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Operation Iraqi Freedom

The 2003 Invasion of Iraq (19 March – 1 May 2003), was the start of the conflict known as the Iraq War, or Operation Iraqi Freedom, in which a combined force of troops from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Poland invaded Iraq and toppled the regime of Saddam Hussein in 21 days of major combat operations.

Operation Enduring Freedom Desert Storm Operation Desert Storm Saddam Hussein Operation New Dawn Islamic State Al Qaeda George Bush President Bush Persian Gulf American Sniper Middle East Chris Kyle Bronze Star David French

Look, until the US provides the evidence they say they have that Assad did it, this is "Operation Iraqi Free…
i cant stand the "i grew up in a military family and Operation Iraqi Freedom was a success" types though
(5) You have to put Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Odyssey Dawn out of your mind. The US…
She sang God Bless America for a soldier who fought in Operation Iraqi Freedom. America is it's own parody sometimes.
Today's collection of is by an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran.
Happy' Anny to all the Marines...yesterday was Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003). "May the wings of liberty never lose a feather!"-Jack Burton
Like Operation Iraqi Freedom where we had regime change.
If Trump's failed attack on Syria was a what was Bush's mind-boggling-failure known as Operation Iraqi Freedom?
They have called Operation Iraqi Freedom a war of choice that isn't part of the ... -
WMD Flashback: Iraq reportedly shipped its chemical weapons to in before Operation Iraqi Freedom.
He was speaking directly to the US because Israel didn't put a single boot on the ground in Operatio…
Also, LOL at "150,000 ground troops in Syria." The entire US-led coalition for Operation Iraqi Freedom only sent 160,000 in.
To add salt to injury this illegal war will go in history books as "operation Iraqi Freedom" 😔
Ann, who did Assad back in Operation Iraqi Freedom? When is his birthday?
Who did Assad support in Operation Iraqi Freedom? When is his birthday? That's enough reason NOT to trust him.
UCB Eng Dept is getting renovated and someone from admin named the move-out "The Surge" – like, of Operation Iraqi Freedom fame
Operation Iraqi Freedom comes to mind, as do Israeli strikes on Iraq, Syria.
not when it come to this ban. But yes not protecting our borders. Letting off the gas during operation Iraqi Freedom.
NCS hasn't been the same since operation Iraqi freedom came into fruition
Operation Iraqi Freedom became foreign policy when Iraq "invaded" Kuwait, although the area had been Iraqi
When Petey Pablo redid "raise up" to be about Operation Iraqi Freedom, I lost a piece of my soul that I'll never get back.
This was the big mistake I want to say in Operation Iraqi Freedom. They pushed too hard too fast
Wow, I love I just won this for free, OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM PATCH
Eg, the human rights law&fact case v Saddam:was mature and urgent, yet anti-Bush partisans…
Answer to "Was Operation Iraqi Freedom legal":. Actually,R.660 series enforcement was author…
Clarification on Iraq's R.687 nuclear compliance:. ISG confirmed Iraq was noncompliant on th…
Wikileaks was started as an organization to embarrass us during the Operation Iraqi Freedom. Stupid rube
I served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was before The Islamic State. Words cannot describe the respect I have for you.
US occupied iraq for over 13 years, killed over 300,000 iraqis & called it operation iraqi freedom. it was the least they can do
Yet where you are specific, you assert Bush "lack of forethought" re post-Saddam Iraq, which is false:.
Oh another bill that masks deplorability with patriotism, e.g. The Patriot Act, Operation Iraqi Freedom, now this
PS: clarified "did it" meant 9/11,not ceasefire breach. Clarification of the link b/w 9/11 & OIF here…
"did it"=9/11? Saddam wasn't blamed for 9/11, though OIF casus belli covers Saddam ties to Al Qaeda:.
On the history and function of war journalism, from Thucydides to Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Check out Who's your Baghdaddy Operation Iraqi Freedom OSFM hat cap Iraq via
not disagreeing. Operation Desert Storm was a success. Operation Iraqi Freedom was unnecessary and predicated on a lie.
Remember when Eric Bolling had no idea that and Operation Iraqi Freedom were a decade apart?
and then we're back to Operation Iraqi Freedom with our guys right in the fire zone.
I wonder if his book describes an in-depth analysis of the consequences of Operation Iraqi Freedom & the fall of Saddam in the Middle East.
he shut down his show before it got started when I went to see him in 07 while on leave from Operation Iraqi Freedom!
It doesn't require expertise;the law&policy are plain. Find the Greenwood and Gardner UK analyses here:.
Former promoters of Operation Iraqi "Freedom" should shut the *** up forever.
Allies in this operation Iraqi Freedom,as well as that unsettling Laconia incident as a nation with third rate troops made seem viable in
If Chris Kyle had been in charge of Operation Iraqi freedom, Hussein would've been given the nobel Peace prize for not massacring us.
Newly minted Secretary of Defense James Mattis's radio call sign in Operation Iraqi Freedom was "Chaos." Seems appropriate.
*does not count American soldiers fighting in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Desert Storm, or Operation Enduring Freedom*
Posted on the GAWKER:. Daniel Somers was a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. He was part of Task Force...
Stick to the Operation Iraqi Freedom. You are gas lighting&ignoring evidence. I don't support the OBA drone strikes
If 2002 had the internet of 2016, the would have been immediately debunked. Operation Iraqi Freedom would not have happened.
. Operation Iraqi Freedom. WMD. Horrific decision making by him & his admin
desire – up to the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) – for a long range delivery capability.” • “Procurements
That's easier 4 you. You can review the primary source authorities for yourself:
The US was right on Iraq. See answer to "Did Bush lie his way to war with Iraq…
This:(UNSC Dec'10) could/should have been the keystone for ME refor…
he was as pro-operation Iraqi freedom as one could be, and in favor of instigating unrest in Iran to topple government
Key piece in PL 105-338 re Iraqi regime change was sect. 7 which mandated the post-Saddam peace ops:
In fact,Saddam had broken out of the box by 00-01 & breaching R.687 re "overlap" w/ AQ & rearmamen…
Clarification,actual justification of the Iraq intervtn:wasn't intervtn "no matter what the occasion".
The United States Army left thousands of combat vehicle behind during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
The Battle at Home - Between 11 and 20 percent of veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom have PTSD...
Patti, a Marine working dog was recently awarded for actions in OIF, where she was injured. Semper Fi Patti!. More:
operation Iraqi freedom so he explained the difference to me
Me deployed to Kuwait 🇰🇼 in the Navy back in 2004 in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 2004 !!!
No nono on creating your own glory hole stereotyped communities, discover even one in million ways Iraqi Operation…
NO props. No means no. Operation. Iraqi Freedom injunction by JT_F
Operation Iraqi Freedom injunction by JT_F presuming 38636743 less than 48hrs on GO in .…
expressions from murder assault caseloads, the latest on Iraqi Operation Freedom
9 years investigation in life record by further leading Security Forces investigations discharged on Iraqi Operation Freedom 558_552
See answer to "Was Operation Iraqi Freedom legal":It's general.If you have specific Q,ask.
FAQ cheat sheet to correct usual disinfo main pts re OIF:Based on US law&policy,but UK's is parallel.
For the operative enforcement procedure,OIF's casus belli is explained here:…
For operative context,answer to"Did Bush allow enough time for the inspections":
The way to grapple with Iraq's legacy is clarify OIF's justification. re OIF,Trump's view is based on law&fact erro…
re OIF,Trump's view is based on blatant law&fact error:
So, who would be interested in a pack of cards like the ones infantry were given for "Operation Iraqi Freedom" for the Brex…
Army SSgt Stephen J Sutherland of NJ who selflessly sacrificed his life 11/12/2005 Serving During Operation Ir…
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Operation Iraqi Freedom was a huge success. Now we want an Operation Irani Freedom! and carpet bomb
Indeed, see answer to "Was Operation Iraqi Freedom a strategic blunder or a strategic victory":…
Remembering Lance Corporal Travis R. Desiato (USMC), from Bedford, who was killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004
Remembering Lance Corporal Nickolas D. Schiavoni (USMC), from Haverhill, who was killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005
I disagree w/ his prescription for OIF stigma. GOP should clarify OIF's justification:to correct disinfo.
also s/o to my dad for his 30 years of service as a pilot and naval officer throughout Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom. 🇺🇸
Operation Iraqi Freedom deputy director of Operations prepared those in his command by teaching them about religion…
better: Desert Storm trading cards or the Operation Iraqi Freedom playing cards? MURICA, BABY
(also I worked for the Army for 2.5 years and my brother was deployed in Operation Iraqi Freedom so don’t go there)
"It's Operation Iraqi Freedom, not a degree in being a ponce"
They weren't progressive, fair or balanced when they cheered on Operation Iraqi Freedom. >:(
It's not as if Operation Iraqi Freedom was a direct cause of ISIS or terrorist attacks in Europe. Nope, not at all
Get used to the name of David French. Constitutional lawyer, veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Bronze Star recipient,
We need an alternative to Don the Con. David French is constitutional lawyer, veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, a Bronze Star recipient,
David French 2016! is veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom voluntarily wile Donald Trump is a shameful draft dodger .
"French is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom..."
I'll choose intellectual conservative veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom over draft-dodging fool any day
I don't think a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom is a "nobody". Do you?
His fellow soldiers in Operation Iraqi Freedom heard of him. Do they count?
Still rather jarring to see mainstream US media outlets refer to "Operation Iraqi Freedom"
Kristal 3rd prty man for pres.-French veteran Operation Iraqi Freedom. A writer on Natl Review- constitutional atty.
from World War I to Operation Iraqi Freedom have been exposed to mustard gas or Lewisite agents.
Update: Bill Kristol actively recruiting Operation Iraqi Freedom Vet to run for president -
"French is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. According to the website of National Review"
Remembering Sergeant Benjamin Mejia (USA), from Salem, who was killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2006.
Remembering PFC Matthew A. Bean (USA), from Pembroke, who was killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2007.
Rest In Peace to my cousin SSGT Hector Lejia who was KIA in Iraq in 2007 during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
My best friend died in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Remembering and honoring our
among the 1.7 million service members deployed under Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom is estim…
As an Operation Iraqi Freedom Vet, I honor my fallen brothers &sisters today.
After Operation Iraqi Freedom, she found her calling w/
Dedicated to my brother, Staff Sergeant Mario Bievre, who was killed on June 23rd, 2006 in Operation Iraqi Freedom
Dedicating this Memorial Day to my dad. Sergeant first class. Operation Iraqi freedom. 😊
I wear this hat today to honor Sgt. Michael A. Marzano who died May 7, 2005 serving during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
You can learn more about the fallen in Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn:
We salute our Operation Iraqi Freedom (now known as New Dawn) veterans. Who remembers crossing the burm?
Souvenirs , left over from OIF3 ,Operation Iraqi Freedom , Saddam Hussein Most Wanted Cards here in the SandBox
I still haven't forgiven her for voting in favor of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Maybe never will.
"Welcome to Men's Warehouse, can I help you find anything?". "Give me that Operation Iraqi Freedom look"
.Wow. Really? Check your history book: Operation Iraqi Freedom had an initial coalition of 39 countries; UNANIMOUS UN resolution
Check out Operation Iraqi Freedom teddy bear via
On this day in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom andOperation New Dawn HISTORY we lost 8 men women
In 2005, the US government spent about $71 billion for Operation Iraqi Freedom.
VAMC exhibit shows effects of military service: Veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedo...
The reference was about Operation Desert Shield/Storm in 1990-91, not Op Iraqi Freedom...
Yeah, I was in one of those wars for no fkng reason. They tried to call it Operation Iraqi Freedom. More like
Dessert Storm did not utterly destroy the enemy. Otherwise we would not have Operation Iraqi Freedom.
weird I'm a 2X Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran and Trump has my vote. I never received a nickel.
Lest we forget: on 20 March 2003, Team USA launched "Operation Iraqi Freedom". CIA & JSOC units had been active in since 10 July 2002.
Do y'all make any Veteran hats? I need a good Operation Iraqi Freedom hat!
The Iraq invasion, Operation Iraqi Freedom, was called Operation Iraqi Liberty (OIL) when the war 1st started. no war for oil
hey Ryan imagine Call of Duty during the 2003 Operation Iraqi Freedom they can really make a *** of a campaign just sayin
Remembering Sergeant Kyle Harrington (USA), from Swansea, who was killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2009.
Today at 6 pm in studio on memorial to MA fallen from Operation Iraqi Freedom; Operation Enduring Freedom. Still no memorial
Causes of combat ocular trauma-related blindness from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.
Desert Storm to Bosnia, from Afghanistan to Operation Iraqi Freedom, America's merchant mariners continue to serve.
After LCpl. Seth Stewart, Marine Corps Veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom opened car doors, he visited with Mrs.
Thanx 4 the follow my fellow Operation Iraqi Freedom vet.
Almost 1600 US troops died (directly) at the hands of Iran during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Jay...
operation Iraqi freedom and enduring freedom.
I’ll make one for you for $75K. Compared to Operation Iraqi Freedom that’s super inexpensive.
Mustard gas Sadam sent to Syria just before Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Irrefutable proof that Operation Iraqi Freedom was a success.
Paralympics One Year Out Preview: Stars may include first Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran to make Team USA.
Operation Iraqi Freedom I: A Year in the Sunni Triangle: The History of the 4th Infan
As of today, September 6, 2015 the number of combined casualties from Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi...
Honoring our Fallen Hero:. Coporal Jefferey Williams. Died on this day: September 5, 2005. Operation Iraqi Freedom...
Dedicated to to the USMM who sailed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring
Sailors of the USS Abraham Lincoln man the rails returning to port after participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom
Imagine if President Bush said Democrats opposed to Operation Iraqi Freedom had "common cause" with Saddam Hussein.
I didn't have enough pockets, but I wasn't in Operation Iraqi FREEDOM.
falling in love with surfing, during my enlistment with US Army, but I had a TBI, Car accident 28FEB2010, Tony OIF, Operation Iraqi Freedom!
U have to can get to u if you don't. My son in law is wounded from Operation Iraqi Freedom..that photo struck a nerve
Think how as LFW would've handled MidEast unlikely the world would've endured failed
following Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 by the America, about one million Christians left Iraq, Many of them refuge in the
All purpose parts banner
I helped build that back n 2003. Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Please read the story below the photos. This Army Cav ring from Operation Iraqi Freedom was found in Rancho...
I'm sure he named Operation Iraqi Freedom, but doubt the POTUS is involved in naming training exercises
I guess you would prefer the stunning success that was operation Iraqi freedom?
Capt Ortiz was the 1st American nurse to die in combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom and the 1st Army nurse to die in comb…
Mr Trump, From an Operation Iraqi Freedom vet, thank you for having the guts to speak the truth on behalf of us. Give 'em ***
Patriot flew combat missions during Operation Iraqi Freedom before being wounded in Balad, 2004.
Re: Characteristics of Genitourinary Injuries Associated with Pelvic Fractures during Operation Iraqi Freedom and …
An unexpected American thrift store object we decided we didn't need in our flat: an 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' mug.
..from Christian Crusaders, British Imperial "Civilisation"; the civilising mission, Operation Iraqi freedom,..
Has America forgotten the failure that was and is Operation Iraqi Freedom?? Look how that turned out. Go Away Bush family.
That last poop was definitely my Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Can I just say, that would've been a much better name than Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Fort Riley Soldiers represent the Army from the Revolutionary War to Operation Iraqi Freedom. US ARMY 240th Birthday
what about operation Iraqi Freedom? If it wasn't for that war, would I now be under Sharia & a practicing Muslim?
Even those who were coerced to say they supported know there wasn't not enough evidence
Documentary about U.S Marines during 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' in 2003. They genuinely thought they were protecting freedom.
"From the producers of 'Desert Storm' and 'Operation Iraqi Freedom', a tale of a boy in search of his dad's love..."
"I'm another kind of cliché: your everyday unemployed Operation Iraqi Freedom combat vet with PTSD. "
isn't focused to be President of US frankly he just doesn't look like he's engaged
Last week, the CIA agent who was charged with briefing Bush and Cheney on Iraqi intelligence findings admitted -...
…reading about the crusades in our history textbooks, or seeing the outcome of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Nice gamble
04/05/2003: Operation Iraqi Freedom; US 3rd Infantry entered Baghdad for the 1st time on the 18th day of fighting.
Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran Paul Chappell to lecture on peace
All gave some, some gave all. 10 years ago we lost Sgt Jonathan Adam Hughes to Operation Iraqi Freedom.
President Discusses Beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom Bush speech '03, similar to Obama's today
Nathan Bruckenthal gave his life while deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom
I remember when President Bush wore a flight suit for accomplishing Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Mrs. North Carolina Christy Hinnant helicopters into battle in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom!
2- 500.000 Iraqi muslims killed after 2003 Operation KILL Iraqi freedom. Under the excuse of freedom and-
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You may recall Operation Iraqi Freedom concluded on Dec 18, 2011. Bush was painting pictures of his dog at that time.
Obama asks world to begin operation Iraqi Freedom .
EP-0305 The Brian Williams Distraction, Cover for the Real Liars of Operation Iraqi Freedom: via
Always love a little bias. In fact, over 60 nations aided in Operation Iraqi Freedom from 03-09
he should be finnne... He single handedly crafted each gun used during operation Iraqi freedom. 😀
Instead of lamenting Brian Williams' lie, grieve for millions of Iraqis killed &/or displaced w help from US media:
There were many different wars. All war is evil, but 1st Crusade was far more legit than Operation Iraqi Freedom. Law-wise
UNDERSTANDING IRAQ CRISIS A civil war is raging in Iraq. There is a deadlock between the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (alternatively translated as Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and abbreviated as ISIL or ISIS an unrecognized state and active Jihadist militant group in Iraq and Syria influenced by the Wahhabi movement). It is operating in Iraq and Syria. Here we are analyzing the situation of IRAQ in FAQ form: # What was Operation Iraqi Freedom? After the attacks on September 11, 2001, and the overthrow of the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, the United States Government turned its attention to Iraq and the regime of Saddam Hussein. Citing intelligence information that Iraq had stockpiled and continued to develop weapons of mass destruction (WMD) such as poison gas, biological agents, and nuclear weapons, as well as harboring and supporting members of Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda terrorist network, the United States and Great Britain led a coalition to topple Hussein's regime in March 2003. Sin ...
The "Legend" Chris Kyle ~ Chris served four combat tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom and elsewhere. For his...
I'm an Operation Iraqi Freedom combat vet, thanks for your support against all the craziness being said about
ISIS is a derivative of Al Qaeda. Started long before Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Since when do have a passion for after failed
Operation Iraqi Freedom. Freeing Iraq from Saddam. Get your facts straight, *** !
In Operation Iraqi Freedom there were no terrorists, they had an open, standing army to target.
USCG HISTORY: On this day, January 18, 2003 - On 18 January CGC Walnut departed from her homeport in Honolulu, Hawaii and began her 10,000 mile transit to the Persian Gulf in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. This 45-day transit was completed as quickly as possible with brief stops for fuel and food along the way in Guam, Singapore, Kuwait. The cutter deployed with an oil spill recovery system in the event the regime of Saddam Hussein committed any acts of environmental terrorism. When those threats did not materialize, the cutter then conducted maritime interception operations enforcing U.N. Security Council resolutions, participated in the search for two downed United Kingdom helicopters, and patrolled and provided assistance to captured Iraqi offshore oil terminals being secured by Coast Guard port security personnel. The cutter’s crew completely replaced 30 buoys and repaired an additional five along the 41-mile Khawr Abd Allah Waterway. This ATON mission vastly improved the navigational saf ...
American Sniper: After being roofied at his bachelor party in vegas, Bradly Cooper wakes up in the middle of operation Iraqi Freedom.
Operation Iraqi freedom, imagine being 18 years old and seeing people without legs and arms.
Joining us now on 1480 AM KPHX is Debbie Lee, mother of Marc Lee, the first Seal to be killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom
For the … benefit … of the Iraqi people, I hereby give the order to execute Operation Iraqi Freedom. ~George W. Bush,
Al Serafinchon is hoping to find the owner of this 1996 ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’ ring that came into his possession.
Next for the defense: Rafael Corchado, the defendant's brother, a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom.
When I was in the military that same airport threw away my Operation Iraqi Freedom lighter coming home from Iraq.
Just finished reading Chris Kyle's "American Sniper." Awesome read to get a feel for Operation Iraqi Freedom, but the book is so much more.
Going a few years back for my this week... Operation Iraqi Freedom.
saw this lAdy wearing an operation Iraqi freedom bomber @ HEB and was tryna cop it off her
But what about 'Operation Iraqi Freedom?' You mean, the U.S. isn't the Great Liberator?
I can imagine My worst was operation Iraqi freedom 2009.
if we're being realistic it's usually joint operations. Army & Marines deployed together to start Operation Iraqi Freedom
Ceremony recalls first Red Arrow Soldier killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom: 27, 2004, from injuries susta...
There were/are WMD in Iraq. Confirmed in 2014. Chemical weapons found early in Operation Iraqi Freedom
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to 30 percent of those who deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring...
Other is based the on the true story of a company of The 1st division of marine recon in operation Iraqi freedom they're so-
In operation Iraqi freedom they used the marine recon as shock troopers which isn't at all what they're meant for
It's about the marine recon which is the marines special forces, who were used as shock troops in operation Iraqi freedom.
Bears quite the resemblance to operation "Iraqi Freedom." Hopefully the Ukraine Conflict won't take…
and what did Saddam's acting lead to ? Operation Iraqi Freedom. It's the simple threat of WMD's man. It's a no no.
"I haven't been to chipotle since operation Iraqi freedom"
In 'The Western Front,' One Marine seeks to make sense of Operation Iraqi Freedom |
Christopher Hitchens thought 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' was justified because a single nuclear centrifuge was buried in the ground
Another shameful act of stolen valor. Julee Johns, an Alabama woman claiming to be a 16-year Marine Corps vet, retired Master Sargent, and veteran of both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom has recently been exposed for an act of stolen valor.
Never Forget > Operation Iraqi Freedom Deployment Rings Iraqi Operation Freedom (the US military name for the Iraq War). - began in 2003, 2
A disabled Mississippi veteran who served in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Free...
Veterans from WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War & Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom will be honored at CFS.
Please don't tag me in anymore posts. I'm not hating. I don't hate, I educate. Unknowingly, I served the "Military Industrial Complex" which General Dwight D. Eisenhower, General Douglas MacArthur and THE MOST decorated military veteran (who was a of ALL TIME - General Smedley Butler warned Americans about. I also fought FOR Iraq and Iraqi freedom, not American's freedom, hence the operation name being "Operation Iraqi Freedom". Isn't it kind of strange how sentiments, understanding and statements such as these three men are buried with them, and forgotten about? Isn't it strange that don't paint the entire picture for young men considering joining? Isn't it strange that although General Smedley Butler is mentioned in Marine Basic Training, his FAMOUS speech/ book "War is a Racket" is not talked about? Why does the media not re-examine these ideas, sentiments and statements? Why doesn't government schools give both perspectives? Hm I wonder.. Can YOU handle the Sometimes truth is uncomfortable and will .. ...
From World War I to Korea, from Vietnam to Operation Iraqi Freedom, our military members have served us proudly...
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yeah absolutely. They were really heavily used during Operation Iraqi Freedom to clear the Persian Gulf.
Everyone who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom got a finger stuck in their eye by and Innocent Iraqis are dying.
"Comics and Conflict" by Cord Scott. Take a sneak peek inside ~
At least 5,000 chemical warheads were discovered in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Why are they still there?
Name of the 1st US operation in Iraq was called Desert Storm, 2nd Iraqi Freedom and now it is called Inherent Resolve. W…
Operation Iraqi Freedom was the name for the Iraq war
We've had . Desert Storm. Desert Shield. Iraqi Freedom . and now we've. Operation Inherent Resolve. God help we don't have. Incoherent resolve.
Just as Operation Vipers Bite (Al Kut, May 30, 2007) technically fell under Operation Iraqi Freedom, there will be others under OIR.
Great Q. I am a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2009. I have always stated in Kuwait not Iraq. Easy to conf…
Name for the operation- Inherent Resolve. Sit Rep readers had better ones, like Operation Iraqi Freedom 2: Electric Boogaloo
Bush was right, again … NYT reports chemical weapons WERE found during Operation Iraqi Freedom
Who remembers when had us destroy to make way for 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' they called it.
Chemical Weapons were found in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Just glad more conservatives are willing to stand up for Operation Iraqi Freedom once again. Been lonely for a while
It's common knowledge that the U.S. Army never found chemical weapons in operation Iraqi freedom. Not so fast. .
By DEB KUNKLE City Editor OELWEIN — “Mission Accomplished” — It was a feeling of satisfaction, the vibe of a job well done, that characterized the Oelwein Veterans Park Re-Dedication Ceremony Saturday, Sept. 27. The foresight of Bob McNamara, his family and friends more than 15 years ago has evolved into a truly wonderful place of tribute to veterans. It was McNamara’s idea to make use of the odd-shaped remnant of land left by the rerouting of Highway 150 through Oelwein. He thought it was the perfect location for a monument to remember local soldiers from the Korean War, Vietnam War and to the present conflicts. He and several friends erected the original monument that was dedicated May 15, 1999. Several years ago, Marv Leverington approached the American Legion with a vision to enhance the area with bricks, statues and flags, giving it more visibility. As legionnaires, other citizens and the city of Oelwein embraced the idea, the project began to take shape, brick-by-brick, piece-by-piece and ...
~ a consequence of Operation Iraqi Freedom motivated the creation of the Islamic State that is also known as ISIS/ISIL
McCabe on the 10 years after Iraqi liberation. Read the article by Neil W. McCabe:
I'm on the Operation Iraqi Freedom of flights. Victory/takeoff is always just around the corner, but never here.
What about the fact would never've become a problem if succeeded but it failed
Check out : Operation Iraqi Freedom by Oliver North (2003, Hardcover) & DVD via
Operation Iraqi Freedom was the cause Al Qaeda was formed from this mission
"The deepest scars are those we cannot see" In arabic, to my angel who served overseas for Operation Iraqi Freedom ❤️
I can smell your pessimism. Sorry this isn't being mismanaged and bungled. CC: operation Iraqi freedom
Are we going back to arguments about whether there was Al Qaeda in Iraq prior to Operation Iraqi Freedom now?
Are we bothering to change the name from Operation Iraqi Freedom this time or is there any point?
"Operation Iraqi freedom" "chemical weapons are a crime against humanity" . This is what our country did 2 Iraq
Saw this on my drive this morning. PFC Daniel Ray Parker 101st Airborne Operation Iraqi Freedom He was only 19 😔
- it is alleged that a consequence of Operation Iraqi Freedom led to the founding of ISIS/ISIL
Cleaning out my friend's closet one day and found Operation Iraqi Freedom playing cards with George Bush's face on them
Operation Iraqi Freedom was really just about Iraqi Freedom. You're welcome Iraq!
Honor Army Spc. Michael Andrade who was killed 11 years ago today during operation Iraqi Freedom.
Since Bush's Operation Iraqi Freedom and, now, the USA must be prepared to remain in the Middle East forever!
VA Disability claims for those who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom are still awaiting processing
there was 2 Persian Gulf wars and operation:iraqi freedom Following operation:Desert Storm and the current counter terrorism act
August-September 2014 - Volume 35, No. 4 No more US intervention! Fundamentalist onslaught in Iraq: made in USA Megan Cornish August 2014 Ali supported the U.S. overthrow of Saddam Hussein and worked for “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” All the more reason for his outrage at the destruction unfolding in Iraq. Now living in the Seattle area, he says, “I lost family! I lost my country! And all for this?” In mid-June, the Al Qaeda split-off, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), took over a huge swath of northern and western Iraq. Thousands were killed, hundreds massacred after surrendering. An estimated 1.5 million became refugees almost overnight. The corporate media promptly took up the tale that Iraq’s sectarian warfare is centuries old and not “our” responsibility. Many liberal pundits blame Bush I and II, and give Obama a pass. Such assertions are simply lies. It is the years of U.S. war and military assaults on Iraq, especially since the 2003 invasion, that are the primary cause of the curre ...
Democrats belittled George Bush for going it alone in Operation Iraqi Freedom, yet he had 48 nations behind him & 40 contributed military contingence. George Bush Senior built a remarkable coalition for Desert Storm, but Obama IS NOT going to get our allies to step up like either Bush did BECAUSE OUR ALLIES CANT TRUST him. He screwed over the Eastern Europeans on missile defense to get a CRAPPY arms deal w Putin. He has bailed on our allies in Iraq, He has run NATO all over Afganistan, he's drawn red line after red line & NEVER lived up to any of it. He won't call the invasion of Ukraine an invasion, he won't call a war a war, he won't call Islamic terrorist Islamic terrorists. He's a terrified little man in a great big job that he CAN'T DO! So says Ralph Peters, Lt. Col. Strategic Analyst. NAIL ON THE HEAD LT. COLONEL. Our president is NO LEADER & that's a fact. This is what you get when you have no idea of right & wrong, when you make decisions by polls, & when you think America is always the bad guy .. ...
..39 countries supported Operation Iraqi Freedom on the ground; 31 in the First Gulf War, including Syria!
On this day in 2010, Operation Iraqi Freedom ends; the last US combat brigade, 4th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry... http:/…
Join the 75th Ranger Regiment as we celebrate 30 years of defending and protecting our great Nation, Friday, October 3 at 9 a.m. at the Ranger Memorial, Fort Benning, Ga. An airborne demonstration will kick-off the events of the day followed by an anniversary ceremony, State of the Regiment Brief and Distinguished and Honorary Members of the Regiment Induction Ceremony. 75th Ranger Regiment History: As a result of the demonstrated effectiveness of the Ranger battalions, the Department of the Army announced in 1984 that it was increasing the size of the active duty Ranger force to its highest level in 40 years. A Rifle Battalion and a Regimental Headquarters were activated and received their colors Oct. 3, 1984 at Fort Benning, Ga. In the 30 years since the Regiment has been activated, the Rangers have participated in every contingency operation from Operation Just Cause to the Global War on Terror. The 75th Ranger Regiment has been continually deployed in support of the Operation Enduring Freedom since th ...
Iraq is now producing about a million more barrels per day than it was on the eve of Operation Iraqi Freedom |
So campaign promises don't win wars. Operation Iraqi Freedom is back!
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