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Operation Yewtree

Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into alleged sexual abuse, predominantly the abuse of children, by the British media personality Jimmy Savile (who died in 2011) and others.

Bill Cosby Ken Morley Noel Edmonds James Bond Keith Chegwin Celebrity Big Brother Father Christmas

Booker T looks like if he was in the UK he'd be getting investigated by officers as part of Operation Yewtree.
How has operation yewtree not caught up with Lawrenson yet?
"Radio DJ XI" I assume most of them are now operation Yewtree ?!
For those asking, I have NOT been questioned or arrested as part of operation yewtree!!!
if it's the Operation Yewtree one I'm not playing
I bet Cameron and Merkels *** are twitching like a 70's DJ being interviewed by Operation Yewtree right now.
Watching an old James Bond. He's lucky he's fictional, otherwise I imagine Bond may have come under investigation in Operation Yewtree.
. What happened there ?. Did Operation Yewtree just knock the front door ?
Hello is that operation yewtree "ive got something to confess" I would put money on Noel being a nonce
looks like a mugshot collage from operation Yewtree (allegedly)
Coming from the guy who looks like a person from operation yewtree.
do any bookies let you bet on who's next to be nicked in operation yewtree? Deffo worth sticking a score on him 😂
Met Police Operation Yewtree statement - "Just as soon as all the nonces are dead, or have declared "dementia", we'll get cracking".
Also down in his luck is R2's best mate, who, following allegations made during Operation Yewtree is now known as 'C-creepy-O'
OMG tony pulis nicked in operation... surely it's just a rumour👀
Wayne Lineker has got to be next on the operation yewtree hit list.
All those Hawaiian shirts in one room and no Operation Yewtree swoop?
Are you allowed to nominate people for operation yewtree?
Only way today could get any better is if Mourinho gets hauled away in the back of a police van by an Operation Yewtree detective.
If you would have predict them scores you need arresting by operation Yewtree.
“Anyone know the pub near Villa Park ?”. Pub operation YewTree apparently
I'd like to add to that "Comedians randomly mentioning 'Operation Yewtree' for cheap laughs"
Yes, originally, they used Operation Yewtree, now they're attempting to use ISIS
I've just passed your details to operation yewtree
Best dignified exit of panto star arrested by Operation Yewtree.
loads of dodgy things happened since the last one. Operation yewtree
Operation Yewtree! The lengths that lad will go to for a booze. He has got serious issues!
Thats David Attenborough getting hauled up infront of operation yewtree then!!
Has anyone checked Leon Brittan's pulse. Might be a ploy to avoid the Operation Yewtree polis?
That’s what all the Operation Yewtree folk thought. But it’s not all fun & games. It just means I’m nearer the grave.
...but not because we're all suspects in Operation Yewtree.
My Dad had a tigerprint speedo. I might have to get Operation Yewtree to look into him.
80s Superman must be on Operation Yewtree's radar, right?
Chiles' sacking seems pretty sudden; anywhere offering odds on him being next up with Operation Yewtree?
Anyone who puts Chuck Berry's My Ding-A-Ling on a jukebox is definitely a suspect on Operation Yewtree
You're part of operation YewTree lad, aren't ya
Spotted one of these trucks today! Wonder how business has been since Operation Yewtree
His biggest achievement has been avoiding Operation Yewtree. Had him down as an absolute stick on.
I wonder if Operation Yewtree were due to interview him?
😂😂😂 at your anti-abuse crusade. It's like Gary Glitter running Operation Yewtree.
I though I was following Skepta on snapchat - until I saw the snaps and it was a 12 year old white boy . Operation YewTree 😳
Judging by Operation Yewtree they condone rape, sexual assault & paedophilia. Might as well add violence & murder to that.
Stan constantly looks like he represents the ‘cockney branch’ of Operation Yewtree suspects.
Leon's dead. Wonder if the Tories knocked him off before Operation Yewtree came-a-calling.
Operation Yewtree could be a roaring success at Leon Brittain's funeral...
Operation Yewtree have just launched a full-scale Richard Bussy investigation taskforce.
I remember when 'faux surprise face' used to be known as *** face'. Oh how times have changed post Operation Yewtree ;)
So has anyone reported Kelvin McKenzie to Operation Yewtree over Sam Fox pictures (and others taken pre-16?)
amount of wages the BBC paid to jimmy Saville vs cost to the tax payer for operation yewtree
new tree surgeon board game 'Operation! Yewtree' getting attention for all the wrong reasons
Oh no now it's Rainbow "all night long" operation yewtree could be interested in these lyrics
Tony the Tiger got taken down in operation Yewtree
it sounds like you've pilfered the contents of an Operation Yewtree case file...
The way the BBC have reporting on this guy warrants a check from operation yewtree.
Do you remember that time that Prince Andrew basically became part of operation Yewtree,but it was pretty much unreported bar the Daily Mail
Imagine Blair was arrested by a weird new labour version of Operation Yewtree tho. Operation Britpop or something
Wow the bonus question in this pub quiz is to list five people who are definitely not being investigated by Operation Yewtree
'Noel Edmonds has never been named in Operation Yewtree'
hello? Operation Yewtree? Yes. Yes. That's right. Downie. Again, yes, I know, despicable. No, she knew alright.
David Jason what a legend. Only member of my TV childhood that wasn't arrested under operation yewtree.
Nothing's been learnt from Jummy Saville, Rolf Harris & Operation Yewtree & Max Clifford it seems. :(
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Operation Yewtree is waiting outside your house 😂
Wonder how long before operation Yewtree come knocking on the door for
I see even Sooty is now caught up in the Operation Yewtree scandal - was there anyone not involved?!
Operation Yewtree is going to be crawling all over Reg Holdsworths house this week
Operation Yewtree is a popular British children's game inspired by a tree surgeon.
In England, everybody worshipped Dr Fox until he was called up to go on the Operation Yewtree tour of duty.
Anyone else think that Operation Yewtree will be waiting with interest to have a chat with Ken when he leaves the house?
Operation Yewtree has put a price on 's head
. Unless you remember the inside, in which case call Operation Yewtree immediately.
Ken will get evicted on Tuesday no doubt about it, unless of course Operation Yewtree picks him up first
Ken on Guna be the next person involved in operation yewtree any money
How has Operation Yewtree not been knocking on Ken Morley's door. Does someone want to tell him its not 1975?
Ken has Operation Yewtree investigation written all over his face.
Has Ken been investigated under operation yewtree??
I'm so so so not PC but using the N word and being Pervy towards young women is not on. Has Ken heard of operation yewtree??
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Operation Yewtree will be knocking on The BB door after Ken soon
Opponents of Britain's Muslim take-over are being jailed under a government-led programme codenamed 'Operation Yewtree'.
Kiddieminster is a notorious den of Operation Yewtree suspects.
Ken will ensure that Operation Yewtree remains open
Sometimes I feel sorry for him-hes an old man.Then he says something that makes me think he should be in Operation Yewtree!
I think ken might be on the wrong end of an operation yewtree investigation when he gets out
The producers of Celeb BB should be employed by the Met, currently highlighting another that slipped past Operation Yewtree
When are operation yewtree going to raid the house and arrest Ken? 👮
That Ken is a bit he in the house avoiding a knock from Operation Yewtree?
Is this TV or an audition for Operation Yewtree?
i think officers need to look at Ken under Operation Yewtree!! Something aint right there!
How operation yewtree never got reg of corrie I'll never know
Operation yewtree definitely going to want to talk to ken morely when he comes out of big bro! 👴👮
Ken's generation are the reason that Operation Yewtree was essential.
Has anyone told Ken Morley that Operation YewTree happened?
domain names
Anyone wanna bet a fiver than Ken gets investigated by officers from Operation Yewtree after Celebrity Big Brother???
Two words keep popping into my head the more I watch this Ken on Big Brother..."Operation Yewtree"
How many more Utd managers will get Moyes-like results before Operation Yewtree ask SIR Alex Ferguson what he knows?
This BDO final is like the operation yewtree version of the PDC final.
most of them are sinister. Pinocchio seems topical given Operation Yewtree. Dumbo about being odd one out etc. Dark stuff
"...but that night, locked in that dungeon, he wished really hard and became a *real* boy!". My Operation Yewtree interview went poorly.
I will be so surprised if operation yewtree isn't all over Ken when he gets out lol
Well obviously for the mentally impaired here is clue no1. Which one was close to having an operation Yewtree.
I concur! Let S.J in to sort him out! With other remarks made, is he asking for an Operation Yewtree investigation?!
yes, he is. Operation Yewtree need to get involved when he comes out as well!
Half expecting Ken to be called to the diary room to be met by officers from operation yewtree
Tues night :..."Hi Ken, we are officers from Operation Yewtree if you could just step this way"
I'm still in shock at last night's ... Ken is a vile human being, racist and blatantly part of operation yewtree 😷
I fail to see how either or I deserve chastising as far as I am aware we've kept you safe f…
My bet on being the next person investigated in Operation Yewtree is looking increasingly promising! .
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I wonder if operation yewtree will be paying a visit when he gets out
My bet on Ken Morley in the Operation Yewtree sweepstake at work is looking increasingly promising.
Anyone else noticed Ken Morley is an anagram for 'operation yewtree'
I refer you to my comments on launch night about Ken Morley and Operation Yewtree
I've stopped watching kids shows from my era on Youtube. It's operation Yewtree central. :/
Looks like Operation Yewtree might be investigating Ken after this 😳
its like he is inviting an investigation by Operation Yewtree whilst trying to offend everyone with his racist, outdated views
We all know Keith Chegwin has gone into Celebrity Big Brother as a way of escaping Operation Yewtree.
Keith Chegwin - The last remaining 70's presenter NOT to have been investigated by Operation Yewtree.
Surprised Santa has not come up in Operation Yewtree ...
operation Yewtree will be knocking soon
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, but he refutes the allegations despite many coming forward as part of Operation Yewtree
how Pete The Eagle hasn't been arrested by Operation Yewtree yet is beyond me 😐
It's only a matter of time before Santa is lifted as part of Operation Yewtree
Professor Slughorn has a touch of Operation Yewtree about him.
So Elmo is now to be investigated under Operation Yewtree? Oh wait that kind of happened already.
Breaking News: Christmas is cancelled until further notice due to Father Christmas being arrested after investigation by Operation Yewtree
Wonder is the sale of cliff richard 2015 calendars an elaborate sting organised by operation yewtree
This Christmas will be ruined when Santa gets arrested by Operation Yewtree.
Still appalled at the amount of blokes wearing Christmas jumpers last night. Nothing screams Operation Yewtree more than a bloke wearing one
Eddie And The Hot Rods making a good case for a visit from Operation Yewtree
Since Operation Yewtree ruined much of the BBC's comedy back-catalogue they've had to resort to clip-shows of recent series.
Imagine if that IndieAFC is actually an Operation sting. Some of y'all might want to go into hiding from the cops.
Suspect it might be an operation sting. Listen out for news of a round up soon.
Operation Yewtree about to storm the Ally Pally stage at any minute.
Anyone else heard Operation Yewtree are targeting Christmas jumper wearers in town centres tonight? Fair play if true
Baby It's Cold Outside is kind of the Operation Yewtree Christmas anthem.
How come that pervert Noel Edmonds is still on the box? The only Deal or No Deal he should be involved in is with Operation Yewtree.
The next people to be charged under Operation Yewtree have also been named - in the Radio Times issue 20th December 1976
hum, this one seems to have avoided Operation Yewtree.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Right. Although Last Tango in Operation Yewtree would have been a more apt title.
Mr Bloom looks like an Operation Yewtree file just waiting to be opened.
I wish you could bet on who's next to be done for Operation Yewtree cos I'd put £5 on doctor fenwick
Looks as if he should be on Operation Yewtree's wanted list!
Agreed, BUT, he does smack a little bit of operation yewtree
Is it too late for Operation Yewtree to investigate the Wealdstone Raider?
Overheard in a Liverpool bar:. Wife 1: "My husband's never been the same since the operation.". Wife 2: "Hernia?". Wife 1: "No, Yewtree."
'Hello, is that Operation Yewtree? I think you may want to take a look at this'
Zac Efron’s moustache has an extremely Operation Yewtree look about it.
What about Jim Bowen for operation yewtree?
I wonder if the investigation is called Operation Yewtree?
First-born's bought Brut for a secret Santa. Just sprayed some; house now stinks of the 70s. Expecting imminent call from Operation Yewtree.
Disgusting that Operation Yewtree hasn't pulled Father Christmas in yet, knowing full well he'll be climbing down kids' chimneys next week.
. He'll be the next fella arrested as part of Operation Yewtree
what about him? Is he the latest operation yewtree suspect?
Ere what odds are you offering for operation Yewtree to arrest a darts player live on air at the world championships?
Wayne Mardle is a candidate for Operation Yewtree
If John continues to say "Come to Daddy" in that voice, he'll soon be on the news as the latest target of Operation Yewtree...
Just use Jenkys, only problem is he's probably still wanted as part of Operation Yewtree.
Former DJ Ray Teret convicted of seven rapes , Sentenced to 25 years in Prison Jail
put the calendar back a day & go shopping on boxing day for their presents. or tell them Operation Yewtree have just arrested Santa
I always wondered why a middle-aged man in a biker jacket hung around with school kids & thanks to Operation Yewtree now I know.
One more fact you missed out "guarantees involvement with operation Yewtree". 😂😂🎅
ooh thanks. Sounds a bit Operation Yewtree though. Will have to pretend to have a child with nappy rash.
And he couldn't have escaped Operation Yewtree detectives forever
Tell the kids that Santa Claus has been arrested as part of Operation Yewtree
Jim Davidson 'still has faith in law' despite £620k Operation Yewtree ordeal: The comic, 61, was arrested in 2013…
Jim Davidson lost income huge expense to defend himself in Operation Yewtree thought cops would know he was not into that.He has a point.
You're a massive operation Yewtree candidate.
Never thought i'd see back on bbc1 unless he was investigated by Operation Yewtree   10% Off
,expect a knock on your door from operation Yewtree officers"pulling youngsters off early"
The Lost Honour of Christopher Jeffries is what the media still does here with this Operation Yewtree. Trial by media still goes on here.
Me and finding ourselves unsure as to which Christmas songs are now off-limits for enjoyment due to Operation Yewtree
BREAKING NEWS! A Mr. S Claus of the North Pole has been arrested by Operation Yewtree. Christmas cancelled :-(
Have operation yewtree not found Bournemouth town centre yet? Definite offender here.
i wanted to share some memories of 1976 but then i remembered Operation Yewtree ;-)
"Sorry kids, there'll be no presents this Christmas. Santa's being questioned as part of Operation Yewtree."
U haven't made it as a DJ until you get arrested by Operation Yewtree
Despite kidnapping a child, The Snowman remains one of the few media personalities from the 70s yet to be investigated …
Where's operation Yewtree when u need it? 😃
But seriously, if you put pictures of someone else's baby—royalty or not—on your walls I think Operation Yewtree would like to speak to you.
Next up for Operation Yewtree has to be James Bond. Such a sleazy *** in the seventies.
Suspect Dr Hurley would now be involved in operation Yewtree. Mum took me, aged 14, (brandishing my wrist to show how thin I was) & he...
Its known as operation Yewtree nowadays
How operation yewtree haven't arrested Louis Walsh yet still baffles me.
Sad news. As part of operation Yewtree Morph has been arrested for being a Playdoh-phile.
Breaking: Operation Yewtree have just arrested a man from Turkey called Nicolas Saint also known as Kris Kringle.
. In should be included in any news report pertaining to Operation Yewtree.. Just after they reveal the suspects names..
is one of the few men that can rock a moustache outside November and not be investigated by Operation Yewtree.
they're all subject to Operation Yewtree
yes. That's my "Operation Yewtree knocking at the door" face
I thought Operation Yewtree stamped out this sort of behaviour.
Everyone in the late late toyshow crowd should be invested under operation yewtree
Operation Yewtree will coming for Tubridy after that opening number.
Danny Care's tash is being monitored by Operation Yewtree all on its own
More concerned by the simpering Operation-Yewtree-like photo, TBH…..
Operation YewTree is coming to town
the Emperor is visited by operation yewtree officers.What did you think he meant by 'I have felt him my Master?'
I wonder when they're gonna get Pepé le Pew in operation Dirty beast. Think of all those innocent, accidentally painted lady cats.
The misogyny is unreal in those British 70s films. I call it the Dirty Old Man Era, Circa Operation Yewtree.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
the one will all operation Yewtree peeps on?
Before I call the team at Operation Yewtree, I would like to know what was doing filming outside my kids' school this morning.
Getting seriously concerned about this guy, contemplating contacting Operation Yewtree?!?
Is it just me or does 'Cyber Monday' sound like Operation Yewtree's D-Day?
Pitbull , soon to be seen at an operation Yewtree press conference
Yes. Also rather more darkly, Operation Yewtree is straight out of a Chris Morris satire
Always seemed to be something a bit Operation Yewtree about this fella - not the case obviously !!!
true, although Operation Yewtree going in the opposite direction according to all this Bill Cosby stuff.
Operation New sex abuse suspects are 'untouchable' senior policemen and politicians:
If only the members of Slade had been caught up in Operation Yewtree. Maybe then we wouldn't be subjected to their awful Xmas song
One of those two is being investigated by operation yewtree. . I wouldn’t know who though.
Can Michael Buerk have his own series? He could work his way through the Operation Yewtree list like the Equaliser or the Punisher.
Dave whelan has always been a sneaky little man, surprised operation yewtree ain't been sniffing around. On a diff note
Every year I have to buy a new Christmas CD shorn of performers from previous editions since incarcerated following Operation Yewtree.
As much chance of that as Operation Yewtree getting to the bottom of No pun intended
He has been arrested as part of Operation Yewtree.
Add all bus drivers to operation yewtree quickly
BREAKING NEWS; 20 women now accuse Bill Cosby of rape.After operation Yewtree was such a success I knew it'd only be a matter of time...
Hugh Dennis: "Customer Contact... that's an Operation Yewtree campaign waiting to happen"
That fair looks like an Operation Yewtree regional office annual meeting
If he was over 50 women would be running away screaming. It's like he's on a waiting list for Operation Yewtree.
operation Yewtree to blame I reckon, spoilsports
It does look like an Operation Yewtree most wanted poster...
Operation Yewtree has left several openings in my act which need filling
looks like a suspect line up from Operation Yewtree.
Peter is next on Operation Yewtree's list surely?!
It's like an Operation Yewtree line up.
Yeah, best keep that penchant for murderers and Operation Yewtree targets offline. I'll say nowt.
is Yoffy still alive? Has he been outed by Operation Yewtree yet?
“Doctor Who has been jailed?! Looks like Operation Yewtree defeated not the Daleks
Operation Yewtree - Latest news, opinion, pictures, video - Mirror Online
The operation yewtree chapter is a poinegant end to a gripping story.
Watching An Audience With… again, it’s amazing the faces you see. It’s like BidTV on a night out with Gamblers Ananymous & Operation Yewtree
operation yewtree??? You've lost me! I've got a rolling acca from last night to Thursday so just gonna stick with that.
. No plans at the moment from my end. All depends on who is next on Operation YewTree's radar.
Academic in Bath identifies new species of horny dinosaur. Give it a week and Operation Yewtree will have a new suspect.
Mrs McClusky has insisted we cancel the oral exam today. She stupidly claims we are asking for trouble after Operation Yewtree controversy.
BBC News - Could the world return to the 1980s?The operation Yewtree team are sharpening their pencils
Watching 'It was alright in the 70's', all I'm gonna say is no the wonder Operation Yewtree is about!
The Met could probably be doing with this pedometer to make some breakthroughs with
probably get caught in operation Yewtree soon.
STOP IT! Bear's probably next for operation Yewtree.
If you don't like Metallica you probably were a suspect in the Yewtree operation
You looked into Operation Yewtree and the Saville related stuff?
Rifkind is someone you would expect to be in operation yewtree.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The grand old Duke of York he had 10 thousand men, perhaps operation Yewtree should be looking into that!
Is it Boyz 2 Men ? That's the name of the boy band and the delivery service shut down after operation yewtree investigtion
I think the most disappointing & saddening thing about the whole Operation Yewtree debacle is that Noel Edmonds wasn't implicated in it.
I imagine detectives from Operation Yewtree will be in touch.
The Bill Cosby situation is the UK's "Operation Yewtree" manifesting in the US. Mass Hysteria over "Celebrity Predators"
US need an Operation Yewtree for these kinds of assaults
the cases are based on celebrities who prey on the the general public, guess the U.S. Will be next for an operation Yewtree
in the UK there has been a police investigation called operation Yewtree looking at historical sex abuse claims
Just remembered I made an operation yewtree gag in my wedding speech. In hindsight perhaps that wasn't the time or the place.
Looks like the US is getting a taste for Operation Yewtree shinnanigans as far as Bill Cosby's concerned.
No one is taking you seriously with that Operation Yewtree picture
That's just... I mean... I can't... WHAT?? I think operation Yewtree should pay this shower a visit...
Crime investigators to be recruited for West Yorkshire Police due to awareness of Operation Yewtree -
Balham wetherspoons looks like a meeting place for blokes who slipped through the cracks of operation yewtree
operation yewtree is on his tail Deffo
with thanks to Operation Yewtree for supplying that photo.
Just been tipped off who the next Operation Yewtree is going to be...
If we have learned one thing today is not to make operation yewtree jokes in a room full of tv people
If YOU can find it, SEND it to me and I'll pass it on to Operation Yewtree. There is NOTHING, of course.
I renamed mine "Operation Yewtree" and the next day my Neighbour moved out.
Comedian Jim Davidson on and drinking with | Gloucestershire Echo via
Wonder if those backing would want the dj's &presenters convicted of sex offences under operation yewtree back on the radio/TV?
Every American going on about Cosby and parts of their childhood ruined... Just Google Operation Yewtree and see what us Brits had ruined!
Are you aware of operation YewTree in the UK ?
When is operation going to catch up with Andrew Neil? A prime candidate if ever there was one
Have YOU been following Jim Davidson spills the beans on the Story by
I suppose after operation yewtree there's not many celebs to put in the jungle
Operation Yewtree are going down next week
that was me as a baby. I bet you touch yourself in kids playgrounds at night! Operation YewTree! !
Just need Operation Yewtree to come knocking for the full house
Not only KK's bum in the news, but also Kelsey Grammer's. Groped in 2005 by the Duchess of Cornwall. Another case for Operation Yewtree?
Comedian Jim Davidson on Operation Yewtree and drinking with Nigel Farage
Is operation Yewtree looking into Bill Cosby
I would have thought that giving someone a Rolfing would be a good way to get the attention of Operation Yewtree
Been happening here in UK for 2 years now. Google 'Operation Yewtree'. Many celebrities arrested on NO EVIDENCE other 1/3
isn't he being investigated as part of operation Yewtree?
You know you're getting old when everyone you admired as a child is either a) Dead or b) being investigated by operation Yewtree
An Irishman I knew, Tom Kiddy, had a fiddle band but had to change his name when operation Yewtree got serious.
...and the phone number for Operation Yewtree!
Id imagine you're definitely being watched, by operation YEWTREE officers .
Then I realised it's 1am and I'm wearing pink socks tucked into trackies and I didn't want to be reported to Operation Yewtree.
no slight on Bomani's article, but I'm surprised more aren't drawing analogy with this:
Bill Cosby starred in Cosby a of British sitcom One Foot In The Grave Now he's starring in a remake of another UK classic Operation Yewtree
There is no statute on rape is there? I don't know US law. Operation Yewtree in the UK had no problems.
So Bill Cosby is apparently a rapist? I guess this is the start of America's Operation Yewtree. What next, Mr Rogers, the secret paedophile?
I see Bill Cosby is starring in the US remake of Operation Yewtree.
The 2nd series of ‘Operation Yewtree’ seems to be pandering to a US audience a bit with its new lead the American Jimmy Savile?
Yewtree is the operation around historic child abuse, Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris etc, a nonce is a paedophile
I know:( My childhood was destroyed in recent years. Google Operation Yewtree. So many childhood idols of mine!
there is a lot of this going on in the UK in terms of Operation Yewtree and celebs from 70s being outed as rapists/abusers
Are these the stirrings of a US remake of Operation Yewtree?
Is this the moment where Operation Yewtree goes Transatlantic? (not literally of course)
In wake of Operation Yewtree, maybe rethink use of word "fiddlers".
.nice speech,1400 children you say? How many victims has operation uncovered? Were they all Muslim too?
Is this a Crimewatch reconstruction for Operation Yewtree? Celebrities sneaking into bedrooms?
just imagining the American Operation Yewtree name
What if Bill Cosby triggers an American Operation Yewtree? Something sassy and all American like Operation Baseball or Operation Buck
Operation Yewtree not got to Tony Blackburn yet then
Jimmy Savile: The FOUR Rings? Tim Hicks up-dates some major developments in the Savile investigation in Scarborough and Whitby. ~ Further to my recent “Corruption Busters” article on Jimmy Savile, we have received more information from Whitby and Scarborough residents, liaised with some national and local press organizations and accessed additional open sources. We have also had access to the Operation Yewtree and Operation Ornament Reports into Savile. This has allowed us to develop fresh information on Savile. In particular, it appears he operated in paedophile-rings and we believe we have now identified three or four of them, and I am investigating a possible fifth. Although Savile was a loner, never married and apparently did not form normal human relationships very easily – or indeed at all – he seems to have had close relationships with these five people: 1) His mother Mrs Agnes Savile, with whom he lived in her flat at the Esplanade, Scarborough, for much of his life 2) Mr Alan Franey, w .. ...
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