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Operation Yewtree

Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into alleged sexual abuse, predominantly the abuse of children, by the British media personality Jimmy Savile (who died in 2011) and others.

Noel Edmonds Tim Peake Rolf Harris Noel Edmunds Mike Yarwood John Craven

it’s the kind of photo that gets pulled out for Operation Yewtree reports.
could be one for operation yewtree IMO
The child catcher gets scooped up by the Met as part of Operation Yewtree
Operation yewtree are very interested in Ed's sheep viewing habits
a date with Mike Yarwood? Sounds a bit 'Operation Yewtree' to me... 😒
he's in the run from Operation Yewtree is that one.
Rather be a virgin than on the operation yewtree watchlist
What age pal? If under 16, please done reply. Operation Yewtree is in full swing.
what is your view on the BBC and operation Yewtree?
The only people following you are the officers from operation Yewtree 😂
A sign you're getting old. The age gap seems a bit too Operation Yewtree, then you're realise she's actually thirty.
Channel 4 and Robbie Coltrane are making a drama inspired by Operation Yewtree. Brave?
Former Stoke Mandeville doctor charged by Operation Yewtree cops praised by Princess Diana for working with,
Has this clown not been picked up by operation yewtree? Mr Blobby has never been the same since noels 'house partys'
Could you please paint the Suicide Squad, except they are all those convicted under Operation Yewtree? Cheers.
The false rape timeline, now 2200 entries and rising. how the Operation Yewtree scam worked:.
Drawing register is longer than the suspect list for Operation Yewtree
Owen Smith managed to hire an ice cream van and not be a suspect of operation yewtree.
Nope, Operation Yewtree are investigating them for any contact with the BBC
She’s how old? And she had sex with a 13 year old? Operation Yewtree would be all over this film
If that article is. Board needs a clear out! Don't like that Usmanov bloke either. He's a bit Operation Yewtree ☹️
More likely Operation Yewtree have finally caught up with him.
"Theres a bit of Heavy D in everyone...". Was that the same statement he said to the officers working on 'Operation Yewtree?'
Was expecting this to be to do with operation yewtree.
I was gonna take my beard right down to stubble and keep the 'tache but I feel I'd end up looking well Operation Yewtree.
Anything involving most of the people arrested from operation Yewtree: Jim'll Fix It, Rolf's Cartoon Club, Top Of The Pops...
BBC Olympic coverage is as elusive as a straight answer from their management to questions from Operation Yewtree
you're obsessed with my kids too. Operation Yewtree will be in touch soon.
The Zombie Knife ban is the biggest attack on nonces since operation Yewtree.
when you get hairs on your balls, you'll learn what sarcasm is. Now I'm going, before operation Yewtree get in touch
He looks like a suspect in an Operation Yewtree investigation
How very dare you - John Craven is one of the few '80s kids' TV presenters not to be questioned by Operation Yewtree.
Call to raise the IQ of Barristers namely Babs
You know you're getting old when you think the age gap is a bit Operation Yewtree, and then find out she's 30.
Operation Yewtree will be all over it if its like the last load of "celebs" who graced it
I love OBD, but you would never get away with calling yourself 'Old Dirty *** thesedays without being investigated by…
An ageing male celebrity wearing his just pants. Match of the Day meets Operation Yewtree.
Surpised Gary Megson hasn't been done for operation yewtree yet.
Looks like a police photo from operation Yewtree mate.
This 1940's thing in Lytham has brought out some dubious looking types, grown men in fancy dress at 13:00. Reeks of Operation Yewtree.
Anyone else think Tim Peake has gone to space to avoid Operation Yewtree? Bloke creeps me out.
Naholo's treatment of Amos should be referred to Operation Yewtree
please work with Operation Yewtree to deport these abhorrent paedophiles
Oh..and the CPS ignored a GREAT deal, as did Operation Yewtree. Look up the term 'cherrypicking'
Here come Operation Yewtree flying in to nab Guetta.
They'll be squirming a lot more when Operation Yewtree wagons appear outside Celtic Park (Stade De Nonce) very soon.
Can't wait till you get nicked by Operation Yewtree.
I've been 'exercising'. . Now sweating like a 70s Radio One DJ who sees an email from Operation Yewtree in his inbox.
WHEN are they going to look into Operation Yewtree, I wonder..the cherrypicking of evidence, especially in Rolf's trial.
This could go all Operation Yewtree on us.
exactly! Some incredible bands out there and the Operation Yewtree sting gets it!
Your kipper screams Operation Yewtree, you disabled ***
Can't wait until Operation Yewtree catches up with Tim Peake.
Poor Operation Yewtree finds nowt amiss in his case only for him to go stark, staring mad.
You know why it's called operation Yewtree so people don't think they are a plant.
When just seen Noel Edmonds is trending I presumed he is either dead or been done under operation yewtree or summat.way it usually is!
Trying to call Radio 2 to speak to Noel Edmunds. Remind him Operation Yewtree is still looking for him and he's a massive danger.
MPs questioning Mike Ashley about alleged dodgy practices is like putting Rolf Harris in charge of Operation Yewtree
Operation Yewtree has been usurped by Operation Yarwood, where anyone who was ever impersonated by Mike Yarwood is interviewed under caution
Also those rumours that Mr Blobby had been visited by officers from Operation Yewtree are totally unfounded. He went there off his own back.
Will Operation Yewtree ever catch up with the ringleader!. Noel Edmonds 'cancer box' claim dismissed by firm -
Hamilton Collection
You got a court date? Operation Yewtree finally caught up with ya?
Is it not about time Operation caught up with Noel Edmonds and put us all out of our misery?
Noel Edmonds, eh. Always been a bit of a knacker. With his spray painted on pants and continued evasion of Operation Yewtree.
My only thought was Operation Yewtree. Surely it's only a matter of time?
Anyone who saw trending and didn't immediately assume he'd been uncovered by operation Yewtree is a liar..
Saw Noel Edmonds name trending and immediately thought that he's either dead or been linked to 'Operation Yewtree' 🙈🙊
play opens tonight! I interviewed who wrote with a wee while ago
next to be arrested as part of operation Yewtree?
As soon as I seen Noel Edmonds trending first thing I thought was operation yewtree strikes again
The only miracle here is that officers from Operation Yewtree haven't felt your collar yet beardy.
Admit it: When you saw Noel Edmonds trending you automatically thought, Operation Yewtree.
is he attempting to deflect potential Operation Yewtree links by claiming to have a cure for cancer?
Fingers crossed he gets picked up in the next Operation Yewtree sweep.
Joel Edmunds trending and no mention of operation yewtree. The world baffles.
Saw Noel Edmonds was trending and thought he'd been got by operation yewtree, died or come out for but he's just cured cancer 😞
Dammit saw Noel Edmunds trending and thought I'd won my bet! Thought operation yewtree had caught it's latest celeb!
I see Noel Edmonds is trending, Has the reaper swung or has operation Yewtree had it's last gasp?
Another false alarm in 'Operation Yewtree or Dead?'
Disappointed to see Noel Edmonds trending for non Operation Yewtree reasons.
Trying to find an 'Operation Yewtree' option but can't see one.
Curious how Bill Wyman never got tangled up in Operation Yewtree. Here he is attending wedding
Operation Yewtree was just the beginning for those living with abuse the Untold Story BBC1
If it weren't for Operation Yewtree, the BBC would never fire a past-it sports broadcaster.
X. Oh Romeo. thy honkies are not for squeezing sir , for i am of a young age and Ye operation Yewtree will not be for 'nother 500 years or so
This is just an extended advert for Simon Cowell and Operation Yewtree 2036 version
. Nah. Jeffrey Haroldsson. Sounds like someone Operation Yewtree would be interested in...
"There is no truth to the rumour that Carry On films were loosely based on the testaments of Operation Yewtree".
Je Suis Un Rockstar. This the official anthem of Operation Yewtree, right?
Doctor David Bellamy? Homeopathy? Oh no. That's filled me with an almost Operation Yewtree-level sense of disillusionment.
Operation Yewtree is kicking off again
Horrific story revealing The Hulk is the latest celeb to be questioned in connection with Operation Yewtree.
all I know is operation yewtree were taking a big interest
So Ronnie Corbett died. Honestly, if it's not Operation Yewtree, it's death taking away our beloved TV stars. RIP Ronnie
If that's their missus,I'd be more concerned about a knock from the Indian equivalent of operation yewtree.
Superman's an old celebrity, so I wouldn't be surprised if Batman goes after him on behalf of Operation Yewtree.
You should probably raise this with the people in charge of operation yewtree
If you thought Operation Yewtree was a bad time to be a celeb, 2016 is taking things to a whole new level!
Apart from Operation Yewtree has anything claimed more light entertainment victims than 2016.
You either die a hero, or live long enough to be arrested in Operation Yewtree.
give it time, I'm sure Operation Yewtree will be along to thin the herd in due course.
😔 igetting to the point that all my childhood entertainers have either died or a part of operation Yewtree 😭 💔💔💔
any entertainer from the 70s dying always makes me google their name and "operation yewtree" now. Sorry Ronnie.
OPERATION YEWTREE:Save time and £ on complex investigations by simply arresting everyone at the NEC for 'The Gadget Show live'
Operation Yewtree: The successes and failures..!. . http:/…
Oh man. Death (2016 edition) is outscoring even Operation Yewtree at it's peak now.
Website Builder 728x90
Between death and operation Yewtree, there's going to be no-one left...
Operation Yewtree have just fired up their computers again.
I'll tell you what separates the men from the boys - Operation Yewtree.
Surprised Operation Yewtree hasn't caught up with him yet. Weirdo
This looks like a 'before Operation Yewtree investigated them' photo!
Bradford bringing in City of Film big bucks: C4 to make Operation Yewtree drama about star accused of sex offences
Operation Yewtree will come a knocking.
Don't worry, mate, I'm sure with the age difference there Operation Yewtree will be on to this Tim character.
Don't miss the bit when the studio is raided by officers from operation Yewtree
as long as he's no getting investigated my operation yewtree. Lol
That's disappointing - I'd assumed Basil Brush was the only 70s entertainer not involved in Operation Yewtree.
Wouldn't be at all surprised if Gareth Malone was questioned under Operation Yewtree. Nobody likes choir singing THAT much.
Operation yewtree candidates for sure
The first thing i do when i see a celebrity trending is check if they've died, then check see if they've be arrested by operation Yewtree
Operation Yewtree would come down on Willy Wonka like a ton of bricks
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Off to today, I've got so many sweets and snacks in my pockets I hope I don't get pulled over by operation Yewtree
Watching the Red Bull Soap box challenge which is a bit like It's a Knockout minus the Operation Yewtree element.
Half the country are hoping operation yewtree visits the door of Wayne Rooney !!! Soon !!!
ha no i dragged some countries... may or may not have said Serhat maybe had escaped operation yewtree.
In the wake of Operation Yewtree, the BBC's latest Saturday evening family show is called "Can't Touch This". Oh, the irony.
Oh god I read the first par and I think Operation Yewtree are knocking on my front door.
Operation Yewtree is directly responsible for too much Peter Powell
Cannot wait for operation yewtree to catch up with this nonce
operation yewtree Nap if he ends up at the park alone
Pleats running makes him look a right mincer and in that suit, a prime candidate for Operation Yewtree!!!
Jesus said "let all the children come to me and do not stop them". Operation Yewtree are investigating
Looks like olly was arrested as part of operation yewtree. I'd say m shocked but I'm not
Check out all the nonces on the timeline. Operation Yewtree should be right on it!
If you're over the age of 20 and you voluntarily go and watch please hand yourself in to operation yewtree
Pathé News reels of yesteryear; this one of 'Heatwave 1976', way before Operation Yewtree. Spot the recurring theme.
Is Stan Boardman still alive or was he an Operation yewtree casualty too?
If a teacher shows this much interest in you it's time to call Operation Yewtree
Like its so pharisaical if you see anyone change their profile picture to don't hesitate to inform Operation Yewtree
there are some proper operation Yewtree suspects on it!
Two words "Operation Yewtree" same reason they propagate for this Reich. Tabs held long & high up.
The level of encryption & sheer amount of images on John Cross Mirror's hard drive is the reason Operation Yewtree has been so quiet lately.
Nothing to do with Operation Yewtree some people on here are really childish and stupid no wonder I'm off to my music.
see below did that part include anything related to Operation Yewtree ?
Benteke is the next to contribute to Operation Yewtree.
😂😂😂 You not been tugged yet by operation Yewtree yet you nonce.
Operation Yewtree should extend to this guy
There are plenty of less wealthy and better educated professionals who have erred like Adam Johnson. Operation Yewtree has weeded a few out
*phones Sergeant on Operation Yewtree front desk.
How have operation yewtree not went for Hoddle yet
The is the most REVOLTING thing: The comedian who's lost it all mourns his life as a FALLEN STARR 
But said they were just like you and me the other day. Has anyone called Operation Yewtree?
"Girls on Film" sadly lead to an investigation by Operation Yewtree.
Video killed the radio star, which at the time was Betamax, but more latterly was terminated by Operation Yewtree
me neither Rich. Dave Berry said it best: "launch press shot looks like the latest round of arrests in Operation Yewtree" 😂
Very tempting bar the visit from operation yewtree after
Looks like we showing the clips of the Top 10 song in full (I.e Episodes that can't be shown due to Operation Yewtree)
"Hello, Operation Yewtree? Yeah, he's in the Arsenal changing rooms"
State of that face. Operation Yewtree calling!! Looks like he's just had his *** paddled by a rent boy.
. Send the film to operation Yewtree . Could be helpful to the investigation
Hollywood stars film in Harrogate as Channel 4 recreates Operation Yewtree
Dear operation yewtree, . get urself on all social media and note adults over the age of 25 playing in the snow. . Regards. Mr grumpy
Hope Clean For The Queen is actually a big Operation Yewtree sting, drawing out diddlers with identifiable purple shirts.
being questioned by Operation Yewtree/Midland hopefully
Operation Yewtree should investigate after this.
Strange that the cause of the ruining of people’s childhoods is split between hearing Operation Yewtree allegations and movies being remade.
For the unaware, Operation Yewtree was a high profile investigation by the British police into sexual abuse of children.
One commenter left this reply to the trailer. "Operation Yewtree?. Do you look into all cases of ruined childhoods?"
Probably wise. A danger of getting into Operation Yewtree territory otherwise
BREAKING NEWS: Waldo is always hiding because he is under investigation from operation Yewtree
Operation Yewtree can find your kind anytime, any place and any star system :D
Operation Yewtree: defaming the dead? - looking forward to the debate on 4 8.00 p.m. tonight
surprised chepo was investigated by operation yewtree when he was in the U.K.
Loff!!. I hope Kasabian get seized by the operation Yewtree gang, on the pitch at the end
Your deffo part of a yewtree operation
you're welcome! And work is only regarding online ewsources. And operation yewtree
Read this & you'll see why was the only other writer I wanted near https:…
Oh god Mary Berry is trending, either she's died or Operation Yewtree has got to her! Not sure what's worse...
Noticed Mary Berry is trending and it turns out the only reason she's trending is everybody was thinking the same thing...Operation Yewtree.
but isn't he a Marxist, isn't that the same as being a target for Operation Yewtree?
This fella definitely needs to be investigated by Operation Yewtree.
Chris Tarrant next person to be uncovered in Operation Yewtree, Evens with SkyBet
think operation YEWTREE should make a call at his house
2/2 Savile cases and ALL of Operation Yewtree cases. OUTRAGEOUS!
Pishing in work with the cubicle door open is definitely something Operation Yewtree should be investigating.
With hair like that for his age in 2015 I find it hard not to believe he's not had operation YewTree on his case
Totally ruined for me by Jimmy saville and operation YewTree
1. You don't have a GF . 2. You only like star wars because you recently seen an advert. 3 you are operation yewtree suspect
Exactly what is being done to those who disagree with Operation Yewtree.We're called 'paedo sympathizers'
When operation Yewtree won't accept your love. .
Wow those lyrics. Still surprised Barny hasn't been implicated in Operation Yewtree.
And, pray, do tell, WHERE is the Operation Yewtree logo? After all, it IS a brand name now, according to its' former head.
I'm watching the Phantom Menace. Padmé is such a groomer. I'm calling Operation Space Yewtree.
Is anyone else concerned that typing "might cause Operation Yewtree's servers to melt?
And there'd also be no operation yewtree or Hillsborough inquest... rust in ***
Film idea: Remake of Dirty Dancing where Operation Yewtree officers arrest the main character at the end for sleeping with a 15 year old.
Tony not mentioning any names in case the guys from operation are watching . .
And based on that argument, the beaut has probably just reported Eddie Cavanagh to Operation Yewtree
Tess is starting to talk like an Operation Yewtree offender.
God, where's operation yewtree when you need it...
Isn't it time for John Craven to revisit his "Newsround" programme?.he's untainted by Operation Yewtree, after all?
Delayed/Ajourned until early December, no reason given..but hey, who needs REASONS, huh, for it's Operation Yewtree!
Police 'got things wrong' with Operation Yewtree
Currently judging competition: amazed at the range of entries inc & Operation
Dear James, You raped me in 1964; you *** Operation Yewtree will get you. They're coming for all of you dinosaurs.
If you feel your family has been touched by madness,. can call Operation Yewtree's '80's Ska Bands division'
Swash, Operation Yewtree just called..they want u 2 stop copying all of convicted 70s sex offenders!
...Rod Stewart is a banker for a knock on the door from 'Operation Yewtree' surely?
Not being funny but somebody should contact operation yewtree
"This is for all the kids who love Reggie n Bollie" - Operation Yewtree are on standby.
And he had a beard as well! Has Operation Yewtree been onto him yet?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Palace are my 2nd favourite team behind Operation Yewtree Suspects FC
But to be fair if you're not part of the establishment or a celebrity from the 1970/80s Operation Yewtree possibly goes over your head.
operation yewtree the irish version will be tubridy Louis Walsh and Varadkar
he was in that Richard Curtis film about operation yewtree the early years so maybe he feels like he told us so
That'll make it easy for Operation Yewtree officers to identify and arrest them.
'Uncle Ted' free from the Police again TWICE they've harassed this 79 yr old. TWICE.
I'd love to hear the reaction if you showed the to the cops on operation yewtree.
Only a few more days till Operation Yewtree knock down Steve McClaren's door after that quote
Dude on the left looks like the poster child for Operation Yewtree.
This is a case for Operation Yewtree,first suspect..head of John Lewis marketing department.
vanity upon vanity:Ruined by Operation Yewtree, the veteran comedian who's... on
I imagine there are plenty of pensioners who'd love his life & income. The comedian who's lost it all.
Freddie Starr mourns life: he got a very raw deal, Nicol J's judgment in his case was contradictory and slapdash
Freddie Starr ruined by Operation Yewtree. Ah. I'm sure he's consider that before goosing anyone else:
Scumbag sold house w/o settling legal fees.."The comedian mourns his life as a FALLEN STARR 
Freddie Starr says Karin Ward ruined his life. No Starr is responsible for all he has done & his current situation .
I'm gonna just come out and say it - is having your *** grabbed 50 years ago really such a big deal?.
Comedian Freddie Starr: I was suicidal after sex abuse probe
Alleged comedian Freddie Starr, architect of his own downfall, still blaming others
Absolutely reprehensible. I wish people understood the total devastation of a false allegation. I know.
Just read this shocking story about Freddy Starr and wonder how a woman can make these accusations and walk away!
Freddie Starr got away with being a nonce. Whats his problem?
Freddie Star ruined by Operation Yewtree mourns his life as he hides in Spanish flat ...
EXCLUSIVE: Whatever you might think of Freddie Starr, it is difficult not to feel some compassion for him. The...
Interesting read on a very talented man, shame it's gone like this.
Ruined by Operation Yewtree (although never charged). Hiding from £1million debts in a squalid Spanish flat. Too…
Incidentally, my Harry Potter fan theory was that it all predicted Operation Yewtree.
I was touched by Dave Benson Phillips. Not Operation Yewtree, but in Get Your Own Back Live at
Thats good publicity as opposed to operation yewtree publicity Tarby.
Expect operation yewtree to be reignited ...Google search engine see almighty shift in searches for contract nonce
If Manchester United sign Gareth Bale, I hereby solemnly swear to go to prison for historical sex offences linked to Operation Yewtree.
Party conference applications: Not the best idea to go for a passport photo at 7.30am. Guantanamo Bay meets Operation Yewtree.
Another day where Operation Yewtree do nothing about Captain Birdseye, then.
Operation Yewtree could have had a field day at Cilla Black's funeral yesterday.
Cilla's funeral was an operation yewtree wet dream
"Operation Hydrant – the supervisor. Operation Hydrant is not an investigation into child abuse but the name given t…"
Police child abuse inquiries: Operation Yewtree to Operation Midland
I trust operation was on code red alert and monitoring mates attendees at the funeral today
to say Cilla's funeral would have been even busier if it wasn't for operation yewtree?
Guests at Cilla's funeral reads like a who's who of Operation Yewtree's next targets
Operation yewtree will have been all over this cilla black funeral
Good evening gentlemen Another day passes without Operation Yewtree whisking you both away ?. Bravo gents, good show
Operation Yewtree are now investigating athletes from the 70s
there was one about operation yewtree that was equally mental. Madness.
I bet operation yewtree was watching Cilla's funeral closely
on expensive operation Yewtree investigations by basically just arresting anyone who presented kids TV during the late 70s & 80s
The Operation Yewtree team have been out the office all day.
= national mourning at a funeral most likely attended by Officers from Operation Yewtree = *** is wrong with the English?!?
The Operation Yewtree officers must be raking in all kinds of overtime at Our Cilla's funeral today!
You'd imagine Operation Yewtree will have plenty of eyes on the funeral of Cilla today.
Oh it's a funeral for I thought I was watching Operation Yewtree: the movie
Operation Yewtree should have just rounded up everyone at Cillas funeral. Like shooting fish in a barrel. Biggins Tarby Cliff
Operation yewtree not waiting outside cillas funeral? They'd have a field day there!
Operation Yewtree would have a field day today.
Operation Yewtree would have a field day there today!
I suspect some officers from operation Yewtree may be in the vicinity
Has the Operation Yewtree SWAT team made their dramatic entrance yet?
Wondering if Cilla's funeral might just be an elaborate Yewtree sting operation.
Christ, Operation Yewtree was a waste of time, they should've just waited until today to get them all in one place.
A lot of Tory donors at that funeral. I also bet operation yewtree have an eye on it.
I bet operation yewtree have an eye on that funeral.
Paul o'grady, cliff Richard, Christopher biggins, Pete price and Ray Quinn all in the same building.Operation yewtree would…
Lots of empty houses for Operation Yewtree to have a look in at the moment.
Operation Yewtree are wondering if it would be in bad taste to swoop on Cilla's funeral...
Blocked and probably needs his hard drive checking by operation Yewtree
but Boo Boo was a child?! Or a midget?! I'm worried Yogi was involved with operation Yewtree
Operation Yewtree will be taking a close look at that phone in the near future
Breaking - Operation Yewtree detectives have detained Esther Rantzen after she was caught speaking to Jimmy Saviles ghost on MSN messenger.
that's an Operation Yewtree picture there pal!!
he was arrested and it was in the news. A couple of weeks later operation Yewtree was set up
I thought Operation Yewtree was an Irish police squad with limited staff.
Being a brit of a certain age has hurt. (Look up Jimmy Saville and Operation Yewtree. Few icons left from my childhood)
I'm still waiting for Operation Yewtree to catch up with Mr Tickle.
your pictures are off the chain. Operation Yewtree style.
inb4 Operation Yewtree come for him
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
If I click on this link, will I become a suspect in whatever's the opposite of Operation Yewtree?
he's my next pick to receive Operation Yewtree's knock on the door
Knowing the current mindsets and news, cowering in a closet, hiding from Operation Yewtree?
Operation Yewtree has had a remarkable effect on the quality of punditry on shows like
If you have 200-ish followers and post quotes about having haters-. You will be blocked and have your details passed onto Operation Yewtree.
if you loved Worzel Gummidge..yewtree
Aye. It's gonna be horrible when he's pure and utter operation Yewtree'd.
the boys, including and Reclaiming the stylophone in a post-Operation Yewtree world.
Sounds like someone who's waiting for a call from operation yewtree
"You are a grown man what are you doing at Chucky Cheese?" *awkward operation yewtree silence*
That girl's probably now a key witness in an Operation Yewtree enquiry.
you're not one of these people being investigated by operation yewtree are you Barry?
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