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Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks is a 1978 studio album by jazz guitarist Ted Dunbar, recorded for Xanadu Records.

Rep. Barry Loudermilk was nearly 10 minutes for opening remarks. Good panel, you freshmen.
Miss Watch highlights from Ginni Rometty's opening remarks
DS delivering his opening remarks for the launch of Official Website in
Here to check out what the CCISD school board is up to. A couple members mentioned the new HS tour in opening remarks
Speaker Chopp's full opening day remarks:
My opening day remarks. Honored to lead and an exciting session ahead
Welcome and opening remarks from or spectacular CEO
Early focus on K12 education from Chopp in his opening remarks.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Premier McNeil, Min of Aboriginal Affairs, will give opening remarks at Marshall Symposium later this week
Lord Joffe also fully supports the opening remarks, especially use of Advance Decisions. Speaking of his own experience of Alzheimer’s
My opening day remarks on the Senate floor
In opening remarks, strikes humble tone, says he'll work to foster a health debate among lawmakers of diverse viewpoints
And we're on. Prepare for some exciting opening remarks and parliamentary procedures.
Assembly Speaker Silver delivers opening remarks at start of session
At the for talk by Roly Keating. Opening remarks by Baroness Blackstone
.conference opening remarks and opening panel discussion led by Joanne Levy Scorpio prods.
Excited to kick off the 86th General Assembly. See my opening comments here:
Opening remarks by Alliance Executive Director Excited about this convention!
Opening Remarks at Inspiring and thought provoking, lots of changes happening! Emerging Markets, cyber Security, childProtection
Ch. Justice Madsen giving opening remarks at swearing in ceremony for Justices Johnson, Fairhurst, Stephens and Yu.
First day of the legislative session! Great to have constituent Diane Peterson sit with me during opening remarks.
Majority Leader Upmeyer's full opening day remarks .
Great opening remarks in the Iowa House!
remarks at the Vibrant Gujarat Opening Ceremony (from
NRF President/CEO Matthew Shay's Welcome & Opening Remarks starts in 15 in the North Hall.
Country director of Nigeria Mr. Efiom giving the opening remarks at the family planning meeting. http:…
Watch Tom Scarangello, Chairman and CEO at give his opening remarks at
PRAYER PILGRIMAGE FOR PEACE IN BENUE STATE 2ND-3RD JANUARY, 2015 HELD AT ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST CATHEDRAL GBOKO Opening Remarks by His Excellency, Most Rev. Peter I. Adoboh Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Katsina-Ala 1. Protocol Your Excellency, the Executive Governor of Benue State, His Deputy and all Government officials Your Royal Majesties, TorTiv IV and O’chi Doma III and all Traditional Leaders All the Religious Leaders The political class Distinguished guests Ladies and Gentlemen My dear people of God, 2. Introduction I welcome you all to this Prayer Pilgrimage for Peace in Benue State. This prayer pilgrimage is holding for the third time today, it was first held in 2012. I thank the Catholic Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, Most Rev. A. A. Usuh, through whose inspiration this programme started in the old Catholic Diocese of Makurdi. I also thank Most Rev. William Avenya who, as the auxiliary Bishop of the old Makurdi Diocese, brought the programme to light. For the past two years it was tagged Prayer Pilgr ...
Opening remarks by vice President PTA officer
"Reclaiming OUR Communities" will be the theme of the 2015 PA AMR it was decided during discussions today on our monthly conference call to continue planning logistics for next year's Summer Conference and Pre-Conference Sustainability Tours..Robert will be posting an introduction and opening remarks on the upcoming conference shortly to the 2015 website we are developing after review of his draft comments tying the theme together by the full PA AMR Conference Committee..stay tuned...
We at Hebro had the privilege of being invited to the White House Hanukkah party! Check out the opening remarks...
Adicionei um vídeo a uma playlist Modi's Opening Remarks at an Informal Meet with the BRICS
Opening remarks by Rector of Tanri Abeng University, Mr. Tanri Abeng (at [pic] —
Mrs. Lawrence is giving opening remarks before we dig in! The transportation team has outdone themselves.
The International Seminar has been started with the opening remarks from Dr. Ir. Iman Sugema, M.Sc from InterCafe.
Drake can't memorize the opening remarks? Bet he could remember Aaliyah lyrics tho.
New football coach Brian Jenkins gives his opening remarks during his introduction press conference.
BOJ gov. giving opening remarks & welcome to the 17th ed. of the BOJ/UWI singers concert.
Bob Ross of the Inasmuch Foundation making the opening remarks at the Groundbreaking ceremony for Catholic Charities
Nawaz Sharif's opening remarks in APC show no urgency - at all- even in words. .
Opening Remarks: Shortage of funding for the World Food Programme aid scheme to Syrian refugees (16 December 2014) https…
Watch: Rachel Kyte's opening remarks at the Dragon's Den
Here's Yellen's opening remarks at her press conference
“Millionaires Can Fend For Themselves” says Commissioner Gallagher in his opening remarks.
.It as very constructive and useful. I enjoyed your strong opening remarks
Watch out - was dropping some gargantuan words during his opening remarks this morning.
From “The Future of Impact Investing” -- Video of opening remarks from Sir Ronald Cohen (’69)
Secretary General Stoltenberg's opening remarks to final North Atlantic Council in format
More from Paul Cillo's insightful analysis of ed spending in VT
Statement: Opening Remarks at Meeting of SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies
NOW: Obama delivers remarks on prisoner exchange and opening of U.S.-Cuba diplomatic relations
Statement: Opening Remarks to the December 2014 Meeting of the SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Compan...
signalled the policy shift back in 2009 at the Summit of the Americas. Twas a good speech.
Opening remarks on Conference The Charter of of the
Mayor Paul Polasek will begin his opening remarks now.
Councilwoman Tasco offering remarks during the grand opening of the Lawncrest Community Action Center this morning
Opening remarks and address of PM was not up to the expectations of the people of Pakistan.
Judge Joseph Birkett giving opening remarks at the Topinka memeorial service.
Opening remarks from our own Mark Leslie
Clear from PM's fuzzy opening remarks, he is not in control of foreign& security policies...time to take control
Chen also calls out the Ryan Seacrest-backed 'Typo' keyboard in opening remarks.
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President Raul's opening remarks 5th in Summit
On December 17, 2014 the Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore (EAGB) will host its Annual Meeting where we will celebrate and highlight the opportunities of our region. Maryland's Governor-Elect Larry Hogan will offer opening remarks and introduce Orioles Manager Buck Showalter as the evening's ke…
Minister Mbombo, in her opening remarks, says it's important culture respects the role of women in tradition.
Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa giving the opening remarks at the Fidelity SME Conference. All the stakeholders are here!
Delighted to be mentioned by John Baron MP in his opening remarks at
Eng. Mrs. Mary Awolokun, Commissioner Engineering welcomes all in her opening remarks. Regrets poor turn out.
our is kicking off with opening remarks Great to see new & familiar faces.
More opening remarks, but the names are too small for me to see. :( One by Roberto Basili, I think.
Opening remarks at this morning with +
of yesterday..opening remarks from 's Gatera giving the view of Regulator in supporting Microfinance, key sector to devpmnt
Opening remarks of the first meeting in a decade btwn &
"We must learn together, we must work together" opening remarks of Hedayah rep.
one of the sponsors make opening remarks. Thanks all in attendance, and wishes the forum the best.
M.R. Madhavan's opening remarks at the Conference on Effective Legislatures
Recognizing importance of criminalizing “Illicit enrichment” is 1of 3 UNCAC compliance gaps, http…
"our financial system cannot function without insured risk" Commissioner's opening remarks to Legislature:
Follow for remarks from the press preview for "The Forever Now," a contemporary painting exhibition opening…
Opening remarks by svida alisyahbana, CEO of femina group in woman c leadership summit
Commercial Officer Gregory Taevs kicked off and media conference with his opening remarks.
.CEO Asia Pacific Stephen Bird giving the opening remarks for summit!
Todd Sears opening remarks in Hong Kong. Great progress on 2014, but still a long way to go
Much to like in the opening of Welcome to Country, then opening remarks by & + Waleed Aly
Dr. and Master Sha: Opening Remarks_1st World Parliament on Spirituality...: via
OPENING REMARKS by Amb. Selcuk Ünal and by Furio De Angelis, UNHCR Canada+
Opening remarks by at "American Town Hall Energy and the Midterm Election" co-hosted by
Inspiring remarks by President Pro Tem who we'll honor at our awards tomorrow night in LA:
kicking off the grant award ceremony. . Marty delivering the opening remarks.
Pretty great way to kick off a conference “Here are the opening remarks from - with
Sr. is here and will speak after the Rabbi's opening remarks.
Jesus Christ is Lord of All! "Shutdown-v-Takeover! Christine Weick is approached be security at the National Cathedral in Washington Friday, Nov. 14, as she stands up to proclaim “Jesus is our Lord and Savior” It was supposed to be a shining moment for proponents of the interfaith movement. The Islamic “jummah,” or Friday call to prayer, would be held on America’s grandest Christian stage – the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. It was a bold move that had never been tried. Leaders of the Episcopal cathedral said sending prayers up to Allah from a Christian church would show the world that two religions at odds with each other for centuries could “approach the same God” as one body of believers. The stage was set. The prayer rugs were neatly arranged facing Mecca. The lights shone down on the imam for his opening remarks. Not so fast. Christine Weick, a 50-year-old Michigan woman with flowing blonde hair who lives out of her car, rose from the packed National Cathedral, the hall of hal ...
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Shelley Postin giving opening remarks at the Tribute to the Hometown Football Heroes presentation Friday night, Nov. 21. I know Shelley is the first to give props to EVERYONE else that makes things happen, but Shelley is a mover and shaker. I honestly don't know when this woman sleeps! If it weren't for Shelley Postin A LOT of things wouldn't get started, let alone done. Both she and her husband, Brett Postin, contribute a lot of donations selflessly through their businesses, Country Financial and Postin's Pit Stop, at any given fundraiser to help both the Abingdon and Avon communities. She talked about 'heroes' in her opening comments. Shelley and Brett are two 'heroes' in the truest sense, for sure!
Really want Hillary for President? Here is Czarina Hillary on the CFR (the folks who actually pull the strings).Pay special attention to the last sentence...told by who? The CFR--Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, that's who. Did you know that's who calls the shots??? Paul Joseph Watson Prison Thursday, July 16, 2009 Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s opening remarks during her speech to the Council on Foreign Relations yesterday will have done little to dampen accusations that the elitist CFR pulls the strings of the U.S. government. Clinton effectively said that she was happy the CFR had created an outpost in Washington DC because it meant she did not have to travel as far to get her orders. Here’s the full quote, according to the official transcript. “I am delighted to be here in these new headquarters. I have been often to, I guess, the mother ship in New York City, but it’s good to have an outpost of the Council right here down the street from the State D ...
Our keynote speaker is making his opening remarks. Log on now and view this Live webcast:
At conference and Neil Schneider from is killing his opening remarks. True
I agree w opening remarks by Dr Forese... We must change and redefine the way we deliver care in this environment
We need to get our values across says in her opening remarks.
I spent many years volunteering in his ward 8 constituents office. Doing opening & closing remarks @ local events. Really going to miss him
cooperation vital when has biggest stake in ensuring dev—Assoc. Admin
UNICEF Activate Talks 2.0 Opening remarks by Yohana Susana Yembise as Minister of Women's Empowerment…
Watching Sunday Supplement. opening remarks nailed it. Our loyalty's reached maximum elasticity. It's over for Wenger
The mayor of Brighton and Hove making opening remarks at
Attending Over 300 people here to talk Opening remarks by who has attended 50% of all
Maureen Miller, SNF's president delivering opening remarks at the 2014
China, Russia and Islamic extremism..."are antithetical to the free and secure world that we...are striving for."
your opening remarks share my family's concerns, thank you for sharing your heartfelt concerns with us "You Are Right On"
Rick Pickering from the takes the stage with opening remarks:
Opening remarks have concluded and dinner is now being served at the annual Granite State Baseball Dinner. Updates will continue shortly
Chair Mitt with some opening remarks.
At the end of our first live the one thing we return to is opening remarks to the crowd. Very genuine.
Jack Heath, the MC tonight, introduces tonight's guests and gives his opening remarks. Expo Center is full!
Blake Lloyd President provided the opening remarks for IEEE ESW India. Blake on left.
Thank you for hilarious opening remarks and your volunteer service for
Scout leader Joyce makes opening remarks at ceremony to honor his son's accomplishment in becoming an Eagle Scout!
David Leyonhjelm is as exciting as Abbott's opening remarks at the G20.
Ich habe ein positiv bewertet: Cry of the Earth - Part 1 of 12 - Blessing, Opening Remarks,
After the opening remarks, BuzzIt will be the first team to present their business.
Amb Roberto Jaguaribe's opening remarks at the event to celebrate the work of & in the htt…
Excited to be representing in model Arab league regional conference. Fantastic opening remarks by Dr. John…
VIDEO: Stephen Colbert's amusing opening remarks from this week's Ad Council dinner.
Opening remarks by for symposium . Wonderful volunteers here doing Surrey proud
"Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world." Opening remarks at tonight's gala event.
member Chassion says Roy has exceeded the 15-minute allotment for opening remarks. Downs tells him to wrap up.
Brown's opening remarks at presser very similar to what he said after the polls close last night.
giving opening remarks at the Faith, Food & the Environment symposium
Opening remarks should be... topical, sincere, and short.
Chicago Park District Youth Employment Fair Soldier Field December 30, 2014 12-5pm Description: The Youth Success fair will target youth between the ages of 13-24. We will provide opportunities to learn the many ways to be involved in their local park, including summer employment, volunteering or joining a teen leadership program. There will be booths offering information pertaining to district wide employment opportunities, financial responsibility, and resume writing. Coca-Cola is sponsoring a teen lounge where we will offer information on our teen based programing in the parks. We are expecting upwards of 4,000 youth to attend this event. Run of Show: 9:30 AM- All staff overseeing the event should arrive at Soldier Field (‘Who’ this will be will depend on if we can get in to the space the day before to set up) Transportation 11:30 am – Buses leave the regions to bring teens to the venue Fair Opening 12:00 pm – The Fair opens 12:15 pm – Opening remarks from Mike Kelly (Vaughn Bryant) 12:00 ...
Thank you for the wonderful Opening Remarks “At SMC Veterans Summit in Foster City.
.Community Day opening remarks by Marc Hoit of NCSU.
Jon Teumer and Lt. Ballantine presenting opening remarks at the CIT Awards Luncheon
Jacques Gansler gives some opening remarks at Logistics Innovation Conf at College Park
xcellent point made in ur opening remarks in Really bizarre of not to take any step.
We bring you a quick snapshot of Malcolm Walter, COO opening remarks during today's keynote .
opening remarks with Jack Dangermond. "Collect once, use many times."
Our CEO & Sci Dir., Dr. Robert Darnell, gives opening remarks at the talk today
And we’re off! has officially begun! Thank you for your opening remarks, kicking off CRN's
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Lynn Avant and the 6 seniors at press conference now. Avant gives opening remarks now.
Opening remarks from the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic. @ The Hague Institute for…
Inacol opening remarks by Susan Patrick on re imaging education focus on learners and empowering teachers
We're 15+ minutes in Bernie Clark's opening remarks. It's 100% about "Generation Now." Is this the start of a pivot?
A brand has always been a promise of an experience. Now it's virtual, the last touch point Panel 2 opening remarks
Giving the opening remarks at the CT Cancer Partnership Conference in
Thanks for the opening remarks as we kick off this conversation!
kicks off to a packed ballroom for Tim Massad's opening remarks
"We are the champions of our clients' dreams" - Elaine Bedel in her opening remarks
kicks off in a packed ballroom for Tim Massad's opening remarks
Opening remarks by chair Timothy Massad at
"It's going to be a huge, powerful week." Jesse Juen opening remarks livestream now
Opening remarks from as team physician looks on.
And we're off! Opening remarks by Herschel Cleveland.
Opening remarks by at Up next: chair Tim Massad.
Walter Hornaday from Cielo Wind Power addressing chair's opening remarks at forum in
Let’s get started with opening remarks by our conference director Melissa Smith of Gulf Publishing Company
Sobering opening remarks about climate change impacts on vulnerable communities
I'm cheering Postdocs and students are organizing to shape the future of science. Opening Remarks:
Excited to hear opening remarks from connecting and telling our stories to make an impact.
Open Caucus co-chairs Senators Day and Chaput welcome everyone with some opening remarks
and Blair Ruble give opening remarks at 9:30-9:45am Watch live at
debate will start any minute now. Opening remarks will be from who called for the debate
Wrapping up a protein-packed breakfast before opening remarks begin at 9:30
Also with opening remarks from Dean Tim Brady, pitching Space Science Operations Institute
SMMA fall technical conference in St Louis kicking off this morning, Paul Murphy with opening remarks
VIDEO: 2014 Autumn Economic forecast opening remarks by →
DAY 1 TUESDAY, 04 NOVEMBER 2014. Official opening ceremony by Programme Director. AU Anthem. Opening remarks by the... http…
Don't miss opening remarks by FIA CEO Walt Lukken at 8:45AM and keynote Chairman Massad at 9AM in Grand Ballrm
David Hambleton opening remarks commissioners are all hopeless ( joking!!! Or was he?)
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opened today in Quito, Ecuador. CITES SG's opening remarks
David Catania giving his opening remarks and sharing his role on the health committee.
Justin Poy delivering opening remarks for new Centre for Integrative Medicine with
Such an honor to give opening remarks @ the GL supporting the & other local non profits today! http:/…
Tune in at 11am for opening remarks at the
Livestream of Admiral Inman's opening remarks about to start @ You can also join us here
US stocks surge at the opening bell following Fed remarks, GE and Morgan Stanley earnings -
Commission chair Martin Castro gave opening remarks, said testimony will help "to allow us to critically look at the true impact" of SYG.
Day 2 of workshop starts with opening remarks from
PNP PRO4-A concludes assessment, evaluation on police units CALAMBA CITY, Laguna, Oct. 16 (PNA) -- The Philippine Regional Office (PRO)-Calabarzon concluded its Unit Certification and Performance Governance Reporting and held the awarding and conferment ceremony on Wednesday at Multi-Purpose Hall, Camp Vicente Lim, Canlubang, Laguna. PNP Chief, Police Director General Alan Purisima graced the ceremony as the Guest of Honor and Speaker. He said this awarding and conferment ceremony is a big part of promoting the reform agenda. “With this development in our Performance Governance System (PGS) efforts, we are now even more inspired to move forward, towards the realization of our vision of a highly capable, effective and credible police service,” Purisima said. The event was a one-month review, assessment and evaluation on all police units of PRO4-A of their respective PNP Performance Governance System, through the PNP Patrol Plan 2030 or PNP Order and Peace Agenda for transformation and upholding the Rul ...
Hon Janet Hall opening remarks on special culture of Ct District Court federal bar
Hansblix leaves the stage.Opening and plenary remarks. Life-long thinker and excellent statesman.
Great opening remarks from a great leader! president
And we are two of Opening remarks by Heather Sears
Met with the Premier of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang. My opening remarks:
Press conference opening remarks by President at the Summit Asia-EU in Milan.
Atlanta Fed VP & CAO Todd Greene gives opening remarks on the last day of
Opening Remarks by CEO at Historic 1st NY Task Force Mtg to End by 2020
The will start off in a few minutes. Opening remarks by Cat Criger and Dr. Howard Hu on and public health
Read the opening remarks gave for the launch of
Peter Rusin delivers his opening remarks at
.opening remarks quote RFK's speech about sending out tiny ripples of hope. We'll miss you Sibyll!
Gisele Khoury's opening remarks at the in
Opening remarks at with Mayor of Athens and Prime Minister of Greece: Read:
Opening Remarks by Panelists: Ms " No civil society made any requests for sanctions against Kenya at …
Opening Remarks: "I have not seen any efforts by CSOs in using resources to settle, and restore the pligh…
Opening Remarks: Ambrose Leda "It appears a cahoot of pple chose to hijack the unfortunate events of 2008, to settle s…
Opening Remarks: "We must look at justice for all parties, for the accused and for the victims."
Opening remarks by Police Chief Superintendent at press conference
Mr Gbenro Dara, the COO of Venia Technologies gives opening remarks at the launch.
I'm about done with this clown. He hasn't said anything intelligent since his opening remarks.
Our panel session is underway with opening remarks from
Opening remarks by the President of the at the 10th Summit
Opening Remarks: "Justice for the victims cannot be found at the ICC; a lot of the perpetrators are known t…
Opening remarks by outlining the available discourses and how they are contested
I almost forgot that I was assigned for the Opening Remarks on our UnitedNations program Ding it I only have one night to write and practice
Our CEO giving opening remarks and explaining the work of and http…
Thanks to CEO Keketso Maema for the KPMG GBV report shout out in her opening remarks!
Asia Competitiveness Institute (ACI) Review Seminar on Masterplan for Strategic Regional Economic Development, Updating Competitiveness Ranking, and Agriculture Productivity for 35 States and Federal Territories of INDIA 19 August 2014 Opening Remarks by Guest-of-Honour Mr Mohan Guruswamy, Chairman, Centre for Policy Alternatives, India Good Morning Professor Kanti Bajpai and thank you for the introduction. Dr. Tan Khee Giap and Dr. Tan Kong Yam thank you for having me back here. I realise that over the years I have been coming to the school and this is actually my seventh visit to this university. Seven days has a special significance in India these days because our education minister recently claimed that she had a degree from Yale because she did a seven day course at Yale. So I am hoping that with Kanti around here, I might get a Lee Kuan Yew school degree in addition to my Harvard education. Degrees are very important because when Kennedy was given a honoris causa Phd at Yale he said that I have best ...
Opening Remarks on the United States Strategy to Defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant
The Minister for and Empowerment, Sh Thaawar Chand Gehlot is now making his opening remarks.
Opening Remarks from the Event Chair - Hicham Diab (Utilities) at
director and his opening remarks before the screening. So very proud to…
LUCKNOW: At the CII Invest North, principal secretary, infrastructure and Industrial Development, Government of UP- Sanjiv Saran, asserted that the state with a growth rate of 7 percent GDP account for the highest share of consumer expenditure and that it calls for 'high-quality infrastructure development.' "Uttar Pradesh has been setting new benchmarks in the field of infrastructure development," said Saran. Speaking about major projects in the state, Saran, said the Lucknow-Agra Expressway with an investment of Rs 20,000 crore will be one of the finest project in the state once completed and will boost the connectivity in the state. He also highlighted the tremendous opportunities that UP offers because of its strong agrarian background, huge local market, a well spread and diverse industrial base and abundant skilled manpower. He also stressed the resolve of the UP government in making state power surplus by 2017 through addition of another 13000 MW to its existing capacity of 10,000MW, earmarking 7500 ...
Second day of giving an opening remarks.
"Edo" from Indonesia AIDS Coalition delivers opening remarks on evaluation of trial iMonitor+ mobile apps
.president Philip Romualdez gives his Welcome Remarks at the opening of exhibition
Opening remarks from 100 pres at the opening workshop
The rice fortification workshop has begun! Great work ahead of us! Excellent opening remarks by Kenro Oshidari.
Rappler's sharing her opening remarks MT
Rappler's sharing her opening remarks
up to give the opening remarks for PH +SocialGood Summit LIVE:
Opening remarks at the power grab forum by &
Opening remarks and celebrating generations.
Opening remarks from in a historic venue, with nearly a full house. @ St. Andrew's…
Opening remarks at the debate are on economic development
Jay Mason, president of EAG, delivers opening remarks for Community Night!
"C-STEP students set a high bar and then jump over it." Many thanks to for her opening remarks at the Kickoff
First, thank you for calling me for a job interview. I love Home Depot. Second, I have some opening remarks *starts unrollin…
GamesBeat: VCs are underinvesting in games
also had our Sue Underwald provide opening remarks for this afternoon's Fireside Chat:…
.opens its 2015 future book. Complete list of opening odds
"What a writer needs most is time to write." Director Michael Kelleher gives opening remarks at our prize ceremony.
Adjusting my opening remarks to the event. I hope those in the Pittsburgh area can attend. It should be a great discussion.
Reconciliation conference opens in Baidoa - During the opening remarks of reconciliation conference in Baidoa...
Copy of opening remarks at the workshop are now posted:
appreciate your opening remarks on MTC. Let's talk football!
Toronto partner Anthony de Fazekas to provide opening remarks on Sept 16
Home Sec. Theresa May MP, opening remarks on human trafficking and supporting victims in UK
Excellent opening remarks by Eddie Sheehy and keynote by Stephen Stewart.
Great kick off to the with opening remarks from CEO Eddie and keynote from CTO Stephen
Opening remarks today at the annual OBN Narcotic investigators course.
Dean Takahashi's opening remarks on Total World Domination at ...
September Opening remarks by Martin VIDEO to download:
Thank you for bringing opening remarks this morning. The weather is awesome and it's a great day in DeKalb!
Strong opening remarks from at the debate in Cleveland.
Opening remarks from at For those who can't be here, watch the feed!
"Scrutiny is what makes democracy strong and vital"- opening remarks for today's Auditor debate
Dean Takahashi’s opening remarks on Total World Domination at GamesBeat 2014
Opening Remarks by President Zuma at a meeting with CEOs who are part of the National Education Collaboration Trust
Previous Next Vietnam: Asia-Pacific working women meet to push forward the working women movement 26 Jul 2014VIETNAM, WOMEN RIGHTS With the participation of 23 delegations from 17 countries of the Asia Pacific region and more than 60 women Vietnamese trade unionists from all sectors, the workshop on working women organized by WFTU and VGCL took place for the days 23-25 July 2014 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Muhammed Shaban Azouz, President of the WFTU noted in his opening remarks: “There is no society that can ignore the women’s great role. We support the struggle of the women in order to get all their rights. We call on all bodies in the international community to continue to put pressure on those reactionary systems that ignore the rights of woemn as well as the rights of the society as a whole. We condemn all forms of discrimination between people of diffrent belonging, beliefs and religions. We understand trade union action as a militant action that does not distringuish between man and woman.” “At this ...
GOV. AKPABIO AND THE JEHOVAH COMPLEX: THE TIME TO RESCUE AKWA IBOM STATE IS NOW! When I first heard the story from those who attended the event, my immediate reaction was that of utter disbelief. I disbelieved because I found it extremely difficult to imagine that a sane and emotionally stable person holding such an exalted office could descend to the level of venting such mutinous and reckless statements. However, when I read the full text of the speech in the print and social media, I was filled with horror, mixed with utter disgust, that the governor of my Akwa Ibom State, His Excellency, Chief Godswill Akpabio, CON, could make such irresponsible public pronouncements, even before the National Chairman of the PDP who visited Uyo for the ground- breaking ceremony of the Akwa Ibom PDP chapter secretariat on Wednesday, 16th July 2014. While delivering his opening remarks at the occasion, Governor Akpabio made it very clear to Alhaji Adamu Muazu, the PDP National Chairman, and members of the NWC who came w ...
“Did you miss opening monologue at the Check it out: this was actually …
You rock Judge!! I always look forward to your opening remarks
Also, kudos for the anti-harassment policy and letting people know about it in the opening remarks.
Here are Limbaugh’s opening remarks on the plan:. I should have seen it. It was right in front of my face and you...
My opening remarks at the massive Al Quds Day protest today... . For those who don't think our voices…
sharing opening remarks for Ready 2 React at Uptown Center Court.
I like the strong opening remarks from as she takes over at PSU courtesy of
We're celebrating National Day in Ambassador giving opening remarks…
My girls and doing opening remarks at So proud and so excited to be…
NDSS Board Member Sara Wolff Gives the Opening Remarks at the NDSS Gala & Auction - YouTube
whether or not she includes the number 409 in her opening remarks. Obviously.
New AD closes her opening remarks with…”We Are, And I’m all in, and ready to get going."
The leaders and delivering the opening remarks at
WordCamp Vancouver opening remarks about to start.
Last day of conference sessions. Attendees seem to be settling in for and opening remarks.
Things are well underway here at WordCamp Vancouver. Opening remarks in 15m in the main conf room (2nd fl)
PM’s opening remarks at the Sixth BRICS Summit:
Speaker tent opening. Working down list of 12 officials with remarks.
No, but there are instances where what was said really cringeworthy. Harbaugh's opening remarks, for instance.
Schedule change this morning. Opening remarks and first speaker will be in the conference room on the 2nd floor exclusively
Mayor Gray makes DC statehood plug in his opening remarks at opening
Bob Bratina giving opening remarks at cc:
Spending my Saturday speaking in front of a bunch of state senators and reps. Got my opening remarks all planned out plus golf joke.
Opening remarks at organizing committee is in costumes! Fun! Excited to learn some stuff!
Rathika Sitsabaiesan, MP of Scarborough-Rouge River, a champion of the Rouge Park giving opening remarks!
Ready for opening remarks at Looking forward to it!
Honing my opening remarks at 'When Women Succeed, America Succeeds' event! Hope you are joining us!
Glad that the code of conduct is being announced clearly in the opening remarks
Woohoo - go Kate! Kate gave the opening remarks before the American Red Cross this morning!
Waiting for the opening remarks to begin at How's breakfast going down there to all the stragglers??
Opening remarks by HE Dr Nestor Osorio, Ambassador of Colombia in London.
Dr. Uma Ganesh, CEO give her opening remarks at
Aileen Apolo​'s opening remarks for the day 2 of the Google Teachers Workshop
Opening Remarks of President Vladimir Putin at the Russian Security Council Meeting via
Press Release from Carroll County Schools Second Annual School Safety Summit (Carrollton, Ga. - July 17, 2014) The 2nd Annual Carroll County School Safety Summit sponsored by Carroll County Sheriff Terry Langley will be held on July 31, 2014 from 8:00a.m. to 12:00p.m. at the Carroll County Agriculture-Education Center, 900 Newnan Road, Carrollton, GA 30117. This event will bring together the safety teams from the Carroll County Schools’ Elementary, Middle, and High Schools with 1st Responders from the county and state level for School Safety Training. The training will include an active shooter table-top activity conducted by Cynthia Daley (School System and County Attorney), Major Craig Dodson (CCSO), Tim Padgett (CCSO), and David Goldberg (School System Assistant Superintendent). School Safety Teams will collaborate with 1st responders from their municipalities and jurisdictions to build relationships and solidify Emergency Operations Plans for the schools. 1st Responders scheduled to attend are: C ...
Live at is 's CEO giving opening remarks!
Today, the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago & Illinois Tool Works joined forces with our green corps youth and staff to participate in a “Day of Action”, completing various service projects throughout the youth Center. The day was kicked off with opening remarks from United Way CEO/President Wendy Duboe & Illinois Tool Works CEO Scott Santi along with remarks from Greg Mooney, Executive Director of Gary Comer Youth Center. At the close of the event, we all had completed painting fences, constructing park bench tables, and harvesting the farm. We'd like to thank the United Way of Metropolitan Chicago and Illinois Tool Works for their partnership and service! See photos from today's event below!
heading to Will do media before opening camp remarks Ha
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Opening remarks from Sang Kim for the Best Canadian Poetry series with Follow us for the whole event! http:…
UR position on this humanitarian crisis is reasonable, UR statement on is not.
Deputy Nozoe, longtime educator, to give opening remarks.
Read speech re UN Human Rights Committee on International Convention on Civil & Political Rights:
At least BHO addressed the situation in his opening remarks. He didn't acknowledge until 4.5 min. into his speech.
Dr. Satish Garg from the gives his opening remarks
Minister of gibes opening remarks in the Meeting of Regional Mecanisms and Organisms about
Conversion Thursday opening remarks by - managing data talent.
Great recommendation of Manchester based in Gerard Grech's opening remarks at TechCity Clusters event in London
In opening remarks Ch Matz says NCUA does not want to put anyone out of business w/RBC plan.
These opening remarks are taking a long time. And not covering ground that couldn't have been dealt with in Q&A.
Opening remarks and announcements by WVU Professors Mark Brazaitis and Renee Nicholson at the
Tassler's opening remarks pick up on theme/meme of ratings are for suckers. And Nielsen numbers just part of profit picture
Opening remarks courtesy of Sherry Henry at this year's
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