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Olympic Torch

The Olympic Flame or Olympic Torch is a symbol of the Olympic Games. Commemorating the theft of fire from the Greek god Zeus by Prometheus, its origins lie in ancient Greece, where a fire was kept burning throughout the celebration of the ancient Olympics.

Professor Muhammad Yunus

Australian Cody Simpson and sister Alli carry Olympic Torch in Rio ...
I have run with the Olympic Torch during the 2012 summer games in London and the 2014 winter gam
In honor of closing ceremonies... How to Draw an Olympic Torch in Chalk Pastels video art tutorial...
Professor Muhammad Yunus promoted three significant social and environmental goals while carrying the Olympic Torch.
Our Chancellor, Professor Muhammad Yunus, carried the Olympic Torch during the final leg of its journey through Rio.
You do NOT want to mess with the Olympic Torch when it's being guarded by 6 Olympic Taekwondo athletes. 👊https:/…
RIP Juma, the jaguar who was chained, shot & killed at Olympic torch ceremony. SHAME on
Brazilian army officer says a jaguar used during an Olympic torch ceremony was shot dead after escaping its leash.
Ibrahim, the Syrian refugee who carried the Olympic torch in Athens leading today's relay run
New post: "Jaguar killed after participating in Olympic torch ceremony"
In memory of Juma, jaguar who was killed in Brazil after he escaped from his handlers at an Olympic torch ceremony.
Amazon jaguar shot dead at Olympic torch ceremony
Jaguar killed after Olympic Torch Ceremony photo opn
Jaguar killed after participating in Olympic torch ceremony
A jaguar was shot and killed after an Olympic torch ceremony in Brazil:
Someone really shot the Olympic mascot to death after the torch ceremony.. *** The mascot was a live jaguar
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Chained jaguar shot and killed at Olympic torch passing ceremony in Brazil. "On every level, this situation...
Got to hold a 2002 Olympic Torch from Salt Lake City! One of the cooler moments in my life 😜 //…
'Jaguar used in Olympic torch event killed in Brazil' Terribly sad. Full story:
Brazil brought out a jaguar for an Olympic torch event and then killed it
Wild animals are NOT mascots! Shame on Another senseless kill http…
Army mascot Jaguar is SHOT DEAD moments after Olympic torch relay via
There are NO words for this horrific tragedy! Amazon jaguar shot dead after Olympic torch ceremony via
Boris Johnson is the England's version of Trump. Spent 20 minutes bashing Obama at the 2012 Olympic torch relay finale.
Our Brazil Director, Wanda Engel, carries the Olympic torch for
It's not just about human reactions when wild animal acts go wrong, but why the animal was used in the first place. ht…
Starting off of the Olympic Torch Relay by watching the sun rise with the in the Pantanal
in 2006 we travelled to London 2012 and saw Ten carry the Olympic torch!.
What were they thinking? Jaguar fatally shot following Olympic torch ceremony in Brazil
Jaguar shot dead shortly after it was used in Rio 2016 Olympic torch relay .
Jaguar used in Olympic torch ceremony killed after escaping leash, trying to attack soldier, Brazilian army says.
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Brazilian soldier shoots jaguar at ighting of Olympic Torch in Rio - ironic how peace games = war against animals https:…
1996, Atlanta, Bi- Centennial Olympic Games, lighting the Olympic Torch, holding it up in Victory!!
Greek fire lights up Rio 2016 Games.. Olympic Torch lit in traditional ceremony at Olympia
“I am carrying the flame for myself, but also for refugees everywhere”
Classical lights the world again, now in Ancient at the lighting ceremony. Go
[You Don’t Know Football]With 106 days until the start of the first Olympic Games in South America,…
Meet the Syrian refugee, who will carry the Olympic torch thru the camp in Athens https:/…
Syrian refugee amputee to carry Olympic Torch on Greek leg. Sorry, I couldn't resist this news item- as written.
Photo of the week: Ibrahim, an athlete from Syria, will carry Olympic torch for 2016 Games
The Olympic torch was lit yesterday. The relay begins with a six-day, 2235km tour of Greece. What is its avg speed? http…
reports broadcast by Syrian bomb victim to carry Olympic torch
WATCH: The Olympic Torch is lit and on the way to Rio!.
Syrian Ibrahim Al-Hussein, about to represent refugees by carrying
Waiting for Billy to turn up with the Olympic Torch. July 2012.
“My goal is to never give up. But to go on” – meet Ibrahim
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Refugee swimmer who lost leg in Syrian war to carry torch
Olympic torch begins journey to Rio.
Amazing refugee athlete who lost his leg in will carry Olympic flame in torch relay in Athens. https:/…
Syrian bomb victim to carry Olympic torch
- Olympic torch for Rio. Amazing how many sacrilegious activities takes place underguise of 'artistic heritage'.
“I love the Greek people” – meet Syrian refugee Ibrahim who is rebuilding his life in Athens
The official has begun. The Olympic torch is en route from Greece to Brazil! Which…
Syrian bomb victim to carry Olympic torch via
Syrian bomb victim to carry Olympic torch: A victim of the war in Syria who was once a competitive s... WizzyBaby
Athlete Ibrahim fled Syria injured – he will carry flame in torch relay
“Imagine achieving one of your biggest dreams"—Syrian refugee will carry Olympic torch on Tuesday
My dad was one of the torch runners for the US Olympic in Los Angeles 1984
LIVE: Watch the Olympic torch lit for
The countdown to the Rio de Janeiro Olympic games begins with the lighting of the torch in Olympia, Greece:.
Ibrahim fled injured. Now he'll carry Olympic flame in torch relay.http…
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Top story: UNHCR TRACKS | Bearing the Olympic Torch see more
Ibrahim Al-Hussein will carry the in Athens as a gesture of solidarity with the world’s refugees
'I love the Greek people'. Ibrahim, Syrian refugee, will carry the in https:/…
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Back in action with both trucks- Thurlow & Cordova near Olympic Torch as well as Howe St @ Art Gallery. Lunch is on!
Real Madrid game via Ustream App, an apartment just Rick Rolled the Olympic Torch relay!!!
Finally I get to run with the Olympic Torch 🏃🔥
We had over 100 entries to our Olympic Torch design competition. Tonight our YA steering group have judging them!
The sky, mountains, sea, and earth are all encapsulated in the Olympic Torch. Which element are you?
Janet Evans passes the Olympic Torch to Muhammad Ali at the opening ceremonies for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta
29Sep2013: Olympic Torch lighting in Greece for games; would later fly in space via Soyuz
Haven't seen anyone run so fast on Enders since Billy Mitchell's lap round the square with the Olympic Torch. Lol..
The Brazilian "ordinary heroes" will become the torch bearers for | Read more about it here:
Olympic torch from the 2010 winter games
No snow at the winter Olympics? What the *** was that? Its the winter Olympics! Couldn't even get the Olympic torch to f…
you should walk out holding it up like the Olympic Torch. Or Simba.
haven't seen a burn like that since Hetfield went up like the Olympic torch.
Oh and I saw the 1984 Olympic torch go by me, so there's that too
2008 Beijing Olympic Games torch relay in Tibet the Dalai clique launched in France is attacked
(909): Just remember that no one else gets to suck his *** but you, feel honored. It's like the Olympic torch of life is being passe...
The duo behind better sporks and a new torch
Ladies are in for the battle of the sexes. They are in relay like the passing of the Olympic torch taking turns 2 ruin mylif
OU men's tennis: Papa carries torch on Day Two at Cajun Classic
I've seen enough of Justis Nelson at corner for Texas Tech. Dude's been lit up like an Olympic torch all game long.
Get ready for the Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic games Torch Run!
The Road to Rio Show Featuring the Opening Ceremony and the Olympic Torch.
Eck would have had his minions out distributing Saltires just like at the Olympic Torch relay
"I Heard Wonders" by David Holmes on Love this!... *turns radio up* Reminds me of 2012 Olympic Torch relay.. :-)
Caitlyn Jenner’s 1984 Olympic Torch is Going Up for the Auction - Celebrity Balla
Whyte Ave during PRIDE Parade in Edmonton, half of downtown Vancouver for the Olympic Torch run, most of Toronto for Pan-AM
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Ive always wanted to carry the flame of the Olympic Torch, but I know that ppl get tired as *** carrying it...
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