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Orcas Island

Orcas Island (like Orcus, not like the plural of orca) is the largest of the San Juan Islands, which are located in the northwestern corner of Washington state in San Juan County, Washington.

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Laddie having fun in the snow and ice @ Mount Constitution Moran State Park Orcas Island
.When honoring orcas, all roads lead to advocating for wild
Killer views at the Orcas Island 25k. Makes the brutal climbs totally worth it!
Trail running update from the Orcas Island 25K. I can't, for the life me, run downhill.
Orcas sighted in Saratoga passage late Friday, and between Everett and Gedney/Hat Island this morning at 9:30 am.
Good morning passing between Bowen Island and Keats Island today.
I liked a video from THE 2015 ORCAS ISLAND 50k | The Ginger Runner
Doing the whisper challenge w/ , word is Orcas Island, this boy says BOOTY STACK, wtfff 😂
Seeking Full Time PASTRY COOK - housing available in the San Juans (Orcas Island, WA) | link in bio |
There's doins afoot. Something weird going on with a bleeding guy in a car on Orcas Island
If anyone is on SR 20 headed to to Orcas Island today - know that law enforcement has an active investig…
Stop by the shop before heading out to Orcas Island, for and I are en route…
Stetson came to us in November 2010 from the Bush family on Orcas Island. We have enjoyed having Stetson...
Still blows my mind that I can see Orcas Island from the dining hall
Running away to orcas island for a bit...
"Sam inhaled a combination of all her favorite Orcas Island smells: fir trees, pinecones, yellow grass and the salt…
Pretty much my dream home. Retreat to a $2.5M Orcas Island estate via
State gives San Juan county $760K for Park and Ride lot at Orcas Island ferry terminal.
to releasing Krakens on Orcas Island last yr! BTW still wants volunteers!!
UPDATE ABOUT TRAIL CONDITIONS: Trails are 90% snow free on Orcas Island. The top leading up and…
On the blog today. A sunny day in late July on Orcas Island to warm your day. . Give it a l…
lola West Beach sunset, Orcas Island - craig.goodwin99 has added a photo to the pool:
so, uh, if the world ends can my family take refuge on your Orcas Island property? My wife has chickens, so we'll have eggs 4ever
Orcas Island wildlife! (Cattle belonging to the son of Charlie Arnt, cowboy actor!)
Working on history project at Orcas Island Historical Museum! Our family donated the Pole Pass light standard, ligh…
Orcas Island biking in the Snow via
Orcas Island alchemy to you druid dragon moon You get me more enraged then anyone. Stop your game! https…
Because sometimes to get through the week, you have to focus on the future.
We've arrived at Orcas Island! Weather and conditions look good, but will post more updates after we do some course marking 😀
Spotted! Orcas off Wolf Island What great footage from our partner cruise
Quite the sunset from Hanson Island ☺️ | Snapshot by Yolanda Barendregt
Another successful year! Interesting in funding? Come talk to us at the Eastsound office.
Loved this one! If you want to glamp in the San Juan Isalnds I highly recommend Leanto on Orcas Island…
Private island in Deer Harbor, Orcas Is. WA awaits your next adventure!
If u could travel where is the first place you'd go — seattle or orcas island
Orcas Island Film Festival and the San Juan Islands Agricultural Summit Team Invites you to the 2017 Ag Summit...
I liked a video from Renee Young talks to Dean Ambrose during her trip to Orcas Island:
Orcas Island may be the saddlebag gem of the WA State's San Juan Islands. But it's one of many. How many islands?
For those fortunate enough to find yourselves on Orcas Island, I'm doing a reading from Chaos Monkeys, on the...
Just saw Chloe of Rising Appalachia walking down the street on Orcas Island!!!
Lake Union to Orcas Island. Grey to blue 🌧🌧-->🌞 🐳
1- or 2-Night Stay for Two at The Deer Harbor Inn on Orcas Island, WA. Combine Up to 4 Nights. -
🌑This was morning on the ride from Orcas Island to Friday Harbor. 🍫 so much happier here Iouri 🍕🧀 https:/…
Day 4 on our San Juan Islands Journey and we are at the top of Mt Constitution on Orcas Island with Moises and...
thank you. One of two Crazy Boer goat brothers on Orcas Island.
Explore wildlife at upcoming chamber of commerce festival: And the Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce's upcoming...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
These amazing wind sculptures are made by Anthony Howe, on neighboring Orcas Island.
All Dream Cottages of Orcas Island. Orcas Island, Washington is one of the ...
Gray whales from Everett, oh yeah and some orcas in the afternoon! | Island Adventures Whale Report
Behold Madroneagle, The $12M Orcas Island Estate: If you're looking for a place in the San Juans and you've got…
Looking forward to reading with Jill McCabe Johnson Apr 14, Orcas Island Darvill's 6 pm - join us for nature essays & poems!
This is Orcas Island swampland 🐸fit for a prince🕷I went for a walk spontaneously to share I guess
One part coffee and one part phenomenal view of East Sound from Orcas Island …
San Juan Island Community theater is the venue for lectures & performances
Fantastic pics of transient orcas near Vancouver Island
this morning on the beautiful Orcas Island.
On our seaplane flight from Lake Union to Orcas Island, I was once again reminded that having money is NOT the...
from the highest point of the San Juan Islands (Mt. Constitution, Orcas Island)
Check out the Raven who stopped by to cast its magic and moonshine upon me only on Orcas Island 🎭🌙✨
Madrona Point Orcas Island is where I we spread my grandmothers ashes
Favorite bakery on Orcas Island, hands down. (@ Brown Bear Baking) on
You just wait till you see the hot male's I get to shoot here on Orcas Island..I am fine w/ Iouri loading his bikini girls,I got my trophy's
442.7500 W7UMH repeater at Orcas Island, WA updated by WA7ZWG
Zack Homer reported a pod of about 7 orcas off Discovery Island, BC around 10:40 am.
Have you seen the views from Orcas Island? Never gets boring!
Daydreaming at Orcas Island,I sat here an the elements said take a picture of me,so I listened 💘
Iouri, care to join me for my morning ritual and offering orcas island style🐿
Local brother and sister win regional sailing regatta on Orcas Island:
I took this only shot an later realized I captured the Suns rays🌞👌🏻 orcas island is welcoming me with open arms.
Hearing reports of orcas between South Kitsap and Vashon Island heading north. We'll keep you posted if we hear they come near the island.
Island Friends...come out tonight, see a great film and support Orcas Island Film Festival!
Insideout Homestore: These cut outs are on Orcas island. Have you ever been?
A foxglove along the trail at Moran State Park, Orcas Island. [
I love the San Juan Islands.I wanna go back to Orcas & Lopez Island rn rn rn rn rn
on Orcas Island mine wasn't. Plus they have really really noisy sex! :)
WOW! "Winter ferry ride to Orcas Island: via
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we actually had a baby boom with the resident Orcas around Vancouver Island so they're doing pretty well out here
Orcas Island is on my list of whoa's
TODAY last day to register for retreat on orcas island April 7-10! It's going to be amazing! Join us!
Look what my friend Brooke spotted at the Orcas Island Library! (As in see if you can find my…
Orcas Island library with shelves of books and Artek stool
He lives on Orcas Island near Truly magical
I'm relieved,yearning for this departure from maui to orcas island.I've been through such a transformation in the last year & half grateful✨
I hope u talk soon friend,at least Orcas Island will fill my mind with laughter & excitement for the unexpected magical events yet to unfold
I'm so tired of trying to be loved the way I need to from others. I'm going to be fully embracing me as soon as I'm on Orcas Island,Nirvana
If you want to see orcas come up to British Columbia (Vancouver Island) see them where they belong, in the wild
Raised our two autistic girls in Berkeley, now on Orcas Island. This great show took us home in many ways!
Metolius Blue on Orcas Island wears his World Stretch Velvets Santa Fe Sky Blue with Midnight…
I just want to go whale watching around Vancouver island and see all the orcas in the wild
"Hobbit Treehouse" located on Orcas Island in State. Originally built by SunRay Kelley
Click on the link to shop for great Orcas Island themed items! Art, dining, vacations! Support
Iouri I can't tell you how much you've helped me take a risk & move completely to back to Orcas Island h…
5 minutes with my new book QGIS Map Design (section 2.3):. Orcas Island WA. ht
Do you really expect me to believe you're going to change or call me & visit me on Orcas Island,I don't think
Good times on Orcas Island with my last year cannot wait to go again!
I'm tired of guessing games. I'm taking a few days off to think, Ill be thinking of u & Orcas Island, I need god rigt now.
Winter ferry ride to Orcas Island: via
it was amazing! We drove the whole length of the island and took the ferry to Orcas Island - SAW WHALES. Loved it!
The pitiful shacks of Orcas Island, Washington state... I'm in.
Unsolved home invasion, bomb threat rattles Orcas Island
Orcas Island is a place for friends to get real,& slow down enough to have those inner reflections & inspirations.
I'll move to another account soon Iouri. But I've lots to do to get out of here back to the mists of Orcas Island by next month ;) druid me.
Orca Breaching near Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands, Washington state.
An Orca off Orcas Island (largest of the San Juan Islands), with Mount Baker as a backdrop, Washington state.
Update 7:56 AM on 3.10.16: source of outage is downed tree on Lopez Island. Crews onsite & ETR by 10 AM Shaw and Orcas Isla…
Reminder to this is where orcas belong WATCH: 2 pods of orcas put on a show off the coast of Galiano Island http:/…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
And we've left the mainland. Next stop: Orcas Island. @ San Juan Islands, Puget Sound
News: Earth Island Intervenes on Behalf of Captive Orcas in “SeaWorld v CA Coastal Commission”
Can't decide... Camping at Angel Island in or Camping at Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands in
Orcas Island: Sub Pop founder Bruce Pavitt on finding world-changing music in nowhere towns . ht…
Later date this year! Annual Cider and Mead Festival in Eastsound July 23. Great excuse to visit Orcas Island! 🍎🍏❤️
A beautiful ride on the ferry is the begining your Orcas Island experience.
Johnstone Strait - the best place on Earth to observe Killer Whales.
"Powered by radios in trees, homegrown network serves 50 houses on Orcas Island." - you too can be your own ISP.
The Mountain Roadshow took on Orcas Island in Part 3 of up on our blog h…
📷 the orcas are comming… We were blessed to see a pod of while on island...
New Blog Post: 24 Hours in Orcas Island - Getting to Orcas Island takes a little effort. Reachable only by air ...
Power restored to west end Orcas Island at 12:18 PM on 11.10.15.
Unplanned outage underway affecting west end of Orcas Island 11.10.15 at 11:35 AM. ETA to be posted shortly.
Beautiful image taken from Bainbridge Island this morning by Photographer Sue Surowiec Larkin. There's orcas out...
Relaxation, outdoors and art highlighted our 24 hours in Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
A guide to Orcas Island: featuring and more.
DIY Broadband on Orcas Island in Washington state - brought to you by - Genius!
Following anoucement, a state lawmaker from Orcas Island will push to ban marine mammal shows in WA
When I want to see orca whales, I go to the not give $ to those creeps at
I really wish orcas could live out in Rhode Island, do you know how quick I would adopt one and take care of it. Don't play.
hope you folks can make it to our Orcas Island site someday!
HGTV Airs: A Seattle Couple Looks for a Home on Orcas Island, Off the Coast of Washington Chamber Dec 11.
10:30 - Jan Faulkner is watching a pod of orcas from Lagoon Point, Whidbey Island. She's looking through a good...
New on the blog | Take a sneak peek at the photos from my recent trip to
no :(( I live on a lil island up by Canada called orcas
Amazing show tonight at the Victorian Valley Chapel on Orcas Island. If I could only perform in…
Orcas Island created their own Internet service powered by radios installed on trees.
Rather impressive claw from a giant ground sloth (Megalonyx) from Orcas Island
Fawn Island in Deer Harbor, WA can be yours today! Privacy with modern comforts!
This. does not suck. . Orcas Island, you're magical. And totally worth the $50 ferry ride.…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
This is where I am singing tonight and tomorrow evening. @ Orcas Island
Secret pond behind the tiny chapel where I'm singing tonight and tomorrow on Orcas Island
A neighborhood on Orcas Island built a home-grown ISP using, among other things, radios in trees.
On the ferry to Orcas Island. This landscape and weather is my happy place. :) @ Anacortes Ferry to…
close to the Vancouver Island shoreline...
Orcas Island residents designed and set up their own internet network!
Wrapping up a beelocal gift for our hosts at Pebble Cove Farm on Orcas Island- if…
Orcas Island living: almost hit a deer while biking at night. The click-clack of hoofs on pavement, and suddenly...
10 things to do on Orcas Island, San Juan Islands,
I grow up on Orcas Island, part of the San Juan's. I moved to Mapleton for 2 yrs then got called back to the WEM.
Currently on a boat by San Juan Island surrounded by orcas!!!
Neighbors express concern over move of Orcas Island marijuana grow facility:
Love Orcas Island sunsets ... best in the San Juan Islands.
Orcas Island - the feminine aspect is balanced by the highest peak in the San Juans.
Is your Island home here? From Orcas to San Juan, check out these great homes!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Will Christison gets his second today, heading in a corner. Wolverines 4-1 over island rivals Orcas
Lifting all the trees in my activewear. Enjoying hiking with the girls on Orcas Island. …
We had a beautiful stay on Orcas island last night (part of the San Juan Islands off the northwest…
Boys Soccer getting ready to take on Orcas at 3:00! Big Island showdown, both teams are state ranked!
Loving nature at Doe Bay on Orcas Island in the San Juans, off the coast of Seattle in the Pacific…
Glass art on Orcas Island. Setting inspiration for Stained Glass Summer.
Sparked by a big night from JV squad crushes Orcas Island in straight sets Friday.
Let's plan some PLC off campus and chat! Okay, maybe not Orcas Island but you get the picture!
Rock Island is one of many great local businesses sponsoring the 2nd Annual Orcas Island Film Festival from Oct.
Enter to win and we can go to Orcas Island together!
Wolf frosh Kalia Littlejohn punches home two more goals Friday as Coupeville booters romp past Orcas Island 5-0.
Evening view from the deck in Orcas Island!
10 Things to do on Orcas Island, San Juan Islands, via
That sounds great!! I have a propery out on Orcas island I am going to preview. But probably get out and enjoy the sun 😎
We are LIVE! Tickets on sale and schedule is now up for the 2nd annual Orcas Island Film Festival. Tickets here:...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Excuse me, MICHAEL Larson. Gary Larson is the guy from The Far Side, and current Orcas Island resident. (
There is still one summer weekend left to enjoy - why not cruise to Orcas Island and moor at Deer Harbor Marina?...
Seattle home known as ‘Up’ house could be moved to Orcas Island – The Bellingham Herald: The Bellingham Heral...
Orcas Teens: Living and Working on an Island Paradise via
Cresant beach on orcas island in san jaun islands.
I can't wait to be back on Orcas Island with my people this weekend. 😍☺️
Going home after a fantastic family vacation to Alaska and Orcas Island. Breathtaking.
Alum Judge Wilson, '78, met some wonderful young alums while spending time in Orcas Island, Washington. --Jacqui...
I've been thinking of doing a trip to Orcas island for a while, but don't know if that's in your scope for plan
Dear friends! Thank you for the good words and wishes!!! I love all of you! With love from Orcas Island. Behind...
Summer sunset on Orcas Island ... it never ends.
Yes, summer sunsets on Orcas Island continue...
Seaplane Scenics on Seaplane Scenics on the north shore of Orcas Island
Orcas Island, WA? Check the map for Skull Island in Massacre Bay. Not kidding!
Mrs GD captures moonrise over Orcas Island, last night
A quick pic for Selfie Sunday! Right before boarding the Ferry. Orcas Island 2015 here we go, Sippin…
It could be that my heart is soft for Orcas since I was married on the island myself, but really I think it's...
Fun weekend on Orcas Island with our niece!
Orcas Island Vacation with the boys! bymarcjacobs amooseontheloose mikeygallant mrmstory ultrachuckd…
Vignettes from wedding, Orcas Island. Bride and groom, table-hopping.
Vignettes from wedding, Orcas Island. The parents of the groom.
💖💖 I wanna hike with you or go to Orcas island. Let me know when ur free okay? 😇😄😄😄
Two male orcas were spotted today off the coast of Pico Island in the Azores, wild and free!! :D
Loved the ferry ride to Orcas Island yesterday. Can't wait to post wedding photos!
Orcas on both trips out of Anacortes! | Island Adventures Whale Report
Orcas Island Taxi Service on Oysters beds a Crescent Beach. This beach has lots of driftwood,big/small,it's g… …
Doe Bay, Orcas Island. Call Eco Events the next time your small group wants to retreat to Doe Bay.
Also I know logically it was probably Orcas island but still
Dear Seattle & Orcas Island friends: read on what awaits. Sober, seismically smart, scary.
A hobbit holiday on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands.
Orcas Island faces affordable housing shortage too. OPAL CLT highlighted in story:
Affordable housing shortage growing on Orcas Island
You definitely should! Great views of Mount Baker and the islands from the ferry.Great little hike on Orcas Island.
A big group of us got our to Orcas Island to shred bikes before they close the trails to hikers for the season. A...
We were on Orcas Island (San Juan WASH.) Driving our car on a dead end street. End of dead end sign!
I'm not sleeping outside, they are just day hikes...tomorrow Orcas Island, then Lopez Island and so on :)
San Juan Co officials say a propane leak on Orcas Island has forced evacuations .
Looking east toward Mt Baker from 2,700 feet up on Orcas Island. @ Mount Constitution
An Adventure on Orcas Island in Washington’s San Juan Archipelago via
Orcas Island is the first stop. Grant, Cory, Elijah, Vincent, Raven, Ronnie, Raney, and company turn up big time.
Cruise into History Lime Kiln Tour. A glimpse of Orcas Island history!
Orchards of Orcas Island should be a coffee table book
View from Mt. Constitution summit on Orcas island, in the San Juan's.
Campin on Orcas Island, Washington. It's the most beautiful view of the puget sound I've ever seen.…
Green-Roofed Summer Home, Orcas Island, Washington, with low impact form and low maintenance materials with PV System: h…
Hamilton Collection
Hiking on Turtleback Mountain on Orcas Island. Stunning views and wild blackberries everywhere.…
Southern Resident Killer Whales calls all morning long as orcas head up island this am!
Saturday is @ Orcas Island Farmers’ Market in Eastsound, Washington 10am - 3pm
Ever wonder what the ferry trip from Orcas Island to Friday Harbor looks like? It usually takes 40 minutes on the...
Million $ Washington house being sold only for on Orcas Island Great job on this story
Gorgeous sunset on the ferry. En route to Orcas Island!
Singed up for the Orcas Island 50k again. If you are looking for a 50k in the winter, this one should be on your list! It is a classic!
Flashback to Read Island. First time seeing a pod of Orcas.
Sign up for Int'l Coastal Cleanup! Last yr we went out w and were rewarded with a pod of happy
Off to orcas island for the weekend 👫👟🌲🔦
i'll take 1 thank u // Photos: Craftsman cabin on Orcas Island, Wash.
view from ferry to Orcas Island, WA - volcanic Mt Baker (North Cascades) looms
Yesterday the T068s orcas were found up Bedwell and they travelled all the way behind Meares Island. Our...
Good morning Orcas Island. The view from the balcony is amazing!
This weekend Susan and I will be heading to Orcas Island to do some kayaking and rest our heads at a boutique...
Wolverine football is back tomorrow! Island Cup on the line against the island we all love to hate, Orcas! 6:30 at FHHS
where they belong. Where they are free. :o).
Throwback to our family vacations on Orcas Island! Great memories! Plus, jeffcreeve finally got…
January's "Orcas Island 50k - 2014" inspiring video with soundtrack by Bodhi Jones. Plan on it! Vimeo:
Taking our seaplane over to Orcas Island and Fivel gets to be copilot! @ Kenmore Air…
West Beach Resort got [8/10] Quiet family-friendly resort on Orcas island. Convenient to Mora...
Day of (End of Summer Island Adventure) We were on Orcas Island climbing Mount Constitution,…
Why have I never heard of Orcas Island in Washington.. Omg I NEED to go ASAP
Are you as excited as we are for the 2015 ORCAS ISLAND 25K & 50K LOTTERY REGISTRATION that opens tomorrow,...
The husband wanted contemporary living in the forest and the wife wanted a traditional home on the water.
Great to be at after an excellent ride on Island up 2398 ft Mount Constitution.
Join me on September 4th in Newport, Rhode Island for a special screening of with newportFILM!...
Orcas island is so magical when you pee in the Salish sea it turns urine into sparkles. I can't pee standing, so it wasn't me.
Thanks for Favs.enjoyed my stay on the Island and the Orcas.Enjoy a good night.
“Crazy idea for - have it on Orcas Island! team will be there for our eng retreat
Our 360 carrier in action as we hiked to waterfalls & explored nature on our trip:
Sunset on the Ferry to Orcus Island camping! @ Orcas Island bound…
It's a scientific fact that Bourbon makes the ferry wait go by faster. @ Orcas Island Ferry…
Take a tour inside this waterfront retreat on Orcas Island:
Forest or beach? offers both on Orcas Island. Stoltz Kau Architects.
Another perfect shot of a rider at the beach on Orcas Island.
Orcas off the shore on Vancouver Island (about 11:00 in the photo) Stunning!
Campers gather for a Junior session at Camp 4winds Orcas island
Hoping to see some whales today at Orcas Island WA
Baby's first ferry ride to Orcas island last night. @ Orcas Island bound ferry
Love to see pics if anyone has them! ^ sd MT orcas spotted at south end of Saltspring Island!
Great day for seeing some Orcas near Saltspring Island
orcas spotted at south end of Saltspring Island!
Orcas today off the bow of the Vancouver Island ferry. Starboard or port or some direction. The righty bit.
Wild librarian in her natural habitat # library # lavender @ Orcas Island Public Library
And, finally, we land in Eastsound. Float planes are awesome. @ Rosario Resort And Spa, Orcas Island,…
Last night's hammock chill on Orcas Island.
Chapel by my job on Orcas Island this week.
Yachts and champagne pops with this lady last night! @ Eastbound, Orcas island, WA
Never in my life have I said "I want to go there" and meant it more than this house right here
Cool place, hope to see it one I have an RV 😜👍 Orcas Island Explorations – 5 “Western Arm” Gems
Heading home from Orcas Island today. Boy-person is meeting the parents tonight. God help me.
The San Juan Islands in August: A view from the Deer Harbor area of Orcas Island, reading Edhat and sipping a...
Poor reception on Orcas for paddlers | Letters: And once word gets out, more kayakers might put Orcas Island o...
Although the church camp I grew up going to had orcas and sea lions off the shore, bald eagles above and one lone red bull on the island.
Waiting for one of you guys to hurry up and own one of these. @ Rosario Resort And Spa, Orcas Island,…
Please vote for my photo of 2 ORCAS BREACHING in the ISLAND ADVENTURES contest @ by LIKING my photo. Thanks! AM
Hobo type representing.. Way out here on Orcas Island
Goodbye Bowen Island! I will miss your amazing sunsets, seals, orcas, deer and other animals! 🌅
There are worse places for an afternoon snack @ Eastbound, Orcas island, WA
Travel is always so inspiring. I knew nothing of Robert Moran before visiting orcas island and Moran State Park.
headed to Orcas Island with my road dog Malcolm.
Café operator sought for historic Orcas Island landmark. Orcas Island, one of the San Juan Islands in Washington...
Went for a run on Orcas Island's about a mile and a half from the Inn to the north beach…
This morning I wished for Jordan Almonds and a 3.5 million dollar house on Orcas Island. I got my almonds, still waiting for the house.
A true treasure. Orcas Island in the San Juans.
Ready to visit the San Juan Islands? Check out last-minute lodging on Orcas Island.
Orcas Island is actually a different island in the San Juan Islands. But def a great goal to go to San Juan Island. Lots 'o orcas
Wild hogs on Orcas Island. Only 1 day left on our San Juan nomadic venture. @ The San Juan Islands
This week we are at The Founday by Herban Feast, Turtle Head Farm in Orcas Island, The Columbia Tower Club, Kamp...
Two motor coaches just rolled in with a camp group staying the night between central Washington and Orcas Island.
Can't wait for the second local Clubbell Yoga seminar this year on Orcas Island! with Rachel Robinson, Mike...
New on the Pygmy Blog! Bachelorette Sea Kayaking in the San Juan's, Paddling the West Coast of Orcas Island:
June has the longest days of the year so a few friends and I have decided to spend the month Sailing The Salish Sea through the San Juan's Transporting goods for our local artisan. The Goal is to inspire local economies and connect communities of the Salish Sea. Let us know if you would like to get involved... Do you have a craft you would like to trade, would you like to support this journey in other ways..? Lake Washington - Poulsbo - Port Townsend - Orcas Island - Vashon Island - Tacoma - Des Moines
Housewarming this weekend, May Day on Orcas Island next weekend. Then Bagby Springs, then the Bay. Then probably Eugene?
Rosario, on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands. 17 boats from are Home Port on Sequim, Washington. Ports of Call; Roche Harbor, Friday Harbor, and Rosario. Headed home through cattle pass tomorrow.
The rain finally stopped so I had to find a sunset before I lost my mind. A sunset view of Waldron Island from West Beach, Orcas Island, Washington. ISO 160 f/18 5 seconds
Breakfast Lead Line Cook: Come live and work on beautiful Orcas Island! Doe Bay Cafe is seeki... |
Starting out Spring Break right. Tomorrow off to Orcas Island, San Juan Islands.
Billy Wilson and Kimberly Kovar Wilson taking a break from the FutureChurch ThinkTank at Orcas Island
We are deeply saddened to have to share the news that Coupeville artist Roger Purdue has passed away. Roger created the beautiful artwork for the Penn Cove Water Festival every year for two decades, and carved and painted the famous "Salmon Wheel" on the Coupeville Waterfront (now at the Island County Museum), and designed and oversaw the carving of the beautiful "Whale Wheel" that replaced it. Roger is of Tsimshian heritage, and growing up on Orcas Island he developed a deep love for nature, salmon and whales. He was a teacher in Oak Harbor, and after retiring from teaching concentrated on his celebrated Northwest Native artwork and carvings, and was as prolific as he was talented. His generosity to the Penn Cove Water Festival and to the community will never be forgotten, and his beautiful, creative depictions of nature will live on forever. There are no words to express the emptiness in our hearts on this day. Appropriately, as I write this, a pod of Resident orcas is swimming up Admiralty Inlet, they ...
San Juan County Sheriff's deputies onboard the Guardian, Orcas Island first responders on foot, and U.S. Coast Guard helicopter crew searched for Michael El Fattal after he was reported missing at 12:30 a.m. this morning. The 55-year-old man who is 5' 11" tall was wearing a dark nylon jacket and Carhart style work pants when he left home about 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 13. The search continues with resources from the mainland including dog teams and other search and rescue personnel. If you have any information regarding the location of Mr. El Fattal, please contact the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office at (360) 378-4151.
SPOTLIGHT on: James Hardman. James, an accomplished painter and painist, lives and works on Orcas Island. He paints the luminous light he sees all around him there in nature. Visitors to Inspired Arts often remark that his work reminds them of Maxfield Parrish, or of a Japanese woodblock print. We not only carry his larger prints, but also his art greeting cards and music CDs. We're honored to be able to share his creations with you!
Kayla, Burton and I are leaving this morning for Orcas Island to check out Moran State Park and Mount Constitution. I am anxious to post more of my images but cant pass up an opportunity to camp and be in the San Juans. Thank you for all your support and keep an eye out for more photographs, soon!
Find vacation rentals worldwide, including San Juan Island vacation rentals, Orcas Island vacation rentals and house rentals on Lopez Island. Rent direct from owners and save with StaySite.
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