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Olympic Medal

An Olympic medal is awarded to successful competitors at one of the Olympic Games. There are three classes of medal: gold, awarded to the winner; silver, awarded to the runner-up; and bronze, awarded to the third-place competitor.

Saina Nehwal Muhammad Ali Mark McMorris Lolo Jones

Rudolf Cvetko was the first Slovenian to win an Olympic medal. In 1912, he became the first Slovenian ever to qualify for the Olympics
Finally, the Olympic Gold Medal whiner is going to get his turn in the principal's office. He's been a very naughty boy.
yea sure, but why what happened? Am sure she will help you out get an Olympic medal for the county
I want a girl that love to stay fit. Don't have to be no track star gold medal Olympic chick but I need you to stay fit for ya boy
Why Apolo Ohno is Going on a 112-Mile, 7-Hour Bike Ride: Apolo Ohno, 32, is an Olympic gold medal...
"John smith won his 2 Olympic gold medal with a torn acl. What a competitor." you lolz
I think after Pan Pacs we need a vs NBAC dual meet! What would that Olympic Gold Medal count …
Two years ago history was written! Cyprus won its 1st ever Olympic medal!
or like a Super Bowl ring, a giant trophy, and an Olympic gold medal! Lol
And a Cup Winners Cup one. Oh, and an Olympic Gold Medal, too. But Bayern did lose a preseason friendly, yes.
I just wanna give my coach a shout out for his anniversary of his Olympic gold medal.
Why do they have a hockey challenge on Amazing Race Canada when they have two Olympic gold medal winning hockey players competing
THIS DAY IN OLYMPIC HISTORY: Runner Obadele Thompson was born in Barbados. He won a bronze medal in the 100 M at the 200…
- I am very hurt and sad that I have still not received the cash award from my state for the Olympic bronze medal that I won fo…
Only one thing could get me out of bed at this ungodly hour... Olympic gold medal curling.
Re-watching men's 2014 Olympic Gold Medal game on PVR. Captain Serious JT just scored. 12:55 into 1st period. Oh yeah... memories...
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Five crews of Aussies in medal positions at Test event
THIS JUST IN: Friday June 13, Davies and friends will be going to Port Dover! All are welcome, we'll be leaving the shop at 6:00AM. PLUS, we are being joined by Breakfast Television, and Olympic Medal winner Jan Hudec !!
Special experience meeting Prince Charles and Camilla tonight! Super nice, and surprisingly witty! Royalty has now touched my Olympic Medal!
Reminder: All Monday classes will be having their Olympic Day tomorrow, May 19th!!! Bring your Cameras! During Olympic Day, gymnastics, combo & tumbling parents will be invited out on the gym floor to view the class up-close, take pictures, and video while their gymnasts perform their routines & show you their new skills. Swim parents will be invited out on the pool deck at the end of class for the awards presentation. Your child's coach will present them with a special AcroSports Olympic Medal to recognize their hard work and accomplishments - another great photo op! Don't miss this very special event!
Ed Ruth from Penn State is the best wrestler in College. But a Pro Career? Not til after Olympic Medal
First time I see for real an Olympic Medal ! Woow great moment !
Let me start out by saying I do not have a dog in this fight but why do disabled people have to have a separate Olympics? With all the news lately about Oscar Pistorius who has participated in the regular Olympics despite losing his legs it got me to thinking. I watched a documentary the other night on the Paralympics US Sled Ice hockey team about the amount of time & effort it takes for some of these guys who lost their legs in combat, accident or were born that way to compete. I also watched the regular Olympics and wondered why do they have Snow board competition but not skate board competition in the summer Olympics. OK ENOUGH should the US sled team medal mean anything less than the regular Olympic medal? why not just create another sport under the regular Olympics for that sport. Heck why not add wheelchair racing similar to Bike race track racing for an Olympic Medal not Paralympic or special Olympic but they all compete in same Olympics. If you work hard are are the best at what you do regardles . ...
Every time Russia lose out on an Olympic Medal somewhere In the Kamchatkan wilderness Vladimir Putin kills a bear with his own fists.
Today I celebrate the passing of one of the last true Southern Gentlemen, Mr. George Wiley. Mr George, as he was respectfully called worked at Eckerd/Rite Aid for 41 years. He started shortly after his return from Vietnam. His final days were at the Vinings' Rite Aid on Paces Ferry. He was a kind and generous soul. He always had a big smile on his face and greeted every customer and employee warmly. He was a confirmed bachelor with no biological next of kin, but loved his many nieces and nephews as if they were his own. A man of unwavering faith and an active member of his church, he helped countless individuals in their time of need. He was a drum major for justice and was not afraid to speak out for himself or others that were unfairly treated. He did not achieve an Academy award, a Grammy or an Olympic Medal. He was a kind and decent human being that brightened many lives if only for a few minutes at a time each day. Sadly the Lord took him home on February 10, 2014. For most of us it was too s ...
VIEWING GATHERING FOR THE US HOCKEY GAME AND OUR OWN GRACIE GOLD! Wednesday, February 19 7:00-11:00am Toyota Sports Center Kings Café in the viewing area Join our TSC skaters and staff to watch Gracie Gold compete in the short program for Ladie's Figure Skating. The first of two events on her quest for an Olympic Medal in Sochi. The US Men's Hockey Team also takes on the Czech Republic at 9:00am in their pursuit of the Gold. Coffee, pastries and a lot of GREAT skating! GO GRACIE! GO TEAM USA!!
Olympian John Daly was interviewed after his unfortunate Skeleton run that put him out of medal contention and the reporter was so ridiculous. Paraphrasing:. " So how does it feel to have lost out on your last attempt at an Olympic Medal?" " How did you keep it together after that start that ruined your chances at a medal?" " How does it feel to lose to your teammate?" I wanted to reach thru the tv and punch him.
Congrats to Sage Kotsenburg , Staale Sandbech and Mark McMorris on their Olympic Medal win in Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle!
Congratulations to Erin Hamlin on her Olympic Bronze Medal in women's single Luge. We are proud to sponsor you and USA Luge at TEAM WORLDWIDE and to have you as a friend. Enjoy your well deserved moment in the sun! Looking forward to seeing you and your Olympic Medal at our meeting in July.
U.S. Speed Skater Shani Davis Now Faces an Uphill Battle to Win an Olympic Medal in Sochi via
Olympic Medal count, two Golds so far for the US, but Norway is in the lead overall. What country do you think will win the medal count race? -Jamie
Proud to say that Canada is 2nd in the Olympic Medal count! Go Canada!
After checking the Olympic Medal count the host team has yet to collect any.
Mark McMorris to give Canada our first Olympic Medal. Hopefully many more to come!!!
Just gave the first of many Olympic Medal counts to the overnight security and he wasn't amused... Cir Crosbie would have at least told me to shut up!
negative.Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, Academy Award, and Olympic Medal are very prestigious awards.
Everyone on the news is talking about Lolo Jones. I think she's an Olympic Medal *** She needs to get a life. Maybe she should join the curling team next. lol
Muirhead and Britain Are Pushing for an Olympic Medal in Sochi
swear I could win an olympic gold medal in being ignored
I think Sweden will be playing in the Gold Medal game. Here's Sweden's projected Olympic team:
would you not love yourself if you won an Olympic gold medal?
If Rebecca Adlington can be that chubby and have an Olympic gold medal then logically I should be at least a world cup finalist at something
Stepped on my razor in the shower. *** Olympic medal goes to me 👌
I would much rather have a gold Olympic medal, than be a model that everyone whats a piece of
Wait wait wait...Kurt Angle won an Olympic gold medal in Wrestling.with a broken neck.
So apparently Rebecca Adlington is ruled out most bush tucker trials because she's got asthma, but can swim 800m to Olympic medal standard??
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I won an Olympic gold medal for diving in a pool full of liquor
Those guys would never win a medal if *** in-the-mouth was an Olympic sport.
If sarcasm was an olympic sport id have a gold medal in it
signs autographs and shows the next generation her Olympic Silver medal!
Aah! Congratulations! Please let me wear your Olympic medal when you win.
: 2012 Olympic medalist in judo, Charline tested positive to cocaine. She should lose her silver medal
Never moved so quick in my life my gosh I think I'm due an Olympic medal
If I play my cards right, there's a chance I just might win a medal in the women's 53kg category at the Olympic Games in Rio...
I have won 5 NBA Championships, 3 MVPs and an Olympic Gold Medal but hosting Pres. Obama at my home was greater than all …
Can't believe it's a year today we won our team bronze medal! Thanks for everyone's messages! :-)
someone who dives to live up to his dads dreams of winning an Olympic medal and being a successful diver
Winning an Olympic Gold Medal doesn't make me a man to my wife . Blowing leaves and hanging Christmas light…
Apparently you get a gold ring for winning an Olympic Medal. Sitting across from Nick McCrory at Duke's Bostock Library. Straight blingin'
I should've kept the Olympic medal they let me wear at the game yesterday. We could've shared it
and another golden olympic medal :D
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The level of annoyance she gives me is so great she deserves an Olympic medal
Milkha Singh: I probably will live for another 2-3 years and i hope that before i die, an Indian wins an Olympic medal for India.
I can’t fight the sun, I can only watch helplessly as it drags mMuhammad Ali gave his 1st Olympic medal to his high sc
if i ever won an Olympic medal it would be in "reading a message and forgetting to reply until hours later"
Hopefully Russia to watch my sister win an Olympic medal.
won an medal with a broken arm by staying Find out more here.
when you gon send me that Olympic medal? Lol
waving his right hand and smiling "such a nice boy, he runs so fast. He will surely win an olympic medal. " :-)
Extreme humming: when it takes over an hour of lullaby to get a *** kid asleep. Is there an Olympic medal for this?
I'm so focus on doing something that no other Jamaican has done and that's to win a World Championship or Olympic Medal in Pole Vault.
27 African countries have never won an Olympic medal, ever.
There should be an Olympic medal for making your bed
U gonna think some Yoruba Men won an Olympic Medal in "Shot Put",d way dey fling their Wives' stuffs out when dey fight
Olympic medal winner moves up to flyweight for Worlds
Which means I don't have any video of Marcel Nguyen and Dima Ovtcharov winning their Olympic medal. OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?
Congratulations on Nephew Hope everyone is well! Next celebration 4you..olympic medal!?! ..My fingers crossed for team USA!
And gold Olympic medal in 2016. That's all.
Colombia got gold olympic medal for women boxing last year
Kurt Angle was an actual Olympic medal wrestler he would whoop everyone's *** in a real wrestling match no one else was an Olympic champion
Six-time Olympic medal winner, Clara Hughes, will use 100% pedal-power to spread the word about ending stigma...
Muhammad Ali gave his first Olympic medal to his old high school teacher who had previously said "you ain't never gonna be n…
My dog slipped her collar, and I just sprinted barefoot on the road so fast to catch that I should have gotten an Olympic medal.
I interviewed an Olympic medal winner, a consensus All-American, and a former NBA player today. K-State has some great sports history
Montenegro won its first Olympic medal at London 2012 in handball. Doesn't bode well.
When Muhammad Ali won his 1st Olympic medal, he sent it to his high school teacher who once told him, "you ain't never go…
Triathlon Olympic medal winners the Brownlee brothers have ... - Ad-Hoc-News…
Terrific performance by Saina. To become only the second woman to win an Olympic medal for India is awesome. Congrats to Gopichand as well.
Checkout my little sister with an olympic medal round her neck:D
My 5 yr old could win an Olympic medal in mouthing off and being cheeky. FACT!! Only 5 weeks 5 days till school starts.
VIDEO: Training with the Brownlee brothers: Triathlon Olympic medal winners the Brownlee brothers have been training at Fountains Abb...
Cavs’ Thompson: Canada Future Olympic Force: After winning one Olympic medal in almost a century of existence,...
Amy Chow was the 1st Asian American girl 2 take an Olympic medal in gymnastics & she is a member of the famous Magnificent 7
Tom Daley selling his Olympic medal to raise funds for his twin brother who suffers from gigantism. Sad.
MIKE: There's Susie Squatnspring, the former gymnastics champion who won an Olympic medal in one of the floor exercises, I believe.
he might have an Olympic medal, maybe. 😂
Just think about how much free stuff you could get if you just flashed an olympic medal.
If I won an Olympic medal I would wear that thing everywhere.
No,should eki have got hamiltons olympic
Aww Talita got cold and blew it at the last min. It's ok, u still got an Olympic medal
Lolo Jones never gonna win an Olympic Medal.
according 2 Olympic medal winner research, 3rd place is more grateful. Appreciative of the medal. 2nd is envious.
There should be an Olympic medal for the weirdest laugh, bet yah 36p I'd get the gold one.
If they gave an Olympic medal in sexual gymnastics, I would have taken home the silver
A gold medal isn't cool. You know what's cool? A meteorite medal.
Olympic medal haul,Wimbledon crown,Ashes wins,Tour de France&now winners in the sweepstakes. Brits are on a …
We trashed them yanks and their mean spirited healthcare in the Olympic medal table. u need more , losers.
Pissing in the urinals is like the Olympic medal presentation the man in the middle definitely deserves a gold medal.
If overpacking was a sport I would have an Olympic medal.
Gh would av had an olympic medal by now
? Who was the first woman to win an Olympic medal for India. A:Mery com. B:Saina Nehwal. C:Karnam Malleswari. D:Sania Mirza
I just had the best dream where I won an Olympic medal
Super chef’s posh nosh for charity: NOT many chefs can boast being an Olympic medal winner.
remember when I won an olympic medal at school n my mum was happy bc she thought I did sport but it was rly for makin a stadium out of paper
Today- 61 years ago on 23 july 1952 -India won its first individual OLYMPIC medal (Bronze) - Remembering the unsung hero KHA…
Motorists must be on a search for a Gold Olympic medal today, way to many accidents for one afternoon that i have witnessed...
Today is an important day for Ecuador Jefferson Perez won the first olympic medal 4 us gold thanks 4 this
Ghana became the first African country to win an Olympic Medal for football when they finished third at the 1992 games.
Sebastian Coe and Olympic medal winners celebrate the anniversary and the legacy of the London 2012
If you're free this Saturday, have no spare cash to spend but really want to get out? then here's your chance.. Weeley fete! Olympic Medal-winning Gymnast Beth Tweddle will be opening the event and the beautiful likes of my dance school JA Performingarts will be dancing here!:D WO! so come on and get yourselves down to St Andrews Primary School, Weeley for a smashing time!;)
what are any other reasons? Try sell it and you would get busted :P this way you can be like woo! I won te Olympic medal! :D
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If ironing was an Olympic sport, I'd win a gold medal! I've earned myself a huge glass of wine when I go see this evening.
Bill Dawe, captain of the 1952 Olympic gold medal winning Edmonton Mercurys, died.
If you were to steal an Olympic medal, what would be your reasoning behind it?
How doest it feel to hold the gold medal in your hands? What do u think? Pictured gold
we have our first olympic bronze medal in the family with Abdullah Bin Miteb and his teammates getting the bronze
New Olympic medal that will be handed out at 2014 Winter Games via
Joe Frazier had his Olympic gold medal cut into 11 pieces and gave 1 piece to each of his children.
Interesting to say the least!! --> “Greg Rutherford on the harsh financial reality of life post-Olympics
You could win the Olympic gold medal for being ignorant.
Q194.Who is the only Sportsperson of Himachal Pradesh who have won both Olympic Medal and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna? A. Vijay Kumar. B. Vijay Sharma. C. Ajay Sharma. D. None of these.
OH BOY. SHOTS FIRED. Phil Jackson said, he would pick Bill Russell of Michael Jordan. WHAT YOU THINK, SOUND OFF?? If ya know ya NBA Basketball KNOWLEDGE Russell has 11 RINGS while MJ has 6, not to mention he wont a Olympic Medal & Final Four TOURNEY as well. What you think???
I think , USA should send a MIT delegate to learn this 'SPOT- Tech' from US . And there should be an Olympic Medal ( Gold / Silver / Bronze or even Lead) for India for our performance in such SPECTRUM-CORRUPTION Under our great GOVT.
If "Identifying Margo Martindale in the Background" is an Olympic sport, I just won a gold medal for the beginning of "Days of Thunder."
Bellona in aid of service medal contrary ingressive olympic olympic games toward 2093 scroll calendar month: .Duh
So when I buy that swimsuit tomorrow it will be my equivalent of an Olympic qualifier. When I wear it in front if ppl it'll be a gold medal
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In Thursday's paper: Olympic hero left heartbroken after the boxing medal he won more than 60 years ago is stolen.
If there was an Olympic medal for being a grouch...I would definitely have gold today.
Jessica Ennis you have a gold olympic medal what you playing acting for Santander.
That kind of ambition is why you won an Olympic gold medal!
You can say it cost him alot, but he's only 26yrs old w/ 11 grand slams & an Olympic gold medal! So it's worth all da
Sylvia Bogacka used LifeWave patches for the gold medal at the Olympic shooting competition
If there was an Olympic medal for stress eating, I'd hands down take the gold
if y'all ever followed me, I'd feel happier than an athlete winning an Olympic Gold Medal 😉 can't wait to see the movie xo 💗
If accidentally biting your tongue while eating were an Olympic sport I would totally be getting a medal in Rio, and would've in London too.
Not true. He's got exempted from military service becuase of bronze medal in London Olympic. Only 4wks training needed instead
Exciting news from our client - the Ukrainian Olympians are coming!!!
Wear that medal no Olympic but I can still make you tumble and flip
DTN Pakistan: Olympic gold medallists to dive right in at Fina World Series: DUBAI // Three gold medal winners...
when some Indian gets Olympic medal he gets happy due to pride, Chinese athlete gets happy for escaping from government torture.
New Olympic event: make and eat a turkey sandwich; does not use medal system, everyone is a winnee
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Just met Olympic gold medal winner , glad he is speaking at Friday!
If sleeping was an Olympic sport, I wouldn't be able to wake up and claim the medal
apologize to teachers. The cockiness, confidence &pride they gain like say the won an Olympic *** medal
Announcing the 5th PRO racing on Sunday in the PRO-Am Charity Regatta is Xavier Rohart, last year's Bacardi Cup Winner and an Olympic medal winner, He joins Augie Diaz…Rolex Yachtsman of the Year 2003, George Szabo… Star World Champion 2011, Lars Grael…two time Olympic Medal winner and Jeff Ecklund…Melges champ in M20, M24 and M32. Fifteen lucky folks will crew for the rock stars as they donated money for the privelege. The funds raised from the auction along with the Silent auction at tonight's Bacard Party go to Team Paradise, Sailing Heals and Shake-A-Leg Miami.
Astana in TUR 2012 Alexsandr DYACHENKO finished second in overall Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, having the 2nd place in Stage 3 and 3rd place in overall King of the Mountain Classification. However, after his fantastic performance in TUR 2012, now he is also waiting for the decision on possible change in overall classification after the winner of 2012 Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey, Ivalio Gabrovski, has been provisionally suspended by UCI. The decision of the disciplinary procedure against him has not yet been officially announced by UCI. Pro Team Astana was also the leader of overall Team classification in TUR 2012. The victory has been reached by Pro Team Astana’s following squad; Alexandre VINOKOUROV (KAZ), Assan BAZAYEV (KAZ), DYACHENKO Alexsandr, Dmitriy GRUZDEV (ITA), Jacopo GUARNIERI(ITA), Valentin IGLINSKIY(KAZ), Yevgeniy NEPOMNYACHSHIY (KAZ), Andrey ZEITS (KAZ). "TUR 2012" ahead of Olympic Medal in London TUR 2012 had witnessed the showcase of the important names of cycling, having ...
Darling Dash is ONLY 2 weeks away! Hope you can join us--our VIP list includes appearances by: *Houston Texan, Chester Pitts *1st Round Draft Wide-Receiver for the Oakland Raiders, Darrius Heyward-Bay *Houston's own Olympic Medal winners, Lopez Family *Former Arizona Cardinal Safety, Hamza Abdullah *Former Houston Texan Running Back Chris Taylor *Pro MMA Fighter, Rashon Lewis *Former NBA Indiana Pacer & New York Knick Jonathan Bender and of course *Founder & President, Devard Darling, Retired NFL wide-receiver. So in other words, it'll be me and a TON of awesome athletes :)...So please join us for the 3rd Annual Darling Dash 5k/1k Family Fun Run/Walk, 8am, Sunday, February 24, 2013 at the Sweetwater Country Club. This is a race for the ENTIRE family - adults can walk the 1k and kids can run the 5k! Celebrity athletes will autograph bibs and pose with you for photos - all for a good cause. Sponsorships are still available. Email Tomiafor more information. Tomia Wooten Austin
ADMIN: Nicol David has achieved it all—all except an Olympic Medal on her showcase. Support her dream of being on...
Dos Cinco Network's Top-10 People of 2012 (Top 5) 5) Lance Armstrong, 7 time Le Tour de France Winner 1998-2005 and 2000 Olympic Medal winner at Sydney Armstrong was found guilty by the U.S. Doping Agency of knowingly using performance enchanting drugs during his run of winning 7 straight Tour de France championships. He was stripped of his trophies, lost all his endorsements and his foundation. 4) Kevin Kolb, QB, Arizona Cardinals Kevin Kolb made the list because he signed a 5 yr, $65 mil dollar deal in July '11 and has failed to live up to his standards. He is 4-7 in his career here in Arizona, missed a whopping 17 games due to a large amount of injuries and threw only 17 TDs, 11 INT and fumbled 10 times here. 3) Will Sutton, DL, Arizona State Sutton was named PAC-10 player of the year for the 2012 season. He was among the nations elite with 10.5 sacks and 20 tackles behind the line of scrimmage. For sure a leader of the ASU defense and a main reason why they went 8-5 under 1st year coach Todd Graham. 2 ...
I'm with Tom in regards to value of Gold Medal vs Tour Final. Slam first, then Olympic Gold value.
leading point getter of a team, captain of an Olympic gold medal team, and first european player to be drafted first overall
It was great working with the legend jason gardener the 100 Olympic gold medal winner today
If failing at life was an olympic sport, you would probably take the gold medal. :)
Loved your '04 Olympic gold medal FX ...amazing job.
maybe if there was like, an Olympic gold medal emoji?
PR in the Freedom Half this weekend, and who gave me my finisher medal? Olympic Gold Medalist Seriously. How cool.
Hi, the silver medal is 92.5% silver, with the remainder copper - see our blog
I'd win an Olympic medal in washing my hair and shaving my legs and "bikini area" before the water gets cold.
Watching wearing Javier Culson's olympic medal made me so proud.
If sitting around was a sport I'd be an Olympic gold medal winner. 😂😂👌
HA! "If this election was an olympic sport, the republicans would win a silver medal and paint it gold.
Pupils from Moorfield Primary School in Newport were given the chance of watching Olympic medal winners Kristian...
Olympic Show Jumping fans- check out this great painting by famous Carlsson Vom Dach for ReRun charity
Love show jumping? then pick up this original piece of art by 2008 gold medal winning show jumper Carlsson Vom Dach
Diary of a Medal Maker | The Royal Mint via - Videos of how fab Olympic medals were made - AMAZING!
Olympic medal winners who give back including a 2012 Olympics participant via
if you win strictly, what would take prize place more-the trophy or your Olympic medal?
QUIZ! Which country won the inaugural women's Olympic hockey gold medal in 1980?
When ab Olympic medalist is at your college and she lets you wear her medal!
How cool is this!!! Just met an Olympic athlete and held her bronze medal!!!
My father was Olympic coach, i have trained with 6x Olympic Gold Medal winner. I know the game well. Its horse abuse today
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he wins the Olympic medal for being a ***
Would you rather have an Olympic Gold Medal or win Strictly this year?
Vancouver 2010 Gold Medal game is definitely one of my top hockey memories, so looking forward to seeing the Olympic Cauldron & other sites.
What a year it has been our dear followers! Wimbledon final & Olympic gold and silver medal & US Open trophy!
Managing blood sugars with exercise deserves a gold medal! Are you Olympic today?
The purple turtle went the wrong way and lost the race!->Gold medal in the 2004 olympic games
Re-watching the Olympic gold medal match and I REALISED!david beckham was in the stands!
I'll chat to the Olympic committee and see if they'll give a untalented, useless like you a Gold medal yeah?
Loved trying on a Silver Olympic medal yesterday in Sainsburys at Handforth Dean!!!
John Pius Boland was the first Irish-born to win an Olympic gold medal.
“Me with Joseph Craig n his Olympic Gold Medal yesterday i met him the other week,
Eventful weekend for QDM Pete Allot at the awards. Here he is with Olympic silver medal winner
Fans turn out as Taylor enters book arena with launch of 'My Olympic Dream' - Irish T
Looking forward to receiving my honorary Olympic Gold Medal today.
Just had a talk from at school with his Olympic gold medal. Pretty cool :)
My ideal photo.this is perfection!! “Greg Rutherford and I hanging out with an Olympic Gold medal.
"Shambolic" was the word heard so often in about G4S in July. But it's broadcaster BBC that now has shambolic gold medal.
Peasants : "It must be impossible to get an Olympic Medal." Me : "LOL. Have you tried getting 1/5?"
Nigerian went to olympic n came back living our medal behind..
During the overtime period of the 2010 Olympic men's hockey gold medal game, 0% of Canadians peed
So, today I got to hold an Olympic silver medal. They're heavier than they look.
If embarrassing yourself was an Olympic sport I would definitely win another gold medal for the USA
okay, it'd be like describing Andy Murray as Olympic gold medalist rather than US Open winner - Grand Slam > Olympic Medal
IOC member says "Armstrong’s credibility has gone" regardless of Olympic medal decision via
Olympic medals are the one medal that I don't have; I've won just about every other competition..
Sandra Perkovic, the women's gold medal winner at the London Olympic Games in discus thrower- with a throw of...
no :) you deserve an Olympic medal after 5years, not £20 that you have to spend in Waitrose or John Lewis :)
In Uxbridge there's an Olympic Gold post box ... Who won a medal ?
Closest I'll ever get to an Olympic Gold Medal. With double Olympic champion
Olympic medal winner Alex Gregory is at my school lol
learned you can't buy a Presidential election. Ann learned, you can't buy an Olympic medal.
Team USA recognizes our 2010 gold medal Olympic moment
Nearly dropped an Olympic gold medal
What sport do you reckon you could win an Olympic medal in 2020?
If skipping school was an Olympic sport, I'd bring home every medal possible.
Interview with Leo Manzano talking about winning an Olympic Silver Medal, and his future goals.
Olympic 3-Day Eventing Silver Medalist, Nicola Wilson is @ Piercebridge store tonight (6.30pm - 8.30pm) See her medal & get her autograph
Olympic gold medal winner and ex-marjon student Helen Glover returns to training
smooth talking devil Mr F asks Olympic Gold Medal winner"have you taken that to cash back ?"
What better way to tell bullies to stick it than becoming a gold medal-winning Olympic athlete!
Which was the moment when you felt really proud about yourself?... — When Michael Phelps won his 22th Olympic Medal
Olympics: Soslan Tigiev, an Uzbek Olympic wrestler has been stripped of his bronze medal from because of a positive drugs test.
just home from a convention in Glasgow a bit of a trek but did meet Greg Rutherford and got to hold Olympic gold medal :)
A sea of floristry students avidly watching a Jane Packer demo how the Olympic medal bouquets were made - fascinating!
If fangirling was an olympic sport, I'd win a gold medal with broken records.
The man who won first gold medal at has been conscripted. Story:
Russian Olympic Champion Wrestler Conscripted: The man who won Russia's first gold medal at the London Olympics ...
Before you know it you will be in the Olympic Village in Brasil,getting ready to conquer the world and a medal for PTY 2016
I made the best of it and used a high school science fair medal as my Olympic medal. (Already had the Shaun White hair.)
Who has an Olympic gold medal sitting in their kitchen? We do! Kayla Harrison, brought her London judo gold for a visit
"If going on two wheels in a car was an olympic sport Qatar would get the golden medal"
Almost three months after adding fuel to the fire of an already tense situation, South Korean soccer player Park Jong-woo finally received his Olympic bronze
Has anyone who wore specs ever won an Olympic riflery medal? Also, is there a rifle range in the North East?
The 5 Toughest Endurance Races in the World: Whether you’re an Olympic medal holder or a…
If butt dialing was a Olympic sport I'd take the gold medal
Check out the Pro Chat interview with K2 snowboarder, X games and Olympic medal winner Gretchen Bleiler.
I need someone with a gold or silver olympic medal to pose for a pic n let me nibble it! *** GISHWHES n ) RT?
I knew the night could be special, so I even lifted my balls up real high and scrubbed my taint like an Olympic medal I dropped into oatmeal
My classmate's Olympic bronze medal Torino '06. She let me wear it during the entire class. :)
Win the chance to meet OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL winner VICTORIA PENDLETON at the adidas by Stella McCartney store on 7th November! Here’s how..
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Best costume so far are Olympic related. Dad with kids dressed as Phelps & bunch of girls dressed as the gold medal gymnastic team.
do you want to be inspired? watch the Olympic soccer bronze medal match. thanks and
Jong-woo to receive medal: South Korean footballer Park Jong-woo is finally set to receive his Olympic Bronze me...
If smoking weed was an Olympic Sport a couple of my followers would have a Gold Medal
I'm betting that you will win an Olympic medal in 2020.
Your claim to fame is your Olympic Gold Medal, surely?!
Just talked to an olympic bronze medalist who wore his medal to chipotle for a $2 burrito. he said winning the medal was finally paying off
It took months, but i'm finally running faster & longer than I ever have. I'm ready for my Olympic gold medal now
dean deserves a medal for sassiest running oh i don’t know we’re back to the Superwholock Olympic...
Olympic silver medal winning sailor Hannah Mills from Dinas Powys hopes Team GB success inspires girls to take up sport
don't worry Sanya! there is only one real Olympic Champion golden Medal : you!
rower had his jacket and medal stolen at London party. You'd think he'd know better! side-effects?
Olympic Gold Medal Eventer Phillip Dutton shares his thoughts about rider fitness in this video from Kentucky...
I'll never win an Olympic gold medal but at least I've got a picture of myself holding one! @ Oakley Theater
I hate when people act like being on a game show is equivalent to winning an Olympic medal or surviving a natural disaster. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I decided to be Jamaican Olympic gold-medal sprinter, for Halloween today. Gotta love SPEED! Ya 'mon.
I'm gonna be and Olympic diver tonight. Speedos and a gold medal
Support on eBay and bid on Olympic Gold Medal stamp enlargements signed by the athletes
Could you win a Halloween Medal? Why not try at our Wicked Olympic Games starting in 10minutes!!
Person who nicked Alex Partridge's Olympic medal makes me less proud. Surely you've worn it inappropriately in bedroom by now so hand it in.
Waldo "wins" a REAL Olympic medal! Yup, my classmate is an 2006 bronze medalist in ice hockey! More Waldos to come.
At the shave with and the Olympic gold medal
she really deserves an olympic gold medal around her neck. I miss her smile
hope he's standing on olympic podium waiting 4 gold medal. he's NO Team USA. flies his flag above US.
Yest met gagan narang on the flight! Felt like a proud indian holding his olympic medal !!
he may have an Olympic medal but hes still behind on life
In what year did Brian Boitano win his Olympic Gold Medal?
top olympic medal winning athlete throwing food strop SHOCKER!
Me: what kinda medal do you have around your neck. Girl: oh I'm an Olympic gold medalist. Me:OMG REALLY?! Her: (long pause) it's Halloween 😒
Sir Chris Hoy winning his sixth Olympic gold medal!! What's your favourite image from the games?
How bad do you want that next bar, that state championship, that scholarship, that Olympic Medal? If ur like me, you want it all. Go get it.
So if twerking were an Olympic sport, I'd definitely be taking home a gold medal.
I've always dreamed of an Olympic medal. - Keeth Smart
Today is good great and remember-able day for me. I met to "Saina Nehwal" with her father, traveling with me in same fight Boing 373/800 of Jet Airways from Hyderabad to Lucknow. I congratulated her for "Olympic medal". Talked few movements. Me feeling sparky now. :P Today She is in Lucknow badminton academy.
The Guinness Book of World Records has a new category for all future presidential candidates to shoot for in a single campaign, Lying without Guilt or Conscience. The old record was held by Richard Nixon for just over forty years until he was overtaken by Willard Romney, the current title holder. What goes un-appreciated in this election season is the pace with which Romney is able to lie, in a single breath. Many previous record holders required more oxygen and some time-outs before resuming that demanding pace, but not our Willard. It would appear that this champion has a reserve of un-told lies that is the envy of an Olympic medal winner. America has a true champion in Willard Romney that most third world dictators hold in amazement at his natural style and verbal bombast in the face of facts.
Just watched Pride of Britain, amazing people. Annoyed though that the video they played of the Olympic medal winners none of shooter Pete Wilson!!
Pls share. Guardians of of Nation die unrecognized.So disappointing
If there was an olympic medal 4 moaning, i,d defo av gold! Ha ha
Maximum awarded taken by JAAT.SO rock on
Wish you a many many happy returns of the day Happy Birthday To You " VIJENDRA "
What scum bag stole that Olympic medal, you can rot in ***
..Father lead me through even if i walk in the valley of the shadow of death, ...Father never let my enemies rest let them keep runin lyk they are competin for olympic medal Father bless my hustle so i can become very sucessful and highly respected by my enemies and those who ave been thinkin dere'z no way for him. If u will lyk to claim dis kindly comment (amen) and push like botton and it will b yur portion.. That iz if u believe.
Who is the first indian woman to win Olympic medal? (A) P.T.Usha (B) Shiny Abraham (C) Karnam Malleshwari (D) Kunjarani Devi
Went to Loughborough Uni this morning to watch the barns doing extra gymnastics training, they were training in the same gym as Sam Oldham, one of our superb gymnastic Olympic medal winners! Kids were amazed and loved watching him do his stuff, sort of remind me of me back in the day.
Amateur boxing's international governing body has suspended USA Boxing for three months over its response to several controversial statements by its former president.
If avoiding confrontation was an Olympic event I would win a gold medal, unless someone else wanted it.
Kristi Yamaguchi is a gold medal mom. We recently spoke with the Olympic Gold Medalist…
Just held an Olympic gold medal. Sooo cool!
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