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Opening Credits

In a motion picture, television program, or video game, the opening credits are shown at the very beginning and list the most important members of the production.

Fuller House American Horror Story James Bond True Detective David Bowie Nocturnal Animals Full House Star Wars Misha Collins Gilmore Girls

Remember the even more excellent opening credits for the very excellent miniseries FLESH AND BONE?
If I can survive the Scott pilgrim opening credits I can survive anything
& I'll say it, the greatest opening credits in TV history, can not be denied the top…
So my we're watching lilo and stitch with my niece and nephew, and my niece danced for the opening credits, just having fun but my nephew -
y'all i'm so *** emotional i straight up started crying watching the opening credits for RWBY
The opening performance of Stayin' Alive: a GRAMMY Salute to the Bee Gees ft. Demi. {credits to . https:/…
Hands down one of my favorite openings. Naruto needs an award for their opening/ ending credits music
Hope that the 3rd seasons opening credits are equally good
Onto the next episode . Those opening credits 🎶🎶
They copied the opening credits of A Different World once. I enjoyed that.
Thoroughly recommend - brilliant. The opening credits sequence alone is just tree-mendous
24hrs after seeing we're still excited. From the opening scene to end credits, watching it was sheer bliss. Thank you!
Also, has probably the BEST opening credits I've seen in a good long while. Proper mastery of the cinematic arts right there.
So, this Klimt style artwork during the opening credits to 'Elfen Lied' is kinda perfect.
I'm watching the opening credits for The Great Muppet Caper and it has occurred to me that Gonzo is suicidal af...
Winterfell isn't still biting in the opening credits... does that mean something?
The song that plays in the opening credits of Get Out is incredible!
It's all licking off in Casualty and we haven't even got to the opening credits yet. How long before the baddie gets taken down?
TED! We need the old opening credits back! Your new one looks like some C4 ident. Love your work mwah mwah. Xxx
purchased hand gun. University employee has had enough of politics at work, ends up on Cops in the opening credits, flash grenade goes off
I liked a video Official Opening Credits: Game of Thrones (HBO)
[maddow opening credits]. Man [Bad Maddow Costume]: Hello, welcome. I am Rachel and not a Russian spy. Anyway, I do not have taxes, goodbye!
the living single opening credits song > Fresh Prince
yes! Just saw your name in the opening credits of tonight's Looking forward to seeing your performance
Emotional state: cries during the opening credits to Pete's Dragon.
Pet peeve 1'48" long opening credits. I'm looking at you
During the opening credits of this film there is a brief still of the late John Hughes and his family on vacation.
Well, it's safe to say I wasn't fully prepared for the opening credits of Nocturnal Animals...
🎉 Congratulations to for winning our $5 credits worth of case opening!
Zombieland is such a good movie and the opening credits are the best
I know this was a good show...but I couldn't make it past the opening credits without falling asleep, lol! Am I...
This just the opening credits right now
Idea for me and Ciro's cm remake: one ending credits for each main character (it's like an opening but at the end of the episode)
Confused why it looks like the opening credits to Star Wars outside
How did y'all get Glynn Turman, Darryl Bell, Dawnn Lewis, and Sinbad to be in your opening credits?
I will never apologize for including as many team members in our opening credits as possible. In life, showing gratitude…
but so is Floriana. The opening credits has her with the main cast and not under guest star.
the opening credits song from Gremlins also plays in Perks of Being A Wallflower. a little movie trivia for all u "flickheads" out there
I present to you a kind of strange opening credits to my Grand Theft Auto online adventures:
Love seeing name on the opening credits of "The Breaks". So dope.
Love the nod to the shows with the opening credits of Just hope it's not yet another formulaic cop show.
Deacon's name keeps coming up but he's still the in the opening credits 🤔
After hearing a new 50 Cent song during the opening credits I knew Power was gonna be a terrible show.
My fan-made opening credits for Jurassic World sequel. (Guess the composer)
.has now texted me this exact frame from THE SHINING's opening credits 4 times in 10 minutes with no…
I woke up with this song in my head, the tune that played in the "opening credits" of my day.
At this point I just watch The Simpsons for the opening credits
Opening credits and title song to James Bond film, 'A View to a Kill' (1985) sung by Duran Duran
Me Before You already making me cry and I've only got to the opening credits
I hated not bc of Trump or white billionaires but because the script, acting, special effects, opening credits & directing sucked
Do you agree that the opening credits are a metaphor for death and the afterlife?
Today’s plan on GTA: walk away from things as they explode to make an opening credits video. If you want to tune in:
So Mr what did you get for his birthday. Will we be seeing a subtle change to opening credits?
Sadly no one has made the Beverly Hills Buntz opening credits gif that captures how it feels going from PA yesterday to LA today.
to be fair Corrie is a joke lately eastenders could just play the opening credits and still be ahead
Max is filming the opening credits of his own horror movie.
The Cagney & Lacey opening credits were so happy and jazzy.
You can tell how Lifetimey a movie is by how much flute plays in the opening credits. Don't even watch past the credits if there's no flute.
You can feed your kids, bath and put them to bed during Homeland's opening credits.
Opening Credits for The Devil's Rejects (Midnight Rider) no way a RZ fan could hear this & not think of this movie!
Watch: Someone's finally given 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life' the opening credits it deserves
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I don't want to alarm anyone, but I just put on Arnie classic, The Running Man. This is the opening credits. I thin…
I need fan on at night - even in the winter- cuz I need to feel like im in the opening credits of a soap opera while I sle…
Let me grace you with one of best opening credits songs EVAR thank you
One day you look up and realise your life has been influenced by the opening credits to BBC1's All Creatures Great…
oh, ALSO the opening credits of the most
After months ITT started reaching out to other schools to accept our credits and slowlyyy other schools have been opening up to us
'memba when I spent like 10 minutes trying to find a good version of the Baywatch Season 4 opening credits?
We finally have the updated opening credits that we deserve
Rebecca's face bursting through Josh's face in the CEG S2 opening credits I'll leave the joke up 2 u
Finally starting Westworld. The opening credits show a skeleton playing piano so I'm already into it.
New! Learn how the "half-VFX sequence and half-credits" opening to PANIC ROOM was created. https:…
Best part of the Supreme Court verdict is even if I go ten minutes late to the movie, I can still watch it from opening credits. Nice!
Watch the revival opening credits as they were meant to be!
Finally i'm watching Vikings! I'm going to listen to the opening credits song again, I love it so much!!
I liked a video Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2 Opening Credits
The season 7 credits of have been teasing a significant story change that everyone's been missing…
A 'Gilmore Girls' fan fixed the revival’s opening credits for you. Thank you "rose tyler," thank you. .
RIP Sebastian Leone, former Brklyn borough prez whose name made it in the opening credits of Welcome Back Kotter
only when in the presence of broken/bendy bones and cuts/blood etc I get squeamish at the opening credits of casualty
RIP Leonard Cohen, writer of many great classics such as the opening credits song from True Detective season 2
Was not prepared for the opening credits of "Nocturnal Animals." Jesus Christ. IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS???
In honor of his birthday, Ennio Morricone's brilliant music from the opening credits of Sergio Leone's 'A Fistful of Dollars'…
You know there is a nod to you in right in the opening credits!
I agree and it just feels like the opening credits though
Watching the US and then the opening credits of Luke Cage got me thinking about how we were taught about the struggle for civ…
Could YOU design the opening credits for the London & LA conferences? See your creative work on the main s…
Finally got to watch this week's Please Like Me, and fairly sure it had the best opening credits of all time
I remember the opening credits by heart
I added a video to a playlist Top Gun legendary opening scene and credits JarO.mp4
Like, you can just see the opening credits now
Martin Scorsese: Opening credits and typography. Casino. The age of Innocence . The Last Temptation of Christ . The Color of Mo…
Why do tv shows put the "newcomers" on the opening credits before theyve even been introduced?! im looking at you here!
Can't wait for season 2 of The Man in the High Castle. Gonna watch the opening credits again for nostalgic purposes
A behind the scenes look at the CAMP 2016 opening titles. CREDITS Directed & Designed by R…
I have become one of those people who gets disappointed when I don't see "Misha Collins" in the opening credits of SPN. Cas just makes --
Opening credits roll over the ocean as the sun is setting
When Misha's name isn't in the opening credits
Also did Grey's start with the black screen for opening credits because Trump won???
McCabe & Mrs Miller opening credits👇. (My favourite film of all time for numerous reasons)
Waiting for the Miracle by Leonard Cohen - Natural Born Killers opening credits
After questioning how I'd feel about Fuller House, the sound of my soft sobbing during the opening credits told me the answer
When you're running to music do you ever pretend you're in the opening credits of a film? Or is it just me?
The prettiest Asha Negi with team Kolkata Babu Moshayes today at the opening of BCL. Credits:
Just be grateful that Stephanie's accent doesn't last beyond the opening credits.
Django Unchained time. I could watch these opening credits for hours.
wow I got chills watching the opening credits for Fuller House
I'm watching the opening credits to the first episode of and getting extremely emotional
Seriously just shed a tear watching the opening credits of I'm so glad this is back
I'm glad kept the theme song and an opening credits sequence. I miss that in shows!
Were you the one who chose all the different names to call everyone in the opening credits in Deadpool? :)
Thank you Benny for proving outstanding service at 202 and opening 5 credits in less than 2 hours!!!
glass animals plays during opening credits of taken 3 so yeah I'm gonna like this movie
Just saw awesome 1-hr (!?) anniversary video my wife made me, complete w/ soundtrack & Portlandia-style opening credits.
Ok can we just talk about the opening credits for Fuller House?
Honestly every time I watch the Fuller House opening credits my eyes begin to well up with tears. ITS SO WEIRD GROWING UP
I saw the opening credits on someone's snap. 😍
Wouldve died during the opening credits of The Revenant.
Proud to say almost made it through the opening credits of Even Dwarves Started Small before leaving the room.
Every time I watch SVU and the opening credits roll out, I think of this gem
Well so far the opening credits of Fuller House have made me cry. Which I wish I could say was a surprise.
The opening credits were my favorite part…you knew you were in for an entirely different experience.
Walking in, I was confident it was going to be good, with the opening credits it was just 'oh yeah, they got this'
1 episode in + the best part of Fuller House is the opening credits w/
After Founders Day, will be filming her part of Pretty Little Liars opening credits.
I'm watching Fuller House and the opening credits came and SO MUCH EMO FEELS I'M GOING TO CRY
I may have teared up during the opening credits of the first episode ❤️😢 🏠
is the only show that I don't fast forward through the opening credits & theme song . 😍😍
I'm really glad they make it clear that the Fuller House house is NOT on Alamo Square in the opening credits and in Pacific Heights
I want the serial killer of "Too Many Cooks" to invade the opening credits of Full House or Fuller House,doesn't matter.
Fuller House opening credits are the cutest thing I've ever seen❤️
The street are on for the opening credits for I'm sure that's the street Spice Girls filmed 'stop'👀
everyone got so hot and the opening credits gave me the chills ILY Fuller House🏡
the opening credits for Fuller House. I'm such a mess
You know I had to grab the soundtrack ... what?! the opening credits…
the opening credits would be Killer, Jack |
I'm absolutely loving the opening credits heavy with the source material for the Walking Dead: Michonne game:
3D IMAX can definitely make your opening credits more interesting. But can it make your movie more interesting? We shall see.
Never before have a choked up at the opening credits of ANYTHING ... Until
The sky looks like the Simpsons opening credits today.
Did I just cry watching the opening credits to Fuller House? Yes I did,
The Shannara Chronicles | Opening Credits via A great new show that you need to watch!
I'm looking at my dads music and he has the opening credits to ed edd n eddy
I cannot express how much I love the song that plays during the opening credits for TWD Michonne
It recaps in the opening credits. . And realized why we don't get many "themes" anymore. CBM don't really do "openings"
I can't believe Fuller House starts with the opening credits of Full House I can't believe they would do me like this
listen I can't remember if the first episode has the proper opening credits but you have to see them they're so beautiful
This joke would have been beaten to death within the opening credits.
the opening credits might be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
I literally sobbed with feels during the opening credits of Fuller House, that's how much that show means to me.
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.can we please have an option to skip opening credits for a TV Show or movie? Would save a lot of fwd-button time. :)
the opening credits to Dexter are so long
All these crispy burnt *** *** chicken, and casual mutilation jokes in the opening credits of gives me life lol
Original X-Files had a real fine pre-Six Feet Under opening credits sequence, huh? Don't make 'em like that anymore.
The opening credits to Dexter are ace.
In season 8 of OTH when someone different sings the opening credits every time, that was a tough time for one tree hill
One of the sickest things about the beginning of the movie "Cruel Intentions": Placebo being played over the opening credits.
Hill Street Blues was the first show of its kind and still great to watch. The opening credits with Chicago in...
How beautiful are the Better Call Saul opening credits?
Bernie Sanders is the music teacher who gets mad at Lisa for riffing on her saxophone during The Simpsons opening credits.
With Ali added to the opening credits, I was hoping she'd have more screen time. Do we get to see more later?
compromise your integrity? Omg you need to grow the eff up. You spread your legs 10 seconds from opening credits and you judge?
I've even got the pick-up drum fill to the opening credits timed perfectly when they drop the big punchline on the cold open.
watch it!!! It's really good, so far, visually stunning. U'll love all the pretty pictures. Also, major kudos to opening credits.
My dad failed the in the opening credits. He pronounced it IdiO-test. Ha! 😂😭😭
Little Giant Ladders
The opening credits for Friends makes my heart happy 😁💖
Apparently I yell 'bum bum' every time we watch a Universal Studios movie during the opening credits
Sketch Comedy Show for YouTube ! . First episode will be up this Saturday. This is a clip from the opening credits
The split-screen format make it look the opening credits for the Brady Bunch. :D
Why don't we ever mention the fact that Sherlock blatantly ripped off Dexter's opening credits?
I'm really digging the new Doctor Who opening credits typography.
Sometimes you ask to replace Kira with Roscoe in the Teen Wolf opening credits and she does 😂
Why do the opening credits show Candace C B crossing her legs so that we can see all the way up to her hooha? Naughty!
Everything about opening credits brings me so much joy.
Just saw on the opening credits for 😍
The new season teaser of is so good. A faithful. copy of the Magnum PI opening credits. Watch one after the other for max effect
Having looked closely at the opening credits for Beating Again, the South Korean series I'm watching... it appears to be an ABC production
I like the new opening credits for season 3!
You should also ask to talk over the opening credits of super troopers 2. If they say no you can negotiate down …
The behance app on the new Apple TV lets me pretend my shining work is the new opening credits..
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(the Weeds opening credits but it's just me smoking a joint on the toilet)
the Weeds opening credits but it's 6-8 unit condo buildings in Chicago
I rilly appreciate Master of None's opening credits.
Superman 2 has the longest opening credits sequence ever.
One thing I never get tired of - watching the opening credits. It's kind of like a warm blanket on a cold night, right?
Inspired by opening credits. Oh, and
the opening credits of American Horror Story scary me
also I don't need another origin story. They can tell it in a really cool opening credits either animate or film.
Kate and Osgood are already back in UNIT: Extinction - I want to see the opening credits that go with that theme tune!
The opening credits to ahs are not to be watched alone
I can tell when my roommates are watching Tangled just from the opening credits before the movie even starts 😹
Thank god I was stoned for the opening credits and thank god they know their audience
ah yes. That will make it way less enjoyable... But if you skip till the opening credits, you won't see any Mexico anymore
it's like the opening credits of Real Housewives of Potomac
I don't know if it's just me, but I always feel slightly uncomfortable during the James Bond opening credits...
All purpose parts banner
Make a couple hot dogs expecting to watch a show while you eat. . The hot dogs are gone before the opening credits. Hot dogs. Gone too soon
It only takes the Billy Elliott opening credits for me to start welling up. Such a perfect film.
Nothing cuts like Valyrian steel. Get Seasons 1 & 2 in Steelbook sets inspired by the series’ opening credits: http…
The Last Panthers | Opening Credits with new music from David Bowie via
Blade and Souls Beta has the best Opening Credits scene I've ever seen. It's ingenius.
Have a slight recollection of watching this. Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: Season One - Opening Credits via
haunted house more like. These all look like the opening credits to American Horror Story. Why are they all vibrating?
My fave part of the new Mr Show is the terrifying, off-putting opening credits.
I will never get over the fact that Dawson's creek reruns have different music on their opening credits. No no no no. Just no.
I am a bit off octopus after the opening credits to Spectre.
Very cinematic and haunting. My love for True Detective's opening credits also helps.
Do you know the name of Inkmaster opening credits music ?! Kisses from France, you're on tv tonight !
I accidentally made my cat look like she belongs in the opening credits of True Detective via /r/cats
Finding Dory opening credits or a prediction of tomorrow's night out
Love that one of my fave shows now — Master of None — has opening credits set in Herb…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
You HAVE to watch The Walking Dead opening credits with the Friends theme tune
When you notice that isn't in the opening credits anymore...
Jeez. Will the opening credits end, already?
"God brought every human being into this world for a purpose." - Opening Credits.
thanks! you're right: lots of goodies! (had I the time, I'd meme it to be the opening credits of a James Bond film.)
Same here. Do you mean the opening credits or their group of friends ?
Mona should have been added to the opening credits. She's one of them now, too.
never had spooky opening credits. So, we made some!
Any chance you could get me some noise cancelling headphones for the Bond opening credits next week please
Finally there's a version of this song that's as creepy as it should have been all along.
Watching opening credits of Mirrormask for the first time. Gracie: "Neil Gaiman! My friend!"
The opening credits cinematics of all episodes alone are pieces of art. For me the best things all year. :)
Dracula starring Bela Lugosi uses music from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake in the opening credits. Wonder what inspired that.
I liked a video Arrow season 4 opening credits
Here's why Starz's new ballet drama, Flesh and Bone, might become an “obsession”
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request to have Brian McKnight sing Anytime for the opening credits of the documentary of my life.
Saturday Sick Day: Watching the GREAT chick flick Cried during the opening credits.
I haven't even gone past the opening credits of hqs new ep bc I'm too busy screaming about bokuto,,, and akaashi, AniMATeD
So the opening credits for sees a David Fincher-esque tracking shot into a dirty pube stuck to a filthy toilet.
Finally watching this week's I love seeing name in the opening credits.
The best part of is the opening credits
LOVING Netflix' "Narcos" about Escobar. As much as the opening credits. And the thoroughly watchable Boyd Holbrook
Tim Burton movies so good he gives you 11 minutes of opening credits and nobody complains
Me and my dad loving Cradle to the Grave. From the opening track to the very end credits,love every bit. Great actors, perfect TV
It strikes me as a really serious and sad song that will really work in an opening credits.
Cheers I didn't even miss the opening credits of
Regis in the opening credits of made me smile
It's Cordelia's own fault for going to the spin-off. Otherwise everyone from the original BUFFY opening credits is here. . And dumb Dawn.
Watch the Haunting Opening Credits for Starz’s Ballet Drama, Flesh and Bone
Hi can we get an option to skip opening credits of multi-episode shows? It would make bingeing so much easier. Thanks.
domain names
I know you can do good opening credits! I have seen can we get a new & less cheesy and fake opening for
Just to make yous aww aware: This is my 5th year prom date on the opening credits for still game. Case closed
I would say so, surprised she didn't have her name in the opening credits this week actually. :-)
How good is the Skyfall theme and opening credits? Brilliant!
Is it a spoiler to say the opening credits are awesome?
Do you ever think about which "clips" of you would be used in the opening credits of the 90s TV sitcom you're in?
She only showed up in the last two minutes of the show just to validate her presence in the opening credits.
The cab driver in the opening credits of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is Quincy Jones.
Seen the Casualty opening credits for first time in about 15 years. 1. Don't sex up that amazing theme tune 2. Charlie's STILL in it?
A wonderful interview from 1977 with legendary designer Saul Bass, who designed the opening credits to GOODFELLAS https:…
Should be working on my costume. But I'm just watching Bond opening credits.
No matter how much I watch sons of anarchy I always smile when I see the name William lucking in the opening credits
We didn't even wait for the opening credits last time frfrfrfrfr
For the opening credits, Maurice Binder had disagreements with the producers and did not want to return.
E, singing along to the opening credits of Dad's Army: "Who do you think you are kidding Mr Buttler..."
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This reminds me of the opening credits of "Bonanza".
also I saw your mom and your dad in the opening credits! :)
Probably the best opening credits ever!?!?:
Bir oynatma listesine video ekledim: James Bond Skyfall Intro from the Skyfall DVD (Opening Credits)
BRIAN VINER: The warning comes at the end of the opening credits: Hitman: Agent 47 is a film based on a video game. So pre…
I can't stop watching the opening credits
The opening credits for are the greatest thing I've ever seen.
Congratulations to tonight. new opening credits now show Earth rotating in the correct direction.
Support Ryan's other project! Have you seen the CREEPY opening credits to 👀🙌🏼🔪
why is Finns name not in the opening credits
I don't like the AHS hotel opening credits :((( so disappointed
The opening credits for are officially here and I'm actually terrified. Thank you,
Yall seen the American Horror Story opening credits? I like the music from this season.
AAH! The opening credits are here, and they are SCARY AS F***:
Look who I found in the opening credits!
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I liked a video Justice league Crisis on two earths Opening Credits
Great to hear Lindsey Buckingham's 'Holiday Road' in opening credits of new Vacation movie (I won't mention the 97 minutes that followed).
So proud to say I still know the opening credits to shameless
BiP's editing is still emmy worthy tho. I mean just look at their opening credits. XD
Civil War Spoiler: A key Marvel character will die before the opening credits
I think I'll farm a million gold credits today and do a 15 gear locker pack opening video tonight.
I LOVE TANK GIRL! Movie was so so, but the character is great! Opening credits are best part! https…
In the opening credits of Premam, Alphonse Puthren has thanked his ex girlfriends. That man be badass! 😎
The opening credits the real housewives atlanta is my fave
Ian Wright is hard work. At the cinema once, he stormed out saying "I don't watch subtitled films.". I said, "Ian, it's …
New snapchats a pain in the *** ye try see who's viewed your story n it looks like the opening credits in Star Wars
.The opening credits of Rainbow gives me a *** The drum role is where I climax.
Watch the San Francisco Giants just recreated the 'Full House' opening credits
pretty daft, the song from one of cinemas best opening credits missing from the soundtrack. Haircut 100 made it to the cd though
Watch the Opening Credits of an Imaginary 70s Cop Show Starring Samuel Beckett
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Sterek - Opening Credits via Sterek all the way
why is Amy Robach NOT listed on your Opening Credits??? George, Robin & Lara. No Amy?? Why the snub???
me either I will just die from the opening credits
They finally took JMW out of the opening credits, more than a year after she left the show.
Jennifer's single pirouette in the opening credits is the highlight of the show
"My feet may be swollen, but so are these The Parker's checks" - Countess Vaughn James on RHOA opening credits
Nah this Video Games documentary is fire just from the opening credits
I can't decide if the funniest thing I've seen tonight is "Bad Words" or the opening credits montage from "The Daily Show" in Austin.
I could watch grease and dirty dancing and sing every single song that plays in both.. Including in the opening credits 😂
Love "Austin" show set to the opening credits of Well done (& hilarious)!
Lebron's hairline is the same big wave in the opening credits of Lilo and Stitch.
The opening credits to must've been made by the love child of Terry Gilliam and whoever made the Tool videos.
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