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Operation Yewtree

Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into alleged sexual abuse, predominantly the abuse of children, by the British media personality Jimmy Savile (who died in 2011) and others.

Alvin Stardust Jim Davidson Paul Gambaccini Mike Read Robin Williams Rolf Harris Bruce Forsyth Dr Fox Barry Chuckle Jimmy Saville

R.I.P. Alvin Stardust. So many memorable entertainers from my childhood seem to have passed away. Either that or seized by Operation Yewtree
The Chuckle Brothers have decided to hide from operation yewtree within the rap world.. good plan.
It just never sits right with me when a 12 year old likes my instagram pics. Reverse operation yewtree syndrome.
If you need a quick reminder of which DJs haven't been involved in operation Yewtree simply tune in to TOTP on BBC4.
Alvin Stardust dies. I can already see the new branch sprouting from operation Yewtree.
Seem to be out at football every time it's on, and at home for The Sky at Night. Hope operation yewtree has finished
Paul and barry getting down wiv da kidz (but only since being cleared of allergations surrounding operation yewtree)
Terrible news about Alvin Stardust although I suppose it will save Operation Yewtree a few quid
Have the Chuckle Brothers not been done under Operation Yewtree yet?
*** Alvin Stardust, now. If it's not Operation Yewtree hoovering up my 70s memories, it's the bloody Grim Reaper. Coo-ca-choo, Bernie.
I genuinely mean no offence, but who else saw Alvin Stardust pop up on the news and instantly think Operation Yewtree? Sign of the times.
Saw trending, thought 'Uh oh, Operation Yewtree claims another.' Turns out he's just dead. LUCKY ESCAPE, STARDUST.
All we need now is Operation Yewtree to come crashing down on them and spoil the fun
Sad that you see a 70s star trending & you're relieved that they've died rather than been arrested by Operation Yewtree. RIP Alvin Stardust.
It's a sad indictment of 70's celebrity that when I saw Alvin Stardust trending I thought Operation Yewtree rather than the poor sod dying.
hope he didn't top himself before Operation Yewtree got to him?
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Thanks, although now I'm slightly worried. Do the words "operation" and "yewtree" worry you?
I am sure you know that Cliff has been investigated by Operation Yewtree. There was nothing there. Cliff remains innocent!!
What if we go as characters from operation Yewtree?
“Come on Red Men! I know we can get something for this tonight, these are our nights yewtree
Says that this is partially down to the way such crimes were recorded and Operation Yewtree which has led to reporting of historical cases
😂 not the scratchmaster! That's what all them hi viz's were at the last rave I went mate, must of been operation yewtree
As long as Operation Yewtree haven't arrested him first.
“Dear young people, Christ is counting on you to be his friends and witnesses to his infinite love.” Operation Yewtree suspect
Operation Yewtree need to pay him a visit.
Unusual for a former Radio 1 DJ to be in the news, and not involve Operation Yewtree
Just caught up with your song - *** ?? What is it about 70s/80s DJs; if Operation YewTree doesn't get 'em it seems does...
Waiting for Stacy's Mum to be the next big name in Operation Yewtree.
Whenever I see Mike Read trending, I always think it will be an Operation Yewtree update.
DJs eh? If Operation Yewtree doesn't get them, Operation Yewkip will.
S Club 7 are trending. I daren't click to see why. Are they dead or is it an Operation Yewtree thing?
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as a lifelong fan of the I am concerned that will be getting a call from Operation Yewtree.
DJ Paul Gambaccini in return to BBC radio after Operation Yewtree probe ends.
In UK we have Operation YewTree which has investigated and arrested dozen of celebrities who sexually assaulted girls in past
Hazard just stop it. Last time I saw a touch as naughty as that Operation Yewtree were getting involved.
Operation Yewtree being called in to investigate the Roma / Bayern match..
Operation Yewtree appear to be conducting a honeytrap operation at St James Park tonight.
And I thought operation Yewtree was the peak of the criminal activity of my childhood heros - that is until I heard Mike Reads
Mike Read certainly doesn't. Still its bought him into the public eye and at least it isn't operation yewtree .
This, from left me wibbly-wobbly: "Over-sharing is a kind of caring... shame is a useless emotion."
I suppose it's just a relief to see a former Radio 1 DJ not implicated in Operation Yewtree.
OPERATION YEWTREE/FERNBRIDGE is a ROYAL MILITARY …: fake operation protecting establishment paedos so are most ops
agent has been in touch with Operation Yewtree to investigate him on the grounds that it will be better PR than his
where's Operation Yewtree when you need it?
Mike Read singing in a fake West Indian voice about UKIP? All I can say is where are Operation Yewtree when you need them?
One of the few 70s DJs who haven't had a brush with Operation Yewtree.
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PedoGaf and Operation Yewtree The Pedo's are everywhere what will we ever do!
Dear Person In Charge Of Operation Yewtree, Now would be a good time to increase those conviction rates.
I think Operation Yewtree would have been less embarrassing for Mike Read.
Hi is that operation yewtree. Cough Mike cough Read cough cough.
How hasnt John McCririck has his door knocked down yet regarding operation yewtree?
"me rn Hiding from the operation YEWTREE cops.
Video camera jumper is the future of Operation Yewtree
“Sex accusers must be named, says Jimmy Tarbuck after Yewtree arrest:
Liz ... I am not going to lie .. I did think of posting that but Then I thought of operation Yewtree 😳😂
Operation Yewtree is concerning the crimes of isolated public figures. Rotherham concerns
And operation Yewtree. Oh, sorry nothing to do with immigrants.
Suprised Operation Yewtree ain't took him off the streets yet.
"Operation Yewtree (also known as the Yewtree Inquisition and the Savile Inquisition)" No I am not making it up.
15/20 years time loads of Britpop boats will get pulled in as part of Operation Yewtree II.
No charges for Paul Gambaccini following Operation Yewtree enquiries.
I'm scared that if I smile in a photo I'll get arrested as part of operation yewtree
I think operation Yewtree need informing!
How he hasn't been picked up by Operation Yewtree is beyond me
In Alex Day’s new video, Alex explains Operation Yewtree in less than four minutes using Post-It Notes.
Tiesto has Operation Yewtree written all over him
Nicky Romero looks like he messes with kids. Another DJ for Operation Yewtree?
Even the illustrations are terrifying. The one for Wee Willie Winkie is basically Operation Yewtree.
The Operation which run after murder was the biggest since the Yorkshire Ripper and the last until Operation Yewtree.
Really interesting piece found by >>> Operation a Royal Military Police Investigation?
I was cherry picked by a very famous DJ once. Fortunately it's in the hands of Operation Yewtree now.
Did you get arrested as part of Operation Yewtree?
talks about his nightmare with Operation Yewtree in his new show and book:
I thought operation Yewtree might one day knock on his door but never a full blow racist outburst!!
Another for operation Yewtree pulling its nappy to one side and sticking his fist up a ducks bum and its not even xmas
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Operation Yewtree took him in for questioning cos they thought his haircut was 'suspiciously 1970's'
... Unfortunately that sort of behaviour will get him investigated by Operation Yewtree.
Operation Yewtree we had a fanfare everytime a celeb was questioned let alone arrested. Why not same with Rotherham child rapists? Oh wait..
Wow, old Pan's People videos are like Operation Yewtree - The Musical.
The 'Evil Kagawa' account would require a "turn over your harddrive to Operation Yewtree this instant" button.
Jimmy Saville: Operation Yewtree cops probe 12 suspects in positions of power
Someone in my Seminar, with all confidence, just asked if Operation Yewtree is an actual tree. I shouldn't laugh. Oré do n…
Breaking News: ITV2 have drafted in the help of Operation Yewtree to find a presenter for a new reality TV show aimed at young people.
"Dapper Laughs will be arrested as part of operation yewtree in 20 years time". And for being criminally unfunny
Lonan has operation Yewtree written all over him
Sure has one thing to say to Operation YewTree! don't care what a company of sex offenders think
Everytime Operation Yewtree witchhunters make any public statement they should be forced to reveal how much overtime they've pocketed so far
Yet another victim of Operation Yewtree Jimmy Tarbuck's *** at hands of police and CPS. Mugs or thugs?
Operation Yewtree investigating 12 new suspects including police officers and politicians
The police investigation into child grooming and abuse is called Operation Yewtree
Jim Davidson reacts to claims of Operation Yewtree joke: 'Bloody newspapers' distorted truth about my stand-up
Dr Fox while waiting for his Operation Yewtree interview boots home High Talk at Sedgefield :)
This has Operation Yewtree written all over it.
oh my... operation yewtree descends on Pencaster
Paul Gambaccini cleared by Operation Yewtree sex crimes police
Operation Yewtree: Paul Gambaccini describes year of trauma after he is told he will not face charges.
Officers in charge of Operation Yewtree been urged by the public to expand their investigations beyond historic sex offenders to people who are simply a bit of a ***
NEWS! Operation Yewtree urged to consider extending remit to cover 'historic ***
your pedo m8 Fred says he knows what you done last summer, tick tock fat man. Operation yewtree have your number
These who I want to see arrested! The senior non celebrity establishment who abused our children placed in care.
"she didn't act 10". I'm glad he owned up to it, in the UK no one seems to admit it. Dont know if you heard of operation yewtree?
I can deal with most things, the coalition, operation yewtree, but a five door it ain't a mini when it's bigger than my bimmer
that’s all we need. Yewtree and Operation Carousel. Don’t know what sounds more nonce..
Bruce Forsyth trending. Be honest, when you saw that, you assumed he'd died.” our operation yewtree had came a knocking
I thought more along the lines of operation yewtree tbh
I'm getting out of here before Operation Yewtree finds us
Given his rejection of her for maturing, maybe Operation Yewtree should go after Aslan next.
Brucey: 'I've always liked younger women' - I'm 90% sure Operation Yewtree will confirm that for us in the next few months anyway!
sir bruce: 'I've always liked younger women'.. operation yewtree will be kicking his door down at 5am in the morning now
I'm surprised they haven't been called up for operation yewtree.
Twelve more public figures 'being looked into by Operation Yewtree' via
2) of Operation Yewtree simply to gain compensation, he degraded the women and mocked them regardless of what they'd been through
Whoa only just seen the news mention Dr Fox / Neil Fox has been arrested too, oh no, that's a shock! *Not* Operation Yewtree related though
This Monday is a complete write off. Waking at half 4, guzzling coke and watching deal or no deal. Noel Edmunds next on Operation Yewtree.
I'll be forwarding our findings to Operation Yewtree first thing in the morning.
Evening a quick question. Have you or Paul yet been investigated regarding Operation It's important.
Seems all the more unbalanced as more is revealed by Operation Yewtree.
Mum just referred to operation yewtree as operation gumtree
"Yes Hello, is that Operation Yewtree? I've got something i'd like to report."
Primo-based interfaces, of course, still have a date search option limited to "before Kulashaker" and "during Operation Yewtree"
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They daren't show their faces in Rotherham. They are obviously next in line for Operation Yewtree.
I thought it was about Operation Yewtree, The Crown Prosecution, Feminism & those persecuting men at present
Somebody needs to sew up Katie Price's *** already. I mean she's had more children than *insert any Operation Yewtree suspect here*
Having Cameron campaigning for the No Campaign is like having Rolf Harris in charge of the operation Yewtree.
Oh god. Yes, I'm the lunatic. I could sell the song to operation Yewtree workers.
That big bairns not bombs figure looks more operation yewtree than operation yes
And, STOP Operation Yewtree! FREE Rolf Harris, biggest Miscarriage of Justice in a long time!
The CPS run by 60% women, & men are now being persecuted in Witch Hunt known as Operation Yewtree. How many of those women are feminists?
And hopefully no you in Operation Yewtree.
men's grooming industry lost £50m after the Operation Yewtree arrests, more like.
Paul Hollywood gets an overwhelming smell of bacon when Operation Yewtree come knocking
Rolf & Alwen, whom Mark Williams-Thomas, The CPS and Operation Yewtree will NEVER part. A POX upon all who try!
The most useful thing I've done this week is hatch a plan for a Cluedo-style board game based on Operation Yewtree. What's wrong with me?
Better watch what I'm saying; an 'online father' sounds like an Operation Yewtree suspect
The whole Operation Yewtree and CPS system now means that NO man is safe..and that includes our sons/brothers/fathers etc.
has he been had in operation Yewtree yet? Ringo I mean
are now one successful Yewtree operation away from Jordan Henderson potentially lifting the champions league
How many times did players go to see Aviici in Ibiza? Suprised operation Yewtree hasn't caught up with the lot of you yet!
My nan just said if she was an officer in Operation Yewtree she would go straight after the guy who presents Bargain Hunt. 😂😂😂
Wonder if will have a white man saying child abuse has no roots in British culture next time they report on Op…
It's only nonces. It's an operation Yewtree sting.
I hear those Bloodborne alpha invitations are part of an operation Yewtree sting. I'm glad I didn't get one. GLAD.
I see your 'harsh' and raise you 'prophetic'.
Paul Gambaccini and a second man re-bailed until mid-Sept by Operation Yewtree
Yep. The kid will be into his 40s now. Loads of high profile cases. Operation Yewtree. More confidence in the judicial system.
are you anti-Christian since Anders Breivik murdered 77 people? Anti-white since Operation Yewtree?
. Good - Operation Yewtree will need evidence.
Was Jim Davidson implicated in Operation Yewtree? I'd never have guessed from his show.
Operation Yewtree brought to you by Budweiser.
Who is your fancy and how old is he -operation Yewtree wants to know.
Next up it will be Mackay being arrested under operation yewtree
are people who watched Rolf Harris back in the day now under the eye of operation yewtree?
By the way your well next for operation Yewtree. Gary's dongle was well full of filth and he left it on your hard drive.
Operation Yewtree need to get on to the fella that put this together. Cringey bell end.
". Erm, hello, I've got some information regarding operatio…
". Erm, hello, I've got some information regarding operation yewtree...
My mate lived next door to Les Dennis and – to freak him out – changed his Wi-Fi name to "Operation Yewtree".
Big names at Disneyland are being arrested by Operation Yewtree. Now they're taking the Mickey.
your a right operation Yewtree ain't ya?
Quite frankly I blame 'Operation Yewtree' for the increased numbers of fat children clogging our streets.
And inside every young person is a potential customer of operation Yewtree!
anyway, what's he done to get in the news? Operation Yewtree?.
Tiggy Wiggy is trending. Assumed a teletubby had been collared by Operation Yewtree
I'd be more worried about be followed by an account called 'Operation Yewtree'.
Police have removed a large amount of material from a house belonging to Cliff Richard.Fingers crossed it's ju...
Your other listener mentioned Gary Puckett's "Young Girl", the lyrics to which would be no defence in Operation Yewtree.
This is a great article on and -the writer must be a pretty cool guy
It's the one day of the year you can compliment a teenager on their A*s without Operation Yewtree getting involved.
Christianity, Feminism and Operation Yewtree.: I’m not a religious man by any means. Not in the sense of organ...
all these allegations coming out of Cardiff City, I'm just waiting for the Operation Yewtree investigation now...
“If Thursday was a group of lads . operation yewtree please investigate
An innocent graduate of Operation Yewtree, Jim Davidson, dazzles in Edinburgh -
Malky Mackey just needs Operation Yewtree to get involved to top off a pretty rubbish 24hours.
Simon Cowell to work on a new ensemble cover of 'Perfect Day', featuring celebrities questioned or convicted as part o…
what next in the soap opera? Arrests under Operation Yewtree? Discovery that the stadium is built on an ancient burial ground?
I definitely know who's getting caught up in Operation Yewtree next.
If it wasn't for Operation Yewtree, we'd have David Pleat installed by now!! ***
cliffs had operation yewtree on his face since Saville
Yeah but 'And' had their BBC contract cancelled after those Operation Yewtree charges, remember?
Operation Yewtree could do with a proving drawer.
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. Pete Price will be arrested in Operation Yewtree. In roughly 47 days time.
I believe the officers from Operation Yewtree should be straight onto this shambles
Reading & Leeds should have a dedicated over-18s entrance that leads directly into Operation Yewtree.
Operation Yewtree has forced me to re-evaluate my youth in the 70s. . With more cynical eyes I'm not even sure diddly-winks is a real game.
I'm just hoping that the next 70s celeb arrested by Operation Yewtree is Scrappy Doo and not Scooby.
that I've made a list of Celebs I want to see caught by Operation Yewtree so I don't have to see them on T.V. anymore?
release a compilation CD! >> Yikes. Will get targeted by operation Yewtree if I do that.
I think given operation yewtree, this is a bad choice of words
Is Barcelona's transfer ban related to Operation Yewtree?.
Next celeb to be arrested as part of Operation Yewtree
This stuff should be arrested under Operation Yewtree for being another 1970s icon that went astray
Saving them all up for Operation Yewtree 2050.
Operation yewtree seems to have become the yin to the yang of Hello! Magazine
Rumour has it that even the stuffed toy has been questioned by Operation Yewtree in recent months
I’ll tell you what separates the men from the boys. Operation Yewtree.
I heard morph from art attack is the next to be interviewed as part of operation yewtree after he was accused of being a…
is Ballamory where they send people found guilty under Operation Yewtree?
Is this a news story or part of operation Yewtree's investigation?
Lovely stuff (I'm not going to make an Operation Yewtree joke). DM me your email.
Re. Jim Davidson- Men, RUN FOR THE HILLS!! This is now the INSANE situation created by Operation Yewtree, The...
Operation Yewtree is getting tem all now! Who's next? Bruce Forsythe? Terry Wogan? David Dickinson? Noel Edmunds? Place your bets folks!
Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into sexual abuse allegations
He looks like a twiglet crossed with Operation Yewtree. All of it.
You CANNOT judge the society of FORTY years ago on the society of today! NOR should ANY of the Operation Yewtree... htt…
"Officer I was vetting him.". "Oh. Oh sure. Sort of like Operation Yewtree?". "Eh. Yes."
Operation Yewtree's next port of call.
I didn't dare open the link as I suspect it's for the Tory section of Operation Yewtree.
If there was an American version of Operation Yewtree, The Bushwhackers would almost certainly be implicated
I just hope Operation Yewtree aren't monitoring this conversation
After Operation Yewtree being in the news, just remember this silver lining.
Right - gotcha! Luckily the officers from Operation Yewtree were not needed in this case... Phew!
Apparently, Operation Yewtree is going to be interviewing Father Christmas.
Bruce Forsyth is next on operation yewtree
Robin Williams, Lauren Bacall... One more to go. . For old celebrities it's another thing to worry about alongside Operation Yewtree.
“I'd like to report Barry Chuckle to Operation Yewtree, I'm only 14
If you're 50+ and still using words like 'dude' theres a 99.9% chance operation yewtree is round the corner
Think it's operation yewtree that are mostly watching them these days
McZee is definitely a contender for Operation Yewtree.
Lim, why are you so aggressively kept off English telly? Only seen ya once. Operation Yewtree I'm guessing
Operation Yewtree have first dabs on him, lads.
are the SPCA aware of this, or operation Yewtree?
He looks like a perfect Operation Yewtree suspect
Just heard Bungle has now been arrested as part of Operation Yewtree.
he'll probably turn out to be lead suspect in the American version of operation yewtree now youve said that..
Failed to convince my brother he'd get more calls to his tree surgery business if he changed the name to Operation Yewtree
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Exclusive picture of another children's entertainer arrested by operation yewtree.
How long before Robin Williams is caught up in Operation Yewtree?
Operation Yewtree officers not Weeting making that article on BBC News website probably.
Here's a thought, do you think he did it before operation yewtree became an international investigation?
Its so obvious Robbie Williams took his own life cos Operation Yewtree was closing in on him dirty nonce bag
you're clearly 65 and a key suspect in operation Yewtree
"No Further Action" - great insight into how Operation Yewtree often worked, what false accusations can do to a person, & ***
i wonder if operation yewtree will look into creepy Chris after the show?
Is it a caution from operation Yewtree ?
lol Ian Cranky is wanted by operation yewtree
He's done well to avoid operation Yewtree.
Bruce Springsteen questioned by Operation Yewtree for 8 hours until detectives realised they'd misread the title of his hit "Philadelphia".
I'm not surprised? Stealing young boys boxes, operation Yewtree will be onto you in no time...
may as well have a big neon sign saying "Operation Yewtree please call here"
Thank Christ Paul and Barry Chuckle weren't part of Operation Yewtree.
Whoever invented assless hospital gowns should be investigated by Operation Yewtree.
it's not a council house, sold on the market for £450k. whilst you live in your dads shed hiding away from operation yewtree
Probably nobody wants to take the risk of smiling at kids in case somebody from Operation Yewtree comes knocking at their door
As Operation Yewtree spoken to Deniz Corday at anytime since the Jimmy Savile EXPOSURE in 2012
hoping Oyston gets done for operation Yewtree
I reckon Robbie is heading Operation Yewtree & ArsenalFanTV is his way of gathering evidence
he'll probably be on Operation Yewtree's radar soon
is it true you're on the list for operation Yewtree? 💔
talks to me about Savile, Peel, soul, cheese & not being arrested by operation yewtree
No. Maybe you can ask the Operation Yewtree lads when they come for you though?
Celebrity Big Brother, Operation Yewtree, a new book and now Edinburgh Fringe... Jim Davidson on
Operation There's something wrong with *that* picture..
Hagrid sits nervously in his shack. There's a knock at the door. 'Oh ball bags' he bellows, 'it's operation yewtree'
Operation Yewtree (UK) seems to be a great place to register various issues over the last four decades...
Let's get our heads together and start coming up with some more names to help Operation Yewtree. Jim Davidson?
Breaking News: Sooty arrested by Operation Yewtree team. 'He is really taking the *** with his right to remain silent' said one officer.
Will we still have Operation Yewtree if we're independent? *points at Dotaman*
I'm not surprised. This is Operation Yewtree territory and I'm out of my depth.
Tonight's game was definitely an operation sting. I didn't get arrested.
Be VERY careful. read up on Operation Yewtree -
guilty of child abuse. Another DJ caught w/ Operation And it's not his first time - more tomorrow
Operation Yewtree began in Ireland when a policeman chased a trio of priests down the street shouting "Hey! You three!"
Some defendants in Operation Yewtree have a better defence than BAE does for staying at Spurs. Joke of a player.
he's a bad pleb him operation Yewtree material
"How Operation Yewtree is dividing the MOBA community." Matter of time.
Looks like you got that photo from an Operation Yewtree dossier.
This beach club promoter has the demeanour of an operation Yewtree suspect
don't forget Alan Green or Wogan... but i think it's only a matter of time before operation yewtree catches up with the latter
Strictly Come Dancing judge, Len Goodman, is the latest celebrity to be named by Operation Yewtree.His victim was seven.
why has operation yewtree suddenly gone quiet? Did they discover something in parliament ?
why do you look like a suspect from operation YewTree ??
Tell that to operation yewtree so who do we turn to then?
Operation 'Yewtree' exists primarily to investigate paedaphelia inside of the BBC. You do the maths. I do not watch or listen to the BBC
Why is it called 'Yewtree' and not 'Operation Dirty Pedo'
This deals with all the Operation Yewtree cases, not just Rolf's... Interesting article.
If Pat ever gets a visit from Operation Yewtree my childhood will be in tatters.
hi mate, have operation YewTree been onto you yet about that SnapBack you was wearing on Sunday?
She's working under cover for operation YewTree !!
didn't Freddie get caught up in Operation Yewtree?
"Has operation yewtree got hold of you yet Sick. Very sick. You should be asha…
How's Mathew kelly not been pulled up for operation ??? Yes well a fiddy kiddler
Ken returns home from Operation Yewtree dressed like an elderly sex pest
Very dodgy - I'm not sure Operation Yewtree have jurisdiction in the States? LOL! ;-)
Followed up tomorrow with an Operation YEWTREE special.
Is that the one where Homer is investigated by Operation Yewtree?
And by the looks of your photos, you also need to be investigated by Operation Yewtree. Took your time to respond.
The Operation Yewtree Rockafella *** with and at Last night was a fringe highlight so far.
heard yer mate that goes to watch the darts had his harddrive seized by Operation Yewtree
Jim Davidson, Assembly Halls - review: Who was hoping he'd get caught up in operation Yewtree?..
Can we call the instrumental on our album "The Operation Yewtree All-Stars"?
I reckon Mike Smith's death is an elaborate ruse to avoid Operation Yewtree.
"Jim Davidson 'coyly' floats the idea that Operation Yewtree is a witch hunt" odd use of coyly?
“This is how all mascot-footballer pairings should come out... operation yewtree
Captain Birdseye is gonna be the next celeb on operation Yewtree, don't even
Just spoke to my source in the Metropolitan Police and can confirm that is a suspect in Operation Yewtree.
Another Aussie sex case for you Operation Yewtree.
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