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Omar Infante

Omar Rafael Infante [in-FAHN-tay] (born December 26, 1981 in Puerto la Cruz, Anzoátegui, Venezuela) is a Major League Baseball second baseman who is currently on the Miami Marlins.

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Noah Syndergaard has the same amount of RBI (4) as:. Chase Headley, Omar Infante, Derek Norris, Billy Butler, Michael Taylor, Cameron Rupp.
Omar Infante and Placido Polanco were huge pains in the ***
who makes more, Sidney Crosby or Oliver Bjorkstrand? Albert Pujols or Omar Infante? Tom Brady or Matt Schaub?
It's Split-Squad Wednesday in Surprise. Omar Infante will DH. Yordano Ventura will toe the rubber in a home game.
This must be like that time Omar Infante was voted in to the All-Star Game.
This has Omar Infante's name all over it
Just picked up Omar Infante. Thought a fan should know.
President of the United States: Appoint Omar Infante as the new Supreme Court Justice - Sign the Peti... via
I'm worried Royals fans will put Omar Infante in for old times sake.
Watch fans vote Omar Infante onto the Supreme Court.
Day 2: Omar Infante is still our fearless leader (and handsome)
Omar infante is our fearless leader
>> Here's what an Omar Infante rebound season might look like
Putting some numbers to the Omar Infante rebound narrative. Hint: they're acceptable.
Sometimes a baseball club just need sto go out and sign an Omar Infante. Y'know. Make a splash that'll win you a WS.
Just once, I want Chip or DOB to drop a Kent Mercker or Omar Infante comp. That's infinitely more likely, & need those types to win a WS too
Remember Omar Infante used to bat 2nd. Woof.
Omar Infante has currently scored as many touchdowns as both quarterbacks combined.
Can we vote Omar Infante for the Super Bowl MVP?
If there was a WAR for receivers, I bet he's the Omar Infante
didn't you see, though? It was finally proven that Omar Infante was better than both anyway...
OF Cameron Maybin (will wear number 4. Last worn by INF Omar Infante in 2013.
Like, Omar Infante is 2 for his last 163.
Brendan Ryan was a better hitter than Omar Infante last year.
the Sox would drop Avisail first and just try to minimize LaRoche. LaRoche isn't on an Omar Infante deal.
It goes to the bot/server that kept voting for Omar Infante for the All-Star Game.
Leake signing reminds me of Omar Infante in KC... STEADY...LEAGUE AVERAGE...PAY FOR DURABILITY AND CONSISTENCY...what a joke!
I could be wrong but I'm not sure I've ever seen Omar Infante hit the ball this hard. Can she play second base?
If he's 2008-2010 Omar Infante with more speed (instead of nine steals, you are looking at 100 or so), that's good dude.
Omar Infante with a bit more speed, Reds got suckered
ICYMI, Friday Notes looks into Dillon Gee, Omar Infante and more.
This is basically the great Omar Infante, Potential MLB All-Star scandal of 2015 but with ice and fewer front teeth
Not to mention also replacing your second-best player with Omar Infante, and your best pitcher with someone TBD.
then you remembered we have Omar Infante
Calling it now. Omar Infante will be the 2015 MVP.
I'll take first 2.5 years of contract. But I'd also pay for an old Alex Gordon rather than an old Omar Infante.
Omar Infante shows how well his rehab is going: Royals second baseman Omar Infante posted videos on his Instagram…
second baseman Omar Infante posts video of his workout:
Omar infante because we have to pay him regardless
If fans wanted to...they would vote Omar Infante into the White House
Report: Royals 'open to moving' 2B Infante, but can they?
please tell me Omar Infante loves golf
Most of the Royals at-bats from the 8-hole came from Omar Infante and Alex Rios. Gordon hitting 8th is because KC didn't bat lefties b2b.
Serious question: would Raul Mondesi by every bit as good/productive as the every day second baseman this year as Omar Infante?
If Royals fans could vote for the Hall of Fame, Omar Infante would be in this year, no doubt
The then lost to the Broncos 4 days later, the same night that Omar Infante had 7 RBIs against the Indians.
Saw a hypothetical bad contact swap of Omar Infante for Matt Garza. I could totally get behind that. Hey relay that idea to Dayton!
I like this move, but not as much as when we brought back Omar Infante. No more Rajai, but that isn't a huge loss.
Didn't click, but presume this is a story about KC 2B Omar Infante.
I'm know can dance, and I bet Omar Infante is a dancer. Have no idea who can sing, though.
Can't wait until they put Alex Rios and Omar Infante into the HOF. Legends.
free 2 day shipping w/ Prime on any order of Omar Infante. Order now and get Christian Colon for half off!
.Hi yes the Royals will take Jose Fernandez off your hands at the cost of one Omar Infante. Will pay for shipping as well.
lol at not having Omar Infante on there.
If Harold Reynolds had a vote for AL MVP he'd choose Omar Infante
67 with a three-putt bogey on the final hole, wh: DETROIT -- Omar Infante put on a power display that was more...
Donald Trump = Omar Infante. Voted in by crazy fandom over more deserving candidates. Rubio = Altuve
we call that the Omar Infante lesson
They traded Turner for half a year of Sanchez and 1.5 years of Infante. Peralta got suspended, not Omar.
I ain't mad at it...huge Omar Infante fan
Congrats to the KC Royals! Yay, this means Kris Medlen, Johnny Gomes, Ned Yost and Omar Infante get WS rings!! ⚾️
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Colon has surpassed Alex Rios and Omar Infante as the greatest postseason player of all time 🐐
Congrats to former Braves Kris Medlen, Omar Infante, and Jonny Gomes on advancing to the
So I'm watching Jonny Gomes and Kris Medlen and Omar Infante beat Evan Gattis with John Smoltz and AJ Pierzynski on the call. . Go Braves.
Jonny Gomes, in 83 games, has more walks than Alcides Escobar (120 games), Omar Infante (117), and Salvador Perez (113).
True, Brian. Houston does have their share of vets, I don't know if they stack up to Big Game James and Omar Infante though.
Drew Butera out on a sacrifice bunt, catcher Ryan Hanigan to second baseman Josh Rutledge. Alex Rios to 3rd. Omar Infante to 2nd.
31 consecutive at bats without a hit is the Ned era record. Currently held by Omar Infante and Elliot Johnson
Omar Infante is pretty much Elliot Johnson right now.
Omar Infante (back spasms) is questionable for Friday's game vs Boston.
If being due is real, Omar Infante is due to hit 1.000 for the rest of the year.
Mrs sportsbeard calls Rios the "new infante" since omar is out... Rios hits a single.
Ned says Omar Infante's back is better and could play if needed. "But no reason to push it right now," Yost said.
yeah we could have omar infante LMAO
Omar Infante (back spasms) is questionable for Thursday's game vs Boston.
Omar Infante wearing last years 4th of July arm sleeve
Omar Infante might not see the field again this year if Zobrist keeps this up.
Rizzo reaches twice on errors both by Omar this unusual? Can't handle Rizzo. Let's Go Cubbies!
We can rule out Omar Infante and Alex Rios as suspects.
For comparison to what Zobrist is doing right now, Omar Infante has reached base safely 18 times in his last 28 games
Ben Zobrist's hot streak has made Omar Infante's back tremble.
The real MVP tonight is Omar Infante's back spasms.
Infante feeling better, likely to return in Boston
They'd probably take Omar Infante too if the Royals threw in Zimmer or Almonte.
sad you can't here me talk trash on Omar infante?😂
The status of Omar Infante has been changed to AVAILABLE.
Ian Kinsler is the first Tiger with 5+ hits and 2+ RBI in a game since Omar Infante on 9/6/13.
Kinsler's 5-hit game the first for a player since Omar Infante on Sept. 6, 2013.
Omar Infante is 0-for-23 over his last 7 games. He now has a .232 OBP with 1 HR on the season. He was nearly voted in as an All Star
With a three-run lead and no one on base, Bruce Rondon hits Alex Rios and walks Omar Infante. Never change, Tiger Bullpen. Never change.
Misc: Alcides Escobar has 17 walks. Salvador Perez, Omar Infante and Alex Rios have 17 walks this year, combined.
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How is the MLB Franchise Four not George Brett, Steve Busby, Billy Butler and Omar Infante?!
Mike Blowers doing amazing verbal gymnastics to not say Omar Infante is a laughable ASG choice, mad props.
Dodgers pitcher Brett Anderson has drawn more walks (5) than Salvador Perez (4) Omar Infante (3) and Alex Rios (2) this season
Omar Infante: “I know I don’t have the numbers, but I don’t have control of that. The fans voted for me. I appreciate t…
and altuve is in pursuit of Omar infante.there's a lot of problems with this all star game voting.
Omar Infante is 15 for his last 38 (.395).
*** that was something special when Omar Infante hit a double in the 7th inning and after you scored you waived in Rios Wow😃💙💙
If we're fans of the National League, shouldn't we be voting for Omar Infante for as much as possible?
Omar Infante's offensive production rivals that of . Madison Bumgarner. .243 wOBA vs. 239 wOBA this year
and yet trails a less than mediocre Omar Infante in All Star voting. And we wonder why ratings for that game are down
Hunter Strickland coming into the game. He gave up a homer to Omar Infante once.
If you are Omar Infante are you not embarrassed that you are the leading vote getter with a .236 AVG 0 HR and a .561 OPS...
this sounds like a fun game. So Sense8 is Chris Davis. What show is Bryce Harper? Mike Trout? Omar Infante?
The people sending in ballots should have made Eric Sogard the starting 2nd baseman instead of Omar Infante...
.is like 2010 Omar Infante, except actually deserving of the All-Star team. via
I think the 4 Royals that swing at the fewest first pitches are Gordon, Moustakas, Hosmer and Omar Infante. That's on BBRef anyways
OK, but you have to cast 35 votes for Omar Infante.
Has Omar Infante came out and made any statement about the voting? I think that from an integrity standpoint, that would help
I believe in Omar Infante man. I think he brings a lot of value to the Royals.
Yeah, you think Omar Infante *** but what if he was 9 years old and putting up these numbers? That would be pretty dang impressive!
I'd be more upset about this Pete Rose news if he'd voted 30+ times for Omar Infante for the ASG than this news he bet…
Of all AL players with enough ABs to qualify, Omar Infante has 2nd worst OBP and Salvador Perez has 11th worst OBP - poor all-star leaders
Omar Infante is is this possible...and why doesn't this bother anyone???
If I were entrusted with babysitting Omar Infante for two days I'd be in jail for child endangerment
i know. Because they tried bending the rules. I mean c'mon, omar infante at 2nd base?😂
That passage really spoke to me about the dangers of Omar Infante being an all star.
Omar Infante hitting .395 and has hit in every game except one since being taking first for 2b in the all-star voting
With Omar Infante's recent surge, Alex Rios now ranks as the worst offensive player. He's the second highest paid player.
exactly what I'd expect a Royals fan to say. Shouldn't u be stuffing the ballot boxes right now? Omar Infante is the best!!
In 10 games since taking lead in votes, Omar Infante is hitting .395. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Omar Infante Player of the Game WE vs. has now earned Box-Toppers points in 12 straight seasons—
Omar Infante has walked 3 times in 235 plate appearances.
For the sake of the game Omar Infante should give his starting spot up to Altuve or Kipnis. Won't happen, but would be a great story.
If Omar Infante is going to be in the All-Star Game, then Bartolo Colon should be in the Home Run Derby! http:/…
Recommendation by :Omar Infante has been far from bein...
Pssh, Omar Infante should hit cleanup in the All-Star Game.
Elias roughed up in 4th inning, Mariners fall to Royals 8-2: Mike Moustakas hit a two-run homer and Omar Infante…
TNT Mariners: Recap: Seattle vs. Kansas City: Omar Infante drove in three runs to lead the Kansas City Royals...
Mike Moustakas, Omar Infante help Royals beat up on Mariners in 8-2 win: This was the 42nd game in 44 days for...
Alex Rios and Omar Infante drive in back to back 2 out runs off King Felix. Baseball.
two prospects: Michael Smith & Stephen McGee; and somehow, Omar Infante is starting 2B for Carolina League .
Eric Hosmer over Miguel Cabrera, Omar Infante over Jose Altuve, Alex Gordon over Jose Bautista, and Kendrys Morales over Nelson Cruz = crazy
If All-Star voting ended today, Omar Infante and his .204 batting average would be starting second base.
Kansas City Royals fans are the biggest losers around, with too much free time. Omar Infante shouldn't even be on the All Star Game ballot.
I mean, Royals fans hate Omar Infante right now. But at this point it's all about spite. Kansas Citians take these things personal.
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Christian Colon has started just twice in the past month. In that same span, Omar Infante is hitting .174/.186/.224. Th…
Why yes I did trade Omar Infante to the Dodgers for Zack Greinke how did you know
chn, 4, Anthony Rizzo grounds out, second baseman Omar Infante to first baseman Kendrys Morales.
Omar Infante will have more at bats then Alex Gordon, Lorenzo Cain and Kendrys Morales today. Ned is such a moron
Omar Infante started off a big 6th inning for the with this RBI triple:
Better at hitting curveballs: Omar Infante or Pedro Cerrano?
Just about the entire Royals lineup is crushing except for Alex Gordon and the who-cares Omar Infante. As a Gordon owner, depressing.
If I read Lee Judge's article yesterday correctly, because Omar Infante is 2-20 since Apr 1, he should be benched, right?
I'll never be confused for a big Infante fan, but loved the hustle right there! Hard one-hopper to third is bobbled and Omar beats it out.
I couldn't be more over Omar if I wanted to be. InFANTe? More like InCANTe, am I rite?
Paulo Orlando tripled to center. Runner on third with none out and Omar Infante due up.
Omar Infante has his first hit of the season. The Royals have something cooking here in the third. Expect Escobar to bunt.
And Paulo Orlando has now been on base more times this season than Omar Infante
And I see Omar Infante. I still like him too. But not more than Ian. Kinsler.
They are reviewing if Omar Infante caught a ball that led to a double play either way.
Volquez threw Abreu a fastball in a fastball count and the pitch got smoked; right at Omar Infante. Inning-ending DP.
Score that L4-6-3. Omar Infante slipped but still grabbed Jose Abreu's line drive, flipped to the bag and throw to 1st doubled off Cabrera.
Paulo Orlando gets a hit before Omar Infante. That's not a question. I'm telling you.
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As great of a start as the Royals have had, Omar Infante is on his last legs. If I'm Ned Yost I'd take a hard look at Christian Colon at 2nd
Chase Utley is more washed up than omar infante at this point, its 2015 newb. Do you even watch baseball
I still believe in Omar Infante. I mean he exists. Alternate theory - we are all characters in a Zack Greinke fever dream.
I have no faith in Omar Infante as a batter
Hey many runners does Ofer Infinity. .uh i mean omar infante plan on stranding this year?
Starting a list of people who have as many hits as Omar Infante so far this season. I'll start: Me.
Omar Infante already has made the final out of an inning 7 times so far. Going to be a long year for him.
In 15 total innings so far this year Omar Infante has made the last out in 7 of them. Wow.
Omar Infante and his contract are more or less the baseball equivalent of Brad Stuart. That's probably not hyperbolic either.
Omar Infante is now the club donkey...
Folks, this is stupid. Omar Infante is more concerned about his WAR than his RBI's. A player that cares about RBI's gets it done there.
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N0mar Infante right now. Let's step up Omar! More O's than a bowl of Cheerios on that stat line
Omar Infante is a really good hitter with 2 outs if you need to go *** and want to avoid the between inning lines
It may be true that pitchers don't have to hit in the AL, but unfortunately Omar Infante still does.
Omar Infante: reminding Dayton Moore every day that not everything he touches turns to gold
Omar Infante's made the final out of an inning seven times already?
My faith in Omar Infante is, uh, low
Wind almost got Avi Garcia there. That ball blew back on him. But two outs, runners on corners for Omar Infante.
there's 2 royals I haven't had faith in at the plate in a long time: Alex Gordon, and Omar Infante.
When are we allowed to start complaining about Omar Infante?
Royals fans watching Infante hit right now... C'mon, Omar!
Through the first game and a half of the season Omar Infante has stranded 6 runners on base
Seriously. Omar Infante is signed through 2017 and will make at least $32 million from the He makes $10m in 2017
Omar infante makes me yearn for Chris Getz.
I got it!!! Omar Infante is the new Chris Getz
Eight had hits on Monday. Seven have hits tonight. Omar Infante is part of neither group.
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Omar Infante strands two. He is 0-for-7 to start the season. Might be a decent time to give Christian Colon some ABs to…
Deciding between an Omar Infante or Kelvin Herrera Royals jersey is stressing me out too much
White Sox end Royals' unbeaten streak in spring training; Omar Infante to be designated hitter
Tim Collins of Kansas City Royals has ligament damage; Omar Infante to get MRI exam: . Royals reliever Tim Coll...
Omar Infante made available by Royals: According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Royals are making second ...
According to FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal, the Royals have Omar Infante available for trade.
Alcides Escobar doubles with 2 outs to drive in Omar Infante. Royals have their first lead o
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On the international broadcast, Rick Sutcliffe explaining how much time Omar Infante had to throw home to get Blanco instead of first base.
Quintin Berry and Brayan Villarreal won a ring, in 2013, Gerald Laird in 2011, and now possibly Omar Infante this year
It would be great to see a former Atlanta Brave, Omar Infante win a World Series with the KC Royals.
The Kansas City Royals evened up the World Series on Wednesday night, defeating the San Francisco Giants 7-2. Yordano Ventura delivered 5⅓ innings of solid ball, and Omar Infante clubbed a home run and a double to fuel the win.
Billy Butler hit a tiebreaking single in a five-run sixth inning, Salvador Perez and Omar Infante drove in two runs each with big hits and the Kansas City Royals opened a 7-2 lead over San Francisco after six innings.
How about those Atlanta Brave rejects Omar Infante and Gregor Blanco!
In fact, no one on Royals' 40-man roster has a World Series ring. (Only Raul Ibanez, Omar Infante, and James Shields have WS…
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This time it was Kevin Jepsen, who promptly walked the leadoff batter, Omar Infante. An Alcides Escobar single ...
Luke Gregerson escapes! He strikes out Salvador Perez and Omar Infante to get out of 8th-inning jam. A’s lead heading int…
Onto the ninth after Luke Gregerson makes Salvador Perez and Omar Infante look like Salvador Dali and Omar Sharif. A's 7, Royals 6.
Also: Johnny Giavotella is 5-9 with a HR against Scherzer, and Omar Infante is clearly still nursing a sore shoulder.
Ned probably thinks Omar Infante with a nonfunctional shoulder and nonfunctional bat is a better defender than Johnny Giavotella
Omar Infante is having the kind of year that Royal's management fears Johnny Giavotella would have were he to play full time.
Dear announcers, never compare Omar Infante to Ozzie Smith or Omar Vizquel.
Nick Castellanos is my new Tiger simply because Omar Infante is no longer in Detroit.
Lorenzo Cain stole second. Runner on second with none out and Omar Infante at the plate.
Sal Perez is 3 for 20 over this homestand, Omar Infante is 5 for 23. Any questions?
Omar Infante just swung at ball 4 twice and Sal Perez just swung at the first pitch. So yes, Rex, the do lack plate discipline.
Omar Infante's BABIP is twenty points lower than his career average. Could be some regression due there. Sal Perez twenty below as well.
3 Royals grand slams this year, by Alcides Escobar, Omar Infante and Nori Aoki. Just as we expected
The 3 grand slams from the this year are from Alcides Escobar, Omar Infante, and Nori Aoki.
Billy Butler one-out, three-run Home Run (6) to center scored Omar Infante and Salvador Perez. Alex Gordon due up.
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Detroit's lineup used to be filled with Yankee killers..Ramon Santiago..Delmon Young...Austin Jackson.. Omar Infante & Peralta .. now..??
Omar Infante doubled to left scoring Alcides Escobar and Norichika Aoki with one out. Runner on second and Salvador Perez due up.
And why Cabrera? Why not Omar Infante, or Martin Prado, or Ben Zobrist?
That's Omar Infante, the Royals 2B, not Omar Vizquel, the Tigers 1B coach. In case you get confused over Omars.
Royals get first walk-off win of season in 5-4 triumph over Angels: KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Omar Infante...
Here's Omar Infante on his way to first after the hit! A grand slam on Friday and the series-winner today!
How is Alcides Escobar still batting 9th with Omar Infante, Danny Valencia, and Justin Maxwell in the lineup?
Would it be wise to drop Matt Cain from my team to pick up a much needed bat such as Omar Infante, James Jones, or Mike Moustakas?
Guthrie, Royals win 10th straight, edge Tigers 2-1 DETROIT (AP) — Alex Gordon’s grounder up the middle looked like a routine out — until it hit second base and took a wacky bounce, allowing the game’s first run to score. With breaks like that, it’s no wonder the Kansas City Royals have won 10 in a row. Omar Infante added a solo homer and Jeremy Guthrie pitched impressively into the seventh inning, helping the Royals extend their longest winning streak in 20 years with a 2-1 victory over the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday. Kansas City has outpitched, outhit and outfielded the Tigers in taking the first three games of this series — so the Royals have no reason to apologize for a little luck along the way. “Baseball’s a funny game — you’ve got to take full advantage of those,” Kansas City’s Eric Hosmer said. “We’re not complaining about it either.” The AL Central-leading Royals have not won this many games in a row since a run of 14 in 1994. They extended their division lead over t ...
The hottest teams in baseball are from Missouri ... Kansas City Royals beat Detroit Tigers 11-8 to pull within half-game DETROIT (AP) — Omar Infante showed the Detroit Tigers what they're missing. Infante hit a three-run homer in the sixth inning and had an RBI single in a four-run fifth against former teammate Justin Verlander, helping the Kansas City Royals beat the Tigers 11-8 Monday night. Infante became expendable in Detroit last November when the franchise traded first baseman Prince Fielder to Texas for second baseman Ian Kinsler. The next month, Infante signed a $30.25 million, four-year contract with the Royals, and their manager is glad he did. "I didn't really think much about Omar last year with the lineup that they had," Royals skipper Ned Yost acknowledged. "I would try to pitch around this guy and pitch around this guy to get to Omar, and Omar constantly just beat our brains in offensively. At about the midway point, I started realizing how really good he was." With 90-plus games left thi ...
Despite Paul Konerko's HR to avoid a shutout, it was all Royals. HRs by Mike Moustakas (solo) and Billy Butler (2-run), as well as RBIs by Butler, Moustakas, Lorenzo Cain, Omar Infante, and Eric Hosmer helps the Royals beat the White Sox 9-1. White Sox are 33-36.
Guthrie snaps winless streak in Royals’ 7-2 win CHICAGO (AP) — Lorenzo Cain had a two-run double to highlight a five-run first inning, Jeremy Guthrie pitched into the sixth inning and the Kansas City Royals extended their winning streak to five games with a 7-2 victory over the Chicago White Sox on Friday night. Guthrie (3-6) allowed two runs and six hits in 5 2/3 innings to snap an 11-game winless streak. Guthrie’s last win was on April 9, against Tampa Bay. Kansas City's Eric Hosmer and Billy Butler each had two RBIs, including a run-scoring single in the first inning. Jose Quintana (3-7) never recovered from the slow start, allowing six runs and eight hits in six innings. Jose Abreu went 1 for 4 with an RBI for the White Sox. The Royals staked Guthrie to a five-run lead before he took the mound. The first four batters — Nori Aoki, Omar Infante, Hosmer and Butler — all singled to make it 2-0 and fifth-place hitter Alex Gordon followed with a double to right field to make it 3-0. After Quintana ...
Anyone that knows me well, knows I'm a die hard tiger fan. But let's be honest here. We only won the worst division in baseball by one game last year, then to top it off we lose Omar Infante, Joaquin Benoit, Jhonny Peralta, and Prince Fielder (disregard the playoffs) who ALL had near all-star type seasons last year. We in return fill that with Kinsler (good player), Sloppy Joe, and minor leaguers. Unless they pull off something drastic, this is our Detroit Tigers :-(
Pretty good autographing weekend for me. I got Justin Maxwell, Mike Moustakas, and Omar Infante at Werner Park.
Breaking Sports News: The Kansas City Royals now have doubled their home run output for the season -- Omar Infante hit one out in Houston, giving KC two home runs in 12 games.
Omar Infante with a solo homer giving the Kansas City Royals a 1-0 lead over the Houston Astros. 1st inning.
Omar Infante hits a home run to deep left field, and your Kansas City Royals lead the Houston Astros 1-0 at the top of 1st inning. LETS GO ROYALS, the 2nd one of the year
Astros face off against another interesting pitcher tonight. Kansas City Royal youngster Yordano Ventura (DOB 6/3/91 thats right 22 years old) will be throwing heat in the triple digits and as long as he has control keeping his pitch somewhere near the 77002 zip code he should be striking out the Astros. Ventura might have the fastest pitch out of starting MLB pitchers. He has been clocked throwing strikes near 103 MPH. Astros will start Lucas Harrell who for fantasy fans has the lowest cost out of any starting pitcher today due in part because he is not expected to pitch many innings, pitch many strike outs, keep Royals from scoring or win. Vegas has the Astros as another huge underdog but I'm taking them today. Harrell is going to be recording outs by ground balls and the Astros are going to get enough hits late in the game to win. So what Harrell allowed a lot of runs in Toronto. The Blue Jays are legit. Harrell will be ok against Kansas City but he probably should avoid Omar Infante. If Infa ...
The Kansas City Royals find themselves struggling to score runs, and this poor run production is costing them games. The team is tied for twenty-eighth in the league in runs scored, despite a middle of the pact average.Kansas City has scored just 28 runs in their nine games. They have just one homerun, and 15 extra-base hits, both of which rank dead last in baseball.It is interesting that it is not the lack of hitting that is the problem. Catcher Salvador Perez is fifth in the American League with a .393 average. Second baseman Omar Infante is tenth at .346, and Norichika Aoki is also above .300; .303 in fact. Only three Royals players are struggling out of the gate, although they are all really struggling. 3B Mike Moustakas is just 3-30, and SS Alcides Escobar is hitting just .167 and DH Billy Butler is at .194. However, they are the exception, and not the rule.While the hitting has looked good for the most part, the issue has become their lack of clutch hitting. The Royals are hitting just .227 as a tea ...
After losing out on the final spot in the Kansas City Royals rotation to Yordano Ventura, Danny Duffy was sent down to Omaha to stay ready in case he was needed. At the time, it was expected that Duffy would come up either when one of the starters was injured, or to provide a boost to the rotation in the second half. If Duffy was able to start pitching deeper into games, then that would be a bonus. Feb 24, 2014; Surprise, AZ, USA; Kansas City Royals pitcher Danny Duffy poses for a portrait during photo day at Surprise Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports That plan lasted for exactly one minor league start. Duffy was brought up before yesterday’s game to be a part of the Royals bullpen, serving as the only left handed reliever option at this point. The promotion of Duffy once again gives the Royals a seven man bullpen, as Johnny Giavotella was sent back to Omaha with Omar Infante being ready for game action. The timing of the move is curious. Tim Collins and Francisley Bueno were b ...
Royals' Infante hit in face by pitch from Bell - KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Omar Infante of the Kansas City Royal...
Royals' Infante Hit in Face by Pitch From Bell: Royals 2B Omar Infante hit in face by pitch...
Only five games left on today's schedule, and one -- San Diego at Cleveland -- is in weather jeopardy. So delay as long as you can before you start Corey Kluber, Jason Kipnis or Nick Swisher for the Tribe. SP-wise, it's slim pickings with a Coors Field game among those left on the docket (needless to say, totally avoid Felipe Paulino and Jordan Lyles). If Mike Moore's command issues are too risky for you (as they are for me), Jason Vargas and Scott Kazmir probably are the best of the bunch. John Lackey also could be in line for a W, facing Tanner Scheppers off his horrible debut start, and now at Fenway. You'll likely see many Rockies lineup stacks tonight. Beyond the obvious CarGo and Tulo, red-hot Charlie Blackmon, Michael Cuddyer and still-reasonably-priced Wilin Rosario and Nolan Arenado can work. And don't forget the White Sox, either. Adam Eaton and Jose Abreu leading the list. I also like Big Papi and hot Mike Napoli for the Sox; Salvador Perez and bargain-play Omar Infante for the Royals.
Elbow still pains the Royals' Omar Infante - Hilton Head Island Packet
And of course Omar Infante walks in a run, and now Eric Hosmer is up with the bases loaded.
Kansas City Royals make series of moves ahead of Monday's 2014 season opener KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Royals placed right-handers Louis Coleman and Luke Hochevar on the disabled list as part of a series of moves that set their roster for Monday's season opener in Detroit. The Royals also returned infielder Jason Donald to minor league camp, which means that second baseman Omar Infante appears ready to start the season, and released catcher Ramon Hernandez from his minor league contract following Saturday's exhibition game in Detroit. Earlier on Sunday, the Royals sold the rights to left-hander Everett Teaford to the LG Twins of the Korean Baseball Organization when it became clear he was not going to make the team. The moves leave Kansas City with 39 players on its 40-man roster, and that the club will open the season with 11 pitchers on the 25-man roster rather than the 12 that was anticipated. Coleman, who has a bone bruise and sprain on the middle finger of his right hand, is expected to be a key ...
Royals second baseman Omar Infante passed his final playing test in a Minor League game on Sat
By Marc Normandin In just about a month, it will be a new baseball season, and that means it's also time for new baseball lineups. We're here to help you get acquainted (or reacquainted) with the best of the best of those lineups, as time and a flurry of off-season moves has served to rearrange the batting orders we knew into something new, and more importantly, something we can rank. Let's look at the top six lineups in the game as of right this moment. Things can certainly change, should there be injuries, trades, or someone finally, mercifully signs free agents Stephen Drew or Kendrys Morales, but as of the time these words were written, these are the six lineups that should dominate MLB in 2014. 6. Detroit Tigers The Tigers lost Prince Fielder in a trade with the Rangers, and while that deal brought back Ian Kinsler, he's arguably no better at the plate than their previous second baseman, Omar Infante. Between that and losing shortstop Jhonny Peralta to free agency, the Tigers have slipped back in the ...
Surprise contender this season: The Kansas City Royals. Eric Hosmer, Alex Gordon, and Omar Infante provide a solid top part of any line-up.
Luis Castillo? Yanks bounced from Robby Cano, to Brandon Phillips, to Omar Infante, to Brian Roberts. Who was next on that list?
Free-agent second baseman Brian Roberts has reached an agreement on a one-year contract with the New York Yankees, a baseball source confirmed to The deal is worth $2 million and includes incentives, a source told Roberts, 36, has spent his entire 13-year career with the Baltimore Orioles. He is a two-time All-Star with a .349 career on-base percentage, 278 stolen bases and three seasons of 50 or more doubles. But he's been plagued by injuries and hasn't appeared in more than 77 games since 2009. In recent years, Roberts has missed significant amounts of time with concussions and injuries to his neck, back, knee, abdomen, hip and hamstring. He's appeared in 192 of a possible 648 games over the past four seasons The Yankees have been looking for a second baseman since Robinson Cano signed a $240 million contract with the Seattle Mariners in free agency. New York explored a trade for the Cincinnati Reds' Brandon Phillips and talked to free agent Omar Infante, who eventually signed ...
Omar Infante finally gives the a 2nd baseman that isn't below-replacement and allows them to move Gordon to the 3 hole.
POSITION PLAYERS: Losses Prince Fielder, Omar Infante, Matt Tuiasosopo, Jhonny Peralta, Ramon Santiago. The additions are Jose Iglesias, Rajai Davis, Ian Kinsler, Steve Lombardozzi and Nick Castellanos. Oh and Chris is happy Don Kelly is back. Now we actually had Jose part of last year but I have included him here in this group. There is a ton of offense missing with the losses. Prince of course had the terrible post season. However he was also my wife’s favorite player and after the trade she said “that is why I do not follow teams, you like someone and then they are gone.” However in the regular season he put up some pretty good numbers. He hit 25 home runs, had 106 RBI, scored 82 runs and hit for a .279 average. His on base percentage was .362. Infante meanwhile had 10 home runs, knocked in 51, scored 54 and hit for a.318 average. His on base percentage was .345. Peralta before his suspension hit 11 home runs, knocked in 55, and scored 50. He hit for an average of .305 and his on base percentage ...
Braves need to trade Richmond or Gwinnett for Omar Infante
Matt kemp for Brandon Phillips and Homer Bailey appears to be a go. Announcement coming later today. This could be a blockbuster trade to help both teams. Shoring up a center fielder getting protection for Votto and supposedly Arroyo is coming back. With the chances of adding Omar Infante at second. I don't like losing Phillips but getting Kemp is a ridiculous trade off as long as he stays healthy.
Reds have interest in Omar Infante, but need to move Brandon Phillips first
The New York Yankees rejected the Cincinnati Reds' trade offer of All-Star second baseman Brandon Phillips for outfielder Brett Gardner, a source told's Andrew Marchand, confirming multiple reports. The Yankees do not like Phillips' declining numbers at his current salary, the source said. With Phillips publicly unhappy with his contract (he is heading into the third year of a six-year, $72.5 million deal), there was a feeling he would want more money on top of the four years and $50 million remaining on the contract. A second source told, however, that Phillips did not demand more money because a deal was never presented to him. Meanwhile, officials said the Yankees still have interest in free-agent second baseman Omar Infante but that the price -- four years, $40 million -- is too steep. The Yankees have offered a three-year, $24 million contract to Infante, a source told ESPN's Buster Olney, confirming an earlier report by the New York Post. Following the recent addition ...
The Yankees rejecting a Brett Gardner for Brandon Phillips trade, and then offering Omar Infante big money is beyond mind-boggling. Phillips is better offensively AND defensively than Infante. When is Yankee management gonna get over the love affair with Gardner?
Just In: A trade for Reds 2B Brandon Phillips for Brett Gardner was just turned down. Keeping Gardner makes a deep outfield, and two slap hitters with speed. Be more creative to acquire Phillips or find a way to get Omar Infante.
Yankees have shown interest in RP Joaquin Benoit, SP Johan Santana [on a MI deal], infielders Mark Reynolds, Dustin Ackley, Danny Espinosa, Michael Young, Didi Gregorious, and Omar Infante. They are out on Nelson Cruz and Shin-Soo Choo. They are no active talks with the Reds for Brendan Phillips but Cincinnati is interested in Brett Gardner and my trade Homer Bailey this offseason. That said Cashman has repeatedly said he wants to keep Gardner.
Why are the Yankees interested in Johan Santana? Do they think they will get the Santana of old? Why are they wasting time with this. Go get Omar Infante and trade Gardner for bullpen help and be done. I don't know why we need starting pitching when they can give Michael Pineda, Vidal Nuno, Adam Warren and David Phelps a chance.
Pirates request medical records of Johan Santana. 7 other teams also interested. Omar Infante talking with Yankees n Royals. I think we all know who will sign him. Garza close to signing. Rumor has Diamondbacks as the team.
Jon Morosi: Royals and two other teams are actively talking with free agent Omar Infante
Major League Baseball & Nippon Professional Baseball have reached an agreement in principle for a new posting system that will govern how Japanese players who haven't reached free agency in their native country to play in the United States. Texas Rangers are said to be interested in free agent RHP Bartolo Colon. It is reported that the Rangers will offer Colon no more than a one year deal. Bartolo Colon, now 40 years old, went 18-6 with a 2.65 ERA in 30 starts with the Oakland Athletics in 2013. Kansas City Royals & New York Yankees are currently competing for free agent second baseman Omar Infante. The Yankees are currently looking for a replacement for Robinson Cano who signed a ten year deal with the Seattle Mariners worth $240 million dollars. Infante played 118 games in 2013 with the Detroit Tigers batting .318 with 10 home runs. New York Mets signed pitcher Jeremy Hefner to a one year deal. Hefner had Tommy John surgery in August, & will miss most of the 2014 season. Two-time All-Star LHP Mark Mulde ...
My wishlist for the Yankees are Omar Infante, Grant Balfour, Masahiro Tanaka and Homer Bailey.
SBNation Daily Dish: Dodgers not considering Omar Infante, for now anyway
"YANKEES GM BRIAN CASHMAN says, 'I've got work to do" After their own Freaky Friday of sorts,the Yankees wer back at work Saturday trying,as GM Brian Cashman put it, “2improve r club. "I’ve got work 2do,”Cashman added."I need a starter,bullpen,2ndbase.We’ve still got work.” Cashman & his brain trust r heading to the right place 2shop-baseball’s winter meetings begin Monday in Orlando.Though Friday saw Robinson Cano go 2Seattle & the Yanks add Hiroki Kuroda & Carlos Beltran,that whirlwind doesn’t preclude more action.Figure on hearing a lot about Omar Infante,a possible solution at second,& starting pitching over the next week. Brett Gardner figures 2b a potential trade chip now that the Yanks hav a crowded outfield & he’s reportedly garnered interest already from opposing clubs. "Anything can happen at any time,” said another baseball official with knowledge of the Yankees’ plans. The 2bits of public business the Yanks took care of Saturday wer 2 officially announce Hiroki Kuroda’s o ...
Well the Yankees just keep on spending that money that they have available. Last night they signed Carlos Beltran to a 3 year $45 million dollar deal! Take that Robinson Cano! If he did not wanna take that money that they were offering him than the Yankees will spend it on people that wanna come to the Bronx and be Yankees. I really do hope that they sign Omar Infante so that he can come in and play 2nd and move Kelly Johnson to play 3rd.
My Christmas wish list for the Orioles, sign SP Ubaldo Imenez, LF Shoo Shin Soo, and 2B Omar Infante. That would fill the holes of a SP, LF and Leadoff in one spot, and 2B. Find a closer from within the organization and these signings wouldn't break the bank. There Dan Duquette, you can send me a check for my consultant fees.
With Cano apparantly in Seattle.Omar Infante was seen with realtors in Greenwich Village
I want to hear some fresh news on Brandon Phillips, Carlos Beltran, Omar Infante, and Howie Kendrick. Oh yeah, and Tanaka.
Yes, the Yankees should sign Omar Infante. Remember Luis Vizcaino? Yes, the Yankees should sign Nate McClouth, remember Darryl Strawberry? Even though McClouth is not in the same class as the Straw Man, but a deadly lefty power bat off the bench is good to have.
OK. I am not a Yankees fan, but in fact a Yankees-hater. But, as for the Yankees, I like the McCann signing for the Yankees- hate it as a Braves fan. Looking beyond McCann, I really think they would be better off letting Robinson Cano go elsewhere and get overpaid by someone else. The Yankees would be better off spending Cano's money on 2 or 3 other players like Omar Infante to play 2B, resigning Granderson or signing Carlos Beltran for the outfield, bringing in a shortstop who could start if and when Jeter is unable to play, and signing Joe Nathan to replace Mariano as the closer. Paying Cano $25M+ a year- now do those contracts really work out well? Look at Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton just to name a few. Those contracts haven't really worked out all that well so far. A-Rod is now giving you what you could get from a $5M player for $25M, and that's if he's actually on the field.
The Yankees should sign Omar Infante and save the ludicrous Robinson Cano contract.
With Ian Kinsler traded and Robby Cano too pricey, Atlanta's second-base options may be only Placido Polanco, Omar Infante, or Mark Ellis.
In other news, see ya later, Omar Infante.
sweet .. I like his idea of 2nd base options as Omar Infante and Kendrys Morales
what about Kelly Johnson, Omar Infante or someone cheaper like Brian Roberts instead of Furcal?
Remember when the had Omar Infante and Martin Prado? Studs.
Why did the Braves ever trade Omar Infante. We got Dan Uggla for him. He is an overpaid bench warmer.
Erik Johnson & Anibal Sanchez is the mound matchup in CHW/DET 2day. magic number 2 thanks to Omar Infante.
Omar Infante, the guy the Braves traded for Dan Uggla, won the game for Detroit yesterday with last inning heroics. Meanwhile, Uggla struck out once again in the ninth inning of Atlanta's loss to the Cubs.
When the announce that Omar Infante is being reinstated from the DL, Nick Castellanos better join him on the trip north.
Honestly, when Omar Infante comes back from his rehab assignment, can he stuff Nick Castellanos in his luggage?
I would laugh if it is Gaby Sanchez or Omar Infante.
I bet 1 of the 3 unknowns to be suspended by is an ex player: Gaby Sanchez, Josh Johnson, Dan Uggla, Hanley, or Omar Infante
Tigers | Omar Infante still not ready for rehab
Omar Infante bruises his shin and is out for 3 weeks
Omar Infante said he's going to Cleveland. Not ready for rehab assignment.
Omar Infante said he's not going out on a rehab assignment yet. Did some pregame work on the field today.
Tigers minor leaguers: Omar Infante (1-for-3) makes Whitecaps debut in first rehab start
Omar Infante now running bases. Leyland said again this morning he's not ready for a rehab assignment.
It has now been 31 days since Omar Infante's day-to-day status turned into something significantly longer. Still no return in sight.
Just put Cabrera on the DL and pray the pitching holds up. Also, Omar infante is dead right?
No lineup posted yet. Miguel Cabrera will take BP at 11. Asked about Omar Infante, Leyland said: "Not ready."
Omar Infante. OMAR EN-FAHN-TAY. Best name. Next to Matt Tuiasosopo. Say that 5 times fast.
Omar Infante needs to hurry up & come back to the seriously! I've been without my Tiger long enough! I am SO ready for his return!
Lots of random stuff in that notebook. Miguel Cabrera. Omar Infante. Jim Leyland defending the Central. STORY:
Omar Infante taking ground balls at 2B during batting practice. Latest update on his status is that he's not yet ready for rehab assignment.
Jim Leyland said Omar Infante is "not ready" for rehabilitation assignment at this point.
News Alarm: Omar Infante (2B - Det) Omar Infante (ankle) plays catch on the field before Saturday\'s game. (
Omar Infante-2B: Omar Infante plays catch on the field today
Omar Infante plays catch on the field today while one very important little scout looks on.
Omar Infante running the bases as I type, with Kevin Rand, Javier Gillett watching intently. When asked earlier, Leyland said "Not ready."
Omar Infante said he feels good. Asked him of he's heading out to play on a rehab assignment. "No. Not yet."
Now Buck Martinez is telling us Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante went to the Dodgers last year.
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