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Open Access

Open access (OA) is the practice of providing unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles.

Open Data

Designing a digital humanities archive? Thought about what your users want? Open Access research:
Open Access: European anti-austerity and pro-democracy protests in the wake of the global financial crisis
OA cat is now in south of the equator access
That feeling when offered an uncompensated guest editorship by an open access journal
My paper on Merothrips dietrichi was published today: (open access)
The City of Hull Academy will be running an Under-13s and Under-14s open access day during half term next week . https:…
Special offer for ALL Master Your Game® courses is open for a short time! Click to access this awesome offer now!…
Global review of delay time in seeking medical care for open access review
Keep up with the latest genetics research in our open access journal Epigenetics & Chromatin
Friday 5 :: Open access images from for use and remix; 7 themes of the algorithm era; the privacy paradox https…
IgA Nephropathy Online and Open Access from CJASN Glomerular Disease: Update for the Clinician Series
The Metropolitan Museum of Art has made 375,000 art pieces available online for free:
Celebrating 15th anniversary of the Budapest Open Access Initiative It brought together all of us for to
A big issue in open access & other emerging trends is that university systems do not reward authors experimenting with new…
Valuable point - be humble. Not the experts on materials you are working to open up access too
Australian Banks Apply to Gain Open Access to the iPhone’s NFC Capabilities
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I heard about the "Open Air" impromptu Situation Room. Diners with access. Sad.
Open Access! Footballers are no strangers to altruism but it’s not enough for the cynics
Mar-a-Lago: Come for the golf, stay for the access to America's most sensitive national-security talks
The Met just made all its Public Domain stuff freely available. Thank Goodness.
Wow! .why are you supporting ending net neutrality? Free & open access to information IS the civil rights is…
sent it to bc idk my password. But i have another account with drive but it doesnt have access. BUT one time i was able to open a
One of the cool things abot The Met going CC0 for images is that, as artists, we can carry elders 4ward in lil ways…
No discussion in the Open Access forum that some Open Access journals are charging authors to publish in them.
Clear need for an open access night shelter in Cambridge
Teachers!!! New Open Access at is amazing. 375k images for public use, without restrictions! .
Exciting discussions about Open Access at .how can we make OA more discoverable independent of the Library discovery layer?
Booth: build in interactivity options to encourage feedback from target audiences. Rethink open access model. See b…
Dear it’s 2017 and when I access a profile on mobile, I get this ridiculousness. And no, “Open” doesn’t…
Scholarly publishing comes down to business models, open access, but publishers still need a profit margin -
So basically a $200k membership buys you access to POTUS and a seat in the situation room. This is just...dangerous.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Open Access! It is those who mock Wayne Rooney's intellect who are the real Neanderthals
Croatia and Serbia are inventing new pasts as a foundation for very nationalist futures. *Open Access*…
starting her keynote at the DARIAH-RS sponsored event Museums and Open Access in Serbia
Our new edited book, Border Flows, is published in Open Access format - which means you can download it for free! https:/…
The university press community just got a little bigger. Welcome, Open Access pioneer to the family!
Open Access: special section on the upcoming WHO election looks at history of the org & the director-general's role…
Open Access today at Central Library from 3pm-5pm. Come along for support and ad…
Roads to Open Access: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly | Archivalia
Open Access: Climate change impacts and potential benefits of heat-tolerant maize in South Asia.
Open Access. Brave Scot showed he has the heart of true champion. Live piece from the Davis Cup
Are you from HSS with experience in Open Access, Open Science and publishing? Job ad, HIRMEOS project, SUB Göttingen. https:/…
Moedas laments that good news that EU is the one regional area stressing Open Access to science nowhere in popular press.
Open Access. How tyrants use sport as distraction from the real problems re Putin
Open Access to science papers will be default by 2020, say European ministers – Frontiers Blog: "There wa...
Open Access target: will all European scientific articles be freely accessible by 2020?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
European Council Calls for Open Access to Scientific Articles by 2020, and an ‘Open Science’ System
The Dutch EU presidency got what it wanted: A 2020 target for full Open Access to scientific papers.
Take a look at the technology behind excavations at Open Access
Good open access article here on grading
Why publish articles about Open Access in paywalled journals? That's a serious question. What's the point?
members, consider applying as editor or editorial team for APSA's new, yet-to-be-named open access journal!
Streets with EU criminals allowed unchecked access with open borders and uncontrolled immigration. No thanks.
Stay connected, open access, recognition, and fun. Get your onesies on.
PSA: Donation page for Unicef/Q&A Show Access is Still Open!. We're approaching 40,000 Dollarydoos! Top stuff team: ht…
New on the Open Access @ CUNY blog: "Event Announcement: Open Access in Latin America & the Case of CLACSO-REDALYC"
I have been trying to open your DM, but for some reason I'm not able to access it. Try sending again???
Patches due before the month is out for Moxa MiiNePort devices.
For instance, dspace sends stats to authors on their open-access papers. So encouraging to know people are actual…
Click the Link in my Bio for access to Patron Open Bar tomorrow at Milk River @ Milk River…
Voting is only open to US IP addresses, but you can use hola or VPN to change yours to access the site.
Open Access in Screening for Frailty in Canada’s Health Care System: A Time for Action
Our new court in La Cava Argentina is now open! Thanks to all who have helped these great kids gain access to sports h…
it sporadically blocks pages for things like "gambling" or "hate". Social networks and Reddit are open access.
If you did have open borders like Norway but you didn't allow migrants access to benefits it would drastically cut immigration.
Use the temporary access off Hwy 10 to access the Linden Square. The businesses are open and looking forward to serving…
Comparing 14-19 provision in FE & Academies: does size, warmth and open access matter? Instalment 1
One must prove having legal right to access public services in Britain,open bank account or rent a home.
New issue of The Journal of Classics Teaching (Vol 17: Issue 33) now available online and open-access
Submit your proposals to APSA's Open Access (online-only) Journal! Proposals due June 15.
Increasing access to museums doesn't just mean keeping the doors open. Wim Pijbes on the digital side h…
What does it really mean to scale innovations? New open access book looks into this question...
Hunter Street Services, open access health and addictions service for people & families homeless in Glasgow City 0141 553 2801
Get the real-time data you need for Portfolio Management. Leverage the Veo platform’s open access capabilities.
Great, "The Commission will continue to accept both gold and green open access"
Dutch Minister for Education “To my frustration, I see data and publications are protected still.
domain names
Tough question, open access is important, as is closer links between researchers and practitioners...
Evidence base is growing for Shockwave. For skeptics,check this sp edition, all open access ht…
Should the restrict access to popular sites, or does that contradict its mission to keep the lands open and accessible?
Maharashtra drags its feet on open access power
Gamete donor anonymity and limits on numbers of offspring: the views of three stakeholders - (Open Access)
Front of motorhomes unusually closed off to certain people ("increased terrorist threat"). Rear of motorhomes still open access! HM.
Due to an access and administrative issue we may not be open at our regular time this evening. We're currently aiming for…
How the UN is blocking NGO access and participation
Annals of EM makes papers open access! Thx! (use Full Site, not Mobile view)
: Research ministers will move to make the default by 2020 . (via
Apple may open up access to Siri and launch smart home device
Needed! Representatives of arts and humanities for this open access review group to advise research councils.
Research ministers will move to make open access the default by 2020 (via
Decipher milestone!! We now have over 20 open-access records from patients with rare copy-number and seq…
Early food related restrictions reduce the child’s natural interaction with food, environment, and family.
Open Access: Green or Gold Route? | Library News: "The new HEFCE policy is now in effect. Journal article...
Duck of Minerva | Selling Out to the Enemy of Open Access: Yesterday, news quickly spread that...
Open Access to Research Publications and Data: The Next Steps for Policy and Institutions: "Attend this W...
Now published in the completed journal issue. Open Access!
Discover Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies’ new Open Access article on ESL learning here:
the book is Open Access so you can download it here for free. Yes, he relied on oral hist.
'Open Access to Research Is in the Public Interest' via
.new book "Selected Writings on Open Access, 2002-2011" is now out and fully
Top ten tips for universities seeking to implement Open Access |
A new Open Access in Action video is up! Rick Anderson talks issues with Gary Price
Sign the petition to promote Open Access to research and fight harsh copyright policies worldwide:
Aaron Swartz and Open Access | notes from a young teacher: "There were quite a few things I found interest...
Advice from Adam Tickell to Jo Johnson on Open Access, plus JJ response available at
An interesting article about some of the criticisms of Open Access and Open Educational Resources:
This year's proceeding will be published by Springer and available free for everyone under an Open Access license
Absolutely. But it's free labor from both authors & publishers with Open Access, so academics still lose
Open Access: Court applications for withdrawal of artificial nutrition and hydration from patients in a perman...
Open Access: Rory Smith on 2015 being the year of counterattacking football
Geological society of American publishes more and more Open Access content
what's open what closed for Christmas: OPEN: attacks on democracy. CLOSED: access to power for the proletariat
Our co-working space is open today for any network members that need a professional space with WiFi, printer and meeting room access.
R.A Schmidt - a true pioneer, inspiration to many & legend. Disgraceful that his obituary is not Open Access (£26!)
Born Digital: building the ultimate open-access publisher
Not only open access - it's also the work of getting people engaged enough to access work. It's not a simple problem/solution.
Yes. Affordable open access (or, you know, great public libraries).
.Electric pledges open access to proprietary weather data to aid research on |
New for sale. Access to open moorland.
After today we are open again on 27 Dec but do have restricted email and tel phone access. Enq please call 01228 818117. Merry Christmas.
ALL mosques, churches and places of worship should be open, with free access and respect across - without...
Berlin12: closed society at an open access conference via
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
This paper has a different format. And it is open access.
If anyone can share a access code, I would be grateful. Does it open on christmas eve?
Our customer contact centres are open until 2pm today. All other offices are open until 3pm.
Open mudra bank in villages & towns in every state for easy access, to create better economy.
WWT members can access Peng Observatory to Holden Tower (incl the six other hides) from 0815, the rest of the grounds/hides open from 0930.
Our collection of open access research is always growing, take a look and find what you’ve been missing:
... and I can think of many other good reasons to favour Open Access, but this is a great start:
In addition to pushing for open access, it'd help if we all put our papers online - just threw mine up last week!
Out now! The report of Workshop on alternative publishing models (authored by http…
Current Opinion in Psychology special issue on depression (not open access - ugh):
What does Academia_edu's success mean for Open Access? The data-driven world of search engines and social networking
How to install a fully portable desktop on a USB for on-the-go access. Jack Wallen shows you the steps to install...
Neural mechanisms for contrast vision. Open access;
Access to Open Data drives Smart City app innovations
OUT NOW and OPEN ACCESS: 'Protest, Dissent and Political Change in post war Sri Lanka' RT.
Although you're emotionally open today, you still might be inc... More for Leo
CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES): Open a... via
Who can help me with a to access an open camping hotspot. It does not connect...
Our Malaysia office is closed today and tomorrow. We will open again on 28 Dec. You can access your unit 24/7. Happy holidays!
my journo blog on with Ulrich Poeschl interview:
oh let's see what's next in my steam discovery queue. "Survival" "Zombies" "Open World" "Early Access"
UC Davis and CDL Investigation of the Institutional Costs of Gold Open Access
for a random dm. Dont get mad if its common. Doing all (dms must be open). Trade solo dms list account access donate donat…
Americans’ freedom to access the open internet is rapidly dissolving:.
Seminar on Open Access in Research Area: A Strategic Approach — The Centre for Internet and Society via
Open Access article for 3 months, Alec G. Hargreaves, “French Muslims and the Middle East”
WINTER SOLSTICE at STONEHENGE. 2015. . Shared from fb group: Open Access to Stonehenge. Please click on this link...
Jargon allows Code Talkers to keep dangerous science in Open Access journals from being used by terrorists.
[Open Access] Stuart Barnes on why Rugby sevens threatens the traditional game
A recording of yesterday's webinar on Open Access at Edinburgh Napier is now available:
Open Access read more: But not cited more. Influence of impact factor here?
Publish your Remote Sensing research Open Access with Taylor & Francis and
Swansea Uni researchers: sign up for our "5 Days of Open Access" mini-briefings 19-23 Oct
My 'Provocation' on drones in real estate sales is out now in the new issue of Open Access journal Culture Machine:
Count down to initial opening of the Leila Memorial Centre an Open Access community prevention, intervention and...
My latest article on Inquisition and abjuration in 16c-Italy - Open Access in Renaissance Studies https:…
How do organisational politics affect engagement? Open Access in Human Relations offers provocative conclusions
Open Access: Development of a core outcome set for research and audit studies in
Esto es Open Access: Special relativity in the school laboratory: a simple apparatus for cosmic-ray muon detection
Metrologia highlights of 2014 (Open Access). Impact factor now 2.041, congrats to the editorial team!
Sick: British American Tobacco has been trying to co-opt the language of 'Open Access' so they can spy on kids
A new website on Open Access journals and resources @ Nature Publishing Group is up
Registrationopen for: Open Access - Let's talk about data, developments and collaboration. Register here:
Cultures of Anyone: Studies on Cultural Democratization in the Spanish Neoliberal Crisis - Open Access book
"Research Integrity and Peer Review is an international, peer reviewed Open Access journal that encompasses all...
Working for a financial data firm, married to a city planner, worlds collided with NYC's Open Access data laws
We are welcoming three top Open Access journals in astronomy!
Open Access - Provider responsibility to relatives: systematic review & synthesis of research
Open Access paper by Rider et al. 2014: 'The International Charter for Human Values in Healthcare'
Open Access benefits scholars and the general public: win-win
Subscriptions no longer needed: flipping journals to Open Access while supporting existing OA public... |
Fascinating report by on the implementation of HEFCE OA policy across HE institutions:
Support open South LDN store giving people access to useful items, so they don't need to buy them
Read all about the Open Access Publications Policy: For more info, email openaccess
"An Overview of the Current Knowledge in Proceedings from the Global Urticaria Forum" Open access.
NMBL is hosting a discussion on Open Access next Tuesday. We'd really value your input
Open a lot of doors with this email:
Open access youth session at Belgrave young people’s centre this evening for 13-19 year olds from 6-9 see u there
Thanks, Daniel. The paper (with is available as open access article here:
'Access state': UM, MSU accept nearly all applicants
"There is no way to counteract..dangers but with research" G.Metta on research.
Yes. Particularly liked Open access mindset. is the name of the game!
CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Stirling intersection is open today as well as access through Kent Street.
Registration for our 1st ever Middle School camp is wide open! Are you ready 4 - CLICK 2 register
Top open access influencers one should follow
▶ Open Access and the Impact of Open on Research SD clip26 - YouTube: Open Access and the Impact of Open o...
It's nice to have them in one place though, and love the open access download!
Open Access: The G41D mutation in the superoxide dismutase 1 gene is associated with slow motor neuron progres...
Because it's an open world survival game in Early Access.
If you access Live help - via a laptop or a computer, leave the page open we'll be along to help. ^LK
I've started a new account to be focussed entirely on archaeology. will continue its usual nerd ramblings and Open Access.
Giorgio Metta of shares how to enlighten society on the social value of robotics & AI:
Is there any photo develop shop in Osaka-Japan near Nagahoribashi or any easy access area? Please tell me address, open hours,website, phone
Scott, we’re big fans of research & open access at flagged by sys not a person. fix rolling now
Free Open-Access Medical Education ( ) - giving access to materials for all.
I will be OPEN as usual this Friday & Saturday - please ignore the road closed signs, you can still access...
How to pay for open access at lshtm
Registration is now open for the that starts July 20th, 2015. Numbers are limited. Read more:
OPEN ACCESS: Production of IL-1β by bone marrow-derived macrophages in response to chemotherapeutic drugs
Transition to open access very much not just about journals; HEFCE want to encourage exploration of OA monographs
Even jaded by transformative tech rhetoric, open-access prostheses are cause for optimism.❤️
Érudit in Europe! Proud to present our partnership for with :
NO EXIT - Limited access to trucks, cul-de-sac not plan B, Enter No Exit with eyes wide open
Novel Combination of Ketogenic Diet, Ketone Supplementation, and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Cancer (open access)
Publishing Open Access research in all areas of cell biology & molecular life sciences
We are open as of Jun 11 09:54, please call +1-202-556-HACK for access.
No tickets to U.S. Open? You can access merchandise pavilion, for now
McFarlane: cancer access analogy to roads - you want M6 fast track toll road, but don't dismiss IFR as cul-de-sac as can open doors
Holding back the tears while presenting on open access to research data
Easing access to Open Data to fuel innovation
Our special issue on research on government performance is now online & open access:
Introducing SuperVessel, an open access cloud service to boost app development on
SAGE launches open access journal Cardiovascular and Thoracic Open
UCL researchers funded by Wellcome or COAF: we have funds to make your article Gold OA. Contact us or see
Should have published in Open Access journal in the first place. I should have known better even back then.
Panels and Speakers | Radical Open Access: "While open access has at long last entered the mainstream in t...
900 million people defecate in the open. Even in downtown Vancouver. I write here about the politics of toilet access
Apply now and learn more about Open Access, Open Data and Open Education!
Thanks & New open access paper on marine science and policy interface.
Aha. What does Open Access actually mean for academics? Who pays?
Gender / selfies/ parenting / teacher mediation and more in new open-access articles from researchers
Many discussions around perspectives and experiences with Open Access and especially the rather new area of Open Data
$LXRP on promotion watch! Past Performances show you how the ticker reacted in the past. (open access until June 14) http:…
Across all fields, Open Access articles in Swedish repository have a higher citation rate than non-OA articles.
UNESCO’s Open Access (OA) Curriculum is now online | United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization:
Open Access in What, Where, When to deposit & When should be provided? RT
Come see me in Davis 4/15: "- Dan Morgan on Open Access and Adventures in Digital Publishing at UC Press"
Open Access books and articles on Michel Foucault (mostly in French, Spanish and some in English):
Assistant Editor needed to launch STM journals as we embark on a new initiative in Open Access publishing
Shakespeare's Reflections on Love and Law in Romeo & Juliet | Early Modern & Open Access
Swiss National Science Foundation has announced launch of a new pilot project for Open Access books |
Open Access: Contribution towards a complete List of Moated Mounds or Burhs
Medievalism on the Move: Open Access in the Academy: Panel discussion held at the 29th International...
Not often I get giddy for something with the Gates name on it.. but this is an exception! Great news for Open Access!
Why not use the Directory of Open Access journals to help you with your research.
Open Access: Mail-maker of the Fourteenth Century, from an Illumination in the British Museum
Nice to see the first review of Martin Eve's 'Open Access and the Humanities', positive comment from Jonathan Gray
The success of Open Access is revealing new dangers. The fight isn't over yet. - Le point de vue de
Open Access to all the public domain Loebs Classical Library volumes
Happy In celebration of Open Access week 2014 each of the British Ecological Society’s journals, ...
Melissa Terras: Using Social Media to promote your own Open Access research via
Open Access publishing: A new page (Open Access publishing) was added to the Plant Sciences research guide. Ch...
Urgent need for Open Access research into the Ebola outbreak in West Africa
Open Access, the company’s internal mentoring initiative, invites guest speakers to advise employees.
Internet Archaeology is going Open Access and you can win a prize- | Doug's Archaeology: "Internet...
Open Access article: Nine misconceptions about free healthcare in subSaharan Africa from Development Studies Research
Wiley: Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) and Wiley partner to launch new Open Access journal: "John Wi...
Never Before Published in English:Library of Chinese Humanities Will Be Available as Open Access at De Gruyter Online
Unfortunately, the molecular mechanism of EV71 invasion remains poorly understood and there are still no clinically approved therapeutics. Researchers from the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, reported in a study published in Springer’s open access journal Protein Cell a nove...
Guerilla Open Access Manifesto Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves. The world's entire scientific and cultural heritage, published over centuries in books and journals, is increasingly being digitized and locked up by a handful of private corporations. Want to read the papers featuring the most famous results of the sciences? You'll need to send enormous amounts to publishers like Reed Elsevier. There are those struggling to change this. The Open Access Movement has fought valiantly to ensure that scientists do not sign their copyrights away but instead ensure their work is published on the Internet, under terms that allow anyone to access it. But even under the best scenarios, their work will only apply to things published in the future. Everything up until now will have been lost. That is too high a price to pay. Forcing academics to pay money to read the work of their colleagues? Scanning entire libraries but only allowing the folks at Google to ...
When having an open relationship it's like the whole world has access to your business. I prefer a private relationship! No knows but us.
A man that loves you will not only have access to your heart but he will open the Bible and pray with you and protect you from harm...
.There should be sth like Stratfor but open-access and GOOD. ie not retarded. …
Already set Access to Open Database in shared mode and set record locking to edited record. But it still somehow doesnt work properly :/
Is it possible to open a server which can access the Hermitcraft server in spectator mode?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Upgrade to FULL or MAX access. 511SFBay Update: All Lanes Open on Westbound I-80 Past Solano Av... Read more at
"Why the Internet Is Not Increasing Terrorism" --> very good new paper, too bad not open access …
Why don't they give investigators open access to the crash scene Obviously, they are tampering with evidence
Open Access takes the focus away from the journal to focus on the quality of the paper within the journal .
Cantabrians, head down to Lincoln Monday 21 July to hear speak about CC & the indigenous knowledge notice:
U just scored privileges to our elite jobs site (joke not!). Click our shortlink & use pass 6400 to access.
- I NEED ACCESS TO MY FUNDS! It would have been better just to leave it open and let the fool who stole my card keep swiping!
Process for follow becoming yet open pr means of access london: Aao
[I open up my mouth to give you access as I continue to kiss you harder]
J26 c/wise access C/wise - R/wks. The M25 c/wise entry slip at J26 is closed due to r/wks. Road expected to re-open -
is open to everyone! Even big shots need to access software ASAP! n in the cut! htt…
Open an offensive insertion touching hotels means of access maspalomas: NhUsoJnH
Be willing to entertain a new idea or thought. An open mind has access to information the closed mind does not.
- and punched in the access code to open the door and allow to step inside. "I'll take your entire collage fund if you -
Opinion time: Should also mean Open Data? Check the link and share your opinions!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Until you open d sheep gate of sanctification u may not have access to opening any other gates of life, call on Him Jehovah-Mekaddishkem
Submit a comment to the demanding equal & open access for all!
Borders: the question that needs to be addressed - does U.S. want borders or not? Borders with restricted access or OPEN borders / no border
Retreat registration is open at Aug. 7-10. $30.
Open Access Archaeology Digest - Open Access (free to read) archaeology articles for everyone: Notices...
Help kids in get access to public education - sign our petition
The day has finally arrived!! Full access and ready to open soon!
Hi there! I'm sorry to hear you're having issues! Are you able to open up a ticket on at the moment? ^EZ
Here's To The Night now on stage! Come on out! open bar and all access starting at 9pm
In every family there are almost doors that demons or satan can open to have access to people BUT those who are...
Since '07 Israel has blocked air, land & water access — nothing goes in or out. Gaza is the world's largest open air prison.
Bulletin board warp and woof means of access facade usa universities: effect open within the creative membrane ...
The Journal of Eating Disorders in Australia is a completely free, open access journal, if anyone is sciency and interested :)
Open access is not enough on its own – data must be free too
.Thanks 4 a great trio of interviews on Open Access Publishing & Creative Commons
Website Builder 728x90
"They won't even open up the borders for us to access food or anything" . -
Open Access: The swan's-neck and ring-headed pins of the Early Iron Age in Britain
device can detect alcohol in cars - A new open-access article in the Journal of Applied...
They don't have immunity when there is an operation ongoing. Only afterwards do they have open access.
Surfer 'DUDE' is a Stanford University / Yale University graduate...not bad for a surfer environmentalist for Open Coast Access!
To open up access to research, we must improve peer review. To do this, we must start valuing and rewarding reviewers http…
Nominations for and postings of the Open Access File of the Day would benefit from some automation
Upgrade to FULL or MAX access. 511SFBay UPDATE: All Lanes are Open on Eastbound I-80 Before Lei... Read more at
statement: Broadband should be reclassified as telecomm to preserve open access.
Fabiana Kubke talking open access with Wallace Chapman on Radio NZ right now
Top story: Europe PubMed Central Blog: Taylor & Francis Open Access Su… see more
Interesting discussion of open access publishing with on
MIGHT, if granted access, jump off Hannaford's roof. Or open a vein. Either would do.
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