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Operation Yewtree

Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into alleged sexual abuse, predominantly the abuse of children, by the British media personality Jimmy Savile (who died in 2011) and others.

Max Clifford Paul Gambaccini Rolf Harris Gary Glitter

That really was a weird act. I can't believe Operation Yewtree haven't been in touch.
If they ever make a TV drama about Operation Yewtree I hope it's called The Paedo Files.
Find your 70s name by saying your name followed by 'has been charged by officers from Operation Yewtree'.
operation Yewtree will respond at 5.30
that's crap that is ! I'd like to see an operation Yewtree anniversary plate
taken 5 minutes before operation Yewtree officers kicked the door in.
Morph is being investigated by Operation Yewtree
Also why is the announcer dressed like a bloke from the 70s who's about to be arrested as part of operation yewtree
> Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers on
nah, out tomorrow, lady. Where you going?. Operation Yewtree finally caught up with you?!
If you listen carefully you can hear you talking about Operation Yewtree being in full force
D.S. Gary Pankhurst, of Operation Yewtree, would you like to answer this one for me? With many thanks to Bernard...
Here is a guy that Operation Yewtree hasn't caught yet.
Operation Yewtree should have this on series record .
I've noticed that Bodge (of Bodger & Badger fame) has gone all quiet since this Operation Yewtree thing kicked off
I bet when police raided Cliff Richard's home it was the Operation Yewtree equivalent to the storming of the Reichstag
Suddenly got warm here in the office. I'm sweating like Gary Glitter at an Operation Yewtree reunion...
It's lemonade, not Operation Yewtree. Get a grip.
not another one for Operation Yewtree! 😯
Number of rapes reported to police last year at highest level ever-in wake of exposure of & ht…
Number of reported rapes at its highest ever via
The Elders of Sodom might suggest that the Operation Yewtree of 30 years from now take a good look at NI Health Secretary Jim Wells.
Crime figures rise after 30 per cent surge in reported sex attacks
Number of rapes reported to police at highest EVER level after Operation Yewtree: A surge in the number of sex...
World can learn from the successful Operation Yewtree⁉️ . . http:/…
Tune in to LIVE feed of John Cameron from discussing Operation Yewtree & key learnings http:…
! Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers on
Spoke to a man the other day who said "Operation Yewtree has gone too far now"
Former celebrity publicist Max Clifford - serving an eight-year jail term - has been arrested by Operation Yewtree officers, the BBC
Operation Yewtree's fai1r whittled doon the selection of re-runs of Top of the Pops ye get on bbc4 int it😈
Imagine if operation Yewtree invaded the stage then
Max Clifford reportedly arrested again under Operation Yew Tree. .
Operation Yewtree is on its way to Saturday Night Takeaway as we speak
Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers on
this is no hoax operation country man investigating the police has progressed to Ore and Yewtree
*** ! Operation yewtree would take an interest in this 😒
incredible talent however operation Yewtree candidate for sure
Opened up through social media and sheer scale of victims in operation yewtree. Nothing to to with Gov
Can I report the Barclay's Digital Eagle adverts to Operation Yewtree? No adults should be encouraging children to catch crabs.
Newspapers have had enough of this witch-hunt the same way celebs have had enough of Operation Yewtree.
Rob's Brian Cox impression sounds like an operation yewtree call away
A new version of Operation Yewtree is investigating Rugby child abuse cases which were previously blocked by New Labour politicians.
McCarthyism, The Salem Witch Hunts, Matthew Hopkins and..Operation Yewtree. All times when those with Odd Brains... htt…
Biff, chip and kipper are now involved in operation yewtree!!!
. You look young enough to be my daughter. Attracts attention from operation yewtree
Tommy Vance is not under Operation Yewtree yet.
did u know Morph from Heartbeat got done by Operation Yewtree. Turns out he was a Playdohphile !!
Closest you'll get is being the next bust in Operation Yewtree.
Timmy Mallet on the Gadget Show. Surprised he isn't in hiding from operation yewtree.
Paul Gambaccini backs 28-day bail limit after Operation Yewtree arrest -
James Rodwell looks like a member of Operation Yewtree
Operation yewtree is the reason that wally is hiding
.2/5. to Operation Yewtree. I also contacted the BBC, C4 News + the Guardian - no replies, disappointingly. One cannot .
Passed my driving test today. Clean sheet! Not even a minor, as the aged celebrity said to Operation Yewtree.
Well at least we know he won’t be arrested by Operation Yewtree ;-)
Say CHOO CHOO if you're being investigated by Operation Yewtree. . .
BBC to make documentary about child sex abuse survivors following Savile revelations:
Just commented on BBC to make film about child sex abuse survivors following Savile revelations -
Looks like the type that one would read about on Operation Yewtree
How Brian Cox hasn't been investigated by operation Yewtree I seriously do not know. Definite nonce case 💯%
A fan is very much under the influence of fame. Most of these people getting arrested by Operation Yewtree now were enjoying their fans.
Minding my own business. Sitting on the stairs to my room. Next thing you know you got operation Yewtree on your case 😂😂🙈
If crime is down by more than a fifth (at 1.83) why are our prisons getting fuller? Not all 'Operation Yewtree'!
* Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers on
Olly Lambert will direct the Operation Yewtree doc Abused: The Untold Story.
This just in: Jimmy Savile, Rolf Harris and Dave Lee Travis to form rap supergroup 'Operation Yewtree' for
71-year-old man arrested by Operation Yewtree officers in Peterborough
Yetwree Police have arrested Max Clifford over alleged sex offences
Max Clifford 'arrested by Operation Yewtree officers over further sex offences' 
Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers - BBC News
BBC News - Max Clifford arrested by Operation Yewtree officers
Max Clifford arrested Yewtree again serving hard time Littlehey Prison convicted of buggerry on children's
SOUTHWARK: Max Clifford could face new charges after Operation Yewtree police quiz -
Operation Yewtree police today arrested a 71-year-old man in connection with allegations of sexual offence - interviewed in…
Shamed publicist Max Clifford 'arrested by Operation Yewtree officers over
Max Clifford reportedly re-arrested by Operation Yewtree officers
I wouldn't be surprised if Michael Oliver was raided by Operation Yewtree.
Operation Yewtree: For sexual abuse that had taken place on premises, by TV presenters, producers .
Or the childhood presenters to operation Yewtree.
Hmm, he seemed a bit 'Old Radio 1/ Operation Yewtree'. Saw Nettles in panto in 89 & he refused to sign autographs. Gutted
I'm having Bear from "Bear in The Big Blue House" as the next arrest under operation yewtree
texting “boys” will end in Operation Yewtree, Hughes.
Calvin Harris records new single, 'Acceptable In The 70s' to help raise money for Operation Yewtree.
you only have to look at operation yewtree it shows the wealthy are also capable of bad crimes. How much you have is irrelevant
On itv right now,am I watching an Operation Yewtree documentary?
Just saw Captain Beaky trending and for an awful moment thought another 70s icon had fallen foul of Operation Yewtree.
Operation yewtree Falkirk: get Ryan mochrie...Mission accomplished
That's fine dear, you won't mind if I inform operation Yewtree then. Just to check everything is above board.
*** Emery bothered me more... I'm half expecting Operation Yewtree to interview Bod and Bagpuss next.
In 2013 BBC Radio DJ Paul Gambaccini was arrested as part of Operation Yewtree, the police effort against celebrity sex-pest suspects,
imagine one day the government just does some masive Operation Yewtree style investigation into all the celebs that smoke weed lol
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Commander Peter Spindler speaking about operation yewtree and police attitudes to sexual violence
Peter Spindler from Operation Yewtree, a 20% increase in reporting of sexual crime in last two years.
Isn't it about time the leaks from Operation Yewtree were investigated?
It will not have escaped your notice on the national news that Operation Yewtree (investigating the Jimmy Saville
Dunno who presented it but it was sponsored by 'Operation Yewtree' . allegedly!
Yes I am that uncle who tries to hard to be hip and then gets arrested due to enquiries relating to Operation Yewtree.
operation yewtree have incriminating photos of John Motson
I don't think I've ever been this annoyed at a tickly cough before... The tickling is unwelcome on an operation yewtree level...
BBC News - Paul Gambaccini was the victim of a witch hunt after Operation Yewtree arrest
Stepbrother charged with Becky Watts murder in Bristol... says BBC news . Finally a paedophile that's not part of operation yewtree!
Paul Gambaccini backs 28-day bail limit after being the victim of an Operation Yewtree 'witch hunt'.
WITCH HUNT . Paul blasts Operation for 'witch hunt' of 1970s celebrities htt…
Paul Gambaccini gives damning account of Operation ordeal Who was the 'Wizard of Oz'?
Ssssh, keep it hush, chief. You'll blow operation Yewtree' investigation of him..
Saw trending and thought Operation Yewtree had gotten him.
has Ed Stewart been cited in Operation Yewtree?
Just checked my Top Trumps 'World Heroes' and Hitler won the Victoria Cross & Churchill is embroiled in Operation Yewtree
"If Yewtree was a football team it would have been relegated" - Paul Gambaccini on Operation Yewtree arrest
And the latest kids TV star to be investigated by operation is. You heard it here first spooners! http:…
One of few 'stars' of the 1970s not to get a knock on the door from Operation Yewtree
Mark Lawrenson was on looking like the next to be investigated in Operation Yewtree.
Guys, back me up... 'Nonceyield' isn't a word, even if used in relation to Operation Yewtree.
I think you should report them to Operation Yewtree. Posing as a young boy online?
essentially the non-celebrity wing of Operation Yewtree.
'Am I a scandal that started in the 1980's?' 'Am I of interest to operation Yewtree' etc etc
NEWS: I applaud for Operation Yewtree, but when are the arrests for the pedophile accomplices, & those who obstructed justice?
Operation Yewtree gonna be seizing your laptop soon
afraid my hard drive might become the property of operation Yewtree, aye.
lucky he died before Operation Yewtree, that man.
Operation Yewtree has opened up possible allegations by women against men where it's their word against the man with no evidence
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Do you take bets on people likely to be arrested under operation Yewtree
Onision is one Operation Yewtree (Youtube) away from being on a sex register. 
Tony Blackburn is my tip for Operation Yewtree's next investigation
I just realised my search for a Girls Aloud classic will quite possibly raise the suspicions of Operation Yewtree.
“Mark Lawrenson has got to be a paedophile, hasn't he?” - operation Yewtree!!!
unreal day when Robbie Savage is done by Operation Yewtree
Tell you what, lads - Operation Yewtree should have a word with Brentford's chairman it you ask me
Officers working on operation yewtree reveal their secret weapon
Which ugly *** you? The pancake face in black? The pasty *** in the middle or the Operation Yewtree?
'And then the officers from Operation Yewtree took away his hard drive for investigation'
Call Operation Yewtree Cuz. That be Fox Abuse, I bet that *** sent him to do it
BBC New: Government pledges £300m on dementia research An ideal excuse for top MPs suffering from Operation Yewtree?
Bum cheeks bruised? Operation yewtree will be arresting this city team if this continues!
Rod? Operation Yewtree. Say no more. Jane? Doing 6 weeks for soliciting . Freddy? See under 'Frederica'
Just about the last '70's entertainer left that hasn't got Operation YewTree breathing down his neck.
John Motson is apparently covering our game today. Can confirm whether a ticket has been purchased in the name of Operation Yewtree?
or Operation Yewtree should be extended?
Operation Yewtree moved interviewing Sooty - He has the right to remain silent, but he is really starting to abuse it now...
Timothy Claypole was years ahead of his time. in an operation yewtree type of way. trailblazer
Is there a canine division for Operation Yewtree...??
Peadophillia is exclusive to Asian? So Operation Yewtree pick up how many Asian
'Operation Yewtree': Walid Moussa , 74, charged over 1980s sex abuse allegations of female aged over 16 yrs old
Operation Yewtree: man, 74, charged over 1980s sex abuse allegations
'The only bad press is an obituary' - Someone who was around before Operation Yewtree.
Please, SEND me the EVIDENCE of ANY of these women, and I'll forward it to Operation Yewtree for you.
get Matthew Kelly in to do an F5 on Fred the Weather man, then we weep with joy as operation yewtree drag Fred off
Monday thought: How has a guy who openly calls himself "Dungeon Master" not been contacted by Operation Yewtree yet?
Would it not be hilarious if Tom Jones turned, only to find a detective from Operation Yewtree singing Jailhouse Rock.
Operation Yewtree: The successes and failures: Metropolitan Police investigation launched in wake of Jimmy Savile…
Amazing the way that operation Yewtree stays in the news but not a single politician is hauled in. Must be an oversight?
Rolf Harris interviewed over fresh claims of historic sexual assault, British police today revealed:
Rolf Harris interviewed over historic sexual assault claims
'Rolf Harris' interviewed in Stafford by Operation Yewtree officers
British glam rock star Gary Glitter found guilty of historical sex abuse
Operation Yewtree? Yewtrees found in cemetries where the guilty are buried along with their dirty secrets
The next joke has been redacted by Operation Yewtree.
Operation Yewtree: Rolf Harris quizzed over fresh abuse allegations .
TW: pedophilia . Do not forget that pedophiles are abusive within systems of power. They ar enot scary strangers...
3Novices:Harris quizzed on fresh sex claims AUSSIE entertainer Rolf Harris has been interviewed by police over fre…
Rolf Harris interviewed under caution over further allegations of sexual offences
Watch: Operation Yewtree 'helped victims to report David Lowe'
Operation Yewtree:. Rolf Harris 'quizzed over sex offences'. .
The amount of sexual allegations and convictions surrounding so many high-profile 'predators' following Operation Yewtree is so worrying. 😤
Paul Gadd, Jimmy Saville, Operation Yewtree, Westminster paedophile ring and all... They all party like it's 1275...
Rolf Harris interviewed under caution in connection with further allegations of sexual offences
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Rolf Harris interviewed under caution by Operation Yewtree detectives
Everyone being investigated by Operation Yewtree looks like a caricature of a paedophile. Unbelievable.
Harris quizzed on fresh sex claims (Entertainment)
Operation yewtree. They all looked like bloody weirdos how couldn't people have guessed?
Metropolitan Police is interviewing an 85-year-old man over allegations of sexual abuse as part of 'Operation
Rolf Harris questioned in connection with claims of sexual offences – reports
Rolf Harris questioned in Stafford by Operation Yewtree detectives over sex offence allegations, BBC understands
Goose Women cue a visit from operation yewtree
Last RT. What's the operation yewtree phone number again?
am now lol.FFS sarge operation Yewtree gonna be on ya case soon 😂😂👊
Tom, Operation Yewtree are on the phone. I've told them you're 'at a meeting'.
I'm sure the jurors have never heard of him, the 1970's or Operation I'm bloody sure ... ;-)
When Stephen Fry genuinely apologises for criticising Operation Yewtree, and femhate, I'll give a *** about what he thinks or says.
looks like a Operation Yewtree wanted poster!
Operation Yewtree. The ghosts of misdeeds coming home to roost.
Surprised they let that tubes into a school me, he screams operation yewtree
"God touched me.". Someone needs to call Operation Yewtree.
BREAKING NEWS: Operation yewtree is investigating for abuse of young boys
This is the same Spiked who spend a lot of their time defending the child rapists being investigated through Operation Yewtree
Turns out Operation Yewtree was names after the tree the Magna Carta was signed under. Coincidence?
Next week: drama as Operation Yewtree officers swoop on the Cavendish
If Ebola, Boko Haram or Operation Yewtree won't help us, it's up to us to make B6 a No Go area for Lambert & our spineless owner.
is this your idea of banter you blert? You just keep worrying about operation yewtree nicking you you scary sexcase
I don't disagree with Operation Yewtree but I think we should make it more of a priority to deal with the crimes being currently committed
First Operation Yewtree, then Isis and Ebloa, and now have stopped doing thin crust pizza. What is going on with the world?
Operation Yewtree should be investigating at least half of the 'Guess Who' characters by now...
PWM: Criticising Operation Yewtree has nothing to do with asking God why he made so many bad people. . Me: Cos it's not like you can choose.
Keith Chegwin, a man so plain & vanilla that he couldn't even get himself mixed up in Operation Yewtree
I'm sure Operation Yewtree is onto him.
In the wake of Operation Yewtree we must really ask ourselves the fundamental question - why are nonces so good at light entertainment?
I can't understand how Austin Powers name has not been mentioned in operation yewtree
Everything Tom Jones says on the voice could be borderline operation Yewtree language
I can't understand how Austin powers name has not come up in operation
Operation Yewtree did its bit as well.
He looks like Jim Morrison if he inspired interest from Operation Yewtree.
And I'm not judging, but a 19 year old male who openly enjoys wresting should probably be investigated by Operation Yewtree
Pointless Celebrities is like an Operation Yewtree suspects line up this week
anyone with Bae in their profile needs their hard drive checking by Operation Yewtree!
not at all, it's seriously just the first thing that entered my head looking at that face of urs! Operation yewtree stuff
one sec whilst I find operation Yewtree hotline num
you gossip about everybody but don't mention that half your neighbours have been arrested in Operat…
I wouldn't be surprised to hear that the police had been to mongo Newbys house operation
This shirt and moustache combination screams Operation Yewtree
Last time I saw pictures like that was the mug shots for Operation Yewtree!
"Brian Blessed Pulls Out Of King Lear" BBC News. Operation Yewtree will have their work cut out on that one
All purpose parts banner
Motown legend, Gladys Knight, is reported to have made accusations of being the victim of sexual abuse by a British pop group in the 1960's. A spokesman from Operation Yewtree confirmed that members of the Dave Clark Five were under investigation on the grounds that they had been "Feeling Glad All Over
Booker T looks like if he was in the UK he'd be getting investigated by officers as part of Operation Yewtree.
How has operation yewtree not caught up with Lawrenson yet?
"Radio DJ XI" I assume most of them are now operation Yewtree ?!
For those asking, I have NOT been questioned or arrested as part of operation yewtree!!!
if it's the Operation Yewtree one I'm not playing
I bet Cameron and Merkels *** are twitching like a 70's DJ being interviewed by Operation Yewtree right now.
Watching an old James Bond. He's lucky he's fictional, otherwise I imagine Bond may have come under investigation in Operation Yewtree.
. What happened there ?. Did Operation Yewtree just knock the front door ?
Hello is that operation yewtree "ive got something to confess" I would put money on Noel being a nonce
looks like a mugshot collage from operation Yewtree (allegedly)
Coming from the guy who looks like a person from operation yewtree.
do any bookies let you bet on who's next to be nicked in operation yewtree? Deffo worth sticking a score on him 😂
Met Police Operation Yewtree statement - "Just as soon as all the nonces are dead, or have declared "dementia", we'll get cracking".
Also down in his luck is R2's best mate, who, following allegations made during Operation Yewtree is now known as 'C-creepy-O'
OMG tony pulis nicked in operation... surely it's just a rumour👀
Wayne Lineker has got to be next on the operation yewtree hit list.
All those Hawaiian shirts in one room and no Operation Yewtree swoop?
Are you allowed to nominate people for operation yewtree?
Only way today could get any better is if Mourinho gets hauled away in the back of a police van by an Operation Yewtree detective.
If you would have predict them scores you need arresting by operation Yewtree.
“Anyone know the pub near Villa Park ?”. Pub operation YewTree apparently
I'd like to add to that "Comedians randomly mentioning 'Operation Yewtree' for cheap laughs"
Yes, originally, they used Operation Yewtree, now they're attempting to use ISIS
I've just passed your details to operation yewtree
Best dignified exit of panto star arrested by Operation Yewtree.
loads of dodgy things happened since the last one. Operation yewtree
Operation Yewtree! The lengths that lad will go to for a booze. He has got serious issues!
Thats David Attenborough getting hauled up infront of operation yewtree then!!
Has anyone checked Leon Brittan's pulse. Might be a ploy to avoid the Operation Yewtree polis?
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That’s what all the Operation Yewtree folk thought. But it’s not all fun & games. It just means I’m nearer the grave.
...but not because we're all suspects in Operation Yewtree.
My Dad had a tigerprint speedo. I might have to get Operation Yewtree to look into him.
80s Superman must be on Operation Yewtree's radar, right?
Chiles' sacking seems pretty sudden; anywhere offering odds on him being next up with Operation Yewtree?
Anyone who puts Chuck Berry's My Ding-A-Ling on a jukebox is definitely a suspect on Operation Yewtree
You're part of operation YewTree lad, aren't ya
Spotted one of these trucks today! Wonder how business has been since Operation Yewtree
His biggest achievement has been avoiding Operation Yewtree. Had him down as an absolute stick on.
I wonder if Operation Yewtree were due to interview him?
😂😂😂 at your anti-abuse crusade. It's like Gary Glitter running Operation Yewtree.
I though I was following Skepta on snapchat - until I saw the snaps and it was a 12 year old white boy . Operation YewTree 😳
Judging by Operation Yewtree they condone rape, sexual assault & paedophilia. Might as well add violence & murder to that.
Stan constantly looks like he represents the ‘cockney branch’ of Operation Yewtree suspects.
Leon's dead. Wonder if the Tories knocked him off before Operation Yewtree came-a-calling.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Operation Yewtree could be a roaring success at Leon Brittain's funeral...
Operation Yewtree have just launched a full-scale Richard Bussy investigation taskforce.
I remember when 'faux surprise face' used to be known as *** face'. Oh how times have changed post Operation Yewtree ;)
So has anyone reported Kelvin McKenzie to Operation Yewtree over Sam Fox pictures (and others taken pre-16?)
amount of wages the BBC paid to jimmy Saville vs cost to the tax payer for operation yewtree
new tree surgeon board game 'Operation! Yewtree' getting attention for all the wrong reasons
Oh no now it's Rainbow "all night long" operation yewtree could be interested in these lyrics
Tony the Tiger got taken down in operation Yewtree
it sounds like you've pilfered the contents of an Operation Yewtree case file...
The way the BBC have reporting on this guy warrants a check from operation yewtree.
Do you remember that time that Prince Andrew basically became part of operation Yewtree,but it was pretty much unreported bar the Daily Mail
Imagine Blair was arrested by a weird new labour version of Operation Yewtree tho. Operation Britpop or something
Wow the bonus question in this pub quiz is to list five people who are definitely not being investigated by Operation Yewtree
'Noel Edmonds has never been named in Operation Yewtree'
hello? Operation Yewtree? Yes. Yes. That's right. Downie. Again, yes, I know, despicable. No, she knew alright.
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David Jason what a legend. Only member of my TV childhood that wasn't arrested under operation yewtree.
Nothing's been learnt from Jummy Saville, Rolf Harris & Operation Yewtree & Max Clifford it seems. :(
Operation Yewtree is waiting outside your house 😂
Wonder how long before operation Yewtree come knocking on the door for
I see even Sooty is now caught up in the Operation Yewtree scandal - was there anyone not involved?!
Operation Yewtree is going to be crawling all over Reg Holdsworths house this week
Operation Yewtree is a popular British children's game inspired by a tree surgeon.
In England, everybody worshipped Dr Fox until he was called up to go on the Operation Yewtree tour of duty.
Anyone else think that Operation Yewtree will be waiting with interest to have a chat with Ken when he leaves the house?
Operation Yewtree has put a price on 's head
. Unless you remember the inside, in which case call Operation Yewtree immediately.
Ken will get evicted on Tuesday no doubt about it, unless of course Operation Yewtree picks him up first
Ken on Guna be the next person involved in operation yewtree any money
How has Operation Yewtree not been knocking on Ken Morley's door. Does someone want to tell him its not 1975?
Ken has Operation Yewtree investigation written all over his face.
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Has Ken been investigated under operation yewtree??
I'm so so so not PC but using the N word and being Pervy towards young women is not on. Has Ken heard of operation yewtree??
Operation Yewtree will be knocking on The BB door after Ken soon
Opponents of Britain's Muslim take-over are being jailed under a government-led programme codenamed 'Operation Yewtree'.
Kiddieminster is a notorious den of Operation Yewtree suspects.
Ken will ensure that Operation Yewtree remains open
Sometimes I feel sorry for him-hes an old man.Then he says something that makes me think he should be in Operation Yewtree!
I think ken might be on the wrong end of an operation yewtree investigation when he gets out
The producers of Celeb BB should be employed by the Met, currently highlighting another that slipped past Operation Yewtree
When are operation yewtree going to raid the house and arrest Ken? 👮
That Ken is a bit he in the house avoiding a knock from Operation Yewtree?
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