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Operation Yewtree

Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into alleged sexual abuse, predominantly the abuse of children, by the British media personality Jimmy Savile (who died in 2011) and others.

Max Clifford Paul Gambaccini Sepp Blatter Calvin Harris Rolf Harris

Not anymore. They were confiscated by Operation Yewtree.
I didn't know Gordon fell under Operation Yewtree...! ;)
Don't day that Alec most of those are now subject to Operation Yewtree :0)
Jerry Lawler gets arrested during the show as part of Operation Yewtree
Pop has reported you to Operation Yewtree.
Sloop John B - Beach Boys.. "Sheriff John Stone why don't you leave me alone" operation Yewtree I guess
bet Operation Yewtree wouldn't mind a gander into that archive
Operation Yewtree. . It might replace Ladyboy as the nude woman on a team captained by Moira Stuart?
Why are people making such a fuss over Micheal Jackson being dead 6 years? If he was alive today operation Yewtree would be eyeing him up...
"Him! He Who Must Not Be Named" said Harry. "We've told you that's unhelpful" said the man from Operation Yewtree.
Rumours are that Ted Rodgers was arrested today as part of Operation Yewtree, I had a bet on him to be nicked last week at odds of 3/1
this surprises me, I thought half of the operation Yewtree hitlist went there every year
See that Captain Birdseye that was filmed on a boat with loads of children yet hasn't been part of operation Yewtree. P…
"Hello, sir, I'm PC Knacker from Operation Yewtree and I'd like you to accompany me to the station…"
Looks like a proper operation yewtree suspect
Whilst we're remembering Michael Jackson, let's also reflect on the fact that the USA doesn't have an Operation Yewtree.
Even if you wore an afro and chopped off a leg, they might be wary of 80's presenters *cough* operation yewtree *cough* ;-)
if it were the 70s and were famous I'd have Operation Yewtree all over me
Calvin Harris was today called by operation Yewtree to find out exactly what "was acceptable in the 80's" and whether they can press charges
confirmation on Operation Yewtree to go ahead?
Does anyone know if there's been a launch date announced for season two of Operation Yewtree?
You might not, but Operation Yewtree does.
Really hope Noel Edmonds isn't caught up in Operation Yewtree as I've recently bought some Noel Edmonds-esque shirts and I really like them.
On a rooftop with the Operation Yewtree house band ✊
Are you going to ask Bill Wyman how he has escaped prosecution by operation yewtree over sleeping with Mandy Smith when she was 14?
What in the name of god is that the mascot of? Operation Yewtree?
Clarissa explains it all to operation yewtree
if the person who made that is above the age of 13 Operation Yewtree needs to be called
did operation yewtree find it's way Round to you?. Something about an ageing weathered writer living off children I don't trust
Try and follow her and I'll get Operation Yewtree on your *** ..
Chris are operation yewtree hit list still ?
Operation Yewtree not finished with Leeds yet by the looks of it!
Do you think we should notify operation yewtree? He is from the 70's after all
Operation Yewtree are definitely monitoring this conversation! You didn't work at the BBC in the 70's at all did you?
I put it in n you n come out on most wanted operation yewtree 😂😂😂
In other words. Yewtree=Witch hunt - and trial by media. Why did they allow this to happen?
It's only a matter of time till Noel Edmunds is snapped up by Operation Yewtree.
Your searches today aren't going to look good if Operation Yewtree gets hold of your laptop.
That new Partick Thistle mascot is a proper Operation Yewtree contender
I know I better watch I don't get dragged into Operation Yewtree! ;-) xoxo
Am I the only person wondering when Operation Yewtree is going to catch up with Mohammed?
I don't think so. But I'm sure Operation Yewtree will find the answers!
People with money being able to pay for "protection" to get away with everything, see the operation yewtree for example
from the commencement of their Yewtree Operation & beyond they've mispremised >
Noel looking suspiciously like an operation Yewtree suspect
So im 30 kg down in 6 months , a week off ciggys , joined a gym and escaped operation yewtree , what a time to be alive.
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Got sent this by an anonymous source (Someone alert the folks at Operation Yewtree
why? Are senior Tories getting a bit dry now that refurbished Kings X has dried up? No more children left (operation yewtree)?
poor bugger... I hope operation Yewtree catches the ***
Anyone on my TL interacting with that Boring Milner account will be unfollowed, blocked and reported to Operation Yewtree.
if this hasn't got Operation Yewtree written allover it then I duno what has
The last 10 days have been sport's Operation Yewtree ...
This FIFA scandal beginning to resemble a sporting version of ' Operation Yewtree '. And like that, it all happened in plain sight.
Nice to see The Beeb recovering from Operation Yewtree to resume their ongoing task of royal death drills again.
...bound to be the usual - Operation Yewtree all stars & other awful '70s/'80s. I'll cherrypick, do a crap mix & ebay the rest.
Necrophilia yet? Where is Operation Yewtree when you need it?
Can't wait till Operation Yewtree sets it's crosshairs on the
Hope all the people in important positions at abellio get taken down by operation yewtree
. Cannot believe it was allowed to go on for so long. Hopefully "Operation Yewtree" next for Blatter.
Could be Mr Big in Operation Yewtree? I thought it might be Cliff but I'm starting to see a pattern..
How long before Sepp Blatter is arrested under operation yewtree?
Electronic Device Insurance
Operation Yewtree caught up with him
He'll be next on operation Yewtree anyway.
In searching for "things that hadn't happened since Leicestershire last won a Champo match", came across "Operation Yewtree".
something weird about that Mr Tumble, I can see Operation Yewtree catching up with him in later years 😂😂
prove it? I could call you out on a rumour I heard about operation yewtree, but without facts it's nothing 😈
Time to call in operation Yewtree. Crikey, and they made a drama series about it.
If Operation Yewtree had a siren it would be the guitar intro to 'Whole Lotta Love' by Led Zeppelin.
"...police are questioning a man from Pimpletown as part of Operation Yewtree"
Michael Flatley is another one who reeks of operation yewtree.
Last ever TV performance? Is Michael Flatley the next on the Operation list?
God! Carl looks like he's got off from an Operation Yewtree charge
What's going on this week with Republican pedophiles? Is this the American Operation Yewtree?
Nearly said I'm afraid all my childhood faves are like that...then I remembered that *** say that about Operation Yewtree suspects.
"Does your mother know?" has operation yewtree written all over it
How is Ray Pop still doing his thing on here? Operation Yewtree would have him by now if he was British
Thanks to Operation Yewtree and what we now know about the 70's am I the only one who feels dirty & ashamed when I have a finger of Fudge.
I know, operation Yewtree are all over him at the moment...
Swiss Police can't get him, the FBI can't touch him. The last chance to bring down Sepp Blatter? Bring in the boys from Operation Yewtree
operation Yewtree surely gunna catch up with him any day now
unreal day when Operation Yewtree finally clock Bully
Hope operation yewtree close in on Bully before he can get to Wembley.
The state of 'MOTD Kickabout'. Operation Yewtree definitely needs to have a word with this mascot.
Yep, operation Yewtree are on their way for you Noncey boy! Days are numbered
If Operation Yewtree went international, I'm sure they could pick up Sepp Blatter just for being a nonce in general.
I'm still hopeful operation yewtree will catch up with him
the man could have been named in operation Yewtree and still got the nod...
Give it 5 years and Blatter will be going down as part of operation yewtree
"Kids will do anything for Dairylea" After Savile & operation yewtree,I think the police need to investigate those sinister cheese triangles
do you have any type of bet for the operation yewtree investigation ? Like a sweep stake with all the old celebs ?
While we're saying the unsayable, public school educated Stephen Fry would rather we forgot about VIP
Order Miche Bag Online!
Paedo honey-traps? I would have whoever thought of that scenario investigated by Operation Yewtree.
address any questions you have about jimmys visit to Ceptic fc to Operation Yewtree. They love old photos of jim
Blatter vows to restore confidence in FIFA - is that like Operation Yewtree trying to restore confidence in 70's radio personalities?
Killed to silence him from speaking to Operation Yewtree.
Just flicked over to I sincerely hope the lads from Operation Yewtree have done the same
With all the goings on at Fifa at the moment I wouldn't be surprised if Blatter gets done under Operation Yewtree!
Is the story bad? Bloody *** it could not be any worse if they were being investigated by Operation Yewtree!!... Or are they...
. He could be the main target of operation yewtree and still stand tomorrow
wobbly sets, non-scary bad guys, visible strings and old skool actors who might or might not be on an Operation Yewtree list
Also Putin objecting to bungs enquiry is like Rolf Harris objecting to Operation Yewtree.
*** This is 100% Operation Yewtree business. The child is two years old and you're talmbout cumshots?? GTFOH.
there is nothing I can say about this without being investigated by operation yewtree
Glad im not the only one watching it mate. Reckon Gordon will pop up on Operation Yewtree sometime in the future
. What about operation Yewtree looking into child sex abuse at the Celtic boys club?
Looks like someone Operation Yewtree need to speak to
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I veered us away from Chicken to Operation Yewtree to be fair.
im not your mate & why you looking through my timeline freaky old man. Operation Yewtree over here
I was 7 and he was in my bed with me... Thinking about it... Do you have the number for operation yewtree?
I bet Sep a latter is sweating his corrupt little *** off now, just like Keith Chegwin is sweating about operation Yewtree
In a sort of poetic Al Capone type way, I'm still hopeful that Operation Yewtree will be Blatter's undoing
I name the hotspot on my phone 'Operation Yewtree'. Once in your pub i heard a punter ask a staff member if it was yours.
Operation Yewtree targeting THOUSANDS of YOUR elite establishment & masters in Whitehall/W'minster & military. Game, set and match
Churchill:When Britain Said No -Wow more hate spewed at old Winston, this time from the BBC.Whats left but to name him in Operation Yewtree?
Hi Im Simon Barlow, my mum is an ex prostitute, my dads an alcoholic & my grandad was arrested as part of operation yewtree. Dance?
In October 2012 Glitta was caught at it again n' again n' again as part of Operation Yewtree.
I refuse to believe that none of these lot are currently people of interest for Operation Yewtree.
Operation Yewtree: Police arrest 69-year-old man on suspicion of sex offences
There's liking younger men, and there's operation Yewtree ladies! ;D
Operation Hydrant, Yewtree -historically, it will all be known as Operation Compensation -Monetary reward corrupts criminal law
enjoy your 🍺. I'll cancel my call to operation yewtree
A1's performance on looked like an operation yewtree disco.
Last RT... I'd have operation yewtree on the blower, mate.
Tickle on the Tum? Operation Yewtree. McTell believes Lennon was killed by the CIA.
They could sing operation yewtree's list of suspects in another language and the British public would still vote for it
Yo homies the police are looking for this guy as part of Operation Yewtree. Witnesses say he had his hand up a bird !
"don’t wear a linen’ll look like an ageing schoolmaster who should be worried about Operation Yewtree"
It wasn't enough that I had to work on a bank holiday, it had to be busier than the confessions box after operation Yewtree
Memorable night. Lots of banter lads out. I remember talking about strippers and operation Yewtree
Little Moo watching Mr Tumble. Where's the number for Operation Yewtree.
You are so delusional. Operation Yewtree pet.
He won't be once Operation Yewtree catches up with him.
Question to LM - Should Jimmy Page be interviewed by Operation Yewtree?
this isn't going to become an Operation Yewtree tale is it?
How many, in comparison, has Operation Yewtree seen jailed ?
Police from Operation investigate Billy the Kid as the grave of his parents is discovered by officers
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Catching up with Eurovision. Montenegro man looks like someone straight out of Operation Yewtree
legit amazed they not only didn't get picked up in operation Yewtree but actually stopped an assault
Graham Norton is surly next on operation Yewtree
If you voted in Eurovision expect a raid from Operation Yewtree in the next few hours
- either way, operation Yewtree police officers are as we speak heading to Heathrow
Operation Yewtree on their way to Albania I imagine
If Albania have an Operation Yewtree I bet he's the first door they knock on
doubt they can still fit in those miniskirts and even if they did it might come to the attention of operation Yewtree
Does the jurisdiction of Operation Yewtree extend to
Operation Yewtree need to take a look into the lead singer of Romania judging by that beard...
Romania has entered five children's TV show presenters on the run from Operation Yewtree into the competition
This guy is clear evidence Operation Yewtree is yet to reach montenegro...
Operation Yewtree need to get an interrail ticket.
Get me Operation Yewtree on line one
Operation yewtree knocking on Montenegros door in the morning
It's a shame operation yewtree can't be extended to
Montenegro looks like a potential person of interest for Operation Yewtree
Is this the entry to Operation Yewtree or
The stranger turns out to be Bruce Forsyth. He's then carted off by Operation Yewtree.
The paedophile was interviewed under caution by police as part of Operation Yewtree in February.
That really was a weird act. I can't believe Operation Yewtree haven't been in touch.
If they ever make a TV drama about Operation Yewtree I hope it's called The Paedo Files.
Find your 70s name by saying your name followed by 'has been charged by officers from Operation Yewtree'.
operation Yewtree will respond at 5.30
that's crap that is ! I'd like to see an operation Yewtree anniversary plate
taken 5 minutes before operation Yewtree officers kicked the door in.
Morph is being investigated by Operation Yewtree
Also why is the announcer dressed like a bloke from the 70s who's about to be arrested as part of operation yewtree
> Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers on
nah, out tomorrow, lady. Where you going?. Operation Yewtree finally caught up with you?!
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If you listen carefully you can hear you talking about Operation Yewtree being in full force
D.S. Gary Pankhurst, of Operation Yewtree, would you like to answer this one for me? With many thanks to Bernard...
Here is a guy that Operation Yewtree hasn't caught yet.
Operation Yewtree should have this on series record .
I've noticed that Bodge (of Bodger & Badger fame) has gone all quiet since this Operation Yewtree thing kicked off
I bet when police raided Cliff Richard's home it was the Operation Yewtree equivalent to the storming of the Reichstag
Suddenly got warm here in the office. I'm sweating like Gary Glitter at an Operation Yewtree reunion...
It's lemonade, not Operation Yewtree. Get a grip.
not another one for Operation Yewtree! 😯
Number of rapes reported to police last year at highest level ever-in wake of exposure of & ht…
Number of reported rapes at its highest ever via
The Elders of Sodom might suggest that the Operation Yewtree of 30 years from now take a good look at NI Health Secretary Jim Wells.
Crime figures rise after 30 per cent surge in reported sex attacks
Number of rapes reported to police at highest EVER level after Operation Yewtree: A surge in the number of sex...
World can learn from the successful Operation Yewtree⁉️ . . http:/…
Tune in to LIVE feed of John Cameron from discussing Operation Yewtree & key learnings http:…
! Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers on
Spoke to a man the other day who said "Operation Yewtree has gone too far now"
Former celebrity publicist Max Clifford - serving an eight-year jail term - has been arrested by Operation Yewtree officers, the BBC
Operation Yewtree's fai1r whittled doon the selection of re-runs of Top of the Pops ye get on bbc4 int it😈
Imagine if operation Yewtree invaded the stage then
Max Clifford reportedly arrested again under Operation Yew Tree. .
Operation Yewtree is on its way to Saturday Night Takeaway as we speak
Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers on
this is no hoax operation country man investigating the police has progressed to Ore and Yewtree
*** ! Operation yewtree would take an interest in this 😒
incredible talent however operation Yewtree candidate for sure
Opened up through social media and sheer scale of victims in operation yewtree. Nothing to to with Gov
Can I report the Barclay's Digital Eagle adverts to Operation Yewtree? No adults should be encouraging children to catch crabs.
Newspapers have had enough of this witch-hunt the same way celebs have had enough of Operation Yewtree.
Rob's Brian Cox impression sounds like an operation yewtree call away
A new version of Operation Yewtree is investigating Rugby child abuse cases which were previously blocked by New Labour politicians.
McCarthyism, The Salem Witch Hunts, Matthew Hopkins and..Operation Yewtree. All times when those with Odd Brains... htt…
Biff, chip and kipper are now involved in operation yewtree!!!
. You look young enough to be my daughter. Attracts attention from operation yewtree
Tommy Vance is not under Operation Yewtree yet.
did u know Morph from Heartbeat got done by Operation Yewtree. Turns out he was a Playdohphile !!
Closest you'll get is being the next bust in Operation Yewtree.
Timmy Mallet on the Gadget Show. Surprised he isn't in hiding from operation yewtree.
Paul Gambaccini backs 28-day bail limit after Operation Yewtree arrest -
James Rodwell looks like a member of Operation Yewtree
Operation yewtree is the reason that wally is hiding
.2/5. to Operation Yewtree. I also contacted the BBC, C4 News + the Guardian - no replies, disappointingly. One cannot .
Passed my driving test today. Clean sheet! Not even a minor, as the aged celebrity said to Operation Yewtree.
Well at least we know he won’t be arrested by Operation Yewtree ;-) featured in NBC s Science of Love
Say CHOO CHOO if you're being investigated by Operation Yewtree. . .
BBC to make documentary about child sex abuse survivors following Savile revelations:
Just commented on BBC to make film about child sex abuse survivors following Savile revelations -
Looks like the type that one would read about on Operation Yewtree
How Brian Cox hasn't been investigated by operation Yewtree I seriously do not know. Definite nonce case 💯%
A fan is very much under the influence of fame. Most of these people getting arrested by Operation Yewtree now were enjoying their fans.
Minding my own business. Sitting on the stairs to my room. Next thing you know you got operation Yewtree on your case 😂😂🙈
If crime is down by more than a fifth (at 1.83) why are our prisons getting fuller? Not all 'Operation Yewtree'!
* Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers on
Olly Lambert will direct the Operation Yewtree doc Abused: The Untold Story.
This just in: Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Dave Lee Travis to form rap supergroup 'Operation Yewtree' for
71-year-old man arrested by Operation Yewtree officers in Peterborough
Yetwree Police have arrested Max Clifford over alleged sex offences
Max Clifford 'arrested by Operation Yewtree officers over further sex offences' 
Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers - BBC News
BBC News - Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers
Max Clifford arrested Yewtree again serving hard time Littlehey Prison convicted of buggerry on children's
SOUTHWARK: Max Clifford could face new charges after Operation Yewtree police quiz -
Operation Yewtree police today arrested a 71-year-old man in connection with allegations of sexual offence - interviewed in…
Shamed publicist Max Clifford 'arrested by Operation Yewtree officers over
Max Clifford reportedly re-arrested by Operation Yewtree officers
I wouldn't be surprised if Michael Oliver was raided by Operation Yewtree.
Operation Yewtree: For sexual abuse that had taken place on premises, by TV presenters, producers .
Or the childhood presenters to operation Yewtree.
Hmm, he seemed a bit 'Old Radio 1/ Operation Yewtree'. Saw Nettles in panto in 89 & he refused to sign autographs. Gutted
I'm having Bear from "Bear in The Big Blue House" as the next arrest under operation yewtree
texting “boys” will end in Operation Yewtree, Hughes.
Calvin Harris records new single, 'Acceptable In The 70s' to help raise money for Operation Yewtree.
you only have to look at operation yewtree it shows the wealthy are also capable of bad crimes. How much you have is irrelevant
On itv right now,am I watching an Operation Yewtree documentary?
Just saw Captain Beaky trending and for an awful moment thought another 70s icon had fallen foul of Operation Yewtree.
Operation yewtree Falkirk: get Ryan mochrie...Mission accomplished
That's fine dear, you won't mind if I inform operation Yewtree then. Just to check everything is above board.
*** Emery bothered me more... I'm half expecting Operation Yewtree to interview Bod and Bagpuss next.
In 2013 BBC Radio DJ Paul Gambaccini was arrested as part of Operation Yewtree, the police effort against celebrity sex-pest suspects,
imagine one day the government just does some masive Operation Yewtree style investigation into all the celebs that smoke weed lol
Commander Peter Spindler speaking about operation yewtree and police attitudes to sexual violence
Peter Spindler from Operation Yewtree, a 20% increase in reporting of sexual crime in last two years.
Isn't it about time the leaks from Operation Yewtree were investigated?
It will not have escaped your notice on the national news that Operation Yewtree (investigating the Jimmy Saville
Dunno who presented it but it was sponsored by 'Operation Yewtree' . allegedly!
Yes I am that uncle who tries to hard to be hip and then gets arrested due to enquiries relating to Operation Yewtree.
operation yewtree have incriminating photos of John Motson
I don't think I've ever been this annoyed at a tickly cough before... The tickling is unwelcome on an operation yewtree level...
BBC News - Paul Gambaccini was the victim of a witch hunt after Operation Yewtree arrest
Stepbrother charged with Becky Watts murder in Bristol... says BBC news . Finally a paedophile that's not part of operation yewtree!
Paul Gambaccini backs 28-day bail limit after being the victim of an Operation Yewtree 'witch hunt'.
WITCH HUNT . Paul blasts Operation for 'witch hunt' of 1970s celebrities htt…
Paul Gambaccini gives damning account of Operation ordeal Who was the 'Wizard of Oz'?
Ssssh, keep it hush, chief. You'll blow operation Yewtree' investigation of him..
Saw trending and thought Operation Yewtree had gotten him.
has Ed Stewart been cited in Operation Yewtree?
Just checked my Top Trumps 'World Heroes' and Hitler won the Victoria Cross & Churchill is embroiled in Operation Yewtree
"If Yewtree was a football team it would have been relegated" - Paul Gambaccini on Operation Yewtree arrest
And the latest kids TV star to be investigated by operation is. You heard it here first spooners! http:…
One of few 'stars' of the 1970s not to get a knock on the door from Operation Yewtree
Mark Lawrenson was on looking like the next to be investigated in Operation Yewtree.
Guys, back me up... 'Nonceyield' isn't a word, even if used in relation to Operation Yewtree.
I think you should report them to Operation Yewtree. Posing as a young boy online?
essentially the non-celebrity wing of Operation Yewtree.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
'Am I a scandal that started in the 1980's?' 'Am I of interest to operation Yewtree' etc etc
NEWS: I applaud for Operation Yewtree, but when are the arrests for the pedophile accomplices, & those who obstructed justice?
Operation Yewtree gonna be seizing your laptop soon
afraid my hard drive might become the property of operation Yewtree, aye.
lucky he died before Operation Yewtree, that man.
Operation Yewtree has opened up possible allegations by women against men where it's their word against the man with no evidence
Do you take bets on people likely to be arrested under operation Yewtree
Onision is one Operation Yewtree (Youtube) away from being on a sex register. 
Tony Blackburn is my tip for Operation Yewtree's next investigation
I just realised my search for a Girls Aloud classic will quite possibly raise the suspicions of Operation Yewtree.
“Mark Lawrenson has got to be a paedophile, hasn't he?” - operation Yewtree!!!
unreal day when Robbie Savage is done by Operation Yewtree
Tell you what, lads - Operation Yewtree should have a word with Brentford's chairman it you ask me
Officers working on operation yewtree reveal their secret weapon
Which ugly *** you? The pancake face in black? The pasty *** in the middle or the Operation Yewtree?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
'And then the officers from Operation Yewtree took away his hard drive for investigation'
Call Operation Yewtree Cuz. That be Fox Abuse, I bet that *** sent him to do it
BBC New: Government pledges £300m on dementia research An ideal excuse for top MPs suffering from Operation Yewtree?
Bum cheeks bruised? Operation yewtree will be arresting this city team if this continues!
Rod? Operation Yewtree. Say no more. Jane? Doing 6 weeks for soliciting . Freddy? See under 'Frederica'
Just about the last '70's entertainer left that hasn't got Operation YewTree breathing down his neck.
John Motson is apparently covering our game today. Can confirm whether a ticket has been purchased in the name of Operation Yewtree?
or Operation Yewtree should be extended?
Operation Yewtree moved interviewing Sooty - He has the right to remain silent, but he is really starting to abuse it now...
Timothy Claypole was years ahead of his time. in an operation yewtree type of way. trailblazer
Is there a canine division for Operation Yewtree...??
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