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Operation Yewtree

Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into alleged sexual abuse, predominantly the abuse of children, by the British media personality Jimmy Savile (who died in 2011) and others.

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Indeed. The important thing is justice for the victims. Operation Yewtree hasn't even scratched the surface
Operation Yewtree will be knocking on his door soon
Operation Yewtree will never go that far. Mores the pity.
Noel Edmonds is going to be the end of game boss of Operation Yewtree.
There's a rumour that radio legends Mike Smash and Dave Nice were questioned on Friday by Operation Yewtree cops.
A pedometer just sounds like a phone app for Operation Yewtree.
I reckon him and Paulinho have a bigger stash of incriminating photos than those running Operation Yewtree
I wouldn't be surprised if Phil Taylor was on operation yewtree
He'll get caught up in Operation Yewtree soon.
Harris starr saville operation yewtree..surely if its for paedos it should be operation gumtree. And why isnt noel edmonds arrested
Arsene Wenger has picked up so many Southampton kids he must be on the Operation Yewtree radar
That's a massive can of worms. Operation Yewtree is already seriously compromised.
this OwnRFC chap here actually claimed a few weeks ago operation yewtree was looking at Celtic.
I agree, it's shameful what they get away with. Operation Yewtree is fast approaching them though.
Next for Operation Yewtree I think. Very touchy feely by the sounds .
not sure cuts can be blamed. Operation Yewtree showed sizeable investigations can take place
It can't be much longer before Operation Yewtree have a word with Sergeant Pepper.
>Roman Reigns' gimmick is a one man Operation Yewtree. Book it.
Bet its hotter over here, plums. Sweating like Cliff Richard when he heard about Operation Yewtree.
Jesus Christ - in the wake of operation yewtree as well.
He's more worried about Operation Yewtree catching up I reckon
Don't tell Bruce, he will have Operation Grand Lodge Yewtree after you
Scientists in Switzerland say they've isolated atoms of anti-matter.Apparently it's going to h... via
After Operation Yewtree, there's an argument for looking at Britain's Got Talent as essentially tomorrow's paedophiles today.
odds are too short for my liking. Some special markets are Gibson to be arrested as part of operation Yewtree - 5/6
in my defence that was summer fashion before the Operation Yewtree saga.
What happens? You give Operation Yewtree a real run for it's money!
Savile Operation massive cover up of the royal political connections &currently the signs Rthat the Operation
Savile Paedophile Investigation – Operation Yewtree has been a massive coverup of the royal political connections, Op
I wondered if you know where I can find alink to your after dinner speech, please re Many thanks
Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Denning is to be charged with 41 sexual offences, after an investigation by Operation Yewtree.
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I see he has a victim on the back of his vehicle Operation Yewtree are on to him.
The BBC has struck a deal with Operation Yewtree to leave them just enough contestants for the next series of. Celebrity M…
This whole operation yewtree really hits home that children growing up this generation really do have it better.
Careful, I hear he's next in Operation Yewtree.
it's a camera that's been planted incase you're operation Yewtree
One of the biggest music stars the new target abuse following the conviction of Max Clifford
Yewtree cops to target pop superstar in post-Clifford anti sex abuse sting
said, "Operation Yewtree, Morph will be next."
Cliff Richard and David Jason arrested in operation - how sad :(
Sex Tape, Childrens Hospital is probably one for Operation
All of Operation Yewtree's documents are sent as pdf files
A question both Gary Lineker and operation Yewtree can ask "why does the UK produce so many breaststrokers?"
Gary Linekar just asked why does Britain produce so many breast strokers? A question for operation yewtree perhaps
‘It was awkward. Ed looked as if he had swallowed a wasp.’ Stephen Fry rants about Operation Yewtree at Labour gala
Watching Theresa May comment on the missing 114 files from the home office relating to child abuse is basically watching the start of a cover up of a cover up, and makes me sick to my stomach. I've known of the allegations for years, seen names going up to the highest levels of UK Government.. a few years ago I even followed a group that were finding out information that was being used by Operation Yewtree, it shook me to my very foundations.. Just today I've had some of my own suspicions confirmed, and all I am prepared to say on this is that this child abuse information, including a list of high profile names, has been placed in front of the Government by the police and been quashed before. I've read about this before on the internet, but it's only today that this has been confirmed to me from elsewhere. I find myself now wondering how much more we in this country are prepared to take? How many more lies, cover ups and whitewashes we will put up with before we rise up and shake the parasites from our ba ...
Detectives from Operation Yewtree are investigating reports from at least 12 women who have told a law firm that Rolf H…
Operation Yewtree, not Project. Rolf Harris found guilty and the sheer level of Jimmy Saville's depravity revealed in the same week. The taint of the 1970's molesters at the BBC continues. Saville seems to be the worst, along with Gary Glitter but now Harris, an icon to so many and another embarrassment to the Royal Family and English high society, and a shocking blow to the Australian establishment who were what seemed so justifiably proud of Rolf for representing his country for so many years. And like Saville who is inextricably sewn into the fabric of my childhood tv experiences, Harris ditto with so many tv shows, appearances, hit songs for children and his return in the retro-camp Glasto circuit of the 1990's which gave so many old has-beens a new lease on life like Bill Shatner and so forth. Still, at least TOUCH WOOD they didn't turn up anything on Terry Wogan. Now Noel Edmonds or Mike Reid, I wouldn't let near my nieces or nephews and Tony Blackburn? Hm. Tainted.
Ok here we go.Rolf Harris. How can you possibly find an 84 year old guilty of something he allegedly did 30 to 45 years ago. Furthermore isnt a verdict meant to be guilty if "beyond reasonable doubt". Whilst I would never condone sexual touching somebodies bottom sexual abuse? Also they say it was brazen and in public so was it so bad. In addition to this they say he abused a girl between the ages of 13 and late twenties. .why did she keep putting herself in the same situation? How is it that so many girls are now coming forward for actions decades ago. Incidentally.touching somebody on the bottom appeared to me more acceptable in the times of lets say the Benny Hill show. Rolf Harris should never have been found guilty as after so many years there would have to be reasonable doubt. Operation Yewtree is a complete sham and should be stopped now as most of these girls are out for money or their 15 minutes of fame. Sorry if you do not agree, but the justice system is a joke. laws sho ...
Rolf Harris guilty of child sex abuse>Congrats to Detectives in Operation Yewtree &
What Rolf Harris' guilty verdict tells us about fame and sexual abuse
Video Rolf Harris taken down in operation Yewtree He thought his own celebrity status placed him above the law
I agree with you about what we watched as kids. I feel violated but I think the main issue raised by Operation Yewtree is..
G+: Operation Yewtree is peeling the scab of a festering scab of denial and awful,…
If only he'd been around a few years ago , that *** kick could have helped out with Operation Yewtree !
Don't tell me he's been caught up in operation Yewtree. Please lord not the colonel
Rolf Harris was Australia's Under-18 backstroke champion in the 1940s.By the 1970s he had move... via
Jim Davidson on Operation Yewtree and sex abuse he suffered as child | Herald Scotland via
Operation Yewtree vindicated by Rolf Harris case (via
Read this powerful article on the realities of child sexual abuse: via
Is all this money being spent on operation yewtree a good thing? Surely better spent elsewhere IMO
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Working on my submission for Spike: Is Operation Yewtree Racist?
Rolf Harris - what does this case tell us about sex abuse?
Operation Yewtree need to take a look at Aidrianoo
Operation Yewtree turns its attention on Great Uncle Bulgaria, Bungle, Mr Benn and Paddington Bear
oh crivvens, this can't mean... Do YOU live in imminent fear of Operation Yewtree's vice cops rattling your door knocker?
Writing an Operation Yewtree version of Orange is the New Black but stuck on whether Rolf will play Piper Kerman or Alex Vause.
The latest household name to be convicted under Operation Yewtree will probably get a token 2 or 3 year prison sentence. The latest house...
Rolf Harris guilty: but what has Operation Yewtree really taught us about sexual abuse? via
that's Operation Yewtree sorted for work next week
For those of us around the age 30, Operation Yewtree is destroying our childhoods :(
Rolf Harris has become the biggest celebrity scalp to be claimed by detectives from the high-profile British sex crime investigation Operation Yewtree.
Will be in the loft digging mine out first thing. Hope there's an Operation Yewtree Ball I can wear it to one day.
The Rolf Harris convicted of indecent assault Joan Smith
Tinky, when Operation Yewtree started some golf-diggers tried accusing John Peel of stuff. Didn't work!
For me,of all this Operation Yewtree horror, the Rolf Harris verdict is most shocking. For my generation he was part of our childhood. Awful
If you Google Operation Yewtree you'll see the scope of the investigation. Also, yes, very special ***
Apparently now the Chuckle Brothers are under investigation under operation, 'to me, to yewtree'
Rolf Harris found guilty of 12 counts of indecent assault against four girls by London jury Rolf Harris has been found guilty of indecently assaulting four girls in the UK between 1968 and 1986. The jury took eight days to deliver unanimous verdicts on all 12 charges of indecent assault in London. The 84-year-old has been granted bail until his sentencing on Friday, but has been told to expect a custodial sentence. Each count carries a maximum penalty of two years in jail. Harris listened impassively - with the aid of a hearing loop - as the verdicts were read out. Only after the final "guilty" verdict was read out and the jurors had left the court did Harris finally stand. He sipped from a plastic cup and then left the dock. He went into a small room at Southwark Crown Court with his legal team before being joined by his wife Alwen and daughter Bindi, who had broken down in tears after the verdicts and was consoled by Harris's long-time agent Jan Kennedy. Judge tells Harris to expect time behind bars Jus ...
Rolf Harris conviction vindicates Op Yewtree & beginning of the end of impunity for sexual violence? by
Amidst all the Operation Yewtree stuff, just found this...
Lee Dixon wants to be investigated by Operation Yewtree wearing that outfit
Yeah, pretty sure he was arrested today over operation yewtree, unless its an old report i saw
A few months ago Operation was condemned as a "witch-hunt". After that's changed.
Operation Yewtree has decimated the guest list.
In light of the recent Operation investigations, you'd think the wouldn't offer such a gift.
The Rolf Harris conviction is a vindication of Operation Yewtree
Strangely it seems that the song "Hello" by the Beloved is little more than a list of people who won't be arrested by operation Yewtree. How did they know?
Monday, 30 June, 2014 The guilty verdicts on all 12 charges against Rolf Harris relating to historical acts of indecent assault will I hope bring much relief to those who suffered his acts of abuse. Numerous other persons have come forward over the course of Harris's trial and prior to this with further allegations, some of which are in New Zealand. It is unclear at this time as to how those allegations may be pursued. Mr Harris has been bailed until this coming Friday and the expectations are that a custodial sentence is inevitable. I commend the efforts of those victims who came forward and pursued their cases, their determination is a tribute to themselves and those who believed in them and supported them for so long in many difficult circumstances. I commend also the investigation teams, and courts for their actions that sought justice and remained impartial as best able. Had it not been for Operation Yewtree the crimes of Harris may never have been reconized and this has shown the determination of th ...
REPOST / PUBLIC INFORMATION AND CAN BE SHARED. Re: Sexual Abuse by Jimmy Saville Thursday, 26 June, 2014 Today we have seen further material that has shown the depraved sexual conduct of Jimmy Saville and key figures of government have offered their apologies regarding the systematic failures that permitted these acts to continue and denied justice to the many victims of those crimes. These apologies are vastly short of what is required after such troubling information has been noted, which is likely to be only a small portion of what is actually known. Failing in the Duty of Care of vulnerable persons when such systematic sexual abuse is known to be happening is something unconscionable. The Bishop of Durham has said an independent inquiry should examine institutionally based abuse going back up to the past 50 years and this I will support. I believe that much more is required. Operation Yewtree was implemented due to the abuses carried out by Saville and still we are finding many more developments and s ...
Breaking News: Basil Brush to be investigated under Operation Yewtree. Character witnesses include Sooty, Sweep and Sue.
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Operation Yewtree would have a field day
Leonard Rossiter linked to BBC sex abuse in new claims: Operation Yewtree officers have been told the actor, who died in 1984, was in...
Held up at customs while Operation Yewtree confiscates my managers laptop.
Now Operation Yewtree hears of allegations involving Leonard Rossiter
Can someone please cough and link mark lawrenson to operation yewtree
Chris looks a lot like someone that should be investigated in Operation Yewtree.
“Time to try and make strong happen.” Can't wait until operation yewtree gets a hold of you
Klinsmann looks to be just days away from a Operation Yewtree-related extradition in that jumper.
Just seen the football score. Last time I saw a Korea destroyed so badly, Operation Yewtree were involved
The old Mr Chips is being interviewed by Operation Yewtree
The 'Stop and Go' Elf is currently under investigation by Operation Yewtree.
same here. I'm an old man in a young man's body, which is why Operation Yewtree won't leave me alone.
Next to be investigated by Operation Yewtree...
A joke hasn't been told. You're a full blown nonce and I hope you get found by operation yewtree.
It's a good job Jeremy Beadle karked it before all this Operation Yewtree stuff kicked off. He was literally made for fisting children.
Why does everyone on tinder invite you round? Sure, we've never met, doesn't sound Operation Yewtree at all.
Is it just or does the government's proposed "Sugar Tax" just sound a little bit Operation Yewtree?
So says has an annoying voice? His being so smarmy Operation Yewtree should have it under constant surveillance?
Or there's been another Operation Yewtree arrest...
I used to love Baby spice, but I can't really say that nowadays with operation Yewtree knocking about
I don't like the look of that Bosnia coach. If he lived in the UK, Operation Yewtree would be all over his ***
So who's next up on operation yewtree after Rolf? It's like the world's worst celebrity game show.
Operation Yewtree's letter said Warwickshire Police Professional Standards Dept will be in touch. months on & not a dicky bird
Khedira has the touch of an Operation Yewtree suspect
Breaking:-The Chuckle Brothers to be investigated by Operation to me to Yewtree
Old birthday cards. Might report the sender to Operation Yewtree.
I wonder when Operation Yewtree will turn their attention to the CAMRA real ale lot. Got to be some wrong uns there. ;)
Why are people suddenly going all 'Operation Yewtree' on Psyguy?
Operation Yewtree latest: Humbert Humbert, Alec d'Urberville and Tarquinius called in for questioning
long before the days of Operation Yewtree when entertainers were altogether less dubious.
Er, what happened? Is Operation Yewtree need contacting?
not if Operation YewTree gets there first :/
on operation yewtree radar him. Surely
Eddy Shah says underage girls who engage in consensual sex must take blame for the abuse they suffer.via
Family of England supporters filmed during match Operation Yewtree would have a field day on this street!
as long as it doesn't have an Operation Yewtree feel about it, I'm all for the terrorising of children.
On a related note, this is interesting on defamation of the dead, by barrister
Where do Keith Harris and Orville factor in the whole Operation Yewtree situation?
Operation Yewtree: Gary Glitter in court over ‘sex’ with underage girls
I can neither confirm nor deny that Operation Yewtree has information on yir wee cute man there.
a meeting room. Not a room room. Jesus. That's all a bit operation yewtree. I'll get in trouble.
Why have Operation Yewtree not had a look at Roy Hodgson yet?
To help describe the death of Rik Mayall to my kids I googled Bottom and The Young Ones. Now operation Yewtree have kicked my door in!!!
Hoping operation yewtree get their hands on before
Sounds like one for operation Yewtree!
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No associations with the swanny whistle by anyone involved in Operation Yewtree. Get composing!
The next hunting ground for operation Yewtree...
Just used the phrase "down with the kids" in public. Being interviewed by Operation Yewtree tomorrow
I think Bill Oddie will be the next old celebrity to be arrested.I hear he spies on birds and ... via
I don't do "RIP" posts for dead celebs. But if I did, I'd at least wait until operation yewtree had given it the all cle…
"Getting out of pigs……" What's the animal equivalent of Operation Yewtree?
“Star Wars behind the scenes Operation Yewtree written all over it, get 'um boys
Bill oddie! Now there's a potential toucher of the past to be outed by operation yewtree
I was wolf whistled at a boy in school uniform. Do I need to inform Operation Yewtree?
Check out the rest of his videos. Don't know whether to laugh or shop him to Operation Yewtree
Someone mentioned Rik Mayall had died, so I decided to check for myself. I spent an hour Googling "Young Ones" and "Bottom", next thing officers from operation yewtree where banging on my door.
My mate had never heard of Rik Mayall so he googled 'Young Ones ' and 'Bottom ' the cops from operation yewtree are there now !!
CRIME: Gary Glitter arrested for child rape. We ask, when will leftwing Operation Yewtree stop persecuting 70′s celebrities…
Another person who doesn't appear to be a big fan of Operation Yewtree:
Not a big fan of Operation Yewtree from what I can make out:
Sounds like a new focus for Operation Yewtree.
This time last year it was all about the next Operation Yewtree suspect sweepstake. World Cup has nothing on that.
Last Night's Workshop Session:. "Obviously there's a shelf-life on that joke. But with any luck Operation Yewtree will be around for years."
“ Sepp Blatter This children is why your rents tell you not to talk to strangers. Get him Operation Yewtree.
BREAKING: Operation Yewtree officers arrest 11 Turing Test Professors for grooming 13 year old artificial intelligence over the internet.
Yes, except for that part of the list which intersects with “has been charged under the “others” strand of Operation Yewtree”.
Operation Yewtree is Operation Gumtree - by design. Here's a C-list celebrity to let the public think we're serious.
Rik Mayall was such a good comedian Operation Yewtree didn't even care he was in Young Ones
especially when they're with a comedy legend! (And one of the few that wasn't of interest to operation Yewtree!)
Crime operation open once the corupt steps down/booted out the new operation YewTree? Well done
Still waiting for those "British Instutions", apart from Operation Yewtree. Hee for another hour.
of the police turn up, it will be the Operation Yewtree lot coming for him
Bit of operation yewtree about him like
as well as the bribery looking at his face I'd call Operation Yewtree as well
Respect for British Institutions, eh? Assume this is subject to their not having been arrested as part of Operation Yewtree
So would I but I'd need to go with a younger relative or else it would look like a Operation Yewtree matter ... x
Its a shame about Rik Mayall dying, he was unique. Even Operation Yewtree didn't mind him bein... via
They probably won't call it Star Fox U in light of Operation Yewtree.
Due to Operation Yewtree it's hard to watch the ending of the music video for "Love Train" without getting suspicious
Operation Yewtree has made an important, if rather unprecedented, breakthrough in punishing male power & privilege in the public eye.
I'll just ring operation yewtree now shall I?
How long do you think it will take for Rik Mayall to be named and shamed by Operation Yewtree?
A policeman stops Paddy and *** and says, . "I need to talk to you about operation Yewtree.". Paddy says, . "But there's only two of us" ;)
you just triggered a Operation Yewtree alert i think
It's like moaning about Operation Yewtree for being a "war on sex offenders"
Last I heard Jim was being investigated as part of Operation Yewtree
Stephen Hawking has been arrested as part of Operation Yewtree after several mothers accuse him of touching up their baby walkers.
What are your thoughts on Operation Yewtree here in the UK which is is a police investigation into the abuse of children?
Stevie needs to join Jonathon Wilkes on the operation Yewtree list
look at you!! I bet operation yewtree have your number!!!
Just went on one of those Youtube marathons that starts with a sensible video about operation Yewtree and ends up with David Icke.
NOT Gary Glitter AS WELL!?!?! Who knows where this Operation Yewtree'll go next
Gary Glitter charged with 8 sex offences against 2 girls after arrest under Operation Yewtree
Not sure if I'm getting older or if the Cathouse is taking part in an Operation Yewtree sting
Operation Yewtree is a criminal enterprise. Opens the door to blackmailers alleging abuse to steal everything you own
Contempt of Court? Operation Yewtree? A prosecution started by lies will eventually be ended by the truth.
Just seen something suggesting Rod Hull's Emu puppet should be a suspect in Operation Yewtree. Sorry but ROFL.
You can't trust the British police any more. There needs to be an "Operation Yewtree" to deal with all ra…
A copper stopped paddy and *** last night, copper said its about operation yewtree! Paddy said but theres only two of us??? :P
First five words of my review: "Or Operation Yewtree: The Movie" - that 'comedy' attempted rape is jawdropping.
So Santa has a device that can spy on any child in the world when they're in bed? Better call Operation Yewtree
Steps Club Juniors with their new hit "Operation Yewtree"
Nearly all the Unionist candidates in my area look like targets for Operation Yewtree.
some needs to call the Operation Yewtree team!
-Operation Yewtree must act on this. Spare me the nonsense. I bet you all lauded Jimmy Saville...
Surely Gary Glitter must be next to be questioned by Operation Yewtree ?
Petyr Baylish to be arrested under operation yewtree
like the victim of operation Yewtree in the chest! But all good thanks
I take solance in the dream he gets caught by Operation Yewtree *make it so*
To coincide with Operation Yewtree has issued an e-fit of their latest suspected kiddie fiddler.
Jesus H Christ to be questioned as part of operation yewtree. After allegations he offered kids as young as 6 his "body".
Maybe an operation yewtree reunion gig after they've all been shanked in prison.
this is getting into Operation Yewtree territory.
Michael Jackson's hologram due to be questioned by Operation Yewtree. They'll see right through him.
Detectives running Operation Yewtree into allegations of historical sexual abuse are keen to interview the Michael Jackson hologram that appeared at the Billboard music awards in the US this weekend.
One person that hasn't even been mentioned as part of operation yewtree that most definitely is a sexual predictor...Hulk Hogan!
Operation Yewtree need to investigate this fella, he's not right. 110% nonce
Operation Yewtree detectives keen to interview ...
Watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is full of references that would make Operation Yewtree wonder! Jesus Christ.
The other paedophiles caught in Operation Yewtree never did as well as Jimmy Savile at dodging the police. They were close but no cigar.
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What's with the new pic?!?! It looks like a 'come and get me' plea to Operation Yewtree.
“Have a great week. Operation Yewtree are on their way
Look at this *** Wouldn't be surprised if he was arrested under Operation Yewtree.
tony hart wouldn't announce anything. He's hiding in an attic terrified of operation yewtree
Breaking: Michael Jackson's hologram has been arrested by operation Yewtree.
If you plan scheme like Operation Yewtree in order to ensure that you aren't found guilty, you'll be done for perverting course of justice
What's more important? Interest of justice, only served by the truth, or to allow a criminal enterprise like Operation Yewtree to succeed?
Operation Yewtree will make it easy for blackmailers to take everything that you've ever worked for all your life.
Operation Yewtree has laid the foundation for any man to be stripped of his assets. It only takes a blackmailer to come forward.
Looks like operation Yewtree needs a trip to Ecuador.
Operation Yewtree is a criminal enterprise cos it's modus operandi is to achieve convictions no matter the truth.
I grieve for Madeleine McCann's family, but cops have spent 50% more on that case alone than Operation Yewtree and North Wales care homes
Operation Yewtree which includes ongoing trial of Rolf Harris is criminal enterprise. If you think this contempt of Court, see you in Court
it's awful (on so many levels). Only one out of the whole Yewtree operation that I was surprised and saddened about.
*** you, you've made me switch ITV on, just in time to see Simon give his Operation Yewtree smile at a 16yo
Why hasn't Operation Yewtree arrested Bruce Forsyth for offenses against good taste ? He's in his 80's after all !
I hope this isn't evidence in an operation yewtree investigation in a few years. .
bloody American football. When I saw "Mallett" trending I immediately thought Operation Yewtree has caught up with Timmy...
it's fine if it all goes through I have an operation yewtree joke and a Harvey joke
From what I recall of Captain Birdseye he’s probably busy keeping his head down in case Operation Yewtree comes calling anyway.
This year's dancing bit seems to be sponsored by Operation Yewtree
If Operation Yewtree targeted abusers of iPhones instead of people I would be doing three life terms by now
Operation Yewtree: defaming the dead? | Crime and the law | Jimmy Savile scandal | spiked
that header screams Operation yewtree
Another track for the Operation Yewtree Spotify playlist
On BBC Four now an old episode of Top of the Pops. Think it's the only one in the archive that they can still show after Operation Yewtree
To find those Nigerian schoolgirls they could send Operation Yewtree over there using Stuart Hall & Max Clifford as sn…
you are very annoying. I wish you would get pulled in by operation yewtree cops. We need a break from your pathetic drivel
mate, someone call Operation Yewtree - Barclays have been fiddling their accounts again.
Sure, we wrote a couple of articles about operation Yewtree and Fernbridge and you can find them all here:
exactly that, no top player will play for a B team. Typical FA, all operation yewtree the majority at the top.
Freddie Starr and Guy Debord: what Operation Yewtree can learn from post-war French situationism
MT What's the opposite of operation yewtree? | Operation U2?
Avril lavigne is a celebrity in trouble for not physically touching her fans enough. What's the opposite of operation yewtree?
truly shocking but so glad you found happiness. Your story justifies operation 1000 times over. Thank you
This man just defines operation yewtree
I thought it was just my dodgy hearing. Thought what the heck is a rock band doing with schoolgirls call Operation Yewtree oops!
Gordon the Gopher is being interviewed by the police as part of Operation Yewtree
Hot on the heels of the Max Clifford abuse conviction, the Daily Star have reported that Operation Yewtree officers are about to focus their investigations on a beloved pop superstar and a former p...
Never mind justice, enjoy the witch hunt - Freddie Starr walks, but his life is ruined. Well done Operation Yewtree
Freddie Starr will not be prosecuted, CPS confirms. UK . … statement within the next few days. Operation Yewtree is...
suarez will go Madrid. Sterling will go to Notts County and Gerrard will be arrested as part of operation yewtree.
I'm pretty sure that's what Richie Rich got dubbed after he got caught by Operation Yewtree.
when I'm 80, i can see like the one direction scandal coming out.. operation yewtree part 2.
Pimbo reported to be "stunned" by Potto's Operation Yewtree arrest.
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A year ago today, spiked published brilliant article on Operation
"Historical" distancing is a ruse.Would a politician try that with Hillsborough or Operation Yewtree?.
I have sacked from the podcast as he has been implicated in Operation Yewtree
Savile paedophile 'investigation' Operation Yewtree has been a massive cover up . …
"Unless Wenger feels the U8s." Is that a reference to operation yewtree?
And all because of Jimmy Savile and the setting up of Operation Yewtree! Celebrity crime is what sells papers + makes news!
Cliff Richard arrested under Operation Yewtree? Well he did have a part in the Young Ones. (Trying again with same joke due to lack of response...)
“Operation Yewtree officers, spurred on by the Clifford verdict, are preparing cases against the two high-profile names.”. .looks like someones going on a summer holiday soon? "A singer is accused of abusing a ten-year-old boy, who is said to have given a statement to officers last year. ..The entertainer is already thought to have put a legal team together to discuss his options." "A former politician also faces historic allegations that he abused boys."
Brother Muckers Vs Arup Getting to touch a damp patch is normally an achievement for the fellow Brother Muckers, however on this occasion, reaching a successful climax proved to be too challenging a task. Last night’s warm up game against ARUP was a baptism of fire for some, with Paul “Laid Up” Laybourn putting his body on the line for the cause, playing despite a badly twisted ankle. The sense of occasion also struck brother Tronk, who had stage fright and pulled his groin (at the sight of the women players) in the warm up. The game began well, with the score at 0-0, sadly it was not to remain like that for long with the vastly experienced ARUP team taking advantage of the raw BM’s and scoring a touchdown. Still, we remained undaunted and some good driving work led us upfield on several occasions. In this respect, credit goes to the hard work put in by Tucker and Dean as they were also there to drive it up em with gusto. The unbridled power of Gary out wide proved useful and no doubt he will get ...
My mate is home for the 1st time in 6 years after an operation Operation yewtree
Why does Jimmy Page get a pass from Operation Yewtree? And rock stars in general, if it comes to that. If the ITV Light Ents department was a hotbed of sleaze, what was the average tour-bus like?
Operation Yewtree rolls on: now Rolf Harris' turn to face 30-50 yr old uncorroborated charges.
The conviction of Max Clifford for indecent assaults feels like a vindication of the jury system, as did the acquittal of the many other showbiz characters charged under Operation Yewtree.…
David Grey, head of Operation Yewtree, to investigate claims of abuse by 18 teachers at St Paul's/Colet Court
This Demetri Marchessini has Operation Yewtree written all over him. . Sort it out New Scotland Yard. .
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Former Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis is charged with one count of indecent assault under Operation Yewtree, Scotland Yard says.
'He cooks lovely food but I don't like his face. He looks like he sleeps with schoolgirls'...someone who shall remain nameless when watching Nigel Slaters simple suppers this evening. Operation Yewtree on red alert now :-P
Apparently there's an enquiry into Cyril Smith because 7 or so allegations have come to light relating to abuse at Knowle View boys home as part of Operation Yewtree. Police are going to investigate if a 'cover-up' took place in Cyril's local council in case they knew what he was up to. Great... I bet all the Sun/Mirror/Mail readers and BBC/ITV watchers will think justice is being done and a small group of people must have covered stuff up... but they'll now get caught! That all sounds great... but no mention has been made anywhere about an investigation into how, and why, 142 allegations made to Police by victims of Cyril Smith during the 1970s, 80s and 90s went absolutely nowhere, (all marked as "Insufficient evidence to investigate and/or prosecute"). Oh well... a small, insignificant, investigation with a purposefully *very* narrow scope will no doubt be enough to dupe people into thinking that truth and justice prevails in the UK... and the establishment is not in fact a deeply corrupt, self-servi .. ...
Great reading Bk All the info on her being contacted by Operation Yewtree fascinating stuff
I've got atleast 50 years till I'm arrested on operation yewtree so I'm fine
Oi pete price I haven't listened to him for ages you ARE operation yewtree. Don't slag Sheff off x
Can't help thinking that Operation Yewtree has done for hearing That's What I Go To School For on the radio more often
We're not getting back to Operation Yewtree again?
Amanda Brunker is a disgusting human being
2014 years and four months ago, God visited the 12-year-old Virgin Mary in her sleep. When he left, she was bearing his one and only child. It's only a matter of time before Operation Yewtree catch up with him.
First Saville, then Clifford; was basically the pioneer for Operation Yewtree?
Working on a sound collage of operation yewtree cases
I'm anticipating Margaery Tyrell to be arrested under operation yewtree
That's not my duct tape wasted on kids is it? Who do you think I am-*insert operation Yewtree suspect name here*?
"Firstly it shows that Operation Yewtree is not just about a celebrity witch-hunt," she said.
BREAKING: Operation Yewtree are waiting at halftime to arrest Benzema and Ribery.
This has Operation Yewtree 2 in 30 years written all over it.
Turning your tele on and seeing Adrian Chiles. I imagine the sinking feeling I experience to be similar to Operation Yewtree at your door.
True, but It does beg the question why have there been so much progress with Operation Yewtree, and so little with Fernbridge?
I feel sorry for Max Clifford's victims if they come across this horrendous insensitive tripe by
Is this why is being questioned by Operation Yewtree? Grubby world of sleazy: via
Publicist guilty of eight counts of indecent assault in first conviction under Operation Yewtree inquiry
Can I have your views on Max Clifford conviction and Operation Yewtree 1st conviction is this still a witch hunt ?
Next time Liz Dux opines on Operation Yewtree she should say how much she's earning from it & how she got 150 clients
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