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Open Doors

Open Doors is a non-denominational mission supporting persecuted Christians in over 60 countries where Christianity is socially or legally discouraged or oppressed.

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A Christian couple was expelled from the village. Your support helped Open Doors partners to meet them and provide…
Day 3: WEDNESDAY 03/05/2017. Praying for greater Open Doors of Ministry. Read and Meditate on these scriptures:1Cor...
Thank you to WHUR for helping to promote DC Open Doors and Wednesday's Information Session.
.advice to entrepreneurs? "Put yourself in a position where doors open automatically as you approach."http…
New year. New brand. Kicked the doors wide open. .
Tonight, The End, Nashville. Show starts @ 9:30 doors open @ 9. $10 to get in.
Since she left more doors are open for them people recognized them they know who they are, so basically camila was…
Attended the launch of Open Doors report on Persecution of Christians around the world. Moving testimonies.
AAO National Interest Waiver Decision May Open Doors for a Broader Group of Professionals... | by
Woo Hoo!! Just landed in St. Louis with partner Michael Zislis for next opening. Proud to open our doors…
If I was miss Prepon I'd want to speak out & lay these claims to rest directly.…
TONIGHT at LUSH ROOFTOP!! Doors open at 10pm.. ARRIVE EARLY.
MS & HS Gathering is 6:30pm tonight beginning in the FLC! Part 1 of our new series "Out of Focus"! Doors open 6PM…
Don't miss out on your chance to come watch tonight! Doors open at 7, performances start at 730!
"Just say it" continues tonight at 7! Doors open at 6:30pm, see you soon!
we are FINALLY back TONIGHT! Doors open at 6pm and service starts at 7pm!! … https:/…
The wait is almost over! Alamo Drafthouse will open in 3 weeks.
we plan to get to o2 arena in the early afternoon. Any good place around there to eat and have a drink before the doors open?
Its all about those urban vibes tonight!... Doors open at 10:30pm!. £1 ENTRY &...
A beautiful take on dance and the doors it can open for anyone
Not Long to Go, Doors Open at 11PM - Ltd Tickets on Sale from or
This master bedroom has beautiful wood french doors that open up to a private patio! . Is this a feature you'd...
Join residents Jan. 13 for the as businesses open their doors to showcase local talent.
I don't go through open doors...I push through closed ones! - Moses 2k17
Couldn't ask for a nicer day here in western pa working with doors open gotta love it
Explore our cellar with a tour and cozyup with a cheese and wine tasting. Our doors are always open to you.
-2 tonight😳 open vanity doors and trickle of hot & cold water! Especially if plumbing is adjacent to attics, garages or…
Doors are going to open that you never thought would open. That problem that looked permanent is only temporary.
London Jesuit Volunteers are opening their doors for you to visit! Come and see a 'faith that does Justice'
Today, she lets the doors open. Go, indulge, bask. The bubbles of the champagne will soothe the beast. Reward it for staying caged.
My arms are so sore I can't open doors, my abs are so sore I can't laugh & my legs are so sore I can't walk. But other than that I'm fine 🙂
Your No. 4 Bulldogs are at the Hump Thurs. at 8 p.m. We need the best fans in 🇺🇸 there! Doors open at 6:30 p.m.! . 📰 http…
O Allah, open for us the doors of your mercy.
If we CLOSE the open DOORs, safety is. Available to all AMERICA!
Open offices are actually hurting our brains so businesses are bringing back walls and doors.
A11 shut all the curtains, lock doors, shut off cells, lights, and open a nice bottle of rescued wine…
In just 6 days, we'll open the doors to the new Adams Center for Musical Arts! Photo of classroom by M…
Amen...Lord order my steps into Open doors In Jesus name
We are not looking back, we are not going back, and we will keep these doors open.
Come to the sawdust theater Fri. & Sat. to watch the coquille drama class' play The Sneaky Citizens of Saddlesore City,…
Student Fusion, A time of worship and prayer, Holy Spirit fall on us...See you tonight, doors open 5:30, service 6:…
✔ Prayer. ✔ Worship . Join us at Kingdom Come, 24 Jan. HTB Brompton Road - doors open at 18:45.
Got some good information today as well...a conversation can take you places and open doors 😏
Be supportive of others and watch the doors open
Some people say old doors close and new ones open. But all of my doors do both??
At long last! We plan to swing the doors to our tasting room and retail open to the public this Thursday. Two beers on…
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
A lil bird just flew into my house. It's a nice day, got my doors open. Chased her around house and she flew out the back door.
Our motorcycle ministry, Christian Motorcyclists Association sponsors this and Open Doors through Run for the Son:)) Its beautiful!
PLEO and Open Doors invite you to a workshop:. Building Resilience and Reducing Stress for Lanark County parents and…
Harvest Celebration, Open Doors, World Records! Burlington's "Culture Days" kicks off today and runs all weekend!
"Open Doors represents a new approach to understanding the importance and impact of cash grant provision"
Open Doors: Most Americans unaware of worldwide Christian persecution.
God is making it possible for all types of new doors to be open for me!
can you open the Normandy doors for Brandon tomorrow?
Doors are open for the final day of the US & Carnival! Come join us! Tickets available at the door! https:…
So my puppy can open up the doors in our house
We open our doors at 7am and close at 7pm on the weekdays. Weekends we are open from 9am-3pm. We can't wait to meet you!
if I have a class that starts at 9:30 but you won't open doors til 10 does that mean that the class is canceled?
God, please open the door you want me to go thru and close the doors that are not meant for me. May I trust Your plan no matter what.
Come get down and party with Crizzly at the bourbon on 4/22. Gonna be a great show Doors open at 7, all ages show!😀😀
The key to success is passion. Possess it and all doors will open.
You CAN shoot in and out of a car if the doors or windows are open and if the car isn't moving
Thrilled to help open doors of new state-of-the-art Chinese Hospital for our community, our City & our region
$5 to enjoy this awesome show Come out and enjoy!!! April 21 9PM!! Doors open at 8PM!!!
I have anxiety. So, I'd push that close button, as fast as I could, over and over. BUT, in return, I hold doors open.
Be the kind of woman who smiles at strangers, holds doors open, says please and thank-you, and gives big tips. Little g…
if you will miss Come down for one last party this Thursday. Doors open at 9pm!
Humility will open more doors than arrogance ever will ..
God can open doors for you but you also have to do your part ! 🙌❤️
You dont trust me like ya last man,. But did he open doors for ya,. Buy things you cant afford for ya,. Coz he must of did alot…
gotta stop yourself babe it's not worth it I promise q better doors going to open
Sometimes you just need to chase your dog around the hood, cause he can open sliding doors himself. 🙈
God continues to open doors for me 🙏🏾☝🏾
The doors are open and the sun is streaming in! Come join us for lunch today at The Marion Hotel. Call us on 8276...
TOMORROW. Doors open at 9. Come check us out. FREE SHOW
Come out for a great show this Thursday n Friday! Doors open @ 6pm w/ a $5 entrance fee! 👯🐴❤️
God has open so many doors for me lately 🙏🏾
When several doors close and a couple open. It may be frustrating now but it's time to move on.
The world is your key to open doors of opportunity and adventure -M. Bobridge
Can't wait to leave high school. Brand new doors open
Donald Trump's rally is at the Indiana State Fairgrounds this Wednesday. Elements Financial Blue Ribbon Pavilion. Door…
It's amazing what doors can open if you reach out to people with a smile, friendly attitude and…
“As soon as you open your mind to do things differently, the doors of opportunity practically fly off their hinges.” -…
Sometimes God closes doors you want to stay open, realize God has better plans and better doors.
🚨 If u or anyone u know is interested in trying out for Lionettes doors are open until Wednesday! Dm me😊
Working farms open their doors to our Guided Vacations travelers for dinner in Killarney or a night’s rest in Cork. http…
Visit the 1st craft distillery in at Doors Open Guelph Sat. Apr. 23
Text SALSAMANIA or BACHATANYC to 545454. Our next event is April 23rd. Doors open at 7pm. 22 west 34st 4th floor
You're invited to each and every Tuesday at the M-Bar. Doors open at 4:00…
open the doors for 20 more people I poured up pint of lean to see you dawg
16. Gentleman. A man who holds doors open, compliments you, or even waits until you get into the house before driving off.😍
Tomorrow night the series continues inside Doors open…
This no A/C thing is complete balls. Especially because it's and I'm being forced to open up all my doors & windows
I liked a video from Microsoft Open Doors 2016 / Resumo do Evento
How is it that the fly can find the only hole in your screen but you open all the windows and doors and it can't find its way out!?
Beautiful Paris door...The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live. https:/…
Dayton is attending church at Westminster Presbyterian as the church launches its Open Doors, Open Futures project:
"Consortium Proposal 2016-2021 Newark and Open Doors for the Arts." by on
2015 was ‘worst year’ for Christian persecution, Open Doors says: North Korea led the way Iraq is in second place…
Global persecution of Christians more extreme than ever before, says Open Doors | Christian Concern
Need advice on your career? Speak to an advisor at Open Doors in Burlington.
Open Doors listings for week of Jan. 2 - The Providence Journal: The Providence JournalOpen Doors listings for...
Open Doors to service delivery:Team Kitgum offloading pipes to extend safe water to our people
in the uk csw (Christian solidarity worldwide) and Open Doors (evangelical org offering practical support as per ur description
On our way to for their Open Doors night! Will we see you there?
"IIE is hiring a Research Officer for Open Doors" by on
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Parents often comment on Open Doors' smaller class sizes--something that we strive to offer. Smaller class sizes...
St Benet's took part in the Oxford Preservation Trust's "Open Doors" event on Saturday, welcoming over 200 visitors to the H…
September. 11. ICC Logo. News and Prayer for the Persecuted. Christian Leader in Pakistan Begs West to Open Doors...
Today, I will join the amazing youth of Holy Cross Catholic Church Gwarinpa for a Harvest of Love and Open Doors
Don't forget the Steelers Shirt launch at the tomorrow (Thursday) 5.30 doors open. Players introduction at 7.30pm
Albrecht leading effort to open doors for use by emergency responders.
"Louis?" And then 3 doors open and out of each one steps a wet Harry Niall and Liam with a towel rapped around their torso+
Open doors are often old doors not considered before or they weren't in the correct timing.
Cause prayer and God's grace will get open doors the Grind won't
Sometimes doors close so others can open.
Dave downloaded a freeware pod bay doors opening app. He still can't open the pod bay doors but they do now have the Yahoo to…
This Friday Night at 8pm hosts at Tix will be sold at the door! Doors open at 6…
Open your doors and see what it tells u
They say the doors will open up soon as you find the missing key. Amen.
Grand opening for is only a couple hours away! Doors open at 6:30pm. See you and all your friends soon! http:…
Can't wait to see everyone tonight at 180 as we continue our series " The Making of a King!" Doors open at 6:30!
We're busy shining the taps up nice for your arrival... doors open at 11:30am!
When one door closes another one opens. Or you could jut re-open the closed door. Because that’s how doors work.
I'm "had to open the trunk and doors with a different key than that ignition" years old.
Week 2 of "When God is silent" at FBC. Doors open at 6. We start at 6:30.
Waking up in these places I don't remember. Texts from people I never met,doors left open. I don't know who Iam anymore. Life The Biggest Troll
Everything has a reason for its happening. We should open new doors and close the ones that we left behind.
Question? Is it a man thing to leave the cupboard doors wide open after retrieving something? Grrr...why??
Open Doors @ Court Pembrey-look forward to seeing you there 6th&13th Sept 1.30&3pm. refreshments will be good.
It's a beautiful day in Linden Hills so we're working with doors open. ☀️
'We’re still here’: Agape keeping its doors open during construction
Night five set times: Doors open at 6pm at 7:30 pm at 8:15 pm & on at approx. 9:10…
A social psychologist&20-year project is blowing the doors open on the &death&c
We're planning to open our doors online very soon and will give you the heads up when we're live - exci…
EDGE WORSHIP NIGHT is 2Night!. Canes 4 din din bring $4. NF Tickets go on sale 2night. Shivers for dessert. Doors open at 615!. CYA There!
domain names
Less than 30 minutes until doors open for our sold out show tonight at See you there? (📷:
Do you need help with your essays? The Writing Center will open its doors on August 31.
In just TWO HOURS, our first session of FOR SINGLES ONLY will begin! Doors open at 6:45p. Refreshments and hors...
I need yall to all keep holding on things are about to happen. Doors are closing so others can open. It's our time 😎
Looking forward to the Open Day at Loftus Road tomorrow. 11.15am doors open. Hopefully see all you R's fans there…
Your plans for this evening. Doors open at 5.
well I'm serious I'm buyin this $1000 door kit that makes my doors open like lambo doors
The next station is Shimbashi. The doors on the left side will open.
Parents:. Please do not drop off your child unattended until a staff member is present. Safety is a priority. Doors open …
When life closes one door on you ' Open it up again 💯 I mean duhhh that is how doors work right 😂👌 . - Never let anyth…
Wayne Rooney, cudnt score in a brothel with doors and windows open.. Then scores 3 times in Belgium. Someone please ex…
When doors are closed on u, God will open new ones.
Ladies, the doors are now open to the Inspired Living Giveaway. Claim yours
Banks to Private Investors , Source Busines Finance can open doors for your funding
Its on tonight is the night, move me!!! Doors open 6:30pm at Sabathani community center, cost:$10
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
We open our doors to this on Mon 7th Sept. U can book now here
Kissing in an elevator.. knowing the doors could open at any moment...
All those attending concert tonight make sure to be here when doors open at 7:30. (FREE SHOW)
REMINDER: tomorrow's show in NYC time was changed from 8:30 to 8:00pm. Doors will now open at 7pm!
Watching one of my favorite preachers Bishop Jeff D Thomas of the Mt. Rose Church! 1 Corinthians 16:9 "The Opposition at Open Doors"
Open Doors on May 9 2015 in Brussels: took center stage
- Some wonderful photographs taken by at our Open Doors event last year!
Urgent prayer requests: CHRISTIANS WILL BE BEHEADED IN FEW HOURS.Hi can you pass this msg to all church folks for prayer:Urgent text from Open Doors: "Christians in Northern Iraq are calling for urgent prayer backing as they're in great danger - serious threat of beheading of all Christians in a few hours. Please forward this request to your praying friends on behalf of our brothers & sisters in Christ."People of God in whatever place u r just pray and then forward to the respective person/group for the grace required from the Throne of Grace. We have received this prayer request from Dubai, please pray For God's Children in Northern Iraq, also forward to your known prayer warriors group.
Meet the makers of at open day as part of Open Doors
Open Doors reported the biggest state sponsor persecutor of Christian is North Korea with over 70,000 Christians in prison for their beliefs
Open Doors Says 2014 Had Worst Christian Prosecution in 20 Years Mark 13:13 “You will be hated by all because of My name, but the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.” A Christian persecution watchdog group announced that the level of Christian persecution last year was the highest worldwide since the fall of the Soviet Union. Open Doors USA said that 2014 was far more violent than 2013 and that it was the worst year of persecution since the group started tracking violence against Christians 24 years ago. “Perhaps most chilling is the fact that all the factors, all of the issues that made this a violent year for Christian persecution are still in place,” said David Curry, president and CEO of Open Doors, at the press conference. “During the past reporting period we can confirm that 4,344 people were executed or murdered for their faith in Jesus Christ. Over twice that of the previous reporting period.” The comments from Curry came as Open Doors USA released their annual list of the co ...
Global persecution on the rise: International Christian charity Open Doors yesterday launched its annual World...
Thanks for your prayers over the weekend. Here is the worldwide news release sent this morning from Christian News Service. Please pray through this week. Love in Christ. 2019 World Track and Field Championships Awarded to Doha, a Persecutor of Christians Madison, Wisconsin, Nov. 24, 2014 |Christian News Service| -- Doha, the capital city of Qatar, will host the 2019 World 4 windsTrack and Field Championships and the 2022 World Cup in soccer. This will be the first time that an Arab country will host these events. For the World Track and Field Championships, Doha recently beat out Eugene, Oregon and Barcelona, Spain for the honor to host this event. Qatar has been accused of funding the terrorist organization ISIS according to the Guardian. Also, the majority of people in Qatar are migrant slaves who are treated harshly according to Open Doors. People are not free to practice Christianity or attend church. If a person converts to Christianity from Islam, a person may face the death penalty. The Internatio ...
Why was Clara threatening the Doctor's keys a threat when the Doctor and Clara can open the doors by clicking fingers?
LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love. For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Galatians 5:13-14 The scriptures teach that God is committed to one major objective in the lives of all His people; conforming us to the image of His Son. What is the “image of His Son?” It is found in the words of Jesus, Himself, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45). It makes sense then to say that God desires the same for us. After bringing us into His family through faith in His Son, the Lord sets His sights on building into us the same qualities that made Jesus distinct—a servant’s heart and a giving spirit. It’s so easy to lose sight of our primary calling as Christians. Even those who lead must do so with an attitude of genuine humility and an ...
Doors open in 1 hour and 10 mins. You have from 12 until 2pm to pay just £5 to ride all day. Hurry up!!
Diggers give the seal of approval to the Shrine’s new museum. reports.
The Machine will be with this Friday at Welshpool Town Hall. Doors open at 7pm
What time do the doors open for people to take their seats in the morning? :D
National team up in Edinburgh this week - coming along so nicely - doors open 19th January, we cannot wait!!
The boyfriends who still hold bags, open doors, tell their girlfriends they're beautiful and show respect are real men.😍💖✨
.We've heard doors open 20:00,event starts 20:30 and our set starts 23:00 sharp.Any changes will post on day
I pray for open doors God ordained connection for you this week in Jesus name .blessing
One week until we open the doors of the and invite you http:/…
Cardiff City winger Craig Noone was surrounded by yobs who kicked at his car and tried to force open the doors after the game with Bi...
The doors to the Book People pantomime are now open! Enjoy 20% off all orders with code WISH20 ht…
Froyo Chicago opens today at 3746 N Southport. Doors open at 10 AM. Stop in and welcome them.
Many of my Ss come to school for the doors that are open with wifi and internet. Most Ss don't have internet access at home.
“Am I alone at the entrance to Hades with the doors about to open?” A SHUDDER FROM HEAVEN
And the train doors got to stay open extra long at the most dreaded stations?!?!
GUFB will open doors for our graduates
Anyone can stop a mans life but no one his death a thousand doors open on to it.
*Dungeness Open Studios Open -> 'Til Dusk. Doors are ajar but pulled to (wrong wind). Here: …
China is throwing open its doors to foreign cash – here’s how to profit: China's economy may be slowing down, ...
I pray open doors, God-ordained connections, and opportunity for you this week! In Jesus’ name!!
Exporters will open new doors with the gig in
Having ufb will open so many doors for so many people
Fear will hold you back and keep you captive but courage will open doors and allow you to explore beyond the limits
it has been repaired for several times. the doors & the CD player won't open (automatically) anymore.
Sometimes facing your demons is the hardest thing you can do. The relief once you've done it is worth the pain. My doors open
All doors are open to Nolan Ross, even ladies' dressing rooms
What other doors can open with science & maths? talks to
Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls - Joseph Campbell
Welcoming the rich & famous since its art deco doors swung open in 1923  
Incredible film of the group as they open factory doors for 'glass is tomorrow' workshop"
still in North East England, hope the queue isn't too long, come with me to see doors open at 7pm!
THOUGHT FOR THE DAY. "Remember, Always open doors for people in life, as it will open doors for you in the long run" My Granddad Albert told me that, I wish he would of lived longer than he did, but he was sucked out of an Aeroplane.
Love how I warmed the house up this morning. Swalec man comes round and leaves all the doors open. The irony 😒
This is going to be a wonderful week for us. I strongly believe that doors will open where you don't expect. type Amen if you believe.
Ya Allah, I pray you open the right doors and close the wrong ones.
God can open doors you thought could never be open. He's God!
Best thing I've read today:. ❝Don't think excessively, instead do istighfār excessively. Overthinking does not open doors; Ist…
-Take me to a place where doors are open, a lovely little place where no one's broken-
I had a really scary dream, I just woke up from it. The US government had claimed that they were doing a civilian military drill or something like that. I teamed up with some teenagers that I somehow knew and we all went to this one bedroom that doubled as an apartment, next to the street. We were all talking about how crazy this would be, until the alarm came on and the drill had started. This wasnt a real drill. Something was very wrong. I searched the closet and found tons of supplies such as bags of meds, baseball bats, and bags of other supplies. I got them out. I opened the door to look outside and it was ANARCHY. People were getting killed, desperate to find a building to hide in but there were already people in them. People tried to open doors and would come inside the buildings but only be killed out of the people's fear. I didnt know what they were all running from, it was very scary and confusing. Someone attempted to come in our bedroom-place but they ran off before they could open the door. A ...
Time lapse video from the second camera in the Wellcome Trust Building setup for Open Doors Day at the University of Dundee College of Life Sciences Open Doors Day on Saturday
STOP begging God to open doors, instead walk towards your destination knowing and expecting that every door WILL BE OPEN. - That's what I learnt over lunch today and am just touched with this message. Feel so blessed. Rusty Russell Anna D'Souza. P.S thanks for the lunch and the coffee too.
"Issues that Matters" I was sitting for breakfast this morning, and I decided to call a friend and inform him of the time for our assignment today, and he immediately cut in and asked if I have collected the feeding money left behind, my answer, "we will talk about that when we meet" he pushed out words like, "I have been told, and I know the amount" and instantly told me the sharing formula. Not long on Aljazeera Channel came a program "Techknow" on New Technologies, first was a group of five youths age between 19 to 30 developing New methods of Crime Investigation etc. Youths looking for new ways of making wealth and bettering the society and we sit only to check how much was given and the sharing formula. Many leaders love the first situation because it keeps the youths separated from thinking together, and keep them as the final decider of their lives. We need leaders who will come and give us a front of confidence and a line of self will power. Leaders who are coach to Human development and those wh ...
In my life I have made mistakes. I have made bad company. I have lost friends. I have lost my way at times. But I have learned from most but I keep an open mind for the ones I lack in. I notice one thing when I wake up every morning. No day is much different from the other. The real difference is in you. You can't make a dog do tricks if you don't teach it. You don't get better at sports if you don't practice. Add that to everyday life!!! You don't get what you want in life if you don't put the time in. Some people are naturally gifted some are not but that doesn't mean you can't get to that level. Work your *** off, and then some. Sacrifice is necessary. Don't worry about how this person has got this and that. Look at it like I will soon have the same things or better, if that is what you want. Whether you sit there or work hard. Time goes by. No one person has more time then you. You have 24 hours a days like the person next to you. He/She works thier *** off!!! that's the difference. Time waits for n . ...
For RBS career advice come to our upcoming Open Doors event which will take place at the University of Nottingham.
I wanna open your doors and love you until you're sore.
ULTA Beauty officially opens at Southland Center mall: ULTA Beauty will open its doors for a grand opening Aug...
- lemonade; loving when I'm flexing up in ma car. Doors swing open for my passenger, look up in the mirror fix my mascara
A school must be able to support the quality of T&L for their staff, & open doors for CPD. Archaic union guidelines wil…
Doors open @ 8 and no cover till 10. . 2 DOLLAR ALMOST ANYTHING.
Doors will open to those bold enough to knock
: Masonic Auditorium 3615 Euclid Ave, Cleveland OH. . Doors open at 8 NO SCHOOL TOMORROW so we PARTY…
+3 yrs into crisis, only 5,000 out of 3 MILLION refugees have been resettled via UN
Raise your hand if you love your furry friend! Check out this mischievous (and adorable) kitty:
hooray! Come join us for our opening ceremonies on 9/3 with Brewer at 8:40! Doors open at 9.
By "Be Proactive PLEASE. We've add more tickets & these will sell out too. Doors open at…
New doors open so don't stand there and watch them close"
This is the Chuo Line spesial rapid service train for Takao. The next station is Kanda. The doors on the right side will open.
Just open the doors to my feelings...
For peeps going 2night:The show is broadcast LIVE on so it starts PROMPTLY at 8. Doors open at 6. It's G…
God will open doors no man can shut. Glory Amen!
Happy new month in advance to you all and may the good things that September carries not pass by.I also decree that the month of emba will bring open doors... Opportunities... Favour from places of different directions..lJN.Amen Pls type amen if you believe.
The only way out of this place is the truth. Accept the gospel and all doors will open before you.
Hey guys! if you have been bullied, depressed, or struggling on hard times, you NEED to read this, it will lift your spirits. FEEL FREE TO ADD ME My name is Richie Jewell from Beacon, NY. I'm 22 years old and I have autism since I was born. Like everyone else in the world, I have an up-down life like a sea-saw. I went through some of the stuff that has been a rocky roadblock during my life. It was very challenging to live through the times that I endured during my life such as teasing, on and off depression, struggling to adapt in places including schools, helplessly observe my parents’ divorce and the struggles with my disability like problems with speech and language, communication, awkwardness in social situations, screaming and crying when I was young out of frustration. Well despite all of those horrible obstacles that tried to cut me down, I would overcome them by using my own set of coping skills: I have to be optimistic towards life values because we only live once in our lifetime, We got to be ...
As we close this month; may God close every door meant to disappoint, trouble or frustrate you... And open doors of favor, blessings, grace, love, peace, joy and abundance in the forth coming month... good evening and a Happy Super Sweet Sunday...Stay Blessed.. Stay Unique!!
The move was successful. We can't wait to open doors Tuesday morning. Thank you Bellows Construction and everyone ( too many to name) who worked on the practice to make our dream a reality. Here are a few pictures to enjoy for now.
I love guys that open doors for women buy their lady heels perfume or flowers and have good taste you are amazing and your mom did great .
say d prayer below; Father, in the Name of Jesus, bless me even while I'm reading this prayer and bless the one that sent this to me in a special way. Open doors in our lives today, Save and set us free! Give us a double portion of your Spirit as we take back everything that the devil has stolen: *Emotional Health *Physical Health *Finances *Relationships * Jobs *Homes *Marriages I cancel every plot, plan and scheme the enemy has devised against us in the NAME OF JESUS. And I declare: NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST US WILL PROSPER. I speak LIFE into every dead situation. And, I thank You that nothing is over until YOU say it's over! Speak prophetically into our lives and to our situations: *our households are blessed; * our health is blessed; * our finances are blessed; * our relationships are blessed; * our businesses are blessed; * our jobs are secured * our parents are blessed; * our siblings are blessed; * our ministries are blessed; * our decisions are blessed; * our friends are blessed. * Mortgages are pa ...
Why International Carriers Will Continue to Dominate Nigeria’s Airspace Despite the progress being made by African airlines in recent times, the continent is still dominated by international carriers. Chinedu Eze writes that governments’ unfavourable policies and inter nation rivalries impede the growth of African carriers. There are statistics that are irritating about air transport in Africa. In spite of over one billion population of the continent, it contributes only two per cent of the world aviation market. It has the highest air crashes in the world and foreign carriers from other continents generate $10 billion from the region, while its own airlines have a market share of only 20 per cent from the continent. When the number of aircraft owned by African carriers are put together, they are less than the fleet of some international airlines like Delta Air Lines and over 98 per cent of African airlines are at the verge of bankruptcy. The cost of operating airlines in Africa is the highest in the ...
In as much as we are so excited with OPEN DOORS,we must also thank God for the CLOSED DOORS in our lives,coz its for a purpose that some doors remain closed for our own safety,who knows maybe if all of them where open at once,we would forget & lose the keys to where our blessings are coming from.Dr G.Chibubi.
I prophesy to you that before this month runs out, every door that was closed against you shall open. You will receive: *Financial open door *Material open door *Spiritual open door *Business open door *Academic open door *Marriage open door *Job open door There shall be open doors of healing in your life and womb as well in the most powerful name of Jesus Christ May those who believe say AMEN.
I love hearing my Rob say"I got this MOM, I know what to do" Dint worry!!! And my remarks back is Be Safe!!Okaay I will. As a mother it don't matter how far or near that your children go from you, you're gone to always wonder and worried that they do the right thing Amen. I thank God for his many blessings, and his protection over my whole family. Even when you have just that little bit of hope, Gods and turn it into the brightest Star that will shine all over the land. I'm so proud of my Children, I just want them to do right, live right and God will open doors, windows, cracks, from out of nowhere. I know because he has done it for me and is still answering my prayers. I'm Happy Today I thank God for his deliverance.The other day I was feeling so down, went to talk with my cousins, just at that moment they were so up lifting, I thank God for my Griffin Family one thing I can say, is that they never change, and if they can help they will. Dave Lilly, Cheryl Lilly and DeShanne Lilly I love you guys to the ...
August want to travel today and he is asking if there is any msg you would like to send him as he travels then i told him to go along with sorrow, sickness, failure, backwardness, poverty and untimely death and also help me to tell september to bring joy, peace, progress, prosperity, favour, gud health, long life and open doors and other good things u desire in life. Expect all things tomorrow as september arrives. In Jesus mighty name. Shout A big Amen to recieve it.
I thank God for the laughter, smiles and joy he plants in my face...inspite of life's challenges I still radiate his goodness and sufficiency. (2) I thank God for open doors, closed doors, disappointments and blessings...these have taught me to be content with whatever state I find myself. (3) I thank God for the flowers, clothed so brightly and in beauty...inspired by these I know I'm not left without help. I nominate Nonso Chukwudebe Chike Edward Egboh Udoka Ebele Oguagha to join this thanksgiving train for the next 7days and thank God for atleast 3 different things daily.
Hey friends, I loved the message Pastor Doug preached at Calvary today..In Luke 18:9-14, he talked about the Pharisee and the tax collector.. The Pharisee was boasting about how good he is..He gives more than required..He prays more than required..He is a "good" man!!! Look at me...LOL... and then you have the tax collector who can't even look up to heaven..He is a convicted soul who beats his chest, crying out to God for mercy.. Jesus says that the one who is humble will be exalted..Uh-oh, Mr. Pharisee, you aren't good enough...It is the tax collector that the Lord looks upon and shines forth his mercy and grace.he is in right are definitely out of line, Mr. P!!..LOL...Then I thought it would be a great thing to add this story when I share the gospel..I wanted to share.:))) I stopped at a fast food restaurant not far from Calvary..I invited the clerk behind the counter to church..He said that many people have invited him but he hadn't gone yet..Then I started sharing the story..I told him ** ...
Do check out the Open Doors stand at New Horizon this week. Where are the Bibles in our Secret House? The Secret House was made by Cameron (10 years old) and his dad from St Brendan's Parish Church, Belfast. Pick up a free resource pack to run your own Secret Church. Why not pick up a booklet and pray for six weeks with the North Korean Church or sign up for our Youth 'Wake Up & Pray Guide and emails'.
SEVEN (7) TERREBLE COUNTRIES FOR CHRISTIANS_ The case of a Christian woman in Sudan who was sentenced to die for refusing to renounce her faith has cast new light on the plight of persecuted Christians worldwide. Sudan ranks as one of the worst countries for people who practice Christianity, but it by no means is alone. Like people of other faiths, Christians can face discrimination, harassment, arrest, jail time and even death for what they believe. Here's a look at seven terrible countries for Christians: North Korea For the 12th year in a row, North Korea tops the list of places where Christian persecution is most extreme, according to Open Doors, a group that ranks countries in order of persecution. The organization estimates as many as 70,000 Christians are imprisoned in labor camps. "The God-like worship of the leader, Kim Jong-Un, and his predecessors leaves no room for any other religion, and Christians face unimaginable pressure in every sphere of life," the group says on its website. "Forced to ...
Today between 4-7pm, Open Doors at St Nicholas House, new junior school
Somewhere around the world, another Christian is martyred, on average, every three hours, according to a new report that concludes nations where radical Muslims are abundant are the worst places for Christians to live. The new World Watch Top 10 Violence List published by Open Doors International said the majority of the cases in which Christians are killed because of their faith are in Nigeria, Syria and the Central African Republic. The World Watch Top 10 Violence List is a continuation of the Open Doors 2014 World Watch List, covering the violence portion of the World Watch List questionnaire. The report looks at the nations where there is the most violence, up to and including murder, against Christians. It is based on attacks between Nov. 1, 2012, and March 31, 2014, and lists Nigeria, Syria, Egypt, Central African Republic, Mexico, Pakistan, Colombia, India, Kenya and Iraq, in that order.
Looking forward to this Saturday where I have kindly been invited to participate in CHEO (Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario)'s 40th anniversary Open Doors event. I will be in the resource library sharing with staff and parents my allergy books and sharing my experiences navigating life with my son's six anaphylactic food allergies. Be A Nut Or Not provides a safe manner to learn what different tree nuts look like as well as answering ‘the’ question, “Just what IS a peanut?!!” My Immune System Needs Glasses! With an intergalactic twist My Immune System Needs Glasses helps answer the question ‘How do allergic reactions happen?” Michelle began writing in hopes of providing a fun yet informative manner in which to share allergy information. Her son Nolan since infancy has had eczema, asthma, multiple anaphylactic food allergies as well as multiple environmental allergies. Michelle passion stems from her belief that sharing awareness fosters empathy and inclusion. Michelle and Jenny have aspi ...
WARNING!!! TAKE HEED FOLKS! "Walt Disney Picture Maleficent, Parents I Advise you Do Not take your Children to see it, for it will Open Doors to Demonic Spirits." WORD OF CAUTION!, HERE THE DEFINITION FOR MALEFICENT! MALEFICENT DEFINITION: Maleficent means something very close to malevolent or diabolical and is a lot stronger than naughty or mischievous. DEFINITIONS OF: maleficent. adj harmful or evil in intent or effect. When you're maleficent , you're evil or want to do evil things. So it's safe to say that Satan is one maleficent guy. MALEFICENT DIVINATION OCCULT SYMBOL AND MEANING: Ironically, Jolie's character Maleficent actually favors the demon god Baphomet! Baphomet is the horned god. She is known as the mistress of darkness and the beginning of evil; just Satan is known as the prince of darkness , and the beginning of evil. The Baphomet is the official symbol of the Church of Satan. - End Time Prophecy Watch Revelation 9:20 warns us that in the end-times there would be an explosion of demon worsh ...
Open Doors community cafe makes the press! click to read
At this event, you'll also meet Nicole Minor--friend, fellow yogini and founder/executive director at The Pangea Network--as she reads from and signs copies of her newly published book, Open Doors, stories of women from the Holy Land.
Wanted to pass this information along to anyone to guys and gals. Saturday, 5/03 ~ Run for the Son (RFS) Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA) 9a.m. ~ meet at Gerry Free Methodist Church parking lot $11.00 per person. Lunch at Limelake. If possible, bring a motorcycling or "motorhead" type gift for the raffle (i.e. T-shirt, oil, tools, tin sign). Run for the Son is the only fund-raising activity of CMA. It supports CMA's ministries (Jesus Film Project, Open Doors, and Missionary Ventures)
Let us pray for all to have a safe Easter/Resurrection celebration and especially those living in persecuted countries. Let us not forget our isters and brothers in Christ who risk their very lives to worship our Lord. Easter is a significant celebration for Christians in Iraq. Two Iraqi Believers share how they will celebrate the resurrection of our Savior this week. Riham lives in the north. She is in her twenties and lives with her mother. Sana is in her thirties and also lives in the north, together with her husband and young child. Iraq is the one of the most dangerous countries in the world for Christians; ranked No. 4 on Open Doors' 2014 World Watch List. Iraqi Christians(Santa Ana, CA)-The following is an interview conducted by Open Doors USA with two Iraqi Believers: (Photo via The Guardian UK) How do you celebrate Easter? Will there be anything different this year than other years? Sana: The first thing we do is we go to church to hear the liturgy and pray. After that we celebrate it with fami . ...
MPs were horrified to hear about the true conditions of Christians living in North Korea when they attended an Open Doors meeting in March. They heard from Hea-Woo, a prison camp survivor, who told them torture and beatings are routine, prisoners are so hungry they will search for grains in cow dung, and how they were separated from family because they were told they didn’t have a right to love. Like or share this status if you will ask God to move these MPs to act on what they have heard and will pray that the world would continue to wake up to the reality of extreme persecution in North Korea.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Breakfast @ The Masters - Open Doors for the Open
McMenamins Open Doors to Private Investors to Realize Transformation of Historic Anderson School in Heart of Bothell
"RUN FOR THE SON" Saturday May 3rd at 9:00am meet Exxon Laurel beside Shoneys, CMA Freedom Riders Laurel invites everyone to join us for CMA's RFS ride for missions. Donation accepted but not required to ride. 100% of funds raised goes to world missions, 60% 3 ways to Missionary Ventures, Open Doors, & The Jesus Film Project and 40% to CMA International, all for the sole purpose of sharing The Gospel around the world. The Ride will go to The Shed on 57 down the Coast and back to Laurel. Come and help Cma change the world one heart at a time. Thanks.
Where people are murdered, assaulted, made refugees, or otherwise oppressed because their heritage involves a particular religion, there may actually be an opportunity for a secular argument to stand for justice or maybe even save their hide. From Wikipedia: Current situation (1989 to present) According to Pope Benedict XVI, Christians are the most persecuted group in the contemporary world.[124] The Holy See has reported that over 100,000 Christians are violently killed annually because of some relation to their faith.[125] According to the World Evangelical Alliance, over 200 million Christians are denied fundamental human rights solely because of their faith.[126] Of the 100-200 million Christians under assault, the majority are persecuted in Muslim-dominated nations.[127] Every year, the Christian non-profit organization Open Doors publishes a list of the top 50 countries where persecution of Christians for religious reasons is worst. The 2013 list has the following countries as its top 10 offenders:[ ...
FRIDAY PRAYER ALERT: More than 150 people have been killed since last Friday in central and northern Nigeria in separate attacks on villages populated largely by Christians. On 14 March, gunmen raided three villages in Kaduna state, killing at least 114 people, most of whom were burned beyond recognition. The following Sunday, about 35 people were killed and a church was attacked in raids on several villages in Taraba state. Please pray for pastors in the area - months of insecurity have left them weary and discouraged - and for Open Doors workers helping widows with gifts of money for rent, clothing and school fees...
The world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place for Christians. Annually, Open Doors, a Netherlands-based advocacy group founded during the Cold War by legendary underground missionary and Bible smuggler Brother Andrew, unveils its top 10 list of the most dangerous countries for followers of Jesus. This year, the list had a few surprises. Read more at
I opened my computer and began to scan the news when a title jumped out at me: Kim Jung-un calls For execution of 33 Christians . I read it and wept.Their crime? receiving funds to help build about 500 underground churches.According to David Curry of Open Doors, "North Korea has been the…
Open Doors...I feel like running all over this house...Pastor Terry Ellison spoke tht word...
"We need to bathe the country of North Korea in prayer." Today's press release from Open Doors is reported in The Christian Post (see link). The specific call for prayer includes these points: • Pray for the people who have been sentenced to death. Pray that God will give them strength and that He will prevent the killings. • For Kim Jung-wook and Kenneth Bae, the two foreign missionaries who are being held against their will. Pray God comforts them and gives them the words to speak to their captors. • For the rest of the North Korean population, who are afraid of the wide-scale purges in North Korea. • That Kim Jong-Un will soften his heart and come to know Jesus as his Savior. Don’t forget to pray for the other North Korean leaders as well.
Christians are being urged by persecution watchdog group Open Doors to pray for the 33 people who are facing the death penalty in North Korea reportedly for their connection with a South Korean missionary.
Howard Carter Looking through the Open Doors of Tutankhamun’s Second Shrine, January 1924
(Reuters) - Reported cases of Christians killed for their faith around the world doubled in 2013 from the year before, with Syria accounting for more than the whole global total in 2012, according to an annual survey. Open Doors, a non-denominational group supporting persecuted Christians worldwide,...
Howard Carter looking through the Open Doors of Tutankhamun's Second Shrine, 1924. Taken by Harry Burton.
Violence against Christians is rising across the Middle East. Open Doors USA's CEO David Curry investigates for the December issue of Townhall Magazine. Christians in the Middle East and around the world are being persecuted, impris- oned and martyred for their faith. There is widespread, systematic violence and no one in the mainstream media and government seems to have noticed. We may see the elimination and extinction of Christianity in its very birthplace, with- out a whimper of protest from the West. Today tens of millions of people live under oppression, persecution and danger simply for identifying themselves as followers of Jesus Christ. In fact, according to Pew Research, nearly 75 percent of the world lives in a country where religious freedom is highly restricted. And many of these believers are Christians. Some of the greatest persecution is in the Middle East, but it also exists in totalitarian regimes like North Korea, which is the worst persecutor of Christians, according to the Open Doors ...
Persecution of modern-day followers of Jesus has increased dramatically in the last 12 months, according to the advocacy group Open Doors. The worst atrocities have occurred in nations considered economic, political and human rights failures. READ MORE►
Hi All Dont forget its Open Doors tonight at West Coast Swing - Solihull Hope you can make it Happy Dancing
Arleen Westerhof with Sharon Stone: "The Year of Open Doors - To Positions of Influence" - Prophetic...
'The Hal Lindsey Report' Every year, an organization called Open Doors publishes its "World Watch." It includes a list of the fifty countries in the world guilty of the worst persecution of Christians. This year, North Korea and Somalia topped the list. Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan rounded out the top five. That means that the United States is heavily involved with three of the five worst offenders in the world. Further, Libya was placed in the category of "Extreme Persecution" and Egypt received a "Severe Persecution" rating. The U.S. helped the rebels overthrow the government in Libya and the Administration helped bring Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt. Before the "Arab Spring" uprising, Syria was known for its religious tolerance (not its political tolerance). Though President Bashar al-Assad has plenty of blood on his hands, the violence toward Christians in Syria is not being perpetrated by the government. The killing and torturing of Christians is primarily the work of the ...
Central African Republic (MNN) -- Nearly a fifth of the Central African Republic is on the move because of the fighting there. Despite a small peacekeeping force, Open Doors reports that in some areas, things are going from bad to worse for Christian...The post Relentless bloodshed in the Central
New Class for the North Attleboro Studio! Open Doors' Standard Flow on Fridays at 4:30pm This class will be focused around the Open Doors' Standard flow including Sun Salutations, twists, standing postures, balance, prone & supine floor postures, hip openers, seated postures, ending with Savasana which will include Reiki healing. No matter where each student is in their practice they will have the opportunity to build on that foundation. Modifications, adjustments and assists will be offered throughout class. In each class one posture will be broken down to work on correct alignment within the flow. Heat will be between 85 and 90 degrees.
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Persecution of Christians May Hit Record Levels in 2014 ICC Note: While 2013 marked a very difficult year for Christian communities around the world, 2014 may be even more dangerous. The Middle East saw unprecedented levels of persecution, especially in Syria, where Open Doors recorded 1,213 Christian martyrs in 2013. Western media and governments can do more to cover the subject and to pressure nations who allow religious persecution to step in and protect Christians from violence. 1/26/2014 World (SunNews) - The next year could bring record levels of religious persecution around the world, say international experts - especially for Christians. "I think in 2014, unless there's a drastic change in the current trend, we're going to continue to see things get worse," said Isaac Six, advocacy officer for International Christian Concern, a Washington D.C.-based, non-denominational watchdog group that monitors the human rights of Christians. Six says the spread of radical Islam increases religious persecution. ...
God is making an awesome opportunity for Melanie Thomas, she will be singing at First Baptist Church in Oneonta Feb. 1st of the opening acts for Ivan Parker. Please pray for this night of Worship...and pray for Melanie that she continues trusting God for Open Doors!
A Real Cause for Christian Outrage by Halee Gray Scott Swiftly on the heels of Christmas comes the feast of the Holy Innocents. On December 28, churches around the world commemorate the first Christian martyrs—those who lost their lives when King Herod ordered the execution of all males two and under in the vicinity of Bethlehem. (Greek liturgy maintains that 14,000 boys were killed, while several medieval writers claimed 144,000. Given the small population of Bethlehem, most modern scholars agree the number to be closer to 20.) We consider such atrocities relegated to the ancient past, a barbaric time of intemperate, megalomaniac rulers. In today's enlightened era of diplomacy, such evil would not go unchecked. And yet, Christians today are massacred on a far greater scale than from any edict issued from Herod. According to Open Doors, which provides support for Christians around the world, Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world today, with 100 people martyred for their faith e ...
Jewish calendar says it's the Year of Open Doors. :) I say claim it and own it! Rock on!
2014 is the Year of 'Open Doors' in the Kingdom including for us at Cftn ! In just the first 5 months of 2014, Eddie James, Dr. Mark Chirona, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, Danny Silk are all coming to minister at Cftn ! Come on Jesus !!
The bogus interpreter debacle has reignited my interest in learning sign language. This unfortunate occurrence also enjoins the whole nation to be more sensitive to the plight of people with disabilities (or differently-abled persons). Let us "Break Barriers, Open Doors to realise an Inclusive Society for All -Action through Partnership", as called upon by this year's Disability Awareness Month Theme
Sometime in November, the North Korean regime publicly executed eighty people in seven cities across the country. In each instance, a crowd was forced to watch as ten people, their heads covered with white bags, were tied to stakes and machine gunned to death. The “crimes” for which these people were put to death were “watching or illegally trafficking South Korean videos, or involvement in prostitution, [or] possessing a Bible.” That’s right. Possessing a Bible. While what happened last month was horrific, it should not come as a surprise. North Korea “enjoys” the dubious distinction of being the “most hazardous nation on earth in which to be a Christian” for eleven consecutive years. That’s according to Open Doors, an organization that monitors persecution of Christians around the world. There’s another reason why the executions shouldn’t come as a complete surprise: we are in the midst of what John L. Allen has called a “global war on Christians.” That’s the title of his n ...
We Don't Take Prayers For Granted Prayer on behalf of Christians in war-ravaged northern Nigeria is a vital part of the ministry of Open Doors. An Open Doors researcher shares the following story: I left Jos on a Friday to visit three widows of pastors who had been killed by Boko Haram in Yobe State. I had been with these widows earlier, shortly after Boko Harm killed their husbands and burnt their homes to the ground. One of these women, Pauline Yusuf, had been so severely traumatized by watching the gunmen kill her husband and her son, she stopped talking altogether. As I set out on the journey, I had mixed feelings. Though I was delighted we could return to these widows with practical assistance, I realized that it was a dangerous journey. Just the week before, Boko Haram members killed hundreds of people in the state capital, Damaturu. These widows did not live far from there, and were affected by the dusk till dawn curfew set in place after the incident. My internal struggle is not new. It is somethi ...
talks Migrants with mortar boards- a breakdown of current realities from Open Doors report
Ok, I switched on the rantometer while heading home on the double-decker sardine can...believe me the novelty of looking down on people never wears off. Anyway, I digress. I want to talk about "Saunterers", it's people who stroll through rush hour...the SC pulls up, doors open and The Mother Theresa of Letting everyone else on first, does exactly that while a dozen or so of us poor saps wait eagerly to board and avoid the 13km stretch upright. Well, I decide to cut around Mother Theresa, Saint of Open Doors and pull a fast pass around, any New Yorker from the Bronx would be proud off...I actually got smiles of admiration for having the 'nads to pull such a move...even from those I passed.Take that you bloody Saunterers .Have A Wonderful Evening Y'All...Peace Out. VAAVOOOM! ;o)
Hooked on blogging after only 1 post! Give. Risk. Learn. Trust.: Culture, Open Doors, and Breakthroughs
Call for entries: Open Doors 2014 - Another side of Africa The twelfth edition of Open Doors will be dedicated to Sub-Saharan Africa. With support from the Swiss Foreign Ministry’s Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Open Doors aims to support and highlight films and filmmakers from the South and the East, where independent filmmaking is vulnerable, via a focus on a different region every year. The next edition will explore Sub-Saharan Africa, following the spotlight on Francophone African countries in 2012. 2014 will cover the following nations, which did not participate in 2012: Angola, Botswana, Cape Verde, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, São Tomé and Príncipe, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Southern Sudan, Sudan, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The Festival will select a dozen projects from the region to participate in Open Doors 2014. The objective of the co-production lab (August 9-12) is to brin ...
For the past 11 years, North Korea has been ranked on the Open Doors World Watch List. It is ILLEGAL to be a Christian in this totalitarian state. Christians cannot attend church openly. If their faith is discovered, they and up to three generations of their family could be sent to a prison camp for life. If they are caught with a Bible, they could be publicly executed. North Korea seems like a dark and hopeless place- but the light of Christ is still shining! Even though it is illegal, it is estimated that there are 400,000 Christians in North Korea… and the church continues to grow! Open Doors is able to help North Korean Christians by providing safe houses, emergency aid and other needed items. Would you join with us in strengthening believers in the most hostile nation on earth? Your gift will not only save lives, but will allow the gospel to prevail in this seemingly hopeless place. Thank you for standing with our North Korean brothers and sisters!
Daily Courage . Open Doors . Day by Day with the Persecuted Church, . What kind of suffering is David describing...
This is what I feel that the Lord has given to me as my Shepherd's Rod/ Word for the New Year 5774/2014. I encourage you to go over what The Lord has spoken to you in the last six weeks and up to Yom Kippur as well. God speaks to us all. Bob Jones taught us this time period is significant for we all pass beneath the Shepherd's Rod for inspection and promotion in it. Therefore it's important to journal all He says (Jer. 30:2) for it is your "Shepherd's Rod/Word for the New Year." - Ayin Dalet 5774/2014: Year of Humility, Passion, Birthing, Open Doors, & Leaping Forward By Joni Ames - We have just passed over into the year 5774 on the Jewish calendar. It is a Hebrew Leap Year of 13 months (385 days). The Hebrew calendar has 7 leap years in 19 years. When they have a leap year they add an entire month. The leap year on the Hebrew calendar is called a “pregnant year." It is considered to be a sign that it will be a year of fulfillment of prophetic events. When I discovered it was a Leap Year, I was reminded ...
Beautiful day enjoying Open Doors event in Milwaukee. Vic and I toured a Frank Lloyd Wright home located on the south side, Pabst's future Brewery Museum, Brewers House, a firehouse, and a cool little family run Museum featuring Milwaukee landmarks and memorabilia. We ate dinner at the Wicked Hop. All this enjoyed while the outside of our house is being painted. I love the color. Vic is happy that I love the color!
OPEN DOOR,CLOSED DOOR Furthermore,when I came to Troas to preach Christ's gospel,and a door was opened to me by the Lord. 2 CORINTHIANS 2:12 The largest bank vault door in the world is in the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.It is 18 feet, 10 inches tall and weighs more than 94,000 pounds.It incorporates the largest door hinge ever built.When the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima,Japan,in 1945, four vault doors in the Teikoku Bank,less than 100 yards from the epicenter of the blast,survived,along with the contents of their vaults. It may be possible to build doors to withstand man's most powerful assault,but Christ told the church in Philadelphia that God has doors no man can shut and doors that no man can open.That means no one is able to delay or obstruct the plans and purposes of God.When God opens a door of service or opportunity,no one can shut it.And when He shuts a door,it is a waste of time to try to open it.Christians often pray for God to "Open Doors." When that doors opens,there is only o . ...
Come join in welcoming Open Doors for Teens to Grand Rapids, Michigan! . Congratulations to all the teens now...
It is time to upgrade your computer, but not to Windows 8 : "Close Windows, Open Doors"
Open Doors provided food, medicine and clothing to over 56,000 believers in 2012. Pray that we can reach mor…
Leaving with pastor mike Henson and Gary dalton to pray with Marion school staff ! Open heaven Open Doors .
So my dog is definitely NOT a guard dog! I have the front door open. Postman has opened gate, put post on mat, closed gate. Dog didn't move an inch!
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