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Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks is a 1978 studio album by jazz guitarist Ted Dunbar, recorded for Xanadu Records.

Green Party

Opening Remarks by the ANC Western Cape Provincial Secretary – Faiez Jacobs to the Muslim Community – Iftaar...
NACBA Welcomes you to the 24th Annual Convention! Join us in the Yerba Buena Ballroom Salons 7-8 for Opening Remarks at 8:15 AM
Opening Remarks at the Law School Academic Awards Ceremony today at the Marvin Center
Emily Wessel giving the "Opening Remarks" at SVSU's Youth Leadership Institute Banquet tonight.
Tim Healy talks industry megatrends in his Opening Remarks.
Ty for the invite to give opening remarks and welcome our Clergy Community Police Academy
Awesome opening remarks from Sometimes you don't end up where you think you will!
your opening remarks inspire. Being active and saving lives. Thank you!
Ambassador Pettit's opening remarks AGM last night.
Opening remarks at by my man Daniel Oh!
It's continental breakfast time at Opening remarks begin…
Chief Smith is giving opening remarks for the Mock DUI a Seminole High School.
In opening remarks, gives shout-out to - "huge influencer in energy startups."
Small incremental changes contribute to cumulative savings - Opening remarks by
Opening remarks by from . is getting started!
Bettyanne President of makes her opening remarks and recognizes Suppliers and Sponsors.
Opening remarks Reading letter from daycare class asking city to clean up the dog crap in park so they can play
Opening remarks includes a story of Red Lining in Boston.
Opening remarks at CPAC begin roughly 12 minutes late, to a comparatively empty ballroom. Possibly due to the four open bars last night.
.providing opening remarks at launch. Watch LIVE:
Ready for day 2 of Opening remarks begin at 9:45, with "Memory and Heritage" at 10 . Full program online:
Here is opening remarks for Aaron Cheruiyot the Jubilee candidate
Reggae Star NESBETH delivers some opening remarks prior to his performance on the…
opening remarks Symposium: ePrescribing and patient-centred digital health solutions as priorities
Opening remarks by "How to become an expert rhinoplasty surgeon" "we are going on a jet ride!"
session continues with talks on 'Supporting the Welsh Economy'. Opening remarks from MPA Wales Chairman, Stewart Jones.
Impressive opening remarks by at seminar, speaking about accessibi…
You know the right guy's winning when he boasts about the size of his *** in his opening remarks... Believe me.
March Policing Board Meeting in Public Board Chair and Deputy Chief Constable opening remarks (part 1 of 3)
Bro. Michael giving the opening remarks 🌸
Annurag's worthy opening remarks on how digital is impacting consumer experiences
Opening remarks by Hon. Mins @ Cooperation Framework Between the Maldives & Yunnan Province
wrking 2gether on curricula opening remarks @ Loyola
resumes this morning with opening remarks by at the Annual Panel on Persons w/ Disabilities.
CS Tokyo was invited to the Carl’s Jr. opening event in Japan. SCO gave remarks and cut the opening ribbon.
Prof David Jones gives the opening remarks on NICILT's Languages for Careers day
Ambassador attends opening of Cybersecurity Center and delivers congratulatory remarks. ht…
Prof Hope Sadza giving opening remarks on the on Understanding Human Trafficking by Rindai Chekerwa
.Here is the video clip of .opening remarks.
Young Thinkers Conference begins with opening remarks by Peter Hill
fiction: not limited to English language/literature only. giving opening remarks symposium
Acting director of HRST giving opening remarks on the completion of service ceremony for
New on our blog: Governor Steven Beshear’s Opening Remarks
Check out our morning speakers: . Opening Remarks: . Emcee: . Keynote:
Opening Remarks of Chairman Thornberry (US House of Representatives Committee on Armed Services) {wn}
CG makes remarks at opening reception of a collaborative student exhibition at tonight
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Dean Pantula on with the opening remarks science
Watch Leader deliver remarks on the opening day of the 2016 Legislative Session
I excited to give the opening remarks for the Fraternity/Sorority Life Council Officer…
Opening remarks by at the City Council Inaugural ceremony. Congratulations & thanks for your service!
Opening remarks for worship assembly. 😄🙌🙌
opening remarks at the annual meeting of the PITF:
The one and only Kelly Bowers gives opening remarks at the press conference. Tourney begins Thursday.
Obamas full speech today. "That in his opening remarks he rattled off a number of government sponsored false...
Speaker tells he has a right to make some opening remarks but must be followed speedily with some Qs
Looking forward to the Consul General opening remarks tonight!
blah blah blah with your opening remarks... get to the point! Open discussion my *** U R a disgrace Hands off our guns!
Father of slain Newtown child delivers opening remarks before unveils plan to
Father who lost son in shooting making opening remarks during special report on on gun control & President's exec. actions.
Mark Barden, who lost his son Daniel at Sandy Hook, giving opening remarks. "Every gun related death is preventable and we need your help."
Nevada to deliver opening remarks at 9 am at the Automated Vehicle Workshop at
The evidence is clear: Janice Shaw Crouse: Opening Remarks to the WCF IX
Opening remarks at Building Bridges Conference credit the leadership of Governor Malloy and his courage to tackle criminal justice reform.
.director opening remarks for policy Strategy group meeting on implement
I dont get why many people are opening cases at SAPS against racist remarks. If only cases could be opened to get our land back.
Our own gets shoutout at opening remarks by AAS prez for co-founding new AAS working group on diversity!
kicks off with opening remarks by AAS President
Corp Marshal making his opening remarks.
49ers CEO Jed York's Opening Remarks: Full video coming soon on
In his opening remarks, Alabanza described how the OSM came together with the OACCS and forged a long-term...
Opening Remarks will come from none other than of the U.S. Dept of Housing & Urban Develop
Frank Rose's Opening Remarks to Meeting of the International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification
Cyber and Space are new frontiers of opportunities and challenges: PM via
We live in a fundamentally different world from the time the UN was born: PM via VOICE OF PM MODI
McCarthy critics see blood in the water after Benghazi remarks:
Dr.Rhee from giving the opening remarks at
We now have Dr. Rhee, Director of UN-APCICT/ESCAP giving the opening remarks.
Opening remarks from Rep. of Indonesia to ACWC for Children's Rights
Opening Remarks from sesjen on 6th Governing Board Meeting SEAMEO QITEP.
Shoutout to who was a fabulous emcee to kickoff mental health awareness week, including perfect opening remarks to set the mood.
Thank you to Mayor Steven Zanni, who brought our first Gala opening remarks; Superintendent of the Lawrence...
My favorite opening remarks to date!
However Massa's opening remarks sounded in his head, that performance was not it.
HE Joyce Kikafunda opening remarks at the Ugandan Conventionuk
You may have missed it earlier, but during his opening remarks this morning he about collapsed - it tore at my heart.
And the next opening remarks from Conservative candidate " ". And that's a direct quote of Andy's position
Dominic Leblanc, the incumbent from the liberal party says this debate is an important exercise in democracy in his opening remarks
Kevin King, Green Party representative is next to present his opening remarks
Helene Boudreau the NDP candidate begins with her opening remarks
Yale to host conference on dyslexia - expected to deliver opening remarks.
It's hard not hearing President Monson's remarks at the opening and closing of this conference.
Happening now, opening welcome and opening remarks to delegates at the 30th Anniversary Celebrations
Hikomitsu Noji, pres. in Japan, readies remarks about the new truck tire plant opening in Miss.
Great opening remarks by all candidates. constituents are lucky to have these passionate people seeking their vote.
Steven Stairs, Green Party candidate, won the applause-o-meter, in the opening remarks, talking about helping people w/…
Sophie Gregoire mentions and at Brampton Rally opening remarks.
Visit to foreign countries raise doubt to destabilize MODI Govt, non-state actors/fringe elements are responsible.
Our Chief HR Officer Jeff Brodsky delivered opening remarks at today's 2015 conference at
Holly Lee Warren gives opening remarks to our small group of typ/ists
Opening remarks by at conference reflected on challenges that make academic Surgery Depts stronger across the nation.
Did anyone else notice how President Monson became physically wiped out part way through his opening remarks?...
Redskins 3-0 after a ragged but productive 13-play, 78-yard opening drive over 7:38. Stopped on third-and-goal at 2. Need to score there.
GraniteGrok. Even before we could really finish with UT State Rep Ken Ivory and our discussion on why Feds...
With President Monson's opening remarks on Sunday morning, I truly see my weakness and pray I can do better to follow Jesus Christ.
PM’s opening remarks at the G4 Summit at New York
PM Modi's opening remarks at G-4 Summit in New York. Watch and Share via Narendra Modi app
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Opening remarks We have a full house!
EFICA opening remarks by Mr. Tirad Mahmoud, CEO of ADIB
Now: making some opening remarks for mah effin sister.
Mrs Aminat of on her opening remarks. All road leads too
of Classic fm with her opening remarks at The 2nd annual breast cancer…
Canadian Muslim Vote opening remarks “Muslims have the lowest voting turnout...”
welcomes World Economic Forum to the for 2-day event. Watch opening remarks htt…
Video clip: JUC Europe 2015 - Keynote Address and Opening Remarks by Kohsuke Kawaguchi
'You win when you support business as well as unions. You don’t win from a traditional leftist position' | h…
Dr. Abdul Salam AL Madani, Chairman of Index Holding, giving opening remarks for the 3rd In House…
Wow LA Mayor just killed it in his opening remarks for the Way to show the world that LA is for all
Jeanine opens a can if whoop *** on Hillary Clinton in opening remarks👍
Jeremy Corbyn gets most applause for his opening remarks in leadership debate
.Opening Ceremony kicks off with welcoming remarks from
, President of the change Africa project giving opening remarks .
"Now is the the best time in history to be a healthcare entrepreneur" - opening remarks at
In a few a few minutes I will be giving opening remarks at National Dance Day at the Kennedy Center!
"Starting to get the feeling there's a problem no-ones telling me about" were the troublemaker's opening remarks.
What do we know about the link between and
Opening ceremony part three - welcoming remarks from Squash Bond and WSF ...
USEmbassyKenya: President UKenyatta delivers his opening remarks at the plenary. POTUS WhiteHo… http:…
The country manager, Winnie, giving the opening remarks at the awards.
DigPharm China Session D kicks off in 5 minutes with opening remarks from Ma Jin, Founder and CEO of AMED!
Media24 chair Prof Rachel Jafta giving the opening remarks and telling the Naspers story
President delivers his opening remarks at the plenary.
Opening remarks by Amb Bloomfield, discussion on what Congress can do
Met OSTP's Deputy Director for Technology & Innovation after his remarks at the opening. Lots of support fro…
Devil has bad plans for you, Me opening remarks.
Mr Bode Akinwande is through with his inspiring opening remarks, the bonding game is on between spinsters and bachelors.
FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter follows President Putin's opening remarks. "Today is an important day...follow live.
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Superb opening remarks from at the Caroline Flint rally in Manchester.
Lord Justice Pitchford to make opening remarks in his Undercover Policing Inquiry at court 76, Royal Courts of Justice,…
giving the opening remarks at 10th IIID-HRC Design Award 2015
President Octopus delivering opening remarks at
GA Workshop has started with WFD Mr Colin Allen's opening remarks.
Happening now: opening ceremony. Jerome Smith gives remarks from Min. Pickersgill.
Commissioner Magley with some opening remarks just before the combine gets underway. .
SEC: Opening Remarks at the Inaugural Meeting of the Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee, Chair Mary Jo White
opening remarks- "What we do here will be in our kids' history books"
About to listen to give his opening remarks in at the candidate forum
You WILL want to read his opening remarks. times are a changing LOL
Mark Lawall: opening remarks on how he came to be a Classicist.
Opening remarks by Gayletha Nichols. We start with Nicholas Brownlee, bass baritone singing Riez Allez by Massenet.
Minister is making his opening remarks. Log on now at
Opening remarks by Dean Priante,. . Yes, we're all counting down the days until our new move…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Opening Remarks for 25th Years Anniversary of a Pany, # # # # # #
Waiving opening remarks to get right to questions! Student activists!
Opening Remarks by Egypts Entrepreneur Naguib Sawiris! its not too late to join us in Nile Valley Room
Who's joining us at the at TC today? The opening remarks start now!
Just started!. Attorney Laura Duffy is giving opening remarks .
Opening Remarks by H.E. Dr. Sok An, Deputy Prime Minister, At the Opening Ceremony of the River Festival Kratie
“Reforming is about curbing government power,” he said in his opening remarks, which were broadcast live on television.
Very moving opening remarks by lamb in speech to A decent man protecting his family in tough times
Opening remarks from the Mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat
One of few times officials sit & listen in sessions instead of just giving or attending opening remarks only & leaving!
giving the opening remarks at the global education and skills forum, 2015, Dubai
Top 10 Finalists at opening remarks. Focus today is on for
UN Youth Envoy delivers opening remarks at the Third United Nations World Conference on Disaster R… via
Youth Envoy delivers remarks at opening of Children & Youth Forum of the 3rd
watch citizen four. snowden's opening remarks to Glenn Greenwald ' today, media is just personalities!' !
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
LTGEN OSCAR P LOPEZ, PMA Commandant is now giving his opening remarks.
Leader of the makes his opening remarks in Wiradjuri
Without there can be no peace. Without peace, there can be no development. -
Opening remarks at the Convening on Student Loan Data Conference
Dr. Alan Wildeman, president, gives the opening remarks at
NHK Senior Director Kouki Morinaga now delivers his opening remarks for the ABU 2015 Global News Forum in Sendai.
gives the opening remarks at the launch of podcast at in NYC
Opening remarks by Does your mind control you, or do you control your mind?
Opening remarks quite close to views expressed this conversation w
Mr gives opening remarks at our dinner
Dr Satcher giving opening remarks at the reception. Excited for tomorrow's event. http…
Dorothy Kosinski, Director gives opening remarks at 3/19 on math & art
Opening Remarks by MBI ED Tom Hardiman - 700+ attendees & more than 22 countries! http:…
Watch & opening remarks at the 2015 Youth Career Path Expo:
Opening reception tomorrow from 1:30 - 4:00 PM. Meet the Artist, Pamela Houser. Remarks by Houser at 2:00 PM.
Mr Phillip Oduoza,GMD/CEO in his opening remarks, described the CEO awards as an avenue to reward hardwork and dedication.
My remarks during the opening session of the conference of the chairpersons of FP committees of WB http:/…
.opening remarks at the 2015 Rep Meeting.
Remarks at the Opening Plenary of the Egypt Economic Development Conference
REMARKS: Opening Remarks by Secretary Kerry before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations
Under Secretary Sherman: It is important East Asia follow principles of opening
ISACS-member schools highlighted as exemplars in NAIS President John Chubb's opening remarks yesterday at the...
Opening remarks at Muslim Day at the Capitol, the goal to promote civic involvement in the Muslim community.
is tomorrow with opening remarks by Dr. Stan Doyle-Wood!
Opening remarks. Thank You Temple University for hosting our Student Success Symposium
Read summaries of opening remarks by on our blog:
Thank you and Deputy Chief Andre Crawford for your opening remarks.
Dr. Melanie Morgan offers opening remarks at
.opening remarks before Senate Appropriations Committee on Foreign Operations:
Opening remarks from Pres. of the at Jack Satellite Summit Grenfell
Dr. Cummings opening up the TABSE Demonstration Schools Con. His remarks were powerful & inspired us all.
opening remarks by student Miles Hallgren!
Attending conference . Opening remarks by president Bob Armestrong
Dr Rene Van Acker giving opening remarks for the day; says developing soft skills are important for grad students
Almost ready to start and remarks at "Protecting Your Farm" Welcome guest
We are thankful to have Conway Dodge, Assistant Director of the SEC provide our opening remarks.
GMB lied to us he was never sick. His opening remarks @ Chatham made us know he was certified ok to go & speak. Why d lies?
Managing Director, Bertrand Badre, gives opening remarks at
Here we go. is underway. First up is Jim Gibson, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, with opening remarks
Opening remarks for teams at the 2015
Join us for the opening remarks in the Michelangelo A in 15 minutes.
Lots of people here bright and early for the Sloan Conference. Opening remarks starting soon
opening remarks right now. Looking forward to hearing from analytics team at 9
Opening remarks at SSAC cite three statisticians and economists hired by NHL teams. Wonder which three they mean.
President concludes opening remarks: I look forward to our discussion on how can help us to secure …
Fantastic opening remarks for york region and vaughan chiefs.
President will chair the retreat and deliver opening and closing remarks of
Opening remarks at Leaders of all welcoming us.
It's filling up at the event in Markham, Opening remarks starting shortly.
Cavs coach David Blatt's opening remarks on victory over Warriors
.will give opening remarks at Research in the Arts for & Well-being across Military Continuum
Great moment in opening remarks from Coach of about 2OT win! http:/…
Watch H.E. David Hale, US Ambassador to Beirut, opening remarks during the
Feel free to criticize, respond, give suggestions and praise as well: Chief Economic Advisor concludes his opening remar…
NOW: Amb delivering the opening remarks for the 2015
IFA Chairman and Pres. & CEO Steve Joyce delivers his opening remarks to a full house at
VIDEO:press conf -opening remarks by Christine IMF Managing Director .
I think college football banter might count for 85 percent of opening remarks on all panels here at NARUC
LIVE meeting - briefing. Press briefing opening remarks by
LIVE meeting - briefing. Press briefing opening remarks by .
President Giving the opening remarks for the B-Cycle ceremony!!
.CSO, Todd Lowe PhD, is giving the Chariperson's Opening Remarks at 11:50am, Genome & Transcriptome Analysis Track.
Chair of the search committee, Dr. Robillard is offering opening remarks.
Cant prevent laughing to see the opening remarks of 'Kiya Waqai Asif Ali Zardari corrupt hain'
.Murthy will deliver opening remarks at next week's Summit.
Excerpt from today's opening remarks I made at KPU's "This is Change: Forum on Poverty in the City of Surrey"...
After intros & opening remarks, 2/23 SpecMtg to begin with Statements from Public on Charter Items scheduled for a Vote that eve
Things are getting started! President and CEO of gives opening remarks
Opening remarks from Pink's CEO, Fatima Cabral. Those books came in handy!
How do you turn your limitations into opportunities: Opening remarks by Christine Osekosi: via
Opening remarks for exhibit are about to begin! Join us to hear from our speakers MP and
Marie-France Lalonde, MPP giving the opening remarks on behalf of the Federal Goverment
looking forward to make it Miami for my daughter! Enjoyed your opening remarks.
ICYMI: The largest in the world begins in 2016. Here's why its pilots are already mind-blowing:
Thank you of & for your valuable contribution to the Read it here:
in response to "Momentum will only be recovered if led by civil society"
Inspired by 's opening remarks this morning. Thank you for trusting teachers and believing & showing public schools WORK!
So they're asking me to write the opening remarks for my hs principal for a boy scouts/girl scouts event tomorrow...
Shri R V shahi giving opening remarks for the session "Investment Opportunities in the Small Hydro"
The conf will resume session at 12:30 with a panel on BDS [!}, and opening remarks are supposed to be by Tzipi Livni...
Mr Ufuk Civelek is on the stage for the Opening Remarks.
That moment when you were asked to deliver an opening remarks on JS Prom -_-
Read ICTJ president reply to in our
"One vital contextual point to remember is that is truly in its. infancy" in the
On Monday: former commissioner of TJRC joins the
. PM's opening remarks at the Apex Committee meeting would be telecast by PTV soon giving clean signal to private TV channels. Stay tuned.
PM of the Republic of Djibouti H.E. Abdoulkader Kamil Mohammed graced the opening of in Djibouti &…
PIB_India: The opening remarks by PiyushGoyal has ended; he is now taking questions. Watch live at
US President Barack Obama gifted to Prime Minister Narendra Modi a rare book on the Parliament of World’s Religions of 1893. The book contains a paper of Swami Vivekananda. Obama's gift to Narendra Modi on Swami Vivekananda This gift reminds of a digital quest back in 2011 on tracing Swami Vivekananda’s footsteps in the United States. By8gCiICMAEk1tW From Offstumped Archives 2011 A decade back on a first visit to the American City of Chicago I was overcome by a desire to visit the hall where Swami Vivekananda had made his famous speech almost a century before. Back then the Internet was not quite the powerhouse of information that it is today. There was very little information to go by to track down where exactly that speech was delivered and if there was any memorial at all of the events from that last decade of that Century. More recently Vivekananda’s visit to the United States was brought forth to the mind while listening to a speech by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi who sought to give a n ...
You have spoken and we have listened. Please see the updates to the workshop + new cost to attend! 399$ Registration Friday 5pm- 8PM Saturday full day of learning 7am breakfast Opening Remarks 8am Eventbrite has been updated!
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Although wrong way drivers, pedestrian and bicycle accidents haven't made major news lately (there's been a lot going on in the world), the work continues. Tomorrow I will give opening remarks along with FDOT District Secretary Paul Steinman at FDOT's Safety Summit at the Tampa District office.
Tomorrow EdNC will post a video of a panel discussion on the Common Core standards, featuring Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest, former Governor Beverly Perdue and Florida State Senator John Legg. EdNC hopes you will listen in. Lt. Gov. Forest says, "part of the challenge is truly having transparency when it comes to issues like this in education." He also says, "I am a firm believer in high standards. I think North Carolina should have the highest standards in the world." He concludes his opening remarks noting that "our 50 states can be innovation laboratories."
Nigeria: From South West Jonathan's Reelection Bid Takes-Off President Goodluck Jonathan commenced his presidential campaign on last week with a scathing evaluation of his main opponent's professed strong point. Ojo Maduekwe and Anayo Okolie report The Thursday presidential campaign rally by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) held at the Tafawa Balewa Square, Lagos was massively attended. Party members and their candidates from across the country were in attendance. Also present were the 36 gubernatorial candidates of the party as they were presented their gubernatorial flags at the rally. President Goodluck Jonathan came to the kick-off rally for his presidential campaign prepared to hit hard at an area for which his main rival, General Muhammadu Buhari of All Progressives Congress, was widely believed to have a lot of competence. Corruption and insecurity are among the hottest topics in the current election. They have provided the biggest political ammunition to the president's opponents accusing him of ...
Polly do U think Jeremy Clarkson will be welcome here on its opening night given his past remarks
Newly elected councillor gives opening remarks & gives a shout out to former chair for his previous leadership
CEO Mary Barra's opening remarks from the 2015 Detroit Auto Show.
Read my full remarks from this morning here
that was the livestream link to the Rules Comm hearing. Here is the link to the RM's. opening remarks:
At Rice University Mexico Center getting ready for opening remarks on Immigration Reform Summit.
Rep. Barry Loudermilk was nearly 10 minutes for opening remarks. Good panel, you freshmen.
Miss Watch highlights from Ginni Rometty's opening remarks
DS delivering his opening remarks for the launch of Official Website in
Here to check out what the CCISD school board is up to. A couple members mentioned the new HS tour in opening remarks
Speaker Chopp's full opening day remarks:
My opening day remarks. Honored to lead and an exciting session ahead
Welcome and opening remarks from or spectacular CEO
Early focus on K12 education from Chopp in his opening remarks.
ANNOUNCEMENT: Premier McNeil, Min of Aboriginal Affairs, will give opening remarks at Marshall Symposium later this week
Lord Joffe also fully supports the opening remarks, especially use of Advance Decisions. Speaking of his own experience of Alzheimer’s
My opening day remarks on the Senate floor
In opening remarks, strikes humble tone, says he'll work to foster a health debate among lawmakers of diverse viewpoints
And we're on. Prepare for some exciting opening remarks and parliamentary procedures.
Assembly Speaker Silver delivers opening remarks at start of session
At the for talk by Roly Keating. Opening remarks by Baroness Blackstone
.conference opening remarks and opening panel discussion led by Joanne Levy Scorpio prods.
Excited to kick off the 86th General Assembly. See my opening comments here:
Opening remarks by Alliance Executive Director Excited about this convention!
Opening Remarks at Inspiring and thought provoking, lots of changes happening! Emerging Markets, cyber Security, childProtection
Ch. Justice Madsen giving opening remarks at swearing in ceremony for Justices Johnson, Fairhurst, Stephens and Yu.
First day of the legislative session! Great to have constituent Diane Peterson sit with me during opening remarks.
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Majority Leader Upmeyer's full opening day remarks .
Great opening remarks in the Iowa House!
remarks at the Vibrant Gujarat Opening Ceremony (from
NRF President/CEO Matthew Shay's Welcome & Opening Remarks starts in 15 in the North Hall.
Country director of Nigeria Mr. Efiom giving the opening remarks at the family planning meeting. http:…
Watch Tom Scarangello, Chairman and CEO at give his opening remarks at
PRAYER PILGRIMAGE FOR PEACE IN BENUE STATE 2ND-3RD JANUARY, 2015 HELD AT ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST CATHEDRAL GBOKO Opening Remarks by His Excellency, Most Rev. Peter I. Adoboh Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Katsina-Ala 1. Protocol Your Excellency, the Executive Governor of Benue State, His Deputy and all Government officials Your Royal Majesties, TorTiv IV and O’chi Doma III and all Traditional Leaders All the Religious Leaders The political class Distinguished guests Ladies and Gentlemen My dear people of God, 2. Introduction I welcome you all to this Prayer Pilgrimage for Peace in Benue State. This prayer pilgrimage is holding for the third time today, it was first held in 2012. I thank the Catholic Bishop of Makurdi Diocese, Most Rev. A. A. Usuh, through whose inspiration this programme started in the old Catholic Diocese of Makurdi. I also thank Most Rev. William Avenya who, as the auxiliary Bishop of the old Makurdi Diocese, brought the programme to light. For the past two years it was tagged Prayer Pilgr ...
Opening remarks by vice President PTA officer
"Reclaiming OUR Communities" will be the theme of the 2015 PA AMR it was decided during discussions today on our monthly conference call to continue planning logistics for next year's Summer Conference and Pre-Conference Sustainability Tours..Robert will be posting an introduction and opening remarks on the upcoming conference shortly to the 2015 website we are developing after review of his draft comments tying the theme together by the full PA AMR Conference Committee..stay tuned...
We at Hebro had the privilege of being invited to the White House Hanukkah party! Check out the opening remarks...
Adicionei um vídeo a uma playlist Modi's Opening Remarks at an Informal Meet with the BRICS
Opening remarks by Rector of Tanri Abeng University, Mr. Tanri Abeng (at [pic] —
Mrs. Lawrence is giving opening remarks before we dig in! The transportation team has outdone themselves.
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