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Omar Mateen

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Do you stand for: abdul razak ali artan. Omar Mateen . Rizwan Farook. Tashfeen Malik They are muslims and you stand…
Recordings of Orlando nightclub gunman Omar Mateen are released by police
Omar Mateen, killed 49 people wounded 53 in a terrorist attack/hate crime @ Pulse,a *** nightclub in Orlando, turned on ***
Maybe we can look at fully westernized assimilated progressive democrat-voting grown-in-America muslim Omar Mateen.
I've just done a reverse whois on Omar Mateen (FBI haven't bothered apparently) anyone want to pay $49 and launch as the n…
Did they report on Omar Mateen's father at HRCs rally? Just wondering.
Orlando Shooting Hoax | Crisis Cast | Omar Mateen an Actor? ODD TV Reupload: A couple more things about the Fake O
reputation crumbles w/ email BS 2B fair,FBI is puppet of DOJ,learned that from DavidLillehaug
If you support HRC and are LGBTQ, you support Omar Mateen wannabes and kill ur own ppl.
Seddique Mateen, father of Omar Mateen who killed 49 in nightclub, spotted at rally. https:…
Why does Obama use Omar Mateen (Orlando shooter) as a stereotype for all gun owners, and not a depiction of what all M…
I liked a video Orlando *** club shooting: What we know about Omar Mateen - BBC News
10 Islamic Countries have Death Penalty for being *** . Mateen https…
. Omar Mateen? That's what happens when you normalize terrorists, make them citizens - Rights.
yeah yeah George Zimmerman & Omar Mateen are bad or whatever but poked at my fragile ego which is worse!
2. This is the transcript of Omar Mateen's calls to a police negotiator during hrs he was hunkered down in the Pulse night…
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The narrative falls apart: Evidence that Omar Mateen was in the closet undermines GOP…
reputation crumbles with email fumble: Glenn Reynolds
...but it's quite ok that the father of Orlando killer sat in audience at her Kissimmee rally. https:…
funny, when Omar Mateen shot up a *** club in Orlando due to his raging hate for *** people, homophobia wasn't such…
I think Omar Mateen is a prime example of that, he was just latching onto something. But there is a spectrum of cases.
You brought Omar Mateen's dad to your rally.
Not the International one Angela Davis talked about Which Omar Mateen worked for after anti-Black speeches.
People making jokes about reporting terrorism. . Sums up why people like Syed Farook and Omar Mateen are successful. .
I respect you saying that... but know that I was disappointed to see Omar Mateen's father allowed to be present at…
This is Omar Mateen's father at the state department before the attack. He likes HRC's national security policies..…
Orlando shooter Omar Mateen not first G4S employee to go on deadly rampage
Let her into the country, and her US-born children will likely become terrorists like Omar Mateen or Nidal Hasan.
I know Mark Cuban and Gennifer Flowers will have front row seats to the debate, but I wonder which row Omar Mateen's fathe…
A Florida man was arrested Wednesday in connection with a reported arson at a Fort Pierce mosque where Orlando gunman Omar Mateen
Perhaps she is scuba diving with Omar Mateen's wife...
domain names
.I would draw no more conclusion of David Duke's expression of support than that of Omar Mateen's father at a Cli…
Omar Mateen killed 50 in the name of ISlS. His father is a big Hiliary supporter. His wife disappeared. h…
Whenever a house of worship is desecrated, it results in a ripple effect of fear in the community -
CAIR: "We cannot tie mosque attacks to Omar Mateen.Islamaphobia really active in Florida."
A mosque attended by Orlando shooter Omar Mateen caught fire last night, three months after the https:/…
Mosque attended by Orlando gunman Omar Mateen destroyed in suspected arson attack.
Ruiz says this could be retaliation for Omar Mateen's shooting spree in Orlando
Have we questioned Omar Mateen's wife?. Oh, wait.
Hillary should have asked her biggest fan where his son's wife disappeared to while he was at her rally. Omar Mateen https…
LIVE: Press conference about fire at Fort Pierce mosque where Omar Mateen worshipped.
The first American to carry out a suicide in Moner Mohammad Abusalha, also occasionally worshiped...
Dallas trends now: Omar Mateen, mondaymotivation, NeverForget, CowboysNation and WWEBacklash.
Fire at mosque attended by Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen investigated
Wait; you told us Omar Mateen did NOT go to Mosque or practice Islam after he massacred *** at Pulse.
Isn't this the hotbed for recruitment? Fire at Orlando Jihadi Omar Mateen's Mosque ‘Intentional'
I'm surprised only that it took this long.
Fire erupted at a mosque attended by Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter. Authorities suspect arson.
Florida Mosque Where Omar Mateen Prayed Set Ablaze, Police Say. The Cops killed everyone who died. Get it right!
A fire broke out Monday at Florida mosque where the Pulse nightclub shooter, Omar Mateen, used to pray.
Arson suspected in fire at Florida mosque attended by Pulse shooter Omar Mateen. Hmm deplorable?
Surveillance video shows arson suspect setting mosque that Orlando gunman attended on fire.
Mosque of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen set on fire
Mosque of Omar Mateen was set on fire. Muslims ended up being arrested for the last 4 mosques that were burnt down
Surreal. Omar Mateen's father recording Hillary Clinton as she talks about the Orlando nightclub massacre.
Terror watch list criteria questioned - Sen. Ron Johnson wants to know why Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen was re... https:…
If Hillary has your back, look who has hers (hint, that's the father of Omar Mateen, Orlando Terrorist.)
The father of Omar Mateen is a big Hillary Clinton fan, Imagine my shock.
Michael Brown's mother is speaking at the DNC convention. I guess they couldn't find Omar Mateen's widow.
With the fear & loathing thats taken over the nation & this city in particular this article by Glen Greenwald...
It's always possible "attacks will occur even with superb law enforcement. This is the tradeoff we make for liberty" https:…
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As always, Pankaj Mishra is brilliant - on Omar Mateen
Omar Mateen trained by FBI as told by Howell (California *** Parade Shooter). Both were Patsis but Howell caught on and snitched.
2/3 WILL continue to get people like the Tsarnaevs, Omar Mateen, or the male San Bernardino shooter. The female WAS
Omar Mateen, the guy who shot up the pulse club was born in New York. It's not just the LGBT that ISIS wants dead.
Omar Mateen, mass murderer of 50 people in a *** nightclub.
Clinton is fine on the other hand if you are shot by someone who should be allowed to have a gun in the first place. Like Omar Mateen.
Omar Mateen & truck driver should prove u dont want *** off *** terrorists. I guess M. Atta was ***
This is what happens when Obama aren't held Accountable for their LAWLESSNESS . . htt…
Omar Mateen, a wasn't on the no-fly list. Ban all until you can find out what the *** is going on.
"Key lawmakers are demanding an explanation for the FBI’s decision to drop Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen...
My God. this is just so senseless, sad, terrifying. Just speachless. . ⚡ What drove Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter. ht…
DNC UPSET Omar Mateen's widow could not be located to Speak about police violence. The FBI has apparently lost her.
Orlando gunman Omar Mateen was regular customer at *** bar where he killed 49 people .
We have heard Omar Mateen's dad has left the United States. We are looking into it.
Someone ask where Noor Zahi Salman, wife of the Islamic terrorist Omar Mateen who executed 49 innocent people…
Omar Mateen murdered for hours while police waited. If Orlando PD could receive texts they could have responded
So is there a diff between how we describe Omar Mateen, Micah Johnson & Anders Breivik?
Omar Mateen is the 103rd terrorist interdicted on U.S. soil since Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the Caliphate than 2 yrs ago 😳
"Dear Trump: I reported Omar Mateen to the FBI in 2014, and I’m a Muslim"
Loretta Lynch is still looking for a motive with Omar Mateen,just like O.J. is still looking for the real killer. Insan…
Assault weapons didn't enable Omar Mateen. Obama's PC handcuffing of the FBI and law enforcement enabled him.
Orlando gunman Omar Mateen was involuntarily dismissed from a Florida Department of Corrections training program after discussing bringing
Florida Department of Corrections memo on Omar Mateen's termination:
Let it be known that the guy who reported Omar Mateen to the FBI was a Muslim, and a Pakistani-American:
An American muslim who called the FBI about Omar Mateen says Trump is wrong about community cooperation:
.Omar Mateen: "My name is I pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the ISLAMIC STATE.". Oh lookie there. Evil Muslim again.
DOJ reverses, acknowledges Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and ISIS
US to release partial transcripts of Florida club gunman Omar Mateen's calls
The youngster is seen shooting the assault rifle with her father on a gun range. It's the same weapon ISIS sympathizer Omar Mateen us...
The FBI was right not to arrest Omar Mateen before the shooting - The Washington Post this is james Madison's "line" h…
Omar Mateen was an American citizen who had easy access to guns, and I'm the fool? .
Wife of Omar Mateen 'no longer here,' not in area, Mateen's father says in Fort Pierce; deputies visit house
His intolerance, violent tendencies and guns made Omar Mateen a well-integrated member of Fort Pierce, I found there http…
Omar Mateen pledged to ISIS, made trips to the Middle East & hung out with suicide bombers. Clearly the rest of us are…
Fail. The warnings Obama admin had about Omar Mateen were far more "specific" than what President Bush had regarding 9/11.
President Obama saidtheres no evidence that Omar Mateen was directed by the Islamic State
Source: Omar Mateen and wife texted during Orlando rampage. Her defense attorney, President Barack Hussein Obama, had no comment.
NYT editorial blames GOP/America for anti *** bigotry of Omar Mateen. Literally no mention of radical Islam. htt…
President Obama has 1.1 million people on the Terror Watch List, but he took killer Omar Mateen off of it?🤔
. There's one person directly responsible for the massacre in Orlando, Omar Mateen. Can't you be loyal to your president?
Yes, I agree, Mr. President, Omar Mateen is a betrayal of the best that is in us
Omar Mateen's grudge with America wasn't our harsh language, Mr. President:
Omar Mateen was born in the USA in 1986 when Reagan was president. I'm not blaming Reagan.
Omar Mateen's father running for President of Afghanistan
Father of Omar Mateen had TV show, supports the Taliban  via
The FBI is currently investigating both Hillary Clinton and Omar Mateen. Why would we let her be president?
No, Senator, President Obama's not directly responsible for the Orlando shootings. Omar Mateen was.
We're not the ones blaming Christians for what Omar Mateen did.
Real Muslims are Christ followers - 'Real Muslims' will never accept the filthy ways of the West
Why haven't we heard the 911 tape from Omar Mateen pledging allegiance to
Tommy Mair and Omar Mateen are two sides of the same coin. Nationalism and Islamism are the enemy of humanity. Dark week
Grand jury to consider charges against wife of Orlando nightclub gunman, officials say.
Father of Omar Mateen visited State Dept, Congress in April via
"My father was a close friend to the uncle of Orlando mass-murderer, Omar Mateen". -on Afghan Diasporas. https:/…
Jensen Beach gun shop says it alerted an agency after Omar Mateen asked to buy body armor.
Jihadi Bride,of course she knew. FBI checking if Orlando shooter's wife knew attack plan but didn't warn police
Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was turned away bu gun shop owner before massacre -
Rep. Jim Clyburn notes his arrests as civil rights activist would bar him from buying gun, but being on watch list didn't…
New California law could keep guns away from people like Omar Mateen via
WATCH: Orlando gunman appears in award-winning film years before shooting massacre
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Video: Disciplinary school records of shooter Omar Mateen
.Why do you so badly want the Omar Mateen's of our nation to be able to attain assault rifles so easily & legally?
Gun owner named Omar Mateen acted. Now we the people are acting.
Omar Mateen Raged Against 'Filthy Ways of the West' - Breitbart via
Trump's Luck: Media finally discover a Muslim in America who did celebrate 9/11: Omar Mateen.
ISIS to Omar Mateen was nothing but his latest attempt to somehow survive the closet. Blind guides.
"We have to keep guns away from criminals & terrorists!". Omar Mateen was just "a security guard" a couple weeks ago.
Orlando killer Omar Mateen's body kept apart out of respect for '49 beautiful souls.'
Just pls remember this: the Islam of the vast majority of Muslim Americans is the Islam of Muhammad Ali not the 'Islam' of…
Just like Omar Mateen used your guns. So glad this *** won't be POTUS.
Omar Mateen murdered dozens over ideals the espoused & they made his gun purchase possible.
Mass shootings are only a fraction of this country’s gun violence epidemic.
Tiara Parker looked shooter Omar Mateen in the eyes. She survived. Her story:
Omar Mateen 'was turned away by gun store weeks before his attack'.
Cruz just said that Omar Mateen's two visits to Mecca were a red flag. . yeah what kind of Muslim goes to Mecca
Had Omar Mateen graduated the police academy, he would have been allowed to kill socially disadvantaged people with no…
Omar Mateen carried out the in the name of Islam. 50 people died because of the SAD! 😭😭
Grand jury now investigating Orlando mass shooting, feds say
CIA has not found any link between Orlando killer and Isis, says agency chief — reports
American citizens have committed 80 percent of terrorist attacks in the US since 9/11.
Out of respect for the victims, Orange County medical examiner says Omar Mateen's body is being stored separately.
The DHS was investigating the mosque attended by Omar Mateen, but Clinton and her cronies blocked the probe.
Omar Mateen's body is being stored separately from the 49 victims of his rampage, according to the medical examiner. htt…
Disney World ALERTED FBI to Omar Mateen and wife in April, law enforcement says: So if you see something, say...
Anderson Cooper is being hailed by the left for equating Christians who opposed *** marriage with Omar Mateen.
Omar Mateen was as connected to ISIS as John Hinckley, Jr was to Jodie Foster. A psychopathic fanboy gone awry.
Omar Mateen, the Orlando gunman, might have been *** and frequented Pulse, the club where the shooting occurred, …
In Venezuela they're claiming Omar Mateen lived on the island of Margarita for 3 years... Also known to harbor terrorists under Chavez.
At this point it sounds to me like Omar Mateen's connection to ISIS is like John Hinckley, Jr.'s connection to Jodie Foster.
Pulse patrons say Omar Mateen hung out at the club "for years"
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I'm disturbed by an editorial in today's NYT equating Omar Mateen to Gavrilo Princip. Fear bait at its finest, everyone.
Omar Mateen wasn’t insane. He was a hate-filled American citizen, with NRA-blessed access to all the guns he wanted https:…
Omar Mateen was brainwashed by Orlando Mosque Imam to kill homosexuals.
The man who killed all those innocent people at the bar in Orlando, Omar Mateen's father met with Charlie Rangle...
What? Omar Mateen was born in New York and was hired by a corporation that supplies guards to nuclear power plants.
Did help Omar Mateen get a job at Florida Dept of Corrections in 2006?
.Omar Mateen worked for Jeb Bush’s Florida Dept of Corrections while George was POTUS.
BREAKING: Orlando nightclub shooter identified as Omar Mateen of St. Lucie County, Florida:
compares Omar Mateen to Gavrilo Princip. "Mateen has set a spark to a time of inflammable anger."
Orlando shootings: How the attack unfolded: The attack by Omar Mateen on a *** club early on Sunday was the d...
Some media folks are trying desperately to find that ISIS link, meanwhile Omar Mateen's ideology is homegrown
Inspector Clouseau nailed this one. Omar Mateen: From Early Promise to F.B.I. Surveillance
Omar Mateen is the poster boy for the NRA and Republican Party
Neighbors of Muslim savage terrorist Omar Mateen on local news saying they saw this coming and that his parents are liars…
Orlando gunman Omar Mateen was violent, prejudiced, but not especially gun was legal, was a guard at juvenile hall
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Law enforcement outside home on Sw Bayshore Blvd where suspected club gunman Omar Mateen may have lived
Boxes of evidence have been removed from home at 519 SW Bayshore Blvd in Home is connected to Omar Mateen.
Investigators now searching a car at another home on Bayshore Blvd in possibly connected to Omar Mateen
Omar Mateen, immediately, is a terrorist. Dylan Roof? Let's wait for all of the facts to come out, says the media and th…
So mass murderer Omar Mateen is a registered Democrat. Now there's an inconvenient truth
Going past the house where Omar Mateen's parents live on Bayshore Blvd. in Port Saint Lucie, FL.
Crowds gathered, police waiting outside home on Bayshore Blvd. Possible residence of family of Omar Mateen https:/…
St. Lucie County Sheriffs Office bomb squad at the residence of Orlando shooting suspect Omar Mateen in Fort Pierce
Two sources briefed tell that suspect Omar Mateen pledged allegiance to the Islamic state in a 911 call be…
Remember, the ppl telling us to hate all Muslims b/c of Omar Mateen are the ones fighting for Mateen to have easy access…
Muslim who murdered 20 in Florida *** nightclub identified as Omar Mateen, a US citizen
DAWN -- July 18, 2014 IHC directed the federal government to officially take up the matter of the petitioner’s missing son Omar Mateen with the government of Dubai, UAE. while hearing a petition of Qurban Raja, a retired deputy commissioner Income Tax, who moved the court through his counsel Barrister Afzal Hussain.
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