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Omer Asik

Ömer Faruk Aşık (born July 4, 1986) is a Turkish professional basketball player who currently plays for the New Orleans Pelicans in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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they also have Kendrick Perkins and Omer asik both 7fts that play all the mins at center
Let me ask you a question. Would you rather have Cole Aldrich the next 4 years at $11M/yr or Omer Asik?
the fact that Omer Asik is even MENTIONED on this list is the reason I can't take it serious...😒 a bust even in the 2nd rd
we will give u back Omer Asik for Joakim Noah
LMAO at the fact that you forgot Omer Asik and Dante Cunningham
Biyombo, Omer Asik, and Jan Vesely are all repped by BJ Armstrong (who you may remember from the 1994 All-Star Game)
He's a shorter version of Omer Asik to me. I hope they don't though. That would be a huge waste of money.
Can't tell if this is Omer Asik or a rock
We've got Asik. Super Omer Asik. I just dont think you understand. He's alvin gentry's man. He's better than durant. we have super omer asik
The Pelicans really gave Omer Asik 60mil. They coulda signed me for 60k and unlimited wingstop and I'd produce the same
Klay Thomas with the Omer Asik dribble package
Draymond Green looking like Omer Asik out there
In terms of contracts, would Omer Asik's be a good over-under or am I giving him too much credit salary-wise?
This center for the raptors has 21 rebounds in 3 quarters and makes 8 million a year less than Omer Asik.
Consider trading Omer Asik to have cap space. Possibly make a run at Festus Ezeli.
I miss the with Nate Robinson, Belinelli , CJ Watson, Omer Asik, Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer. are you guys mad?
Wonder if the raptors will overreact to losing against the cavs & try to trade for a center in the offseason .paging Omer Asik
Something like, say, Omer Asik money? I went there.
6th pick, Omer Asik, and Jrue Holiday for Boogie Cousins and future 2nd Rd pick. Let's do it!
Don’t worry… when Timmy retires this summer & the Spurs trade for Omer Asik, we will be merciless in return.
New Orleans Pelicans Pixels: Omer Asik is King Hippo: In an attempt to compare players on t...
I would like you to write an article about how much better Omer Asik is than Robin Lopez. Can you do that for me?
Roy Hibbert, Timofey Mozgov or Omer Asik: Which starting C should win the annual Nikola Pekovic Award? Strong field of candidates this year.
Why does a Pels team with 3 d-leaguers, Toney Douglas & Omer Asik run a fast break better than our fully healthy roster?
>> Omer Asik to return from injury, start for Pelicans
Omer Asik could miss two weeks with ankle sprain
Spread the floor with shooters instead of Norris Cole Alonzo Gee & Omer Asik...
Ersan Ilyasova vs. Omer Asik ... ratings through the roof in Turkey for this one
Is it fair to compare Omer Asik's situation (productivity, contract, etc) to Andris Biedrins? -JH
During Trevor Ariza's free throw, Dwight Howard untucked the back of Omer Asik's jersey, which is why it's hanging out slightly. Hou 8-5
Dwight Howard coaxed a semi-rare smile from Omer Asik at tip-off. They're former teammates. When he's playing Quincy yells "Oh!" at Asik
Seems Jeff Withey is winning the battle against Omer Asik in this game. That's not a great look for Dell Demps.
More players that are believed to be on the trade market right now include Nikola Pekovic, Omer Asik, & Taj Gibson.
Today at ESPN suggests a Ryan Anderson+Omer Asik for Dwight Howard trade.
Everybody knows Doug Eastman looks like Chandler Parsons. What my book presupposes is... Steve Voicek looks like Omer Asik.
Alexis Ajinca set to start tonight for Omer Asik. Ryan Anderson and Quincy Pondexter are inactive.
Eric Gordan, Alexis Anjinca, and Omer Asik are three *** they need to give up fah KD for free agency..
Omer Asik was basically at halfcourt when Alonzo Gee caught that pass because he was sure he just turned it over.
This is awesome. Makes me wonder, who is mentoring AD. Robin Lopez? Greg Stiemsma? Omer Asik? Ryan Anderson?.
bigs Anthony Davis, Omer Asik expected to sit out at OKC:
Jrue Holiday, Eric Gordon, Tyreke Evans, Omer Asik, Ryan Anderson, lol they got some people.
Joakim Noah and Omer Asik pose with cardboard cutout of Brad Miller.. Related Articles:
Joakim Noah, Omer Asik, and a cardboard cutout of Brad Miller got together for a picture
Noah walking out of UC with life-sized cutout of Brad Miller. With Omer Asik.
Yes, that is Joakim Noah with Omer Asik and a cardboard Brad Miller (via
Omer Asik is not David Lee and the Pelicans don't have a draymond green on the roster, don't overthink this
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And it was like pulling teeth to get him to give Dez Bryant the same money as Omer Asik smh.
he the next Omer Asik😂😂 dude gonna get paid for playing 20mins. Just getting rebounds.
Height is expensive in the NBA, Omer Asik's contract in perspective
Earlier, and I saw Omer Asik but didn't get a pic. 😶
goes to Kevin Durant's posterizing dunk on Omer Asik.
Miss our Kendrick Perkins roundtable today? We tackled tough questions like who would win in a race Perk or Omer Asik
I feel really bad for Omer Asik and his family. Nobody should have to go through something like this.
Andrew Wiggins puts Omer Asik on a poster🌋 25 likes? (Vine by Showtime Sports)
Anthony Davis being listed as PROBABLE for tomorrow's game, per team PR. Tyreke Evans and Omer Asik are questionable.
Spain rolled past Turkey today 104-77 in EuroBasket. Pau Gasol with 21 & 7, Mirotic 9 & 3. Omer Asik not playing for Turkey in this event.
Tallest basketball players in city now. 1.Alexis Ajinca 2.Omer Asik 3.Mitchell Robinson (Chlamette) 4. Anthony Davis
GM Dell Demps called C Omer Asik a more defensive-minded player with C Alexis Ajinca more of a scorer.
GM Dell Demps cited C Omer Asik's ability to rebound and bang against bigger players as reasoning for bringing him back.
Pelicans, Omer Asik agree on 5-year contract: NBA free agency 2015
Negotiations between Pelicans, Omer Asik heating up, sources say -
. I just need to step in and say, Omer "Greyscale" Asik. That is all.
Same *** that refused to trade Omer Asik for OJ Mayo in 2011 when son went nuts in the playoffs
Pelicans and center Omer Asik come to an agreement on a new deal - The New Orleans Advocate
And Omer fuggin Asik getting paid $60 million to average 7 points a game? Just the way the market is right now man.
Pelicans are paying big money to their front court. Anthony Davis ($145 mil) Omer Asik ($60 mil) and Alexis Ajinca ($20…
Jesus I want neither of them. Give me Robin Lopez or Omer Asik and cap space next year
& Bringing back Norris Cole, Alexis Ajinca, Jeff Withey, and maybe Omer Asik.
That awkward moment when Jeff Withey has similar per 36 minute stats to Omer Asik.
Omer Asik, Anthony Davis, Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holiday, Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson. And you just now make the first round?
Went into the barber shop expecting to look like Anthony Davis came out looking like Omer Asik
Omer Asik got to NO and forgot and how to play help defense...Judge Reinhold looking *** ***
Anyone else think Omer Asik looks like Judge Reinhold? Just me? ok thanks anyway
Norris Cole, Dante Cunningham, Quincy Pondexter, and Omer Asik? Get outta here with that
And to think we almost got LAMARCUS ALDRIDGE for Omer Asik, Daryl Morey would've went to the Hall of Fame off top if he pulled that off
Holy crap. Rajon Rondo makes Omer Asik look like Steve Kerr from the line. So awful. Yuck.
Final tally on Omer Asik trade:. Trevor Ariza. Jason Terry. 18th pick this yr. 36th pick this yr (traded to MIN for Brewer). 2016 …
The fans have spoken. Andrew Wiggins' dunk over Omer Asik is with 52% of the vote.
Andrew Wiggins is finishing his rookie season with authority. He posterizes Omer Asik w/ slam. . VIDEO:
Another week, another Andrew Wiggins poster dunk! . The victim this time: Omer Asik. VIDEO:
lol everytime it's a white guy. Luke Walton, Omer Asik, some white guy on Florida's team, Alex kirk
Not surprised that Andrew Bogut had a career-high in blocks tonight. Omer Asik 5th amongst qualified big men this year in BLKA
happy birthday Omer Asik love ya dawg💯
Omer Asik had 10 rebounds. He only played 18 minutes. How is that even possible?
go on 10-0 run, with one more Omer Asik free throw to come, to open 3Q. It's down to GSW 55-53 at 9:00. Asik 6 quick pts
Did Omer Asik travel?. The answer is yes, it's always yes.
VIDEO: Andrew Bogut busts out a behind-the-back move and finishes with a lefty hook!. WATCH →
Curry is abusing Asik question tho why is Omer on him in the 1st place
Raptors need to acquire: Either Millsap or Greg Monroe as a startn PF, Hibbert, Omer Asik or Mcgee as a bckp C, and Corey Joseph as bckp PG
Omer Asik just tried to guard Stephen Curry. It didn't work.
Had a layup made through the hand of Omer Asik in the new challenge...:
don't forget the ability of your bigs. Omer Asik can't do the same coverages as Anthony Davis
There's so much possibilites. A force in Kanter, a young gun in Cedi Osman, Omer Asik and Furkan Aldemir for Turkey. A huge inside advantage
Still weird that he & Lowe both think a late lottery pick was a high price for Asik. You can gripe about the price paid for Jrue, but Omer?
Rockets really miss Omer Asik. No 2nd rim protecting center behind Dwight Howard for Houston. They get bullied on the boards as well.
If you can sign Greg Monroe & Omer Asik they would definitely shore up the paint. Asik at center & Monroe at power forward
he's like the exact opposite of Omer Asik😂😂
frank reminds me of Omer Asik. He'll be a backup big for awhile
You don't hear nearly as much about Omer Asik as you used to
Omer asik apparently makes 8 million a year to get worked all night by Chris Kaman
Omer Asik... Pretty good for 260 pounds of Adam's apple
Why is omer asik still in the league lol.
Blazers blocked Omer Asik dunk attempt at the rim, then drew 2 free throws at other end. Time becoming a factor now. Port 91-85 at 2:30
Anyone else annoyed by Omer Asik or is it just me?
In 2+ months in the restaurant biz. My gf has met 2 Kings coaches, Ray McCallum, & Omer Asik. I have nothing to offer her.
Pels missed a golden opportunity to have Omer Asik as Judge Reinhold in Beverly Hills Cop
We've seen a first-round pick used to acquire Jeff Green, Brandon Wright, Dion Waiters, and Omer Asik. That Jared Dudley trade is so LOLZ
Awesome pick and roll with Gerald Henderson and Cody Zeller to get past Anthony Davis and Omer Asik. GIF:
Early observations: John Wall is fast, Omer Asik is slow, Dante Cunningham is everywhere
If D-Mo will be all Omer Asik about it then we're definitely shipping him to Phoenix along with the NOP pick!
Indiana did not collect an offensive rebound when Omer Asik was on the court. Period.
Pelicans C Omer Asik in danger of sitting out second straight game
Really starting to think Omer Asik is retarded nobody pisses me of more than him
Omer Asik getting away with travels like he is Olajuwan out here.
Something that probably isn't brought up quite as much as it should be: Omer Asik drops a heck of a lot of interior passes
1st 5000 fans at next pelicans home game get free Omer Asik posters. Hope they don't have a riot like when new Jordans come out.
After taking a midrange J to start the game, Hibbert gets better position against Omer Asik and draws a foul at 10:48 mark
The three best defensive 3-man groupings for the Pelicans all feature. -Omer Asik (this makes sense). -Eric Gordon
the highlight of their offseason was Omer Asik, enough said.
I can't remember from which trade exactly but I think it's from the Omer Asik trade- it's top 3 protected
In board battle, has 14 for the Magic while Omer Asik has 11 for the Pelicans, who lead 48-41 at halftime.
should I trade brook Lopez and Kevin Martin for Brandon Jennings and Omer Asik
Alexis Ajinca already with eight points in five minutes. Omer Asik has two points in nine minutes.
Pelicans backup center Alexis Ajinca playing better than Omer Asik.
Daily reminder that Joey Dorsey was traded for Nic Batum, and drafted before Mario Chalmers, DeAndre Jordan, and Omer Asik
You don't have to trade Brook for Jordan Hill or Omer Asik.
Recommendation by :Alexis With normal center Omer Asik o...
As mentioned in pregame report, Omer Asik and Darius Miller are inactive tonight. Patric Young and Russ Smith are active.
Omer Asik (back) is doubtful to play for the giving Alexis Ajinca another start. He's worthy of a quick pickup against the
Alexis Ajinca started for Omer Asik and already has 3 points.
Alexis Ajinca starting for Omer Asik tonight for Pelicans.
Omer Asik looks like Judge Reinhold with a pituitary issue.
Jordan Hill will start out defending Anthony Davis, with Carlos Boozer moving to Omer Asik. Expect Ed Davis to see time…
I think Omer Asik is just Judge Reinhold on steroids.
New Biscutball, shortsie on Omer Asik low key rolling his eyes at a basket befor he has to take fouls shots
Omer Asik is a vampire. He sleeps in a coffin and will explode if exposed to sunlight. This is indisputable.
Anthony Davis, Omer Asik had difficulty emerging in Monday's 93-81 loss to the Grizzlies
Omer Asik with 6PT, 8REB, 1BLK against Grizllies tonight. Stopped Gasol well but struggled on offense. Tough road loss to division rivals.
Omer Asik-F: Asik has poor shooting night in loss to Grizzlies
Omer Asik also had a helluva game for the Pelicans tonight...14 points 17 rebounds. The Pelicans are gonna be a force on th…
Omer Asik checked out of the game with 5:22 left in the third. Gasol scored 10 points in the following 2:17 of game time.
Marc Gasol led the Grizzlies with 16 points. He scored 2 when Omer Asik was on the floor.
Omer Asik is a taller, younger Judge Reinhold. Young like detective Rosewood young. Probably just as bad at free throws
If you see Jerry Sloan crying tonight, it's probably because he watched Jrue Holiday and Omer Asik run pick and roll.
Omer Asik has something to say about that.
Omer Asik has def slimmed down this season.
Free throws, Eric Gordon, Omer Asik's hands: things I want to like but don't really like them at all.
Marc Gasol up to 10 points since Omer Asik took a seat.
So Omer Asik started the season out great tonight he's 1 for 7 from the field and 1 for 5 from the line.. 3 pts 7 reb 1 block.. Come on son
Omer Asik is 1-7 from the field tonight. The farthest he has taken a shot from is 3 ft according to the ESPN shot chart.
Omer Asik admits he doesn't want the ball. The keep giving him the ball in traffic. This is what will happen.
FACT: Omer Asik has left 100 points on the board tonight. . ...make that 102
Anthony Davis and omer asik are such a great combo
Omer Asik in traffic just isn't good. Misses another layup.
Omer Asik was a good pickup for the pelicans
Again, Omer Asik is not very good at putting the ball in the rim from close range.
First lead of the night comes at the 8:24 mark of the 3rd quarter on an Omer Asik lay in.
Anthony Davis, Omer Asik, and Ryan Anderson are a combined 2 for 15 shooting.
Omer Asik hasn't looked comfortable for the entire first half.
Omer Asik looks lost: 0-of-4 from the field, just missed an absolutely bunny under the basket.
Omer Asik should be on the plane back home after that one .
The Grizzlies are in Omer Asik's head right now. Just blew a terrific look and it leads to a Randolph run out and 2 FTs for Memphis.
Wow - Omer Asik missed an uncontested shot in front of the basket
I have come to a conclusion: Omer Asik is bad at putting a basketball into the rim when near the rim.
Omer Asik in traffic is an adventure that typically doesn't end in points.
Monty Williams in the huddle to Omer Asik, "Omer! Stop shooting the freaking ball!"
Holiday threaded the needle brilliantly on that pass. Unfortunately it reached Omer Asik who has to settle for 2 shots rather than a layup.
If only it were possible for Omer Asik to score inside without, you know, having to touch the ball.
I don't get the hype over Omer Asik. He's nonexistant on offense.
Omer Asik's shot blocked again near the basket. Looking frustrated
Omer Asik has to get more forceful, just had layup blocked by Marc Gasol. Didn't take the ball strong enough to the rim.
Conley, Allen, Prince, ZBO, & Gasol will start for Grizz. Holiday, E Gordon, Tyreke, Ant Davis, & Omer Asik will start for Pelicans.
Pelicans center Omer Asik will face one of his toughest matchups this season going against Grizzlies' Marc Gasol.
Great power forward/center matchups tonight with Anthony Davis and Omer Asik facing Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol in th…
Couldn't have asked for a better debut of the Anthony Davis/Omer Asik interior pairing. Combined for 40 points, 34 reb…
...Taj Gibson, Omer Asik, Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer and CJ Watson were the key to the Bulls success in Tom Thibodeau's 1st 2 years...
More rotational tweaks for Monty Williams: Ryan Anderson checks Omer Asik with 7:30 to go 3Q.
Butler replaces Deng, sure. Korver's gone. Ronnie Brewer is gone. Omer Asik is gone. CJ Watson is gone.
Also omer Asik is 71 but Aron Baynes, who dominated him when they last played, is 368???
NBA prediction Chandler Parsons and Omer Asik will have their best ever statistical year on their new Dwight Howardless teams
Lee ranked above Bogut, Josh Smith, Omer Asik, and Jimmy Butler by
I've only seen 1 game but wondering if the best comparable for Jusuf Nurkic is Omer Asik. Super strong, great rebounder. Robust O.
New Orleans Pelicans center Omer Asik working in camp to get ...
Anthony Davis and Omer Asik might allow 2 interior buckets/game this year. give or take another 2 or 3
Pelicans center Omer Asik too quiet tonight. 3 rebounds, 0 blocks and 0 points in almost 20 minutes of work.
Pelicans center Omer Asik has played almost nine minutes, but remains scoreless. But he has two rebounds.
Omer asik and Kyle Korver are ranked 71 and 72... How?
Omer Asik is a serviceable rotational big man to have. Rebounds and defends well.
Everyone is acting like Nick Young is Kobe Bryant. And Yes Omer Asik is better then him and Crossover Crawford.
“71: Omer Asik (not better than Jamal Crawford either
Omer Asik is one of the 3 dudes on the planet that shoot free throws worse than Shaq. Just absolutely not.
I could go on about but no, Asik is not better than Derrick Favors. Let alone 19 spots better.
he's a PF not a center. That's why we got Omer asik.
omer asik and Davis together will be interesting. I dont know if other teams are going to ever get a rebound
Hope Omer Asik dominates against dwight when we verse rockets
how many times am I going to think to myself this season that omer asik *** at defense now only to realize it’s pau
This season, Omer Asik will make more than teammates Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis, combined.
Won my first 2k15 game with the pelicans Anthony Davis 21 and 7 rebounds Omer asik player of the game with 7 points 4 dimes and 14 rebounds
Anthony Davis and Omer Asik will be a force this year... look out Spurs da Pelicans coming for the west...
Omer Asik might be the most underrated pick-up this summer. Will hurt AD's rebounding stats tho but Pelicans will be much better
The Hawks are about to go 1-0 in preseason. What a night for Omer Asik. 5pts, 12rbs in just 19 minutes.
Omer Asik with 5pts and 7rebs at the half but 3/6 on FT.
New Orleans goes just 6-21 from the field in the opening quarter. Eric Gordon with six points, Omer Asik with five
Anthony Davis (4 pts, 2-7 FGs) picks up 2nd foul, is subbed out for Ryan Anderson. Omer Asik 5 pts, 4 reb. Hawks 24-16 at 2:41 of 1st Q
Pelicans C Omer Asik has made just 1 of first 4 FTs. He has been active on glass, though. Three rebounds already.
Omer Asik smiled more in the last 2 minutes than he did all last season.
head coach Monty Williams said C Omer Asik is a defensive C that rebounds, plays great position defense and has great drive.
The 2014-15 NBA season will be James Harden's biggest test yet. Thanks to a borderline disastrous summer that saw Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik all skip town, the Houston Rockets will be relying on Harden to shoulder a huge burden this year. Harden's taken a lot of heat over the past...
We need to find a way to get Omer Asik on the Cleveland Cavaliers.
I saw someone really looked like Omer Asik today, only *much* shorter.
Omer Asik has no hard feelings for Houston Rockets
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OFFICIAL: acquire Omer Asik in a three-team deal |
For the best five, with his limited offence, I think Omer Asik was the best center of the tournament.
Omer Asik: Omer Asik has no hard feelings toward Rockets
Is New Orleans Omer Asik one of the top four centers in NBA? - FanSided (blog)
Omer Asik is vital cog for Turkish national team. Read more:
Anthony Davis, Omer Asik one win apiece from rematch|
I see Rudy Gobert being a better version of Omer Asik.
New Orleans Pelicans teammates Anthony Davis and Omer Asik have already faced each other once during FIBA World Cup competition in Spain. If there are two favorable outcomes Tuesday for the Pelicans’ big men in Barcelona, a second head-to-head matchup will take place this week.
Turkey, Omer Asik top Dominican Republic, advance: If not for an Aug. 30 FIBA World Cup opener vs.
Turkey tops Domin. Republic 77-64, advances to Round of 16. Omer Asik averaged 15.7 pts, 12.7 reb in last 3 games:
Turkey up big 41-23 over Dominican Republic at halftime in finale of pool play. Omer Asik hard-nosed under the rim with 6 rebounds, 3 points
New Orleans Pelicans unlikely to trade Austin Rivers?: Before the New Orleans Pelicans acquired Omer Asik in a...
Watching this USA/Turkey game, Anthony Davis and Omer Asik on the same team this year is going to be so much fun to wat…
Omer Asik can't save Turkey from surprising Ukraine
Omer Asik: "We were made to sweat. This was very obvious."
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Have you learned any Turkish from Omer Asik?
Big scoring game by Omer Asik sparks Turkey comeback; Anthony Davis turns in all-around performance for USA. Recap:
Can the Pelicans flip Omer Asik for Kenneth Faried? I love this Anthony Davis-Faried combo.
Omer Asik posted 16 points, 20 rebounds, and one block in Turkey's 64-58 loss to Ukraine on Tuesday.
How was Omer Asik the number one trend in the world 😂
Something I'm interested in is seeing the Anthony Davis / Omer Asik pairing .
Some thoughts on Omer Asik who shined as Turkey beat Finland 77-73
Omer Asik tallied 22 points and 8 rebounds in a Turkey win today!
ICYMI, I looked at how the Rockets spaced the floor with Omer Asik yesterday:
Omer Asik no guarda rencor a los Rockets
Doolittle: Best under-the-radar moves via Vince Carter pick up puts Grizz on this list
Asik and Davis are scary together. Said it the day Omer was traded there
Anthony Davis & Omer Asik defending the rim is gonna be a problem
he don't play Center play Power Forward. Omer Asik gone be the starting center
Tonight in Belgrade Turkish Hammer Omer Asik 15 points against Puerto Rico. He is the best of Turkey !
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How the Pelicans can space the floor offensively with Omer Asik:
Spacing The Floor With Omer Asik: This has been pretty obvious throughout his fou...
Omer Asik: 'I really enjoyed my time in Houston;' says there are no hard feelings
Omer Asik and Yao Ming will forever be the best basketball players of all time
.spoke w/ Ömer Aşık @ Turkey's training camp. "I really enjoyed my time in Houston"
Turkish Center Ömer Aşık on “I am just excited to play in the games."
Jamal Crawford, Tony Allen, Damion James, Channing Frye and Omer Asik coming off the bench. So I'm legit.
oversized? Hes 6'10 230, and they have Omer Asik
Pelicans acquire Omer Asik in exchange for their 2015 first round pick | |
Omer Asik has never averaged less than 11.1 reb per 36 min. If he plays starter minutes, even next to Brow, he's still going to be a dub-dub
Omer Asik was the only Rocket player that was isolated from the team
Even if lebron did mentor wiggins. What you need two of the same player on one roster for...? Like when the rockets had d12 and Omer asik...
Robin Lopez + Omer Asik are both unrestricted free agents in 2015 so sign + trade possibilities are also in play.
I really dislike the Rockets. I'm glad Jeremy Lin, Chandler Parsons and Omer Asik are gone, they were the only players I liked on that team
'Omer Asik was the guy who scored a three in like 100 consecutive games eh' -
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Why did we trade a first round pick for Omer Asik? Seriously there was no one better than him?
Look at Dieng easily handle Omer Asik late last season:
Lmao rhe crazy thing is, is on the Turkey basketball team he started over Omer Asik!
I'm telling y'all the pelicans gone be good if everybody stay healthy.. Jrue Holiday, Eric Gordon, Tyreke Evans, Anthony Davs, Omer Asik👈
If LeBron had decided on Cleveland right away, the Cavs could have snagged Omer Asik rather cheaply. Then they'd have been nasty.
Harden took a team whose second-best player was probably Omer Asik to the playoffs, all in the WEST. That's huge
currently watching Omer Asik highlights , shows me how biased the NBA is. Asik dunked on like 10 *** yet he gets no credit.
His defense is horrible. Dwight Howard is inconsistent. They lose Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik, and Chandler Parsons.
They already got that in Omer Asik“they get rid of a injury prone guard... and get a defensive big.”
Rockets trade Omer Asik to Pelicans for 2015 draft pick - USA TODAY
Trust you me, and I are more excited than you are about FIBAs just to see Omer Asik dominate everyone except Marc.
While losing Omer Asik and Chandler are tough losses, Ariza brings needed shooting+defense. Also, other players will step up w/ bigger roles
9 players poised to have big bounce-back seasons via . 1) Carlos Boozer. 2) Omer Asik. 3) Josh Smith. 4) Harrison Barnes. (Cont)
They added Omer Asik and Jimmer Fredette as well. Only losing Aminu and Roberts (rotation players)
Former Rocket teammates weigh in on Omar Asik
Still stinging over the 2k loss yesterday, like when does Omer Asik ever hit threes, let alone for the GW
Omer Asik fills big need for Pelicans | Sports | The ...
ICYMI, I looked at the holes Omer Asik fills for the Pelicans
Five things to know (photo gallery of Omer Asik working out in Turkey; Joel Meyers was on Fri. http…
If you're having trouble getting motivated this morning. This ->
Omer Asik to New Orleans Pelicans among best under-the-radar offseason moves - NBA -
Harden,Parsons weigh in on Omer Asik and his move to New Orleans. More ->
Grade the Trade: Pelicans acquire Omer Asik for first round pick
Been waiting for this piece by on Asik's impact for the Spot-on analysis.
Houston Rockets trade Omer Asik to New Orleans Pelicans for future ...
Omer Asik reportedly being traded to New Orleans
Omer Asik fills big need for Pelicans
Mavs F Chandler Parsons' scouting report on Omer Asik: "He's a great teammate. I loved playing with him. Very, very good defensively."
James Harden on Omer Asik to Pelicans: "They got a tremendous player. He's going to do everything right on D. All he wants to do is win."
They went from Omer Asik to Nazr Mohammed and Noah and Taj were hurt for chunks of the year. So yes, it did stop working.
you're forgetting they lost Omer Asik also. That's a big loss
New Orleans in three-team trade to acquire center Omer Asik and small ... - The Times-Picayune
Hope so but prob not "If Jrue Holiday, Omer Asik, and Anthony Davis stay healthy, will the Pelicans make the playoffs?"
Jeremy Lin could be in Carmelo Anthony’s way once again. The Houston Rockets, long linked as a potential destination for Anthony, began their efforts to clear enough money from under their salary cap to make a run at a max player by agreeing to send Omer Asik to the New Orleans Pelicans for a 2015 first-round pick. Now, in order to sign Anthony when the free agency period opens on July 1, the Rockets will need to rid themselves of Lin, who went to Houston, partly because of Anthony’s reported dissatisfaction with the “Linsanity” craze that swept New York while Anthony was injured in 2012. Before Lin signed a three-year, $25 million deal with the Rockets, it was nearly impossible to believe the Knicks would allow the biggest phenomenon in the NBA to leave town, but Anthony’s supposed unhappiness sharing the spotlight with Lin, and the duo’s clashing styles on the court, allowed the unthinkable to occur. While negotiations were ongoing in 2012, Anthony remarked: “It’s up to the organization ...
Anthony Davis, Omer Asik. One *** of a defensive frontcourt. With Holiday at the point, 2015 New Orleans might be interesting to watch.
Rockets send center Omer Asik and $1.5M to the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for 2015 first-round pick.
How do you feel about the New Orleans Pelicans' trade for center Omer Asik? - The Times
The Rockets are trading center Omer Asik to clear salary-cap room to chase LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony.
Huge NBA trade between the Knicks and the Mavericks. Dallas gets: C Tyson Chandler G Raymond Felton Knicks get: G Jose Calderon C Shane Dalembert G Shane Larkin G Wayne Ellington 2nd Round Draft Pick (34th pick) 2nd Round Draft Pick (51st pick) This leaves Dallas with still enough cap space to add a max contract player, which may signal an effort to sign Carmelo Anthony, and adding a favorite teammate of Anthony's in Chandler is certainly an attempt to persuade him to come the Mavs. Also, the Houston Rockets and New Orleans Pelicans have made a salary dump move, the deal includes: Pelicans get: C Omer Asik $1.5 million Rockets get: 2015 First Round Draft Pick (protected) This move is part of the Rocket's plan to clear cap space for a max deal, trying to acquire Carmelo Anthony or even Lebron James if he does not resign with the Heat. Reports are that Anthony will meet with the Rockets, Mavericks, and Bulls in the coming days. Who do you think got better with these deals? And do you think these move ...
Jrue Holiday, Eric Gordan, Tyreke Evans, Anthony Davis and Omer Asik.playoff team?”did you look at the bench ?
"Omer Asik will win the NBA Defensive Player of the Year next season."
[SB Nation: The Dream Shake] - Rockets have Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik trades lined up, repor
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