to take Brenden to either the zoo or aquarium tomorrow, much better way to spend the day than be at work!
Kennedy School. Edgefield. Tin Shed. Beautiful Oregon Zoo. Saturday Market. I could go on and on.
Had a great time hanging out / working out in Portland / Lake Oswego Oregon today. The zoo was the best ive ever seen and YES Vodoo Doughnuts is THAT GOOOD. Tomorrow is day 1 of the Northwest PGF Qualifier. Say a prayer for us.
Oregon zoo members get in for free aka swag on me
Anyone want to go to the Oregon Zoo on Saturday?
The second Tuesday of every month is only $4 for admission at the Oregon Zoo.
At the Oregon Zoo still...on the train and taking a break. Which reminds me of a cool early 80's tune, something different...coming up next!
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Decide to go to the Oregon zoo, some lady sneaks me a free ticket- cant beat it
going to Spokane next week to see Old Crow Medicine Show
It looks like this will be a great weekend to be outside - why not check out the 9th Annual North American Organic Brewers Festival at Overlook Park. Featuring beers & ciders from around the world, organic food & live music. It’s free to get in, and just $6 for a reuseable cup. Each token for tastings is only $1. The festival benefits the Overlook Neighborhood and Oregon Food Bank. Looking for a relaxing evening, where you can imagine you’re on a tropical island? Get your blankets or beach chairs and head over to the Zoo on Sunday at 7pm for some great Jamaican music by Ziggy Marley. Tickets start at $32.50. Tell us what you’re doing this weekend to enjoy the amazing weather!
Ah!!! Can't wait to see him at the Oregon Zoo Sunday!! (My tickets came yesterday!) Love is MY religion too! ❤❤❤
The Oregon zoo was the BEST zoo I've ever been to. I've never been to such an amazing place! 😍😍😍
Pandora just announced a Randy Newman concert at the Oregon Zoo. I have no idea what to feel.
Going to the Oregon Zoo today with Kailana
On June 18th I started my journey Home for a visit, I arrived Late that night and was greeted my Mom and Landon. :).The next day ( June 19th ) we took it easy and just relaxed. Thursday Mom took Landon and I To Voo Doo Donuts for breakfast and then I treated them to a trip to the Oregon Zoo and Train ride, when we got back to moms My Brother started grilling and His girlfriend and her to boys came over for a visit. I really enjoyed meeting his girlfriend and boys, Sam's girlfriend is a very nice girl. Friday Morning I woke up and went fishing with Brother sam, although we did not catch any fish it was fun being out on the boat and getting some Brother sister time. When we got home mom and I rushed out to get the food I needed to prepare my dish's for the family reunion the next day, then Mom took me to town to meet up with Cousin Tonya's Husband Jason and he took me over to there house and Oh what fun it was to walk in and see Cousin Jamie Hall-Thiessen and her Husband Jim and Jamie you look amazing doll, ...
Bring the family to Blue Lake Regional Park or the Oregon Zoo for fun guided learning in beautiful demonstration gardens on weekends through the summer starting this Friday.
That's crazy! Hmm...better hit motel breakfast up b4 830am tomorrow. First time Ive ever had eggs & sausage with a spoon and bowl. Kept wanting to add milk...Day 2 and off to Oregon Zoo...
Sister's at the zoo! So happy to spend time with these cute ladies! @ Oregon Zoo
14 graduates were hired this month! They'll be working all over the NW and elsewhere at awesome places like Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House, the Oregon Zoo and Bread and Ink Cafe. Congrats guys!!!
Yes, it's true: we've rented the Oregon Zoo (all of it) for the opening party.
Come join Wader the Gator today as he celebrates 100 years of Peninsula Park Community Center! Festivities are scheduled from 11:00am - 11:00pm, and includes a FREE! Aquatics Fun Day during the 1:00 - 2:55 scheduled Open Swim. 'Like' this pose if we will see you there. Leave a comment if you want to share your thanks or stories of Peninsula Park Community Center from over the years.
Chendra got to meet some of the other animals at the zoo.
On our way to the Buffalo Zoo for our last day of family fun before Krista leaves for Oregon tomorrow :(
I negected to thank Nicole and Gene Tognoli for the fun at Enchanted Forest and the Fun at the Portland Zoo and the nice lunch the day we left Oregon last Thursday We had a great time with the Grandchildren even though we never got to see Tyler But we also wanted to thank Fred Jr for the lovely evening we spent with him and the lovely time we had also with Gene,Fred Jr,Michael, Roselynne and Eric for the pizza dinner we had together that was great also It is so much fun watching your adult children living their lives as well as our daughter Sara and her adult life also God has blessed us in so many ways and even though a old chapter in our book of life is closing we are about to open a new chapter in our life and I hope this will soon mean that the Merry go Round will be a little more fun this time around
I'm going to Ziggy Marley at Oregon Zoo in Portland, OR - Jun 30
Enjoyed the Air & Space Museum in McMinnville where we saw the Spruce Goose yesterday on our way to Portland. Today was a trip to the Oregon Zoo and Rose Garden; awesome dinner at E-San Thai Restaurant tonight. Love the Nob Hill neighborhood in this city; many cafes, coffee houses and little shops in Victorian houses.
Another sleepless night so I'm doing some research looking for a nice long weekend getaway within driving distance. We'd like to do something with the kids before school starts. Throw some suggestions at me...I'm off to check-out the Dells. :)
Today Georgia and I took our out-of-town family to the Oregon Zoo and the Kennedy School. They approve of Portland so far.
Room booked for our mom and daughter Oregon weekend! See you in a few days Nicole Proulx Malarkey.
Yo, who wants to go see Ziggy Marley at the Oregon Zoo?
Just got back from picking up Weird Al tickets at the Oregon Zoo for Jimmy's Birthday!
Lynn Lloveras and I had dinner in Tyson's this evening, and it dawn on me that in over 4 decades that I have lived I have spent more time in Tysons Mall than any other public place. Lynn said that was pathetic, but I see it as home.
According to a recent poll of 628 likely voters in Maine, done by the firm Clarity Campaigns and taken between June 22-24, the race for governor is literally neck and neck between Gov. Paul LePage and U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud,...
Rose Garden and Oregon Zoo for our first day out. Love you. ♥ @ International Rose Test Garden
Too attractive not to be an ad for the Oregon Zoo ;-)
Ok, thinking about doing another 5k.what's out there?
Excited to see Old Crow at the Oregon Zoo this weekend.
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We got to take an amazing trip to Bandon, Oregon with our buddies Laurie Piepgrass and Jenn Lynn P this weekend! I LOVE living in Oregon!
Please help.. what do you think...?? Which Zoo is the better choice for 3 young kids.. Point Defiance or Woodland Park? Taking the kids to the zoo this weekend and need to decide on which one we'd like to explore.
Nothing holy about Toledo... A hellhole of boarded up crack houses and traffic lights.
These two were the warm up & the encore with John Prine at the Oregon Zoo Saturday. A good shot from backstage!
A new exhibit featuring Dinosaurs! will be at the Oregon Zoo beginning in May of 2008.
AND... we got our Oregon Zoo membership cards in the mail today!! Saw-Wheat!!! Summer fun is on the way!
Zoo Boise's baby boom continues with a significant birth for an endangered species! We are thrilled to welcome two snow leopard cubs, one boy and one girl, born on May 23. Like snow leopards in the wild, the cubs have been spending their first few weeks in a den with their mother. As they continue to grow and develop, they will slowly emerge from the den to explore their exhibit for short periods of time. Visitors to the zoo may be able to catch glimpses of the cubs as they begin to explore more. More information at:
A group of children at the Dallas Zoo were mocking a gorilla when the ape decided to show them who's boss.
Made a decision: while I continue my online B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife Science (which I should graduate with in Spring 2015), I'm in the process of applying to Santa Fe College in Gainesville, FL for their Summer 2015 enrollment into their Zoo Technology program.
I'm getting overwhelmed by people adding FB group sites.. so much so don't even like to look at them..
BREAKING: A monumental victory for chimpanzees! The National Institutes of Health has formally announced their intention to retire more than 300 government-owned chimpanzees to sanctuary!
We are so excited for the Oregon Zoo summer concert series!. What a beautiful way to enjoy music.have you...
Why do parents feel the need to entertain their kids every moment of everyday during summer break? I remember that we entertained ourselves. Some parents I guess don't understand when you want them to actually have a down day they don't know how because they are always busy doing "stuff" Oh well I guess I'm old school
Visited with Mother yesterday. Then on to West Covina with a stop at REI in the middle. Out to dinner with Amanda's family and then spent the night with them. Randy off early to get his stitches in his mouth checked and running errands. Still have Fry's, Verizon, and Costco to get to before Breakfast Club tonight! Busy day but getting closer to being ready to leave for Portland next Monday! Nat was on FOX news yesterday talking about Summer Night Zoo again--he is becoming quite the celebrity! May have to ask him for his autograph!
A kid waves at beaver at the Oregon Zoo:
***JOHN & LIZ*** *** COUPLES WHO MEET ONLINE HAVE HAPPIER MARRIAGES*** More than 1/3rd of marriages from 2005-12 began online...most of which may have happier ones, according to researchers at the University of Chicago in a new survey of 19,131 people by The least successful marriages were those where people met at bars or through blind dates. How did you meet your significant other ?
Astrology makes as much sense to me as anything else in Amerika this morning, so you might as well know that Mercury goes retrograde today, Wednesday 26 June, at 1:07 PM Greenwich Mean Time, aka 9:07 AM Eastern Daylight Time (NYC); and 6:07 AM Pacific Daylight Time (you left coasters). It'll be retrograde in Cancer, and it stays that way until July 21st. Mercury retrograde means the speedy little planet closest to the sun looks to be moving backwards in the sky (an optical illusion, sort of), and because Mercury - astrologically speaking - is the quick-thinking fast-moving messenger orb that takes charge of communication and travel, and because the rocky dude is going in the wrong direction, you can count on things being the other way around for the next three weeks. And then there's secretive Cancer, the bossy bottom of the Zodiac, who nurtures in order to control, and that's the sign Mercury is walking backwards through. So you can count on tricky conflicts with Mom, I'd guess, or your Mom-substitute(s ...
Did anyone buy Ziggy Marley tickets that cant go? I so want to go see this concert
Had a ball riding the max line in Portland today. We went to the Oregon Zoo, Voodoo donuts, center city mall,and saw some street performers. All in all a great frigging day!
Place of birth! Everyone please play, it will be interesting to learn where all our FB friends were born. Copy paste and then put where you were born at the end. Tucson, Arizona
Trying to decide on a cheap road trip for Alex and I over 4th of July in Topeka (or maybe it's Wichita), friends in Blue Springs, trip to the Badlands, a lake somewhere, Durango, or Santa Fe...any suggestions? Considered going to see Don's family in Illinois but think that might be a little too far for us to drive alone. Ugh! By the time I decide my extra long weekend next week will be over. Lol.
Just got a job offer from Perth WA AU for the Environment and Conservation Department for 12 months.
So, my husband and I visited Cleveland earlier in the week- tomorrow it's a toss up between Columbus and Hocking Hills State Park. I'm waiting to see what the weather's like before I make my final decision. What would you choose?
Dinner at mom and dads! So excited to take our Miami family to the Oregon zoo tomorrow!
So we are three weeks out and then Back to Oregon. Time seems to be flying in some since and dragging in others but its not that far off. So looking forward to being there once again. Plans are to go to the Coast first after getting everything out of the Uhaul. We sure have missed being able to just get into the car and go over there. And DB will be back in my life. Yeah:) Went to the Zoo today and got to see some animals I thought I would not ever see let along ever hear of. Great day there and came home with a Sun Burn. Yeap its in the 90+ here and has been for 3 weeks now.75-84 at night. Won't miss that at all. Have a great evening all.
Alright. So I've decided to visit Minneapolis for two weeks this summer. I have a few priorities so let me know if you want to do any or all of them with me. 1. See family 2. Fence 3. Ultimate 4. Backyard barbecues. Front porch barbecues. Barbecues in the park. Any social situation that demands me being in nothing but a beater and shorts with a beer in my hand. 5. Magic. Only EDH. I don't play sissy 60s no more. 6. Biking? I would love to borrow someone's. Doesn't matter who. 7. Cabin trip up north. I'm happy to rent one myself for a few days if need be. I don't even need to fish, just plunk down in a boat with some coolers full of PBR in the middle of the lake and do nothing at all. I've had most of the arrogance and attitude washed out of me. All I need to do now is sit and stare. Also, I want to go to the zoo. I love seeing otters at play. If someone knows of an easy to get to spot to see otters play, let me know. Also, if you know of some cheap tattoo places that are good, let m ...
Well when a fellow person , from A laska, sees my daughter, and gives her the cold shoulder at the Portland, Oregon Zoo,, I'm really .not happy,,, what's up with the attitude, , wow, you could of say, how you doing, got my granddaughter there.. *** the. .Been yrs..." 03"
Just a quick little "Lee note" - He is not available for adoption yet nor will he be for quite some time. It's going to take a couple of months to even get his health up to par and at this time we need to even see if he's going to make it. He has several medical issues going on right now so we are taking each day one at a time. Add to that, we cannot possibly know his true temperament yet so there is no way to know if he's good with dogs, cats, kids, etc. It's just too soon. We appreciate the passion that many of you have for wanting to adopt him but when the time is right, we will let everyone know and whoever is still interested in him, can apply to adopt him then. Again that's for the overwhelming show of support for not only Lee but for Villalobos and Dr. Kristen and her krewe at Cypress Lake Animal Hospital. :)
I am considering writing to the Oregon zoo and requesting that they obtain a lemur exhibit immediately.
Jessica Huggins look what I found a new pet
Breast Cancer Awareness
so am I... It won't be as good as the Oregon zoo but it'll have to do!
Acupuncture and physical exercise for affective symptoms and health-related quality of life in polycystic ovary syndrome: Secondary analysis from a randomized controlled trial
Just bought tickets to go see Weird Al at the zoo next month. Is it ridiculous that I am CRAZY EXCITED to see him in concert? I suppose I *am* white and nerdy.
I'm in need of an adventure . . .hm any suggestions?
Holy raining cats and dogs batman... Seriously pouring right now... Thankful no where to be this morning lol... My doggies think they're gonna melt so inside they are lol
But only the Oregon zoo and Kahneeta will more than likely happen tbh 😒
Kahneeta, Disney Land, Wild Waves, Oregon Zoo, San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, and NY is what I wanna do this summer.
I seen a sign that said Hugo Oregon so i pulled over to take a fat masa
My nephew was loving his snow crab lol everyone GRUBBING LOL
Old Crow medicine show at the Oregon ZOO anyone on june 29th? I will be at there with a picnic for all if you would like to join! get your tickets!
I was at the Oregon zoo today and walked through the lory aviary to get some pictures. The person overseeing the aviary saw my camera bag (the one with my cockatoos and Higgins painted on it), pointed, said 'thats a black headed caique' and started talking about the birds she owns. It definitely made me smile!
Weird Al is playing at the Oregon Zoo July 18! Anyone going?! Anyone want to go?!?!
Im extremely worried about Mommy! My Landlord took her for a walk and has never come back in an hour. This is not at all typical. I gave her 2 Benadryl like the Vet told me to because the storm was so bad she was having an anxiety attack! What should I do?
My man John Prine rocked it this weekend as the Oregon Zoo kicked off their summer concert series.
Decided its a good day for the zoo :)
It took an additional two playoff holes to decide the men’s open champion of the Zoo Town Open disc golf tournament Sunday afternoon at Linda Vista Golf Course but when
I really gotta get myself to Portland. Oregon Zoo and Powell's Books? Yes, pls.
Double DVR Alert: Dale Watson on Letterman tonight! (and Melissa McCarthy; love her!) and Thursday night is Johnny Depp again. (not re-runs)
The Redmond Park and Recreation District is partnering with Central Oregon Truck Company and the Deschutes County Fair Expo Center to host Redmond's 2013 Old Fashioned 4th of July Celebration. The FREE event will run from 11:00am to 4:00pm. Enjoy a day of games, bounce houses, petting zoo, pony ri...
Fed Twinkies to elephants in Oregon Zoo, they now selling Twinkie Dinky DooDoo.
Kendel Carson shared the stage with John Prine Saturday at the Oregon Zoo...dang almighty, she is an amazing fiddle player! Beautiful voice.
Journey the jungle in Fragile Forests at the
I found Zoo Tycoon and the expansion: Marine Mania. So happy. I loved this game. I also have RollerCoaster Tycoon 1!
☼☼☼ SUMMER HOURS ☼☼☼ Starting today you & the kiddos can visit the Science Factory 7 DAYS A WEEK through July and August. We are open every day from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Join us for a 'Science Sampler' in the Exhibit Hall, check out a 'Dome Show of the Week' in the Exploration Dome, and keep your child engaged in one of our 40+ educational summer camps! FLASH SALE on select camps running through June 30. See post below for details.
This little racist old white lady and her husband are asking me a hundred questions while sitting next to me at Whole Foods. Stuff about where I'm from and how did I learn English. They're both super old so they just think they're being friendly with a darkie. I want to say something super hilarious but there are no cameras around. I need a camera crew with me at least 4 hours a day.
This weekend is a big one for concerts in Portland, Oregon with Ziggy Marley preforming at Oregon Zoo Summer Concerts and Fleetwood Mac at Rose Quarter!
Bobcats offer the Oregon Zoo Kemba Walker and a first round pick for Eddie the Sea Otter (pic):
Had an amazing day at the Oregon Zoo the girls just love all the different animals!
So finally starting to get goin on the work front. I am just already in Vegas with John Ambos in my head.I can not wait to show him Vegas and explore everywhere with him. We are gonna see some amazing shows and do some amazing things while there. Its just hard to stay focused on working when I just wanna be on a plane away from here with him. Sigh.its ok...the wait will be worth it. Side note is we get back and are here four days before we head off again for Portland to see The B-52's and the Go Go's and finally the Oregon Zoo! After that it will be back to reality and the end of the seemingly never ending celebration we have been wrapped up in for the last month and a half.It has truly been amazing and we have had some brilliant experiences along the way...Just can't wait to see what the last few weeks of it bring for us! hehehehe After that...time for a new couch and maybe a new apartment! but one thing at a time...hehehe
Oregon Zoo breaks ground on 'Elephant Lands' habitat
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I liked a video Ryan waves at beaver at oregon zoo
Just hanging with baby elephants at the oregon zoo
2005: We held our first Discovery Luncheon fundraiser at the Oregon Zoo and offered classes for grades 2 - 3 for the first time!
Zoo bears demonstrate how they destroy campsites: The Oregon Zoo welcomed in the summer with a special bear...
Crystal Ballroom (CB) in Portland was disappointing. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals were awesome but, a ballroom is for dancing not just a concert where there are no seats so you stand packed like sardines the entire time to maintain your front line view. All tickets cost the same so why do some feel the need to block others from a close up view for at least one song? Or knock over your drink and then get hostile when you let them know? Or spill their drink on you while they bowl right into you and fail to acknowledge it wasn't intentional or see if you are all right. Come to think of it, the only really rude people were jerky men 1/2 my age and twice my height and weight. The Melissa Etheridge concert at the Oregon Zoo last year had a far more respectful, loving, sharing, appreciative crowd (cuz majority were women). Wish the CB would rope off an area on a raised platform level with stage (so we short dancing people could actually see the band) but off to the side so not blocking others and not th ...
I might go to "Weird Al" Yankovic at Oregon Zoo in Portland, OR - Jul 18
Ziggy Marley is coming to the Oregon Zoo on the 30th and I just found out and tickets are sold out
Fundraiser for Oregon Zoo's 125th Bday. Please support this :) FB:
He sure is. "John Prine: Playing a show in Portland, OR at 7:30 PM today at Oregon Zoo Amphitheater
I would bearly notice “Ever seen black bears just ransack a campsite? Oregon Zoo puts on demo teaching bear awa…
Woodland Park Zoo is not as good as the Oregon Zoo. I shall take Ikaika to the Oregon one sometime.
Portland, Oregon Washington Park, Portland Forest Park - Portland, Oregon Abandoned Creepy Stone House - The Stone House was built in the 1950s as an elaborate bathroom. However, only a decade later it was abandoned. The whole area of Forest Park however is considered to be haunted. Ghosts and plasma orbs have been spotted by hikers and amateur photographers over the years. Wildwood Trail begins in Washington Park near the Oregon Zoo, a light rail stop, the Oregon Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the World Forestry Center and the Hoyt Arboretum. Blue diamonds placed about 6 feet (1.8 m) above the ground appear on trees along the trail every 0.25 miles (0.40 km). The diamonds and the mileage markers above them are visible to hikers traveling in either direction on the path. In its first 5 miles (8.0 km), the trail passes near the Portland Japanese Garden, Pittock Mansion, the Audubon Society of Portland wildlife sanctuary, and the Stone House in Balch Creek Canyon. From this point west, Wildwood Trail runs throu ...
Who is going??? The ninth-annual Children’s Heart Foundation Lion Heart event at the Portland Children’s Museum, 4015 S.W. Canyon Road, across from the Oregon Zoo, will take place on Saturday from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Highlighted by a children’s parade and other fun activities, the family-focused event — sponsored by the Children’s Heart Foundation Oregon chapter and Regence Blue Cross and Blue Shield — is intended as a night of fun and fundraising for pediatric heart research. $20 per family. Occurring in one out of every 100 births, congenital heart defects are the No. 1 birth defect in the U.S. and the leading cause of death during infancy from a birth defect, according to the foundation. Advances in research since the 1980s have saved the lives of thousands of children who now survive defects they wouldn’t have 30 years ago.
Enjoy One of the Top Portland, Oregon Hotels Since the Holiday Inn Express® & Suites Portland Airport is three miles from the Portland Airport, our hotel's services include a complimentary shuttle. We are located near the area's most popular businesses and attractions, including the Cascade Station Shopping Center and Oregon Zoo. Business travelers visiting Portland, Oregon appreciate our hotel's 24-hour business center, which offers a convenient place to finish paperwork or to email clients. Be sure to take advantage of the copy, print and fax services, too. In addition, we also offer free Internet access throughout the hotel, and we are located near businesses like Fiserv Solutions and Johnstone Supply.
From the Oregon Zoo: Just days ago, 26 forest elephants were massacred at a World Heritage Site in the Central African Republic. The WWF reports that no elephants have been seen in the area - known as the ‘village of elephants’ - since the shooting. This senseless killing is happening 8,000 miles away, but you can do something. Spread the word, share this post. Let the international community know that you demand an end to poaching to preserve our natural heritage. Story:
Did LeAnn Rimes Cut Back on Concert Tour to Babysit Her Husband? Not if she's accepting gigs at the Oregon Zoo.
At the Oregon Zoo a kid is taking a picture of a plastic pink flamingo... at the zoo.
Anyone know of some nice/affordable in near the Oregon Zoo or 185th in I'm on the hunt for a 3br.
How great of a year has it been at Oregon? Check out Year of the Duck.
AutzenZoo: Oregon Football: Ducks Open Spring Practice on April 2nd: You can tell it’s Spring in Eugene...
This might be the most perfect and aptly timed concert: Huey Lewis And The News at Oregon Zoo cc:
Another picture of "Mo," the baby river otter who lives in the Oregon Zoo
Baby river otter Molalla, or "Mo" for short, is weighed at the Oregon Zoo, Friday, March 15, 2013, in Portland,...
14 hour drive to Oregon Zoo...I'd be too down one day.
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