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Operation Yewtree

Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into alleged sexual abuse, predominantly the abuse of children, by the British media personality Jimmy Savile (who died in 2011) and others.

Alvin Stardust Bill Cosby Jimmy Saville Mike Read Paul Gambaccini Chuckle Brothers Dr Fox Paul Daniels Bruce Forsyth

I imagine detectives from Operation Yewtree will be in touch.
The Bill Cosby situation is the UK's "Operation Yewtree" manifesting in the US. Mass Hysteria over "Celebrity Predators"
US need an Operation Yewtree for these kinds of assaults
the cases are based on celebrities who prey on the the general public, guess the U.S. Will be next for an operation Yewtree
in the UK there has been a police investigation called operation Yewtree looking at historical sex abuse claims
Just remembered I made an operation yewtree gag in my wedding speech. In hindsight perhaps that wasn't the time or the place.
Looks like the US is getting a taste for Operation Yewtree shinnanigans as far as Bill Cosby's concerned.
No one is taking you seriously with that Operation Yewtree picture
That's just... I mean... I can't... WHAT?? I think operation Yewtree should pay this shower a visit...
Crime investigators to be recruited for West Yorkshire Police due to awareness of Operation Yewtree -
Balham wetherspoons looks like a meeting place for blokes who slipped through the cracks of operation yewtree
operation yewtree is on his tail Deffo
with thanks to Operation Yewtree for supplying that photo.
Just been tipped off who the next Operation Yewtree is going to be...
If we have learned one thing today is not to make operation yewtree jokes in a room full of tv people
If YOU can find it, SEND it to me and I'll pass it on to Operation Yewtree. There is NOTHING, of course.
I renamed mine "Operation Yewtree" and the next day my Neighbour moved out.
Comedian Jim Davidson on and drinking with | Gloucestershire Echo via
Wonder if those backing would want the dj's &presenters convicted of sex offences under operation yewtree back on the radio/TV?
Every American going on about Cosby and parts of their childhood ruined... Just Google Operation Yewtree and see what us Brits had ruined!
Are you aware of operation YewTree in the UK ?
When is operation going to catch up with Andrew Neil? A prime candidate if ever there was one
Have YOU been following Jim Davidson spills the beans on the Story by
I suppose after operation yewtree there's not many celebs to put in the jungle
Operation Yewtree are going down next week
that was me as a baby. I bet you touch yourself in kids playgrounds at night! Operation YewTree! !
Just need Operation Yewtree to come knocking for the full house
Not only KK's bum in the news, but also Kelsey Grammer's. Groped in 2005 by the Duchess of Cornwall. Another case for Operation Yewtree?
Comedian Jim Davidson on Operation Yewtree and drinking with Nigel Farage
Is operation Yewtree looking into Bill Cosby
I would have thought that giving someone a Rolfing would be a good way to get the attention of Operation Yewtree
Been happening here in UK for 2 years now. Google 'Operation Yewtree'. Many celebrities arrested on NO EVIDENCE other 1/3
isn't he being investigated as part of operation Yewtree?
You know you're getting old when everyone you admired as a child is either a) Dead or b) being investigated by operation Yewtree
An Irishman I knew, Tom Kiddy, had a fiddle band but had to change his name when operation Yewtree got serious.
...and the phone number for Operation Yewtree!
Id imagine you're definitely being watched, by operation YEWTREE officers .
Then I realised it's 1am and I'm wearing pink socks tucked into trackies and I didn't want to be reported to Operation Yewtree.
no slight on Bomani's article, but I'm surprised more aren't drawing analogy with this:
Bill Cosby starred in Cosby a of British sitcom One Foot In The Grave Now he's starring in a remake of another UK classic Operation Yewtree
There is no statute on rape is there? I don't know US law. Operation Yewtree in the UK had no problems.
So Bill Cosby is apparently a rapist? I guess this is the start of America's Operation Yewtree. What next, Mr Rogers, the secret paedophile?
I see Bill Cosby is starring in the US remake of Operation Yewtree.
The 2nd series of ‘Operation Yewtree’ seems to be pandering to a US audience a bit with its new lead the American Jimmy Savile?
Yewtree is the operation around historic child abuse, Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris etc, a nonce is a paedophile
I know:( My childhood was destroyed in recent years. Google Operation Yewtree. So many childhood idols of mine!
there is a lot of this going on in the UK in terms of Operation Yewtree and celebs from 70s being outed as rapists/abusers
Are these the stirrings of a US remake of Operation Yewtree?
Is this the moment where Operation Yewtree goes Transatlantic? (not literally of course)
In wake of Operation Yewtree, maybe rethink use of word "fiddlers".
.nice speech,1400 children you say? How many victims has operation uncovered? Were they all Muslim too?
Is this a Crimewatch reconstruction for Operation Yewtree? Celebrities sneaking into bedrooms?
just imagining the American Operation Yewtree name
What if Bill Cosby triggers an American Operation Yewtree? Something sassy and all American like Operation Baseball or Operation Buck
Operation Yewtree not got to Tony Blackburn yet then
Jimmy Savile: The FOUR Rings? Tim Hicks up-dates some major developments in the Savile investigation in Scarborough and Whitby. ~ Further to my recent “Corruption Busters” article on Jimmy Savile, we have received more information from Whitby and Scarborough residents, liaised with some national and local press organizations and accessed additional open sources. We have also had access to the Operation Yewtree and Operation Ornament Reports into Savile. This has allowed us to develop fresh information on Savile. In particular, it appears he operated in paedophile-rings and we believe we have now identified three or four of them, and I am investigating a possible fifth. Although Savile was a loner, never married and apparently did not form normal human relationships very easily – or indeed at all – he seems to have had close relationships with these five people: 1) His mother Mrs Agnes Savile, with whom he lived in her flat at the Esplanade, Scarborough, for much of his life 2) Mr Alan Franey, w .. ...
. "Hostbusters":. The inappropriately-titled true story of Operation Yewtree.
Monty The Penguin sounds like a sub-division of Operation Yewtree.
Who's playing Saville in the film 'Operation YewTree'?
Two lucky punters go head to head in the Operation Yewtree Celebrity Paedo Quiz, Tudor Rose Hotel in Kings Lynn.
I think I might get taken down as part of operation yewtree if I wear it! ... Ukulele jam at Fridays gaggle sess?
- I think operation yewtree might take an interest in this song
Does Operation Yewtree know about your opinions on under age children?
if the rumours are true, i swear ITV is just collecting everyone arrested in operation yewtree and throwing them in the jungle.
Even though one of the members looks like he'd be arrested under Operation Yewtree
Is this part of the ongoing Operation Yewtree?
you've seen it too.I'm thinking 'operation yewtree'.
Ready to be my lover again, you are not, young Skywalker (To quote the scene from Star Wars: Operation Yewtree)
I reckon if not for Operation Yewtree, they'd be resurrecting Top Of The Pops about now.
I think Operation Yewtree got him. He was very odd!
Louis jumped out of his chair quicker than when someone someone says operation Yewtree.
Louis Walsh is coming across very 'operation yewtree' in this clip...
Danger Danger. Attn Operation Yewtree, prime suspect in the Hammersmith/White City area.
“MR CITY: This fan needs no introduction. reeks of operation yewtree
Place your bets on whose gonna turn up today and ruin my chilled afternoon watching football. 3/1 Jesse, 6/1 my dad, 12/1 Operation Yewtree.
that would be a little Operation Yewtree.
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Ha! No, I think Operation Yewtree put a stop to that ;)
and you seem blind to anything but Phil! yewtree.. operation ore, countless pedo rings . all nothing to do with Islam.. but that
could get you arrested as part of operation Yewtree though
kenny swain was arrested in operation yewtree in 2012 along with Bill Kenyon. Both got 12 years
to be fair I think he would have been part of operation YewTree!
I'm already over the John Lewis ad. In ten years time will probably be investigated under Operation Yewtree.
like some of the Operation Yewtree cases were clearly fabricated so that the "victim" could cash in on the person's fame
Dont be! Top bit of trivia there. Simon Club 7 sounds like something Operation Yewtree would investigate.
PETER REID!!! take that cap off or Operation Yewtree will be knocking on your door.
former associate of Jimmy Savile, who is accused of a string of historical sexual offences,
The Courteeners are just another two bob indie band. If you dont agree then you should expect to hear from the officers on Operation Yewtree
BREAKING: taken in for question under Operation info to follow
Shenley psychiatric hospital to be included in Jimmy Savile investigations of a teenager
oh he's fingered plenty of things, I'm not one to slander but 2 words for you Operation Yewtree!
Sounds like Operation Yewtree needs a much wider remit   10% Off
UK sex abuse probe expands to 41 hospitals:
Just seen Napoli are playing Young Boys, should someone not call in Operation YewTree ?
He's been keeping a low profile lately, probably waiting for Operation Yewtree to knock on the door.
good job Operation Yewtree doesn't have an open wormhole back to late 60s Detroit…
If he was British, Operation Yewtree would be on his mind 24/7.
“Monty the Penguin questioned in relation to Operation Yewtree”. Disgusting
UK sex abuse probe expands to 41 hospitals
Why the name change Harper? Operation Yewtree closing in again?
Santa led away by Operation Yewtree Police. Group of teary-eyed, young children look on. Jim’ll Fix It theme tune plays
It's time journos did their job and investigated Operation Yewtree. This woman's done most of the legwork for them:
ops indeed! Next thing we'll hear is Angus is being questioned by Operation Yewtree. Guess the tour is off!
"You knock Operation Yewtree but it's opened up so many more panto opportunities for the rest of us". Genius
Who would you add to the list of Operation Yewtree? I would say Bruce Forsyth and Noel Edmonds
It'd be great if Operation Yewtree started bringing down some unlikely big names. People like 50 Cent, Barry Venison and Vernon Kay.
Poor old Alvin Stardust pegged it. I loved my coo cachoo! Fair play though, he ducked out before operation Yewtree could sully his rep
Prophet "Touch Your Biscuit" - Does Operation know about this cereal abuser?
Prophet - Something bad is happening in your panties - Touch Your Biscuit - Does Operation know about Biscuit Abuse?
Kept getting interrupted while having a shower tonight by kids knocking on my door.what's Operation Yewtree??
One of them has just given my daughter a quid and said "Don't call operation yewtree, it's Halloween innit." Delightful.
Hello? Operation Yewtree? I'd like to report an incident in progress.
If you dress up for Halloween, yet you DON'T have kids, don't worry. Operation Yewtree will get to you eventually.
Hmm, have you spoken to operation Yewtree?
Hoping my Grandad will answer the door tonight without portraying himself as a candidate for Operation Yewtree.
. I don't know who looks more like they should be looked into by operation yewtree.
Culture by USA. Couture by operation yewtree
I can see the Daily Mail headline now "Scot Boyle slams Operation Yewtree"
oh sorry, I forgot, we can't have Davidson back, he's too busy being investigated by operation Yewtree isn't he
Operation Yewtree, I think the Chuckle Brothers are in the Radio 1 Live Lounge now. Get them!
haven't had a snap from him in a while. Operation yewtree must be on to him
the Avi is nice mate but that quote from Bally is like something from Operation Yewtree
Just got a glimpse of what I'll look like during Movember and nearly reported myself under Operation Yewtree
Blue python loafers company the official Sponsor of operation yewtree suspects !
at least they've not arrested him under Operation Yewtree ...
Operation Yewtree has been targeting sexual offenders/pedophiles from 1970s onward, and not a few
Oh great it's that time of the year when loads of men walk around like they should be arrested as part of Operation Yewtree
Case closed. Indiana Jones will be getting a call from Operation Yewtree.
It really will only be a matter of time until George Clarke gets caught by Operation Yewtree surely.
OPERATION YEWTREE SUMMED UP IN ONE PICTURE HERE. "How is this thing allowed near people?! 😩
Better UnFollow Timmy Mallet before I get a knock on the door from operation Yewtree.
I'm thinking Operation Yewtree has missed a beat looking at this one.
At least the events of Operation Yewtree have explained why all the Minors were so Manic in the early 80's
amazing colleague Victoria Browne on Operation Yewtree and patriarchy
Kim Kardshian expects her kid to "work like she did"... Does this fall under Operation Yewtree?
Enforcing Movember to the company!. Gonna look like an operation YewTree line identity parade in 2 weeks
We need to expand operation Yewtree nd prosecute all male morning news readers for wishing millions of women good day, not on
sounds like a sordid place discovered through operation Yewtree.
The persistence of - Operation Yewtree and the return to 1970s by Victoria…
with the addition of investigating offices from Operation Yewtree.
I have faith that Operation Yewtree will be successful this side of the Atlantic. Proud of u
Bit tipsy, been out with my Geordie neighbour, but have operation YewTree contacted you?
Operation Yewtree would like a word with him.
Why is Derdrie not on corrie has she been arrested as part of operation Yewtree as well?
I hear it'll be a supergroup of performers that Operation Yewtree hasn't caught up with yet.
Yeah, Operation Yewtree should just count up the number of people not being pedophiles. Probably quicker.
The persistence of patriarchy: Operation Yewtree and the return to 1970s feminism
Paul Daniels on Operation Yewtree, Jimmy Saville & 300 notches on his bedpost; Naked in jail; Area 51. Mack Nugget
They've been going in and out of style... Victoria Browne on Operation Yewtree, the return to 1970s feminism and...
they must be wishing they had the BBC in the 80s and operation yewtree when they look down at their dry weetabix
Operation Yewtree will sweep him up in the fullness of time
We talked about Operation Yewtree with Paul Daniels. Hear that chat NOW on BOB fm. Listen live here...
why? Did Operation Yewtree close down the other one? 😂
Sounded a bit "just received a tip-off from my mole on Operation Yewtree, lads", didn't it?
Actress Details Years of Alleged Rape and Manipulation by Bill Cosby / Operation Yewtree goes to America?
Jimmy Saville: Operation Yewtree cops probe 12 suspects in positions of power - Birmingham Mail
Professor Oak was arrested by Operation Yewtree. :o(
R.I.P. Alvin Stardust. So many memorable entertainers from my childhood seem to have passed away. Either that or seized by Operation Yewtree
The Chuckle Brothers have decided to hide from operation yewtree within the rap world.. good plan.
It just never sits right with me when a 12 year old likes my instagram pics. Reverse operation yewtree syndrome.
If you need a quick reminder of which DJs haven't been involved in operation Yewtree simply tune in to TOTP on BBC4.
Alvin Stardust dies. I can already see the new branch sprouting from operation Yewtree.
Seem to be out at football every time it's on, and at home for The Sky at Night. Hope operation yewtree has finished
Paul and barry getting down wiv da kidz (but only since being cleared of allergations surrounding operation yewtree)
Terrible news about Alvin Stardust although I suppose it will save Operation Yewtree a few quid
Have the Chuckle Brothers not been done under Operation Yewtree yet?
*** Alvin Stardust, now. If it's not Operation Yewtree hoovering up my 70s memories, it's the bloody Grim Reaper. Coo-ca-choo, Bernie.
I genuinely mean no offence, but who else saw Alvin Stardust pop up on the news and instantly think Operation Yewtree? Sign of the times.
Saw trending, thought 'Uh oh, Operation Yewtree claims another.' Turns out he's just dead. LUCKY ESCAPE, STARDUST.
All we need now is Operation Yewtree to come crashing down on them and spoil the fun
Sad that you see a 70s star trending & you're relieved that they've died rather than been arrested by Operation Yewtree. RIP Alvin Stardust.
It's a sad indictment of 70's celebrity that when I saw Alvin Stardust trending I thought Operation Yewtree rather than the poor sod dying.
hope he didn't top himself before Operation Yewtree got to him?
Thanks, although now I'm slightly worried. Do the words "operation" and "yewtree" worry you?
I am sure you know that Cliff has been investigated by Operation Yewtree. There was nothing there. Cliff remains innocent!!
What if we go as characters from operation Yewtree?
“Come on Red Men! I know we can get something for this tonight, these are our nights yewtree
Says that this is partially down to the way such crimes were recorded and Operation Yewtree which has led to reporting of historical cases
😂 not the scratchmaster! That's what all them hi viz's were at the last rave I went mate, must of been operation yewtree
As long as Operation Yewtree haven't arrested him first.
“Dear young people, Christ is counting on you to be his friends and witnesses to his infinite love.” Operation Yewtree suspect
Operation Yewtree need to pay him a visit.
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Unusual for a former Radio 1 DJ to be in the news, and not involve Operation Yewtree
Just caught up with your song - *** ?? What is it about 70s/80s DJs; if Operation YewTree doesn't get 'em it seems does...
Waiting for Stacy's Mum to be the next big name in Operation Yewtree.
Whenever I see Mike Read trending, I always think it will be an Operation Yewtree update.
DJs eh? If Operation Yewtree doesn't get them, Operation Yewkip will.
S Club 7 are trending. I daren't click to see why. Are they dead or is it an Operation Yewtree thing?
as a lifelong fan of the I am concerned that will be getting a call from Operation Yewtree.
DJ Paul Gambaccini in return to BBC radio after Operation Yewtree probe ends.
In UK we have Operation YewTree which has investigated and arrested dozen of celebrities who sexually assaulted girls in past
Hazard just stop it. Last time I saw a touch as naughty as that Operation Yewtree were getting involved.
Operation Yewtree being called in to investigate the Roma / Bayern match..
Operation Yewtree appear to be conducting a honeytrap operation at St James Park tonight.
And I thought operation Yewtree was the peak of the criminal activity of my childhood heros - that is until I heard Mike Reads
Mike Read certainly doesn't. Still its bought him into the public eye and at least it isn't operation yewtree .
This, from left me wibbly-wobbly: "Over-sharing is a kind of caring... shame is a useless emotion."
All purpose parts banner
I suppose it's just a relief to see a former Radio 1 DJ not implicated in Operation Yewtree.
OPERATION YEWTREE/FERNBRIDGE is a ROYAL MILITARY …: fake operation protecting establishment paedos so are most ops
agent has been in touch with Operation Yewtree to investigate him on the grounds that it will be better PR than his
where's Operation Yewtree when you need it?
Mike Read singing in a fake West Indian voice about UKIP? All I can say is where are Operation Yewtree when you need them?
One of the few 70s DJs who haven't had a brush with Operation Yewtree.
PedoGaf and Operation Yewtree The Pedo's are everywhere what will we ever do!
Dear Person In Charge Of Operation Yewtree, Now would be a good time to increase those conviction rates.
I think Operation Yewtree would have been less embarrassing for Mike Read.
Hi is that operation yewtree. Cough Mike cough Read cough cough.
How hasnt John McCririck has his door knocked down yet regarding operation yewtree?
"me rn Hiding from the operation YEWTREE cops.
Video camera jumper is the future of Operation Yewtree
“Sex accusers must be named, says Jimmy Tarbuck after Yewtree arrest:
Liz ... I am not going to lie .. I did think of posting that but Then I thought of operation Yewtree 😳😂
Operation Yewtree is concerning the crimes of isolated public figures. Rotherham concerns
And operation Yewtree. Oh, sorry nothing to do with immigrants.
Suprised Operation Yewtree ain't took him off the streets yet.
"Operation Yewtree (also known as the Yewtree Inquisition and the Savile Inquisition)" No I am not making it up.
15/20 years time loads of Britpop boats will get pulled in as part of Operation Yewtree II.
No charges for Paul Gambaccini following Operation Yewtree enquiries.
I'm scared that if I smile in a photo I'll get arrested as part of operation yewtree
I think operation Yewtree need informing!
How he hasn't been picked up by Operation Yewtree is beyond me
In Alex Day’s new video, Alex explains Operation Yewtree in less than four minutes using Post-It Notes.
Tiesto has Operation Yewtree written all over him
Nicky Romero looks like he messes with kids. Another DJ for Operation Yewtree?
Even the illustrations are terrifying. The one for Wee Willie Winkie is basically Operation Yewtree.
The Operation which run after murder was the biggest since the Yorkshire Ripper and the last until Operation Yewtree.
Really interesting piece found by >>> Operation a Royal Military Police Investigation?
I was cherry picked by a very famous DJ once. Fortunately it's in the hands of Operation Yewtree now.
Did you get arrested as part of Operation Yewtree?
talks about his nightmare with Operation Yewtree in his new show and book:
I thought operation Yewtree might one day knock on his door but never a full blow racist outburst!!
Another for operation Yewtree pulling its nappy to one side and sticking his fist up a ducks bum and its not even xmas
Operation Yewtree took him in for questioning cos they thought his haircut was 'suspiciously 1970's'
... Unfortunately that sort of behaviour will get him investigated by Operation Yewtree.
Operation Yewtree we had a fanfare everytime a celeb was questioned let alone arrested. Why not same with Rotherham child rapists? Oh wait..
Wow, old Pan's People videos are like Operation Yewtree - The Musical.
The 'Evil Kagawa' account would require a "turn over your harddrive to Operation Yewtree this instant" button.
Someone in my Seminar, with all confidence, just asked if Operation Yewtree is an actual tree. I shouldn't laugh. Oré do n…
Breaking News: ITV2 have drafted in the help of Operation Yewtree to find a presenter for a new reality TV show aimed at young people.
"Dapper Laughs will be arrested as part of operation yewtree in 20 years time". And for being criminally unfunny
Lonan has operation Yewtree written all over him
Sure has one thing to say to Operation YewTree! don't care what a company of sex offenders think
Everytime Operation Yewtree witchhunters make any public statement they should be forced to reveal how much overtime they've pocketed so far
Yet another victim of Operation Yewtree Jimmy Tarbuck's *** at hands of police and CPS. Mugs or thugs?
Operation Yewtree investigating 12 new suspects including police officers and politicians
The police investigation into child grooming and abuse is called Operation Yewtree
Jim Davidson reacts to claims of Operation Yewtree joke: 'Bloody newspapers' distorted truth about my stand-up
Dr Fox while waiting for his Operation Yewtree interview boots home High Talk at Sedgefield :)
This has Operation Yewtree written all over it.
oh my... operation yewtree descends on Pencaster
Paul Gambaccini cleared by Operation Yewtree sex crimes police
Operation Yewtree: Paul Gambaccini describes year of trauma after he is told he will not face charges.
Officers in charge of Operation Yewtree been urged by the public to expand their investigations beyond historic sex offenders to people who are simply a bit of a ***
NEWS! Operation Yewtree urged to consider extending remit to cover 'historic ***
your pedo m8 Fred says he knows what you done last summer, tick tock fat man. Operation yewtree have your number
These who I want to see arrested! The senior non celebrity establishment who abused our children placed in care.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"she didn't act 10". I'm glad he owned up to it, in the UK no one seems to admit it. Dont know if you heard of operation yewtree?
I can deal with most things, the coalition, operation yewtree, but a five door it ain't a mini when it's bigger than my bimmer
that’s all we need. Yewtree and Operation Carousel. Don’t know what sounds more nonce..
Bruce Forsyth trending. Be honest, when you saw that, you assumed he'd died.” our operation yewtree had came a knocking
I thought more along the lines of operation yewtree tbh
I'm getting out of here before Operation Yewtree finds us
Given his rejection of her for maturing, maybe Operation Yewtree should go after Aslan next.
Brucey: 'I've always liked younger women' - I'm 90% sure Operation Yewtree will confirm that for us in the next few months anyway!
sir bruce: 'I've always liked younger women'.. operation yewtree will be kicking his door down at 5am in the morning now
I'm surprised they haven't been called up for operation yewtree.
Twelve more public figures 'being looked into by Operation Yewtree' via
2) of Operation Yewtree simply to gain compensation, he degraded the women and mocked them regardless of what they'd been through
Whoa only just seen the news mention Dr Fox / Neil Fox has been arrested too, oh no, that's a shock! *Not* Operation Yewtree related though
This Monday is a complete write off. Waking at half 4, guzzling coke and watching deal or no deal. Noel Edmunds next on Operation Yewtree.
I'll be forwarding our findings to Operation Yewtree first thing in the morning.
Update your maps at Navteq
Evening a quick question. Have you or Paul yet been investigated regarding Operation It's important.
Seems all the more unbalanced as more is revealed by Operation Yewtree.
Mum just referred to operation yewtree as operation gumtree
"Yes Hello, is that Operation Yewtree? I've got something i'd like to report."
Primo-based interfaces, of course, still have a date search option limited to "before Kulashaker" and "during Operation Yewtree"
They daren't show their faces in Rotherham. They are obviously next in line for Operation Yewtree.
I thought it was about Operation Yewtree, The Crown Prosecution, Feminism & those persecuting men at present
Somebody needs to sew up Katie Price's *** already. I mean she's had more children than *insert any Operation Yewtree suspect here*
Having Cameron campaigning for the No Campaign is like having Rolf Harris in charge of the operation Yewtree.
Oh god. Yes, I'm the lunatic. I could sell the song to operation Yewtree workers.
That big bairns not bombs figure looks more operation yewtree than operation yes
And, STOP Operation Yewtree! FREE ROLF HARRIS, biggest Miscarriage of Justice in a long time!
The CPS run by 60% women, & men are now being persecuted in Witch Hunt known as Operation Yewtree. How many of those women are feminists?
And hopefully no you in Operation Yewtree.
men's grooming industry lost £50m after the Operation Yewtree arrests, more like.
Paul Hollywood gets an overwhelming smell of bacon when Operation Yewtree come knocking
Rolf & Alwen, whom Mark Williams-Thomas, The CPS and Operation Yewtree will NEVER part. A POX upon all who try!
The most useful thing I've done this week is hatch a plan for a Cluedo-style board game based on Operation Yewtree. What's wrong with me?
Better watch what I'm saying; an 'online father' sounds like an Operation Yewtree suspect
The whole Operation Yewtree and CPS system now means that NO man is safe..and that includes our sons/brothers/fathers etc.
has he been had in operation Yewtree yet? Ringo I mean
are now one successful Yewtree operation away from Jordan Henderson potentially lifting the champions league
How many times did players go to see Aviici in Ibiza? Suprised operation Yewtree hasn't caught up with the lot of you yet!
My nan just said if she was an officer in Operation Yewtree she would go straight after the guy who presents Bargain Hunt. 😂😂😂
Wonder if will have a white man saying child abuse has no roots in British culture next time they report on Op…
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