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Operation Yewtree

Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into alleged sexual abuse, predominantly the abuse of children, by the British media personality Jimmy Savile (who died in 2011) and others.

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Article copied&pasted from the Sundays Mercury newspaper Operation Yewtree cops investigating historic sex abuse are to quiz two more British icons, the Sunday Mercury can reveal today. One is a popular media celebrity and the other a high-profile public figure. Allegations about both men have been passed to the police by Midland journalist Mark Williams- Thomas, the investigator whose TV documentary finally exposed Jimmy Savile as a paedophile, and who has been working with the Yewtree probe. “These are two very high-profile individuals who, in due course, will be subject to criminal investigations,” says the investigator, formerly from Solihull. “One is someone who is in the media world, the other has a high public profile.” Like thousands of children growing up in the Midlands in the 1970s, Mark Williams- Thomas saw Savile on TV presenting his Jim’ll Fix It Show. He never met the DJ nor formed a particular opinion of him – apart from observing that he was “a bit weird”. But he is the ma ...
Yet another humiliation for Operation Yewtree: Jimmy Tarbuck, victim of witch-hunt, cleared after year of *** --
I see Eric Cantona has been arrested. Operation Yewtree strikes again.
Thought today's 'CHRIS TARRANT HAS STROKE' headline was yet another Operation Yewtree bust.
Is this why Max Clifford is being questioned by Operation Yewtree? (Full): via
Only 3 more years until I don't have a picture of someone who looks like a suspect for Operation Yewtree on my driving license.
why has he not been arrested in conection with operation what has he done with Maddie. Cheers lovely xx
Operation would like a word with everyone over the age of 18 paying and staying up for it.
Just had to ensure 7 seconds of Freddie mercurys terrible band called queen, absolutely dire, operation yewtree missed a catch with him
Delighted that Operation Yewtree haven't caught up with me yet.
When is Operation Yewtree going to catch up with Paul Gambaccini?
very good. I'm still unsure why he has never been interviewed by operation yewtree lol
Imagine how annoyed you'd be at the random police operation name generator if you ran a pub called The Yewtree Inn.
I heard it's Jade Goody and an Operation Yewtree supergroup.
I don't think ur even allowed to say u "want" kids now. Operation Yewtree has just changed the landscape in so many ways
Mmm, "Top Mare" with JC, JM & RH. Followed by an arrest by Operation Yewtree, probably.
I'm still hoping that Operation Yewtree will be knocking on his door soon
whoever came up with the idea of was 100% a victim of Operation Yewtree and was a dangerous man
You heard exact reason why operation yewtree is a thing
Whaaat? Has he not been picked up by Operation Yewtree yet? (Hello, by the way)
wont be long till the plod have a look at their computers, they scream 'Operation Yewtree' them 2
After seeing this picture of Boyle I have no doubt the police from operation yewtree will be paying him a visit
Today’s findings: if you ever want to feel like you’re being investigated for Operation Yewtree, ask for two adult tickets to The Lego Movie
Public house on a Sund'y, full of auld folk and dog walkers, right line up for Operation Yewtree this.
A friend lives next door to Les Dennis and renamed his Wi-Fi network "Operation Yewtree".
Every time I see trending I worry Operation YewTree has finally got to Ronald McDonald...
My portrait in the attic is borderline Operation Yewtree. U still hot?
They should be more concerned about Operation Yewtree than trying to worm their way into our thoughts
is it the latest celebrity caught up in Operation Yewtree ?
Maybe she can't be associated with you following operation her hubby being a copper.
It was Sooty & Sweep. I think they both got nicked as part of operation yewtree.
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Kid Jensen presenting Top of the pops 1979 on I guess operation Yewtree haven't found anything on him yet.
well Operation Yewtree could be monitoring it closely
Looks like one for Operation Yewtree enjoy Hull as next season you'll be sampling the delights of Donny and Sheffield next season
how is Tom Jones coping as Operation Yewtree continues to haunt his dreams?
Why hasn't Phil Thompson been arrested by operation yet?
In an ideal world Arsenal go on and win it to make that easier to take, but mid-cup lift Operation Yewtree sweeps in and arrests Wenger
35 years from today, Ant and Dec's very own Operation Yewtree will commence.
UK publicist accused of sex offenses appears in court
you knocked him a couple of weeks ago ? Don't you remember you thickle boneidol phone hacking nonce . Operation yewtree onto u
+ get onto Operation Yewtree as well.
although to be fair his smug self-satisfaction appears to have prevented his being implicated in Operation Yewtree (so far)
And Operation Yewtree won't be able to touch you..
Operation Yewtree really needs to watch Gogglebox - definitely 1 or 2 for the watching.
Operation Yewtree has made progress in Somerset today!
Operation Yewtree will never take me alive.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Spending my day getting caught up in Operation Yewtree and assassination attempts
BREAKING NEWS: Former TV star arrested as part of Operation Yewtree. Identity concealed for legal reasons.
Captain Birdseye the next target for Operation Yewtree?
I reckon operation Yewtree will catch up with him soon anyway
“I hate liverpool so much!! I'm informing operation Yewtree of your activities, expect arrests.
Captain Birdseye has been dropped as the face of fish fingers. Let's be honest, I think Operation Yewtree put an end to that campaign...
Captain Birdseye is on permanent leave, detained indefinitely under operation Yewtree
Leo Sayer back in the media - Operation Yewtree must be opening a new branch
i'm just listening to it for the 4th time and having a little drool over Tom, don't tell Operation Yewtree
I just want to clarify that although sir Tom Jones welsh legend has a lot of young girls on his team. He is no way anything to do with operation yewtree .
If Pardews head butt isn't enough to have the book thrown at him, i'm sure it will be once operation yewtree catch up with him
However you're going to Disney Land right so I dont want to see you're blowdried hair on the news regarding operation yewtree
Teenage pregnancies at an all-time low. . Who said operation yewtree isn't working?
Birdseye axes the Captain after Operation Yewtree claims another
I bet Operation Yewtree cops have their own specific unit just for Stoke
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
OPERATION YEWTREE?. I think the cops should be looking at this little lot!!!.
Next time the Labour Party canvass for your vote, report them to operation Yewtree and complain of grooming!
One thing I've realised after all this Operation Yewtree nastiness... Turns out, Michael Jackson.bloody good bloke.
Only could make Doctor Who sound like something which requires investigating by Operation Yewtree on
Now then now then, operation yewtree
Darren is technically the type of bloke who Operation Yewtree are after.
it's only a matter of time before they are apprehended by operation Yewtree.
Obviously I fancy Jon Snow (GoT), so it makes me uncomfortable when I read the book and remember he's 14. Operation Yewtree alert.
BREAKING NEWS: Boats n *** player/coach Dan Thomas is a major doubt for this years competition after becoming the latest person to be arrested as part of Operation Yewtree. Dan's lawyer and close friend, Keith Knowles, is due to hold a press conference shortly.
"Which operation yewtree suspect are you"
JUSTICE DENIED: Operation Ore was it a distraction used to protec... yadayada Déjà vu
Where's Today. I bet operation Yewtree have got him.
With all those uniform disguises, Operation Yewtree will never truly discover the identity of Mr Ben.
I think they will get done for financial irregularities and Wenger is due a call from operation Yewtree
I can't be the only one waiting for Operation Yewtree to pick up the blokes from the 118 118 advert.
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BBC broadcaster Paul Gambaccini & 74-year-old man arrested under Operation have bail extended to March - via
"Child Abuse and Abuser’s have been swept under the carpet, so has Child Murder."
Operation Yewtree surveillance shot from a playground.
I guess OPTIC NERVE was GCHQ’s response to feeling left out of Operation Yewtree.
PAGING OPERATION has rack upon rack of indecent images. Many of them, quite likely, of underage persons...
Riddled with operation yewtree in here. Riddled.🙈
A guy just walked in the library who has got Operation Yewtree in 30 yrs written all over him. Wearing a huge cagoule when it's really sunny
Just had a guy walk in to the office with a goatee that screamed operation yewtree.
This week has seen me off more than operation yewtree has seen off television legends!
see it's only that lads face that stops me agreeing... He looks like he should of been arrested as part of operation Yewtree
I'd love to the words d'lo brown and operation yewtree in the same sentence
I'm sure Operation Yewtree will be on to him soon.
Also, it's about painting, so Rolf Harris would surely be a more appropriate Operation Yewtree comparison.
Hate when people call Operation Yewtree a witch hunt. Witches aren't real! Pedophiles are! We should be hunting them!!
Are you worried that operation Yewtree might call you in for questioning because of your dodgy beard?
Cliff Richard’s special message to Operation Yewtree and Operation Fernbridge officers.
“What's that I hear at the door...? "Hello, we are from Operation Yewtree"...
Operation yewtree should take their investigation to the gym couple of peedo trainers up in this joint
It was when he dropped his keks and did the Robbie Blake that Operation Yewtree was called ;)
“After Operation Yewtree” – a discussion of what we have to learn. 9th April at festival. Info & tickets - ht…
2nd half: Then during the break - THERE WERE GENUINE ADS FROM THE 90s PLAYED ON THE TV SCREEN. Admittedly, this excited me more than the audience. You know when you've been Tangoed. First half started off with magic from Kyle Wallace. He really IS magic. He even made my *** bigger. More magic than a wonderbra. Then Aideen Macqueen took to the stage like a pro and had the audience eating out the palm of her hand. She always got a great energy that one. Then we had Musical Improvisation from Maestro Phil Lunn who posed as 'Pete Starr' and had to improvise on operation yewtree and Scottish independence! Not easy, I'm sure. Then Aaron Meszaros charmed with some lovely 90s banter and an amazing skill for beatbox. His mouth fascinates me with what it has the potential to do. That sounds wrong. erm. (too busy thinking about Aaron's mouth)... Erm. Oh yeah and THEN we met the personification of a passage of time. The ACTUAL 90s - The Decade itself!! Alex Love - who is one of my absolute favourites on the circuit . ...
According to astrophysicists, old stars collapse when they exhaust their supply of fuel. I disagree. Old stars collapse when they see the folks from Operation Yewtree coming up their driveway.
The idea that Harriet Harman is an apologists for child sex abuse while working at the National Council for Civil Liberties is akin to smear campaigns run by Operation Yewtree and the likes. It is downright bogus to associate her with that. But I have little sympathy for her from the point of view that the Labour Party have been creating this witch hunt mentality in the first place.
Shock breaking news in Operation Yewtree investigation ( Non Jimmy Saville related) ; a Mr Mohammed of Araby has been arrested, his wives have been taken into the care of Mecca child-care Social Services team.
I fear the post Operation Yewtree witch hunts will end up being as notorious as McCarthyism in the USA. Except for Savile himself, the evil git.
You don't see Captain Birdseye much now, he's proably sitting at home waiting for operation Yewtree to come knocking. What was he doing out at sea with a crew made up entirely of what looked like the Mickey Mouse club. He's basically the Jimmy Saville of the high seas.
I can't believe the lengths some of the BBC DJ's are going to, to escape justice from Operation Yewtree. One is even claiming to be a used car salesman.
Watching closing ceremony of Winter Olympics, operation Yewtree have been alerted to 3000 people in tracksuits.
If that wanker, dressed like the sort of person Operation Yewtree should be investigating, waving the St George's Cross doesn't inspire Ireland to victory nothing will.
I suspect he may be on the radar of OperatioN Yewtree.
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Operation Yewtree would have a bloody field day,that's why.
Get the same hack or operation Yewtree to re open the case of Torbet sweep if u no ur history
Probably the only one there that hasn't had a collar felt by Operation Yewtree.
Watching An Audience with Billy Connolly (again!!). The audience looks like the photo wall in the incident room of Operation Yewtree!!
. Which one of you was recently pulled in by 'Operation Yewtree'?
.Statistically 6 in 7 dwarfs aren't happy.. . Does that include the one arrested by Operation Yewtree for feeling a little Grumpy?
did the team at operation Yewtree let you go?
Operation Yewtree seems determined to trash the reputation of innocent old men. . However at least it's only doing it to u…
Corrupt North Yorkshire Police in bed with Savile. What hope for Operation Yewtree
he's worried about a call from Operation Yewtree maybe?
the tap: Operation Yewtree has yet to arrest one member of 'The Establishment'. Here's why.
by the same token - who decides the name for police operations? Why is Operation Yewtree called Yewtree? Did someone not like Yews?
I think somebody should start a campaign to make Robin Thicke a honorary member of Operation Yewtree.
Noel Edmonds will be the next arrested on operation yewtree.. Definite nonce.
Nathan dyer was brilliant on the wing turned their fullback inside out so much i think its worth a look off operation yewtree
"Operation YewTree is not a failure"-ITV News. Nope quite right, its a cover up
I don't get it? It's a tranny nonce proper operation yewtree material
Our report on DPPs 1st interview on Roache\DLT trial criticism & Roache trial witness says not worth going to police
Napoli are gunna make the Swansea ball boy that Hazard wellied last year call Operation Yewtree.
.has first interview with DPP since the acquitals of Bill Roache and DLT
Hah.he needs reporting to Operation Yewtree ;)
Watching the Olympic skating, a queue of old men wanted to kiss the 17 year old girl. Not sure what the Russian for Operation Yewtree is.
Amid the operation yewtree investigations it has been discovered that worzel gummidge had a noncing head
DIrector of Public Prosecutions says : No knee-jerk prosecutions after Savile scandal.
DPP: No knee-jerk prosecutions after Savile scandal
David Walliams is far too creepy for my liking, operation yewtree anyone?
Surely when UEFA say they are investigating the Pellegrini incident they mean they're gonna watch it on tv. Hardly Operation Yewtree
This, and the BBC Inside Out prog. deserve a wider audience.
I'm going to Tampa with the kids this summer. Ooh naughty, do Operation Yewtree know?
Finally when are they going to extradite Simon Bates from wherever he is under Operation Yewtree to face crimes against humanity. He ruined my childhood on Radio 1.
Operation Yewtree is useless, inconclusive when it comes to exposing those who abused kids!
Last night I dreamt I was on Sesame Street. Does this mean Operation Yewtree will be investigating me now?
Operation Yewtree has been a success !!! What planet is Alison Saunders on
Dear grown men,. Stop being creepy to young cheerleaders, otherwise know as Crystals. Yours,. Operation Yewtree
Video: DPP Alison Saunders says Roache and Dave Lee Travis prosecutions were not a knee-jerk reaction to Savile case
And The Radio One lifetime achievement award sponsored by Operation Yewtree goes to.
The Others of Avon and Somerset UK... J Zavile Crew ghl A 65-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested in Somerset in connection with the Operation Yewtree investigation surrounding the activities of Jimmy Savile, Scotland Yard has said. No further details have been released as to the individual arrested or the nature of the allegations against him, although he is not thought to have been directly involved with Savile. A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “The 65-year-old was arrested at an address in Somerset and has been taken into police custody. "He falls under the strand of the investigation we have termed 'others'.”
Basil Brush. SHOCK!!. 70's TV star not subject to Operation Yewtree.
Sportacus just gave Stephanie his wood!! Does Operation Yewtree have any jurisdiction in Iceland?
Watching David Attenborough documentaries - top drawer as always. However, I just can't shake the feeling that after 60+ years at the BBC he's almost certainly going to be implicated in Operation Yewtree at some point...
Happy Birthday Anth Conlon , how operation yewtree hasn't knocked on your door yet is beyond me.
I think if i got that Doctor Who message from Matt Smith, i'd be straight on the phone to Operation Yewtree.
Can you help with operation yewtree, and name any of these djs? ( just for fun )
'We are still committed to giving victims a choice': Operation Yewtree squad defiant after DLT not guilty verdicts
BRITAIN’S top cop yesterday defended his force’s probe into claims Dave Lee Travis assaulted 11 women, after the case was branded a “witch-hunt”. Scotland Yard Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe insisted that his officers did the right thing by listening to the alleged victims and investigating their claims. It is the first Operation Yewtree case to go before a jury since the probe was set up in October 2012, in the wake of stinging criticism of the police’s failure to nail paedophile Jimmy Savile. Before Travis was cleared of 12 of the 14 counts, Sir Bernard said: “If a victim comes to us and makes an allegation they deserve to have a thorough investigation. “In fact, one of the criticisms of Yewtree is that in the past, victims have been turned away and not listened to. “We are caught both ways. If we take the victims seriously but there is no further action we could be criticised for being too aggressive. Yet if we ignore the victims and send them away they would say this is a repeat of ex ...
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I'm going out to touch women up tonight.and just hope it's operation yewtree that deal with me
Crim sols - who needs them? Bet most caught up in Operation Yewtree thought that too. Who will defend the innocent?
Operation Yewtree has been disappointing. I wanted nonces locked up. In retrospect, this may mean there where no nonces to begin with. 👴
Yeah, I bet Mr Blobby is in protective custody with the police right now waiting for Noel Edmonds' warrant for operation YewTree!
No halt on the celebrity 'witch-hunt': Scotland Yard will continue Operation Yewtree despite storm of criticism
I got that news flash on phone & was desperate for it to be in connection with Operation Yewtree!
British disc jockey Dave Lee Travis, né David Patrick Griffin, found not guilty of one dozen counts of indecent assault, and awaiting possible retrial on one further count of same as well as one count of sexual assault. Alleged victims were as young as fifteen at the times of allegation. He has admitted adultery and may face civil action related to his not-guilty verdicts, with potential for renumeration of as much as GBP£1,000 or more per offence. Travis' is the first case to go to a jury since the inception of Operation YEWTREE, a UK police response to failure to fully investigate Sir James Savile, posthumously accused of 214 counts including twenty-six counts of rape, sixteen of the alleged victims aged fifteen or less and four of those aged nine or less. Of fifteen other men arrested, one has been killed, two are set to face trial, seven are on bail, and five have been released without charge. Travis is on bail as well, pending his hearing February 24th. Assistant Chief Executive of the charity Vict ...
aarghh! I was hoping this would be under Operation Yewtree!! Rot in *** Morgan! Even your own children hate you
Looks like god will be the next arrestee for the Operation Yewtree guys, then
Scotland Yard will continue Operation Yewtree despite criticism after Dave Lee ... - Daily…
I don't think I've ever wanted anyone to be picked up by Operation Yewtree as much as him.
operation yewtree The only person to have been branded guilty is the one that can't defend himself.
'No plans' to review the £2.7million Operation Yewtree investigation via
When you first heard Piers Morgan arrested .. Was I the only one who thought . 'Operation Yewtree'?
How many Americans would have wished it was under Operation ?
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£490.000 paid in overtime for the 30'strong detectives involved in operation Yewtree not a waste of time to them
operation yewtree is coming for Cliff.
I'm going to inform operation yewtree.
Stop press! The Express didn't have a weather related headline today! Back to Operation Yewtree.
could have hardcoded its frontpage for the last three months. "More bad weather"; "Another 70s icon arrested in Operation Yewtree"
Has anyone actually been found guilty as a result of operation yewtree? What a waste of money.
Roses are red,. Violets are blue,. Operation Yewtree,. Is coming after you.
Roses are red. You like a young beauty. your under investigation. in operation Yewtree
Operation Yewtree: Freddie Starr held over new sex abuse claims. UK . Freddie Starr has been arrested for a fourth...
I hear Bosch from is setting up Operation YouTwat because Yewtree is such a complete joke!
"Operation Yewtree" has an appropriately ominous and sinister ring to it
makes you wonder; how would Jimmy Saville have got on in court?
Dave Lee Travis found not guilty: Verdict on veteran DJ leaves Operation Yewtree bereft of credibility
Operation Yewtree has more or less lost all credibility after DLT was acquitted. Whatever happens now he'll always be something he isn't.
Tops off when Operation Yewtree raids Paddy Barclay's home.
THE STORY OF ST.VALENTINE St Valentine was the patron St of Love .The story of St. Valentine has two different versions - the Protestant and the Catholic one. During the lifetime of Valentine, the golden era of Roman empire had almost come to an end.Lack of quality administrators led to frequent civil strife. Education declined,taxation increased and trade witnessed a very bad time. The Roman empire faced crisis from all sides, from the Gauls, Slavs, Huns, Turks and Mongolians from Northern Europe and Asia. The empire had grown too large to be shielded from external aggression and internal chaos with existing forces. More and more capable men were required to be recruited as soldiers and officers to protect the nation from takeover. When Claudius became the emperor, he felt that married men were more emotionally attached to their families, and so, would not make good soldiers. He believed that marriage made the men weak. So he issued an edict forbidding marriage to assure quality soldiers. St Valentine St ...
Third of British Public Believe Police are Corrupt After Operation Yewtree and Mark Duggan via
Operation Yewtree has been a godsend for the Crown. It's not like they have the interest to chase real criminals and bring them to justice!
Maybe Valentine's Day is the day Operation Yewtree finally catches up with Mr Blobby.
You have to wonder how good a task force (Operation Yewtree) is when it seems to be heavily funded and well resourced, and as it seems to the general public that they appear to be getting results. But as a lot of their People of interest seem to be famous personalities and getting on in life and also they are people that we as kids grew up with, looked up too and were our generational role models. I have to now start to question whether or not this is turning into some vicious witch hunt that seems to be going nowhere apart from destroying peoples reputations and on and off screen careers. Is this becoming all about that we missed getting Jimmy Saville even though his alleged behaviour was blatant and in your face and many blind eyes were possibly turned due to his celebrity status. I find it sad that at this stage the operation has seen 16 people arrested and only four people being charged. Of those David Smith never made it to trial as he committed suicide, Max Clifford has pleaded not guilty and so ...
Operation is a disaster isn't it. Latest defendant found not guilty of alleged workplace assaults unrelated to Savile or kids.
Operation Yewtree police chief denies 'celebrity with-hunt' claims after Dave Lee ... -
A foot of snow but I'm getting out!! Things I've learnt whilst delayed here...Steve Coogan doesn't appear to be able to read without talking. And has interesting views on Operation Yewtree. Also Jack Black is tiny and very very nice to chat to. A list, Z list. That is all.
the LAD bible reeks of operation yewtree
I'll be devastated if Dusty Bin's name ever gets brought up in connection with Operation Yewtree.
How has Paul Daniels not been involved with Operation Yewtree?
operation Yewtree will be waiting for you at heathrow
Operation Yewtree is a response to Establishments failure for Saville? Bill Oddies thoughts on what was happening
Swear to Christ any uploads of Mickey Kors watches will be reported to as being associated with Operation Yewtree
Dave Lee Travis Not Guilty On 12 Charges is Operation Yewtree turning into an expensive farce???
Dave Lee Travis case woman: Operation Yewtree has given people 'a voice'
Is Operation Yewtree a celebrity witch hunt or are perverts getting away with it??
170,000 British girls have had their genitals sliced off with a razor. Maybe the Operation Yewtree police should be re assi…
Operation Yewtree is seemingly more so Yewsless following recent trial results.
Today DLT, Last week Bill Roache Not Guilty. Operation Yewtree Clebs in court looks like a bit of a witchhunt.May be a smokescreen???
The Operation Yewtree numbers. 16 arrests. 7 no further action. 5 on bail. 2 on trial. 1 not guilty. 1 dead.
says well done to The Hairy Cornflake. Innocent man. 15 separate allegations and nothing has stuck. Operation Yewtree joke. I can tell you right away Rolf Harris will be found innocent. Any chance we can stop that circus from starting.
Operation Yewtree the witch hunt against celebs: Bill Roache - NOT GUILTY, Dave-Lee-Travis - NOT GUILTY, After 16 arrests, 7 no further action inc - Jim Davison, the 2 above cleared Rolf Harris & Max Clifford to go, it don't look good for the police. What if Jimmy Saville was still alive would he be cleared as well or is it gulity by not being able to defend yourself, gives people food for thought I think !
Operation yewtree hasn't been a success has it?
Operation Yewtree The intention of the campaign is a good idea but as many have said that even if the assaults took place that after this time it will always be difficult to get a conviction. I believe that if those making the accusations were assaulted then they have every right to feel injustice. The times that these incidents may have taken place were different times when everyone had a strange uncle or someone they felt uncomfortable with. But back then it was not possible to talk to peers about these things. I find that spending the money on trying to get a conviction now maybe somewhat futile. I feel that money could be better spent on making sure that the young are protected now and in the future. But please don't think that I in any way condone the crimes that may have occurred as I find them simply disgusting and hope that we can all go on trying to ensure these things do not happen again.
Questions raised about the future of Operation Yewtree after the first trial results in not guilty verdicts for Dave Lee Travis
The decision to prosecute historic sex abuse cases involving celebrity defendants has been called into question after veteran DJ Dave Lee Travis was acquitted of 12 sexual assault charges in the first high-profile trial brought by Operation Yewtree.
I went to buy a Valentines card for Caitlyn to give her boyfriend, There was a women next to me who was obviously struggling to find the right card , So what did I say to her ? . "It's not easy finding a Valentines card for an 8 year old" ... I'm now expecting operation Yewtree to arrive within the hour !!!
Can we just dismantle Operation Yewtree, right now? I always thought the DLT thing was *** DLT had to sell his house to pay his legal bills and was found Not guilty on all counts, reputation in tatters, radio career over and Yewtree is still looking for targets. Face it boys you didn't catch Jimmy Saville. Move on and do some real detecting.
Another celeb acquitted of all charges. How much of tax payers money has been wasted on this Operation Yewtree?! I feel sorry for the 'victims' if their claims were genuine and insufficient evidence or incompetent prosecution led to these verdicts. DLT said that there were no winners today...I think the legal firms receiving their legal fees would beg to differ. Sorry for a moment of seriousness...carry on looking at your pictures of dogs, drinking games etc etc
Can't help but think no one will win with this Operation Yewtree jazz. Those being cleared have had their names dragged through the mud and reputations ruined. And genuine rape victims will be taken even less seriously. A no win situation all round.
Strange another entertainer gets cleared off sexual charges, what's going on then ? were they hoping it would stop operation yewtree from investigating bent politicians ? and establishment people? .
Well this operation YEWTREE seems to have been money well spent.. Dave Lee Travis cleared today too ,.. quite correctly in my opinion.. the ''sex offences'' he was said to have committed were , pinching someones bum in the 70's early 80's and basically getting in someones personal space.. but ffs.. lets get it in context.. a pinched butt isnt the same as a rape!! it belittles the words sex attack when its used for the more stupid than malicious offences.. late 70's early 80's a lot of guys pinched butts.. dont make it right but time and expectations was different then.. now thru a climate of fear of lawsuits .. we all stay ten yards from each other.. unless we're married, then its twenty yards.. but ffs .. while all these crap historic sex cases are going on, viscious, hate filled serious attacks are not getting to court... historic or not.. if a man grabs ya bum and you object.. loudly tell him to fook off and make a show of him... he wont do it again... if he does.. kick him in the nuts... and if he tri ...
So has Operation Yewtree actually managed to charge and convict anyone? Hundreds of man hours, thousands of pounds that lead to loads of 70's celebs being questioned and released due to lack of evidence, and only managed to catch Jimmy Saville..several years after he died. Really great work there, everyone.
How much of our money has been wasted on Operation Yewtree?
DLT is innocent too. I wonder whether Operation Yewtree has turned into modern day McCarthyism?
Great News! Dave Lee Travis the hairy cornflake has been found not guilty! The only person guilty in that Operation Yewtree is SAVILLE!!
Dave Lee Travis has been found not guilty , can some please stop operation Yewtree arresting random 70s celebs on the off chance one of them spontantiosly confesses, Kudos to his wife for sticking by him and hopefully there be a counter suit for character assassination
That wee bear from the birdseye advert is a creepy *** ! Operation yewtree need to check him out. Thats one that wouldnt surprise me.
Who keeps sending me these HUGS ??? I will be reporting you to OPERATION YEWTREE & you will then be known as YEWTREE 37 ;-)
Freddie Starr arrested over new sex offence allegations Freddie Starr has been arrested over new sexual offences allegations. Officers working on Operation Yewtree, set up following the Jimmy Savile child sex abuse scandal, spoke to the 71-year-old at a Warwickshire police station. Starr denies all charges and has been released on bail until February. The comedian was previously arrested in November 2012 over claims falling under the 'Savile and others' section of the investigations. He was arrested again in April 2013 over allegations not related to Savile. Scotland Yard has confirmed that the new arrest is also part of the "others" strand of the Operation Yewtree inquiry.
Dave Lee Travis Trial continues into 3rd day of jury deliberations and on the same day more Operation Yewtree arrests
COMEDIAN, 71, has been rearrested by Operation Yewtree detectives and quizzed over further allegations
Trev just said that we had a "proper DJ" in the house, so I told that you didn't want to be an "improper DJ" or you might get arrested under Operation Yewtree!
When a comedian is described as "One to watch" do they mean potential Operation Yewtree suspect?
Who else talks to 'get a job' Bob Lambert, the nomad of Portishead High Street? He started talking to me about BBC's Robin Hood. "I don't watch the telly, Bob". I haven't got a license." He seemed genuinely surprised when I asked if Alf Garnet was still a racist. He was perplexed when I asked if Fletch and Godber had gone straight. He was frustrated when I asked if Rigsby had ever given Miss Jones a good seeing to. And he stormed off when I asked if he thought Dusty Bin would lose his prime-time, Saturday night slot if Operation Yewtree turned their attention to him.
With all the Operation Yewtree stuff that's been going on lately - you know, with Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, and Ken Barlow, why has nobody pulled Ian Krankie in for questioning yet??? The man's married to a schoolboy for feck sake... How the *** is he not a suspect?
Oh God. The annual trauma of choosing a valentines day card is upon us. I see the usual suspects are back. Which one to choose? photo of a hot dog with ketchup and the words 'Saucy Boy' emblazoned on it (too Carry on Film) To My 'Hubby' (too Chat Magazine, Bingo Website, Jeremy Kyle) Love you (it's NOT the same as I love you: don't get me started) You were made for me (weirdly self-assured) A photo of children holding hands (operation yewtree is still too present in our minds)
James Arthur will definitely be a "person of interest" in 30 years time if Operation Yewtree is still about
Pat Nevin must get told to be a *** Talking about the Celtic game "it's such a shame, to be so dominant in Scottish football yet only end up with one trophy isn't right". Oh aye, no bother Pat ya *** never mind winning their games, just give wee Lenny and his merry men a trophy because you feel sorry for them! Wee *** Operation Yewtree will be at your door soon ya spooky wee ***
'Operation Yewtree' is like 'Highlander'. I imagine all the 1970's entertainers being hauled in by police leading to a final showdown between Jim Davidson and Matthew Corbitt. I can imagine bruce forsyth being Corbitt's 'Ramirez'. "There can be only one!"
Wenger should be calling Operation Yewtree, he's been thoroughly abused in the Liverpool area today.
*** OF A LOT OF MONEY FOR A REALITY SHOW. Soldiers and others out there putting their life on the line for PEANUTS compaired to £200.000. Jim Davidson had just £761 in the bank prior to his appearance on 'Celebrity Big Brother', according to reports. The comedian, who received a £200,000 fee for being on the show, said that he lost hundreds of thousands of pounds in earnings and legal fees after he was arrested by Operation Yewtree.
Operation Yewtree, apparently Basil Brush is preparing to leave the country.
As I said when operation Yewtree started as a witch hunt for celebrities, they would make the whole thing a farce, and in by doing so they would discourage other victims from coming forward against what I believe is the real horror yet to unfold in Britain about Peadophiles, the Justice system, I reckon there are several Judges, high profile Police officers and attorneys all involved in a paedophile ring, which would explain low sentences and botched investigations. By arresting charging and then finding not guilty or releasing loads of celebrities they are completely discrediting and discouraging any historical abuse victims from coming forward to seek justice. Of all the people arrested and accused surrounding Operation Yewtree, how many have been brought to Justice, Ken Roache was foiund not guilty this week, before that was another Corrie actor, most of the cases against BBC actors, producers or employees are either still to be brought to court or have already been dropped due to lack of evidence. For ...
Waiting for Buzzfeed to post "Which Operation Yewtree character are you?"
With Bill Roache, Michael Le Vell, Andrew Lansel all found Not Guilty, you wonder if "Operation Yewtree" is starting to fall apart...
The comedian was first arrested over a year ago by detectives from Operation Yewtree, the investigation launched in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal
Operation Yewtree has improved the reruns of immensely by increasing the proprtion of David "Kid" Jensen on screen.
So Rolf Harris, Dave Lee Travis AND William Roache all end up in court on the same day? Does this mean Operation Yewtree has gained the ability to use Outlook or is there a more prosaic explanation?
Big day for Operation Yewtree. Ken Barlow and Dave Lee Travis in court, Rolf Harris pleads not guilty, Freddie Star just been re-arrested, and rumour has it Police are on way to arrest Tim Wright and Lee Gaterell which both are less of a shock!
since all this Operation Yewtree stuff I've automatically assumed the Chuckle Brothers to be paedophiles, which is perhaps unfair
Operation Yewtree: You have to pick stuff out of the corpse of Jimmy Savile without setting off the alarm.
Why is Jim Davidson on Am I confusing him with someone else or was he not a suspect under operation yewtree???
I think I'd rather have heard that Lionel Blair'd been picked up by Operation Yewtree than Celebrity Big Brother. Especially after his appearance in Extras.
NEW BB FORMAT - "Hitler's Bunker" - Put all the people from operation Yewtree in an underground chamber with a cyanide capsule…
Why is Lionel Blair trending? Aww! It seems in an effort to evade 'operation yewtree' he's entered the Big Brothel house. Clever Lionel!
he got arrested in operation yewtree and denied all so got to got free... Didn't say he was innocent just that he denied all.
Hasn't Lionel Blair been caught by operation yet?
Lionel Blair on Celebrity Big Brother. There's a man that's dodged the operation yewtree bullet.
I haven't seen this many celebrities in handcuffs since the Operation Yewtree officers raided the BBC. Such a good launch night
. Jimbo Davidson is involved so . Operation Yewtree is looking in2 it.
Top of the Pops 1979 on BBC 4 right now or as Scotland Yard call it 'Operation Yewtree ' training opportunity.
was meant to be in last year but got arrested under that operation Yewtree.
Just my thoughts on Celebrity Big Brother, I reckon it might be being run by Operation Yewtree police officers? Would make things easy wouldn't it?
Jim, i think you'll find Operation Yewtree didnt have enough evidence, not that there was none.
Suppose it keeps Operation Yewtree off his back for a few weeks.Lionel Blair will be banged up by Christmas 2014!!
Great Celebrity Big Brother is on. Where can I put a bet on for when operation Yewtree gets mentioned
People forget Jim Davidson was arrested for being a nonce. May of been cleared but I'm not convinced.. Operation YEWTREE!
For a fact operation yewtree will be waiting for Lionel Blair when he comes out
Alan Hansen quits MOTD. If this is to do with Operation Yewtree, can imagine The Sun headline "You can't win anything with kids, Alan!"
Opportunity to handcuff Davidson to someone from Operation Yewtree for a joke, squandered.
big brother 2014... operation Yewtree televised... bet Lionel fiddles with Oli before Sunday
Is Celebrity Big Brother a secret holding area for Operation Yewtree detectives with Lionel Blair and Jim Davidson in there
Jim Davidson and Lionel Blair probably thought Operation Yewtree was back when they got to the CBB house
Odds on Lionel Blair dying or being arrested in operation Yewtree before CBB has finished? Or both.
Operation Yewtree getting a leg up tonight with contestants.
You know police cuts are going too far when the operation yewtree cops are having to moonlight as CBB casting directors.
is this Celeb Big Brother or operation Yewtree live
Operation Yewtree team will be raiding the Celeb Big Brother house tonight to get Lionel and Jim!
So when is Lionel Blair getting arrested by Operation Yewtree?
it's a police sting, operation Yewtree, Blair & Davidson! I literally have no idea who any of these no marks are.
This 'Celebrity' Big Brother is like an Operation YewTree special. Those girls are in deep trouble.
Am surprised Lionel Blair husny been lifted wi Operation Yewtree the mincing auld nonce
There's an operation yewtree smell about this years lineup...
*** had Lionel not been arrested as part of operation yewtree?
Lionel Blair enters CBB house to hide from Operation Yewtree”lmao
Celeb BB is defo being run in conjuction with Operation Yewtree . Few twitchy *** in there for sure.
Jim Davidson in the BB House Michael Le Vell next and then a couple of coppers from Operation Yewtree just in case...
Lionel Blair next up for operation yewtree??
My pal just texted and told me that Jim Davidson walked into the Celebrity Big Brother House and introduced himself by saying 'I would have been in last year but I was arrested by the officers from Operation Yewtree'. This is exactly why we launched our telly last year but I must admit that I kind of want to see it, much like when everyone drives slow past a carcrash on the motorway, you know it's wrong but you have to do it anyway.
Jim Davidson in big bro house; keeps operation yewtree off his case...
So Jim Davidson has gone into the Celeb Big Brother house. Maybe they're going to put all the people investigated under Operation Yewtree in there and we can vote what sort of horrific punishment they'll suffer each week. Just an idea...
If you put me in the BB house with that sexist pig Jim Davidson he'd pure get launched over the fence. Operation yewtree should have tried a bit harder with that one!
'Im actually a year late as last year I was arrested as part of operation yewtree' ha
Buy Miche Bag Online!
CBB looks to be Operation Yewtree themed this year
aww Jim must have got off with it, operation yewtree must have got it wrong lmfao xx
Simon's laptop has been to see an Apple Genius today, only a matter of time before Operation Yewtree is busting down the front door.
I come from a generation were you could tell a British woman you had a Ministry 12 Inch and she would not report you to Operation Yewtree.
"Today we're going to learn what the Song of Solomon tells us about sharing!" I think that if that became a real thing on a children's programme, Operation Yewtree would look like it just wasn't trying...
Walking with the Promise of God - God's way or the World? Are you a tempter? Do you offer those things to others who are too weak to refuse the temptation? Be aware! "One day Jesus said to his disciples, ‘There will always be temptations to sin, but what sorrow awaits the person who does the tempting! It would be better to be thrown into the sea with a millstone hung around your neck than to cause one of these little ones to fall into sin. So watch yourselves!" Luke 17:1-3a Two days ago we talked about Operation Yewtree and those who have allegedly been involved in child abuse. I mention it again because pictures have appeared in the press of personalities wearing OBEs or whatever around their necks following investitures at Buckingham Palace. To anybody guilty of leading children or young people astray Jesus is saying swap the gong for a millstone and be thrown into the sea because that would be better than the fate that awaits you! Such an individual would need to throw themselves upon God's mercy in ...
Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into sexual abuse allegations, predominantly the abuse of children, against the British media personality Jimmy Savile (who died in 2011) and others. The investigation led by the Metropolitan Police Service started in October 2012. After a period of *** ..
Watching some of these Audience With . shows being relegated, looking at the audience there, Operation Yewtree could have rounded up most of them in one night!
Tory wanker. Share share and share. While we scrimp and save and worry about bills this tory banker toffee nosed *** pays 60 grand to do this. I hope Operation Yewtree picks him up. "Sir" David Scholey
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